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Answering Evil: Wresting the Conversation Away from

Leftist Rage Pence and Funerals /
What makes politics so difficult for #TheRestOfUs, and easy for the #Elites that enjoy running everyone elses lives (Politicians, Media,
#ProfessionalActivists, #SocialEngineers, #Elites that enjoy running everyone elses lives) is aggressive and amoral messaging.
I decided that one at a time, Id grab one of the #HorribleThings that are commonly known about an issue or politician, and go find out
#WhatUsedToBeTrue before the propaganda.
So today, Im starting with the headlines Im seeing tweeted OVER AND OVER that Pence made mothers pay for the burial of their miscarried or
aborted fetuses.
State-Mandated Mourning for Aborted Fetuses (
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a law this year that mandated funerals for
fetuses (
Insulting New Abortion Law Forces Women to Pay for Fetus Funerals
State-Mandated Mourning for Aborted Fetuses (
Pence Signed a Law Requiring Burial or Cremation for Aborted Fetuses
Sounds pretty heartless, doesnt it? Well it only took me two minutes to find an
article that wasnt written by Pence-haters (though I had to wade past about two
dozen parroting the same copy-and-pasted propaganda first), and here is

The aborted fetal remains bill (SEA 329), establishes rules as to how abortion facilities must dispose of aborted babies and allows
the pregnant woman to choose a different method at her own expense (i.e. burial). As testimony revealed, the Indianapolis Planned
Parenthood facility was disposing of aborted babies down a drain into the sewer system, the Indiana State Department of Health
(ISDH) implemented emergency disposal rules on July 1.

The CHANGE was not that the woman would now be required to pay for the disposal of her infant it was that she now has the CHOICE
to do so by law. Until then, a murdered or lost child could be treated like leftover fried chicken by the medical professionals.
Heres the description from the Indiana General Assembly web site:

Disposition of aborted remains. Defines fetus. Establishes a right, beginning January 1, 2016, for a pregnant woman who has an
abortion to determine the final disposition of the aborted fetus. Requires that a pregnant woman be informed orally and in writing
before an abortion: (1) that the pregnant woman has a right to determine the final disposition of the remains of the aborted fetus; (2)
of available options for disposition of the aborted fetus; and (3) of available counseling services. Requires the state department of
health to: (1) adopt rules concerning the disposal methods to be used for aborted fetuses; and (2) develop the forms for certain
information that is to be provided to the pregnant woman.

Does that sound like a woman was GIVEN A RIGHT TO CHOOSE, or does that sound like a woman is being forced to pay for burial (as
the news stories portrayed)?
So, now that youve heard a version of the story that was not #SculptedByTheLeft, is Pence the #Evil now, or was #PlannedParenthood?
Regardless of your opinion on this heart-heavy and contentious subject would you have preferred to know the facts, and then made your own
decisions; or are you happy trusting the Media to drive knowledge the way they do?