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Language Arts Lesson Plan
For November 3rd
SWBT (Students will be able to)
Use adjectives to describe a pumpkin.
Write a sentence using an adjective
1. Review parts of speech
Define noun, verb and adjective. Give several examples of
2. Show the pumpkin. Have students name adjectives to
describe the pumpkin. Write the adjectives on sticky notes
and place on the pumpkin.
3. Use the sticky notes to fill in the blanks on chart.
I have a _____________ pumpkin.
It is ____________,______________, and _____________.
My pumpkin came from _______________.
I will _____________.
Have student read the chart. Repeat with different
4. Review components of a complete sentence. (Begins with a
capital letter, ends with an end mark, has a subject and a
verb, and makes sense.)
5. Have students write a sentence that has an adjective and
describes a pumpkin.
6. Call on students to share their sentence and identify the