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Shopping Camera/light/Grip/DIT for sep 18

Hard disk 4tb lecie x2

Hard disk 2 tb portable x3 wd/lecie
Hard disk 2 tb portable x1 sound roaming near muncha house
Hard disk 1 tb portable x1 still photos near muncha house
Power strip best x3 4500 putalisadak
Power ordinary x3 1800 muncha house
Stablizer with battry x1 tp link - for data transfer putalisadak
Stablizer normal x1 for led light putalisadak
Power bank x1 2000 near muncha house
Hdmi micro hdmi x2 3000 (smallest length) putali sadak/ new road
Hdmi to hdmi 5m x1
(Thin type).
putali sadak/ new road
Hdmi to hdmi 10m x1
putali sadak/ new road
Dimmer x2 42k
Plastic tight stripe x 2 diff size (black is best) Bhotebahal
Thermocoal x12 Heavy
Black paper x24
Butter paper x24
Tenish ball green x6
Gaffer gloves x24 muncha house
Gaffer Tape x12 (Red green blue black)
Cello tape x2 big
Cartoon tape x2
Masking tape x2 medium
Masking tape x2 thin
Double tape foam x12
Globe electric tape x24
Cutter x2
Cutter blade x1 bundle
Scissors x2 long
Plastic bag 5 kg x2 muncha house
Dome/butter lamp x4
Chim+holder 500w for butterlamp x4
Multi 10 chim x2
Bulb 200 watt ordinary bulb x5. 2 pin
Bulb 100 watt ".
". X5. 2 pin
Bulb 80 watt.
". X10. 2 pin
Heavy holders for. 2 pin bulbs x24
Testers x7 good quality
Martool +\ _ 2x2
Neon tube light set red green blue purple 2x2x2x2
Bubble wrap to secure bulbs/others 4 mtr.
Wire 3-22 x2 coil black. Buotebahal

Wire Rato kalo medium heavy x2 coil. Bhotebahal

White cloth silky 10 mtr
White cloth cotton 10 mtr
Malmal 6 mtr
Bike kapada 6mtr
Dhalan taar x1 kg
GI/Allumunimum taaar x1/2 kg
Masino metal net x2 mtr
Loban 5 kg.
Jute dori 12+12 mutha (for light and production)
Seto dori x1+2 mutha (for light and production)
Waist bag x3
Effect Gel -red blue green pink purple orange 10x10x10x10x10x10 Manjusrii new
Gateway x1 roll.
Manjusrii new road
Silky Gateway x1 roll. Majusrii new road
CTO full 1 m. Icefall
CTB half 1 m. Icefall
CTB full 2 m. Icefall
Minus Green 2m. Icefall

Booking Camera/light/grip 18 sep

Arjun Timilsina 9841206293 ( negotiate and make a deal)

Crane (for all the shoot days)

Ses Dai 9841216033 ( negotiate all time shoot and make a deal)
Reflector x4 (with mirror)
Skimmer 6x6 x1 ( with jumbo stand)
Skimmer 12x12 x1 ( with jumbo stand)
Flags 4x4.
1x1 1/2
Track 6'x3, 4'x1,C
C-stand x6
Cutter stand x6
Sockets x15
Mini board x1
Baby x5
M-10 x3
M-20 x2
Poly Holders x4
Height rod x2
5 k tungsten x1 for selected days (days and date not confirm)
Prod note: for Horse, if it is available book from here
Shanti Dai 9841458538 (negotiate and make a deal)
Horse (ghoda) x1 for selected days (days and date not confirm)
Bisnu Kalpit (yes pro-014460824/4482824) (negotiate and make a deal)
Cine Tripod x1
Hi-Hat x1
Madav Wagle 9851137949 (send sundar/ashok dai to change mobil and test run)
6 kv Geny
Teken Khadka 9851084089
2 kv Geny

(send sundar/ashok dai to change mobil and test

not sound proff deny and hire/buy it

Sundar Shrestha jimma kaam

Apple Box 3 types x2x2x2
Wooden Listy x12
Pan Cake x4
Sand Bags x10

19 sep prod job list

Meet james @ 9:30am
Call ice fall
Call tmilsina
Call ses
Call shanti
Call yespro

Call Dorje
Meet kishor contract
Meet harka contract
Meet ashok dai and ses
Meet shantimdai
Meet yes pro
Shoping send anup or you
Confirm spot managers
Book/confirm buses to besisahar
Bring printer to maintainance to new road
Confirm heli and walky rates with ice fall
Book bhariyas for 5 gate at besi sahar
Prepare medic kit
Confirm shooting location toilates with Anup/Kabindra
Meet ruru send him to art team
Prepare room plan with anup/kabindra
Talk to ratan for art work
Flow moving date and travel adisory and have attention reply from C/C
Submit paper to fdb for insurance
Do contarct of equipements with narendra sir
Do contract of lead light to ashok dai
Do Contarct of
Print yours and anup nagarikta
Talk anup/kabindra for battry speaker for song and score playing
confirm nigam for all song and scores
Search for hand speaker

Shoping/Rent Art/Production
Tent x7 icefall
Foldable chairs x6 icefall
Garbage bags big x2 mucha
Garbage bags mid x2 muncha
Food packing aluminum boxes 600 pcs
Foil paper x6

Toilate papera 10 rolls

Detol Soaps x12
Napkins 60 pkts
Hand sanitizer x6
Small Chocolates x 10 pkts
Shooting unit banner x2 putalisadak
Clap x2
Non permanent markers x6
Permanent marker x2
Zebra bags extra large x10
Duffle bags xxl x3
1 box A4 75 gm papers
Medical paper tapes medium x2
Torch lights x12 maha baudhha