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To Study the Relationship between Load and Extension of a Helical Spring

Learning Objectives: The experiment is mean for


illustration of the concept of Elasticity.

demonstrating that the Spring Constant is a characteristics of a spring which is
determined experimentally.
iii. demonstrating that the experimental error(s) may result in deviation of the results
from that expected ideally (in this case linear variation of the spring extension as a
function of applied load).
List of Required Equipment & Accessories

A variety of helical springs

A stand with an arrangement of hanging the spring and fitted with a scale for noting
the extensions associated with various applied loads.
A weight hanger and the slotted weights.


Hang the first helical spring with the stand and attach the load hanger to it in such a
way that its needle shows the reference scale reading.
ii. Keep on adding (one by one) few slotted weights and note down the scale reading
corresponding to each load.
iii. The extension corresponding to each load is the difference of scale reading for that
load and the reference scale reading.
iv. The spring constant is slope of the line fitted through data points plotted by taking
Load along Y axis and Extension along X axis.
v. Repeat the same procedure for other available helical springs.

While taking reading make sure that the spring-load system is stationary and the the
eye is kept at the level of needle.
While adding load it is bettter to support the bottom of hanger with your hand and
then gradually lower the hand for avoiding jerks in the application of load.
Avoid excessive loading for not excceding the elastic limit of the spring.

Tabulation of Data
Table No. 1 Data of Load vs Extension for Helical Spring No.1
Load (N)

Scale Reading (mm)

Extension (mm)

Points of Discussion: Following points should be especially focused while discussing the
i. Any observed deviation from the linearity among load and extension.
ii. It is expected that each spring has its own characteristic value of the spring constant.