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/ 40 marks

Choose the correct answers.
1 Could you go to the travel ___ and pick up our tickets
for the tour?
a site
b pass
c blog
d agency
2 We wanted to taste the local ___ on our visit to France,
but the menu was all in French so we didnt know what
to choose.
a currency
b cuisine
c scenery
d architecture
3 They were exhausted when they reached their final ___
after travelling all day.
a destination
b journey
c departure
d resort
4 My parents came to ___ me off when I went on my first
school trip.
a set
b get
c see
d put
5 The roof of the temple was supported by lots of
stone ____.
a columns
b architects
c tours
d glaciers
6 You can get ___ Europe by train quite cheaply with a
student travel pass.
a around
b off
c on
d away
7 A ___ of traditional stone cottages, which used to be
fishermens homes, were opposite the beach.
a range
b row
c track
d way
8 Have you ever spent your holidays at a ____ in Spain?
a resort
b formation
c programme
d fault
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9 Its best to explore the area on foot because its too

difficult to drive any kind of ___ over it.
a train
b cruise
c plane
d vehicle
10 After the group ___ their tents, they sat around the
campfire and told stories.
a put up
b dropped off
c checked in
d got on
11 If you go on a ___ of the island, youll see all the
beautiful sights.
a voyage
b coach tour
c cruise
d backpack
12 My secretary organised our plane tickets and found
___ for us at a small family hotel.
a sightseeing
b camping
c accommodation
d positions
13 The region is quite ___ and some of the highest
peaks are covered with snow all year round.
a tropical
b mountainous
c worthwhile
d mythical
14 I was really looking forward to my holiday so I
couldnt wait to ___ on the train for Rome.
a board
b get
c put
d land
15 I printed out my ___ pass at home so I didnt have
to wait in line at the airport.
a hiking
b holiday
c coach
d boarding
16 Part of our six-week ___ included an exciting cruise
around the Greek islands.
a itinerary
b destination
c display
d travel
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17 After we ___ at the hotel, the owner offered us a

welcome drink.
a set out
b got around
c checked in
d put up

19 The taxi driver picked me up at the hotel and ___

me off at the airport.
a set
b dropped
c saw
d put

18 Its interesting to get off the ___ track and explore

places where tour companies dont usually go.
a bumpy
b peaceful
c beaten
d stony

20 Its very difficult to get ___ in a foreign country

when you dont speak the language.
a off
b around
c up
d away

(___ / 20 marks)

Choose the correct answers.
1 If only we ___ to the weather forecast before we set off.
a listened
b will listen
c had listened
d would listen
2 As ___ you arent a vegetarian, youll love the food at
that restaurant.
a if
b providing
c supposing
d long as
3 If I ___ you, I wouldnt go hiking alone in such a
dangerous place.
a am
b will be
c were
d might be
4 ___ Paul is richer than we think, he wont be able to
afford a luxury cruise.
a When
b If
c Unless
d Provided
5 You ___ a wonderful time if you had come to Portugal
with us.
a will have
b had had
c would have
d would have had
6 I wish I ___ such an expensive place to stay.
a didnt choose
b hadnt chosen
c wont choose
d wouldnt have chosen
7 Supposing you ___ a lot of money, where would
you go?
a won
b will win
c would win
d have won
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8 If they had left their rubbish at the camping site,

they ___ the owner.
a annoy
b would have annoyed
c might annoy
d annoyed
9 If there isnt enough snow on the hills, we ___ skiing
this weekend.
a dont go
b wont go
c wouldnt have gone
d hadnt gone
10 John wishes his parents ___ him go on holiday with
his friends.
a let
b have let
c would let
d are letting
11 Unless you ___ spicy food, be careful what you eat
in Morocco.
a will like
b like
c had liked
d liked
12 Remember to take a map. ___ you could get lost.
a Provided
b Supposing
c If only
d Otherwise
13 Jack would complain about the heat if he ___
here now.
a is
b would be
c were
d has been
14 If you want to find a cheap flight, ___ early.
a book
b booked
c have booked
d will book
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15 They ___ on a river cruise if theyd had more time.

a could have gone
b can go
c went
d had gone
16 If the weather had been better, you ___ walking beside
the lake now.
a will be
b are
c would be
d were
17 ___ he loses his passport, how will he be able to
get home?
a As long as
b Unless
c I wish
d Supposing

18 If Ted ___ to do anything adventurous, hell relax by

the pool.
a didnt want
b doesnt want
c wont want
d wouldnt have wanted
19 Provided that you ___ some money with you, you
can buy souvenirs at the market.
a will take
b had taken
c would take
d take
20 I wish I ___ the language well enough to
communicate with the locals.
a know
b would know
c knew
d will know

(___ / 20 marks)

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