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/ 40 marks

Choose the correct answers.
1 Its no surprise the company has gone ___. It had been
losing money for years.
a bankrupt
b faulty
c remote
d dusty
2 Millie works ___ without taking a break as she really
loves her job.
a tirelessly
b traditionally
c tiringly
d likely
3 Youll have to work your ___ off to get promoted in
this company.
a chances
b passion
c socks
d rags
4 She became known ___ the Queen of Pop.
a in
b from
c to
d as
5 Since Martha left her job, the boss has had trouble
finding someone suitable to take her ___.
a expedition
b partnership
c mind
d place
6 When we found out how dishonest William was, we
never ___ business with him again.
a did
b made
c set
d took

9 The computer website made a huge ___ from

online sales for its owner.
a message
b failure
c pay rise
d profit
10 Natalie dreams ____ becoming a famous dancer.
a to
b at
c of
d from
11 She trained hard daily and was ___ to win the
gold medal.
a devoted
b determined
c accomplished
d renowned
12 Avatar was a huge ___. Millions of people saw it
around the world.
a loss
b blockbuster
c message
d flop
13 Do you believe having lots of expensive ___ makes
a person happy?
a fortunes
b accomplishments
c possessions
d steps
14 Judy is a very ___ woman. She never talks about
her achievements.
a infamous
b faulty
c best-selling
d modest

7 Do you know who the richest woman ___ the planet is?
a at
b in
c on
d from

15 I dont think anyone has a truly ____ character.

Nobody is perfect!
a flawless
b rough
c stubborn
d arrogant

8 I was ready to throw in the ___ when they refused to

publish my first book.
a ribbon
b dream
c ladder
d towel

16 The non-profit organisation bought some ___ where

they are going to build a hospital.
a drive
b land
c jewellery
d wealth

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17 Rosemarys natural ___ as an artist was obvious. She

became successful in no time.
a gift
b goal
c vision
d present

19 Justin is an up and ___ musician whos sure to set

the world on fire.
a daring
b coming
c tiring
d leading

18 Polly has set her ___ on becoming a surgeon. Shes

a very determined young lady.
a fantasies
b dreams
c sights
d riches

20 Ian used to feel like a failure, but now hes more ___
since he got a new job.
a perfect
b self-confident
c celebrated
d valuable

(___ / 20 marks)

Choose the correct answers.
1 They dont ___ to hand in the project until next week.
a can
b need
c must
d be able
2 You ___ be late for the job interview. It wont make a
good impression.
a dont have to
b mustnt
c neednt
d might not
3 ___ you ask Tom to come into my office for a
moment, please?
a Must
b Should
c Could
d Need
4 It ___ be a very difficult operation. Theyve been in
surgery for three hours.
a can
b would
c must
d is able to
5 ___ I use your mobile phone, please? Mine
needs recharging.
a May
b Must
c Should
d Would
6 John ___ into partnership with his wifes brother, but Im
not certain.
a should have gone
b neednt go
c has to go
d might have gone
7 You ___ your own business until youre sure that youll
have enough customers.
a couldnt have started
b might not start
c mustnt have started
d shouldnt start
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8 Jane ___ arrived so early for the conference as none

of the speakers were there yet.
a cant have
b neednt have
c would have
d has to
9 Most children ___ learn how to use computers
very quickly.
a are able to
b could have
c must
d would
10 ___ work late again today?
a You must
b May you
c You need to
d Do you have to
11 You ___ go out tonight if you prefer to stay home.
a mustnt
b dont have to
c wouldnt
d cant
12 Tracy ___ become a manager if shed stayed with
the company.
a can
b could have
c has to
d was able to
13 You ___ for me if you want to leave now. Ill take a
taxi later.
a couldnt wait
b mustnt have waited
c arent able to wait
d neednt wait
14 Yes, of course you ___ check your emails on
my laptop.
a can
b would
c should have
d may have

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Quiz 5

15 You ___ to be more careful. You keep losing

important papers.
a should
b are able
c must
d ought
16 My keys arent in my bag. I ___ them on my desk.
a was able to leave
b could have left
c would leave
d would have left
17 What do you think? ___ take the job?
a Should I
b Would I
c Am I able
d Do I have

18 You really ___ watch this DVD. Its so funny.

a must
b might
c would
d have
19 Andy ___ us his opinion at the meeting, but he was
off sick.
a must give
b may give
c would have given
d was able to give
20 It must ___ really hard for them to set up a business
in a foreign country.
a to be
b have been
c can be
d was

(___ / 20 marks)

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Quiz 5