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In a certain society there would be communities that are constituted by peoples that would tell their way of living. is the number one problem our society is dealing as of now. tradition. It refers to change in the size of a population—which can be either positive or negative—over time. depending on the balance of births and deaths. Of course due to some behavioural activities inside the communities. culture and many other aspects about their life. it would be very alarming especially when population continually accumulates over a short span of time. and that is what we call “population growth”. the world's population will grow very slowly or can even decline.CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the study “Go forth and multiply”. In this world we are currently living. it includes our part being human as an organism. If there would be imbalances in population percentage. . Overpopulation. It is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population drastically increases and exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth. In a community the number that identifies the density of the number of humans is referred to as “population”. there is a necessity of fluctuation of the density rates in every population. which requires serious attention and immediate action. If there are many deaths. As population increases resource limits are intervened and environmental degradation becomes more apparent. there are abundance or convention of living organisms that dwells on it. From time to time population increases and non-stop. in account to the negative factor in population growth.

When population growth becomes ungoverned it would cause alarming effects that would harm the lives of many people. without being aware of their status in life. Rise in unemployment-when a country becomes overpopulated. If the number of children born each year equals the number of adults that die. decline in death rate-At the root of overpopulation is the difference between the overall birth rate and death rate in populations. perhaps pollution and other factors. Lack of family planning. Degradation of the environment. it gives rise to unemployment as there fewer jobs to support large number of people. allowing families to feed more mouth and because of inventions. Better medical facilities. then the population will stabilize.people who are illiterate and are living below the line of poverty lacks the knowledge of family planning and becomes careless when it comes to sexual activities. Effects includes. depletion of natural resources-our environment only produce limited amount of natural resources. Combining the increase in food supply with fewer means of mortality tipped the balance and became the starting point of overpopulation. many people would be engaged in malicious acts that greatly influences the environment. Immigrationpeople living below the line of poverty migrate to a more developed place where they can reside. which causes the rapid depletion of the resources. and had the ability to prolong lives. new medication or treatments were made to eradicate or cure long term diseases that claimed many lives till now. as the number of people multiply.due to overpopulation. . there would be greater number of people that will take advantage and consume the natural resources suffice their needs. Some causes include.Science was able to produce better means of food production. thus increasing the population of the place where they relocated.

This study will answer the following questions: 1.) What necessary actions should be done to eradicate this issue? 3. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE . Calanipawan Tacloban City.) What are the concerns of people in that area towards population growth? 2. It would relatively be of aid in the community in finding remedies based on the results for future improvements in the barangay’s current condition.) What are the effects of population growth in that area? CHAPTER II.Thesis Statement This study aims to look into the impact and problems of population to the environment and socio economic status in Barangay 96 Lumbang 2.

Robelle (2007) stated that. 50. and industrial innovations. the government does not have good income and consequently. (2015) there are advantages and disadvantages regarding population growth. Pollution. is famous for its waterfront promenade and centuries-old According to Jennifer. it is very evident that we are now being left behind compared to other Southeast Asian countries that were once considered less progressive than the Philippines’ Rapid population growth leads to unemployment.1% is male and 49. a storied citadel and military prison. and Crime increase. The Philippines is in shambles and no quick step can bring the Philippines back on track. With a high unemployment rate.The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific. Existing businesses in the countries can no longer give jobs to all the workforce in the country. the government needs more money to attend to the needs of the unemployed. On the other hand there is also some disadvantages. new ideas and cultures are advantages if our population keeps growing.000 islands. Even the popular call center industry cannot provide jobs to all Filipinos because not all Filipinos are well-versed in English. Its home to the baroque 17th-century San Agustin Church as well as Fort Santiago. In terms of development. Its capital. Poverty. Binondo. Charlynne Selah and Jessica M.9% is female according to (http://www. Manila. Lowest is 1. agricultural. Philippines ranks number 12 in the list of countries by population. Examples are. Current population is 102million. Intramuros. Philippines highest growth rate was at 3. Better economy. keeps humans from going extinct.worldometers. is the heard of Old Manila. comprising more than 7.48% at 2009. a walled city in colonial times.35% in 1960’s. Conflict and War. Medical. Food and land shortage. no matter how proud Filipinos are and no matter how we just laugh it off. .

because of overpopulation. Consequently.On one end. E. From the moment you leave for school or for work. If overpopulation is not solved. Simple logic will tell that crime is an end result of overpopulation. Traffic would not also be much of a problem if the city is not so overcrowded. the root of many crimes is poverty and poverty is caused by overpopulation. overpopulation not only creates a big deal of trouble for the country. the country’s endless supply of garbage is still increasing at a fast pace. poverty will follow and so will crime. And again. It is hard to traverse small alleys and narrow streets in the city because of the number of people especially in Metro Manila where many people from the province flock to thinking that life is easier in the big. the government could allot more of the national budget to much needed infrastructure projects rather than shelling out huge funds for housing projects. polluted city. poverty. it is also a bother in everyday life. and hunger if the number of victims are at a minimal level. Tacloban City is a first income class highly urbanized city in the Philippines and . Crime is yet another threat that plagues the country. People scramble to ride jeepneys or buses especially during rush hour. unemployment in the country still has a positive outcome because of the dollar remittances coming from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). you might find it hard to get a ride because of overpopulation. poverty and hunger rises. To analyze. If overpopulation could only be solved. because the country could no longer provide good-paying jobs to a good percentage of the workforce. It is also much easier to solve unemployment. Calanipawan is composed of many barangays. it is located at the southern part of Tacloban City. (2014). feeding programs and other projects aimed at alleviating poverty. Based on the study of Reyes. Overpopulation will not increase the collection of taxes if the country could not give jobs to its population.

the provincial capital of Leyte. According to census (2015). many squatters area) from rapid population growth. Barangay 96 Lumbang 2 Calanipawan Tacloban City is experiencing challenges (shortage of water. it has a population of 242.089 and is the most populous city in Eastern Visayas. and is overcrowded since it is situated just near Robinson’s place and is becoming overpopulated. Conceptual Framework POPULATION GROWTH EFFECTS ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAG ES . It is 360 miles (580km) southeast from Manila. where it is geographically situated buy governed administratively independent from it.

water. culture. Unemployment Slow traffic movement Dollar remittances Poverty No increase of tax Hunger Crimes CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY Research Procedure A. Tacloban City.Keeps human from extinction Food. The study looked into the population in Barangay 96 Lumbang 2 Calanipawan. The researchers consulted the officer in charge or the person with the authority in the locale of the study for any information about the barangay specifically its population density and details . land shortage New ideas Conflict and war (Knowledge.

These are. Five (5) families that consists of a couple with 6-8 children each and five (5) families that consists a couple with 3-5 children. (3) educational attainment. and he/she must be mature and literate enough in answering determine at what age mostly residents experience the struggle of a growing population. Research Respondents The respondents on our study are the residents living in Barangay 93. Family A. Five explanatory variables of the respondents were considered to assess the survey. Stratified random sampling was used in choosing 5 household in the first category and 5 household in the second category that will take part in this study. (5) income. Then the researchers requested for the barangay captain’s consent in conducting the research in their barangay. In every family. The categories are. (4) employment. (1) age.this will depend depend on whom will be interviewed. Sampling procedure In order to know who will be the respondents of the study. the researchers looked into the list of residents living in the barangay. a member from that family is to be interviewed. With the consent of the barangay captain.consisting of a couple with 6-8 children.consisting of a couple with 3-5 children.are the major variables that will be gathered in this research. In terms . the researchers conducted a survey in the barangay to investigate the effects of the population growth in the locale with the use of questionnaires that will be provided in each respondents involved in the study. B. (2) sex. and Family every household. Lumbang 2 Tacloban City. Two (2) categories of respondents were used as the basis in dividing the respondents. and would foresee the effects of population growth in the designated barangay.

After the survey the information were gathered thoroughly and subjected to further analysis and discussion. and so. Tacloban City. Research Locale The study is conducted at Barangay 96 Lumbang 2. the researchers gave them the option of being anonymous. Then the researcher looked into the barangay’s list of residents to be able to choose the respondents that would participate in the study. Calanipawan. The questionnaire that was used in this study was designed to obtain information on the effects of the population growth in barangay 96 Lumbang 2 Calanipawan.of maturity it describes the respondents’ age ranging from 18 and above. the researchers initiated the survey by going to the place of each respondents. . Tacloban City. Research Instrument The questionnaire was the major instrument used in this study so that we are secure despondence to certain questions. The researcher assumed confidentiality of their survey sheets since the researchers also understood that people’s consciousness may also affect their honesty and effectiveness in answering the survey. The barangay displayed a high population density making it a reason for the researchers to conduct the research in that area. After that. The respondents were then interviewed with the prepared suitable questions. the letter served as evidence to the residents of the barangay of the captain’s permission of conducting the study. Data Gathering The researchers requested for the barangay captain’s consent with a letter of permission before conducting the research.

The researcher used survey questionnaire as instrument in conducting the survey. they were able to determine the details of this study.Closed and open format questions were used to give the respondents the opportunity to give their responses and suggestions. Based on the result of the survey conducted. Diagrams and other figures were also used to provide clearer understanding of the data presented as answers to the problems of the study. The questionnaire prepared by the researchers was developed by reading reference materials and related about the effects of population growth. . Research Design This study utilized the descriptive – survey in order to achieve the purpose of this studywhich is to determine and describe the effects caused by the population growth in Barangay 98 Lumbang 2 Calanipawan. Tacloban City.