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1.Sinopsis of the film (max.

100 words, with your own words, not

copy/paste from the internet)
The film Gravity portrays the story of medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone and
veteran astronaut Matthew Kowalski as they face consistently impending danger
after a Russian satellite that has been struck down with missiles causes a chain
reaction in which most satellites orbiting earth are hit and their debris is in the
path of collision with the seemingly ordinary spacewalk the two scientists are
2. Your paper should include the answers of the following questions,
but dont do it like you are filling up a questioner, answer these
questions within the flux of the text, try to merge the information in
between your comments.

Whose story is that? The hero of the film.

Aciklamalarda belirtiyoruz

Whose POV we are in (whose experience we are sharing)? Are

there multiple POVs? If there is, how it functions? Who are those
characters, what are their sub-plots?


Are there any repetitions/ exceptions in the narrative or

narration? How do they function? What kind of meanings do they

What is the character(s) need?

Tecrubelerin uygulanmasi problem cozme yetenegi kendine guven

cesaret kararlilik. Bunu ikinci actte anlatiyoruz.

What is the character(s) motivation? (The incident or inner

motivation that would convince the hero to take her journey and
fulfill her need.)

Hayatta kalmak ve hayatin tadini cikartmak

What is the inner conflict of the character(s)? His/her inner

conflict will be resolved at the end of the film no matter the hero
would succeed to overcome the obstacle or not.
Caresizlik hissi
- What is the obstacle? (remember obstacle is in the plot)
Bunu da biraz anlatiyoruz. Arti lack of resources to overcome problems

What is the climax of the film, and in the climax, the hero is
confronted with who or what?


What is the premise of the film?

Felaket olarak algiladigimiz durumlar kacinilmazdir,

insanoglunun zekasinin getirdigi dogaya hukmetme arzusu ise
bu felaketlerle basacikabilmesini saglar.
opening image

The opening image acts as a warning. It underlines for the viewer the
unfeasibility of being in outer space.

The opening image acts as an admonition. It underlines for the viewer the
unfeasibility of being in outer space
opening sequence what is the first thing we see in the film,
what does it mean, when is the first time we see the hero, what
is she doing? Why?

First 10 min. exposition - how the film exposes its world, sets
the mood and the atmosphere of the film? The hero? Side
The characters get introduced in their work environment where mission
specialist Dr. Ryan Stone, mission director Matthew Kowalski and
engineer Sharif are on a spacewalk, attempting to install new system
software for the Hubble telescope. The scene emphasizes that its
setting is extraterrestrial with a long take of the space shuttle Explorer
and the Hubble telescope orbiting Earth. As the camera gets closer to
the characters, the viewer is introduced to their states of being. While
the protagonist Dr. Stone appears to be having a difficult time
adjusting to the conditions of outer space, her colleagues are calm and

collected. Kowalski is concerned with breaking the spacewalking record

and tells unfinished stories from his past and Sharif does a victory
dance for having completed his part of the task. While Kowalski is
enjoying his last spacewalk Dr.Stone is more concerned with finishing
her job and getting home.
She is the
- Inciting incident the incident that starts the chain of events
that would drive the film to its end.
The story is incited when ground control directs the crew to abort the
mission due to a cloud of debris created by a stricken down Russian
satellite that is heading towards their altitude. This incident functions
as a catalyst that
- Point of 1st attack where, for the first time we will feel that a
conflict will arise.
Dr. Stone and Kowalski make their way back to Explorer only to find the
rest of the crew dead and the shuttle destroyed. Here, the characters
are literally at a point of no return since they cannot use the shuttle to
return to earth. Instead they make plans to head over to the
International Space Station. The first act ends
After Stone and Kowalski converse during their cruise towards the ISS,
they face a new obstacle that reminds the viewer especially of the
protagonists inner-need; Dr. Stone must learn to deal with loss. She
has to let go. . Although she is reluctant to let him go, Kowalski
detaches himself as if throwing a child in the sea to teach him how to
swim. He sacrifices himself so that Stone can survive like the ultimate
father figure.
At the center of the film lies the scene where Dr. Stone reports to
Houston in the blind to have lost all communications with Mission
Director Matthew Kowalski
After having gone through such a devastating experience she is
reawakened as she strips off her gear and lays adrift in the womb that
is the pressurized setting of the ISS.
She needed to have gone through such an experience to be jogged out
of her senseless being in the world.
Instead of being an agent of reaction she now begins to grasp control
of herself and takes decisive action towards her salvation. An
unexpected fire breaks out in the station and her need to evacuate it
becomes imminent.
Just when she had given up all hope of survival she dreams of the most
prominent figure in her world.

At her direst moment, her subconscious survival instinct presents itself

in the form of the father figure who has shouldered her through this
travesty. Kowalski waltzes in and depressurizes the capsule while
hatching open the capsule door. At this point, she is not wearing her
helmet and therefore would have been dead immediately. This is how
the film informs the viewer that this is not a real occurrence. To the
untrained eye, this event might seem to be a moment of deliverance
but nevertheless it functions to create a false sense of security in the
viewers mind.
The second act ends as Dr. Stone prepares to launch herself out of the
Soyuz capsule and towards the Chinese station. This is the point where
she is prominently confronting her challenge. She declares; No more
just driving, lets go home in a moment of aspiration and ejects herself
out of the cabin. Even though she was headed into uncertain
endeavors at the beginning of act 2, she now takes an assured step
towards resolving her outer need.

Climax the highest point of the drama it is usually a scene of

confrontation with the antagonist himself/herself or the
antagonistic forces that have created the obstacle.
Dr. Stone begins her descend towards Earth in a state of exultation.
She acknowledges her readiness to die and baths in the throbbing
drive of heading towards potential death. No longer is she driven by
the force of another but in embrace of her own journey. She has made
stark progress in terms of her being since the inciting incident.

Resolution a mirror image of the exposition. The last 10 min.

after the climax. All sub-plots should come into a closure.
The story begins to resolve when Dr. Stone makes her way through the
Chinese station and in towards the final cabin that she will use to make
her descent down to Earth. Kabindeki butonlar cincedir ama gecmis
tecrubelerinden yola cikarak onu navigate etmeyi basarir. Onunde iki
secenek vardir. Ya dunyanin atmosferine girerken yanarak yok olacaktir
yada eve donmeyi basaracaktir. Kowalskide dedigi gibi ill be a hell of a ride.
- Ending every film has an ending, even if it is an open ending,
sometimes it is just an image.
Suya inis yapan kabinden kurtulan dr stone suyun derinliklerine
batasina sebep olan uzay giysisini cikarttiktan sonar su yuzeyine dogru
cikar ve karaya yuzer. Suyun karayla birlestigi camurda mutlu bir
sekilde dinlenir.

Closing Image

Dr stone ayaga kalkar. Bacaklarinin yercekimine alismasinda kisa bir zorluk

yasamasindan sonra yurumeye baslar. O artik eve donmustur.

The protagonist is introduced in the first scene of the film as having a difficult time
adjusting to the conditions of outer space and resolving issues regarding her

The viewer is initially exposed to the world of spacewalking astronauts. These

people temporarily reside outside the world and
The viewer then learns of her inner-need that is to deal with loss. She must learn
to let go of that which she has no control over.
Her motivation is the most fundamental of all. She faces imminent death at
multiple accounts and unless she makes it beneath the atmosphere she will die.

Her outer-need is such a pressing matter that it teaches her

She will eventually come to terms with her mortality.
The force of another drives her.
Being untethered in stellar depths

She is not in the position to control the outcome of events. She is swayed by the
loss of her daughter. She is adrift in thought just as she is in her physicality.