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2014 Leon Johnson

Blood and Terra


Lazarus Faiden Rai

I am trapped and I am not like you. I have seen all the angles and all the players, and you do not
need to know who I am or where I am. All you need to know is that I have been here longer than I
care to mention and I have accepted my role in life.

How I have come to be incarcerated is also not important. I once told a young man that the course
he was choosing was not made for him! Young and bullheaded, his choice was to take the path
regardless . . . this was the result!
Duskthe sun begins its final decent over slumbering lands. Here, there are no lights, there
is no electricity, no traffic, no one is travelling or communicating, no motion, and no time. Only
stillness, a deep dreamy peace and the lightest mist, flirting on this the landscape. The stars just
begin their alluring, fiery dance, greeting the still-slumbering lands below. Herds of completely black,
blue whalelike creatures hum an inaudible tone as they drift along across the sky. Long black vales
on the undersides of these whale-like creatures, evenly spaced, like the legs on any quadruped, trail
behind them. The black vales, gently cosseting, perfectly compose tiny geometric formations on the
ground floor below as they float majestically on their way. Like the whale creatures in the waters of
Earth, they communicate with each other through song, soaring far above the lands and the
formations below, all migrating in one direction.
The long black vales move through the tiny formations below, completely ignoring their
solidarity and scoping up tiny, tiny, tiny slumbering living things and refined, moulded materials of
many kinds and leaving behind a very thin black film over all. Almost all is taken, but on occasion,
elements are left behind. But all of the whales catch manage to slip through the illustrative net.
All what the whales catch and hold on to is drawn up the vales into the creatures body without a
fuse or a care, like driftwood being pulled along by the current of a stream.
The moon and the stars continue to reveal their brilliance as the night just starts to come
alive to take a foothold over the scene. All of the completely black blue whalelike creatures
gracefully glide toward a completely smooth, complete black sphere, humming the same inaudible
tone. The black sphere makes the whale-like creatures look like ants in terms of size. The whales fly
straight, directly into the black sphere, creating ripple effects all over the surface, like throwing a
stones into a pond. All is still; all is at peace over the slumbering lands.

Hard surface, on what? On cheek, cheek bone, teeth, jaw, palms flaton hard surface, on same level
as cheek, as face, knees bent, sitting, the feeling of cloth closes, shoes . . .
I AM! With a deep and immediate breath in, a once facedown-on-top-of-her-desk female
military officer raises her head up sharply and wakes up. She looks around, head still foggy, not too
sure if she is dreaming or not. Her desk, the walls, ceiling, and floors are all covered in an incredibly
thin layer of a black liquid that appears to be moving, marginally and not in any specific direction. No
one and nothing else is in the room with her. Blustering winds blow through glassless window
openings. The military personnel looks around in a panic.
Hello? The officer pushes herself up off her desk and out her seat. Confused, she looks at
her watch; it is frozen at 6:00 a.m. In a highly alarmed state, the officer runs towards the exit and
double doors, or where she thinks the double doors should be. Instead , the officer has a clear and

dark view of the hallway.

Hello? HELLO, ANYONE, ANYONE! The military officer walks, jogs cautiously through the dark,
desolate, and windy hall. More fear and confusion sets as even light fittings, heating installations, fire
alarms are all gone. The building the officer is in, is nothing more than a husk.
On the point of tears, in a state of shock, the officer screams down an empty hallway. She
runs and runs through what once was a fire exit and is now an open doorway, huffing and puffing,
out of the building into the courtyard.
HEELLLLLLLOOOO, ANYBODY, HEEEEYYY! the officer screams out into the courtyard of the military
base. Just like inside the building, the courtyard is empty; where there should be many different
types of military vehicles, there are none. Where there should be military personnel patrolling, there
are none.
Panting, progressively becoming more frantic with every passing second, the military officer
thinks of her phone in her backpack at the side of her desk. She whips around and rushes back into
the building. She runs through the hall and collapses at the side of her desk. Desperately, the military
officer digs around in her backpack before finally turning her backpack upside down and spilling the
goods onto the floor and clawing at her phone as it slides out onto the blacken floor.
The military officer retrieves her phone, only to find the phone is dead. Panicking even more,
the military officer hurriedly disassembles and then reassembles her phone. Her phone, hands, and
face are now drenched in salty water from her tear ducts.
Holding her breath, hoping, and holding her phone up to her face, the military officer applies
great pressure to the power button and waits for a second for life and answersnothing; then again,
with more pressure turning her thumbnail white and shaking. But nothing still; the military officers
phone is as dead as a doornail. She drops her hands, her forearm hits her thigh; the phone hits her
knee and back flips out of the officers hand and disassembles itself on the blacken floor. The military
officer sits on her heels and screams down the hall.
WHATS GOING ON!? As the officer looks far down the hall, she notices the farthest part of the
hall is missing. Instantly, she realises that in fact, a screen of pitch-black nothingness is rushing
towards her. The black screen moves at such an alarming rate, the officer is complied, instinctively, to
get to her feet and make a dash for the glassless window opening.
Two strides and the officer is hit by a cold, wet wall of viscous black liquid. An attempt to
scream is muffled, and the officer is suffocated as the black liquid enters her nose, ears, eyes , and
mouth. The liquid is too thick for her to move in it, and it is impossible for the officer to draw her
next breath. The officers body convulse violently and is carried up through the wall and ceiling.

Chapter 1
Sword and shield
8:00 p.m.
Floating within a void in total spatial disorientation, there is no time, no one, and nothing. Just a
feeling of stillness and a voice giving an unintelligible dissertation. Lecturer, official, overseer, the
resonance suggests authority, of staunch certainty and still calmness and clarity.
Words said are hardly heard and cannot be understood, until . . .

Nighttime, in a bed-sit-flat, heavy-handed knocking at the door sounds. Quickly, Ceon sits up.
He has been asleep, dreamingin such a deep sleepthat there is a lingering sense. Ceon forgets,
for a while, his own existence. Ceon gets out of bed, goes downstairs, and with the safety chain still
on, and opens the door to see who it is.
On the other side is Michael, Ceons older brother. Ceon tries to close the door back on his
brother. But Michael smashes the door in with his shoulder, breaking the door chain and crushing
Ceon between the door and wall of the staircase. Michael runs upstairs to Ceons bed sit flat. Ceon
shuts his front door and slowly climbs up the stairs towards his room, stops on the landing, and
decides to go use the toilet. As he turns toward the bathroom, he sees a ghostly version of himself
walk into his room.
After using the bathroom, Ceon slowly washes his hands and walks back into his room and
throws himself onto his bed. Meanwhile, his older brother Michael is trashing his room to bits,
frantically turning everything upside down and maliciously destroying e very item he turns his
attention to.
Ceon, aware his brother actions are not completely without purpose as Michael is looking for
something and Ceon knows exactly where it is, allows his brother to joyfully obliterate his flat and its
contents and says nothing. Michael suddenly turns round to Ceon lying in bed and delivers a strong
kick to the middle of the bed frame. The frame cracks down the centre ; it collapses, and Ceon rolls
down onto the floor space of his bed sit. Still saying nothing, Ceon picks himself up and walks to the
fireplace and picks up a small black marble-like box. Michael, watching Ceon retrieve clearly what he
is looking for, walks over to Ceon by the fireplace, grabs the box, and shoves him aside. Ceon lies
back down on his broken bed and places his hands behind his head, adjusting his body so that he can
still lie comfortably in bed and so that he does not roll out again. Michael inspects the box and the
fireplace. The box is covered in dust as well as the top of the fireplace, but not the surface area
where the box was picked up from. Clearly the box has not been moved from its original position for
a very long time and Ceon is not house proud.
Michael has a flashback to when he first gave Ceon the box and told him to put it somewhere
safe. And then he places the box in the exact position Ceon retrieved it from a moment ago. Michael
opens the box and walks over to Ceon lying on his broken bed. He pulls up a very short stool and sits
next to where his brothers head is resting. Showing some interest in the reason why his brother has
totally wrecked his flat, Ceon inquires, Whats in the box?
Youve never opened it? Michael replies.
No! Ceon replies.

Michael takes out a one-piece thin, solid-silver bracelet.

Give me your arm! Michael says in an odd fashion.
Ceon holds out his left arm (Ceon is right-handed). Michael smiles and gently takes Ceons
left wrist.
This is your shield . . . for the most part. Michael says with one hand still holding Ceons
wrist gently but firmly. The other hand opens the silver bracelet and placing it carefully onto Ceons
wrist. Michael closes the silver bracelet around Ceons wrist. Instantly, Ceon jumps up on his bed and
grabs the back of his head and screams.
Michael, shocked at Ceons reaction, gets up almost at the same time and grabs his younge r
brothers shoulders with both hands. With great concern, Michael looks deeply into Ceons
upturned, scrunched-up face.
The pain was immediate and intenseintense enough to force Ceon to jump up on top of his
bed, and for a moment, that was all there was: pain. But the pain has gone now and as Ceon opens
his eyes and lowers both hands, all he could see is a deeply concerned Michael. Ceon smiles at
Michaels very concerned reaction and Michael turns away from Ceon, breathes a sigh of relief, and
drops his shoulders and arms, his hands slapping his outer thighs.
He has never done that before? Michael whispers to himself, and combs his hand over his
Michael turns his focus to the black marble box on the floor and picks it up.
Listen up, sugar freak! Michael sometimes calls Ceon sugar freak or sugar bei, but Ceon has
no clue as to what those words mean. Ceon doesnt even like sweet foods, like candy, cakes, or
chocolates; so he is hardly a freak for sugar. And exactly what is a bei?
Why do you call me sugar freak? Ceon asks Michael.
SHUUUTT UUUUP! Michael screams directly into Ceons face, extremely and aggressively.
Ceon freezes under Michaels ferocious and brutal stare. Ceon is filled with Michaels aggressive
energy, and for a moment, everything is still. Ceon does his best not to feel hurt and afraid as he
gently and carefully steps away from Michael with his head down.
Now the bracelet you now have is called a Communication Control Unit or CCU. It has many
of the features your top-of-the-range smart phone has and so, so much more. This unit is especially
customized, designed for you and only you! There will be a time and a place where you will be told
the shield function on your CCU is outdated, dangerous, and shit. Never change the shield or CCU for
the one that you have been told is greater than the one you have. There is nothing better for you,
plus it will give you an edge. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, SUGAR FRICK? Michael doesnt shout, but he is very
aggressive in his tone.
Yes, Ceon says from the other side of the room.
It has an AI that will start to communicate to you once the shield has finished calibrating.
The AI has three settings. You have to choose the setting yourself. Setting 1 is a shield, vitality
sensor, and communication device. Setting 2 will grant you bio and/or electronic systems analysis
and manipulation to some degree. Michael becomes tired of talking and stops. Basically, never
activate the third setting. The AI will try and persuade you to do so, but really, do not select the third
setting! Michael instructs firmly.
Ceon can actually see a white digital read-out floating in his vision. He mentally and
intuitively moves a curser up and down over the three options and chooses the second option.
Do you understand? Asks Michael far, far, far calmer than he earlier was.
Yeah, its done. One thing though, Ceon asks Michael from across the room, bracing
himself for a possible outburst.

Cool! What? Michael replies, momentarily averting his attention from the black box.
Why does my shield need calibrating? Ceon continues, making sure there is still some
distance between him and his brother. Michael tuts and takes a breath.
Right, basically, very basically, your shield is called a plus shield converter. It creates a
holographic plus sign without the connecting intersection. The middle part, if you will, it is just an
empty space. The rest of the plus sign is four feet wide and four feet high, around two feet in front of
you, positioned at the centre of your body. It works by you mentally spinning the plus sign clockwise.
It needs to be calibrated because it uses your body as its focus point. So when you have to deflect an
incoming projectile, you spin the shield clockwise. The projectile hits the spinning shield and flies off.
When you get good, you will send the projectile back where it came from. Until then, the down side
is at the point of impact, you might stop the projectile but your body might explode or you might not
even stop the projectile, the shield will shatter, and youll be hit by the projectile.
WHAT! Why would I want that? Ceon tries to take off the bracelet.
Dont take off the CCU! Calmly states Michael.
Why, because my head will explode?! Ceon asks in a state of alarm.
No, because I will kill you! Michael state as a making no joke.
Oh. Ceon stops trying to unbuckle the bracelet.
Dont worry about your shield. You dont even need it yet. There will be a time and a place.
I will take you to a special facility where you can get to grips with your new equipment, cool?
Cool. Ceon calms down and decides not to use the said shield any time soon.
Ceon examines the bracelet and notices a small green bubble on top of the silver bracelet.
Ceon didnt get a very good look at the bracelet before Michael put it on his wrist, but he is very sure
it wasnt a there before. Not just that, but the bracelet looks like a solid metal piece and yet this
small green bubble moves around the bracelet as if it was an air bubble in a liquid-filled bracelet and
still has a 3-D presence above the surface of the bracelet.
So if youre giving me this shield, then it means
It means shut the FUCK UP! Michael barks at Ceon, interrupting him. Ceon quickly goes back
to examine his bracelet.
But examination of his new fascinating toy diminishes when Michael produces the next item
from within the box. This is a thing that seems almost impossible for Ceon to behold. Blue with three
small scarlet-red crystal balls running down an eight-inch long, two-and-a-quarter-inch wide, one
and a half inches thick cuboid prism, the structure itself made up of small evenly placed tear-shaped
metallic-blue crystal stones, with a slight metal quality, in two rolls running down each side of the
prism. Each tear point points inwards, perfectly interlocking with the opposite tear. The blue
teardrops, varying very little in size and somehow all fused or held together with no bindings of any
kind, look almost organic. But most wondrous of all is that there is a free-floating cylindrical structure
as thick as the cuboid prism, one and a quarter inches in diameter.
The free-floating cylindrical structure itself is made from same metallic-blue crystal stones
material as the rest of the cuboid prism structure. The free-floating structure is housing a large illfitting scarlet-red crystal-shaped five-point star. The stars points protrude from the metallic-blue
crystal casing, and this is clearly done by design. The longest star crystal point currently facing down;
it looks as if it would meet up perfectly with another tiny scarlet-red point protruding from the
bottom of the cylinder cuboid prism.
Say hello, Michael says and smiles like an evil genius.
Helloooo, a mystified Ceon utters, transfixed on the gift he is receiving. Ceon places his
right hand over the otherworldly object and takes it from a Michaels outstretched hands. He pulls
the item in close to his chest, turns his fist, and opens his hands; it feels alive.
Youre amazing?! As Ceon whispers this, the free-floating cylinder spins 360 degrees, and

very tiny red sparks fly as the longest star point makes contact with the tiny point of the cylinder
cuboid prism.
Ceon is startled and stands still, with his mind blown. Michael throws his head back and
You are such a sucker for flattery!
Ceon completely ignores Michaels last statement, which makes no sense to him and asks,
What is it? Ceon, in a state of awe over his new prize, tries and fails to pull the stars point farther
away from the prism.
Think about it. I have given you a shield, soooo . . . and really, dont do that. You will not like
what happens! Cautions Michael, head gesturing to Ceons attempts to pull his blade apart.
Okay, laser gun? replies Ceon.
DOES IT EVEN? Its your new sword! Genius! Michael says as he repositions the sword in
Ceons hands.
Now in your mind, picture a blade WHOO! Before Michael could finish his sentence, Ceon
activates the blade, and Michael is forced to jump back.
Nice! Ceon drools a little.
Right! Michael agrees with Ceons statement.
The blade itself is a bright ocean-blue laser that is emanating from the prism.
It is and others like it are called Bone Star sabre or sword or laser or blade, etc. This one you
have in your hands is the Mars Star. Do not say
Bullshit blade! Ceon says really quickly and smirks
Yes, or Ill punch you. Michael subsequently punches Ceon in the arm. Ceon shrugs off the
blow, too happy with his new toys.
This is insane! Its just like a light
FINISH that sentence, and I will break your face! Michael cautions and moves out the way of
Ceon as he begins to swing his new weapon.
It doesnt make a sound when I swing it? Ceon says, swinging away.
Yeah, you can just go ahead and add that in yourself, you idiot! Michael says as he steps
over the wreckage that is Ceons flat and looks out a window on to the street. Ceon begins to slice
items of his, which Michael has already smashed to bits, testing out his new blade.
What about this shield. I dont want to turn it on by accident? Ceon asks.
Like I said before, dont worry about it. You dont even need it yet. But it will take time to
calibrate itself to you. Michael briefly looks at Ceon then continues to look out the window.
So what else does it do? Ceon says while cutting everything in sight into pieces.
Well talk about that later. Right now, there is a humanoid-type being outside who wishes
to duel you, to the death! Michael says, acting very complacent until he says death, which he says
Ha-ha . . . WHAT? It dawns on Ceon that this is typical of Michaels twisted sense of humour,
to be informing him of something that is very serious and important in a very unserious way.
Michaels head gestures to the view outside the window and moves out the way of an oncoming
Ceon, who bounds over the floor wreckage to get to the window Michael is looking out of. Ceon
looks out of his window; it is the middle of the night on a weekday. The street in front of his flat is
completely empty, more empty and silent than normal, Ceon thinks.
But no one is out there, Ceon says to his brother as he turns around to face him. At which
point, Michael blindsides Ceon with a straight punch to the jaw, knocking him out cold.
ITS THE ONES YOU DON T SEEEE! proclaims Michael loudly.

Chapter 2
All Hail Caesar, Caesar the Great
10.00 p.m.

Becoming aware he is facedown on the floor of his bed-sit, Ceon turns over and sits up. He
looks around and puts his right hand on his head. Still a bit dazed, Ceon realises there is a bit of paper
glued to his right hand. Sitting upright even more, Ceon uses his left hand to pull the note off his
right hand, only to realize his new sword has also been glued to his left hand. Clearly some time and
effort has been spent doing this as each finger and thumb has been super glued perfectly to his
sword, making it impossible for Ceon to use his left hand for anything other than holding his sword.
Ceon breathes out and begins to read the note.
Dear Sugar Frick.
By now you have come to and have realized I have super glued the Mars Star
to your hand. Youre welcome! These Bone Star lasers are really rare, there are
about seven or eight currently on this planet right now. Originally, these lasers were
created for works of art by beings you could not possibly imagine. However, beings
with four fingers and one thumb on each hand took these lasers and used them as
weapons. The individual you are about to face has one. Dont die.
Much love,
Your super awesome big bro, Michael
Ceon pictures Michael giggling like a little schoolgirl while gluing his hand to the blade.
BUT I M RIGHT-HANDED ! Ceon cries in anger and frustration.
Somewhere not too distant, Michael hears his brothers cry and chuckles.
Out of the darkness into the light of a street lamppost, a figure emerges. In his hands is a
very-large-looking potatoes sack. With purple scaly skin, long grey hair, yellow snake eyes, and
sporting a simple red and mostly black garments, this being opens the sack and what spills forth is a
very large green gecko, about the size of a ten-year-old child.
Caesar. The Geckos voice is very gravelly and it mouth stays closed; instead its eyes
illuminate as it speaks. Caesar, you have brought me to this world for what reason?
I want your gift, Caesar states matter-of-factly.
Gecko says nothing.
You will watch me slay my opponent and you will award me your gift, proclaims Caesar as
he struts in front of the Gecko.
No! replies the Gecko as it slowly trails off.
WAIT! You may eat the loser, Caesar desperately shouts with his hand outstretched.
Agreed. The Gecko scales halfway up the wall of a building and disappears. Caesar steps

back into the shadows.

Overlooking the entire sense unfolded, Michael and another unknown male comment on the
entire proceedings form the roof top of a building.
So what has your brother been doing of the past fourteen hours or so? asks the unknown
Sleeping?! Michael exposits while he pulls a face that says, What else would he be doing?
Oh yeah, remarks the unknown male.
Yeah! Michael says.
Whats up with the purple reptile guy in the red-and-black jumpsuit and how is it this area
hasnt been hit yet?
What, Barney down there? He is the Aim prince and he is interested in finding my brother
and killing my brother, aaaand I told him where to find him, which is why this small area has not been
harvested, explains Michael.
What? Why would you do that? Why would they even be interested?
Its a looong story. The Aim royalty have this seer, Sharon, and she can look into the future
of any particular being and tell you stuff that is going to happen. Sharon told the Aim royalty should
the two duel, my brother and the Aim prince, the winner of said battle will be one of the most feared
warriors in ALL OF THE KNOWN universe. Im paraphrasing, Michael says with a funny voice.
Really? the unknown male gasps.
No! Not really. I said I was paraphrasing, but it was something to that effect.
Why not just tell Merkury?
Well, what the Aim royalty has not taken into account is when Sharon looks into the future
of a particular being, she is only giving an account of what she senses from said being at that
moment in space-time. Many beings in this third, fourth-dimensional framework are continuously
and rapidly shifting through multiple realities at any given moment without even realizing it,
resulting in many different probable outcomes. So on its own, that account could be worthless. Also,
telling beings their future can sometimes alter the path they are on, sooo . . . plus this way, its more
fun for me.
What? We too shift through multiple realties?
Yup, I can only speak for beings I have encountered and this is all f rom my perspective,
formed from my experience, sooo . . .
More fun to you, huh? Why how many times have you done this now?
Too manyfar, far too many times!
This should surely be a cake walk by now?
Yeah, no, its always different. The main theme stays the same, but how it happens changes.
I think you never travel the same time line twice, but some of the differing time lines have such little
changes in them that they appear to be the same. Ive been caught out a good few times now, its
fricking murder when that happens. Now I just travel the one time line till the end and then just loop
So what happens at the end?
Its not pretty!
Huh! So you couldnt find a cleaner rooftop?

This guy is also real fastidious! Michael gestures down to the street where Caesar is.
Im not fastidious, this rooftop is just fricking dirty! The male opens his arms to display the
dirt surrounding him.
Fussbudget then!
What? Ha, no!
Finicky, dainty.
HA, AHA, HA-HA, youre dainty, WHOO! The unknown male loses his balance due to his fits of
laughter and uses his left arm to regain balance.
Aaarrgh, man! The unknown male holds his left arm.
Your arm still hurts? asks Michael.
Yeah, dont worry about it. So you know Merks definitely can kill this guy? asks the
unknown male.
The Aim prince, yeeeaaah, thats the thing.
Ive seen Ceon get killed before only to be revived by Caesars sister, the Aim Queen, and
then . . .
Bad times for anyone, Aim included. Anyway, this guy is a giant ass, I really just wanna see
Ceon slice him in half.
He doesnt look all that. Michael looks at his male friend, very surprised at his statement.
Nah, nah, look, cos this guy is not for play! He is dread. He beat this being known as the Rat
King and his infinite army . . ., says Michael.
What? Hah, infinite. How does someone
Its just a name, this being called, Rat King has militarised all his people. They breed like
rats, they exist in a pocket dimension that only the rat king can access. The Aim royalty have been
stocking up on dimensionally manipulative beings in preparation for invasion of Earth, so Caesar
really went after this guy. Im personally hoping I never see the Rat King and his army. Michael
Dimensionally manipulative like you and me and Merks?
Yeah, like uswait theres something else I have gotta tell you! Michael starts to laugh.
So this guy, the Aim prince, ha-ha, he doesnt just like to defeat his enemies, he likes to see
them crushed into the ground physically, mentally, emotionally, ha-ha. So he often covers himself in
the blood, organs, and body parts of the fallen while parading in front of their leader or captain or
whatever, if they are still alive at that point.
Right! He is a real nasty piece of work, or well, he was. Ha-ha. Until he found out that the
Rat Kings infinite army was just his people and the Rat King really didnt want the Aim prince slaying
any more. So the Aim prince goes extra hard, turning the Rat Kings people into a blood pool and
then just swimming in them even after the Rat King conceded.
No, but it was real gruesome. It was horrid, slaughterhouse bad! Anyway, ha ha ha, what he
didnt realise was, ha, hah, ha ha ha, the rat people, ha-ha, they are all infected with parasites, ha
hah, blood mites. Now normally, the Aim would have, hah, just eaten that shit, but maybe because

the rat people spend all their existence in a pocket dimension or something. The Aim prince didnt
think that it would be that much of a problem, ha ha ha, but it was! HA HAA HAA! Ooop! Michael
quickly covers his mouth and stops himself from laughing so hard and making too much noise on top
of the roof.
Either way he had to be remoulded, shit fuck, fricking epic, ha!Michael continues.
Hawait, what does remoulded mean? asks the male character.
Oh yeah, you dont know what that is yet. Well, err, I think its what the Aim does to anyone
of the Aim it deems defective. I think it involves actually stripping the skin and muscle off the bone
and replacing it, all while keeping you conscious and alive. I think theres some mind buggery in there
as well, but I dont know. And I think the Aim doesnt give two fucks if it hurts or not, or it cant?
says Michael.
Fuck! remarks the other male.
Right! Says Michael.
Wait, can the Aim do that shit to us? Because we are infected with the Aim!
Oh yeah, if youre captured, it can do that shit to anyone. The only difference is those of
the Aim know about it and live in fear of it, says Michael.
So how the hell did you get in with the Aim and its royalty in the first place?
I walked straight into this Aim.
Not here, a long time ago. I led a squad into the brainif you will, even if you wontof a
Fem Aim. The mission was to destroy the Aim from within. I had a member of my team, Chocy. He
was an offshoot of a thunder lord from the electro tribes. As such, he had the ability to manipulate
the electrical signals in the brain synapses. Chocy was specially bred to fuse with the Aim mind and
destroy it. The mission was a success, all my squad died, Chocy became one with the Aim both male
and female hive mind and chose to have me escape by fusing a peculiar part of the fem Aim with
my own Aim. Michael tells his story with a solemn tone. I have used this to present myself to the
Aim royalty without going through processing. I convinced them I have changed sides and I was
willing to aid them in taking Earth.
How did you convince the Aim royalty that you would help them?
I convinced myself first. After that, it was easy. They have the minds of eighteen-year-old
spoilt children. In comparison, Im like frothy five, mentally.
A forty-five-year-old mental patient, more like!
Ha, yeah. It was like playing mental games with children, a fricking dangerous game, but it
worked sooo . . . plus I gave them the location of all of the Earths human military bases I knew of to
sweeten the deal and the names and locations of all the government official types I knew off.
You did what?
Look, the collective military force of Earth where all gonna get taken anyways. This way, I
prevented a lot of bloodshed, and I could not risk them launching any nukes.
I agree with giving up the members of government is such good idea, but Earths military?
You dont know the Earths military would have used nuclear weapons? Even if they didnt, how do
you know it wouldnt be an effective way of dealing with the Aim?
Youve seen the media? Is there a threat, yes, launch a nuke at it! And thats just with a
threat in between nations. Could you imagine if it was an off-world threat! They would probably
throw everything they got at it!
So what, its in space. You have just crippled any chance of Earths humans using their
military to defend themselves!

The Aim would have spent some of its resources focusing on the military bases, allowing, in
theory, for more civilian territories to be relatively untouched. Do you not think the soldiers would
have wanted that, to protect those whom could not protect themselves?
I think they would have liked a choice!
The mass spectrum of energies released form an all-out nuclear attack on the Aim in space
would have, in my estimations, impacted Earth, and the Aim is only something like 70,000 km. away.
That sounds far enough, family!
Is it? The very fabric and the nature of space would have been altered. The M and R ships
navigation systems couldnt have been ruined leaving them clueless as to where they were in space.
They could have been shipwrecked, lost in space. The M and R themselves may have been poisoned
by the nuclear radiation while traveling to this location!
Youre telling me the M and R travel through space and do not have any kind of shielding
from radiation?
I dont. We do not have any idea, Black, what a nuclear blast of that nature would result in.
The resulting effects could have twisted or even insinuate dimensional barriers, affecting other being
whom have nothing to do with our fight. Earths atmosphere could be ruined, humans would have to
leave the planet, and Earth humans cannot leave this planetwell, not without horrifically altering
their biology, Michael says confidentially.
What are you talking about? I agree the military may have likely used nukes as that appears
to be their modus operandi, but you shouldnt have sold them out like that. You didnt even give
them a fighting chance!
Because I knew they never stood a chance!
You were the one talking about probabilities and outcomes earlier and Earth humans having
been in space. They have been to the moon!
Yeah, right! Not permanently. Their bodies cant take it. I doubt the Earth human vessel
could travel as far as Pluto before suffering some major problems!
Yeah, right. I could not disagree more. Youve just been supremely cavalier in your actions,
family! states Black.
I have deemed Earths military to be clumsy and far too inexperienced for an invasion of this
kind. Its up to those with power and knowledge to make the hard decision. I did what was best for
all, for the greater good!
Cuz, just because you say it is, or thats the way you think it works, does not mean that is
the way it is with your modus ponens!
Im pretty sure you are using that incorrectly!
Whatever, what is done is done now. If you can live with yourself.
I can. Modus vivendi! So anyway, I smooth-talked the royalty who already had an invested
interest in me and my brother and I walked in and out. But if my brother doesn t kill the Aim prince
down there, I am going to go down and kill him myself.
Cool, I got you!
I know you do, Im not having a being like that running around on Earth or in our skies.
Which reminds me . . . Michael looks at his friend with a request in his mind.
He says after sacrificing Earths military. Wait, why are you looking at me like that?
I told you they were going to nuke the place, and well
No, I am not going into the Aim.
Look, you dont have to go into this Aim in the sky now. Just
Well talk about it later, youll be fine. Ha-ha.

What about that huge green lizard thing?

Its a Gecko.
All I know is that galactic warriors seek those beings out . . .
Inside Ceons Flat
Ceon makes his way down the staircase in a state of stillness. On the back of his front door
is another note.
Ceon, as you leave your flat, head straight across the road. Under the third lamppost
is where you will find your challenger.
Ceon walks out his flats door with a feeling that he is leaving everything he didnt care for
everything that has been placed on him by societybehind, and the feeling washes over him.
On the Rooftop
Skeen that sounds sick! says Black.
Right! Replies Michael.
So how did you get the lampposts to work if the Aim is continually hitting the Earth with
Bunch of highly reactive chemicals in the moonlight, plus a catalyst and housingoh wait,
there he is!
Ceon steps out into the road before he notices that, apart from the path set for him by his
brother, all is dark. There is no doubt in Ceons mind as to whether or not some event has or still is
taking place. Ceon crosses the road and walks towards the first lamppost, the only light source
around, apart from the moon and stars. He looks aheadnothing. Thoughts of running away enter
Ceons mind as the most logical course of action, but Ceon just continues on his path, driven by
excitement and curiosity.
On the Rooftop
Ha ha ha, look at this guy, clueless! Michael states.
What is it with you and your little brother? Do you always have to be so fuckery to him?
You know, Black, that mofo down there has got you all fooled. The overhand crew, the
purebloods, anyone that can tolerate him anyway. You all think he is some kind of innocent victim . .
. its an act, fam. This guy right here is the devil!
PSHH , HA! Sure he is!
Look, he is not as pure as the driven snow as you think he is! His ethos is show them the
lamb to protect the serpent!
And that would be this time lines, Merkury, you speak of, right?

No, but
Well then!
Just watch this, okay?
As Ceon reaches the second post, he notes the empty noiselessness of the streets even for a
week day. Once again, Ceon looks forward to the third lamppost and see nothing and no one, but he
feels someone or something is there. As he walks forwards, his heart thumps, but it doesnt race.
Sweat begins to creep out of his skin as Ceon nears the third lamppost.
Directly under the light of the third lamppost, Ceon stops, holding his left hand, sword active,
ready for a fight, but nothing. He looks around and still nothing, Ceon thinks to himself: If this is one
of Michaels tricks, then it wont spring until I drop my guard.
Ceon straightens up and begins to slowly drop his guard.
A crackle. Suddenly, Ceon is attacked from his blind spot just behind his left shoulder. A
downward sword strike is blocked by an upper rising block with the sword. As the two glowing
swords meetone blue, one greenCeon is stunned by the face that confronts him.
Using the power and momentum of the downwards sword strike of his attacker, Ceon
collapses his block, pivots, and delivers a horizontal sword slash to his un-sportsman-like opponent.
His adversary leaps backwards, spinning clear of the strike.
Not a fool then! Caesar proclaims. Ceon stays silent.
I am Caesar! Greetings. Caesar, highlighted by the green glow of his sword, side steps
around Ceon, focused while remaining on guard.
Fuck who you are! Ceon replies.
On the rooftop not too far away, Michael belly laughs.
I love this bit! Michael says to Black.
Fuck who you are to you too, my good man!
HA HA HA, YES ! Michael joyfully laughs.
Ceon rolls his eyes at Caesars reply. Caesar walks around Ceon. Ceon counters Caesars
movements while staying on guard, both keeping their swords pointed at each other.
Please be aware of my awareness that your remark was a slight at my good person. The
pair continues to size each other up.
Good person who attack from behind . . . that is illusion, Ceon inserts.
I think you would call that manoeuvre of mine a deception!
No I speak of the fact you call yourself a good person is an illusion!
Ha ha ha, all is fair in love and war. Isnt that what they say here?
Ceon says nothing.
At any rate, your name, if you will?
Go fuck yourself!
Paahaha! Michael laughs.
Well, talking to you is a waste of energy, so keen you are to match my blade. I shouldnt be
surprised at your character when it was your brother whom informed me of your location, Caesar
says in an attempt to taunt Ceon.
He told me your skin would make an epic pair of shoes, jacket, and clutch bag for the
Nice comeback! remarks Black from the roof.

Caesar, having enough of the insults, rushes towards Ceon. Ceon does the same.
The two meet and perform two perfect horizontal strikes one after another, perfectly
countering the others blade. Ceon tactically rolls to the right, stands up, and begins to walk around
Caesar holds his position and turns to follow Ceon while remaining on the spot. Ceon runs
towards Caesar. Caesar lunges forward with a straight attack, thrusting his sword forwards. Ceon side
steps Caesars attack and attempts to attack the side of Caesar, but Caesar dodges and deflects the
counterattack with his sword. Caesar gains his footing and darts forward with a horizontal slice, waist
height. Ceon somersaults sideways over the blade, straight into a vertical slash, downwards and
towards Caesars head. Caesar covers this with an upper rising block with his sword.
The two warriors continue to slash swords and sparks fly; the electrical ripping and
screaming from the two blades, the only thing that can be heard from far away.
Counter, dodge, strike, counter, dodge, strikein terms of sword skill, the pair appear to be
perfectly matched.
What is thats coming out of your skin? Exhausted ourselves already, have we? Caesar
mocks Ceons physical condition.
Focused, Ceon looks Caesar square in his eyes as he breathes in and out very heav ily.
Well, this has been some sport, but I think it is time for me to kill you now!
Caesar crouches and begins to vibrate quickly. Suddenly, he zips to Ceons two oclock then
right across to his eleven oclock, then right, then left, faster than the human eye can detect. Each
time, Ceon feels a rush of energy with a natural resistance feeling to the energy within his body.
Caesar advances, and each time he does, the energy given off by Caesar forces its way into
Ceons body. Until eventually, the force of the energy obliterates Ceons natural resistance with a
white flash, knocking Ceon back a step.
As a result, Ceons reality slows right down, drastically and suddenly. While Ceon himself
remains at regular speed, Caesars movements became very, very slow, allowing Ceon to see every
step Caesar is taking, which he could not before. Ceon takes his chance to strike at Caesar as Caesar
takes his last dash towards him. But Caesar stops just short of where Ceon predicted he w ould have.
Unexpectedly, the energy slowing Ceons reality is gone. Ceons entire reality, including Caesar,
return to regular speed, and Ceon ends up overreaching with his attack. Caesar deflects Ceons illplaced attack with his sword easily. With one hand, Caesar grabs Ceons throat, choke slams and pins
him to a brick wall. The impact of the choke slam almost shatters Ceons skull. Dazed, the fight is
temporarily knocked out of Ceon, and Caesar begins to crush his windpipe with his free hand.
I havent yet begun to use my actual power and yet I fear you are unable to match. You
cannot compare! Caesar relishes his apparent victory as he rings and twists the neck of Ceon. Ceon,
his head spinning, very much out of it.
You dont even deserve this blade. Caesar reaches down to take Ceons Bone Star sabre
and deactives his own sword so as not to cut Ceons arm off and get any blood on himself. Sword still
in hand, Caesar looks into Ceons eyes and squeezes even harder Ceons throat. With one finger
outstretched Caesar pries open Ceons grip on his sabre, squeezing Ceons neck harder when he feels
Ceon resisting. Caesar smiles in Ceons face as he feels no more fingers in his way and, now using two
fingers, tries to take the sword from Ceons open grip while the rest of his fingers still hold on to his
own sword.
But something is wrong.
The sword is not free? Caesar thinks, not wanting to look away from Ceon. Caesar looks

down at the sword and the problem.

Caesar observes a mixture of sweat and glue as goo and is sickened by the mixture greatly.
With his fingertips partly around the blades hilt, Caesar pulls a little harder; the blade starts to give,
and Caesars mouth becomes wet with anticipation. Exhilarated by his own future prospects and the
thought of owning two rare swords, Caesar starts to shake with excitement. But to Caesars horror he
has broken the skin of Ceons palm. Worse still, the blood has started to flow. Caesar pulls back his
hand in alarm and examines the tips of his two probing fingers acutely and phobically with sharply
held breath to see if any blood at all has made contact with the skin on his fingers. While Caesar
examines one hand, he feels wetness on the other. Caesars eyes go bulging out of his skull, looking
sharply towards Ceon in a chokehold against the wall. Terror floods Caesars anatomy as he observes
blood already dripping from Ceons nose over his lips and off his chin onto Caesars bare hand.
Caesar screams and instantaneously lets go.
A fainting Ceon drops to his feet and takes a big breath in and out, sending little droplets of
blood rocketing onto a mortified Caesars face.
AHH -AAH ! NOOOOO! Caesar screams, placing both hands on his face, vibrates, and launches
himself backwards at speed.
Once again, Ceon feels the energy within originating from Caesar using his power. However
this time, it is a dragging sensation within Ceons body. Ceon pulls on the dragging sensation and
thus Ceon is pulled at great speed, headfirst, vertically towards Caesar, waist height, like an elastic
band. Ceon slashes at Caesars midsection, cutting Caesar in two as he rockets past and is forced to
tuck and roll onto the ground.
"EEE YES!" Celebrates Michael form on top of the roof.
"That was close, family!" Remarks Black.
Caesar falls flat on his back, body sliced in two. His sword jumps out his hand and slides
across the black tarmac. Ceon notices the sword is another Bone Star Lazar and remembers Michael
did say something about this being having a sword like his. Ceon gets up and walks by Caesars blade
and goes to question Caesar.
What are you, why are you here? Ceon move over to stand on one of Caesars wrists.
FUCK YOU! Caesar spits. Ceon slices off Caesars right arm.
Haaaaaarrrh! IT MATTERS NOTaaaaarrhit matters not! You will soon learn! Caesar
screams in a hoarse tone. Ceon slices off Caesars left arm and walks over to Caesars Bone Star
sword lying on the ground and picks it up.
Ceon examines the weapon. Straight away, Ceon notes there is no free-floating structure at
the bottom of the hilt; instead, there is a large reddish-purple diamond-shaped crystal fixed to the
bottom of the T-shaped Bone Star sword. Two more crystal balls of the same colour sit at either end
of the T. It is all held together by beautiful slightly glittering dark brown, black, and green, woodish
crystal vines gripping each crystal. The weapon looks grown rather than made, and it is even more
organic-looking than Ceons own Bone Star.
Unexpectedly Ceons Bone Star begins to spin aggressively. Followed by a bolt of electricity
that shocks and sends Ceon backwards to the ground, both swords come flying out of Ceons hands.
Completely shocked and thinking he is once more under attack, Ceon immediately rises to his feet
and looks for the location of his attacker and where his sword has landed. Then the oddest of all
sights is seen that night as Ceons sword is floating above Caesars sword. The free-floating part spins
faster and faster, letting out a loud mechanical whirring sound and firing bolts of electricity from the
part of the sword the energy blade would emanate from (not the free -floating cylinder part, the star
point, which is pointing upwards) at the other Bone Star sword. The arcing form Ceons floating Bone
Star fires and fires untilboom! Caesars Bone Star laser is blown into pieces. If that wasnt enough,
Ceons Mars Star sabre then begins to hover the large crystal parts of Caesars blown-apart Bone Star

sabre. The mouth of the Mars Star sabre stretches like the mouth of a python, swallowing the crystal
parts whole. Broken, the beautiful woodish crystal vine parts then crackle, fizzle, and pop as sparks
fly and the vines dissolve into nothing. After which, Ceons Mars Star sabre rolls right up to Ceon on
its star point. Before Ceon could reach down and pick his Bone Star sabre up, the prism part shoots
up, chest height, and Ceon automatically grabs his Bone Star sabre and turns to look at Caesar, in
complete shock and amazement at what just happen.
Looking with his head up, Caesar is also stunned into silence at the whole event. Upon
seeings Ceons reaction, he finds his tongue.

Ceon walks away and leaves Caesar screaming in the background.

Just then, Caesar sees the Gecko appear over his head; their eyes meet.
You have lost! the Gecko says and bites into Caesars head. The Geckos huge mouth opens
wide and his jaw and teeth makes short work of Caesars head.
Unaware of what has just transpired behind him, Ceon studies the ripped skin on the palm of
his hand, in smarts quite a bit. He pulls down on the flap of skin a little and has a look under the skin
at the inner workings of his hand. More blood drips to the ground and from the sides of his hand,
and up from his wrists, a black liquid begins to travel towards and into his wound. The black liquid
closes the skin over the bloody opening. Ceon watches calmly as this happens when all at once, he
hears a voice in his head.
Victor, where would you like your gift? the voice states.
Uncertain that he even heard a voice in his head, Ceon turns to look behind him, left hand
still raised. Once more, Ceon is stunned to see a huge Gecko standing on all fours over Caesars
headless torso. Ceon is frozen; the Geckos eyes light up.
As you wish!
The Geckos tongue whips out at Ceons head faster than Caesar moved, and with no energy,
resistance, or drag for Ceon to feel and act upon. Quicker than Ceon can move out the way the
tongue. Ceon is forced to use the back of his left hand to shield his face. With a sudden whip, the
Gecko turns the tip of his tongue upwards to reveal spikes on the underside of the boxers glove-like
tongue. The spikes go right into the back of Ceons left hand; the left hand travels with great kinetic
force, and Ceon slaps himself unconscious and lies motionless on the ground.
Ah ha ha, EPIC! Michael cries.

Chapter 3
Hard Act to Follow: I Was in Love Once Too
A disturbed wind blows, and the moon and stars rule the skies over the blackened city of
London. Here, landmarks, street signs, and buildings are all now unintelligible, saturated in black
liquid. Somewhere deep in an alleyway in between the buildings and the shadows, two warriors
vocally fight over their positions.
Special Agent Michael, you must understand the position we are in, and the situation is not
how we would like it to be. I need to know the details of your plan to deal with the second part of
the Aim. We must act now! says a very tall, almost seven-foot, beautiful, long-raven-haired female
soldier with very thick overdeveloped dragon-like legs and broad shoulders.
Commodore, as I have said already, you do not get to know. You have your orders. My
visiting you is out of courtesy. This is all you need to know, replies Michael.
Understand, Special Agent Michael, the Aim is twenty-two hours as time is used here on this
planet, into its cycle. It has already taken a sizable number of this planets inhabitancy. Another
twenty-six hours and the Aim
Commodore, I find it hard to believe after reviewing your personal data, one like yourself
would have such a problem with following orders. I have had enough of your breaking of procedure.
Your betters have seen fit to instil trust into me, I see no reason to break procedure and inform you
of my plans. Michael takes a hard line with the commodore.
They trust you because they have no choice!
Commodore Toamiry, please, there is always a choice, and in this instance I am the best
choice there is! proclaims Michael with a smile.
YOU SAY THAT as if it is some kind of joke. THE ODDS WE FACE ARE UNQUANTIFIABLE! Once the
second part of the Aim appears in these skies, it will have more of itself to process terrains and
harmonize with this world. Once that happens, it is over for US , THE TERRANS, AND COUNTLESS OTHER
WORLDS ! The commodore loses self-control.
Commodore, you speak as if the war is lost!
YOU speak as if you have ALREADY WON!
The fear you are projecting is one of your own design! Michael spits aggressively through
his teeth at the commodores face.
I do not suffer from such a state. I have presented myself to you for your reassurance! Yes,
this is happening all over Terra. However, the Aim, in its current state, is at capacity. We have time.
Michaels words are spat with frustration as he tries to reach the commodore.
THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL PLAN! the commodore shouts.
Michael calms himself so as not to completely lose it with the commodore.
WE HAVE HOURS ! The commodore, not willing to let Special Agent Michael off the hook, is
fuelled by her fears.
That is all we need. Michael controls his state.
Haaaarrh! The commodore cannot believe this ones manner. How can he not appreciate
the situation they are in?! She asks herself.
Ha. Michael is entertained by the commodores informal and emotional outburst.
in an assertive posture.

YOU COMMAND WHAT OF WHOM!? Michael lurches into Commodore Toamirys face and heaves
as he speaks, with his eyes all ablaze.
The commodore says nothing, withdraws, and gains her stance.
I . . . The commodore can barely speak after her dressing down by special agent Michael.
YOU . . . NOTHING ! Michael is quick to shut the commodore down. The commodore stays
silent and observes her standing. Michael combs his hand through his hair.
I will leave you now. It seems someone has gone to great lengths to come here to find you.
Michael barely mumbles the last part of his sentence and then walks into the shadows.
Commodore Toamirys heart is filled with emotion, head with doubt. The planet she is on
feels so cold and terrifying. As Toamirys head begins to spin and a true sense of loss se ts in, it
becomes hard for her to breathe. Commodore Toamiry grabs her chest with one hand and places the
other on the wall. She grits her teeth at the tears begin to form.
Hopeless, the commodore whispers to herself.
Finally, says a breathless and familiar voice; the commodore whips around, only to be
caught in a fiercely passionate embrace. The commodore melts a little; then her training kicks in and
pushes the unknown character away.
Do . . . you remember me? says an all-black form partly covered by the shadows.
Arama? the commodore utters in disbelief.
It was you. It was you I felt from far away. The dark figure speaks slowly and deeply.
Arama, you are?
Yes, Toamiry, I am Aim now. I am of the Aim now, the Aim hive mind, states Arama. I . . .
have been searching for a great length of time. I . . . when the Aim took me from you. Arama does
not allow the commodore to fully view himself as he currently is due to sense of shame about how
he appears. Arama can barely put a sentence together. You will understand . . . I knew if you saw me
currently as I am, you would have never let me touch you, Arama continues.
Arama, its been decades . . . I . . . utters Toamiry in disbelief.
Toamiry, it was you, your eyes, your heart that allowed me to mentally survive the
processing. It was always you. Arama has yet to look at his lost love in her eyes for fear her on
guard stance directed towards him will destroy the memory he has of the look of complete love in
the eyes of his lost love.
Arama, do you know where we are? the commodore thinks tactical and tries to gain
information that may aid her in her mission.
I know we are no longer on our home world, not in our own space. I can feel it in my body,
in my heart, yet I still found you. Arama breathes out in relief.
Toamiry smiles as she sees her once-stupendous warrior who once lived in her heart.
Arama, you are Aim now, states the commodore.
Seeing, hearing, touching you was all . . . Arama says, almost broken and overjoyed,
changing back and forth with each sentence, hanging on to Toamirys every word, foolishly, for he
knows they could never be together again. Toamiry, tell me who I am . . . those cycles that time with
you was all . . . all I wanted was to that time again. Arama is lost to his memories.
Arama, enough. Why are you here?! Commodore Toamiry is filled with heart-breaking
emotion yet clear of one fact. There is an Aim individual standing in front of her. Once a very
powerful warrior with great compassion for his kin, now a powerful enemy.
Toamiry, you must win! Arama has heard the tone of voice that tells him what he already
knows: that they could never be again. Now he can think more objectively.
The commodore breathes deep.

If you lose here . . . now, it will be over for untold amounts! Aramas stance changes as he
abandons his romantic dreams.
I know . . . The commodore watches the Aim individual carefully.
Fear not, no doubt I will be remould. But let my presence show you it can be done!
Arama suddenly spreads a pair of big black wings, which have an amazingly beautiful shade
of blue on the inside, going from dark to light blue, top to bottom.
I . . . A spark of realization fires in Commodore Toamirys heart and mind.
Not Aim, not space or time could keep me away, and I know you can win! Arama collapses
his huge wings and turns completely into the shadows darkness.
Thank you, Arama. The commodore does now feel a great deal better.
My gratitude to you, Toamiry. Next time we see each other . . . you must strike me down as
if any other Aim. I cannot protect you. With that, Arama turns his head to steal a look of his lost
love. Arama now sees conviction and strength returning to the commodores face and thusly, his task
is done. Fulfilled, Arama squats for a second thenboom!performed one giant leap that almost
clears the building that formerly provided Arama with cover.
At the peak of his massive leap, once the kinetic energy is spent and gravity takes hold ,
Arama begins to fall; and in that instant, his massive wings shoot out from each side. With a slight
drop and the one almighty flap of his frightful enormous wings, he is gone form view
I made commodore, Arama. The commodore projects telepathic to Arama now gone from
I am pleased, You will do well in this position. The telepathic reply fades away near the end
of the sentence.
Inside a completely black building struts a very focused and regenerated Commodore
Attending to the wounds of the injured parties of human people is a small Rugitythis being
looks like your average human being with no armour at all in a colourful green suit. She has long
black hair in a ponytail, slightly Japanese looking, gently caring for those who are lost and scared.
Toamiry grabs her powerfully by the wrist, pulls her to her feet; shock and surprize fills this little
ones eyes. Commodore Toamiry takes a hold of her by her neck and pulls up and kisses her firmly on
her little lips. Stunned, the Rugity says, Well, someone is in a state of joy! Tell me what goes on?
Commodore Toamiry smiles and picks up the tiny Rugity and fl ies into an empty room she constructs
and constructs a door behind her, the couple make love.
The night sky is black and filled with stars; everything underneath them the roads, buildings
and the status are all saturated in living black liquid, smoothing out everythingholes both big and
small, and any imperfectionsmaking any surface completely black and perfectly flat and smooth.

Chapter 4
Dont Get Mad, Just Feel
2.00 a.m.
Merks, Merks! Oi, Ceon get up! As Ceon comes to, he is greeted by his close friend Black.
Black! What are you doing here? Ceon says, still a little dazed as he sits up.
Well, your brother told me you may need a little help getting from a to b. After Black helps
Ceon to his feet, the pair begin to walk down the street. So what is going, playa? Black asks Ceon.
Something tells me you have a better idea than I do, Ceon replies.
Ha, yeah, let me see your Bone Star sword, Black asks. Ceon hands Black his Bone Star
blade. Do you know what this one is called?
Yeah, Mars Star. Michael told me, Ceon replies. Black hands back Ceons Blade.
You know how to use your shield? Black asks.
No, not sure if I want to.
Black stops and turns to face Ceon. Right, picture the plus sign in your mind.
The instant Ceon tries this, it works. A white slightly see-through plus sign without the
connecting intersecting, centre part appears in front of him.
Insane! gasps Ceon. Black swings his sword at Ceons shield; it hits the shield and the
shield shatters.
Haaarrh! What the frig was that? Ceon spouts, unprepared for the shock he feels within his
body, the shock caused by the force feedback from Black striking his shield and the shield collapsing.
Dont worry about it, it just needs calibrating, Black reassures Ceon.
As the pair continues to walk down the street, the dawn comes and it becomes lighter and
lighter. Its 5.00 a.m. Both Ceon and Black are walking in the middle of the road. Having been walking
for quite some time now, Ceon wonders, Where are all the people? There is no sound of life apart
from themselves in the streets. In fact, the area Ceon is in is so devoid of active people that it
actually feels empty within Ceons physical form. Ceon keeps checking behind himself for cars or
people, pets or animals, but nothing. Also, it appears that a lot of the buildings are partially covered
in a black liquid substance, and even from a distance, Ceons senses the black stuff is alive.
Ceon notes that Black continues to walk as if nothing is amiss.
This is it . . . right, Black! Black may be a little bit shorter than Ceon, but his stride is strong
and continuous. Ceon has to not only walk a bit faster, he also has to turn slightly towards Black to
get his attention.
Yeah, you excited? Black glances at Ceon.
You know what . . . I am.
Black simply gives a knowing nod at Ceons reply.
Aaaaarh! I forgot my phone! Ceon cries
Dont worry about it. Electronic devices like that wont work anymore . . . I feel sorry for
those with pacemakers, states Black.

What? So they have attacked already?

Emm, hmm is Blacks half-ass reply.
But were just walking around in the open? In comparison, Ceon is very animated.
Yup! Black continues with his half ass answers.
Sooo, have they taken everybody already? Black just shrugs. Cuz, this is insane, how can
you be so calm? Once again, Black just shrugs. What about the rest of our manz and them? Ceon
asks, calming down a little.
The rest of over hand crew is at the place where Im taking you right now.
Skeen. I understand.
And at some point, we will link up with the purebloods!
Cool! Ceon relaxes and just begins to stroll.
Now that things have all kicked off, its the end to any beef, right? Black searches Ceons
face for his reaction.
Ceon ignores Black.
RIGHT!? Black becomes very assertive.
Yeah right, whatevs, Ceon answers carelessly.
The pair continues to walk down the street in relative silence for a while before Ceon feels
the urge to break the silence.
I never imagined it would be like this! states Ceon.
I know, right!? replies Black.
What is earths military saying? Ceon asks
I dont know what is earths military saying, Black lies.
That bad, huh?
I honestly dont know. There is no TV, no radio, satellite, no Internet, no communications of
any kind. Black continues to lie to Ceon.
And the streets are dead! Ceon adds.
Dead as fuck! Black confirms.
Jeez, I bet they didnt even see it coming.
And its the ones you dont see that always hurt the most! Black jesters.
I didnt know it would infect the building, like it has us. Ceon remarks.
Its not the same. Our parents parents parents were infected, so we got it. These building,
etc., look like they are in a process of assimilation and are just coated in it, states Black.
This is so boring. Weve been walking for ages and I am hungry and, sweet fuck-all is
happening! Ceon begins to act like a child as his stomach growls at him.
Chill, Ceon, someone will be along soon, replies Black with a smile on his face. Ceon not
only knew Black would say that; he is also pissed off because he gave in to his own impatience and
giving Black the gratification of seeing him crack. Ceon, mans up.

To distract himself from his growing impatience and hunger, Ceon observes Blacks sword. It
looks like a long black six-foot pole, with two very heavy-looking grey disks, one at the top of the hilt
and one at the bottom. Not at all like Ceons or Caesars impressive blades. Unfortunately, Blacks
usually boring sword isnt enough to save Ceon from his restlessness and intolerance.
Okay, sooo finally, the Earth is under attack from off-worlders and we are the only ones
left, Ceon says playfully, jogging in front of Black to grab his attention. Black smiles at Ceon jogging
backwards in the direction they are going.
Chillax, family! Black reasserts.
At that moment, two six-foot-two females, head to toe in outrageous purple-grey yet very
sleek, very tight-fitting body armour, hit the ground with a thud. Tiny blades on the end of their
armoured feet, like the talents of an eagle, pierce the ground as they land perfectly in front of Ceon
and Black.
H -WOW! Hello, err, ladies, remarks Ceon, surprised. Ceon feels a familiarity with the two
armour-clad Amazon-like soldiers but doesnt dwell on it. The two female soldiers seem to
communicate with each other, yet unheard, then run off at great speed faster than humanly possible.
Once again, Ceon feels a dragging, sensation within his body.
Right, bro, you have one chance to get this right. You dont want to be left behind! Black
cautions. The two soldiers have vanished from view, yet Ceon can still feel the drag and how far they
are in his body.
What you have to do is focus and build up a little Black is unable to finish his sentence as
Ceon tries pulling on the drag sensation within his body. Just like an elastic band, just as he did with
Caesar, Ceon is snapped straight forwards and is gone at great speed after the two soldiers.
Ha! Black laughs and begins to follow at speed faster than the human eye.
Ceon pulls on the dragging feeling within him and his feet barely touch the ground as he
speeds in the direction of the female soldiers. Ceon feels if he pulls on the energy even harder , he
would travel even faster, but also faster than he can control. Ceon feels that the soldiers have
stopped in a location and gets some idea, mentally, that they are currently inside a building with a
number of other occupants inside. Through the soldiers, Ceon can feel and almost see in his mind a
whole host of different-colourful energies jumping around against a black backdrop. So exhilarating is
the sensation of speeding down the streetsthe wind rushing over his face, wind blowing in his ears,
the very cooling effect it has in his hairthat Ceon loses focus on the path he is traveling and
continues to speed ahead.
Abruptly, Ceon turns a corner, still tugging on the dragging energy and heads straight into a
building at breakneck speed. He is instantly grabbed by both shoulders, twisted, and thrown to the
ground by one of the previously seen female soldiers, who is now brandishing silver-bladed talons as
fingertips at his neck. Granted that Ceon is traveling at speed, but the power exhausted by the
soldier twists him off his feet and slams his back into the ground with such force and power that
Ceon is now winded with a ringing in his ears and slight light-headedness. But Ceon was having such
fun running that he recovers quickly.
Did you feel me? Aaarh, that was awesome, Ceon says, his head hurting and in a dazed
state, but his body is still buzzing off the rush and the adrenaline of what he did. I felt you! Ceon

continues, still catching his breath, clutching the back of his head. Ceon is making little sense to the
soldier, who looks up for conformation on whether or not she should tear out his throat.
Black arrives seconds later.
Well, it didnt take you long to find yourself under a woman . . . who wants to kill you!
scoffs Black.
Id like to think I am on top of things. Ceon and Black start laughing.
Oh shit, trouble is here. I know that laugh anywhere!
Yup, looks like they made it!
Stepping out from the grouped mass of soldiers are two males: Ceons cousins Kane and
Let him up, hes one of us! Black instructs the soldier.
I do not answer to you! replies the soldier. A smaller female soldier with red shocking hair
appears and gives the order to let up.
The powerful strut into the room, plus the commanding way this red-haired woman gave her
order and then disappears back into the room she came out of, clearly show s that this one is in
charge. Black walks toward the room the redhead is in as the soldier allows Ceon to get up by
You smell repulsive, Faux Terrain! the soldier attempts to insult Ceon.
Black interjects, Dont forget the mission, soldier! As he walks towards the room the
redhead is in.
I do not answer to you! the soldier repeats, this time in a very threatening way.
Then dont forget your orders, soldier! Black stops in his progress, turns around then walks
straight up to the soldier and reminds the soldier, face-to-helmet, in a very firm tone. The soldier
walks off. Denim and Kane walk over to Ceon.
Whats up? Kane fist-bumps Ceon and embraces him in a half-shoulder hug. Denim does
the same.
Yeah, whats poppin, fam? asks Denim.
Well, a few hours ago, I sliced a purple man-lizard in half then a giant gecko ate his head!
Man, I hear ya, brother, been there before! Kane says with a cheeky smirk on his face.
Rough day at the mill? A sideways glace by Kane has Denim join in the fun at Ceons
Just dont tell the children you killed their favourite dinosaur! Kane ends the funny, and
Ceon pulls a face.
Jokers! Just then, Black beckons Ceon and they both enter the room that Black just came
out of. Black throws his arm around Ceons shoulders and introduces him to the fiery red-haired
Captain Asha! This is Ceon a.k.a. the Merkury king! Black proudly proclaims.
FOUR ! THERE IS JUST FOUR OF YOU!? Just then, a light on the captains bracer flickers (the bracer
is her CCU), unimpressed with Blacks offerings. The captain storms out of the room, offering the pair
a cursory fleeting glance.
From her tone and mannerisms, Ceon guesses that was a tempered response from the

captain. Ceon looks around the room; everything is missing. There were only a few wooden tables
and chairs, nothing plastic or glass. Windowless, windows with no frames, and doorless doorways
everywhere Ceon goes in this part of the city has been stripped of f its content. The weather is
another matter. The sunlight really is paler and brighter for any time of year. It is also usually warm.
From outside the room, Captain Asha can be heard barking orders at her squad.
Ceon glances over the captains forces, about eight to ten very-capable-looking, very athletic,
all very tall, males and females all in differing armoured skin-tight, black, one-piece suitsapart from
the two soldiers first seen with Black, whose suits were slightly more elaborate, a bit more stylish
and kind of cool looking. Plus their suits were not just black; they were two-toned and pale grey,
which would change to green, purple, and blue in the light. The rest just had very simple designs,
with unintelligible markings.
Just then, Ceon catches sight of two more soldiers, very small, just making five feet. The
soldiers are not muscular at all unlike the others, very average body types. Their exceptional asset is
their skin colours. Ceon stares at the helmetless pair while they wait for their duties. One is a light
pale shade of green while the other looks very orangey tanned, but her eyes and hair are yelloworange. All of a sudden, a soft humming is heard coming from outside followed by a sound like a
high-pressure release of gas.
ENTER THE BUILDING STRUCTURE NOW ! a voice from outside commands, and a gaggle of human
people hurry inside the building.
TO EXPLAIN AND NO TI ME IN WHICH TO DO IT ! Captain Asha commands.
in a way, that doesnt say she has finished giving her orders.
Silence, fear, and confusion rain over the herd of humans. Ceon is a little puzzled as to why
the people are just complying with Captain Ashas orders. He looks to Black for some kind of
clarification but is surprised again to see the look of shock and disbelief on Blacks face.
The crowd become alarmed and distressed over the captains words. AGAIN, I AM CAPTAIN ELUAURA
BETTER PROTECT YOU ! PREPARE YOURSELVES ! Captain Asha walks off briskly and beckons a few of the
soldiers to her. Black storms after her.
Shes hot! Kane states, and Denim laughs.
You think every womans hot! Denim replies. Ceons ear perks up at the sound of two
unusually deep and bassy voices coming from outsides and takes a few steps towards the doorless
entrance to see who or what is talking, making that sound.
AAARRHH ! I CANT TAKE IT! WHAT . . . WHAT IS GOING OOON ? Screams a very large man as he

barrels down towards Ceon and the entrance, screaming, spitting, and clawing at the neck of his new
tight-fitting digital-material armour suit, insanely trying to pull it off. Swinging his head back and
forth side to side, gasping, and yelling, clearly not looking where he is going or whos maybe in front
of him. With no time to move out the way Ceon, is body slammed, knocked clean off his feet out of
the building and flat on his back and slightly under something.
Strong humming resonates in Ceons skull, and powerful rushes of air over his face, head,
and shoulders prevent Ceon from opening his eyes. He attempts to lift his head and get himself up
from the ground. But his head and shoulders are forced back down by the strong downwards force of
the high-pressured air. He manages to lift his head up and open his eyes enough to see the feet of
Kane standing next to the large man, who is now lying flat on the ground. From what Ceon can tell,
Kane has knocked the large man to the ground.
Clearly, Ceon is under some sort of hovering hoover vehicle, and he is forced to use his legs
and feet to pull his body out from under the hoover vehicle.
REMAIN CALM! Ceon hears the captain yell her orders as he begins to shuffle out.
Youre going to have to be quicker than that if you are going to face the Aim, states the
same deep booming voice that attracted Ceons attention earlier.
Give me your hand! another very giant, strong voice says, coming from Ceons right side
this time. Ceon holds out his right arm.
Its okay. If he wanted to hurt me, I would have felt it . . . UUHH ! Ceon gasps as the hand
that takes his is so large it takes not only his hand but most of his forearm.
Ceon is pulled up to his feet and is alarmed at what he is now looking at. Yet again, however,
there is a sense of familiarity and a feeling like a soft light being turn on, on the top left-hand side of
his heart. He stands in quite a state of awe, his tiny arm still being held by this awesome being.
Yes, good you are using the senses of your hearts brain!
Currently frozen in front of a roughly nine-foot scarlet-red humanoid dragon, Ceon drinks in
the magnificence of the paradigm-shattering manifestation in front of him, fearlessly with his eyes.
Yes, we are kin, there is no need to fear us!
A booming voice states from behind Ceon. Ceon turns around to see yet another very large,
very different-looking, turquoise-coloured humanoid dragon, its body structure completely different
from the last humanoid dragon, but Ceon can see that they are both males.
Ceon, out of force of habit, outstretches his arm to shake the hand of the turquoise
humanoid dragon. The dragon closes his fist and gently fist-pounds Ceons hand and smiles.
Yes, very good, family, we are aware of your customs and your colloquialisms.
Ceon just stands there in silence.
Humans all in black skin-tight suits stream forth from the forsaken building and step up onto
the hovering hoover vehicle, as does Ceon and his cousins. Last to leave are Captain Asha and Black,
talking in a quiet yet audibly firm and tense tone.
You are making it easier for the Aim to process the humans, I mean Terrains! Black exposits
I intend for the Terrains to live . . . therefore introducing them to digi-mat and other tech of
ours that will aid me to protect my team and Terrains and aid the Terrains in maintaining self! The

captains face, teeth, and the way she spits her words through them really shows how much she
laments explaining her action to Black.
Black replies in kind, Its a bit of a jump, dont you think!
The minds and body chemistry state of the Terrains are such that it makes them perfect for
the Aim to process. Time is limited as well as are my options. I will continue to take safe guards to
increase my chances of success . . . and I do not believe in your Agent Michael!
He is doing his job. He told you not to introduce the Terrains to our tech!
You may trust Special Agent Michael, but others do not. We know he is a double agent. He
fears we will scan his mind so he keeps his distance. Time and the numbers are against us . Once the
second part of the Aim arrives in this space, it is over. Terrains will be processed in hours not days
and for every one Terrain, we estimate the Aim can create one hundred drones. How do we beat
that?! Captain Asha, no longer wanting to talk, turns her back and folds her arms.
Remember your orders, your mission, and what Special Agent Michael has instructed,
stopping the second part of the Aim and safeguarding the Terrains, Black reminds the captain,
making sure not to give anything Michael has told him away.

I have yet to see your Special Agent Michael in person.

You have your orders. Any more missteps and I will consider you unfit for duty. Are we
clear? Black states blankly.
Captain Asha says nothing.
Good! Black replies.
The mood changes for everyone on the hoover vehicle; some look down, others are looking
at Captain Asha and Black, who are now facing away from each other. Ceon observes everyone
around him and their emotional state. He can sense the emotional energy all around him.
Hey, whats going on with you, Merkury? Earlier Denim chooses to sit next to Ceon while
Kane sits directly opposite, alongside other humans.
Yeah, you look like you are in your own world, family, Kane speaks the truth.
I think I can feel . . . all the people around us. Uncertain and sitting right next to human
people, Ceon does his best to talk quietly.
Youre probably an emotional empathy. Its not a big deal, but is does mean your nervous
system is sensitive to others around you, their emotional state. You are likely absorbing other
emotions and you have to deal with that, Denim states as a matter of fact. Ceon looks at Kane,
perplexed. Kane just shrugs and pulls a face.
And? Ceon asks.
Well, its likely due to the massive shock sustained in the collective consciousness. You are
likely registering an extreme difference in the emotion state of all humans before and after suffering
contact with the Aim. Shocked at Denims awareness of Ceons condition, Ceon presses Denim for
further information about his situation.
What does that mean? Are you an empath? Ceon asks.
Nah, loads of humans and people like us are emphatic, but in this sociality, especially in the
west, such people are ignored and many dont even believe they exist, or believe it to be a bunch of
nonsense, Denim informs.

Hey, I hear that. One time I had an argument with a university student studying psychology,
about how humans only use 10 per cent of their brain, states Kane.
What and we dont? We use less? asks Ceon.
What, tut. No, one: we are only part Earth human, and two, we all use 100 per cent of our
brain humans and Faux Terrain included, donut, remarks Kane.
Yeah, well, lots of people dont even realise every star in the sky is a sun and has the
potential to support life in that solar system and that all you really need to create life is
electromagnetics, not water, states Denim.
Yeah, but it helps, ways Ceon.
Yeah, it does. Anyway, empaths in the west likely have never been trained to focus or use
their senses, so they cant. Their empathic circuitry tends to get overloaded and become chronically
ill because their nerve systems are always on high alert, or whatever. Some just use their abilities just
fine instinctively . . . Denim says what he thinks without any fear.
So what do I do, D?
Err, sorry, fam, I dont know how to train an empath. I just know there are empaths on
Earth or whatever. Denims words are reassurance enough that Ceon is not just imagining things.
Merks, not being funny or anything, but feeling other peoples emotions sounds pretty
lame. Kane pulls a face.
Kane, cmon, its gotta have some uses, states Denim.
Yeah, nah, its cool, cause . . . I think it does have some usefulness. I think it might be really
sick. Im just really not too sure yet. Denim and Kane just look at each other.
Either way, there will be cats here now who will help develop your skills and stuff
standardly, Denim reassures Ceon.
That would explain a lot in the past says Denim.
What do you mean? Ceon asks.
Well, empaths tend to have a degree of intuition . . . Ceon starts to laugh.
Oh, right! says Ceon.
For real, cuz, you have been too lucky in the past! Kane states.
Empaths tend to like being around their friends but can also choose to spend lots of time on
their own, shares Denim.
Why didnt you say any of this before? Kane asks.
Uh, I didnt eve Ceon is interrupted by Kane.
Not you, you donut, you D? Why didnt you say anything before? Kane reiterates.
What? I did know Merks was empathic! We were told not to use any of our abilities . We
couldnt even acknowledge them to one another. How was I supposed to know?! Denim defends
himself in a high-pitched tone.
How was I supposed to know? Kane mocks Denim in a higher-pitched tone and folds his
Its cool, family, in fact, thanks for the info, D! Ceon is honestly grateful for the knowledge
that he is not going mad.
No problem, partner. Denim fist-pounds Ceon and Ceon leans back and ponders his

Hey, cuz, did you watch your parents go off, uhh! Kane spanks himself on his head, with his
Dude! Denim says, not very impressed with Kanes statement.
Nah, its cool. So you manz watched your fokes go off yeah? says Ceon
Yup, they jumped as soon as these guys showed up says Denim
Yeah, I think all the crews parental operatives jumped, states Kane.
Did they get beamed up or something? asks Ceon.
Nah, they left through artificial jump gates created by the M and Rs mother ships, the same
gates these jokes came through. They havent even left the solar system, states Denim.
Yeah, well, I guess they done their part raising us and stuff. I know they couldnt wait to
leave these humans behind, ha! says Kane.
Skeen, says Ceon.
Cant wait to see the purebloods! says Kane.
Right! says Denim.
Right! says Ceon.
Rrriight! says Kane as he pulls a face and the group starts laughing.
After which, the conversation naturally ends and a creeping feeling begin to grow within
Ceon, a feeling more pervasive and not of fear, but of excitement, and wonder sparks deep within. As
the feeling he observes swells and builds within him, Ceon looks around at the trauma-stricken faces
of the ensnared human people all huddle together, hugging themselves in the hoover vehicle. The
abject terror and hopelessness they feel, reflected in their body language, is the complete opposite
of what now surges through Ceons blood as he begins to get an idea, a taste based on what has
happened so far of the potential power.
Ceon watches the buildings rush by as the hoover vehicle hums and zooms away down the
Finally, this might be good he whispers to himself.
Captain Asha glances at Ceon at that very same moment and cuts her eyes at him.
The name of that Faux Terrain soldier . . . his name is Merkury King? the captain asks Black.
Yup, he is Michaels half-brother, states Black.
Hmm, WHAT?
Meanwhile, inside the same repurposed building Commodore Toamiry is in, some five
Terrain children are playing on a nine-foot-long, five-foot-wide black box made from digi-mat. A five
foot eleven Mokatiybushy black-haired female soldierwalks by and then stops. She pauses to
watch the children play on the large black box. They are happily jumping up and off the top of the
box, pulling each other up on top, sitting, their heels banging the sides. A human woman gently
places her hand on the back of the arm of the soldier.
I am sorry, about the children, they will play with anything! Cmon kids!
The soldier quickly puts up her hand. No, it is all right. They can stay and play if they wish.
The soldier then lies on her front next to the box and reaches into the black box. The children are
amazed she could even do that, as the box was completely solid when they were playing on it.

The soldier pulls her head into the box accompanied by sounds of wow from the children.
Inside, a giant yellow eye, with a slit pupil, opens to look directly at the soldier.
I am need? The deep gravelly voice echoes inside the box.
No, soldier, the soldier replies as she strokes the thick black spiky hair of the sleeping
Hhhmm. Yellow slit eye closes.
The soldier pulls her head back out of the box, stands up, and walks away to continue her
It is not working! The children cry as they attempt put their limbs inside the box; even the
adult female human tries, but the box is completely solid to their touch.
The soldier then walks into another room that looks empty apart from a black false wall in
the middle of the room, cutting the room in half. The soldier then walks into and through the wall.
Four soldiers are standing in front of a light screen display that is floating in midair. The five foot
eleven bushy black-haired female soldier stands to attention, salute and begins to address the
smallest soldier standing in the middle.
Reporting, maam!
Welcome to the control room, private, go ahead, says the soldier.
Thank you, maam! The Terrains all rested and awake now and are currently in a much
calmer state, collectively, and they are also fed. Our tanks and fully realised are currently resting. A
number of our Rugity empaths are not doing well. Some are still in a traumatised emotional state,
Still! Make sure to keep them completely separate from the Terrains. I do not want the
Terrains to know they even exist. Where is Commodore Toamiry? asks the small soldier.
I believe with her lover, maam. answers the bushy-haired soldier.
I see . . . hopefully, Michael gave her some good news. Wake those in fully realised form,. I
want the Terrains to become used to seeing them walking around. Go!
Understood, maam! The bushy-haired soldier walks through the digi-mat constructed wall
and out the control room.
Back Inside the Control Room
CAPTAIN, PERMISSION TO SPEAK FR says a young-looking male soldier.
Speak, Private Nez, the captain interrupts.
Could we not employ frequency training to raise the Terrains emotional state vibration ally
and our empaths? asks Private Nez.
It is already being employed, it is temporary. They need to be able to maintain the
emotional vibrational state themselves, states the captain.
CAPTAIN shouts Private Nez.
Halt your shouting, private, spits the captain.
Excuse me, maam, but did I hear right? Special Agent Michael is here?

Special Agent Michael heralds from Terra! corrects the captain.

It is said he fought alongside the Iron King and the Ghost King, grand master of the spirit
punch, keeper of the low and guardian of the seven Water grass villages (all of that is this persons
title), and was the last to see them both alive, in search of the engine of our creators over 200,000
years ago, states Nez.
What crystal data points holds that information, soldier? asks the captain.
None of the newer synthetic crystals, maam. I speak of the data held within the natural
older crystals, maam, replies Nez.
And have you read these crystals yourself? asks the captain.
No, maam, I cannot communicate with crystals, maam, I havent the ability. I have heard it
said by very old ones and other crystal readers, maam. The captain almost rolls her eyes at the
naivety of the young soldier.
In house crystal readers? The captains tone become high-pitched.
Rugity crystal readers actually, maam. The captain sharply cut her eye at the young soldier
and says nothing.
Captain, if he is from Terra, does that mean Nez is cut off midsentence.
Does that mean he is the catastrophe? No and no, private, we do not put stock into
superstitions. The captain cuts off the young soldier again.
Captain, permission to speak freely, another far taller male soldier asks.
Granted, Comms Officer Cox.
While I accept putting stock in Special Agents Michaels mythos is unwise, the records do
show Special Agent Michael in a number of very important battles going back over 100,000 years
No one can read those crystal records anymore! Captain Coma tona interrupts again.
Well, Captain, I would not say none, Officer Cox gently argues.
NONE OF ANY reputable standing, the captain interjects, becoming increasingly agitated over
the subject.
Your distrust of Special Agent Michael is acceptable due to his very questionable standing
and very stained military service interactive data. I would hope you would agree Special Agent
Michaels key role in the destruction in the second part of the Aim on our own home world at the
end of the Crystal Mech wars over 7,000 years ago. It is the sole reason why he is in charge of this
mission, says Comms Officer Cox.
The captain says nothing.
It was the council decision to entrust Special Agent Michael with this mission and all our
forces compliance with said mission. We have to know he can achieve this. Otherwise, we are all
lost. All fall silent within the control room; the resolve of the collective has plummeted.
You do not know he can do it? Private Nez asks the captain.
Just trusting so much to such a reprehensible being is simply not in my nature! the captain
states firmly; the control room falls silent once more. A moment passes. The fourth soldier, being the
most physically developed and the one who has listened and sai d not a word, decides to speak.
Maam, with your permission, I shall continue my duties. He salutes and turns to leave the
control room.
First Lieutenant Artuan Jo Gif, you are my tactical officer. Your military records are glowing
with commendations from those you have served with and under. You are of good standing. Please

share your assessment of this subject, requests Captain Coma tona.

Yes, maam, given the first part of the Aims ability to dimensionally shift in space, a direct attack is
impossible, for now, until we find a way and given our time restrictions. Attacking the second part of
the Aim with its inability to dimensionally shift, which typically appears through a worm hole fortyeight hours after the first part of the Aims has made contact is our only option. Its destruction will
massively cripple the Aim as a whole, after which, we can begin the process of grooming personnel
to enter the Aim and destroy it from within. Which is why I know our best solution is our simplest
one . . . we trust Special Agent Michael to complete the mission. He has a questionable reputation
through questioning orders and ignoring higher ups for the good of his squad and the orders from
our social elites and the dominate houses, not through failing missions. You do not get offered a seat
on the council for failing missions. My suggestion is to not show this face of yours to the troops.
Everyone is already very aware of the situation we are in. It would boost their morale for your
subordinates to see their captain fortified, strong, and unwavering in her stance. That is my stance,
that is my judgement, maam. With that, First Lieutenant Artuan Jo Gif constructs his helmet, turns
around, and leaves the control through the digi-mat fake wall, leaving all within stunned by his frank
views and his plain, simple analysis of the situation.
The captain takes a deep breath. Private!
Yes, maam? replies Nez.
You are a battle neck, are you not? asks the captain.
Yes, maam, I am, answers the young soldier.
Good. We will take the Terrains mind off their ordeal with you displaying your
transformation into your fully realised state.
Champion idea, maam, states comms officer Cox.
I know, I thought of it! Ill be holding a briefing soon, so, Private Cox, go and prepare the
floor and announce my intentions to the Terrains. More of Special Agent Michaels retinue will be
arriving shortly. Call in our Valkyrie scouts off lookout duty now, after which, Cox, you are on sensor
duty. Remember, no high-level energy discharges of any kind while we are hiding inside a cold zone.
SCRAMBLE! Captain Coma tona gives her orders, and the group disbands.
Inside an empty room, on top a bed constructed from digi-mat, two lovers talk softly to each
Kma, says Toamiry while she strokes the hair of her lover.
Yes, my commodore, the little Rugity replies gently.
I am going to instruct Jen and Ni to flee.
Kma turns to look into the eyes of the commodore, and says, If that is what you feel is best.
Ni is near to giving birth, states the commodore.
I havent seen them, but I could feel them on the floor above. She is close. Kma pulls the
digi-mat-constructed sheets aside and get out of bed.
They are both very powerful warriors, but Ni The commodore stops midsentence.
Being heavy with child now is not very advantageous, even though in that state they are
fierce and powerful warriors, but pregnant Mokatiy can be terribl y hostile if not approached
correctly. Kma whispers the last part, with her hand to her face.
I hate to lose Jen, his blade, experience, and skill. In this time, so valuable, he should be the

one running this mission, states the commodore.

Hup! I will hear no more of your mindless self-doubt! You cannot argue with what is. No
love of mine acts in a state of fear! Kma exclaims, waving her finger in a naughty, naughty fashion.
This sort of strong-willed behaviour from one so small and gentle is what attracted Toamiry
to Kma in the first place, and she smiles.
Kma, after I spoke to Michael The commodore is cut short.
Oh great, more of brilliant Special Agent Michael! Kma folds her arms dismissively.
Kma! the commodore says, wanting to stop Kma in her tracks.
Is he here, is he there, avenger or foe, nobody knows! Kma rants and parades
KMMAAA! The commodore does her best to stop Kma from raving on.
Rejects a seat on your great and wise council, instrumental in the second part of the Aim
failing to the recover our creators engine, featured in countless famous battles
KMA, PLEASE! The commodore just shouts at Kma.
Please? You never say please, apart from when your begging for some of my cooking. Is it
true he almost wiped out an entire bloodline just for showing him disrespect? queries Kma.
Yes, that is true, but it is far more complex than how you put it and how it has been told . . .
tut! Now look, Kma, you have me defending that being when I barely wish to speak his name! The
commodore throws off her sheets.
WAIT! Kma stops the conversation dead.
What is it? Commodore Toamiry inquires in a state of alarm.
Something . . . is happening. We must leave, now! Kma makes her move and gets the rest
of her outfit on and doesnt let Commodore Toamiry get a word in.
Do you not respect rank? a frustrated commodore asks as she constructs her uniform
armour and gets out of bed.
Not when I am sleeping with them. If I did, you would try and get away with all sorts. Kma
smiles and, in a very quick fashion, deconstructs the bedding into nothing and then heads towards
the digi-mat-constructed door. The commodore stands in watch.
Youre getting better at the deconstructing of the digi-mat constructs, states the
Someone who I hold in the highest regard showed me how, Kma says cheekily.
Highest regard, is it. One day you must tell me who this person is, replies the commodore.
Kma smacks the bottom of the commodore and sticks her tongue out at her.
Commodore Toamiry rolls her eyes as they both leave the room to Captain Coma tonas
briefing in full swing.
Previously, the humans are gathered all in one room as well as all the soldiers, bar a few. The
room has been fitted with chairs to accommodate the humans. Constructed using the alien
technology called digi-mat, and non are left standing.
Is the sensory active? shouts Captain Coma tona, who stands in front of everyone.
Yes, Captain, we have a one-mile view, 360 degrees all around, replies Nez.
That will have to do for now. Let us begin.

Chapter 5
The More You Know, the More You Know
6.00 a.m.
Captain Coma tona opens her hands and a thirty-two-inch light screen appears. The captain
moves it into position.
We shall start here! Greetings, everyone, I am Captain Coma tona, and I am second in
command of this Mokatiy and Rugity alliance force team, codenamed Bethareal. We are one of only
two teams in this city currently. There are currently twelve teams in all the massively infected cities
across your planet. This is the first wave. We have our seed ships, or what you would call mother
ships, orbiting your planet at this current time. These ships are to be referred to as the Seven Sisters
or the Seven Mothers. They range in size, our mother ship. Mother 1 is the size of your land mass you
call Wales and is one of the largest seed ship we have.
you off this planet, as many as we can, all those who wish to come. Hopefully, it will not come to
that. We are active working on crippling the Aim before it gets a foothold, to use your terms. Moving
planet can be very harsh, even deadly, for life forms.
WHAT IS GOING ON , ARE YOU GOING TO EAT US ? a young human male shouts out from his seat.
Please save your question for after the briefing. I will answer this question now, however.
Given the appearance of some of us, it is understandable. NO, WE WILL NOT BE INGESTING ANY ONE OF YOU!
For a number of reasons. One, after going through a period of adjustment, we can draw energy to
sustain our bodies from your sun, about 80 to 90 per cent of what we need. We only need to rest for
four of your Terrain hours a day as well. Second, our bodies function, as such any, that many of have
eaten enough for many of your cycles or what you would call days, months, or even years, in some
cases. Third, we do not eat higher life forms and the idea of eating you is . . . well, lets just say we
will not be eating any Terrain under any circumstances. The captain stops, and three images appear
on the light screen besides her.
THE AIM! Reason one why we are here! The light screen highlights a simple black ball and
expands the image. First of all, my people, the Mokatiy and the Rugity, we all refer to all types of
Aim as Aim! However, for your understanding, we shall draw distinction between the various types
of Aim when and where we need to. For example, the Greater Aim, the giant black ball in your space,
and the Aim drone, the beings on the surface of your planet that we may encounter and some of you
have already encountered. Now the Greater Aim is currently in your orbit. As far as we know, the Aim
travels form planet to planet, assimilating life forms into itself, infecting said life forms with
symbolism of a black liquid nature, creating hydrides, and infecting and altering the planet. Its eco
structure with said Aim in black liquid form. Another image expands, this time of a humanoid figure
before and after, once-green hue the next a complete pitch-black-hue with its physical attributes
In the past, we have attempted a tactical strike the Aim in space. However, this has proven
to be fruitless, for reasons I shall not go into now. From what we understand, the Aim comes in two
parts. The first part, what you see hereCaptain Coma tona highlights the black ballthis part, to
our understanding, has basically all it needs to assimilate a planet. We do not have a great
knowledge of the differences between the first and the second part.
Another image is highlighted: a pitch-black, thin-looking seed where the black ball was round
and smooth; this second part has many lines and grooves running all lengthwise, in one direction
from left to right.
What we do know is once the second part makes contact with the first, the Aim will have
more of itself in which to process life forms. Terrains, in this case, far quicker. The captain stops once
again and is brought a glass of water; she takes a sip and then hands back the glass and continues.
We have destroyed the second part, in our own space, on our home world. However, the first part

still remains and attacks infrequently. The Aim is a fast learner and at the point of the destruction of
the second part of the Aim in space. The first and second parts attempted to become one. We
believe the instant the second part of the Aim arrives in your space, it will instantly move to merge
with the first part.
We do know the Aims second part does not travel through space in the same way as the first
part. We compare it to leaving your more sensitive organs at home like the eyes, the reproductive
organs, at home and going into battle with the elbows, the knees, and forehead, etc. Moving on,
please leave all questions until the end. Thank you. At its disposal, the Aim has many types of drones,
copies of other beings it has consumed in the past. We have no idea what we will be facing once the
second part of the Aim makes contact. For now, it is likely to attack us with the drones it has made
from the Terrains it has already taken, or that is what we believe.
Drones can be many types of life forms, and they can be a handful, but they are even more
effective and more deadly with what we call an Aim individual leading them. An individual is one
who mentally survives the Aim processing. The processing tends to destroy the minds of life forms.
After which, the individual becomes a part of the Aims hive mind. They function much the same as
you or I, capable of making informed choices, speech, desire s, etc. But they work in service to the
Aim, moving on.
In its first stage, as it is now, the Aim is very systematic and methodical. This area we are
currently in now has been consumed of its inhabitancies, and we have labelled it as a cold zone due
to the fact the Aim will not likely be back to this location in force. It will, however, periodically send a
drone or two to check the area for survivors or anyone it may have missed or left after its first
Currently, we have a sensory Mokatiy soldier using his ability to send electrical impulses
over water molecules and detecting the shape of disruptions, sometimes miles away in any direction.
We also have scouts looking for new suitable areas for us to set up in as we cannot spend too long in
one place.
Moving on, by now you have noticed the walls, the ground, and so on, are all complete
black. Our surroundings are saturated with the Aim itself in its simplest form. Fear not. In this state,
the Aim is largely inert. It has very little mind and does not communicate with the greater part of
itself as far as we know. However, Aim drones and Aim individuals Aim individuals I shall talk
more about laterhave been known to be able to manipulate saturated structures. Unfortunately,
the way your building structures are formed makes it perfect for the Aim to assimilate. Which is also
true of the physical bodies of you, Terrains, your belief systems, your eating habits, your ways of
living, etc. We are unsure of the results of this. We believe it will result in more Aim individuals or
massive amounts of drones, maybe even both.
Which leads me perfectly to why the Aim would be interested in Terra and her
inhabitanciesreason two of why we are here.
In walk Commodore Toamiry and Kma.
Attention! shouts Captain Coma tona.
At ease, please continue, we will introduce ourselves more later. You are doing a fine job,
Captain! The commodore rises to the balls of her feet and then backs down again.
Thank you, Commodore, is there anything you would add?
No, thank you, Captain, as you were.
At this point, Kma looks at Commodore Toamiry, rolls her eyes, and mutters, Respect rank,
as she folds her arms. Commodore Toamiry looks down at Kma and gently pushes her hips.
The captain waves her hand in front of the light screen display; the display changes colour to
offer new stats.
We theorize, for every one Terrain, the Aim can create ten individuals and a hundred drones
possibly! Under no circumstances can we allow this to happen. Fortunately, we all have a few
elements on our side. The light screen changes to a black ball (the Greater Aim) directly above a few
humanoid figures.

One of which, like I mentioned before, is the Aim process of assimilation. The processing
tends to destroy the minds of the life forms it assimilates. The downside to this is once the mind is
destroyed, it can then be reprogrammed. The ones who will most likely be doing the reprogramming
are beings created by the greater Aim as intermediaries. We know these beings are bio-engineered
especially to carry out the wishes of the greater Aim. They alone have the ability to interact or
communicate directly with the greater Aim itself unlike the Aim drones and individuals, either
originating from Terra and any copies of other beings, the greater Aim may have stored within itself.
We have known these beings to consider themselves royalty and have little or no empathy or what
you would call humanity. Thusly, we theorize and hope they would have no idea how Terrains live
their lives, therefore we believe, this will make it harder for them to relate and take them longer to
reprogramme the minds of the taken.
The image on the light screen changes to the planet Earth and its electromagnetic field.
The second element on our side has to do with the Aims drones, individuals, and its bioengineered royalty. Unlike drones formed of the inhabitancies of Terra, and us Mokatiy and Rugity,
the Aim drones and individuals are unable to spend long periods of time on the surface of this planet
due to the electromagnetic chambers of planet Terra having a mutual detrimental influence on the
electromagnetic fields of their own physical forms.
The image on the screen becomes animated, showing the electromagnetic fields of the humanoid
figures, breaking down once placed on the surface of Earth.
After long periods of time under the influence of the electromagnetic fields of this planet,
Terra, we know they will completely lose their own natural electromagnetic field, which will cause
harsh cellar degeneration.
Moving on, please save your questions until after. We face the Aim in our home planet but
for us, there are many differences. We have also been fortunate enough to witness an Aim invasion
from afar, which afforded us great amounts of data on the Aims workings.
Now, on to who we are. I, myself, am a female of the Mokatiy race.
The light screen changes to display a number of varying Mokatiy in their humanoid dragon
forms, standing next to their human-looking form.
We have both a form like your Terrain form and what the Mokatiy people call fully realized
form and what the Rugity call the animus state. Using categorization terms you can understand,
you may refer to us as draco harmonious. This other form looks like what you would call a dragon. I
have one of my soldiers to demonstrate the process of change. Step forward and present yourself
please, private!
Greetings, Terrains, Im Nez Nez says cheerfully.
Yes, Nez, that is quite enough from you. This is Private Nez. His type is one of our and
newest and rarest of our people. He is what we call a battle neck. Now, Nez, if you would a controlled
shift please, we do not want any energy spikes to alert the enemy to our location, interrupts and
instructs Captain Coma tona.
Understood, Captain! Nez looks as if he is focusing inwards as he closes his eyes. An instant
of insanely rapid vibrating and a silent and expecting crowd turns to gasps and squeals as Nez
instantly changes into a scaly, metallic gold-and-red, ten -foot dragon humanoid, with a long snout
and jaw, teeth like curved daggers, with bright and vibrant huge red-and-gold wings that he stretches
then folds compactly and neatly on his back. With a tail at least a several feet long, Nez then extends
his neck until his head touches the celling then retracts back into his body until his head is no more
than seven inches form his shoulders. The sight causes some Terrains to shuffle in their seats closer
towards one another and farther away from Nez; some even scream in alarm.
FEAR NOT, EVERYONE . . . Nez is lovely. He will not hurt or attack anyone of you. As I said, Nez is
one of our battle necks, a variation of our long neck, his red-and-gold metallic scales are a common
trait of the battle neck, although there are a number of different types of battle necks with little
variation. There are many, many different types and classes of Mokatiy as varied as your own Terrain
race. Thank you, Nez, do you have any offspring at home? the captain inquires.

Yes, Captain, replies Nez.

Excellent, Nez, you are a fine example to other Mokatiy soldiers. I have no doubt you will
sire strong warriors!
Thank you, maam. Nez nods.
Please continue with your duties. You may need you change back, if you please. You are a
bit too large for this building structure.
Understood, Captain. Once a handsome fair young man is now a magnificence beast with
truly tremendous-coloured scales and golden slit eyes and frightfully large form.
Females of the Mokatiy race, even with the use of the technic you call test tube, or
artificial insemination, both of which we do not apply any more, will be lucky to produce three
offspring over our 1,500-year life span, after which we do not die. We get bigger and stronger, but
we enter a state we call sudden death. It is how it sounds and this state applies to both males and
females. Some humans gasp at the information given by the captain.
While the odds of impregnation can be increased through different natural methods, all
with varying success . . . we are aware Terrain females are capable of creating thirteen or more
offspring over a one hundred-year or more life span. The Mokatiy soldiers stir sharply and look at
each other.
We have theorized, but we do not know, that this fact will have a direct bearing on how
many successful drones and individual the Aim can create. It is also clear that some of my soldiers did
not fully view all the data points given to them on Terrains! Now I shall continue
Wait! shouts Commodore Toamiry. I think it would be best if the Terrains have a fiveminute break to let the data sink in and for refreshments, etc.
Of course, Commodore, you all have four minutes and fifty-five seconds to refresh
yourselves. I want a status update now! Captain Coma tona commands. Kma tuts.
Someone could do with some sexual attention! she says under her breath.
Captain Coma tona is a very capable leader. I am proud to have her as my second in
command! Commodore Toamiry states definitively.
Mmmm, of course you are! Kma replies as she jumps in front of one of the bewildered
humans getting up from their chair, with her hands behind her.
Did you enjoy the demonstration? Kma asks with a huge, warm, and friendly smile on her
Oh! It was really quite something! replies one shaken human male. Will you change like
that? asks the human.
Oh no, this is my only form, but my lover can! Kma, happy as a clam, points to the
commodore. The commodores eyes open wide, her face becomes flush as she is caught slightly off
guard by Kmas brassy, candid nature and attempts to walk away with some dignity.
As all the humans leave their seats, the female Mokatiy soldiers, not due to make a status
report to the captain, swarm the human females, many of them deconstructing their helmets so as
to talk to the human females more directly.
Do you spontaneously regenerate after each birth or over a period of time?
How many offspring have you borne so far?
The gestation period is how long and what form do you take? You even change form?
Surrounded, the human females are fired upon at speed by a myriad of birthing questions,
leaving them in a bemused state, barely able to speak or move from their once -seated positions.
I would bore sooo many offspring! says one Mokatiy female soldier as she puts her hands
to her chest and looks to the celling almost in a dreaming, prayer-like stance.
All at once the harden posture and the faceless masquerade of the Mokatiy female soldiers,
has been washed away and the two groups find common ground and wonderment in each other.
Soldiers, do not forget yourselves or your duties! Commodore Toamiry orders as she walks
behind the group towards Nez, who is handing out containers filled with water.

Very good, soldier, carry on, states the commodore as she continues on her rounds. The
commodore sees that the human males have somehow become separated from their female
counterparts and have congregated in the corner nearest to the entrance window. Commodore
Toamiry decides to put her social skills to work and proudly and confidently walks over to the group
of human males.
All of the men, even one of six feet tall, seem tiny when compared to the stature of the
commodore. As she approaches, some shuffle back a little, eyes open wide, faces become straight
and pale, now confronted with the Amazonian commodore. The commodore, realizing their state of
distress, attempts to emulate her lover and puts on a huge smile and places her hands behind her
How are we all, my sons, Terra? Commodore Toamiry asks in a soft tone. Unfortunately,
the commodore is not physically built in the same way as her lover, with very broad shoulders,
massive arms muscles, and dragon-like legsnine feet when she stands on the balls of her feet,
which she does infrequentlyand having an absolutely massive chest. The sons of Terra are
overwhelmed by the sight close-up. They look as if they may say something but just continuously
stare at the commodore up and down in a dazed fashion. Legs, chest, top of head, head, chest, legs
and so on in a continuous loop. One man manages an,Err! Then just stops and continues to stare
some more. Commodore Toamiry, not getting anywhere, has the idea to call over some male
soldiers, who in her mind might put the Terrains males at ease. She looks around; everything and
everyone is running like a well-oiled machine, with soldiers getting their duties done. Then the
commodore spies two of her male soldiers, one Mokatiy and the other Rugity, laughing and leaning
on a wall. The commodore beckons her two soldiers to come and join her. The pair seems to have
been sharing a joke, so in the commodores mind, their jovial spirits put them in a perfect state to
interact with the Terrains.
For the humans complete horror, the commodore has summoned forth a monster in the
truest sense. Unknowingly, the commodore has called forth a being formed of their collective
nightmaresan eleven-foot gargantuan terror that rumbles the ground with every step. With dark
grey and brown and Galapagos tortoise shelllike body plates instead of the neat and flashy scales of
Nez, his large obtuse-shaped jaw, with his many terrifying skewer-like teeth visible when he opens
his mouth to laugh. Not like the other humanoid dragons, this one, looks as if he could easily devour
the entire small group and still have room to spare. The humans are horror-stricken and frozen
where they stand and are close to wetting their undergarments as they stare helplessly. Each one of
his limbs is about the size of an average human. The atrocious monster completely overshadows his
normal-looking friend walking next to him, who is about five foot eight with an athletic figure and
has very silver hair and is wearing a lime-green-and-yellow suit, carrying a plain-looking red
Bow/staff and is kind of handsome looking. He looks to be in his forties and still very young looking
with no wrinkles, apart from when he laughs.
Sons of Terra, this is Domass . . . The commodore points to the giant Mokatiy soldier. The
Rugatiy is Gunsura. After introducing the pair, the commodore turns to Gunsura, and she asks,
Gunsura, you are a silver, are you not?
I am, replies Gunsura in a very controlled manner.
Tremendous, then we are truly blessed! joyfully, the commodore states.
Are we? You do not think that statement is a little racist? remarks Gunsura.
Aah . . . youre right please forgive me. The realisation she has been discriminatory hits the
commodore in the face like a frying pan.
I apologize. I know you meant to be positive. It must be challenging, with all these pressures
upon you. All these lives in your hands, on a foreign world with so many beings depending on you . . .
you have my bow staff and my skills at your service.
Thank you, Gunsura, your skills will be greatly valued at this time, no doubt in the future as
well! says the commodore, recovering from her shame.
Thank you, Commodore! I wanted a challenge, the challenge of working within the Mokatiy

military framework, I have not cooperated in any joint Mokatiy-Rugity operation before. Now I see
the challenge will be how long I can stay alive under you command, Commodore.
The commodore pauses, at a loss as to what to say back to the perplexing statement
Gunsura has made. His words speak of the doubt deep wi thin the commodores heart. In the
following moment, in a very synchronistic fashion, both the commodore and Gunsura look back
behind themselves to see Kma watching them. Kma is giving Gunsura an aggressive staring down;
Kmas expression and body language quickly changes, once she realises she has been spotted, to an
elated smile and waves joyfully at the now-baffled Commodore Toamiry and Gunsura. Then she
simply goes on to run around the constructed chairs, playing with the human children.
I will take my leave, as you were. Domass instantly salutes the commodore, followed by a
slower Gunsura. The commodore walks away.
Domass opens his mouth to speak, and a deep, booming, slow, baritone voice spills forth.
Greetings, my Terrain family, how are we at such a taxing time?
Dom! shouts Gunsura.
Yes, what is it, my fine friend? replies the hellish giant.
Can you not lighten the tone of your voice? You are petrifying the Terrains! states Gunsura.
My voice? Whats wrong with my voice? Domass says, sounding very hurt. My mother
says I have a beautiful singing voice. He continues.
Oh, it is, and you do, Im just saying, coupled with your immense stature, that it might be all
a bit too much to take in for these small simple beings. Gunsura waits to see if he manages to
handle his large friends feeling.
Youre right, dear friend, Domass says while striking a very theatrical pose. Forgive me, my
Terrain family, for you, I must seem almost frightful. But fear not, for it is the Aim whom should be in
fear! Confidently, boastfully, Domass proclaims, still very loud; Gunsura chuckles. Suddenly, Captain
Coma tona calls everyone back to their seats to continue the briefing. The human males collectively
breathe a sigh of relief and make their way to their chairs.
TEAM 2, STAY ON ALERT, YOU HAVE YOUR ORDERS! The captain takes a breath.
Classification, Rugity, Anima Harmonious, LETS GET ON IT! The Rugity live alongside us on
the same planet and have always done so, although not always peacefully. Some have alternative
forms, some dont, some have abilities that some Mokatiy find hard to quantify, and some do not. I
like to think our relationship is now stronger than it has been in the past. The Rugity are more our
spiritual brothers and sisters. They live just as long as we do, some even longer. Some only age
according to their emotional state, and they do not enter the state called sudden death. They are far
better breeders than ourselves. However, still not as good as you Terrains. Moving on.
On our home planet, we believe we have the Aim on the back foot, and I am sure it will not
be long before we have completely removed the Aim from our space. Therefore we cannot allow
them to take Terra and her sons and daughters, the Terrains. It would spell doom for hundreds of
worlds, and we have been fighting the Aim for eons. That fate cannot be allowed to happen to any
other race if we can help it.
HEEYY! You are forgetting the example of a RUGITY! Kma shouts; the commodore closes her
You are correct. Apologies, Kma. Here is a prime example of a Rugity, and it would appear
our creators, along with all that is, have chosen to be far more artistically creative with our Rugity
family, in ways and forms too varied to describe now.
Aww, thank you. You do love me. That was beautiful. Says Kma after posing and spinning
around so the humans can get a full view. All those nice things you said is true of you and your
people too, Captain, Kma continues.
Thank you, Kma. Moving on. A quick word on our creators.
The light screen image shift to an object floating in the space around Earth. As the image
pans around the object, it shifts into different forms, looking different from every angle.
We have no names for our creators.

The image zooms inside the object and displays coloured balls of light.
Our unrealized state is due to the fact at some point in their history, our creators were on
Terra. We believe they were here charged with guardianship of the bio-zoological garden of Terra.
However, at some point, they left their post and were attacked by the Aim . . .
The light screen displays the multidimensional object in another part of space, slowly
becoming covered by the black liquid. Pointers from the black liquid leading to small rectangle boxes
display eight, ten, and twelve-digit numbers rapidly changing at speed as the black liquid spreads
over the multidimensional space object.
And were unable to return back to this space without endangering it. We believe they
crashed into our home planet.
The room is thick with tension as the captain delivers the information; the audience hold
their breaths, gripped firmly by every word uttered, and the image shows the multidimensional
object in space shrinking into the Mokatiys and Rugitys home planet as it expands.
Having many bio templates, including a number of humanoid templates and one of the
earliest forms of the bio template of the Terrain lumen Anthropos, which is the blueprint or the
model for Terrain race or what you would call humanity, it is quite a bit different to the Terrains here
now. However, we believe our creators where in the process of engineering beings that would be the
perfect warrior race and the perfect gardener race, with the intention of, at some point coming back
to Terra and correcting any damage done by their absence and making sure the natural inhabitancies
are sovereign. Which they were unable to do themselves as for reasons we do not know.
This is what my people, the Rugity included, have been taught and it is what we believe to
be true. The image shifts to a classic, much seen image of Leonardo da Vinci s Vitruvian Man.
We know the Terrain blueprint is far, far older than your current data shows, and we are
talking of a time when Saturn did not have its rings and quite possibl y ruled your skies, and there was
more than one planet that had the queries Terra has now.
Nevertheless, this is our elucidation of the information available. This does not mean you
are forced to believe our exegesis 100 per cent without doing your own research and extrapolating
your own conclusion. And clearly, there is far more to all of these subjects, but now is not the time to
elaborate. We will be encouraging free thought and critical thinking as you may be able to come up
with solutions for obstacles we have yet to resolve, from your unique perspectives.
The image changes to humans glowing, problem solving, and moving objects with their
minds, running and engaging in horticulture.
We will be fostering any natural abilities, talents, or expressions of energy you may
currently have or be unaware of. Even now that your electrical grid is down and all of you electrical
devices are currently non-functioning, you should be able to think and feel more clearly and maybe
get a hint of some latent extrasensory abilities, hereto unfelt before. This will be done in a positive,
confidence-boosting, and loving fashion. You will have much help and guidance as we have found this
nets us the best results. These abilities may be physical, psychic, or even magical as we have magic
users in our retinue. Anything your society did not allow for, we will be nurturing, to use in whatever
capacity you desire, so long as it meets our prerequisites. The captain waves her hand at the light
screen; the screen goes blank.
Commodore Toamiry, at this time, would you like to add anything?
Only what a fine outstanding job you are doing! Kma pulls a sick face to the commodore
from across the room then to the children sitting next to her on a long black box; the children laugh.
Thank you, Commodore Toamiry, at this time we will take a break before we continue with
the final part of the briefing what you Terrains call Q and A or questions and answers. I WANT A STATUS
UPDATE NOW ! shouts the captain.
As the captain stands at the front of the room receiving status updates from her scouts and

soldiers, etc., she notices not one Terrain has moved from his or her position; instead, they sit there
watching as if they had a million questions to be answered. The captain finishes her updates and
doles out her orders.
I see we are eager to start, so lets begin. SO WHEN YOU SPEAK, COME ALIVE AND BE BRAVE, so all
may share in the understanding. Who wants to go first?

Chapter 6
Q and A

7.00 a.m.
Instantly, people start shouting and yelling their questions. The captain just stands still in
silence and stares over shouting Terrains with a look of puzzlement and growing dis dain. The
Humans soon catch on and arrange themselves into an orderly fashion after seemingly being ignored
by the captain.
We have agreed, I will go first, states a very plain middle-aged man.
Please go ahead. The captain stands forthright with her hands behind her back.
How long will this go on, will you be still here afterwards, and why now?
I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW LONG THIS WILL GO ON FOR , and I cannot say if any of us Mokatiy or Rugity
people will stay afterwards. I can tell you why the Aim has attacked your planet now. It is due to your
sun turning white and reaching a sustainable bandwidth for the Aim to thrive in this space.
The captains answer inspires a young human female to ask, H-hello, Captain Comer ton, is
Greetings, Coma tona, states the captain.
Coma tona . . . sorry.
You are forgiven, your question, if you please.
This not my original question, but how did the Aim know we are here?
The Aim required data held within crystals about Terra.
Where, where did the Aim discover these crystals? The captain takes a deep breath.
We believe the Aim acquired said crystals from us. There are gasps, hollers, and outcries at
the captains statement from understandably very upset humans.
An old black-haired man, from the United States, gets up out off his seat and begins to yell.
Not one of us here are lizards! states the captain.
Kma find herself alongside the old black-haired gentleman from the United States. Without
saying a word, she reaches up and strokes the back lower half of the old mans skull all the way down
his neck while firmly griping his left wrist with her other hand. As her hand travels down, he quickly
goes quiet; his eyes roll back into his skull and his body goes limp. Kma gently aids the old man back
into his seat.
His anguish is understandable. Its okay, everyone. When he wakes up, he will be in a far
better mood to talk . . . Captain, Kma addresses the captain with a bow before returning to her seat

on top of the black box beside the children.

The children, amazed, ask, Did you hurt him
How did you do that?
No, he is sleeping, its magic, shhh! Kma silences the children and directs attention to the
captain, with a wiggling pointing finger.
I will explain. The Aim took a number of data crystals from the timed vaults of our creators
while we were focused on destroying the second part of the Aim. Now is not the time to elaborate
further on this matter!
Then how is it you knew when and where the Aim was going to attack? asks a young lady
thinking very critically. The captain looks to her commodore; the commodore nods her head.
We have a special agent who can walk in and out of the Aim freely without being processed.
Do not ask me how he does this. I believe he has some kind of deal with the Aim Royalty. However,
the bulk of our information comes from technologies gifted to us in a time-released fashion from our
creators. One of which is called the Shard,
The light screen reactivates and shows a long thin grey crystal fixed on top a dark-grey metalring setting, with odd bright red symbols decorating all around its base; the model rotates.
It is our way to view time. We are surprised you yourselves do not yet have a way to see
into time. However, it is not as grand as it sounds. It only allows us to see probabilities and what has
happened in the past and different variations or alternate realities with varying clarity. It never shows
a future that comes into fruition, or we theorize that merely looking into the future alters the
outcome. We have had many missteps trying to use the fragmented images of the future
probabilities displayedsoldiers have been lost, some are still lost. The image on the light screen is
what you would get if you had shattered a mirror and all the piecessome big, some smallreflect
an image differently and individually, with some of the images suffering electrostatic distortions.
Save from fixed points in time, where differing time lines become one which are very clear
and always to be counted on, the Aims invasion of Terra was one such a fixed point in time. It was
going to happen no matter what we did, according to the data available.
A single clear image of the Aim in Earths orbit is displayed on the screen.
I see. What I wanted to ask was, I have medical issues that require medication for me to live,
and I am not the only one, how will you deal with that? The ladys face shows real concern, and the
captain wastes no time in reassuring her.
We can aid your own bodies in growing missing limbs and repairing organs, dissolving
tumours. We have many, many healing modalities, such as healing using frequency to raise your
bodys vibrations, crystals, chemicals, natural compound remedies, and magical healers. We have
and usea number of those.
To aid your healing process, we will be simply removing all toxic elements form your food
and water intake. Also the lack of radio transmissions and artificially generated electromagnetic
fields will play apart in you reaching a better-than-normal state. Does that answer your question?
Yes, it does, thank you. Ill sit down and let someone else ask their question.
The image on the light screen displays examples of what the captain is talking about while
the lady takes her seat.
Basically, we believe there is no physical or mental condition your race have that we cannot

ease, if you want us to! In fact, our medical technology is such that we will not be healing you, but
you will be healing yourselves. Also, there are many of our very loving Rugity brothers and sisters
whom cannot wait to get their hands on you and give your bodi es a good tuning and have you
running at opium-efficiency states.
All your food intake will be what naturally grows on your planet and will be grown using in
bio-harmonious methods and will be ingested in its purest, most natural form. The only processed
foods which will be ingested will be the food stuffs you make with your own hands and ones that
meet our prerequisites. We know this will aid greatly in your mental and physical abilities and wellbeing, the captain adds and signals for another glass of water.
I have a question, I have a question! says a little girl with her hand up, waving.
Please, little one, go ahead, says the captain.
Are you the dragons in my colouring book? The little girl holds up a double-spread page of
a picture in her colouring book of a classical Western-style dragon.
Nooo. The captain looks to the commodore; the commodore nods.
We know that this dragon form, as your people call it, of ours is not exclusive to us, much
like your Terrain forms. It is a template with many variants throughout this universe. The captain
once again looks to her commodore; the commodore nods again.
My people, the Mokatiy people, on our planet are keepers of the ancient crystals given to
us by our creators. While many of us can no longer access the data within due to our departure from
the natural path, we do know this information held within is and has been are part of our religious
dogma. To use terms you are familiar with and has been calibrated by the Mokatiy and the Rugity,
since our peoples stepped forth from the craft of our creators onto our home world through
dimensional gates.
What the records state at some point in yours and our history, pre-Atlanten epoch we
believe, our people the Mokatiy and the Rugity were able to freely cross through dimensional gates
onto the surface of Terra. We believe at some point we may be able to reactivate these gates,
between our world and yours.
Before you ask, we have no clear idea why the gates were shut down in the first instan ce,
even with the use of our Shard. We are also aware we were not the only foreign culture to visit Terra.
Whether or not they had something to do with the gates shutting down, it is unclear. The point is our
race and beings like us are remember deep within your genetic memory. We believe this to be the
root cause as to why there are so many depictions of what you would call dragons in your media.
There are constricted faces, mumbles, and looks of pure confusion and disbelief at the
information given by the captain. Yet no human says anything to argue with the captains
information, as clearly there is far more to their reality than previously understood.
Hopefully, that answers your question little Terrain female?
Yes, but what is an epoch? asks the little girl to some awws in the audience.
To uses your terms, it would be like saying in the olden days, do you understand?
Ummm, yes, umm what is a dimenshum? More awws at the little girls mispronunciation of
the word dimension.
Heaven would be a rough example of a dimension. Does that answer your question, little
one? the captain asks the little girl.
Umm, yes, thank you, Captin Con tone. The little girl happily goes back to colouring her

Err, hello, err, I have a question! A very soft-spoken slender man rises out of his seat.
Go ahead, says the captain.
You and your collective forces arrived a bit late, dont you think, like just after the Aim
attacks? The slender man is both nervous and angry.
Granted, you are correct. However, time does not work the same way here, in this region of
space, as it does anywhere else. The light screen comes alive, with two spheres of space.
On our own home world, in our own region of space, displayed by this sphere here
Sorry, I meant way earlier, like years or even decades, HUH!? If you guys are so great, gonna
fix all our problems. The slender man interrupts, no longer softly speaking, shaking mad.
becomes very worked up and she storms from right to left, chopping the air with her hand, while
focusing on the slender man. Clearly, the slender man has hit a nerve.
CAPTAIN! Take it down a level, Commodore Toamiry commands.
The captain composes herself and continues. Yes, maam. We have sent a number of
families here in preparation for this day decades in your time ago. Our intel on your society has
shown us that direct contact with your governmental officials would have proven fruitless.
The Mokatiy people are currentlyand have been for many hundreds of yearsfacing a
downturn in numbers of our population. On our home world, we are currently on a massive
campaign to call back all our peoples from colonies we have established on other planets. We
simply did notand still do nothave the manpower to take on the Aim, in any sort of direct
assault. Fighting the Aim as long as we have has devastated the Mokatiy peoples, as well as other
But this will not be the fate of the sons and daughters of Terra. To answer your question, we
gathered what forces we could, in the time we had, given the situation we were in. Our mother ships
are basically running with a skeleton crew. Mother 6 and 7 are completely automated and have no
crew members at all.
The slender mans facial expression changes, touched and saddened by what he has heard;
he silently and calmly sits down. The mood in the room turns sombre. There is a small floating sense
of eminent death, as if the humans, looking at the Mokatiy soldiers, are looking at their own possible
futures. A race on the brink of dying out, doing the best they can with what they have.
You, what is your question? The captain points to a male with his hand up.
What happens to everyone captured by the Aim, and explain to me why you just cant shoot
it down from the ground or in space?
Now is not the time to talk about what is happening to your fellow Terrains. Hopefully, we
can recover them at some point. As for the Aim, it has the ability to dimensionally shift in space or
disappear and become completely undetectable by any scans we have. Next question. Yes you! The
captain points to a young another man.
I am an electrical engineer and what I wanna know is how is this all going to work? We have
no power, none of our electrical equipment or installationsnot even my bloody phoneworks,
nothing works, How do you know your forms of power generation and technologies won t kill us,
explain that?! Intensely inquires a portly Londoner.

All our technologies are shielded from the electromagnetic pulses that are being currently
directed at your planet, from the Greater Aim. What is more, the technologies that we choose to
share with you are all bio-harmonious. None have a direct detrimental effects, aside from overuse,
which will weaken your natural abilities in that area. For example, we of the Mokatiy people have
experienced this with our natural abilities to communicate with crystals, and to communicate with
each other over long distances telepathically has almost completely diminished over time. We have
overused our technologies and now we are scaling back greatly, reversing the process. Our mistake
will not be yours. Does that answer your question?
Yeah, but what about radiation and pollutants from things like petrol and coal fires?
What about it? asks the captain.
How are you gonna stop those? asks the Londoner.
WE WILL NOT BE USING ANY form of technology you have currently wildly available on you
planet, apart from maybe using your fibre-optics infrastructure and reprocessing a few other
technologies. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO POWER GENERATION, you need not fear. We have a number of very
effective forms of generating energy that will not greatly tax any life forms, and some even has a
beneficial effect on life forms. We will also be using our technologies with your help to completely
clean you planet! Does that answer your question?
Well yeah, for now, I aint seen nothing yet!
Look around you. You will see it already in action! Next question.
Another young human male stands. Explain how it is that Mokatiys and Rugitys can stay on
this planet as long as you have and the Aim cannot?
I have already explained why the Aim cannot, but my peoples, the Mokatiy, and Rugity are
both hyper-adaptive beings. The Aim is hyper-adaptive also, but not in the same manner. This means
after a period of adjustment, we can quickly adapt too many forms of hostile environmental
conditions, but not extremes. Next question.
I have a question. What is the Aim made of and what drives it or them? It looks like petrol
or tar? a quiet young lady asks.
What a marvellous question, Captain, if you will! Commodore Toamiry exclaims.
Yes Maam. Your analysis of the Aim is not far off the mark to use a term that you are
familiar with. Without giving you a chemical breakdown of the Aim, the Aim is a carbon-based life
form. It is very similar in many ways to what you call crude oil.
At the same time there are many differences. For one, it has the ability to mimic geometric
patterns on an atomic level, cellular structures, and many other formations both organic and
inorganic. The Aim is also hyper-dimensional, capable of multiple quantum calculations, and every
part of the Aim is alive.
The more of itself it has, the more complex structures of itself it creates. This means on its
own, it will create forms or organs, for example, which are exclusive to the Aim alone. This only
seems to occur in space. However, the more of itself it has, the more complex its actions and
behaviour patterns become.

The Aim is very diverse. It has already begun to assimilate your buildings and cities. Glass,
metal, plastics, and dead wood have all been taken off planet to the Greater Aim as well as many
Terrains. Many of the Mokatiy people, especially the males, and some of the Rugity are already

infected with the Aim.

Waves of mumbles of discontent wash over the audience.
You have every right to be concerned, but let me make one thing clear: these are very
different form the Aims drones, individuals, and its royalty.
Once a very, very long time ago, thanks to the help of our Rugity brothers and sistersone
brother in particularwe managed to recover hundreds of thousands of Mokatiy and some Rugity
people taken by the Aim. The children of these people were and are still infected with the Aim. In
this state, the Aim is symbiotic-minded individual that works for the benefit of its host, altering its
own genetic structure and that of the hosts, enhancing the host on a cellar level. For example in the
case of our Mokatiy brothers in their human or unrealised state, having an extra protective, very thin
layer of skin. In their fully realised form, having wings, where ordinarily, the host would not. A more
hardened exoskeleton or an exoskeleton that has a number of configurations, etc. In their fully
realised state.
We believe this is the Aims way of hedging its bets, to use terms you will understand.
These infected or what we call those with Aim, they are as very bit under threat by any Greater Aim
as we are. The difference between the two groups: those with Aim, those who are just infected, and
those of the Aimthe drones, individuals, and its royaltyis mind and body.
Those with Aim appear to only have their physical forms enhanced according to
environmental conditions, available genetic data, and belief systems of the host. Their Aim symbiont
will leave the host free to make their own decisions and for fill their own desires . . .
Those of the Aim not only have their bodies but also their minds enhanced, making them
calmer in dangerous situations, highly intelligent, very tactical, manipulative and persuasive, and
most importantly in complete service to the Aim. The Royalty, having more of a free mindedness
than that of their individuals and the drones counterpartswhom having no free mind as far as we
can tell they are all part of a hive mind, connected via the pineal gland. The Aim symbiont send and
receiving signals like antenna. I tell you this because we have no clear idea what the Aims goal is or
what motivates it. We believe it is doing simply what the Aim does in life, the same as you or I or
what a shark does in the seait simply is and it simply does.
Theres absolute silence as the captain finishes her explanation.
Can I ask another question? the young lady inquires gingerly.
Yes, please go ahead.
I think you said earlier that some of your technology, your digi -mat, is based on the Aim in
its liquid form. Why would you create technology form such a horrifying being? The young lady
delivers her point like a marksman.
The commodore gasps. Exemplary, Terrain, you must have a very keen mind, outstanding!
boasts the commodore.
Yes, as my commodore remarked, excellent question. The Aim is peerless in converting and
efficient energy usage. The light screen shows the black liquid partly covering multiple objects,
different-coloured solid shapes.
What we have here is a pyramid, a square and a sphere. Now what you have to understand
is these three shapes express energy due to their formation in different ways. The pyramid focuses
and gathers its energy from the top point. The square evenly distributes its energy across its faces

and is very stable and the energy doesnt really travel around. The sphere has a completely
harmonious relationship with its energy. There are no corners, no lines, so the energy can freely
travel all over the sphere
Sorry, I do not understand shapes that express energy? Interrupts an old man as if to say
that was one of the most stupid things he ever heard.
without expressing itself, energetically, vibrationally, or whatever terminology you wish to use. The
Aim can use the formation of these structures as a form of energy. The Aim even draws energy from
The light screen expands and the red square becomes partly covered by the A im in liquid
form. The captain waves her hands, and the light screen changes to a simple diagram displaying
colours in waveform.
This image displays colours and their wave form. As you can see, the colour violet has a
lower wavelength and a higher frequency than red. It expresses more heat and a different bandwidth
or lightall sources of energy the Aim can use. One of the reasons why our tech digi-mat and the
Aim is black is so it can more easily absorb the available energies.
This does not mean that all constructions formed of digi-mat must be completely black.
For example bio-spheres we use to grow food, constructed from digi-mat may benefit from changing
the colour scheme, to green, yellow, or even blue, depending on what food stuffs we are growing.
Also our digi-mat-constructed armours can become two toned when adding certain magical
defensive elements. This does, however, bring down the kinetic forces defensive rating, which brings
me on to my next point.
The light screen changes to humanoids in all-black, skin-tight, no-frills body suits. An example
of a being inside a digi-mat armour standing next to an Aim.

This is digi-mat-constructed armour in its most basic form. It can absorb kinetic forces,
colour frequencies, heat, and, with a tiny, plus 1 modification salt and water. Plus 1 refers to our
standard modification classification, which I will not go into now.
The Aim can do all this as well as consume microorganisms, waste material, blood-form
host, parasites, and emotion energy and so on. This is due to the Aim being a complex life form and
our digi-mat tech just being a tool, to my understanding.
What the operator does with available energy is down to the ope rator and their limitations.
For those using digi-mat armours, it is normally limited to powering external devices. For example,
my suit can power my CCU, my communication control unit, or it can power this holographic light
screen you all have been watching.
The captain flashes her wrist; there is a silver solid bracer three inches long and a half an inch
thick on her right arm. The display changes objects like cars, chairs, guns, cups, sheets , etc.
The other application of our digi- mat tech is the construction of many useful items, from
what you would call housewears to military equipment. It works by taking any small amount of
digi-mat, which is very basically carbon, and putting a very small electrical charge through the
material and vibrating and altering the polarity of the molecules at end of the polymer chain using

frequencies to attract or pull in available carbons from the air and placing and altering the carbons
on the end of polymer chains with pre-programmed structures from the operator. We call this
process carbon sequencing or digi-mat construction.

The entire process takes such a small amount of electricity you can simple use your bodies
electrical current to do this. We can create any mechanical structure that does not require high
voltage. Or by the addition of other elements, we can create almost any structure you will possibly
need. However, when adding other elements, the process will take considerably longer, generally,
and the resulting construct does not break down as easily, if at all. So we tend to only use the
element of carbon when on the battlefield.
Plus we have replicators within our bio-spheres, which will do the same job faster, but they
require more power, and we never use those on the battlefield. The energy output tends to attract
the Aim.
We can make any digi-mat structure as many as we like. We can set the digi-mat structure
to deconstruct itself, depending on its density, this will happen over a period of time, leaving no
trace, whatsoever.
Depending on the construct and the operator, it can take almost no time to create said
construct or structure. Now I know what youre thinking: carbons do not conduct electricity. Well,
when a polymer is thin enough, think molecular levelan electron will skip over the surface similar
to skipping a rock on water. Polymers that are thin enough conduct as a conjugated system. There is
more to this subject, but hopefully, you can see why we use tech based off the Aims life form.
Yes, thank you.
The captain takes a huge gulp of water brought to her by a soldier; the young lady sits down.
Next question!
Hya, thank you for helping the human race and everything. You might have already
explained this, but I didnt get. Why again, if the walls are covered in Aim, cant the Aim see or find
us? Okay, thanks again! a rather tall and slender young woman asks.
For your and anyone elses clarification, the Aim that is currently saturating your walls and
streets of your cities, in a sense, is far too busy exploring your buildings structure, etc. To bother
with us, that is literally not its job in its current state. It would be like asking your feet to see your
friends. That being said, every step, every breath, and every word we make is not only powering the
Aim as it is now, it is also recording all of that data. Yet Aim in this state will consider the data its own
and will not let it go through fear of losing self or what ego it has. The data can only be accessed by
high-ranking individual or royalty. But that could change. The Aim can bio-engineer any drone it
wants to do a specific job. Does that answer your question?
Yes, thank you, it does, thank you. The lady sits down.
Err, hello, greetings! A slim male, with glasses with salt-and-pepper hair, stands.
Greetings to you, Terrain, what is your question?
Yes, what I would like to know is, you said earlier you were able to view from a far another
world under attack from the Aim, or something. What happened to them, did you not help them?
You paint yourselves as such perfect beings, but did you come to the aid of that planet and its
NO! And I shall tell you why. During my peoples, the Mokatiys, first space expeditions, we
happened upon a ship of a completely synthetic race of bipedsvery tall beings with four arms and

four eyes with long pointy heads made from mostly silicone and metal as far as we could tell. At first,
these beings seem to be very hospitable, but we very quickly discovered they wanted nothing more
than to cut us open and experiment on our bodies. Howe ver, they were completely unprepared for
the way the Mokatiy race expresses energy. To which they had no reply. As such, we gave them a
sound beating, but we did not destroy them. We showed the synthetics mercy as we were truly in
search of help, not to make new enemies.
We left the synthetics and their ship crippled in deep space and returned to our home
space to recoup, avoiding the Aim. Somehow, the beings we left followed and in great numbers.
We do not know what they were thinking or what their goal was when they entered our
space, but what they did not know was to avoid the Aim and instead directly engaged the Aim in
space. In space, the Aim is at its strongest. Attacking the Aim in such a manner is beyond ridiculous
once you are aware of its capabilities, which these synthetic beings did not. The Aim consumed and
assimilated almost their entire armada, leaving those that could to flee. Eventually, the Aim visited,
as we theorized it would, the home world of the synthetics and began to consume their planet at an
alarming rate. The party we sent out was only sent for recon, and it reported the Aim, first part
alone, was able to consume over half the planets inhabitancies in eight of your Terrain hours. We
theorize this is due to the nature of their synthetic forms. At any rate, they were deemed lost to the
Aim, and on our home world, we had a new type of drone to contend with. Like all subjects we have
spoken of, there is more to this, but that is the skinny, as you would put it. Does that answer your
It does, thank you. The man sits down.
The commodore walks up to the captain and places her hand on her shoulder.
Thank you Captain that will be enough for now.
Yes, maam. As they stand alongside each other, the captain begins to engage
telepathically with the commodore.
Maam, did Special Agent Michael tell you of his plans?
He did not.
I fear this will have all been for nothing if we do not stop the second part of the Aim. We
only have eighteen hours left.
I am aware of our time scale, Captain, and that is all I have to say on the matter. Is that
understood! The commodore is being very firm.
Yes, maam. Maam there is also issues of the two foreign humanoids.
Yes, I am aware of their presence. They appear to be harmless, but keep an eye on them.
Yes, maam, will do.
Sorry to interrupt, we mean no harm, says a feminine voice.
Commodore, I have eyes on, says the captain then looks to a purple young lady and a
human-looking elderly man quietly sitting on a long black box against a wall.
Good, what is your purpose here at this time? inquires the commodore.
Just to experience and watch, nothing more, reassures the voice.
We shall see. You are clearly a part of an advanced culture. Can you offer any sort of
assistance at this time? asks the commodore.
Sorry, we cannot, states the voice.
I see. As you were, Captain, states the commodore.
To onlookers, nothing was seen out of the ordinary, apart from perhaps some odd body

positioning and posturing from a pair who vocally said nothing.

Hey! What about guns and protecting ourselves, what are we to do? Just trust you? We
dont even know you! Youre aliens to us, and how come you can talk like us? If you ask me, you
turning up at the same time as your buddiesthis Aim thingis real fishy to me, know what I
mean? yells a brash middle-aged man. The commodore gestures for the captain to go.
The commodore takes centre stage. Both the Mokatiy and Rugity are semi-telepathically
and emphatically connected with each other. We fully understand the meaning behind your words,
some of us before you say them. You cannot and should not, at this point in time, completely trust
us, judge us by our actions, and in time hopefully we will build trust and a working relationship with
you, the children of Terra. If we do our job properly, you will not need to fight. But if you do, there
are a few options open to us!
Such as? the man asks impudently.
Such as teaching you how to use our tech, digi-mat, to construct almost anything you will
need, like we discussed. Our communication control units all come with holographic energy shields
of varying types. They monitor our vitals and location. These CCUs we are using have technologies
you should be familiar with, i.e., transformer and dynamos. Can fire a powerful electrical discharge in
emergency situations. The implementation of these technologies and others will likely be our next
Now we are talking! says the impudent man.
We have spoken about trust. So you should know, much of our tech runs off kinetic energy.
Meaning devices like the energy shields we use and the digi-mat armour will add a very light degree
of resistance to your bodies physical workings. We have resisted giving you the digi-mat armour
because it is based off the Aim, as we have said before, in its most simple form. Due to the idea that
some believe it will make it easier for your physical forms to be processed by the Aim, and we have
been advised against giving you said tech. We may revise this strategy.
When we recover your fellow Terrains, they will need rehabilitation. Now I will insist that is
enough for this session.

Chapter 7
Hashtag: Truly Awesome

10.00 a.m.
Suddenly the arm of a woman in her mid-thirties goes shooting up.
Hello, yes, excuse me! The lady waves her hand in the air to get the commodores
Yes, what is it you desire? asks Commodore Toamiry.
If its okay with everyone, I thought it would be helpful if I shared my experience of my
familys first encounter with the Aim and the people who helped us, says the woman who
confidently address everyone in the room and she stands.
I feel that would be a perfectly acceptable idea, please take the floor. The commodore
signals for the female human to take the floor.
I know we werent all here at the same time and things have been happening so fast. So I
think it would be helpful if we all shared what weI mean if I shared what myself and my family
went through, so here goes. Hello, everyone, my name is June!
Greetings, June. The commodore participates while most the other Terrain remain silent
and understandably gloomy, apart from Junes two children and husband sitting down in their chairs.
Hey, Mommy.
Mommy! shout both Junes children.
This is my husband, Jon, and my two children, Linda and Dave. My story starts last night.
Now normally, I have trouble sleeping. But that night, I had such a peaceful and deep sleep, which
was amazing for me, and it felt great. I live in the city with my family. My husband Jon works just
around the comer as a realtor. Homes R Us, ha-ha, thats all gone now. June awkwardly laughs
and fights back the tears.
Anywayz, Jon normally is up earlier than I am to open up the shop. So its normally dark,
which is the only way I could explain how he did not see what I and my neighbours saw that
morning. I woke up and turned on the TV to watch the news, but the television wouldnt turn on. It
was a little strange because it was working the night before and we just got the thing. Anywayz, I
gave up on that and opened the blinds and called the children down for breakfast. I always have to
call them more than once. However, when I looked outside, down on the street, I could see a
number of people just standing and looking up at the sky, weird, lol (June actually says/spells lol and
will continue to do so through out he story). Some were just standing and pointing to the sky, and
so I popped on my onesies and slippers, left my flat and went down the staircase and out to the main
road. I looked up and I could see a very small black ball in the sky. Hashtag: strange. I looked behind
me and I saw one of my neighbours smiling and waving and jogging towards me. She didnt even
have time to even say morning before an even smaller ball came out of the other and rushed
towards the ground near where my husband worked. Well , everyone was just astonished, then it hit
the ground with such speed and force, it was like an earthquake. There was a gust of wind and I was
knocked flat on my back and I was really winded. Ouch! Lol. I looked up and I could see a lot of
smaller black balls firing from the larger one. I could hear people screaming and panicking, and I ran
back inside my building and up the staircase into my flat. I grabbed my phone and screamed at my

children to stay indoors no matter what and to come downstairs and eat their breakfast. June
becomes more emotional as she retells her story, dabbing the tears from her eyes with tissues stored
up her sleeves. Oh dearsniffIm crying, lol. I grabbed my phone to call my husband, the stupid
phone didnt work. I tried the landline, that didnt work at all either. I screamed at the children again
not to leave the flat unless I or daddy or a police officer came to the flat to get them. Dave popped
his little head around the corner. Whats going on? he asked. Did you hear what I just told you?
Yes, he said. Good, now come down here and eat your breakfast and look after your sister.
Jon always leaves his dirty jeans on the back of the chair, so I whipped those on and my
trainers and went outside to the car. I tried to start the car. June has been talking with her fingers
interlocked and she begins to twist them together. Jon gets up from his chair and puts his arms
around Junes shoulders, and by now, everyone is drawn in by her retelling of her story as she
become more for a moment.
The car would not start, and I could hear people screaming and running, sooo it was time to
put that gym membership to the test, lol. Thankfully, Jons place of work was a little over five
minutes away. So I ran and ran, the screams of people getting louder and louder as I reached closer
to Jons workplace. I ran past crowds and crowds of people who were running past me, and I ran
towards them, some screamed at me that I was running the wrong way. I know they were trying to
be helpful, but I just had to run right past them. Some tried to stop me, but I just kept on going.
Finally, I could see Jons shop and Jon just standing there with his phone in his hand like an idiot.
Hashtag: men! June laughs nervously. I screamed at him, he couldnt hear me! He was just staring
down the street? I continued to run and when suddenly, I could see what he was staring at.
It was an awful sight! Down the hill a little in the centre of the city square where the
monument was were monsters! All black monsters, some looked kinda like humans but not really,
others looked like spiderseww!and some were huge, as big as houses, half bear, half lions, just
grabbing people and taking them into a black tower . . . structure thingy in the centre square where
the fountain used to be. People continued to run past me, screaming, trying to really be helpful,
telling me I was going the wrong way. It was awful.
I screamed at Jon again, this time he saw me, but so did the monsters. Jon was on the other
side of the road. He waved at me to take cover and hide behind a car, which I did and he did too. Jon
looked like he was about to run over, then the look on his face as he screamed my name. I looked up
and on top of the car was one of human-looking monsters, but it wasnt human at all
Humanoid, one head, two legs, two arms typically, interrupts Captain Coma tona.
Oh, okay, thanks, anyways, I could see now far more details and this hu-man-oid thingys
eyes had little tiny lights for pupils, and it reach down for me with its scaled, clawed fingers. I
screamed and screamed, which only seemed to encourage it. The little tiny lights turned purple.
When all of a sudden, there was this almighty THWACK! and the monsters head was gone,
and the body fell to the side. I looked and there was this person, a young black man who just seemed
to be getting air time, almost hovering. Hashtag: awesome. He killed the humanoid with one swing of
a long black pole with two grey disks at either side of the hilt. It was a very odd looking . . . sword, it
just looked like a heavy dumbbell from the gym, lol (June to continues to say lol)!
Anyway, this young man didnt even touch the ground before he leaped off the side of the
car towards two advancing spider-like monsterswho were massive, by the waysmacking them
into dust with his gym . . . dumbbell . . . sword. Honestly, the sword he was using was soo weird, he
clearly made it. The crazy thing is it worked so wellhashtag: food for thought. Anywayz, Jon ran

over, just as shocked as I was. Just in the nick of time, I said, lol! Then another taller black youth with
a loudspeaker/gun thingy in one hand and two bottles of beer in the other just casually walks up to
the smaller black youth and hands him a beer!
Jon was just about to say something when the taller youth started speaking through the
loudspeaker gun
Its just called loudspeaker, dear, whispers Jon softly into Junes ear, interrupting her flow.
Yes, thank you, Jon! I was just about to say that! June says sharply. HEY, HUMANS , STOP
his speaker gun and turned to the other smaller youth and said, Light the fireworks. June puts on a
macho voice.
The smaller youth finished his bottle of beer, takes the other bottle from the hand of the
taller youth, and places them both on the ground. He puts the fireworks in the bottles and sets them
off. The taller one just starts using the loudspeaker again. FELLOW HUMANS, WE CAN PROTECT YOU . RUN
I have never seen anything like it. It was amaze-balls. They just looked like the sort of
youths that hang around on the street, selling drugs. Astonished much. Hashtag: never judge a book
by its cover. Really never thought those types would come to our aid! The taller one just kept on
shouting his message over the speaker phone while the smaller one told us to go inside this building.
I didnt see how we could hide in there, where there were no windows, no doors. People started
rushing towards us. I told the smaller one I could not possibly hide, as myself and Jon have children
waiting for us at home. It was then my two little devils poked their heads around the corner like little
lambs, saying, Mum, Mum.
I could have clipped them both around the ears if I wasnt soo happy to see them, lol. They
knew where their father worked. They must have guessed thats where I was going. I grabbed them
and rushed them inside the building where we watched the pair strike down monster after monster. I
really could not describe the feel, watching those two youths go to work on those monsters, teach
them to take over our city. I felt like cheering them on. Hashtag: truly awesome! As June talks about
the two youths, her mood becomes more upbeat and positive.
The taller one looked as if he was trying to spend as little energy as possible, letting the
monsters come right up to him before striking them with a golden-yellow, beautiful flaming sword.
This sword looked like the sun and very expensive.
The smaller youth seem to be doing most of the jumping around while the other pretty
much stood still and used the speaker phone. People either ran past or into this building, then one of
the giant bear-lions started to head towards the two youths. I couldnt help myself. I just had to tell
them to run . . . well, I screamed at them actually, lol. But the taller one just ignored at merude!
They were so close we could hear what they were saying. Do you wanna get this one or should I?
the tall one asked the small one, and he was all like, Hes all mine! And he just walked off slowly
towards the oncoming monster. He was so cocky. He started running towards the lion-bear monster,
and the monster started running towards him, and then the youth thrust his gym sword into the
ground and pole-vaulted incredibly high up into the air. The lion-bear went on its hind legs and leapt
into the air after the small youth. It looked like the monster would finish him in one bite. But as both
reached the peak of their jumps, the great big lion-bear could not quite reach the youth and instead.
. . the youth brought down his gym sword on top of the lion-bears head, caving its skull in, in midair. The monster hit the ground with such thwack of bone and body that made the build ing shake

and dust fell from the ceilingit was really incredible, like a horror or a sci-fi film in real life. Hashtag:
stunned much!
The young male landed and crouched. He seemed out of breath. The taller one chuckled
and used the loudspeaker to ask if the other one was all right. While he was crouching, the smaller
youth just stuck his thumb in the air, which for our alien friends is the universal sign for okay! Jon
face palms himself.
If that wasnt enough his sword began to glow blue and his body a shade of purple .
Hashtag: JAW DROPPING ! What was next? I thought. Everyone inside the building who were watching
started cheering, whistling, and clapping. For the first time, the taller youth looked back at us inside
the building and we got a good look at his face. He was really very handsome and yet there was a
warped air about him, like he was a little bit dark. He smiled and laughed and, through the
loudspeaker, said to the other youth, Looks like you got some fans. They approve. Once again, the
smaller youth just stuck his thumb in the air. He got up and made his way back towards the other
youth, leaving the massive monster with his head crushed in like a tin can of sodatotsgross.
Such power and strength from such a little body, he couldnt be more than five, five.
Anyways, there were more monsters at the square centre and at least another three lionbears, countless . . . humanoids and spidersI hate spiders. The spiders seemed to have trouble
moving, but the humanoids started running towards our building. What you wanna do? the little
one said. June puts on a tough-guy voice. Launch me into the air. Ill take out the individual, put a
stop to this! said the taller one.Cant you just fly? the short youth said and threw his sword
forward a little in front of him, which it stood straight up perfectly, while he took his jacket off and
wrapped his left hand. No, I dont want to scare the humans, plus its gonna make you look good,
the taller youth said as he reached for the short ones sword.
NO, DONT! The shorter youth stopped the taller youth from touching his sword, which Im
guessing its important, he did it for some reason. Whatever, just get ready! The shorter youth
snatched his gym sword, squatted, and placed his gym sword horizontally above his head in a
shoulder-press position, with the blade just above his wrapped left hand.
Okay, GO! The taller youth took a run up and jumped on top of the blade and was launched
off the blade and high into the air. The shorter youth dropped his sword and cried, Aaaaarrh! as he
hugged his wrapped hand. The performance clearly hurt him in some way. Once in the air, the taller
youths jacket turned in to some kind of Majuicer sneak fest thingy, the sneaks whip and snatched
at the air, like they were keeping him floatingit was quite frightful. YOU OKAY? THEYRE COMING! the
taller one said. YEAH , Im fine, just go do your job! snapped the smaller youth. He he, aha, YES , SIR!
Thenboomhe was off, like a shoot towards the square centre. On one knee, looking like he was
still in pain, left arm held close to his chest, the shorter youth picked up his gym sword and turned
towards the mass of humanoids running towards us and, with one hand, just started swinging away,
each hit turning the humanoids monsters into dust. Hashtag: epic.
In the distance, you could see the taller one land on top of the completely black platform in
front of the black tower. I couldnt see it before but from my point of view, the taller youth stood
next to a throne, for lack of a better word. There was another type of humanoid sitting down on the
thrown. It was really, really frightful, you could see its bones glowing through its black skin. It was
breathing in and out slowlyit was soo creepy, so very, very creepy! It had a black hood and cape. I
think it seemed to be paying the tall youth standing next him no mind whatsoever.
The tall youth stepped back and, with his expensive flaming sword, swung at the sitting

humanoid thingy. I think you would call it a shield, shattered like so much glass, which looked pretty
awesome. The frightful skeleton man shot right up and screamed. Now I could see it had four arms
and was breathing through large holes on the sides of his rib cage, which was super gross. I was
doing my best to cover my childrens eyes, but the collective gasps from everyone inside the building
had Dave desperate to see what all the fuss was about but I was having none of it.
Once on his feet, the glowing skeleton man looked around and screamed some more .
Hashtag: scariest thing I ever did see! Finally, it noticed the tall youth to his right on his guard. The
freaky skeleton man screamed at the youth then fell to his knees, screaming and crying, grabbing its
head with both sets of arms, throwing a full hissy. To be honest, it looked like it was in some real
emotional pain. I did feel a little sorry for it, especially after what happened next. The youth was
surprised for sure and stepped back and lowered his sword. The skeleton man collapsed back into
the throne and began to sob. It looked up at the tall youth and then at his sword, then it stopped
sobbing and folded his arms. You could see the youth standing next to him was just stunned at the
whole thing. The skeleton man looked at the youth again then took a deep breath and fixed himself
in the chair, clearly waiting for the youth to end his torment.
The youth understood that and, standing on side the facing the throne, placed one hand on
the shoulder of the skeleton man then thrust his sword into its chest before pulling it out and cutting
off its headhashtag: gory.
No sooner had he did than all the surrounding monsters lost direction and focus, and they
stopped attacking. The spiders stopped moving completely, thank God. The humanoids just milled
around and gathered by some trees and other grassy areas with their heads down just standing
The tall youth jumped off the platform and started to walk back up the hill right by all the
lion-bears, who were just roaming with no direction or motivation. As the tall youth walked by, he
shouted at the beasts, HEY, HEY, go over there! He pointed towards the tower. The monster just
roared at him and seemed disinterested while the shorter youth just stood and waited for his friend
to return. Right, this test ground is done. It will be night soon, so Im off. You can handle things here,
right? asked the tall youth. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ill be fine, go! the short youth replied. And with that
the tall, handsome youth with the expensive sword was off.
Dont forget, meet me at my brothers place. It hasnt been hit yet! shouted the taller
youth. Cool! the shorter youth yelled. IS IT SAFE TO COME OUTSIDE? I asked the youth, because there
were still monsters walking around. Nah, not yet! replied the short youth. FML (fuck my life), I
thought. All of a sudden, another massive black ball landed right on top of the tower, completely
covering it. I shit myself!
Muuum, you said a bad word! said Junes son from the audience.
Oh hush, Dave! Linda pulls a face at her younger brother.
Anyways, as I was saying . . . it began to vibrate and it made this whoob, whoob, whoob
noise, and once it started doing that, all the monstersapart from the spiders who could barely
moveran towards and went straight into it, like it was liquid: no doors, no windows, just straight in.
The noise became louder, quicker, and went up in scale, and the spiders moved a bit quicker, but they
still struggled. The giant black ball mustve got tired of waiting because it then shot the spiders with
lightning and turned them all into liquid that spread and started to cover the street. It was so gross,
lol! After that, the ball just shot up into the sky.

No doubt a test run, maam. Captain Coma tona opens up a mental dialog with the
Interesting, it would be unlikely any Terrain would have been cognizant to the Aims first
attack, states the commodore telepathically as she takes a breath to speak vocally.
And what of the two youths you spoke, of June? the commodore inquires.
Well, I never saw the taller youth again, but the shorter youth had us wait inside this
building. He placed his gym sword by the entrance and told us we could leave and come back here as
long as the sword was not touched and the monsters would not find us. Then he took some pills and
went to sleep on a table near the entrance.
June, what did the youth say his name was? asks the commodore.
I think he said his name was Black, says Jon.
Understood! says the commodore.
Faux Terrain, maam! Captain Coma tona inserts.
Yes, thank you, I gathered, replies the commodore.
Can I ask a question? a hastened Jon asks.
Proceed, says the commodore.
Could you explain again how it is you can understand us and vice versa?
Mokatiy and Rugity are either semi-connected by either emphatic hearts or telepathic
minds. These abilities of ours are very strong, and your physicality isnt too dissimilar that we cannot
interact or understand you. Does that answer your question?
Yes, thank you, Commodore Toamiry. The commodore nods and smiles before taking a
deep breath.
ATTENTION, ALL TERRAINS, you will remain in this area you call the lobby and prepare for a head
count. Everyone else, man your stations, which is all, the commodore orders.

Chapter 8
The Commodore Stands

The commodore stands, receiving updates from her staff. Captain Coma tona heads back into
the control room with Nez; Kma continues to entertain the children while the bushy-haired female
soldier from earlier performs a head count of the sitting Terrains, and June and Jon are questioning
Domass and Gunsura as they stand guarding the entrance.
Greetings to you, my wonderful Terrain family, Domass bellows.
Yes, greetings, says June with Jon squeezing Junes arm harder every time Domass speaks.
You have such great vocals, but are you not afraid the Aim may hear you? June smiles at
Domass. Domass smiles back and cuts his eyes at Gunsura, who leans off the wall and straightens his
I will answer your questions, states Gunsura.
You are all different but some look similar to others. Can you let me now what is the
commodore? June asks.
My people, the Rugity, call her kind dragon legs. Her own kind, like Domass the Mokatiy
people, call her the Eric. They are the third sex of the Mokatiy people. They typically only appear
when the Mokatiy people suffer a decline in either sex. Born f emale with all the mothers memories,
the mother normally dies after giving birth. They can develop male reproductive organs, but once
they do, they tend to stay male. They can impregnate and become pregnant, given the gender they
have chosen. They almost always look like the commodoredragon from the waist down with a very
feminine strong body from the waist up.
I see, says June and attention is focused on the commodores muscly and very feminine
body as she enters a wall of digi-mat to a reception area.
And why is it Domass has no wings and a very short tail? asks June. Gunsuras jaw drops
and snaps a look at an astonished Domass, with his eyes wide open, making a small noise while he
takes a deep breath in. Gunsura looks back at June and bursts out laughing.
On the other side of the wall of digi-mat is the bushy-haired soldier who was doing the head
count and is now talking to a blue baby-blue scaled, yellow-eyed (slim when compared to others of
his race) Mokatiy male soldier known as comms officer Cox, sitting at a table, fingering a holographic
keypad and light screen. Cox is silently focused on his duty and the air feels tense in this room.

How goes it, Cox? the bushy-haired soldier asks.

It goes as well, Lanete, there are currently no shadows in my field of vision. Cox answers.
If I am honest, Cox, I would prefer the Valkyrie scouts were still on watch.
As would I, being on the surface of this planet has affected my abilities greatly. I am almost
blind. But their rest period is almost over, Cox states.
Cox, you have not aided my state of being. For a sensor to say that makes me think we have
no eyes on the field.
We do not. I need to calibrate myself, my abilities, I have never been on an off world

operation. As of yet, I have had no examples to go on. All I am looking for is disturbances one-mile in
any direction. Cox closes his eyes to focus on his field more.
Cox, I am sorry I didnt realize the issue was as you say it is. My state of being is my
responsibility. If I was a sensor I would gladly take your position. I will leave you now so you can
You are pyro, are you not, Lanete?
Did you use your CCU to tell you this?
No, it did not.
Very good, I am fire, fire, water.
Pyro, pyro, hydro . . . you are right, you cannot sensor for me.
And you are sparks, sparks, water!
I am, you are going to make a comment on how Electro tribes, or Sparks as you put it, have
a very stringent way of classifying others, which is in part to blame for our races deviation from our
natural path.
You know it, I do not need to say it, and yet you continue with your ways, typically inflexible
Electro tribes.
Your bleating is typical of the pyro tribes people who lost their lands, their houses, and
their peoples to stronger tribes.
They were not stronger, they were more underhanded. They acted without honour!
The strong must always lead the weak. Pyro tribes may have been better breeders, but they
were not cunning, not smart enough to contend on their own with the other tribes.
It is the elite Sparks houses desire for control and their refusal to deviate from their
extreme selective breeding programmes that have seen all our race dwindle in number, when we
should have toppled the Aim on our home planet by now!
You sound like a weak and bitter Rugity who has spent all their life growing up on
farmlands, free from Aim attacks due to the safety the stronger tribes and houses provide. Whom
has had their peoples taken for the embetterment of said stronger tribes and houses?
If these tribes you speak of were really as strong as you say they are, then why would they
even need to force peoples into the demanding breeding programmes?
For genetic diversity. You cannot deny these breeding programmes have produced many of
the strongest warriors the universe has ever seen!
WHAAAAT . . . GOES ON HERE? The commodore walks in perfect timing. Her nostrils flared wide
like a raging bull, eyes ablaze with the horror and disbelief at the state of her two bickering
REPORT! The two soldiers shoot straight up to salute and stand to attention. Cox, jumping to
attention, launches his table forward and hits the commodores left lower thigh. The table does a
180-degree spin and flies off and to the side off the commodore. One glimpse of the commodores
focused stare is enough to make the pair hold their breath in reaction.

pair quiver, petrified into silence, and look straight above the commodore, for they dare not meet
her gaze.
commodores tone as it peaks and dips speak of the commodores emotional entanglement; the
volume is her authority.
REPORT! The commodore slams her talons into the floor; they make a loud metal clashing
Nothing to report, maam! Lanete is first to speak.
Tell me what it is that you were arguing about, private?
Breeding programmes, maam.
Breeding programmes, private!
IF I MAY, maam! nervously stammers Cox.
YOU-HO MAY NOT! Silence fills the room; the commodore walks, leant forward slightly on the
balls of her feet, with her hands behind her back. The pair still holds their salute and focus on the
corner of the ceiling as the commodore walks around the both of them and behind out of their line
of sight. A moment passesnothing; a ground trembling, a thud is made by the commodore,
dropping two and a half foot onto her heels.

At eeease, says the commodore before she sticks her head in the space between the two
soldiers now at ease. She takes one long hard look at Private Lanete then another long hard look at
the comms officer Cox.
Update, Officer Cox, whispers the commodore menacingly.
All is clear, maam. Cox says still focused straight ahead
Since you last scanned, how is your scanning abilities . . . comms officer Cox?
Yes, maam, I can see in ideal condition eight miles in every direction and double when it
has been raining, but it is taking me some time to adjust to this planet. I only can scan a mile in all
directions . . . Commodore. The two privates still do not dare look at the commodore in any way.
Then you had best get back to fulfilling your duties, would you not agree, comms officer
Yes, Commodore.
Yessss, DISMISSED ! The commodore turns towards a doorway that leads to a stairwell going
all the way to the top of the building. Without a word to each other, the two soldiers part company,
Private Lanete storming out of the digi-mat wall and comms officer Cox collecting his table and starts
setting up his station.
The commodore climbs the stairwell to its first floor; she stops, having just received a
communication from the comms officer before a room directly above the lobby, where the briefing
took place.
Go ahead.
Valkyrie scouting party inbound, seven minutes, party of twelve.
Can you tell me who they are?

Yes, Commodore, two scouts maybe six or seven Faux Terrain, and five or four real Terrains.
Thank you, Cox, as you were. The commodore takes a step.
Commodore! I have just received a data burst from team Anthreal. They are not far from
Good, carry on.
Yes, maam.
Inside a very dark office room, cleared of all its furnishings, a heavily pregnant female
Mokatiy sits on top of another long black box, vibrating, very slightly emitting a very low-frequency
buzzing noise. Dark blue scales, partly braided long white hair that goes down to the floor, glowing
white eyes, she sits intensely still. Across form her, a large Mokatiy male sits, with shoulder-length
bright orange hair, the scales of a royal blue and brown hue, wings semi -stretched, touching the
ceiling. The male speaks.
Ni, these images you are sharing with me, are they pictures of what the arrivals look like or
what you think they might look like?
The energy in the room is hot heavy and very, very intense.
We shall be leaving soon, Ni replies in a breathless, heavy tone, not at all answering the
males questionvery much nonsensical.
Is that what the commodore wishes to talk about? I can feel she has something very
pressing to say to us.
The commodore stands with her back to the wall of the room Ni and Jen are in. The
commodore telepathically asks Ni if it would be all right if she entered the room. Ni replies
telepathically with a very strong no. Picking up on the telepathic exchange. Jen emits feel-good
feelings for the commodore to enter.
Please, Commodore, do not hide yourself. Enter if you please. The commodore enters the
Thank you, Jen. Ni, how are we? As soon as the commodore enters the room, Ni looks up
at her and forcefully proclaims, The Terrain are pungent!
Jen is quick to cut off Ni. Commodore, what goes on?
Scornfully, Ni glairs at the back of Jens head and leans forward as if she may strike the
turned Jen. The surprize expression of Commodore Toamiry alerts Jen, who snaps his head at Ni and
looks her dead in the eyes and shows her all his teeth and does his best to spread his wings while
leaning forwards at Ni. Ni, in reaction, pulls herself back, takes a deep breath, sighs, and whimpers a
little. Jen relaxes himself and his wings, gets up, and sits directly behind Ni.
Commodore, please do not stand at the entrance on ceremony. Join us.
I . . . have a feeling you already know what I am going to say.
I have, we have, but why not clarify for us, Commodore.
Commodore Toamiry walks across the room floor and puts her hand on the wall facing away
from the couple. The commodore looks down and stares.
Jen, can you or Ni see the energy signatures on other beings through the Aim on these
walls? Commodore Toamiry can see the scouting party through the floor as they enter the building.
Yes, it is amazing how the Terrains . . . building structure almost welcome the Aim into its
very fabric. It is far worse than anything Ive seen back home, far worse than the taken crystal cities

of old! replies Jen.

I want you both to leave and find somewhere to stay lowhide, if you will. I suggest the
countrysides. The Aim seem to be having trouble with the plant life forms on this planet, the
commodore blurts out awkwardly.
I must decline. We are not the type to hide and shy away from battle and those who need
us. Also your communication skills are terrible, so forced! states Jen, completely dismissing the
commodores request.
You must. It is an order. Feel free to come back when you have had your offspring and you
are ready. Nis arms rise in aggression; Jen, with his hands already on Nis forearms, forces her arms
back down before the commodore momentarily looks in their direction then return to watching the
goings-on on the floor below. Ni turns her head to Jen on her left, stares at him for a moment, before
licking his face.
Do you doubt my skills, my strength? Or perhaps it is my mate you doubt? Jen cannot hide
his disdain for the commodore at this moment.
IT IS MYSELF ! Jen, I doubt my own abilities to protect so many against such odds!
Doubt! You came all the way here to doubt yourself? Jen says, being dismissive of the
commodores feelings of self-doubt.
Its more than that, Jen, Ni. I cannot rid myself of the feeling deep in the pit of my gut. It
eats at my resolve, and any energy sent of clearing this feeling is to soon spent, leaves my core in the
same field I was in when I started, shares the commodore.
Hmmp! This is your first off-world campaign? Yes? asks Jen.
Correct, says the commodore.
The feeling I have within is one of a warrior that burns with the intensity of the stars, yet I
cannot ignore this planet, this lower vibratory field. It is far lower than what I have experienced
before and so thick, states Jen.
Lower-grade empaaath, utters Ni; Jen smirks and rolls his eyes.
Yes, Ni, you make a good point. I am, but I am practicing every moment I can. On another
note, it will not matter, for soon we will have a bio-sphere set up and running from which we can
take care of the Terrains, and it will serve as a base of operation.
You can rest on the presumed success of Special Agent Michaels mission, can you?
interjects the commodore.
Ah, so this is the source of your contention, I see, Jen remarks in a condescending tone.
His success is not assured! Sternly, the commodore solidifies her argument.
You ask me to doubt the one who was instrumental in the ruination of the second part of
the Aim on our home world? What would be the point? He might fail, and if he does, we will find
another way!
What makes you think he can do it again, moreover this being is
He is what? Reprehensible, untrustworthy for turning down a seat on the council, for not
toeing the line not acting like a paid assassin for the elite houses, not siring offspring in any of the
houses recognized or not, which one of the many tarnishing tales woven by the elite families ? Should
I put my stock into, Commodore? mocks Jen.

It is more than that and you know it too, Jen!

What I know is there is great corruption in our society, the council of nine run by twelve and
the only fire tribesmen is backed by four Sparks or Thunder houses. The forced conscription of the
Rugity people and their lands for the sake of our lacking breeds, the withholding of resources, so that
the Rugity people cannot create their own bio spheres, their own security systems, their own houses
when they clearly have their own natural security, their own methods. The abilities to dimensionally
shift with the lands they live, work, and farm on are talents our own people would surely relish. Jen
is not willing to listen to the commodores point of view, becoming fully caught up in his emotions.
The Aim affects all, Jen, do not forget. They cannot control when they dimensional shift
back and for how long, and at that point, we share the same challenges. The commodore cannot
tear herself away from the emotional engagement.
This is true, and now we call them our brothers and sisters, but there was a time we shun
them for we believed they were weak, choosing to work in on their farms and only sending those
who wished to join our fight against the Aim. How dare they!
Were our people, the Mokatiy people, truly meant to contend with the Aim on their
lonesome? the commodore spits in dismay with a waves of her arm at Jen and Ni.
We were never on our lonesome. The Rugity people provided support in ways we do not
appreciate. They gave us support in ways that did not match our warrior ways of thinking, our
warriors mind-set, and for that we force them to change, to adopt our ways of thinking of doing
things when it is us who were broken. We forgot why we should accommodate , and we chose to
dominate instead. We have bred the gentle part of ourselves out in favour of more power more
strength, more ways we could express energy. When that wasnt enough, it was more technology
and heavier usage. Until we lost our natural abilities to communicate, our lands, crystals, and almost
with each other. Many of our natural passive abilities are gone due to our thirst for power, always
more and never tempered, and I understand this of our people, for it is within me . However, I
understand the way back for our people is the natural path.

You are Water tribes people. They always shared the thought of the Rugity people and the
natural path.
The commodore hears the sound words of Jen, and the truth resonates with her.
Classifications unnecessary, we have been socially engineered to choose breed first over
love. Jen is quick to establish his belief systems, his way of thinking as his own and not as part of
some group ethos.
Love will not win this war! Commodore Toamiry states firmly.
WILL IT NOT, COMMODORE? Jen says confidently and objecting the commodores point of view.
You speak of love, and yet you doubt the hearts of our betters, the love that sent us here to
aid our Terrain families! argues the commodore.
I do not doubt their hearts. It is their minds, which colour their decisions. The elites families
and houses stand as if they are our truly our betters in all senses, but they continuously act in fear.
They are not infallible, for it is our betters whom have spread disparity over the soldier called
Michael and yet still, they would trust him alone with this critical mission, throwing the full support
and resources behind him. It is our betters who have discredited our current crystal reads because
they are borne out of houses and not to recognised families. Can you tell me the point of this? Jen
points out.

Michael has shown himself to be unpredictable and dishonourable , the commodore

Have you borne witness to . . . we are going around in circles. Jen stops himself and
changes tempo.
Agreed, I fear I have travelled and entered this space with the negative energies of two
subordinates I reprimanded earlier for quarrelling, points out the commodore.
You fear, I do not doubt. I could feel their energies as the space they are in is not too far
from here. Ni looks to Jen.
Yes, Ni, even though I am a low-grade empath. Commodore, can I ask you how old you
are? inquires Jen.
Seven hundred and fifty-six years, why do you ask?
I am 2,100 years old. When I was an infant, our peoples were in fear that my generation
would be the last. This fear was brought by a vision, a communication from the spirit of our mother
planet. The first communication heard by our people in generations. Sleeping or awake, male or
female, all Mokatiy people at this time was privy to this message.
I know this story, the day and night when all Mokatiy people were warned, if they continued
down the path of technology, they would not bore one living child, henceforth all will be born dead.
Jen adds his interpretation immediately. Specifically it was if we Mokatiy began to use the
process of creating our offspring outside of the womb, free of the natural path, free of our own
natural ability to bio-engineer our offspring and on mass, then no child would be born living
henceforth. After that vision, we abandoned the test tube programs, we abandoned and outlawed
any AI above level 3 . . .
The scaling back of our artificial intelligence was not just due to the message from the spirit
of our planet, it was also due to the encounter with the synthetic beings.
Yes, this is true, but before the message, AI was only restricted to level 5. Now all our ships
are level 3 . . .
Most now are level 2.
Little more than computation installations, utters Jen firmly and theatrically.
Oh, oh, ho ho, oh, Jen, with your exaggerations! the commodore laughs for the first time in
The abuse of our natural crystal kinsperson in our usage of the crystal mechs, and then
their abandonment which was a mere gesture, thus began a very slow track back to the natural path
hindered by the elites refusal to let go off their standing, the hierarchy, and their power.

The commodore says nothing.

We now use synthetic crystals to record data because we can no longer use our natural
crystals in the same modus. We record data using definite in the details, instead of allowing for the
truth, that we do not know 100 per cent To which Special Agent Michael is the most famous victim of
the elites, and such, rewriting our history.
That is not completely accurate. The data disseminated to the Terrain made clear divisions
between that which we knew and that which we believed! the commodore strains.
Why does the elite families and the larger recognised houses not allow the input from our
current crystal reader or users?

Because the current few have no class, they have no social standing, many are born out of
any house therefore their reputation and integrity is questionable. Such a composed answer is given
by the commodore.
This idea that has been predicated is the height of stupidity, you believe the universe, and
the divine creator truly recognises your social class system? Jen argues.
There are those whom are born into those position for a valid reason!
And those who are born with little or no standing have little or no validity?
You are twisting my meaning!
The point is it is the elites that decide what is recorded and what our society considers truth
or fact. According to the elite families and houses whom only seek to control his actions, Special
Agent Michael is more an enemy than ally. For they know one day, after the Aim is gone, Special
Agent Michael will turn his attention to the corruption within the houses and council!
I take it you believe in those stories of fighting alongside the Iron King 200,000 years ago in
search for our creators bio-engine?
I know of the houses campaign to gather families willing to join the breeding experiments
to produce offspring with the ability to manipulate dimensions. And time is just another dimension,
and then silence, no word if the experiment were successful of if they failed. In my fathers fathers
day, they did not question Michaels involvement in the accent wars. These recent generation they
have tried to breed out much information in a bid to control the minds and the beliefs of the Mokatiy
More conspiracy. This is getting us nowhere, just a lot of conjecture. Nothing you can say
will ease my fears!
Then do not act in fear! Do not give me that order again. My own code only has me
disobeying the orders of the dishonourable, and you are not as such!
The commodore contemplates her decision as she looks through the floor, the Aim
expressing the energy from the beings below as colourful squiggly outlines. Commodore Toamiry
searches her heart and mind for answers as she watches the scouting party just entering the
building. Kma plays with the children; wiggly circles hit the celling from the floor below, creating faint
sound waves of laughter form Dave and Linda as Kma catches the children and tickles them
frantically. All serve as a temporary distraction for the commodore; she wishes there could be
laughter all the time.
HA HA HA AHA, MUM, MUUM, HA HAH ! Linda sneaks up behind Kma.
Umm, thats nice, dear. And that one, she is a Rugity like you . . ., June asks, talking to
Gunsura, pointing to Kma.
Correct, June, says Gunsura.
BOO! Linda attempts to scare Kma. Kma turns and runs after Linda and the other children.
As the play continues, June questions Gunsura further.
And at the same time you are a rare and special type of Rugity altogether? questions June.
In a way, if that classification works for you, states Gunsura.
Kma is it? She is very lovely, and she is the most normal looking out of all of you, that I have
seenwhich is not to say you all dont look pretty normal when youre not being great big dragon
things, lol (June continuous to say lol). Its just there is something about you . . . when youre not in

your fully realised forms. Gunsura and Domass quickly look at each other, impressed that June is a
fast learner and a good listener.
I KNOW WHO THEY ARE! They are like Black! states June strongly and points to seven members
of the scouting party, all walking in a line behind two scouts. Upon hearing the name , Black the
group stops and look at June.
The group is made up of four black males and three females. One black, one white, and one
female of mixed heritage, all wearing the type of clothing you would see the average, inner-city
youths or young adults in their mid-twenties wearing.
Unbelievable! says the tallest, at six two, blonde-haired female.
Yup, he has already made a name for himself amongst the people, the peoples chump-peon, says a slim, tall, six foot male. The tallest and the most physically built of the group, six foot five,
with light brown hue, cropped black hair, turns to June and says, You know Black?
He helped us earlier, him and another lad, says Jon.
Michael! says a tall, six two female with short blonde hair.
Sorry, I didnt catch his name, says Jon to the tall male; the male looks displeased.
It probably was Michael! says another small, five six black female.
Bum chums forever! says another far smaller, at four eight, female with features and a skin
tone that makes it hard to place her heritage.
How did you know we are different from you? asks the same person of unknown heritage.
Well, you all dont seem to be afraid at all. Everyone else is scared and uncertain. You all
walk very strongly and confidently, like these, err, Mokatiy and Rugity alien soldiers, and youre
dressed like people in their twenties, sooo obvi! states Jun. The group look at each other.
Jeje. Right! says the female of unknown heritage. I am Jada, continues the person of
unknown heritage. This is Eva. Jada points to the tall white female who waves.
Hello, Im Shade, says the small black female who outstretches her hand to June.
Swade, says the second tallest black male who made a joke about Black earlier.
Donny, says another black male, sheepishly, also around five foot seven.
She needs to know what our names are? says another black male, standing at five foot
nine. Agreed! says the tallest black male.
The tall one is Desaron, and this one is Devlon. Jada points out and names the other two
reluctant males.
June, pleased to meet you all, says June, genuinely being very friendly and warm.
Hello. Jon, Jon says, introducing himself.
Greetings. They call me Gunsura, Gunsura says confidently.
Greetings, I am Domass. The group is shocked at the booming voice of Domass, and all
share handshakes.
Now I have a question, says June; Domass and Gunsura look at each other.
Are all of the Mokatiy and Rugity from Earth black or ethnic?
June, says Jon.
No, Jon, I just want to know, that is all! Lol, never mind him, so are you? Junes voice goes
high pitched at the end of her sentences.
Im not black or ethnic, says Eva arms folded, having fun with June.
Lol, yes, I know dear, all the men then. Shade coughs, and the other two women laugh
while the males just stand there, observing, their stoney faced make it even more hilarious for the

three women in the group, and they laugh even harder.

No doubt these are all members of the same houses or bloodline, states Gunsura, and
Domass nods.
The hue of their unrealised forms is not important to our people. Not when compared to
the strength, abilities, and the features of their fully realised forms.
Close enough. We are purebloods, says Swade.
Oh, its good to see your elitism has travelled across the stars, jests Gunsura.
You have no idea! states Devlon very aggressively; the body language of Desaron seconds
Devlons statement. Gunsura and Domass both look at each other, perplexed at the forced agitation
from the pair while others stand with bated breath as the mood sharply turns.

All right, boys! Eva pulls on Desarons and Devlons shoulders, pulling herself to the front
and stands a little in front of them both, between them and Gunsura.
Oh, my days! Changing the subject, June, to answer your answer your question, when our
families came here, we were already aware of your societys social structure, and we placed
ourselves accordingly. There are loads of varying ethnicities all over the world and a few different
types here in this country, and, Gunsura, we are purebloods, but that is also the name of our crew.
Everyone happy now, confusion cleared up, is it? says Jada as she bounces in the spot.
Lol, didnt mean to cause a stir. Hashtag: awkward. All the women laugh with and at Junes
comment and the way she constantly says lol and hashtag, Swade cracks a smile, and Donny films
the entire process using a CCU.
So Black and, I think you said his name was Michael, they are purebloods too? asks Jon.
Oh . . . aah, says Jada.
HA! cries Shade.
Black is not connect to anyone by blood or anything else and Michael is . . . Jada has
trouble describing the Faux Terrains Jon and June have meet.
Michael, Black, Ceon, Kane, and Denim are all experimental mix breeds, offshoots of some
awesome family or something, clarifies Swade while performing air quotations.
No, Kane and Denim are nobility, they are both dukes, states Shade.
Lol, sounds so complex. June smiles at the group, and Jon nods his head and pulls a face in
If they are both dukes, then why dont they hang out with us? asks Swade.
Because of those two. Shade looks to Devlon and Desaron, who say nothing.
So will white ones be turning up soon? June asks, still smiling politely.
June. Jon face palms himself.
I dont know, Eva, can you help us out with that one Jada barely finishes the sentence
before bursting out with laughter. Eva pulls a face but cant help but laugh, which soon becomes
infectious amongst the women.
Seriously, June, there are more of us here in this country. Theres the ABC, says Jada.
M-mostly all black males! shouts Swade.
All right, then, the Swankers! argues Jada.
All Terry and that lot, where are they? Shade puts on an east London accent.
They went to Ibiza a few days ago! states Eva.

RRRAA, lucky, why didnt they invite us? asks Jada.

Well, Joana is going sooo, says Eva.
Ooh, right! says Jada.
I hope they will be okay, says Shade.
Sure they will be, plus they got all that sun! So to answer your question, they are not
coming, Jejejeje! Jada bursts out laughing.
The rest of the scouting part fans out and give their reports while a few more Terrain enter
the building, some taking to the seating arrangement used for the briefing, others walking straight up
to the front of the lobby, others just standing in the middle of the floor, and one right at the
Inside the room directly above, where the expecting couple and the commodore are in.
I can assure you we are ready, Jen argues.
Be that as it is, I would feel better if you left.
Jen lets out a massive sigh and leans back onto the wall, the low vibratory noise Ni is making
becomes louder.
What is that noise? asks the commodore.
Ni is beating her wings against her casing, creating a continuous vibrations. Its soothing, to
her, I think. Ni just stares at the commodore with no reaction to Jens statement.
Cox, I want a report! The commodore opens up a communication using her CCU.
All looks clear, maam.
Inside the reception room, Cox is surveying the area outside the building.
One Terrain just stands in the entrance doorway, looking down at the floor.
June is the first person to notice this person just standing in the doorway of the entrance,
and takes a breath in to speak. But midway through the process of breathing in, June recognises
something familiar about this person. June suddenly recalls more similar-looking people walking
through the building. June looks immediately to the couple sitting down in the seating arrangement
then to the area at the front of the lobby. Domass notes June s odd expression and looks to the
entrance and then the seats, but he sees nothing.
At the end of the day, we are all just still human! jokes Swade.
Some of us are more human than others, replies Eva; all apart from June laugh.
Slowly, June begins backing into her husband Jon. Gunsura, noting Junes startled reaction to
something, unfolds his arms and leans up off the wall and tries to see what June see s, but nothing.
What goes on with this one? Maybe she is going mad under the strain? Gunsura asks
himself.She has been doing well so far? Gunsura is still puzzled.
Inside the room directly above, the commodore senses a disturbance, emphatically and

telepathically, feels in her soldiers.

Nothing collectively. Gunsura seem a little troubled, but I have such a terrible connection
with that one. I cannot tell, the commodore whispers to herself as she slowly walks into the centre
of the room whilst looking straight down at the energetic signatures created by the beings on the
floor below.
Commodore, is something a rye? inquires Jen, Ni flexes, to make Jen get off her forearms.
I am . . . not too sure, it could be nothing, affirms Commodore Toamiry.
On the ground floor lobby area, June clasps her husbands arm, backing into him even more,
growing in fear, unsure of what or who she is looking at, unable to look away from the downturned
heads of the strangers and searching for confirmation of her fears. Slowly their head rise,
simultaneously, focusing on the speechless June.
Grabbing her husband tight, June feels a sudden jumper and a continuous nervous shaking
from Jon; she looks up straight into Jons pale, horror-stricken face and his eyes completely frozen.
June cannot help herself but look at what Jon is looking at, even when she already knows.
It cant be! They have soldiers checking, June thinks as she stares at the couple sitting down.
The couple sitting down in the chairs stare straight back at her, when their eyes light with tiny little
lights. At first they just looked like normal people, but as June continue s to look, they seem to change
their forms; or is it as Junes focus that changed them to their true forms?

Chapter 9
Actions Speak Volumes
12.00 p.m.
Devlon, not finding anything funny, observes the stricken faces of June and Jon and looks
over his shoulder to the entrance at a person that is dressed all in black and turns back around
thinking nothing of what he has seen. But Devlon performs a double -take, and another look reveals
this person is naked and completely black. June manages a scream at the same time Devlon cries.
Domass, standing closest to the entrance, looks and says, I SEE NOTHING ! WHERE, WHERE? His
arms are open wide, ready to pounce, halted only by the lack of visuals on the target.
The Aim drone standing in the entrance sidesteps towards Domass. Using its fingertips,
which become long sharpened edge, stabs Domass in between this armoured chest plates on his left
side, penetrating and cutting Domasss heart in half, pulling out and sidestepping away. Domass lets
out a cry, grabs his chest and body-slams into the ground. Comms Officer Cox comes running to the
lobby floor only to see Domass hit the ground.
No! he screams, shocked and horrified at the realisation that the Aim has slip through his
methods of detection. Cox tries to move forwards but cannot; something is stopping him, pushing
against his chest. Cox looks down then steps back; a black sharp edge reveals itself, leaving his chest
as he moves backwards, covered in his own blood. Coxs heart has also been cut in half. Cox grabs his
chest and collapses to the ground.
Gunsura leaps at June and Jon awkwardly, failing to make space, grabbing the tops of their
heads, crying, I MUST SEEEE!
Jon and June are shot with darts from the mouths of the Aim drones sitting down in the
chairs. Jon and June collapse from Gunsuras grip. Quickly, Jada and Eva lurch forward to catch the
falling couple and stumble themselves. Eva, grabbing the falling Jon, is knocked to the floor by a
turning Gunsura, too keen to face the unseen foes. June and Jade fall like dominos. Devlon draws a
completely black Bone Star sabre, which produces a red laser, and counterattacks the Aim. All are
fired upon with quick darts by the seated Aim drones. Gunsura counters with the quick spinning of
his red staff, deflecting most of the shots.
MUUUUM! Dave cries. Kma grabs the children that she can and commands the others to
follow her, and she runs around the sitting arrangement towards the captains control room while
she cries.
Inside the control room.
Lanete, I want two crafts and an exit out this wall, NOW! Nez, youre with me! directs
Captain Coma tona as she constructs her helmet around her head and storms through the false wall
of digi-mat.

Seeing Kma and the children running through the doorway, the captain decides to go
through the wall, with both fists punching through in a single swan-dive motion, as if she is going
through wet paper, sending black bricks with glittering black dust particles into the air. The captain
rolls perfectly as she hits the ground and rolls right back onto her feet and into her stance, ready ,
only to see Terrains being assaulted right in front of her, but she cannot see the assailants . Captain
Coma tona cries.
TERRAINS , TO THE ROOM BEHIND ME! The gold-and-red Mokatiy soldier moves across the floor
and chimes the captains orders, giving directions with his arms.
Humans run and fall over chairs; some are hit by the drones darts that are invisible to team
Private Nez manages to grab an Aim drone while the Aim is attacking a human. Through
touch and good guesswork, Nez breaks the Aims neck before ripping its head clean off; the freed
human runs into the control room.
From out of nowhere, two Valkyrie scout soldiers spring up from the ground and run across
the top of the walls, on opposite sides of the lobby, to the two fallen male soldiers on the floor near
the entrance. All the while the Aim drones attack the people on the floor.
Cox is picked easily up, in a firemans lift, by the scout. The scout then performs a massive
leap on to the wall; she just ran across, driving her clawed feet into the wall. Then another massive
leap off, then landing behind the captain, forcing the captain to duck a little.
Domasss humongous form is picked up from the ground and swung around in 720 degrees
in a hammer-throw-like motion and then launched into the air across the lobby, regardless of who is
standing around, forcing an Aim drone to fall back and purebloods and humans alike to duck the
massive flying Domass soaring across the lobby, like a flying ton. Nez catches, the flying Domass and
is almost knocked clean through the wall. Nez claws the floor and pushes himself backwards, forcing
himself through the wall and outside of the building. The other scout scurries back across the wall
like a cat defying gravity and out the building through the hole made by Nez.
That was fricking insane! shouts Swade after ducking and then going in to tactical an Aim
drone. The other purebloods are doing their best to fight the drones and get the rest of the humans
out of the building.
I CAN SEE THEM! cries Gunsura, the drones slowly becoming visible to him; there is roughly
less than ten Aim drones.
In the room directly above.
Right! the commodore says as she takes her position in the middle of the floor in the office
room above.
You do not mind if I join, you? Jen gets up and stands a few feet away from the
commodore, looking down. They both look straight and, with a flexing of their power leg muscles
and a downward concentrated force, they both obliterate the floor beneath, sending them both
careering through one massive hole, like rockets, down into the lobby floor. Directly on top of two
Aim drones that they are clearly aiming for, crushing the drones, shattering digi-mat chairs, sending
chunks and shards of Aim-saturated ceiling and chairs flying.

Tiny black glittering particles fill the air; small green hexagonal fields appear over non-Aim
non-combatants, shielding them from the flying debris.
Coming from behind and the left of the commodores blind spot, a red flash from the black
Bone Star sabre, wielded by Devlon, knocks two Aim drones into the view of the commodore. The
commodore throws her left arm out straight to her left with force. A great thud sound is heard, and
the very foundation of the building is rocked by a massive pale-silver-and-white claymore sword,
which hits and becomes embedded into the wall surrounding the entrance.
Two Aim fall; one head rolls, the other still alivehas tactically rolled and is nearly outside
of the building.
Seeing this and using her powerful dragon leg muscles, the commodore launches herself
horizontally at the drone. The drone, already outside and on its feet, leans back with its chest pointed
towards the sky. A glittery black spire appears protruding from the centre of the beings chest,
getting larger and larger.
Commodore Toamiry shoulder-tackles the Aim drone to the ground; with one hand on the
back of the beings head, she smashes it into the ground.
Then a tingling feel, accompanied by a glittering black line, quickly travels over the back of
the commodores hand, up her right arm, and launches its self into the sky off the commodores back
at speed.
The commodore slams her fist into the body of the fallen Aim in frustration; black liquid
squirts everywhere. The commodore gets to her feet, throws her head back, and lets out a childish,
animal-sounding whine and gits teeth and her talons into the Aim drone and the ground beneath
The commodore turns to face the entrance of the building and takes a single step. A giant
black cylinder the size of a skyscraper falls from the sky and strikes the earth with great force miles
away to the commodores right. Such force that it decimates a number of buildings surrounding it
and causes the ground to quake violently.
The cylinder lets out an artful, deafening off-key tone, and the sky turns black.
The commodore stands inside the doorway of the entrance as gusts of winds blow dust into
and around the building. The commodore rips her heavy claymore sword out of the doorway. As the
commodore stands still for a moment, her armour begins to alter; it becomes more padded. It
vacuums and pulls her midsection in, tightly, resulting in her chest becoming pronounced, making
her suit even more revealing of her muscular and voluptuous form. Finally, a padded head guard
forms around her skull, not like the complete head-covering helmets her subordinates use.
The dust settles, Jen is gone, and the captain has done a good job in clearing the lobby and
getting everyone out. The Aims are all dead and have started to dissolve into smoke; the captain
stands alongside Kma next to the makeshift control room.
The commodore storms through the rubble and the lobby; Kma rushes to her side and wraps
herself around the commodores arm and interlocking her hand and fingers with those of the
commodores. She looks straight into the face of the commodores, desperate for acknowledgement,
but nothing. The captain leads the trio to the control room, and the instant her back is turned, the
commodore grabs Kma, lifts her off her feet, and firmly and passionately kisses her lips and squeezes
her tiny frame while perfectly navigating through and around the wreckage of the recent skirmish.
Before the captain could become aware, Kma is placed back onto the floor gently, and the
commodore resumes her fixed, focused glare.

Commodore, we have already sent the bulk of our party to the location suggested by our
Valkyrie scouts. We are all that is left, and we are ready to go! The captain turns her head to speak
to the commodore while steaming through the control room.
Very good, Captain! the commodore bellows.
The threesome hurry through the control and the massive hole in the wall leading to the
street behind the building. A very large open-top hoover craft is hovering a few feet above the road.
Captain Coma tona makes a giant leap onto the front of the craft; the commodore grabs Kma and
leaps up onto the end of the craft. A gentle hum is generated by the hoover craft as it speeds away
from the building.
The captain instructs everyone to lock into their seats as the craft picks up speed. Everybody
complies, apart from the commodore, who holds onto the safety rail with one hand, focusing
intensely in the direction they have just come from.
Toamiry, Commodore, Kma whispers as she slides one hand over the commodores thigh to
her tightly clenched right fist. The commodore, slow to react, takes Kmas hand, shuffles back a little,
and folds Kma arm under her armpit and places Kmas hand at her lips and allowing Kma to hug her
from behind as she focuses harder still in the direction they have come from.
The forsaken building that the passengers of the hoover craft has recently vacated explodes
like a sandcastle being kicked by a professional football player trying to score a penalty. So much
material is shoved aside as if it is nothing but wet sand; with such monumental force, it obliterates
opposite and adjacent buildings with its far-flung debris.
Once again, the enormous black cylinder presents itself and emits a horrifically loud and
fear-inducing tone. A single green laser light shoots forth from the top of the cylinder and highlights
the speeding hoover craft; the passengers gasp and duck, but there is no effect. The tone sounds
again, the laser light goes off, and a bright white light appears at the bottom of the cylinder. A
violently flaring, mostly green-purple light appears like a match head after the match head has been
struck, begins to travel at a great speed straight for the hoover craft.
THEIR SLAVE IS OUT! shouts one of the soldiers.
WHAT THE SHIT IS A SLAVE? asks Swade; Swade then looks at the other male members of
pureblood who are already looking at him.
In this context . . ., Swade clarifies. Members of pureblood roll their eyes at him, knowing
he is about to say something stupid.
the commodore, still facing the other direction, head down, rubbing Kmas hand on her face.
Sorry, Commodore, its these buildings and the roads. I cannot make a turn yet without
going into one! cries Captain Coma tona as she flies the hoover craft hurtling down the street.
Keep going, evade when you can. You are doing a fine job, Captain!
Kma squeezes the commodore tighter; the commodore puts Kmas hand to the centre of her
chest, straightens her back, and takes a deep breath; she telepathically whispers to Kma, Sorry,
Kma, I messed up.
Now is not the time for self-sacrifice. We can fight, says Kma vocally, quietly crying into the
commodores back.
Not with that cylinder present, says the commodore as she readies herself to engage the

Aim slave.
The slave burns its way towards the hoover craft, destroying the road beneath with every
step, creating a tailwind of black road and dust being launched into the air. The slave has made up
the distance travelled by the hoover craft at a truly impossible rate and is now worryingly close to all
on board the hoover craft.
Shit me! We need to go faster! gasps Swade.
No shit, utters Devlon as he grips his black Bone Star with his sweaty hand.
The slave looks like a bald-headed, very muscular man covered in an emerald green flareflames
with flares of purple. So close now is the Aim slave that it reaches forwards for the hoover craft; it
becomes possible to see that even his fingers have muscles and his veins are alight with fire.
HOLD ON! shouts the captain in a raspy voice.
With that order, the captain makes such a sharp turn that the hoover craft back is thrown
almost completely out. The craft dips and tilts greatly to compensate for the captains manoeuvre.
The commodore, being the only person not to have locked herself in to the craft, is al most thrown
clear out of the racing vehicle, forcing herself to use every gram of strength in her well-developed
hands, arms, and clawed feet to hold on, causing the commodore to involuntarily make a terrifically
loud, earthy noise of strength and exertion. Near black-out levels of g-force make it feel like the other
passengers organs have been thrown, whipped out of the craft as a result of the captains evasive
Skilful misdirection has sent the Aim slave shooting straight, like a bullet, through a building
like it is nothing. Through the gaps in between buildings, the Aim slave is seen to skid, cutting itself
knee-deep into the road. Pure, heart-stopping, awe-inspiring, silence-inducing dumbfoundedness is
expressed by the entire crew of the hoover as the Aim slave, in no more than ten strides recovered
the distance, created by the captains manoeuvring, making a beeline straight through another
building, as if it isnt even there to reach its target.
Hope is lost; the crew prepare to fight. The commodore releases Kmas embrace, kneels up
from her seat, and turns to look over her follow passengers. She glances down at Kma from an
almost-standing position. Kmas look of sheer desperation is matched with the commodores purest,
crystal clear expression of acceptance; a decision has been made.
The commodore turns at the same time reaching across her body to her waist and draws her
claymore. The Aim slave grips the end of the racing hoover craft and pulls down aggressively while
digging its heels into the road. The front end of the hoover vehicle veers up immediately, sending the
craft almost vertical. The crew scream and brace themselves, all except the commodore, who lets go
of the side safety rail.
Knees bent, heels up, balls of feet supporting, claws gripping, body leant ever so forwards, all
adjust, acting like shock absorbers and stabilises the commodores well-balanced stance. Special
breathing technic, honed over decades of warfare allows the commodore to enter a state that slows
her perception of reality for a three heartbeats and four breaths. First heartbeat, deep breath in,
claymore position horizontally at shoulder height, the commodore leans forwards, aiming for the
slave Aims throat, deep breath out. The Aim slave, determined to wreck the craft, focuses hard on
pulling the tail end to the ground.
Second beat, second breath in, each breath important, not one beat can be missed, recites
the commodore in her head. Heels coiled, claws pierced and inserted into the haul, compensating for

the extreme motion of the hoover vehicle and adding stability, arms bent, body relaxed, chest
virtually parallel with the upturned vehicle, slaves throat still in sight, breath out. Third beat, deep
breath in, body continuously adjusting for variables, throat still in sight, heels spring body forwards,
launch claymore first.
With her feet vertically above her head as well as most of the vehicle, the commodore
thrusts her full body downwards at the attacking Aim. No sound, no vehicle, no mission, no Kma,
only the claymore and the neck of the Aim, which must become one, in the fully committed
commodores mind. The claymore leads the commodore right underneath the Aim slaves chin. At
the last microsecond, the Aim slave spies and clocks on to the commodores intended strike. Then
lets go of the hoover craft, sending the vehicle careening. Then becoming the very antithesis of
agility, throwing its head back, shoulders then arms and launch itself into a very low, very tight
backflip. Bodies now touching the Aim, flips the commodore away the Aim using its torso and legs to
do so.
The commodore is thrown; she flies, she hits the ground, she rolls, she does not stick to the
landing. Instead, she hits the ground and is winded. She mistimes the fourth breath, the recovery
breath. Her body is filled with massive amounts of pressure as a result, coupled with the pain and the
impact of an ill landing.
Captain Coma tona struggles to gain control of the hoover vehicle as it careers up one side of
a building, but she does regain control.
Commodore, what are your orders?
Two telepathic messages hit the commodore at the same time, still reeling on the floor
clutching her ribs.
Understood, Commodore!
NNOOOOO, I love you, Toamiry . . .. The volume of the telepathic messages fades as the
hoover vehicle speeds away. The commodore allows herself to feel half a moment of loss then with
the following half moment, she throws herself back on her powerful feet.
The Aim hero has acquired the commodores claymore and it throws it to one side. The Aim
hero leans forward and charges the commodore, and the commodore throws up her guard.
Overhand right, overhand right, right hook to the ribs, left jab to the facethe Aim hero
wastes no time in delivering punches to the commodore. The commodore blocks both overhand
right punches and manages to head-butt the left jab, but the blow to the ribs connects. The
commodore releases another earthy yell that echoes all around the empty streets in reaction to the
connecting blow. Each following blow rattles the skeletal structure of the commodore, and each
blocked strike thunders the commodores armoured padding and echoes off the surrounding
buildings. So quick is the Aim the commodore is unable to land single blow. The Aim hero rains down
blow after blow, creating a solid boom sound effect as the fists pound the commodores body.
Latterly shifting her entire body a few feet to the left, then to the right, then backwards, claw marks
are carved, engraved in to the Aims coated roads as the commodore attempts to gain her footing.
The Aim slave drops almost to its knees, leans forward, and delivers a devastating blow to
the commodores gut. The commodore, still blocking her head, is sent flying backwards; the
commodores body hits the ground and continues to skid backwards.

Only the commodores training keeps strategy in her mind as she knows an Aim slave is only
this powerful for as long as it flares, and each action depletes its flare. The Aim leaps on top of the
winded commodore, grabs her shoulders, rolls backwards using both feet on her stomach, and with
great force, launches the commodore into the air. The Aim meets the commodore in the air, grabs
her flying body, and begins to punch the life out of the commodore. As the Aim finishes its ascent
and begins its decent, it kicks the commodore to the ground with bone-shattering force.
The flexibility of her rib bones are truly tested by the force of impact; skull bangs off the
ground, the commodores helmet takes the majority of the impact with terra firma trauma, deep
breath forced out. Instantly, despite her beating, force of will throws the commodore to her feet as
she is a true Mokatiy warrior, and she begins an insane dash for her claymore.
Head pulsating, heart banging, body throbbing, a huge breath in, huge breath out, spit flies
with a warriors cry that goes beyond pain. Blood and adrenaline surge and course, talons clawing
the solid tarmac like so much gravel flicked into the air by the commodores bull-charging stride.
Muscular arm and shoulders throw the commodore up and forwards; for everything she is worth,
breathe in. Powerful leg muscles crave and demand more blood and oxygen f rom the driven
commodore, sights fixed on her sword; breathe out.
Landing just after the commodore got to her feet, and with its bodys moment traveling in
the wrong direction, the Aim slave corrects its course and begins to chase down the commodore
with all the absolute, single-minded focus of a high-calibre round from the barrel of a sniper rifle,
straight form the eternally fairy bowels of Gehenna.
Each stride from her powerful dragon legs rockets the commodore closer and closer towards
her claymore. Her plus 1 modification on her armour separating water from sweat, redistributing the
fluid for extra padding. A millisecond in between the commodore and the Aim slave, the Aim slaves
flare burns harder ever still. Suddenly, the flare burns brighter, and the Aim runs faster, catching the
commodore up with ease and overtaking her. The Aim turns slightly to deliver a blow while running
when out of the sky, two fiery balls of energy collide with the Aim, running full pelt, knocking the Aim
sideways towards the commodore.
The commodore dives and rolls underneath the flailing, somersaulting Aim slave. Finally, the
commodore retrieves her claymore with a desperate diving grab. She rolls to her feet and looks up to
see Ni and Jen sawing in the sky, coming back around for another strike. The pair making a fourwinged beast together, Jen holding Ni directly beneath him. They perform majestic aerials in
preparing for another attack.
The commodore is almost caught off guard; so quick was the Aim slaves recovery, it
launches another wave of attacks. However, this time, the commodore simply leads the Aim into
another fiery epic; energetic blasts she feels her comrades have let loose by backing up and then
So perfect is the set up and the second strike from Jen and Ni that it has the Aim slave
wholeheartedly devouring the fiery projectiles and then greedily eating terra firma as the top half of
its body is sent flaming, grinding into the dirt.
I have to be honest, I was afraid I would not last much longer. You have been a powerful
challenge, but now I must finish you! the perspiring commodore states as she waves her comrades
on, now leaving the scene. The commodore brandishes her sword in preparation for her final attack.
I have seen slave heroes like you take out whole squads. You look like some sort of
makeshift version, taunts the commodore.

Beaten like a rag doll, with her weapon of choice, Commodore Toamiry stands with a killers
intent, and she has no doubt what she will do. The Aim slaves recovery is far slower now that the
flare is at half burn.
Forgive the intrusion. I shall make this quick! states Commodore Toamiry.
The Aim slave forms a blade out of its right arm from the tip of its finger and three inches
past its elbow bend, and it stands ready for another round.
The two warriors rush each other, together in a ballet of sword strikes and counters to the
death. Skilled footing sees the commodore keep her head on her shoulders. The Aim slave is faster
yet cannot out maneuverer the very skilled and experienced Commodore Toamiry. The Aim slave
tiers to the formula, that its speed and strength will leave it soon, acts like a cornered wild animal
fighting for every centimeter.

Body battered and sore, yet still the commodore moves to take control of the situation; she
has been here before, moving forward behind strong blocking, countering, and shoulder-barging,
when she feels the Aims strength dwindle.
The commodore performs a fake-out by moving in too close, with her sword held down low
after deflecting a low strike from the Aim with her claymore, making the Aim slave believe the
commodores head is exposed. Putting its full weight behind a vertically downwards swat with its
bladed arm, the Aim slave plays directly into the commodores hands. Using spacing, the commodore
half-steps backwards then with more than her available strength, swings her claymore up, over, and
behind her head, sending the Aims bladed arm back up vigorously, knocking the Aim off balance,
and exposing its entire torso.
Leading in with her elbow, the commodore moves in close quickly, producing a powerful
knee to the Aim slaves midsection, letting out a powerful and high-pitched hawk, warlike cry.
Dedicating every bit of strength from her leg muscles, and then more form her abdominal muscles,
following that, the rest of her body quivers and tightly tenses in one continuous fluid motion from
her powerful dragon legs into the Aims physical form. Now the rag doll in the affair, the Aim slave
folds over the still-raising dragon knee. At the peak of the strike, the Aim flies off and hits the ground.
The Aims flare spits and sputters out; a shiny, completely black Aim slave is revealed, panting, lying
spent on the ground. The commodore goes for the kill when all at once, gale blows, rumbling, turns
to shaking, shaking turns to outright quaking in a blink of an eye. A tidal wave of black tarmac, brick
and larger chunks of buildings well over 100 feet high, cascades minaciously too vast and too fast for
the commodore to flee. Crush the commodores spirit for a moment.
But the commodore has just come too far to give up, and giving up will not allow her to see
her love again. Quickly reconstructing her helmet, making it a full-head-covering helmet. A honeycoloured golden ring flashes, then a sphere completely encases the commodore. The commodore
braces herself for the inevitable impact. Just as the black wave reaches its pe ak, the black cylinder
rips through the centre of the wave, creating a colossal sonic boom and an explosion of blacken
material rocketing forwards and sending both the commodore and the slave into the air, making the
same monstrously horrific tone as before, capturing, holding, and protecting the pair of warriors in
mid-air from the measureless tidal waves of destruction going on around it, in a red laser light,
before pulling the beings into itself.
The commodore has been taken by the black cylinder, and the black cylinder has treated the
citys structures, as if they were all made from powder, with ineffable levels of annihilation.

Landscapes are totalled; any recognisable landmarks are raised to nothing. Behemoth waves of solid
bricks, roads, and metal rage on in the wake of the black cylinder for some time after the black
cylinder ceases its activity. The harrowing, agonizing tone sounds; a moment later, a black sphere
falls from the sky, completely engulfing the cylinder, pounding the ground, and immediately
launching itself back into space.
Chapter 10
Transition, Pain, and Discovery
2.00 p.m.
Inside another high-rise building, this time far larger, on the ground floor, Captain Ashas and
Captain Coma tonas teams both have come together and are now holding up, waiting to receive
orders. A small green Rugity and another much-tanned-looking Rugity have been going rounds to
each human, including the Faux Terrains, inside the building, dispensing hot food and water. The
humans are all in a state of shell shock, but they are being treated very well by medical members of
the two teams, and they are glad for the extra room. But the human inhabitancies of Earth, or what
the Mokatiy and Rugity call the children of Terra or Terrain, still cluster in little groups together.
Deep inside this priorly abandoned building, inside what is a common area, near the rear of
the building, standing around in a circle, Ceon, Black, and his cousins Kane and Denim are with the
purebloods, listening to the ordeal they not long ago went through. Donny records the whole event
in his CCU, and Black feeds his face while sitting on a chair a little away apart from the group.
As far as I am concerned, gloves are off. That thing was mean! says Swade, and he
emphasizes the mean.
Nah, family, mean does not cover it! It went through walls, like paper, that thing was fricking
insane, comments Devlon, throwing his black Bone Star sabre into the air and catching it.
Jeez! exclaims Jada.
Of course we are going to have to use our powers now! proclaims Eva.
What powers you got? asks Swade.
Shut up, Swade! replies Eva.
Ive never even changed into my fully realised state. Has any of you? asks Ceon.
Nah, says Kane.
Nah, says Swade.
I havent! says Eva
Me either, says Jada.
Sometimes I forget Im different form everyone else, says Shade. Donny simple shakes his
head, and Devlon says nothing.
Bottom line, no one is gonna say shit now, and we work with what we got! states Desaron
Oh jeez! Shade covers her face in embarrassment for Desarons statement.
Overly positive statement from you, Des? says Eva.
He is all happy because, he thinks he Black and Michael are gonna make him a crow now!
says Jada.
Over who? asks a much detoured Eva.

Over you man, the purebloods, states Ceon, and everyone looks at Black, sitting on a chair,
stuffing his face ravenously.
Noff, noff. Look, the old rules are more flexible now, we dont have to hide. We have far
more external supportnoffMichael is going to go away again, so we will need another overseer
to oversee operations here. Its not a big deal. You are all your own bosses. No one has to keep you
in check, Black says while feeding his face.
Michael is going away . . . again . . . now? asks Shade. The group pauses for Black to
answer, but he is still stuffing his face. Jada speaks while Black eats.
Jeez, last time he went and came back, he was pyscho! remarks Swade.
Hmm, Michael is so handsome, its such a shame he is half-cooked! Shade covers her
mouth quickly and, with eyes wide, slowly looks at Ceon leaning on the wall.
What . . . youre right, the guy is nucking futs, Ceon states.
Yeah, he is! concurs Black; Kane and Denim stay silent and look at each other.
Lets be honest, Merkury is not all there either, Jada states with a huge smile on her face as
she walks towards Ceon and puts her hands on his chest; Ceon just smirks.
Difference is, Michael is dangerous for everyone. Merks is only a danger to himself! jokes
Diem, and the group bursts into laughter.
Wait, wait, this is my impression of Merkury . . . aaaaarh! Swade adds; the group laughs
even harder; Ceon laughs to myself.
Whatever, its not like that anymore, Ceon says.
Why, have you stopped getting yourself in trouble? Jada leans fully into Ceons chest,
looking up into his face, and smiling. Ceon reluctantly smiles and turns his head away.
Hmp, Merkury King, scoffs Devlon; Ceon looks at Devlon curiously, with a hint of
And where have you been for the past two years? Last time I heard anything about you, you
were dating Eva. Jada smiles and turns around to face Eva. Eva and Ceon both look at each other.
I knew you were going to say something! remarks Eva, folding her arms.
Wwwhhat? It has been my familys duty for generations to make sure Faux Terrains breed
with each other, all the way back, ever since the fifties. Some of the group laugh at Jadas half joke.
Jada, with a huge smile, takes Ceons hands, raises her left leg high, leans forward, and
arches her back, like a ballet dance, while looking into Evas face. Then leans forward more and
more, forcing Ceon to firmly support Jada by taking hold of her wrists, le st she falls over. Finally, Jada
tilts her head back to look at Ceon with a cheeky smile.
And you love it so! replies Eva.
Then Michael turns up again, from nowhere, and off goes Merkury again! If the Aim did not
show up, I doubt we would have ever seen you again. Jada points her toes out high in the air, then
draws back her left leg, and feeds it through the gap between Ceon on the wall and the rest of her
arched body through to the right. Then she grabs Ceons wrists, ducks down a little, spins on her
right leg anticlockwise, and crosses both Ceons arms into an arm lock.
Ceon is forced to counter the arm lock before Jada puts it on fully. He spins 180 degrees
clockwise facing the wall then he throws his arms out in front of him; Jada. Still holding on, is pulled
towards Ceons back. Jada simply puts her right foot on the small of Ceons back and pushes against
Ceons pulling. Ceon twits his wrists inside Jadas grip and uses his strength to break free of Jadas

Its not important . . . I was training. The pair both straighten up, and Jada starts to spar
with Ceon at medium strength and speed. First with a high kick to the side of Ceons face, which he
blocks easily, partly because Jada had no intention of really hitting him.
You didnt want to see us anymore? Jada throws a straight jab to Ceons midsection; he
parries it away and moves back.
Thats not it either. I was training. The pair continues to gently spar.
THATS IT! Kane throws his hands up into the air. The sparring pair stops immediately.
What? asks Jada?
I AM GOING TO GET MORE FOOD ! Kane pronounces, pointing one finger to the air; Denim looks
bewildered and starts laughing.
Hes right, Im going for seconds! Eva chimes.
Yup, sounds good! Desaron agrees.
Wait, do they have enough? They have to feed everyone, dont forget. reminds Shade.
I dont care, I can watch that man stuff his face no more! Correction, I will not watch that
man stuff his face no longer! Kane pronounces again.
Oh jeez! Shade face palms herself.
Oh, ooh, oh, quit being silly, says Eva.
They said they have ample supplies of food should anyone want more, exclaims Jada as she
ducks from a slow right hook from Ceon, spins into him, and performs a very agile split kick that goes
right underneath Ceons chin.
That was before they started feeding everybody! Denim says, spreading the idea of lack.
Black finally finishes his bowl of food, gets up, and walks out of the room.
It only takes a moment for most of the partyKane, Denim, Devlon, Swade, Eva, Shade, and
Desaronto go running, laughing, and screaming out the room for more food. The rush causes Jada
to hug Ceon and scream, lest she be knocked over by the stampede, leaving only Jada and Ceon and
Donny, who is recording everything inside the room.
Man, Jada, those were some sweet moves, Donny exclaims.
Aww, thanks Donny!
Hit Merks some more, I wanna record it.
Okay! Jada starts whacking Ceon full pelt.
Huu, aarh! Jadas small fists really hurt, surprisingly.
Ten minutes later, the group returns with more hot steaming food, amidst a hive of activity
outside of the room they are currently walking into. Ceon wasnt hungry before but seeing everyone
walks in with great-looking meals, Ceon is starting to wish he went and got some of his own.
Those black boxes the soldiers are in are everywhere! Eva says as she walks in and sits on
Blacks chair.
I wont go that far. Theres like eleven of them, huh? Black walks in next to discover Eva
has stolen his seat; he turns to Ceon.
Here, hold this . . . dont eat it! Black makes sure Ceon understands his direction, with a
finger in his face. Ceon growls and smirks and takes Blacks bowl of food. Black proceeds to construct
more chairs for everyone from digi-mat.
Why do they sleep in the black boxes? They are so creepy, says Eva before tucking into her

It has something to do with promoting certain outgoing energies while at the same time
restricting certain types of incoming energies, says Black while creating chair after chair.
Ummmm! Kane walks in and stick his plate of food under Ceons nose and walks by; Ceons
eyes follow the plate.
Here you go, champ. Denim positions a plate of food directly in front of Ceons face and
continues to lower his hand with the bowls of food in it, forcing Ceon to take the plate with his
available hand. Denim then lightly slaps Ceon, lightly and playfully in the face and walks off and takes
a seat that Black has just created.
Swade comes in behind Denim and attempts to also slap Ceon in the face, but Ceon is quick
to move back, making sure not to spill the bowls of food and kicking the back foot of Swade, making
him almost trip; the pair smile and scrutinise each other.
Wow, you can do that! shouts Shade, amazed at Blacks ability to use digi-mat.
Yup, cheers! Black finishes constructing chairs for everyone and retrieves his food f rom
Can you teach me? Here you go, shade asks Black as she hands a plate of food to Jada.
Thank you, sweetie. Jada takes her bowls and dives straight onto one of the available
chairs. Yeah, its easy, after everyone is done eating, well start you off with the deconstructing of
the empty bowls, remarks Black.
Whats easy? asks Desaron; Desaron and Devlon are the last to walk in. Devlon hands
Donny a bowl of food; Donny just nods in gratitude.
Your girl, fam! remarks Black.
OOOOOOOHHH ! everyone sounds at the same time as they laugh and giggle.
Hardy, fam, hardy! Desaron takes his seat as does the rest of the gang, and they all sit in a
circle and begin to eat their meals. Time passes and most of the crew are silently enjoying their
meals when Jada comes up with an idea.
You know what we should all do!
No, what? Ceon smirks after teasing Jada. Jada rolls her eyes and smiles
Anyway, change forms in front of each other!
Great idea, ladies first! Swade says jokingly
Creep! remarks Shade.
Im not changing in front of anyone! states Eva. Kane puts down his bowl, having finished
every last morsel.
Im going first, one time! Kane jumps up out of his seat and claps his hands. Everyone
shuffles their chairs backwards, and Kane walks into the middle of the circle.
Right, its go time, baby! Kane bounces up and down and get himself pumped. He takes a
deep breath, closes his eyes and he begins to focus.
Today! shouts Denim; everyone in the room chuckles and laughs, even Kane.
Whatever, Kane says, looking back over his shoulder at Denim. Kane then sticks his arms
out by the his sides, striking a pose, he throws his head from one side to the other, transforming
himself into a seven foot tall, red-eyed, slim humanoid dragon, with scales of a dark red and brown
colour and very smooth looking, with a long tail and four spikes pointing upwards, four spikes on the
top of his head, and triangle-like spikes running straight down from the base of his neck all the way
down to his the four spikes at the end of his very long tail.
Wow, says Eva.
Right! says Shade.

What was all that closing your eyes and focusing for if you could just pose and do it like
that? asks Jada.
Because he could still feel it. He had already started the process and feel it the instant he
focused and it was still there after Denim interrupted, says Ceon.
Yeah, how did you know that? Kane asks.
Huh, dont tell me, you feel it too! Devlon scoffs.
Well, I did, so? Ceon replies.
Phsss, whatever. Devlon folds his arm as he simple cannot bear to hear Ceon speak
Calm it, Kermit, jeez, if Merks said he felt it, he felt it, no big deal! states Jada while she
laughs at the pair.
Hello back to me! says Kane, pointing at himself.
Ha! Shade laughs.
That was easy! suddenly, Kanes head snaps to look straight at the entrance doorway.
There, camouflaged to the wall, is a Mokatiy soldier; everybody jumps in a state of shock and
surprise. Aware she has been discovered, the soldier steps forwards and deconstructs, just the face
part of her helmet.
Why is this gathering held in such a secretive manner? the soldier queries.
It just happened here, says Ceon. Ceon recognises the voice of the soldier; she is the one
who threw him to the ground that morning, one of the Valkyrie scouts.
It wasnt planned, says Shade in an apologetic tone; Shade looks at the others. Eva, Jada,
Ceon, Denim and Donnystill recordinglook baffled by the aggression and the tone of the soldier.
The rest of the boys just look too as if to say, What is it any of your business?
Many have already seen our forms, plus you Faux Terrains have a duty to share your fully
realised forms with our Terrain family. For now, you are the bridge that connects us all. The soldiers
argument is heard, and she leaves the room; the group take a moment to decide.
She has a point, we dont need to hide anymore, says Swade.
Agreed, but her delivery stinks! remarks Devlon.
I dont think she meant any harm, I think, thats just her way, states Ceon.
Could you not reply to my statement, please?! Devlon shouts at Ceon.
Jeez, Dev, why cant you just chill, Jada asks before Ceon can answer.
Yeah, really, just relax already. We are all part of the same team, now, says Eva.
This guy thinks he knows everybody. Well, you dont, family! Devlon yells at Ceons face;
Ceons face looks like he has twigged something.
Aww, whats the matter, family? Did your family tell you, you were special, but the rest of
the world treats you like you are shit? You want the respect you deserve, that your bloodline desires,
aww, poor baby! Devlon, Kane, Denim and most of the others are stunned; slack-jawed by Ceons
statement, especially Devlon, who is just silent.
O-ha, o-ha, oh, ha, wow! Shade covers her mouth to look and laugh at the disdain on
Devlons face.
Your emotional energy is thick family! states Ceon to Devlon.
Is that true, Dev? asks Eva; Devlon looks like he is having a hard time swallowing what has
just been. Ceon gets up stands next to Kane both with their arms folded, both looking at Devlon, who
cannot meet their gazes and looks down and away to his right after cutting a momentary sullen look

at Ceon.
Dev, if thats the truth, then that stuff doesnt matter. Other people dont define you, most
people didnt even believe in aliens up until now, and that is like so stupid when you think how big
the universe is, ya know. Lovingly, Eva tries to reach Devlon, who cannot put his face anywhere.
Especially when considering all you truly need from life is electromagnetics, and like we live
in an electromagnetic universe! Everyone pauses to look at Denim for his last comment.
What?! says Denim.
You said that before, Einstein! mocks Kane.
Well, its true! asserts Denim.
Yeah, well, no one wants to hear your science lesson! Kane smiles and looks away from
Denim; Denim rolls his eyes.
Squash that noise. How did you know Dev feels that way? Does it have to do with your
power? Jada leans forward to Ceon after dismissing both Kane and Denim with a wave of her hand.
What am I thinking right now? Jada puts her fingers to her head and squeeze her eyes shut. Ceon
does the same with one eye open.
Yooure thinking how awesome I am and how you cannot wait to get into my boxers!? says
Ceon jokingly.
Gasp! Hes right, BLAAAHHH ! Jada pulls a face and sticks her tongue out at Ceon; Ceon
returns the gesture in kind.
It doesnt work like that. It only works if you wanna harm me or kill me, Ceon says in a
rather upbeat tone, proud of his ability. The group looks at each other, the girls especially not
That sounds, kinda lame, Merkury, says Shade.
Not being funny or anything, Merks, but that definitely sounded unpleasant, says Eva.
That would explain a lot, says Swade; Swade puts emphasis on the lot part.
Right! says Desaron; Desaron looks Ceon deadpan in the face. Ceon just smirks.
Wishing to change the subject now that everyone is telling him how awful his ability is, Ceon
suggests, It was never this clear before, anyway, lets all go to the lobby!
To buy ourselves some Coke, says Kane.
Yes, Kane, well will buy some Coke.
And snacks too! says Jada.
Yes, that as well! replies Ceon.
You guys are ridiculous! Shade gets up and heads towards the entrance.
Whos going next? Donny pipes up, momentarily looking up from his recording device.
Baggies, ohhh. Ceon and Denim both shout baggies.
Yes! But Ceon shouts it a little bit quicker, so he gets to go first. Not that he really wants to
go next, Ceon was just competing.
Nah! One of your boys, one of my boys, thats how we are doing it. Swade, youre up.
Desaron asserts his authority.
Cool, says Ceon.
Cool, says Swade.
The entire group begins to mill out into the foyer. Black jogs up to Ceon and puts his arm
around his shoulders while they walk.

Cuz, remember that time you came to my yard at like, two a.m., on a Sunday!
Nah, what time?
It was like five years ago, you came over, out the blue, and you wanted a draw. But you had
no grets so I had to take you to the shops, coz you didnt even know how to get where it was, and on
the way back, we saw that gang raid my flat.
Oh yeah, and you knock that guy out and stole their van, and we call ed the police on them!
The pair burst out laughing. Yeah, what about it?
Did you feel that was gonna happen to me, like those goons were coming to raid my spot,
Nah, that time I just woke up with a really strong urge to go see you and smoke some draw.
Uh cool, just wondering. Black says a little disappointed.
The group walks out into a large foyer; it has all the marks of a building that has been visited
by the Aim. No doors, no glass, no electricity or personal effects of any kind. The building, whatever
it was before, is a very expensive-looking building, like the ones you see in movies whenever the
main character has to go see a lawyer or something similar.
The company gravitate to the center of the foyer. Black starts to show Shade and Eva how to
construct some simple stools from digi-mat, for everybody. Around them, soldiers are walking,
running around, completing duties, giving reports, tending to the injured, etc.
Ceon takes the time to search himself and how he feels, after he feels his heart still beating a
little quicker than it normally would and feeling a little odd, with it.
Never before, in his life has he felt the stark difference in vibrational qualities of the
emotional state of everyone around him. The emotional energetic effect, especially during his more
aggressive interactions, has a very energetic physical effect on his body. He starts to realise his
breathing is harder, his heart begins to beat harder, hes getting excited. Ever since Michael came to
his flat, Ceons excitement over his abilites within, seems to be continuously growing and swelling,
ready to explode. Which is a stark difference to how his abilities actually worked, he noted.
While Ceon daydreams, the rest of the gang take their seats. Swade claps his hands, in front
Ceon face to snap him out of his daydream.
Cmon daydreamer, its my time to shine. Go sit down. Ceon takes a stool and Shade and
Jada chuckle.
What are you daydreaming over? asks Kane.
Err, nothing. Ceon takes a seat.
Here goes! says Swade
Swade takes a deep breath in and performs a far more gradual shift into to his fully realised form,
looking like he was in complete control of every part of his shift.
Bones click, skin stretches, colour changes, texture of skin changes into scales. At the end of
the process, Swade lets out a howl and poses for the group.
Yeeeaaahhh! Jada claps; the group gain some head turns in their direction from other
people in the foyer.
Oh jeez! Shade hides her face in embracement for Swades posing.
Swade is now an eight-foot tall, slim, with a very rich shade of grass-green with a paler
shade of green running down the centre of his body all the way down to the tip of his tale, which is
long and thin. His scales are very bumpy on the outer parts of his body, he has emerald-green eyes,

and bushy white hair and a short and pointy snout with two sets of canines poking out of his closed
mouth just a little, going straight up and straight down.
Thank you, thank you, no applause please. Swade put his hands in the air in a display of
showmanship and takes a seat. Shade examines Swades hair with her fingertips.
Sit down! says Desaron.
Denim really wants to go next! Ceon thinks to himself.
Right my turn! Denim jumps up his seat, and Ceon hides his smile with his hand.
Hang on, Ceon is next! spouts Eva.
Thanks, Eva, its okay Denim seem so excited . . .. replies Ceon.
Aww, Jada and Shade comment.
Yup! Thats ma boi! Denim jumps in to the centre of the circle.
Im surprised you didnt change on your seat! remarks Kane.
Right! says Black.
Whatever, kids! NOW WHEN I CHANGE, I aint going back! Denim raises an eyebrow and looks
around; everyone except Desaron and Devlon, who are not entertained, accept Denims decision to
stay in his fully realised state. Kane nods his head in agreement.
Sounds like a sick idea, family!
If thats what you want! says Eva; Jada nods in agreement.
Yeah, family, I have no doubt! Denim reaffirms.
Shift already! Desaron shouts, growing in impatience.
Cool, fam. Denim closes his eyes, squats, and as he pushes up, he immediately shifts into a
dark royal blue, silver, and black, eight-foot Mokatiy. His tail, the shortest and the thinnest, it barely
touches the ground, but what he lacks in tail, he makes up for in size and uniqueness.
For Denims is the widest and the most built-looking so far; his scales are not like the scales
of Kane and Swade. Instead of scales, a network of tiny honeycomb hexagons all over his body. There
is a slight reflective, silvery quality to the lines in between the hexagons. As Denim turns and the light
travels across his large upper body, the tone of his skin changes f rom a dark royal blue to black
separated by a line of silver.
There is not one spike on his body or hair; completely smooth, with large yellow slit eyes and
thin and long pointy ears. Every tooth in his mouth meets each other perfectly when he smiles; his
snout is half a foot long and he has a perfectly round head. Denim looks very much like royalty.
WOOW! says Shade.
Right! says Jada.
I can see why you wanted to show off so much! states Black.
You look like royalty, says Eva. A huge grin grows across Denims face.
For realz, family! agrees Ceon.
B-b-b-baby, you just aint seen na-na, nothin yet! Kane, Ceon, Black, Eva, Jada, and Shade
burst out laughing; Desaron and Devlon look at each other and simply nod.
A hard thump of his heart as Ceon realises that it is his turn, deciding he has no cho ice, he
rises up out of his seat.
Hold on, playboy, one of your boyz, one of my boyz, thats what we agreed, Donny, youre
up! Ceon puts his hands up and simply sits back down on his stool . Jada cut her eyes at him.

Donny looks up from his CCU.

What? Why dont you go next? Donny replies sheepishly.
Because I told you to. Now stop recording and make it happen! demands Desaron.
I want to record everyone changing first, Donny replies. Desaron looks at Donny,
displeased, and grunts.
Dev, deal with the Ps! Desaron slaps Devlons arm and then folds his own arms, confident
Devlon will for fill his request.
Nah, Im cool, Devlon says while flipping his black Bone Star sword.
NAH , YOURE COOL! What do you mean nah, youre cool?! Desaron mimics Devlon in a loud
and aggressively mocking tone.
Chill, Desy! says Jada.
He just might not want to change into his FRS, it is not a normally state of being for any of
us, states Eva.
WHAT! Desarons face becomes screwed up in disbelief, as if he has heard the most horrible
thing in his life.
With his standing as a Mokatiy warrior put into question, by Eva, lovingly coming to his aid,
forces Devlon to clarify.
Its not that, Devlon says reluctantly, still looking down flipping his sword.
What is it then? Desaron aggressively leans towards Devlon.
I dont want them to see my Aim, says Devlon, very ashamed of himself.
WHAT! Merks, Black, and Michael are all infected! Desaron throws his arm out, hand
gesturing towards Ceon. Black looks to see if Desaron gestures towards him with a keen eye; Desaron
does not.
Yeah, but they are not purebloods! argues Devlon.
Ho! So you were just being elitist. HA! And there I was, defending you! states Eva, throwing
her palms up then placing her hands on her hips. Devlon quickly spins round to Eva.
No one asked you too! Eva folds her arms and looks away.
Thanks, tho, Devlon says reluctantly in a quiet voice.
Aint your clothes made up of Aim anyway? Ceon looks at Black puzzled; Black just shrugs.
Ewww, your clothes are made up of the Aim. I didnt even realise that when I was touching
you! It just felt like normal clothing! states Jada.
NO! Didnt I tell you not to talk to me?! Devlon looks at Ceon, intensely to hammer home
his point. Shade tuts; Ceon puts up his hands in compliance.
Look, a second ago, this guy was ready to go and hes infected! Desaron hand gestures
more to Ceon. Devlon gets up and loses it a little.
FUCKING OFFSHOOT! Devlon is angry, almost waving his hands in Ceons face. Stunned, Ceon soaks in
the aggression like a sponge.
Oh, jeez! is all a shocked Shade could muster.
Devlon, is there any need for that! shouts Eva.
Exactly! Jada seconds Evas cry.
Desaron is surprised, but you could see a smile beginning to creep around his wide-open

mouth as he slowly looks at Black, who just stares right back. Humans turn to watch, but the soldiers
preforming their duties dont even miss a step.
Unfortunately for Ceon, Devlon has gone at him one too many times in his book, looks up, at
Devlon and says, Cuz, we can go right now if you want! Ceon is calm with his decision but his heart
is thumping in his chest.
NO! Shade implores, Jada shoots up of her stool, Eva gets up and heads straight for Devlon
but is held back by Desaron, sporting a huge grin on his face . Donny moves to get a better shot.
WHAT, FAMILY! spits Devlon as he turns fully to face Ceon.
Ceon has been plied with a steady stream of focused energy continuously, ever since Desaron
decided to use him as an example. However, Ceon notices the sudden deluge of focused energy
when Devlon got up off his stool. Such massive jump in energy, so quickly, that he feels the pain of
his bodys cells having to expand very, very quickly in an unprepared state. This effect has the result
of coursing Ceon pain within his body, which he feels he cannot reveal or allow to be seen at this
delicate moment.
The effect the explosive energy is having on the cells body in Ceons body is compounded by
the focused and the emotional energy form those around him. From the panicked hearts of Jada and
Shade, each beat of their hearts having a very forceful, stroboscopic effect, which Ceon can see as a
blinking-orange-light effect that occurs around those two in particular. Eva, deciding that she will put
a stop to this fighting, feels determined and strong, also a bit motherly. The raised anxiety levels of
Kane and Denim, preparing to fight, only stalled by the slowly lowering palm of Black as he keenly
watches both Ceon and Devlon. Ceon can almost see a slight orange tinted colour change in all of
peoples bodies around him. Without even look, Ceon is getting panoramic view in his mind, with the
electromagnetic pulses form the parties hearts painting the scene all around him, constantly with
each and every beat.

Worse still is the focused, aggressive energy directly from Devlon. Being the primary source
of energy that surges its way into Ceons body, generating massive amounts of painful pressure
within, Ceon masks the pain by opening his mouth, licking his teeth, smiling, looking to the side, then
looking at Black, rubbing his jaw with his right hand, and then placing his elbow on his right knee ,
finally resting his head in the palm of his hands. His right foot at the top step of the stool shakes
rapidly as the pain peaks. He looks back at Devlon, standing directly in front on him, and takes a deep
breath out; the feeling of the pressure expanding, feels like it might explode through his skull and
right eye. He looks at Devlon, jaw sitting in his right palm, stalling, waiting for the pain and the
ringing in his ears to subside. Ceon can feel his Bone Star sabre half sticking out of his left pocket; he
rocks his stool back a little. The sword falls out into his left hand neatly, and he begins to spin the
We can go right now, if you want, reiterates Ceon as he stares into Devlons eyes, his right
eye squinting, flickering from the pain and pressure.
Youre really ready to go, family. Devlon moves in dangerously close.
Yeah, but my guess is youll be leaving first, family! Ceon sits, heart beating, aware of his
and Devlons space and stance. The collective energy continues to surge, but the pain and pressure
levels out, and Ceon feels in control finally and ready to use the energy within.
Why is it that my blood, being different form yours, enough to make you wanna fight me,
what do I represent to you, family? Ceon searches himself and the energies within for an answer but
comes up with nothing.
What I wanna know, are you really ready to go . . . family? Devlon almost whispers the last
bit of his sentence to really press home the seriousness of his threat, as he peers in to Ceons eyes.

Ceon whispers back, in the same vein.

Do something then . . . pussy. With that, Ceons empathic abilities are triggered by
Devlons intent to stick him with his blade.
Ceons perception of his entire reality is slowed right down while he himself remains at
regular speed. Ceons measured decision to see how far Devlon would go by pushing him over the
edge has rewarded him with his slow-motion state.
What appears to be typical of Ceons empathic abilities is a certain amount of logical data,
which comes along with the emotional energy Ceon receives. The data that Ceon can mentally
interpret as motivation, the trouble is the answer appears to arrive before Ceon has formulated the
question and if he is not ready for it he might miss it, Ceon theories. Whispers at best, and in this
instance, the energy gives Ceon the feeling and the idea that Devlon is not certain about killing him
but definitely wants to hurt him, a lot.
Ceon watches the slow-motion movements of Devlon as he slowly raises his black Bone Star
sabre to Ceons face. Ceon has the time now to get a very good look at Devlons black Bone Star
sabre. The sabre is one long black crystal with a fixed ball at the tail end of the blade. The sword is
not a solid black colour, instead it is a smoky black, you can see right into and almost through the
crystal structure. As Devlon activate his blade, there is a red bolt of li ghtning that fires from within
the Bone Star laser.
Awesome, another amazing Bone Star sword, Ceon thinks, and he wonders what the name of
this one is. Ceon has no intension of asking Devlon. Focus, intention, and emotion and or motion,
Ceon decides these four elements together, the fourth motion being a variable or a substitution for
emotion. Are key to getting him into his slow-motion state. Ceon draws his conclusion form
comparing the fight he is having now with Devlon, to the fight he has had with Caesar. Both putting
Ceons perception of reality into slow-motion. Both Caesar and Devlon have and had the focus and
the intention to harm Ceon, however Caesar had no aggressive emotion towards Ceon, which he
could register. Infact Caesar appeared to be cool and very confident. What he did have however was
great motion. The force and speed of Caesars movements coupled with the focus and intention, was
the trigger that initiated Ceons empathic abilities in the first place. However Ceon decides that the
emotion energy is more important as it has had and is still having, a greater effect on his abilities.
With the emotional energy the period of slow-motion seemed to be longer and far more stable,
instead of disappearing after the motion or action was finished. The emotional energy also comes
with visual and logical data and appears to put Ceons perception of reality into a slower state than
the energy of motion. Ceon decides he has been comprehending his abilities long enough and turns
his attention back to Devlon. Allowing Ceon to realise another factor to his abilities; it doesnt matter
if he himself is focused on the aggressor for his abilities to work, so long as they are focused on him.
As Devlon vehemently dedicates a stream of all the elements needed, to put Ceons reality into his
slow-motion state. Ceon has time to look at the emotional faces of all his friends around him (to his
fault, Ceon considers everyone around him currently to be his friend, deep down, eve ryone!) as the
actual laser from Devlons black bone star sword has yet to show itself. Some are shocked into action
or disbelief, others happy about whats going on (only Desaron) all are almost completely frozen still.
Finally, Devlons Bone Star slowly produces a vibrating red laser from its blades hilt, Devlon is aiming
the laser straight at Ceons face.
Not suffering from the effects of slow motion, Ceon rises up off of his stool and , using his
right forearm, pushes up underneath Devlons right arm, which his sword is in and he is striking with.
Ceon pushes all the way up until he is face-to-face with Devlon, with Devlons sword arm in between
the pair of them, pointing upwards. Ceon places his right knee against Devlons right knee, Devlon
leading with his right, and allows Devlon to make eye contact with his right eye. Ceon smiles at
Devlon then throws his left leg, behind and into Devlons left knee destabilising Devlons stance.
With his Bone Star sabre deactivated and held upside down, Ceon goes across the back of Devlons
neck so Devlon can feel the strike he could have made. Then he pivots on his left leg, turning
clockwise with his right leg, finishing directly on the opposite side of Devlon and directly opposite

from where he was sitting. While Ceon was in motion, he noticed the slow-motion state felt like it
was accelerating, back to normal speed. But had slowed right down again now that he had stopped
Ceon delivers a side kick with his left leg directly underneath Devlons armpit. Ceon stands
still and watches Devlon very slowly go flying, on course to collide straight into his stool, which
entertains him greatly. Ceon then places both hands on his Bone Star and focuses a portion of energy
within him into his deactivated sword. The idea is to have his Bone Star spin out some of the slowmotional energy within him so he could return to regular speed quicker; it works. Devlon crashes into
the stool Ceon was sitting on which then topples on to its side onto the floor. The stool sides for a
few feet with the Devlon on top of it; Devlon rolls off onto his side.
Devlon looks back at Ceon, and his Bone Stars sabre as the star point slowly stops spinning.
Slack- jawed, bug-eyed with a look of horror and surprise. Devlon is taken aback as to how Ceon
could have ever executed such an acute stunt and quickly accredits it to Ceons Bone Star sabre.
Credit to him, he gets up pretty fast! Ceon thinks to himself, focused on Devlons every
movement as Devlon hysterically climbs to his feet, dramatically knocking the stool aside.
From now on, you call me the King! The Merkury King! Ceon says.

Chapter 11
I am Merkury King
7.00 p.m.
Worst name EVERRR ! says Jada.
The Merkury King, I think you should just stick to Merkury King, maybe not even king,
says Kane.
No, he wants to be called the King, the Merkury king, which sounds really stupid, if you ask
me. You should keep it how it was, playa, says Denim, all around him now feel far more relaxed to
Ceon. Ceon smiles at the jokes being made at his expense, while his eyes stay fixed on Devlon, who
looks shaken but also focused.
What are you king of anyway? asks Jada, greatly calmed.
Jokes land, sneers Shade, also at more ease.
Toy land, says Black while stuffing his face.
Shit land, says Desaron.
Nice, Desy! Besides doesnt he say it in the name? He is the king of Mercury, the planet
closest to the sun, right, Merks! asks Eva; Ceon nods, and Desaron looks at Eva and Ceon and
How? When? Why are you eating again? Jada asks Black.
Noff. WHY ARE YOU NOT, FAMILY!? Black gestures to the show being put on by Ceon and
Everyone is far more relaxed now that they see Ceon is in control and on top of things.
Maybe because they believe him to be light-hearted or maybe because they believe he will not do
anything to harm Devlon. One thing is for sure, Ceon is no longer receiving any energetic of
information from the rest of the group. Apart from the fact they are all far calmer, the lack of tension
and anxious energies. Only Devlons focus remains, he has momentarily lost his aggression for
confusion and intends nothing towards Ceon for the moment. Devlon at a loss for what to do next,
remains on guard and frantically rebuilding his egos contusion.
Unfortunately, Ceon knows Devlon cannot just simply allow Ceon to outmanoeuvre and they
both walk away without a scratch; his ego will not allow that at all. Ceon decides that he will just
continue to outmanoeuvre him and maybe knock him out at some point. Ceon has no doubt he can
achieve this as he is still quite filled with the same energy from before, and it feels like it will not take
much to put him back in to his slow-motion state again. What Ceon did not expect is that the energy
within him has quickly gotten stale; it has now an aggressive quality and a foul flavour to it that Ceon
can feel and taste, right at the back of his throat and mouth. The energy repeats on him, feeling like
acid indigestion. Ceon tries to put the energy through his sword again, but now he is out of his slow motion state; the resistance is far far greater, to the point where the star point is immovable. Instead,
the energy just returns, putting pressure up under his breast bone.
Hheeerrrra! The noise is forced out of Ceon in-reaction.
Youre dead, fam, simple, Ceon says it but he doesnt mean it as his Bone Star laser isnt
even activated. Because Ceon can feel his brother rushing towards himself and Devlon, which Ceon is
a little happy about. Ceon steps forward, raising his sword high into the air with both hands.
I GOT A BONE STAR TO FAMILY! shouts a pugnacious Devlon.

What? My Bone Star didnt do Ceon doesnt get a chance to finish his sentence before
getting another blast of aggressive energy he really didnt need to be going to his body, from Devlon.
Plus the position he is in likely didnt help either, he thinks to himself. The two duellists spring
towards each other.
Suddenly, Ceon is put into slow motion and yet still receives a slow, but still powerful kick to
the top of his chest, sending him backwards. Ceon knows this was coming and was prepared for the
hit and aware of the space around him. He breathes out as the kick is landed to lessen the pain, falls
back onto an empty stool behind him, which he simply back-rolls over the top of and onto his feet.
Michael takes control of Devlons wrists and pulls Devlon off balance across himself, stops,
and twists and throws Devlons wrists up and in the opposite direction Devlons body is traveling in
the opposite direction Michael has twisted his arms in. Is immediately tossed on to his side, one
hand letting go of his blade naturally. Michael steps onto Devlons right shoulder blade and twists
and locks the arm Devlon is holding his sword in against his knee and looks around.
AAAAAARRRHHH! Devlon screams; the group stay silence. Michael looks Ceon up and down,
then he turns to Desaron.
WHAT, DESY?! CAN YOU NOT control your manz and them? Michael glowers at Desaron.
Your brothers the one starting trouble, fam! Desaron says, deflated.
Michael licks his lips and starts to twist Devlons arm even more.
AAARRH , AARRH , AARRH ! Devlons voice reaches a new tempo of pain.
Werent you not told no unnecessary energetic discharges? Michael asks Devlon in a soft
gentle voice.
I was thought the Bone Stars are basically organic, it would be all right. Spitting through
teeth, the arm lock Michael has him is forcing his face into the floor, Devlon can barely move. Still, no
one in the group says a word.
Do you want this arm back, or would you like me to tear it off for you? asks Michael calmly.
I would like it back, pleassseee, Devlon, inadvertently kisses the floor, while turning his
head to elevate the pain.
Good boy! Michael untwists Devlons arm, releasing the arm lock. Devlon on rolls to his
side and grabs his sword arm; Michael give him a swift kick in the chest. Ceon can feel the agitation
and the concern for Devlon from some of the group and the raised anxiety from every one now that
his brother is present. Michael looks at Black and gives an upwards head nod; Black responses in
kind. Then he looks at Ceon; Michael pauses and squints his eyes a little. They both at the same time
look down the foyer to see both the captains matching towards Michael.
Devlon dramatically throws himself to one side, clearing Michael s path as strides towards
the two approaching captains.
Special Agent Michael! We must have an update! exclaims Captain Asha.
Must you? replies Michael.
Yes, we must! There is data we must clarify and involves all of you! Captain Coma tona
addresses Faux Terrains. She half turns behind her and summons Comms Officer Cox, now recovered
from his wounds. Michael gives a head signal for everyone to gather round; they all rush over. The
captain continues to address the Faux Terrain.
Those of you that were involved in the fray some time ago were able to see the Aim
attacker, am I correct? Those that where in the fight gave a collective yes.
Were any of you able to feel the Aim attackers at any point, before, during or after, maybe

you felt the lack of the Aims presence? Captain Coma tona investigates further. But the captain gets
a confused look and a shaking of their heads.
Captain, if I may? asks comms officer Cox; the captain nods her head.
Thank you. Analysis of the Aim drones shows that the Greater Aim has begun producing,
Terrain drones and they are invisible to our non-Terrain eyes
The drones are not expressing any emotion, the Terrains are expressing great fear, Michael
We too came to such a conclusion, states Coma tona
It is likely due to a number of reasons, Terras sun turns white within the last fifteen of their
cycles, or years, for example. In any case the Terrain Aim drones are slightly out of our visual
spectrum, adds Cox.
Terrains emotional output makes them visible to us? asks Captain Asha.
It is likely not just their emotional output, but I believe it is a critical factor, states Cox.
You could see them after time, even people who werent even in the lobby could see them,
right? says Devlon calmly, one hand in pocket, Bone Star in the other.
Yes, this effect is not permanent. We believe after a period of adjustment, the Terrain Aim
drones will no longer be invisible to us, for any amount of time , says Cox.
Good, says Captain Coma tona.
How did our parents manage when they came here? asks Jada.
They adapted, joined the collective consciousness framework, their eyes, hearts, and so on
and so forth, answers Cox.
They werent under direct attack by the Aim, so they had time, states Michael.
If that is all, Captains? asks the comms officer.
Yes, thank you, Cox, please return to you duties. Cox nods then turns to leave.
Im glad to see your all better now! states Eva. Cox stops; he turns back around and nods.
Thank you, Faux Terrain. Cox leaves.
Thank you, Faux Terrains, for your help. Captain Coma tona looks to Captain Asha to
second her sentiments. But Captain Asha is busy intensely staring at Special Agent Michael, who is
staring right back at her. Captain Coma tona gives Captain Asha a telepathic jolt.
Oh yes, dismissed! shouts Captain Asha, and the Faux Terrains return to their seats.
Special Agent Michael, if you will please join us, says Captain Asha.
Michael is led by both captains in a repurposed room, near the back of the building. There is
a desk in the middle of the room, Michael hops up on top of the desk and lies down.
Special Agent Michael, it is crucial that we get a status update, we need to know how you
plan to deal with the second part of the Aim! states Captain Coma tona.
If you could treat this as an important event, Special Agent Michael , says Captain Coma
tona; Captain Asha is sneering at Michael.
Whatevs! Michael relaxes.
How have they given so much responsibility to a being like you? Captain Asha looks down
her nose at Michael, Michael couldnt care less.
Because Im better than everyone you have or ever will meet in your life.

Michael, if you would, we need updates on your mission, asserts Captain Coma tona.
Back in the foyer where the Faux Terrains have retaken their seats, Devlon has done well to
mask his pain, and Eva tries comfort him by rubbing his arm and shoulder, seated alittle behind him.
I bet they are having a threesome right now, says Kane.
PHA AH HA! Denim laughs.
Ewwww, exclaims Jada.
Is anyone gonna change? Donny pops his head out from behind his CCU, from which he is
I will! Quickly and explosively, Desaron explodes in to his fully realised form, right in front
of his stool. Large marine blue eyes, short brown and black, very thin, spikes that almost look like
human hair. Desaron stands at ten and a half feet tall. A very flat and long snout, horns of a bull but
far smaller on the top of his head, large red scales, and a small spiky ball at the end of his tail.
Desaron also has something the other males did not have : a set of enormous wings similar to
that of a bat, and they look incredibly heavy-duty. Desaron leaves his wings outstretched and flits one
of them so as to clip Devlon round the back of the head.
Aaarrh, it feels good to stretch. Desaron sits back on his stool.
Okay, we get it, you got wings, whoopdy doo, nah, lets move this along, Merks turn,
Merkurys time, yup, youre up Merkury . . . MERKURY! Jada ends up shouting to get Ceons attention.
Huh, what!? Ceon says coming out of deep contemplation.
Daydreamer! sings Swade. Nervous with a big smile on his face, Ceon walks in to the
middle of the circle, his heart is thumping again.
After this, we get to see you girls change, right! Ceon jests.
Ha-ha, just get on with it! says Jada
Ceon closes his eyes and focuses on the shift; he feels the change begin and he keeps his
eyes closed. While in this process, Ceon wonders what happened if he links the aggressive energy he
still has within him to his process of shifting. Ceon imagines this in his mind; he feels within himself
the area in which the he can feel the greatest amount of aggressive slow-motion energy and pressure
have accumulates. Ceon unintentionally establishes a link. Straightaway, the sudden rush of
aggressive energy floods Ceons transformation. Forcing Ceon to look straight up to the ceiling and
start roaring, the energy forcing its way out of him. Teeth firmly clenched, the roaring becomes
howling with his jaw tightly shut as Ceon starts to grow larger and louder, causing a scene. His eyes
grow a bright red and his body begin to vibrate horrifically. His skin turns completely black, and
grows into a seven foot tall, all-black with foot long snout almost the shape of an eagles beak,
smooth and shiny, cat-eared, dragon humanoid. Utterly different form the others, with horns similar
to the Wests depiction of the devil. His bones on his shoulders looked as if they were on the outside
of his body; he has no hair at all. The bones that make up his spine from the base of his skull
protrude like blades all the way down to the base of his lower back. And form the base of his lower
back, his long tail looked similar to spiked chain from the medieval era, no flesh on the outside just
what looked like black spikey bone. The tip of the tail itself was a thick dart like spear that he
thrashing around along with his spikey-chain-like tail.
Ceon has transformed into a beast formed of the nightmares of the tortured and the
demented. His cohorts tell him to calm down, but Ceon cannot hear them as he roars down the
entire building down. The scales on his body continuously shift pattern, only keeping their

configuration for a moment. Two long slivers of vertical blade-like skin the length of his body and
either side of his spine, shoot out a pair of massive demonic, clawed, all-black, bat-like wings, which
appear to have tiny blades at the top and bottom of each segment of the wings. The wings grow
larger and larger while poor frightened Terrains group together, becoming a larger groups moving as
far away from the action as they could. Even the Faux Terrains abandon their stools, putting distance
between themselves and the scene-stealing Ceon.

STOP, MERKURY, STOP! Jada cries; she steps forwards gingerly towards Ceon.
YO, MERKURY, STOP! Black tries to use the tone of authority, but it has no effect. Ceon is out
of control; he cannot stop, and he begins to give off massive amounts of heat and whips his tail
about even more, forcing the group farther back still. Everyone except Donny who moves in to get a
better shot of the glorious outburst.
Inside the control room at the far end of the building, Michael is sat up on the table, having a
heated dialogue with the two captains.
Earths dimensional gates arewhats that noise? asks Michael.
The captain pokes her head out of the room they are in and says, It looks like you brother is
having a very exothermic and violent shift into his true form. If he isnt carefully he will fling his
OH SHIT! I FORGOT! Michael almost flips the desk as he bolts out of the control room. He pelts
straight for Ceon, faster than humanly possible. With his shoulder, Michael knocks the roaring Ceon
clean off his feet, launching him a great distance straight through the door less entrance onto the
road outside the building.
Ceon hits the ground and rolls and gets up shakes it off and continues to roar. Until suddenly,
he evacuates his bowels, violently slinging his muck with the violent whipping of his tell. The Faux
Terrains rush to the window to look at Merkury in the middle of the road; they stand and gasp.
HA! Made it! Just in time, youre welcome, everybody! says Michael pronounces cheerfully,
and he walks away towards the back of the building.
Oh my! says Shade.
Tell me, please, please tell me he is not doing
He is, he definitely is! Swade interrupts Jada.
Maybe it was the extra portions he had? says Eva.
HA-HA! YES ! Extra portions, she said! says Kane, turning Donnys recording device, making
sure he is being recorded saying what he is saying.
ARE YOU GETTING ALL OF THIS ? HAHAHAH! Kane kills himself with laughter.
How embarrassing, lets not . . . Eva cannot find the correct term of phase to use.
Lets not what, Eva? Hold it against him? PHA HA HA!
THROW IT IN HIS FACE! shouts Denim quickly.
HA HAH , YES , EPIC, LETS NOT THROW IT IN HIS FACE! PHA HA HA! Crying with laughter, Kane
collapses to the ground.
What we have all laid witness to is Merkury at his finest! jokes Desaron.
Desy, that was pretty funny, states Black. Damn, kid, for a moment there, you were
looking pretty cool! states Black.

All hail the king, the Merkury king! says Devlon. Donny looks at Devlon.

Chapter 12
Red Mist
9.00 p.m.
Ceon stops roaring and begins to blow great big plumes of fire up into the air higher and
Great idea, champ, why dont you tell em exactly where we are. Black puts his hand over
his face. In that moment, it starts to rain.
Oh, thank goodness! exclaims Shade. Michael reappears, carrying a very large container in
both arms filled with water and a mop. He leaves the building heading straight towards his brother in
the middle of the road.
Is this going to happen every time he changes? Eva shouts at Michael form the window.
Nope! he replies. Just every time he consciously changes for the first time, Michael
mumbles to himself. Not that they got to worry about seeing you again, huh little brother, Michael
oddly enough Michael says that part out a laud and places the large container besides him.
What is he gonna do with that? asks Shade.
You dont wanna know! says Denim.
Looks like he has gone berserk! says Captain Coma tona.
Agreed, what can you expect form a mutt! says Captain Asha.
At any rate, we should prepare to leave. I doubt this zone will remain cold after this recent
activity! says Captain Coma tona.
Four and a half hours, what is he doing . . . ? Captain Asha silently walks away from the
display going on outside.
Outside, Ceon doesnt even acknowledge his brother, standing in front of him, and continues
to blow plumes of fire high into the air.
This is called a nullification blow or punch! shouts Michael, addressing the spectators at
the front of the building. Even for a master, this blow can be difficult to pull off! Michael continues.
Thankfully, my brother seems not to give a stuff about my existence! Michael crouches for a
moment; as he rises, he leans forwards and performs a right hook into Ceons midsection.
Executed and perfectly timed, Michaels nullification punch connects just as Ceon is
breathing in to blow more fire.
With a boom and a flash of light, Ceon is returned to his human, or his unrealised state.
Huhuuurah! cries Ceon as he falls to the ground and rolls on his back, clutching his winded
stomach. On the ground Ceons Aim begins to reform his garments over his body. Adrenaline still
pumping through his body, dazed and a bit confused, Ceon looks around; he focuses on Michael who
is standing over him.
Right, clean this up! Michael pushes the digi-mat-constructed mop handle toward Ceon in
the container filled with water. Ceon takes a moment to answer.
But its raining! he says, climbing to his feet.
CLEAN IT! Michael asserts and walks back in to the building; the spectators leave their
windows without a word, now that the action is over.
No one changes into their fully realised states unless we are under attack! Michael
commands the rest of the Faux Terrain and continues on his path.

As Ceons head continues to clear, he notices parts of body and his internal organs are slow
to revert back to his non-realised state. He is aware of this due to the feeling of great ease of function
some of his internal organs are affording him. His lungs, stomach, and liver feel so good that it feels
as if they are radiating light within him. Ceons head clears more, and with the dizziness subsiding,
Ceon begins to cleaning the already wet road of the ground outside the building while he obverses
the functions of his body. Ceon looks up at the other surrounding buildings and then farther, at the
rest of the building down the street. Ceon notices what he knows as Valkyrie scouts, clinging to the
sides of the buildings, vertically, incredible high up.

He recognises them due to their slightly more stylish armoured suits. Their suits have them
almost completely camouflaged to the walls they cling to. Only Ceon can see the red energy of their
hearts pump blood round their bodies. The image has a slight blue tint glowing on the outskirts of
the bodies of the soldiers; however, the vision is fading.
There are a lot more of these type of scouts, more than he saw before, and they are
communicating by flicking up and down very tiny, yet very colourful wings against their camouflaged
digi-mat suits. Ceon cannot tell if the wings themselves, only about a foot or so long, are natural or a
part of the suit. Ceons senses almost comprehend what is being said by the Valkyrie scouts; it feels
like they are talking about him.
Mop in hand, Ceon continues to clean the streets while examining and lamenting his actions
in the event that just passed. Ceon takes a moment to feel his body shake; he has been completely
returned to his default state and can no longer feel any aggressive energy within him whatsoever. In
fact, there is a sense of peace and stillness within his body, which allows him to continue cleaning
without worrying about how much he just embarrassed himself.
The occupancy inside, however, are slow to change the subject; some talk, others laugh, but
overall, the mood has picked up. Especially for the Terrain after seeing such a nightmarish creature
be subdued and controlled so easily by a human (many humans are unaware Michael in not
completely human). June has been telling anyone polite enough to listen and newcomers, etc. The
youths who helped them during their ordeal.
Michael and Black casually walk into a quiet corner.
Right, its time, do your thing, cuz, says Michael to Black.
Cool! Wish me luck, says Black as he puts his arm into the wall, like he was putting his arm
into a body of water, Michael grabs Black shoulder.
No, you know what you are doing. Youre the only one who can do it because of your
bump. You dont need luck! Michael states strongly to Black.
When I get back, we can talk about your bump, replies Black.
My bump is a prison! states Michael. Black rolls his eye and walks into the walk,
disappearing completely. Michael performs a sharp 180-degree turn and finds Captain Asha staring
at him. The captains face is a picture of dislike and mistrust. Michael smiles and chuckles walking
straight up to the captains face.
Here, so you can have a better look! Michael sticks his face right into the captains face.
The captain holds her stance and stares right back.

Ceon lumbers back into the building, container and mop in arm. As soon as he does, Devlon
walks up to him.
Smooth move, dickhea Devlon feels a gentle hand on his shoulder; he turns his head. To
his horror, it is Michael, saying nothing, just looking directly into Devlons face, expressionless.
Devlon lowers his head, turns, and walks away towards the rest of the Faux Terrains.
Merkury, go sit in that quiet room until the rest of the energy in you dissipates! Commands
It has! I can feel it! Ceon implores.
GO! Michael shouts. Ceon, with his head down, walks into a little hut-like structure inside
the building; it looks to have been a offices of some kind; he sits on a desk that seems like it possibly
would have been there before the Aim arrived. Its all black, so its really hard to tell. Odd, though,
how almost everything is gone, save for a few odds and ends here and there, Ceon thinks to himself.
Michael, done with making sure Ceon followed his command, turns to see members of the rival
crews squaring up to each other. Namely Kane and Devlon, Kane no doubt sticking up for his cousin.
Michael materialises in between the squabbling pair with his hands clasped firmly behind him. He
leans forward with a smile on his face and says, Its funny how you believe I will not turn your rib
cages into powder, if you carry on! Michael looks to Desaron. Not controlling your manz, nah,
Nah, replies Desaron, looking like if he could only say what he really wishes to say to
A young-looking purple female in a blue dress and pale yellow hair, in a bun, walks into the
room Ceon is sitting in, carrying a container of water. To this young-looking woman, it looks as if Ceon
is vibrating terribly, and so distracted, he did not see her enter or approach. She offers Ceon the
container of water.
Mercury, is that your name? she inquires and she continues. I heard others call you by
this name. Shocked at what he is looking at, Ceon immediately searches his heart, but nothing, not
feeling the intent to cause him harm.
Er, oh, thank you. Ceon takes the container in his hands. The instant he does, a very small
shock is felt from the fingertips of the purple woman. To the purple lady, Ceon stops vibrating, and
he drops his shoulders. Ceon takes a sip and deep breath in then out and relaxes. The purple lady
clears her throat.
Is your name Mercury? the woman inquires again in a higher tone of voice.
Oh yeah, its Merkury King.
I understand, are you here for claiming? You are royalty from the planet you call Mercury?
the lady asks jokingly.
Hah, yeah something like that. It is the name I gave myself. My parents named me Ceon.
What is your name? Ceon takes another sip.
I am Mereal, daughter of Sone! Mereal replies proudly.
You are not like the Rugity or the Mokatiy, what are you? asks Ceon before he knocks back
all the water from the container given to him.
Aahh, oh yes, that is true. The young lady acts coy and takes back the empty container.
You are very pretty, what you are here for? questions Ceon.
We are not there to hurt you! insists the purple young woman, with a real and genuine
look of her face; desperate to press home, she means what she says.

We? Ceon can feel she is not here to hurt him, so he is more interested in the other or
others she spoke of.
Yes, my mentor and I are only here to watch and experience.
Who is your mentor?
He looks like an old Terrain male, he is better at altering how beings perceive him than I,
you would not be able to tell he was not Terrain, or Rugity, or Mokatiy. But I will learn.
Right, I met another purple being, but he wasnt like you. He was a lizard man!
Well, there are many beings whom share the same hue even the same form, but are from
entirely different cultures, you and this lizard man are now friends?
No, I cut him in half. Ceon smirks in an awkward way, aware how gruesome that must
O . . . I . . . see, we will be friends, hopefully, I will leave you to your thought. Mereal walks
out of the room. A little while after, Ceon decides that he has had enough of sitting on his own and
walks out of the office to a space in a corner, a several feet wide in between the office and the front
of the building, there is a chair there, below a window, that looks out on to the street. Ceon walks
over and slumps down into the chair; it is still raining and the rain is coming into the empty window
opening quite a bit. Ceon mentally and physically reforms his Aim to a picture in his mind of a
hooded jumper and pulls on the neck of his top until it forms into a hood.
At least here I got a nice view of whats going on outside, and the skin tight armour of the
Valkyries scouts makes their bodies look awesome! He thinks to himself; he folds his arms on top of
the frameless, windowless opening and places his head on top. He watches the scouts cling vertically
to the opposite building wall. Suddenly, one of the scouts slips off the wall, falls, and hits the ground.
Ceon is already halfway out the window to help the fallen Valkyrie when he sees the scout, up on all
fours, her suit displaying a range of colourful lights, before scurrying back inside the building.
Moments later, emerging out of a window and resuming her position on the side of the building and
giving signals with her little wings.
Wow. A fall like that would kill a human, Ceon thinks.
Ceon can no longer tell what these signals mean instinctively and just assumes she is likely
telling the other she is okay. Ceon tries to see the energy of their beating hearts, but he cannot.
Eva pops her head around the corner to see Ceon.
He looks so lonely, Im gonna go over and
No! Just do as I have already told you! interjects Michael.
Mereal sits beside her mentor, a very elderly, long-white-haired, olive-skinned man sitting
crossed-legged on the floor amongst a number of other humans.
How was your exchange with the one they call Mercury? asks the old man.
Interesting, he is an empath with no true understanding of how to use it or what it means
to be as such. Mereal folds her legs and rejects food offered to her by a small pale green Rugity.
That is as far as you can understand, young one. He may understand his abilities perfectly
well without the need to express that, in the manner, you would expect.
Yes that is likely true . . . Ovon, how is it so many Terrains are at odds with themselves?
It is not just the Terrains.
I know, but it appears they have a greater degree

Dooo they? From a higher perspective, they wished to experience separation from the one,
each other, and themselves.
Such extremes. Will they ever find their way back to wholeness?
That is what we are here to experience. There is great joy in the unfolding of all that is, and
you can only spend so long in the dark before your true self illuminates all, Ovon states.
The Terrains stays so much in fear and cry, we do not want, yet they focus so intensely on
what on what ills them, so lost in illusion, Mereal exclaims.
And . . . this is their way, would you deny them this? What would you do?
I know, I have an idea! Mereal stands up and walks forward.
EVERYONE, I HAVE AN IDEA ON HOW I CAN HELP! All within earshot inside the building pause and
look at Mereal.
Now everybody . . . just stop thinking! A moment passes, and everybody goes back to
doing what they where do before and dismissively ignoring Mereal words.
Shocked at the high level of dismissal of her words, Mereal staggers back and sits down
beside her mentor; he chuckles.
They have been sending out signals, frequencies for a very long time. Pulling towards them
the challenges their eternal part of themselves wish to experience, for their greater expansion. You
cannot change their paths now!
Mereal puts the bottoms of her feet together, wraps her hands them, and rocks back and
forth slowly.
This is insane!

Chapter 13
This Is What I Do Best
11.00 p.m.

Ceon is leaning on the window opening at the very front of the building, spinning his Bone
Star sabre down in between his legs. He watches a man in a pointy hat and long black robes with
golden trim, smoke as he walks further into the building. Ceon does not remember seeing the
stranger enter the building, sitting adjacent to the door less entrances, no more than roughly thirty
feet away. Ceon leans off the wall. Ceon hesitantly is about to call attention to the smoking man and
himself after his performance earlier when the smoke turns red. Unsure but deciding it is better to
be safe than sorry, Ceon cries
AAAIIIIIMMMM! Ceon sees a very faint white line appear from his heart and travel out around
the office as it fades; tiny bubbles of light follow the line out and disappear from Ceons vision.
Ceon takes a deep breath in from shouting in preparation for another shout when the red
smoke very physically rushes towards him as if it were alive. In an instant, the red smoke enters his
nose, filling his throat, making it hard for him to breathe. He grabs his throat and opens him mouth
to draw in air; he cannot.
Ceon looks to the window in a panic, but the window opening has become blocked with a
red film. He activates his Bone Star sabre and bores into the red film covering the window. But the
line drawn by his blade is quickly filled in by the red smoke.
Ceon hears the captains cry.
Groups of humans run to the nearest black box. Unbeknownst to them, within these black
boxes are sleeping Mokatiy soldiers, mostly males and what the Mokatiy call tanks. Instantly, they
spring up, surrounding groups of Mokatiy, Rugity, and humans in their expanding digi-mat boxes. One
of them is the tank known as Domass.
One of Junes children inside Domasss box, recognises Domass. Its you, youre better
now! says Linda.
Greetings, young Terrain! I take it your mother and father have also recovered from our
encounter with the Aim?
Yes, I saw Mommy talking over there, so I think she is in that box! The little girl points, and
Domass makes the digi-mat clear and see-though.
From what they can see, there are seven black boxes up against the walls of the foyer.
Human, Rugity, and Mokatiy beings still rush into them. The other boxes all become see-through as
Aim rush into the building. Friends and family can see each other for the moment before Aim drones
begin attacking the boxes, smashing their fists, clawing like crazy animals, climbing over each other
and on top of the boxes. Muffled screams of terror are heard all around from within the boxes and

the boxes stop being see-through.

Be ready, brave little one, my kin will not allow any Terrain to fall while they draw breath!
states Domass.
Even Michael has created a box in which all Faux Terrains are held within.
Calm yourself, you will not be able to move in the red mist. This guy will not be able to keep
the mist up forever . . . I think, Michael says.
WHAT ABOUT CEON, WHAT ABOUT MERKURY!? Eva implores, and Michael smiles.
What about Ceon? Fuck that guy!? Eyes wide with concern, Evas face turns pale, shocked,
putting stock into the words of Michael. She holds her breath high in her chest, hands gripped
together at the top of her breast bone. She quickly turns to the front of the box. Michael, knowing
Eva, does not allow her the opportunity to act on her emotion from her big caring heart. Her next
move likely will be to break free of the containment field and go a retrieve his younger brother.
HOLD HER ! Michael commands. Evas face quickly turns to anger she and kicks and screams
MERRKURRRYYYY, MERRKURRRY! Eva fights like a wildly beast while Denim holds Eva away from
the sides of the box.
Hold her, I dont want her destroying the integrity of the containment field! states Michael.
Eva, dont buy into his BS. Michael still need Merks. Dont beast out on me, Denim
whispers softly into Evas ear. Eva lets out howls and cries a little, having getting herself into a very
worked-up state, but Eva stops fighting Denim. The rest of the Faux Terrains stay silent and look at
each other. Jada, Shade, Donny, and Kane move to the front of the box and press their ears up
against it.
WHERES BLACK! cries Jada.
He is nowhere near here, and he would eat every one of these Aim drones for breakfast by
himself! states Michael strongly.
Oh, Michael, can we see out, please? gingerly, Jada asks.
Michael looks at her as if he might smash her face in.
For what?
I wish to see what is going on if all the humans made it, Jada says gently.
Hmp. Michael complies with a look of calmness and complacency. Their box becomes clear
or see-through.
Why are the Aim drones more focused on the other boxes? asks Shade.
More of us inside this box are ready to kill the Aim. The others in those boxes, the humans,
piss themselves with fear, Desaron states.
Very good, Desy, gold star! says Michael to Desaron; Desaron sighs.
Cmon bro, where you at? I know you arent going out like that! Kane, thinking out aloud,
searching all the angles he can see within the box for his possibly dead cousin.
Ceon finds it impossible to breathe or even move. He feels the cool sensation of his Aim form
proper all over his body. He no longer has clothes but an additional completely black layer of skin.
Suddenly, Ceon can breathe again, but he still cannot move. The free-floating part of his Bone Star
sword starts to spin and spark, slowly gathering speed.

More Aims rush into the building from the entrance. Most have rushed straight past Ceon,
but one drone just happens to stop at the entrance and slowly looks towards Ceon s direction.
Poo sticks! Ceon thinks as he immediately begins to struggle more, frantically attempting to
break free. The Bone Star sparks and spins more and more and produce a flickering white flame,
which covers his entire sword and begins to engulf Ceons entire arm. More Aim drones stop at the
entrance, examining Ceon from a distance, attracted to his growing state of fear and panic due to the
situation he is in, and the image of the gathering Aim assailants that he sees. Ceon cannot help but
let out the emotion of fear. His heart thuds harder and with that pulse, the Aim drones rush at great
speed towards Ceon. Ceon notes the pure focused energy that the drones are ushering into his body.
No aggressive-flavoured or negative emotional energy, just pure focused energy, from which puts
Ceon into his slow-motion state. Ceons reality slows to a crawl, but he still cannot move.
The white flame flickers greatly, like a fire in a storm; it travels over Ceons neck and down
one side of his body. An Aim drone a foot away forms his arm into a blade and aims straight for
Ceons neck in a single strike. The white flame allows Ceon to move the parts of his body that are on
fire. He ducks his head, just missing the strike and at the same time performing a horizontal slash
across the Aim drones midsection, cutting the Aim in half. Ceon has yet to gain complete freedom of
movement for not all of his body is covered by the white flame. Yet another Aim drone grabs Ceon s
immobile arm and shoulder. Ceon provides a downwards vertical slash to both the Aims arms and as
it staggers back, another horizontal strike, beheading the Aim drone.
The Bone Stars point spins and sparks like crazy, and the flickering white flame reaches the
very tips of Ceons outstretched finger just in time for a drone running around to the left side of the
slowly falling beheaded Aim drone and Ceons right. Ceon swings at the drone with his sword, but
very quickly dodges Ceons swing and grabs Ceons arm. Pulling on the last vestiges of the force that
binds him, Ceon twists his torso and his hip as much as he could to the right and throws an almighty
left hook to the attacking Aims face. The left hook connects, utterly decimating the Aim drone s
head, which Ceon was really not expecting.
HHWOW! WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT? Ceon examines both sides of his left hand in confusion, at
first thinking it was the result of the white flame but somehow feels that it wasnt, and after
examining the back of his left hand, what he sees is a three-looped infinity symbol that glows blue
and then fades.
The Gecko! Ceon says aloud in realisation.
Ceon walks forward out of the little space he was in, stepping over the bodies of the fallen
Aim dissolving into smoke. Oddly enough, there is no longer any red mist, but the entire scene is
nothing but red walls, red ceilings, red floors, save from very large different-sized black boxes running
up and down the side walls of the foyer, Ceon begins to get the sense that some living things are
held within these boxes.
Three Aim drones slowed my reality, as each one fell my reality speed returned back to
normal, he recites to himself. Each step Ceon takes makes the white flame covering him whip and
flicker terribly as if strong winds were trying to oust the insanely burning white flame.

W-WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? one surprised Kane shouts.

ITS ON FIRE, ITS A FLAMING AIM! announces Shade as all the Faux Terrains watch, completely
bamboozled at the sight they are beholding.
SHIT ME, ITS MERKURY! Swade spits all a gasp.
ITS AN AIM! HOW CAN YOU TELL? shouts a confused Jada.
One, the thing, its walking. Two, it has Merks Bone Star, and three, what Aim drone have
you ever seen with braided hair? The Faux Terrains all focus their attention to the top of the
completely black, flaming white Aims head.
Who else bops like that but Merkury? says Denim, as he releases Eva and gives her a
knowing look straight into her eyes. Eva, with a single fingertip in between her teeth, stares at the
flaming figure as it comes closer, walking around the box towards the foyer centre. Eva looks at
Michael, her face still pale and shocked then with a whiplash-inducing motion, looks back at the
alleged Ceon.
Mamas baby boy is a killer! sings Michael.
Ceon looks at the box the Faux Terrains are in.
Can he see us? asks Jada.
No, not with his eyes he cant. replies Michael.
He doesnt look exactly like an Aim drone. His eyes are all glowing white and more human
looking, his skin is different as well, its all smooth looking, states Shade.
Yeeeeaah, he looks almost cute, says Jada. The Faux Terrains all look at Jada.
Donny shifts round, pushing in front of the other Faux Terrains to get better shots on his C CU.
Without a shred of fear, Donny turns to Michael and asks,Can you make the box clearer, Michael?
Yes, I can. Michael does as such, with a smile on his face.
What about the integrity of the box? asks Devlon.
It does not matter now, clarifies Michael.
Devlon breathes out heavily and whispers to himself, Fuck you, Merkury, I hate you.
Michael steps forward and taps on the box; the box becomes crystal clear. Ceon looks and
walks towards the box.
Oi, Merkury! Go kill that guy! Michael points to the Aim individual in the pointy hat. Ceon
nods his head and runs towards the centre of the foyer where the Aim with the pointy hat is.
Not gonna let us get some, nah, family? asks Desaron to Michael.
SILENCE! You barnyard animal! Michael chuckles as he delivers his insult and rejection of
Desarons request; Desaron tempers his breathing.
WHAT IN ALL THE VERSES IS THAT? cries Gunsura in another black box adjacent from Domasss
That sword, it must be the Faux Terrain who flung his muck everywhere earlier! says one of
the Mokatiy female soldiers.
Look how he is completely in his Aim form. Never have I seen a Mokatiy warrior with Aim
display such an acceptance and usage of their Aim. I would be disgusted, if I werent so intrigued
about the actions this one will take, states a Valkyrie scout.
Agreed! another female soldier states.

Extraordinary! states another male Mokatiy soldier. The Terrains inside said box stand as
far back inside the box as possible while the soldiers press up against the side displaying all the
No longer with any focused energy to put his reality into slow motion, Ceon approaches,
carefully and as silently as possible, the Aim individual. The Aim individual turns and, upon seeing
Ceon advancing, steps backwards.
Suddenly, the Aim drones stop their hammering, clawing, and bashing on the large black
boxes and sharply turn their attention, their focus, to Ceon. The collective energy of their pure focus
and intent pushes Ceons reality into a slow-motion state. Which Ceon is now decided to dub this
state as slow motional, even though these Aim drones have no emotions of which he can tell?
Ceon counts roughly around thirteen Aim drones, which are lounging towards him. Ceon
meets his first oncoming challenger with a fake step forwards, towards the drone, then back, leading
the drone on, then sidesteps to his right then spins anticlockwise 360 degrees on his right foot,
taking his left hand off his sword and performs a backwards vertically downwards slash at an angle
with one hand, starting at the oncoming Aims left trap muscle and finishing just at his right hip,
across the drone, cutting the Aim into two, then back into his stance, both hands gripping his sword,
facing the hordes of Aim fiends.
Another drone rushes towards Ceon. Ceon observes the drones strike as a direct strike to his
head. Ceon executes a horizontal upper rising block with sword, pushing the drones strike up a little
before ducking and swinging his sword across the drone s midsection and stepping forwards. Each
fallen drone bringing Ceons reality back up to speed.
The next drone leaps towards Ceon. Ceon quickly positions himself under the leaping
attacker and thrusts his sword into the beings chest. He then grabs the drones shoulders as it falls,
pulling down and roll backwards, shooting his legs up into a V shape as he rolls on his back. As the
drones head and then back hit the floor, Ceon lands on his feet standing over the drone, with said
being on the floor, in between his legs. Ceon pulls out his Bone Star sabre and, with one swing, slices
off the beings head.
Oh . . . my . . . days, Merks is a bad ass with a sword in his hands, who knew? says Kane
Right, cuzy is really, really killing it out there! agrees Denim.
Impossible, whispers Devlon.
Does this have anything to do with you hiding your brother every time you come back?
Jada inquires. Michael looks at Jada confused and just shakes his head and the n turns his attention
back to the fray.
Your boy is very nice with a sword in his hands! Desaron states.
How did he get so good? asks Shade. Michael just shrugs his shoulders. Ceon continues to
dispatch drone after drone with skill and ease as his perception of his world returns to its regular
This one was clearly born with a sword in his hands! says the Valkyrie scout.
Indeed, I wonder if I will even get my staff dirty this night, questions Gunsura.
Ceon slays the last two drones in quick session. Ceon takes a good long look at the Aim
individual with the pointy hat. Now Ceon can see this Aim is very insect-like, with a very pale green,
wrinkly face, big insect eyes, two sets of arms, and a segmented body. It is the being itself creating
the red smoke from its mouth as it continuously waves its arms in a hypnotic fashion. Ceon takes a

step towards the creature, carefully, as he does not know with what or how the being will attack.
Ceon edges closer and closer. Ceon can feel the tension and the fear in the Aim individual, and it
makes him feel a little sick, and it doesnt give him any energy. Compared to the Aim drones, this
being is weak and fearful.
Ceon decides it is best to get it over with and charges the individual with a loud battle -cry.
The Aim takes a massive leap backwards in reaction, landing perfectly in front of a black box.
Completely focused on Ceon, the Aim individual steps back more until its back is firmly pressed up
against the black box.
Armoured hands reach forth from within the black box and pull the Aim into the confines of
the box. The occupants, the two very worked-up captains who waste no time in pummelling the Aim
into the floor of the box.
Your modifications, the armoured fists you have, compliments your skill set very nicely!
Captain Asha compliments Captain Coma tona after seeing her punch the beings head and chest into
a green gooey paste.
Thank you, Captain, replies Captain Coma tona

Chapter 14
2.00 a.m.
The walls, ceilings, and floors all return to their absolute black colour as the red mist
reappears and then dissipates. Ceons Bone Star sabre stops spinning, the white flame vanishes, and
the black boxes are brought down and peoplehumans, Rugity, Mokatiyemerge from within and
rush across the foyer floor, towards family members, loved ones, and friends. Ceon just stands and
listens to his heartbeat as the adrenaline still surges through his veins.

This feels awesome! Ceon thinks to himself.

What follows is an odd sensation, a feeling, which sense is being projected to him. It is not
the feeling of fear or aggression or the focused intent to harm or kill him. Ceon looks up; he views
soldiers with no helmets with faces of joy and admiration, they start to cheer and clap and it would
appear they are doing it at him.
What are they clapping and smiling at? Ceon asks himself. Ceon looks behind himself, and
directly behind him are the two captains walking towards him.
Oh, its must be them, he thinks. Ceon relaxes and drops his guard and focuses on his sword,
deep in contemplation, attempting to quantify his abilities in his head as his Aim reform his chosen
That was fun, Ceon thinks. The projected sensation still persisting, nagging him, calling for his
focused attention away from his thoughts to the light joyful sensation in his chest. The still shoot
image of the two captains slips its way to the front of Ceons mind.
What where they smiling at? Is it me? Why? Ceon draws a hypothesis and snaps his head
around to see the expressions on the two captains. The captains faces both puzzled, at Ceon initial
reaction, soon change theyre expression form bafflement to joy, as they view the realisation slowly
dawn on Ceon, that the cheering is for him. As he slowly looks to all the other soldiers coming
towards him, looking like they are about to collectively pat him on the back. Ceon is floored at the
fact that everyone is happy with his actions. In his own mind, Ceon just simply reacted; every
experience, every moment was new. If he was honest, others well-being never entered his mind. But
still the sensation he is feeling is very pleasant although he has no name for the emotion he feels.
What is it, what is it? Ceon searches his mind for the name of this emotion, but he comes
up short.
MERKUUUURRRRRRRYYYY ! screams Jada from across the foyer as she runs towards him, arms
open, with a huge smile on her face. Ceon himself cannot help but smile. Ceon chooses to accept the
emotion he cannot identify and just feel and accept it for what it is.
In the following moment, one almighty thunderous crush follows and the ground shakes,
taking many off their feet. Followed by the sound of a thousand out-of-tune trumpets trumpeting
from the depths of hell, originating from the rear of the building behind Ceon. All the love that Ceon
had been feeling up till that point turns to an all-pervading sense of heart-stopping terror. So sharp is
the turn in emotions, which almost cripples Ceon where he stands. Screaming and panicking from
the humans cuts through Ceons heart like a knife, leaving him frozen and panicked. Humans and

soldiers alike run like hell towards the entrance at the front of the building.
MERKURY!? cries Jada again. Confused as to why Ceon will not run with them to safety, Ceon
watches, frozen. Michael stands in the middle of the foyer, commanding the rest of the Faux Terrains
to leave the building, with a simple but firm pointing of his finger. Michael glances at his brother,
looking back over his shoulder, and casually walks out of the building.
LETS GO, SOLDIER ! Captain Asha yells into Ceons face and continues to run with the other
captain, only looking back with a facial expression of Why?
Why does this one stand still?Ceon doesnt need his empathic abilities to tell what the
captain is thinking.
Ceon knows the answers to the captains question, and it is because Ceons legs will not
allow him to, petrified by an invisible field, a mass feeling of terror. Only managing to lean forwards
slightly then return to frozen upright position, as just that simple motion forwards reveal a path filled
with fear.
Thankfully, the feeling of fear is drawn out of him as all the humans and soldiers flee the
building. For in truth, the feelings of absolute terror belongs to those who know what the quaking
and sound meant. Fortunately, as the foyer empties, so does the feel of terror within Ceons body.
The lack of paralyzing fear and the sensation of it leaving his body it feels awesome. Ceons body
becomes free and far more relaxed, a bit like jelly. Ceon has learnt more about himself.
Without turning around to see, Ceon can feel the focused energy of floods of Aim pouring
into the rear of the building. They energetically fill his physical form with focus and intentional.
Ceon, far more relaxed now, closes his eyes and continues to stand still, focusing on his breathing in
and out slowly. Ceon lifts and activates his sword and keeps his Aim in the style it is in currently,
focusing on the energies within.Ten, twenty, maybe thirty. Ceon attempts to judge the number of
Aim drones swarming into the building behind him. Judging by the rate of the build-up of energy,
which is escalating within his body, the focused intentional energy fills Ceon like a measuring jug, all
the way until it pushes Ceon over a threshold.
Until this moment of feeling, Ceon is unaware his ability even had a threshold, but the
feeling is undeniable. All at once, there is a deep sense of stillness within his body, almost as i f there
is a lack of space around him. A lack of objects, of material walls, a lack of everythingall Ceon could
feel is the presence of the Aim. In this state, Ceon could truly tell the difference in his differing states
of perception of reality. Due to him experiencing this altered state, Ceon realises that in his default
state, everything around him has a vibrational impact on his physical form, not just the emotional
energy or focused intentional energy form people or beings. But also the energies form trees,
buildings, any objectsanythingall have a vibrational impact on his body. Which Ceon could now
feel a very strongly the lack of. Organs feel freer or are more able to perform their functions,
especially breathing. Ceon now compared breathing in his default state to be like breathing inside a
vacuum, with a stack of bricks on his chest. But all the objects, the structure, and people or beings
are gone now; they have no bearing on Ceons body in this state. All of this information Ceon can feel
through his body with his eyes closed.
The following feeling is even stranger. Ceon is waiting for the first drone to reach him, a foot
away, but before he would attack so he could test the range and the effects of the combined focused
and intentional energies. But it is as if the Aim drones had stopped; they are still there as Ceon could
feel them. Even in my slow-motional state, they never just stop completely? Ceon mumbles to

Have I become so at peace with myself, like the Buddha, that the Aim has decided not to
attack me? Ceon jokes to himself as he opens his eye to see, nothing.
Nothing but an infinite, bright white landscape.
SHIT, FUCK! AM I DEAD?! The very first thought to run through Ceons mind. Then he notices the
sound and the motion, of the star point of his Bone Star sabre moving very, very, slowly. Making a
very mechanical winding sound, still letting off sparks when the two red crystal points meet.
Well, I guess Im not dead, Ceon says to himself. He turns to face the Aim drones only to
see that they are all frozen in their positions. There are sixty or maybe even a hundred drones going
for the kill.
Many crawling on the ceiling, others on the walls, some directly in front of Ceon, and a
couple not more than five feet away going for the attack in mid-air. All are frozen in time; all are
focused on Ceon, standing still. Now Ceon could distinguish the objects, the walls, etc., in relation the
Aim drones.
Awesome, he mutters, a huge smile creeps across on his face. This just isnt fair to them,
but what to call this state? WTF state? Nah, that is lame, he thinks, as he lounges forward to cut
down the first attacking Aim drone. But what actually happens is Ceon l aunches headfirst, into the
closet attacking Aim drone, over powered and clumsy, colliding head first with some force, into the
drone. Instantly Ceon realises three things as he lands back on his feet.
One, in this state, his movements are almost completely frictionless. Two, unlike his slowmotional state, the very moment he moves time beings to speed up again, instead of speeding up
after every kill or after Ceon stops being furnished with focused internal and or emotional energy.
Ceon theorises the second point has something to do with his blade. It is possible that
holding the sword, in this state, is creating some kind of drag or lag against his abilities, as it is Ceons
body generating the effect and not his Bone Star sabre.
Thirdly, judging by the way the Aim drone moves after Ceon had collided with it, incredibly
slowly for the first five feet then much faster after ten feet, then incredibly fast at fifteen feet.
Gives Ceon the idea that his perception and experience of reality in this state is not total but a field
or bubble with the radius of fifteen feet max.
What is more, when Ceon first collided with the drone, it felt as if the drone was hollow, with
a hard shell, without looking any different than usual. Plus the Aim drones physical form showed no
signs of impact until after the first five feet, after which the drone rumbled a little, then instantly
showed the sign of great impact. The damage to the Aim looks to be far worse than Ceon imagined it
would be. Even greater still, the signs of impact, after ten feet, as looks like the Aim drone has been
struck by a lorry, and the more the drone gathered speed as it travels backwards through mid-air.
After fifteen feet the being, quickly and completely disappears out of his white infinite land scape into
a small black dot.
Ceon then looks at the many Aim drones on top of the fifty-foot-high ceilings that are
trapped inside his sphere of reality, looking down upon him with their tiny little lights for eyes. Ceon
decides that it is there pure focus and intention to destroy his physical form, which keeps them
locked in his sphere of reality, even though they are clearly over than fifteen foot away.
Standing perfectly still, Ceon waves his left arm up and down rapidly. The Aim drones barely
move at all, but they do move. Then Ceon waves the arm holding his Bone Star sword in, the Aim
drones speed and distance noticeably increases, but they are all still pretty much frozen. Having only
covered roughly half a foot after all Ceons experiment.

Also Ceon realises that he is aware of more information, in this state. He knows he can now
calculate more aspects of his reality and quicker than normal. Leading him to believe he is vibrating
at a higher frequency than normal, allowing more access to information and a greater ability to
process the information, the information coming through to him in an innate sense, instinctively and
naturally instead before logically and mental.
Which reminds him that, time is not likely moving at the same rate for everyone he cares
about outside his sphere of reality and outside of the building, plus there is this feeling of growing
pressure beginning to build within him. Plus, plus there is the out stretched clawed hand of an Aim
drone that Ceon has allowed to come within inches of his face.
Ceon filled with excitement, his smile turning to a big cheesy grin, as he knows there is more
to discover about his own abilities. For example; how many emotionless focused beings does it take
to put him into this state, compared to how many emotional beings?
With no doubt in his mind he can reach this state again and most likely will do. Ceon jumps
up and with a big powerful swing, swings his Bone Star sabre, down intending to slice the Aim drones
head off, that is in front of him. Instead what happens is the jump and the swing are over powered,
causing Ceon to jump high than his target perform a 360 somersault in mid-air, completely missing
his target and landing perfectly back onto his feet,

I am really glad nobody saw that! he says to himself.

Outside on top of a building overlooking the assault and capture of Humans, Mokatiy and
Rugity in progress. Two giant figures, one of ten feet, the other of twelve, discuss the proceedings.
Do you see, Arama, do you see the pointlessness of your resistance? Your fellow worms
struggle against all logical and reason. Even your Toamiry knew the fight is over! Spouts the twelve
foot giant.
Quieten your putrid tongue, Gatomour. I have had enough of the filth that seems to spill
forth, so freely from the rotted opening you call a mouth!
Gatomour puts himself in front of Arama, watching the skirmish going on the ground below.
Gatomour sticks his face into Aramas face. Arama moves his head to the side to look past Gatomour,
but Gatomour matches Aramas movements and meet his gaze.
Gatomour, please! Gatomour, incensed, grinds his teeth and stares aggressively into
Aramas eyes.
Its a shame I am not permitted to clip those magnificent wings of yours. Gatomour gets
Aramas attention.
Shall we, take a more active role in your fellow worms capture? Gatomour waves his arm,
and a large flat black platform appears. The two giants step onto the platform and it begins to
All the occupancy that where inside the towering building, bar Ceon, are now outside
surrounded by well-placed Aim drones of multiple types and forms. Two massive Lion bears stands
blocking two hovering, hoover vehicles. The Humans stand separated by humanoid Aim drones, from
the Mokatiy and Rugity alliance. Three more Lion bears the size of double decker buses, patrolling
back and forth, on the opposite side of the building. Creating a perimeter in which Team Athareal
and Bethareal are ensnared in, with a small number of large spider drones scattered about the

middle.Somehow I feel we should have seen this coming, says Kane.

I know we can still take em if it wasnt for the humans. They would most likely all be killed if
it broke out into an all-out battle! Denim replies.
Which would be fricking awesome . . . apart from the humans dying part obvi, says Swade.
Obvi! says Shade.
Squishy humans, it would be a bloodbath! states Desaron.
Right! says Michael.
Merkury King is still in the building right? Jada asks; Eva and Shade nod their heads. Donny
records the scene as well as the reactions of his fellow Faux Terrains.
AAAARRRHH ! If it was for thesssee Humans, why do you guys not have super abilities . . . JEEZ, I
. . . BY MYSELF . . . WOULD smash every one of you drones, I swear down. Hey, you Im talking to you!
Michael shouts out aloud and begins to poke the back of one the Humanoid AIM drones, which does
absolutely nothing.
But Donny starts to shift backwards, Eva folds her arm and looks at Michael with contempt,
Jada and Shade give each other a yucky look, and the rest just stand ready and waiting.
SILENCE! a great voice yells from a moving platform as it hits the ground.
Aarr, I was gonna make that my line! Michael says dishearten.
You still can, Michael, whispers Shade.
Aww, thanks Shade. Michael hugs Shade. Denim puts his hand on Michaels shoulder.
All you have to do is believe! Denim opens his dragon eyes wide to emphasize his point.
Youre right, I will make that my line! Michael makes a fist and waves it in the air.
SILENCE, YOU MEAGR E WORMSSS ! The breathy hatred sounds very clear in the tone of voice of
Captain Asha scowls intensely at the back of Michaels head. Michael shoots her a sideways
glance and smiles.
From out the shadows, a monstrous hulk twelve foot tall, his left arm is non-organic,
prosthetic arm. Longer than his real arm, it moves like, and has a shape similar to that of a giant
anaconda. The extra-long arm is made of a lime green and orange liquid like energy, it nearly
touching the ground and it sways freely as he walks, with three clawed pincer for a hand. The hulk
himself is an overly ripped with muscles, small round and extremely wrinkly head, with a very wide
jaw, that goes from tiny ear to tiny ear, Shark teeth and gums. Wearing nothing but long dark blue
shorts, looking like he could slap a man in half, with a single wave of his hands.
GREETINGS , TERRAINS,Gatomour addresses the captives formally with his hands behind his
And collective opposing forces! I am General Gatomour, a
YEAH , WHATS UP!? Michael fecklessly interrupts. Kane and Denim quickly follow suit.
GOOD EVENING ! Kane puts on an old butler type voice.
HYA! Denim puts on an effeminate high-tone voice and waves.
Everyone on the foreground is absolutely shocked, stunned, at the high level of flippancy
displayed by Michael, Kane, and Denim.
General Gatomours mouth is wide open and stands silent.
Arama gasps and breathes out and laughs at the same time, awkwardly. The general quickly
turns his head and grinds his teeth in anger at Arama, Arama covers his mouth with his hand. The

general regains his composure and smiles a plastic smile then struts towards Michael and the other
Faux Terrains.
Michael, not to be outdone by the general, swiftly pushes his way out of the grouping he is
contained in. But is stopped by a single drone putting its hand on Michaels chest. Michael
immediately uppercuts the drone with great speed and force. Then follows it up with an overhand
right punch, which sends the drones head careening to the ground, legs in the air.
That was mean! says Denim.
Right! I feel almost sorry for the guy . . . almost, remarks Kane.
Michael not finished with the drone, and gives it one almighty kick to the head, like a
professional footballer would kick a football to score a goal. The result is the Aim drone flies into the
building, through the very same window Ceon was looking through earlier.
Hes so cooool! squeals Shade.
Oh man, that was brutal! Donny lowers his CCU for a moment and looks away, then goes
right back to recording. Michael reaches inside his trench coat pocket and pulls out a rolled cigarette
and lights it. He turns his head in the opposite direction as he travels and takes along drag, strides
straight up to the general, almost double his size, and does his best to blow smoke in the generals
face. The general leans his head down into the smoke continuously blown by Michael completely
unaffected, and takes a moment to look Michael dead in the eyes.
How or what is it that makes you so sure, so certain? the general thinks to himself and rises
his head back up to look around.
Is this all there is, is this truly all of you? the general asks of Michael searching for the force
that might stop him, for it could not be possibly this little one or ones that would be impossible in
the generals mind.
Hmp. Well, there is this other guy, says Michael acting very nonchalant.
One? The general is not very impressed, but it is his fascination with this characters mindblowing confidence against the odds that keeps him from simply hollowing out his skull and feasting
on the insides.
He should have killed all your flanking Aim drones by now, states a smoking Michael.
And that is all? the general asks, with a face of complete disbelief.
Hey, he is quite a handful, youll need two of you, with both your original arms . . . or maybe
both the arms being that orange goo thingy you got going on there. Whichever is strongest, thats my
point! exploits Michael
General Gatomour looks once more, deeply into Michaels eyes and sees he is genuine.
You act like a being of great statue and you maybe as such, amongst your fellow Terrains,
but to me you are a breath away from non-being, from nothingness! Gatomour leans in, to threaten
Michael after walking around in a very small circle, theatrically, spreading his arms out and
addressing the captives as well as Michael.
I wish your breath smelled of nothingness, but it smells like youre talking from your
rectum! Michael says this and doesnt move at inch; he stands daring the general with his stance to
do something.
GENERAL! HE IS MIKAEL OR MICHAEL! shouts Arama. General Gatomour straightens up and, in
another theatrical display, spread his arms out and walks around again.
Of course you are the Metronome, you are Mikael (the Aim royalty renamed Michael after
they believed he had changed sides, before then he was known as the Metronome to the Aim) . I

must admit I have been dying to meet you, as you say on this planet. The general grins and shows
his teeth.
Not yet but you soon we be! replies Michael.
Ha, they said you are some sort of tactical genius but I think not. With a grand gesture of
open arms wide, General Gatomour steps away.
WILL BE PROCESSED ! The general turns and pronounces not just to his captives but to the world.
WRONG ! shouts Michael.
You arrogance runs dry, such posturing and you have yet to revealed the one whom is
capable of stopping me and my mission. Gatomour dismisses Michael, but still find him quite
As synchronistic events would have it, Ceon comes sliding out the entrance of the building
feet first. While above him, flying backwards an Aim drone, in two halves, sliced down the middle,
and eventually hits the ground in front of him. Ceon at the end of his slide stands up and looks
around. Instantly three humanoid Aim drones rush towards him, their non-tactical, mindless direct
attack, sees Ceon cut them down, with a simply waving of his sword, effortlessly in the style of a
master swords men, then repositioning his body, remaining on guard.
From the moment he stood up, Ceon is no longer in his white-frictionless-state, temporarily
held in his slow motional state by the three attacking Aim drones. But after their dispatch, Ceon
could once again feel the vibration impact of everything around him on his physical form. Ceon finds
the retuning and the refocusing back into default reality unpleasant. Hit with a battery of vibrational
waves, of everything in his reality coming back into focus.
What sense was I using before? Ceon asks himself, a bit confused as he is pretty sure he
can taste the different colours of his Bone Star. Ceon just stands there in front of the bodies of Aim,
disorientate with a descaling ringing in his ears.
Wave upon wave of vibrational blasts hit the right side of the body. Slow to react, Ceon eyes
and ears having to re-adjust to the world around him.
MERKURY! MEERKURY! Look Im telling you he doesnt listen to anyone! If I where you I would
go over there and kill him now! Because he is clearly having some sort of mental trouble.
MERKURY! The general sharply looks at Michael in a deterred way.
Tactical genius? he mutters to himself, and has his drones hold their position, for this event
continues to be very entertaining to the general.
Finally, Ceon realises the vibrational waves splashing against his physical form is Michael
shouting his nickname.
WHAT? shouts Ceon.
General Gatomour. General Gatomour, almost floored by the tiny stature of the one who is
suggested will put him down, looks at Michael with a gasp. Michael simply winks at the general,
takes a final drag on his rolled cigarette, and says, to the general,Watch this! Michael points to the
direction of his brother.
The general looks, about to reach the end of his patience with the display of foolishness.
Ceon, seeing the twelve-foot giant standing next to his brother and asks, Who is he?

patience has run out, and he addresses all of his captives.
Ceon is well aware that Michael wants him to take the general out. But Ceon laments the
idea of taking in all that bad-tasting, negative emotional energy, which the general will no doubt pile
him with. Ceon looks for a better option, making sure he ignores the humans and their, no doubt,
fearful state. Ceon looks to the giant Aim lion bear drones as big as London buses. Several feet away,
they are the closest to him with a very small number of humanoid drones in between him and
General Gatomour quite an away to his five oclock roughly. Furthest still are more humanoid drones
and Lion bears holding everyone captive, but with the soldiers and his fellow Faux Terrains at that
location, Ceon decides if he creates a distraction and dwindles the numbers of the Aim nearest to
him, they could probably deal with their captures themselves, Ceon has his plan.
General if you wouldnt mind attacking me with all your forces, all at once. I really cannot be
arsed to kill you all one at a time! shouts Ceon to the general.
Instantly, the lion bear beasts turn their attention onto Ceon just like he had hoped.
NOOOW! Michael turns and yells at the captains.
ATTACK! screams Captain Coma tona. The two Teams launch their counterattacks
The general command his forces to subdue the counterattack, with no audio or visible signs,
and takes his eyes off the his Aim Lion bears, to see the ridiculous actions of Michael. The general
discovers the sensation of burning heat as hes wasted. All at once, the general leaps into the air,
narrowly missing the swing of Michaels fiery yellow-gold Bone Star sabre.
A flash of light and General Getomour turns to see all three of his lion bear beasts have fallen
dead, plus three of the spider drones are dead in the wake of Ceon sprinting towards his position.
DENSITY! cries Denim as his fist pounds an Aim drone into the ground; Kane, Desaron,
Devlon finally getting a chance to let loose and do so, dispatching the drones around them. Swade,
Eva, Shade immediately go to aid the humans onto the hoover vehicles, while Donny does his best to
capture it all on his CCU.
Two very skilled Valkyries face off against the Aims giant lion bear beast. One baits while the
other scales the side of a building then leaps off onto the head of the Aim lion bear and plunges two
very long needles into the skull of the beast; the beast falls, one of two. The second is amassed by a
surplus amount of Mokatiy and Rugity soldiers whom make short and bloody work of the Aim.
Enraged General Gatomour cries, ARAMA, KILL THE METRONOME, NOOOOOW! not daring to take
his eyes off a being who is able to kill three of his spider drones and three of his lion bear beasts in an
instant and is currently barrelling down on his position.
Ceon runs out of his white frictionless state afforded to him by the large Aim lion bears; he
continues to run towards the general. Unfortunately, the general is in complete control of his
emotions, like any good warrior should be. General Gatomour hunkers down and focuses, in
readiness, to take Ceon on. Ceon finds himself back at square one, relying on the generals focus,
intention and motion to kill him (Ceon), to power his abilities, which in the past only allowed for very
short bursts of his slow-motion state, just like when he faced off against Caesar.
Ceon was able to make it three quarters of the way towards the general before coming out
of his white frictionless state. The negative after effects of the white frictionless state kick in and

Ceon slows right down and begins to run at less than his regular speed, causing the general to
telegraph his opening attack. The general swings back his left shoulder backward, then forwards and
whips his orange-and-lime-green liquid laser arm straight across, from left to right, aiming for Ceons
head. The brief period of slow-motion gives Ceon enough time to duck the attack in a very wide
stance. Ceon attempts a swing of his sword at the generals knees, but the general has the range and
is out of his reach. Once more, the general pulls his shoulder back, and the liquid laser arm is brought
back across, aiming Ceons head right to left, this time. Ceons slow-motional state affords him
milliseconds to react, leaning back in a limbo-like motion. But Ceons right leg kicks out and his back
and then his entire body hit the ground. General Gatomour, with his liquid laser arm still continuing
its motion, flies backwards behind him as a whip would. The general takes a step forwards and, in
one fluid motion, pulls his left shoulder down in the direction of Ceon. Ceon rolls onto his left side,
narrowing missing being pummelled by the generals massive liquid laser arm as it crashes into the
ground. Ceon scrambles to his feet and pelts it in the opposite direction, away from General
Gatomour, the fight really not panning out like he envisioned. If it could have, the generals jaw
would have gone through the floor as he watches the cheeky Ceon scurry away?! General Gatomour
genuinely believes he has found a serious opponent is in a state of dismay.
The general looks for Arama, who has hopefully subdued Mikael or Michael so the general
could get for some sort of explanation for this tiny beings dishonourable actions. But what he finds
is Michael and Arama simply holding each others shoulder, watching the general battle or not battle.
Upon their discovery, Arama unconvincingly slings Michael into the building behind him while giving
a shamefully poor warriors cry then diving into the building after Michael and out of the generals
sight. Speechless, General Gatomour turns round behind him to see all his drones are dead and all
the captives have absconded.
momentary loss of control over his emotions feels like wave hitting the back of a fleeing Ceon.
Unfortunately, the aggressive energy is not only directly focused at Ceon, so it only allows him to gain
a few added strides away in his slow-motion state. The general sees Ceon really making some
headway in his escape,
COME BACK HERE, YOU WOOORRMM! yells the general at the top of his voice.
NO! GO AWAY! Ceon cries.
The general, having no intention of letting Ceon get away, takes one monumental leap onto
the side of the building 100 feet away, just ahead of Ceon.
Poo sticks, Ceon thinks as he sees general land on the wall of the building next to him then
leaps off the wall and attempts to body-slam Ceon into the dirt. Ceon, being far smaller than the
general, manages to dive under the flying general, rolling on the ground then quickly getting up and
turning to face the general.
The realisation that he may have to go toe to toe with this monster in front of him, is settling
in. Ceon never thought the fight would go this way, completely emotionless. The look in the generals
eyes tells Ceon he is eager to turn him into a bloody mess. Ceon on guard takes a breath and focuses.
The general rushes towards Ceon; Ceon rushes towards the general, and just as they are
about collide, Ceon dodges, partly cartwheels to his left, performing a left-handed, one-hand
handstand and at the same time taking a swing of his sword at the general. Ceons sword connects,

but he has no idea as to what degree. The general goes crashing headfirst straight into the wall a
building, very nearly creating a hole in the wall.
The general pulls his face out of the wall; he looks down at the back of his right leg. Ceon has
managed to cut him deeply. His Aim fills in and covers the wound; the general turns to face Ceon,
still in a handstand. The general gets ready for another charge, and Ceon gets to his feet, looking the
general straight in the face. The general looks determined; Ceon can feel his focus. Ceon leans to the
left then to the right, the general showing no sign of being wounded or letting Ceon get away,
following Ceons ever-slight movement.
From a distance, the two warriors square up to each other. Then off like a shoot, the general
begins to charge like a bull, tearing up the roads beneath him.
If I do the same thing as before, expect tighter, I can cut off his left leg, I just have to avoid
getting my head knocked off, Ceon thinks to himself as he darts forwards, his heart beating up his
chest; he feels exhilarated, with the sweat from his hands, covering his sword, the catching of his
breath not even a factor as he runs towards the general.
Feeling for the moment the general intends to strike, aware he already has the general s
focus, all he needs is the intention to cause harm and the motion, so he can enter his slow-motional
state, long enough so he can critically wound the general. Each stride closers towards the general
produces a heartbeat that threatens to be the heartbeat that will burst his heart out of his chest. The
sight of the general, this great, big, massive, hideous, monstrous alien begin storming towards him,
with his overly muscly stature, humanoid in nature, chest expanding as he sucks in the air around
him. Would shatter Ceon model of the world if he wasnt aware himself that even he was not human
completely. Which reminds him to enter his fully realised state after this strike, even though he is
unfamiliar with that form, he will likely stand a better chance of success in this battle. Truly mind
blowing the current position he is currently in now, when a day ago he was wondering what film he
was going to watch at the cinema that weekend. The general continues to bounding towards Ceon
with such focus Ceon can feel the focused energy billed up in his chest. The look in the generals eyes
as he gets within his striking distance, is a blood thirsty, joyful, acute focus on Ceon. Then boom slow
motional as Ceons reality enters the desired state at the same the general throws his left shoulder
back, sending his liquid laser arm flying back behind him, looking like he is going to swing for his
head. Ceon darts to the generals right side, the generals right arm clawed, prepare to disembowel
Ceon while running. Too well positioned for Ceon to strike anywhere but the generals legs. Its tight,
Ceon darts to the generals left, then at the last possible moment to his right. Before throwing his
activated blade into his left hand and then throwing himself into a dive as low as possible, to the
ground. Just more to the right of the predicted trajectory of the generals right foot. Right arm out
straight, palm heel ready to hit the ground. Allowing his left arm with his sword in to trail behind
him, pointing away and at an angle form his own body. A single claw just managing to draw a line
down Ceons back as he dives low to the ground. Ceon can feel the sear force of the generals stride
as his knee swooshes past his head and shoulder. His sword cutting deep into the generals thigh as
the general runs into the trailing blade of Ceon. Feeling the blade connect and cut Ceon pushes his
wrist and arm out more, making the blade go deeper into the generals leg, attempting to sever the
leg off completely.
Such a desperate dive Ceon had made to connect the strike, that Ceon is forced to push his
blade against the generals thigh, then pulling out his blade, aid by the force of resistance and
momentum of the generals thick and traveling thigh. Readjust his own trajectory as the heel of his

right palm hits with the black tarmac. Then using the strength in his right shoulder muscles, pulling
his head and body up, so as not to go into the ground, face first. Then vigorously throwing his left
arm 180 degrees anti-clockwise, moving from left to right, kicking his legs up, duck his head back
down keeping his spine straight, and turning on his palm, all in one fluid motion, regaining complete
balance. Ending in a right, one handed handstand, looking at the general upside down.
Got him, says Ceon to himself, half cartwheeling onto his feet.
Ceon has performed the same trick again, dodging to right in a half cartwheel cutting deeply
into the generals other leg, but not completely cutting it off; the general staggers.
This fight might . . . AAAGHH ! A massive amount of pressure is felt squeezing his neck,
automatically Ceon grabs his neck with one hand and then goes to swing his sword to cut whatever is
strangling from behind. But the general is too quick for that. Whipping Ceons body around and
slamming him with bone pulverising force into the nearest wall of a building. The generals plan to
leave his extended arm trailing, left behind him, thrown back when running towards Ceon, was
greater and more insightful than Ceons more direct plan.
The force of impact fracturing Ceons rib cage and skull. On the point of complete back out,
with a ringing in his ears and his heart pulsing, Ceon drops to his feet, as the general retracts his arm.
Ceons Aim begins a process of damage imitation and it just occurs to Ceon he would have stood a
better chance if he used his fully realised form, even though, he is not used to it.
Ceon is about to fall to his knees when the general shoots his liquid laser arm forwards,
pinning Ceon back to the wall by his neck.
That is an end to you dancing and you scurrying, little, tiny worm! The general grinds his
teeth and squeeze Ceons neck.
With a massive ringing in his ears, imposing amounts of forced energy enter Ceons body,
creating explosive pressure to develop. Unlike the energies that fuel his abilities, Ceon cannot help
but naturally, push back on the rush of energy, to relieve his physical form of the mounting pressure.
In that instant four holographic, white, slightly transparent plus signs appear around the lime green
and orange liquid energy arm of the general, the generals false arm running through the hole in the
middle of the plus signs.
Biggest to smallest, the smallest being the furthest from Ceons body. All turn in an alternate,
simultaneous, rotation of 180 degrees. The first and the third plus sign rotating clockwise and the
second and the fourth plus sign rotating anti-clockwise. The pressure Ceon is pushing back out of his
body, is directly correlate to the movements of the plus signs of his plus shield converter. The
instant the signs complete their turn, the generals liquid energy arm explodes with a tremendous
booming and force, sending the twelve foot colossus, General Gatomaur skidding backwards on his
head, into a building across the street at an extraordinary speed.
Little lime green particles and orange sparks of energy are shoot out, dispersed like spores
filling the air, and they fall like snowflakes. Ceon drops to his knees, he is finished, and he falls flat on
his face, his Aim forms and covers his entire body and wraps his Bone Star sabre to his hand.

Chapter 15
This Is the End, the Arrival
4.00 a.m.

This unrealised peon is responsible for all this? Collectively they have devastated a small
platoon and freed the Terrains, Aarrh! General Gatomour stands over the unconscious, Aim formed
body of Ceon and he is very much temped to crush his skull with his foot, but doesnt. Not wanting to
move due to his injuries the general calls out Arama, looking back over his shoulder.
ARAMA, ARAMA! The general turns his head to looks for Arama. ARAMAA! the general
screams once more and turns his body fully to look for Arama
I am here, General! softly, Aramas states.
Emmrr. The general grunts in realisation, his top lip curls, displeased at the sight of Arama.
This . . . this, small one did this to you? Arama is astonished to see how battered the
general looks. The general is now missing his lime-green-and-orange liquid energy arm. His Aim
visibly performing healing on most of his head, shoulders, and legs; the general appears to be very
stiff, no grand or theatrical movements now. The general looks sourly at Arama, who is holding
Michael over his shoulder. The general grinds his teeth.
You should have crushed that ones skulls. The general turns rigidly back to face Ceon on
the ground. He reaches down for Ceons body, breaking eye contact with Arama, but the general has
to bend right down and look even harder, for at first glanced, Ceons body was sort of not there, until
the general focused harder?
With his only arm, the general reaches down and grabs Ceon by the back of his neck and
drags his body to a black sphere roughly the size of a small house, hovering a couple feet off the
ground. General Gatomour pushes the unconscious Ceon, into the black sphere . Then he remembers
the antics of Arama and Michael, and he stops, he pauses in his process of entering the sphere
himself and slowly peers at Arama. Arama stops immediately with baited breath and eyes wide.
Arama . . . we will be lucky if we are not re-moulded. Aramas eyes widen even more and
his wings flitter a little, revealing a broken and very torn wing. Which for the moment is enough to
lay the general suspicious. Sorely, the general walks into the black sphere and Arama follows with
Michael over his shoulder.
The generals mission has been a complete travesty, the battlefield is littered with dead,
dissolving Aim drones of various types, their Aims have left their corpse in its liquid form, spreading
out and expand over the already Aim covered land scape looking for new territory. The black sphere
launches into space, and all that is heard in the blacken, unpeopled city is the insanely distinct
horrendous tone of the large black cylinder.
So youre the brother of the one Mikael. Ceon hears the voice of a posh English or
Australian woman. He opens his eyes, his vision is fussy, but of what he can see, there are two beams
of light, one moderately illuminating a blacken figure in the near distance, the other illuminating
himself. Ceon feels his body is uncomfortably stretched in an X shape, so much so that it is hard for
him to breathe.
Oorrrhhh! Ceon lets out and pulls his torso up, to create ease of breathing, but he cannot
maintain this position and drops his torso back down. Hung by his arms, positioned slightly at an

angle behind him, his hands and wrists engulfed, absorbed into an X-shaped black structure as well
as his feet and ankles. Ceon hangs is head and sighs, the reality of the situation sinking in as his heart
begins to beat harder.
Poo sticks! he utters; the feeling inside his body tells him he is no longer on earth.
Sorry, whats was that? With each word, this mystery figure sounds creepier and more
I dont know you are . . . but I feel a fuck-you coming on. To talk and breathe is exhausting
in the position he is restrained in and his neck throbs no matter where he put his head. Ceon pulls
himself up again.
Oorrhh! he cries.
This could be bad Ceon thinks and he catch the woman in the shadows watching him,
through a sliver of light. Very pale, roughly average height, the one eye Ceon gets a glimpse of, was a
yellow snake eye, with four very thin, purple semi circles on the inside of the iris making the yellow
part of the iris a diamond box shape. She darts back completely into the shadows, with a simple
movement of her hips, subtle and unnatural movement. Silence, Ceon is sure she is there in the
shadows but she chooses to say nothing.
Ceon looks around for something that may aid him to escape, but he has a very limited field
of vision. Whats more is what he can see is mostly dark, he looks straight to see the piercing blinding
light, the source of which is indistinguishable. Ceon pulls up his body up again.
Ghhhhrrra, hhuu, hhuuh!
This is a very interesting sword you have. Ceon can see that the woman is holding his Bone
Star laser.
My dear brother has one just like it. The woman remains in the shadows.
Poo sticks. Ceon says in response.
Sorry what was that? inquires the menacing female.
I said let me go! Shouts Ceon.
I really do not think Ill be doing that, at this moment and we have so much to talk about.
The women says, becoming increasingly creepier.
You said you knew my brother, is he here? Ceon says, hoping Michael will help out, or
maybe not, thinking about it.
Uh please let us not talk about that impudent brother of yours! The woman swishes and
sways in and out of the pale beam of light.
Why am I here!? Ceon says, wishing he could be anywhere else, as sweat starts to drip off
his fore head.
My dear, beloved brother has gone missing. You havent seen him by chance have you?
Once more the women leans, somewhat out of the darkness, revealing one eye. She
intensively focuses on Ceon, now Ceon can see more of the person keeping him captive. The women,
has her nose and mouth covered by a simple black vale. Ceon pulls himself up and takes another
deep breath, then breathes out and drops his body and his head, back down becoming more
exhausted and panting.
Shit. Ceon says as he breathes out.
Hmmm, what was that, come again? The lady says unconvincingly.
Let me go, now! Ceon does his best to assert himself, given the condition he is in.
I see you have no manners just like brother. The strange women hip darts back and forth in
and then out of the shadows.
Did you know that these blades are little pieces of art work? They are made by very odd
looking beings, even by our stands, they place the blades into blocks of a marble like material, said
material beings to resonate, tone, colours and patterns, the powerful laser these formations emit can
cut through almost anything.
Aaahhhhaar, thank you, so very much, for enlightening me, now if you would kindly loosen,

even release my restrains, I would be forever grateful. Ceon mimics the strange women.
RWWOOHH ! HO HO HO! I knew you wasnt as crude as the one called Mikael. Perhaps at some
point, after you tell me, what you know of my brothers where about, hum? The creepy lady watches
from the shadows.
She knows, she knows, I might as well come clean. She is virtually begging for it, Ceon thinks.
Hhuurr, what is your brothers name, just so we are clear
CAESAR , YOU INSUFFERABLE ROUGHIAN! The woman spits scornfully from the shadows.
Right, I beat your brother in a one on one fight, it was fair! Ceon hangs his aching head.
Emm go on. The scary lady encourages from the shadows.
Hhuurr, But I never killed him, I cut him in half, across his stomach, he was scre aming and
shouting at me, when I left. I walked away . . . Then a massive Gecko ate his head, which Im sure
isnt at all weird to you. Ceon is just so warn out, sweat runs from every pore.
I see . . . Thank you for your honesty. The lady remains in the darkness.
Are you going to cut my head off? Ceon says with the dry, bitter, salty taste of his own
sweat in his mouth.
Oho, ho, ho, ho, no so crude. The women in the dark says with delight.
Youre going to torture me right? Ceon says being very frank.
Hmm perhaps. The scary lady moves closer to the sliver of light, but not into the light,
Ceon can still see her observing him.
So torture isnt crude? The shadowy lady laughs.
I have changed my mind! Ceon ears prick up, in suspicion.
On the Torture? Hopefully inquires Ceon.
Let me finish! This Bone Star sword is far, far more amazing and beautiful with its star point
completely separated yet holding position in space, free from the rest of its body, how stupendous!
The Bone Star, begins a colourful light display while floating in mid-air. The mysterious
women laughs and delights in the blades colourful light demonstration, Ceon rolls his eyes.
Michael was right, you are a sucker for flattery.
Ceons Mars Star sabre stops its light show and instead lets off sparks from its rotating star
NOW, MARS STAR SABRE, I COMMAND YOU TO CHOP OFF HER HEAD ! Stunned the shadowy lady holds
out her hand with the Bone Star in it, with the other hand grabs her chest and sucks her breath in
sharply. The Bone Star stops all movement altogether and lays still in the pale womans hand. She
stands still shocked for a moment. Then gives Ceon a look as if to say, you are an incredible imbecile.
Aarrh, what? It was worth a try! Ceon is really having a hard time begin suspended.
NO, IT WASNT! the pale scary lady says, not really impressed.
Now seeing as you are intent, in not taking me seriously . . . , the lady continues.
But I am taking you seriously! Ceon stresses.
NEVER INTERRUPT ME AGAIN! snaps the pale woman.
I had a quick look in to your mind, and I believe I have devised the perfect punis hment for
you. Really you should be thanking me, for taking you out of the processing. The processing, it does
have a terrible tendency to rob the participating beings of their egos and their minds, their
imagination, creativity. Which can be terribly anti-productive, these blanks are never innervate when
it comes to Aim usage or manipulation, which is clearly important for the very growth of the Aim.
The dark, incomprehensible person, looks at Ceon deep in contemplation, trying to figure
way out of his locus, pulling and punching at his confines. The obscure female finally materialize
completely from the void with the same speed of her brother Caesar and grabs Ceon s face,
squeezing her captives face between her cold slender fingers and thumb.
You really should pay attention to this part. Ceon gets a good eye full, up close of the
governess of his capture.
She has skin of pure pale white, not a scratch nor a blemish or imperfection, flawless with a

slight reflective quality. Two tightly woven buns, of jet black hair, either hemisphere of her skull. Her
vale is black and keeps the features below her eyes a secret. Her gown is black and reveals nothing,
apart the fact that she has the form of a women, as it pulls at her form as she darts one way than the
other, mostly driven via her hips. Such a sinister way she has about her that her mere touch leaves
Ceon with an icy cold feeling all over his skin.
I think I am rather clever to have formulated such an ingenious punishment. Proclaims the
dark and illusive character as she saunters away in a very regal fashion. With her back turned, Ceon
begins to frantically create a faction of distance between his left engulfed fist and the encasing of
said fist. He punches the insides of his left hands confines hoping to break the mould. Just like that
his plan works instantly, aggressively shattering his constrains of his left hand. Instantaneously the
confines around Ceons fist is re-moulded and then squeezes the sides of Ceons left fist until he can
no longer maintain a fist.
Rrraaa! Ceon gives up on his plan and pulls himself up again for ease of breathing,
increasingly sweating and panting.
So the Geckos gift is on your left hand is it, good to know. The pale woman only offers a
glance, back at her captive and continues to walk away slowly.
Where does the Gecko come from?
PPHHSS , AHO, HO, OH , HO! What a cunning little man you are, trying to buy more time, are we?
AHO, HO, HO! How deliciously entertaining you are. In truth I do not know, as the Aim has yet to
consume their world, if in fact they do live on a world, if there is more than one. I can tell you my
brother went through great lengths, and hardships to acquire such a being. The terrifying woman
continues her gate in silence.
Ceon watches the woman walk away, still very slowly. He attempts a shift into his fully
realised state, while her back is turned. He focuses but nothing happens, he tries and tries, s truggles
and struggles, but nothing. Ceon notices the creepy women has stopped and is viewing him, form a
sideways glace, looking back over her shoulder. He can see she has a smile on her face ; her mouth is
wide with thin black lips. Once more he tries to change form, really hard this time, closing his eyes
and gritting his teeth, making a growling noises.
Grrrr, hu, hu,! Ceon gives up and pants.
Is there something the matter? The slit eyed women asks, acting coy.
Ceon is speechless; his heart goes through the floor.
Oh no . . . has she done something to me? Ceon thinks to himself.
I imagine you are pontificating as to why you cannot alter your form. The woman continues
to walk away.
What have you done to me!? Ceon asked, beginning to panic as the idea that he might
actually be trapped, becomes concrete. The woman laughs and spins around to face Ceon.
I? I have done nothing . . . the Aim, however . . . The woman looks up, directly above Ceon,
Ceon follows suit, to see a white liquid Aim. The Aim in the form of a very long drop of liquid yet to
separate from the rest of a body of liquid and drop on the floor. It stretches down, right in front of
Ceons face. It turns itself-up slightly as if it were viewing Ceon. The increasing scary and creepy lady
turns and gently and gracefully almost goose stepping away while exploiting.
Just a simple mind block, it will not last forever, but it will stop you altering your form into
your fully realised state, currently. It was really simple, you have hardly, if at all, used your alternate
forms, yet your Aim form, for a Mokatiy male is really well developed. Your mind was also very
informative and interesting place to visit, you have a very large emotional block around your mother
and your earliest years of childhood. But your emotional blocks or whatever you are hiding from
yourself, bores me. Ceon looks at the woman, puzzled for a moment, then decides to focus on his
current situation, while thanking his lucky stars this person loves to hear the sound of her own voice,
as she blabbers on.
For you see youre really quite lucky, for you find yourself at the cerebrum of the Aim. It is
rare for a being such as yourself to find themselves here. Most will have never ever been to this part

of the Aim, the frontal lobe if you will. What you see in front of you is a compact extension, of the
Aims personality, its identity, impulsiveness, curiosity, some nerve clusters, plus pain receptors, etc.
The Aims eye is what we of the Aim know it as, and no not like the eyes you use to see with. It
would appear it is very curious about you, no doubt due to myself removing you specifically from the
Aims processing and bringing you here.
The white blob watches Ceon pull his torso up, Ceon wonders for how much longer he can
do this, he breathes out and drops his head. Black glittering spires from above and from the floor
below, slowly make their way, heading for the back of Ceons head. Ceon is unaware of the
development in his situation, the estranged women catches sight, of what is about to go on with the
Aim and her captive.
NO! Ceon and along with the Aim white blob, look at the pale white lady. Ceon looks
behind himself as much as he can.
Aaarrrhh! What the shit! Alarmed, Ceon just drops his head and pants.
NO, HES MINE! shouts the elusive woman, and she storms towards the white blob. There is a
stand-off; the woman holds her position while the white blob turns up and moves closer and closer
to her face. The woman breaks first and begins to step backwards, a black spire appears behind her
and curves towards the back of her head. She stops.
Please! the pale woman pleads and sulks childishly.
He is mine! She stamps her foot and whines. It takes a moment, but the white blob
disappears up into nowhere and all the black spires disappear. The scary lady collects herself then
resumes her relaxed and regal manner.
Let me apologise for the interruption.
Arh no, dont apologise, these things happen, please take all the time in the world! Ceon
emphasizes the word world with a rolling of his head.
Thank you, so much more gentlemanly, than your insipid brother. As I said before, the Aim
has taken a keen interest in you.
Aaarrhh, lucky, lucky, lucky me. Ceon says quite a bit in pain, head throbbing.
No, knowing what the Aim would you do to you no, very much unlucky you. Ceon thinks
that this persons comment would be funny if he wasnt figuratively wetting his Aim with fear, clearly
they do not have sarcasm where she is form.
What now, what are you going to do to me? Ceon deciding to force the issues before his
strength completely leaves him.
The lady skips joy fully towards Ceon.
Weeell, seeing as you took something I love from my good person, I see it only fit that I take
something you love from you. Ceon stays silent.
Youre going to kill my brother! Ceon says, because if she did, in his mind, it wouldnt
necessarily be such a bad thing; she should at least try.
No, I intend to remove your male genitalia! The lady says royally and as a matter of fact.
Pshhhsst, HA, WHAT?!! blurts Ceon in disbelief.
You will not die and your genitalia will be preserved, I shall keep you organs and reward you
with their usage for task completed in an exemplary fashion.
UHHA HAHA UHAA AHHHA AAH . Very tired and physically exhausted Ceon is close to losing it, as
he cries and laughs insanely. YOURE GONNA DO WHAT? HA HA HA, AH , AH ! Ceon is really cracking up
under the stress.
almost into the darkness almost fifteen feet away with her hands behind her back and aligns herself
perfectly in front of Ceon. Her eyes lock on to Ceons face and eyes as Sara begins to half goose step
toward Ceon and stops to drinking in his stress filled emotional state.
You will still be able to make waste and the process should be fairly painless. She says like

the whole process was nothing serious at all.

AHHAHAHA, dont you HA-HAH dont you fucking touch me. Tired, crying, head pulsating
and folding under the strain. Spit and sweat running off his face who Ceon can barely draw breathe
at this point, but he completely refuses to give in.
HHHUUU UUHHHRR, DONT YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME! Ceon growls and swears at Sara, who just
stays focused on Ceon, eyes locked, truly enjoying the moment. Slowly goose stepping towards Ceon.
Giggling her pale head off, her entertainment increases, then she produces a small silver, thin, four
inch long v shaped object. Sara examines the surgical tool in front of her face, so Ceon could get a full
view, while holding Ceons Bone Star in her other hand behind her.
Ceon frantically searches within his mind and body to come up with a solution to his current
situation as Sara opens and closes the silver object for Ceon to see. Ceon goes mad and tugs at his
confines with the rest of his strength rapidly leaving him.
DONT FUCKING , AAHHUUR, COME NEAR ME, EERRHH ! Ceon only stopping to pull himself up and
ease his breathing, Sara growing nearer and nearer.
NOO, NOOOOO! Ceon cries virtually strip his vocal cords, screaming and shouting into Saras
approaching face.
Now face-to-face, Ceon attempts to head butt Sara, but a black thin vine appears from
nowhere and wraps around Ceons forehead and restrains Ceon head by pulling it up, Slowly Sara
reaches down.
I am Sara and I am your queen, you are, until I decide otherwise . . . nothing! With that
word nothing a fire is lit deep within Ceon. Ceon growls and grits his teeth unable to look down.
The object in Saras hand splits into four blades with bright red lights in the middle of each blade,
Ceon can feel the heat coming off the tool.
Shield! Ceon remembers and pictures a small light sphere around his crouch. A small light
sphere shield appears. Ceons CCU bracer on his left wrist starts to vibrate and there is a vibrating
feeling in his left ear, and a voice follows.
Operator should be aware, Shields formation given to this unit, originating form operator is
not recognized. Operator is advised to use the pre-existing shields formation or seek to use
alternative shield unit. Operator should be aware, improper usage of thi s units shield formation, will
result in the shields field instability, shield function has yet to complete configuration, configuration
continues. Sara looks up at Ceon, into his screwed up face, and asks,
What are you doing? Pathetic! Sara states after the initial surprise of seeing the
appearance of the light shield Ceon has generated.
Operator should be aware, operators bio organs are obstructing this units shields primary
function. The information form Ceons CCU comes through in quick succession, but is ignored by a
very much focused Ceon.
Your shield is not even stable, I can still get what I want. I dare say you may do yourself
more harm than good, with your desperate attempt to protect yourself. Sara is not deterred at all,
she will take the organs of her brothers killer.
Operators bio-genetics well now be exempted from this units automatic primary
functions. Sara opens up the silver tool once more and reaches down, Ceon focusing ever harder
blocking out all what goes on around him, resulting in Ceon needing more oxygen for an almighty
push. At the same time, Saras attempt to retrieve Ceons body part is thwarted by Ceon raising his
body and taking a deep breath and pushes harder.
Operator should be aware increased energy input originating from the operator will result
in this units shield expansion, shield formation is not recognised. Operator should be aware shield is
unstable, entering final stages of configuration. The light shield sphere suddenly jumps expanding
five feet in all directions, completely encompassing Ceon at the centre and Sara.

Warning, operator should aware, Shields expansion and configuration will harm noncombatants, if within shields field, operator must warn non- combatant, if operator does not wish
non-combatants to be harmed. In that moment Sara is electrified by a direct current, coming from
Ceons CCU, holding her place.
Small cuts, slices are create all over Sara body by many tiny light, white, plus signs, floating all
about within the electrified shields light sphere.
Sara screams and screams, a horsy, earthy, bloody scream, the tone of her voice breaking and
croaking. Sara instantly abandons the items in her, violently throwing the items to the ground. Sara
bodies muscles contracting very tightly, her physical form stretched out in reaction to the electrical
current surging through her body.
Ceon can feel the light sphere, wanting to collapse, but he push it out still with all his
remaining strength, like one would blow air into a balloon.
GGGGRRRRAAAAAAHRRAHH . Ceon cries, his eyes remain tightly shut. As the shields integrity
becomes more depend on Ceons bio-electrics. Resulting a real physical impact on Ceons already
weaken body, causing him to tense and convulse profusely. Sweat streaming from all pours, a floating
plus sign completely severs the black Aim vine restraining Ceons head. Ceons head drops and his
abdominal muscles lock due to his disadvantages position and confinements, causing him great
Operator should be aware, this units formation is that of a plus sign, as this unit is a plus
shield converter and cannot maintain the sphere formation the operator desires, please revise
operators chosen shield formation. Ceon hears the operators instructional communications from
his CCU in his left ear but with the amount of intense physical stress and mental concentration on
said shields light sphere, Ceon is not listening to the information given.
The Aims eye invested in what transgressions, by lowering its form, but staying just outside
of the shields light sphere. The Aim eye sends in a large number of glittering black spires into the
shields electrified sphere, through tears in the unstable field. Straight on to Ceon physical form.
Some are slice in the process, even before reaching his body, and they lie electrified at the bottom of
the sphere. Those that make it onto Ceons body, before they can penetrate his skull and the rest of
Ceons physical form, must first be granted access by Ceons own Aim.
The authorization calculations are done in milliseconds, and Ceons own Aim is forced to
reluctantly, to grant access to the greater Aims overriding authority. The foreign Aims glittering spires
penetrate Ceon skull and body.
Ceons body exerts itself beyond his control as the current carrying spires make a complete
circuit between Ceon nerve system and the electrical energy been generated by Ceons still
configuring CCU.
Instantly the shield light sphere jumps an extra foot and a half, encompassing and electrifying
a foot and a half of the Aim eye. In the following moment a floating plus sign completely cuts off a
foot of the Aims eye form the rest of its form.
The black void of space Ceon and Sara are in, within the Aim, shakes violently, and a sort of
deep toned shriek is heard. The foot long piece of the Aim eye drops directly onto Ceon s body, and
the rest of the Aims eye snaps back, recoiling and reeling into darkness.
Completely cut off from the rest of itself, seeking to survive. The foot long piece of the Aim s
eye, immediately attempts to merge with Ceons Aim. Ceons Aim now the body of authority, forces
the small mass of the Aims eye yields to its authority, the mass complies and the two merge. Ceons
hands and feet are instantly released, and Ceon falls to his feet infront of Sara, in a relived but very
weaken state of Sara.
In the next instant the shields light sphere, explodes outwardly. Sending a very cut up and
very chard Sara rocketing into the darkness. Leaving behind no light sphere but, four light plus signs,
with the missing middle part. One in front of the other, biggest to smallest, brightest to faintest. The

one closet to Ceon being the biggest at four foot wide and four foot high and the brightest, the
smallest, and the faintest, being sixteen foot away, a foot high and wide. The four plus signs, are
evenly spread and aligned just so that it appears Sara is shoot forth like a cannonball.
Completely untouched by the explosion, yet very battered by the events and extremely
exhausted. Ceon collapses, face down on the floor, his Aim covers and forms over his entire body,
performing rudimentary rejuvenation on Ceons physical form.
Unsure of his situation, Ceon raises his head to see where Sara may be.
Operator should be aware, safe measures were activated in 0.04 of a second, after a
detection of an illegal breach connection was made. Operator should also be aware, Shields
configuration is now complete, forth formation has been add to the shields formation options, this
formation will need continuous configuration. Operator has one audio message f rom previous owner,
of this unit. Previous owners name Michael, message has been set to be released to current operator
at the moment of this units completion of its shield configuration. Would operator like to listen
now? Ceon hears but ignores the message form his CCU, instead choosing to see, hear, or feel Saras
location as he knows he cannot withstand another fight in his current state.
Joyfully Ceon spies his Bone Star sabre lying on the ground at arms length, in front of his
face. The pain and the exhaustion he feels within his body subsides as Ceon reaches out and grabs
his blade and pulls it in and holds it underneath his chest. Fore head pressed against the ground, he
feels hope, and he lies on his front on top of Bone Star blade, with no intention of moving. Ceons
mind races with the hows and the where he might escape from and to where?
Ceons heart misses a beat, then sucks and pumps harder the next, when he hears Sara
moans and groans some distance away. Ceon blinks and his Aim creates a second lens through which
Ceon can see Sara in the darkness, riving and rolling on the ground, several metres away. Ceon s
stress levels go through the roof, his mind alive with, Escape, escape, escape. Nothing else matters
apart from getting himself out of the situation and the area he is in. He pushes his body up, off the
floor and struggles to get one knee.
Before Ceon can form another thought, he begins to sink into the floor. Shocked Ceon throws
his other hand down to stabilise his body as is continues to sink. But he calms down greatly after the
initial shock, he doesnt fight or panic as the feeling he gets, is that this is his Aim inter acting with his
environment, the Greater Aim, attempting to aid in his escape.
Operator should be aware the audio message from previous owner Michael, is marked as
argent and is set to play automatically in a matter of moments. Would operator like to listen now?
The message alert from Ceons CCU is ignored again as Ceon begins to feel more relaxed, his body
feels weak and sore, but his mental and physical state is better than it was a matters of minutes ago.
Ceon has a deep sense, his escape is assured and returns to his cool headed mental state. Ceon
continues to sink into the floor. Sara rises to her feet only to see Ceons head sink into the floor.
Powered by her anger and hatred for her pray and the fact her pray is making its escape. She lounges
forwards covering the distance between her and Ceon at an un-human rate. Only to claw at the few
strands of hair on top of Ceons head as he disappears completely into the floor.
NNNNOOO! FIND HIM! Sara screams at the Aim eye, while on her knees. But Sara is surprised
to see the Aim eye has recoiled, shaking and shivering. Completely enraged about her captives
escaping and then the complete ineptitude of the Aim eye, all sense of demeanour is burnt away by
her incandescent vexation. Spitting her words like a Cobra spits venom, hopping mad, Sara slams her
fist into the floor.
WHERE ARE YOU ? Sara screams in a bloodcurdling modus.

Chapter 16
This Is the Rebirth: Water like Mary
6.03 a.m.
A little dazed, not to sure where he is, Ceon is floating, totally submersed in black viscous
liquid that feels alive and in his current state, is not at all unpleasant. Ceon just sinks and sinks for a
while, not moving his body an inch to rest and figure out what exactly he is going to do next. Almost
every part of his body pulsates with pain. But Ceon is just really grateful he is out of danger for
moment and he can breathe, which puzzles him, seeing as he is completely submerged in liquid; he
just figures it is his Aim.
Operator should be aware, audio message from previous owner will play now!
Hey there, Sugar Bei! Na, na, na Im kidding. On the real, youve done well kid, but its not
over. What I need you to do is picture yourself leaving a black sphere. The Aim will transport you
outside, into space. Dont worry, you will leave the Greater Aim in an Aim pod, sooo go ahead and do
that. Next I need you to fly the pod to the dark side of the Moon, dont worry about the how, your
Aim, and the Aim pod will take care of that, because the Aim is sick in space. It should take a matter
of minutes to reach the moon, the Aim is very fast in space, but this part is really important. If you
love the planet Earth and everyone on it, your friends and shit, n I know you do. IF YOU DOOO! Then I
need you to fly your pod through the same warm hole, that another fricking huge Aim is coming
through. Im not going to lie to you, it will be big and it will be fricking scary. But you will look super
cool doing it, sooo there that. Also depending how long you take too actually to leave the Aim you
are already in, which you should started by now. Will be the difference between, you flying through
the fricking large Aim itself, which will be a truly awful experience for you. Ooor flying nice and safely
through the gap in between the Aim and the edge of the warm hole, which will be a fucking
awesome light show and it will feel great as well soooo, bye. Oh if you wondering how this will help
the Earth and stuff, its simple, the Aim coming through the worm hole into our space, will think your
Aim, is the Aim it has come to link and follow you, because your Aim has bonded with the Aim eye
and stuff. Synchronicity what are you gonna do! Laters.
There are no further messages for the Operator. Operator should be aware, operator will be
able to use all the tools this unit has at option/ integration stage 2. These include, direct mental
communication, electronic systems manipulation, shield welding and formation configuration . . .
Wait, you can hear me? Ceon says loudly.
Correct, operator. Operator should be aware, operator can simple communicate, this unit
mentally. Would operator like to continue to hear the rest of this units options at stage 2 level
No . . . in fact, stop talking. I need to think. Ceon pictures in his mind himself escaping the
Aim out to space. As he does, the liquid around him comes even more alive and feels more energetic.
Ceon feels his body being move in a sea of cool, thick, black liquid. Until the moment, when it feels
like Ceons body is being pushed into a bubble feet first, not too unpleasant at all.
The adrenaline and the soreness in his body, are all topped off with the thrill of getting away
and the excitement of what traveling through space might be like. Ceon cannot wipe the smirk off his
In your face you crazy ball snatching witch! Body so sore and tired, Ceon prays he does not

have to move any time soon.

Although all he can see is nothing but pitch-black, Ceon soon realises that he is receiving
images or concepts, ideas. It does not take him long to recognizes as images as communication from
his Aim.
Hi, Ceon Jamerson, Merkury King! The image in Ceon minds eye is an image of his friend
Jada, being bubbly and bouncing around in font of Ceon flopping her head from side to side. The
difference is, Ceon does not ever remember the event and its setting. Plus Jada is Aim in this
scenario, Ceon begins to pay more attention to the mental messages.
The image then changes to an adult male and a child leaving out of the front door of a house,
the house turns black. The flowing image is of athletes running on a sports track, the track turn black
behind them.
Got it, we are leaving now! Ceon throws caution aside, and stops moving so hesitantly.
Ceon can feel where the Aim ends and where space begins, it feels as if there is nothing but liquid in
between his bubble and end of the greater Aim and the start of space.
Cmon, Ceon Jamerson, Merkury King. An image of Ceon standing in the middle of the
living room of a house, and a very small cute looking, Aim child running across the room and
jumping onto a four seater couch, bouncing up and down and pointing outside of the large front of
house windows, to a car pulling up at the front of the house. There is a sense of urgency, as the Aim
child stops bouncing and stairs at Ceon, intensely still pointing outside the living room windows.
Inside the car is an Aim women looking intensely back inside the house at Ceon. Then a rumble that
sounds like it is coming from upstairs in the house, the whole scene is creeping Ceon out.
Ceon focuses all his attention on leaving the greater Aim as fast as he can, aware that the
Aim eye is recovering and that, the Fem Aim is in the process of arriving. Ceon leaves the spheres
body that is the Greater Aim as the Aim pod he is in, pushes its way through the Aims membrane
and out into space.
The feeling within Ceon body instantly changes, the moment he leaves the greater Aim.
Almost like someone pulling the floor out from under Ceon, and Ceon himself and all his organs
floating. There is also a great temperature change in Ceons body, not so bad that it becomes
uncomfortable, just like jumping into a cold swimming pool. The Aim bubble then turns into the
shape of a seed, and Ceon is washed side to side suspended in liquid. Ceon lies almost completely
flat, with his feet at the pointy end of the seed, very much like sitting in a very small car.
Ceon merely thinks of traveling to the dark side of the moon, with no idea how to get there,
how far it is, speed he is traveling, and none of the logistics. Yet with a small continuous vibration
and a slight humming tone, the Aim seed moves slowly at first, then picks up speed very quickly. The
fluid experience of traveling through space in the way that he is, is nothing but amazing for Ceon and
his body. Apart from his injuries and the fact that, all Ceon can see is his own body, floating inside the
Aim seed and the Aim seed interior and nothing else, the whole experience is and feels amazing.
Ceon blinks and is treated to the view of space, all around the Aim seed. Ceon then shu ts his eyes
tight for the full, mind blowing experience. The remarkable and amazing movement of the Aim seed
craft as it continuously gathers speed, has Ceon feeling relaxed and in a state of wonder, all at the
same time.
The tranquillity and the beauty of space, the surface of the moon and the stars is truly ore
inspiring. Ceon can actually feel the moon vibrationally as he approaches, not one part of the
phenomenal experience is lost on Ceon.

It takes minutes for the Aim seed craft to travel to and clear the moon. Before Ceon becomes
aware of a giant electrified blue and yellow ring with an absolutely massive black spear shaped mass,
ever emerging from the electrified ring. Ceon has no idea how much more of the black spear is going
to come through, the ring and he sees no gapes between the ring and the black mass. So Ceon takes
a deep breath and begins his approach.
Ceon Jamerson, Merkury king, I really do not want to go into it! In Ceons minds, against a
black back drop Ceons Aim stands as a little child in front of him, with big sad, human eyes. It would
be utterly adorable if, the message wasnt so ominous and creepy, delivered at an undisputedly
terrifying moment in time. Heart pounding out his rib cage, blood thundering through his ear drums,
Ceon makes his way underneath the very tip of the blacken Aim spear, his plan to travel through as
little of the Aim as possible.
Huurraa, poo sticks! No gapes in between the Aim and the yellow and blue electrified,
folds of space that are the twisting boundaries of the wormhole, like Ceon had hoped for. Instead
Ceon is looking at the many groves, almost like lines on a vinyl record, on the lower half of the spear.
Ceon senses the Aim spear is looking at him (the fem Aim has no eyes to see with) or him inside the
seed craft. Either way, if the being chooses to focus on Ceon with the intent to kill him, he may be
just trapped out of time, in his white frictionless state forever, or that is what Ceon is thinking.
Inside Ceons mind, the Aim child takes one last look at Ceon, looking back over his shoulder,
with his big sad eyes, before facing forwards again.
Yeah, I dont wanna go either, but we are going! Ceon says, not just talking to his Aim but
to himself. The tip of the seed craft enters the surface of the black Aim spear, the instant it does the
small Aim craft is sucked into the Aims body.
Ceons mind is then twisted and filled with flashes of colours and patterns, with an out of
tune tone that causes Ceon great distress. Ceon gets a sense his own Aim is worried about him, as
the Aim seed craft speeds through the black liquid that is the Aim spear. The tone becomes louder,
patterns become sharper and clearer, causing Ceons mind and body, greater pain, still. Ceon
screams, grabbing his head with both hands kicking his legs, wildly. Now completely relying on his
own Aim to navigate through the Aims body, Ceon strains his vocal chords, screaming his head off.
Buildings, peoples, animals, there is no telling what the images are in Ceons mind, only that the
cycle of information being tunnelled into Ceon mind is increasing, the tone becoming higher pitched
and louder in volume, Ceon screams become gargled with blood from his nose as it fills his throat.
The intense madding pain, has Ceon is spinning and yelling within the seed craft, to the point
where Ceon is no longer sure he is within the Aim seed craft. It almost feels as if he is being studied
whilst traveling, at a position higher than where he entered, the Aim. Then all at once, something
happens within the Aim. The entire motion of the Aim changes for the direction Ceon and his tiny
Aim seed craft is traveling in.
Bloody foaming at the mouth, teeth firmly clenched, heavy breathing, for the second the
cycle stops, then screaming and kicking as hard as he possibly could, crushing his own skull with both
hands, when the cycle of data starts up again. The Aim child with the big sad eyes, reappears in
Ceons mind eye and very firmly places its hand on Ceon shin, which Ceon can feel, and points
straight forward, in the direction they are traveling in, to a hole, the exit, to stars and space.
In the midst of all his screaming, Ceon feels a sharp yank. All at once, Ceon feels strange
disjointed feeling, Ceon looks to each one of his shoulders. Black vines wrapped under his arm pits,
have almost yanked Ceon out of his seed craft, or that is what he first thought.
A sense of confusion and alarm as Ceons body has become almost as stiff as plank. His fore

arms now just shake, his legs are now just trembling. The pain remains the same , but it is Ceon who
has changed. Ceons screaming has turned to continuous tiny yelps and Ceon has a new point of
view, as he is now looking out of his forehead? Ceon is now looking slightly down at his own face, but
how can this be? Ceon feels his heart, he has two hearts now? One very solid physical beating just
below another far more energetic heart. Ceon concludes it is the same for the rest of hi s body. The
black vines wrapped around Ceons collar bone and armpits, have somehow pulled and is still pulling
Ceons energetic body out of his physical body?
Poo sticks! Ceon thinks as he feels another black vine reach into his body and wrap i ts self
around his neck and start to pull. The choking, strangling sensation feels very real, Ceon can t even
use his arms to help free himself. Every time the black vines yank Ceon is pulled a little more out of
his body and each time he goes further out, there is a small green-yellow flash of light like a homing
beacon over his physical heart. Each time the black vines yank Ceon feels sleepy and weak. Eyes on
the exit whole becoming bigger out to the stars and space, Ceon closes his eyes.
Slap! Ceon opens his eyes to see the Aim child in his mind eye, grabbing onto both of Ceons
shins and pull back. Now Ceons Aim is in a tug of war with the Fem Aim as the exit whole becomes
bigger and bigger. But Ceon just feels so tired now, he really wants to close his eyes and rest. The Aim
child, develops the features of a cat, and still holding on to Ceons shins, pulls with extra-long and
very sharp claws. The pain is very real, and Ceons body is jolted, strained and he manages a very
stilted. AAAARRRHHH ! Mouth or any part of his body barely moving, only his trembling hands and
feet. As Ceons body relaxes form the initial pain, knowing the pain and the danger he is in. Ceon
decides he is going to close his eyes anyway.
The exit look so big now, but Im gonna close my eye anyway. Ceon relaxes. Its been a
shitty existence anyway, I wonder if Ill survive? Ceon slowly closes his eyes, while his energetic body
continues to be stressed and stretched. The last image Ceons eyes see is the Aim child, open his big
eyes even wider at the realisation that Ceon was giving up, and immediately develops nine arms that
grab all over Ceons body and pulls. Ceon feels the strain, but complete shuts his eyes anyway, body
fraught with pain, Ceon takes a deep breath out.
Snap, snap, snap! Ceon feels many snapping effects behind him, and his body slowly
becomes one again. The sensation of complete freedom and the electrified worm hole closing
behind him, all give Ceon a sense he is out of danger. Floating with his eyes closed in a sea of space,
Ceon smiles and doesnt move a muscle, because he cannot. Ceon breathes deeply in and out and
sighs, in his mind the very cute Aim child, perched on top of his chest. Searching deep in to Ceons
eyes of sighs of life, Ceon smile and nods at the child. The child slumps off Ceon chest, tired and
exhausted, walks over to Ceon left a few feet away against the back drop of complete darkness and
claims into a bed and pull the covers over himself.
Good night. Ceon Jamerson, Merkury King.
Thank you. A whisper is all Ceon can manage.
With that, the Aim child closes his eyes and in the following moment, clear crystal encasing
forms completely over the Aim child in bed and before Ceon can form another thought the same
process begins to happen to Ceon starting with his feet first. Appling great amounts of pressure from
the outside, Ceon is far too weak to resist in any way.
CCU! What is happening now? Ceon mentally shouts at his communication control unit,
slightly panicked as the crystallisation completely forms over his lower half.
Operator should be aware, operators physical form is being put into a state of suspended

animation, where the operator will be completely frozen and preserved, for the event when operator
will make connect with suitable life forms, operator can continue, operators life experience with.
Aahhruu, how long will that be?! Ceon mentally yells as the crystal casing forms rapidly
over his chest neck and face.
Operator should be aware, that it is impossible to give a precise answer, as operator current
location is devoid of any life forms operator can interact with for many light years in all directi ons.
Poo sticks.
Operator need not be afraid, operator will not be aware during this time period.
With that last statement, Ceon is put into a deep sleep, and is left drifting through space
inside his Aim seed craft, a black dot against a sea of stars.

To be continued.

2014 Leon Johnson

1. Aim. Ailen lifeform.
2. Digi-mat. Also known as Digital material. Ailen technology.
3. Bone Star Laser or sabre or Sword. Laser Sword, not made on Earth.
4. Mokatiy and Rugity. Ailen race.