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I'm inspired today to share an idea for how you can make history for the English-speaking world.

believe you are kindred protectors of the Dharma who would wish to bringing Commentaries and Sub-
Commentaries on the Avatamsaka Sutra 華嚴經疏鈔 by National Master Qing Liang 清涼國師 into
English for yourself, Westerners and English-speakers all around the world.

I am living up to a vow of helping to share the Dharma in the West and English-speakers by translating
Buddhist texts. Please see the translated preface to the Commentaries to the Avatamsaka Sutra. Just by
reading the draft translation will give you shivers of awe, understanding, and strengthened Bodhi
resolve. Read the English and Chinese preface here --

Read the Chinese in its entirety here –

This is exquisite and enlightening literature that will awaken our understanding of the mind, cosmology,
the magic of interconnectedness to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. It is knowledge that will broaden our
minds and humanity’s minds in a whole new way.

The catch is that this translation has only begun. We need that extra bit of excitement, juice, and
support to get it started. This can be an opportunity for a movement of merit-making and blessing-
building. Time, talent and treasures are all welcome.

If you're with me in recognizing that this translation simply has to be completed (and soon!), here is our
three step-idea for how we do it by creating a big wave of buzz this week:

* Read the translation

* Donate $1 at The Point today to help make it and gain access to it - more gets your name in the

* Invite 5 friends to read the translation and do the same today - I've put an invite sample below.

Simple! For ten minutes and $1 or more, you can be a history-maker for Dharma in the West!

In Infinite Interconnectedness~

Guo Cheen

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Dear friends,
Let's make history for the Buddhadharma! Check out the following translation and if you're as inspired
as me by its lofty and all-embracing principles, pass it along to 5 friends today and help it spread like

I'm donating $1 to translating the Commentaries and Sub-Commentaries to the Avatamsaka Sutra and
I'll announce its completion to 10 friends when it comes out, which shows the translator(s) that they
have support and will persist. I invite you to join me in doing the same.

The world needs more ancient wisdom that wake us up and this text can deliver. Let's make it happen!