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89 minutes
Monday, January 25, 2016

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of joy

Couple cherishes
short time with
newborn son
We read to him,
prayed with him.
We sang Happy
Birthday to him.
We baptized him.
By Diana Lasko

ighty-nine minutes doesnt

seem like a long amount of
time, but it was a lifetime
for Daniel John Dice and his
Eighty-nine minutes of joy.
Eighty-nine minutes of sadness.
Eighty-nine minutes of laughter.
Eighty-nine minutes of tears.
Eighty-nine minutes filled with
infinite love. Daniel lived just 89
minutes on this earth, but he gave
his family an eternity of memories.
We read to him, prayed with
him. We sang Happy Birthday to
him. We baptized him, said his
mother, Nicole Dice. He never left
our side.
On Nov. 6, 2015, Daniel was born
at 8:38a.m. at the Family Beginnings Birthing Center of Uniontown
Hospital, the son of Bill and Nicole

Nicole Dice, left, laughs as

her husband Bill remembers
watching college football
with their son Daniel,
who was born and died on
November 6. Daniel was
afflicted with a fatal form of
dwarfism that left fluid on his
brain and prevented him from
fully forming healthy lungs.

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Kelly Tunney | Herald-Standard

Daniel John Dices birth card from Uniontown Hospital rests on the
dresser of his nursery, with his feeding preference unchecked.

Kelly Tunney | Herald-Standard

Dice of Uniontown. By
10:07a.m., Daniel was
gone, succumbing to a fatal
form of dwarfism known as
thanatophoric dysplasia.
The couple, high school
sweethearts and married
for nearly eight years,
was so excited when, after
seeking fertility treatment,
they discovered in March
they were expecting their
first child.
Initially everything
looked good, said Nicole.
I started keeping a journal
from the beginning of my
pregnancy up until today. I
keep it for him.
It was during Nicoles
20-week sonogram at
her obstetricians office
that abnormalities were
That day they noticed
his limbs were short and
there was fluid on his brain.
We were told this could be
a form of dwarfism and the
fluid could mean the child
may have disabilities,
Nicole said.
As a special education
teacher herself and Bill

89, Page A3

vol. 35 no. 151


Associated Press

Passers-by help push a stuck car out of the snow as another motorist
tows it out in Richmond, Va., Saturday. A winter storm hit the East
Coast, creating a blizzard with brutally high winds, dangerous inland
flooding and white-out conditions.

At least 28 people killed in

snowstorm-related deaths
Associated Press

56, was pronounced dead

less than an hour after he
At least 28 people have died was found Saturday night in
as a result of the mammoth
Muhlenberg Township, acsnowstorm that pounded the
cording to John Hollenbach
eastern U.S. The deaths ocof the Berks County coroners
curred in car accidents, from office. Hollenbach says Percarbon monoxide poisoning,
rotto was apparently trying to
and from heart attacks while
dig out his car.
shoveling snow:
Investigators believe he
either was in the car with
the motor running to take a
break or to try to get out of
Authorities in eastern
the space when a snow plow
Pennsylvania say a man died went by and buried the car,
of carbon monoxide poiblocking the exhaust and
soning, apparently after his
preventing him from exiting.
car was buried in snow by a
Snow, Page A7
passing plow. David Perrotto,

Belle Vernon to get

county assistance for
dangerous building
They helped get us into this problem,
we thought they could help us get out of
this problem.
Krisha Dimascio, borough solicitor.
By Christine Haines

The borough has a lot
of frustration over this
BELLE VERNON Steps piece of property because
are being taken to demolish
they had opposed the sale,
a dilapidated house in Belle
said Krisha Dimascio, the
Vernon that officials say
borough solicitor.
is so far gone, they had to
Dimascio said neighbors
evacuate the rental property thought they detected the
next door fearing it would be porch moving at 201 Wood
damaged by the collapsing
St. last spring and the borstructure.
oughs engineer verified
Mayor Gerald Jackson
that the building had indeed
said at the January council
shifted. The owner of the
meeting this past week that
property has not responded
he had been trying to contact to letters sent by the
the county for financial asborough.
sistance to tear down the
Building, Page A3
dangerous structure, but was

Pa. GOP eyes Trump, Cruz effect on Toomeys chances

Long optimistic about U.S.
Sen. Pat Toomey winning a
second term in Pennsylvania,
Republicans now have something to worry about and
it is not necessarily a strong
Democratic Party challenger.

Rather, a number of top

Pennsylvania Republicans are
fretting about a divisive Republican presidential nominee
souring the states moderate,
swing voters against Toomey
not to mention other Republican candidates on the ballot


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and dooming his re-election

bid in November.
The stakes are tremendous,
with Democrats hoping to
retake control of the U.S.
The Democrats cannot
win the United States Senate

without beating Pat Toomey,

said Rob Gleason, the
chairman of Pennsylvanias
Republican Party.
But, in a state where Democrats hold a four-to-three
registration edge over Republicans, political analysts and

strategists say Toomey cannot

win in a presidential election
year without attracting
support from conservative
Democrats or independent
voters. And a number of

Toomey, Page A7

Buttermore, Donald O. Jr., Uniontown
Cocciolone, Patty Jo (Cepaitis), Monessen
Koziel, John Michael Sr., New Eagle
Layman, Lloyd E., Upper Middletown
Margie, Richard Andrew, Fayette City
Musiolowski, Rose Marie (Rosso), Uniontown

Riggin, Clayton T., Lemont Furnace

Scheponik, Kenneth S., Charleroi
Weasenforth, Clarence, Uniontown
Wirbicki, Vincent P. Uniontown
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High: 45
Low: 33
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