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I teach at the University of Transylvania.

This is a very large

university andis located in Brasov. The place is very beautiful with
impressive architecture, as well as the city has created a positive
opinion by its beautiful picturesque places. I don't have very much
time when I learnhere, I am in first year university, but already I've
adapted. In my class we are 33 students, and all the university has
approximately 16,000 students.Academic program is very busy, we
have many themes to do at home.Although I am still at the
beginning and it is hard I try to not lose my temperand I adapt to the
university, because my future depends on how I willshow here.
Unfortunately we havn't school uniform. My favorite subject
ischemistry and discipline that I hate is algebra. I love this
universitybecause mechanical engineer is my dream.