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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English X

Time Allotment:

Pegasus & Bellerophon

One (1) Hour

I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students must have:
1. Identified what happened in the story.
2. Created own analysis of the story.
3. Value the virtue, humility
Valuing: Keep your feet on the ground when youre heads in the cloud.
II. Subject Matter:


Mythology, Edith Hamilton, Little Brown

And Company, 1942 pages 124-125



Laptop, Handout, Cartolina

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activity
Good Morning Class!
Hancock, Kindly lead us a prayer.

Thank you Hancock for that wonderful

So class before you take your sit, kindly
pick up those scattered pieces of papers

Good Morning Sir!
In the name of the father, and of the
son, and of the holy spirit, AMEN.
Lord, we thank you for the gift of life,
family and friends. Continue to bless us
and guide us as we tackle again another
lesson that would help us to become the
person you want us to be. Keep us away
from any danger especially our dear
ones who are not here with us. Forgive
us from our sins that we have committed
and may you bestow us the guidance of
the Holy Spirit for us to prevent
committing such. In this we ask, in the
name of our Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN.
In the name of the father, and of the

under and near you chair and arrange

your chairs as well.
B. Review
Okay so class, lets have first a short
review about our lesson yesterday, so
what we had yesterday?
Yes Luffy?

son, and of the holy spirit, AMEN.

(Students will do so)

So what is the story all about?

Yes San ji?
What does the story want to tell us?
Yes Shinichi?
C. Motivation
So class before we proceed to our next
lesson I have here two picture puzzles.
So I will group you in to two the first
group who can finish will be having
additional points. And afterwards, you
will describe or explain the picture that
youve got?
So this will be the group 1 and this is the
group 2.
So now, can I ask Conan to describe the
Zoro, what do you thing that the man
and horse is doing?
Okay, so lets clap for Group 1.
Next groups 2, Ussop describe the
picture please.
Nami what do you think they are doing?
Okay so both groups have a good
observation about the photo.
D. These pictures in fron have
something to do with our new topic for
today which is about the story of
Bellerophon and Pegasus.
E. Discussion
So kindly bring out the handout that I
gave to you.
Genka read the first part.

(The class will follow the instruction)

Sir, as you can see, we have a picture of

a man riding in a winged horse.
Sir based on the picture, they are going
to somewhere else.
Sir as you can see there is a man riding
on a horse and a creature was stubbed.
Sir, I think the man and horse is fighting
with that creature and fortunately they
killed it.

In the city of Corinth, Glaucus is King. But the

gods dislike him because he feeds his horses
human flesh. Eventually the gods throw him
from his chariot and have his horses eat him. It
is thought that Glaucus's son is a beautiful
young man named Bellerophon, but it is also
rumored that the boy's father is Poseidon.
More than anything, Bellerophon wants
to ride Pegasus, a winged horse, so he goes to

Stop. Kagome please continue.

Luffy, continue.

Inuyasha, continue.

Garp, read the last part.

So class, did you understand the story?

Athena's temple to pray. Athena comes to him

in a dream and gives him a golden bridle
which, she says, will take the horse. It does,
and Pegasus becomes Bellerophon's loyal
Later, Bellerophon kills his brother
entirely by accident. He goes to
King Proteus for purification, which the king
grants. But Bellerophon's situation becomes
complicated when the king's wife takes an
interest in him. Bellerophon denies the queen's
advances, but the evil woman tells her husband
that the boy has wronged her and must die.
Proteus does not want to kill Bellerophon
personally because the boy has eaten at his
table, so instead he asks the boy to deliver a
letter to the Lycian king.
On the back of Pegasus, Bellerophon
travels easily, meets the Lycian king, and stays
with him for nine wonderful days. When the
king opens his letter, it has clear instructions to
kill Bellerophon. But like Proteus, the Lycian
king does not want to offend Zeus by acting
violently towards a guest, so instead he sends
Bellerophon on an impossible journey to kill a
monster, Chimaera. With the help of Pegasus,
however, Bellerophon kills the beast with no
harm to himself. He returns to Proteus, and
Proteus sends him on many more challenging
Eventually, the victorious Bellerophon
wins Proteus's respect, and the king even gives
the man his daughter's hand in marriage.
Unfortunately, Bellerophon loses favor with
the gods when he attempts to become more
than human and take a place on Mount
Olympus. When he tries to take the journey up
to the gods kingdom, Pegasus throws
Bellerophon off his back. Bellerophon wanders
alone, "devouring his own soul," until he dies.

So Sanji, what kind of animal is Pegasus?

So does anyone of you know how this
Pegasus came to this world?
So Robin kindly read this one

Pegasus becomes Zeus's favorite animal,

residing in the stalls of Mount Olympus and
bringing thunder and lightning to him.
Yes Sir!
Sir, he is a winged horse.
No sir.

Thank you Robin, so Pegasus just came

from the droplets of Medusa when she
was killed by Perseus.
Then why does King Proteus sent
Bellerophon to King Iobates?
Yes Ussop?

Okay well said Ussop.

Did King Iobates kill Bellerophon?
Then what does he do? Yes Rayleigh?
Did Bellerophon killed the Chimera?
Yes Chopper?
So it seems that you really did
understand the story well.
F. Enrichment Activity
So class Ill give you 15 minutes to make
your own analysis on what happened to
Bellerophon after Zeus stinged Pegasus.
You can make a poem, illustrate or a
song. Just choose from those three that I
have mentioned.
G. Valuing
Class in the story, what does it teach
Yes Franky?

Well said Franky. Class remember what

Jame 4:10 says, Humble yourself in the
sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up.

The Birth of Pegasus

Perseus killed the monster, Medusa, by
beheading her. The drops of blood of Medousa
mixed with the white foam of the sea and
Pegasus was born. He leaped out of her head,
as a beautiful white horse with wings.

Sir, King Proteus wants to kill Bellerophon

because of the statement of his wife wo he sent
Bellerophon to King Iobates for King Iobates
to kill him.
No sir.
Sir he sent him to kill Chimera a monster that
is made up of a head of goat and a lion and a
Yes sir.

(Students will make their own analysis)

Sir the story teaches us to always

humble ourselves that whatever or
wherever we are, we should always keep
our feet on the ground. Dont aim too

H. Evaluation
So kindly bring out your pen and answer
the following.
I. Generalization
So class before we end up our lesson for
today, what we had again today?
Yes Kazuma?

much, to fly too high because when

failure comes, its too hard or its too
painful when we are drag down.

(The students will do the quiz)

Very Good Kazuma.
Another? Yes Kai?
Well said Kai.
So I hope that you really understand our
lesson for today. Good Bye Class!

Sir its all about the story of Pegasus and

The story teaches us also the value or
the virtue of humility that tells that
always keep our feet on the ground

IV. Evaluation
NAME:___________________________ COURSE/YEAR:________ SCORE:____
Directions: Read the questions carefully. Encircle the letter of your answer. ERASURES ARE
1. What monster does Bellerophon kills?
a. Chimaera b. Chimera
c. Cheemara d. Chimeara
2. In question number one, what does the monster made-up?
a. Lion, Vulture, Dragon
b. Lion, Vulture, Phyton
c. Lion, Goat, Snake
d. Tiger, Goat, Vulture
3. Who is the King who tried to Kill Bellerophon?
a. King Iobates
b. King Glaucus
c. King Proteus
d. Both a & c
4. What is the reason why Bellerophon came to King Proteus?
a. To seek for his help
c. For purification
b. For training
d. To know more about Pegasus
5. What is the message of King Proteus to his brother?
a. Taught Bellerophon to fight
c. Give Bellerophon information about the Pegasus
b. To kill Bellerophon
d. To let Bellerophon fight with the monster
6. Who is the God or Goddess appear in the dream of Bellerophon?
a. Hera
b. Athena
c. Poseidon d.Zeus
7. Who are the Gods & Goddesses involve in the adventure of Bellerophon?
a. Hera, Zeus, & Poseidon
c. Hera
b. Hera & Zeus
d. Zeus
8. Where does Pegasus came from?

a. Head of Medusa b. Blood of Medusa c. Medusa born her d. None of the above
9. Why does Zeus sting Pegasus?
a. To prevent Bellerophon to reach Mt. Olympus
b. He got furious for Bellerophon
c. To prevent Bellerophon to dethrone him
d. All of the above
10. What is the name of constellation derived from the story?
a. Pegasus
b. Bellerophon
c. Proteus
d. None of the above
11. What happened the fall of Bellerophon?
a. He looks for Pegasus
c. Nowhere to be found
b. He Dies
d. None of the above
12. What other stories can be synonymous to the story of Bellerophon?
a. Phaeton
b. Hercules c. Atalanta
d. Theseus
13. Who is the God that belief is the true father of Bellerophon?
a. Zeus
b. Apollo
c. Poseidon d. Hermes
14. What qualities that makes Bellerophon fall?
a. Pride
b. Ambitious d. Furious
e. None of the above
15. What happened to Pegasus in the end of the story?
a. He lives in Mt. Olympus
c. Zeus became his master
b. He carry thunderbolt down to earth
d. All of the above

V. Assignment
Read the next story for our lesson.

Prepared By: Ric Jay Tuliao

Submitted To: Mrs. Marlyn Baccay