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The Many Reasons to Buy Local!
Buying local gives you freedom of choice for your
family's health & nutrition.
Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised enables you PHOTO COURTESY OF FABULOUS FOODS
to choose fresh food from farmers you know and whose practices you support.
Locally grown & produced foods are exceptionally
fresh, delicious, & abundant.
Local food is fresher and tastes better than food shipped long distances from other states
or countries, so it often reaches you within 24 hours of harvest. Local farmers can offer
produce varieties bred for taste and freshness rather than shipping and long shelf life.
Buying local protects the environment.
Most conventionally produced food is extremely resource intensive, traveling an average
of 1,500-2,500 miles from field to plate. Local food, however, doesn’t have to travel far,
thus reducing fossil fuel dependence, carbon dioxide emissions, and use of packing materials. PHOTO COURTESY OF FEAST! PHOTO COURTESY OF ROUNDABOUT FARM
Buying local supports endangered family farms
& strengthens the local economy. GROCERS
Getting to know the farmers who grow your food builds relationships based on understanding
and trust, the foundation of strong communities. With each local food purchase, you ensure
that more of your money goes directly to local farmers and stays in the community.
Buying local protects open space & farmland. All Good Grocery Cville Market Rebecca's Natural Food
600 Earlysville Green 221 Carlton Road Barracks Road
Keeping local farms economically viable is critical to preserving the beautiful landscapes Earlysville Kathy’s Shopping Center Shopping Center
and rural agricultural areas surrounding towns and urban centers. Buying local food helps (434) 973-5570 Charlottesville 1141 Emmet Street
to make farming more profitable and selling farmland for development less attractive. (434) 984-0545 Charlottesville (434) 977-1965
Fabulous Foods
FARMERS MARKETS 1205 Crozet Avenue
In the Main Street Market The Organic Butcher
(434) 823-1100 416 West Main Street 416 West Main Street
Charlottesville Fluvanna Farmers Market Charlottesville Charlottesville
City Market April 1-October 28 (434) 244-7800 (434) 244-7400
April 5-October 25 Tuesdays 3-7pm
Saturdays 7am-12pm Pleasant Grove From Scratch Baking Co.
Water & First Streets, Palmyra 1770 Timberwood
Downtown Mall Contact: John Thompson Boulevard, Suite 106 Foods of all Nations
Contact: Stephanie Anderegg-Maloy (434) 591-1950 Charlottesville 2121 Ivy Road LOUISA
(434) 970-3371 (434) 970-2253 Charlottesville Greene County (434) 296-6131 Farmer’s Foods
Farmers Market 502 E. Main Street
Farmers in the Park Third Sat. of June - Greenwood Gourmet Louisa
May 28-September 24 Third Sat. of September Grocery Integral Yoga (540) 967-5323
Wednesdays 3-7pm Saturdays 8-11am 6701 Rockfish Gap Natural Foods
Meade Park on Greene County Technical
Meade Avenue Education Center, Route 33 Turnpike 923-H Preston Avenue
Charlottesville Crozet Charlottesville
Contact: Stephanie Anderegg-Maloy Nelson Farmers Market (540) 456-6431 (434) 293-4111
(434) 970-3371 May-October
Saturdays 8am-12pm
Crozet Farmers Market Route 151
Saturdays 8-12pm Contact: Amy Childs NonProfit Org
410 East Water Street, Suite 700 US Postage
Corner of Jarmans Gap (434) 244-2399 Charlottesville, VA 22902
Road & Crozet Avenue PAID Charlottesville, VA
Crozet Whole Foods
Permit No. 232
Contact: Kathleen Jump Farmers Market
(434) 823-7878 May-October
Every Other Tuesday 4-7pm
Scottsville Farmers Market 300 Shoppers World Court
April-October Charlottesville
Dorrier Park (434) 973-4900
Thursdays 3-7pm
Contact: Brenda Moore
(434) 295-8361
Saturdays 8-11am
Contact: Michelle Maggiore
(434) 286-3750


ALBEMARLE Shady Lane Farm NELSON Hill Top Berry Farm Seamans’ Orchard >
159 Shady Lane & Winery > 415 Dark Hollow Road
a.m. FOG Free Union Appalachia Star Farm 2800 Berry Hill Road Roseland
9264 Critzer Shop Road Nathan Yoder 163 Shaeffers Hollow Lane Nellysford (434) 277-8130
Afton (434) 985-2533 Roseland Kim Allen Pugh & Crystal
Yvonne & Ken Harris Michael & Kathryn Bertoni Allen Brennan Sells On-Site
(540) 456-7100 Sells On-Site, Farm Stands, Farmers (434) 277-9304 (434) 361-1266 Strawberries, U-Pick Available, Asparagus Markets, Restaurants, Retailers Seasonal Produce, Free Range Eggs, Twin Springs Farm >
Sells On-Site, U-Pick Available Herbs, Flowers, Specialty Foods Sells on-site, CSA, Cville City Market, Sells On-Site, June 19-Aug 17 1200 Findlay Mountain Road
(Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm) Nelson Farmers Market, Lexington (Wed-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 1-5pm) Shipman
Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Cherries, Split Rock Farm Farmers Market, Retailers & Restaurants U-Pick Blackberries, Fruit Wines, Mead Gary & Jeanne Scott
Beef, Mushrooms, Herbs, Flowers, 1040 Owensville Road Seasonal Produce, Berries, Heirloom (434) 962-9475
Pumpkins, Christmas Trees, Hayrides Ivy Tomatoes, Cooking Herbs, Cut Flowers Hungry Hill Farm
(434) 293-7999 89 Williamstown Road Sells On-Site, Lexington Farmers Market,
Bessette Family Farm Critzer Family Farm > Shipman Nelson Farmers Market, Retailers, Restaurants
850 Hog Creek Lane Sells On-Site, Farmers Markets 9388 Critzer Shop Road Glenn R. Clayton Seasonal Produce, Strawberries,
Esmont Seasonal Produce, Strawberries, Afton (434) 263-5336 Blueberries, U-Pick Blueberries (June-July)
Michele & Dennis Bessette Blackberries, Eggs, Mushrooms Whitney Critzer
(434) 831-2084 (540) 456-4772 Sells On-Site by Appt., Retailers, GREENE Restaurants, Farmers Markets, Farm Stands
Sells On-Site, Nellysford Farmers Market Sells On-Site, Local Farmers Markets Seasonal Produce, Berries, Peaches,
Seasonal Vegetables, Herbs, Pastured Planet Earth Diversified Seasonal Produce, Strawberries Mushrooms, Honey
Chicken, Stew Hens, Eggs, Bread, Jelly Route 1 Box 123 (U-Pick & Pre-Picked), Peaches.
Stanardsville Pumpkins, Plums, Cherries The Nelke Farm
New Branch Farm Michael Clark 2776 Freshwater Cove Lane
1070 Bishop Hill Road (434) 985-3570 Double H Farm Lovingston
Charlottesville www.planetearth 1401 Hunting Lodge Road Dorothy Nelke
Stephanie Meyers Wingina (434) 987-5376
& Mark Lieberth market@planetearth Richard Bean & Jean Rinaldi
(434) 977-0155 (434) 263-8704 Sells On-Site by Appt., Cville City Market, Sells at Cville City Market, On-Line, Nelson Farmer’s Market, Restaurants Phone Orders, Retailers Vegetables, Eggs, Meat Seasonal Produce, Asian Greens,
Sells at Cville City Market, Restaurants Seasonal Produce, Micro-Greens, Herbs, Eggplant, Heirloom Tomatoes, Melons
Certified Organic Seasonal Vegetables, Garden Trade Nursery
Edible Flowers, Eggs & Garden Shop PHOTO COURTESY OF QUAIL SPRING FARM
Herbs, Cut Flowers
71 River Road
The Farm at Red Hill LOUISA Faber
2400 Southside Drive Robert Ballard & Susan > U-PICK
North Garden Quail Spring Farm Viemeister
Wendy & Richard Harrison 2368 Vawter Corner Road (434) 263-8786 ALBEMARLE Wayland Orchard >
(434) 979-4693 Louisa 6474 Apple Green Lane
Adrianna Vargo Carter Mountain Orchard > Crozet
(540) 967-5196 1435 Carter Mountain Trail David and Ginny Wayland
Sells at Cville City Market, Farmers in Seasonal Produce, Herbs, Apples, Charlottesville (434) 823-7323
the Park, Retailers, Restaurants Peaches, Pumpkins, Christmas Trees,
Sells On-Site, CSA Cynthia Chiles
Produce Grown Year Round: Tomatoes, Wreaths, Greens
Seasonal Produce, Herbs, Flowers (434) 977-1833 Sells On-Site (Sept-Oct, every day),
Cucumbers, Eggplant, Peppers, Lettuce,
Goodwin Creek Farm cynthia@cartermountain Farm Stands, Retailers
Herbs, Eggs
FLUVANNA & Bakery Apples, U-Pick Available
Roundabout Farm 151 Goodwin Creek Trail www.cartermountain
Deer Bonn Road Misty Meadows Farm Afton
Sells On-Site
Keswick Kents Store John & Nancy Hellerman
Megan Weary Pam & Jim Vick (540) 456-6701 (June-Oct, 9am-6pm; Nov-Thanksgiving, Dickie Brothers Orchard >
(434) 296-7414 (434) 589-1362 9am-5pm; Weekends in Dec) 2552 Dickie Road Sells On-Site, Online, Retailers Apples, Peaches, Seasonal Produce, Roseland Sells at Cville City Market, Scottsville Seasonal Produce, Free Range Eggs, Pumpkins, U-Pick Available John Bruguiere
Sells at Farmers Markets, CSA, Retailers, & Fluvanna Farmers Markets, Retailers Baked Goods (434) 277-5516
Seasonal Produce, “Golden Queen” Chiles Peach Orchard >
Restaurants, Caterers, Florists
Corn on the Cob, Eggs, Lavender Heaven and Earth Acres 1351 Greenwood Road
Year Round Produce, Wine Grapes, Cut Flowers
450 Phillips Lane Crozet
Sells On-Site, Farmers Markets,
Satyrfield Dairy Goats Randy’s Produce Farm Nellysford Cynthia Chiles
Farm Stands, Retailers
1836 Polo Grounds Road 1817 Bybee Road Tom Weber (434) 823-1583
Apples, Peaches, U-Pick Available
Charlottesville Louisa (434) 361-1824 cynthia@chilespeach
(Mid Aug-Late Oct)
John Coles Anne Marie Parrish
(434) 973-6505 (434) 589-8304 Sells On-Site by Appointment, Nelson www.chilespeach Drumheller’s Orchard
Sells On-Site, Cville City Market, Retailers Farmer’s Market, Restaurants 1130 Drumheller Orchard
Seasonal Produce Sells at Cville City Market, Retailers, Restaurants Seasonal Produce, Apples Sells On-Site, May-November Lane
Seasonal Produce (Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm; Sun 10am-5pm) Lovingston
Strawberries, Sweet Cherries, Peaches, (434) 263-5036
Apples, Pumpkins, Seasonal Vegetables, Sells On-Site, Sept 9-Dec 22
DID YOU KNOW? U-Pick Available (Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm)
• Virginia loses over 23,000 acres of farmland to development every year Henley’s Orchard
Apples, Hams, Apple Cider,
• 54% of Virginia farms report a net loss of income Apple Butter, Honey
1917 White Hall Road,
• If each household in the Charlottesville region spent $10 per week on locally produced foods Rt 810 Seamans’ Orchard
and farm products, it would generate $50.7 million annual dollars of direct economic investment Crozet 415 Dark Hollow Road
in our region’s economy, farms, families and communities! SOURCE: VIRGINIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION
Joe & Joan Henley, Roseland
Tim & Sarah Henley (434) 277-8130
(434) 823-4037 or
(434) 823-2560 Sells On-Site 3rd Weekend in Sept & at Flippin Seaman, Inc
Sells On-Site, Retailers, Restaurants Apples
Apples, Peaches, Blackberries,
Grass-Fed Beef in Halves & Quarters Silver Creek Orchards >
3679 Pharsalia Road
Vintage Virginia Apples Tyro
P.O. Box 210 (434) 277-5865
North Garden
Charlotte Shelton Sells On-Site
(434) 297-2326 (Sept 13, 9am-4:30pm; Sept 14, 12-5pm;
www.vintagevirginia Oct 11, 9am-4:30pm; Oct 12, 12-5pm) Apples, U-Pick Only
Sells On-Site (Wed-Sat 2-6pm),
Cville City Market, Online, Retailers
Rare & Vintage Apples, Peaches,
Pears, Plums, Apricots, Cider,
Fruit Trees, Workshops
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) helps the food buying public build relationships with farmers. By making a financial
commitment to a farm (usually before the growing season begins), people join the CSA and receive a weekly basket of produce
FLUVANNA Best of What’s Around
Hilldale Farm P.O. Box 700
2444 Carysbrook Road Scottsville
Palmyra Matthew Holt
Catherine & David Tatman (434) 286-7255
(434) 589-2762
Sells at Feast!, Fluvanna & Nellysford
Farmers Markets Certified Organic Produce
Eggs, Beef, Lamb, Certified Organic
USDA Inspected Chicken & Eggs Horse & Buggy
Rob Harrison P.O. Box 416
ALBEMARLE Currituck Farm Quarter’s Farm
Grass Fed Beef 5112 Dick Woods Road Charlottesville
Bessette Family Farm 4826 Advance Mills Road Charlottesville (434) 242-4996 Brett Wilson
850 Hog Creek Lane Earlysville Bill McCaskill (434) 284-1084
Esmont Ann & Leo Mallek (434) 293-6982 Sells at Feast!, Fluvanna www.horseand
Michele & Dennis Bessette (434) 978-1150 Sells On-Site by Appointment & Nellysford Direct Sales
(434) 831-2084 Grass-Fed Beef, Free Range Eggs, Beef brett@horseand Sells On-Site by Appointment Herbs, Cut Flowers
Wild Oats Farm
Sells On-Site, Nellysford Farmers Market Grass-Fed & Pastured Beef Fruits (including Blueberries, Peaches,
Reynolds Grassland Natural 7142 West River Road
Seasonal Vegetables, Herbs, Pastured Plums, Cherries), Vegetables, Pasture-
Gryffon's Aerie 4721 Green Creek Road Scottsville
Chicken, Stew Hens, Eggs, Bread, Jelly Raised Meats & Eggs, Trout, Certified
@ Mt. Air Farm Schuyler Susan Swales
(434) 286-9273 Organic Dairy, Breads, Granola, Honey,
Rt. 810 (2 miles north of Whitehall) Mark Reynolds Cider, Flowers, etc.
Crozet (434) 831-2688 Sells On-Site, Scottsville & Fluvanna * Horse & Buggy sources products from over 100
Ramona & Collins Huff Farmers Markets family farms in the region and is not a traditional
(434) 531-0994, (434) 531-0451 Sells On-Site by Appt, Nelson Farmers Market Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb, Eggs CSA. (CSAs typically sell shares to support a
single farm operation). Chicken, Lamb, Chevon, Free Range Eggs NELSON Innisfree Community
Sells On-Site Sat & Sun 12-5pm Sweet Seasons Farm
P.O. Box 194 Davis Creek Farm Gardens
Mail Order, Restaurants Trisha Costello
USDA Inspected Heritage Livestock: Batesville 4670 Davis Creek Lane
CHEESE Grass-Fed Beef, Pork, Lamb, Eggs Mark & Sally Tueting
(540) 456-7145
Elizabeth Van Deventer
(434) 823-5646
Caromont Farm Iona Farm & Tim Di Chiara
9261 Old Green Mountain 7359 Jefferson Mill Road Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb; Pastured Pork, (434) 263-5974 Seasonal Produce, Cooking &
Esmont Scottsville Broilers & Turkeys; Eggs Medicinal Herbs, Flowers
Gail Hobbs-Page Jennifer Campbell
(434) 286-4761 Tall Cotton Farm Sells On-Site (Saturday 9am-12noon Majesty Farm
(434) 831-1393 1913 Craig Store Road & by appt.), Nellysford Farmers Market 3539 Red Hill School Road
Sells On-Site by Appointment Afton USDA Inspected Grass-Fed Beef, North Garden
Pastured & Free Range Heritage- Bill Schutte & Patti Lou Riker Pastured Chicken Kathryn Russell
Sells Online, Farmers Markets,
Breed Poultry, Eggs (540) 456-8489 (434) 760-5514
Retailers, Restaurants Double H Farm
Hand-Crafted Farmstead
Majesty Farm Sells On-Site by Appt, Nelson Farmers Market 1401 Hunting Lodge Road
& Artisanal Goat Cheese
3539 Red Hill School Road Grass-Fed Beef, Free Range Poultry & Eggs Wingina Beef, Lamb, Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs,
Iron Rod Chevre North Garden Richard Bean & Jean Rinaldi Dairy Products through Herd Share Operation
Kathryn Russell Whistlin’ Hollow Farm (434) 263-8704
2955 Earlysville Road
(434) 760-5514 Kate Mahanes & Jim Fleming Roundabout Farm
Earlysville 8979 Dick Woods Road Vegetables, Eggs, Meat Deer Bonn Road
Leslie Sidwell Afton Keswick
(434) 973-8407
Sells On-Site, CSA (540) 456-8212 Megan Weary
Beef, Lamb, Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs,
Dairy Products through Herd Share Operation Sells On-Site by Appt, Special Orders
Sells to Retailers & Restaurants
Lamb, Duck Eggs (434) 296-7414
Chevre Goat Cheese in a Variety of Coatings
Year Round Produce, Cut Flowers


Quail Spring Farm
ALBEMARLE Howard’s Blue Sharondale / Mushrooms NELSON 2368 Vawter Corner Road
Ribbon Honey & Useful Plants Louisa
Elena Day 107 Cavalier Drive 5394 Cismont Lane Blue Mountain Brewery
151 Buckingham Circle & Hop Farm Adrianna Vargo
Charlottesville Keswick (540) 967-5196
Charlottesville Howard Capon Mark Jones 9519 Critzers Shop Road
(434) 296-2494 (Hwy 151)
(434) 971-6812 (434) 296-3301 Seasonal Produce, Herbs, Flowers Afton
Sells at Cville City Market Award-Winning Honey (late June) Mandi Smack
Seasonal Vegetables, Fruit Pies, Breads, (540) 456-8020 Ploughshare
Sells On-Site by Appt., Cville City Market Community Farm
Cut Flowers Garden Medicinals Mushrooms, Culinary & Medicinal Herbs, www.bluemountain
P.O. Box 320 2697 Poindexter Road
Fruit & Fiber Plants, Workshops Louisa
Free Union Produce Earlysville bluemountainbrewery
& Gourmet Edibles Jeff McCormack, Ph.D. Tony & Rebecca Lagana
1813 Old Orchard Road (434) 964-9113 GREENE Sells On-Site (Tue-Thu, 4-10pm; (540) 967-9511
Free Union Fri-Sat, 12-10pm; Sun, 12-8pm),
Wakefield Pickles
Diane La Sauce mailbox@garden Retailers, Restaurants
1151 Amicus Road
(434) 964-0816 Craft-Brewed Ales & Lagers Sells at Cville City Market &
Sells at Cville City Market, A Variety of Vegetable, Flower, Farmers in the Park
Katharine Gagarin
Special Order, By Appointment & Mostly Herb Seed (also available Edible Landscaping Seasonal Produce, Beef, Chicken,
(434) 985-6426
Specialty Greens, Herbs, Cut Flowers, as dormant rootstock in fall & Nursery Eggs, Herbs, Cut Flowers
Seeds, & Gourmet Foods sometimes in spring) Sells at Cville City Market 361 Spirit Ridge Lane
Homemade Pickles Afton NELSON
Green and Gold (434) 361-9134
4425 Advance Mills Road Landovel Farm / Appalachia Star Farm

Earlysville The Holy Grael 163 Shaeffers Hollow Lane

Eileen Stephens 342 Gravel Hill Road Sells On-Site, Online, Mail Order Roseland
(434) 973-5435 Fork Union Edible Potted Plants such as Apples, Michael & Kathryn Bertoni Gary Grunau Asparagus, Berries, Wine Grapes (434) 277-9304 (434) 842-3651
Sells On-Site by Appt, Cville City Market
Tomato & Pepper Plants, Herb Plants, Sells at Whole Foods Farmers Market, Retailers Seasonal Produce, Berries, Heirloom
Annuals, Perennials Sorbet Made with Locally Grown Berries Tomatoes, Cooking Herbs, Cut Flowers
RESTAURANTS The 2nd Annual Admission!
These restaurants and caterers have demonstrated a commitment to using local foods in their dishes when possible. HERITAGE
Clifton the Country Inn
Monticello’s Tufton Farm • Sept 6, 2008 • 10am-4pm
1296 Clifton Inn Drive
(434) 220-2120 Taste 100 different heirloom tomatoes!
Menu features locally grown produce, Swap seeds with dozens
poultry, pork, herbs, wine and cheese CHARLOTTESVILLE Mas Tapas Bar of other gardeners!
$$$$ 501 Monticello Road
Al Dente Charlottesville Hands-on seed-saving demo!
Greenwood Gourmet Ix Building (434) 979-0990
Grocery 925 2nd Street, SE Family-friendly fun!
6701 Rockfish Gap Charlottesville Menu features locally grown produce,
Turnpike (434) 295-9922 meats, eggs, herbs and mushrooms Great food!
Crozet Menu features a variety of locally grown $$-$$$
(540) 456-6431 seasonal produce, rabbit, veal and lamb
www.greenwood $$$ OXO 215 W. Water Street
$ Bluelight Grill & Raw Bar Charlottesville
120 E. Main Street (434) 977-8111
Ivy Inn Restaurant Charlottesville
2244 Old Ivy Road (434) 295-1223 Menu features locally grown produce
Charlottesville $$$$
(434) 977-1222 Menu features locally grown produce, meats and herbs as well as local tofu Revolutionary Soup
Menu features locally grown produce, and a variety of local wines 108 2nd Street SW #17
occasionally local meat and dairy $$$ Charlottesville
$$$$ (434) 296-7687
Café Feast! www.revolutionary
Palladio Restaurant at In the Main Street Market
Barboursville Vineyards 416 West Main St. Menu features locally grown produce,
P.O. Box 136 Charlottesville 22903 meat, stock bones, eggs, herbs and tofu
Barboursville (434) 244-7800 $
(540) 832-3824 Menu features locally grown produce, meats, NELSON
Menu features locally grown produce, cheeses, herbs, wines and specialty foods
herbs, meats and dairy $ Basic Necessities • 540-894-9480
$$$$ 2226 Rockfish Valley Hwy
Fleurie Nellysford
Petit Pois
201 W. Main Street
103 3rd Street NE
(434) 361-1766 CATERERS
Charlottesville (434) 981-2050 Menu features locally grown produce,
(434) 979-7647 Menu features locally grown produce, A Pimento Catering Harvest Moon Catering
berries, herbs and wine 1117-L E Market Street 512 West Main Street
Menu features locally grown produce, meats, nuts, herbs and wine $$
meats, nuts, herbs and wine $$$$ Charlottesville Charlottesville
$$$ D’ Ambola’s Restaurant (434) 971-7720 434-296-9091
Hamilton’s at First & Main 9278 RockFish Valley Hwy
101 West Main Street Afton Menu features locally grown produce,
(434) 295-6649 (540) 456-4556 cheeses and meats
Menu features locally grown produce, WahooRidge Catering Dinner at Home 915-104 Dorchester Place
poultry, meats, herbs, eggs, cheeses, wine Menu features locally grown produce,
$$$ 1680 Royal Oak Court Charlottesville
chicken and rabbit Charlottesville (434) 977-3663
L’étoile $$$ Ashley Hightower
817 W. Main Street (434) 296-4514 Menu features locally grown produce
Charlottesville chef@ashleysdinner and meats
(434) 979-7957
Artistic French menu driven by www.ashleysdinner
relationships with local farmers,
extensive local wine and beer list

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natural resources, history, and beauty through programs such as Buy Fresh Buy Local.


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