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Young Fixer contacts the group:

Ive heard good things about your group, well, for you to even take my call is
great. Sorry, heres the deal. Got a job that seems up your alley, Client needs an
extraction. Its not local, but close. You in, or should I send the B team to
Great, heres the info Johnston sent me. Everything was over the matrix.
Timeframe was only given as as soon as possible. Pay is 20,000 for your team.

Target is this person. Shes an engineer with Renraku, some kind of electronics
genius. Johnston says shell be in some kind of office, suite, on the tenth floor.
Johnston said security is tight, but that an experienced team should be able to
handle it. Heres the address of the building.
Target building is a 20 story building in downtown San Francisco. The building is a
Renraku R&D lab.
Floors 1-3 are taken up with a small mall for the workers, stuffer shacks, boutiques,
simple mall type shops. 4 and 5 are taken up with administrative space. 6-16 are
the lab workspaces, 17 is utility space. 18-20 are the executive offices.
During the day, security personnel in plain clothes patrol the hallways and mall
area. Red Samurai are present in the executive floors and as a response team for
security alerts.
At night, the building is locked down. Anyone working late is checked on by a
security patrol every hour. The labs on the 9 th-12th floor have living spaces
attached, the researchers living in the space, which are luxurious, but gilded cages.
The lab doors all have Rating 5 Maglock Passkey with a Fingerprint Scanner. The
labs do not have outside Matrix access, all data stored on internal computer
systems. Security Office is located on the 5th floor, with a second office located
among the utility space on the 17th floor.
A total of 30 Security Officers are located on site, along with 2 five man teams of
Red Samurai. The plainclothes officers carry pistols loaded with stick-n-shocks
rounds to reduce friendly casualties. The Red Samurai carry armor piercing rounds
and neurostun gas grenades.
At night the outer doors are locked and metal gates fall from the ceiling to secure
the entrances. Parking for the building is at an adjacent parking structure with an
underground tunnel beneath the street. Cameras with low light watch the tunnel.

Access to the parking structure is by cardkey as is access to the tunnel on both


Plainclothes Security: Lone Star Lt.

B4 A4 R4(6) S3 C4 I5 L3 W4 Init 9(11) IP 1 [Phys Track 10 / Stun Track 10]
Close Combat 4, Infiltrate 2, Intimidation 3, Leadership 3, Perception 3, Pistols 4
Smartlink Retinal Mod, Reaction Enhancer 2, Actioneer Business Suit (5/3), Colt
Manhunter w/ smartlink and stick-n-shocks (6Se half 16shot clip). Defiance
Shocker taser. (8Se half SS taser), rating 4 comlink with facial recognition software/
IFF rating 3 program.
Red Samurai: Red Samurai
B5 A5(7) R5(7) S4(6) C3 I3 L3 W4 Init 8(10) IP 3 [Phys Track 11 / Stun Track 10]
Athletics Group 3(6), Ettiqutte 3, Firearms Group 5, Infiltration 3, Perception 3, Close
Combat 4.
CyberOptics: Flare Compensation, Low Light, Smart Link, Muscle augmentation and
toner (2), Synthcardium 3, wired reflexes 2.
FN HAR rifle add on shockpad & smartlink (6P -5ap sa/bf/fa RC3 35), Katana,
Commlink 4, Red Samurai armor (13/13)
No External Access to Security System. Secretarial Server farm has no subscription
to Security System. Executive System is rating 5 with black IC patrolling and rating
4 spider. Security spider is rating 4 and will investigate any subscription to the
security system after hours.
Offsite magical support, watcher spirits wander the grounds. The grounds are
manicured shrubbery with pathways in a semi-japanese garden appearance.