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Teachers name Janet Hill

Date of lesson
12th July 2016
Time and
1030hrs 60 minutes
length of lesson
Level of class
(e.g. Beginner)
Number of
10 Spanish 6 year olds of similar ability levels. Four girls and two boys.
Make-up of the
class (e.g. age,
strength /
mixed abilities)
Aims of the
For the students to recognise and understand the connection between the
spoken alphabet i.e. how it sounds and the visual alphabet i.e. being able to
read and write the individual letters of the alphabet that go with the sounds.
Secondary aims As this is a writing lesson the secondary aim would be for the students to be
of the lesson
able to legibly produce up to six letters, forming the names of animals.
Anticipated difficulties are that the students may be at slightly different levels
of ability. If there are errors at the start of the lesson that need to be
addressed i.e. if they dont recognise and read the letters flashcards correctly
we may not have sufficient time to practice writing the letters or animal words.

Lesson plan template

Strategies to

Or, the lesson may be too simple for them and they are actually ready to
practice writing more complex words.
I will prepare pictures of 2 popular animals (cat and dog) with the words
already printed in large text underneath. They can then practice less letters
i.e. c a t or d o g.
Or, they may finish the activity easily and quickly so I will prepare some
additional worksheets or colouring sheets that include animals and letters
which spell more complicated names i.e. h o r s e or t i g e r.
These students enjoy spelling tests so I can use the animal flashcards for a
spelling game if we end up with time spare.

Materials to be

Lesson plan template

We can also do a quiz after the animals video What did you see?.
Laptop with internet connection for playing alphabet song
v=A7InEgfPGxc&list=PLBwOSRLSXOkM5ve_Ib_zIWB15if5q-8HO&index=8) and
for the animals song video at the end of the lesson
Alphabet flashcards
Animal flashcards (or pre-printed animal pictures of a cat and a dog)
Worksheets for tracing and practising writing letters of the alphabet
Worksheets and plain paper for drawing the animals and writing their names.

Stuffed animal toy for my favourite animal exercise.

Supply of pencils, erasers and crayons or coloured pencils.

Lesson plan template


Stage / Procedure

10 minutes

Register and warmer Teacher calls out the

Sing the alphabet song students names and
they reply Im here

5 minutes

Review the letters of

the alphabet visually
using flashcards


Wordgame favourite

Lesson plan template


Teacher has written

the alphabet on the
board. Pick a student
and help them to beat
out the rhythm of the
song, pointing to each
letter as it is sung.
Teacher holds
flashcards and shows
them to the class.
Students repeat
pronunciation of each
letter once after the
teacher and once by
themselves. Letters
shown in different
order to the song.
Teacher has a toy

Reason for doing

the activity
Gets class settled and
warmed up for the
English language
Students are familiar
with this song so it is
a lead into the other

Review previously
learnt letters and to
practice pronunciation

To identify animals that

5 minutes


10 minutes

Teach written
vocabulary of selected
animals using board
and flashcards.

Lesson plan template

animal which is thrown

in turn to each student
and they are asked the
question What is your
favourite animal for a
Correct pronunciation
if required.

are known to the

students, gets the
class working as a
team, practise taking
turns, practise
previously learnt
questions and
Also gives the teacher
Teacher then asks the an idea about what
children to count
animals to use for the
which animal had the
following exercise. If
most votes and
the favourite animals
writes the top 3 on the are too complicated
board (assuming they
the vote can be
are easily spelled
avoided and the
teacher selects the
most appropriate
words for the students
to write.
Teacher writes the
To move the students
names of two or three from simple to more
animals on the board
complex i.e. from
(depending on how the simple spoken letters

previous exercises
went) and selects a
student to come to the
board and match the
animal flashcards to
the words. Stick
animal flashcards onto
the board above the
name of that animal.

of the alphabet, to
reading individual
letters, onto reading
simple words for
previously understood
spoken vocabulary.

Teacher tests
comprehension of
vocabulary of students
by pointing to each
picture in turn and
asking what is this?

10 minutes

Lesson plan template

Students practise
writing the letters for
the selected animal
names by using

If there is time ask in

turn for the students
to spell the words.
Teacher hands out
worksheets and
demonstrates what is
required, checks each

To give the students

practise at writing
individual letters and
develop the motor

15 minutes

prepared worksheets
with the letters printed
in a faint colour so that
they can trace over
each letter in turn.

student has a pencil

and a rubber then
monitors each student
while the task is

Draw selected animals

(cat, dog, horse or
tiger) and write the
words (depending on
time and ability) or
give out pre-printed
sheets for colouring in
and copying over the

Teacher hands out

worksheets and
demonstrates what is
required, checks each
student has a pencil
and a rubber then
monitors each student
while the task is
Mark each one and
award stickers well
done for completed

Lesson plan template

Closing exercise sing

Teacher plays the

skills of writing on
paper with a pencil.
They can complete the
other letters for
Moves students to a
more complex motor
skill of writing a word
or two words.
Depending on level of
ability they can either
draw their own animal
and write the words or
colour in a picture and
copy the pre printed
If we are running out
of time this can be
given out for
Draws the lesson to an

5 minutes

along to the animals

song video

video of the song on

the class laptop and
the children sing
If there is time there is
a quiz that can be
done with this video
which is entitled what
can you see?
Students to shout out
what animals they saw
in the video.

Lesson plan template

end in a familiar way.

Recaps vocabulary and
can be done once their
work and books have
been put away.