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The Duff

The Duff is an American teen comedy film starring Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell,
Bella Thorne and Bianca A. Santos CBS. It is directed by Ari Sandel, and is based
on the eponymous novel by Kody Keplinger youth.
Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman) is a unique and intelligent girl who is enjoying her last
year of high school with her two close friends: Jess (Skyler Samuels) and Casey
(Bianca A. Santos) that are significantly more popular than she is. She is also the
neighbor and old friend of Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell), a star on the football team
school (the handsome and charming guy). She is in love with the musician Toby
Tucker (Nick Eversman) and reluctantly attends a party hosted by "popular but bad
girl" Madison Morgan (Bella Thorne) hoping to talk to him. The party turns out to be
a disaster for her, because that's where Wes reveals without thinking that she is
the "Duff" group of friends - the "Designated Ugly Fat Friend" translated as "ugly
friend and designated fat." The DUFF need not really be ugly or fat, he explains, it
is the only person in a social group that is less popular, more accessible than the
other members of the group and the "caretaker" of her group of friends. Several
people exploit the DUFF to reach the popular people.
Bianca feels insulted and devastated, but soon realizes that Wesley was right.
Students at his high school are only interested in it as a way to reach Jess and
Casey. his anger with her friends and is taken literally leaving them to speak on
social networks and in person. So plan to change and become a new person, so
he enlists the help of Wess, which is a disaster as is "Filter" a video of her doing
silly things in a clothing store. Later, you decide to accept it is no matter what the
world thinks of it, as he realizes that the only one that matters is she; and forgive
her friends Jess and Casey.