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Important Questions
Two Marks
Unit I
1. What is an Electric Derive?
2. Draw the Block Diagram of Electric Derive.

2. What is the necessity of starter to start a

3. Why starter is needed for DC motors?
4. What is the function of a Starter in DC Motor?
5. Where 3point and 4point starters are
6. What is meant by Slip?

3. What is meant by intermittent duty?

7. State the different between 3point and 4point


4. What are the advantage & disadvantage of

Electrical Derive?

8. What are the advantages of Squirrel cage

Induction Motor over Dc Motor?

5. What is meant by short time duty?

9. State the different modes of operation of

3phase induction motor?

6. State the advantage of group drive & Define

group drive.

10. Why motor take heavy current at starting?

7. Define continuous rating of a Motor.

Unit IV

8. What is meant by continuous rating?

1. What is time ratio control?

9. What are the basic elements of Electric


2. Define duty cycle of a Chopper.

10. What is the function of Power modulator?

3. State the types of controlled rectifier DC


Unit II
1 .What does you meant by Plugging.
2. Types of electric braking of Motor.
3. Define regenerative & dynamic braking.
4. Compare Electrical & Mechanical Braking.
5. What are the types of 1 Induction Motor?
6. List the 2 types of rotor in Induction motor.

4. What are the methods of control of DC

5. Write the application of DC Chopper.
6. State the advantage & disadvantage of Ward
Leonard Control system.
7. State the advantage of DC Chopper drives.
8. What is Chopper?

7. State the advantage of Electrical braking.

9. What is meant by time ratio control in DC


8. What is meant by mechanical characteristics?

10. Give the Limitation of field control

9. What is meant by electrical characteristics?

Unit V

10. Define synchronous speed.

1. Mention the advantage of solid state control of

AC Drives.

Unit III
1. What you understand by Soft starter.

2. What is meant by Voltage and Frequency


3. Compare Voltage source inverter & current

source inverter?
4. What do you meant by an ac voltage
5. What is meant by slip power recovery
6. Compare AC drives & DC drives.
7. What do you mean by time ratio control in DC
8. What is an Inverter?
9. What is Voltage Regulator?
10. Write short notes on inverter rectifier.
16 Marks
Unit I
1. Choice of Electrical Drives (selection of
Electrical drives).
2. Classes of Motor duty.
3. Heating and cooling curve.
4. Explain the Block diagram of Electrical Drives.
Unit II
1. DC Motor (circuit diagram, equation & speed
torque characteristics curve).
2. 1 and 3 Induction motor (circuit diagram,
equation & speed torque characteristics curve).
3. Electric Braking.
Unit III
1. 3Point & 4Point Starter.
2. 3 Induction motor Starter.
Unit IV
1. 1 Fully Controlled Rectifier for continuous &
discontinuous conduction Mode (circuit diagram,
equation & wave forms).
2. Chopper.

3. Ward-leonard scheme control system.

4. Speed control of DC Motor.
Unit V
1. Speed control of 3 Induction motor.
2. Slip power recovery scheme for 3 Induction
3. Voltage Control method.
4. Frequency control method.
5. V/F Control & Pole changing Method.