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/ 40 marks

Choose the correct answers.
1 The beautiful photographs and interesting articles have
attracted a wide ____ who buy this magazine regularly.
a subscription
b readership
c article
d measurement
2 Tim wasn't ____ enough to be a correspondent so he
became a newsreader instead.
a adventurous
b satisfying
c risky
d usual
3 I havent received this months ____ of my favourite
magazine yet.
a article
b headline
c issue
d makeover
4 I tuned ____ to the radio station just in time to hear the
weather report.
a up
b in
c round
d along
5 Clara thought her article was brilliant but the
newspaper ____ refused to put it on the front page.
a author
b editor
c presenter
d columnist
6 Websites and blogs are two kinds of electronic ____.
a press
b print
c media
d supplement
7 Sam has a weekly ____ about pets in the
local newspaper.
a photo
b column
c adventure
d journal
8 The publisher is going to bring ____ an adaptation of
the book for children.
a out
b up
c through
d for
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9 She is a well-known TV talk show ____ who

interviews a wide variety of personalities.
a host
b reporter
c cameraman
d correspondent
10 I read an interesting ____ of Jamie Olivers new
cookery book. It sounds really good.
a title
b commentary
c bestseller
d review
11 I called the TV channel and left a message for the
director to ring me ____.
a back
b for
c out
d through
12 The journalists were on ____ yesterday so there was
no news on TV all day.
a flash
b strike
c content
d report
13 The author was delighted when a famous ____
finally agreed to print his book.
a critic
b publisher
c newsagent
d journalist
14 I cant watch any more episodes of this ____. It is
so boring!
a advertisement
b documentary
c soap opera
d manuscript
15 The sound ____ tested the reporters microphones
before the interview.
a volume
b producer
c politician
d engineer

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16 There were so many magazines that it was hard to

____ out only one to buy.
a bring
b ring
c act
d pick

19 Shes had an active interest in ____ since she got

her first camera at the age of ten.
a footage
b quizzes
c photography
d writing

17 My parents didnt want me to become a writer at

first, but eventually I ____ them round.
a tuned
b rang
c picked
d brought

20 A lot of people think that reporters travel the world

to get close to the ____, but most of the time they
are at their desks.
a gossip
b action
c celebrity
d globe

18 Id like to have an interesting and ____ job.

a economic
b reporting
c trading
d fulfilling

(___ / 20 marks)

Choose the correct answers.
1 This autobiography ___ by a popular TV celebrity
in 1999.
a is written
b has written
c was written
d will be written

7 It is expected that lots of copies of the new

magazine ____.
a were sold
b will sell
c will be sold
d will have sold

2 It ___ having a blog is a good way to advertise

a business.
a is thought that
b is thinking of
c thinks that
d was thought to

8 ___ that some celebrities prefer to keep their

private lives out of the media.
a They are being known
b It is knowing
c They are known
d It is known

3 You cant enter the studio while the programme ___.

a was filmed
b filmed
c has filmed
d is being filmed

9 The famous couple left the theatre by the back

door to avoid ___ by the reporters.
a to be seen
b having been seen
c seeing
d being seen

4 The politician walked out because the interviewer ___

her too many personal questions.
a asking
b was asking
c was being asked
d had been asked
5 These photos ___ with a forty-year-old camera.
a were taken
b were taking
c will be taken
d being taken
6 After the newspaper ___ over by the new owners, some
of the journalists lost their jobs.
a will be taken
b has taken
c had been taken
d took

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10 He has always been considered ___ one of the

greatest actors in Britain.
a being
b to be
c will be
d is
11 This magazine ___ in over twenty languages.
a is printed
b is printing
c will print
d being printed
12 The documentary must ___ before the rainy
season begins.
a be finished
b to be finished
c be finishing
d being finished
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13 The actors clothes ___ by a well-known designer

in Paris.
a are making
b have made
c have been made
d to be made
14 Viewers are going ___ for their opinions on the new
TV channel.
a to ask
b to be asked
c to asking
d be asked

17 I ___ a years subscription to the magazine as a

present from my aunt.
a gave
b being given
c have been given
d has given

15 Articles from the website can ___ to help students with

their homework.
a use
b be used
c will be used
d be using

19 The filming of the series is expected ___ next month.

a being completed
b will be completed
c to be completed
d to have completed

16 Coronation Street is known ___ the longest-running

soap opera on British TV.
a it is
b being
c be
d to be

18 The new programme ___ broadcast in the mornings

as it is aimed at the unemployed.
a will be
b will
c was
d being

20 The story was so important that it had ___ by one of

the radio stations top reporters.
a be covered
b to be covered
c was covered
d to cover

(___ / 20 marks)

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