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--- messhi hookoo - sacrifice self for the whole (group)

--- ringi - group decision making - hi ngh bn trn (a tng cho tt c mi

ngi - ng -- ln invest council
nhng mt qu nhiu time

--- life time employment shushin koyo: khi vo cty th s trong cty cho n 60
tui d lm km hay tt
not fearing layof
good motivation, easy to make plan when working, efort
c labour law protection, innovation long term, fringe benefit
adv for company
employee loyal, manage stable human resource, team spirit
dis for both
cost pressure toward aged group
kh fired khi nv lm km
full of generalists
dis for employee
sacrificing individual aim
lack f speciality
job change , big hurdle after 50s

madogiwazoku underperformance ppl -- reallocate, move to other branch

Seniority principle
The year of entering company
Fairness and avoidance of competition
Job rotation
Haenuki fresh graduate start working
Comp have to pay higher for the senior when they working productivity
reducing also they have to increase fund to invest and competitive with
other comp in the market

Management system and human resource nemawashi

Maneuvering behind the scenes lin lc sau lng unofficial i ca hu
Conflict averse
Participation by all relevant persons
Dis by using nemawashi
Have to be agree by every1
Management system and HM sogoshoku ippanshoku
Managerial path administrative path
Gender issue
Tax protection tax break for housewife tax protection for women women
Work style work overtime
Seniors/ non japanese

Horizontal Vertical Keiretsu
Zaibatu Keiretsu
horizontal - each company has each other share
vertical make like a pyramyth each departments of company relate to each

Buyer and supplier relationship

Deepen the trust by education and collaboration if one department of
a company need help they help each other to solve the problem.
Collab happen a lot company can merge with each other easy

Continuous improvement
All members of organization
Small and subtle but on everyday basis
Teian box proposal box
Review meeting
Quality and production management
Just in time JIT
Right parts right time right place
Kanan production cards tell what to do in next part
TPM concept productivity and efficiency
Parts not delivery ontime
Create Pc link real time monitoring machine cost
Cant do with big order
Important material


Seiri sorting used and unused parts

Seiton setting things in order
Seiso sweeping
Seiketsu standardizing
Shitsuke sustaining discipline

3 other S
TQM total quality management
Quality management
Hanseikai review meeting
Management Message
Genba principle
Genba shop floor
Genbutsu product or customer
Genjitsu reality
Elimination of Muda
Muda waste
Muri overburden
Mura unevenness
Muda type company will eliminate

Inventory space

Knowledge Management
Honne and Tatemae
KY syndrome not reading the mood