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September 30 2016

Ratu Isoa Tikoca Suspended From


Voreqe Bainimarama
Opposition Whip, Ratu Isoa Tikoca,
was suspended from Parliament for
two years.
The penalty is for a religious attack
on the Attorney-General Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum and a number of prominent
Muslims who head Government
statutory organisations.
The suspension means he will stay
out for the remainder of Parliaments
current term, which expires in 2018.
As part of the penalty, Ratu Isoa will
issue a public apology to the House.
He is not allowed to enter Parliament
The Privileges Committee spent days
deliberating over the matter.
Thirty MPs voted in favour of the
suspension, 13 voted against it, while
nine didnt vote.
Government MP and mover of the
motion, Inia Seruiratu, said the
Privileges Committee had reported on
the matter of privilege. It was raised by
the PM over a statement by Mr Tikoca
on July 5, 2016, in relations to the
2016-2017 National Budget debate.
He said it was sad that the Opposition
could not take the matter of privileges
on the Standing Order and they seemed
not to understand that freedom came
with responsibility.

I have said so in the past there is a

need to strengthen the instruments of
Parliament and take serious matters to
protect the dignity and the superiority
of our legislations, Mr Seruiratu said.
It is important that Parliament upholds
the required standards in Parliament,
in particular words that are likely to
promote or provoke feelings of hostility
between ethnic groups in Fiji, he said.
Opposition leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa,
said they had two of their members
suspended from Parliament, Ratu
Naiqama Lalabalavu and Tupou
Draunidalo. She said Ratu Isoa was the
She said it seemed people were
terminated from Parliament for airing
their views on what they thought.
Ro Teimumu said outside Parliament,
they were disappointed by the
decision to suspend Ratu Isoa for
two years in Parliament as he played
a major role on their side as the
Opposition Whip.
Opposition MP, Semesa Karavaki, then
requested the other House to forgive
Ratu Isoa as it hurt him to see people
dwelling in a country where people
were hurting one another.
Government MP, Jone Usamate said he
supported the motion to suspend Ratu

Isoa for two years.

Outspoken Opposition MP, Mosese
Bulitavo said there was not enough
proof in the deliberations to determine
claims made on Ratu Isoa.
Opposition MP, Niko Nawaikula said
he disagreed with the suspension
because of the elements on which it
was established on.
However, the amendment motion put
forward by Opposition MP, Viliame
Gavoka, to suspend Ratu Isoa for 30
days rather than two years, was also
thrown out of Parliament.
Suspended MP vows to fight on
Suspended Social Democratic Liberal
Party Member of Parliament Ratu
Isoa Tikoca says his suspension for
the entire term of Parliament does not
mean an end to his political career.
Ratu Isoa said the suspension now gave
him more time to visit people.
Ratu Isoa was suspended following
recommendations made by the
Parliamentary Privileges Committee
Bainimarama lodged a complaint to
the Speaker.
The committee's report, which was
endorsed by Parliament, recommended
that Ratu Isoa be:
* Suspended for the rest of the term of

* Make a public apology, and;
* Cannot enter parliamentary precincts
during the term of his suspension.
Speaking in support of the motion, Mr
Bainimarama said Parliament had to
be vigilant in punishing any forms of
Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu
Kepa said she was not happy with the
decision as three MPs from her side
were suspended from Parliament.
NFP leader Dr Biman Prasad said
the suspension was a disregard of
international laws and best practices.
During the budget debate, Ratu Isoa
had read out the names of selective
people in government positions all
the names were of people who follow
the Muslim faith.






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Fiji News

778 278 4088

ANZ Delivers Money Minded To Fijian Carpenters

Heading To New Zealand
ANZ Bank last week welcomed the
opportunity to deliver the banks
flagship financial literacy program,
MoneyMinded, to the second batch
of Fijian carpenters heading to New
Zealand to assist with rebuilding efforts
in Christchurch.
ANZ Banks Manager Rural and Micro
Banking & Corporate Responsibility,
Sitiveni Marovia said ANZ was
committed to making a meaningful
difference in the community.
Were committed to helping our
customers and communities prosper
in Fiji and across the Pacific and we
appreciate that remittances play a
significant role in driving economic
growth and supporting household
income across the region, Mr Marovia
We want to support the groups
of Pacific workers through our
MoneyMinded program.

Mr Marovia explained that when ANZ

delivers MoneyMinded, accredited
trainers aim to equip participants with
tools to plan for the future, save money,
budget and set realistic and achievable
We want to empower participants
to make the most of these sorts of
opportunities for themselves, their
families and communities. Our people
are our greatest asset, and with enhanced
financial literacy skills, we believe they
can make a substantial contribution to
Fijis economic growth.
MoneyMinded has been successfully
delivered to some 9000 people across
the Pacific since it was introduced in
In Fiji MoneyMinded complements
ANZs rural and microfinance
initiatives in remote areas. About 30
ANZ staff is currently accredited to
deliver MoneyMinded in Fiji.

MoneyMinded has been delivered to

about 355,000 people across Australia,
New Zealand and Asia Pacific since
The delivery of MoneyMinded to the

group of Fijian carpenters was made

possible thanks to the Fiji Ministry of
Employment, Productivity & Industrial

Aditvi Ram Targets International Oratory Competition

Teenager Aditvi Ram of Waiqele
Secondary School is confident of
taking out the International Ramayana
Conference oratory competition in
This after walking away with the
Northern Oratory and Hindi Diwa
contest earlier this month in Labasa.
The Year Nine student will be
representing the North at the meet and
is honoured to represent the division.
I am honoured to be representing the
North and I am confident that I will
win, Ms Ram said.
I am preparing well. Apart from the
daily lessons from my teacher, I also
spend time reading the Ramayana to
have a deeper and better understanding
of the Hindi language.
It is good to have a positive mental
attitude and that is what I am doing,
at the same time I am working hard
towards it.

Meanwhile, Hindi speaking students

have been urged by the Ministry of
Education to make a habit of reading
the Ramayana as it will help them
conserve their language.
In an earlier interview with the senior
education officer Secondary in Hindi
Ramesh Chand said children were
showing less interest in reading their
holy book.
In Fiji, there is a lot of Ramayana
Mandali where we recite the Ramayana,
but it is only the elderly who go there,
and the children do not come to these
important gatherings, Mr Chand said.
It is our duty as parents to encourage
them to go so that in the future, our
language and culture does not get lost.
If we do not take the steps now
we might regret it later and we (the
ministry of education) are doing our
best to encourage more students to take
up interest in learning Hindi.

About 60 people are unemployed after

the factory where they worked in was
destroyed by fire last Friday night.
The incident occurred at around 7pm
at Kalokalo Crescent in Makoi, Nasinu
where the factory of United Pacific Fiji
Limited which manufactures paper
bags was fully engulfed.
A team of 15 National Fire Authority
(NFA) fire-fighters were at the scene
battled to put out the fire. They spent
the entire night trying to put out the fire
and stop the flames from spreading it to
adjacent buildings.
United Pacific Fiji Ltd managing
director, Kamal Khalil said: My 32
years of hard work has been destroyed
in fire within minutes.
I am thankful to God that all my

workers are safe and no one was

I still am trying to determine how
the fire started. I left the building at
around 4pm yesterday and some of my
workers were still in the building, he

Year Nine Student Aditvi Ram focuses on international stage after winning
Northern oratory and Hindi Diwa competition.
Ms Ram will be competing against The
representatives from other divisions in Conference will be held on November
the country.
14 to 15 in Suva.

60 Staff Lose Jobs After Factory Fire

Mr Khalil claims the damage caused

by fire was worth $10 million.
Around 7pm I received a call that my
factory was on fire and by the time I
arrived at the scene the building was
already on fire and fire fighters were
trying to put out the fire.
I will not give up, and restart my
factory, he said.
Nands Auto Parts Limited, managing
director Aneshwar Nand said: I was

here when the fire started but failed to

witness how the fire started.
I tried to stop the fire from spreading
to my building.
The fire started around 7:30pm and I
saw a few employees rush out of the
building when the fire started, he said.
A witness, Pravin Kumar of Makoi
said: I was called by a friend of mine
who resides next to the factory.
My friend called and said there is a
fire and it had started to spread to his
I rushed and got some help from

neighbours to put out the fire from

spreading to his house.
By the time I glanced at the factory I
saw a couple of its employees rushed
out and the fire fighters were there to
put out the fire.
I believe the fire initially started from
the factory.
NFA, Chief Fire Officer Qionilau
Moceitai said: I am happy with my
team. They did a very good job.
They managed to stop the flames from
spreading to other building.
Mr Moceitai said they were continuing
with their investigations.

Fiji News

Candidacy To Human
Rights Council Underway
Works have already started to make
Fiji a member of the United Nations
Human Rights Council for the term
2018 to 2020.
Fijian Ambassador to the United
Nations in Geneva Nazhat Shameem
Khan said this during the reception Fiji
Day celebrations in Geneva last Friday.
We have commenced preparations for
our candidacy to the Human Rights
Council for the term 2018 to 2020.
We have facilitated many visits to
Fiji by institutions, organisations and
States to further cement relationships
between Geneva and Fiji, she said.
We look to you all to support Fiji in
its bid for membership of the Human
Rights Council. They say that there is
no such thing as a free lunch. In this
case, a free reception. I have a captive
Fijis candidacy is a Pacific Islands
Small Developing States candidacy.
No PSIDS has ever been a member of
the Council before.
With the urgent issues facing the
Pacific, not just in relation to climate
change, but also in relation to disaster
sexual and gender based violence, and
the right to sustainable development,
there is no better time for the Pacific
voice to be heard at the Human Rights

Members of the Council serve for
a period of three years and are not
eligible for immediate re-election after
serving two consecutive terms.
Mrs Khan also spoke at length
about the leaps Fiji had taken on the
international stage as well as future
works the mission was undertaking in
the year ahead.
Commissioner for Human Rights
The council is made of 47 member
states, which are elected by the majority
of members of the General Assembly
of the United Nations through direct
and secret ballot.
The General Assembly takes into
contribution to the promotion and
protection of human rights, as well
as their voluntary pledges and
commitments in this regard.
The Councils Membership is based on
equitable geographical distribution.
Seats are distributed as follows:
African States: 13 seats
Asia-Pacific States: 13 seats
Latin American and Caribbean States:
8 seats
Western European and other States: 7
Eastern European States: 6 seats

Fugitive Strikes Fear in Family

A Vatuwaqa family is living in fear

after a surprise visit from a fugitive,
hunted by Police, for a series of alleged
Avinesh Kumar Raj also known as
Vinesh Kumar Raj, who was earlier
caught in the same location, but
escaped from St Giles Hospital, was
spotted in front of the familys house in
Nanuku Settlement.
The husband of the woman, allegedly
sexually abused by Raj, said: Today
was not the first time he came to the
area and tried to threaten my family.
Fearing for their safety, the family has
asked the Fiji Sun not to reveal their
The husband said: This morning
around 4am, he came with a group of
four people near my house in a silver
Toyota Corolla registration EF 622 and
knocked on my window with a knife.
My wife and I woke up and saw Raj,
who was wearing a red jacket, black
pants and shoes with long hair and a
beard. He was standing there outside
the car holding a cane knife while
the rest of the people with him were
holding a crowbar, knife, and other
He then ran away with the group
of men towards Fletcher Road but a
few minutes later came back to take
something out of the car and ran off
again leaving the car abandoned.
We called the Nabua Police Station.
The Police officers came and inspected
the site and later arrived with the K9

Unit and searched the area.

Around 6am, the owner of the Toyota
Corolla came to the area in a Police
vehicle to look for his car. He said
they were robbed at 3am this morning
The owner said that they broke into his
house, stole electronic devices, a few
other household items and demanded
the car keys from them.
Last week, he came over and broke
the wooden floor of my house. I heard
the noise and woke up. I saw him
running away.
When I went underneath my house,
I found a 1.5 litre Aqua safe bottle
filled with kerosene and a matchbox.
I immediately called Police and they
investigated the matter, he said.
Raj was admitted for evaluation after
he tried to harm himself following his
arrest in Vatuwaqa last month.
Using different aliases, Raj has been
evading Police for some time while he
is wanted for his alleged involvement
in three alleged rape cases. There is also
a bench warrant for cases of obtaining
advantage by deception.
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro,
said: Five masked men were involved
in the aggravated robbery, stealing the
car from a businessmans house in
We are still trying to verify the claims
made by the family in Vatuwaqa but
the investigation is still on-going.
Patrol in the area will be beefed up,
Ms Naisoro said.


Fiji Seeks To Boost Trade

Ties With UK

Fiji has sought greater economic

engagement with the United Kingdom,
particularly in relation to the sugar trade.
This came about at a meeting between the
UKs Minister for Asia and the Pacific,
Alok Sharma, and Prime Minister Voreqe
Bainimarama at the margins of the
United Nations 71st General Assembly
in New York, United States.
Mr Bainimarama requested an
expansion of the existing sugar
arrangement between the two countries
to increase the countrys access to the
UK sugar market.
He also highlighted our renewed
emphasis on boosting trade with
international partners to increase the
presence and awareness of the Fijian-

Made brand in foreign markets.

On a broader front, we intend to step
up our global promotion of the range
of quality goods and services that
come under the Fijian-Made brand.
Whether it is water, cosmetics or the
range of manufactured goods that are
already making an impact globally,
we believe there is ample opportunity
for further expansion and we are
redoubling our efforts in this area,
the PM said.
The two ministers also discussed
global climate change advocacy, and
PM Bainimarama urged the UK to
use its influence to push for greater
international action on climate change
adaptation and mitigation.

More than 40 families were

demolishing and relocating their homes
from Kilikali Settlement in Nasinu.
The notices were issued by the
developers of the land, Nasinu Land
The residents of Kilikali settlement
were given a three-week notice to
vacate their land and move to Veiraisi
Settlement in Nadera as of last Friday.
The residents of Kilikali Settlement
had been notified earlier to relocate
in 2014 after the High Court in Suva
had issued an order in favour of the
Thirty plus years resident, 50-year-old
Zahid Hussain said, he was heartbroken
with the news to vacate.
I have been here since 1985 and I
have seen my children born and raised
in this settlement, Mr Hussain said.
I am emotionally attached to my home
and had such wonderful neighbours
who always stood by my family.
I am heartbroken to move from here.
My home is demolished and my wife

and children are at my sisters house in

Sunil Prasad, 37, who was born and
raised there too said, he had memories
to cherish but no place to stay.
We have been allocated a plot in
Veiraisi Settlement in Nadera but there
are people who have already built their
homes and living in our plots, Mr
Prasad said.
I have no home to stay. My wife and
kids are at my in-laws place in Nausori
and sometimes I sleep at my friends
house or neighbours.
We have to restart our life and build
everything all over again.
Naomi Noubena, 40, has been living in
the settlement for more than 40 years
and says her life feels like it stopped.
My kids are worried of where we
will stay and I am worried of how we
are going to start everything all over
again, Ms Noubena said.
Questions sent to the developers Nasinu
Land Purchase Housing Ltd had not
been answered when this edition went
to press.

Developers Evict 40

Paradise Eagle
Ready To Soar At Fiji

Paradise Beverages Fiji Limited and

its newest brand, Fiji Rum Co has
launched a special Fiji International
inspired cocktail to be served during
the month of October.
The Paradise Eagle will be enjoyed by
golfers, guests and visitors during the
week of the Fiji International, which
tees off with the official tournament
welcome dinner at the InterContinental
Fiji Golf Resort and Spa on October 4.
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Fiji Rum Cos 8 year old white rum
coupled with our very popular coffee
rum. This great product recently

scooped double gold medals at the

elite 2016 San Francisco World Spirits
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be served at all Fiji International event
functions including the tournament
welcome dinner on Tuesday, October
4, and the Friday Night Cut Party, as
well as available for sale at the public
catering area for all to try.
Besides the two premier events hosted
at the InterContinental, the Paradise
Eagle will also be available to all VIP
and corporate hospitality guests in the
Paradise Clu8b, VIP Lounge and the
4th Beach Oasis.


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Fiji News


Amend Charges For Chinese 3, Prosecution Told By

Prosecution will file amended charges
for three women from China at Nadi
Magistrates Court this week.
The women, Huang Xiaoyan, Wen
Rong and Xia Wu, who are charged
in relation to the alleged theft of
more than $150,000, will now appear
before Magistrate Mohamed Azar on
amalgamated charges.
While making the application for
amalgamated charges, the Police
prosecutor Sergeant Francis Bale told
the court that two of the three women
would appear in another case as there
were two complainants.
Therefore, for the first matter the three
will appear on Friday with charges
amended and for second two will

appear on same charge.

Magistrate Azar told Sergeant Bale and
the defence lawyer, Shailend Krishna,
that the charges laid against the three
accused differed from their summary
of facts.
He said that according to the summary
of facts, the charges should have been
obtaining property by deception.
He advised the prosecution to revise
the charges.
Mr Azar told prosecution to convert
the amount listed in other currencies
in Fijian dollars to avoid any further
He also ordered the prosecution to
disclose the total amount of alleged theft.
They are in remand.

New Action Plan To Boost Health Services - Rosy Akbar

The Fijian Government, through
the Ministry of Health and Medical
Services, will undertake new action
plans to improve the public health care
services in Fiji.
This was highlighted by the Minister
for Health and Medical Services, Rosy
Akbar, while speaking at Parliament.
Ms Akbar outlined a number of
initiatives that would be implemented
to increase the health care accessibility.
The initiatives highlighted included
the Nurses Specialisation Programme,
arrangement of locum doctors, free
medicine programme and capacity
building of medical expertise.
The Ministry embarked on a nursing
specialisation programme over the
past several years that sent our nurses
overseas for attachments in specialised
These nurses have performed
extremely well and have brought
knowledge and expertise back to
Fiji that they can pass on to their

We are working with the Ministry

of Civil Service to develop the
remuneration packages and structure
that we need to recruit and retain toptalent, Ms Akbar said.
The Health Ministry will also embark
on new measures to reduce the long
patient waiting queues in public
We have confirmed that there will be
a pooling of locum doctors who can fill
in during busy periods to help remedy
the doctor shortages we face.
It is an immediate fix to the service
delivery issues that we face until
we are able to staff our hospitals
appropriately. Substantial resources are
allocated towards recruiting doctors
from overseas to fill gaps in both the
clinical and public health arenas.
We are currently working intimately
with the Ministry of Civil Service to
fill those gaps, so far have approved
879 new positions for medical
superintendents, consultants, chief,
principal and senior medical officers

Russian Foreign Affairs Minister,

Sergey Lavrov

and medical interns and assistants.

So far we have filled 553 of those
positions, and we will continue to
seek qualified professionals for the
remaining 326 spots.
In the new action plan, the Ministry
will aspire to develop hospitals that
provides clean environment and

delivered with a lot of compassion and
By the end of this month, a compiled
list of medicines will also be made
freely available to those who are
eligible, through Governments Free
Medicine Programme.

Nausori Runway Repairs, Flights Diverted To Nadi

A number of flights to and from the
Nausori International Airport had to be
redirected to Nadi International Airport
or cancelled.
Airports Fiji Limited, in a statement,
said: AFL has been carrying out
runway crack sealing works at night
times at Nausori Airport over the last
two weeks. A liquified sealant is poured
over the cracks to seal them off.
The contractor carrying out these
works is SuperSealing out of Australia
under the supervision of Beca out of its
New Zealand and Suva offices.
It has become apparent to AFL that
the sealant applied last night could not
dry within the 30 minutes specified.
We have accordingly taken the
precautionary measures and closed
Nausori Airport runway until 2pm
whilst SuperSealing and Beca try

to find temporary and longer term

Flight disruptions of mainly B737 and
ATRs are expected during this period.
We apologise for any inconvenience
caused. We will review the position
further this evening.
Fiji Airways said: Fiji Airways has
had to cancel a number of flights from
Suva because of the unsettled surface
at Nausori Airport.
The surface condition following
overnight runway works is currently
unsuitable for B737 and ATR aircraft
operations. Twin Otter aircraft are still
able to operate to and from Suva.
Customers affected include those
travelling from Suva to Sydney, Port
Vila and Labasa. A number of inbound
flights from Labasa to Suva have also
had to be diverted to Nadi. Diverted

customers landing in Nadi will be

transferred to Suva by road.
Fiji Airways understands the
inconvenience caused to affected
customers, but reiterates that the
disruption is beyond the airlines
Safety remains Fiji Airways primary
concern, and the airline is liaising
with Airports Fiji Limited on when
the runway will be suitable for larger
aircraft operations.
Fiji Airways and Fiji Link are
travelling to Sydney and Port Vila
to Nadi by road, where they will be
put on subsequent services to their
Fiji Airways update
AFL has presently closed Nausori
Airport for larger aircraft, with only

lighter aircraft able to operate. Further

inspections will be carried out on the
Nausori Airport runway surface this
morning, to determine its suitability for
ATR and B737 operations.
Fiji Airways and Fiji Link are using
Twin Otter aircraft to move customers
between Suva to Nadi, prioritising
those with onward international
connections on Fiji Airways.
This will continue until the runway
surface at Nausori is suitable for larger
Fiji Airways empathises with the
travelling to and from Suva are facing,
which are beyond the airlines control.
Affected customers are requested to
call Fiji Airways Reservations on 672
0888 or 330 4388 to rebook flight and
get further updates.

778 278 4088



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Fiji News


FRA Speaks Out On MWH Saga

The Fiji Roads Authority has a clear
and consistent policy of not discussing
commercial or contractual matters with
anyone other than the affected parties.
To date the FRA has declined to
comment in detail on the matters
between MWH, now part of Stantec,
and the FRA in accordance with that
policy and out of respect to MWH and
due process.
However, certain matters are now in
the public domain, therefore the FRA
is compelled to clarify its position.
FRA is concerned that recent
statements in the press made by MWH
have created misconceptions about the
nature of the dispute and the events
leading to the termination of the
contract between FRA and MWH.
FRA believes MWHs actions appear
to be designed to cause disquiet
amongst other contractors of FRA and
employees of MWH and to damage
Fijis reputation as a place for foreign
companies to do business. Therefore
the FRA is compelled to clarify its
The FRA and I personally, as chief
executive, have a responsibility to
the people and Government of Fiji
to ensure that any and all goods and
services procured by the Authority
provide value for money; are delivered
as safely, efficiently and effectively as
possible; and that all transactions are
carried out in accordance with the law.
That is a responsibility I do not
take lightly! I have an obligation to
challenge any and all service providers
if I have cause to believe that these
objectives are not being met. I do not
realize from this position and will
continue to hold all service providers
to the same standard, regardless of
their profile or where they come from.
The FRA therefore wishes to clarify
the following:
1.The FRA has been involved in a
protracted contractual dispute with
MWH. The dispute is not about
non-payment despite assertions to
the contrary by MWH. FRA has
already paid MWH approximately
F$6m for 2016 already. This is an
acknowledgement by FRA that work
has been done by MWH for which it
deserves payment.
MWH is claiming payment of almost
F$20 million for its services so far in
2016. FRA required MWH to provide
proper substantiation for this very large
claim before payment could be made.
The dispute has arisen because
MWH has refused to provide that
substantiation. FRA remains committed
to paying to MWH all substantiated
claims for payment and had advised
MWH accordingly.
It is normal procedure under contracts
in all jurisdictions around the world for
substantiation to be sought especially
where such very large sums are
FRA rejects statements in NZ by Mark

Bruzzone of MWH that MWH has

been negotiating with FRA to resolve
the dispute. MWHs only stance has
been refusal to provide the required
substantiation and to demand that
payment of its entire claim be made
merely on its say so. This is not
The above situation did not entitle
MWH to terminate the contract.
FRA will hold MWH accountable
under the contract and will pursue to its
fullest extent the legal rights available
to FRA under the contract and the
law. FRA is also considering whether
there may have been misleading or
deceptive conduct in contravention of
the Commerce Commission Decree. If
this process identifies overcharging by
MWH, FRA intends to enforce its legal
rights to seek a refund.
speculation linking the deportation
of two MWH employees to the
contractual dispute with the FRA
and that somehow the FRA was
responsible for their deportation. This
is factually incorrect. The attempt by
Mark Bruzzone of MWH to link the
two does not bear scrutiny. The FRA
has no authority or power to affect or
influence the deportation of any person.
FRA is not empowered to decide who
stays and who leaves the country. That
is a decision for the Government. FRA
however had legitimate concerns about
the conduct of those two employees
in that one had issued threats to an
employee of FRA about consequences
to FRA if MWHs demand for payment
had not been met whilst the other had
unlawfully written to third parties
disclosing details of the dispute that
were commercially in confidence. Not
only was such conduct in contravention
of the contract but it appeared designed
to put unlawful pressure on FRA from
other parties to resolve the dispute in
the manner demanded by MWH. The
FRA informed the Government of
these actions. Independent of FRAs
issues with such conduct it appears
that the Government felt the need to
take steps to cancel their work visas
in the national interest. Had this not
occurred FRA would most certainly
have exercised its rights under the
contract to insist upon the removal of
those employees from any involvement
with the contract on the grounds that
they were not fit and proper persons.
There was no need whatsoever for any
other MWH employee to leave Fiji or
any just cause for the company to walk
away from the country by abrogating
its contract.
The FRAs contract for Professional
Services with MWH was due to
expire on 31 December 2016. The
contract was not being renewed.
MWH has been aware of this for
a considerable period of time. The
FRA is in the process of determining
which functions, previously delivered

by MWH, can be best performed inhouse and which can be best delivered
by external providers. That process is
continuing. MWH employees were
fully aware of this process and have
been actively involved in supporting
the transition. Part of that transition
was the progressive downsizing of
MWH as functions were transferred, a
process which had already commenced
and would have accelerated between
now and December.
FRA believes that the explanation
given by Mark Bruzzone merely serves
as a convenient excuse to downsize
MWHs presence in Fiji earlier than
31 December 2016, when the contract
was due to expire in any event. MWHs
continued involvement with FRA
would have required MWH to address
the many concerns FRA has expressed
to MWH about the services MWH has
been allegedly providing. Unless this
was addressed these employees ought
to have expected their employment to
come to an end at 31 December 2016.
FRA had recently identified significant
over-servicing by MWH and had
directed MWH to utilize a much
smaller, more targeted and costefficient team to provide the services
required for the remainder of 2016.
FRA had questioned in particular
MWHs unaccountable use of foreign
staff. FRA suspects that its directive
would have made it unsustainable
for MWH to maintain a large team.
FRA believes that MWH should be
more forthcoming in its explanation
to its employees. The FRA was aware
that MWH was planning to reduce
employee numbers by up to 40+
employees each month between now
and December. Therefore to suggest
that the approximate 120 local and
20 expatriate MWH staff have been
suddenly left without a future is
somewhat disingenuous.
FRA has many reasons to consider that
MWH failed to deliver the promises
of change it made to the Government
when it was recruited in 2012 to effect
the transition from the Department of
National Roads to FRA. The significant
payments demanded by MWH are not
reflected in the work they have done.
FRA, therefore, believes that it is better
placed to provide the services that
MWH was entrusted with providing.
FRA has embarked upon a recruitment
drive and will consider applications by
suitably qualified MWH employees for
those positions.
The FRA is committed to open,
competitive, merit and competency
based recruitment for all positions.
All positions will be advertised this
coming week and the FRA welcomes
applications from all MWH employees.
They will compete against all other
applicants for the positions advertised

and selection will be

based on competency and merit.
FRA does not have bitter disputes
with its other contractors. FRA wishes
to reassure its other contractors
and service providers in the face of
misleading statements made by MWH,
that FRA has always conducted itself
in accordance with the terms of the
contract. The contract would have
remained in force for the rest of the
year had MWH done the same.
FRAs charter with the Fijian people is
to deliver good transport infrastructure.
FRA will continue to engage with
willing participants from the private
sector to deliver this commitment to
the Fijian people on a value-for-money
basis. FRA is committed to honoring
its obligations under its contracts with
the private sector.
Notwithstanding the unilateral actions
of MWH the FRA will continue to
deliver its program of works. This
action was not totally unforeseen.
The FRA has implemented its
contingency plans to cater for this
event. Yes, there will be some
disruptions and delays to individual
projects and programmes, and yes there
will probably be some shortcomings
and oversights in the coming weeks
and months, but the management and
staff of the FRA, together with our
other service providers and contractors
will continue to deliver a programme
that moves Fiji forward. The FRA
welcomes the support of our other
service providers and contractors, as
well as the people of Fiji, during the
forthcoming challenges.
The FRA is committed to sound
achieving value for money; safe,
efficient and effective service
delivery; with all activities carried out
in accordance with the law. Where the
FRA believes it is not receiving any
of these objectives from its service
providers it will hold them to account.
The Fijian people expect nothing less.
What MWH has done is unlawful.
MWH is in breach of their contractual
obligations. It is also very disappointing
that they have acted in a way that is
detrimental to FIJI and the interests of
the Fijian people. As a nation, through
the FRA, FIJI has paid this company
a great deal of money to supervise
the improvement of our roads and we
have all been very badly let down.
The contract provides the mechanism
for allowing FRA to make MWH
accountable for its behavior.
That mechanism has been commenced
by FRA. Fijians and those charged
with the running of MWH in NZ and
globally should know that there will
be no let-up in FRAs pursuit for a
just outcome from MWH and for all

Fiji News

Teacher Made My Little

Boy Stand All Day: Mum
Year 1 student in trouble over a chair
A parent is seeking answers from a
primary school why her Year One son
was made to stand the entire day in
Answers are also been sought why his
class teacher demanded the six-yearold student pay $5 for a broken chair.
The incident happened in a primary
school in Suva, where the teacher was
also alleged to have encouraged other
students to hit the child.
Ministry of Education Permanent
Secretary Iowane Tiko said they were
not aware of the incident but they would
now investigate the matter. A team is
expected to visit the school to investigate.
The boys mother said: On Wednesday
afternoon, my son returned home from
school and he told me both his legs
were aching.
My son told me that he was standing
the whole day in class because he did
not have a chair to sit on. He wrote on
his exercise book, do class activities
and ate his lunch standing.
She said her sons ears were also
I asked him, what happened, he
replied that he was playing during
class time and the teacher told a group
of students to bring him to the teacher.
When the group of students were
taking my son to their teacher, they
pulled his ears and there were also

scratch marks on my sons face, she

She also alleged that the teacher had
a number of students who were the
favourites and were allowed to hit
other students for being disobedient.
Last week on Monday, the class
teacher apologised to a parent who
also complained regarding a similar
incident to the schools head teacher.
Also, my son has been complaining
that his class teacher eats his (students)
food. Not only have my sons lunch but
other students food as well, she said.
She said for the past one week her son
had been informing her that his class
teacher wanted money because her son
had broken a chair.
I told my son to tell his teacher to
write a letter to me then we will give
the money but when on (Wednesday)
my son asked the teacher to write a
letter, teacher replied she does not have
the time to write the letter.
My son was told by his class teacher
to go to the head teacher to get the
letter, she said.
She then went to complain about her
sons class teacher to the head teacher.
The head teacher informed me that
we do not demand money from the
students, she said.
She said the head teacher called her
sons class teacher and the teacher said
she was sorry for everything.

Forest Sector Earns $156m In


The forest sector earned around $156

million in export earnings for the last
two years, the Minister for Forests,
Osea Naiqamu said.
While delivering his speech in
Parliament yesterday, Mr Naiqamu
said 52 per cent of these earnings were
from pine chips and the other 48 per
cent saw timber and other types of
timber value-added products.
Mr Naiqamu said a study in 2007
showed that the forest sector contributed
approximately over $543 million
annually in terms of ecosystem services.
Government has demonstrated its
commitment to protecting Fijis forests
with its ecosystem services through the
preservation and protection of reserves
and conservation areas throughout Fiji.
The Ministry has a crucial
sustainability of the 1.1 million hectares
of Fijis forests for social, economic
and environmental purposes, he said.
Mr Naiqamu said Fiji had secured
$US3.8million ($F7.8m) from Forest
Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)
to support its REDD Plus Readings
Programme with co-funding support
from the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ).
He said the main activities in the programme
were institutional strengthening and the

development of the National REDD Plus

Strategic Action Plan.
Mr Naiqamu said Fiji had secured itself
a place within the FCPF Carbon Fund
Pipeline for the phase of funding.
New mobile treatment to arrive
For the first time, the Ministry of
Forestry will soon provide timber
treatment services to rural communities.
It will become a reality after the arrival
of a new mobile timber treatment plant
next month.
This was revealed by Mr Naiqamu in
He said the timber treatment plant
was specifically designed to conform
to the Ministrys regulations and
environmental protection standards.
Mr Naiqamu said to address the long
standing issue of pine utilisation in
the maritime areas was the successful
launch of operations of the Narocake
pine processing centre in Gau.
He said the Narocake pine processing
centre provided timber for the island of
Gau and also nearby islands affected
by Tropical Cyclone Winston.
Mr Naiqamu said the Ministry had
significantly invested in the improvement
of livelihoods targeting rural communities
with a total investment of approximately
$2 million in machines, infrastructure,
training and implementation.

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War Of Words Erupts In

The House

A war of words erupted in Parliament

after a claim was made that National
Federation Party leader, Biman Prasad
was in jail at the opening of the current
Opposition Member of Parliament
Viliame Gavoka claimed that Mr
Prasad was not at the Parliament
session opening because he was in jail.
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
fired interjections stating that Mr
Gavoka was lying and that Mr Prasad
was not in jail.
Opposition MP Ratu Isoa Tikoca raised
a point of order saying the word lie
was prohibited from being used in
He said that Mr Bainimarama should

withdraw that statement.

Speaker to Parliament, Dr Jiko Luveni
said that Parliament had made a ruling
that the term lies should not be used in
Prime Minister Bainimarama said
Madam Speaker he of course lied, he
said he (Biman Prasad) was in jail, he
was not in jail on that day so he lied,
whats wrong about that?
Ratu Isoa responded he continued to
use the word lie in this August House.
Dr Luveni said that Mr Bainimarama
needed to withdraw the statement to
follow the procedures of the House.
Mr Bainimarama responded Thank
you Madam, I made my point, I

PM Lodges Complaint
Against MP
Committee has been asked by the Speaker
to deliberate on a complaint by the Prime
Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, against
Opposition member Ratu Isoa Tikoca on
the latter's responses during the budget
debate in July.
Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni yesterday
confirmed the committee was looking
into "a matter of privilege concerning
a MP".
"For the information of the honourable
members, a matter of privilege raised
with me yesterday has been referred
to the Privileges Committee for their
consideration in accordance with
Standing Order 127 clause 2 (c) and
necessary papers will be forwarded to
those concerned," Dr Luveni said.
She said the chairman of the committee,
Ruveni Nadalo, had excused himself
from chairing the meeting because he
was the Speaker in Parliament when
the incident happened and has been
replaced by Government MP Netani

A letter titled "Referral to Privileges
Committee" dated September 27,
2016 signed by Dr Luveni outlined
the summary of complaints that Mr
Bainimarama had written to her against
Ratu Isoa's breach of privilege, in
particular his responses to the budget
during the second reading debate on
Tuesday, July 5, 2016.
"The complaint asserted that the matter
had not been decisively dealt with
at the time when Honourable Tikoca
made the statement and when a point
of order was raised by the Government
whip," the letter said.
The complaint stated "the integrity
and sanctity of Parliament and the
Speaker must be protected at all times
from statements made by members of
Parliament, both inside and outside
the House" and that Ratu Isoa could
promote ill-will and hostility between
communities or ethnic groups within


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Fiji News

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Tourism Forum Scheduled Man Puts Life On Line For

For March

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and

Tourism will organise a Fiji Tourism
Forum in March next year.
Minister Faiyaz Siddiq Koya said
this was a testament of Governments
understanding the needs of the industry.
A Committee
representatives of major tourism
associations, such as, Fiji Hotels &
Tourism Association and Society of
Fiji Travellers Association amongst
others, will be formed, he said.
In order to make this forum a very
constructive and results focused, I
look forward to support from the entire
industry, he said.
Mr Koya said this forum will become
the mechanism through which all
stakeholders will be able to discuss
specific areas to grow the industry.
Mr Koya was speaking during
the Tourism Industry Day at the
InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort &
World Tourism Day
Additionally, Mr Koya confirmed from
this year, the World Tourism Day will
be celebrated here, which is marked
globally on September 27 each year.
Since 1980, the United Nations World

Tourism Organisation has celebrated

World Tourism Day, he said.
The purpose of this day is to raise
awareness on the role of tourism within
the international community and to
demonstrate how it affects social,
cultural, political and economic values
The theme for this year is Tourism
for All promoting universal
Mr Koya said accessible tourism is
an on-going effort in ensuring tourist
destinations are able to provide
products and services, which enables
everyone to be able to enjoy our
beautiful country equally.
The Fijian Government has already
undertaken significant steps to ensure
that everyone is able to enjoy Fiji, he
However, the Government cannot
do this alone, the industries needs to
become more sensitive in providing
same level of access care and service to
all regardless of colour, race, ethnicity
or country of residence.
He has therefore called on the industry
to come together and support the efforts
of the Fijian Government and be part
of the events at the Sukuna Park.

Fisheries Patrol Action

Warning To Poachers Semi Koroilavesau

Arecent joint operations by the Ministry

of Fisheries and officers of the Fiji
Police Force in the Central Division
should come as a warning to poachers
who fish illegally in our waters.
The Minister for Fisheries, Semi
Koroilavesau, in a statement released
yesterday, said the ministry would do
all it could to curb illegal fishing of our
Our Monitoring, Control and
Surveillance (MCS) unit of the ministry
is to administer the regulations under
the current Fisheries Cap 158 in its
effort to ensure the sustainability of

resources and management of different

fisheries by all users, Mr Koroilavesau
With land patrol operations, it is
not simply detecting total number of
illegal fishers and confiscating fishing
catch and gear used by such fishers
but mostly to increase visibility of
enforcement agencies on the ground.
Sea patrol is an operation that is
normally carried out, in an attempt to
limit the increasing number of illegal
fishing activities and non-licensed
fishing in any fishing ground.
Awareness has been conducted around

Lautoka businessman Imtiaz Shaukat

Ali said he was ready to put his life
on the line to save his wife and two
children from eight men.
Recounting the harrowing experience,
Mr Ali, 40, said they drove their
Toyota Prado to Hari Lal Investments
shop at Kashmir, Lautoka, to buy a
phone recharge card.
While he was in the shop, he heard
his wife screaming out his name. He
rushed back to the car and stopped the
men dead in their tracks from driving
off with his wife, Shahina Nazmeen
Hussein, 25, and their children Umair
Imtiaz Ali, two and a half years and
15 months old daughter Umairah
Shamshad Begum.
He was punched, bloodied and badly
bruised in the process but he said: At
that time, I did not care about money,
vehicle or my life my wife and
children were all that mattered and I
was going to fight for them.
Mr Ali has come out for the first time
to reveal what happened after footage
from a CCTV camera has gone viral on
social media.
Mr Ali said he had left home last
Thursday to pick someone up without
any inkling of what was about to unfold
in front of them.
We had gone to my mums house
in Waiyavi and left there at around
7.20pm to pick my wifes sister who
had come from New Zealand and was
in Kashmir visiting her relatives, Mr
Ali said.
I came past the house my sister in law
was in and drove up to the shop, about
500 metres away to buy a recharge
I went into the shop and minutes later,
I heard my wife yelling my name.
Mrs Ali was sitting in the front seat
with their daughter while the son was
asleep on the back seat.
When I went outside, one was in the
drivers seat and the rest in the back.
Mr Ali said he ran around to the
drivers side and was trying to drag the
driver out.
While trying to pull the driver out, he
was attacked by two of the men and
had blood streaming from his nose and
Mrs Ali said she was looking on the
other side of the vehicle and when the

back door opened and a hand covered

her mouth, she thought it was a family
member playing a trick on her.
But when I saw another jumped into
the drivers seat, I was terrified and
knew it was not a joke, she said.
He was trying to move the vehicle but
I think he was finding it hard to move
Two more men then jumped into
the back seat and sat on my son who
was still sleeping and one grabbed her
mouth from the back.
As another person got in, he accidently
bumped the one blocking Mrs Alis
mouth and as his hand slipped, it was
enough time for her to yell out her
husbands name.
Mrs Ali said when she finally managed
to free herself her husband was being
assaulted and she jumped out clutching
her daughter.
She said by this time there were about
eight men in the vehicle.
The couple then realised their son was
still asleep in the vehicle as it was
moving off and as it went further in
front, they saw their son being dumped
onto the road.
He woke up and looked around,
probably in shock, Mrs Ali said.
Mr Ali said the vehicle drover down
the road about 300 metres and picked
another two men up.
Police later found the vehicle, a Toyota
Prado, abandoned in Saru near the
water treatment plant.
If my husband did not come to our
rescue, I dont know what they would
have done to me and the children, Mrs
Ali said.
One of the most disturbing things
to come out of the incident was that
onlookers failed to help Mr Ali.
Police later found the vehicle
abandoned in Saru near the water
treatment plant.
If my husband did not come to our
rescue, I dont know what they would
have done to me and the children, Mrs
Ali said.
Police said they were investigating the
A team has been tasked to identify
those seen in the footage and anyone
who may have information that could
assist our investigators is requested to
call Crime Stoppers on 919.

the country on these issues of illegal

fishing but yet more continue to poach
on fishing grounds that are not stated
in their licences. Most of those caught
engaging in illegal fishing activities do
not own licences at all, the ministry
The MCS unit of the ministry will
be strengthened but will continue to
need support from all stakeholders so
that the issues of illegal fishing are
addressed accordingly.

Honourary fish wardens have also

played a huge role in trying to address
these issues and the ministry will
continue to work with them in the
protection of their traditional fishing
Awareness and advice will continually
be provided to fisher folks, middlemen
and coastal resource users on fisheries
management and development of
fisheries resources.


Fiji News

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Rabuka Focuses On National Issues, Not On Party

Rabuka Focuses On National Issues,
Not On Party Politics
Sitiveni Rabuka is a frustrated man.
His years in politics have taught him
that party politics no longer works.
From day one since his appointment
as Social Democratic Liberal Party
(SODELPA) leader, Mr Rabuka has
emphasised that it would take more
than just the SODELPA party to win
the 2018 general elections.
So far, public forums with other
somewhat been a challenge.
At the first public forum attended
by both the Fiji Labour Party and
National Federation Party leaders, Mr
Rabuka claims they were antagonistic
towards him. This was expected. Mr
Rabuka was Fijis first coup leader
a legacy many Fijians have never
Despite the confrontational stance
taken by Mahendra Chaudhry (FLP)

and Biman Prasad (NFP), Mr Rabuka

is cautiously positive.
Its been good, but they are just party
politicians. I dont like factional,
compartmentalised political issues.
Im more on national issues, he said.
This is the strategy Mr Rabuka is
taking. He knows that as politicians,
they need to be engaging more and not
He admits that there is still a lot of
work to be done because they dont
see eye to eye on a lot of things.
Mr Rabuka also emphasised that their
attendance at the public forums has
been on a personal basis.
None of the political parties have yet
to issue policy statements on interparty co-operation. A lot of time and
compromises will be needed to see
something eventuate well before 2018.
Already the NFP president, Tupou
Draunidalo, has maintained her stance
that she would not and could not work

Indonesia Wants 350,000

Tonnes of Sugar
Indonesia needs 350,000 tonnes of
sugar and has left an opening to Fiji if
it wants to be one of its suppliers.
This was revealed by the Indonesian
Ambassador, Gary Joseph during the
Fiji-Indonesia Business Forum held at
the Tanoa Skylodge in Nadi.
Ambassador, Joseph said there have
been no talks held yet with the Fijian
Government on the possibility of
Indonesia being a new sugar market.
This was only revealed two weeks
ago in Indonesia, he said.
He also said he would be having talks
with local business entrepreneurs
in regards to building material from
He said building materials from
Indonesia will be three times cheaper

than that which is being sold in Fiji

right now.
Yes, the materials will be much
cheaper than that which is being
imported from other countries, he
These include roofing irons, timber
and many other building materials.
An invitation was extended to Trade
Minister Faiyaz Koya and local
business houses to attend a trade
exhibition in Indonesia next month.
Meanwhile the idea of Garuda Airlines
flying to Fiji from Indonesia was
brought up but Mr Koya said Fiji
did not want to hinder Fiji Airways
Mr Koya however said talks could be
held on code-sharing flights.

with Mr Rabuka.
Could this be a battle lost already?
In 1999 Mr Chaudhry pulled it off
when his coalition of parties defeated
Mr Rabukas SVT/NFP coalition.
What if we cant work together, then
our victory is hollow like Chaudhry,

Mr Rabuka said.
They ganged up against SVT, they
won, and then they saw who the winner
was. They did not like it.
Moving forward, Mr Rabuka again
questions: If we combine to defeat
someone, then what?

Isoa Tikocas Lawyer Files

A Motion

Opposition Parliamentarian MP Ratu

Isoa Tikocas lawyer, Kitione Vuataki,
has filed a motion seeking two orders
ahead of the hearing.
The matter was called before Magistrate
Makereta Mua at the Suva Magistrates
The first order was for the Fiji
Independent Commission Against
Corruption to detail the particulars of
the charge.
The second order was a request to
use projectors and other equipment to
assist the defence during the hearing.
FICAC lawyer Laite Bokini-Ratu has
sought time to file a response for the

first order, but did not object to the

second order.
The hearing for the case is set to start
from November 14 to November 25
this year.
Tikoca is charged by FICAC for failing
to declare his liabilities before the 2014
General Elections.
It is alleged that he failed to declare his
liabilities contrary to Section 24 (2) (a)
(viii) and section 24(5) of the Political
Funding and Disclosures) Decree No.
4 of 2013.
The case has been adjourned to October
11, for a response from the State.

Exports 12k Tonnes Of Sugar

Ready For Export From Malau
Around 12,000 tonnes of sugar will be
loaded on bulk carrier, Uni Harmony,
at the Malau Wharf, Labasa, for export
to European Union this week.
This is the second shipment for 2016
crushing season.
Fiji Sugar Corporation Labasa mill
general manager, Karia Christopher,
said the ship arrived on Monday
morning and would leave for Western
Division before the end of this week.
We will only load 12,000 tonnes of
sugar although we have 22,000 tonnes
of sugar in the bulk at Malau, Mr
Christopher said.
This is because the sugar from other
sugar mills will also be loaded in this
Crushing so far
Meanwhile, Mr Christopher confirmed
that since the beginning of this crushing

season, they were for the first time able

to crush 40,000 tonnes of cane the past
This is the weekly highest supply
we have received so far since the mill
opened, he said.
During the past years crushing
season, we used to get more than
40,000 tonnes of cane supply on daily
This year, the weekly cane supply is
around 34,000 to 35,000 tonnes.
The change in the supply over a year
could be because of the effects and
impact of Tropical Cyclone Winston.
Mr Christopher said their target right
now is to crush the remaining cane
before the first week of November.
Therefore, we urge farmers in Vanua
Levu to harvest their cane as soon as
possible, he said.

Fiji News

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Privileges Committee To Rule On Ratu Isoas


SODELPA Member of Parliament

Ratu Isoa Tikocas ranting against the
Muslim community and AttorneyGeneral
has been referred to the privileges
A matter of privilege was earlier
received by Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni
concerning Ratu Isoas verbal outburst.
Dr Luveni referred it to the committee.
When the privileges committee sat
yesterday, Deputy Speaker Ruveni
Nadalo chose to recuse himself as
chair as he was filling in the role of the
Speaker on the sitting when Ratu Isoa
spoke out.
objected to FijiFirst Member of

Parliament Netani Rika as chair.

Mr Nadalo ended up chairing the
The committee will inform the Speaker
of its decision on Friday.
While launching a personal attack on
July 5, on Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, Ratu
Isoa went on to read out in Parliament
names of prominent Muslims,
insinuating that they were appointed
not on merit but because of their
He had previously made personal
attacks on Mr Sayed-Khaiyum as well.
Members of the Privileges Committee
are Semesa Karavaki, Niko Nawaikula,
Jone Usamate, Semi Koroilavesau, Mr
Nadalo and Ashneel Sudhakar.

He had previously made personal attacks on Mr Sayed-Khaiyum as well.

Shame On NFP For Boycotts, Says PM

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
says it is a great shame that the
National Federation Party boycotted
the ceremonial opening of Parliament.
Not least because they might have
learned something, he said
Mr Bainimarama said it was an
insult to our President Major General
(retd) Jioji Konrote, Head of State, to
Parliament and to the nation.
He was speaking in Parliament
yesterday on the debate over the
address by President Konrote.
The boycott came on top of the NFP
refusing to attend our Constitution Day
The leader of the NFP told Pacific
Beat Programme on Radio Australia
that Fijian Constitution Day was a
sham. But, Madam Speaker, tell that to
Naomi Lewakita and the other young
people who took part in this occasion
and read extracts from the Constitution
with such feeling, he said.
Madam Speaker, the opening of a
session of Parliament is, no ordinary
session. It is a State occasion, a nonpolitical event. It is our Head of
State reminding us that whatever our
political differences, there is a higher

cause. Which is our duty to our nation

to act in the best interests of every
It is the duty of every selected
representative of the Parliament to be
present. Yet rather than take their places
for this solemn occasion, the National
Federation Party chose to stage a cheap
political stunt in this opening session.
In a deliberate snub to His Excellency
the President, the Head of the Fijian
State, our Parliament and the Fijian
He said he noticed the NFP Leader
giving an interview in which he
questioned the legitimacy of our
Constitution and described our
democracy as a sham.
No, Honourable Leader, it is the
leadership of your party that is the
sham, he said.
You happily stood for the 2014
election under the terms of the
Constitution you now reject because
you undoubtedly thought you could
win and form government.
But having lost, you turn on the very
document that brought you here like a
child who wants the rules of a game
changed after it has finished.

You had every opportunity at the last

election to win over the electorate.
Twenty nations declared that election
was a free and legitimate expression
of the will of the people. And what did
you get? A mere three seats out of 50.
The people spoke but you still cant
get over their decision. And ever
since then, you have been poor losers,
displaying no respect for the will
of the people and no respect for our
Madam Speaker, it is not our democracy
that is a sham, nor our Constitution.
The real sham is the once great
National Federation Party. The party
of such great figures in Fijian history
such as AD Patel and Siddiq Koya now
reduced to a grumpy rump.
He also responded to an absurd
claim made recently by the NFP party
president and suspended member, the
Honourable Tupou Draunidalo.
I almost fell off my chair when I
heard her say that the iTaukei are
disadvantaged in Fiji. And I almost
fell through the floor when I heard
her plead with Indo-Fijians to support
the iTaukei to reverse this supposed

He asked what disadvantage?

There is none. And it is astonishing
that an educated person like the
suspended Member a lawyer as well
as president of the NFP would make
such an outrageous claim. Astonishing
and irresponsible.
Because, Madam Speaker, the
Honourable member is doing precisely
what His Excellency the President
appealed to us not to do peddle false
information and create fear among
ordinary people.
There is no justification whatsoever
for her statement. And fortunately,
the days when such an outrageous
claim takes hold and becomes widely
accepted are over.
The overwhelming majority of
iTaukei are far too smart to be swayed
by this crude scare mongering. They
know the Honourable Member is not
telling the truth because they can see
for themselves all around them that
their position has never been stronger.
NFP leader Biman Prasad told FBC
in response that the NFP was a party
of principles and it would continue to
push for what he described as genuine

Howard Politini Sworn In As MP

HOWARD Robin Thomas Politini

Jnr was sworn in as a Member of the
Parliament of Fiji.
In the 2014 election, Mr Politini
received 550 votes under the FijiFirst
party but it was not enough for him to
be elected to Parliament.
He was subsequently appointed to the
boards of the Bio-security Authority of
Fiji and Tourism Fiji.
Mr Politini was elected to Parliament
following the resignation of former

Defence Minister Timoci Natuva

Apakuki Kurusiga, the deputy chief
executive officer of iTaukei Affairs
Board, was the next eligible candidate
for a parliamentary seat after Mr
Natuva's resignation, however he
declined to take up the vacant seat in
Mr Kurusiga, who had received 565
votes in the 2014 General Elections,
wants to concentrate on his current job.

Fiji's new Member of Parliament, Howard Politini Jnr of the FijiFirst Party
outside Parliament today. He was sworn in as a MP.


778 278 4088

Bainimarama Crackdown: Learning From


By:Thakur Ranjit


New Zealand

Many will remember the 6pm news on

19 May, 2000, when George Speight
and his goons had already kidnapped
Fiji parliamentarians and held them
captive (for 56 days).
Fiji One news clip showed Peoples
Coalition Government Prime Minister,
Mahendra Chaudhry cutting cake in
his office, in the morning, celebrating
the first anniversary of Labours rule..
That was also a day when Chaudhry
had allowed a Taukei movement march
against the government. This was
despite the caution, warning and advice
against the march by police intelligence
and advice of Home Affairs Minister,
Uluikauvadra to PM to Chaudhry.
There is no threat. It is mischiefmaking by opposition. We will allow
the people their democratic rights to
protest. We have things under control...
He said on TV, with his trademark sneer
smile. But that smile was wiped away
at the time of broadcast, as he was a
guest of George Speight, held captive
in Parliament.
His statement that things were under
control turned out to be a wishful
thinking. Nothing could be further from
the truth. It was not mischief-making,
but a group of rogue-soldiers hijacked
and imprisoned the government by
putting an assault on Fijis parliament.
The intelligence were not mischiefmaking.
And the police were not ready. There
was no Operational plan. The Police
Commissioner, working in cahoots
with the thugs, thought the military
would back the nationalist Fijians, like
Rabuka had done. Reportedly Isikia
Savua was prepared to be sworn in
as the alternative nationalist Prime
Minister. However, he failed to read the
mood of Military under Bainimarama.
The Military refused to commit treason,
and the rest is history - with a failed
coup, Speight behind the bars, Savua
being cleared by a Kangaroo court and
the country suffering miserably for
allowing democratic rights Fiji was not
ready for.
And sixteen years after that, the
country still has some laws protecting
its democracy. The lofty slogans of
human rights, democracy and freedom
of speech need to be taken with a pinch
of salt, as safeguarding democracy is
paramount for any government.
Father Kevin Barr, speaking about
fundamental problems of Fijis
democracy had said before 2006:
by now we should have learnt that
democracy measured by elections is
not a panacea. Every coup exposes
wounds that need to be healed and the
deep underlying problems that need
to be attended to. Before Fiji can gain
stability and effectively return to some
degree of democracy a number of
serious issues need to be addressed and

Among others these issues were
identified as the agenda of the extreme
nationalists wanting a Fiji for Fijians,
explosive mix of nationalists with the
elements of Church, seeking to have
a strong influence on the political
and social scene, the conflicts and
tensions within the Fijian chiefly
families and confederacies and the
culture of corruption, nepotism and
cronyism. While the interim rule and
the democratic rule have resolved most
of the issues, there are still some which
needs close attention.
When some political party leaders and
trade unionists were recently arrested
for questioning, and they cried for
freedom under democracy, Frank
Bainimarama retorted with a plausible
Anyone with more than a superficial
knowledge of Fiji knows of the history
of civil unrest at various stages of the
country's development He further
said that in 2000, our capital was
trashed when police stood by while
crowds looted central Suva and set fire
to a number of buildings.
"And we are determined that such
outrages will never happen again
He said it was the British who
introduced the Public Order Act and
this Act with various amendments
continued to this day. And it was
under this law that people were taken
for questioning for breach of the law,
when they failed to inform or notify the
He clarified that human rights of
those detained for questioning were
respected. Nobody was beaten, or
manhandled, they were fed, had
access to legal counsel, and through
their own account in media, were well
treated. As the law allowed, they were
released within 48 hours, are free now,
and an independent Director of Public
Prosecutions will make a decision,
and their case will be dealt with
independently by the courts, whether
to prosecute them.
So, where is the problem? Why
the outcry from New Zealand and
Australia? We had people like NZ
Foreign Affairs spokesperson, David
Shearer, and career protestor, Keith
Locke poking their nose into Fijis
affairs without realising that Fiji is
not a First World matured democracy,
but a Third World fledgling one, still
struggling to stand-up properly. And
what moral rights or media ethics
do the black-banned NZ journalists
(read Barbara Dreaver and Michael
Field) have, to pass their blinkered
opinionated news item, seething with
conflict of interest.
Anyway, as Bainimarama had
explained, all that have been done
were done legally. It is surprising
why New Zealand and Australia have
double standards. Powerful economic
allies, like China and Indonesia have

atrocious human rights records, yet

they sleep with them, while bullying
weaker ones.
mainstream media does not have any
Fijian journalists, well-versed in Fiji
politics, to advise them of our turbulent
coup culture. Fiji has been through hell
because of past political instability,
protected and nurtured behind freedom
of speech. Blood will flow", "Fiji
for Fijians" Indians get out" and all
these utterances before previous coups
were also freedom of expression that
was allowed in folly and led to rape
of democracy. It is the responsibility
of government of the day to safeguard
and protect democracy. Chaudhry
government failed to do so by allowing
too much of freedom to troublemakers.
It is reassuring to see that Bainimarama
government will take no excuse from
human rights advocates and those
asking for freedom of speech. Things
applicable and relevant in First World
democracies may not be necessarily
so in a Third World Country, still
struggling to teach people the concept
of democracy, freedom and human
rights. Bainimarama, or any Fijian
government has obligation and duty
to take necessary steps to protect
democracy from those advocating
First World freedom in a Third World
Country, historically troubled by coups,
racial divisions and divisive politics.
Fiji is not a perfect democracy. I just
saw movie 12 years a slave and
saw Alex Haileys old Roots and its
new remake as well. America some
centuries ago went through turmoil,
which was a historical development.
What Fiji is going through now is
what America and Britain were some
centuries ago - history in making. Our
great-grandchildren would read how
Fiji was raped under Western concept
of Democracy, and how a home-grown
solution, where elites and troublemakers hiding behind the luxury of
human-rights, were whipped in line
to mould the new Fiji. Government in
Fiji is right not to adopt a First World
solution for a Third World problem.
We need a home-grown one, and it is in
making. Though not perfect, it is better
than the borrowed Western concepts
that failed us more than once. Hence,
relevant laws need to be strengthened
and retained to stop the repeat of 19

May, 2000, when George Speight

and his goons danced on the effigy of
democracy, hiding behind the shelters
of freedom that the same democracy
granted them.
What we learn from history is that we
do not learn anything from history. But
seeing recent happenings in Fiji, we can
be rest assured that Bainimarama has
learnt from history. Unlike Chaudhry,
he has been expedient to protect his
government and democracy from those
hiding behind luxuries that democracy
provides. And, the most important
lesson he learnt is to keep your friends
close, but keep those from whom you
feel threatened, closer. Indeed, you
have no better Minister for Defence
and National Security than Ratu Inoke
If Mahendra Pal Chaudhry had been
as astute politician and street-wise as
he makes out to be, he would still be
leading Fiji today. If he had brought
into his fold Apisai Tora, had listened
to some wise advice of his advisors,
had abandoned his Trade unionist
arrogance in favour of statesmanship,
and had endeavoured to become the
father of the nation rather than merely
of his undeserving son, then Fijis fate
may have been different today.
Fiji is blessed to have a leader who has
learnt from history. Unlike Mahendra
Pal Chaudhry, Frank Bainimarama is
by miles, a better guard of Fijis fragile
[About the author: Thakur Ranjit
Singh was publisher of Fiji Daily
Post newspaper during George
Speights attempted putsch (coup).
He saw Suva torched because too
much freedom was granted to those
who did not deserve it.]

World News

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Alleged Fraudster Was A Significant Donor To B.C.

Liberals, Records Show

consultant accused of defrauding
Chinese immigrant investors has
donated about $67,000 to the B.C.
On Monday, the B.C. Securities
Commission accused Paul Oei of
investors of $6.9 million.
Oei made the political donations along
with his wife, Loretta Lai, and two
companies, which were also cited by
the Commission.
The couple has also donated $8,477 to
the federal Liberal party since 2014.
The couple who married in 2012
and celebrated at a wedding banquet
attended by B.C. Liberal fundraisers
frequently attend events for B.C.
Liberal politicians, fundraisers and
donors in Richmond.
Information about the couples ties
to B.C. Liberal fundraising events,
including one attended by Premier
Christy Clark, were confirmed through
election donations records, photos and
accounts of events posted online by
politicians and donors, and interviews
with a politician present at many of the
events in Richmond.
In a brief emailed response to a
number of questions on the Securities
Commission allegations, the political
donations and circle of fundraisers
surrounding Oei and Lai, B.C. Liberal
party official Jillian Stead wrote: If
these allegations were proven true, we
would return the funds or forfeit to
Elections B.C.
In a notice of hearing posted on
Monday, the Commission alleged that
from 2009 to 2012, Oei used a number
of companies to perpetrate a fraudulent
scheme involving 64 investments for
a proposed Abbotsford recycling plant
that raised a total of $13.3 million. But,
the Commission alleges, Oei only paid
$6.4 million to the project company,
Cascade Renewables, and used $6.9
million for personal spending on
luxury car rentals, charity donations,
deposits to his personal bank account,
credit card payments, and expenses for
his Canadian Manu Immigration and
Financial Services Inc., an immigration
and investment company.

In an interview Tuesday, Securities

Commission spokeswoman Alison
Walker said the agency cant comment
on whether the source of B.C. Liberal
political donations made by Oei and
Lai will be raised when the Oei case
goes to a hearing.
The fraud allegations have not been
proven, the Commission notice said.
Also, in a response to a separate, but
related, lawsuit filed by two people
who allege they lost money, Oei and
Lai said they have not been unjustly
enriched, in the deal and they
deny any conspiracy to defraud the
Civil court filings, from investors who
allege they lost money, claim that
Oei and Lai told them that significant
investments in Cascade projects would
qualify Chinese citizens for resident
status in Canada though the B.C.
provincial nominee program.
In one response, Oei and Lai deny
they represented that that the B.C.
government would necessarily support
In a separate lawsuit, a Chinese man
claimed that he was defrauded in a
Cascade investment scheme and that
in a pitch he was led to believe by Oei
and Lai that they were well-known in
B.C.s Chinese community and had
connections with high-level officials in
the government of British Columbia.
In a response, Oei and Lai denied any
Postmedia has repeatedly asked Oei
and Lai to respond to the allegations in
civil court filings and allegations from
the Security Commission through their
lawyer and through Oeis company,
Canadian Manu. In her Facebook profile,
Lai describes herself as a director at
Canadian Manu Investment Group.
The couple has not yet responded.
B.C. Election records show that from
November 2011 to November 2015,
Paul Oei donated $55,787 to the B.C.
Liberals. Loretta Lai donated $10, 565
to the party from April 2012 to August
2014. Canadian Manu Immigration
and Financial Services Inc. and
Organic Eco-Centre Corp., both named
in the Security Commission fraud
allegations, donated $1,080 to the B.C.

Diwesh Sharma

Paul Oei and wife, Loretta Lai, at a B.C. Liberal fundraiser in 2015. Back
row, Oei, second from left, stands next to premier Christy Clark. MLA Paul
Yap is at far right, standing on front of Lai seated far right.
Liberals from 2014 to 2015.
At one fundraising event at Richmonds
Continental Seafood Restaurant, MLA
John Yap posed for photos with Oei
and Lai and a number of party donors
and politicians.
He thanked party fundraiser and
donor Cindy Chan for chairing the
dinner, and fellow B.C. Liberal MLAs
including Suzanne Anton, Linda Reid,
Jane Thornthwaite and Mary Polak,
for attending an event of almost 500
friends and supporters.
What a tremendous annual dinner
in support of our free enterprise
government, Yap wrote in a Facebook
Another 2015 fundraiser event photo
posted online shows Yap and Premier
Christy Clark posing with Oei, Lai,
and B.C. Liberal donors Cindy and
Pius Chan, among others. Premier
Clark could not comment on fundraiser
and donor questions for this story, her
office told Postmedia on Tuesday.
At yet another event, Yap posted a
selfie with the couple and wrote:

Nice to see Paul Oei and Loretta Lai!

On Tuesday, Postmedia asked for
comment from Yap through his riding
office, but did not get a response.
In an interview Tuesday, NDP MLA
Selina Robinson said she believes the
Oei case raises serious questions about
the source of B.C. Liberal donations.
Oei and Lai also donated $1420 to
the Vancouver South Conservative
Association, elections records show.
Oeis lawyer, Tim Louman-Gardiner,
did not return a call Tuesday for
comment on this story.
B.C. debt security documents show that
in total, Lai and Oei have loans on six
luxury vehicles, including five BMWs
and a 2016 Aston Martin DB9. Five of
the vehicle loans are in Lais name, and
a 2014 BMW 335I xDrive is owned
jointly by the couple, documents show.
Lai and Oei own four properties in B.C.
title documents show, including a Point
Grey property assessed at $2.5 million,
and condos in Surrey, Port Moody, and
Chilliwack, worth about $1.5 million
in total.

Post the home was like "some reverse

Psycho scene".
After an investigation into the home,
officials believe Wolfensohn most
likely didn't know she was living with
her son's remains.
The room the body was in was filled
with garbage and cobwebs.
Officers said the room smelled of
rotting food but there was not an odor
of rotting flesh.
Police said Wolfensohn believed her

son had moved out.

Wolfensohn's brother and sister-in-law
Joseph Buchman and Josette said their
sister is now living in an assisted-living
The remains of the son haven't been
officially identified.
The woman had two children - a son
who died in 2003 at age 38. Her other
son Louis, who would have been
almost 50, has not been seen in 20

Blind Hoarder Found To Have Lived With Remains Of

Her Fully-Clothed Son

The fully-dressed skeletal remains of

an adult man were found inside the
home of a blind woman, whose home
was so full of rubbish, one officer said
it looked like "a garbage truck had
dumped its load".
Elderly Brooklyn woman Rita
Wolfensohn was found living with the
skeletal remains of her son earlier this
It is possible she was living with the
corpse for as many as 20 years, the

New York Post reported.

Relatives were taking Wolfensohn to
the hospital when the son's remains
were found.
Wolfensohn's sister-in-law Josette
Buchman found a "completely intact"
skeleton wearing jeans, socks and a
shirt in a second-floor bedroom.
She said the skeleton was on its back
on a mattress on the floor, according to
the Post.
A law enforcement officer told the


World News

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Judge Rules B.C. Lotto Winner Cant Collect $600K Loan

From Friend Because They Never Signed Agreement
In a cautionary tale about lending
money to friends, especially when
you are a multimillion-dollar lottery
winner, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has
ruled a $600,000 loan isnt collectible
because the two parties never signed
an agreement and the lawsuit trying to
get the money back was filed too late
to enforce.
Almost as soon as former nanny Enone
Rosas won $4.163 million in the Lotto
6/49 on Jan. 6, 2007, her friend, Isabel
Toca, was at her side asking for a loan
to help her buy a house. Within four
days Rosas had given Toca a bank
draft for $630,000, of which $30,000
was to be a gift and the rest an interestfree loan that the two agreed would be
repaid within a year.
Toca used most of the money to buy a
house at 4625 Dumfries for $700,000.
Every year until 2013 she promised
Rosas she would repay the loan next
year, but she never did.
In the end, Rosas inadvertently made
her former friend a lottery winner,
too, in a way. In the nearly 10 years
since Toca and her husband bought
the east Vancouver house, it has
risen dramatically in value. The B.C.
Assessment Authority estimated this
summer that it was worth more than
$1.3 million.
Despairing of ever seeing her money
again, Rosas turned to the courts in
July 2014, asking the judge to order

repayment. She filed a claim against

both Toca, listed as Hermenisabel
Guarin Toca, and Tocas husband,
Gener Pentecostes Visaya.
In their response, Toca and Visaya
categorically insisted Rosas had given
them the entire amount as a gift. Rosas
claimed she had only given them
$30,000 as a gift, similar to amounts
given to two other friends.
In one of the first cases she heard
since being appointed to the Supreme
Court in June, Justice Marguerite H.
Church found ample evidence that
the money was indeed a loan. She
found Rosas to be a credible witness,
and noted that Shirley Ma, a Royal
Bank manager who put together the
bank draft, had corroborated Rosas
claim that the money was to be for a
Ma also testified that the Royal Bank
had certain protocols in place when
dealing with lottery winners, the
judge said, and that in her 20 years
of work Ma had had to employ those
protocols on only two occasions. One
of those was in the case of Rosas.
For this reason, the meeting with the
plaintiff on Jan. 10, 2007, was an event
that Ms. Ma was able to recall in her
evidence, because it stood out in terms
of its rarity and in terms of the privacy
interests of the client. Ms. Mas
evidence was of particular assistance
to the court in that she was the only

witness at trial without an interest

in the outcome of the proceeding,
Church wrote in her ruling.
But here the story gets more
complicated. Church said that without
a written agreement, including terms
specifying the repayment, Rosas had
to rely on the oral pledge of her nowformer friend. The annual promise to
repay next year didnt meet the test
of a forbearance agreement, which is a
special agreement between the lender
and the borrower to delay repayment.
Toca never made any payments on the
Michael Steven, a lawyer representing
Rosas, argued that the yearly
conversations Toca had with Rosas
about repaying the loan next year
constituted a forbearance agreement
that didnt affect Rosas rights to sue.
She just got tired of waiting one
more year each year for Isabel to pay,
Steven said.
But Church said the fact Toca didnt give
Rosas any additional consideration
or payment annually to extend the
deal turned it into a voluntary and
unenforceable agreement.
Without that additional consideration,
the plaintiffs agreement to extend
the time for repayment was nothing
more than a voluntary abstention
from exercising her rights to enforce
repayment of the loan, which did not
affect the running of the applicable

limitation period, Church said in her

As a result, the window for enforcing
repayment ended on Jan. 10, 2014,
one year after Toca had made her last
promise to repay the loan.
Unfortunately for Rosas, she filed
her lawsuit six months later, in July,
outside the window of opportunity.
Toca and Visaya could not be reached
for comment. A call was placed to their
lawyer, David Moonje, which was not
immediately returned.
Steven said his client may consider an
appeal, especially since she was one
party to a pledge to repay what Toca
instead insisted was a gift.
There werent very many clear terms,
Steven said in an interview. It takes
of the meeting of the minds to make
a contract. The judge found that there
was only one mind that was operating
as a contract here, and that was Enone
(Rosas) because Isabel Toca, from Day
1, has said it was a gift.
He said one valuable point is that the
judge soundly rejected Tocas argument
that the money was a gift, and instead
found it is a loan, even if it cant be
This situation here is that there is a
loan unpaid and that by virtue of the
law, it has to be pursued within time,
otherwise it still remains an unpaid
loan, but it cant be enforced, Steven

Spider Bites Australian Man On Penis Again

A 21-year-old Australian tradesman

has been bitten by a venomous spider
on the penis for a second time.
The man was using a portable toilet on a
Sydney building site on Tuesday, when
he suffered a repeat of the incident five
months ago.
Jordan, who preferred not to reveal his
surname, said he was bitten on "pretty
much the same spot" by the spider.
"I'm the most unlucky guy in the
country at the moment," he told the
"I was sitting on the toilet doing my
business and just felt the sting that I felt

the first time.

"I was like 'I can't believe it's happened
again.' I looked down and I've seen a
few little legs come from around the
He said that being bitten the first time
had made him wary of using portable
"After the first time it happened I didn't
really want to use one again," he said.
"Toilets got cleaned that day and I
thought it was my opportunity to go
use one. Had a look under both seats
and then I sat down did my business.
Next thing you know, I'm bent over in

'I'll be holding on'
The tradesman said he was not sure
what type of spider bit him this time.
One of his colleagues took him from
the worksite in north-west Sydney to
Blacktown Hospital - although many
of his workmates were quick to see the
lighter side of the situation.
"They got worried the first time," he
"This time they were making jokes
before I was getting in the car."
The hospital declined to discuss the
matter, citing patient privacy.

Jordan was released from hospital and

said he expected to return to work soon
but was unlikely to be using the on-site
"I think I'll be holding on for dear life
to be honest," he said.
The redback spider, closely related to
the black widow spider, is distinguished
by a long red stripe on its abdomen.
Its bite causes severe pain, sweating
and nausea.
Although there are recorded cases of
deaths from redback bites, none have
occurred since the development of
antivenom in 1956.

Police Seek 'Person Of Interest' In Disappearance Of

Japanese Student

Police in Burnaby are asking for the

public's help in identifying a person
of interest seen with missing Japanese
student Natsumi Kogawa after she was
reported missing earlier this month.
RCMP said Tuesday that Kogawa was

last seen at her home in Burnaby on

Sept. 7 and reported missing on Sept. 12.
In their investigation, police recently
came into possession of video
surveillance footage taken at 1:27 p.m.
on Sept. 8 near Seymour and Hastings

in Vancouver.
Burnaby RCMP are releasing the
images from the video in hopes
someone can identify the man with
Kogawa. Investigators hope to speak
to the man, seen walking with Kogawa.
He is described as white, about 30
years of age, medium height, slim
build, light-coloured hair, wearing a
dark jacket, blue jeans, running shoes
and a dark baseball cap, holding a black
gym bag with red handles and wearing

a dark-coloured duffel-style backpack.

Kogawa is described as Asian, 30 years
old, five feet tall and 100 pounds, with
black hair and brown eyes.
Kogawa was studying English in the
Vancouver area when she went missing.
Anyone with information on Kogawas
whereabouts or the man seen with her
is asked to call Burnaby RCMP at 604294-7922 and request tip line extension
5164, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222TIPS.

World News

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Man Stabbed A Sheep To Death Because He Was

A BALCLUTHA man who stabbed a
sheep to death told the farmer he did it
because he was hungry.
Hawira Ranginui (20) - also known
as Hawira Duncan - was jailed for
nine months when he appeared in the
Dunedin District Court for that and a
range of other violent acts.
At a restorative justice conference with
the livestock owner, Ranginui had a
simple explanation, along with an
"We got a sheep, bailed it up and killed
it. I cooked the back leg and the rest
went into the freezer," he said.
Judge Kevin Phillips said the defendant
and an associate had found the animal,
which was in lamb at the time, grazing
by the bank of the Clutha River in May.
Ranginui's friend held the sheep down
while he knifed it and skinned it, before
they took the meat home to be divided.

The farmer was left to clean up the

"mess" left behind, the court heard.
However, Judge Phillips said the most
serious offence was an assault which
took place while Ranginui and a friend
were drinking in a Balclutha bar in July.
While the pair were in the smoking
area the defendant's associate engaged
in a verbal spat with a man on the
The men chased the victim down the
road where they eventually caught him.
"Then, you and your friend gave him
a hiding, punched him over and you
had to be separated by hotel staff and
members of the public," the judge said.
"But you weren't done. You totally lost
control of yourself. You continued to
try and get to the victim.
"He was getting in a van, trying to get
out of the area, and you punched him
in the head then kicked out at the van."

When Tsawwassen Mills opens on

October 5, shoppers in Vancouver and
the lower Mainland will experience a
mall like no other in the province.
Modelled after Torontos Vaughan
Mills and Calgarys CrossIron Mills,
Tsawwassen Mills is a hybrid concept
that combines the best of a traditional
shopping mall with the savings of an
outlet mall and adds the added attraction
of dining and entertainment options.
The Mills concept is different than the
typical regional mall, said Tsawwassen
Mills General Manager Mark Fenwick.
Its got this combination of premium
fashion outlet stores at regular prices,
but also has outlet stores at outlet prices
which is very attractive to consumers
these days.
Located at the intersection of Highway
17 and 52nd Street in south Delta,
not far from the Tsawwassen ferry
terminal, the 1.2 million-square-foot
shopping centre is fully enclosed and
can accommodate 200 stores. When
its doors open in October, more than
180 stores will be ready to welcome
shoppers, including several which
are new to Vancouver and British
The largest anchor, which were very
excited about it, is Bass Pro Shops,
said Fenwick. Theyre 150,000 square
feet so they are the largest store and its
their first store in B.C. It will be only
their sixth store in Canada.
Bass Pro Shops is well-known as

a store for outdoors and camping

enthusiasts, but a new twist is that they
are introducing their restaurant concept
into this new store: Uncle Bucks Fish
Bowl. It combines a sit-down, family,
grill-style restaurant along with a 12lane bowling alley.
I think people will find it a lot of fun
to go there, said Fenwick. They are
also a licensed premises.
New stores for Vancouver shoppers
Tsawwassen Mills will have many
exciting anchor stores that include
several fashion favourites and some
retailers that are new to B.C. This list
Saks OFF 5th (first store in B.C.)
DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse
(first store in Vancouver)
Forever 21
Nike Factory Store
Old Navy
Tommy Hilfiger
West 49 / Urban Planet
Pro Hockey Life (first store in B.C.)
Sport Chek
Other stores that are new to Vancouverarea shoppers include Michael Kors
Outlet ,The Outlet by Harry Rosen,
only their second outlet store in
Canada, womens fashion retailer Marc
Cain (first to market in BC), Brooks
Brothers Factory store, and many

The man suffered facial injuries, the

court heard.
The attack was part of a pattern of
aggressive outbursts, which began four
days earlier.
Ranginui had been sitting outside the
Salvation Army office on Clyde St when
he began arguing with another man.
They eventually went outside to fight
but made off before police arrived at
the scene.
Ranginui later told them no punches
had been thrown but last month pleaded
guilty to fighting in public.
The judge was bewildered how such an
incident could occur at the premises,
"when the Salvation Army are there
trying to help people".
The sheep was not the only theft
Ranginui was sentenced for.
David McCaskill said his client's
shoplifting of a speaker on two

occasions was "run of the mill" but

Judge Phillips, disagreed saying at
least one of the incidents was planned
with accomplices who distracted staff.
When police executed a search warrant
at Ranginui's home they found both
speakers - one defaced, the other "filthy".
Mr McCaskill urged the court to
consider the defendant's rehabilitative
"He's a young 20-year-old who's got
quite a bit of maturing to do," he said.
"Prison's not really the best place for
him, in that he's probably very easily
adversely influenced by his associates."
But Judge Phillips said Ranginui's
criminal history was "a major concern",
along with his numerous breaches of
home detention in the past.
As well as the jail term, he was ordered
to pay $400 reparation to cover the
farmer's losses.

Tsawwassen Mills Introduces New Concepts For

Vancouver Shoppers



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Cindy's Jambalaya
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 pound smoked sausage, cut into
1/4-inch thick slices
1 large onion, chopped
1 cup chopped green bell pepper
1 cup chopped celery salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon Cajun seasoning, or to
1 cup uncooked white rice
1 (14.5 ounce) can diced tomatoes with
1 tablespoon minced garlic
2 cups chicken broth
3 bay leaves
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
1 pound peeled and deveined medium
shrimp (30-40 per pound)
Heat the olive oil in a Dutch oven or

large pot over medium heat. Stir in

the sausage, and cook for 2 minutes.
Add the onion, bell pepper, and celery;
season with salt and Cajun seasoning.
Cook and stir until the vegetables are
soft, 6 to 8 minutes. Stir in the rice until
evenly coated in the vegetable mixture,
then pour in the tomatoes with juice,
garlic, chicken broth, bay leaves, and
thyme leaves. Bring to a simmer over
medium-high heat, then reduce heat
to medium-low, cover, and simmer 20
After 20 minutes, stir in the shrimp,
and cook 10 minutes uncovered until
the shrimp turn pink and are no longer
translucent in the center. Remove
the pot from the heat, and let stand 5
minutes. Discard the bay leaves before

Broccoli In Oyster Sauce

Season your Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

and make ordinary vegetables mouthwatering delicious!
You will need:
1 pound broccoli florets
1/4 cup chicken stock
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon white sugar
4 teaspoons cold water
1 teaspoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons untoasted sesame seed
In small bowl, combine cold water and
cornstarch, stirring until cornstarch

dissolves. Set aside.

Bring large pot of water to rolling boil.
Drop broccoli in and let sit for 2 to 3
minutes. Remove while still crisp and
place in cold water to shock broccoli
and stop cooking process. Drain and
set aside.
In small saucepan, combine chicken
stock, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and
oyster sauce. Bring to boil.
Add water and cornstarch mixture.
Heat for a few minutes, until sauce
begins to thicken.
Remove sauce from heat. Pour over
Top with sesame seeds and serve.

4 Salmon Fillets
2/3 cup Panko
2 Tbsp. parsley, finely chopped
1 tsp. lemon zest
1/2 tsp. Kosher salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 tbsp Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbsp. Dijon mustard (or try honey
1 tbsp. vegetable or canola oil, for
browning fillets
Lemon wedges, for serving
Preheat the oven to 425 F.
Combine the panko, parsley, lemon
zest, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoon
pepper in a small bowl. Add the 2
Tbsp. olive oil and stir until crumbs are
evenly coated with oil. Set aside.

Place the salmon fillets skin side down,

on a board. Brush the top of the fillets
with the mustard. Sprinkle with salt and
pepper. Top with the panko mixture,
pressing it down lightly so that it sticks
well to the mustard.
Heat the oil over medium-high heat
in a 12-inch cast-iron skillet or large
heavy, ovenproof pan. When the oil is
very hot, add the salmon fillets, skin
side down, and cook for 3 to 4 minutes,
without turning, to brown.
Take the pan off the stove and transfer
to the pre-heated oven for 5 to 7
minutes, until the salmon is almost
cooked and the panko is browned.
Remove from the oven, cover with
aluminum foil, and allow to rest for 5
to 10 minutes. Serve the salmon with
lemon wedges.

Panko Crusted Salmon

Buffalo Chicken Wings

1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
10 chicken wings oil for deep frying
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup hot sauce
1 dash ground black pepper
1 dash garlic powder
In a small bowl mix together the flour,
paprika, cayenne pepper and salt. Place
chicken wings in a large nonporous
glass dish or bowl and sprinkle flour
mixture over them until they are

evenly coated. Cover dish or bowl and

refrigerate for 60 to 90 minutes.
Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375 degrees
F (190 degrees C). The oil should be
just enough to cover wings entirely, an
inch or so deep. Combine the butter,
hot sauce, pepper and garlic powder
in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir
together and heat until butter is melted
and mixture is well blended. Remove
from heat and reserve for serving.
Fry coated wings in hot oil for 10 to 15
minutes, or until parts of wings begin
to turn brown. Remove from heat,
place wings in serving bowl, add hot
sauce mixture and stir together. Serve.


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Cuddling With Cat Can Lead To Brain Swelling And

Heart Infection: Study

According to a recent warning issued

by the Center for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) cuddling with your
cat could prove to be fatal, causing
brain swelling and heart infection.
Cats could give a life-threatening
disease with just a lick and a scratch as
they carry rare bacteria in their mouth
and claws called Capnocytophaga
While animals do not suffer ill
effects, the bacteria can cause chronic
infections in humans, reports Daily
And according to the CDC, side effects
of the potentially deadly disease
are getting worse. An earlier report

revealed 12,000 Americans a year

succumb to 'cat-scratch disease'.
It causes fever, fatigue, headaches, and
swollen lymph nodes. In extreme cases
it can even lead to brain swelling and
heart infections.
According to the researchers, the
cuddliest felines are the worst culprits.
In a bid to curb the number of outbreaks,
officials are urging cat owners not to
kiss their pets and to wash their hands
as often as possible.
Christina Nelson of the CDC said,
"The scope and impact of the disease is
a little bit larger than we thought."
"Cat-scratch is preventable. If we can
identify the populations at risk and the

patterns of disease, we can focus the

prevention efforts," he added.
The report tracked infection data
between 2005 and 2013 and found
12,000 people are infected each year,
500 of whom require hospital attention.
Cases are most common particularly
among children.
The disease comes from a bacterium
which is passed from cat to cat.
Though, it is hard to trace the origin of
how a particular cat got it, many pick it
up from flea feces.
Though, according to CDC the cases
of cat-scratch disease are decreasing,
the infected people are reporting more
serious complications.

An expert in the feild Aaron Glatt told

that the rise in complications could
be because more people are immune
suppressed in present, as compared to
15 years ago.
"Most of the people who get seriously
sick from cat-scratch are immunecompromised. The classic example is
patients with HIV," Glatt said.
Another expert Nelson believes it may
simply be the case that infections were
mis-categorized 15 years ago.
Regardless, she warns owners to
refrain from petting cats, especially
kittens. "Younger cats are more likely
to have bacteria in their blood," Nelson

Heart diseases are not restricted

to a certain age any more. Hectic,
demanding lifestyles that rely a lot
on fast, unhealthy, pre-packaged,
chemical-laden food, is hastening this
ailment into lives of much younger
people. And so, cholesterol is not just
one of the most dreaded words, but
unfortunately, one of the most common
ones also, in the list of heart disease
risks today.
Dr Vijay D'Silva, critical care specialist,
explaining about cholesterol, states, "It
is important to note that cholesterol is
a natural fat-like substance present in
the blood and actually is a necessary
ingredient of cells. It aids many of
the body's processes such as the
production of certain hormones and
enzymes necessary for digestion of
food. It is synthesised in the body as
well as comes from food items."
The balancing act is important
Dr Santosh Kumar Dora, cardiac
electro physiologist explains, "There
are two types of cholesterol LDL
known as 'bad' cholesterol and HDL
known as 'good' cholesterol. LDL
makes up the majority of the body's
cholesterol and its high levels can
lead to plaque buildup in your arteries
and result in heart disease and stroke.
HDL cholesterol absorbs cholesterol

and carries it back to the liver and its

high levels can reduce the risk for heart
disease and stroke."
The main problem starts when
cholesterol is present in the blood in
more than required quantity. "The total
cholesterol level in the blood should be
less than 200 mg/ dL as per American
Heart Association recommendations. If
cholesterol is present in excess amount,
then it may get deposited in the blood
vessels of the heart and brain, and can
cause obstruction to blood flow to these
regions which may lead to heart attack
or stroke," says Dr Dora.
Food to the rescue
The main reason for high cholesterol in
the blood is intake of excess calories.
The primary way to reduce cholesterol
is to have non refined, high fibre, lowglycemic index food. The secondary
way to reduce cholesterol is by drugs.
There are many food items, which may
help in lowering the blood cholesterol
level. Dr Dora and Dr D'Silva share a
list of some common food items that
can help.
Oats is a common breakfast food,
which is also healthy. It is rich
in dietary soluble fibre that helps
preventing absorption of cholesterol
from the intestines. Beta-glucan

is the soluble fibre present in oats.

Having one-and-a-half cup of oatmeal
provides around six grams of fibre. The
daily recommendation of dietary fibre
is around 20 to 30 gms and it can also
come from other food items like beans,
fruits, wheat bran etc.
Beans are also fibre-rich and contain
high amount of soluble fibre. Eating a
cup of beans can lower cholesterol by
as much as 10 per cent in six weeks.
Any kind of beans can be consumed,
such as kidney, black, white etc.
Fish like mackerel, herring, tuna and
salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
These are essential fatty acids, which
our body does not synthesise, and
so, have to be taken from an external
source. Omega 3 fatty acids lower the
triglyceride level and increase good
cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). Some
studies have shown that it can decrease
bad cholesterol as well. The American
Heart Association recommends eating
fish at least twice a week.
Nuts contain high calories, no doubt.
But when taken in moderation,
they give immense health benefits.
Vegetarians can find omega 3 fatty
acids in nuts like peanuts, almonds,

hazel nuts, walnuts etc. The lowering

of bad fat and increasing of good fat
benefits are similar to eating fish. The
FDA in 2003 issued a statement on
health benefits of eating nuts. One can
take an ounce of nuts (around 30 gm)
daily to maximise health benefits.
Fruits are rich in fibre and one can
derive all benefits of dietary fibre by
eating them. Fruits like avocado are
rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids
like omega 3 fatty acids and beta
sitosterol, which is a plant-based fat.
Omega 3 fatty acid has beneficial
effect on fat as described above while
beta sitosterol prevents absorption of
dietary fat. Around 15 per cent of your
daily calorie need should come from
MUFA. Thus, for a person on 1,800
calories per day, around 300 calories
should come from MUFA. An avocado
contains around 300 calories and
around 30 gm fat. Eating food the right
way can go a long way in reducing
bad cholesterol and boosting good
Regular consumption (one gram daily)
of cardamom treats high cholesterol
levels and reduces high blood pressure;
thus, lowering the risk of cardiovascular

The high levels of caffeine in

energy drinks may lead to cardiac
complications, suggests a case report.
The case, reported in the Journal of
Addiction Medicine, the official journal
of the American Society of Addiction
Medicine (ASAM), adds to previous
reports of adverse cardiovascular
events related to consuming energy
drinks, including abnormal heart
rhythms (arrhythmias) or improper
beating of the heart, whether irregular,
too fast or too slow.
The patient was a 28-year-old man
seen in the emergency department after
developing vomiting with blood.
On examination, the only abnormality
(other than obesity) was a very fast

heart rate -- about 130 beats per minute.

an abnormal heart rhythm called
atrial fibrillation: a common type of
arrhythmia that can lead to serious
complications if sustained. Further
tests showed no other heart problems.
The patient said he routinely drank two
cans of energy drinks per day -- for a
total caffeine content of 320 milligrams
-- along with two or three beers. No
other common causes of his heart
rhythm abnormality were apparent.
With medications, the atrial fibrillation
resolved over 48 hours. Endoscopy
showed a tear of the stomach and
esophagus, probably caused by
forceful vomiting. The patient was sent

home in stable condition. At one year's

follow-up, he had no further symptoms
of arrhythmia.
Although several factors might have
contributed to the patient's atrial
fibrillation, the researchers said, "We
believe that energy drink consumption
played a key role."
Maryam Sattari of University of
Florida, Gainesville is the lead author
of the report.
A review of the medical research
identified at least eight cases of
cardiovascular events linked to energy
The researchers discussed several
mechanisms by which the high caffeine
content of these products might lead to

cardiovascular events.
These include other ingredients, such
as taurine, that might heighten the
effects of caffeine; using energy drinks
along with alcohol or illicit drugs; or
high stress levels.
Energy drinks have become increasingly
popular in recent years, especially
among adolescents and young adults.
Marketed as "nutritional supplements,"
these beverages are not subject to the
caffeine limits on soft drinks, or to the
safety testing and labeling required for
"We suggest that arrhythmia could
be a complication of energy drink
consumption," Sattari and coauthors

Fight Cholesterol The Easy Way

What Energy Drinks Could Do To Your Heart


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Salman Khan Is The Reason Why Iulia Vantur Will Not

Come Back To India Anytime Soon!
With Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur
split, the singles club in Bollywood
just got bigger and hotter, right? Read
on to know what went wrong in the
Salman-Iulia love affair...
Yes, you heard that right! Iulia Vantur
will not return to India anytime soon
and Salman Khan is to be blamed.
Salman -Iulias relationship has been in
news for quite some time now. While it
was initially reported that the eternal
bachelor of Bollywood was ready to
settle down and the Khan khandaan
was prepping for a November 18
wedding this year, the story doing
rounds now is exactly opposite. Buzz
suggests that alls not well between
the lovebirds and their relationship is
on the verge of an end. You must be
wondering what exactly went wrong in
Salmans new relationship. Was Iulia
upset with Salman reuniting onscreen
with his ex-lover Katrina Kaif for Ali
Abbas Zafars film Tiger Zinda Hai?
The real reason is something very

Apparently Iulia was very happy

with Salman, until recently she felt
that there was a lack of commitment
from her superstar beau. The Khan
family had welcome her with arms
wide open and she was always
spotted at Khans Bandra residence,
Galaxy. The Romanian beauty
accompanied Salman to most events
and dos. In fact very recently before
Ms Vantur left for Romania the
lady was with Salman on the sets
of Tubelight. We found that Iulia
and Tubelight actress Zhu Zhu too
bonded very well.
It was only when Iulias passport
expired that she left the country. Many
speculated that Salman would get
hitched to Iulia to avoid any further
issues with the visa, but clearly these
were just rumours. If our sources are
to be believed then Salman might just
be single again and we bet nobody is
complaining about that. As for Iulia we
had heard how Khan did not want her
to work in films and encouraged her

with photography.
Looks like it is indeed an end of
another relationship in Bollywood.
After Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor
breakup recently reports suggested

that Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra

too had called it quits. With Salman
Khan and Iulia Vantur split, the singles
club in Bollywood just got bigger and
hotter, right?

Paresh Rawals Take On Tannishtha Chatterjees

Comedy Nights Bachao Racism Row Will Make You
Question Yourself!
Tannishtha Chatterjees racism row
with Comedy Nights Bachao is
getting bigger day by day, despite
the channel offering their apology on
Twitter, and Tannishtha replying back
in a calm composed manner. Comedy
Nights Bachao is a show that airs
on Colors, and is about a group of
stand-up comedians, led by Krushna
Abhishek and Bharti Singh, where
they roast the guests who come to
their show, but without the abuses of
course. So when Tannishtha came to
the show expected to be roasted, little
did she or anyone else know things
would take an ugly turn. Tannishtha
Chatterjee found offence in the jokes
that were made about her skin tone,
as she claims that the hosts kept on
referring to her as Kaali kalooti
baingan looti. When she could not
bear it any more, she walked out of
the show. Krushna Abhishek even
claimed she did it for publicity, just
when the channel had issued her an
apology. Ajay Devgan, who was one
of the producers of Parched which
starred the actress, also supported her
in the entire row.
However, Paresh Rawal had an entirely
different take on the issue. The popular
actor, who is now serving in Lok Sabha

as a BJP MLA, had taken to Twitter to

give his take on the matter. Heres what
he tweeted I am sure many of you have got what
Paresh Rawal is hinting at, and if
you havent we has made it clear by
highlights a couple of words in CAPS.
Paresh Rawal has taken on our nations
obsession with fairness products like
Fair and Lovely, that has many of our
actresses and even actors endorsing for
these. He wants us to ponder over the
fact that while we are being outraged
about the entire racism row, we are also
being obsessed about using fairness
Earlier, Tannishtha had spoken to
Mumbai Mirror about the channel
issuing the apology. She said, Thanks
for your letter but you dont need
to apologise to me. This is not about
offending me but about propagating
a deeply prejudiced mindset. I wish
the show had actually `roasted me.
I think this incident makes way for
a much bigger debate -about what
popular culture propagates and the
responsibilities that people who are
at the forefront of that culture need
to shoulder. I am glad that your
channel has shows that address social
prejudices. I expect the same from your

Tannishtha Chatterjee & Paresh Rawal

comedies. I expect that the people who
create the content and the comedians
who work with that content go back
to the basics of what satire or `vyang
actually means, raise the bar, and make
it funny while keeping social prejudices
out of it. Understand the nuances of
humour the literary aspects as well as
the period in history when they came
into being. Try and find humour on

those lines. We all want comedies and

we all want to be offended but hurting
someones sentiments is different from
reinforcing social injustices. Im sure
you understand what Im trying to say.
I hope, in the future, its not about me
but the fact that none of these ideas
or line of thoughts should get room
to thrive. This is not personal. Thank

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Material gains are in store for you in
the coming days. This is favoured by
Moon in the 5th House from your Sign.
Creativity too shall get a boost. Plan
some important activity on the first
two days of the week. On Wednesday,
an important and promising change in
planetary position takes place. Ruler
of your Sign Mars enters its Sign of
exaltation, Capricorn. This could boost
your confidence. However, on the
flip side, you could get unpleasantly
assertive. While it is good to express
your views firmly, it is also wise to
give a patient hearing to constructive
suggestions from well wishers.
Businessmen and professionals will
be comfortable and may be able to
seal a lucrative deal. Your clout could
increase in social circles. People
around you may seek your opinion on
important matters. Health shall not be a
major trouble, this week. Nonetheless,
do remain watchful of your diet and
exercise routine.
If you can, avoid starting anything new
during this phase. Jupiter gets combust
on arrival of Sun in Libra. This dilutes
positive influence of Jupiter. Those in a
love relationship and eager to wed may
need to postpone their plans till Jupiter
remains combust. The importance of
Jupiter can be gauged by the fact that it
is measured as a great cohesive force.
So, when cohesive forces are weak,
union is on shaky ground. Wednesday
sees Mars entering more sensible
Capricorn, wherein it gets exalted.
This will show you the right directions.
There is a possibility of increase in
expenses on personal indulgences and
habits. This is due to Mars exerting its
influence over the 12th House (from
your Sign), indicative of expenses.
Married folks may be left anxious,
owing to a sudden strong assertiveness
displayed by their partner. Try and
remain cool, and let this pass!
You will spend money extravagantly
to enhance your image in your social
circle and among friends. However, at
the back of your mind, you will have
a hidden agenda about how to benefit
from this exercise. With Mercury
becoming direct, you will be less
profligate and more inclined to save.
Take care to park your savings in a
safe avenue and not get tempted by
high returns from a perilous scheme.
Influence of Saturn over the fourth
House, concerned with savings, and
Mercury transiting therein, could make
you itchy to invest. But, be careful of

wily Saturn and its intentions. Around

Wednesday, Mars leaves the company
of Saturn to shift to its own Sign of
exaltation, down-to-earth Capricorn.
Thankfully, this change does not
indicate any additional monetary gains,
except the regular earnings. See, Saturn
helps those who help themselves!
With Mercury direct in movement
now, it is a good time to shuffle your
financial portfolio to increase gains.
However, do not take any short cuts.
Mars is measured as favourable planet
for your sign. On Wednesday, Mars
enters its sign of exaltation, Capricorn,
in direct opposition to your sign.
For married folks, this may improve
relationships with your spouse. Both
will enjoy pleasures of physical
intimacy. The stars are also promising
for singles keen on developing a serious
long term relationship. However, with
Jupiter still in combust state, this does
seem like a good time to tie the knot.
With regards to health, you will be
bothered by common cough and cold.
If you do not take care of your health,
you may also be bothered by mineral
and vitamin deficiencies. Take care!
Meditate to find inner solace.
Moon in your Sign inspires you
to introspect. If you are spiritually
inclined, this is a good time to delve
deep and seek the right path. From
Wednesday, you will be busy attending
to family matters. You may have to
incur a major expense on an urgent
need of the family. Around midweek,
Mars changes Sign to enter its Sign of
exaltation, down-to-earth, Capricorn. If
doing job, you could be entrusted with
some important and lengthy task. You
need to prove your skills and pressure
handling abilities here. Businessmen
could score over competitors during
this phase. Now is also the time for
favourable results, no matter which
field you are in. With regards to
health, no major threat is visualized.
The exalted Mars will strengthen you
immune system. So even if you fall
sick, you will get back on your feet
Moon in royal Leo inspires you to do
some charity work. Charitable and
humanitarian efforts could help ward
off negative vibes, which may thwart
your progress, at this time. From
Wednesday, though, your focus will
shift to other routine matters. Now
Moon transits through your Sign.
Around midweek, Mars shifts into its
Sign of exaltation, Capricorn. This

change is likely to lead to a rift with a

person with whom there are emotional
attachments. Otherwise, exalted Mars
in the fifth House could encourage you
to take decisions with conviction and
confidence. Married folks will remain
dissatisfied on not getting due response
from their partner to enjoy bliss of
life. With regards to health, problems
related to the lungs, respiratory system
and joint pains may need to be treated
Your endearing qualities like grace and
humility shall help you win friends.
However, be careful! Not everybody
is genuine. So, avoid opening your
heart (and secrets) to all and sundry.
With Saturn having an aspect over the
12th House from your Sign, you shall
need to be watchful, if undertaking
long distance travel. The influence of
Mars over the 10th House from your
Sign will roll in busy times for the
businessmen and professionals. Mars
enters earthly Sign Capricorn midweek
and gets exalted. Powerful Mars in
the fourth House makes it difficult to
concentrate. You will be tempted to
think of more options to work on, but
they all seem far-fetched. You should
stick to your present job and attempt to
do your best.
The wind blows favourably for you
at the beginning. There are big deals,
big opportunities in store. Moon in
Leo will facilitate businessmen to
strike good. On successful handling
of this task, gains will be significant
and long-lasting. However, nothing
comes easy. You will need to make
committed efforts to achieve desired
results. Mercury, now in direct motion,
will bring forth monetary advantages
that will cheer you up. For job holders,
the going is not smooth. You will be
disgruntled for one reason or another.
Around midweek, Mars enters its
sign of exaltation, Capricorn. This
will comfort you in your job. You will
be entrusted with some important,
lengthy task. You may have to work
for extended hours to meet scheduled
deadline. However, some kind of back
stabbing may hurt your prospects.
Mercury becoming direct in motion will
make your work smooth. In turn, your
performance improves. Businessmen
can now consider implementing
starting a fresh venture or launching
a new product is no-no here. Around
midweek, Mars comes out of your sign
to enter it sign of exaltation, down-toearth Capricorn. This can fetch some
unexpected monetary gains. Saturn,
having aspect over the 10th House
from your Sign, along with its planetary
allies Mercury and Rahu, will make
you more tactful and persuasive. Youll
win over an important customer to sign

a lucrative deal. In terms of health, one

suffering from chronic health issues
like diabetics will need to be careful.
A periodic check-up is a must! Watch
what you eat; also find time to exercise.
This week there should be no fear of
hurdles on path to progress. Thanks to
Saturn, having aspect over the ninth
House, along with its friends Mercury
and Rahu transiting therein. Venus, in a
passionate watery Sign Scorpio, could
support singles to enjoy romantic
moments with new found love. Married
folks will shed reservations and behave
more like honeymoon couple. You stay
away from idle friends who have no
aim and direction in life. Around midweek, Mars enters your Sign and gets
exalted. This shall make you confident
about taking some decisions. But, alas!
You may also develop a tendency to
blow your own trumpet now. Be level
headed. Mars transiting through your
Sign will strengthen your immune
system. So, health stars are shining!
Married folks should get ready to
guard against a major spat in the
coming days. The disagreement could
be over some important issue. Both
you and your spouse may take a firm
stand, refusing to relent. As a result,
reconciliation seems distant. You will
be upset about this. Do not rake up
past incidences, instead restrict your
argument to the present issue. Venus
in the 10th House from your Sign
now may prompt you to get organized
and systematic in routine activities.
Mars enters its Sign of exaltation,
the earthy Capricorn, around midweek. Professionals handling offshore
projects could benefit by this change.
Businessmen in foreign trade will
also gain now. Singles will succeed in
getting close to someone they admire.
Love blossoms! With regards to health,
slow digestion could get bothersome.
Diabetics too need to be careful. A
regular checkup will help monitoring
the issues effectively.
Planetary position indicates that a
stranger will of great help to you. This
could further your cause. Venus does
not own any positive house for your
sign. However, Venus in the ninth
House will support progressive forces
to work effectively. Mars rules the
ninth House concerned with fortune
in general. Around midweek, Mars
enters a down-to-earth Capricorn
and gets exalted here. In view of this,
circumstances will be favourable from
now on. There will be opportunities to
strengthen your financial status. Some
good monetary gains will enliven you.
But, your health may be impacted
negatively. You may be down with
fever and may need to take rest for a
couple of days. Be on the lookout for
any untoward symptoms, and consult a
doctor promptly


778 278 4088

TS Times Sports
Hunt Begins For New Fiji
Soccer Coach

Fijis FAs President Rajesh Patel.

The hunt for the new National Soccer away series in March next year.
Coach has begun.
Frank Farina was fired from his position
Fiji FootballAssociation is working with after he failed to report to work for one
the Oceania Football Confederation to month after returning from the Rio
get a suitable candidate.
Fijis FAs President Rajesh Patel says The Fiji FA had issues with his
the OFC is handling the selection discipline.
Meanwhile, the Courts IDC will start
The new coach will prepare the Fiji next Wednesday at the ANZ Stadium
Soccer Team for the stage three and you can catch the live commentaries
qualification of the 2018 FIFA World of the Nadroga-Lautoka, Ba-Rewa and
Cup where Fiji will play New Zealand Suva-Labasa matches on our sister
and New Caledonia in a home and station, Radio Sargam on 103.4FM.

Why I Withdrew: Rajesh Patel

Fiji Football Association president
Rajesh Patel has clarified why he
withdrew his nomination as Oceanias
representative to the FIFA council.
Patel said he had discussions with
presidents of each association around
the Oceania region before he made his
My decision was for Oceania to unite
as one, he said.
I had to pull out and let the newlyappointed members step forward. We
did not want any division between the
Polynesians and the Melanesians. We
wanted to be one and have a united
solid ground for the Oceania region to
stand on.
Despite the decision to withdraw from
the elections, Patel says, he is happy
with the new members of the FIFA

I know that they will do so much for
the Oceania region. If I had been elected
it would obviously be a big thing for
the country and the development of
football in Fiji. But at times we do
not need look only at our country but
Oceania as a whole.
I hope that with the new members
on the council, football in the Oceania
region will improve.
Cook Islands Football Association
president, Lee Harmon, and American
Samoa Football Federation vicepresident, Sandra Fruean, have been
elected by the Oceania Football
Confederation as the FIFA council
members from 2016- 2019.
This is the first time that OFC will be
represented on the FIFA council.

Fiji FA To Start Club


Fiji Football Association will soon

start the Club Licensing platform under
FIFA Club Licensing system.
Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob
Kumar says following the FIFA Club
Licensing Seminar in collaboration with
the Oceania Football Confederation
on the 22/23 September 2016 in
Auckland New Zealand, it has become
mandatory for all Premier Divisions
Clubs/Districts to be licensed as per
OFC/FIFA Club License requirements
in order to participate in the OFC
Champions League 2016 2017
The FIFA Club Licensing system will
raise the level both on and off the field
and represents long term development
tool for FIFA member association,
Kumar said.
Kumar said FIFA Club Licensing
system is a necessary tool for
developing club football because club
football is the centre of development at
National Level
It will be compulsory for 2 clubs
representing Fiji FA in the next Oceania
Champions League to be fully licensed
under the Fiji FA Club Licensing
FIFA Club Licensing represents a
major pillar of football development,
He said the objectives of the Club
Licensing was to

Safeguarding the credibility
and integrity of club competitions;

Improving the level of

professionalism within the football


Promoting sporting values in
accordance with the principals of fair
play, as well as safe and secure the
match environments;

Promoting transparency in the
finances of the clubs;

Promoting transparency in the
ownership of the clubs;

Promoting transparency in the
control of the club;
Fiji Club Licensing system sets criteria
that the clubs must meet to ensure

example of Sporting Criteria is
that the clubs must field youth teams to
develop the next generation of players
for that club and qualified coaches

example of Administrative
Criteria is the club must have a
General Manger to ensure professional

example of Infrastructure
Criteria is the club must have a home
training field and home field to play
matches (some flexibility in terms of
infrastructure criteria in OFC region)
Meanwhile Fiji FA Competitions
Manager Amitesh Pal has been
appointed as the Fiji FA Club Licensing
Pal says they will be organising a
workshop to educate the districts more
about the club licensing next week.
He said it would be compulsory for all
districts to adopt the new system by 2017.