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An Exhaustive List Of India's 200+ Startup Incubators

Startup incubators are essentially organisations that promote the speedy

growth and success of startups, MSMEs, and early stage companies. They
provide a foray of services including capital, connections with angel
investors, State Governments, economic coalitions, and others.
With India being in the top five startup nations in the world and the
Government pushing all the right buttons towards fostering an ecosystem
that boosts entrepreneurial growth, the organisations meant to support
startups, called incubators occupy a central space in todays digital economy.
Incubators function in differentiated way, some are located in an actual
physical space meant to foster networking among entrepreneurs and their
coaches and others operate on a virtual basis as well.
Their investment structures vary from loans to equity and just mentoring and
assistance, not to forget the immensely valuable connections they offer.
As a part of our Starting Up In India series, we bring to you a
comprehensive list of incubators in India with all the information regarding
their investment structures and focus areas as well.
Amity Innovation Incubator (North, Noida)
Supported by the DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI, Amity
Innovation Incubator, in a small span of time, has earned an enviable
position for itself among startups which have regularly been on top of the
innovation curve. It has been recognised on platforms like The Power of
ideas, Read Herring Global winner, Tata NEN and NASSCOM Innovation
Awards to name a few.
Location: Noida
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: Rural innovation and social entrepreneurship, information and
communication technologies (to include social media and ecommerce,
mobile computing and technologies, analytics, cloud computing and big
data), education and education technologies, food and allied technologies,
biotechnology and life sciences, nanotechnology, and material sciences.
Investment Structure: Upto $150K (INR 1 Cr)
Number of Batches Graduated: It doesnt follow a batch structure
Startups Incubated Till Date: 100+
Duration of Each Batch: Incubators mandate is to make sure that
Incubatee venture graduates within 3 years with commercial success.
Notable Startups Incubated:, Anduril Technologies
Amrita TBI, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham (South, Kollam)
Amrita TBI funds, incubates, and nurtures both technology and social
businesses. It provides an ecosystem for a startup company to turn an idea
into a product that is commercially viable. They have a rich and diverse
group of mentors in areas such as strategy, finance, marketing, intellectual
property, product management, micro-insurance, micro-finance, internet
technologies etc. Also, by being co-located with Amrita University, the

startups have access to and can recruit from the pool of talented students
across different campuses.
Location: Kollam, Kerala
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: Technology, social welfare, agriculture, ICT
Investment Structure: Loan and/or equity
Startups Incubated Till Date: It has incubated 45 startups, and mentored
181 startup ideas
Notable Startups Incubated: Skillovators, Pin N Park, nikkos
BAIT-TBI (Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology Technology
Business Incubator) (South, Tamil Nadu)
Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Technology Business Incubator (BITTBI) was established by Bannari Amman Institute of Technology,
Sathyamangalam in 2007 with the financial support of the Department of
Science and Technology, Government of India. It is an institutional
mechanism to help and promote knowledge-driven and technology-intensive
enterprises in application of biotechnology in agro, industrial and rural
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2007
Sectors: Application of biotechnology in agriculture, industry & rural
Investment Structure: Website not updated
Batches Incubated: 8
Startups Incubated Till Date: 24
Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (BEA) (North, Bihar)
Bihar Entrepreneurs Association(BEA) was founded by young entrepreneurs
from the state in 2011 to provide a platform for new enterprises, startups
and potential entrepreneurs from the state to establish a successful
business. It has a holistic aim of making BiharEnterprising Bihar by
creating an industry and entrepreneur-friendly ecosystem in the state and
building a pool of entrepreneurs for future. BEA offers an excellent platform
for future entrepreneurs, where one prospective entrepreneur can get a
single window service, from advisory services to fund raising support. BEA
represents the spirit of growing entrepreneurship in Bihar.
Location: Patna, Bihar
Launched In: 2011
Sectors: Sector-agnostic
Bio Incubator At C-CAMP (South, Karnataka)
Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) is an initiative of
Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology,
Government of India, with a mandate to enable cutting-edge life science
research and innovation. It is also a member of the Bangalore Life Sciences

Cluster (BLiSC). It acts as an enabler of bioscience research and

entrepreneurship by providing research, development, training, and service
in state-of-the-art technology platforms.
Location: Karnataka
Launched In: 2012
Sectors: Life services, healthcare, agri, pharma, biopharma, diagnostics,
and medtech.
Investment Structures: As a DBT-funded initiative, C-CAMP aims to
support early-stage highly innovative startups/ideas through Seed funding.
Batches Incubated: 8
CED (West, Gujarat And South, Tamil Nadu)
The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)-A, Government of
Gujarat Organisation was established in 1979. It engages in promoting skills
and entrepreneurship across the state of Gujarat. In order to strike a deep
and long lasting impact on the state economy, CED has constantly been on
an innovation spree, consistently coming out with imaginative programmes
aimed at specified target groups.
Location: Gujarat, Tamil Nadu
Founded In: Gujarat (1979), Tamil Nadu
Sectors: Industry, IT, textile, jewellery, environment/social welfare
Funding: Government Schemes UYEGP, PMEGP
Centre For Entrepreneurship And Development, (South, Hyderabad)
The CED was launched in 2003 with an idea to initiate training and research
on problems on development that must be solved for realising planned
objectives. It conducts seminars on topics oriented towards Industrial
Establishments. The CED is associated with State Level Entrepreneurship
Development Organisations, NGOs Voluntary Organisations, Educational
Institutions, Financial Institutions, Business Association & EDI Ahmedabad.
The centre acts as a liaison between the Government and entrepreneurs by
providing necessary information and helps women entrepreneurs by
providing necessary consultancy.
Location: Hyderabad
Launched In: 2003
Sectors: CED conducts EDP, REDP, PMRY, WEDP, EACs, TOTs, agri clinic
and agri-business development programmes. It also provides follow up
services after the training programmes.
Startups Incubated Till Date: 160 Micro, Small, Women entrepreneurs
CET Technology Business Incubator (South, Kerala)
The CET-TBI is the initiative of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum and is
supported by the Government of Kerala and Department of Science &
Technology, Government of India. This TBI is in the process of supporting
incubation of companies that focus on business opportunities of innovative
technologies. CET-TBI provides assistance to interested entrepreneurs and is

willing to provide all infrastructure to start and flourish their business under
Location: Kerala
Sectors: Green technology
Investment Structure: seed support system
Batches Incubated: 8
Center For Incubation And Business Acceleration, CIBA, Goa (West,
Goa, Mumbai)
CIBA is a TBI established with the support of Department Of Science and
Technology, Government of India and Government of Goa. It is a technology
business incubator (TBI) based in Goa and Mumbai supporting and nurturing
startup companies by providing services such as incubation, modern office
spaces, mentoring, networking opportunities, seed funding and rapid
Location: Goa
Launched In: 2000
Investment Structure: Equity ownership in a private limited company upto
20%. From $3000 (INR 2 Lakhs) $37K (INR 25 Lakhs)
CIIE IIM-A (West, Ahmedabad, Pune)
The Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship was setup by IIM
Ahmedabad with support from the Government of India and Gujarat
Government. The incubator operates through an autonomous not-for-profit
entity model. CIIE comprises of IIM-A faculty, alumni and other individuals
and partners with like-minded organisations to foster entrepreneurship
through incubation, ecosystem development and academic initiatives.
Location(s): Ahmedabad, Pune
Launched In: It was founded as a research institute in 2002 and was turned
into a full-fledged incubation centre in 2007. The Pune centre was
established in 2015.
Sectors: Information communication technology, cleantech and social, big
data, cloud, payments, and fintech.
Investment Structure: $30K (INR 20 lakhs)
In Pune prototype fund for 20 startups; $2K (INR 2 lakh) each, product
development for 10 startups; $7K (INR 5 lakhs) each, seed funding for 3
startups; 20 lakhs each
Startups Incubated Till Date: 500 ventures trained, incubated or
Notable Startups Incubated: Travelyaari, Innoz, Thrillophilia
Number of incubated startups that have received investments: 100
startups seed funded, 80 have received external validation or follow-on
Coimbatore Innovation And Business Incubator (South, Chennai)

CIBI an incubator company promoted by The Sakthi Group, and hosted by

Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), is catalysed and supported by
NSTEDB Division, Department of Science and Technology, Government of
India. CIBI shall build competencies & capabilities through programmes,
partners and people in the strategic areas of innovation labs, business
accelerators and sector incubators.
Location: Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT)Launched: 2014
Sectors: Electronics (IoT) and technology services (industrial/engineering
design, automation)
Composites Technology Park (South, Bengaluru)
The TBI for composites was setup in Bengaluru with the funding support of
National Science & Technology Entrepreneur Development Board (NSTEDB),
Department Of Science & Technology, Government Of India; Department of
C&I; and Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corp. Ltd (RGRHCL), Government of
Karnataka. The incubator can incubate upto 8 startups in a particular batch.
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: Composites based on coir, bamboo, jute
Investment Structure: non profit government agency
Consumer Electronics Incubator At Cochin, Kerala (South, Kerala)
The Consumer Electronics Incubator is a joint initiative between the
Department of Electronics and information Technology (DEITY) and Indian
Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala (IIITM-K), the
nodal agency of the project and Startup Village (Knowledge partner) and
Government of Kerala (Infrastructure and evangelisation partner through
Kerala Startup Mission), to promote consumer electronics-based innovation
and set up labs and innovation centres.
Launched In: 2016
Location: Cochin
Sectors: Electronics
Investment Structure: Support to raise VC funding upto $75K (INR 50
Duration of Each Batch : 6-12 months
DA-IICT Incubator (West, Gandhinagar)
The DA-IICT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Incubation (DCEI) aims to
encourage students to come up with innovative ideas and channelise their
efforts to give births to new ventures based on ICT products.
Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Sectors: Information and communications technology or technologies
Funding: N/A
Number Batches Graduated: 2
Startups Incubated Till Date: 6

Notable Startups: Alma Connect Solutions Pvt. Ltd, PlayPower Labs India
Pvt. Ltd.
DLabs (South, Hyderabad)
DLabs incubator has been set up by the Indian School of Business (ISB) with
the objective of strengthening entrepreneurship and fostering innovation.
The ISB supports the activities of DLabs through its faculty and research
expertise by providing guidance, knowledge and mentorship to the
entrepreneurs whose ventures are selected for incubation.
Location: Hyderabad
Founded In: 2013
Sectors: Human-centred design, design thinking
Funding: It provides Seed funding
EHealth TBI PES University- South Campus (Website Not Available)
eHealth, a government-backed technology business incubator (TBI) based
out of Bengaluru.
eHealth is headed by Chairman and Managing Director, Shivaram Malavalli.
The Advisory Board includes former Chief Justice of India MN Venkatachaliah,
and HK Mittal, Advisor and Head of National Science & Technology
Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and
Technology and SS Badharinath, chairman, Shankara Netralaya.
Location: Bangalore
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: Biopharma, medical devices, and healthcare
Startups Incubated Till Date: 40
Duration Of Each Batch: 2-3 years
Foundation For Innovation And Technology Transfer(FITT), IITD (North, Delhi)
FITT is an industrial interface organisation. It was established at the Indian
Institute of Technology, Delhi as a Registered Society on July 9, 1992. The
role of FITT can be seen in fostering technology development, technical
consultancy, collaborative R&D, professional HR development programmes,
industry-site visits, event participation, corporate membership etc.
The DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) has recognised
FITT as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO). As a SIRO,
FITT is eligible for full custom duty exemption for import of capital goods, raw
materials and technology know-how that are required for the execution of
R&D programmes sponsored by the industry.
Location: Delhi
Launched In: 2000
Sectors: Science and engineering
Batches Incubated Till Date: 9







(South, Bengaluru)
Global INcubation SERVices (GINSERV) is a Technology Business Incubator
(TBI) and a business accelerator. The company has been promoted by JSS
Mahavidyapeetha, Mysore, with the support of National Science &
Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of
Science & Technology (DST), Government of India.
Location: Bengaluru
Launched In: 2010
Sectors: N/A
Investment Structure: $75K (INR 50 lakh) in seed funding
Batches Incubated: 40+
Notable Startups Incubated: MineWhat, Carbon Clean Solutions Private
(North, Punjab)
The Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP-GNDEC), Ludhiana is a
unique & dynamic entity promoted jointly by Guru Nanak Dev Engineering
College and the DST India, to encourage entrepreneurship amongst science
& technology students by providing space, environment & infrastructure for
creative thinking, innovation, product and venture development.
It also facilitates live linkages between educational Institutions of academic
excellence on the one hand and industry on the other. STEP-Ludhiana was
one of the first six STEPs established in the country and became operational
in 1987. It is spread over an area of 6 acres and apart from its administration
block & workshop a working area has been set apart for prospective
Location: Punjab
Launched In: 1987
Sectors: Mechanical & IT
Duration of Each Batch: 6 weeks to 6 months.

IAN Incubator
(North, Delhi)
The incubator helps entrepreneurs to convert their ideas in becoming
successful and profitable ventures by supporting them in business planning,
mentoring, recruiting their top team, commercialising their technologies,
developing their products, getting early engagement and customer
validations from the market, transfer of technologies, getting early seed

funding, help in forging partnerships at the national and global level, advice
on intellectual property, training and development and many other things.
Location: Delhi
Launched In: 2010
Sectors: Sector-agnostic (cleantech, manufacturing, IT, web-enabled
services, healthcare, foodtech, ecommerce, fintech etc.)
Investment Structure: Mentor-centric
Batches Graduated: It follows a cohort model
Startups Incubated Till Date: 60
Notable Startups Incubated: Mukunda Foods, India College Search,
Number of incubated startups that have received investments: 12

IIM Calcutta Innovation Park

(East, Kolkata)
IIM Calcutta has established a not-for-profit (Section 8) company called IIM
Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) to promote entrepreneurship and
Innovation. The IIM Calcutta Innovation Park provides both physical and
virtual incubation.
Location: West Bengal
Launched In: 2014
Sectors: Social enterprises, MSMEs
Investment Structure: Connect incubatees to various funding sources
including funding schemes floated by the IIMC-IP (in association with
investors), funding partners, Government seed/venture fund, collateral free
bank loan (if eligible). IIMC-IP aims at organising seed funding to all
incubatees and ensuring a successful exit in 18-24 month time frame.
Duration Of Each Batch: 18-24 months
Batches Incubated Till Date: 4
Notable Startups Incubated: Doctors for you, Edwell solutions, Utopia

IIT Hyderabad Incubator

(South, Hyderabad)
IIT Hyderabad, with a vision to bring in innovation through its various
initiatives, has established a technology business incubator in the campus.
Location: Hyderabad
Founded In: 2007

Sectors: IT, big data, cloud technology, GIS, healthcare, events

Notable Startups: Cloudgust, The Atlanta Foundation, ScribLeaf
IIT Madras Incubation Cell (IITMIC) (South, Chennai)
IIT-M Incubation Cell (IITM-IC) is the umbrella body for nurturing and
overseeing innovation and entrepreneurship at IIT Madras. With incubation
through bodies such as the RTBI, CTIDES, IIT Madras has also pioneered
innovation with groups such as the CFI, CSIE and the IITMEF.
The IITM-IC seeks to nurture technology- and knowledge-based ventures
through their startup phase by providing the necessary support to help
entrepreneurs survive in the competitive market and reach a stage where
they can scale-up their ventures further. It is recognised as a TBI by National
Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB),
Department of Science & Technology, GOI.
Location: Chennai
Launched In: 2013
Sectors: Technology- and knowledge-based ventures
Investment Structure: It is a government organisation, it does not provide
funding assistance
Startups Incubated Till Date: 558 companies incubated at IITM-IC. 44
companies incubated at thesister incubator IITMs Rural Technology
Business Incubator (RTBI).
Initiatives) (South, Telangana)
IIIT-H Foundation is one of the incubators authorised by the Department of
Industrial Policy & Promotion, Government of India, to recommend a
startup for availing the benefits under Startup India Action Plan. IIIT
Hyderabad started supporting startups in 2008 with the vision of
commercialising cutting edge technologies developed in its research centres.
The Department of Science & Technology, recognised the incubation facility
as a TBI in 2012, following which, the foundation opened its doors to startups
outside the institute as well.
Location: Telangana
Launched In: 2012
Sectors: Artificial intelligence, AR/VR, gaming
Investment Structure: It has provided Seed funding to 15 startups till date
Batches Incubated: 13
Notable Startups Incubated: Ziffy, EBHASHA, Nanohealth, tourity

IIT Gandhinagar Incubator (West, Gandhinagar)

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) places significant
emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and community engagement. Its
undergraduate programme includes innovative elements, such as an
emphasis on the liberal arts, project-oriented learning, compulsory courses in
design and the life sciences, diversity and globalisation. The students get a
chance to expose themselves to the importance of community engagement
in its five-week foundation programme.
The Institute organises several hands-on design competitions and
incorporates several initiatives within its curriculum to cultivate innovation
and entrepreneurship skills among students. IIT Gandhinagar incubation
centre is currently incubating companies started by its alumni and is open to
companies from outside.
Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Founded In: 2012
Sectors: High growth technology companies that generate commercial and
social impact.
Batches Incubated: Nine
Notable Startups: Cubeit, Tinker Tank, 4DEA

IITG Technology Incubation Centre (IITG-TIC) (East,

IITG-Technology Incubation Centre (IITG-TIC) is registered as a Society under
the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860. It supports entrepreneurial
initiatives amongst the faculty and alumni of the IITG community in
particular and other State or Central Government technical institutions of the
North East.
IITG-TIC is also one of the business incubators approved and recognised by
the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of
India. The Technology Development Board, under the Ministry of Science &
Technology, Government of India, has also approved grant assistance to IITGTIC to support startup units. IITG-TIC has a seven-member Governing Body
under the Chairmanship of the Director of IIT Guwahati.
Location: Guwahati
Launched In: 2009

Sectors: Electronics & communication engineering, computer science &

engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, information technology,
polymer products, fruit processing, herbal medicines, electrical appliances,
metal utensils/ accessories, agriculture implements, cane & bamboo
products, engineering industries, product development, testing & trials, test
marketing, mentoring
Batches Incubated Till Date: 5
Investment Structure: IITG-TIC may provide soft loan which entirely
depends on the availability of funds/grants/schemes meant for the purpose.
Soft loan will be sanctioned only to the registered companies. The soft loan is
available for upto 80% of the project cost.

Incube Ventures (West, Ahmedabad)

Incube Ventures is a private organisation committed to evolve into an
institution, nurturing creative ideas and incubating them through their initial
growth phase, guide and mentorship. With this, they aim to trigger
innovation in entrepreneurs to build more interest. Incube Ventures has
sponsored Indias First Social Venture Fund registered with SEBI as Category I
Alternate Investment Fund for investing in socially-oriented companies, SME
innovations, and technology based companies.
Location: Ahmedabad
Founded In: 2010
Sectors: Healthcare deliveries, clean energy, sustainable rural business
Funding: Registered under SEBI as a Social Venture Fund, they provide as
well as accept grants from charitable institutions, societies, micro-finance
institutions which, is not accommodated under the traditional PE framework.
Startups Incubated Till Date: 15+

Indavest (South, Bengaluru)

A startup incubator and venture management helping startups with capital,
business strategy and structure, providing access to the right network and
Location: Bengaluru
Launched In: 2007
Sectors: Ecommerce, mobile applications, customised gifting and branding
solutions, software products
Investment Structure: N/A
Notable Startups Incubated: Vyoma, General Sentiment

Innovation & Incubation Centre (IIC) Pandit Deendayal

Petroleum University (PDPU) (West, Gujarat)
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum Universitys 100-acre campus is located in
Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The Innovation & Incubation Centre (IIC), functions
with the aim to provide mentorship and financial support to young innovators
and entrepreneurs for accomplishing their dreams by developing their ideas.
IIC is open to any person with an innovative idea for further development,
assistance, and to turn their ideas into viable businesses. It is an 18-month
Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: New and renewable energy, oil & gas, agricultural, healthcare &
technology, chemical, education, material science, civil & infrastructure,
communication, and electronics.
Funding: IIC provides funding assistance in form on a seed loan
Duration Of Each Batch: 18 months
Notable Startups Incubated: PowerTree, Yobo

International Centre For Entrepreneurship And

Technology (West, Ahmedabad)
icreate (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology) is an
autonomous institution that identifies, nurtures and mentors the spirit of
budding entrepreneurs and provides them with all the assistance one
requires during the entrepreneurial journey.
Location: Ahmedabad
Launched In: 2012
Sectors: Information
nanotechnology, robotics, non-conventional energy green, bio-medical
equipment & devices, agro & food processing
Investment Structure: Once incubated, icreate provides funding of up to
$22K (INR 15 lakhs), monthly sustenance, mentorship, networking
opportunities, support and assistance (including physical infrastructure) for
taking ideas to Proof of Concept stage.
Number Batches Graduated: 4
Startups Incubated Till Date: 17

Duration of Each Batch: 13 Weeks

JSSSTE-STEP (North, Noida)

An ecosystem with a peaceful and professional ambiance, with a variety of
spaces ranging from co-working, 5-20 seater cabins, and a centralised
environment control, this incubator aims at providing the best to startups.
Location: Noida
Investment Structure: Investment of up to $37K(INR 25 lakhs) as seed
money, through government supported corpus fund. Later on, investments
through angels and VCs on a case to case basis.
Notable Startups Incubated: Unify Cloud, Zolt, RailYatri

Kerala Startup Mission (Technopark Technology

Business Incubator) (South, Kochi)
Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) formerly known as Technopark Technology
Business Incubator, is a non-academic business Incubator, hosted and
housed inside Asias largest IT Park Technopark. It is a joint association of
Technopark, Trivandrum and the Department of Science and Technology
(DST), Government of India, and started operations in 2007. KSUM is the
pioneer champion among incubators which functions with a vision to support
and nurture startups in the state of Kerala. The Technopark TBI is spread over
20,000 sq. ft. is and sports world class IT infrastructure.
Location: Trivandrum, Kerala
Launched In: 2006
Sectors: IT, electronics, bioinformatics, and e-learning
Investment Structure: No equity (government organisation)
Batches Graduated: N/A
Startups Incubated TIll Date: 220
Duration of Each Batch: 1 year for each company
Notable Startups Incubated: Mobme, Innoz, Waybeo
Number of Incubated Startups That Have Received Investments: 30

Khosla Labs (South, Bengaluru)

Khosla Labs was setup by Vinod Khosla and Srikanth Nadhamuni in 2012 as
an innovation lab to focus on solving large-scale problems driven by
technology and entrepreneurial zeal. The projects get prototyped through inhouse design and technology teams. These prototypes are pilot tested on the
ground to get feedback and market validation. Based on the project traction
and business plan, the project gets funded by Khosla Ventures seed fund
and a new company gets spun-off by the lead EIR(s) from the lab.
Location: Bengaluru
Launched In: 2012
Sectors: Mobile payment & banking, retail efficiency, healthcare delivery,
and big data analytics

Life Science Incubator At IKP Knowledge Park

(South, Hyderabad)
IKP Knowledge Park has set up a Life Science Incubator (LSI) with an
incubation space of around 3,200 sq. ft. It is built for 8 incubatees to
encourage and nurture startup companies and spin offs in pharmaceutical
and biotechnology related areas. The LSI was set up with the support of
National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
(NSTEDB) of Department of Science and Technology (DST) Government of
India. The LSI received $3 Mn seed fund support from National Science &
Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of
Science and Technology (DST), Government of India in 2008.
The LSI includes a fully furnished dedicated lab space, shared equipment and
an assistance programme that is expected to benefit innovative startup
companies and scientist entrepreneurs.
Location: Hyderabad
Launched In: 2006
Sectors: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
All the incubatees at the Life Science Incubator can avail in-house funding for
their R&D and product development activities. The LSI follows well-defined
criteria and methods to fund the incubatee companies under this Seed Fund
Support scheme.
Batches Incubated: 8
Notable Startups Incubated: Biomax Life Sciences, i-Trace Nanotech Pvt.
Ltd., Magellan Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Malviya Centre For Innovation Incubation &

Entrepreneurship, IIT BHU (North, Varanasi)
Malaviya Centre for Innovation,Incubation and Entrepreneurship (MCIIE) is a
not-for-profit Society at IIT (BHU), dedicated to promote innovation and
entrepreneurship. It is a pedestal to help knowledge-driven enterprises to
establish and prosper under organised scientific guidance. It also facilitates
swift commercialisation of a product based on sophisticated technology.
Location: Varanasi
Sectors: Firms that can create jobs, commercialise new technologies, and
strengthen the national economy
Batches Incubated: 10
Notable Startups Incubated: Art Eye Solutions, Edulution

Incubator (South, Manipal)
The Manipal University Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI) is an initiative
of Manipal University for nurturing and developing innovation and
entrepreneurial skills among its faculty and students, as well as people of the
region. It is one of the 54 TBIs funded by National Science & Technology
Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science &
Technology (DST), Government of India to promote innovation-driven
startups in Udupi District.
Location: Manipal
Launched In: 2010
Sectors: Information technology, renewable energy and energy conservation
system, MEMS/nanotechnology
Investment Structure: Funds of $5-10K(INR 4 to 8 Lakhs) from Ministry of
Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)
Funds upto $37K (INR 25 Lakhs) (Soft loan / Equity participation) from
Technology Development Board (TDB), DST
Funds upto $75K (INR 50 Lakhs) (Soft loan/equity participation) from
National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
(NSTEDB), DST, Government of India
Startups Incubated Till Date: 10+
Notable Startups Incubated: Manipal Printronics Pvt. Ltd, The Smart
Techies Pvt. Ltd., Fracktal Works Pvt. Ltd

MICA Incubator (West, Gujarat)

Set up by MICA-EDC, MICA Incubator (Communication Technology-Based
Business Incubator) is an incubation centre specifically for the strategic
marketing and communication sectors to commercialise and nurture ideas
and innovations. It helps ventures conceptualise, develop, and manufacture
innovative processes, formats, mediums of communication for reaching out
to individuals or masses. It provides them with training, mentoring,
intellectual support services and the requisite infrastructure.
Location: Gujarat
Launched In: 2010
Sectors: Communication service technologies, communication product
communication business
Investment Structure: Equity
Startups Incubated Till Date: 30+
Duration of Each Batch: 11 month 12 month
Notable Startups: Shabda Nagri, Dont Scratch Your Head

Warehouse (South,Bengaluru)
NASSCOMs 10,000 Startups is a vision, which is committed to incubate,
fund, and provide ambient support to impact 10,000 technology startups in
India by 2023. The aim is to nurture hatchling startups into full-fledged
technology stalwart companies, by giving them support via access to startup
incubators, accelerators, angel investors, venture capitalists, startup support
groups, mentors, and technology corporations.
Investment Structures: Startups can share their fine-tuned funding
pitches to leading angel investor networks and get up to $300K (INR 2 Cr).
The startups also get a $14K (INR 10 lakhs) fully-loaded startup kit, with
enormously useful and tech-savvy business tools from Microsoft, AWS and
The NASSCOM 10,000 Startups Warehouse is an incubation and co-working
space programme. It is present across 10 cities. The Warehouses offer
terrific co-working space in central locations across the country.
Location(s): Bengaluru, Noida, Gurugram, Kolkata, Navi Mumbai, Chennai,
Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, and Vizag.

National Centre For Aerospace Innovation And

Research (NCAIR) (West, Mumbai)
National Centre for Aerospace Innovation and Research (NCAIR) is a
collaborative consortium of the Indian aerospace manufacturing sectors
providing research and technology to its members with a vision to create a
world-class aerospace manufacturing ecosystem in India.
It serves as a catalyst for collaboration between industry, academia,
research & development organisations, and the government with an aim to
provide economically viable and sustainable solutions to the Indian
aerospace manufacturers by promoting innovation, knowledge creation,
entrepreneurship, and dissemination of know-how.
Location: Mumbai
Launched In: 2010
Sectors: Aerospace and related sectors
Investment Structure: It is a government organisation, it does not provide
funding assistance.
Batches Incubated Till Date: 5

NDBI (NID Incubator) (West, Ahmedabad;

South, Bengaluru)
The NDBI is part of a commitment of NID (National Institute of Design), that
aims to promote design-focussed startups. NDBI not only supports designers
to turn their ideas and concepts into successful competitive businesses but
also provides an environment where they can develop the essential business
management skills and systems that enable them to grow. The NBDI
basically wants to create a new class of entrepreneurs, the Design-preneurs.
Location: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gandhinagar
Founded In: 2004
Sectors: Young, design-focussed entrepreneurs
Funding: via DIPP, through venture ready fund scheme
Batches Incubated: 10+
Duration of Each Batch: 18 months (+6 months extension)
Notable Startups: Dhama Apparel Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Robots Alive
Consulting Pvt. Ltd

NITK-Science Technology Entrepreneurship

Park (NITKSTEP) (South, Mangalore)
NITKSTEP (formerly KREC-STEP) was established on August 31, 1994 in
KREC campus.
Location: Mangalore, Karnataka

Launched In: 1994

Sectors: Information technology, electronics & robotics, multi-disciplinary
technology integration, engineering design, and consultancy.
Investment Structure: Incubatees of startup units can avail Seed capital
support through Seed Support System to Startups at Incubators a scheme
of the Technology Development Board implemented at NITK-STEP. Four
incuabtees are given seed capital support of $7K-$14K (INR5-10 Lakhs) per
incubated startups, with the first installment of support already released.
Number Of Startups Graduated: 40
Batches Incubated: 12

NIT TREC STEP (South, Tiruchirapalli)

TREC-STEP is a pioneering organisation, promoted in 1986, by the Central
and State Governments of India, such as the Department of Science and
Technology, Government of India, Government of Tamilnadu, along with
national financial institutions such as IDBI, IFCI, ICICI and other institutions,
for spearheading the promotion of science and technology, innovations and
knowledge-based ventures.
TREC-STEP is a model, full fledged science park situated on 50 acres of land,
with a unique innovation and research orientation and well-honed systems
for nurturing technology innovations into high tech, high-growth startup
TREC-STEP provides comprehensive, end-to-end support for start-up
promotion and growth, with five dedicated, venture incubation packages
such as strategic support, infrastructure, funding, IPR strategyfacilitation and
internationalisation, and ICT support.
Location: NIT Campus, Tiruchirapalli
Launched In: 2004
Sectors: Cleantech, IT, engineering, biotech
Notable Startups Incubated: Pure Tech, Green Connect

NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore (South, Bengaluru)

NSRCEL is the entrepreneurship and incubation centre at IIM Bangalore. The
centre supports very early stage enterprises that would otherwise not be
accepted elsewhere. These services are offered at significantly subsidised
rates. NSRCELs pro bono initiatives include a number of knowledge
dissemination workshops every year. The most important of these is a
monthly workshop named 4 startups dealing with different aspects of
starting up or growing an enterprise that attracts between 250 and 400
entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs every month.

Location: Bengaluru
Launched In: 2002
Sectors: Sector-agnostic (ecommerce, fintech, healthcare, FMCG, social
enterprises, and cloud based IT solutions)
Investment Structure: 5% Equity
Number Batches Graduated: 10
Startups Incubated Till Date: 57
Duration of Each Batch: 12 Months
Notable Startups Incubated: Amagi, Just books, Milaap, Zoojoobe,

PadUp Ventures (North, Delhi NCR)

This tech incubator is backed by serial entrepreneurs & seasoned senior
executive professionals. Aiming to create a national world-class incubator
with high quality mentoring capabilities across the tech sectors, which will
ignite and support innovative technology-driven ideas that solve real
Location: NCR
Launched In: 2016
Sectors: It incubates Technology and mobile startups
Investment Structure: Undisclosed
Startups Incubated Till Date: 10
Duration of Each Batch: 18 to 24 or even 30 months depending upon the
need and progress of the startup
Notable Startups Incubated:, Neuron,

Periyar Technology Business Incubator (South, Tamil

Periyar Technology Business Incubator is a grant-in-aid project of National
Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) of
Ministry of Science & Technology. The operations and management is
governed by a separate board comprising of DST representatives, technical
experts, bankers, venture capitalist, technopreneurs and academia.
Periyar TBI has a full-fledged testing laboratory with equipments to serve all
biological and organic sample testing. It has a small formulation unit,
common facility centre; tissue culture production unit to support medicinal
plants-based product development. Individual incubation space is allotted for
eligible enterprising units and other infrastructure and facilities are provided

on rent. A sales outlet is provided in the incubator for incubatees who run the
outlet as a professional shop and share the earnings.
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2006
Sectors: Herbal, health products, biotechnology, food processing, and agro

Incubator (South,
Progress Software launched a 23-seater, 1,600 sq. ft. facility. The programme
aims to help early-stage startups that are building business applications.
Startups that are at the prototype stage of an idea can leverage the Progress
Pacific and Progress Rollbase solutions to gain productivity benefits and
faster time-to-market for their business applications.
The Pacific Incubator programme provides work space for each startup and
access to the Pacific platform to build their solutions. Progress engineers will
be available to help the startups by lending their expertise among others.
Mentoring and providing access to markets, depending on the merit of the
startups idea. The company has no plans to take any equity in the startups
in lieu of giving them space that is worth (notional) INR 10,000 a seat per
Location: Hyderabad
Founded In: 2015
Sectors: Programme software, IT
Funding: Gives access to resources and products, without any service
charges or any equity payment. The only expectation is that startups build
their solution on the Progress Cloud app development platforms.
Number of Batches Graduated: 2 cohorts
Duration of Each Batch: 6 months

PSG-STEP (South, Coimbatore)

The PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP) was
established in 1998 with the support from Department of Science &
Technology, Government of India, IDBI and ICICI at PSG College of Technology
to promote technology-based enterprises in the areas of software, electronic
products, hi-tech mechanical products, and eco-friendly textile products &

bio-technology using the core strengths of PSG College of Technology. The

incubation facility at PSG-STEP is spread over an area of 25,000 sq. ft.
Location: Coimbatore
Launched In: 1998
Investment Structure: A Seed Fund Support Scheme has been constituted
by PSG-STEP with support from Technology Development Board (TDB) &
National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
(NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India to
extend financial support to technology ventures to cater to the early stage
requirements of startups.
Startups Incubated Till Date: 36
Investment structure: Seed funding upto $75K (INR 50 lakh), with a 5%
interest rate and a 5 year period of loan repayment.
Sectors: ICT, electronics, and mechanical
Notable Startups Incubated: Cloud Assert India, LifeTex

Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator (West,

Established in Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, in 2009, SP-TBI is an
initiative to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship in the creative minds of
young engineers, so that their ideas are implemented into newer products or
services that have marketing potential. It is partnered by the Department of
Science and Technology, India, National Entrepreneurship Network (Wadwani
Group) Institute Alumni Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Development
Centre (S.P.I.T) Entrepreneurship Cell (S.P.I.T)
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: Education, health, energy, livelihood and smart city technologies,
IOT, ecommerce , innovative SaaS, big data, cloud computing, artificial
intelligence, hybrid business models with technology at its core, social
startups, women-led startups.


University-TBI (South,


The main objective of SU-TBI of Sathyabama University is to produce
successful entrepreneurship in marine technology, biotechnology, and
engineering research. The TBI is exclusively for the development and
promotion of entrepreneurship in the combined area of marine and bio
resource utilisation. The objective is on the basis of its accessible potential
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2013
Sectors: Marine, biotechnology, engineering and tech, waste management.

Startups Incubated Till Date: 21

Duration Of Each Batch: 2 years

(RTBI) (South, Tamil Nadu)
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2006
Sectors: Rural/underserved societal segments, leveraging ICT (Information
and Communication Technologies)
Startups Incubated Till Date: 42
Batches Incubated: 15
Investment Structure: RTBI incubated companies are eligible for the
following investments: Seed capital: Interest-free loan up to $7K (INR 5
Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises grant up to $9.3K (INR 6.25
Lakh). The Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE)
Scheme offers convertible debt or equity, up to $37K (INR 25 Lakhs). The
Technology Development Board also funds convertible debt or equity, up to
Under the NSTEDB Seed Support Scheme, Convertible debt or equity, up to
$75K (INR 50 Lakhs) for first generation entrepreneurs is available.
Notable Startups Incubated: Desicrew, MobilTrain, Edutor, Invention Labs.

Science And Technology Entrepreneurship

Park (East, Kharagpur)
Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park, Technology Business
Incubator is based at IIT Kharagpur. It helps young firms to survive and grow
by providing specialised support services during the critical period of a
business venture i.e. the startup phase. The goal is to nurture successful
indigenous technologies and growth oriented entrepreneurs/enterprises. It
provides space as well as seed fund to the startups.
Location: Kharagpur
Launched In: Established in 1986 and commenced operations in 1989
Sectors: Technological ideas or technologies under development to enable
them to reach the market place.
Notable Startups Incubated: Ikure Techsoft Pvt.Ltd.

Science & Technology Park, University Of Pune (West,

Scitech Park is one of the leading science and technology entrepreneurship
parks in India. It is jointly promoted by the National Science and Technology
Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and
Technology (DST), Government of India, and Savitribai Phule Pune University.
Location: Pune
Launched In: 1994
Sectors: IT & innovative technologies
Investment Structure: They have a TDB Seed Fund for startups in
The Government of India constituted the Technology Development Board
(TDB) in September 1996, as per the provisions of the Technology
Development Board Act, 1995. The Act enables the creation of a fund for
technology development and application to be administered by TDB.
Both DST and TDB SEED funds are parked with Scitech Park, Pune.
Batches Incubated: 17
Startups Incubated Till Date: 45
Notable Startups Incubated: Omni Bridge System Pvt. Ltd, Probity Soft
Pvt. Ltd, Watchwitz Pvt. Ltd, Signmod Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Ayugen
Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Tirubaa Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Jampot Photonics Pvt.

Seedfarm (West, Mumbai)

Its a physical incubator spread over 2,000 sq. ft. in Mumbai. Startups being
incubated at the Seedfarm get access to inputs from sector experts who
come in to advise the startups on various aspects of the business.
Location: Mumbai
Founded In: 2006
Sectors: Consumer internet, ecommerce, sports, education, healthcare,
financial services, analytics, services and online ticketing
Funding: $150K (INR 1Cr.), if this works, then Seedfund does a follow-on
investment of $2 Mn.
Notable Startups Incubated: MyDentist, Level10 Entertainment, Chumbak
Investment: Invested in 32 companies so far

SIDBI Innovation & Incubation Centre, IIT Kanpur (North,

SIDBI Innovation & Incubation Centre (SIIC) at IIT Kanpur was set up in
collaboration with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) to
foster innovation, research and entrepreneurial activities in technology
related areas.
Location: Kanpur
Launched In: 2000
Sectors: Technology related ventures
Investment Structure: Startups to nominate 3% of his/her companys
share in favour of IIT Kanpur and 1% in favour of the mentor.
Startups Incubated Till Date: 50+
Duration of Each Batch: The companies are permitted to stay in the
incubator for a period of two years. They may be granted maximum two
extensions for 6 months each at a time at the sole discretion of the Institute.
Notable Startups Incubated: Aarsh management solutions, Messiah Labs

Shriram Institute For Industrial Research, Shriram

Scientific And Industrial Research (North, Delhi)
The centre has been established to provide services in the fields of plastics,
rubbers, with specialty of chemicals and waste management. Its activities
involve the development of products, processes & technologies for new
entrepreneurs and updation and diversification for established industry
majors. The TBI provides professional technical services to upcoming
entrepreneurs to manage, maintain and plan their business specifically
during incubation.
Location: Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi
Launched In: N/A
Sectors: Plastics and rubbers, specialty chemicals and formulations, waste
Duration of Each Batch: One to three years

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Technology

Business Incubation Center Society (SMVDU TBIC) (North, Katra)

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Technology Business Incubation Center

Society (SMVDU-TBIC) is established at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University,
Kakrial, Katra and registered with the Registrar of Societies, Government of
Jammu and Kashmir, under Societies Registration Act VI of 1998. SMVDUTBIC has been established with the grant-in-aid from NSTEDB, Department of
Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of
India and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra.
SMVDU-TBIC is the first ever TBI in the State of J&K and Himachal Pradesh.
SMVDU-TBIC has been identified as one of the 68 incubators to recommend
startups under Startup India Initiative.
Location: Jammu and Kashmir
Launched: 2015
Sectors: Biotechnology (microbial, plant, medical genetics and diagnostics),
engineering (electronics, robotics, ecommerce, GSM/GPRS based technology,
alternative energy management, and business development.
Startups Incubated Till Date: 7

(SINE) (West, Mumbai)
SINE is a broad spectrum technology business incubator hosted at IIT
Bombay. It incubates technology startups coming out of/ founded by IIT
Bombay community/students. The maximum incubation support is for three
years. SINE provides shared work space, access to technical resources,
facilitates business network, provides seed fund to incubated companies.
Location: Mumbai
Launched In: 2004
Sectors: Sector-agnostic
Investment Structure: Upto $37K-44K (INR 25-30 Lakhs)
Number Batches Graduated: SINE doesnt have a batch approach.
Incubation proposals are accepted round the year
Startups Incubated Till Date: 82
Duration of Each Batch: 3 years
Notable Startups Incubated: Sedemac Mechatronics, Seclore Technology,
IdeaForge, Technology, Covacsis Technologies, Vegayan Systems, Purple
Squirrel, SMS Gupshup, ThinkLabs
Number of incubated startups that have received investments: 50%
of the startups have received funding.

Society For Innovation & Entrepreneurship In Dairying

(SINED) Technology Business Incubator (North, Karnal)
This TBI is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST),
Government of India. It is promoted by the Society for Innovation &
Entrepreneurship in Dairying (SINED), and hosted by National Dairy Research
Institute, Karnal. The TBI promotes the concept of growth through
innovations and applications of technology, support, economic development
strategies for Small Business Development.
Location: Karnal, Haryana
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: Dairy and food processing, feed technology, dairy farming, fish
farming, apiculture & honey processing, biofertilisers, biopesticides &
panchgavya products based on dung and urine.
Duration Of Each Batch: 18 months

Startup Oasis Rajasthan (West, Rajasthan)

Startup Oasis is a Jaipur-based incubation centre that is developing an
ecosystem in Rajasthan to inspire and support students, aspiring
entrepreneurs and start-ups to solve persistent problems.
Startup Oasis has been set-up as the joint initiative of RIICO, Rajasthans
premiere industrial promotion organisation, and CIIE at IIM-A. RIICO and CIIE
felt the need to tap into the pool of traditional Rajasthani entrepreneurship
and use their joint expertise of to channelise the entrepreneurial energies
and to foster creativity and innovations in order to solve some of the most
obstinate problems of the state.
Location: Rajasthan
Launched In: 2015
Investment Structure: Upfront funding support of $9K (INR 6 Lakhs) for
startups with basic validation/prototyping and that are ready to pilot in
Rajasthan/Madhya Pradesh with incubation support from Startup Oasis.
Funding of $30K (INR 20 Lakhs) for startups which have a validated business
model and are looking to scale its operations in Rajasthan/MP with incubation
support from Startup Oasis.

Startup Village (Indian Telecom Innovation

Hub) (South, Kochi)
Startup Village is Indias first PPP (Public Private Partnership) model.The key
promoters of Startup Village are the Department of Science and Technology,
Technopark Trivandrum and Mobme wireless. They have launched a digital
incubator recently.
Location: Kochi
Launched In: April 2012
Sectors: Product startups in Internet mobile sector
Investment Structure: It is a non profit organisation, doesnt take equity
Batches Graduated: 2
Startups Incubated Till Date: 69
Duration of Each Batch: 6 months
Notable Startups Incubated: Finrobotics (Neyya), Exploride, iTraveller,
Mindhelix (Rico),
Sectors: Sector-agnostic
Number of incubated startups that have received investments: 15

STEP-Birla Institute Of Technology (Central, Ranchi)

Birla Institute of Technology Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park
(BIT-STEP) (earlier Small Industries Research and Development organisation)
at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi is the first Science and
Technology Entrepreneurs Park approved and established by National
(NSTEBD),Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
The Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP) programme was
initiated to provide a reorientation in approach to innovation and
management, and government. To forge a close linkage between university,
academic, and R&D institutions on the one hand and industry on the other.
To promote entrepreneurship among science and technology persons and to
provide R&D support to small scale industries mostly through interaction
with research institutions.
Location: Ranchi
Launched In: 1987
Sectors: Mechanical engineering

STEP, Thapar University (North, Patiala)

This Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park was established as a joint
venture between the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship
Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST),
Government of India and Thapar University (TU) in April 2005.
The Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP) at Thapar University
is a centre for business incubation that has emerged as a nursery for
entrepreneurs and a launch pad for MSMEs. STEP is playing the role of a
catalyst for change in the MSME sector by tapping new business
opportunities through commercialisation and transfer of technology.
Location: Patiala
Launched In: 2004
Sectors: Agri bio-technology, bio-fertiliser, food biotechnology, tissue
Batches Graduated: 25
Duration of Each Batch: 3-6 months

Tagore Centre For Green Technology Business

Incubation (East, Kolkata)
The Tagore Centre for Green Technology Business Incubation (TCGTBI), a
society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, is set up to
promote innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating
technology ideas and innovation in various disciplines of science and
engineering into products, processes and services for commercial
exploitation and the benefit of society.
To accomplish its goal, TCG-TBI runs and manages a Business Incubator (BI)
at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (IIEST,
Shibpur) to facilitate the incubation of new enterprises with innovative
technologies by admitting them at the BI and providing them physical,
technical, and networking supports and services.
Location: West Bengal
Launched In: 2013
Sectors: Non specific sectors
Investment Structure: Seed Loans to a select few incubated startups.

TBI, BITS Pilani (North, Pilani)

BITS Pilani in association with the Department of Science and Technology
(DST), Government of India has established a Technology Business Incubator
(TBI) in the area of Embedded Systems and VLSI Design. BITS has set up a
Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) to give a specific boost and
emphasis to entrepreneurship development. In its office space, the
organisation can house between 10-12 companies at a time. BITS also
provides training to the startups in business communications and provides
short courses on business management.
Location: Pilani
Founded In: 2005
Notable Startups Incubated: redBus
Technology Business Incubator, Centre For Biotechnology, Anna
University (South, Chennai)
The Centre for Biotechnology was established in 1987 in Anna University with
financial support from Department of Biotechnology, Delhi, University Grants
Commission, Delhi, and Anna University with an objective:
(a) to provide educational and training facilities in different areas of
(b) to carry out fundamental research in the frontier areas of biotechnology
(c) to promote research and consultancy activities in the development of
various areas of biotechnology. The centre is one of the distributed
information centres (DIC) set up by the Department of Biotechnology,
Government of India.
Location: Chennai
Launched In: 2002
Sectors: Biotechnology, bioprocess technology, molecular biology, cell
biology, immunology & genetic engineering.
Investment Structure: N/A
Startups Incubated Till Date: 15

Technology Business Incubator, Graphic Era University,

Dehradun (North, Uttarakhand)
This (TBI) has been active at the Institute from 2015. It is a joint initiative by
the University and the Department of Science and Technology. The TBI is

generated, enumerated and implemented by the Foundation for Innovative

and Technology Transfer the industry interface unit of the Institute.
Graphic Era University has also set up the Science and Technology
Entrepreneurs Park (STEP), to give a specific boost and emphasis to
entrepreneurship development. The TBI along with STEP shall jointly promote
entrepreneurial leadership across all disciplines, facilitate entrepreneurial
activity amongst students, and invite entrepreneurs to use the TBIs services
so as to develop end products for commercialisation.
Location: Uttarakhand
Launched In: 2014
Sectors: Biotechnology, IT, environment, ecology

Technology Business Incubator, IIT-D (North,

Proposals are accepted from ventures that are initiated by one or more
members of academic staff, students or alumni of the Institute or a facultystudent led company for this technology incubator. They are strict on venture
selection and interested companies should exploring tying up with college
professors. DST and MSME grants are available for the ventures fund
Location: Delhi
Founded In: 2000
Sectors: Technology, research, industry
Notable Startups: ekam, Inkilab Technologies, Planin, Credext Technologies

Technology Incubation And Entrepreneurship Training

Society, TIETS, (East,West Bengal)
TIETS has created an avenue for its incubatees where they get fund support,
mentoring, evaluation and prototype branding. The activities of the society
are complementary of the Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP)
of IIT-KGP. The STEP provides the real incubation space to its incubatees. The
activities of TIETS has led to the formation of the entrepreneurship cell of IITKGP run by the students under the guidance of Professor Dhrubes Biswas,
the Professor-in-Charge of Incubation & Entrepreneurship programs of IITKGP.
Location: West Bengal
Launched: 2008

Sectors: ICT and electronics, wireless communication, image processing,

and medical.
Investment Structure: Early stage funding.
Startups Incubated Till Date: 100

University (East, Bhubaneshwar)
The KIIT-TBI, an initiative of KIIT University supported by NSTEDB,
Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India offers
incubation facilities and enables the incubatees to work in a secure,
innovative and entrepreneurial environment as they progress through
various stages of entrepreneurial development.
The KIIT-TBI got recognised as a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in 2008
by the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board
(NSTEDB), Government of India under the aegis of Department of Science &
Technology. With this, it has become the first such TBI in the state of Odisha
and one amongst the 60-odd in the country.
Location: Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: N/A
Startups Incubated Till Date: 30+
Notable Startups Incubated: Roboticwares Pvt Ltd, Hellodoctor24x7 Pvt
Ltd, inDNA Life Sciences, Ziplr Technology Pvt. Ltd

Technology Business Incubator NIT Calicut (South, Calicut)

The National Institute of Technology Calicut is a technical institution of
national importance and runs on a non-profitable basis. It provides
workspace with shared office facilities with emphasis on business and
professional services necessary for nurturing and supporting early growth of
technology and technology-based enterprises. It has set up a Technology
Business Incubator TBI-NITC with the support of the National Science and
Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) and the
Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, to incubate
startups in the IT and electronics sector.
Location: Calicut
Sectors: Technology, knowledge
Startups Incubated Till Date: 30+
Notable Startups: Neologic, Eden Technologies, DE 3.2

Technology Business Incubator For Medical Devices

& Biomaterials (SCTIMST- TIMed) (South, Kerala)
Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology (SCTIMST),
Government of India encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in medical
technologies through technology business incubation support to innovators,
startups and industry. It is located within the Biomedical Technology Wing
campus of SCTIMST at Trivandrum. It is financially supported by the Kerala
State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and the Department of
Science & Technology (DST), Government of India (funding awaited).
Location: Kerala
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: Medical devices, biomaterials, healthcare
Investment Structure: A government organisation, does not provide
TBI International Centre For Innovation, Technology Transfer And
Entrepreneurship (IN-CITE) (Website Not Available)
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Sectors: Healthcare, medtech, indian medicine & social entrepreneurship

T-HUB (South, Hyderabad)

A public/private partnership between the government of Telangana, three of
Indias premier academic institutes (IIIT-H, ISB & NALSAR), and key private
sector leaders, T-Hub aims to be the catalyst in building Hyderabad as a
startup city, and Telangana as a startup state.
The founding partners include the Government of Telangana, IIIT Hyderabad,
Indian School of Business, National Academy of Legal Studies and Research.
The campus is spread over an area of 70,000 sq. ft.
Location: International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
Campus, Telangana
Sectors: Tech-based startups

Incubator (South, Chennai)
The Technology Business Incubator at University of Madras (TBI-UoM ), is a
joint initiative of the University of Madras and Department of Science and
Technology, Government of India. It was established in October 2006 at a
project outlay of $741K (INR 4.97 Cr) This venture was set up to facilitate the
growth of knowledge-based sustainable businesses in the areas of herbal and
biotech products for the health industry.
Location: Chennai
Launched In: 2006
Sectors: Health-related herbal and biotech industries

UnLtd Hyderabad (South, Hyderabad)

UnLtd Hyderabad is an incubator for social entrepreneurs and the largest
network of social change makers in AP and Telangana. It funds and support
individuals whose ideas, passion, and entrepreneurial skills can bring longterm solutions to social problems.
Location: Hyderabad
Founded In: 2013
Sectors: Social welfare
Investment Structure: Seed funding
Number Batches Graduated: 3
Startups Incubated Till Date: 20 social entrepreneurs
investments:Alumni and current fellows have raised about $120K (INR
82,13,00) in the last 2 years.

Vellore Institute Of Technology Technology Business

Incubator (VITTBI) (South, Tamil Nadu)

VIT Technology Business Incubator (VIT-TBI) is a joint initiative between VIT

University and Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.
VIT-TBI provides incubation support to startup ventures.
Location: VIT, Vellore
Launched In: 2003
Sectors: Automotive engineering, biotechnology, ICT, and manufacturing
Investment Structures: VIT-TBI provides seed funding (through TDB and
DST grants), innovation funding through TePP program of DSIR, incubation
grants through MSME and technology commercialisation support through
TCFA program of TIFAC, and facilitation to raise angel investment through
various angel networks.
Batches Incubated: 8

Venture Center (West, Pune)

It is the CSIR initiative for technology businesses (inventors and scientist
entrepreneurs). The Venture Center is a technology business incubator
specialising in tech startups offering products and services exploiting
scientific expertise.
Location: Pune
Launched In: 2006
Sectors: Tech startups offering products and services exploiting scientific
expertise in the areas of materials, chemicals and biological sciences &
Investment Structure: It provides funding of $37K (INR 25 lakhs)
Notable Startups Incubated: Antfarm

VentureStudio (West, Ahmedabad)

VentureStudio aims to nucleate an ecosystem of innovation that accelerates
regional economic development and create a national and global impact. It
believes that practicing design-led approaches to business creation will
foster an ecosystem of innovation. VentureStudio also offers a product and
business creation opportunity through a full-time six-month fellowship
programme for entrepreneurs, engineers, innovators and designers to learn
and practice designing their own companies. Fellows work in teams to
identify critical market needs, generate and prototype novel solutions, and
develop business models to launch scalable businesses to satisfy such
Location: Ahmedabad
Founded In: 2011
Sectors: Innovation that accelerates regional economic development and
create a national and global impact.

Startups Incubated Till Date: 20+

Duration of Each Batch: 6 month fellowship
Notable Startups: OoWomaniya (a product by Impetus Wellness), cruxbot,

Villgro Innovations Foundation (South, Chennai)

Villgro is on a mission to enable innovations to impact the poor through
social enterprise. It was recognised as an incubator under the Department of
Science and Technology and the Ministry of Micro-Small Medium Enterprises,
Government of India. It provides mentoring, fellowship, funding and
Location: Chennai
Launched In: 2001
Sectors: Social enterprises
Investment Structure: It provides funding of $75K (INR 50 lakhs)
(milestone-based) and this is invested as equity and/or quasi-equity
Startups Incubated Till Date: 100+
Notable Startups Incubated: Onebreathe, Skillveri

Development (South, Hyderabad)
The incubator facility at ISB was set up in 2008 under the institutes
Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship Development. The initiative educates
and assists young entrepreneurs in the area of business planning, and
promotes entrepreneurship as a valid career option.
Location: Hyderabad
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: Tech startups
Notable Startups Incubated: Orka

Zone Startups India (BIL- Ryerson Futures Pvt Ltd)

(South, Mumbai)
Zone Startups India is the Mumbai location of the Toronto-based Ryerson
Futures Inc. the technology accelerator and investment arm of Ryerson
University. Zone StartupsIndia is a collaboration between BSE Institute (a

subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange), Ryerson Universitys Digital

Media Zone (incubator), Ryerson Futures Inc, and Simon Fraser University,
Location: Stock Exchange, Mumbai
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: Variety
Duration of each batch: Companies can enter at different stages through a
variety of supported pathways. They can remain and grow here until they
feel ready to move on.
Notable startups incubated: Areysun, shieldsquare, Neuron
Info In Short
Technology (South, Puducherry)
The Acharya Institute of Technology in partnership with IBM, have set up an
Incubation Centre to provide an ambience for promoting entrepreneurship
among the Acharyan Students.
Acharya-IBM Entrepreneur Incubation Center [EIC],brings together startup
entrepreneurs, investors, and IBMs experienced mentors, who are focussed
to incubate their new venture. As part of IBMs Global Entrepreneur initiative,
it helps innovative entrepreneurs build their businesses around the smarter
planet to reap market opportunity.
Location: Puducherry
Sectors: Academic and industrial projects related to everyday issues.
Investment Structure: It provides Seed funding.

Amal-Jyothi Rural Technologies Business Incubator, Amal

Jyothi College Of Engineering (South Kerala)
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is an
initiative of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development
Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST). The aim was
to develop an institutional mechanism to create an entrepreneurial culture in
academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship
amongst the faculty and students.
Location: Kerala
Investment Structure: Up to INR 1 Lakh to incubated startups

Association For Innovation Development Of

Entrepreneurship In Agriculture (A-IDEA) (South, Telangana)
a-IDEA, a technology business incubator is an initiative by the ICAR-National
Academy of Agricultural Research Management (ICAR-NAARM, GOI) with the
support of Department of Science & Technology for fostering innovation and
entrepreneurship in agriculture in India. a-IDEA operates under the initiative
of the Centre for Agriculture Innovation (CAI).
Location: Telangana
Launched In: 2014
Sectors: Agriculture and allied sectors
Investment Structure: As per the website, they do not provide funding,
just mentoring services.

Business Incubation Centre (IC), IIT-Patna (North, Bihar)

With the support of State Government of Bihar this IC will be a joint effort
with DeITY Government of India. The state government will provide matching
funds and its agencies like Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation
Ltd (BELTRON) will also collaborate.
The proposed incubator at IIT Patna will have programmes designed to
support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through
an array of industry support resources and services, developed and
orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator
and through its network of contacts.
Location: Patna, Bihar
Launched In: Proposed, not launched yet
Sectors: Electronic system design and manufacturing with a focus in
medical electronics.

Centre For Innovation And Business Incubation (CIBI), IITRopar (North, Ropar)
The Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar has received a grant to set up a
Technology Business Incubator in Punjab. The grant received will be utilised
to contribute towards the Central Governments StartUp India Programme.
The incubator will foster innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the state
over a period of five years. Science and technology will be its thrust areas.

Centre For Innovation And Entrepreneurship, Assam Downtown

University (East, Assam)
Initiatives are taken for innovation and entrepreneurship development
through Venture Labs for incubating startups. Each year incubatees are
selected through a business idea-generation contest Manthan in
association with the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship,
Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Young India,
and Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship.
Location: Assam

Centre For Innovation And Entrepreneurship, IIITH (South, Hyderabad)

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) facilitates IP
management and entrepreneurship development at the institute. The CIE
plays a role along the entire process from identifying technologies,
packaging them and supporting the beneficiaries in customer development.
Beneficiaries vary from large industry players to sole entrepreneurs, and
engagement models include equity participation, royalty and upfront
payments. The CIE conducts courses such as the Technology
Entrepreneurship (TE) elective for students.
Location: Telangana
Launched In: 2011
Sectors: Gaming, machine learning, IOT

Development Of Entrepreuners Through Incubation

(DETI@ACE) (South, Tamil Nadu)
DETI@ACE an acronym for Development of Entrepreneurs Through
Incubation at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, is a registered entity
Under Society Act, TN. This is supported by the Ministry of Science &
Technology, Government of India. The area of focus of DETI@ACE is GPS &
ICT based-Systems
Location In: Tamil Nadu
Launched: 2011
Sectors: GPS and ICT based systems
Startups Incubated Till Date: 11

DKTE Technology Business Incubator (West, Pune)

Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Launched In: 2009
Sectors: Innovative technologies in biotechnology, Ayurveda, biomedicine,
renewable energy, environment, IT, engineering and electronic sectors, along
with textile & garment technology
Duration of each batch: 2-3 years

Ekta Incubation Center, Maulana Kalam Azad University

Of Technology (East, West Bengal)
Location: West Bengal
Founded : 2007
Sectors: Biotech and IT, Bio informatics, computer sciences, and material

Er.Perumal Manimekalai College Of Engineering (South,

Tamil Nadu)
To promote development of knowledge-based innovative ventures and to
improve the competitiveness and survival instincts of the MSMEs, the
Incubation Centre seeks to identify and create a favourable ecosystem for
encouraging startups and drive the manufacturing domain with sustained
employment opportunity and enterprise creation.
Location: Tamil Nadu

Banasthali (North, India)
Location: Rajasthan
Launched In: 2012
Sectors: Electronics and ICT
Investment structure: The funding is available as a mix of loan and equity.
The funding in form of loan at 3.5% per annum (charged on monthly

reducing balance) would be made for a duration not exceeding two years
from date of registration of the company, or admission to incubation cell of BTIDE, whichever is later. Maximum funding would be upto $37K (INR 25 Lakh)
(subject to maximum 80% of project cost and not more than 50% of total
funding as equity capital)

Goa IT Innovation Center (West, Goa)

The Goa IT Innovation Centre, is Goas first IT Incubator which has been
established by the Department of Industries Trade and Commerce,
Government of Goa, and the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry to
hand hold and assist IT startups to successfully establish their companies in
Location: Goa
Investment Structure: Access to government loans

Chennai (South, Tamil Nadu)
The upcoming initiative is promoted by Department of Biotechnology,
Government of Tamil Nadu and M S Swaminathan Research Foundation.
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2016
Sectors: Biotechnology and allied areas
Startups Incubated Till Date: 10

Gujarat State Biotechnology

Bioincubator (West, Gujarat)
It is a proposed incubator.
Location: Gujarat
Launched In: 2016
Sectors: Biotechnology


HBTI-STEP (North, Kanpur)



Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP) is a project sponsored and

managed by HBTI, Kanpur along with Department of Science & Technology,
GOI It is also financed by various financial institutions like IDBI, IFCI, and ICICI
along with active funding from the Government of Uttar Pradesh, through its
Department of Science & Technology and Department of Industries.
Location: UP
Launched In: 1987
Sectors: Paints, chemical, and IT

Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) , IITMadras (South, Tamil Nadu)

Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), a multi-disciplinary R&D
centre, is a joint initiative of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) and
Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India that brings
together technologists, engineers, doctors, and healthcare professionals,
industry and government to develop healthcare technologies for the country.
HTIC collaborates with leading medical institutions and a wide range of
industry players in various areas such as ophthalmology, ultrasonography,
orthopedics, neonatal care, patient monitoring, to develop and deploy
healthcare technologies. It is yet to launch its services as an incubation
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2016
Sectors: Medical devices

Technology (South, Tamil Nadu)
The Hindustan Technology Business Incubator (HTBI) & Hindustan
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (HEIC) is focussed to encourage
innovative talents and spirits of the students. In its present form, a cell for
entrepreneurship activities was established in August 2007 in collaboration
with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: Technology and entrepreneurship
Startups Incubated Till Date: 8

Odisha (East, Odisha)
Location: Odisha
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: Electrical, electronics & computer engineering

Center (North, UP)
Location: UP
Launched: 2015
Sectors: Information technology





IIMT College Of Pharmacy (Website Not Available)

Location: UP
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: Pharma industries, healthcare

Incubation Centre, IIT- Patna (North, Patna)

The Incubation Center (IC) at IIT-Patna is a result of collaboration between
the Government of India (47%) and the Government of Bihar (53%). This is
an $7 Mn (INR 47.10 Cr) project associated with the Make In India initiative.
The IC is specifically focussed on incubating ventures in electronics systems
design and manufacturing (ESDM) and medical electronics. It provides worldclass facilities for design, testing, prototyping and fabrication. The objective
is to ensure incubation of ideas in medical electronics.
Location: Patna
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: ESDM with focus on medical electronics
Investment Structure: Seed funding

KSIDC, Kerala (South, Kerala)

Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (KSIDC) is mandated to
attract and promote industries in Kerala. A nodal agency for foreign and
domestic investments in the state, KSIDC facilitates clearances, approvals,
and processes various incentive schemes for starting new business ventures.
Location: Kerala
Investment Structure: It provides equipment purchase loans to startups.
(Council For Entrepreneurial
Development) (South, Chennai)
The CED (Council for Entrepreneurial Development) facilitates business and
technology partnerships by combining academic research with practical
experience. The centre coordinates with corporate and venture capitalists to
provide entrepreneurs with people, tools, and expertise to bring new
products to market successful.
Location: Chennai
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: Electronics & automobiles
Investment Structure: Business plan competition with an opportunity to
win $1500 (INR 1 Lakh) annually.

MITCON Biopharma (West, Pune)

Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Launched In: 2002
Sectors: Biotechnology, Ayurveda, biomedicine, renewable
environment, IT, engineering and electronic sectors


MITCON Biotechnology Business Incubation

Centre (West, Pune)
MITCON was formed as a technical consultancy organisation in 1982 jointly
by ICICI, IDBI, IFCI, SICOM, MIDC, MSSIDC, and various other banks. It is
headquartered at Pune and has a presence across the country through
offices at Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Nagpur,
which are equipped with high speed communication networks and state-ofthe-art infrastructure.

Location: Pune
Launched In: 1982

M.P. STEP (MP, North)

The Madhya Pradesh Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP, is
located at Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology.
Located: Bhopal
Sectors: IT and innovative technologies
MSME Business Incubator NMAM Institute Of Technology (Website
Not Available) (South, Karnataka)
A Business Incubation Centre, sponsored by the Union Ministry of Micro,
Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), was inaugurated at the NMAM
Institute of Technology (NMAMIT) at Nitte in Udupi district on November 3,
Location: Karnataka
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: IT and biotech

National Small Industries Corporation Limited, New

Delhi (North, Delhi)
Location: New Delhi
Launched In: 2005
Sectors: Energy pumps




Incubator (North, UP)

The TBI is a not-for-profit setup dedicated to support the growth of very early
stage technology-based businesses. It is an extremely entrepreneurial
business environment that fosters collaborations and sharing among
emerging companies, while respecting independence and creation of wealth,
thus increasing entrepreneurial spirit amongst young talent.
Location: Noida
Launched In: 2014
Sectors: ICT & bio-technology
Startups Incubated Till Date: 100 (total capacity of the centre)

NSIC Technical Service Center

NSIC (Liveli Business Incubator Center) provides technical support to MSEs
through NSIC Technical Services Centres and a number of extensions and
sub centres spread across the country.
Location: Gujarat
Launched In: 2005
Sectors: Energy pumps



Karnataka (South,

PES University has four companies operating inside the campus. These are
mainly working in the incubation mode which may come out with their
prototypes to launch commercial operations. The university encourages
students and staff to use the furnished facility on campus for incubation
support for their ideas.

Process Cum Product Development Centre (North, Meerut)

The Process cum Product Development Center (PPDC) for Sports Goods &
Leisure time Equipment at Meerut, is a premier national institute to cater to
the technical needs of the sports goods industry throughout the country in
collaboration with UNDP and Government of U.P. The centre aims at
upgradation of technology in the sports goods industry through the induction
of new technology, new products and improved designs. It is an incubator
under the MSME scheme of the government.

ROLTA Innovation And Incubation Centre (Central, MP)

The ROLTA Innovation and Incubation Centre has eight cells: a product
development cell, NANO satellite project cell, industry-institute interaction
cell, vision cell, web development and internet radio cell, entrepreneur

development cell, and intellectual property rights cell. The building and other
infrastructure needed to start the centre was financed by Kamal K. Singh.
Location: Madhya Pradesh
Launched In: 2014
Sectors: Engineering
Investment Structure: No funding, just mentoring and assistance
Batches Incubated: 33
Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (BEC STEP),
Location: Karnataka
Launched In: 1987
Sectors: Food processing, textiles and building technology
Investment Structure: Technology assistance

Campus (Central,
Shri Shankaracharya College of Engineering and Technology was established
in 1999with the goal of providing education in engineering and management,
a close interaction with the industry, and a strong emphasis on research.
Location: Bhilai, Chhattisgarh
Launched In: 2011
Sectors: Sector-agnostic

Shri Venkateshwara College Of Engineering (North,

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India
recognised the college for establishing a business incubator in the college
campus for implementation of the scheme Support for Entrepreneurial and
Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubator.
It is a proposed incubator.
Society For Innovation & Development (SID), Indian Institute Of
Science, Bangalore (South, Karnataka)
The SID works in close association with IIS-B and it offers its services to
researchers and scientists affiliated with the institution and accepts tie-ups
from industrialists as well. They incubate IP-based startups.
Location: Karnataka
Launched In: 2004 for Incubation Centre

Sectors: Bioinformatics, image processing and recognition, materials,

MEMs, organic electronics, early detection of diseases, drug design, mobility,
and renewable energy
Batches Incubated: 8

Society For Technology Incubation & Development Of

Entrepreneurs (STIDE) (West, Rajasthan)
Location: Central University of Rajasthan

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College (Tamil Nadu,

SREC-BI is an initiative supported by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium
Enterprise, Government of India. SREC-BI aims to nurture technology- and
knowledge-based entrepreneurs, right from ideation stage to starting a
business venture.
Location: Tamil Nadu
Sectors: Nanotechnology, composite material, embedded systems, IoT,
electrical and electronics, electronics instrumentation & sensors, and
automated test systems.
Investment structures: Financial assistance (Incomplete information
on the website)

STEP-SJCE (South, Mysore)

SJCE Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP) was established in
1985, in the campus of SJCE, with the support of Department of Science &
Technology, Government of India, IDBI, Department of Science & Technology
and Government of Karnataka. It is one of the first three STEPs and has been
accredited as the BEST STEP among the 14 STEPs established throughout the
country. Over the period of institution, it has evolved several methodologies
to develop entrepreneurs.
Location: Mysore, Karnataka
Launched In: 1987
Sectors: Electronics and IT

STEP- IIT Roorkee (North, Uttarakhand)

Location: Roorkee, Uttarakhand
Launched In: 1987
Sectors: Environment, materials and IT
STEP, Thapar University, Patiala
Location: Punjab
Launched In: 2004
Sectors: Biotechnology, IT, electronics and mechanical


Technology Business Incubator (South, Tamil Nadu)

St. Peters Engineering College Technology Business Incubator has been
established with the financial support of Government of India to promote
technopreneurship among science & technology professionals.
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2009
Sectors: Refrigeration and cold chain
Investment Structure: Early stage financial support

TBI At Krishnapath Incubation Society (North, UP)

Location: Ghaziabad, U.P
Launched: 2007
Sectors: Information technology , electronics, and mechanical engineering
Investment Structure: It provide seed funding of $75K (INR 50 Lakh),
sanctioned through DST.
Number of Incubated Startups That have Received Investments: 8
Batches Incubated Till Date: 11

Entrepreneurship (TIDE-UoH) (South, Telangana)
Location: Telangana
Launched In: 2012
Sectors: IT & electronics, communication technology


(TIIC) (Central, MP)
Technology Innovation and Incubation Centre is the industrial interface of
Atal Bihari Vajpayee-Indian Institute of Information Technology &
Management, Gwalior established in 2008. It is a registered society under
the MP Act 1973. This centre has been set up due to initiatives taken by the
IIIT-M faculty, students and strong alumni base.
Location: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Launched In: 2008
Sectors: ITES and products
Batches Incubated: 5

Technology Business Incubator @ Kongu (South, Tamil

A joint venture of Kongu Engineering College and the Department of Science
and Technology, Government of India.
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2003
Sectors:Electronics and ICT
Investment Structure: Funding assistance upto $75K (INR 50 Lakhs).
Number Of Startups Graduated Till Date: 37
Batches Incubated: 12




IIT-Roorkee (North,

Technology Innovation & Development of Entrepreneurship Support (TIDES)
in association with EDC-IIT R provides incubation services to students and
researchers associated with IIT-R.
Location: Uttarakhand
Launched In: 2011
Sectors: Design for manufacturing, urban design, biotech/healthcare, IoT,
electronics, and IT
Duration Of Each Batch: 2 years

TNAU Technology Business Incubator

Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched In: 2011
Sectors: Agriculture and allied areas
Investment Structure: $64K (INR 42.66 Lakhs)
Startups Incubated Till Date: 11

Trident Business Incubator (East, Odisha)

Trident-BI (Business Incubator) has been established as a joint initiative of
Trident Academy of Technology (TAT), Bhubaneswar and the Ministry of Micro,
Small and Medium (MSME) Enterprises of Government of India, New Delhi.
Trident-BI supports members of the TAT ecosystem including staff, students,
alumni, faculty, and R&D partners, in creating successful business ventures
that can translate benefits from technology and knowledge innovations to
the society at large.
Trident-BI is working to fulfill its mission of promoting aiding and fostering the
growth of MSMEs in the country.
Location: Odisha
Launched In: 2015
Sectors: Biotech, internet startups, engineering industry.




Incubator (South,

Tamil Nadu)
Location: Tamil Nadu
Launched: 2010
Sectors: E-waste, bio-waste, plastic waste management, 3D printing,
embedded systems/VLSI, MAV/ robotics, automobile, renewable energy and
Investment Structure: Seed fund support under various government
Patel Pharmaceutical Education & Research Development (PERD)
Centre (West, Gujarat)
Location: Gujarat
Launched In: 2006
Sectors: Pharma and biotech
Investment Structure: Assistance in funding

Zonal Technology Management

Business Planning And Development Unit ZTM-BPD, IARI, New
Delhi (North, New Delhi)
ZTM & BPD units main objective is to provide IP protection, showcasing,
transferring, and commercialising the ICAR institutes innovations. They also
act as an agri business incubator to incubate new startup businesses.
Location: Delhi
Sectors: Mass propagation of seeds, hybrids, planting material,
biofertilisers/biopesticides/ vermicomposting, biotechnological tools and
techniques including methods of mass multiplication/isolation of novel genes,
food processing and post harvest technology, precision farming,
development of supply chain, ICT-related application in agriculture, retail
chain, and agricultural implements.
Apart from the above mentioned incubators, there are a few more names.
However, we could not find exhaustive information about them, but they are
worth mentioning as they aid the startup ecosystem in the country.
A.C.Tech Campus (Website not available)
A.C.College of Engineering & Technology (Website not available)
Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Business Incubator: (Website not available)
Location: Tamil Nadu; Launched : 2016; Sectors: Biotech, food processing,
electronics equipment design, mechanical equipment, and design.
Entrepreneurship Development Center, National Chemical Laboratory
K.L.N.College of Engineering (Website not available)
IIMT Institute of Engineering & technology (No Info Available)
IIT Madras Research Park
Indo Danish Tool Room: Location: Jamshedpur
Jeppiaar Engineering College
Technology (No information available)
NIT Manipur (No Information available)
NITTE University: Location: Karnataka
Rameesh Institute of Engineering & Technology : (proposed incubator,
No information) Location: Noida, UP
RMK Incubation Center (Website not available) Location: Tamil Nadu;
Launched In: 2016; Sectors: ITES
Sona College Of Technology: An Entrepreneurship Development Cell,
has been established by Sona College on Technology, Salem; Location: Tamil
Suyash Institute of information Technology- The website link has
Syed Ammal Engineering college Location: Tamil Nadu; Launched: 2015
Thiagarajar College of Engineering Location: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, No

Thantha Periyar Government Institute of Technology Incubator (Website

not available)
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is directly
sourced form the concerned individuals and/or website and is
accurate to the best of our knowledge.