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Inventory Material Master Guidelines

Section 1 – General Guidelines of GMD

GMD’s role in creating inventory material is to create non-engineered, non- Halliburton made materials
from requests submitted from the plants and various other areas.
These materials can range from commodity materials to oil drilling equipment.
The following is a list of materials that GMD does not create. (Unless specific approval has been granted)

Items requiring Engineering Control

Explosives, detonators and guns and hazardous materials (Please contact Marie Mills)
Radioactive: (Please contact Steve Woods or Jill Mead)
Sands/Cements/Chemicals (Use the CCRS process)
Requests for: Flat-Packs, TEC Line and Control Lines (pipes, blank lines) must be sent to
FHOUWDRTA for processing
Requests from METROLOG and SPARTEK. Send to Emilio Horane.

Requests for Cables – (e.g. CABLESA) Send to Don Crawford.
FANN Materials – Send those to Jerry Reimer and cc FHOUFANN-HALCUSTSVC.
Request for LANDMARK/Div 30 Send to Lani Fletcher
ZCAP Material Type belonging to:
- Cementing (Division 10)
- Boots and Coots (Division 19)
- Product Enhancement (Division 14)
- Real Estate Services (RES)
- Industrial Equipment Maintenance (IEM)
These ZCAP requests should be sent to FDUNCAPMAT for processing. All other approved ZCAP
request should be sent to the GMD (FHOUGMMD)

Casing requests: please contact CWI

Requests for Casing Accessories from the following companies must be sent to
Lonnie Helms, for creation through CWI, or




ECCN and HS information will be available to update the Materials Request Form. etc. GMD creates the Basic Data. See Company Policy 3-10992. “International Trade Compliance and Shipping Arrangements. GARIS ESA PAKARTI/PT GLOBAL TECHNICAL SERVICES KELCOT SA KOMAL INTERNATIONAL LLP MILAM PERIGON AS RAY OIL TOOLS CO LTD SPM INSTRUMENT UK LTD STABIL DRILL TOP CO CEMENTING PRODUCTS Requests from G & H Diversified. quality management view. The Material Master Maintainer validates. the form will automatically workflow to the appropriate approvers upon submittal. It is mandatory to attach it to the material request The Requestor or Material Master Maintainer must obtain the applicable classification consisting of the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and/or Harmonized System/Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code (HS or HTS code) before the Material Request Form is submitted. confirming that no engineering designed/controlled items are included: If the Material Master Maintainer questions the request. NOTE: For Shipping Only. long text. the request is returned to the Requestor for clarification. ITC (International Trade Compliance) Questionnaire: NEW!! This is applicable globally. The Field Material Maintainers extend and create other material views (Plant. Please send to Marie Mills Section 2 – Submittal of requests The Requestor accesses the Inventory Materials Request Form from the GMD SharePoint site and completes it following the Inventory Materials Request Instructions in the same site. Sales. and massive material load (more than 25 items) requests.” for further guidance.). There is a link on the Inventory Request form to download this form. This can occur by either consulting with the suppliers for purchased parts or filling out the International Trade Compliance questionnaire form. Repair and Returns. Once completed. 2 9/24/2016 . please follow the instructions below on Section 3. purchasing view. Once the SAP number is created it is sent back to the Material Master Maintainer and they distribute the request form/SAP numbers to the requestor. The Material Master Maintainer also confirms that the material being requested does not already exist with a material number in SAP. and PO text. and certain fields in the sales: general/plant data view.

Exceptions to this need approval from GMD.xls 3 9/24/2016 . no quote is required and must be submitted to FHOUGMMD . The preferred method of creating sap numbers is to use the mfg. Every 3 months an audit is performed using SE16 to see if any inventory materials are being created. Long Description Sales General Plant: Transportation Group Purchasing: Purchasing Value Key Purchase order text: PO text Quality Management: QM Proc. Old Material Number. Views / Fields GMD is responsible for: Basic Data View: Base unit of measure. The Material Master Maintainer is to search SAP to see if the material exists already before submitting the request to GMD.GMD is not responsible for any input/change of data beyond the Global data fields for inventory materials. Such requests must contain the words SHIPPING ONLY in the short text field as illustrated below. Division.Global Material Master Data  Repairs and Returns – must be approved by Mike Mcwhorter. Material Group. The Material Master Maintainer is then to review the request for accuracy and completion. once the request form is received accurately and completely. This includes: plants/sales org specific data. GMD is responsible for the global data. This way anyone in Halliburton can use that sap number and purchase from any supplier/distributor. Use form Create Repair part number request form. All extensions of materials will be done by the plant or customer service. GMD strives to have a turnaround time of 1 to 2 business days for urgent request. name and part#. The majority of the requests are returned in less than 2 business days. Supplier/distributor names and part numbers are to be avoided as much as possible. and 3 business days for non-urgent requests. Short Description. The role of the Material Master Maintainer is to either create the request form themselves or receive the request form from a requestor. multi-line requests may take longer depending on the work load. Active Section 3 – Other Inventory Material requests: Submitters of requests “FOR SHIPPING ONLY” (ZNDP PO) do not need approval and they will continue using the Materials Request Form (excel version) . Product Hierarchy. Lab Office. However. This is the data needed to be input in SAP when a material number is first created. Although as with anything there are exceptions. If it needs to be corrected then they can send it back to the person who initiated the request or the Material Master Maintainer can make necessary changes before submitting to the GMD.

Divison-17: Chris Bosch. Sarah Staley and/or Siobhan Killalea  Product Enhancement-Division 14: DeShawn Jackson  Cementing –Division 10: Kristen Damon  Multi-Chem-Division 25: Aaron Brown . Engineering will create the engineering materials associated with new acquisitions. weights.Afsaneh Agharokh BAROID-Division 17 – Shawn Walker HDBS – Division 18 . we can make certain changes to Chemical Material types in SAP: description. group/type. providing the change request is submitted. (9 digit) 4 9/24/2016 .Edgar Almanza or Fabiana Sanchez CHEMICALS: Though the GMD does not process request for Chemicals. For changes on the ZCAP approver list. PH. you will be able to select your Region and Country. Exceptions to this need approval from GMD. please contact FHOUGMMD Current ZCAP approvers:       HCT-Divison 11 – Fabiana Sanchez SPERRY. the workflow will select the approver per division. or approved.Division 12 – Anthony Apolloni WP.Houston and Giovannina Delli Compagni GMD also update the old chemicals that were loaded by IM-1. Acquisitions/Integrations: GMD is to review and create the Global Material Data for the inventory materials needed to be input into SAP. the requestor must complete the Create Inventory Material Form Without Dropdowns and attach it to the Inventory Materials Request Form (InfoPath version) to follow the approval process as others inventory materials. by the following individuals:  Baroid. and the workflow will find the assigned P&ML manager. Section 4 – Approvals: NEW! INVENTORY MATERIAL APPROVAL: When a request is submitted through the Inventory Materials Request Form.Division 40 .Division 13 .  Massive loads: for requests with more than 25 items. ZCAP MATERIAL TYPE: When a request is submitted through the Inventory Materials Request Form.Bruno Vanhalst or Teri Jackson TOOLS and TESTING . submit a request to FHOUProcVM by using the “Need Help? Toolbox Support” form on the Supply Chain Toolbox. and alternative units of measure. For changes on the GMD approver list. base unit of measure.

must be approved by Anthony Apolloni E&O Exemption – must be approved and submitted by Craig Wendt. Use form Material For E and O Exemption ZEAS and X-materials .  For TECHOLD. please contact FHOUSAP – Supply Chain Support.  PRICE CHANGES Contact your FA Manager. please contact FCARCAPE.  For other  For LEGAL HOLDS please contact FHOULegalHolds@Halliburton. Pricing updates/entries are not performed by the GMD.must be approved and submitted by Dawn Robertson and Tanya Nagatani **Please ensure you have all the necessary approvals BEFORE sending your request to the GMD Section 5 –Additional Information  For NON GLOBAL CHANGES that are Sales Org or Plant Specific Data or Extensions. FDUNCAPE OR FHOUCAPE.  For EDI link.creation and changes must be approved by Juan Carlos Gari.  For CHEMICAL COMPLIANCE BLOCKS .com  For AMI issues. please click on the link below http://spwest/sites/KMSCM/SCF/_layouts/15/start. Chemical Compliance Control .aspx in the box below 5 9/24/2016 . For additional guidance. please contact FChemReg@Halliburton.OTHER APPROVALS:     Traceable Indicator .aspx#/SitePages/Home. Please contact FDUNCUST team. please contact Juan Carlos Gari. contact your Plant Maintainer.

any part or product that is used on a job for a customer. needs Engineering Control. or approved Vendor list (AVL) that are beyond the Manufacturer’s design specification? Will it be used on a product that has Halliburton or Customer Specific requirements Such as a Halliburton specification or Customer Quality Plan? Is it a replacement or substitute part to be used on equipment. or affects the operation of such. In general. or a product designed by Halliburton? Technology assistance to review requests or set-up part numbers for each Technology Center are as follows: CARROLLTON TECHNOLOGY CENTER 6 9/24/2016 . a tool. This must be done via an RTA.Section 6 – Out of Scope: ENGINEERING CONTROLLED ITEMS GMD in Houston CAN NOT generate SAP numbers for items that require Engineering Control. Engineering control is required if any of the following questions can be answered in the affirmative: 1 2 3 4 Is the item designed and manufactured by Halliburton. where Halliburton owns the intellectual property rights and is the warranty backer? Does the item have additional requirements such as inspection. test.

Testing Tools: Vince Zeller.Surface Well Testing: Rick Hothem. Helder Pinto Completion Products & Services (CPS). all products need engineering control. Ian Carle Testing and Subsea . with the PSL Analyst approval are: . should be directed to the owing lab. DynaLink telemetry. Peter Royce Testing and Subsea . Ken Schwendemann.Vendavo Flag addition/removal . such as show in the example below. 7 9/24/2016 .Sampling: Vince Zeller. Lee Wayne Stepp Tubing Conveyed Perforating.QM flag addition All other request and questions concerning Technology/CWI numbers. The only changes the GMD makes to CWI – Engineering Controlled items. John Goiffon Testing and Subsea .Data Acquisition Systems (DynaMem EMR. Roger Watson Testing and Subsea .Sub Sea: Chantal Necchi. all requests for SAP numbers for these products are to go to their respective material group for processing via an RTA 1 o o o DUNCAN TECHNOLOGY CENTER 2 Cementing – Paul Mendenall Production Enhancement – Kenny Morgan or Steve Perkins Production Solutions – Benjamin Kirchoff 3 o o HOUSTON TECHNOLOGY CENTER 4 Logging & Perforating. Adan Herrera([Mechanical products need engineering control & SAP numbers).Product Hierarchy update .Early Production Systems (or Early Evaluation Systems): Zaharia Stoianovici Testing and Subsea . Paul Ringgenberg.Material group and Material type .o o o o o o o o o Service Tools. therefore. Surface DAS): Vince Zeller. Bill Dillon or German Plata (Wireline Electric line Data Cables & SAP numbers ) Artificial Lift – Amy Kelso Numbers generated through CWI/ Engineering typically contain 9 characters and begin with the number “1” such as the ones shown below. Emilio Horane Testing and Subsea .Division update . Bogdan Wiecek (Electrical/Electronic products need engineering control & SAP numbers ).

251.467.9797  Completion Tools Houston CAPE Support       FHOUCAPE @ 281.5288 Baroid Fluid Services Drilling & Evaluation Other Landmark/PM Security DBS Sperry Drilling Wireline & Perforating 8 9/24/2016 .2425    Boots and Coots Cementing Production Enhancement HCT Global CAPE Support FCARCAPE @ 972.FUNCTIONAL BOXES PSLs supported by Support Group Duncan CAPE Support FDUNCAPE @ 580.871.