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Us as americans commonly overlook the fact that language is starting to work more and

more like a monopoly everyday. With the populated languages continuing to thrive and explore
past, present, and future culture. We tend to see languages such as chinese, spanish, and
english skyrocketing in polls against other languages spoken around the world. The sad part is
that while these languages are going extinct that means whole cultures are going with them as
While i've talked about living in different places throughout my life, and how it has
affected me personally. I would know like to talk about how many times i've seen the western
hand of urban and social american culture take over the youth and their ability to regain a
stance in their heritage. See here's the thing with america, yes we are a beautiful prosperous
country with a government second to none, but if that's the case then how come the country
with the highest migrant rate since 2013 does not allow language diversity. For some bizarre
reason the united states pushes for single speaking citizens, yes in high school were forced to
take a language to pass. Here's the thing this requirement is almost chosen for you with a slim
variety of like French, Spanish, Chinese, and Latin or German depending on the school. Here's
a question i would like you to ask yourselves at this moment what would america be without
foreign culture? Crazy to think about isn't it well to start we would lose huge foreign influenced
items such as exotic sports vehicles, the amazing global cuisine weve all come to know and
love, and the list can go on for days, point being america needs culture. It kind of makes
America who we are as a country. If we continue at this rate cultures will slowly die away and
we will eventually be left with a dry dumbed down anti diversified new world culture. Ways we
can stop this are by continuing to flourish in your rich ethnic culture and find creative and fun
ways to pass traditional tongues and traditions on to future generations. Honestly what's there
left to say besides let's make a change now.
While language is looked at a barrier to some it's looked at as a tool for others. A tool to
spread and nourish future generations with rich culture as well as experiences necessary to
healthy growth in a foreign group. Whether it's Au Revoir from the french, Vaarwel from
the dutch, from the greek, or (Zijin) from the chinese this is goodbye
from TOASDH until next time, just remember never allow yourself to be defined by someone
elses opinion of you.