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Pauline Chan


Reflection Paper

July 28, 2016

1. What was the research forum all about?

The research forum was principally about traditional medicine, albeit not a practice or discovery
as it has been present throughout all generations. It was a discussion about what information of
the past could potentially bring to the table of the future of health care related practices and
teachings. One discussion, which involved a research abou t folk health seeking behaviors and its
implications to health care services, discovered that it is the human factor in us that ultimately
drives us to seek traditional health care despite the availability of proven health care services. In
this research, conducted in an area well provided with health care services and multi-awarded for
its compliance and nature of their service, the idea that there are those that still consult the folk
healthcare types of services just gives me a conclusion that no matter how technologically
advanced a civilization is, without due recognition of the tradition, there will always be a step
In addition to this, the forum also discussed the practice of acupuncture, first as a service that can
be learned and mastered by both physician and non-physician and a study conducted regarding
its effect on stress upon typhoon struck individuals. Although not a new medicinal technique, its
practice is emerging here in the Philippines and I believe proper acquisition of knowledge and
proper practice will lead to improved health services both in traditional and orthodox field.
2. What were the things that made an impact to me as a student nurse?
Currently, I, as a student nurse is undergoing the qualitative phase of our mixed method study
and the research presented on folk health seeking behaviors really did make an impact to me in
terms of conclusions and beliefs. I have never thought about the way the general population react
to signs and symptoms have a behavioral analysis that goes with it and that it could later on
affect further conditions. It made me resolve into taking my health education extra seriously and
delving into new strategies in order for learning to actually occur.
3. What were your take home learnings and how can I apply them in the
clinical/community area?
Like I said, the folk health seeking behaviors which made an impact towards me, allowed me to
take home the idea that not everyone seeks health the same way. I also believed from that hour
forth that health seeking in the clinical area begins with the nurses and we must always be
vigilant as to what and how they respond to certain information and symptoms they experience. I
also learned that even a utopic like city could still have traces of practices unproven by Science
that no amount of money will ever be able to replace. The value of tradition is deeply highlighted
in this forum and its importance in our understanding of our treatment for patients and clients
alike. In the application to the clinical area, it is important to understand that not every person
will believe in health care professionals, delving into their traditional experiences and beliefs as
well as behaviors will be a gateway to better understanding of how they perceive themselves and
how care should be carried out. This also allows nurses to break barriers between patient and
nurses as well as other health care professionals included in the team when dealing with all kinds
of clients and patients alike.