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The Alumni PLUS 10 Jun– 10 Sept, Quarter I
Alumni PLUS
10 Jun– 10 Sept, Quarter I

Sports At A Glance

June 25:Interhouse basketball (Girls) (Winner-Mahanadi) June 29: Interhouse Football (Boys) (Winner– Godavari) July 13: Interhouse Basketball (Boys) (Winner-Krishna) July 25:Interhouse Badminton (Girls) (Winner-Narmada) July 28: Interhouse Squash (Boys) (Winner-Krishna) July 28: Interhouse Badminton (Boys) (Winner-Krishna) July 30: Lokmat Sports Festival (4 Golds and One Silver) Lawn Tennis:

Diya Iravane (Gold) Archery:

Siddarth Humbe (Gold) Athletics:

Om Kulkarni (Gold) Amisha Thakre (Gold) Aastha Thakre (Silver) August 29: Interhouse Tennis (Boys) (Winner– Godavari)

August 29: Interhouse Tennis (Boys) (Winner– Godavari) The Editor’s Note Here’s presenting a brand new

The Editor’s Note

Here’s presenting a brand new version of the ‘Alumni Plus’. We are back at your service with all the school news. We hope you enjoy reading our first quarterly issue.

School started with a lot of fun

and frolic as usual. For the first time at Nath Valley, we have

two vice-principals : Dixit

Ma'am and Sharda Ma'am. Both of them are the most won- derful teachers and we wish them good luck with their jour- ney of leading the middle school and the high school. The school is looking forward to the Silver Jubilee celebrations and students are doing everything they can, to make the 25th year

exciting and special. Turn to see how has Nath Valley made the first three months of the new session special!

The Calendar Of Events and Festivals

June 11: The Nath Valley Alumni Premier League Inaugu- ral Match June 18: Captaincy Elections

June 23: Investiture Ceremony





Guest Address June 29: Foundation Day

August 1: ICS (Institute Of

Career Studies) workshop

August 15: Independence Day August 19, 20: Science, Art, Software and Math Exhibition.



25: Principal Sir’s

Birthday September 1: Both, the Prima-

ry as well as the secondary school outperform other schools

in Lokmat ‘WizKidz’ &

‘Dextrous’ Events September 3: The 9 th Nath Val- ley Nirlep Monsoon Festival held successfully.






1.‘Messi’s retirement is a publicity stunt.’ Yes: 38.42% No:61.58% 2.’Government Support will boost the performance of Indian ath-

letes.’ Yes:81.2% No:18.8%


As is the tradition, the Investiture Ceremony at Nath Valley was conducted with great pride and honour. The parade of student leaders marched towards the amphi- theatre in the common morning assembly. The School Captain Suhani Dube, Vice Captain Pallav Sinha and Captains holding other portfolios were sworn in by Dass Sir while the Vice Captains and Assistant Cap- tains by Dixit Ma’am and Sharda Ma’am respectively. Cyber Captain, Vice Captain & Asst. Captain joined the student council this year! The council pledged to help the school ‘do the right thing’, as our school theme for 2016-17 suggests.


Nath Valley celebrated 24 years of truth and knowledge as the merit holders of Class X and XII were felicitated by the school. A special show,

called the ‘RAPSKITBALL’ was organized by the students to enhance the festivities. It consisted of a scripted basketball match on stage and a rap song written and composed by students in the back- ground to narrate the match. It left the audience with an important message that: ‘When things look hard and there is nowhere to run, unite all the

houses and we’ll fight as one.’

to run, unite all the houses and we’ll fight as one.’ AZAADI 70 The 70 t


all the houses and we’ll fight as one.’ AZAADI 70 The 70 t h Independence Day

The 70 th Independence Day at Nath Valley was celebrated with great fervour. In a bid to commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, Principal Dass Sir, escorted by the four pilots, unfurled the tricolour and all the staff members and students sang the national anthem in unison. Principal Sir then shared his views on the significance of the day and emphasized specially on the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ launched by our Prime Minister. After a resounding chorus of ‘Jai Hind’, which Sir said must have been heard all over India right from Kashmir to Kaniyakumari, everyone moved to the amphitheatre for viewing the Independence Day

programme. It commenced with the Welcome Address from the Intra-School Activities Captain, Rajlaxmi Adwant, who elaborated on Sir’s words regarding India’s freedom. Following this, faculty members Shelar Ma’am from the Secondary school and Vaidya Ma’am from the primary school expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards all the martyrs who had laid down their lives for the sake of India’s rebirth as an independ- ent nation. They recounted the tale of India’s progress from a seedling to a young tree that is still yearning and pushing itself further. The ardour they had packed in their words was surely brought home and the stu- dents, highly inspired, felt compelled to pitch in their bit towards the nation’s progress. Spirits soared higher than ever when our Lokmat Patriotic Song Choir gave a commendable power-packed performance, hitting the perfect note while singing a refreshing medley of patriotic songs. The programme finally came to an end with our Intra-School Activities Assistant Captain, Jash Kalyani, presenting the Vote of Thanks. However, it

was in no way the end of the day. Where on one hand the Primary students moved to their classes for the

Drawing Competition, on the other hand, the secondary students moved for the big task- Shramdaan. This activity is a staunch follower of PM Modi’s Swachh Shala Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and inculcates important values such as cleanliness, team-work, self-reliance and service among the students. All the duties were di- vided and the whole school began the cleaning work. Floors were swept, windows were polished, and black boards were scrubbed. This is one of those few times in the year when the students walk around the school

with brooms and rag cloths in their hands, pitching in their bit towards a clean school and subsequently, a clean India. The corridors, the campus and the amphitheatre were soon shining. The atmosphere was jubi- lant. After 3 hours of hard work, all the classes were properly arranged and the students retired to the lunch hall feeling tired but satisfied. And thus, our 70 th Independence Day Celebrations ended with contentment and delight. Nath Valley in itself is a small India which holds great potential to bring about a change in the

actual one. The only reason for this is the “Indianness” that reins the heart of every Nath Vallian.

- Riddhi Agarwal and Yukta Kulkarni


Situated in the heart of a village a little far away from

the school is what can rightly be called a Paradise. It’s another school full of innocent smiles and bright minds. It’s called the Anandham School. Every week, two teachers accompanied by two students visit this school to teach and interact with the stu- dents and help it in every way we can. As soon as we entered, we were amazed by the spick and span cam- pus. Then moving on, we were graciously greeted by the headmaster and manager there, who suggested that we go around and interact with the students while the Nath Valley teachers conducted their les-

sons. We first went to the 8 th class which ironically had only 8 students in it. They offered to show us

around the school and we obliged. They interacted with us without any hesitation and even recited a few rhymes for us with utmost fervor. We asked them about their dreams and their goals in life, and were met by varied answers, all of them highly ambitious – there were choruses of doctor, engineer, police of- ficer, army officer, artist, mathematician and what not! All these little things made the one hour we

spent there so special. This visit carved a lesson onto our hearts which we will never forget: These children have literally no financial support or a well planned future. They attend school on the available resources.

But no matter what, their faces are always lit with

smiles. It’s time we come out of our self-involved lives and start thinking about others. It was these children who inspired us more than any book or

quote ever has.

- Riddhi Agarwal and Yukta Kulkarni


Our school has given rise to a number of Bloggers who have made rather interesting and informative blogs. Do spare some time in looking them up on the internet. - Food (Suhani Dube)

- Fashion

(Sakshi Zambad)

(Sanjana Bindra)

(Manya Mishra) - Writing

(Jash Kalyani) - Film Making and Gaming (Saurav Kale)

Please check out the movie shot in our school, ‘The Day That Wasn’t’ on :


(Primary, Science, Art, Software & Math)

Nath Valley School organized the Science, Art, Software and Math exhibition on August 19 th and 20 th 2016.The chief guest for the event was Smt. Mohini Kelkar. The judges included Mr. Denesh Mutha, Mr. Muktak Joshi, Dr. Ekbote, Dr. Rajesh Ku- mar and Dr. Bhagwan Toksha. The exhibition was inaugurated in the morning at 10 am with the inaugural projects being Cere- bro and opening the curtains with a blue tooth remote. Some other interesting Science projects were Segway with a handle, Electrophoresis Ophthalmology, Quad copter, Motion Detec- tion Robot and Innovative ways to save energy and time. This

gave students an opportunity to individually investigate scien- tific problems.

The Math exhibition included projects on Illusion, Higher

Mathematical games, 3D Mathematical lanterns, Calendar magic, Monument surface area, Geometry in Architectural models and presentation on Pascal’s triangle and rectangle numbers. The Art exhibition was a testimony to the students’ blossoming imagination as well as a critical and intensely personal record of themselves in relation to the world as every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pic- tures. Students exhibited their creativity in Decoupage, Callig- raphy, Warli, Madhubani, Cubistic, Abstract, Impressionism, Optical, Paper craft and Macramé.

The Software exhibition at the Tech and Media Centre show-

cased projects of students from class 6 to 12. The students pre-

sented projects through programs like Monopoly (Visual Basic), Concave mirror (Q-B), Maze game (Scratch), Acrobat- ics (Flash), Management system and Gold Leaf Electroscope (C++). The Sci-fi movie made by the students received acco- lades from one and all. The primary section of Nath Valley school also organized an exhibition with the theme being ‘Nature’. As many as 150 ex- hibits were based on the following themes from various classes:

Class 1- Wonders of Nature, Class 2- Moods of Nature, Class 3 - Destruction of Nature, Class 4- Furies of Nature, Class 5- Gifts of Nature. The students used innovative and eco-friendly ways to make use of waste items like old t-shirts, rag cloth, small boxes, cartons that would be thrown away to make cloth bags, collage of a doll and to depict the scene from the epic Ramayana. Garden pots were used to make a Minion family too. 3D Art and Illusions displayed on the boards turned into a Selfie Corner. Live demonstrations through rap song and skit were also performed by a group of students leaving an ever lasting impact on the audience on topics such as ‘Stop Rub- bish’, ‘Measures to be taken during natural disaster’ and ‘Our Planet in 2050’. This exhibition encouraged students to delve deep into con- cepts that arouse their curiosity. It provided participants an op- portunity to investigate their favorite areas and share them with the school community. It was a learning experience for both the

students and the teachers involved.

9 th NATH VALLEY NIRLEP MONSOON FESTIVAL 2015 Nath Valley School celebrated the 9 th
Nath Valley School celebrated the 9 th edition of Nirlep
Monsoon Festival on 3 rd September 2016 with Mr. Rajiv
Vaishnav, head of Reliance Gen Next ,as the chief guest.
The programme began with the ceremonial lamp lighting
along with a song rendition by the choir. Principal, Mr.
Dass welcomed all guest schools and students stressing on
the fact that the Monsoon festival is an event to help
develop self confidence and the spirit of competitiveness.
Winners for the Advertisement with a twist:
1 st -Podar International
2 nd -BSGM
3 rd -Stepping Stones
Eminent team of judges included Dr.Asher R. Jesudoss,
Mrs. Ekta Kagliwal, Mrs Kumkum Choudhury &
Mrs .Jennifer D’Silva. They applauded the efforts of the
students and teachers.
Winners of Extempore (Sr)
1st- Golden Jublee
nd - Stepping Stones
rd - Nath Valley School
Monsoon Festival is an amalgamation of events like
Advertisement with a twist, thought provoking Extempore
Winners of Extempore (Jr)
and a stimulating Quiz.
1 st -Stepping Stones
All the leading schools in the city participated very
enthusiastically and enthralled the audience and the judges
with their graceful and poised performance.
2 nd -Jain International
3 rd - Golden Jublee,Jalna
The flash mob added to the festive atmosphere as 150
students danced together and spread infectious energy,
bringing smiles and laughter to everyone in its vicinity.
Winners of The Quiz
1 st Nath Valley School
2 nd Stepping Stones High School
This year as hosts NVS set a new precedent. Whatever
cash prize & Trophies we won, we passed it on to the
school after us. This is evident in the results given here.
rd BSGM School
Consolation: SBOA School

I Learn, I Work, I Discover

Little did I know that my school will not just be where learn and sit tests, but where I will imbibe the skill of multi- tasking. I am associated with Nath Valley since 10 years, and the last three years are the most distinct and cherished. I was just a mundane student in the beginning of my 8 th grade until my mother compelled me to think about what will be the special thing in me which will distinguish me from the rest. That was the day I wrote my first poem and rediscov- ered myself to open my window to the world: writing. What happened next was like never before. My school was just the platform I needed to breach new limits and explore new possibilities. In less than three months’ time, I started gaining support and popularity for my work. My house teachers gave me countless opportunities to write and direct assembly scripts. That was just the stepping stone to filling the apparently blank page of my school life. In the 9 th grade, I was summoned a couple of times for help. By then, I was very proud of my school and happy to be a part of it, because it had given me the power and backing to change myself for the greater good. Next, I wrote parts of the compering script for annual day and my seniors appreciated what I did instead of simply denying my inputs. Then, I started to develop a good rapport with my seniors too. All I want to say is that this school is a delightful place. It changes you and your approach towards work and study. In grade 10, I feel as if I am working in a multinational company and I just love it. I like the life I live, a life full of deadlines, commitments, reviews and criti- cism. Seven years from now, if I am able to achieve my dreams and goals, I would invariably give all the credit to my school and my teachers. - Jash Kalyani

able to achieve my dreams and goals, I would invariably give all the credit to my