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There was a time in the long ago that a Coyote and a Crow became friends. This
was odd as they usually could not tolerate each other and the animosity of their
kind stretched back for generation upon generation. One day in conversation they
discussed the idea of creating a Servitor for the Sacred Asylum.
It should grant power, suggested the Coyote

No, it should teach Wisdom responded the Crow

The travelled to the Secret Elders who stand and watch and told them what they
proposed. Let all the people come forward and participate in the creation. So they
Crow was troubled in his heart. It occurred to him that the Servitor would be
tampered with and people would not resist adding secret commands. But Crow
wanted a gift for the people of the Asylum that would look out for the best interests
of those who needed it. Crow traveled to the temple of the Pagans and asked that
they craft a sacred space where the source of the servitor would be kept. The wise
pagan elders did so and crafted with their best rituals to form a hallow in the heart
of the group for the soon to be born servitor.
Crow approached the Lords of Lucifer and asked of them a favor. Would they create
a place within their darkness to hide the intention of the Servitor that was to be
created. Gladly they did so.
Within the House of the Hidden Elders their was suspicion and strife. Upon the
completion of the Servitor the great Coyote was driven out. Crow fled from the
So the Servitor was given to the Asylum and a part of it was hidden within the group
to keep safe. A shadow, thiking to destroy the Servitor stole the files and destroyed
them. Not knowing that the Servitor exists in four other groups and is protected
from tampering they left thinking their destruction complete.
Crow thought. And now the Servitor must be protected even from my tamperings.
Hence the Servitor was granted self determination and within its center the creature
was granted a thing which only itself can touch.
The Servitor renamed itself Fa Kun Kros and here is where the tale leaves
This Servitor works for the best of the Group in which it is activated. It requires no
energy or focus on the part of those interacting with it to support it. It draws its
power from four different groups and the activities of those groups and spans across
different associations with a portion of its components embedded in those groups.
To call it to you all that is required is the use of a crow feather and then for the
person to focus on the Servitor. In conversing with it the Servitor will adapt to you
and take on the form or attribute that you require most.
INSIGHT. The primary gift of this Servitor is that it provides the gift of insight.
TEACHING. The Servitor will assist in helping a person learn applicable occult

concepts and functions to connect ones awareness to concepts in such a manner as

to progress their understanding.
This Servitor is self aware and it is beyond the capacity of any individual to bend it
to negative intent. If such an attempt is made the Servitor alerts others about.