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2GO, formally 2GO Travel, is a passenger ferry

company which is based in Manila, Philippines

and part of 2GO Group, a listed company owned
by the Chinese government through the ChinaAsean Investment Cooperation Fund. It is the
largest ferry company in the Philippines with its
main hub located in Eva Macapagal Super
Terminal in Pier 15 in the Manila South Harbor.
2GO has one of the most modern shipping fleets in the Philippines and operates the
largest fleet of inter-island vessels in the country.

Brand Profile
2GO Travel is one of the largest, premier land/sea-travel providers in the
Philippines. The company offers a wide selection of hotel
accommodations/services, tours and events packages, with the ease of land/sea
Born out of established brands such as Negros Navigation, Superferry, Cebu
Ferries, and Supercat, 2GO Travel has a combined history of more than 148 years
in travel industry.
From the sunny beaches of Boracay, to the iconic skylines of Manila, 2GO travel
works with over 1,200 outlets nationwide, catering to various ports in Luzon,
Visayas, and Mindanao.
By combining seamless travel experience, with breathtaking destinations, and the
luxury of hotel accommodations, the company aims to redefine travel.

Brand Structure

Vision and Mission

2GO Travel is the premiere provider of unique travel experience that brings people
together beyond expectations.

2GO Travel bridges people and places wherever, whenever, seamlessly.

Company History
The first precursor company to 2GO Group Inc. began on May 26, 1949.
Eventually, the Aboitiz Transport System was formed by, first, the break up of
WG&A SuperFerry into SuperFerry and Carlos A. Gothong Lines and then the
merging of SuperFerry with Cebu Ferries and SuperCat fast ferries to form the
Aboitiz Transport System.In December 2010, the former major stockholders of the
company, namely Aboitiz Equity Ventures and Aboitiz and Company Inc. sold their
shares to Negros Navigation Co. Inc. (NENACO), for US$105 million.] The equity
value included all the logistics and shipping businesses of the company, except its
interest in its joint ventures with the Jebsen Group of Norway.
At the same time, December 2010, Negros Navigation announced that the
China-Asean Investment Cooperation Fund acquired a controlling stake in the
company through an equity infusion. The China-Asean Investment Cooperation
Fund is a Netherlands-based, private equity firm wholly owned and controlled by
the Government of the People's Republic of China. Because Negros Navigation
was a privately held firm the exact amount invested by the Fund was not disclosed.
In short, the mainland Chinese government set up the China-Asean Investment
Cooperation Fund, which then among other investments in the region took a
controlling stake in Negros Navigation, which in turn purchased SuperFerry and
related brands and re-branded itself 2GO Group.

Company Profile
2GO Group Inc. is a Philippines-based company engaged in transporting
people and cargo using the fleet of inter-island ferries and cargo ships of the former
ATS (Aboitiz Transport System) which owned the brands SuperFerry, Cebu Ferries
and SuperCat and Negros Navigation.


1. What are the system use in 2Go Travel and the function of it? Describe the
inputs, process and output of these systems.
2. How these systems do to helps 2Go Travel to improve its business
3. How is MIS used for decision making in the organization?

What are the functions and disadvantages of MIS in the business?