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Children Bible Overview 56 18/05/08


Teachers to read bible scripture: <2 Sam 24> <1 Chr 21>
Children to memorize bible scripture: <2 Sam 24:24>

Last week, we saw David’s weaknesses and how he sinned. But the moment he went before God to
confess his sins and repent, God forgave him.
One day, the devil, Satan incited King David, causing him to take a census of Israel so that he could
boast of himself and how he had led the Israelites in their accomplishments. However, after David
completed counting the fighting men, he was conscience-stricken and knew that what he did was a
sin against the Lord. He therefore prayed to the Lord and asked the Lord to forgive his sin. Therefore,
the Lord greatly punished the Israelites and sent a plague on Israel. From that morning till the end of
the time designated, seventy thousand people died. When the angel of the Lord stretched out his
hand to destroy Jerusalem, the Lord said, “Enough! Withdraw your hand.” The angel of the Lord
withdrew his sword. He was then at the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite. When David saw
the angel striking down the people, he cried out in pain to God, “My Lord, I am the one who has
sinned and done wrong. Please punish me and not the people.” The Lord then instructed David, “Go
and build an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Araunah, as a sacrifice for Israel. So David
went toward where Araunah was. When Araunah saw David and his men coming toward him, he
went out and bowed down before David, with his face on the ground. As Araunah knew that David
wanted to make a sacrifice for the Israelites, he gave David threshing sledges and ox yokes for the
wood for him to offer God. However, David said, “No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not
sacrifice to the Lord my God offerings that cost me nothing.” Thereafter, David used 0.6kg of
silver to buy the threshing floor and oxen. At that instant, King David sacrificed offerings to God for
himself and the Israelites. Then the Lord listened to David, and caused the fire from heaven to reach
the altar. The angel also withdrew his sword and the plague on Israel was stopped.

1. God punished the Israelites through David’s sins

1) Why were the Israelites punished although it was David who sinned? Ans: It was
because the Israelites’ disobedience was a greater sin than David counting the
number of fighting men. There were many among the Israelites who did not listen to
God’s words or the words of King David. These people even betrayed him. Therefore,
God wanted to make use of that opportunity to destroy them, and hence eliminate
the problems of the Israelites at the roots.
2) In this matter, God also wanted to test King David, to see if he indeed loved God and
also God’s people. David was indeed humble before God and did not hide his sins
and because he loved God’s people, he interceded for them earnestly. Similarly, God
is also testing us today. E.g. When we encounter problems in our relationship with
our family and friends, do we first confess our mistakes before God and not blame
others and bear a grudge against them? Thereafter, are we willing to pray for them?
3) Through this incident, not only did God forgive David, but He also wanted to bless
David greatly and use him!
2. Through David’s sacrificed offering (prayer), God saved the Israelites.
1) When David was in great distress because of the Israelites, God asked him to build
an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Araunah. King David obeyed God’s
words and followed His instructions accordingly. As a result, the Israelites could be
saved. [Therefore children, before we pray, are we willing to obey God’s
2) God wanted David to offer a sacrifice on the threshing floor of Araunah (the sacrifice
symbolized the bleeding of Jesus Christ). Therefore, David definitely had to rely on
the precious blood of Jesus Christ to pray for God’s people in order for them to be
saved. [Therefore children, when we pray, do we believe that the precious blood of
Jesus Christ can solve all our problems?]
3) After David made a sacrificed offering, there was fire coming down from heaven.
Hence, God answered David’s prayer. [Therefore children, when we pray, does God
send fire coming down from heaven to answer our prayers? God’s fire is the Holy
Spirit. When we pray, fear becomes peace, sadness becomes joy, guilt becomes
freedom etc… This is the Holy Spirit’s fire, God’s answer.]

3. King David said, “I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God offerings that cost me
1) David knew the purpose why God asked him to offer a sacrifice. It was to tell him that
God loved him and the Israelites eternally. Therefore, God sent His only beloved son,
Jesus Christ, to die completely on the Cross for the sins of God’s people.
2) Since David knew that God loved him and the Israelites whole-heartedly, he
therefore also loved God and His people whole-heartedly. (In other words, David
loved God with all his heart, soul and power, and also loved people as he loved
3) Because David loved God and His people whole-heartedly, David would not sacrifice
to God offerings that cost him nothing. He went before God with a heart that was the
most upright and therefore, the offering he made to God was the best. [Confirm with
the children: Are we all like David? When we are willing to be used by God and are
willing to bless others, are our hearts, time, money, material things that we offer to
God upright and the best?]