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Specialist of Low-Voltage Electrical Component Manufacturer

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Specialist of Low-Voltage Electrical Component Manufacturer

end position


market, was established in 1999. Nader was successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 21st Jan. 2014.

High cost

to solve customers challenge, win competitive edge for them and provide safe, reliable and energy saving low-voltage

Focusing on

appliance for them.

Our company focus on low-voltage electrical components area. According to excellent corporate culture, good service

Focusing on


Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., LTD, one of the leading low-voltage electrical component manufacturer in the high-end

Holding the spirit that clients demand drives our R&D process and clients value requires for our innovation, we endeavor

Focusing on


Focusing on
Focusing on

system, positive business policy, reliable inspection and manufacture equipment and industrial leading client's applications,
we received a good reputation and established an important industrial position.

2014 ---

Established by experts of low-voltage

components in Shanghai
The birth of Nader's first product

Moved to new factory, No. 668 Heng An Road
Cooperated with Mitsubishi elevator, ZPMC, Nan Rui group
Constructed and perfected the marketing network throughout China
Started strategic cooperation with top 100 Chinese real estate enterprises,
such as Vanke, Wanda and Greenland group
Promoted overseas market, such as Europe and North America

Successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Stock Name:
Stock Code: 002706





Constructing the Intelligent low-voltage

electrical components production line and
R&D center at Pudong's Kangqiao industrial









Won the bid for Lanzhou city's Power grid renovation project
Cooperated with famous companies throughout the world in ODM business
Started cooperation with Emerson, Huawei and ZTE



Cooperated with new energy customers, such as Dongqi, Mingyang, Huarui etc.
Our lab received CNAS certification and recognized UL certification
Won the bidding for China Mobile's national bidding project
Entered the China Petroleum's supplier brand list
Started strategic cooperation with top 100 real-estate enterprise, such as Huarun, Zhaoshang,
Bi guiyuan, Longhu etc.

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Specialist of Low-Voltage Electrical Component Manufacturer

Cooperating with the best management consulting firm


Starting profound innovation in several fields and gradually

integrating into global community

Our mission
We are dedicated to a more convenient,
efficient and secure use of electricity

Focused and innovated

management idea
Focusing on Low-voltage electrical industry
Focusing on providing the best cost
performance product to customer
Focusing on improving company's
Continuous technical innovation

Our core value

Sustaining process optimization

Effective management revolution

Sincerity, Care, Responsibility, Initiative

Talent concept
SelectCareCultivate the best talent !
We pay attention to selecting talents who approve Nader's
value and enterprise, because we firmly believe only the elite
who keeps the same value with us is Nader`s business partner;
we also lay emphasis on staffs character and morals and pay
attention not only to their skill but also performance. We believe
that without a satisfied employee there will not be a satisfied
customer !
People and morality oriented
By training them on special knowledge, skill, attitude and
principle, we enlarge our group, keep company and employees
competitive edge and pay back society in better efficiency !

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Specialist of Low-Voltage Electrical Component Manufacturer

Quality Guarantee

Service & Technology innovation

testing center has 72 set of

during the process of marketing, R&D and company operating. In order to meet

precise instruments and 5 labs.

and go beyond customer's demand and expectation, we constantly innovate

35 items can be tested here,

technology and provide differentiated product and solution.

meeting the requirements of

Green & Rigid control

Company strictly observe the National and local relevant laws and regulations
on environmental protection, reducing and preventing the pollution, saving
energy and decreasing energy consumption. Meanwhile, we continually perfect
purchasing and manufacturing process, dismissing the pollution from harmful
substance in material. What's more, our hazardous substance management
standard is 40% higher than the International one.

P06 Figure 2
Electron workshop
P07 Figure 3
ACB assembly line
Final distribution assembly line

Nader's low-voltage electrical

Nader is a customer-based enterprise which is directed by market demand

product R&D, improvement

and experiment, providing a
strong safeguard for product
with high quality and reliability.
Company constantly introduces
advanced R&D equipment
and increases investment on
R&D and testing software and

Quality & Break through

hardware. We are constructing

Quality plays the key role in brand competition. Based on efficiency and

electrical production line

cost, all Naders guarantee a high product quality. By the gradual perfection

and R&D center at Kangqiao

and technology innovation, our quality, working environment and harmful

Industrial Park, Pudong New

substance management system are improving rapidly.

Area, Shanghai.

an intelligent low-voltage

08 09

Specialist of Low-Voltage Electrical Component Manufacturer

Products and


3 Production Lines: Distribution electrical, Final distribution electrical,

Control electrical. Main products:
ACB : NDW1 series, NDW2 series, NDW3 series

SPD : NDU1 series, NDU2 series

MCCB : NDM2 series, NDM3 series, NDM5 series

HMCB : NDB3 series, NDB5 series

Lsolator : NDG1 series, NDG2 series, NDG3 series

Contactor : NDC1 series, NDC2 series, NDC3 series

ATSE : NDQ1 series, NDQ2 series, NDQ3 series,

Relay : NDR1 series, NDR2 series

NDQ2A series, NDQ3A series

Nader passed the quality spot checks by the general

administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China in
3 consecutive years. We were rated as an excellent
supplier by American Emerson Network Power
Nader was named the Shanghai new high-tech
enterprise in 2005 & 2007. According to the new
standard of Ministry of Science and Technology of the
People's Republic of China, we were chosen as new
high-tech enterprise once again.
Our R&D center was decided as Pudong New Area
Enterprise Technology Development Institution.
Our breaker products were praised as Famous and
Excellent Products in Shanghai Electrical Industry (From
2004 to now).
Many of our products were rated as National Important

Motor protector : NDD1 series

MCB : NDM1 series, NDB1 series, NDB2 series, NDB6 series

The performance of the case:

P08 Above 3 figures

P08 Under 3 figures

P09 Up 6 figures
Partial certifications
P09 Down 4 figures
The Bird'vvvs Nest, national stadium
The Private enterprises joint pavilion
of Shanghai world expo
Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Oriental Sports Center

New Product, Shanghai New High-tech Converting Project.

Our MCB, MCCB, AC contactor and HMCB were named as
Shanghai Famous Brand Product.
Company was judged as Shanghai Science and Technology
Giant in Nov. 2008.
Nader received Shanghai Famous Trademark in Jan. 2009.
Company's testing center attained CNAS certification in
Testing center passed UL witness recognition experiment in
Up to October of 2014, Nader had already applied 230
patents, 52 of which are patents of invention. Nader keeps
the top 3 position in number of patents in domestic lowvoltage industry.
We were rated as The deputy director unit of the China
electrical equipment industry association low-voltage
electrical branch .

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Specialist of Low-Voltage Electrical Component Manufacturer

Domestic and
Overseas Market


New energy
Solar and wind power industries.

Solar cooperation: Sungrow, TBEA, Huawei PV, etc.

Wind power cooperation: Emerson, Gold wind,
Rene Solar, etc.

Domestic sales & service network

Nader established 64 sales offices in China. It helps us to provide high grade and considerable service to customer rapidly.
According to customer`s demand, you will enjoy the three guarantees when there is any quality problem within 3 years
after sold.


Build into world

Nader's first overseas office was established at New Delhi. Based on the global cooperation with transnational enterprises,
such as Emerson, Eltek and Delta, our products are wildly used in several projects of Ericsson, Vodafone, Alcatel.


Power supply
Mainly working on 4 big Chinese relay protection

companies, real-way power supply, high-voltage switch industries.

Customer: NARI-RELAYS, Nanjing Automation, Beijing Sifang
Automation, Xuji group, Ao Te Xun, Zhong Heng, etc.

Power industry
Focusing on Grid and cooperating


extensively with clients in generating, transmitting

and transforming electricity.

Focusing on telecom operator, equipment

manufacture and IDC. Telecom operator : China Mobile,

China Unicom, China Telecom, Vodafone and so on.
Equipment manufacture : Huawei, ZTE, Emerson, etc.


Industry control


We include crane, engineer machine,

elevator, HVAC, welder etc. in our industries and

cooperate with excellent enterprises domestically
and overseas including industries from Europe, Japan,

Rail transit
Focusing on transportation operator,

whole automobile factory, railway signaling industry,

American etc.

vehicle power supply, power distribution system for

rail transit and so on.


Real estate
Establishing strategic cooperation with the

Chinese top 100 enterprises. Such as Vanke, Wanda, Greenland,

Huarun real estate, Bi Guiyuan, Zhao Shang, etc.


Public construction
We cooperate with petrochemical industry, metallurgy,

light manufacturing and mechanical industry. Customers include

CNPC, Sinopec, Baosteel, Ansteel, Tangstell, FAW, SAIC and GAC group.

Specialist of Low-Voltage Electrical Component Manufacturer

Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., LTD.

Add : No.668 Hengan Road ,Liangxin Industrial Park,
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