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We do not feed the darkness, but We Do Serve Love.


We can't help it We Love every Atom, and then They Expand Exponentially, Whoppie
Who is the God of All? Is it You? Next question, Who's Being? Next question, Who
Is As Being and Who Is Answering?
Ask yourself another question, who is up to bat? Are You?
Consciousness is getting an upgrade as Love says Yes to Everything.
Everything everybody says is the Truth, except for ignorance. Everyone has their
own unique Way back to Themselves by Being the Truth.
You see, what I see happening is Love. If there is a Being there, there is only
Hugs Everyone! Love Is Real!
The Israeli government is stupid. They are like bullies, full of ignorance and s
tupidity in illusion. You can quote Me on that and send it to Everyone on this P
The parallel planet is Spirit, everything else is just an illusionary dream. For
Humanity, it's a Quantum Leap to get to the parallel Planet Earth. The differen
ce is between ignorance and Love. Love Is Everywhere, and that's the Real Planet
Energy Is where Energy Is, which Is Everywhere. Now, into Eternity.
Within Love, all possibilities exist, however, only the Real manifests.
You will remember Who You Are, and once you do, You Are Free.
Who is more powerful, Divine Intelligence=God or ignorance? And please do not th
ink too hard.
There exist no negative ET's. If this was true, that would mean Love, Creation,
had enemies, and that is simply impossible.
The Quantum Leap is the jump between being ignorant and Being Awakened... Stayin
g ignorant is really not an option, unless you want to go into nothing.
Divine Intelligence occurs within Oneself, when YES is the Answer to Everything.
Consciousness does not go into a black hole, because that is not what Consciousn
ess is made of.
What we are sharing with You, are the Answers to the test. You may utilize these
in whatever way you like. Love is the best choice, the true choice, and the onl
y choice for Beings Of Love.
Co-Creation = Co-Workers = Co-Creators = Complete Unity in Cooperation as Onenes
IN the parallel Universe, quantumly, is there a scenario that exists where the d
arkness wins? There is absolutely ZERO possibility of that, especially in Consci
ousness. Course, here is where the Co-Creator comes in with Unlimited Thought of
Source, available to the All = The One.
The dinosaur consciousness of 2d thought, consumes and eats and thus has trained
humanity to be big fat pigs, some of that literally. Unconsciousness. But the H
igher Self is still there, the Higher Self is the Awakened Self, which means Eve
rything, equal to Equality and Divine Intelligence.
You see, the darkness is empty, an empty set. The darkness cannot be filled, bec
ause it is empty. The only thing that can be filled to overflowing is the One op
en to receive the Gift of Giving, the Gift of Unity, the Gift of Awakening into
NowHood, GodHood, Presentness. Nothing else matters, and that is TRUE.
We go though so many dynamics, and We process through those energies. We stand a
nd deliver, the Gift Being Given.
It takes Consciousness to Be Present. It takes Awareness to show up and experien
ce Exactness. Of course, that is Synchronostic Events, Everywhere Present.
We Are Here to Graduate Humanity and thats a FACT.
You see, We know what happened in Atlantis and with the dream machine. Now since
then, We have restored the dream machine and it is currently in process of a re
start that will conclude on October 28th, 2011. This is the Real Reality of what
is happening.
We Are Now engaging the Planet into full speed motion as We sail through the Pho
ton Belt. As this occurs, Humanity is preparing for the June Solstice Energy. Th
is energy is High Velocity Light that is coming in very quickly. These incoming
energies are a gift from Source, a very intense Energy Wave that is dissolving a
ll grids of distortion which occurred due to ignorance.
As the veil lifts, Spirit Energy, Pure Consciousness, at a magnitude beyond your
current human understanding, is released. Through this event, ignorance or unco
nsciousness dissolves. This is all a part of the plan for the Earth and Humanity
's Ascension. Please Be In Joy. This is just one facet of the Divine Plan that i
s in Full Activation, and is in process of complete manifestation
Humanity is currently in process, Aware or unaware, of the veil being completely
lifted. This was Our Decree, and WE Are Divine Intervention. We Are Here to ans
wer the Prayers. This is For Real, and We Are Real. Ronna Herman, who Channels A
A Michael, shared in her recent update, â Father-Mother God have decreed enough is
enough.â and this is True!
Here is the link to her message:
Our Pure Love and Pure Light is the most powerful Energy on this Planet, with Al
l of Your Lights included. Its mightiness is grander then any illusion or belief
systems. We guarantee our Love is so strong, it lasts all 6th night long. There
is no way to get around it, so you must go through it, and once you go through
it, you are through the veil into Spirit, and into the Parallel Universe, The Ki
ngdom of Heaven. This is where Reality and Love Everywhere Present Exist, and it
's Right Here.
Human ignorance does not know about the Divine Plan, and it cannot screw it up.
Even though right now, it's working hard at it... dummies. We told them to â Go Get
a Lifeâ


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