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Children Bible Overview 55 11/05/08



Teachers to read bible scripture: <2 Sam 11-12>

Children to memorize bible scripture: <2 Sam 12:13>

Last week, we saw that David loved God’s words. Therefore, when he became King, he first brought
the ark of God into Jerusalem, and all his life, he relied on God’s words and direction to lead Israel.
Therefore, the Lord blessed David greatly, and none of the enemies were able to defeat him.
However, there was once when David did something wrong and greatly sinned against the Lord, his
God. Once, when all the Israelites were out fighting a war with the enemies, David stayed in his
palace. One day, after he woke up from bed, he saw a very beautiful lady, named Bathsheba. He
found out that he was the wife of his loyal servant, Uriah. (At that time, Uriah was at the battlefield,
fighting for Israel.) But because David found Bathsheba so beautiful, he brought her back to his
palace. He loved her and wanted to make her his wife. Thereafter, David thought of ways to kill Uriah.
He instructed his general to put Uriah at the front line of the battle (where the fighting was the fiercest).
As a result, Uriah was killed by the enemies. David then made Bathsheba his wife and together they
had a child. Although nobody knew about this, what David did made God really unhappy. God
therefore sent His prophets to rebuke him. When David heard God’s words of rebuke, he did not hide
and immediately knelt down to confess his sin and asked God’s forgiveness. God greatly punished
David. He allowed the child that was born by David and Bathsheba to die. David did not bear a
grudge against God because he knew that it was right that he was disciplined by God. However,
David’s heart was truly in pain and remorse. When he truly repented before God, God had already
forgave him because He loved David, just like how a father loves his children (This is how God loves
us). Therefore, when David confessed his sin, repented, and was disciplined by God, God blessed
him even more. God allowed David to marry Bathsheba as his wife and she gave birth to a child,
named Solomon (which means “loved by God”). Solomon later became the world’s most intelligent
and wisest person. He succeeded David as the next King and led the Israelites. After this incident,
David led the Israelite army to the battlefield for war. Because God helped him, he triumphed over the
enemies greatly.

1. Blessed David could also be weak and sinned

1) Although David was blessed King who loved God and God’s people, when he was
tempted by the devil, he would also have times of weakness and sins, and did things
that God was displeased about. Just like us who are blessed children that God loves,
we would also be weak and fall sometimes (e.g. selfish, tell lies, have bad temper,
subject others to our anger, greedy, steal things belonging to others, dislike people
2) Whenever, the devil tempts people to commit sin, he doesn’t stop there but will
continue to accuse us, and make us believe that God is angry with us, dislike us and
abandon us. Therefore, we will be fearful and powerless and thereafter, do more
things that God is displeased with. Just like David, who was deceived by the devil,
step by step: first he snatched the wife of another person, after that he lied and
eventually, he thought of ways to kill people
3) But we know that although God does not like us to sin, He still loves us. Just like
David who committed many sins, God still loved him. God wanted David to repent
before Him and not be deceived further by the devil.
2. When we are weak and have sinned, the most important thing is not to hide from
God but to quickly go before God to confess our sins and repent
1) When we are weak and have sinned, the first thing that the devil does is to tell us,
“God does not like you, God is angry with you therefore, you must be afraid of God,
hide from Him and not go before God.”
2) However, because David knew that God loved him and was pleased with him, God
would forgive him. Therefore, he did not hide from God but instead he was honest
and repentant. He was willing to be disciplined by God because he knew that he was
in the wrong.
3) Because David knew that God loved him, and was honest before God, David was
cleansed immediately by the Lord Jesus’ precious blood. Therefore, the devil, Satan
could not accuse David. Therefore, when we have sinned, the most important thing is
to quickly go before God and ask for God’s forgiveness.

3. Although God disciplines us, it is so that we receive greater love and blessing
1) Because David knew that God loved him, he was able to be honest and repent
before God. Although he sinned, God not only forgave him later, He also gave him
greater blessings, that is, to bless him with a son, Solomon, who similarly became
Israel’s King later.
2) Through the sins that David committed, God tells us, His children, the extent to which
He loves us. Therefore, He gave His only son, Jesus Christ who died on the cross for
all our sins, so that all those who believe in Him will not die and go to hell because of
their sins, but will receive eternal life. Moreover, when we are weak and sin
occasionally, if we are like David and truly repent before God, He will surely forgive
all our sins and cleanse all our unrighteousness.
3) Therefore, after this incident. David led the army on his own to the battlefield. The
Lord helped him greatly. He killed all the enemies and also took all the enemies’ gold,
treasures, wealth, and hence greatly triumphed over the enemies.