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Sessa ayamtes | Rtgs | eeatce | sane Rexroth Bosch Group Radial Piston Motor (Multi-Stroke) eee Ne MCR5 Data sheet Series 3X Size 380 to 820 Differential pressure up to 450 bar Torque output up to 4800 Nm Speed up to 570 rpm Open and closed circuits, Contents Features Functional description 2 = Compact robust construction Ordering cade 4 jc and mechanical efficiencies 5 rating Direction of rotation 5 = High reliability Technical data 8 = Low maintenance Permitted loading on drive shat 8 = Smooth running at very low speeds. Dimensions 10 ~ Lownoise — Reversible ~ Sealed tapered roller bearings: = High radial forces permitted on drve shaft ~ Freewheeling possible = Available with optional holding brake (mult-disc) fr dynamic (drum) brake ~ Available with: Bidirectional two speed Integrated flushing valve ‘Speed sensor 208 Bosch Rexroth AG Functional description McRS | RE 15206/0709 Hydraulic motors type MOR are radial piston motors with a rotating shat. Construction ‘Two part housing (1,2), rotary group (3, 4), cam (6), drive shaft (6) and flow distrioutor (7) ‘Transmission ‘The cylinder block (4) is connected tothe shaft (6) by means of splines. The pistons (9) are arranged radialy in the cylinder block (4) and make contact with the cam (5) via rollers (8) Torque Generation Working stroke oo ‘The number of working and return strokes corresponds to the number of lobes on the cam x number of pistons (8). Foed Flow paths ‘The cylinder chambers (E) are connected to ports A and B via the axial bores and the annular passages (0). Bearings ‘Tapered roller beatings capable of transmiting high axial and radial forces are fitted as standard, except on Hydrobase motors. Freewheeling In certain applications there may be a requirement to freewheel the motor. This may be achieved by connecting porte A and B to zero pressure and simultaneously applying a pressure of 2 bar to the housing through por L. In this condition, the pis tons ate forced into the cylinder block which forces the rollers, to lose contact with the cam thus allowing free rotation of the shat ‘Two speed operation (2W) In mobile applications where vehicles are required to operate at high speed with low motor loads, the motor can be switched to a low-torque and high-speed mode, Ths is achieved by ope- rating an integrated valve which directs hydraulic flid to only ‘one half of the motor while continuously e-cizculating the lid in the other hal. This “teduced displacement” mode reduces the flow requited for a given speed and gives the potential for ‘cost and efficiency improvements. The mator maximum spe remains unchanged. Rexroth has developed a special spool valve to allow smooth switching to reduced displacement whilst on the move. This is. known as "sott-shift” and isa standard feature of 2W motors. ‘The spool vale requires either an additional sequence valve or <’lectro:proporional control to operate in “sof-shit" mode. Flushing valve In a closed circuit, the same hydraulic uid continuously flows between the pump and the motor, This could therefore lead to ‘overheating ofthe hydraulic fluid, ‘The function of the flushing valve option isto replace hydraulic. {luid in the closed circuit with that from the reservoir. When the hydraulic motor is operated under load, ether in the clockwise ‘of anti-clockwise direction, the flushing valve opens and takes. fixed flow of fluid through an orifice from the low pressure side of the circuit. This law is then fed to the moter housing ‘and back to the reservoir normally via a cooler. In order to char ‘ge the low pressure side ofthe circuit, cool fd is drawn from the reservoir by the boost pump and is fed to the pump inlet through the check valve, Thus the flushing valve ensures a con: tinuous renewal and cooling of the hydraulic uid. The flishing feature incorporates a relief valve which is used to maintain a minimum boost pressure and operates at a standard setting of 14 bar (other options available on request). Ditferentorfce sizes may be used to select varying flows of ‘lushing fluid, The following table gives flshing rate values based on a boost / charge pressure of 25 bar RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Functional Description Flushing flow rates (for peharge — Pease = 25 bat) Ordering code Flow (41 /min) Ft 3 Umin F2 5 lin F7 7 len Fa 10min Fe 12.8 limi Fe 13.8 _limin Holding brake (multi-dise brake) Mounting By way of rear housing (2) and brake shat (16) Brake application ‘As a safety requitement in mobile applications a parking brake may be provided to ensure that the motor cannot tun when the machine is notin use. The parking brake provides holding torque by means of discs (11) that are compressed by a disc, ‘spring (10). The brake is released when oll pressure is applied to brake port *Z" and the pressure in the annular area (9) compresses the disc spring allowing the brake diace to turn independently. Note: This brake ie provided solely for static use - not to be used dynamical. Manual release of holding brake ‘The brake may also be released manually by loosening screws (03), 9 Le 12 Bosch Rexroth AG 318 Dynamic brake Where mechanical dynamic braking is required, a drum brake may be specified. The drum brake is mounted directly onto the dive shaft (8) and front housing (1). Braking torque is provided by brake shoes acting on the inside of the drum Operation of brake ~ hydraulic brake fluid (special order required for mineral oil operation) — mechanical brake cable (not supplied) ‘Speed sensor A Hal-etfect speed sensor (18) may be fitted as an option, iving a two-channel output of phase-displaced square waves, and enabling detection of speed and direction. A toothed target dis (17) is fitted to the motor cylinder block (4), and the ‘sensor, fitted to a port in the rear case, produces a pulse on teach channel as each tooth passes infront of it.The frequency of the pulses is proportional to the rotational speed. Vorsions are available for use with regulated supplies (Code P1) and for direct connection to 12 V or 24 V unregulated supply (Code 2) The motor can also be supplied fitted with a target dise and with a speed sensor part machined, but covered and sealed with a blanking plate (Code PO). Thete “sensorready" motors may be fitted with a sensor ata later date. 418 Bosch Rexroth AG McRS | RE 15206/0709 Ordering code mcr | 5 z|- [3x 12 Bee ee ee ae we ee ee et Radial piston motor a MCR Frame size 02 [Frame size 5 z Housing Type Front case flanged & Front case flanged, SAE 4 metic hales D 03 [Rear case flanged, compact © Rear case flanged F Hydrobase (half moto H Nominal size, displacement Vin em?/rev 360 470 620 565 620 680 750 620 py [Low Displacement: motors use standard yindrcalpstons 1D Te [e [ele] -[ - | - High Displacement: motors use stepped pistons wo [-|[-|-[-[elelele Drive shaft [Spined shaft ANSI 8621 (ony avalable with housing Upe “A 80) 95 Paral keyed shaft 250 rm (only avaiable with housing ype “D"— maximum Torque 6000 Nid 150) With flange 2180 mm {only avalable with housing ype °C" and "F) F180 Without crive shat (onl avalable with housing type *H™) z Through shaft 08 [Without tvough shaft z ‘Series 07] Seres 30 %0 39 (series 30 to 39 are dimensionally interchangeable) aK Brake Without brake #0 Hydraulic release spring applied mult-dise holding brake 2200 Nv B2 08 [Hydraulic release spring applied mul-disc holding brake 4400 Nv 34 [Dynamic brake (drum brake) for right hand sid of vehicle (see figure page 16) car [Dynamic brake (drum brake) for left hand side of vehicle (see igure page 16) Cal. ‘Seals 9g [NBR Invite rubbed (except dynamic brake — see page 16) ™ FKM (Tuoroelastomer/Viton) (except dynamic brake ~ see page 18) v Single /Two-speed operation 1p [Single speed, standard direction of rotation 1 [Bi-directional two speed, standard direction af rotation 2WL Ports 11 [Tapped with UNF tread (SAE 1514) 2 ‘Studs Without studs (ne code) 12 [With wheel studs and nuts (Stu ol fied to motors wih housing ype" and F"s5 suds on "CT ype, 1sudson'Fypel |S With twice normal number of wheal studs and nuts (only available with housing type "O") eS ‘Speed sensor [Without sensor (no code) [Sensor ready [Sensor wihout regulator [Sensor with regulator Flushing 1g [Without fishing (ho code) With fushing (see table on page 3) [Fer available not available RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Bosch Rexroth AG §/18 Ordering code MCR | 5 Z| - |3x 12 Special order 15 | Special feature [sox] Other Mark in text here : Schematic diagrams Motor without brake Motor with holding brake Motor with dynamic brake r | | | L. Direction of rotation Direction of shaft rotation with flow (viewed from drive shaft) JOrdering code vn TL w OF 2WL 6/8 Bosch Rexroth AG McRS | RE 15206/0709 Technical data (For operation outside of these parameters, please consult Rexroth) Desorption Radiabpiston ype, low-speed, Figh-orque motor Frame sizo MGRS Type of mounting Flange mounting; face mounting Pipe connections’ [Threaded per SAE J514 ‘Shaft loading [see page @ Displacement Vaz ensirev [380470 520 865 620 660 750 620 Output torque Specitic torque (at bp = 250 bar) Nm [1360 1680 1880 2020 2220 2440 2690 2940 Maximum torque?™? Nm [2450 2030 3350 3640 550 3900 «300 4700 Output speed Minimum speed for smocth running!! non _pm_ [5S OSS Maximum speed (111978 nw om [475 388950920280 265-240-220 Maxinum speed (2WL# 7 mu pm [870466 420985 950620280265 Output power Nominal power? Pp kw [220 ae teas Weight kg 320 unit dimensions on pages 10-17 Moment ofnertia Pa see unit dimensions on pages 10-17 Hydraulic Nominal pressure! Pron _bar__|250 250250 250250 260-2560 250 ‘Maximum dierentialpressure™ ‘Pea bar [450450 450450400 400 400 400 Maximum pressure at port"A"or"@"™ Pus bar [470470470470 420420420420 “Maximum case drain pressure Passnn bar [101010 +10 +10 +10 ~*10~~—*10 Hydra id Mineral ols (HLP) io DIN 61 624 Hydraulic thid tenporature range™ tram °C -20 10 +85 Viscosity Range Voie mes 10 t9 2000 Fhid cleanliness 150 4408, Glass 20716715 Brake Holding brake (aise brake) 82 Ba Minimum holding tora Tan Nm 2200 4400 Release pressure (minimax) Pot Ba nas 18 “Maximum pressure at brake port bar 40 40 il volume to operate brake Va__en® 23 46 Dynami brake (drum brake) 306 information on page 16 +) Ensure motor case is filed with oil prior to startup. See operating manual RE 15218-B, 2) For installation and maintenance details, please soe operating manual RE 15215-B. 2) Maximum values should only be applied for a small potion of the duty cycle, Please consult Rexoth Engineering Department in Glenrothes for motor life calculations based on particular operating cases. 44 For motors with housing type D, maximum torque is 3000 Nm, which restricts maximum pressure accordingly. ') For continuous operation at speeds <5 rpm please consult Rexroth Engineering Department in Glenrothes. ©) Based on nominal no-load DP of 20 bar in fulldisplacement mode. Warning! During the running in period of the motor (min. 20 hrs) it should not be run unloaded at >100 rpm. 2) Single-speed (IL) motors are available by special order with a 20 % increase in the stated maximum speed. 1) When operating motors in series, please consult Rexroth Engineering Department in Glenrothes. 12) Nominal values are guide values for continuous operation +) For use with environmentally acceptable fluids HEES, HEPG, HETG, Viton seals must be specified For further information, please refer to RE 90221, ‘2)For use with HF hydraulic fluids please refer to RE 80229 Extension of the allowable temperature range may be possible depending on specification. 1»)Please consult Rexroth Engineering Department in Glenrothes for further details. RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Bosch Rexroth AG 7/18 Technical data (mean values, measured at v= 46 mm/s and t= 45 °C) ~ A teques app to rancn motors T= Torque inn ~ Forreduced dapacement operating node multiply te tot gy =_‘Inpt ow in i des by at ceded deplacemert, Be Mean coceesayein vin note = Case pressure must be added to minimum charge pressures P= Minimum charge pressure in pump mode in bar uote Cote pressures are gue vals but can bec Cuitdependart, lease contact Bosch Reeth Engneetng Deparnert in Glaathes for trheradee Pues usted intecinica dat tbls below oe averoge valves ~ Whore ashing uted, ga wl one by the futhing fo fats Moan cae leakage vues wre average Yue for engl peed ctor WERE, 380 WERE a7 Rressure Dit sseeanfom |o fas so [100 [1so |200 | Jo |25 so [100 [150 [200 100 [wm [ae [sae _[sea |oaa [sao |oar_) [ase [ose [ova [ooo [see [ase jar__[umin [oss [1008 |1as5 aes s7s8 |rese| [oss _[va.a0 [pas 4755 [r.08 [245s ja [min foo foos [ova Joos [aos Joos | [coe [aoe loos [aos loos [ova 200 f__[Nn_[726 [or _[ri1a [108 [1104 froae | [aoe [1261 |ra7e [1960 [rast jac |v [140 [10.60 [2010 faex0 [sero [r7s0 | [110 | 12.85 [a4.00|4en0 [7.80 jax |vnn [ore ore ore lore [ose ore | [ore Joxe lore [ose [ose 300 fr [Nev [1161 [1066 [1687 [1600 [1670 1496 [2008 [2067 [2076 lar [unin [1.65 [1116 [20.85 aes [ses 15 [rao [ass [49.65 jax |v [o27 oar oar Joa7 [oa x7 oar [oar loar a0 rr wn [845 Javea ave? [207 [2035 |aeed [268 ay |inin faa _[ 1170 ]a190 [e020 p.20 [19.6 [2670 au [nin fos foas [oas oas as foas_[oas in sraree |, ow fr |e fa fe fe [we | fr fs fs fr fo fre WERE, 520 GRE. 88 Pressure Oitlsseedn|mm |o fas so [roo [150 [zoo | Jo |25 [so [roo |1s0 |200 100 Tem [aso [rar foes [rao fre [ras] [ase fren [aos |ooo [re [775 ar |inin [oss [1055 5.5 [sz6|7058 [10458] [os [rae [2e.80|sz05 [e530 [11055 au |inin Joos fooe Joos [aoe Joos loos | [aoe loos [aoe Joos [aoe [ove 300 rr [wn [asa |s508 [590 |reta [1500 +070 [200 [eos [ere _|ea7 [inn fas0 _[ra10-fars0_[sas0 ]rar0 ‘10 [1623 [peas 5700 [es05 au linn fore fore ore [ore [ore oe fore [ore Jose [ove 300 1 [Wn [1669 [22e« [2000 [ane w7a7_[2ara [aad [zee ay |inin [nes_[r405 [ones [sees 165 [167 [ono [506 [nin oa7_fo27 [oa7 |oa7 jax? Joar [027 loan cc 1 |wn_|29s1 [noes |2ore peas |a0es [st65 ar |inin [220 [16.20 20.00 20 |16.99 [30.48 au |inin Joss [oss [oss ass Joss [oss instore |, [ow [xo fe |» [nfm | fr [oe fe |e fo fre 88 Bosch Rexroth AG Technical data (mean values, measured at v= 46 mm/s and t= 45 °C) McRS | RE 15206/0709 WERE 629 WERE, 680 Pressure Dift}eoeedn|mm (0 |25 |so 100 |150 [200 o —|25 |s0 {100 |150 J200 sp bar 100 fF [Nw [aia fare Jooe [are Jose [eas | [asa oes [ara [esa [aaa [ono arin Joss [re05|ara6 [e2ss]oss [12489] [oss [1755 [54.850 [102.55] 105.9 Jax [inn Joos [aoe Joos [aoe Joos [ose | [aoe loos [ave loos [aos [ove 200 Tm |rt64 [1706 |re16_ [1706 |1776 ra90_ [1970 |1901_[te70 |r540 rims [110 [10.80 [anno [2010 Joato 140 _[Ye10_[ast0 [2910 froar0 fan |imin fore fore fore [ore [ore o1@Jore [ore lore [ore 309 rn [1908 [area ]orsa [area 2076 |2eer [acre |a008 rims [ves [a [ [eae 125 _|1eas [ass ones faim Joar_[o27 Joar [a7 oa7_[o27 [oar joa7 90 [wm [60a [3519 |9552 ead [305s [5605 jac |v [20 [1770 |o5a0 2.30 |re20 [9620 Jax [inn Joss [ass loss 085 [oss [oss win. snare bar | 2 |3 7 12/28 1 a ja fo 15 25 WERE. 750 MERE 820 BressureDitepeean|nn fo as so fro iso | [o 25 so 00 [iso 100) fF |wm Joon [roe [rare [rose 00a | [are [vee [ive [ae [v8 ar |imn Joss [voa0 [2008 [ress [1905] [oss [eros [aves [ease [120.9 fax |imin Joos [ace [aoe loos loos | [o0s loos Joos [ace [aoa 280 rm frase [ava [2ro6 Jarra [ave | [1568 |2a7s [aor [2576 [2540 ar [ima fiao [19065 [30.66 7610 [11969] [110 [res |oee0 [7a10" [11960 jax |imin fore [ore [ose [ose [ore | [ore lose [ore [ore [are 200 Tr [wn |anea [snes [3990 [oota 2508 |asoa |aeat [sea jar |i [15 [2040 [aes8 |7058 185 [2040 [306 [7565 jax |imin Joar oar [o27 [oar jaar oar oar [oar a00 rm |aner [a2as [4207 2560 [asa | aed jar ims [a0 [anes [2070 20 [209s [aero jan |imn Joas [oas_[oas joas_joas _[oas Min charae nw fs fs fe fo fe | fp fe fo [ufo RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Bosch Rexroth AG 9/18 ‘i f i (Speed n = 50 rpm, pressure differentia Permitted loading on drive shaft tenn 980 ban 2000 he LIO West 80°C) Drive shaft .A6O.. Drive shaft ..F180... (10 studs M18) C4 Brake Housing ype A _ Housing ype -F.C4 Maximum axial load Fac Maximum aiatload Furn “fl feaedal eed Fae (withradalload Fook Ul Faxman = 49000 N <2 + Forma = 50000 N <3 + | Fax man = 35400 N => — Ferman = 39000 N E> — pa =f tat 20, 20, 70) 70) 2 9] 2 69 a) 59 40 3 7” 3a) 3 2) 4 ag v= ETI | dl 200780 120" @ 400 a0 80 “120 “180-200 300 780 20 e400 40 -@0 “120 160 200 ‘set x mm from shat end face Offset x mm from drum end face Drive shaft ..L50... Drive shaft ..F180... (10 studs M14) Housing type «Da Housing ype =F rf Maximum axial load Fac ae / Maximum axialload Furnas [pl | twtnradal toad x0)" CO ( twinrasal oarn=0)" {f Fama =S0000N 2+ Fauna =50000N + cll | Fun = 82000 N ED — Foon=99000N => — 80, + _— 20, ————_ftq~ 70 1) oo Zoo 50. ‘= 60) “0 3 a0 30. 2 30) 20] 3 20 rt 10 Ma @ FA okt ol 200180 120 60 40040-80120 -160 200 300 160 120 Go «0 0 40 -B 120 160-900 Offset x mm from shaft end face Offset x mm from shaft flange mounting face Drive shatt 14) Note: Housing ype -C- M wb hae. These values and graphs are for intial guidance only mim al ad Fo FE For actual motor fe calculations under typical or specified duy (with radial loa }: ‘cycles, contact Rexroth Engineering Department in Glenrothes. Fuunm=50000N + Fam =27000N > - tet" 10) Zoo S50 34 = x0 % 20 é 10 al 20018012080 400 -Ad “0 “120 -160 -200 Cifset x mm from shaft flange mounting face 10/6 Bosch Rexroth AG McRS | RE 15206/0709 Dimensions hetalton caning. mensions inn Flanged front housing, splined drive shaft, single speed (1) Ordering code: “MCRSA...A60Z-32/AO1L/2/." ems 7 2s |oase Mr 75 278°005 ot30°8 2903823 » | RS 2281 2200307 7715202 Weight m= 43 kg Polar moment of inertia Jy = 25050 kgm? Flanged front housing, splined drive shaft, two speed (2W) Ordering code: "CRSA. ..A60Z-32/A0.2WL/12,/.." [nes ees 25 [ase Mraxa75, e808 775302 208 vy L \ \ 82. Weight m=50 kg Polar moment of inertia Jy =25050 kgm? Ports Designation _|Portfunetion Code 12 Size Peak pressure [bar] State AB Inlet, outlet SAE J514 111/16 in 12 UNF_ 47014202 ° L Case drain ‘SAE J614 3/Ain UNF 10 ° x 2epeed port SAE JS14 O76 in 1BUNF 35 ° F Filler port ‘SAE J54 3/Ain-16UNF 10 x 1) Spline data: ANSI 8921-1096 class 5, 80° Pressure angle, Fillet root side fit, Pitch 24/48, PCD 68.26 mm, No. of teeth 68 2) depends on nominal size (© =Must be connected (plugged on delivery) Plugged (in normal operation) RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Bosch Rexroth AG 11/18 Dimensions Intaaion caving, Don nm Flanged rear housing, flanged drive shaft, compact front housing, single speed (1) ‘Ordering code: *MCRSC...F1802-32/A01L/12/" 229.4 2972 Equispaced RQ ead aleli 8 Weight m= 35 kg L Polar mament of neta Jn = 25050 kgm? Flanged rear housing, flanged drive shaft, compact front housing, two speed (2W) ‘Ordering code: *MCRSC...F180Z-82/A0.2WL/2/.." ns onassie a 8 _. reins 738 Fin) Sra Etispaced T Ri2 |S Tt 1 vil al || | Hits 13]28 1 | [T 3 1 b O¢ vol Lis 1 Weigttm=azig — L-® 38 so Polar moment of neta Jn = 25050 kgm? Ports: Designation _|Porttunction Code 12 Size Peak pressure [bar] State Ag niet oulet___—_ SAE J514 1 1M18n-12 UNF 4701/4202 ° L [Case dan SAE 614 Bidin- UNF 10 ° x Zepeed pot SAEJ614 SA6in- 18 UNF 96 ° F Filer port SAE J614 alsin 16 UNF 10 x + Sx wheel studs M14x1.5 with shouldered hex nut for wheel fixing, clamping length 6 to 20 mm, ordering code S (wheel studs and nuts equally spaced on P.C.D. af 140) 21 depends on nominal size (= Must be connected (plugged on delivery) X = Plugged (in normal operation) 1218 Bosch Rexroth AG McRS | RE 15206/0709 Before fang your design, request ining Dimensions batten crevng, Danone 4 hole SAE flanged front housing, parallel drive shaft, single speed (1) Ordering code: “MERSD...L502-32/A01L/2/." 304 197 181 e189 162.4 Weight m=39 kg Polar moment of inertia Jy = 25050 kgm? 4 hole SAE flanged front housing, parallel drive shaft, two speed (2W) Ordering code: "MCRSD...L502-32/A0.2WL/12/.." 2225 80 108 Weight m=47 kg Polar moment of inertia Jy = 25050 kgm? Note: To provent excessive shait loading with D-type motors, the mating bore should have F7 or GB tolerance Ports Designation _|Portfunction Code 12 Size Peak pressure [bar] AB Inlet, outlet SAE J514 11/16 in 12 UNF_470/4202 ° L Case drain ‘SAE J514 ‘3/4 in-18UNF 10 ° x Depeed por SAE J514 O76 in UNF 35 ° F Filler port ‘SAE I514 ‘3/4 in-18UNF__10) x +) Parallel key A14x@x70 — DIN 6885 2) depends on nominal size (© =Must be connected (plugged on delivery) lugged (in normal operation) RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Bosch Rexroth AG 13/18 Dimensions indaltonroung Dirossone nm. Flanged rear housing, flanged drive shaft, single speed (1) ‘Ordering code: *MCRSF...F180Z-32/AOAL/12/.." ona 261 80 ails 8 roe Fauspaced T Ria [ ' T z z 3 g 1 q L Weight m= 38 kg v ‘8 Polar moment of inertia Jy, = 92116 kgm? 8 Flanged rear housing, flanged drive shaft, two speed (2W) Ordering code: "MCRSF...F180Z-32/A0.2WL/12/. 3182 nee 1803 1081+ 2267 80 +9080 56 ailins ase TT _— joro18 BIN Eauispaced A R12 [|S x. tc 53/5 5 : | ce L 1 a OS 5 is es aie 38 80 Weight m= 48 kg Polat moment of inertia Jn = $2118 kgm? Ports Designation [Port function Code 12 Size Peak pressure [bar] State AB ott, outlet SAE J514 116 in-12UNF_470/4202 ° L [Case atain SAE J514 S/4in-18UNF 10 ° x Zepeed pot __SAEJS14 2M in 18UNF 96 © F Filer port SAE J614 S/4in 16 UNF 10 x 1 10x wheel studs Mi4x15 with shouldered hex nut fr whee fixing, clamping length § to 20 mm, ordering cade S (wheel studs and nuts equally spaced on P.C.D. af 140) 21 depends on nominal size (= Must be connected (plugged on delivery) X = Plugged (in normal operation) 148 Bosch Rexroth AG Dimensions Hydrobase for mounting on customer's shaft, Ordering code: *MCRSH...22-32/A01L/12/.." single speed (1) McRS | RE 15206/0709 Bean ace (ROHS) Bowing abner Eat tse eat if Fate tae 06, |f asi0s ane Watig spline | 4\q FS |e) reralct P LF AS age 5 SP Sale LM |G, 6 8r i" VE vias Saaz sisala s Pear moment of nati a= 27648 kgm? Hydrobase for mounting on customer's shaft, two speed (2W) Ordering code: "MORSH..22-92/80.2ML/I2/." Bearing ce CONE] Being tutnot [0.08] Taco c Rote facoes ass ane] Watig spine ' g 2 4 32 lels|2 am a ae lalla | alr Salas | SS 8 Gl was Hoses shall Weight m= 44 kg isiet.o1U) Paar moment of neta a= 27848 kgm? Ports: Designation Port function Code 12 Size Peak pressure bar] State AB Iet.owlet __SAEJSY4 Liiein-12UNE_ 470/420" ° L Case drain SAEJBT4 iain UNF 10 3 x speed pow SAEJ6t4 one n= T8UNF 35 ° F File port SAE IBN Shin TBUNF 10 x 1) 10x M12x175 bolts on a PCD of 196 2) 2x MB bolts used to retain cam and cannot be used for mounting motor, see bok sectional view 2) Mating part must clear this diameter 4+ Spline data: N50x2x24x9H DIN 5480 5) depends on nominal size (0 =Must be connected (plugged on delivery) X= Plugged (in normal operation) RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Dimensions Holding Brake (multi- isc brake): ordering code “B2” Bosch Rexroth AG 15/18 Brake port Z [ 22 | Brake port Z ws v 1 -| 916-18 SAE f9mt6-18 SAE . re : 3 Housing type H 3 13 i b | t 2 1 Housing ‘Single speed (1) ‘Two speed (2W) Housing ‘Single speed (1) Two speed (2W) type L L type L L A 248.9 2088 H 188.9 2084 c 2768 2088 Weight m=95 kg 5 2643 D748 Polar moment of inertia Jy = 1403 kgm? F a4 3535) Weight m=@5 kg Polar moment of inertia J = 1408 kgm? Holding Brake (multi-disc brake): ordering code “B4” L ~ ‘7 brake por 2 BBB rae pot 2 one SAE BS enesb SAE 1 21 Tt Housing ype A, D H le er" le Housing ype C.F 5 ae |. | ' ca | ! Housing ‘Single speed (1) ‘Two speed (2W) Housing Single speed (1) Two speed (2) type L L type L L A 2802 200 4 1607 ass c 2588 3027 Wikhin=T8% 7 m7 Pa mament a ria n= 2860 kg? Weight m= 16 kg Polar moment of inertia J = 2880 kgm? 16/8 Bosch Rexroth AG Dimensions Dynamic brake (drum brake): order 1g code “CAR” / McRS | RE 15206/0709 Before fang your design, request ining “cau we wees 13 ‘ | r Brake Por ] Ki J wos a | ap a 3 | | 5 ~/ LL - J L \l \ — / \ bs , 1 2 5 | Weight m= 19 kg Polar moment of inertia Jn, = 53546 kgmm? 1 10 Studs M1615 with soherial wheel nuts MR dynamic drum brake rursin procedure 2. Dynamic brake (drum brake) ordering code C4L/R for use. with brake fluid DOT 345 or SAE JI 703, If brake is to be used with mineral olla special order is to be made, Please state if seals for mineral ol are required when Placing order. 3. Brake cable (Bowden cable) ‘The brake illustrated is for right side of vehicle. The let is a mmiror image of this (see fig. below). 4. Brake cable length, 5 Angular position of brake cable. 6 Brake port Pyar = 97 bar Brake cylinder operating volume Brake torque after run-in Braking Cable Braking Port torque tension torque pressure 3000Nm___1270.N 3000.Nm 73 bar “4000.Nm___ 1661 N 4000Nm 87 bar ~ Brake the machine hard in forward and reverse directions unti the brake drum temperature reaches 200 °C. ~ Allow the brake to cool = To remove residue, brake gently 2 times each in the forward and reverse directions, q n u u Travel Direction ing Code CAR ca Lott side of vehicle Ordering Code C4L ca Right side of vehicle 6 RE 15206/0709 | MCRS Bosch Rexroth AG 17/18 Dimensions Intaaion caving, Don nm Speed sensor: ordering code “P1" / “P2” 1818 Bosch Rexroth AG Bosch Rexroth Limited Viewrls Industrial Estate Glenrothes, File ‘Scotland, KYB 2RD UK Phone +44 (0) 18 92631 777 Telefax +44 (0) 18 92 631 996 ‘wwwboschrexroth McRS | RE 15206/0709 (© Tha document, a walla the data, spciieations and ater nfomation st ‘orhiniyare te exclave property of Bosch Reweth AG. Wout tha consent “The dat pectin inthe document sare onto describe the product. No “steer concaing a cata conan or sub er a carta sppliaten ‘ane dived fom tis information. The gin iniermatin doesnot lease the ‘sar tom he oblgnton af own udgement ana vifct, I ust be erebe redhat our prosucte we eujct oa nail process of wes and ageing ‘Subject 0 charge