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Chapter 0 The Hero Doesnt Go On

A Journey
Life has its fortunes and its hardships.
I believe these words of the old man of Mito is a wise saying. Life has its mountains and
valleys. It is exactly because one climbed over adversity that one could sail down, and if
one keeps taking the easy way down one would soon find oneself surrounded by rising
slopes. The conclusion is therefore, a person should persevere through lifes climbs, but
I think different.

This is what I think.

I can walk the level path without any ascents or descents, of moderate pain and
moderate comfort.
What I could do, and what I could not do.
What I want to do, and what I dont want to do.
What I want others to do, and what I dont want others to do.
By making sure of all that, I walk, looking for a path that is suitable for who I am at the
moment. I live a steady life, without taking unnecessary risks, without collecting the hate
of others. There are probably those out there who think whats so fun about a life
without its pains and enjoyments, but please think about it. Regardless of what one
wants or doesnt want, life will always have its storms.
Inscrutable are the ways of heaven. Therefore, one should pin the instability down to a
level one could control.
That was practically how I live my life.
Calmly analyzing my own personal abilities, limits, surrounding environment, financial
state, and relationships, evaluating them not too much, nor too little, without aiming too
high or too low that is my life.
That way I enjoyed a moderate life, going to a middle school near home, graduating
from a so-so private high school, and passing college life at a not very famous college
but still one with a reputation similar to those. If this continued, I would probably lead a
not-so-bad college life, gain a not-so-bad employment, and build a not-so-bad
household with a not-so-bad partner. People would probably think its bad, but this is all
smooth sailing for me.
However, that life plan of mine was overturned.
It was overturned by this man before my eyes.
O, Hero! Thou truly hath come to answer our call!
A middle-aged man with medium build. His age was probably in the 40s or 50s.
He was wearing a red cape as thick as a coat and a golden crown on top of his head.

He stood majestically, yes, no matter how you look, hes a [King].

The young, gentle-looking woman by his side was probably the [Queen].
She was wearing a luxurious dress, and seemed to be around thirty years of age.
I tried examining my surroundings. An overly tall ceiling, marble pillars arranged in lines,
and red carpet underneath.
On both sides there were soldiers standing uniformly at attention, and there was a
prime-minister-looking man mixed in among them.
It was indubitably a royal palace audience hall or something like that. Something you
see in RPG opening scenes.
The king, the royal palace, then the O Hero line I heard a while ago.
Hrm looks like this is one of those worlds.
Be calm as you rush, and widen your view to see the invisible.
I committed every day to walking the flat path. Rushing wont change things for the
better, closing my eyes or stopping my ears wont make the reality before me disappear.
Therefore I should first come to terms with reality to some extent and gather intelligence.
First, we observe.
W, why that look? Are you angry we called you?
As I stared in observation, the king said so, hesitantly. Where did your dignity go?
No, I couldnt understand the situation. Firstly, would you be kind enough to explain the
current situation?
Y, youre a calm one. Im envious
I, its nothing!
The prime minister cleared his throat and the King shrugged with a start. Seeing that
exchange, the Queen chuckled and even the guards smiled bitterly. From this chain of
exchanges, I can see that the Gentle-looking King is really a Gentle King. He seems to
lack ambition for someone at the top of a country, but as a statesman he was probably a
kind King loved by his subjects.

At least he doesnt seem to be one to send the hero to a place of certain death or throw
the hero away once he deems him useless, which was a relief. No no, Ive been reading
web novels with stories like that recently, see. Well, Kings like that eventually got the
revenge of the heroes who came back at them, though. Reading stories with plots like
that was refreshing but if you ask me if I want to experience something like that the
answer is a definite no.
Now that Ive said this much it should be understandable, but I recognize that I was the
target of this kings so-called [Hero Summoning]. Averting my eyes wont change the
situation. Therefore, any clichd thoughts like I wonder if this is a dream is a waste of
So? Is the Demon King coming to attack or something?
Youre quick to understand. It is as you say.

O, oi, what happened, Hero. To suddenly bury your head in your arms.
No dont mind it. I just felt a little dizzy.
Thats weird. This is a clichd development but its hurting my head.
Seeing how the Demon King is coming to attack he sure had the time to call a Hero,
Apologies. Can you please explain the situation.
I, is that so? Then I shall explain.
Thus began the Kings Tedious Explanation of the World straight out of an old RPG
Firstly, about this world itself, this world consists of the extra-large continent Randia and
countless islands of all sizes. In the Randia continent there are many countries small
and large, and besides humans, there are various races of therianthrope, elves,
dwarves, ogres, and dragonewts living there. Among the countries there are ones where
the races coexisted but there are ones that treat their own race favorably and ban other
races, or ones where every race was all equal under the one emperor, these countries

raised their hegemonies and warred, but due to a terrible tragedy of a world war sixty
years ago, the countries thenceforth followed the course of peaceful cooperation.
Next was about the Demon King and the Demon Race. Ten years ago, at the
northernmost end of the Randia continent, a space popularly known as the [Demon
Realm] appeared, from there various kind of monsters large and small welled out,
wreaking havoc upon many countries. The nations banded together and organized a
punitive force to the Demon Realm, but it was annihilated. In the Demon Realm, there
are [Demonic Creatures] with low (or possibly no) intelligence, and [Demon Race] with
high intelligence and powerful combat ability, but the destruction of the punitive force
was caused by the Demon Race. Also there are unconfirmed rumors of a King ruling
over the Demon Race, the [Demon King].
After this war, the Demon Race did a counter-invasion, the Demon World that was at
first only about the size of a small kingdom came to cover a fifth of the continent.
Nowadays, this territory is called the [Demon King Territory]. The invasion has now
stopped, but the reason was because the number of the soldiers dispatched to each
front expand the territory was dispersed, and the nations were somehow able to
maintain the fronts. However, the nations did not have the manpower to invade into the
Demon King Territory, and if the Demon Race side were to concentrate on one area the
other areas would be invaded, so the stalemate between them continued.
Next is about this country. This country is the [Elfrieden Kingdom], a medium-small
monarchy situated at the easternmost tip of the continent. It was from the start a country
raised by various races working hand-in-hand, and even with a human king it accepts
other races without discrimination. Any race can enjoy citizenship rights, suffrage, and
practically all occupations other than [King] are open to any race. It even seems the
prime minister advising the King is a half-elf human.
Because it doesnt border the Demon King Territory, it received little damage from
Demonic Creature attacks, but it lacked national power from the beginning and its
finance was not in good condition, either. In addition to the low food sufficiency, refugees
who lost their homes to the expansion of the Demon King Territory flowing into this
country only exacerbated the problem.

Also, dark clouds seem to be forming outside the borders. Relations with the [Grand
Chaos] empire seems to be deteriorating. The Empire which boasts the largest domain
outside the Demon King Territory was a country which shares the longest border with
the Territory. It was also the nation to lead the first Demon King Territory invasion. In
order to vindicate their honor, it seems they were planning a second invasion, and
therefore imposed an unreasonable demand called the [War Support Appeal] on the
nations. It was something of a neighborhood bully, saying Were going to war so give us
money and supplies. If you dont do as we say were going to beat the hell out of your
Lastly, about the Hero Summoning that brought me into this world. The Empire as a
matter of course sent the [War Support Appeal] to Elfrieden Kingdom as well. It seems
the appeal contained the wording If you cant pay the support money, you can use the
Hero Summoning ritual handed down in your country, summon the Hero, and send that
Hero to the Empire. It was obvious that this country does not have the spare funds to
pay the support with, so it was clear that the Hero was their goal.
What was not clear was what their expectation was, did they want to use the Hero as a
war asset, or maybe to dissect him for study and develop new weapons, or possibly they
never expected anything to begin with and only wanted to use the failure to respond to
the appeal as an excuse to annex the kingdom in one go. Faced with this situation the
kingdom decided to at least perform the Hero Summoning Ritual. Whether they will
deliver the Hero or not was still undecided, but if they successfully called the Hero he
will become their negotiation card. Therefore, they had no choice but to show that they
at least responded to the Appeal and performed the Ritual.
Also, nobody in the country expected the Hero Summoning to be successful.
Hiii! We are very sorry!
I stomped my foot and the King jumped up in fear.
So what? Was I really called by chance, without anyone even expecting me to do

This isnt a problem you can settle with a we didnt think it would work, tehepero !
Goddammit, are you saying my Tranquil Life Plan is ruined over something dumb like
tch. What are you going to do then?
W, what do you mean what?
Whether youre sending me to the Empire or not, of course.
It probably wasnt the language Im supposed to use towards an elder and a person in a
higher social stratum, but please have some sympathy. Its a situation that could decide
my life and death so I obviously would lose my temper. Not to mention because the
Empire can decide the life and death of the Kingdom theres no meaning for me to
abase myself.
That is We wonder what to do. Were stumped.
The King looked seriously troubled. This is a bit unexpected.
I totally expected him to cling to me in tears or prostrate himself saying Were scared of
the Empire! Please go to the Empire for the sake of our country!. This King looked
timid, you see. Despite being the summoner, he doesnt look like he would shelter me
against the Empires wishes.
Why are you so troubled? Youre scared of the Empire right?
Were scared! Were scared so were troubled!
With all due respect, Ill take care of the explanations from here.
The one who said that was the half-elf Prime Minister.
Currently, the difference between our and the Empires power is clear. Were completely
incapable of defying the Empire. But (un)luckily, the Hero is our countrys one and only
card remaining. If we give this card away our country has nothing left to negotiate to the
Empire with. In the end, they would snatch the Hero away and take down our country
without hesitation.
Well that does happen.

Oushuu Fujiwarashi letting go of the card known as Minamoto Yoshitsune is a good

precedent. People who yielded and gave away their wildcard over a temporary threat
have no future. Ah, but Im still not confident that Im a wildcard. They say Im a Hero or
something, but I wonder if I woke up to some special power or another Ill ask just in
Actually, what is a Hero? I dont recall being something like that.
They say the Hero is one who shows the way to the changing of the era.
So, not one who defeats the Demon King.
Isnt that too obscure?
We are at a lack of data at any rate.
So you did the ceremony with that lack of data.
We are very ashamed.
That paperwork-like excuse isnt going to make me happy, you know.
Anyway, this is worrying. No matter what Im going to do theres too little information.
.. Therefore, what we need the most right now is time.
King, I have a proposal.
What is it? Say anything you like.
Id like to discuss what were going to do after this. Not standing out in the open like
this, but carefully, sitting in chairs. Lets see the three of us, me, you, and that Prime
Minister over there.
Hm. What do you think, Markus?
Very well, I guess.
Asked by the king, the Prime Minister called Markus bowed his head.
Therefore please gather materials regarding this country. Focus especially on materials
relating to taxation, agriculture and fisheries, economics and industry, and intra-kingdom
transportation. I would like materials regarding Heroes, too, but well, lets leave that
off for now.
Understood. We shall gather them immediately.

Then this occasion was broken up for now, and I was formally called to the Kings office.
I sat on a soft sofa, facing the King and Prime Minister Markus in conference after
conference. For the time being, we talked about every possible thing we could. It was
mostly a meeting where I read the gathered materials and asked about every minute
detail, and these two unexpectedly eagerly getting on board with the plan I presented.
Finally the meeting ended, the Kings exceedingly bright face as he left the room was
even now becoming a hot topic among the guards. It was the face of a man who had
come to a resolution, they say.

Then the next day, the King who had gathered the castles important personnel in the
audience chamber, turned to them and loudly proclaimed.
We, the 13th king of the Elfrieden Kingdom, Alberto Elfrieden, hereby declare that we
abdicate the throne to the summoned hero Soma Kazuya! Also, we hereby announce
the betrothal between our daughter Liecia Elfrieden and Soma-dono!
The grounds fell silent. Every single person was at a loss for words.
The only ones who remained calm was probably only the Queen and Markus.
Meaning, it was a bombshell of a surprise announcement even to me.

[Character Sketch: Alberto Elfrieden]

13th king of the Elfrieden Kingdom, reigning during the time of the appearance of the
Demon Realm.
He was possessed of an exceedingly gentle personality and was loved by his subjects,
but on the other hand, he lacked decisiveness, and had no notable achievements during
his reign. However, because he did not make any notable mistakes either, he was an
existence that would trouble later historians over whether he was a clever king or a
foolish one. Nevertheless, the fact that he recognized his own limits, and despite being
only in his fifties abdicated the throne to the Hero who would later be the

Elfrieden Empires founding Emperor Soma E. Elfrieden, pushed the needle slightly
towards the clever side of the gauge.

Chapter 1 Fundraising A
[Elfrieden Kingdom Capital Parnam]
It was the city where [Castle Parnam], where the Elfrieden Royalty dwells, is located. The castle
town surrounding Castle Parnam flourished, the walls surrounding the city brings up the image
of a medieval European city-state. The roofs on the buildings were a uniform orange, their
appearance fitting well with the citys classic ambience.
There were main streets running east, west, south, and north with Castle Parnam at the center,
each connecting to their respective gates, where carts and large beast mounts stream endlessly.
Other than those there were countless small stone-paved streets running radial lines from the
castle, and there were more streets connecting those streets together, looking like a spiderweb (or
maybe a snowflake) when seen from the sky. On either side of those streets stood shopping
districts and artisans districts, perpetually bustling with people.
Today was a national holiday, furthermore a holiday celebrating the enthronement of a new king,
so the shopping districts are even more busy than usual. Because of the sudden change in
rulership the castle town was in a tense state for a short time, but once it was clear that the
enthroned king was the summoned hero, that the old king handed over the throne out of his own
will, and that the hero was to wed the kings daughter Princess Liecia so as the father-in-law the
previous king wont be treated badly, the chaos resolved itself. It was because the former king
was loved during his rule to begin with.
[Well, if the king is all right then alls well I suppose]
[It mustve been hard with the Empires pressure and all. Im glad he could get that load off his
[Now he can probably relax. Good for him, huh]
It was generally interpreted favourably like so. it seems the Kings carefree attitude was a
national trait. Soma, who had the throne pushed onto him against his will, expected at least one
opposition movement to rise against the sudden change, but he took it without a fight. In any
case, the scenery in Parnam today was that of humans and therianthrope and dwarves coming
and going in peace.
TN: Literally he took it like taking an underarm push
That afternoon, a white horse ran on the stone pavements as if cutting through the peaceful
The one riding it was a beautiful girl in red and white military dress uniform right out of [Rose of
Versailles], her platinum blonde hair tied in a ponytail, fluttering in the wind. Her age is about

16-17. Her transparent-seeming white skin and tightly-fitting military uniform accentuated her
well-balanced figure.
Just the figure of the girl riding on the white horse would unmistakably make for a pretty picture.
Seeing her, people along the way spontaneously let out sighs of admiration and raised cheers
when they realized that she was the countrys princess.
Princess! Congratulations on your engagement!
I wish you happiness!
Without knowing her actual feelings, they gave her such warm cheers.
The sound of their cheers did not reach her ears in her current state, though.
Father, Mother, please be safe. Im coming for you.
She, Liecia Elfrieden, muttered with a face of grief.

Father! What is the meaning of this!

The Royal Private Chambers. A large room so large a king size bed couldnt dominate it, each
and every one of its furnishings were elegantly crafted. Normally, this room should have been
the royal couples bedroom and private room, and after the handing over of the throne it
shouldve been given to Soma, but Soma who disliked the trouble involved in moving gave
permission to the previous royal couple to continue using it so these two were still here.
Incidentally, Soma still doesnt have his own room. The reason he gave was because I dont need
one right now.
The sight the out of breath Liecia saw when she threw open the massive doors was the sight of
her parents on the attached balcony enjoying a refined afternoon teatime and holding a cream
scone going Here, say aaah Aaaaaah. Liecia sat down hard for a moment, but
immediately stood up and drew close to the previous king with an angry look in her eyes.
I, ran all the way here from my regional patrols when I heard Fathers throne was usurped! So
why are you going [Here, say Aaah] so carefreely!
As it happens, in addition to the title of Princess (fiance to the current king after the abdication),
she also graduated from a military academy and possesses anOfficer title. Her social position
itself isnt that high, but due to her high birth she often gets orders to go around to each regional
army for sympathy calls and the like. She was on one of those missions just now but upon
hearing of her Fathers sudden abdication she came in a big hurry.

We werent really usurped, we abdicated out of our own will

I dont care about that! Why did you renounce the throne all of a sudden!
We talked with that man and believed he is necessary for this country. This is something we
judged as one with the responsibility of looking after the country. We take no objections.
The instant he made that declaration he seemed to show a little bit of the dignity of someone who
carries a kingdom on his shoulders, so Liecia was reluctant to press the issue any further.
Uuuh. but, to even arbitrarily decide my marriage
You can talk it out between yourselves. The engagement was originally something our side
insisted on him. If you dont want to Soma-dono wont force you to.
Liecia looked to her mother for help, but the former Queen smiled and said.
Go see Soma-dono first. This concerns your life after all, you should decide your future course
by yourself. We will respect what you decide.
So this is what they call not having an island to cling to. Liecia slumped her shoulders.

Liecia was walking through the castle at a quick pace.

She left this castle a few weeks ago to do her regional patrols. She was wondering how the castle
was doing after she hadnt seen it for weeks, but everyone in the castle were running. The
soldiers, the chamberlains, the bureaucrats, and even the ministers were all running. The sight of
the round-bellied cabinet minister sweating from his forehead going huff huff as he ran was so
surreal she stood there dumbfounded.
This has never happened before. The castles atmosphere was supposed to be so relaxed youd
think that time flows more slowly here. The chamberlains and cabinet ministers would walk
softly, and it should have been so quiet you can hear the voices of the soldiers practicing at the
courtyard from anywhere in the castle. Didnt Liecia enter the military academy even though she
was a princess because she was sick of that kind of atmosphere?
But look at it now. No matter where you go in the castle you can hear somebodys footsteps.
Liecia called one of the maids who was running in a flurry.
Can I talk to you for a moment?
Ah, why if it isnt Princess. Do you have anything for me to do?
Ah, no The castles looking busy, did anything happen?
Um, no? Nothing in particular
Really? It feels somewhat busy to me though
Yes. Ah, but its probably the effect of the new king. Looking at the way he works it feels

inexcusable to leave all the work to him. I as well feel that I shouldnt be so slow ah, Im in
the middle of something right now so please excuse me.
T, that so? Do your best
Looking at the maid leaving in a quick pace, Liecia became dumbfounded. Just how is that new
king working to even make a maid go that far! Just what kind of person became my fianc.
Liecia was at her wits end.
The Royal Governmental Affairs Room. As Liecia opened the door the first thing she saw was a
mountain of paper. The documents were piled up high in a heap, all but overflowing from a large
desk that can seem to fit two grown men laying down. That was not all. Looking around there
were several bureaucrats on other long tables fighting hard before similar bundles of paper.
As Liecia became dumbfounded, there was a young mans voice from behind the mountain of
Oi, the one who just came in
. Ae!? What!?
She let out a strange sound as she came to her senses, but the owner of the voice didnt seem to
You, can you read? Can you do arithmetic?
D, dont take me for a fool! I have received decent education!
Good then. Come here and help me work
Help you!? Who do you think you
Dont worry about that, help me. This is a Royal Order.
As he said that, the person behind the mountain of paper stood up and finally showed his face.
This was the first meeting between Soma and Liecia who had just been engaged the other day.
Liecia would later on recount her first impression of him being a young man with tired eyes.

In stories where a hero was summoned to another world there were lots of cases where the hero
was given special powers upon being summoned. In most cases, it would be the power to face off
alone against a thousand or a power that looked useless at first glance but is actually an
incredible power that could conquer the world, the so-called ME STRONK-kind of power.
I thought, so I suppose I should have gotten some power, and of course, I seem to have been
given some powers. The first is [Multiple Concurrent Parallel Thought]. I can now think several
thoughts simultaneously. While having a meeting about matter A, I can think about matter B in
my head. I feel like I can probably win a Shoutoku Taishi game against 10 people right now.

TN: Prince Shoutoku (Shoutoku Taishi) can reportedly hold a conversation with 10 people
The other one is [Weak Telekinesis]. I can move things up to 300 grams in weight without
touching, disregarding gravity. The lighter the object is, the more freely I can control it, also,
together with Parallel Thought, I can move several things at a time. As a plus, its quite amazing
that I can see from an overlooking vantage point outside my normal point of view.
Then to talk about what I can do to completely exhibit these two powers, its doing paperwork at
three times the normal speed.
While looking over three documents simultaneously with parallel thought, I work two pens with
weak telekinesis, and together with the one in my right hand I work three pens to sign each
document. Yes, Im making progress. In fact, if it werent for these powers Id be buried in a
landslide of documents right about now.

Yeah, I know what you want to say. Thats not a ME STRONK power at all. To put it in the
words of a certain doujins shooting style [its a power only fit for paperwork]. Yeah, shabby.
Even though its useful right now, but when you think that the reason I was summoned was to
fight the Demon King all you can say is how did this happen!? Even if it wasnt a magic strong
enough to fight ten thousand enemies, at the very least Id rather get something like a sword skill
I can use to defend myself with.
To return to the main subject, as I was using those powers to combat the mountain of paper, the
sturdy door was kicked in by a girl in military dress. She had a well featured face, transparentwhite skin, flowing platinum blonde hair. Shes a beautiful girl that were I to see her during
peacetime I would undoubtedly became fascinated, but to me who had already stayed up three
nights I can no longer see her as a beautiful girl but only as some fresh labor. I half-forcibly sat
her next to me and pushed two bundles of paper on her.
Compare these two documents and when you see numbers that dont match or different number
of entries, put a checkmark on it.
Eh, what? What kind of job is this?
What you say? Were digging buried treasure
I carelessly said, seeing the girl in uniform confused.
Buried treasure?
More accurately, [Unaccounted-for Expenditures]. On one side is [Budgetary Requisitions] and
the other is [Earnings and Expense Report]. Even if the demanded amount matches the expenses,
if there are more expense entries than planned then they must be useless investment made up to
use up the budget, or possibly embezzlement using investment as cover-up. We put a checkmark
on those and if theres any fraud we make the related place pay the loss. If we discover an

individual embezzling money well have them pay it back, and if the cant pay it back we arrest
them and seize their property.
A, all right
Perhaps feeling threatened by the attitude of a person who had just done an all-nighter, she did as
I told her. Just like that, after about two hours passing with her working silently next to me, the
girl in military dress suddenly talked to me without stopping her hands check marking the
What is it? If youre tired then you can have a rest if you want
Not that I havent told you my name yet. Im Liecia Elfrieden, daughter of the previous
king Alberto Elfrieden
The moment the girl said that, the three pens I was manipulating stopped.
I stared wide-eyed at the girl who called herself Liecia.
So youre the princess
I dont look it?
Well, youre wearing military uniform. But. yeah, you kinda look like one
Now that you mention it, she has class, making me aware of her high-spec looks.
Im Souma Kazuya. Im acting as the current king for now
Liecia turned her face towards me. Were looking really close into each others eyes. Unlike me
who was just taken aback, her golden pupils seems like shes evaluating me. After staring for a
while Liecia finally opened her mouth.
Im not a princess anymore. Since you usurped the throne my position is a bit delicate
Usurped? I only had the throne being thrown wholesale at me by your father, you know!
Even though I only wanted to live a tranquil life Why did I have to carry this heavy burden
. Just what happened? I know youre the summoned hero, but why did it suddenly turn into
handing over the throne
Id like to know that, too. All I wanted was to keep myself safe
When I was summoned into this world I was on the brink of being sent to the Empire. The King
didnt seem too eager to do so but he had no other special plans, if the Empire made another
forced appeal he can do nothing but send me over. Then if I was sent to the Empire in the end, no
matter which way my fate turns theres no bright future in sight. In order to protect myself, I
needed to make them choose to not send the hero over.
The plan I presented to the king was to buy time by paying the support money, and using that
time to press a rich country, strong army policy. Since they said if you cant pay then just

send the hero over, we can pay and get it over with. They would then lose any pretense with
which to interfere. It was an attempt at intimidation but since it wasnt a real intimidation, I
judged that the Empire would care about their honor and not press any further than that. With the
time we gained by that, we would advance the rich country strong army policy and build a
country that wont yield even if the Empire threatens us again.
Of course, those two had objections. This country doesnt have the funds to pay the support
money with, they said. However, with the materials I examined, I showed them that payment is
possible by selling off some government facilities, suppressing government spending, and
handing over the kings private property to some extent. I attended an undergraduate program
in socio-economics and dreamed of becoming a government employee. This much is within my
field of expertise.
The King looked worried seeing the plan, but Prime Minister Markus seemed eager. He seemed
to have judged that rather than sending the hero away to maintain the status quo, it was better for
the countrys future to reform the economy. I was relieved at Prime Ministers eagerness. As the
person who suggested it I was probably expected to do some work, probably as a finance officer,
helping with the reform or so I thought.
But then they made me King
Ah, um sorry I guess
You have nothing to apologize for. Actually, youre a victim here, being suddenly told you have
a fianc
Yeah, thats true wait, huh? I wonder which of us has the higher position. Was it bad that I
havent been using polite language?
On the one hand we have a former commoner, current King. On the other we have a former
princess, current Queen candidate.
. I guess you can just talk casually
. Right
Also, dont worry about the engagement. Im only looking after the throne right now. Ill
probably quit being King in a few years
Eh, why!?
I didnt intend to do more work than earning [support money] so I dont get sent to the Empire
to begin with. Now that the throne has been handed to me, Ill at least put the countrys economy
on track, but Ill let the people choose what comes next. Of course, Im okay with cancelling the

Liecia stared wide-eyed at Soma who uttered such words.

(No no, he easily said so but does he understand how hard it is to do)

Even the military-obsessed Liecia who is unfamiliar with government affairs understands this
countrys situation. It was on the brink of a [checkmate]. It was low in food sufficiency to begin
with, the recession, the influx of refugees from the Demon King invasion, then the pressure from
the Grand Chaos Empire. all are causes for concern to deal with. In all likelihood, even if the
previous Kings reign continued itll only last several more years. As might be expected from a
military academy graduate, Liecia can see these things with a calm eye.
Therefore she somewhat understands the actions of her father who surrenders the throne to
someone he sees as superior right on the spot. But then, could he even do this putting this
countrys economy on track thing? If lets say he could, then are the people going to let the King
that accomplished such feats retire just like that.
. So, you think you can secure the support money?
Hm? Ah, Ive already secured the support money for the Empire
Im now raising funds for the reform. Frankly, it takes more money than paying the Empire
No. wait hold on right there! Already secured he says? the money the Empire asked was
supposedly as big as a third of the countrys annual budget. It rivaled a smaller countrys total
annual budget and he says hes already got it ready?
Where did you find that kind of
Ive sold about a third of the treasure in the treasure chamber
Treasure chamber? The National Treasures!?
He actually sold the National Treasures!? What is he thinking!
I questioned Soma who nonchalantly did something so outrageous as that.
The National Treasures belong to the whole country you know! Selling that out on your own
accord is treason to the people!
N, now, calm down. Since you say it belongs to the country then wouldnt it be acceptable to
sell it for the sake of the entire nations well being?
Yes, but. There are things there with cultural and historic significance
Ah Ive excluded those things. The things Ive sold are the hard assets like gems and
Soma tracked down and presented a catalogue put together regarding the National Treasures
from the stack of documents.
I divided the National Treasures into [Group A: things with cultural value], [Group B: things
without cultural value but has property value], and [Group C: others], and sold only Group B.
Rather than selling group A it would be better to put them on display in galleries or museums at
regular intervals for long term acquisition of foreign currency
That might be true, but group C?

Magic items, magic books and stuff. I actually dont know how to treat them. Theyre
something like weapons, so to speak. I cant just sell them away or put them on display. Though
the [set of heros equipment] looked like its going to sell for quite a lot
Please stop that
Youre still a hero, even for a moment Ah, but youre a King now.
But, if we had that kind of money shouldnt we have put it to arming ourselves to prepare
against the Empire? I was taught to [better gamble 1000 yen in national defense than give one
tenth of a rin in tribute] in the academy
I see your proverb and raise you a short proverb. [Time is money]. The effect is by offering war
support money as sacrifice I can earn this country some much-needed Time.
Whats with your phrasing?
Dont worry about it. Anyway, even if we increase our armaments theres no meaning if we
dont solve our domestic problems. As long as the food and refugee problems arent solved,
were going to keep losing popular support. If that happens well be a country so brittle the
Empire only needs to fan the flames a little before an insurrection happens
No way The people should recognize what a threat the Empire is
Thats an idealistic view. [The poor cant afford manners]. After all there cant be morals nor
patriotism on an empty stomach. Without any wriggle room for themselves they cant worry
about others
TN: 1 rin = 1/1000 yen
The look in Somas eyes was awfully cold as he said that.
That was a terribly realistic view. I think it seems right on point.
Its just that I dont know.
Well now, should we get back to work?
I felt as if my chest tightened from his gaze.

We continued for another day and was finally able to secure a certain amount of money. Though
it wont bring us to prosperity it can act as funds for pressing reforms. Being able to raise this
much funds from just the directly controlled territories without touching the Three Duchies, I
think its worth praising.
Looking around inside the room there were dead bodies strewn about. Among the bureaucrats
there are those who were sleeping face down on the desks, and there are also those who sleep
laying back on their chairs, looking up at the ceiling. As for myself, I have already stayed up four
nights, but by splitting my consciousness into three using parallel thought I can let them take

turns sleeping one at a time so I dont feel tired mentally (though since its physically exhausting
I dont want to use it frequently)
Meanwhile, on the Government Affairs Room sofa, Liecia was lying down sleeping. I quietly
drew near and sat on the sofas armrest, gazing at the sleeping Liecia. In the end she helped me
work until almost dawn. She must have lots of things to say after suddenly getting a fianc, but I
have to thank her for cooperating with my work despite all that.
I brushed the sleeping Liecias head. Her silky hair glided between my fingers.
The feeling of elation from being released from a long stretch of work probably had something to
do with this. Its quite an embarrassing act to do sober.
Liecia groaned and I let my hand off her hair. The next moment, Liecia opened her eyes and
suddenly sat upright. She was still sleepy, looking blankly all over the place. I smiled as I called
her out.
Morning Liecia
Ah, morning huh? I slept
The works over. You want to sleep a little more?
Ah, no. Im good. Rather, how about you Soma? You havent slept at all right?
It seems like shes already fully awake, and Im honestly happy that she worries about me.
I got up from the armrest and made an exaggerated stretch.
Im planning to rest easy after this, but oh, right. Will you come with me for a moment?
Hm? Where?
A walk before bed

Chapter 1 Fundraising B
Right after dawn, the two of us, Liecia and I, were being jolted on horseback.
While breathing the still early morning misty air, Liecias favorite horse Celine, unmindful of the
two persons worth of weight on it, jumped as it ran. We were riding double like on a motorbike,
but it was Liecia who was holding the reins while the one with arms gripping tightly around her
slender waist behind her was me.
Whoa there, dont press my stomach so strongly
No, well, this is quite scary you know?

Pathetic. Isnt it normally the man whos supposed to be holding the reins
Cant be helped. This is the first time riding a horse for me
A modern Japanese, Tokyo born, Tokyo raised, doesnt have many chances to ride a horse
At most, it was only to the extent of riding a pony with a helper at a petting zoo when I was a
Any adult in this country, from farmers to nobles, can ride horses you know?
Unfortunately, the country I came from has lots of more convenient modes of transport
But this country mainly uses horses. Since youre here anyway why dont you get used to it?
.. when I have time
Right. . so, the vehicles in your country, I think Im interested
Yeah, there box-shaped vehicles with wheels that can carry a huge number of people in one
While having that conversation, we continued galloping along.
Its probably around 6 right now. About time for people to finally start working. The shopping
districts have no stores open, and there are virtually no pedestrians.
Leaving the urban area, we finally arrived at the walls surrounding the city. We talked with the
guard there and went outside through a small gate next to a large gate (opens 7 AM) that you
dont see outside of foreign fantasy movies.
The negotiations this time was handled by Liecia. A newly enthroned King would probably not
be allowed outside the gates without guards. Which is why the military officer Liecia went and
dodged the issue saying Im going outside on royal orders or something. After we safely left
the castle gates, Liecia grumbled.
They wrote it down as a royal order. Now how should I explain to my superiors
I politely ignored her.
Then within a short time, we finally arrived at our destination.
. stop here

I asked Liecia to stop the horse, and she looked at me with a doubtful face.
You wanted to come here? I cant see anything but fields, though
As Liecia said, wherever we look around us theres nothing but verdant fields.
Green fields wet with dew as far as the eye can see. This place. theres no mistaking it.
I want Liecia to see this sight
These fields? Well, it certainly is pretty, wet with morning dew and all that
Pretty. huh. Even though its all because of this that people are dying from starvation
Liecia widened her eyes in surprise. I made a mocking smile.
Look closely. These inedible fields are the cause of this countrys food problems

Inedible fields.
That is what Soma called the fields spreading before our eyes, making a mocking smile.
.. what does that mean?
It means what it says. What we have spreading out here are all [cotton]
Cotton. Ah! Thats what you meant by inedible
Cotton is the raw materials for making cotton thread. Certainly not for eating.
Soma sat down on the spot and propped his elbows on his knees.
In conclusion, the countrys food problems were caused by the increase of these cotton fields.
. huh?
Did he just casually say something amazing just now? The countrys food problems?
Not noticing my bewilderment, Soma continued talking.

I found this out when I was sorting out the documents, but because of the enlargement of the
Demon King Territory demand for necessities like clothes increased. Naturally, the demand for
the raw material, cotton, also increased. As the price of cotton rises, you can only sell what you
make, so the farmers stopped the food cultivation theyve been doing and simultaneously
switched to cotton. Theyre [cash crops] not meant to be eaten but to be sold, but the fact the
farmers suddenly switched to farming only cash crops is causing this countrys food sufficiency
to decline
I didnt know that. No, Ive never given it any thought.
Wondering whats causing our countrys food problems, I selfishly thought it may be bad
weather, or maybe because the land is bad to begin with. Even though theres such a definite
cause, even though Ive lived here for over ten years, I didnt notice at all. Even though Soma
who was only called out here a few days ago was able to notice.
To expand on that, the cause of the countrys recession is the same. Because our food
sufficiency is low we have no choice but to import from other countries, but because there are
transportation costs for importation, the price of foodstuffs suddenly jumped. Though a familys
finances would be under pressure, they can only cut down food expenses so much. If they dont
eat, they die, after all, so of course what gets cut down are luxury groceries and luxury items.
This restrained buying is whats causing the recession
What was I looking at. If I were a townsperson Id just say you reap what you sowand thats that.
But I was a princess. A superiors ignorance is the murder of those below her.
Im disqualified as royalty
Because of the extreme exhaustion I sat down hard on the spot.
Ive never in my life felt a sense of helplessness Im feeling today. Seeing me like that, Soma
groaned ah and uh and then plopped his hand on my head.
Dont be so discouraged. We can still make it in time. Ive secured the funds. With this money
lets first reform the agriculture
. What are you going to do?

Restricting farming of cash crops, replanting food fields, raising food sufficiency. The country
will support the conversion with subsidies. First we plant soybeans that has a wide range of use
and potatoes that are resistant to crop failure, and finally add paddy fields. Then
Soma talked about his wide-ranging agriculture reforms. There were lots of words I dont
understand, like rice or paddy, but his face looked radiant. I think I understand why father turned
over the throne. Hes the one this country needs the most right now. No matter what it takes we
need to tie him down to this country.
.. The engagement with me was probably one of those ties.
(. this is definitely not the time to say it isnt funny having my marriage arbitrarily decided)
Soma said hed surrender the throne once he put the countrys economy on track, but theres no
way I can accept that. To let a rare talent leave government service is the countrys failure. I need
to make sure that doesnt happen no matter what.
(I wonder if I can construct a fait accompli and make him take responsibility. wait! F, fait
accompli means that, right?)
Because of the image that came to mind, my face suddenly turned red.
Which is why the mountain areas hey Liecia, are you listening?
Hyes! I, Im listening
? Somehow you look red?
Its the morning sun! Dont worry, keep talking!
My cheeks were hot. I think Ill die from embarrassment.
What Soma said after that didnt enter my ears at all.

[Character Sketch: Liecia Elfrieden]

Daughter of the 13th King of Elfrieden, Alberto Elfrieden. She married the one who would later

become Soma E Elfrieden. While being a princess, she was also a graduate from a military
academy and a personnel of the royal military, and in that capacity, actively took her part as the
bridge between Soma and the Military. She also showed more resourcefulness regarding
government affairs than her father, to the point that it was later speculated that she might not be
blood related to him. She would always be with Soma through his turbulent life, supporting him
from the side, being the very model of a Good Wife and Wise Mother.
TN: heh

The cause of the food shortage was the sudden conversion from food crops to cash crops. A wellknown example of this is the forced planting system introduced in the Netherlands East
Indies. I heard that because the colony was forced into planting cash crops, famine broke out and
many died from starvation.
TN: Cultuurstelsel
Next time is either the agricultural reform or talent gathering.
Ill be happy to receive your views and opinions.

Chapter 2 First Lets Begin from A

This worlds technology organisation is a big mess.
For instance, on Earth science and technology progresses with the steps manpower
watermill/windmill steam engine internal combustion engine. When you think I want to
fly free in the sky, you have to understand the principle of dynamic lift and build a propulsion
system to make an airplane, and you have to understand the theory why you need to burn things
to make the propulsion system work. On Earth, new technology is always built on top of lower
However, this world has magic and magical beasts.
If you say I want to fly free in the sky, you get here you go! Wyvern!. Completely ignoring
gunpowder and internal combustion engines, the people of this country fly in the sky. If theyre
so inclined, they could even make fire or water or lightning appear with magic, and theres a
large gap between what they could and could not do.

TN: Referring to the opening song of the anime Doraemon, which goes: I want to fly free in
the sky / Here you go! Bamboocopter!
They have things similar to trucks, but without internal combustion engines, theyre pulled by
large magical beasts.
They have steel battleships, but theyre pulled by huge sea dragons.
They dont have electricity, but the countrys nights are bright. The countrys street lights are
filled with luminous moss that store light during the day and illuminate the cities at night.
They dont have gas, and they cook with firewood, hearths, and fire-attribute magic (or magic
They dont have water pipes, but water wells are installed throughout the cities, endowed with
water-attribute magic circles to draw water from underground.
. thats how it goes.
There are lots of things this country does with the power of magic, even without science.
On the other hand, if you leave out the magic and magic beasts, the country have a low culture
level. Speaking in terms of our worlds history, theyre probably at the eve of the early modern
times and the deathbed of the middle ages. Feudal systems still remain, and the Industrial
Revolution is still far away. Which is why there must be something that I, who came from a
future five centuries after the Industrial Revolution, know that can be turned into money.
That was what I was thinking.

Were going with the agricultural reforms but it cant be done in a day. Which is why for the
meantime I decided to increase import volume from abroad to deal with the food problem
Soma, sitting opposite of me around a long, narrow table, said so and sank his teeth into his toast.
On the table there was a basket of toast and scrambled eggs and chorizo and salad on plates for
two lined up. Its breakfast time now.
TN: pork sausage
But you said since imports have transport costs they cause restrained buying
Yup. So for the time being the country buys them and sells them at the local price. There will be
tariff deficits but since its urgent well have to get over it. Id like to earn through exports to

make up for it but we have to find something to replace the biggest earner, cotton wool
Quite a jam, huh Well, that aside
I mentioned the one thing I had been wanting to comment on since a while ago.
Why the hell is the king having breakfast at this kind of place!?
This is the castle mess hall. Moreover, its the common mess hall the live-in soldiers and
chamberlains use, also, what Soma and I are eating right now is the Morning Set A. The king of a
country is blending in with soldiers and eating soldier food. There should be a limit to being
The soldiers and chamberlains curious gazes are painful
Dont mind them. Im putting up cutbacks on the castle. We cant waste money on food
Dont you think scrimping is bad for the economy?
Thats if you hoard what you scrimp. If you use the saved money properly the economy will
But anyhow, you dont have to eat out here
So you want to eat this breakfast at that gargantuan table? It feels empty there, no?
Well, you might be right, but
But I still have a problem with eating here where everyone can see.
Even if Ive gotten used to it at the academy, for now Soma is my fianc so this situation feels
like were having a rendezvous in public.
How am I supposed to stay calm?
Haah but if youre cutting down on food expenses then you should tell father and mother.
Those two were having a nice teatime with cake
Ah, theyre fine. Theyre all [gifts] from the townspeople
So our people can afford something like that.
Well, theyre from large store owners and shops owned by influential lords. The label of [Royal
Purveyor] carries prestige in this country. They send them over quite frequently

Dont say this country! Youre its king now!

As foods theyre sweet but they dont store well. I dont like sweets that much but food is food,
so I gave them to the previous royal couple and the maids and had them write down their
impressions and the highly rated ones get the label [Royal Purveyor]. Theyre unexpectedly
So thats why
Recently the maids have been fussing about somethings wrong with the weight war front.
There are also reports that maids have been joining the soldiers practice. We know why but we
cant stop, their womanly souls scream, probably. I have to be careful, too.
While I swore that in my heart, Soma showed a somewhat distant look.
W, whats wrong?
No, well If our food expenses get any more dangerous its possible were going to have to eat
the gift cakes for our three meals. Hahaha [if they dont have bread then let them eat cake], I
Without understanding the actual situations, the people are going to revolt
Well well, the two of you look like youre having fun
The two of us turned our heads and we saw a young man wearing Royal Knight fluted armor
(sans helmet) standing there. He was tall and had a rather solid build, together with his straight
blonde hair they form a sweet mask that women would love.
I say, if it isnt Ludwin-dono
Long time no see, princess. No, perhaps I should rather say Queen now
Ah, um. Right now Im neither though
Looking at our exchange, Soma made a face that says who?, so I formally introduced him.
Ludwin Arks.
Despite his age of not even 30 years, he distinguished himself enough to be entrusted with the
leadership of the Elfrieden Royal Knights. The Captain of the Royal Knights is an important
position that is in charge of the capital Parnam and Parnam Castles defense during peacetime but
in emergencies, they are also entrusted to lead the armed force under direct control of the King,
the [Royal Guard].

Incidentally, the [Three Dukes] are the three ducal houses in charge of this countrys Army,
Navy, and Air Force.
The current Three Dukes are as follows.
General of the Elfrieden Royal Army, Duke Georg Carmine.
A lion-maned therianthrope. With command like raging fire, he strikes fear to his enemies.
Admiral of the Elfrieden Royal Navy, Duchess Ecksel Walter.
A mizuchi with pirates in her ancestry. A valiant lady who is adept at both naval warfare and
TN: Sea Dragon
Marshal of the Elfrieden Royal Air Force, Duke Castor Vargas.
A Dragonewt (half-dragon half-human). The star of the Royal Armed Forces, a Dragon Knight
who rules the skies.
Each of them, in exchange for their families oath of fealty to the kingdom, are given territory
(duchies) in the kingdom and are allowed autonomy. In the days following the kingdoms
founding, this system was instituted in order to reduce friction the races in this country that was
built of different races gathered together, but even now when all the races lived peacefully
together the system remains. In exchange for territory they stake their entire families lives to
protect their beloved country.
However, the current Three Dukes stayed their armies and remained in each of their territories.
The Three Dukes who respected the previous king, i.e. Father, still havent recognized Soma,
who looked to them as if having stolen the throne, as their Lord. This has become quite an
annoyance for Soma. The Three Dukes territories taken together make one third of the country,
and without their cooperation the reforms Soma is pursuing would prove difficult.
I also wrote letters again and again to Duke Carmine, my direct superior who cared for me like
his own daughter, to meet and speak with Soma, but he only replied with the single line, I still
cant trust him. That man is flexible with tactics but has a hard head. Im sure hes waiting for
Soma to go see him and bow his head asking for his cooperation. He wants things done properly
like that. Duchess Walter and Duke Vargas are probably the same.

But that was probably too nave.

Soma is losing his patience over the slowly proceeding reforms.
If the Three Dukes would turn their backs on him, he would think of turning his back on them.
Soma has the resolve to do just that. My stomach hurts thinking about it.
Without knowing what I was thinking, Soma shook hands with Ludwin.
Im Souma Kazuya. For now Im the king
Well well, Hero-King. Im the Captain of the Royal Knights Ludwin Arks. Your working ways
have become quite a rumor among the officials
Then when you see them gossiping again, tell them to [get to work]
Hahaha, understood. Ah, may I have breakfast with you?
I dont really mind. Also you can do without honorifics outside formal occasions
All right
Ludwin-dono took the tray with his breakfast and sat beside me.
So, about your reforms. Hows it going?
Not well Especially the problem of talented personnel
Soma grumbled as he bit into his toast.
Im only taking over the previous Kings advisors right now. Which is to say, the people that
allowed the country to fall this far. Everyone else besides Prime Minister Markus are useless
This country is the absolute monarchy of the king. Its government strongly reflects the kings
There is a national assembly where the citizens have the right to vote, but it was a place where
they decide on bills and laws to suggest to the king, and whatever bills and policies decided there
was proposed to the king through the prime ministers mouth. Whether or not it will be adopted
all depends on the king. Then again, while that may be true, if the king acted as without concern
for the people, he will lose their hearts and be taken down by the hands of the Three Dukes
holding the military.

Then, should the king wish to test out a political measure, he could call together independent
councillors other than the prime minister. They are something like a [cabinet] in democratic
states. The king would open a conference with his councillors and judge whether a political
measure is useful or not. The choice of personnel is entirely the kings prerogative. He could call
up whoever and however many people. Of course if too many incompetent personnel gets
appointed it will lead to endless arguments and he will lose the faith of the people.
Normally, before one ascends to the throne (in this country that would be as a prince), one should
have assembled the people who will become councillors, but Soma who was so suddenly
enthroned never did such a thing.
Even Markus is already past his prime. I want the kind of retainer that will inspect what I want
inspected and wrangle what I want wrangled
I know, right. Its the fate of superiors to want excellent subordinates
You do too?
Yeah. Most military academy graduates wish to join the Three Ducal Armies. The Royal Guard
is the capital citys guards, after all. Its not too popular, right, princess
Well. thats true. My classmates mostly went to the Three Ducal Armies as well
Im also a member of the army, but being Royalty, it cant be helped that I joined the Royal
Guard in charge of protecting royalty.
So as it happens, the current Royal Guard is full of people who are left over or failed. There are
even stray mad scientists from the weapons development division among them
Ooh, Id like to meet them
Seeing Soma interested, Ludwin smiled bitterly and said, Ill introduce you next time.
We had idle chatter for a while, then we parted with Ludwin-dono. When I get to the room Ill try
sending another letter to Duke Carmine, I thought.

Sure enough, personnel assembly is an urgent business.

It might have been because I abused my ability but my skill level increased and I was able to do
one more persons worth of work (essentially, four peoples worth of work) but that was in the

end only one more me. I dont know what I dont know, and I dont have the abilities I dont
What I need is people who know what I dont know, and can do what I cant.
Id kill for talented personnel like that.
TN: It does get confusing when I is plural
Which is why I decided to assemble personnel.
Im thinking of using the Royal Voice Broadcast
Well, I do think thatll make things quick
The Royal Voice Broadcast is equipment for sending out the Kings voice throughout the
An orb two meters in diameter floats in the middle of a room inside the castle called the [Royal
Voice Chamber]. This orb is an item loaded with the magic of wind spirits, sylphs, and water
spirits, undines, sending out the kings voice throughout the land. In towns where the receiving
environment has been set up, it can even show his image.
Liecia didnt object to using it but she was tilting her head in doubt.
But then again its the first time anyones ever assembled personnel using the Royal Voice
How do you normally do it?
Getting people using private connections, or using people who passed written tests
Isnt that a bit biased? How good is literacy in this country?
Half the people can read. 3 out of 10 can write
Isnt it useless then? Only 3 out of 10 people can take the test
Thats the average for the whole world, though
So this is what happens without compulsory education.
I should take care of this quickly as well.
Anyone can read and write if they take lessons. You think Im going to gather personnel judging
on whether or not they have money for lessons? Seventy percent of the population! How many

diamonds in the rough is this country going to let lie

I have no answer to that
Liecia said, feeling ashamed. Well theres no use telling just her.
This country definitely needs changing on a fundamental level.
So? What conditions are you going to use?
Ive already thought up what Im going to say. Actually, Im going to borrow the words of a
hero I respect
Yeah, the unscrupulous hero of chaotic times
TN: Cao Cao

[If you have talent I have use for you!]

In the capital, in the cities, in the towns, in the villages, Somas voice resounded, carried by the
magic of the sylphs.
Also, in the capital, the cities, and large towns, Somas image is projected. This is thanks to the
undine magic loaded onto the [Royal Voice Broadcast]. Fog is sprinkled to the air using
equipment installed at each city and there the scene of the [Royal Voice Chamber] is reproduced
using refraction. In modern terms, image data from the actual recording location is received and
projected to a screen in the sky in real time, or something like that.
The image is rough but the people stirred seeing the new king for the first time.
Some people were at a loss seeing his youth, and some at his common appearance. Although it
was also Somas fault for forgoing ceremonial dress, saying its a nuisance, and only wore a
Only the sight of Liecia standing firm beside him gave them peace of mind.
They had heard that the former king wasnt forcibly usurped, but they were still ill at ease until
they saw him with their own eyes. Liecias gallant beauty is especially popular with the people.
Meanwhile, Soma continued his speech.

[Countrymen, this nation is on the verge of an unprecedented crisis! Serious food problems, the
impending economic recession, the influx of refugees whose lands were stolen by the Demon
King. these are all grave illnesses that plague this country! And that is not all! The largest
nation on the continent, the Grand Chaos Empire is increasing their influence, levying war
support money on the countries, putting pressure on their economies. And not only the Empire,
powerful countries are taking this chance to swallow up lesser countries, for a powerless country
to survive they must sharpen their fangs]
[The previous king saw that his own power wasnt up to the task and entrusted my humble self
with the countrys affairs. To recognise what he could not do and entrust them to those who can,
is he not a capable man to be able to understand this? The previous king is truly worthy to be
called a wise ruler in times of peace]
Liecia momentarily gave him a cold look that says you dont really mean it, do you?, but not
a single person noticed.
[But this is a time of upheaval, and times of upheaval takes not a saintly king, but a king
smelling of mud, a tenacious survivor! Not a lord whos better than average at everything, but
one who wont give up surviving, one who stands above all on this one point, because your
families safety and your fortunes protection depends on his results! That is why the previous
king entrusted this country to me! Tenacity. On this one point alone I far surpass the previous
[Right now, I have many reforms under way! But for that there is an overwhelming lack of
talented people! So therefore, right now, I am recruiting talented people!]
[I will say it once again! Countrymen, if you have talent I have use for you! This time of chaos
needs not people who are better on average than others, but people who tower over the rest on a
single point alone. I will not call what the talent is into question. Neither will I call anything else
other than that talent into question. If you have the pride that I will not lose to anyone on this,
then stand before me!]
[Your education, your age, your social status, your origins, your race, nor your gender matters!
Not whether you can read or write, not whether you can do arithmetics, not the size of your
assets, not whether or not you are in sound health, not the beauty or ugliness of your face or

figure, nor whether you have a scar on your shin, none of it matters! On this one thing alone I far
surpass others, on this one thing alone I wont lose to anyone in the country. If any of you think
so then show yourselves before me! Should I deem you useful for the country I shall shower you
with gratitude and welcome you into my court!]
The new kings fervent speech made the peoples eyes shine.
While listening to his fervent speech everyone is racking their brains over whether they have a
talent that exceeds others. However, at the same time, they thoughteven if I can find something I
can do better than other people, if it serves no purpose then it wont be of use. That feeling,
almost a resignedness, was the final breakwater to the excitement brought about by the fervent
The King said he wanted people who can settle the countrys problems.
They didnt think the talent they had could be of use to the kingdom.
[Im sure some of you are hesitant over whether or not your talent will be of use!]
As if understanding the peoples hesitation, Soma said.
[But that is not for you to decide! Whether your talent is something the country needs or not is
my, Soma Kazuyas, decision to make! Even if your talent is something people call worthless, it
doesnt matter! I will pass judgement! So dont hesitate! Come before me and show me what
youve got!]
Then as if calming down, Soma took a breath.
[If you still have your hesitations, lets do this. If that talent of yours proves to be unequaled in
the kingdom, I will publish a Mark of Peerlessness under the name of the King of Elfrieden
and you will receive a cash gift. Are you excited now, people!]
Somas projected image made a fist pump.
That moment, cheers welled up from each and every town in the country.
It was the moment the breakwater in the peoples hearts burst.
The capital was no different.
[Oooh I can hear the shouts from the castle town from here. Your enthusiasm is splendid]

Somas tone broke, and Liecia next to him was troubled but nobody noticed.
[Also, I dont mind if you put yourself or other people forward. If you recommend other people
the recommender will get three tenths of the rewards. Drag out the people whod act recluse in
this time of the countrys crisis. Also, for contested talents like swordsmanship or singing, I
will have you compete with others beforehand and select a representative so be ready for that.
All right now I have said what I wanted to say.]
Then Soma, in the Royal Voice Broadcast ended with these words.
[Then to all of you talented people, Ill be in the capital Parnam to shake hands with you]

Whats with that last line?

After the broadcast ended, Liecia glared at me to which I smiled and said, Just going with the
Well now, how are the people going to react. Will the personnel I wanted come.
Itll be great if lots of people come

Chapter 2 First Lets Begin from B


TN: footnotes are the authors own parenthesized statements that took more than half a line
(and thus would break the flow of text) unless I specifically marked them with a TN: block.
In history there are scenes that would easily be turned into plays in later eras. The requirements
for those are
One, it has to be the turning point of an age.
Two, there has to be a star appropriate for a play.
These are the two requirements.
In the case of the Sengoku Period, its the scene of Oda Nobunaga dancing the [Atsumori] before

the battle of Okehazama.

In the case of the Annals of the Three Kingdoms, its the scene of Liu Beis [Three Visits] to
Zhuge Liang.
In the case of Rome, its the scene of Caesars [Alea Jacta Est] as he crossed the Rubicon.
In that case, if one were to ask which scene in this age where Soma was enthroned would most
often be turned into plays, it would certainly be the scene of this personnel gathering. Of the five
talented youngsters that stood before Soma at his summons, only one did he unconditionally
From Somas point of view, this scene was just another one of his exploits, but from a certain
persons point of view, it was a Cinderella story that turned their life upside down, and from the
point of view of one of the remaining four youngsters who saw the scene differently than the
other three, it was [the turning point of an age].
Yes. This scene has three leading actors.

I was worried how many people would come, but it was unexpectedly a huge success.
Im glad I didnt limit the kind of talent and also gave out cash rewards.
The capital right now is so jammed with people they had to instate an entry limitation. Due to the
exceptional circumstances, the civil officials starting with Markus had been in a tizzy since
It was surprising that this country has this many talented people, but somehow it doesnt seem to
be the case. Because of my grand recruitment, spectators who wanted to have a look at what kind
of people catches the Kings eye came along in large numbers, and where theres people, theres
money. Merchants, seeing this good opportunity, also gathered and had begun setting up street
stalls, and the castle town turned into something like a festival. The curious situation was
stimulating to the economy but as it does, the civil officials troubles went on the increase.
Now then, the main part, the personnel gathering, seems to be a great success.
From action-ready talents to ones that doesnt look to be useful at first glance, a lot of talents

displayed themselves on the judging grounds. Five officials at the judging grounds judged
whether or not the talent being displayed is unique or not, and if their talent was acknowledged
they will get a cash reward no matter the talent. Liecia and I monitored the whole thing from a
separate room and should a person catch our interest they will be picked out.
A truly great number of people announced their candidacy but on the other hand the amount of
duplicates are proportionally high. [Valor], [Public Entertainment], and [Beauty] talents were
particularly violently contested so they were conducted in separate venues to decide the [Number
One] from each of them. The venues were respectively designated the [Kingdoms Number One
Fighting Tournament], [Kingdom of Talents], and [Elfrieden Bishoujo Grand Prix], giving
spectators a special treat.
Incidentally, I later received an appeal from the merchants association to hold these events in the
capital Parnam once every year to attract tourists. Also, rumors floated that the [Elfrieden
Bishoujo Grand Prix] was really a contest for the selection of the Kings concubines so nobles
who wanted marriage ties with the king sent young girls in their kin to participate, but thats
unrelated right now so Ill leave it at that. Liecia seems to have heard the rumors from
somewhere, though, and sent me piercing stares.

The judging which I predicted would take one day was extended for three days, it was on the
fourth day that people with talents that made me say this is it appeared before my eyes.
There was Liecia standing next to me, who was sitting on the throne, on my right hand side on a
lower step was Prime Minister Markus-dono, and on the left there stood the captain of the Royal
Knights Ludwin-dono. By the way, this scene was being broadcast throughout the country using
the orb brought out from the [Royal Voice Chamber].
Though she is my fiance our marriage had not yet been settled so she couldnt sit on the
queens seat
Then in front of us, there were five youngsters standing in line.
One was a silver-haired elf-eared dark-skinned slightly-muscled soldier-ish young girl.
One was a young man with all his body covered in black clothes, with a somewhat disinterested

One was a blue haired girl, beautiful in a different way from Liecias gallantness, one with a
gentle air.
One was a homely little girl of about ten years old with fox ears springing out from her head.
And the last one was an indistinct plump man sweating greasy sweat.
Your highness. This countrys many talented people Your Highness have summoned had been
recorded in the Royal Office archives. These people are the ones who showed particularly rare
talents this occasion
Markus announced, and then
The plump man vigorously bowed like a jumping locust.
The blue-haired beauty bowed, every single move she made full of grace.
The fox-eared little girl imitated them and bowed clumsily.
The young man in black saw them with sleepy eyes and bowed last.
The elf-eared girl stayed standing. Seeing that, the people around became startled.
TN: more like a kowtow, actually
Youre in the presence of His Highness the King. On your knees
Ludwin-dono cautioned her quietly, but with anger mixed in his voice, but the elf-eared girl took
no concern. On the contrary, she looked me straight in the eye and declared.
I beg your pardon for our tribes custom. The soldiers of our tribe bow to no one but our
masters. Also, it is a sign of virtue for our women to bow their heads to no one besides their
I dont mind
I held Ludwin, who was about to argue, back with my hand.
It was us who appealed for their cooperation for the country. I will not be obstinate
.. As Your Highness wishes

Ludwin-dono withdrew. . He understands well.

The actions are in order to not be looked down on by the other party, but still show the Kings
magnanimity. He was a splendid actor. Therefore I will perform as expected as well and play the
tolerant king.
I stood up from the throne and faced them.
All of you raise your heads, our position here is as the one whos seeking your support. You
may abandon formalities and be at ease
The four slowly stood up. I gave Markus a look, urging him to proceed.
Markus nodded, unrolled some kind of scroll and started reading.
Then I shall henceforth hold the ceremony to announce the talents these people are endowed
with and grant their rewards! Dark Elf of the [God-Protected Forest] Aisha Woodgard, step
This time the Elf-eared girl obediently did as she was told. Well, such pinpointed rules like you
shouldnt step forward before youre called out shouldnt exist anyway. The age of foreigners is,
as a rule, difficult to tell so I dont know how old she was, but shes probably hasnt reached 20
yet. She had dark brown skin and silver hair, was slim but moderately muscled, healthy. She had
a somewhat intense expression but shes well in the category of beautiful girl.
[Dark Elf]. Belonging to the class of minority peoples in the Kingdom of Elfrieden, they are a
race with high combat prowess. They dwell in the God-Protected Forest instead of in towns and
are allowed autonomy as protectors of the forest. An exclusive tribe with a high tribal identity.
With a calm pretense, I handily manipulated gloves I left in the library with my split
consciousness and looked up the entry for Dark Elf in the [Elfrieden Childrens Encyclopedia].
It takes time but it was convenient because it was like having a search engine in my head.
Incidentally, the [Dark Elves] in this kingdom werent Elves that fell and lost the favor of the
gods like in fantasy, but simply that Elves with light skin and blonde hair were called [Light
Elves] and ones with dark skin and silver hair were called [Dark Elves].

Because it was intended for children the contents are made short, my favorite for letting me get
information in a short time
She showed remarkable talent in combat and as the winner of the [Kingdoms Number One
Fighting Tournament] earlier, her competence can truly be called the Kingdoms Number One,
she will be awarded that title!
Oooh~, that fighting tournaments winner. Must be considerably strong.
But theres something Im curious about.
I was recruiting personnel for the country, but could you lend your strength to the country when
its needed? I read that a Dark Elf belongs only to their tribe
This is not the age where we can live just by protecting the forest. Without the country the
forest will be in danger. There are Dark Elves who think we should change our ways. I am one of
Aisha declared that clearly.
Still Thats a rather progressive outlook for a conservative tribe
Certainly, were treated as heretics, but if we keep going as we are O King
What is it?
I wont be needing the prize. So please allow me to speak freely
The room rustled, because Aisha made a direct appeal to the King.
If times didnt change, it would be a capital offense even in Japan. This country seems to be the
Liecia and Ludwin-dono grabbed their blades but I stopped them with my hand.
Ill allow it. Speak
Soma!? Thats
She had the resolve. As King I should lend an ear
I thank you. Then Ill speak
Aisha then magnificently puffed her chest.

Recently human incursions into the God-Protected Forest had intensified! They picked the
blessings of the forests like mushrooms and wild plants and hunted the beasts of the forest. We
understand that there are food troubles but if we lost those then it will be our turn to starve! We
reward the trespassers with nothing else than the sword. We already have clashed with them in
several locations in the forest. O King, please somehow control the human trespassers
I see
In other words, shes asking me to prohibit humans whove missed meals from hunting and
gathering in their forest. Food troubles get more severe the more you go into areas where
distribution is limited. If theres an abundant forest nearby theyd go in even if it meant risking
attacks from Dark Elves.
I understand. There are already laws to restrict people from entering and leaving the GodProtected Forest so I cant make any more prohibitions, but Ill immediately provide food
support for villagers around the forest. If there were still anyone who entered the forest even
then, theyll be designated as poachers and will be taken down by our side
Thank you very much
As I said that Aisha put her hand on her chest and closed her eyes in exchange for bowing her
head. Though I dont know whether its a sign of thanks or relief at accomplishing her task.
But Aisha, even though poaching is not allowed, if you consider the future dont you think that
you should trade with those outside the forest? Im sure there are products from outside that
would catch your interest?
That may be true, but our side has nothing to trade them for
How about lumber? You do periodically thin the forest, dont you?
Since they live in the forest they shouldnt have too many uses for wood, right. They would be in
high demand in the outside world, so wouldnt they make good trade goods. I thought.
Periodic what?
Aisha asked me back with a serious look, I was dumbfounded for a moment.
Eh? Could it be that this world doesnt do periodical thinning?

Cutting down a moderate number of trees in order to maintain the forest, but
I said so while looking at Liecia and Markus and Ludwin, but everyone shook their heads. It
seems this is the first time they heard about it. Aisha is the same.
Protecting the forest. by cutting trees?
Its obvious, right? If you leave trees alone theyll grow as big as they could and spread their
leaves far and wide. Those leaves block the sunlight so young trees cant grow. Also when they
grow close together theyll obstruct each others growth, and in the end itll be a fragile forest of
only old trees. That fragile forest will easily be destroyed by snow or wind. Also, since sunlight
is blocked the undergrowth will wither and the ground will lose water retention and be prone to
landslides. That much is common sense. right?
Looking around there were only people shaking their heads (horizontally) in reply. Huuuuuh?
Immediately Aisha bowed down on the spot. She bowed so deep her head touched the carpet and
was already doing a dogeza.
My King!
W, what is it?
Please forgive me for my insolence earlier!
No, well, I dont really mind in the first place, but wait, are you okay with bowing your
I dont mind! This very minute, I offer you as my master, my entire lifetime of loyalty!
Wait wait what was she saying.
Please make use of this life in any way. I dedicate my body and heart and chastity to Your
Highness. If you tell me to fight, Ill fight. If you tell me to love, Ill love. If you tell me to be
your mistress I will. If you tell me to be your slave I will. If you tell me to die Ill die
Whats with that dedication!? Just what happened in the space of minutes!!
But before you order me to die, please, listen to my last wish!
Hey are you listening! Ignoring!? Youre ignoring me!?
Please somehow come with me to the God-Protected forest as soon as possible!

Then she once again banged her head on the floor. Liecia and I are being creeped out by now.
. I know that self-injuring dogeza is almost certainly a threat.
OK, I heard what you said. So you want to take me to the God-Protected Forest, do you?
Thats right! Also please teach us in the forest that periodical thinning! Recently, the GodProtected Forest has been facing the problems Your Highness mentioned just now. Trees
crowded together withered away, young trees dont grow, water became muddy, and the earth
eroded when theres wind or heavy rain. I finally understood why after Your Highness said it
Doesnt the God-Protected forest have several thousand years of history? You didnt notice it
until now?
To my inquiry Liecia and Ludwin ashamedly agreed.
The trees in the God-Protected Forest have long lifespans to start. So it went without notice
until now when they are reaching the end of their lives.
Its not someone elses problem, either. The mountains of Elfrieden dont get periodically
thinned or anything so they might be facing similar situations
Well if they dont depend too much on the forests theyll probably be fine. When the old trees
rot new ones are going to grow, even if forests disappeared from a natural disaster theyll be
revived within ten years. Nature itself goes in cycles like those, after all
But thats fatal for the God-Protected Forests Dark Elves, isnt it?
Right you are. They live in the forest itself so once the trees disappear theyll instantly become
Since they called themselves the forests protectors they shouldve managed it better, looks like
they were caught off guard.
. getting more refugees is a pain, I guess I need to quickly take care of this.
All right. Ill visit the God-Protected Forest in the near future
Oooh. Thank you very much Your Highness!
However, when that time comes I want you to allow people to enter to some extent. Forest
management is the whole countrys problem. Ill take this chance and open classes to establish
As Your Highness wishes

Aisha bowed deeply once again and stepped back to where the other four were.
Id like you to examine Aishas disposition. Im certain of her personal prowess, but whether
she could lead an army is still unknown. If she does have that quality have her take command of
a troop, if not Ill employ her as commanding officer of my personal guard and a party member
should I need to take action as Hero
Yes. Understood
Later, after examining Aishas disposition, Ludwin evaluated that She does have the qualities of
a leader. However, her qualities as a single soldier surpasses that, it would be a waste to make her
a leader. She can be used as a leader but she seems to be a useful single horseman that could
match against a thousand like L Bu. Anyway, she was to stand in wait next to me as my
personal guard during peacetime, and the official post of the [East Wind Warrior (Kochiji)] (a
pun on [Hu Chi (Kochi)]) was freshly created for her, with the special permission to enter the
Kings bedchamber as his sole bodyguard.
TN: Tiger Fool, alias of Xu Chu, who served as bodyguard for Cao Cao
Thus Aishas turn ended, but Im already having it hard from the first one. I ended up handing
out rewards, even though I only intended to call out people that seem useful.
(Could each of the other four possibly have their own circumstances?)
My expectation was half right.

Next. Hakuya Kwonmin-dono, step forward

. yes
The young man in black who leisurely stepped forward had sleepy eyes. His black clothes looked
like clothes for clergymen being forcefully modified to Asian tastes, or a Shinto shrine priests
garment dyed black, the clothes gave off that feeling. His hair was short but was ruffled,

apparently not having been taken care of. If you look at his white skin and feeble stature youd
get the impression of an indoor-type person. His movements were languid but his sleepy eyes
looked straight at me. Somehow I feel like Im being appraised.
This person had shown his talent in knowledge by recommendation! He had memorized this
countrys laws, his knowledge, his memory, is believed to be without equal in the entire
So something like being able to recite the Six Codes from memory. Thats certainly amazing.
Recommendation must mean that his application was coercively made on his behalf by his
. whats this. Seems theres something hidden behind this.
TN: The six books of law that make up the main body of law in Japan, S. Korea, and Taiwan
. Your talent is splendid. If you want to I can recommend you to a post in a judicial office?
No, just the reward will be fine
Hakuya summarily rejected my recommendation.
I was originally forced into applying by my uncle whos been taking care of me, saying [Youre
at a good age so dont just go reading books all day, go and make yourself useful to society], it
doesnt seem like I can live up to any high expectations
By books do you mean law?
No. Im not picky with the genre. I read books of law, literature, or engineering. Its my raison
dtre to absorb any knowledge I dont have
I see
What is this. Theres something more to this as I thought. I feel like Im missing something.
. In that case, how about being Librarian of the Royal Library? There are probably books that
dont circulate in town there, you may freely inspect those with the power of the Librarian
Ooh, that is very good. If you say so, then by all means, please

Hakuya finally showed an obviously happy face. Looks like hes satisfied.
Seize every golden opportunity.
Rather than putting such a curious card away, it would be better to add it to my hand.

Next, Gyna Doma-dono, step forward

Changing places with Hakuya, the blue-haired beautiful girl stepped forward. Her age is about
the same as Liecia, around 17 or 18, except the atmosphere Gyna was clad in made her seem
more mature. She gracefully bowed her head, fluttering her long, swaying, billowy hair. Her thin
one-piece dress didnt expose much but emphasized her feminine lines. I wouldve been charmed
if it werent for Liecia glaring daggers at me from my side.
No, its all right. I havent forgotten about work so you can stop glaring
Is that so
Liecia turned her face away in a huff. Markus made a cough and continued.
Your Highness, this person showed unique talent in both song and beauty. With her talents she
won both the [Elfrieden Bishoujo Grand Prix] with her beauty and the [Kingdom of Talents] with
her song. Indeed, she is this centurys greatest songstress
Both!? Thats amazing.
Haa~. so the heavens do give two gifts
I am undeserving of such words
My words mixed with admiration was replied by Gyna with a voice clear as a bell.
I have heard that my ancestors were Lorelei. Song is in my blood

Lorelei. Sea monsters who captivate and drown sailors using their beauty and song.
Her beautiful looks and lingering blue hair certainly brings the image of the Lorelei to mind.
Then I must certainly hear your singing voice
As you wish
I know. Since this scene is being broadcast throughout Elfrieden by the orb. How about you
sing a song thatll lift up the peoples mood
A song to lift up the peoples mood is it?
Gyna looked a bit troubled.
The songs of the Lorelei handed down in my family are basically sad songs
Ah, if youre not allowed to by law then I dont mind you singing anything
No, I only do not know of any such song. If I hear it once I can sing immediately, though
Humm Ah, how about we do this then?
I took a portable music player from my breast pocket. It was one of the few things I had on my
person when I was summoned into this world. Since its going to be unusable once the battery
runs out I left it alone until now, but since it doesnt take up much space I always carried it with
me. I stepped up to Gyna and put the earbuds in her ears.
This is what is this?
It plays music from there. Ill play it now
The moment I turned on the switch Gynas body flinched.
She was bewildered at first, but she seems to have gotten used to it and her body started to follow
the rhythm. Five minutes later, as the song ended she took out the earbuds.
I have memorised it
So you really could remember just by listening once
Yes. I shall sing then

As I returned to my seat, she opened her mouth and clearly sang the opening lines of the song.
Hearing the song, I unintentionally slipped. Why? Because it was Sada Masashis [Ganbaranba].
Speaking of which, I didnt put in any dark songs so I didnt bother to check the song title. This
song that was [everyones song] was a odd one with the distinction of including rap-like
Nagasaki dialect and [Denderaryuuba]. It seems that they do calisthenics with this song in Sadasans hometown of Nagasaki.
But as expected from a Lorelei. She clearly sang the Nagasaki dialect rap portions that I who was
born in Saitama couldnt understand at all. By the way, I heard from Liecia later that she couldnt
even understand the parts in standard Japanese. Being able to understand the language this
countrys people spoke and conversely, making my spoken Japanese understood seems to be the
Heros power. Which is why the Japanese coming out of Gynas mouth was, to this countrys
people, unfamiliar words.
Still, even though the meaning doesnt carry through, a catchy tune is catchy.
Everyone happily listened to Gynas [Ganbaranba] acapella.
Amidst applause, Gyna who finished her song bowed her head.
It was a fun song. Thank you very much
No, thank you for such a magnificent voice
If I may, will Your Highness teach me more of your countrys songs?
I certainly want you to sing. . thats right, Id like to increase the number of orbs we have,
and if we cant, Id like to turn the Royal Voice Chamber into a recording studio, I want to be
able to deliver your songs to the people of this country at all times
Oh my. That is just like a dream Your Highness
Ill entrust it to you when the time comes. Its a noble cause
Gyna stepped back, and now its the fox-eared little girls turn.

Chapter 2 First Lets Begin from C


Let us continue, Tomoe Inui-dono of the Mystic Wolf Tribe, step forward
H, hyes!
Speaking with a quavering voice, the ten year old animal-eared little girl stepped forward,
moving out her right arm and right leg at the same time. Mystic Wolf Tribe. so those are wolf
ears, not fox ears. Her sunburned skin and big, round eyes were cute. Her bushy tail coming out
of her tribal-looking clothes were strained, likely because of the tension. Whats this, so lovely.
This young girl possesses the very rare ability to converse with wildlife. Upon taking her to the
stables she was able to correctly guess everything from the horses conditions to their history.
According to herself, she heard it straight from the horses mouths, a gift truly worthy to be
called a divine gift
Ability to talk to animals, is it. Another really surprising person appears.
While I was thinking that Liecia whispered from beside me.
The Mystic Wolves country is way up north. There shouldnt have been any in this country
.. So a refugee
Several countries were engulfed by the Demon King Territory expansion. The people who lost
their countries went south and entered the countries there as refugees putting pressure on the
economy. Each country dealt with them in their own ways. There are countries that proactively
sheltered them and there are those that worked to expel them, but even the countries that shelter
them put them to grueling manual labor like in the mines and such or took them as soldiers to
fight the Demon Race, so from the point of view of the refugees, it was hell either way.
In our Elfrieden Kingdom we opened refugee camps near the capital Parnam. Right now their
treatment is being put on hold. Lending a helping hand to refugees while our own citizens are
short on food supplies will only incite rebellion. That said, expelling or putting them to hard
labor will incur the refugees enmity. It would be terrible if they became covert terrorists. Even
what were doing now is bad for the public order but theres little we can do now besides
maintaining the status quo.

In order to lend a hand to others, we need to first be content ourselves.

Thats what Ive been feeling recently.
Well, Im not going to go back after saying if you just have talent I have use for you. If they
have talent I dont mind if theyre our citizens or other countrys or refugees. I dont have room
to be picky
You can say that again
Then the little wolf-eared girl who was introduced as Tomoe timidly opened her mouth to talk.
U. umm. Mr. King.
Hm? What is it?
Um.. uhh.. I, I ha. I have something to say.
Shes wringing her voice, shes squeezing it. Honestly, I can barely hear it.
You have something to say? I dont mind so speak up
Hyes.. um actually. mumble mumble mumble
Hm, what is it? I cant hear you if you dont speak a little louder
Um. I.
Tomoes eyes teared up. Seeing a girl who can still be called a little girl with a face like that is
somewhat emotionally harsh. Moreover, this scene is being broadcast throughout the country.
The people are going to say the king made a little girl cry behind my back.
.. All right, all right. Im going over there so please dont cry
I walked close to the little girl, the guard Ludwin made a stern look but I silenced him with my
hand, then I crouched down and put my ear near her mouth.
Now I can hear you. Come, speak up
Yes. Actually

I said that and listened to the girls whispering, then

I doubted my ears. I stood up and looked at Tomoe straight in the eyes.
.. Are you sure?
Y, yes
Have you ever told this to anyone before?
N, no. I havent
Its half reassuring and half annoying considering whats to come after this.
Its not about rare talents anymore. This little girl is unmistakably a bomb for this country.
I need to take measures immediately.
.. Calm down, breathe in, breathe out. Dont let anyone in the room see you shaking.
Haa. Im a little bit tired. Id like to put a short break in right now
I looked at the people around, Liecia seemed puzzled. The others are making roughly the same
response, but that doesnt matter. First of all I signaled Liecia, Markus, and Ludwin with my eyes
and raised my voice.
We shall take a half-hour break from now. We shall grant the rewards to the remaining two
people including this girl after that. Gyna-dono
Yes, what shall it be, Your Highness?
I called the songstress and she stepped forward.
The scene in this room is being seen by the whole country through the Royal Broadcast. Id feel
sorry for making the people wait while we take a break. So Im wondering if you could fill in the
half hour with your songs?
Very well, Your Highness. Song is the pride of our clan. I shall sing with all my heart

Gyna gracefully bowed as she said that. That moment, our eyes met.
A gaze that seems to have seen through something. looks like she guessed that somethings
afoot. She understood, stayed silent, and did as asked, like a mature woman would.
Even without her looks and singing voice, this is the kind of subordinate I wanted.
Well then, citizens, until later
Thus the award ceremony was put on recess for a while.

While Gyna-dono is buying me time, I gathered only the people I can trust in the office.
The people here are just Me, Liecia, Markus-dono, Ludwin, and Tomoe. Incidentally, I had Aisha
who swore an oath of loyalty and wouldnt leave my side stand guard from the other side of the
door so that nobody listened in on us.
Is this really something you have to be on high alert for?
Liecia asked, bewildered, and I only nodded.
Its really an unlucky situation. Did anyone here hear what Tomoe-chan-said?
. I couldnt hear her. Her voice was too small
I didnt hear it either
Me too
The three shook their heads.
.. Then I guess I dont have to worry about it reaching the Royal Broadcast
I think its fine. Its not really that sensitive
.. Phew. Thats a relief. Thats one thing off my back.
Is it that bad?
Yeah. Its quite literally a bombshell announcement

Everyones eyes gathered on Tomoe-chan, she shrank even further.

It looks like shell have a hard time answering so Ill answer in her place.
You heard that she can talk to animals, right?
Yes. Thats an amazing ability
It seems she can talk to Demonic Creatures with that
The moment I said that, the room froze.
Everyone was at a loss for words, opening and closing their mouths like goldfish.
Now then, before we talk in detail about this there is some prerequisite knowledge you need to
Namely, that there is a difference between what this world calls [Demonic Creatures] and what
we call [Demonic Creatures] in our world. In our world the things known as Demonic Creatures
are grotesque creatures that are neither human nor animal, but in this world [Undeads] like
skeletons or zombies or ghosts, [Devils] like gargoyles or liliths or vampires, or [Brutes] like
goblins or orcs or ogres are called Demonic Creatures, while every other living creature is called
creatures just like normal creatures they look like.
TN: Demonic Creatures, or Mamono, usually translates into Monsters in RPGs and novels,
but I opted to put Demonic Creatures here because of their links to the Demon Race (Mazoku)
Concretely speaking, Red Grizzlies measuring up to 4 meters in length are animals, Monitor
Lizards, even if you can only see them as dinosaurs, are lizards, Giant Ants the size of people are
insects, and Man Eaters that eat humans are still plants. Furthermore, slime-type creatures that
can split and merge and liquefy are also (though I cant agree to it) treated as animals. By the
way, Dragons and the like are called [Sacred Beasts] and are treated differently.
The reason these are not called Demonic Creatures is that they were already here in this world
before the Demon King territory appeared. Its precisely because they were part of this worlds
ecosystem that their habitats can be isolated from humans. Practically, the horses in this world
are what we would know as sleipnirs and domestic animals like cows or pigs or chickens all also
have features arranged like monsters.

Returning to the topic, this means that what Tomoe meant was not animals, but [Demonic
Creatures] like undeads or devils or brutes. Liecia drew near to Tomoe.
What did you talk to and about what!?
I, it was a Kobold-san. Not like us. they have a whole dog head, not just ears, but the day
before they attacked our village, they said [we cant bring ourselves to attack people from the
same family, so run away]. It was a miracle that I could understand what the kobold-san said,
but. thanks to that we were saved from disaster
Which means. not just the Demon Race, but also Demonic Creatures have the capability for
Ludwin said so, groaning. According to this worlds common sense, Demonic Creatures dont
have a consciousness good enough to hold conversation with. That was exactly the reason why
they are thought as like locusts ravaging the land with eating as their only goal or unmanned
weapons wielded by war-loving Demon Race.
Exterminate the swarming locusts. Destroy the dangerous weapons.
Locusts and weapons wont come for revenge for their fallen comrades.
Therefore, dont hesitate and annihilate them.
. The war against the Demonic Creatures in the world right now was generally done with that
in mind.
But if those Demonic Creatures had capability for reason like Tomoe said, then Humanity had
unwittingly entered a [War] with the Demonic Creatures. A quandary of a war with zero channels
for dialogue. Humanity is wrapped in resentment against the Demonic Creatures for killing their
family, burning down their homes, and taking away their land. But if this was a war, then it is
possible that the side of the Demonic Creatures were also bearing the same grudges towards
If this leaks out to the countries
Itll be a pandemonium

I dropped my shoulders, so did Liecia.

I dont think all Demonic Creatures can be reasoned with. Seeing from the actual brutal acts they
did, ones like the Kobolds who let the Mystic Wolf Tribe run probably only numbered a handful.
But knowing that there are some Demonic Creatures that are like that, then the Demonic
Creatures are not the enemy of humanity.
Right now, in face of the Demonic Creatures the nations have a united exterior.
If that kind of information spreads, it is possible that there would appear countries who
prioritized their own profits and joined hands with the Demon King Territory. If that happens
then it would be the downfall of humanity.
Do you think the Empire knows about this?
.. I suppose they dont yet. With Tomoe-chans special ability they would have gradually
come to a mutual understanding. Even if they had contact they shouldnt have been able to hear
anything but animal cries
Which means that this information is right now under the monopoly of our country. Really
We got our hands on something incredible.
Really a bomb. Its something useful but if we dont use it well it wont end in just burns.

I, Im so sorry
In response to my sigh, Tomoe-chan shrank, to which Liecia gave me a poke.
Ah, no, Im not blaming you. In fact, Im thinking Im glad you came to this country. I shudder
to think what happens if another country got hold of this information
But are you going to hide this? If were found out hiding such a vital piece of information as
this well get branded as the enemies of humanity, you know
We would, wont we. It wont be good if we dont hide it well and they think were ambitious
I can only hold my head in agony to what Ludwin pointed out.
Liecia blinked in surprise.

Youre not ambitious?

Yes and no
Which is it!?
As a statesman, I cant say I dont have any. Anyway, the current situation where were fighting
a war to exterminate each other is not good. Fighting until one side is completely exterminated
would leave the other side on the verge of death, as well. I guess we need to leak this information
a little bit at a time
Ive made up my mind. I said while looking around me.
Well leak information to the surrounding countries that [some of the Demonic Creatures show
systematic movements]. If we leak rumors saying [maybe some of the Demonic Creatures have
reason], the countries should move more carefully. At least theyd try to find out if the rumors
are true.
But that way, wont they finally find out what we knew? If that happens then wont it be useless
to hide the information?
No Markus. Our trump card is not this information. Its Tomoe-chan
M, me!?
Tomoe-chan darted her eyes in surprise and I gave a firm nod.
Even if people knew the Demonic Creatures possess intelligence we have Tomoe-chans ability.
If the nations wanted to negotiate with the Demonic Creatures we can talk with them through
Tomoe-chan while the others think of a way to do so. This is a great advantage
I dont know how far Elfrieden could negotiate by itself.
However, by having a unique pipeline we could seize all dialogue rights from the nations and
avoid the situation where were not granted the right to talk. Our responsibility will increase
accordingly, but its better than entrusting this countrys direction to someone else. We dont
want our future decided for us in a place we dont know.
So Tomoe-chan. Our country must shelter for you with all our power
Hyes!? M, me!?
Yes. I can say without overstatement that youre much more important than me now. Honestly

speaking, if some other country got wind of this and took you away this countrys done for
No way that cant be true?
Tomoe-chan restlessly looked around but not a single person affirmed. Its no exaggeration to say
Tomoe-chan holds the fate of this country in her hands. I cant say for sure but another country
could possibly be pretending not to hear anything and dispose of her right about now. Thats
how crucial Tomoe-chans existence is.
Which is why in order to give Tomoe-chan the best protection I want to have you live in the
castle. If we leave you in th refugee camp we wont be able to protect you when the time comes
Please wait
Markus-dono raised his hand.
Isnt it a bit suspicious to have somebody thats not royalty live in the castle?
Then please think of a way she can be considered royalty
You sure are quick to say that There are several ways in order for a townsperson to be
considered royalty. One of them is to have her be adopted by Your Highness, but this is not
possible since Your Highness is not yet married. Your marriage with Princess is going to take
several years of preparation, too
But you see
Dont impose her on me
Liecia huffed and turned her face away. For Liecia to have a home life with the ten-year old
Tomoe-chan as daughter immediately upon becoming a wife is I totally cant imagine.
Is there any other way?
Your highness can marry her as a concubine
Thats dangerous in several ways, isnt it?
Shes a grade school age girl you know? Backberd-sama is going to suddenly show up
going damn you lolicons!

For a political marriage her age is barely within the allowed limits
But its way out for me mentally!
Soma If you do marry her then Im breaking off our engagement
Why are you attacking me!?
Somehow even Liecia is looking at me with cold eyes. I dont have that kind of hobby!
Anyway, cant the previous royal couple adopt her?
Hm. I suppose thats fine
Its fine! Ive always wanted a little sister!
Being suddenly hugged by Liecia, Tomoe-chan fell into a panic. Liecia even wore a relaxed face
she never showed up until now. On that subject, as Liecias fianc shed be my stepsister too,
A dog-eared loli stepsister too many attributes.
But but, I, I have a family
Tomoe-chan said as she escaped her (to be) elder sisters overly close skinship.
I have a mother and a tiny little brother waiting back at camp
Ah, being an adoptee is just for your position so itll be fine. If Tomoe-chan becomes my
stepsister then your mother and younger brother is family too, so I dont mind you living
together with them in the castle. Their living costs will be arranged on my side and if they want
to work well find them a job in the castle
Um. in that case. all right
Tomoe-chan nervously accepted. Phew. Now I felt like I found a good spot to rest. Not that
everything had been solved peacefully but I found something I can overturn the status quo with.
I picked up a stepsister on the way but since shes cute then all is well I suppose.
Now we should get back to the assembly hall soon. We shouldnt burden Gyna-donos throat
any more than this

The thirty minutes are going to run out soon. This is about the limit for delaying things.
Lets stop the reward for this talent at just the prize, if we suddenly announce that shes going to
be adopted by the previous royal couple people are going to suspect something. Lets give the
matter some time and announce it some other day. Id like all of you to act with that in mind.
Well then, now theres only one person remaining. I wonder what talent does he have.
. I hope he doesnt have any special circumstances.

Chapter 2 First Lets Begin from D


AN: This starts with a different persons POV. Apologies

Thirty minutes have passed since the King declared a recess and now the award ceremony was
This is the little Mystic Wolf girls turn to receive his compliments.
I watched that scene together with the other prize winners.
Your talent. Please use them for the sake of our country
H, hyesh! Undershtood!
.. she stuttered, how cute.
I wonder what that cute little girl said to make the Kings expression change and declare a
recess. She was also the only one called out to during recess. Its indubitably something
important for sure, but the me right now has no way of knowing it.
Ever since I arrived here I had been observing that King.
He looked commonplace. The rumors say he was summoned as a hero, but the air he had around
him was just like a common person on the streets. He wore no crown, held no cane, and wore
casual clothes, though the design is unfamiliar. He did not look like a King even when standing

before the throne. But then his eyes would shine with a kingly glint every now and again, a very
elusive personage.
His actions as a King until now gets a passing mark, I guess.
He showed open-mindedness when taking the Dark Elf warriors request and also revealed a
solution to the problem shes been having without even aiming to. He showed consideration to
the people with the Lorelei songstress case, overlooked my deliberately insolent attitude, and
furthermore considered what I might have wanted and granted me that. Seeing the little Mystic
Wolf girls case he seems to be good at ad-libbing. He does have some unrefined points but well,
he gets a passing mark with this much.
However, the real test comes now.
I looked in the direction of the plump man sweating maybe cold sweat or greasy sweat next to
me. Its his turn to get a reward next. Ive heard what his talent was from the man himself. Then
as far as I can tell, his talent is the talent this country needs the most.
I wonder how the young King would see and judge him.
Will he show contempt to the man for his unsightly appearance, with his perfectly round belly
and double chin.
Or maybe he will make him a laughing stock in front of the whole country.
Or maybe he wont go that far but still disregard the importance of his talent.
If he did any of that then I cant help but consider him to have no worth as a King. I dont feel
like working myself to the bone for an unworthy ruler. If that happens I think Ill lock myself as
a librarian and a bookworm in the Royal Library like he recommended.
Let us continue, Poncho Pannacotta-dono of Potte village, step forward!
Y, yes!

As the Prime Minister Markus-sama called out, the plump man called Poncho waddled forward
with his round belly wobbling. There were snickers coming from the audience looking at such a

comical sight. making Ponchos round face even redder. Even the Princess Liecia leaked a smile
like she just saw something funny. Then I looked towards the King, and he had put on a serious
face. Not a laughing or dissatisfied one, just a serious look at Ponchos face.
This may be easy to see but this mans talent is that of eating. During our current recruitment
there were many people putting forward their [Big Eater] talent but none prevailed against this
man. Also, his love towards food is out of the ordinary, he had walked the four corners of the
world sampling the local products and delicacies, the person himself claimed to have [eaten
mostly everything that can be eaten]. Save for the fact that he had spent all of his assets for his
culinary travels . ahem. In any case, this is a talent that can be said to have no equal in this
country .
Ive been waiting for this!
The King moved before Markus-sama finished reading.
He then stood in front of Poncho and took his hands with a gleeful look in his face.
Im glad that youve accepted my appeal! Ive wanted a capable person like you!
He. ah.. eh?
Poncho became flustered. His brain couldnt catch up to the Kings words.
When he finally did understand, his face cramped.
Y, Your Highness, you were waiting for me!?
Thats right! This talent search was held in part for the purpose of looking for personnel like
you! You are the person who will save this country! Rather than any other talented person, Im
more happy that youve come. Im glad I told the officials to recommend people like you if they
saw you
T, to go that far is my talent really that important?
Yes, the knowledge you gained sampling the local products and delicacies is the key to the
countrys salvation
Being told that by the King, Poncho became flooded in tears and sweat.

I . everyone called me a fatty and a pig they said I was wasting my money on food I
only travelled because I wanted to eat, and I knew they were correct can this gluttony of mine
really be useful for the country?
The King gave the crying Poncho a pat on the shoulder.
Let the haters say what they like. Even doing a stupid thing can become a proper talent if you
do it thoroughly! Your gluttony at all expense will save this country! So please lend me your
Being appealed so earnestly by the King, Poncho wiped his tears with his sleeve.
Y, yes! If my no, my knowledge can be of use please use it in any way
TN: Oira
TN: Watashime
He replied energetically.
Looking around, almost everyone couldnt grasp the situation and were flabbergasted. The only
ones who remained composed were Markus-dono who was showing self-restraint cultivated
through his duties and the Dark Elf Aisha-dono who strangely had complete faith in the King,
and also Gyna Dorma-dono who somehow was looking at the King with appraising eyes.
The King turned back towards the throne and said to Markus-dono.
Prime Minister! There is a custom where the King grants a name to a retainer who shows
promise, right?
. ah, yes. There is, but
Then Poncho. I will grant you the name [Ishidzuka]. Its the name of an Insatiable foodsearching evangelist. Be proud and work under that name
Y . yessir! Thank you very much!
That was the moment Poncho Ishidzuka Pannacotta was born.
The first retainer King Soma employed for himself was the plump high-appetite Poncho.
I wanted to shout in joy.

Good performance! This King knows where his priorities lie!

It was a test for the King whether he would employ Poncho or not. Even if he didnt realize his
worth but still employed him because he might be useful in the future he would have passed, and
I consider him failed if he rejected him just by his appearance, but I never thought he would
welcome him to this extent. This is a happy miscalculation.
He might just be able to save this country.
At least he is a worthy lord to serve under.
I felt excitement simmering from within myself.
. Looks like I cant let myself be just a bookworm.
O King, may I have your ear?

O King, may I have your ear?

After all the rewards have been handed and I was just about to declare the end of the ceremony,
the black-clothed young man Hakuya Kwonmin stepped forward and knelt. His sleepy eyes were
now open wide. I was amazed at how the atmosphere around him had changed so much.
I had a hunch and asked Hakuya.
You have something to say as well?
Yes. This is impolite of me but I have been recommended by someone else for this matter, but I
want to make a self-recommendation
Self-recommendation. He wants to promote himself?
Hm Ive granted you the position of the Librarian of the Royal Archives, right? By selfrecommendation you mean thats not enough? What do you wish for?
If I may, then Id like to work under Your Highness
Not as a librarian?
Yes. I believe that my knowledge can support Your Highnesss hegemony if you will allow it
Ha ha ha

He grandly said hegemony, and he said he can support it with his knowledge, what is he
thinking, I wonder. A strategist supporting military and diplomacy, or a prime minister
supporting internal affairs, maybe or maybe even a [Prime Minister] supporting everything
like Zhuge Liang or Cao Cao. I looked Hakuya straight in the face.
TN: Saishou /
TN: Joushou /
This is interesting, but do you have the talent for that?
I believe I do
Not just reciting the law?
Excuse me but I believe I said [Ive read many books about Law, Culture, and The Arts]. I
have driven various fields of study into this head, from Astronomy above to Geology below
TN: AKA Engineering
Somehow he says stuff like Toyotomi Hideyoshi, huh but this makes the feeling of discomfort
I had earlier clear. I was stuck on the reading every book part even though he could recite law.
In other words his talent did not come from only studying law. For him, being able to recite law
was merely one fragment of the knowledge he had studied.
Why did you hide your talent earlier
Because I wanted to make sure the lord I serve is worthy
Why do you reveal your talent now
Because I have made sure the lord I serve is worthy
So full of confidence. Is he just all talk or does he have something to show for it.
I still couldnt judge either way right now.
Ill leave you to Markus! Ill place this person in a rank that befits his abilities
Thank you very much
Markus and Hakuya gave a simultaneous bow.
Several days later Markus would come rushing into my office in tears saying My King! Did you
tell me to teach you how to ride a flying dragon!, but there was no way I could know that right

now. This was my chance meeting with the man who would later be called [Elfriedens Black
TN: can be black clothes or one who pulls the strings behind the stage after the
kabuki stagehands that took this role who are dressed in black

In history there are scenes that would easily be turned into plays in later eras. The requirements
for those are
One, it has to be the turning point of an age.
Two, there has to be a star appropriate for a play.
These are the two requirements.
In the history of Elfrieden, the event that would be reenacted in dramas in later eras the most was
[King Somas Personnel Gathering].
This scene is said to have three leading actors.
From Somas point of view, this scene was just another one of his exploits, but from the point of
view of Hakuya Kwonmin who would come to be called the [Black Eminence], it was the
[turning point of an era], and from a certain persons point of view, it was a Cinderella story that
turned their life upside down.
But opinions are divided as to who the third person is.
There are those who put the spotlight on the Dark Elf from the forest who pledged allegiance to a
her master, the East Wind Warrior who would always stand guard beside the King, the [East
Wind Warrior Princess] Aisha Woodgard.
There are those who put the spotlight on the person discovered by the King learning the songs of
the country, who brought forth the concept of [Lorelei], Elfriedens [Idols], the [Prima Lorelei]
loved by the King and the People, Gyna Dorma.
There are those who put the spotlight on the refugee to whom King Soma and Queen Liecia fell
in love with at first sight, the one ushered in as the pairs stepsister, who would later be called the
[Virtuous Wolf Princess], Tomoe Inui.

But to say who was reenacted the most, that would probably be Poncho Ishidzuka Pannacotta.
The way of the man who was ridiculed by the people around him as a fatso and boringly eat large
amounts of food took the [Kings Personnel Search] as a chance and was able to turn his life
around, would rouse the people, weary with the burdens of everyday life, into full vigor and be
reenacted in dramas time and time again. Although being called a Cinderella story despite being
a plump man might not be apropos, he was not hated but loved, and they would say it was just
right for him.
Also, because the fact that the King accepted Poncho was passed on throughout the kingdom, it
had the unforeseen secondary effect where talented people gathered in Elfrieden saying If even
he was appointed then I can too In later years, a proverb meaning if we has to start
somewhere then lets do something within reach, would be coined out of these historic events:
[First lets begin from Ishidzuka]

Hey Soma, ever thought of returning to your country?

That night, after the dinner party with the award-winners after the award ceremony.
Liecia and I were having tea in the royal office that had already became my private room. Its
surprisingly convenient since it would be waste of money to deliberately make a room for my
private use, and this way I can get to work straight after waking up. Though I think that way of
thinking is somewhat workaholic-ish.
As we were taking a breather, Liecia asked me that question.
I usually sleep on the bed set on a corner of the room.
Whats this all of a sudden, and weve just reached a good milestone by getting money and
personnel, too
I asked precisely because were at a milestone . Ive been curious about it
Liecia said while tracing the rim of her cup with her finger and having her eyes downcast.

Soma was called out of our own convenience and worked more than we expected. and yet
we who called you over dont know of any way to send you back. Were the worst, huh
If I were in your shoes I think Id be mad. So it wouldnt be strange if youre angry, either
Liecia raised her face and looked me straight in the eyes.
If you have any complaints then tell me. Ill do anything if it will make up for it. So please, I
hope you dont come to hate this country, the country that you rule over
.. A girl shouldnt say something like that so easily
I plopped my hand on Liecias head.
Sheesh why do you have to look like youre going to cry.
When a girl says something like that to me I feel like giving in to my lust
Um . If I may then please spare me the torture devices
What kind of person do you think I am!
I dont have that kind of hobby . maybe, I think.
If I were pressed to ask then Id like a miniskirt maid course, I guess
. if you will it
If we have the money for that Id rather put it in the budget, I said and smiled.
Besides, I dont feel like going back to my world all that much. Theres nobody waiting for me
over there, too.
You mean
I dont have family. My foster parent my grandfather just recently.
Both my parents seem to have passed away before I was aware of the world. I was raised in my
paternal grandparents house ever since, but grandma went when I was in high school, and
grandpa continued on as if making sure that I successfully graduated from university with his
own eyes. One of the reasons I had a preference for stability was because I had the handicap of
never experiencing having parents, and I wanted to give grandfather and grandmother some

peace of mind. Which is why my only regret was that I could not show them that I gained a
stable job.
Um sorry
No need to say sorry. rather than finding a way to send me back, Id prefer having you bring
my familys graves here, I guess. I dont want the graves of the grandfather who took care of me
left unattended
I will absolutely help you on that
Looking at Liecia gripping her hand tightly into a fist, I unintentionally leaked a bitter smile.

[Character Sketch: Markus Hatov]

A half-elf whose service spanned the two reigns of Elfriedens 13th King Alberto and 14th King
Soma. In Albertos time he served as prime minister, giving counsel to the King, and in Somas
time he yielded his post after the [Black Eminence], Hakuya Kwonmin, distingished himself and
he became the [Shichuu], busy in charge of assembling the Royal Court. He gently passed
Albertos reign and was busy during Somas reign, and because his work changed when the
reigning King changes, he went on to be called the [Water of the Royal Palace].
TN : Shizhong /

Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki. Chapter 3A

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National Enrichment Arc

Chapter 3: The Kings Brunch A

Nowadays, the great tumult from Soumas gathering of talented people had calmed down.
But now, a ghost story about the land near Elfrieden[1] Castle circulated in mass.
According to the story, In the dead of the night, a mannequin doll was loitering around. In
the story, the mannequin was a type of doll with joints in its arms and legs, had no face and was
used to decorate a clothing shop, however this mannequin clutched a sword in both of its hands
and hunted monster by itself night after night

A certain adventurers testimony:

The other day, I was receiving a quest to escort a merchant and was walking in the highway at
night, but unfortunately we were surrounded by Zelrin[2], a Gel subspecies. Although they were
weak individually they are difficult to fight in high numbers, but at that same time, a mannequin
doll, wielding a sword in both hands, staggered from the direction of the castle and started
attacking the Zelrin. We became afraid of that eerie sight and started to run away as fast as we
could... What the heck was that really?

Another adventures testimony:

It was several days ago. I received a request from the guild to intercept a group of hobgoblins
that had crossed the border from the north and were heading towads the south. We had lain in
wait to ambush them in a valley on their marching route, but they never arrived. Becoming
impatient, we then conducted a search, but the hobgoblins had all been massacred and
standing there, still in the midst of their corpses, was a mannequin doll. My swordsman
comrade, who thought that it was a new Monster reinforcement, started to slash at it, but was
repulsed with the dolls two swords style. My mage comrade started to attack it with fire, but it

was nimble like an eagle, and fled the place with unbelievable speed. That.... was perhaps
some sort of new unmanned weapon made by the Demon Lord, dont you agree?

There were many sightings of it, so although it was called a ghost story, it almost surely exists.
However, at the time the adventurer guild started to recognize its existence and officially gave
out a subjugation quest to capture that mannequin, the reports of its appearances suddenly
came to a stop.
Today, the people wonder whether or not the rumor was a deliberate prank by somebody.

......and that is what the story of the rumor that had circulated around.(Liecia)
Eh... Is that so... (in monotone)(Souma)

Liecia[3], who was sitting on the bed, was telling me a story as I was leaning on the sofa. I
replied without stopping my hand and then followed up with Needle. Her face became a bit

What is it? Are you not interested in such story?(Liecia)

No, its not like that......(Souma)
As a king, I think its important to solve a potential problem on the castles land.(Liecia)
Ah.... Then it will be fine. Since that mannequin doll will never appear again...(Souma)
......How do you know about it?(Liecia)
Hmm, Well.... You know...(Souma)

I made a vague answer while continue to stuff cotton. Finally, after I sew the back, it will be

......That reminds me. What have you been doing this entire time?(Liecia)
What am I doing? I thought you knew after seeing that. Its needlework.(Souma)
Then, why are you purposely doing needlework in my room?!(Liecia)
Theres no other way, right? Since my room is more like an office...(Souma)

Thanks to theMultiple Simultaneous Parallel Thinking[4] and Telekinesis[5](the skill up

version of Weak Telekinesis[6], I could now manipulate objects that had the same weight as
me, but only on inorganic things and not living organism), I was now able to make the pen
continue working while the original body took a break. However, my room was, as usual, still
established as an office. As one would expect, a place where government officials continuously
go in and out of was not place where somebody could take a rest.

Your Majestyyy!!!! Your Majesty , where are youuuuuuuuuuu?!(Aisha)
......Because of that my heart has no time to rest.(Souma)
I can sympathize with you....(Liecia)

Nowadays, Aisha[7] was never separated from my side.

Dark Elves had a law that they were proud of that said that they will protect and stay at the side
of the person they had pledged allegiance to until their life had come to an end. Thats why I
acknowledged Aishas position as my Guard. Now, whenever I work, whenever I take a meal,
whenever Im sleeping, even whenever Im in the bath and toilet, she always tried to say by my
side. Although it was a problem for a person not yet officially employed to stand beside the King,
since she was both beautiful and extremely loyal, the Imperial Guards under Ludwin[8] had given
their tacit consent for her conduct. Nowadays, even the one who distinguished himself as my
Right-Hand Man, Hakuya[9], said:

It doesnt matter if its with Princess Liecia, Aisha-dono[10] or Juna-dono[11], please quickly make
some children. If you had some children, even their births can become a diplomatic card that we
can use.(Hakuya)

He said this in a calm voice. Well, even in my previous worlds history, diplomatic marriage gave
birth to The Empire Where Sun Never Sets[12] or the Habsburg House Dynasty, or the Dual
Empire of Austria-Hungary. However, nowadays for Japanese (even if they enjoy Harem
Romance), such notion about producing children for the sake of the house was an outdated
concept and they refrained from it.[13]
Rishia glared at me with scornful eyes.

People with high social status is a magnet for beautiful women, right?(Liecia)
...Please leave me out of it. Even when I finally can take a good rest...... Huh? Thats right,
where is Tomoe-chan[14]?(Souma)
Ah, Tomoe is with my parents. Mother[15] really adores her.(Liecia)

Ever since Tomoe-chan became Liecias stepsister several days ago, she had been living in this
castle. Of course as promised, she is together with her family and baby brother. By the way,
Tomoe-chans mother become a day-care worker in the experimental newly
introduced Castles Day Care Nursery that is established to stimulate female social progress.
It also mixed with the duty of Wet Nurses to nurse babies along with taking care of the other
peoples children. Since the current society didnt have concept of maternity leave[16], if the
castles maids have children then they must retire. Unless they were touched by the King, the
majority of the maids will end up unmarried in life. But with this nursery, the young maids could
have peace of mind to find marriage partners, so this institution had become very popular.
The talks had veered away... But basically, Tomoe-chan had two mothers inside the castle. At
first they were quite confused, but nowadays both of them cherished her as their daughter.
Liecia stood up and put her hand on the back of the sofa where I sit down as she took a peek at
my hand from the back.

Even if you say you have free time, to spend that time sewing is...... Is that possibly, a plush
Ah this? Papapapan Mushashi Boy-kun[17](Souma)

I had finished sewing the back so I took the doll in my hand and presented it a manner similar to
a certain robot cat took out his tools.[18]

Musashi Boy?(Liecia)
Yes. In my world...It can be considered as a rare animal?(Souma)

Mushashi Boy-kunis a mascot character[19] of the town where I live; it was a cute
deformed[20] two head talls[21] of the Musashis follower, Monk Benkei.[22]The head is covered with
a white hood and it wore a waist-long Juzu[23] on its shoulder. It was a really dignified figure of
Benkei. However, peeking below the gallant thick eyebrows were adorable acorn-like eyes that
utterly erased any majesty it had. Because of that Gap[24] that stole the hearts of the citizens, it
became unexpectedly popular. By the way, the city where I live has absolutely no relation with
Musashis Monk Benkei; the reason why they chose Benkei was because the Saitama
prefecture was formerly called as Land of Musashi[25].

I had boorish thoughts likeThen isnt Miyamoto Musashi[26] or Musashimaru[27]also

acceptable? or Do you want to introduce the enire Saitama if you bundleit as Land of
Musashi?. But since it's just a mascot character; I should really just relax. Anyway, I had
already sewn the 40 cm tall Musashi Boy-kun doll.

Kuh... This is unexpectedly too cute for me to get angry with.(Liecia)

Unexpected, right?(Souma)
But why this kind of thing?(Liecia)
My ability is really versatile. See.(Souma)

The Musashi Boy-kun in front of us started to move by itself. Then it started to skillfully break
dance with its short arms and legs. Then, with its head on the floor, both of its short legs spread
out and started to spin like Spinning Back Kick[28]. It was really skillfully done but
also incredibly surreal.
Liecia opened her eyes really wide and looked dumbfounded.

...... What is this(Liecia)

By using Multiple Simultaneous Parallel Thinkingand Telekinesis I can completely move
this doll like some sort of clone. It feels like I can sense myself inside this stuffed doll?(Souma)
Do you want to become a street performer?(Liecia)
I think thats a good idea. Can I earn money that way after quitting as King?(Souma)
Dont say stupid things. I wont forgive you if you quit halfway!(Liecia)
... I understand. Lets leave that aside.(Souma)

I passed two knives to Musashi Boy-kun. Then the Musashi Boy-kun, that was only made from
ordinary felt cloth at the outside and a lump of cotton on the inside, could hold them like the way
an adult holds combat knives. Musashi Boy-kun then brandished the two knives like Musashi
Liecia was amazed by it.

No way... This is a doll right?(Liecia)

No matter what kind of things the doll take, they are still counted as parts of the doll. I feel he
stress that comes from the weight of it, but the doll wont get crushed by the weight. As an
experiment, I manipulated another doll to carry weapons and battle with monsters, but there
were no problems in fighting with them.(Souma)
Doll and monsters, wait a moment... Could it possibly be that the rumored mannequin was a
result of Soumas action(Liecia)
Ah. I was just experimenting with a different doll inside the castle.(Souma)

But I never thought it would become a rumor. Even though I was deliberately hunting monsters
at night in order to avoid attention, but I think that because of that it had became an unwanted
ghost story.

But because of the frequent battles with the monsters, I have discovered something: Just by
receiving experience points, the dolls movements improved. The doll can even use the
Intermediate Level Dual Sword SkillHigh Speed Rotational Cut[29](Souma)

As soon as I was saying that, Musashi Boy-Kun spread both of the knives in its hand and then
started to rotate with high speed with Gyuiin sound effects. It looked like a giant spinning top,
but anything that approached it from the side will surely get cut into two.

Perhaps the experience points from the doll also are given back towards the real body?
Then cant that be considered as a Cheat ability? Because its like the experience points
automatically rose by themselves.(Souma)
That didnt happen?(Liecia)
Sadly yes, there was no experience point feedback. Even if the Doll can use a skill, I cant use
it. For that reason, I dont really get any boosts in physical strength or spiritual power. Thanks to
that, the real body is still weak.(Souma)
Then how about you train it a little?(Liecia)
Then I think I will be able to use the doll more effectively. Even if Im alone, I can be very
strong, since I can surround myself with three strong dolls standing beside me.(Souma)
That is not how a Hero should fight, right?[30](Liecia)

Liecia told me in astonishment. Im sorry to say but I cant refute her opinion.
In the fantasy genre of my former world I think that my job can be calledPuppeteer, Doll
User or Dollmancer[31]. The main gist of those types of job was Mid-Range Support Type.
It was very different from a Hero who gave more of an impression of being a Near and MidRange Attacker Type. Well, it seems that in this country the Hero had a meaning ofSomeone
who Leads the Age of Reformation[32].

Seeing you, the image of a Hero inside my heart has been thoroughly shattered.(Liecia)
Dont worry. I also feel the same.(Souma)

Not only had I managed the countrys domestic affairs for a month, I also dont really have any
plans other than managing domestic affairs for the next several months. Can I really be called a
Hero? No, I am One *irony*.
Suddenly, a knock came from outside the door.

Yes, come in.(Liecia)

Please excuse me(Serina)

The person who said it while bowing her head was Liecias chambermaid, Serina-san.[33] She
was three years older than Liecia and wore glasses that really suited her appearance as an
intellectually beautiful woman. It doesnt mean that I really know her, but I know from Liecias
story that she was a woman Liecia considered as an older sister.
Serina looked at my face and then politely bowed to me.

Your Majesty, Hakuya-sama want me to pass a message to you : Poncho-sama had started
assembling everyone.(Serina)
It came at last! I have waited for this for a long time!(Souma)

I immediately stood up and took Liecias hand.

Lets go, Liecia!(Souma)

Eh? Wai-? Wha-!?(Liecia)

We left the room as quick as the wind as Serina-san bowed and saw us off.

En route, we picked up Aisha and then went to the conference room where several people were
already assembled.
In the middle of the room was a round table where Hakuya (who had succeeded
Marcuss[34] position as Prime Minister), Tomoe-chan, Juna-san, and at last Poncho
Ishizuka[35] were sitting. As Ludwin and Marcus were busy with another matter, they couldnt
come right away, so all the assembled people in here were the talented people I had scouted

Your Majesty.(Hakuya)
Ah, please sit down. I just came here on my own accord!(Souma)

Seeing that everyone tried to stood up, I raised my hand to stop them before Liecia and I took
our seat. It was only Aisha, who for some reason, immediately stood beside me when I took my
seat. Honestly, this was bothering me but I couldnt do anything about her since when I ordered
her to take a seat, she firmly ignored my command. Wasnt I a ruler? ...Well, lets just leave this
matter aside for now.

I deeply express my thanks to everyone for your efforts in coming to this place.(Souma)
T-t-there is no need for it, Your Majesty! I-I-I am deeply sorry to cause this inconvenience!
Your Majesty, I wish for you not to lower your head so easily.(Hakuya)

Hakuya, who stood beside the flustered Poncho, began to frown.

If someone like Your Majesty, who stands above others, starts to debase themselves, it might
cause others to humiliate Your Majesty.(Hakuya)
I dont need to act in such a grandiose way and keep my dignity in here. After all, I think
everyone in here as a friend rather as a retainer or a citizen.(Souma)
I think that words is unworthy of us, Your Majesty.(Juna)

Juna-san softly bowed. Juna-san was behaving in was that were really picture-perfect.[36]
On the contrary, Tomoe-chan was very nervous to the point where she started chattering her

Am-Am I also a friend of the king?(Tomoe)

Thats wrong. Tomoe-chan is my sister-in-law, right?(Souma)
Ah, thats right.(Tomoe)
Yes. Thats why, dont refer me as King but as Nii instead.(Souma)
Ah, not fair! Then, also call meOneechan!(Liecia)
Etto...*staring at us with upturned eyes* Souma-nii. Liecia-oneechan![37](Tomoe)


Looking at Tomoe-chans adorable behaviour, I and Leichia spontaneously made a Guts Pose.

*plack*! *plack*!
Our head were immediately hit by a harisen.[39] The one who had done it was Hakuya.

Both of you please stop doing this foolish thing, since the talks cant continue on like this.
We are sorry(;_;)(Souma)(Liecia)

We gave an earnest apology. By the way, that harisen was something that I gave to Hakuya
when he assumed the prime ministers position. When my conduct becomes intolerable, dont
hesitate to strike my head with this. One way or another, the intention was for the formal
Hakuya to calm down with a snappy joke, but, as expected of the unparalleled genius in all of
the history of Elfrieden (according to Marcus), he used the harisen splendidly.

...How do you feel being a retainer who hits the head of the king in such a dignified way?
My heart is pained by this, however this is also the Kings Decree(Hakuya)

Hakuya replied nonchalantly. I am delighted to be able to see his honest side, otherwise I would
regret it if he had turned into a strict overseer... I was worried about this.

Putting those matters aside, Your Majesty. Could you care to enlighten everyone as to the
purpose of this meeting?(Hakuya)
Ah. Thats right...Poncho(Souma)

Perhaps because he was called so suddenly, the plump Poncho knocked over his chair when
he stood up. His round body was the same as ever, but looked different from the way it looked
at the audience several days ago; his body was completely tanned dark. There was a reason for
this: recently, he literally flew around the whole world.[40]

Have you prepared what I had requested from you earlier?(Souma)

Y-Yes! Thanks to Your Majestys cooperation, the places that I needed to spend 20 years to
visit, were able to be visited in just several days.(Poncho)
...What do you mean?(Liecia)

Liecia looked puzzled.

I lent Air Force 1[41] to him for the transportation.(Souma)

Royal Family has flying dragon right? I lent that to him.(Souma)

It was the Royal flying dragon that the king uses when travelling abroad. Due to the armys
prohibitions, there were no other flying dragons, just the one. Because rapid transportation was
necessary for Ponchos errand, I lent it to him. There were objections about lending the Royal
Familys exclusive flying dragon to a mere commoner. However, since it couldnt be substituted
with one of the flying dragons belong to the Air Force led by one of the Three Lords, Castor
Balgas[42]; they were forced to accept this decision. By now, it will be futile to oppose my loan
and request. Really... They are standing in my way.

...It would be great if they were destroyed. Three Lords territory that is.(Souma)
D-Dont say something so rash!(Liecia)
Even if Im thinking about this seriously?(Souma)

Liecia let out a gasp when she saw my expression. I wondered what kind of face I was making
right now. Even Poncho and Tomoe-chan became frightened by it. Maybe this is not the right
occasion to speak about this.[43]

Well then, Poncho, can you please show us what you have gathered?(Souma)
Y-Yes! These are what Your Majesty requested The Ingredients not used in This Countrys

Poncho said it while taking out the big bag with great haste. Yes, I made use of Ponchos
plethora of food knowledge and appointed him to search for foodstuffs.
Seeing that bag, Liecia opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

Isnt that the Royal Familys treasured possession theHeros Bag of Holdings?!(Liecia)
Ah. I can store a lot of things without changing their appearance, thats why this bag is
convenient for storing foodstuffs since they wont go bad. Since I thought that it was useful for
collecting foodstuffs, I lent it to him.(Souma)
Thats why..... Argh, whatever!(Liecia)

Well, since the milk had been spilt, Liecia gave up and dropped her shoulders.

So what are these? The ingredients not used in this countrys cuisine?(Liecia)
More accurately, these are Food that are eaten only in another country or in a locality in our
country and are not a particularly popular cuisine on this country(Souma)

Different places have different goods, so different people also have different tastes.
Something that is not eaten and thrown away in one place could be considered as a delicacy in
other places. This is a story that I hear often. Even in Japan, there are some localities that made
us surprised.Eh? That sort of thing could be eaten?!: That is what the Ken*n Show on TV had
taught me.[44]

Right now, our country is changing from planting cash crops, such as cotton, tea and tobacco,
to planting food crops. However we will only get results during autumn. To guarantee that the
citizen s right now dont get starve, we need an immediate effective measure.(Souma)

A long term earnest reform was necessary to fundamentally resolve the food problem. However,
in the meantime there might be people suffering from starvation and they were in danger of
starving to death if it went on too long. Furthermore, the ones who would perish first will be the
ones with meager vitality. That is, infants who require a large amount of nutrition. Children are
the treasure of a nation. A country that couldnt protect its own children would have no future.
However, even if we delivered the nutrition to infants inside of Elfieden, there will be some part
of the land that cant be reached by the countrys aid. Thats why while we are executing our
long term plan, we also need a short term immediate effective measure.

Those are the ingredients not usually eaten?(Liecia)

Food that is eaten in another country but not usually eaten in this country: If we incorporate
that food into the cuisine, it will be harder for the people to starve, since we would have simply
increased the availability of food.(Souma)
Does something that convenient actually exists?(Liecia)

Thats why we need to make sure of it.... Then, let us move on from this place.(Souma)
Move? Where?(Liecia)

I smiled at the confused Liecia and said.

We will need to examine whether or not we could use the food, so the place we should go to of
course will be the dining room, right?

Author note (digested version, since Im too lazy to translate everything):

The author realized that Soumas cheat that should be only useful for paperwork, can actually
also used in an OP way like funnels (Gundam reference), but the author decide to against using
it in such way. So no One-Man-Many-Doll-Army Souma.

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: Erufuriiden


: Zerurin


: Riishia. This name reminds me of someone, but I forgot who.


: Fukusuu Douji Heiretsu Shikou.


: Nendou Nouryoku


: Jaku Nendou Nouryoku


: Aiisha.


: Rudowin


: Hakuya.

Dono: A very formal polite way to refer someone. Mainly used in official letters and or
situation. Actually means Feudal Lord / Master.

: Juna. This is like a Korean name. Larvyde transliterate this name as Gyna.


Remember that it was the Personal Union between the Kingdom of Scotland and Kingdom of
England that gave birth to the British Empire.

This maybe explains one of the reasons for the low birthrate in Japan....


: Tomoe. : Chan. An informal familiar way to refer a child or someone younger.

Hahaue: A very formal polite name for Mother. It can be also translated as: Honored


Refers to the period of time that a new mother takes off from work following the birth of her
baby. In Indonesia, this is three months and considered as a paid leave.

: Musashi Bouya-Kun. Bouya means Boy


The certain cat robot is Doraemon. When he took out tools from his 4 dimensional pocket,
there will be a BGM playing and he will say the tools name.

Yurukyara: Almost every city, company or etc in Japan has their own Mascot Character, just
like how every university in USA has a character mascot for American Football or something....

Deformed: A Japanese term for a character with unrealistic proportion; mostly 1:2 or 1:3, the
so called chibified character with a large head. Like Gundam SD (1:2)

This means that the mascots height is two times the head height.


Benkei is famous in Japan for being an epitome of loyalty and honor.


: Juzu or Buddhist prayer beads. Just like the rosary used by Catholics.


Gap: a Japanese concept of a character that had an unexpected side that is different from
what they usually shown to others, related to Japanese concept ofHonne and Tatemae, like a
girl who is really taciturn, composed, and always glaring at MC, but actually really shy and likes
cute things. Just.... expose yourself to some Japanese popular media....
Musashi is also the name for a historical region consisting of Tokyo, Saitama and


Famous Japanese Swordsman who famous for two sword style


Famous Sumo Wrestler


, Chun-Lis move from Street Fighter.


: Souken no Chuukyuu sukiruKousokukaitenkiri


Standard JRPG Hero party consists of 4 people: one Hero and three comrades that stand
side by side a la Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest style. Since Liecia didn't know about it since
she was from another world. I previously mistranslated this line. Thanks to the kind anon who
pointed this out.

It was (ningyoutsukai) (Karakuritsukai)

(Kugutsushi). Same Job different name.
: Jidai no henkaku o michibikusha.



: Serina. San. A formal polite way to refer someone.


: Marukusu. Either it Marx or Marks, or Marcus.


Poncho Ishidzuka. His name come from Ishizuka Hidehiko, one of the most
famous gourmet celebrity shows in Japan: Ishi-chans Extraordinary Gourmet Show

Picture-perfect, adjective: lacking in defects or flaws; ideal.


Upturned eyes are considered to be cute in Japan.


A victory pose popularized by famous athlete, Guts Ishimatsu.

Harisen is a paper fan commonly used in Japanese slapstick comedy. Umm... this is
another world right? I now picture Hakuya carrying a harisen like Zhuge Liang carrying a
This is a pun in Japanese: Sekaijuu o tobimawaraseta. Could
be a figurative way to say: Circling the whole world. Or Traveling the whole world like
80 days around the world. The pun was Tobi literally means Fly.
A nickname or moniker for the personal plane of President of the USA
Kasutooru Barugasu
Beware the nice one. Maybe his face expression is just like Hinata Fuyuki in Keroro
Gunso when he mad. Too bad we wont see is army of dolls (funnels) decimating the
Three Lords army.
Nope. I dont know what kind this TV Program is... Any reader know? It start with Ken
and end with n, and the genre is documentary or reality show I guess.

Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki. Chapter 3B

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The media is the most powerful force on the earth. They have the power to make the innocent
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National Enrichment Arc

Chapter 3: The Kings Brunch B

*Soumas Perspective*
Hey Souma. I know we need to use the dining hall, but...(Liecia)
Isnt the number of people present is too low?(Liecia)

Like how Liecia pointed out, the dining hall was currently filled with a hustle and bustle unlike
how I usually had.
It was a dining hall that was used for the people who worked inside the castle such as the Royal
Guards, the chamberlains / chambermaids and even the previous king, so theres no problem
for a large amount of people to eat at the same time since it was furnished with 30 long tables.
However, currently, except for a single long table, every other table had been set aside to create
a vast empty space. Despite this, the actual freed amount of space was only the area in the
vicinity of the long table since the rest of the area was fully either packed with people or
machinery parts.
Among others, a large crystal that reached to the ceiling was taking up the most space.

You want to use the Royal Broadcast[1] again?(Liecia)

I feel that it would be wasteful to use this convenient method only to read war proclamations. I
intend to use this routinely from now on.(Souma)

Since it was something similar to Television, modern people would realize the power of Mass
Media (for better or worse). It can dispatch important information to the citizens quickly and it
can also secure the citizens support via entertainment program broadcasts. The weaknesses of
this method was the fact that there were no recording tools, so it must always be a live
broadcast; also the image only can be seen in the city (the villages can only hear the audio). But
that was something that we would need to wait for until the technology (magic?) progresses far
enough to solve this someday in the future.

By the way, I was thinking to start the entertainment program by holding theSinging
Contest first. Since Juna-san had already been acknowledged as the winner at the previous
talented people gathering by defeating numerous other participants, this Singing Contest can
be considered as the debut of an idol or a singer that can secure the citizens support. By the
way, I couldnt produce idol groups. Right now, there was a need to constantly conduct live
broadcasts, so I thought that it was better for everyone to make their debuts individually by
setting a rotation schedule.[2]
Elfriedens first public broadcasting program... The dream keeps on expanding.

*History Textbook*
Later on, Souma established the EBC (Elfrieden Broadcasting Company)[3]department inside
the castle to conduct public broadcasting program using the Royal Broadcast system. The
contents were mainly news and popular song programs, but occasionally there were cooking
programs or comedy programs broadcasted in it. This concept that hadnt been thought up by
anyone until then was greatly loved by the citizens. However, after hundreds of years had
passed, each household had their own miniaturized broadcast receiver and the Royal
Broadcast system was mass produced until it was possible to start commercial broadcasting
companies, causing the presence of the EBC to diminish over time. However, it was not
something to be lamented over, even if the EBC public broadcasting was deemed to be
antiquated and outdated with viewers claimingEven if it is gone there, wont be any
difference or Only old people watch it, but this also served as proof that the world had truly
become peaceful.[4]

*Soumas perspective*
What are you grinning about? It giving me the creeps, you know? (Liecia)

Liecia stared with cold eyes at the sight of me counting the chicken before the eggs hatched[5].
... I couldnt possibly say that its nothing, right?

Anyway, since this time, the objective is to make cuisine that normally isnt eaten in this
country. So isnt it more efficient if we also publicize it to the citizens at the same time? For that
reason, we especially invited all the beautiful girls to this place.(Souma)
You mean Juna-san?(Liecia)
That also includes Liecia-san. And also Aisha-san and Tomoe-chan. After all, they said that the
ABCs of successful programming are Animal, Beauty and Child.[6] The traditional beauty:
Liecia, the healthy tanned beauty: Aisha, the beauty with the charm of both adults and females:
Juna, and the wolf-ear animal beauty and child: Tomoe-chan. Because all of the outstandingly
talented beauties are here, then we can easily capture the citizens attention, dont you agree?
I-I... am also included....(Liecia)

Liecias face became flushed red. The other three were replying one after the other.

It will be my honor, Your Majesty.(Juna)

Wha-! If that is my Lord expects from me, then I will devote myself to fulfill it!(Aisha)
Hawawa[7], but, I will do my best!(Tomoe)

They were showing their eagerness. Meanwhile, since Hakuya promptly advanced the
preparations for the broadcast, Poncho was reconfirming the ingredients in a hurry. Looking at
this, it seemed that the cards in my hand had also been enhanced. Naturally, you can never
have too many talented people.[8]
I then faced everyone and gave out a command.

Then lets start and go On Air.(Souma)

That day, all the cities in the Elfrieden Kingdom were packed full of people.

It seems that the Hero-King who had previously gathered all the talented people in the country,
plans to use the Royal Broadcast for something. It had become the talk of the townsfolk, so
they were crowding in the fountain plaza (the water fountain in the plaza of a city had been
equipped with a device to spray mist into the air so that it will be able to project the images from
the Royal Broadcast). The villagers that only could hear the audio also deliberately swarmed to
the nearest city to be able to see the images, too, so the number of people who had gathered
was enormously large.

After all, the entertainment on this world was only to the extent of gambling at a bar, so ever
since the public broadcast several days ago, this was now recognized by the citizens as a new
form of entertainment. If people gather, so will money; if spectators gather, so will merchants.
Each square in every city was packed with stalls, giving off a feeling of a large festival.
Everyone spread out mats or sheets on the ground and sat down, impatiently waiting for the
broadcast to start.

Um-um... Mama, wat wil appen?(Random Girl)

Thats right. I wonder what will happen?(Random Mother)

A young girl with restless eyes asked her mother who answered with a smile.

Everyone ere look so appy. The age surely ad changed, right?(Random Old Man A)
Yer right. In our time, it was impossible to think that we could enjoy the Royal Broadcast.
(Random Old Man B)

In the olden times, the Royal Broadcast was only used to declare war on other countries or to
announce that The Army will release proclamations about the war progress (in other words,
the armys announcement). The elderly people, who remembered the time of the kings in the
distant past, would only silently close their eyes. During that age, this countrys dominion had
increased in twice its size, however its population, by contrast, decreased to nearly half.

The only words that came out from Royal Broadcast were We won XX Battle!or Its
necessarily for us to keep fighting to surpass XXs honorable death!, and other similar war
propaganda. When the people it that age heard the Royal Broadcast, what they imagined in
their head was the word Death.

I pray that this new king will not cause the younguns to hold such terrible
images Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!(Loud Cheering)

The small voice of the old man was drowned out by the erupting clamor.
The Third Royal Broadcast in Soumas reign had commenced.

The projection showed a man and a woman wearing a full dress and uniform.

Good day to everyone in Elfrieden!(Juna)

Go-Good day(Poncho)
This is the information program from Elfriedens Royal Castle: The Kings Brilliant Lunch,
shortened to The Kings Brunch[9]. The host is me, Juna Dohma![10](Juna)
Po-Poncho Ishizuka Panacotta[11] wi-will report, yes!(Poncho)
...Poncho-san, dont be too nervous for no reason!(Juna)
T-This is not for no reason, I am not familiar with this... Juno-dono is really impressive. Im
envious, yes.(Poncho)
It is because I need to be able sing well in front of the guests. In case the viewers visit the
singing caf Lorelei in Parnam, please treat me well.(Juna)
Please dont insert such conspicuous advertisement!(Poncho)

A playful beautiful woman and a hasty plump man were really in contrast with each other. The
people by the fountains were tempted to laugh.

Well then, let us begin the explanation of this programs objective.(Juna)

T-The Fourteenth (Temporary) King of Elfrieden, His Highness Souma Kazuya, yes!(Poncho)

Ooooooo the plaza became noisy.

On the projection was the image of the young king they saw at the time of talent gathering.

Since I havent been crowned yet there is no need to refer me as a King... Ha, Greetings
everyone. This is the current acting King, Souma Kazuya[12]. Now I want you to hear about the
current state of this country...(Souma)

He doesnt look like a King, spoke someone in the crowd. It couldnt be helped since he was
just appointed for it. Without knowing about this, Souma began his explanation in front of the
board with the chart and diagram of the current nations state of affairs. He especially
elaborated about the root of the food shortage.

... in this manner, the current conditions caused by high demand for fresh produce, the root
cause of the food shortage issue this time was because the farmers changed from planting food
crops to cash crops like cotton. Of course, this is not the fault of the farmers alone, but also the
merchants who compelled them to sell these crops, the military who gained profits from it, and
finally the royal family who overlooked this situation. I ask you all for forgiveness for this.

After saying this, Souma bowed his head. A king bowing his head towards his subjects was
something that had never happened before. Even this situation was something that wasnt
something directly caused by Soumas reign.

As of now, our country will change from planting cash crops to food crops, however this will
only bear result in autumn. We had also considered importing food from other countries.
However, this situation is unfavorable. The first reason is because we will stop exporting our
chief export, which is cotton, we also wont be able to acquire foreign currency. The second
reason because every other country has the same food situation as our country. You cant give
something that you dont have.(Souma)

The Kings speechs contents was enough to discourage the citizens. However, the citizens
were more surprised rather than dejected since the King was making this information available
to the public. Usually a superior wont disclose any information he had towards his subordinate,
since that information might include his own blunder. There is also awareness that the subjects

wouldnt understand national politics in the first place. Actually, even if the contents of the
current kings explanation could be comprehended by Japanese elementary school children,
only 30% of Elfriedens citizens would be able to understand it.

However, this young king released the information to the public. The people belonged to the
educated class were quite surprised. Why would he do something like exposing his own
mistakes if it could lead him to lose his authority over the citizens?

U-Um.... Is that something that was supposed to be mentioned to the citizens?(Poncho)

Poncho timidly asked as though he became the proxy of the citizens voice.
However, Souma didnt change his expression.

Because a person who keep secret wills be doubted. If the people will doubt whether the next
information I release will be a lie or not, I would rather use my own head than to follow a lie.
Although there are some I need to conceal for diplomatic reasons, but for domestic affairs, my
policy was to disclose it from now on. I want my citizens to use their head. What should this
country do? Is my policy correct? I want everyone to think about it together with me.(Souma)

This is the first time that there was a King like this...(Random Citizen)

Muttered someone. A monarch that wanted his citizens to also think about politics was
something unprecedented. Even if there was a National Assembly[13] to represent the
citizens will, frankly, it was just an Assembly for the citizens to decide what to say to appeal o
the King. Whether or not it would be adopted was depended entirely on the Kings decision, so
the contents of their appeals were also only to the extent of Requesting a price correction on
the inflated XXX or Appeal for public works. Its function was just like a comment box for the
government and not a place to discuss actual political decisions.

In the first place, even now such a feudalistic system was still deeply rooted in this country. Or
to put it in simpler words, this countrys political system was basically The person below will
pay Taxes to the person above and the person above will guarantee the lives and properties
of the person below. The citizens would pay taxes to the feudal lords, and the feudal lords
would guarantee the lives and properties of the citizens. The feudal lords (nobles) would pay

taxes (scutage) to the Kingdom - in lieu of their obligation to provide military services - and the
King would guarantee their lives and properties (guaranteeing lives not only meant protection
from foreign enemies but also providing public works such as improving infrastructures and the

A complete stratified society. Although there was a risk that if the top rots then everything else
will rot, but if you think about it from other side, except for the ruler, there is no need for the
citizens to think about politics, so it can be called a carefree political system where the citizens
only need to think about themselves.

However this young King wished for the citizens to use their heads. I want everyone to think
about it together with me so he said. It was a moment of the birth of new rights and obligations
among the common citizen: public participation in politics. Of course, it doesnt mean that the
path was being exemplified. Moreover, even if that privilege was given right now, because of the
low education levels amongst the citizens, clearly it would just fall into an ochlocracy.[14]
However, the seeds had surely been scattered.

Changes will be happening in this country from now on..... (Random Old Man A)
I envy the young generation who will witness this change.(Random Old Man B)
What are you saying, we will also keep on going.(Random Old Man A)

While looking at the young kings figure, the old men were smiling brightly.

Without knowing that he had made a small ripple, Souma continued his explanation.

We can only wait until autumn until this problem is completely solved in this way. Of course, we
will also give our aid, however it will be hard to give it to every citizen in this country, due to the
amount of resources or the geographical terrain. After all, not everybody lives on level plains.

After all, this country was a nation where various races had gathered.
In the forests were the elves, at the steep cliffs were the dragonewts, in the underground caves
were the dwarves, on the coastline were the mermen, along with other races who lived in places

where the supply line didnt cross. These people wouldnt be able to receive the aids, just like
the people who lived in the rural villages deep inside the mountain range.

Thats why I request my citizens, or rather, this is a decree(Souma)

Souma cut his speech at this point.

After drawing a breath, he clearly declared.

Until the Autumn, you must all survive.(Souma)

The citizens breaths were taken away by the words that the young King had spoken.
Their meaning was simple. However, their true intention couldnt be inferred.

Because we dont have enough hands as it is, it is essential for each of you to move in order to
survive. Go to the mountains, go to the rivers, go to the sea. Search for food, come together and
cooperate. Even if you had to bow to someone or smear yourself with disgrace. Until the
autumn comes, I appeal to everyone in here to survive.(Souma)

It could be said as a resignation of duty. Therefore it was as if he said do your best to the
suffering people. However, it was also a truth that someone wouldnt be able to help themselves
if they also didnt do their best.
The young King sincerely apologized.

I beg of you, everyone. Because it had the meaning of not ruining another persons life, it
might be difficult. However I want everyone to welcome the fruit of the autumn without attacking
or stealing from another person, without giving up the children to reduce the number of mouths
to feed, without abandoning the elderly, without even a single family member missing. Thats
why this broadcast was planned so that it might help even if it only a little.(Souma)

Souma raised his face and started explaining the purpose of the current broadcast. In order to
buy time until the food problem is resolved, this broadcast would introduce the ingredients that
were not usually used in this countrys cuisine and demonstrate how to cook it. Those
ingredients were ingredients that could be obtained cheaply (as they grew naturally in the wild).
And now, to show that those ingredients at this place could really be eaten, the ingredient would
be turned into a cuisine and be examined.

Even the citizens who were indignant because of Soumas previous statement of duty
renunciation, after hearing the contents of Soumas explanation, that anger had melted away.
This King is really thinking about us, they could actually feel his true intent.

.......with that being said, Poncho and Juna-dono, I entrust you two to continue hosting from
here on out.(Souma)

Finishing his rough explanation, Souma sat back on his seat.

Souma didnt know this, but at that time in the kingdoms plazas, applause could be heard.
Soumas words left a deep impression on the citizens who received it, so they spontaneously
applauded him. Without Souma being aware of it, he already acknowledged by them as their

On the projection were Juna and Poncho who took over once again as the hosts.

Well then, let us quickly begin. Poncho-san, what is the first ingredient?(Juna)
Y-Yes! The first ingredients is, THIS!(Poncho)

*Soumas perspective*
Then Poncho took out a cloth covered box. Then Liecia, Aisha, Tomoe, and I lined up and sat
like guest commentators before the table with the box on top of it. It was a large box similar to
fish tank. Then Poncho took off the cloth.

At the dining hall of Elfrieden Caste in Capital City of Palnam that had been changed to a live
recording studio.


When they saw what was atop of the table, Aisha, Tomoe and Liecia, were all screaming in
three different ways while backing off from the table. On the contrary, only Juna-san and I were
What was inside the box in front of me was,

Its an octopus.(Souma)
So, its an octopus.(Juna)

A creature with soft body and eight wriggling tentacle, it was something I already knew of:
Octopus. Even though the cow or pig were fantastically distorted and had a turtle-like shell,
this was just a (somewhat larger) normal looking octopus. Well, even in fantasy worlds,
something like a Giant Octopus was something that usually came out. I thought How should
I judge it with fantasy standards?.

Ah, by the way, in this country, was called Okato, so I thought that it sounds similar to
Octopus. But because of the Heros language translation ability, I simpl heard it
as Octopus instead. If the ingredients that would come out after this were things that
resemble ingredients from Earth, I might just use their Earth name to refer to them.

Eh? This country doesnt eat octopus?(Souma)

How could you eat a disgusting thing like this?(Liecia)

Liecia looked at me with discerning eyes as if I had told her something unbelievable.
No-no-no, its only an octopus, you know? I couldnt understand her.

Well, since its appearance is like this, its only eaten in certain coastal areas. We even eat it in
my hometown.(Juna)

Juna gently gave her explanation. Well even in Earth, there are European countries (except for
Spain and others[15]) where octopus is called Devilfish and didnt consider it as food, so it was
inevitable if it also happened here...... right?

But its delicious.(Souma)

Is that so?[16](Aisha)

I threw out the word Delicious and Aisha immediately bit at it. I know that food tasting was part
of her bodyguard duty, but this girl was unexpectedly quite a gourmand. It wasnt that she was a
glutton, but she was extremely fond of delicious foods, especially sweets, (high class
confectionaries presented to and distributed to the King or the maids), which she ate in such a
large quantity that it made all the maids jealous How could she eat so many things but still be
able to manintain such body proportion.... I was guessing that perhaps it was because she was
raised in the middle of the forest, so she rarely ate sweet foods.

Aah. I know that some people are picky about eating raw food, but if you just rub it with brine
and lightly boil it in water, it is quite delicious, you know. Stewing it, grilling it, or cooking it with
rice are also delicious options.(Souma)
Aisha. Youre drooling, youre drooling.(Souma)
Ulps!... sollee...(Aisha)
Good grief. Also, its high in protein while low in calories so its also good for dieting.(Souma)
H-Hearing that, makes me a bit curious...(Liecia)

I threw out the word Diet and this time it was Liecia who bit at it. No-no-no, I thought that Liecia
should put up on some weight, you know? Since she was in the army, she was already quite

But, I dont think you should really care about it...(Souma)

Souma... The time we lose interest n our weight is when we stopped being girls.(Liecia)

With those words, Liecia admonished me with faraway look expression on her face. Since Junadono and Tomoe-chan also nodded strongly, then I guessed it must have been the truth. But,
Aisha was the only one with an expression ofeven so, I want to eat all the meals......

Thats right... then, should we see how it will be cooked?(Souma)

After we moved to the kitchen attached to the dining hall, the octopus started to be cooked.
Although the cook oin the castle said, If you ask us, we will gladly do it..., but since I like
cooking, I did the cooking instead. First I put the octopus in a large bowl, and then with a kitchen
knife, I removed the beak, organs, ink sac and eyeballs (at this time the female group

yelled Uwaa... but I ignored it). Then I rub the surface with salt until the slippery texture
solidified before I rinsed it with water. In case the suction pads still had some mud in it, I
carefully cleaned it.

And then I put the legs in a pot of boiling water and boiled that octopus shaped creature (its still
an octopus though). After seeing the dirty yellow color had properly turned into violet-red
color[17], I then brought it out and with that, I had splendidly finished Boiled Octopus.[18] After
letting it cool for a bit, I took one full length of the legs into my mouth. Ah even like this, it was

Eat while theyre hot![19](Souma)


Liecia and the others were surprised at the sight of me beginning to eat without any hesitations.
Based on the feeling from chomping down a piece, yes, without any doubt, this was the taste of
octopus. The slightly salty taste from it was delicious. But it was only delicious; it was regrettable
that this world still didnt have any soy sauce!

...Can it really be eaten?(Liecia)

What are you talking about, Liecia? You just need to test it, right?(Souma)
No, that is... my heart is still not ready....(Liecia)
Is that so? But this is delicious, you see.(Juna)

Giving the hesitating Liecia a sidelong glance, Juna also chewed down a piece.

Ah! Thats sneaky Juna-dono! Then its my turn!(Aisha)

Seeing that, Aisha also started eating it... But, Hey! Dont munch the entire head! How much a
glutton can you be? Really this Dark Elf!

Whoa! This firmness is quite delicious!(Aisha)

...that so?(Souma)

...Yes, I need to pull myself together. I started cutting a large octopus and covered the pieces
with wheat flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Then I skewered them with 3 pieces per skewer and
threw the skewers in a saucepan full of hot oil. I deep fried them until their coating had turned
crispy and golden-brown colored. Then I pulled them from the pan, and added the finishing
touches with a mayonnaise sauce I had created: a mixture of this worlds thick sauce, egg yolk
and vinegar. Finally, it was completed.

Fried Skewered Octopus... or something like that. Well, feel free to eat it.(Souma)

I gave everyone one skewer each.

Liecia and Tomoe-chan nervously put them into their mouths. However, at the moment it
reached their mouths.

!? What is this? Delicious!(Liecia)

This is really... really delicious!(Tomoe)

Their eyes were wide open because of the deliciousness. Alright! I made a guts pose[20] inside
my mind.

This is really delicious. Contained by the crispiness of the coat was the amazing succulence of
the octopus.(Juna)
T-True! I never had realized before that octopus would go very well with the sauce!(Poncho)
This white sauce and the octopus suitably amalgamated together. It is a magnificent work,
Your Majesty.(Juna)
Yes, so Your Majesty can also cook! Its surprising! Yes!(Poncho)

Juna-san and Poncho were speaking words resembling those of a gourmet reporter. Those two
were eating the octopus and thoroughly savoring the taste. By the way, Aisha was,


With frightful speed, she emptied the mass produced skewers.... Yes, lets just leave her alone.

... Hey Papa?(Random child)

Yes. If its about the octopus, today we also caught a lot of them in the net.(Random Father)
Really!? I want to eat it!(Random child)
Yer right. We always threw them away, but let us try eating it.(Random Father)

In coastal villages, such conversation was prevalent.

Umm... I have no other comment other than, Is this Shokugeki no Souma? Now I want
to eat some octopuses. *Open the fridge* There is no octopuses but there are some
squids. *close enough*.
[Editor Note: Personally I like baby octopus. Munching on the legs & head after eating it
whole is great! The suction cups have a wonderful texture like pork tongue lol.]
Next chapter will came out before Christmas!

[1] Gyokuon Housou. Gyokuon means King/Emperor voice and Housou

means broadcast. Have any better suggestion? [Editor: Maybe Royal because hes
not Emperor yet, just King.] Agreed.
[2] Like AKB48. With their numerous subgroups where the center is rotated every now
and then.
[3] Erufuriiden Housou Kyoukai. Parody of NHK
(Nippon Housou Kyoukai). So I translated it as a parody of BBC (British Broadcasting
Company) the mother of a lot of public broadcasting in the world.[Editor: That is
hilarious, I love it.]
[4] Well... In some country public broadcasting is not that popular. [Editor: Public
broadcasting is popular in some countries? 88888]
[5] A proverb meaning: You should not count on something before it happens. You
should not expect all of your hopes to be fulfilled. The original is or catching
Tanuki, a shorthand form of ( counting money before catching a
[6] Souma just say the truth... ABC is important... (so that explain why series with
Kemonomimi, Loli and plain old Bishoujo is easy to become popular)
[7] Flustered reaction. Awawawawa... Just like High Elf Aze from Death March.
[8] This is the principles of Cao Cao that Souma emulate. Cao Cao focused close
attention on recruiting talented people to strengthen the power of his group. He even

composed his famous poem : . Where he uttered his desire for more talented
people. Really, Cao Cao is an otaku for talented people.
[9] TITLE DROP. So that what the brunch means. I always thought it was
[10] = (Dooma) = Dohma. Actually I just copy pasted the Romanization from
Darkstalker 3.
[11] I just realized, Pana Cotta is an Italian pudding like dessert.
[12] Finally, his name is : , Souma Kazuya, its funny since everyone treat his
surname as his given name. Absolutely no relation with the other Souma (Souma
Yukihira ).
[13] Kokumingikai . A compound word of Kokumin: Citizen and Gikai:
[14] Mobocracy or Ochlocracy or the Mob Rule Bitches! It doesnt have any relation to
Mafia Rules. Famous modern example: Peoples Power in Philippines, the Velvet
Revolution, 1998 Reformation Movement in Indonesia, and Arab Springs. The downside
of this was: Tyranny by majority, populist move that may destructive in long run, and or
post-action politic squabble.
[15] Spaniards will eat anything! Joke aside, octopus werent really commonly eaten in
European countries in the middle ages aside from some Iberian and Mediterranean
communities. Maybe because they resemble a baby Cthulhu.[Editor Note: So it is all the
Bible/HP Lovecrafts fault that people starved lol.]FUNFACT: Other than Japan, Spain is
the second highest country with octopus devourer.
[16] Every time I see Sounanoka, I need to restraint myself from turning it into Touhou
[17] Fun fact the color came from carotenoid pigment released when the protein that
usually carrying it denaturized from the heat.
[18] The octopus actually only boiled for less than 5 minutes
[19] I really want to turn this into Happy Eating!
[20] Guts pose, a pose of victory commonly seen in Japan.

Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki. Chapter 3C

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu...

My goodness... This chapter has so many udon and noodles reference...

And Shouyu reference...
Im hungry...

DISCLAIMER: I dont guarantee that I translate 100% correct.... any help is appreciated...
The Translator:

Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

National Enrichment Arc

Chapter 3: The Kings Brunch C

*Soumas Perspective*
The next ingredient is this!(Poncho)

After we finished with eating my popular Fried Skewered Octopus, we returned to our seat
where Poncho opened the prepared box with new ingredient in front of us. After seeing the long
cylindrical ingredient with brown color and covered in soil inside the box,

Is this... a root??(Liecia)
Root, or so what I think...(Juna)
It dont look delicious...... can this really be eaten?(Tomoe)

Question mark was floating atop Liecia, Juna-san and Tomoe-chan head. On the other hand,

So, its burdock[1]?(Souma)

Its burdock, alright.(Aisha)

I didnt get surprised that only Aisha and I know that it was burdock. Well, since in western
country, burdock cuisine was categorized as unconventional food, so it wasnt something
unusual, but what surprised me was that the western style dark elf Aisha knew about it. So to

If we dont eat everything that could be eaten in the forest, we would quickly get nutritional

Aisha said it with a distant look on her eyes. That places food situation might be the cause for
this hungry dark elf. But I dont have any interest in that.

If it is being introduced, then that means that it is edible, right?(Liecia)

I nodded to Liecia who was asking for confirmation.

It can be eaten, you know. You can enjoy its taste as it is or you can cook it together with
sauce so that the sauce can permeate inside and then you can enjoy its texture. Its mostly
composed of dietary fiber that cant be digested, so that means it can become a stomach
medicine because it can stimulate bowel movement. Its a helpful ally for people with
... Please dont mention bowel movement or constipation while we are in the middle of eating.
Since it make waste products easier to come out, of course it is also good for health and
Uu... s-so when you said it like that, its quite fascinating....(Liecia)

Well then, since we had confuted[2] Liecia, lets start tasting the food.
This time was quite simple. First, after scrapping off the mud covered skin with a kitchen knife,
the burdock was cut into long thin pieces before being covered in potato starch, and then thrown
into the pot with the oil that I previously used. After they properly fried, they were taken out and
divided into two portions, one portion was sprinkled with a pinch of salt and another one was
sprinkled with a pinch of sugar, and finally, the Burdock Chips (potato chip and
rusk[3] style)was completed. Everyone took a bite and gave their reaction,

Awa, its crunchiness is delicious.(Liecia)

This is... indeed a suitable partner for drinking beer.(Poncho)

Liecia and Poncho who consumed the salty portions were munching them like they were in a
snack bar.

When its being chewed, the escaping oil began to dissolve the sugar, so that the sweet taste
spread out in a rush inside the mouth.(Juna)
I want both of my mothers to taste this.(Tomoe)

Juna-san and Tomoe-chan were tasting the sugary portions and gave out a gourmet like
comment and a completely childish comment respectively. ...By the way Aisha was,

If you eat both of them at the same time, the sweet taste is deliciously crunchy!(Aisha)

...greedily devouring both portions. ...Yes, I also didnt have anything to say this time.

The next edible ingredients,Red Bears Paw, Sword Tigers Liver, andGrilled
Salamandercame out, but I stopped their introductions. Certainly, they were ingredients that
didnt usually get eaten in this country, but I didnt want ingredients that only could be acquired
by adventurers. If by some chance the citizens could get their hands on it then I hope they could
eat them without wasting it, just for the citizens to know this was enough. As expected, I also
didnt know the recipe for how to cook the bears paw.

Ah, by the way, when we were selecting ingredients, we excluded the poisonous ingredients
like Pufferfish or Mushroom. I know that it was edible with proper cooking method, but it
was obvious that if starving amateurs get their hands on them, then it could end disastrously.
Well, even that poisonous part could be eaten. In Ishikawa Prefecture, there is Pickled
Pufferfish Ovary[4], even the Nagano Prefecture there is an area that famous for eating fly
agaric poisonous mushroom[5].......A humans appetite is amazing, right?

Lets return back to the story and see the next ingredients. However, it was something that
made us completely dumbfounded.

The next ingredients is this, yes!(Poncho)

T-This is...(Everyone)

This time everyones eyes popped out.

Inside the box that Poncho opened was a bluish-green jiggly object.

This is... Zelring[6], right?(Souma)

It was Zelring: the jelly-like slime soft-bodied creature that inhabited the surrounding fields in
this area. Even its appearance and ecology was giving off the similar feeling of the small fries in
RPGs. Its trait was, generally speaking, their weakness. If you cut it, it died. If you smash it, it
died. It lives by sticking on other creatures (or otherwise their corpses) and absorbing nutrients
from them and there is no gender as they multiplied by self division.
It gave impressions of a unicellular amoeba-like organism transformed into a larger size.
Eh? You could eat it? It is edible?

Wait a minute! This Zelring is dead right?(Aisha)

Aisha noticed something out of place.

Yes. This Zelring is already dead.(Poncho)

No-no-no, thats strange you know? This is the first time I have ever seen a dead Zelring!
Ah, thats right. Now that you mention it, its indeed strange.(Liecia)

Liecia also noticed something and had the same opinion. But I didnt see anything strange at

So what you mean-dattebayo?[7](Souma)

What with that tone... Zelrings are weak you know? If you cut its thin surface membrane with a
blade, its bodily fluid will *swoosh* come pouring out. If you hit it with a club, it will go *splat* and
have the same result. Afterwards, what remains is bluish-green puddle of liquid.(Liecia)
Is that true?(Souma)
Yes. Thats why leaving a good corpse behind is something unbelievable.(Liecia)

Aisha also nodded at those words. I see, Aisha was a warrior while Liecia was a soldier, so they
both had experience in battling Zelrings so they were able to perceive it as being out of place.

So, then how could this Zelring end up in this state?(Souma)

There is a little secret behind it. I was taught by a faraway small western tribe, that by attacking
the Zelring using a thin rod to destroy their core without breaking the surface membrane, after it
dies, the body will remain intact. This is called Freshly killed Zelring by the locals.(Poncho)

Freshly killed, huh? I wonder if it was like freshly killed fish...... but oh well, I see. As expected, it
seemed that I was wrong to judge it as large unicellular organism.

And then if some time has passed after we destroyed the core, its body fluids will lose its
liquidity and gradually solidify.(Poncho)
Something like rigor mortis, huh?(Souma)
Yes. In addition, if we just leave it as it is, the body fluids will evaporate and it becomes a dried
food. After it has been dead for about two hours, the body will become solid to some extent and
during this time, its possible to use it for cooking. That is the current state of this Zelring, yes

Umm... I understand that it could be used for cooking but the question is : Is it possible to eat it?
Afterwards, Poncho retrieved a kitchen knife and began to cut the Zelring on its length.

When Zelring is in this state, you can cut it longitudinally with kitchen knife without destroying
the body. Since the tissue fibers of the Zelring run along its body longitudinally, this method will
preserve its texture better, yes.(Poncho)

Poncho skillfully cut the Zelring into thin long pieces like he was making Ika Soumen[8]. After
that, Poncho threw them into a pot of boiling water.

Then we add a little salt to the boiling water and boil it until it hardens.(Poncho)

Hm. It somehow resembled genuine soba or udon. It was boiled and became a brilliantly bluegreen colored noodle that resembled Cha Soba[9]. Then, Poncho steadily put desiccated
mushrooms and something like kombu[10] into the boiling pot. Is he trying to make
dashi[11] from it? So he was making something like Nabeyakiudon[12]... Finally he seasoned it
with more salt to raise the flavor, and served it in soup bowls.

Here you are. The Zelring Udon.(Poncho)

So it really is an udon!(Souma)
I-Is something wrong, Your Highness?(Poncho)
Ah, no, its nothing.(Souma)

Ah thats right, the language of this country was translated into Japanese in my ears. So
perhaps it was something else and I heard it translated as Udon. How confusing.
Well, lets just leave this matter behind; in front of my eyes was Kansai-style (green) udon in
transparent soup.[13]

(Translator notes: Hoo... Boy... These 4 lines is a parody of Japanese CMs... I hope I get the
right products reference)
Red Fox and Green Zelring[14]
The wind makes a speech This is a food?[15]
Oh Zelring udon. So there is something like this.[16]
Delicious udon, Zelring-chan, Jealous?[17]

Im just escaping from reality huh? Eemm, is this really a meal?

I looked at my surroundings and everyone had a face of Go ahead, eat it. However there was
no one who raised their hand and said Then, Ill start eating!

... Well since even Liecia and group had eaten something they had never eaten before.
Its not fair if only I escape alone! Now, time to eat!!!!


S-So, how is it, Souma?(Liecia)

I heard Liecias worried voice, so I,

...This is unexpectedly good.(Souma)

Replied like that. Yes. What was this? This was completely different from what I imagined. I had
imagined that it would have that fishy smell and be flaccid like ika soumen, but it had a slurpable
chewiness and didnt smell fishy at all. Rather than udon, this was similar to a pot of
kuzukiri[18] or Ma*ny[19]. Only when I chewed at it somehow, there was a peculiar squeaky
texture. Was this the fiber? This was my verdict: Appearance: Udon, Taste: Kuzukiri, Texture:
Kyushus regional cuisine Okyuuto[20]

Yes, this wasnt bad. This wasnt bad at all.

Its true...This is unexpectedly good!(Liecia)

The soup is carrying its deliciousness well.(Juna-san)
This is really from that Zelring? Its suprising.(Tomoe-chan)

The people who ate after me also gave out favorable impressions. Well, after all, it was
delicious. It was nonsense to question whether this udon or plain udon was more delicious. Just
like, udon and soba, whichever one was more delicious depend on someones tastes. This too,
had its own charm.

By the way, how about the nutritional content?(Souma)

Nutritional content...... That is to say, I dont know, however it may be similar to gells taken
from animal bone.(Poncho)
Collagen, huh?(Souma)

So the Zelring possessed both the protein contained in animal bones and a plants dietary fiber.
More and more, I didnt know whether Zelring should be considered as an animal or a plant.

In any case, I dont hat think there is a problem in their nutritional content. Since Zelrings can
be found almost everywhere, if they can be eaten, then it can reduce the food shortage, dont
you agree?(Souma)
Thats true. Zelrings are also easy to farm. Even with their feed being mere kitchen scraps,
they will easily multiply.(Liecia)
...No, lets not give them strange things to eat. If they ingest toxic substances, when that
Zelring is eaten, it can cause food poisoning.(Souma)
T-Thats true, right(Liecia)
For now, lets do some experimental Zelring farming. Hunting them in the wild is also a valid
choice, but it will be bad if it decreased their numbers too much and disturb the ecosystem...
I think that is a correct decision.(Liecia)

Apart from that, Zelring Udon was very delicious.

Can you really eat it?(Citizen A)

But, the King and others are deliciously eating it.(Citizen B)
I will go to Adventurer Guild and put out a quest for Zelrings capture.(Citizen A)
Ah, then I will also do the same(Citizen B)

Such conversation seems to have been unfolding in every fountain plaza.

Elfriedens signature dish are Zelring Dishes
But at this time, who could have predicted that this line would speak the truth of the far future?

Then lets introduce the next ingredients. The cooked dish has been prepared already.

As Poncho said this, he opened the box; we then see the thing inside the box.


Everyone leaked out that voice from their mouth. Well, since what inside it was a bug.
Nevertheless this dish, was a dish from the world... no Japan where I lived before.

This is Locust[21] Tsukudani[22], right?(Souma)

Yes. This is calledGiant Locust Tsukudani(Poncho)
Ah...Yes, certainly its big.(Souma)

The locust in the Japans tsukudani was normally just the size of a cricket (Though, why I
compared the size of an insect with another insect?) but this locust was as big as a kuruma

prawn[23]. That color gave the feeling of a sweet and salty taste, so lets test their inside
taste...Hm? Tsukudani?

This is tsukudani...(Souma)
Eh? Souma, you going to eat it?(Liecia)

Liecia was looking at me with a surprised expression when I suddenly stabbed my fork at the
giant locust. Certainly, normally someone would hesitate to eat it just by its appearance. Rather
than eating it calmly, they would eat it more timidly. However, currently, I didnt let myself
bothered by this. After all I, absolutely need to ascertain this!
*chomp*, *munch munch*...

Ho-How is it, Souma?(Liecia)

The texture was like shrimp with its shell intact. However, more important than that.
This is...No doubt about it!

This Tsukudani... uses Shouyu!


Shouyu. Soy sauce. The center of Japanese taste. If there is no this, sashimi or cooked food
would be useless! Ramen, hamburgers, spaghetti, and other foreign cuisines would be turned
into Japanese Food by this magical condiment! Perhaps I have been yearning for this taste
ever since I came to this country! Since making fermented food is difficult, I reproduced
mayonnaise, but even so, its flavor couldnt rival this illusionary condiment! But on todays dish,
it was there in front of my eyes. Even if it was just a locust, but it looked like the ultimate dish for

Eh? No way, Souma is cying?(Liecia)

How could I not cry? This is... The taste from my hometown.(Souma)
The taste from Soumas hometown...(Liecia)
Does Souma-niisamas hometown also have Locust Tsukudani?(Tomoe)

I saw at Tomoe-chan who was deliciously crunching the locust tsukudani. That reminds me,
when everyone was backing off, only this girl didnt show any surprised expression...

Perhaps this dish is...(Souma)

Yes. I often ate it in the Mystic Wolf Tribes village.(Tomoe)
Then, the Mystic Wolf Tribe can make shouyu!?(Souma)
Shooyuu...Is it maybe Salted paste water[24]?(Tomoe)
Salted paste water?(Souma)
Salted paste water is a condiment preferred by the Mystic Wolf Tribe, yes.(Poncho)

Then, from the side, Poncho gave additional information.

Originally, the Mystic Wolf Tribe pickled beans in salt and fermented it into salted bean
paste[25] for condiment use. This process also generated a liquid on top that is taken out and
then cured into salted paste water. Both condiments have a peculiar taste that cant be found
in this country.(Poncho)

Yes. I was convinced by this explanation. After all I had read on some books that shouyu was
born as a byproduct of miso production. In other words salted bean paste is miso, while salted
paste water is shouyu (the reason why I didnt heard it as miso and shouyu was probably
because it wasnt similar with modern shouyu).
Perhaps he Mystic Wolf Tribes cuisine was quite close to Japanese..... Hmm, wait a minute.

Hey Tomoe-chan. This tsukudani is also made with sake right?(Souma)

Ah, yes. Sake that was made from a plant seed called Eni seed.(Tomoe)
What kind of seed is that?(Souma)
Umm... Its a plant that grows in wetland, its ears have broom like tips that contained a lot of
seeds that are similar to wheat grain.(Tomoe)

Without any doubt, it was rice! The hope of the future!

For the plan to replace planting cash crops into food crops, I had thought to cultivate rice (wet
field) that didnt lose in fertility to wheat (dry field), however this country didnt have the essential
rice seeds so this plan underwent a setback. So thats it, it grew wildly in the north, huh? Of
course, I must send orders to cultivate it. At any rate, the Mystic Wolf Trive... shouyu, miso and
also rice; this tribe held many things that I desired.


Alright, I have decided! The refugees from the Mystic Wolf Tribe will be granted a part of area
in Parnam.(Souma)
Accordingly, I want them to produce that salted bean paste and salted paste water. Since by
planting a lot of soy beans, its possible to restore the lands fertility[26].(Souma)
Wait, Souma, are you serious!?(Liecia)

Liecia was flustered, but be it as it may, I was completely serious.

Shouyu and miso... With salted paste water and salted bean paste, I can reproduce my
countrys cuisine. Since it seems that there is also rice, dont you want to eat tasty things that
this world never seen?(Souma)
Th-That is...(Liecia)
Yes! I want to eat it all!(Aisha)

Aisha vigorously raised her hand. This girl was really honest to her stomach.

... Well not only Aisha, but I also thought that the citizens would also like to eat it. Then, should
I release the recipes to the public so that they could personally make it after collecting the
ingredients? Or perhaps they could open a shop using that cooking?
Either way, I believe it would greatly stimulate the economy(Souma)

If the economy has high liquidity, then it will enrich this country. This is what I believe.[27]
Thats why I said this toward the citizens who were watching the broadcast.

Only by through talented administration, we could continue to exist. So, I will use that talent
even if it comes from refugees. I dont have any reason not to accept a tribe that has excellent
food processing technology. Thats right... For the next five years, I will grant monopoly rights for
the production of salted bean paste and salted paste water to the Mystic Wolf Tribe. If there is
any other production, then it will be cracked down as illicit production. However, after five years
has passed, then I will lift the ban on salted bean paste and salted paste water and it will be
turned into a free market, so I encourage the Mystic Wolf Tribe to solidly make their business
foundation during this period of five years. That is all.(Souma)

*Historical textbook*
After this proclamation, a section in the Capital City of Parnam was constructed as a residential
area for the Mystic Wolf Tribe. Upon receiving the countrys support, they built factories that
manufactured Salted Bean Paste and Salted Paste Water. In this world, there were many
cases where the residential area given to the refugees turned into slums. This was because the
refugees had limited economic activity (either they were unemployed or they were exploited as
cheap labor, and other similar scenarios), so they often ended up struggling in poverty.
However, in the case of Mystic Wolf Tribe, due to the monopoly rights bestowed to them by the
King on Salted Bean Paste and Salted Paste Water, they were able to build business
foundation and their residential area did not become another slum zone. After five years passed
and the monopoly rights ended, the beastmen of this tribe completely assimilated ad becme
part of the capital citys citizen population. Even after the products, Salted Bean Paste and
Salted Paste Water had their name changed to Miso and Shouyu and their monopoly
rights were rescinded, the Mystic Wolf Tribe keep devoting themselves to manufacturing these
specialty products. And so, the Miso and Shouyu that was produced by the Mystic Wolf Tribe
with theWolf hexagonal logo and that was sold under the Kikkourou[28]brandname was
loved by the citizens for many years to come.

In the fountain plaza, a rhythmical BGM and the gentle voice of Juna Dohma could be heard.

Well, the broadcasting time or this program The Kings Brunch is soon reaching the time to
say farewell. What do you think about becoming a host, Poncho-san?(Juna)
Y-Yes. Im glad that my knowledge could be useful for the citizens even if it is only a little.
However, I think that becoming a host was too heavy for me. I hope someone will replace me
next time.(Poncho)
Lets see, will there be another next time? What do you think, Your Majesty?(Juna)
That depends on the citizens request.(Souma)
So, I see. If there is a demand then it will be good. Right, Poncho-san?(Juna)
I-I personally dont have any demand for it, yes!(Poncho)
Dont say it like that, lets do this again next time~ (Juna)

Hiiii! Please leave me from that!

Thank you very much for watching and listening up until this point. The program is brought to
you by me, Juna Dohma and(Juna)
Poncho Ishizuka Panacotta as the host. Yes!(Poncho)
Well then everyone. Gokigenyou[29](Juna)

When the BGM ceased to play, the image also vanished. Apparently, the program had ended.
When the broadcasting ended, sighs could be heard from every fountain plaza.

Ah... So it has finished?(Citizen C)

Its unexpectedly interesting. I want to see it more(Citizen D)
Youre right. Even if it isnt daily, but I hope it will at least be broadcasted periodically.(Citizen
But if there is a request for it, then it will performed again right? Then what about trying to
submit the request for it in the National Assembly?(Citizen D)
Ooh! Theres that option. Then lets discuss this with the mayor.(Citizen C)

Such conversations occurred in every city.

After all, the entertainment in this country was only limited to gambling in bars. The citizens
were presented with a Variety Show (Although Souma was just wanted to provide
an Informational Program about the food problems, but there was Juna and Ponchos banter,
a section similar to cooking program, and scenes of beauties going Kyaaa whenever they
tasted the strange food so this result was inevitable) with contents that provided new forms of
entertainment right in front of their eyes. Of course they would be excited. Actually, several days
later, the National Assembly submitted a Letter of Appeal about Holding a Periodical Royal
Broadcastto the King. Souma, who after accepting it, then established the new Elfrieden Royal
Broadcast every evening.

Well, there were also people who had different viewpoints from the societys viewpoint.

When I first heard that the new king was enthroned suddenly, I was suspicious that it was an
usurpation. However, that young king was unexpectedly a friendly person.(Old Man A)
Thats true. I kinda understand the reason King Albert abdicated(Old Man B)
The Princess also looked very lively. I doubt that her engagement was against her will.(Old
Man A)

Their attitudes are so relaxed ith each other. Their relationship must also be very good.(Old
Man B)
Hohoho, then in the next year a successor might be born.(Old Man A)
The child from the wise and kind King and the gallant princess, huh? I cant wait to enjoy the
coming age.(Old Man B)
Youre right. Hohoho(Old Man A)

The elderly were quietly laughing together.

Wise and kind king... That was their evaluation for Souma.
However, that evaluation was only half-correct.

Souma definitely wasnt a kind king.[30]

Give me the report on the neighboring countries state of affairs!(Souma)

Kings Government Affairs Room: I was sitting on my personal seat and inquired to Hakuya who
was standing at the other side of the table.[31]
The voice was cold. The gaze was chilly. It was an atmosphere that couldnt be imagined to be
the same personality at the cooking program several hours ago. After all, in this place there only
Hakuya and I were around. At this time, Liecia and the others might be excited and celebrating
the success of the Royal Broadcast. Aisha, who called herself my bodyguard and always
inseparable from my side, was nailed down by the prepared feast.

After we left our seats at that party temporarily, we conducted a private talk in this government
affairs room.
Hakuya was also unperturbed by the atmosphere I emitted, and stretched out the map of this
world on top of the table.

I will begin the report. First is reviewing the surrounding countries: our country is
located on the southeastern region of the Continent, the adjacent countries are in the
north: the Eastern Nations Alliance[32], in the west: the Amidonia Dukedom
[33], and in the southwest: the Torgis Republic[34]; make up these three nations.
The other neighboring countries are the island nation of the Nine Headed Dragon
Archipelago Union[35] in the east beyond the ocean and the mercenary nation
of Zem[36] further west from he Amidonia Dukedom. From those countries, the
number of countries that are friendly to us is 0, neutral to us are 4, and 1 country that is
hostile to us.(Hakuya)
So, it seems we are really friendless, huh?(Souma)
With all due respect, I think it is an understandable situation as it is currently a
turbulent period where the threat of Demon Lord Army is imminent. At present, every
country is suspicious to each other, and the only nations that are considered friendly are
those that are a Suzerain state[37] or a Vassal state[38].(Hakuya)
Can you even can call that friendship?(Souma)
If there is no need to worry about betrayal, then it can be considered as friendly, I
This prime minister said something preposterous so nonchalantly. Doesnt that mean
that calling a relationship of dominationsubjugation where one side can be used until it
is broken without being able to voice a complaint is considered friendship? Its just like
the alliance between the Oda House and the Matsudaira House when Oda Nobunaga
was still alive.[39]
Then, is the hostile one Amidonia? Or Zem?(Souma)
Its not Zem. Certainly they had bad impressions about those matters, however its
not to the point of hostility. Of course, if the Amidonia Dukedom is openly hostile with us
and appealed for reinforcement, they would only dispatch mercenaries.(Hakuya)
Amidonia, huh?... If I remember correctly, they had sent an offer of assistance to us,

Yes. They have said thatbecause as a neighboring country, Elfriedens national

stability is directly connected to our countrys national defense, if we are called to help
pacify the Three Dukes, then we will send reinforcement.(Hakuya)
Hahaha... They are so easy to understand.(Souma)
It was very obvious that they were aiming to enlarge their territory by taking advantage
of the friction between my side and the Three Dukes.
But you know, I think they also said the same thing to the Three Dukes side.(Souma)
Like Let us overthrow the sham king Souma who usurped the throne together. It is
something not to be laughed at.(Hakuya)
Well, even the Three Dukes would notice Amidonias ulterior motives. Since I wasnt an
unlikable king, they wouldnt be able to swarm this country without any resistance. Of
course, even Amidonia understands this, so in other words...
If both side gave them an appeal for support, then they could move their army here,
giving the appearance of a just cause.(Souma)
They would seize control of the western cities while sending their army to reinforce the
winning side. And then, one way or another, they will give a reason to gain total control
of the city and effectively assert it as their own countrys territory.(Hakuya)
An orthodox tactic, however it is effective(Souma)
Well, there were many examples in the history of the previous world. Houjou
Souun[40] Borrow the road for hunting to seize the castle[41].Perhaps only a gullible
person could not see through these simple tactics. Amidonia, who brims with deceit,
Zem, which began to show hostile tendencies, and lastly the antagonism from the Three
Dukes that knocked Elfriedens national unity out of balance. Oh my, isnt this situation
completely hopeless?
However be it, as it may, what about the scenario that you had drawn?(Souma)
I stared stoically at Hakuya. However Hakuya didnt get perturbed for even for little bit
and spoke out.
Yes. For the time being the situation has completely changed into our favor.(Hakuya)
Seeing that calm appearance, I roughly scratched my head.

You... Know about it, right?(Souma)

The policy that Hakuya adopted would result in several victims.
The scenario that Hakuya had drawn would incur great losses towards the enemy and
grant great benefits to our allies. There was no doubt that this method was necessary
for this country to emerge as a strong power. Nevertheless, for this scenario to be
drawn, it was necessary for this country to shed blood. The meat would be cut and the
bone would be severed, but that meat was the citizens. For this scenario, how many
people would be sacrificed?
However Hakuya spoke out without a hint of timidity.
Yes. The one who could seize this opportunity should seize it.(Hakuya)
Supposedly, Your Majesty has also understood. That if this method came to fruition, it
would also save many citizens.(Hakuya)
... I know about it. However, you see, I can only permit this once.(Souma)
I stared at Hakuyas eyes and honestly replied.
In my world, there was a political thinker called Machiavelli that said the me thing
in De Principatibus[42]. He said that the characteristic of a wise ruler was that as a
ruler after this had completely finished, there will be no second this. On the contrary
if he decided to repeat this many times over, then sooner or later he would have
become a tyrant and met his ruin.[43](Souma)
...that Machiavelli-dono looks like a person with a surprisingly realistic[44] way of
Hakuya seems to be slightly interested. Ah. Since, it was something he liked.
Machiavelli, in all respects, had a greatly realistic way of thinking, so I had readDe
Principatibus numerous times.
...But I never thought that the day when this knowledge could be useful would arrive.
Anyway, I give my consent for your that policy. Thats why...(Souma)
Since the die has been cast, deal a killing blow.(Souma)

Author Note:
I never decided that Souma is a kind king.

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Oh my god... The footnotes is multiplying!
Now for a quick glance on the general noodle term that appeared in this chapter:
Soba is a noodle made from buckwheat and wheat flour.
Udon is thick white noodle made from wheat flour.
Soumen is very thin white noodle made from wheat flour.

[1] The original Japanese is Gobou or Greter Burdock or Arctium lappa or niubang or
Here is raw burdock:
[2] Yes this is a real word. Confute is a verb that means: prove (a person or an
assertion) to be wrong. And now you now.
[3] Rusk: a light, dry biscuit or piece of twice-baked bread, especially one prepared for
use as baby food.
[4] In case you dont know. Pufferfishs ovaries are very poisonous.
[5] Fly Agaric Mushroom (Amania muscaria) is poisonous, although its somewhat
edible, just prepare your life when you eat one. I mean its a freaking red mushroom!
And if you fail biology class, RED means WARNING. And no... you won't become bigger
after eating this.
[6] Changing Zelrin into Zelring, because it reminding me of Poring-type enemies
(Ragnarok Online Mob, pictured below)
[7] Souma goes dattebayo in here.
[8] Ika somen (, , ikasoumen, "squid noodles") refer to a type of
sashimi made from raw squid cut into fine strips, vaguely resembling somen type
noodles. Ika Musume worst nightmare
[9] Cha Soba noodles are soba noodles made from buckwheat and wheat flour with the
added ingredient of fresh green tea leaves. It's really green.
[10] Kombu (, konbu) is a species edible kelp from the family Laminariaceae and is
widely eaten in East Asia. It is used in making Japanese dashi or soup stock. Ill add the
food picture later.
[11] Dashi (): Japaneses stock made from fish and kelp, used in Japanese cooking.
Dashi forms the base for miso soup, clear broth, noodle broth, and many kinds of
simmering liquid.

[12] Nabeyaki Udon () is a hot udon noodle soup traditionally served in

individual donabe (earthernware pot) or iron pots. Besides udon noodles, the soup
usually includes chicken, kamaboko (fish cake), mushrooms, and vegetables. Ill add
the food picture later. And now I am hungry for some udon....
[13] Kansai style Udon tends to have transparent clear soup, while Kanto style Udon
tends to have darker soup. Remember this. This will come out on the next test.
[14] This line is a parody of Maru-chan brand of Cup Ramen: Akai Kitsune (red fox) and
Midori Tanuki (green tanuki), Souma butchers the tanuki and replaced it with Zelring.
See the CM here:
[15] This line is a parody of line from the Juumangokumanju CM:
The wind makes a speech: Delicious, truly delicious! See
the CM: (the product package is
[16] A line from a CM about Suntory Natural Water brand:
Natural water of Mount Daisens Interior ( is the name of the
brand), So there is something like this. See the CM:
v=4hmwgy9IgrQ Mount Daisen is in Tottori Prefecture.
[17] Ummm... I give up on this... I dont know from what CM this come from... The
original line: . Even my Japanese meme
knowledge didnt help me at all in this.
[18] Kuzukiri are a kind of noodle made from Kudzu root starch. Ill add the food picture
[19] I think its Malony-brand noodle... Especially referring to their famousharusame
noodles / cellophane noodle / Chinese glass noodle. Famous for their chewiness, in my
editors words: [Editors note: I fucking love cellophane noodles. So chewy.]
[20] Okyuuto is a noodle made from seaweed originating from Hakata prefecture that
soon spread out to Fukuoka City and then all of Kyuushu.
[21] Inago : Locust of either genus Oxya or family Catantopidae that is can be find on
rice fields. Fun fact, the Roman word for locust and lobster is the same: Locusta.
[22] Tsukudani: a method of cooking where ingredient is boiled with Shouyu and
sugar. Tsukudani means Village-Field style, since this originated in rural regions.
Shouyu is Japanese style soy sauce. Expect no other substitution.
[23] Kuruma prawn or shrimp or Japanese tiger prawn or Marsupenaeus japonicus.
(average size 12-15 cm).
[22] Tsukudani: a method of cooking where ingredient is boiled with Shouyu and
sugar. Tsukudani means Village-Field style, since this originated in rural regions.
Shouyu is Japanese style soy sauce. Expect no other substitution.
[23] Kuruma prawn or shrimp or Japanese tiger prawn or Marsupenaeus japonicus.
(average size 12-15 cm).
[32] Touhou Shokoku Rengou. Can means Eastern Nations Alliance or
Allied Eastern Nations. The Nations can be substituted to Countries or States. I choose
ENA, since its sounds like a girls name. (*Spoiler*: They are not that united, hence the
[33] Amidonia Koukoku: Can means Amidonia Dukedom or Dukedom of
Amidonia. The Dukedom can be substituted with Duchy or Principality.

[34] Torugisu Kyouwakoku: Can either means Torgis Republic or

Commonwealth. Subject to change if the raw say otherwise.
[35] Kuzuryuu Shotou Rengou. Nine Headed Dragon Archipelago
Union. Why Union? Since *spoiler* they are more united than ENA. Also I found
NHDAU acronym funny although UNHDA is also funny. Kuzuryuu is a famous Japans
myth and folklore.
[36] Youhei Kokka Zemu: Mercenary Nation Zem. Nation can be
substituted with Country or State. Just like Swiss that was famous for their mercenary
[37] Suzerain state: A dominant nation controls the foreign policy and international
relations of a subservient state while allowing the subservient nation to have internal
[38] Vassal state: A state that is subordinate to another and would have to provide
military power to the dominant state
[39] After defeating Imagawa House in the Battle of Okehazama, Oda Nobunaga
subdued the Matsudaira House, which was previously allied to the Imagawa House, to
become his ally/subordinate. Later, the Matsudaira House became the Tokugawa
House. Seriously, play some Sengoku games or read some Sengoku manga.
[40] Houjou Souun . A Japanese Sengoku warlord (1432-1519), the founder of
modern/late Houjou clan. A Sengoku otaku must know him to be quite crafty as he was
able to build his basis of power in Kanto region.
[41] RL example: Germany's invasion of Czechoslovakia using Sudetenland as casus
belli and then incorporateing it.
[42] Translated as About Principalities with Principalities means ruler. It is more
commonly known as The Prince in English speaking world.
[43] Read The Prince Chapter 6-8 for spoiler... You have been warned
[44] Pragmatic and realistic is Genjitsuteki in Japanese.

Interlude 1 The Adventures

of Musashiboy
When I imagine Soma making a doll go on adventures, this scene comes to mind. Im repenting
Yes, this has almost nothing to do with the main story.

In the Elfrieden Royal Capital Parnams latest urban legend there is something called
[The Adventurer in a Plush Suit]
They say the adventurer wears a 1.5 meter tall plush costume. They hunt with a halberd carried
on their back. They had a short and stout body but their movements are very agile and their skills
are also top notch. They dont seem to have a fixed party and take on monster subjugation quests
solo but sometimes when there are adventurer teams looking for temporary party members to go
on a dungeon capture, they would participate and delve the dungeon together.
By the way, they were registered with the Adventurers Guild under the name [Musashiboy-kun],
a bonafide adventurer. Since there are lots of eyewitnesses and theres no mistake that he exists,
he gradually turned from being called an [urban legend] to a [story of an eccentric].

Umm so youre the adventurer who wants to be our temporary party member?
In front of the request bulletin board in the Adventurers Guild.
The male swordsman of a 4-person adventurer party (consisting of the swordsman, a male priest,
a female thief and a female mage) was dubiously asking a short and stout plushie. The plushie
had a halberd in his hand, a woven box on his back, and white silk covering his face (its actually
sewn on), the acorn eyes and thick eyebrows peeking from behind the silk looked very charming.
Whos that? Is it a snowman? Is it a tumble doll? No! Its Musashiboy-kun!
[. (Musashiboy-kun says thats right! with a hand sign)]
Ah, so might you be the adventurer theyve been talking about lately
[. (Musashiboy-kun nodded energetically)]
I, I see
Oi oi, we are in a hurry because we needed a vanguard but is this thing really okay?
The slit-eyed female thief said with malice. The friendly-looking male priest calmed her down.

W, well, the rumors say hes a proper adventurer even though he looks like hes fooling around,
so I think hell be fine. Were going to a rather easy dungeon near the capital today, too.
Hes all right, isnt he~. Hes cute, too~
The female mage was also fooling around, leaning on to Musashiboy-kun, enjoying his
fluffiness. The male swordsman looked at the scene with a wry smile as he offered a hand to
Anyway, well be in your care today
[.. (Musashiboy-kun shook hands)]
.. could you possibly cant talk?
[. (Musashiboy-kun nodded energetically)]

Oi oi, youre sure well be okay, right?

Nobody answered the female thiefs question.

The adventurer party plus Musashiboy-kun entered a dungeon near the capital. This dungeon is a
cavern, in it dwells ferocious gigantic monsters in addition to goblins. What will you do,

~Musashiboy-kun vs Giant Python~

[ (Musashiboy-kun stands before the big snake)]

[!? (But Musashiboy-kun was surprised because the big snake ignored him)]
Let me explain. Snakes look for prey by sensing their body heat, it couldnt detect Musashiboykun who is only a plush doll.
Tch, why are you ignoring the plushie and going towards us!
Waddle waddle waddle, SLASH!
[.. (Musashiboy-kun saved the panicking female thief)]
T, thanks.
[. (Musashiboy-kun gave her a thumbs-up)]

~Musashiboy-kun vs Vampire Bat (a whole flock)~

[ (Musashiboy-kun mowed down the bats with a [High-speed rotating slash])]
Oooh, youre quite good arent you
[.. (Musashiboy-kun turned to the male swordsman and gave him a thumbs-up)]
hm? Oi, you..
[. (Musashiboy-kun tilted his head, what is it?)]
Your back, there are several bats hanging down from there.
[!? (Take them off! Musashiboy-kun kicked and struggled)]
Let me explain. Musashiboy-kun doesnt have any sense of pain so he doesnt notice he was
being bitten.

~Musashiboy-kun vs Bottomless Swamp~

Sploosh sploosh, sploosh sploosh

[ (Musashiboy-kun is stuck in a swamp, struggling)]

Sploosh sploosh, sploosh sploosh!
[ (He is calling to the party members hurry and save me!)]
The mage and priest looked at him blankly.
He totally looks like hes playing~
I know, right
Sploosh sploosh, sploosh sploosh

Once the dungeon capture was over, the members went about splitting todays earnings equally.
However, no matter how the male swordsman divided the rewards, Musashiboy-kun wouldnt
take it.
No way, its no good to work for free. Please take the reward
[ (Musashiboy-kun shook his head)]
Are you really, really sure you dont want it?
[.. (Musashiboy-kun nodded energetically, then)]
Waddle waddle waddle.
Musashiboy-kun ran away from the adventurers. Let me explain. The plush doll Musashiboy-kun
could absolutely not equip anything besides his initial things (the woven box? just a decoration).
The party members watched Musashiboy-kuns back dumbfoundedly.
Whats the deal with the guy?
Dont ask me. Actually, is he really a guy to begin with?
There might be a fairy inside~

Musashiboy-kun who leaves mysteries behind. His actual identity might be a fairy, like the mage
Today yet another urban legend was born.

The large common bath inside Parnam Castle.

Inside theres a Musashiboy-kun doll (large) being soaked in a large tub filled with hot water,
Soma whos washing the mud off its lower body, and Liecia whos looking at him with cold eyes.
.. Doesnt it look a bit bigger than before?
That one was a prototype. This ones the one I ordered from castle towns artisans based on
! No way, the [Plush Adventurer] the towns been talking about couldnt be
Ah, its probably this guy. Theres nobody inside, though
Theres that time with the mannequin dolls too, are you trying to turn Parnam into a ghost
Owowowow. hey woah!
Hit with a bucket by Liecia, Soma dived down inside the tub still in his clothes.

By the way Musashiboy-kun looks like this

Chapter 4 Parnam Vacation Day A


Several weeks had passed since the first [Kings Brunch] broadcast.
That day a document was delivered to Elfriedens Prime Minister Hakuya Kwonmin.
The document was made mainly by the human resources department, but it was also jointly
signed by the castles internal departments including the Royal Guard corps and the household
agency. There were also names of the now chamberlain Markus and Royal Guard Knights
Captain Ludwin. Wondering what the matter was, he hurriedly read the contents.
I see
Hakuya instinctively agreed.

which is why we would like the king to take a vacation

Though you said which is why, I still dont get whats what

As I was doing some paperwork in the government office, Hakuya came along and suddenly told
me to take a vacation. I then plopped the document I was working on on top of the desk.
Its a written petition from human resources. They said [if the head doesnt rest the people
underneath will find it difficult to take a rest]. This was also signed by Markus-dono and
Ludwin-dono. I,too, added my own signature.
Ah that reminds me, I havent taken a holiday since I was summoned.
But its not like I dont rest at all
Ive been getting used to [Multiple Parallel Wills] and [Telekinesis] recently so I entrusted the
paperwork to telekinesis while my real body works on the Musashiboy-kun doll in Liecias
room. By alternating my wills between working and resting I could fight for 24 hours without
feeling fatigue.
But since Hakuyas the one mentioning it then it looks like the problem here isnt that.
But even though you rested youre always in the castle, right?
Well, thats just in case anything happens
Then allow me to say that that doesnt look like a break at all. Since you dont look like youre
resting, everyone is finding it hard to take a rest. Please consider that
But, well, even if you say so
Normally Id want you to take a big chunk of days off for rest but
Do we have the free time for that?
We do not
You can say that again
There is practically a big heap of things for us to do. Were at the level of willing to take help
from anywhere. Theres expansion of armaments, meetings with important people, foreign
correspondence, and progress with all sorts of reforms, theres no end to it if I had to mention
each and every one. Theres also Aisha, whos been imploring me to go to the Dark Elf forest as
soon as I possibly can (though I did put up countermeasures through word of mouth). Theres no
time to waste here in this country thats being pushed to the edge.
I told Hakuya as much, but he shook his head.

But do consider that it will cause morale to degrade and work efficiency to go down
So what are you telling me to do?
Please make room for one day off somehow. While youre at it, it might be good to take an
outing during that time
An outing, huh?
What if I wanted to roll around in my room since I finally got a day off?
Rejected. Wed like you to take a vacation where your subordinates can see
can you still call that a vacation?
I personally think that a vacation is where you can do anything you like, you know?
I sent Hakuya a meaningful glare, but I might as well have been talking to a wall.
Wouldnt it be a good opportunity? Why not take this chance and take Princess Liecia around
the castle town?
Youre telling me to go on a date?
You are engaged, after all. Show the people youre getting along
Isnt that official business then?
Are you telling us to do something like [Kou Album]?
TN: Koushitsu Album, seems like a TV show about the Imperial Family
and what are you going to do about the escort detail?
Dont you have Aisha-dono?
Youre telling me to take a girl along while Im on a date with another!?
A flower in both hands. Most enviable
You dont really mean it do you
Haaah well, since Im finally getting a vacation and all, lets make this as some fun between
friends. I might as well bring Tomoe-can along, I guess. I could go see the music caf Gyna-san

fine. Ill take a vacation

Understood. Thank you very much
I sent a cold gaze to Hakuya who is bowing reverently.

Now then, I wonder where Liecias at?

I wanted to tell Liecia we have a day off but shes not in her room. Which means she should be
somewhere in the castles training grounds. Now that her status as royalty is still in the air
because of my enthronement and only the title of officer of the army under Georg Carmine is left
to her, she no longer has a job within the castle. Shes only helping me out at most. She was
complaining that she doesnt have anything to do besides joining the Royal Guards for practice, I
I went around the shooting range and the indoor practice hall, and finally saw her when I visited
the courtyard afterwards.
She was crossing swords with Aisha.

Aisha, loudly screaming a scream filled with fighting spirit, brandishing a sword that was likely
to be longer than she was tall.
And in contrast, Liecia was silently seeing through Aishas attack, drawing her rapier.
Its not obvious to the untrained eye which of them is stronger.
Was it Aisha, who could repeatedly deliver blows thatll seriously injure you if they hit, or was it
Liecia, who delivered triple strikes with her rapier, looking for a gap while guarding against
those blows, or was it Aisha, who brushed those rapier strikes off with only her gauntlets, or was
it Liecia who saw the gap it made and stepped in, not letting Aisha raise her greatsword. is this
really a practice battle?
The armed fight between those two intensified, I dont know which part is practice and which
part is serious.

[Sonic Wind] !
[Ice Sword Mountain] !
Now theyre beginning to use magic and skills!
Aishas [Sonic Wind] seems to be one where she makes a slicing wind with her greatsword, after
being dodged by Liecia, it cut the tree behind her right in half diagonally. On the other hand,
Liecias [Ice Sword Mountain] instantly froze the ground into an ice-skating rink, and made
countless spikes come out of it, Aisha lopped off the spikes that seemed like it was going to
pierce her.
whats this, a life or death fight?
Ive seen magici in this world. Ive been playing at being an adventurer using the [Musashiboykun doll (large)] recently in order to practice my doll operation, so Ive seen the adventurers who
delve into dungeons with me use magic. However, the magic used by the adventurers (beginner
rank) that go dungeon-delving with me was only to the point of shooting fireballs, hurling ice,
and healing simple wounds.
Ive never imagined that magic could become this absurd when used by an expert.
Aisha is strong, but Liecia is also considerably powerful. They had a lively look in their eyes
from meeting a worthy rival, or rather, theyre shining.
This is why military people are wait, if I let them go on theyre going to destroy the castle!
Huh! UWAA!?
The two of them returned to their senses and landed, at the same time their feet slipped and they
fell on their backsides.

Chapter 4 Parnam Vacation Day B


A, a date!?

I explained to Liecia that I had a day off and that Hakuya recommended that I take this
chance to go on a date with her, to which she looked taken aback.
Is that something you do because somebody else tells you to?
I thought so too, but. in Hakuyas mind a royal date is official business
Such an inhuman line of thought
Hed probably say, before Im a human being Im a prime minister
Ahaha, thats just like him
And hed probably expect us to be King and Queen before being human beings
.. sorry. I cant laugh to that
The two of us breathed a sigh. Yes, its honestly a pain. Hakuya had a good head on his
shoulders and hes reliable with work, but his overdevotion to his job is the fly in the
But Im glad for the holiday, we can go out somewhere right?
Well, we can
Yes, yes! Then you simply must go to our forest!
Aisha raised her hand in appeal, but I shook my head.
We still have lots of work to do. I cant take more than a day off
Uu. certainly the Dark Elf forest is three days there and back, but.
Ah, we cant do that then.
Give it up for now. Ive at least taught you about periodic thinning for now, didnt I?
Yes. But there are extremists among the Dark Elves. they say why in the world do
we, the protectors of the forest, have to cut the forests trees'
Ah, they exist in any world, I guess. People who misunderstand things.
Not realizing that the thought that people must protect nature is itself a form of

Which is why the King must go out there and yell at them
.. when I have the time, okay
Please. For that reason please use this body, this life, in however way you want
Aisha said as she bowed.
I feel like Im only adding to the list of things I have to do, but. mentioning it wont help
me any.
In that case, theres one thing Id like you to do
Yes! You want me to service you?
The hells with that!
Well, didnt I just say Im offering you my body?
the worst
Like hell Im asking that! Liecia, dont you look at me like that!

Seems like Aisha is the type to run wild once she gets fired up.
Will I be okay with a guard like this? I wanted the best guard I can have.
what I want your help with is to be our escort around the castle town
Y, you want me to come along with you on your date?
Well, if anything happens itll be difficult with just me and Liecia. Even though its
formally a date its just us going on an inspection around town so itll be alright
. Its bothering me though
Liecia was pouting for some reason. Did she want to have a date with just the two of us?
.. couldnt be. Im only her fianc as an official stance, after all.

Well, thats how it is. Ill be counting on you both on the day
Yes! Understood!
.. Haaah, all right
In contrast to the energetic Aisha, Liecia looked glum.
Like I said, why?

This and that happened and came the day of the date.
Liecia, Aisha, and I were walking around the Parnam Castle town. Hakuya said to show
the citizens that you wanted to be friendly with them, but of course he was kidding and
on the appointed day he asked us to go incognito. I surely cant go walking around
saying I am thy King. If I did so then Aisha alone wont be enough to guard me.
Which is why the three of us were each wearing the uniform of the Military Academy
here in Parnam. I shouldve been going into college right about this time so why do I
have to sadly go back to wearing uniform!? Anyway, Aisha was simply wearing school
uniform, but Liecia whose face is well-known had her hair tied in a braid and was
wearing glasses in an honor student disguise. This way wed look to anyone like school
friends who are going out to town.
Liecia, the glasses look good on you
R, really?. thanks
Milord! How about my uniform!
.. Ah, hm. Doesnt really suit you
But why!?
H~m, the school uniform looks almost exactly like a blazer, but that and the dark brown
skin and silver hair of a Dark Elf doesnt really match. How should I put it, its like seeing
a cosplay of a school anime character, I guess theres no pink-haired girl in real life
and dyed hair just feels out of place, or thereabouts? This is the contrast between reality
and fantasy, maybe.

I dont think it looks that bad, though

Hm. Well, it mightve been my worlds value standard
Im in a world with diverse peoples now. Better get used to it soon.
. Rather than Aisha, its that thing youre dragging around thats getting on my
The thing Im dragging around? . this carry bag?
How is that a bag? Its got wheels on it
Yeah. Its got roller wheels underneath it so I can carry even heavy things easily
I see. Seems like something useful, huh
Aisha looked at it wide-eyed. A carry bag is something that never existed in this country
By the way, this is order made by the castle towns artisans. The artisans who made this
said they wanted to sell this as their product so I allowed them on the condition that they
dont monopolize it. If it fills peoples needs well then it will no longer be an oddity in a
few years.
But Your Highness, I can carry any luggage
Were in disguise as school friends, itll be weird for a schoolboy to have a girl carry his
To add to that, this contains my self-defense equipment.
No matter what happens I cant let go of this.
And stop calling me Your Highness, were incognito here
Yessir! So how should I address you
You can call me normally by name. If you like you can call me by my given name

Huh? Why does even Liecia have a dubious look?

Eh. isnt Somas given name [Soma]?
Huh? Souma is obviously my family name. Kazuya is my given name
But you said your name is Soma Kazuya, right?
.. ah
TN: For clarification, whenever the raw says I translate it as Soma, whereas
becomes Souma
Whoops. This country puts the given name first like America or Europe. So I shouldve
introduced myself as Kazuya Soma. Aaah, I see so thats why everyones been calling
me [King Soma]. Come to think of it now, calling a King by their surname isnt normal.
Its a hereditary position so several Kings wouldve had the same name.
Can we fix it now?
Impossible, isnt it? Everyone thinks of you as Soma, and foreign documents have been
written in the name of [Soma Elfrieden], since our engagement I think
DAAAAH WHATEVER! I never thought Id fail this hard
W, well, its fine, right? I know, why not make it a public-private thing? Well call you
[Kazuya-dono] in private times like this
Having Aisha follow up after me made me feel down even more.
To even have that Aisha follow up after me
Just what am I inside Kazuya-donos head!
Lets see a failure of an Elf?
Thats way way over the line!
Sheesh, enough with your stand-up comedy act, lets go
TN: manzai
As Liecia dealt with a teary-eyed Aisha, she prompted us to go.
H~m Even though she says go, we havent decided where were going to go to.

Do you two have anywhere you want to go?

Ill go anywhere Kazuya-dono goes
Mm. You two should at least act like youre thinking about it
Its hard on me to be left with all the decisions. Now that reminds me, this is the first time
Ive been outside the castle, huh.
Hm. In that case itll be better to go around looking at things. Im a bit curious how
much the policies I decided bore fruit, or didnt.
Well, lets just go look around, I guess

Parnam Central Park.

It was a large park situated in the center of the Parnam castle town. Despite being
called a park it was only a place where they plant trees and shrubs and flowers, but the
size of the place was over three Tokyo Domes. There was a huge fountain in the middle
of the park, one that whenever there was a Royal Broadcast, could make it visible from
several hundred meters away. There were seats prepared around the fountain just like a
circular arena, several tens of thousands of people seemed to have gathered in this
fountain plaza during the last royal broadcast. The scene wouldve been just like the idol
Dorma Concert, I suppose.
Hm Itll probably be interesting to hold a live concert here someday. I will certainly
plan on it once Gyna-sans [Show Business and Celebrity Making using The Royal
Broadcast Project (Ill call it the Lorelei Project since its too long)] starts. One day this
fountain plaza will be the Big Stage to Elfriedens songsters and songstresses just like
the [Tokyo Dome] or [Hibiya Theater].
well, leaving the unhatched chickens uncounted, we went to the central park.

Its quite a lovely spot with all the nature

The air is so clear even though were right in the middle of the city. Mmm~
Aisha looked all around while Liecia did a big stretch.
Huh? But I think it wasnt all this pretty before
Thats because we worked hard to fix it
I puffed my chest with pride to Liecias question.
What did you do to fix the park?
Not just the park. We fixed the entire Parnam underground, even more, we also fixed
the regulations. Sanitation is much better compared to how it was a few months back, I
Frankly speaking, before I fixed it this countrys sanitation is at the level of a medieval
European city. In other words, its filthy. Horse droppings littered the streets like thats
where its supposed to be, and household sewage was drained from the houses into
gutters by the roadside, giving off a foul stench in the summer. Because the idea of
hygiene itself doesnt exist, these problems are left alone and are allowed to continue.
Even though when the horse droppings dried they became airborne particles and
caused all kinds of respiratory illnesses when people inhale them.
Which is why as a first step I maintain [Underground Sewers] as a measure against the
sanitation problem.
Underground sewers when did you make those!?
Well, it wasnt that much work. Parnam already had underground tunnels going all over
the place to begin with, so I just ran river water through those
As Liecia said, the underground tunnels going all across Parnam were routes used by
royalty to escape if the capital came under enemy attack and its fall became inevitable.
In order to prevent the enemy from easily chasing after them when the passages were

discovered, it was made in the form of a maze, the scale of which covered the entire
area of Parnam. It was convenient for making sewers out of
To even make those into sewers . whatll you do if theres an emergency!
If it came to it that the royalty had to escape from the capital, doesnt it mean the
country is checkmated? I personally would surrender at the point when they approached
the capital
That quick?
Liecia, a King would be safe so long as the people are his allies
This is one of Machiavellis teachings.
He says the best possible fortress is not to be hated by the people A ruler has the two
enemies of rebels internally, and foreign invaders externally, but if he had the support of
the people the rebels would not be able to recruit allies or instigate a revolt and can only
give up. Conversely, if the people hated him, there shall never be a lack of foreigners
willing to assist such a people, and he would sooner or later come to ruin.
TN: The Prince, Chapter XX
Even if the throne is lost, if he had the peoples support he can make his return. On the
other hand, if only the King survived, even if he made a successful counteroffensive he
would be prey to another conqueror without the people protecting him
its a harsh world, huh
Thats reality

Chapter 4 Parnam Vacation Day C


TN: I changed the title because this one translates the raw title better
Anyway, thats how I easily made the underground sewers, but the settlement tanks
Settlement tanks?
Liecia and I sat down under the shadow of the trees in the park and had a chat. Meanwhile, Aisha
found the conversation tedious so she plopped herself down by a tree and was now dozing off,

leaning on the tree trunk. Well, a warrior of Aishas caliber would surely be alert to their
surroundings even if they were asleep so it wouldnt be a problem. So I continued talking.
If I just dumped the sewage into the river as it is then the river would get polluted, right?
Household sewage contains pathogens and parasites and industrial waste often contains toxins,
you see. To avoid that we need a place where we can let the water settle for a while and filter it
through sand and pebbles. Thats the settlement tanks
Well, theres no need to be that anal-retentive right now. This country still had no idea what
pollution is, and with the current level of its livelihood and engineering there would be little
effect of dumping the waste into the river. Theres no custom of scattering cremated ashes into
the river, either. However, as the country expands from now pollution will inevitably be a
problem. Its better to handle that sooner rather than later. The people of Japan took their lessons
from experiencing Minamata Disease, cadmium poisoning, and Yokkaichi Asthma, but there is
no reason to deliberately let that happen to this countrys people.
So? How did you make the tanks?
Ah, I made the Royal Guard dig holes for that
What did you make Ludwin-dono do?
Well, itll cost more to ask contractors to do it. It trains their combat engineering skill at the
same time. too
Digging holes, filling, and reinforcing. This is perfect for training them in digging trenches. This
worlds warfare still mainly consists of facing the enemy in an open field, By having a troop that
can do World War I style trench warfare wed be getting a lead on everyone else, but enough of
When they dug out the settlement tanks, they found lots of dragon and demonic creature bones
Yep, bones. Dragon bones or Giants bones, lots of them
It was like a demon graveyard, said a soldier who was there at the time. Dragon, Giant, or
Gargoyle, lots of bones that were clearly not human at a glance. Whats more, they were

scattered about at random, and according to a scholar specializing in those things, the stratum
they were on were thousands of years old.
Was there a dungeon there once?
Liecia tilted her head, but I shook mine.
Like I said, its a stratum. Which means that thousands of years ago it was on the surface'
Surface but thats impossible. Demons do sometimes come out of dungeons, but not in large
numbers like that. So long as its not Demon King territory theres no way demons come out to
the surface in those numbers *gasp* !
Which means that the demons that appeared some tens of years ago were already here on the
surface thousands of years ago. If you think about it, there are dungeons in lots of places all over
the country, and demons live inside them. Thousands of years ago the demons living in this land
died out for some reason, but some of them hid in places like dungeons and survived, or so the
scholars think
Its as if dinosaurs that shouldve gone extinct survived in some remote regions somewhere, or
viruses that shouldve been eradicated bided their time and re-appeared.
So what are you getting at? Are you saying the demons and demon race in the Demon King
territory didnt appear but returned?
I dont know for sure. We have to gather information from many places and use Tomoe-chans
power and make our judgement. Its too dangerous to decide with just the information we have
What are we fighting? What are our enemies? These questions have no easy answers.
Also, theres one other thing thats bugging me
Theres more!?
Leaving the matter of the bones aside, we needed to build the settlement tanks. Which is why I
had the scholars make excavation records and dig them out, but one of the biggest and most wellpreserved complete set of dragon bones went missing. It was supposed to be put for exhibition
and was given to the custody of the Parnam Royal Museum, but

Was it stolen?
It would be good if that were the case well, not good good, but an almost twenty meter set of
dragon bones put on exhibition would be a pain to carry and there are no traces of anything like
that being transported outside Parnams walls. The bones are now listed as missing. Its almost as
if it went off on its own and flew away
..! Could it be a Skull Dragon!?
The scholars suspected as much
Skull Dragon. Such a demon seemed to exist in this world. A dragon, who could annihilate an
entire country if it flew into a rage, has enormous quantities of magic power within it. This
power remains in its corpse after its death. Normally that power would leak away but in cases
where the dragon died with a grudge (or rather, where the corpse was left alone for a long time),
it would react to the remaining magic power and turn into an all-bone [Skull Dragon].
Such a Skull Dragon was marked an A-rank hazardous creature by the country. A Dragon is
merely unmanageable once it goes into rage, but a Skull Dragon is belligerent to boot. Ones
with wings attached could fly despite there being no membrane on those wings, and it would let
out miasma that would kill living things just by being there. It could use the [Breath] a Dragon
uses while alive, too, so it was a living (dead?) calamity that a country would bring out its entire
army to beat. However, this time thats probably not the case.
If that were the case, Parnam wouldve already been bogged down in miasma. In order to
prevent that, the scholars had already done magic scanning. That fossil should have no more
magic power left.
Phew thank goodness
Which is why its even more incomprehensible. Where did the dragon bones go?
Almost a month had passed since the Dragon bones disappeared, but it still was nowhere to be
found. Im pretty sure it was somehow transported outside the castle town. But in that case, what
were their motives? The magic power had all but completely leaked out and the bones
themselves have been petrified, there are almost no use for it now. It already has no value as a
catalyst. At most what they could do was put it up for exhibition and attract tourists like we were
going to do.

I dont get it. Which is exactly why Im feeling gloomy. I laid myself down on the spot. Liecia
looked at me blankly but I didnt mind her.
Your clothes, theyll get dirty you know?
They can be washed. With my position as it is theyll be washed even if they were left alone
A King isnt someone who should get dirty
Well dignity is important, too
Especially in high society. If a politician in modern Japan were to make daily visits to an
expensive restaurant he will get criticised, on the contrary, he can appeal to the public by visiting
a commoners gyudon shop. However, in a society with a caste system like this country, if the
king were to do something like that his retainers are going to think I can overthrow this king. A
king who is taken lightly by his retainers will be abandoned by the people. In a vertically
structured society the people dont look at the king directly, but catch glimpses of his existence
through his retainers. If the retainers consider the king insignificant, the people will think the
same way, too.
. what a pain
I shouldnt be saying this as one of the ones pushing the job to you, but give it up
Yeah yeah. Ah, having a day off sure is great~
I made a big stretch. It turned out having one mind off from work feels great. Which reminds me,
Ive been working non-stop since I came to this world. There are mountains of things to do,
things I have to do, and things I cant not do, I had always been racking my head on them. Times
like these where I dont have to think about anything is superb.
Ah~ . I feel like melting and returning to the earth~

Liecia looked at me saying such things, she seemed like she thought of something and said with
a modest voice.
You . want a lap pillow?

I prepared my lap by sitting with my legs bent backwards and placed Somas head on it. There
are lap pillows where the other party lays straight from where youre looking and ones where
they lay sideways, Im doing the straight one. If I take a peek at Somas face hell be upside
down. The back of Somas head lays between my thighs, it feels a little ticklish. Thats because
he directly touches the parts where my skirt doesnt reach.
TN: onnanokozuwari
TN: like so
TN: and so
T, this is strangely embarrassing
Somas face turned red. . most likely mine, too.
I wonder whether the one giving or the one receiving would be more embarrassed?
Well, that would be the one looking at them, no?
Ahaha. Could be
I wonder what the look on Aishas face will be if she werent asleep. Would she turn red seeing
an engaged couple scene, or will she make a way-off-the-mark retort like You cant make the
Princess do something like that! If you want a pillow Ill do it!. . somehow I feel like the
latter is more likely.
Do we look like an engaged couple now?
Just in name only, though

Again? Soma would always say The engagement is only a temporary one. Im only holding on
to the throne for a little while to people immediately near him. He really intends to hand over
the throne to me and leave government service once the country has been stabilized. The reason
he would explain his reforms to me in detail was likely because of this handover. I feel like I
understand the human being called Soma a little now that I could guess what hes thinking.

Its not like I dont understand how he feels. I dont want wealth or glory. All I wanted is a life of
peace and quiet. To Soma, the work of a [King], bound with [Noblesse Oblige], is the exact
opposite of what he wanted. Even though it was Father who inconsiderately did it, I feel ashamed
to have pushed such a troublesome job on him.
TN: Nobles obligation. The responsibility of a noble to lead in exchange of his rights and
But right now, this country is changing with Soma at the center of it. This unchanging, never
progressing country, who our neighbors call [A moldy old-fashioned kingdom]. It was Somas
ability that gathered talented people and solved the food problem before it became serious. Both
Hakuya Kwonmin and Poncho-san also came to government service because of Soma. Im not
sure Ill be able to secure them had I been the one to inherit the throne.

Most of all, I personally want Soma to be the king, which is why,

Soma, do you hate being my fiance?
Those words suddenly came out of my mouth. Soma opened his eyes wide, blushed, and looked
. thats not fair, the way youre putting it
R, really?
Then how about you Liecia? Are you alright with being my fiance?
I dont mind
That strangely came out loud and clear, surprising even myself. Just that I feel a little
embarrassed after the words came out.
You see, Soma is better than me at being king
Just because Im better at being king, you dont mind being the fiance of someone you dont
Isnt that how royals are?

Im not a royal. Also well I prefer a marriage of love

Then do you hate me Soma? Youre saying that youll never come to love me?
Ngh like I said, thats unfair how youre putting it. Males, you know, if you act like youre
interested in them even just a little bit, theyll say [shes definitely fallen for me!]. They know its
an illusion, but nevertheless theyll rack their brains out weighing between 99% clear vision and
1% hope. If a beautiful girl like Liecia says something like that, theres no way it wouldnt be
getting in my head.
AN: this is personal opinion
Soma spoke fast as if trying to cover something up. When hes doing official business, hed be
astonishingly pragmatic and calm, and yet hed get all nervous when it comes to things like
these, he looks kind of amusing.
Fufu. Even though you can move the country, you cant handle something like this at all, can
I do not have enough experience. In several ways
Im also always studying and training and not too experienced either, though?
Dont lump boys and girls together. Their basic specs are as different as a zelring compared to a
Um, excuse me .
AN: depending on the person
While we were having that conversation, a timid voice came from behind. When I turned my
head there was Aisha who had waken up sometime ago and was smiling bitterly, looking at us
with a triple-concentrated look.
When can I stop pretending to be asleep?
Needless to say, the two of us jumped to our feet.

Epilogue Three Dukes Conference /

Those Who Wriggle Like Worms /
Stage With Many Scriptwrights A

The central city of the Carmine Duchy, [Randell].

In the meeting hall of the Army General Georg Carmines castle located further inside it,
right now, the Three Dukes leading this countrys Army, Navy, and Air Force, were
Now sitting in the seat of honor is the lord of this castle Duke Georg Carmine, as the
General of the Army. He was a beastman with a muscular, burly body visible from over
his military uniform and the head of a lion, and looks to be a prime example of a long
serving military man. His age had gone past fifty but he does not show signs of
weakening at all. During this meeting he displays a firm posture without moving a single
A beastmans lifespan is no different to a humans
Sitting at Georgs right was the admiral of the navy, Duchess Ecksel Walter. She was a
beautiful mizuchi woman wearing garments similar to Japanese clothes, and had small
deer horns peeking out of her blue hair. Mizuchi are a race that live for over a thousand
years and she too was over 500 years in age. Nevertheless, her appearance is that of a
twenty year old. She was a woman with both wisdom and beauty but she seemed right
now rather irate.

Sitting opposite her is the Marshall of the Air Force Duke Castor Vargas. He looks to be
a gallant young man, but he was a dragonewt with two demonlike horns growing out of
his red hair and two membrane wings growing from his back. He was 100 years old but
because dragonewts live up to 500 years old he was treated as a youngster. It is said
about long-lived races that ones mental age is proportional to ones appearance.

Nevertheless, the all-too-young Ecksel was an exception among exceptions. Also, he

was visibly pouting. Watching the twos attitude, Ecksel sighed.

. I thought that this meeting was about avoiding a pointless fight?

What granny? Youre getting scared now?
Castor snapped at Ecksel
A mizuchi being scared of a normal human, Duchess Walter, are you going senile?
. Ara, I wonder who was the old woman maniac who was making passes at me fifty
years ago?
Also, if you want to call me its mother-in-law, not granny, right?
Being talked to so playfully, Castor became dejected. In truth, Ecksel was the target of
Castors puppy love, and perhaps because he never forgot his magnificent defeat, he
fell in love and married her daughter Accella who was close to his age he met later.
Which means because Castor was Ecksels son-in-law, she was an opponent he could
never win against due to his position.
Castor, Are you going to defy the king?
Of course I am! I dont care if hes a hero or whatever, that false king usurped the
crown, compelled Princess Liecia to marriage, and took over the country! Thats plenty
of reason to defy him!
The ones who said that were only the nobles who ran from being questioned for
injustice. Abdicating the throne was by Alberto-donos own will, and his relations with
Princess Liecia is harmonious
Even so, wheres the reason he has to be king! If he wants to rebuild the country he
can do it as a vassal! Was there a problem with the previous kings rule?
. (There were no problems but the fact that there was nothing good about it was
itself a problem)

So Ecksel thought, but because it was too irreverent towards the previous king, she
didnt say it out loud. Ecksel felt dubious towards Albertos sudden abdication, but
seeing the changes afterwards, she could call it decisive judgement. The King Alberto in
Ecksels memory was not a lord capable of such judgement but he had experienced
some growth of his own.
To begin with, I dont like how hes looking down on us Three Dukes whos been
protecting the country through the long years. He sent a letter saying [choose whether to
obey me or not] didnt he?
Though he did say [If you cooperate with my reforms I will give food aid and lay roads
into your territory]
In truth, it was an attractive proposal. Because the Three Duchies had fewer population
than the royal domains and held stores for maintaining troops, their food problems
werent so severe. But even though there were few deaths from starvation, economic
losses were more terrible than the royal domains. On the verge of the food crisis, the
Three Duchies opened the military stores and rationed them, but because of that the
food sellers who lost demand were first to go bankrupt. Then because employment went
down, shops who couldnt sell their goods became bankrupt, and the chain continues
with workshops that provide those shops with goods also going bankrupt.
At that point, Soma weathered the storm by only handing out aid to the poor, not giving
more rations than neccessary, and promoting the eating of foods heretofore not
customarily eaten, thereby reducing the scale of the economic downturn as small as
possible. Also, because only the Walter Duchy among the Three Duchies possessed
their own maritime trade routes they were able to stop the chain just barely by selling the
unsold goods abroad.
He does not have much reserves to do that to begin with.
(But that is only possible because my territory had port towns. Both Carmines and
Vargas territories are inland and neither have trade routes. The Carmine Duchy in
particular has a large army and is sheltering the fled nobles and their personal armies,
so they should have the heaviest economic problems. So I wonder why does Georg so
obstinately resist the king)

While she was thinking that, Castor roared.

So he says [Ill feed you so obey me]!? Hes looking down on us!
If its for the people it cant be helped, no?
I dont like it! He thinks he can get us in line with bait!
Even the king wont be needing a pet who only has pride, though
As Ecksel said that, BAM, Castor hit the table.
What are you on about! Its like youre actually supporting the king! Didnt you
reject his appeal because you didnt like that king as well!?
Dont paint us with the same brush. What we Mizuchi value the most is the peace of our
beloved [Lagoon City]. Were prepared to obey if that is guaranteed
The mizuchis sense of value, including Ecksel, was rather peculiar.
The Mizuchi gave priority to thinking of the [Lagoon City] above all else. The ancestors
of the Mizuchi once lived in one of the Nine Head Dragon Islands, but they were
defeated in a war for hegemony over the islands and were cast out to sea, wandering
around as pirates. The base that the ancestors finally built at the end of their long
wanderings was what later became [Lagoon City]. The Mizuchi had pride in the land
they finally obtained, they loved the land, and they steadfastly protected it. One of the
reasons they participated in the wars of the founding of this multiethnic nation Elfrieden
was in order to protect [Lagoon City].
For the sake of [Lagoon City] we would wag our tails to anyone, if anyone were to
threaten [Lagoon City] we would destroy them no matter who they are. This is the pride
of the Mizuchi
Hmph, wagging your tails is pride?
Yes. We will fight for the sake of the things we must protect. Were not children who
would throw a tantrum just because we dont like something. If we can settle it by
talking, then it is better to do just that. Its already foolish as it is to have an internal war
now when the neighboring countries are aiming for their chance.
. The Principality of Amidonia, is it?

The Principality of Amidonia, the country right to the west of Elfrieden.

Having lost almost half of its territory on the receiving end of the antepenultimate king
of Elfriedens expansion policy, the Principality of Amidonia bided their time to regain
their lost territory. Fully intent on intervening with the current confrontation between
Soma and the Three Dukes, they already sent missives to the Three Dukes that [they
are prepared to send reinforcements should they want to subjugate the false king].
TN: previous of previous, i.e. the Queens father, the king before Alberto
Sheesh, what an obstinate bunch. Its completely obvious what they want
Im sure theyve sent the same thing to the king as well. I dont think the king will accept
it either but they might send the reinforcements in anyway. You understand right? The
folly of this war?
Keh. Then shouldnt you hurry up and wag your tail at the king?
Ill do that once I made sure of certain things. About the king, and about you, too
Ecksel turned her eyes towards Georg Carmine who was still silent. He has been having
his eyes closed ever since they came into this room and exchanged a light greeting, not
saying a single word. Was he listening to Ecksel and Walters complaining, or was he
having some thoughts of his own? He couldnt possibly be sleeping Ecksel was
feeling irritated because of his attitude.
Georg, what are you thinking?
About what?
Ara, so you were awake. Of course, Im talking about the reason why you who should
have been the most patriotic and loyal out of all of us here, are acting hostile towards
the new king
General Georg doesnt like that false king either, doesnt he?
Im not asking you Castor. Answer me Georg. Regardless of him being a false king or
whatever, his rule was peaceful. Why did you deliberately shake things up?
Put under Ecksels questioning, Georg solemnly opened his mouth.
Because I have judged that the king will not rule this country peacefully. That is all
Why? Do you have a problem with the abilities of the king who is even now overcoming

the food and economic difficulties ravaging the country?

To that end, the king unhesitantly rejects a lot of things
Georg opened his eyes. Just that was enough to cause the air to become prickly. That
atmosphere made Ecksel and Castor gulp. Georg was the youngest out of everyone
here but in appearance and mind he was the most mature. He had the presence of the
countrys number one military man.
I hear that the king was summoned from another world. Thus for having no attachment
to those things to begin with, he unhesitantly throws them away. He throws anything
inefficient away, be it history, traditions, soldiers, or vassals. Am I wrong, Lady Ecksel?
Ecksel was at loss for words. King Somas rule can certainly be seen that way.
The king threw away the vassals who long served the country
Did he not do that because they were corrupt?
So much as to even antagonize them? Lady Ecksel, you yourself said just now that it is
folly to put the country at risk. It was the king that sowed the seeds of that
Even though its you whos sheltering those nobles?
Those who bear grudges against the king are the perfect pawns to use against him. Of
course, I dont intend to let them back after the war
Georgs face contorted into a smile as he said that, making Ecksel shudder.
(This man is planning to use the corrupt nobles to death in this war!?)
Defeat the king, use the corrupt nobles to death, and if they still dont die, find faults and
punish them for it. They were people with lots of faults. Thus, the capital will be cleared
of the king faction and corrupt nobles. What remains then will only be an empty lot that
he can do whatever he pleases with. He could reinstate King Alberto as a puppet, or
even put himself up as king.
Ecksel stood up

Do you have ambitions for the throne, Georg!

O, oi. Calm down. This is the deeply loyal Lord Carmine were talking about. He cant
be thinking about usurping the throne, right?
With Castor mediating between them, Georg silently nodded.
Of course, after expelling King Soma I will restore King Alberto, we will be supporting
I wonder about that
Ecksel sat back down. She was pretending to be calm but inside, she was perplexed.
(This is worse than I thought. The worst case scenario I suppose I have to work with
the assumption that Lord Carmine and Amidonia are colluding behind the scenes. Kuh,
if only Castor had proper judgment the two of us could rein him in )
Ecksel felt bitter towards her son-in-laws imprudence. She had her daughter Accella
and the granddaughter born from her Carla with him. She was uneasy at letting Lord
Carmine win, but she was the only one in the king faction here. If King Soma won what
would happen to the traitor Castors wife and daughter, Accella and Carla? By this
countrys law the kinsmen of the criminal up to the third degree would be considered
guilty of the same crime. By cutting familial ties with Castor she could avoid her entire
family being implicated, but what about Accella and Carla
Cut your ties with Accela and Carla
!? You think Im going to lose against that youngling!
Just in case. You have to be prepared for that if youre going against the country
Ecksel gave Georg a fleeting glance but he only silently closed his eyes as if to say he
wont intervene. Even though they were talking about him getting defeated could this
be self confidence?

On the other hand, Castor who was told to divorce his wife and daughter looked
Accella aside it wouldnt be possible with Carla
. She wont listen even if I told her to
That moment, the halls doors opened with a bang.
The one who threw the door open and entered was a young girl with a deeply
impressive beauty, fiery red hair, and golden pupils. She looked to be 16 or 17 years of
age. She was wearing a set of metallic-red heavy armor, and had a pair of dragon wings
and a tail on her back and behind. Seeing her imposing form, Ecksel received a
She was Castors daughter, Carla. Her appearance was that of a fair maiden, much like
Ecksel and Accella, but her character was that of one that would succeed Castors
bloodline, which is in a word, rough. Despite being of marriagable age there was no
femininity to her at all. She was a stubborn manly woman who spends time with naught
but practice with the Air Force Castor leads. There were many noble and knightly sons
who courted her but she would bluster them that I have no interest in someone weaker
than me
In truth, her personal combat ability was second in the Air Force to Castor, and all the
men who courted her had the tables turned on them. It was complex for Castor; as a
male parent he was relieved but as a father he was worried whether or not it was too
late for her.
It cant be helped that Ecksel had a bad feeling when that Carla appeared here. Then
just as she thought, what came out from Carlas mouth was
Grandmother! If father decides to fight, then Ill fight as well!
She declared. Ecksel popped a vein and yelled.

You will do no such thing! Are you planning to become a traitor at your age!
I wont forgive him for deposing King Alberto and trying to rape my dear friend Liecia! I
will punish him myself for this insolence!
You are mistaken! King Soma
Ah Its no use, mother-in-law. Carlas stubborn when shes like this
Castor shrugged his shoulders,
Both of you Good grief
Ecksel made a sour face, but even now, Georg kept his silence to the end.

Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki. Arc 1 Epilogue B

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu...
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Another girl appeared And she was eyeing Soumas pocket I think Soumas 7 days
spot is still open for prospective contender I think?
The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:
National Enrichment Arc
Epilogue : Three Dukes Conference / Those who Crawl like Worms / A Stage with
Many Scriptwriters B
Van: the Capital City of the Amidonia Dukedom.
The Amidonia Dukedoms territory had an uneven width and length, and its capital city
was located on the eastern side of that territory. Because the capital city could be
considered as being located too close to the national border with the Elfrieden Kingdom,
this might be why they havent given up on recovering their lost eastern territory. In a
government affairs room located in the castle in the center of Van, a middle aged man
with a Kaiser Beard[1] was reading a letter. His mantle-covered body appeared stout,

however, because he had wide shoulders, he didnt look obese. Perhaps below that
mantle, he was full of muscle.
That man was Gaius VIII, Duke of Amidonia.
Is something wrong, father?(Gaius Son)

From his side, a young man in an army uniform inquired him. He had a handsome face
however, his eyes radiated a chill light that somehow made his appearance look cold. It
could be said that, his eyes themselves practically showed that he, Julius Amidonia, the
Ducal Prince of the Amidonia Dukedom, inherited the coldhearted temperament of his
Gaius presented the letter so Julius could read.
Its from Georg Carmine. It seemed he has finally risen.(Gaius)
Oh, he finally did it. I heard that he was popular as someone who did things swiftly
without delay when he was young. But it seemed that the person now has quite a heavy
It might be because he has grown old. Although if he still has his wisdom, then he
wouldnt partake in our invitation.(Gaius)
Julius handed back the letter to Gaius.
Together with the war proclamation to the new king, execute the plan. Send the
reinforcements to the Kingdom.(Gaius)
Oh to which side?(Julius)
Which side? Of course it would be reported to the new kings side asReinforcements
for the Three Dukes side and to the Three Dukes side asReinforcements for the New
King side.(Gaius)
I see, we dont have any obligation to abide to either side after all.(Julius)
Kukuku, thats right.(Gaius)
Gaius and Julius exchanged a dark laugh with each other.
But there were someone who looked at them with cold eyes.
(Goodness gracious Father-dono and my stupid brother are so
embarrassing.) (Gaius Daughter)

It was a girl who shifted her eyes away indifferently. Her age was about 18. Her face
resembled the handsome face of her brother Julius, however the coldheartedness didnt
overly exude out. Rather, her eyes were like chestnuts and she had a round face that
was as lovely as a tanuki doll.[2] Her long hair was tied into two braids at her nape level,
the so-called twin-tail style. That girl is this countrys First Ducal Princess, Roroa
Amidonia. Although contrary to her appearance, her mind held quite a wicked tongue.
(Does this stupid father and son pair intend to trim this countrys lifespan, that was
already short even under normal circumstances, even more?) (Roroa)
The Amidonia Dukedom is a mountainous country. It has a lot of metal resources,
however on other hand, it had little arable land so it always has food supply issues. The
neighboring Elfrieden Kingdom had a serious food shortage, however this country didnt
reach that level. After all, if the harvest failed for even little a bit, then there will be
people starving to death.[3]
(Its not like I dont understand Father-donos wish to possess bountiful land even for
just a bit. That is right, but Father-dono had used all the funds that I had raised after so
much trouble and sank them into military spending.) (Roroa)
Roroa grinded her teeth.
This Roroa, while being this countrys princess, she also held an outstanding business
acumen, and so supported this countrys entire financial affair from the shadow. She
made the economy circulate trade with another country, tightened the export of raw
resources to another country, and gave favors and promoted the industries to produce
processed goods for export.[4] Her ability was something that would be desired by any
other country. It could be said that this country, which was in the brink of economic
disaster, didnt undergo economic collapse thanks to Roroas quick wittedness.
However, Gaius and his cronies didnt make the best use of the situation that had
resulted from Roroas quick wittedness.
(Even though using the hard-earned funds to promote industry would allow them
acquire more funds, this economy-blind war-idiot father and son pair only spent it on
military spending. The troublesome thing is that they seriously believed inBy
strengthening the military, they could obtain anything. How absurdly, ridiculously,
ludicrously foolish! If they used the funds, collected the profit, and repeated this cycle,
then there would be some meaning to it. Only spending it? Isnt it only a waste!?
The thing is, even if I screamed this out, would the old man even hear it..?)(Rorora)
Hey, Roroa what do you think?(Julius)
Yes brother.(*smile*)(Roroa)

Being suddenly mentioned, Roroa answered while forcing an insincere smile.

She actually didnt hear their talk at all
(This country might hold too many hopeless points, right Aaaaah, I envy
Elfrieden. Since the population is large, then the capital that can be used is also large.
Really, isnt this like envying the wallet of a neighborWallet?)(Roroa)
At that point, Roroa realized something.
(If I envy the neighbors wallet thenwouldnt it better if I join my wallet to it?
Furthermore, in the most legitimate way as possible.. can this be done?...... Un, this
might succeed. For this, I need to contact the gramps-sama who guards Nelva)
While muttering to herself, Roroa began to polish a plan. High risk, high gain. Roroa,
who started to begin the ploy of her life time, sported a smile. In this regard, she was a
bit similar to her father and brother.

Parnam, the Capital City of the Elfrieden Kingdom.

In a government affairs room at Parnam Castle, I heard the latest report about the food
problem from Hakuya.
Based on the documents, the autumn harvest is satisfactorily within our expectations.
Furthermore, owing to the transportation network that Your Majesty had laid out, the
number of people and amount of traffic has increased, and goods started to flow to the
entire nation from the surplus regions. Of course, this also include foodstuffs. With this,
we may consider that from this time on, the food problem has been resolved, more or
Then, this is good news. It is worthy that our hard work has led to this result.(Souma)
It has been a longtime, but with this, I can finally take a breather. Because I had been
dealing with this problem most of the time, I personally have a very deep emotional
attachment to it. However,
Yes. With this, we could be at ease to proceed to the next stage.(Hakuya)

While ignoring my sentimental time, Hakuya spoke out.

The next stage, right?
As expected We must do it, right?(Souma)
Do you feel reluctant?(Hakuya)
Well, you know. Even though I know this is something necessary, but(Souma)
Yes. This is necessary.
The political thinker Machiavelli had said in the De Principatibus:
If a Ruler has a hand in a cruel act, even during a in time of peace, then it would put
his position in jeopardy. However, even when some Rulers didnt restrain themselves
from cruelty, there arent any rebellions among his subjects or attacks by foreign
enemies. This is because of a difference in whether a Rulers usage of cruelty is wellused or poorly-used.
A skilled person would immediately act cruel when a danger to him had arrived. After
he used it, he would decisively abandon the cruel act and thereafter returned to the
governing manner that was in accordance to the public interest as much as possible.
Then, he will be called a wise Ruler. If conversely, he struck the root of evil in the
beginning, and afterwards dragged it on and the cruel acts were used repeatedly, then
this would be an unskilled usage of cruelty.[5]
(Excerpt of De Principatibus Chapter VIII. Especially Parable of Agathocles)
Because of this sentence, Machiavellis De Principatibus had been long criticized by
the Christian Church and humanitarians. It recommended the Ruler to employ Cruel
Acts. Certainly, if someone had read this at first glance, then they would say that this
was a tremendously terrible thing. Love and Peace. Besides, wouldnt it all be better if
everything resolved with Love? However, things didnt happen that way in the Real
World. If someone remembered this fact and then read that sentence again, then they
would understand how Machiavellis ideas conformed to reality more.
The Cruelty mentioned here isnt something like massacring innocent civilians. A good
use of Machiavellism is something like thoroughly removing all of ones political
opponents. Just through one act of cruelty will stabilize ones political power, and if a
stable political power can be achieved, then the citizens would also become happy.
Conversely, if he couldnt pull off the policy well, then his political opponent would show
their face and then, if he didnt strike them down right from the start, then he would need
to repeat enforcements against rebellions numerous times and lose the trust of his

To cite a concrete example, the Italian condotierro[6] Cesare Borgia, who Machiavelli
extolled as an ideal ruler, built a firm position after killing the influential noble who invited
him to a banquet.[7] Uesugi Kenshins[8] successor, Uesugi Kagekatsu[9], destroyed his
younger brother-in-law, Uesugi Kagetora[10], in the succession struggle, but afterwards
he lived as a loyal person and earned a reputation as a Honorable military
Oda Nobunagas case is a little unique. He didnt hesitate in using cruelty and used it
cleverly, and it might could be said that his cruelty was well used since he suddenly
catapulted himself into a strong daimyo in such a short span of time.[11] However,
eventually the prolonged cruelty shortened his thread of life, as he was betrayed by his
retainer and lost his life. So it couldnt be helped to say that he had used cruelty poorly.
To sum it up, cruelty is a last resort sword[12] that could sever anything for the Ruler,
but it is also a cursed sword that can possess him if used too much and sooner or later
would bring destruction onto him.
It is just like what you said earlier. Your plan will decide this cruelty.(Souma)
Yes. And then I will precede with your words If possible, finish it in one blow.
Can you do it?(Souma)
Then thats good.(Souma)
Although it might be said that it was for this country, I didnt have any great
attachments to this country.
It also wasnt for justice or a great cause.
But when I thought what I do this for?, Liecia and the others faces appeared in my
The face of Liecia, Aisha, and Juna-san who laughed and cried for this country.
Yes. This is enough for me.
If it was for the sake of the smiles of Liecia and the others whom I cared, then I will
become a cruel king for just this once.
The conquest will now begin. (Souma)

In the future, this war was known as Five Days War, then some years later, a reporter
interviewed Souma about this. He made a wry smile before he began to narrate.
It is the truth that I and Hakuya were the scriptwriters for that war. However, before I
noticed it, it was Hakuya and I who were manipulated to dance on the stage Ah,
thats right. That wars scriptwriters were not only us. Thats true I think at least
there were about three others? Now that you mentioned it, I think the war reached such
an ending due to such a superbly unusual concurrence that happened.(Souma)
At the end of that interview, Souma grumbled in a low voice.
In the end, I wonder who was the best scriptwriter(Souma)
[1] A type of beard popularized by Austrian and German Kaiser like Wilhelm I and Franz Joseph
I. Das Original Kaiserbart.

Arc 2 Chapter 0 War

Potential Analysis
There is a realist that I respect to the same degree as Machiavelli: Sun Tzu.
By Sun Tzu I mean the Sun Tzu (who wrote [Sun Tzus Art of War]) working for the
court of emperor Wu during the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese History or maybe
his descendant Sun Bin (who wrote [Sun Bins Art of War]) working for Qi during the
warring states period. Both were excellent tacticians, and both their works were great
works of strategy, but the thing I liked the most were how they were realistically thinking
about things. The two of them who were born in troubled times, just like Machiavelli,
figured out what humans are, and explained how to deal with them in the unending
TN: 770-403 BCE
The two gained renown in war, but having that said, they werent warlike people. In fact,
both of them counseled to not easily resort to acts of war. Sun Tzu in [Sun Tzus Art of
War Attack by Strategem] said supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemys
resistance without fighting, while Sun Bin, in the meeting with King Wei, said
warmongers will inevitably lose.

TN: Sun Tzus Art of War, III.2.

TN: Sun Bins Art of War, Meeting King Wei
However, those thoughts were but ideals in turbulent times. Without defending, without
attacking, the end result is that more lives wouldve been lost. The two also knew this.
To borrow the words of Sun Bin Even the Legendary Lord wants to settle things with
morals, yet it is not possible. Thus he can naught but throw down the wicked king in
war. Which is exactly why they strained their heads, how shall I not lose, how shall I
win efficiently.
There were the famous words of [Sun Tzus Art of War]: [If you know the enemy and
know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles]. It highlights the
importance of intelligence gathering, but sometimes there are people who interprets this
with the positive meaning of To win we need to gather information first!. In reality, in
[Attack by Strategem], Sun Tzu wrote If we are inferior in numbers to the enemy, we
can flee, or avoid battle. In short, you should compare the enemys forces with yours
and fight only when you can win.
That was a long intro. If you ask what I meant to say, then as [Sun Tzu] said, I was
planning to examine the difference between the forces of our Royal Guard and the
Three Dukes.
First, the Royal Guard led by me. I probably only had ten thousand men I can throw into
the war with the Three Dukes. The Royal Guard is formally 40 thousand men strong, but
that number includes the mercenaries employed from the Mercenary State Zem and the
troops of Lords outside of the Three Duchies, also, the number of Adventurers in the
deal with the Adventurers Guild where [In return of yearly fixed payment to the Guild,
Adventurers within the country will be employed as soldiers during emergencies] also
counted toward that.
I had already discontinued the contracts with the Mercenary State Zem and the
Adventures Guild under the reasons of Financial Retrenchment and we cant trust
mercenaries. Also, a lot of nobles and knights adopted a wait-and-see attitude with
regards to the war with the Three Dukes and thus I couldnt count on them. Thus the
number I can mobilize is, my Personal Guard and the common soldiers combined, was

only ten thousand. The common soldiers consist almost entirely of infantry (my Personal
Guard is 800 heavy cavalry), but because Ive been throwing them to infrastructure
improvement lately almost all of them gained combat engineering skills. Also, the
common soldiers include five hundred earth-type mages like Kaede-chan.
Now, about the Three Dukes side, their numbers are roughly as follows:
The Army, led by Georg Carmine, forty thousand.
The Navy, led by Ecksel Walter, ten thousand.
The Air Force, led by Castor Vargas, one thousand.
Among them the easiest to deal with would be the ten thousand navy. Our numbers and
theirs are not too different but most of theirs are battleship, cruiser, destroyer, and
torpedo boat crew. The Marines that can fight a land battle only numbered two
thousand. Therefore they arent much of a threat on land.
However, theres one thing to keep in mind about the Navy. Its the one leading it,
Duchess Ecksel Walter. Shes a woman with character that uses her wisdom and
courage in politics, and I heard she used her unique wit to weather the current food
troubles. That kind of person probably wont be striking from the front, but take my back
in a surprise move. If she were serious she could probably incite the citizens of the
Royal demesne into an uprising, or at least she seemed capable of that. Personally,
shes the one out of the Three Dukes I dont want as my enemy the most.
On the other hand, the general thats easiest to handle, but his army the hardest, would
be the one thousand strong Air Force.
Their soldiers were basically teams of [a wyvern plus one or two knights], and they had
one thousand such teams of flying dragon knights. Those flying dragon knights are a
very troublesome enemy. Just the fact that they fly in the air is trouble enough, but the
wyverns theyre riding themselves are a mass of fighting force, they can breathe fire and
act as fighters or drop gunpowder casks and act as bombers.
On the other hand, there are very limited means of attacking them from the ground. Only
firing back magic or shooting magic-strengthened arrows at them. If we were attacked

during a siege battle we can retaliate using magic-strengthened repeating bowguns but
in a field battle they would be extremely difficult to stop. It seems to be common sense
in this world that youd need a flying dragon to kill a flying dragon. Which means for the
Royal Guard who only has a few messenger dragons it would be very hard to properly
counteract them.
As an addendum, wyverns are dragons whose front legs had turned into wings, and in
this world, dragons with both front and back legs and wings exist. Wyverns and dragons
only look similar but they seem to be as different as monkeys and humans. Dragons
have racial magic power that is incomparable to wyverns, have great intelligence, and
also able to take the form of humans. They had joined together and built an
unshakeable kingdom in the middle of this continent where they and humans both hold
the boundary between them inviolable.
Among the northern countries there are dragon knights who make contracts with
dragons. They are welcomed as the dragons companions and in exchange for helping
perpetuate the dragons descendants, the dragons lend them their strength in battle.
Incidentally, dragonewts are a rare breed born from among these knight and dragon
pairs (the majority is evenly split between full humans and full dragons). Dragonewts
have a low birthrate but their descendants are guaranteed to be dragonewts, and thus
they already had the numbers to be considered belonging to neither the human nor the
dragon species. The Air Force Marshal Castor Vargas is one such dragonewt.
The dragonewt, Air Marshal Castor Vargas is without exaggeration a one-man army.
Being a dragonewt he could take to the skies on his own without a dragon, he is
hotheaded and hates tricks, in a word a musclehead. Certainly, his individual strength
is frightening but a commander like that is actually convenient for me. When fighting the
Air Force, victory or defeat will depend on whether I can lead Castor by the nose,
rendering the flying dragon knights ineffective.
Now lastly, the forty thousand strong Army, this time both the men and the general is
Its not just simple difference in numbers, each and every soldier and their equipment is
a rank up from the Royal Guard soldiers. In addition to infantry and cavalry, they also

had siege units, and the fire mages attached to them have superior firepower, they are
indeed the forefronts of warfare.
And in command of this Army, there is the fearsome General Georg Carmine.
He was an uncommon man that, while having valor that was not inferior to Castor, he
did not rely on just that and gave calm judgements backed with experience. In the
Annals of the Three Kingdoms he would be akin to Guan Yu or L Meng. Honestly, hes
someone who I didnt want to make enemies of, just like Duchess Walter, but he wasnt
hiding his hostility towards me at all. I might still be able to settle things with a talk if it
were Duchess Walter or Duke Vargas, but Duke Carmine first and foremost had
unmistakably become my enemy. There are rumors that the he has connections to
Amidonia, as well.
According to Hals father, Glaive Magna, this attitude of Duke Carmines certainly
brought forth questions, and there are many Nobles and Knights in the Army that had
joined a secessionist faction. However, their numbers were made up for by the personal
armies of the corrupt nobles and the Zemish mercenary bands that they hired: forty
thousand strong Army, against ten thousand strong Royal Guard. Manpower-wise they
are already four times our numbers. Going by Sun Tzu this is a number I should either
run from or avoid a fight with. Seriously, this is hopeless. Im certain I wont be able to
if I faced them head-on.
Sorry, but Im an internal administrator.
I never intended to fight fairly in the first place.
I dont care about chivalry nor a soldiers pride.
War is deception.
Negotiations, strategy, diplomacy I will freely use everything.
They may call me petty or sneaky, but its fine as long as I win.
I dont have to do it like a hero.
I dont have to do it like a king.
I will take command of the battlefields in my own way!

Chapter 1 Hide a Knife Behind a Smile

That day, a shock ran through the entire Kingdom of Elfrieden.
Rumor has it that King Soma was finally raising a subjugation army against the Three Dukes
who wouldnt stop their defiant attitudes. This rumor shook the people. There had been many
opinions regarding the King and the Three Dukes discord, but the majority of the people never
thought that it would escalate into an armed conflict. They had lightly thought that before the
country breaks, either the Kings side or the Three Dukes side would give in, and before anyone
noticed it they were already on the verge of an armed conflict. Rather, its impossible to cool
down now that its come to this.

There are some people who heard the news jumping for joy and wearing a wicked smile.
The Principality of Amidonias Prince Gaius VIII.
TN: A duchy-level territory that exists independent of a kingdom
TN: here in the sense of Monarch of a Principality as opposed to Son of a King. Ill be
using Crown Prince for the latter henceforth
He had gathered the generals who are the leaders of the country and made a loud declaration.
The time has come! Let us gather our troops at the border! Once the chaos starts we will begin
our invasion into Elfrieden under the pretense of reinforcements! Our goal will be the southwestern breadbasket! We shall take back what was once our forefathers lands that had been
stolen from us!
The gathered generals raised admiring voices, but among them
Please wait Milord!
There was just one dissenting voice, a man stepped out and knelt in front of the throne.
The countrys Minister of Finance, Gatsby Colbert. Gaius glared at him quizzically.
So its Colbert
With all due respect Your Highness, please reconsider this Elfrieden invasion! Our people are
currently suffering under the food difficulties and the recession! If we go to war now our people
are going to starve to death!
I know that. Thats why its vital that we take back the breadbasket region
We will need lots of resources to undertake this war! If we had those then we should be able to
import foodstuffs from abroad! Rather than fighting a war were not sure to win, and even if we

win we arent sure to get enough returns for the expended effort, we should better enrich
Gaius roared at Colbert. He stepped down to him and kicked him flying.
You administrators always say the same things! Work for domestic affairs, this isnt the time for
that, is that all you people ever say! Look, while youre doing that our country is falling into
ruin, and in contrast to that Elfrieden that was languishing under that fool of a previous King is
now making a comeback since the new King was crowned!
T, that is because the new King Soma strives for national enrichment
Youre still talking!?
Gaius once again kicked Colbert flying. Something inside his mouth was cut and blood flowed
through the sides of his mouth. However, Colbert did not stop speaking plainly.
Your Highness Our countrys military has only a third of Elfriedens manpower, and our
national power isnt even a fifth of theirs. This is a very, very reckless plan!
That I know! Thats why now, when the three Dukes and the King are at a standoff is a good
But you dont know how long this will go on!
Ha ha ha, thats nothing for you to worry about. That fearsome General Georg Carmine is the
one insurrecting rebellion. That youngster of a King wont easily bring him down. Its the same
even if Georg wins. With a traitor at the countrys reins they cant settle down easily!
Colbert bit his lips.
(Is that why hes so confident! Out of the Three Dukes only the celebrated General Georg
Carmine raised his flags in revolt, but that is obviously a good chance for the Principality.
Honestly, theres no saying whether a good chance like this will come around again in the future.
Even the Prince is no longer young. He likely did not want to pass a chance to stand and lead in
front of an army. However that way of thinking is too nave!)
Please listen, Your Highness! If we invade Elfrieden we will be censured by the other countries!
We have signed the [Declaration of Humanitys Coalition against Demonkind]!
the [Humanity Declaration], is it?
This is the first time until now that Gaius showed a faltering expression.
The [Declaration of Humanitys Coalition against Demonkind] is the name of the declaration and
international treaty made by the largest and militarily most powerful state on the continent, the
Gran Chaos Empire, at the brink of the Demon King army invasion, to cease all wars between
humans and cooperate to stop the Demon King army invasion. The essentials of the [Declaration
of Humanitys Coalition against Demonkind] can be summarized into the following three points:

First, to allow no change in borders due to wars or military operations between humans.
Second, to respect the rights to equality and self-determination of all peoples within every nation.
Third, for countries far from the Demon King Territory to support the bulwarks that are the
countries near the Territory.
The second one is a bit hard to understand, but it is there in order to provide shelter for the
peoples that are not the countrys majority. It was included due to the fear that because border
changes arent allowed, then the countries might disenfranchise these peoples and deprive them
of their property. It was not explicitly stipulated in writing, but in case a country were to violate
any of these three points, the leader, the Empire, will intervene militarily. In short, this
[Humanity Declaration] is a security treaty where, in exchange for disallowing aggression
toward foreign countries, ones countrys safety would be guaranteed by the Empire.
By invading Elfrieden we would be inviting military intervention from the Empire! I beg of you
Your Highness, please re-think this!
Sir Colbert, you need not be concerned about that
The one who stepped up and said so was the Crown Prince Julius Amidonia.
A wicked smile was plastered on his handsome face that one may call a bishonen.
The reason being, Elfrieden is not signatory to the [Humanity Declaration]
That is just sophistry, Crown Prince! Were attacking a non-signatory country while we cant
even protect ourselves without the [Humanity Declaration]. That would stain the face of the
Empire as the leader!
But diplomacy is all about the treaties exchanged. This all happened because of Elfriedens
obstinacy to resist the Empires sublime intent to cooperate against Demonkind. We have made
no mistake
Gaius drew out his Royal Sword in hand.
Then he pointed the tip of it at Colbert who was groveling on the floor.
Colbert. I will order you to house arrest
Your Highness
You will watch from outside. You will watch as we take back the land of our forefathers
With that declaration Gaius gave not a single glance at Colbert as he took Julius and the generals
and left the audience chamber. Colbert who was left behind can only bang his fists on the carpet
as he bit his lips.

A few hours later, a dejected Colbert tottered as he was walking along the castles corridors,
when a charming young lady suddenly showed her face from behind a marble pillar.
Howdy Colbert-san. Hows profits?
Princess!? Um, well
It was the first Crown Princess Roroa Amidonia. Colbert flew into panic, having shown a
dejected face to Roroa. Roroa has had a good sense of economics from a young age and as she
grew in age, she had taken to associating with large national stores and financial bureaucrats, and
had unawares become a figure that was able to support the countrys economy from the shadows.
For the 28-year-old Finance Minister Colbert, Roroa was a friend who understands business, a
comrade-in-arms against the recession, and somewhat of a troublesome little sister character.
Looking at Colberts face, Roroa smiled apologetically.
Your face did ya give Lord Father some good advice again?
Eh, ah, you see
Sorry my old mans an idiot. Sheesh keeping a retainer with good advice at arms length, the
countrys gonna go head first to ruin. The hells he thinkin
Roroa prickled with anger.
Seeing Roroa become like that for him, Colbert felt like he can forgive everything.
Thank you very much Princess. Your sentiments are plenty enough
Really? So lets be gettin ready
Huh? Getting ready?
Not being able to cope with the sudden development of things, Colbert became confused.
Seeing that, Roroa smiled gleefully.
Lord Father gave you free time anyways right? So lets disappear with me. S gonna be fine, I
already talked to all the important finance ministers, I told them all imma go sightseein at old
man Herman-samas place in Nerva

A few days later, at the same time Gaius VIII and Julius departed for the front, there was an
incident in the Royal Palace where Princess Roroa and the Minister of Finance disappeared.
However, by Roroas ingenious hand, this event was concealed, and Gaius and Julius never knew
it happened.

TN: The title refers to one of Sun Tzus Thirty-six stratagems

Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki. Arc 2 Chapter 2

Translator Corner
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*epic music playing* begins

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Conquest Arc
2, Liecas Heart

Elfrieden Kingdoms Capital City, Parnam. Parnam Castle.

In the Governments Affairs Room, I was receiving reports from Poncho and Tomoe-chan.
First, was the report from Poncho. Until just a few days ago, his title was the Minister of Food
Problem Affairs, however since the problem had already been resolved nowadays, because of
his merit, he had been promoted into the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. He would tackle
projects of Agriculture, newly established Forestry, Food Supply Management, and in addition,
the development of the terraced rice fields as this countrys new agricultural crops.

By the way, there were no Fisheries in the ministry title because this country didnt manage
the fishing rights directly, since it was the domain of the fishermens guild whose branches
established at various places. In exchange of the tax income from the guild, the country granted
the rights to the guilds. I also wanted to devise reforms in that field sooner or later, however only
after I seize control of the navy. To guard the interests of the fishermen of this country, a
department similar to the Coast Guard is necessary. Without this protection, the fishermen
wouldnt abide if I only by using duty and obligation to force them follow my reform plan.

Lets return to the topic. I asked Poncho.

What about the matter of the military provisions (soldiers ration and horses fodder) that I had
asked of you?(Souma)
Yes. One way or another, we had prepared it, however(Poncho)

Poncho wiped his sweat while answering the question in evasive manner.

Is something wrong?(Souma)
No Actually, what is bothering me is the amount. After all, the number of the military
provisions that Your Majesty had requested was enough to feed the Royal Army for one month
and still have enough surplus left over If these excessive numbers were actually incorrect,
then wont it become an enormous loss, yes?(Poncho)

Ah, I see. If only based on the number of soldiers in the Royal Army that were mobilized by
now, the number of provisions was too much and this made him worried. After all, the Royal
Army was only 10,000 strong right now. However,

Dont worry. Theres no problem.(Souma)

Oops, this was like triggering a flag. Let me restate myself.

This is the most optimal number. You could even say that this large number of provisions
would be the decider of victory or defeat in this war.(Souma)
I-Is that so?...... Then its good that this years harvest is abundant. If it was last year then it
would be absolutely impossible to prepare this large amount.(Poncho)
Ahh, but it is thanks to everyone doing their best. Of course, its also thanks to Poncho.
I-I'm not worthy of those words, yes!(Poncho)

While making a wry smile at Poncho who straightened his body too much that he bent
backward as he replied, I shifted my attention towards Tomoe-chan.

Tomoe-chan, how about your side?(Souma)

Y-yes, we already gained the cooperation of five new rhinosauruses.(Tomoe)

Putting my hopes in Tomoe-chans Ability to understand an animal or monsters language,

I requested her to invite the large lizard rhinosaurus like the one that participated in the Gods
Protected Forest relief duty, because I am very impressed by their ability to haul large amounts
of materials over long distance. Although the Royal Army wanted to increase the number of the
rhinosauruses in their possession, it takes a lot of time to train one conventionally. After all, its
size is humongous. If it ended up raging, it could cause serious damage.

This was where Tomoe-chan played her part. Tomoe-chan could use her ability to listen the
rhinosaurus requests. Well since rhinosaurus lack intelligence (their brain is only as big as an
egg, so they could be said to be similar to a stegosaurus?), so their requests were
mostly delicious food anda place where it is safe to breed. For this reason, we needed to
set aside territory to create a rhinosaurus reserve, however with this, we could easily obtain an
obedient means for long distance high speed transportation without training.

A-as expected, Tomoe-donos ability is amazing, yes!(Poncho)

Its true. Its good that I could took you in before you fell into another countrys hands.(Souma)
S-stop it, it makes me embarrassed.(Tomoe)

With Poncho, both of us earnestly praised her, but maybe because she was embarrassed,
her face became flushed. At that time, the door to the Governments Affair Room was forcefully
opened and Liecia burst into the room.

Just a minute, Souma!(Liecia)

Wh-whats wrong? Whats with the hurry?(Souma)

Liecia approached me while panting and looked at me with a rather menacing expression
before she pointed at the window.

For crying out loud[1]! The whole kingdom is in uproar by the spreading rumor that Souma at
last raised an Army to face the Three Dukes!(Liecia)
Oh so its only that?(Souma)
How could you say Its only that?(Liecia)

She was so panicked because she thought that something had happened.
I then stood up and tapped Liecias shoulder.

Dont worry. That rumor is being propagated intentionally.(Souma)


Liecia looked at me with wide eyes as if she had seen something unbelievable.

Then why Arent you supposed to have this covered this up until the last moment? You
would end up providing the enemy by giving them needless information, you know?(Liecia)
If they didnt receive the invitation then I will be the one who will be troubled. Since this is a
grand stage where the fate of this country will be decided, and every prospective actor and
actress must stand atop the stage.(Souma)

There will be multiple events happening at the same time at this current grand stage, and
there also a part where luck will play a role. I think that perhaps we will never hold such a gala
for a second time. So it would trouble me if there was an actor or actress late for the show on
the grand stage.

So that means you have thought of something, right?(Liecia)

Liecia seemed to perceive something from my clear manner of declaring this.

Her eyes were shaking in uneasiness Recently, Liecia had been apprehensive. I aware
that she was being torn by the possible conflict with her ex-superior Georg Carmine who she
respected. However, we had reached a point of no return.

Poncho, Tomoe-chan. May you leave us alone for a moment?(Souma)

Y-Yes, Yes!(Poncho)
U-understand. Nii-sama I leave Nee-sama in your hands.(Tomoe)

After saying these words, both of them left the room. Only Liecia and I remained in the room.
Even when there was only the two of us, the room was silent without a single sound for quite
some time. So, I stood from my seat and moved towards the bed located in the corner of the
room.[2] And then I gestured Liecia to come and sit down on it.

Liecia did as I asked of her to and sat down beside me.

Even though a situation where a beautiful girl was sitting beside me on my bed should be a
lovely situation, the atmosphere between us was heavy The silence was painful.

Please tell me about Georg Carmine.(Souma)

Liecia looked at me with bewilderment on her face.

Do you still want to do something?(Liecia)

No, its not that. Since we have reached this point, it wont change the plan.. I just want to
know the person himself. Sincem if you think about it, I couldnt have a encounter with him in
proper manner.(Souma)

Liecia was a bit perplexed, but soon, she began to share the stories bit by bit.

As a public personage, Duke Carmine is a military man unprecedented in both past and
present. It could be said that beside possessing indomitable individual fighting strength as a lion
therianthrope, he also showed his true value when leading his soldiers. In sieging or defending
a castle or in field battle, he was a great commander that managed to perform all kinds of duty,
even at the time of the King two generations ago, he was responsible for the rear unit when the
army withdrew, and despite losing the war, I heard that he had obtained the enemy generals
Thats amazing(Souma)

Even through a retreating battle, just by preventing damage to the ally could already
considered a great success. However, he was able to inflict a such a severe loss to the enemy.
This is really amazing. In addition, his leadership increased the retreating armys moral and
allowed them to search for a place where they could efficiently ambush the enemy. This made
me remember the feat of the young Takeda Shingen[3] who conducted a surprise attack when
he was left as the rear guard in his father Nobutoras Armys retreat.[4]

During Fathers reign, the country stopped its expansionist policy. Since to be honest, Father is
just a very normal average king with no good or bad points in ruling this country, he was
considered as easy prey by the other countries.(Liecia)
How harsh Even when he is your father.(Souma)
Its the truth. We cant change it. Since Duke Carmine exercised his authority in the west, both
the Amidonia Dukedom and Torgis Republic couldnt interfere. Even as the greatest military man
in this age, he didnt hold even a shard of ambition and he devoted his loyalty to Father No,
its wrong. Rather than my father, Duke Carmine genuinely loved this country.(Liecia)
This country?(Souma)
Do you know? There still countries that discriminate against other races in this world. The
Empire currently touts equality between races, however there still areas that discriminate
against non-human races. In contrast, the High Elves nation in the north is championing high elf
race supremacy and contempt towards other human-kind. However, there is no such type of
discrimination in this country. After all, in the first place the races that loathe this type of
discrimination, so that they wouldnt be enslaved by anyone, cooperated in founding this
country. So Duke Carmine loves this country more than anyone else.(Liecia)

At this point, Liecia paused for a moment, before continuing her words.

As a private person, Duke Carmine is polite and can discern right from wrong. In his
relationship with my father he crossed the personal and official line and become my fathers
counselor. Duke Carmine affectionately treats me like his true daughter, maybe because
Duke Carmine doesnt have any children. He even gave me a shoulder ride. I also, really like
Duke Carmine.(Liecia)
When I wanted to enter the Army because I admired Duke Carmine, at the beginning he
opposed it. He said that it wasnt something that a princess should do. However, in the end, he
complied with my selfish decision. Well, after graduating from military academy I was placed
close to him and was only used to urge the soldiers to fight more vigorously.(Liecia)

Well. Of course you cant put a countrys princess on the battlefield. It was clear that Duke
Carmine had quite a hard time dealing with Liecias tomboyish desires.

He seems to be a man of character.(Souma)

When I made this remark, Liecia bent down with a sad looking expression.

Yes He is a really splendid person.(Liecia)

I dont know what exactly Duke Carmain is thinking, but perhaps this is because he is a
military man.(Liecia)
Because he is a military man?(Souma)
Duke Carmines age had already exceeded his mid 50s. A therianthropes life span is not that
different from a humans. As a general, he was still maturing by his pilling experience. However,
as a warrior, only slow decline awaits him. Thats why, perhaps he wanted to do something big
for this country.(Liecia)
And because of that, he would even be a rebel?(Souma)
If he thought that it was for this countrys sake, then Duke Carmine would do it.(Liecia)

She spoke these words confidently I became a bit jealous.

Geez, then doesnt this mean that I must really prepare for the worst?
If I showed even a small opening, then I would be devoured by a lion.

After this, I would have a conference with the Three Dukes using the Royal Broadcast.
The Three Dukes also possessed Royal Broadcast Orbs, although they werent as big as the
one the Royal Family had (there only four such orbs in this country), actually it was like screenphone used for video conferences. In this conference I would confront the Three Dukes side
and send them final warning for their vassalage. In case they refused it, then it would mark the
beginning of the war. Ignoring the other two Dukes, the probability of Georg Carmine heeding
this warning is zero.

Liecia If its too painful for you, then(Souma)

No, I will attend it.(Liecia)

I couldnt finished my sentence, It will be fine if you dont attend the conference. Liecia
showed a smile in her gloomy face.

I know. Duke Carmine had already resolved himself for this. It is not possible for us to turn
back anymore.(Liecia)

Since I already know about that, I want to see it with my own eyes. That persons way of life.

Liecia looked directly at my eyes and spoke these words.

Way of life huh?...... Its a phrase thats too heavy to be spoken by a 17 year old girl.
Only by possessing this resolution that could she be here.
I couldnt find any words to say.

Thats why, at least, I embraced her shoulders. She was trembling a bit. Liecia rested her
head on my shoulder.
Even though I am a Hero, even though I am a King I despise myself who could only
do this for her.

Next Chapter : Soumas final ultimatum. Is the war inevitable? The plot thickens.
Yeah, I know you must be thinking that Souma will push her down right? Too bad! Souma is too
married to his job!
Also, one of the cause of war: MidLife Crisis

[1] is an expression of annoyance and exhasperation... Dont know

how to turn this to proper English. Is the word I choose already showed Liecias annoyance?
[2] Why there is a bed in Government Affairs Room? Souma really married to his job...
[4] See Battle of Un no Kochi. When Harunobu (Shingen youth name)'s father, Takeda
Nobutora, attacked Hiraga Genshin in his fortress at Un no Kuchi, but was forced to retreat.
Harunobu, at the rear of the withdrawing forces, waited until they were clear of the fortress, and
then turned around, leading his men to defeat a castle garrison which was caught unprepared,
having seen the Takeda flee.

Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki. Arc 2 Chapter 3

Translator Corner

This is Yukkuri demasu...

Ill finish 2-4 tommorow! (If I don't procrastinate)
DISCLAIMER: I dont guarantee that I translate 100% correct.... Since they almost talk
in Royal and Proper manner, except for Castor
The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:
Conquest Arc
3, Fish in Troubled Waters.[1]
Parnam Castles Royal Broadcast Room.
There was a 2 meter diameter orb used for Royal Broadcasts floating in the middle of
the room. Besides it were the Royal Broadcasts receiver instruments. The receiver
instrument that each city had was installed together with a fountain that could generate
mist. That instrument would project the images recorded by the s mana and play the
sound recorded by the s mana. However, this room used a thin water tank filled with
water as the substitute for the video display apparatus.

It could be said that if the former was like a cinemas projector screen, then the latter
was something similar to a television. The ones in Royal Castle also had a clear video
resolution. Since the orb in the castle was classified as an artifact (it was a relic of the
ancient past with an unknown manufacturing method) so it was impossible to be mass
produced however, I thought that if the castles receiver model could be more simplified,
then it could be mass produced. If this could come true, then there might be a day when
each house could watch Juna-san and the proposed Elfriedens new public broadcast.
Let us return to the topic at hand. If you asked, why there are receiver units in the
room with the Royal Broadcast transmitter? Because each of the Three Dukes also
possessed the same orbs. And currently, each receiver units displayed the faces of the
Army General, Georg Carmine of the Therianthropes; the Air Force General, Castor
Valgas of the Dragonewts; and the Navy General, Excel Walter of the Water Dragon
Tribes[2]. Surely, I and Liecia too were being displayed at their ends.

To think that our first meeting to be like this. I am Souma Kazuya, the one who
had been entrusted with the throne by the previous Elfrieden King, Albert-dono.
Cih, so a pretense to be a fully-fledged King?(Castor)
Castor immediately snarled at my greetings. However,
Castor!...... Im deeply sorry, Your Majesty, I am honored to have the opportunity to
meet with you for the first time. I am Excel Walter, General of the Navy. Castor, as a
man who belongs to the military, never ever forget to treat the other party with respect
no matter what kind of person they be.(Excel)
GughI already know about that. Castor Valgas, General of the Air Force.(Castor)
Excel immediately rebuked Castor, and Castor reluctantly gave his introduction.
According to the report, Castor is Excels son-in-law. That explains the power balance.
Georg Carmine, General of the Army.(Georg)
Lastly, Georg introduced his name and so the mutual introductions finished.
So, this lion person is Georg Carmine, huh?
He had such a burly physique that a normal person like me paled in comparison, a
manly thick mane and the fiery shining eyes of a lion. Even though it was just a video
display, but it felt as if he was right beside me. Such an overwhelming persona. I
understood the reason why Liecia admired him, because of his attitude as a person who
had served in the military for a long time.
Duke Carmine(Liecia)
Liecia, who was beside me, spontaneously leaked out a voice, however Georg didnt
send a single look at it.
Without being engulfed by Georgs intimidating presence, I informed them with a
direct tone.
Now, I will give the Three Dukes my final counsel. After I had succeeded the throne,
the three of you repeatedly didnt respond to my requests for cooperation. Nonetheless,
the matter of suddenly handing down the throne yo me was something that Albert-dono
had personally decided, so of course there were people confused by this. Therefore, I
never inquired about the reason of disobedience until now. However, from this point on,

if you dont abide to my decrees, then I have no choice but to acknowledge your side as
rebellion. Air Force General Castor Valgas, and furthermore, Navy General Excel
Walter. I will hear your opinion.(Souma)
Haa? To abide you(Castor)
Castor reflexive answer was immediately rebuked by Excel.
What you will say in this place will be considered as the words of the Duke of the
Valgas Duchy! Your shoulders carry the fate of the Valgas Duchy citizens, you know!
Please be careful to not make any careless statements.
As expected from Duchess Excel Walter. So as to not make any imprudent promises
to my side, she conducted herself. Her appearance was that of a young girl, however
she was not called the Amazoness for not being well versed in both military and political
affairs. Someone that I absolutely dont want to make an enemy out off.
Your Majesty, there is something I want to inquire from you.(Excel)
Excel began to question me in such a way.
What is it?(Souma)
What does Your Majesty intend to do with the Three Dukes territory?(Excel)
Excel looked directly at my eyes. If I told a lie to her, she would immediately know.
If you abide by me then I will not interfere in the Three Dukes territory.(Souma)
Then the Three Dukes Army?(Excel)
She immediately counterattacked. It seemed that she had seen right through my aim.
I shouldnt untactfully keep it secret anymore, right?
I will incorporate the Three Dukes Army into the Royal Army to form a new United
Army. In addition, I will prohibit the nobles to possess additional soldiers, except for the
number needed to police the territory. The surplus soldiers would also be incorporated
into the Royal Army. Because of this, I will abolish the Three Dukes special privileges to
maintain an army. It will be treated similar to other nobles territory.(Souma)
As expected, it is this(Excel)

Haaa!? Do you want to put all the army completely in YOUR[3] hand!(Castor)
Castor snapped at my declaration to requisition the Three Dukes Army.
Are you ignorant!? The Three Dukes system is to prevent the rise of a Tyrant. If the
King of this country become a Tyrant, then we Three Dukes will observe him, and then if
it needed then, with the entrusted army, to depose him! Do you want to destroy his
If this is a peaceful era, then I think it is a splendid system. However, this is an age of
war. In the North, the threat of the Demon Army is approaching and in the West, the
Empire is putting pressure all around. Amidonia and Torgis are waiting with vigilance to
aim at our territories and in the East, the skirmish with Seven Headed Dragon
Archipelago Union doesnt shown any signs to cease. This is the time to establish a
centralized rule.(Souma)
If the center becomes corrupted, then what will you do!? Do you think you could just
assert that YOU will not become a Tyrant!? If all the armies are put into YOUR hands,
then who will be judging YOU!?(Castor)
The Citizens will.(Souma)
When I confidently declare this, Castor was immediately taken aback.
It is because this is the law system of this country. King, Law, andCitizens, are
three interrelated things. Law is a communitys collective value system, in this case,
the community are the people who live in the same country. Thats why Lawis the
same thing as a Nation State.(Souma)
Eh, ah Community? Nation State?(Castor)
Although Castor seemed to be unable to understand and Georg was just closing his
eyes while silently listening, as for Excel, she was nodding and saidPlease continue.
To put it into simpler words, it is a relationship that The King establishes the Law, the
Law protects the Citizens, the Citizens acknowledge the King. At the same time, it is
also a relationship where The King abolishes the Bad Law, the Law judges the Bad
Person, the Citizens overthrow the Bad King. But on the contrary, at the opposite end
of this relationship, the Citizen couldnt establish or abolish the Law. Although the
National Assembly could propose a bill to the King, it would be depend on the King
whether or not to enact it. At the same time, the King doesnt have any power to directly
judge the Citizens.(Souma)
For example, at the time when I gathered the Talented People, Aisha had performed
a taboo for speaking directly to me as a King. Actually, I didnt really mind it, but even in

case it was considered a problem, as a King. I couldnt punish Aisha for her
impoliteness. As a Citizen, in the end., the one who would judge Aisha would be the
Law. By the way, there is really a law to prohibit speaking plainly towards the King,
the Lese Majeste Law. Excluding the case of legitimate self defense in case she
suddenly assaulted me with a sword; she would be properly arrested and would be put
on a trial. Since this is the Law that was established in this country.
Furthermore, if the King could freely establish or abolish the Law, then the Law has no
binding power to the King. So, the only one who could judge the King is the Citizens. In
case a Tyrant appears, then to protect their lives and property, the Citizens have the
inviolable privilege of the Right to Resist: to overthrow that King. The King couldnt
infringe on this right. Thats why if the King trifles with the Law as he pleases, then
certainly he would end up being overthrown by the Citizens.(Souma)
Wait! If you put all the armies below you, then the Citizens have no chance to succeed,
What are you talking about? After all the army is made up citizens too, right?(Souma)
Even for the soldiers assembled below me, they also have the Right to Resist. If the
citizens and the soldiers judged me as a Tyrant, then I will be rejected at once by them.
This is the system already established in this country. Incidentally, while we are talking
about Right to Resist, if you Three Dukes overthrow a Tyrant, what legal basis you
would use to not be labeled as aMurderer or Traitorafterwards?(Souma)
Castor became silent.
In exchange, Excel began to question me again.
Then, Your Majesty. After the components of the Three Dukes Army that watch each
other have gone, what will happen after United Army exert their Right to Resist and
oust the King? If in itself, the army had the power to overthrow the King, the Citizens
wouldnt have any means to fight against that kind of army. In the end, wouldnt a United
Army would only invite a junta dictatorship?(Excel)
Havent I said it already? After all, the army are the Citizens too. Their actions are
regulated by the Law, and so they can also be judged by it. The army has the military
law; if they violate that law, they will be judge. The Law is watching the army after all.
The political thinker Machiavelli had said No matter what kind of country it is, the
most important foundation is an excellent law and an excellent military. Without an
excellent military, an excellent law couldnt be enforced. A nation with an excellent
military will always have an excellent law[4]. Without the military, the law couldnt be
protected. Without observing the rules of the law, the military may rampage. Thats why

a good country must have a good law and good military Again, I believe that Japan
can be considered as a good country.[5]
Of course, I didnt believe that everything could be controlled by merely binding them
with just the Law. However, as a rough idea, I believed that there is no problem with it.
With the fine details, I couldnt do more than dealing with training, promoting trusted
people as commanders or building mutual trust with the army.
Then, I hope this reply would be able to answer the question of What I intend to do
with the Three Dukes Army, Duchess Walter.(Souma)
Yes. It had cleared up my worries. Even so, there is still one thing that I wanted to ask.
I had heard about the new bay city that Your Majesty is constructing. When that city has
been completed, what will happen to Lagoon City?(Excel)
Lagoon City. The city of the heart of the Walter Duchy. The City that was the thing
Excel and the Sea Dragon Tribe thought the foremost. It can be said that without a
doubt, it could incite the wrath of Sea Serpents.
The new city is planned to become a trading port with tourist attractions. Since from
the point of secrecy, the tourist trade has bad compatibility with a naval port, it wouldnt
have that facility. Thats why from here on out, Lagoon City becomes a Naval Port, I will
also entrust the construction of battleships to Lagoon City.(Souma)
I would surely be able to separate Lagoon City to be the Port of Kure and the new
city to be the Port of Sakai.[6] It is possible to coexist and co-prosper. When I explained
this to Excel, she nodded.
After hearing this, I now have a peace of mind. From here on, this Excel Walter as well
the Elfrieden Kingdom Navy will serve under Your Majestys command; we will abide by
your order.(Excel)
Duchess Walter!?(Castor)
I give my gratitude for Duchess Walters decision. Hereafter, I hope we could work
together for this country. (Souma)
I will humbly obey.(Excel)
Duchess Walter respectfully bowed her head. With this, the Navy has joined my side.
(Well, it already had according to the plan so far) (Souma)
(We were already informed about Duchess Walters thought through Juna-san, after
all.) (Liecia)

I spoke in a low voice with Liecia who stood beside me.

Duchess Walter is a lady with great foresight. When Liecias father handed down the
throne to me, she guessed that there was a reason behind it, and then established
contact from the beginning.
The one who became the mediator was Juna-san.
Juna-san is a person dispatched by Duchess Walter. Juna-san used the talent
gathering event as a means to approach me and then conveyed the thoughts of
Duchess Walter. As long as I dont lay my hands on Lagoon City, she would gladly serve
the new king. As she couldnt ignore the obstinacy of her son-in-law Castor Valgas, and
the strange state surrounding Georg Carmine since my enthronement, to observe these
people, she would act as if she was on the Three Dukes side for awhile.
After I heard it, I guaranteed the autonomy of Lagoon City and the safety of the
previous King and Queen, and after that, I conveyed my plan of action to her side
(Although I didnt report the plan of absorbing the Three Dukes Army into the Royal
Army It seemed that she had already seen through my actions.) To deal with the
problematic situation after this, the Navys cooperation is a must. Actually, even before
Duchess Walter complied with my final warning, she already moved the Navy to the
Royal Army.
Thats why in this final warning meeting, Duchess Walter would abide to my rule and
at the same time Georg Carmine already established that he was rebelling against me.
So amongst the Three Dukes, the only one whose behavior that I couldnt read was only
the Air Force General Castor Valgas. Of course, I already made preparations in the
case that he would turn into an enemy, but So that there wouldnt be unnecessary
victims, I dont want to turn him into an enemy if I can.
Castor Valgas, Duchess Walter has said that she shall follow me. You also, stop your
insubordination and cooperate for the sake of the country.(Souma)
I refuse!(Castor)
Duchess Walter scolded him, but Castor was obstinate.
You are suspicious looking. I had already protected this country for the last two Kings
and I will keep expulsing foreign enemies and whittle down enemy territory for another
one hundred years. Even so, why, without consulting us, King Albert suddenly

surrendered his throne to someone who just popped out from nowhere like YOU?
Why dont you ask the person himself?(Souma)
I also want to know about it. After handing down the throne to me, at first I was only
frantically working so I wouldnt be handed over to the Empire, then I was frantically
working to save this country from its predicament. Because I was so busy, I didnt have
time to think about it: why Liecias father easily handed over the throne to someone who
had just been summoned like me? Although it seems that in this country, a Hero is A
Person who Leads the Change of an Era, but would he really put trust on my
worthiness to such extent?
I already sent numerous letters to King Albert. However I havent received any reply
even up until now.(Castor)
In that case, I am also bothered by it if it as you say so.(Souma)
Werent you the one who had seized the letters?(Castor)
I had never done such deeds.(Souma)
Hah? Then why?(Castor)
Really I didnt know anything about this. Since I had been pushed with all kinds
of works and responsibility, I also didnt have any reason to do so. Rather, what is the
former King doing by not replying to the letter?
(Liecia, do you know something about this?) (Souma)
(That is Although this is something unrelated, when I was asked him to cooperate in
persuading Duke Carmine, he only said that Distrustful people will appear if I move.
After all, Souma is already the King.) (Liecia)
(What he was so obstinate for?......) (Souma)
I didnt know what a person thinks about someone else.
Well, rather than the former King that wasnt here, it was about Castor who was in
front of me.
Then, what should I do to make you accept me as the King?(Souma)
Lets see..a Dragon is a creature that only let someone who it recognizes to ride on
their back. If you want me to abide to you then you, must show the appropriate power to
do so.(Castor)
Castor made a fiery statement. What was with that muscle head type reasoning?

Do you understand that by doing so, then it would be considered as a traitorous act to
the country? Regardless whether you abide or not to me, after the war, you will be
judged by the Law.(Souma)
My air force wouldnt be defeated by something like your Royal Army! If you can do it,
then prove it!(Castor)
I looked in Duchess Excels direction and she appeared to be greatly troubled. Then
this is already in vain, huh?
If you abide to my rule, then I will grant food aid and highway construction to the
Valgas Duchy. I will also guarantee the safety and autonomy of your citizens.(Souma)
As a general, I will lay my life for the ruler that I believe in. That ruler is the former King
Albert-dono and absolutely not you!(Castor)
Is that so?...... I only want you to please remember that before you are a general, you
also carry many things on your back.(Souma)
Your Majesty, Castor is(Excel)
Duchess Walter tried to put in a good word for Castor, but I raised my hand to stop
Its useless. We cant take any more time than this.(Souma)
Although I could understood Duchess Walters feelings, the situation had already
begin to move. I didnt have any more time to spare for Castor. Hah So I couldnt
persuade the Air Force, huh? If I could persuade them, then the winning chance would
be 99%, but with this, it would become somewhat a gamble. How bothersome.
Then, I am sorry to make you wait. Army General Georg Carmine.(Souma)
I exchanged glares with the brave lion-faced general. I could feel a tremendous
intimidating air coming over the monitor. If we met directly, then I think I would show my
unsightly trembling feet.
Well, I will not ask whether you will abide or not. Since when you received the nobles
who had committed fraud, it was obvious that you had no intent to abide me. It will be
useless to persuade.(Souma)

Therefore, I will only ask you one question. Why are you rebelling to that extent?
Pride as an old warrior..(Georg)
Georg answered my question in a direct manner.
My age had already passed 55, this body could only wait to wither, but I earned the
most superb opportunity. My wits will decide the fate of Elfrieden. A once in a lifetime
chance, to accomplish big things that would be the legacy for posterity is a cherished
dream of a warrior.(Georg)
Only because of that?(Souma)
Did he plot against me just because of a reason that was similar to what a 50 year
old human would have?[7]
Are youa fool?(Souma)
A foolish question. Someone wouldnt be suitable to be a warrior if he is not a fool. I
will make you see my way of life.(Georg)
Isnt that more like way of death?[8](Souma)
Its the same thing. You live if you dont want to die. You die if you dont want to live.
That is what a warrior is.(Georg)
He said it in a firm tone that gave an impression of a lions roar. Any further
discussion would be futile.
Then, please excuse the me who will step over that old tree.(Souma)
Even though the tree is rotting, it is a huge tree that had spread out its roots far and
wide. A half-heartened resolution wouldnt be able to cross over it.(Georg)
If it is resolution, then I do have it.(Souma)
If it is a resolution to have a hand in cruel conducts if only for a moment, I had
already resolved it a long time ago.
Georg Carmine and Castor Valgas, too(Souma)
What is it?(Valgar)

I have a proposal. I believe its not in my or your sides real intent to involve the
citizens that didnt participate in our fight. Thats why, lets create a rule, If an opponent
is defeated or captured, then the army under him will immediately placed under the
winner. This is a measure taken to prevent the army from revenging the defeated
leader and so that the hostilities dont continue.(Souma)
Hearing this proposal, both of them nodded.
I dont mind. As long as I can knock you down, then Im fine with it.(Castor)
My thanks.(Souma)
Well then, excuse me.(Georg)
When Georg was going to cut the transmission, Liecia who had been silent until then,
asked him to stop. Georg narrowed his eyes.
So its the princess..(Georg)
Duke Carmine(Liecia)
Even though they had called out each other names, they didnt speak any other
words to each other. They were only looking at each others eyes silently. In the castle,
they are royalty and retainer; in the army, they are superior and subordinate; in private,
they are a man who is respected like a father and a girl who is loved like a daughter.
Even though I am ignorant of peoples subtleties, I understood that even with
exchanging looks, they could communicate with each other.
The two people were just looking at each other for a moment, but then Liecia
suddenly unsheathed the rapier from her waist and then put the blade behind her neck.
With a single stroke, she cut off her platinum blonde ponytail. Whuuuuuuuuuuh!?

The golden thread-like hair was fluttering down and fell to the floor. Because it was so
sudden, not only me but the Three Dukes were also dumbfounded. Out of the blue,
Liecia became short-haired, however the person herself showed that she wasnt
bothered by it, and then pointed that rapier towards the orb and proclaimed.
This is my resolution. I will walk together at Soumas side.(Liecia)

Georg who was looking dumbfounded like me, before long started to glare and made
a smile similar to a carnivore discovered a prey.
I have received the Princess resolution. In that case, please show your resolution
even on the battlefield.(Georg)
Both of them had the face that they had understand each other, somehow. Perhaps it
was some kind of communication between warriors that I couldnt understand, but
anyway with this, the final warning to the Three Dukes had finished.

Your hair Is it alright for you to cut it?(Souma)

After the conference with the Three Dukes was over, I asked Liecia as soon as we
returned to the Governments Affairs Room. There was also Aisha, who had came back
from Dark Elfs Village, Hakuya, Poncho and Tomoe who joined us in the room.
Everyone were staring in awe at the change in Liecia, but the person herself seemed to
not be bothered by it at all.
Since I needed to make a distinction Does the hair suits me?(Liecia)
Well, I think it suits you. Right?(Souma)
Everyone spoke out while nodding repeatedly at the same time.
It is dignified and superb, Princess.(Hakuya)
I think short hair also suits you.(Aisha)
I-I think it really suits you, yes.(Poncho)
You are lovely, Nee-sama.(Tomoe)
They were unanimously praising Liecia (although not at the same time) so her face
became red from being embarrassed. Then, after the atmosphere calms down, lets get
down to business.
Hakuya, what about the preparations?(Souma)

All is progressing smoothly. The 20,000 soldiers strong Royal Army under Ludwindono could be deployed immediately.(Hakuya)How about the movement of
Amidonias force?(Souma)
They, too ar moving according to our assumptions.(Hakuya)
Hakuya hid his mouth using his collar. Perhaps, he was trying to hide the smirk in the
corner of his lips.
Alright. Then what about Poncho and Tomoe-chans sides?(Souma)
Y-yes! The military provisions preparation, are progressing without delay, yes!
Rhinosauruses preparations have also been completed.(Tomoe)
Alright. The one that will influence how this war progress will be transportation power.
I have great expectations for both of your works.(Souma)
Both of them bowed with nervous expressions as I made a wry smile and began to
Souma, its the time, right?(Liecia)
I cant wait to use my skills.(Aisha)
I greatly nodded to Liecia and Aisha who followed me from behind.
Now then, commence the conquest!(Souma)
I imagine the last part with Souma emulating Lelouch


Do you ever see a female character in Japanese anime or game dramatically cutting off her
hair? This signals some kind of dramatic, life-altering change.
The Japanese woman with long meticulously cared hair is considered as one of the Yamato
Nadeshiko characteristic. There even a saying that a womans hair is her life. This saying
underlined the great importance of the hair as a symbol of womanhood. Thats why if you see
Japanese story set in ancient Japan and or many famous anime, many adult & charming
female characters had very long and ornate hair (even reach their buttocks and really really
Thus, if a woman cutting her hair vividly represents that she had resolved to make a dramatic
break with her own past: to divide time between the old me and the me there is now. Hence

Liecias words of Since I need to make a distinction. It is to signal that this is a new her, Liecia
who will walk together at Soumas side
Read the complete list of Important Haircut at TVTropes!

[1] (Japanese: Honsui Bugyo, Chinese: Hnshumy). Its a Chinese 4 word proverb,
meaning: Take the advantage of a chaotic situation to make personal gains. This is also one of
the 36 stratagems of Sun Tzu also known as "Disturb the Water and catch a Fish.
[2] FUN FACT: I just know that the kou/jiao from kouryou/jiaolong is also used to refer to
mermaid: / . Kinda fitting for the Duchess Walter, right?
[3] This is TEMEE In case you didnt know, Temee is a rude way to refer to another person. Its
from Temae, crudely means, you who are in front of my hand... Now for the purpose of
translating, imagine Castor said this in mocking tone.
[4] An iteration of Chapter 12 of De Principatibus.
[5] You may disagree with this, but keep it to yourself.
[6] Kure, Hiroshima is an important port where the dockyard built the Japanese Navy vessels
and has a major Japanese Naval Base. Meanwhile Sakai, Osaka, is a bustling and one of the
largest commercial ports in Japan.
[7] A midlife crisis in case you confused...
EN: I still think that he should just do what all people do at that age: Buy a sports car, go
cruising for women young enough to be their granddaughter/daughter, shame their family by still
insisting that they are young and cool lol.
[8] Souma make a jab at Georg statement. Georg mention way of life, but Souma
retorted with substituting the first Kanji life () for death ()

Genjitsushugisha no Oukoku Kaizouki. Arc 2 Chapter 4

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu...

I know you guys has waiting for this, so here you go. Mira is tomorrow.

DISCLAIMER: I dont guarantee that I translate 100% correct....So helping hand is welcome!

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Conquest Arc
4, The One who Cannot Move, the One who Begins to Move.
(Authors explanation about the previous title)
Fish in troubled waters / disturb the waters and catch a fish The 20 of the 36
Stratagems of the Arts of War. Its a stratagem where you use the opportunity during the
confusion amongst the enemies to gain an advantage to achieve victory.

Valgas Duchys Capital City Red Dragon Castle-Town[1]

It was a city constructed on a rampart in a clearing on the side of a slightly tall mountain.
As a capital city, its location on the mountainside made it inconvenient to transport goods. As
for why they built a capital city in such a place, its because the Valgas Duchy not only has
Wyverns for war purposes but also for transportation purposes. Since the number of Wyverns
was limited, they couldnt function as mass transportation, but one Wyvern could pull a gondola
on the ropeway. There are also bus-like gondolas that connect each castle-city and are pulled
by four Wyverns each. Since they could fly, places that are hard to reach by foot are not a big
The Air Forces General, Castor Valgas castle, just like the city, was quite boorish. Even
though its location already made it a mountain castle, it was also concealed behind a high
rampart, so its defensive ability was frighteningly high. The mountain slope made battering ram
carriages (a siege engine with large stakes to strike and smash the gates) and siege towers (a
siege engine similar to a plank-like firefighting truck so it was possible to cross over to the wall)
useless, while the high walls stopped the attacks of the infantry and cavalry. The only effective
means of attack was an aerial strike conducted by Wyverns; however, this was the specialty of
the Valgas House, so it could be said that this city was surely an impregnable fortress.
Moreover, Castor Valgas, who ruled this city, is an excellent general.
Even though Castor was bad in political discussions and the likes, he had already showed
unequalled strength in the battlefield. At the great battle that had affected Elfrieden for the last
hundred years, with the Wyvern Corps as the vanguard and he as the commander, they always

led the attacks and mowed down the foreign enemies. And although his ineffectual intellect also
caused many mistakes, his broadminded hot-blooded personality and his excellent strength
were extremely appealing and fascinated his subordinates. To make it easier to understand his
personality, it could be said that he resembled Zhang Fei[2] from Chinese history or Fukushima
Masanori[3] from Japanese history.
Because he was such a person, the day-to-day governing of the city was left to his capable
subordinates. Since it was obvious that if a person who was weak in administration tried to get
in the way of the government, the results wouldnt be satisfactory. It might even be able to be
considered as good in itself. Actually, the administration of the city was stable, and so, as long
as their livelihoods were stable, the citizens would respect the ruler. Thats why the citizens also
supported Castor Valgas.
Yes Until the day the failure of Soumas Last Warning happened, that is

Several hours after the failure of Soumas Last Warning:

At the northern end of the Red Dragon Castle-Town, in front of the gate that led to Castor
Valgas castle, the Red Dragon Castle, large mobs of people had gathered. The mob of
people consisted of those from all ages and genders; they clearly represented the full range of
citizens that lived at the Red Dragon Castle-Town. The people were clearly angry and resentful,
and yelled their protests to the soldiers that guarded the gate that leads inside.[4]

Duke Valgas! Come out!(Angry Mob)

Answer us, Duke Valgas! Do you want to Rebel!?(Angry Mob)
Why did you reject the aid from the King even though my children are starving
(Angry Mob)
I even had to sell my daughter as a slave to reduce the number of mouths to support
Uuuuu*cry*(Angry Mob)
Damn you!!! Come out, Castor Valgas!!!(Angry Mob)

The mobs yelled out various types of pent up resentment.

High up in the castle in his room, Castor Valgas watched the state of the mobs from a

Shittt! Why in the world did it become like this!?(Castor)

Castor kicked a chair near him and yelled. The wooden chair crashed into the wall and broke
into pieces, but Castors anger didnt calm down.

Why?! Why do the citizens know about the discussion with the King!? Were there any spies
mixed in!?(Castor)
Castor-samaThat is(Tolman)

A white haired man who looked like a butler, who had been standing earlier in the room for
some time, timidly began to speak. His name is Tolman Bech.[5] As a matter of fact, he was the
Chamberlain of the Valgas House and had been entrusted with the domestic affairs of the
Valgas Duchy. The chamberlain was quite muscular because he had quite a unique job history:
originally a former vice commander of the Wyvern Knight Corps, because of his high
administration skills, he was turned into a chamberlain instead.
Curiously, Tolman was hesitant to inform Castor.

It looks like the new King had broadcasted the negotiation process even to the Three
Dukes territories.(Tolman)
What did you say!(Castor)

Castor couldnt believe what he had just heard. He couldnt believe what Souma had just
done. It was common sense in this world that the citizens had no need to know the process of
the negotiations. It will be alright to only inform them about the results of the negotiations. After
all, the powerless citizens had no other choice but to accept those results.
Even so, Souma deliberately let the citizens watch how the negotiations unfolded.
This seemingly inane conduct had roused the citizens. Castor could only grind his teeth in

I only want you to please remember, that before you are a general, you also carry many
things on your back.

He remembered the words that Souma had spoken at that time.

(Did he mean this!? That bastard, what he really meant was about this!) (Castor)

Castor had fallen into what was a seemingly simple plan. It couldnt be helped. This world
didnt have any concepts of Mass Media after all. Despite the presence of the similar
overtechnology[6] Royal Broadcast, the previous Kings only used it to dispatch the minimum
information to the citizens. If the citizens are ignorant, then it would be easier to rule them. Also,
since it would be hard to guess where the public opinion would move after receiving the
information, there was no need to deliberately use it. Therefore, many people, including Castor,
didnt know about the medias power in influencing public opinion.
On the other hand, Souma was a person who came from an age that is inundated by the
media. He had already personally witnessed both the merits and demerits of the medias
influence. A certain nation has a Weapon of Mass Destruction! By saying this, the Media
became the trigger of the war. There were also incomprehensible media that for several
decades continued to condemn their own local governments and championed their own
prefered ideology.[7] Souma had already completely understood how the media could induce
wars and caused citizens to look down at their countrys government.
Souma was using the difference of this knowledge against Castor.
However, there were parts that Castor couldnt understand.

Still, but why? Why are the citizens enraged? Even though I had rejected the Kings aid, they
had already received the food aid from the Air Forces emergency food supply, right? The
situation wasnt that bad compared to the Kings territory!(Castor)
Certainly the armies at the Three Dukes territories held a huge amount of food reserves, and
since the army had opened their storage and given food aid to the citizens, their condition
wasnt that bad compared to the Kings territory. This so-so condition was also the same in the
Valgas Duchy.
However, the chamberlain Tolman sadly shook his head.

The citizens wouldnt be able to understand that. Because of the peaceful rule up until now,
they were worried that perhaps they would be swallowed up by the danger that would happen
from now on. Thus, they resented you who had invited that danger.(Tolman)
No way The hearts of the citizens that had lived alongside me for so many years had
drifted away so easily!?(Castor)

Castor dropped his shoulders, crestfallen.

If Souma was here right now, he would answer Castor with a quote from De

If someone needed to choose one over the other, then it would be better to be feared than to
be loved, correct? Men are covetous creatures that think that as long they could obtain a profit
for themselves, then they could even cut down their beloved. Conversely, that fear would never
fade as there is no one who is not afraid of being killed.
(An excerpt from De Principatibus. Chapter 17)

Although these are blunt words, this was also the reality. If you were forced to hit someone
and you had to choose between your friend and an uncle with a scary tattoo on his body, who
would you choose? The majority of people would hit their friends. Everyone treasures their life,
and if they hit their friend, then perhaps they would only need to frantically placate them to
become friendly again. This was the calculation that that people had in their minds.
The citizens of the Valgas Duchy also had the same calculation. No matter how much they
loved Castor, the Lord of the place where they lived, if he suddenly declared himself as a rebel
to His Majesty, the King, they would immediately turn on him. Would their home now become a
battlefield? Would they be considered as enemies of the Elfrieden Kingdom? Many speculations
fluttered amongst the citizens. They became anxious when their lives and property were in
danger, and of course the ones who received all their anxiety were the officials that became the
object of their hatred.
The number of protesters keeps increasing. It seems that they had also gathered in every
city in our territory. Perhaps the Carmine Territory also has the same situation(Tolman)
Shit! Wont it be difficult to assemble the Wyvern Corps like this!?(Castor)

Although the Wyvern Corps were hailed as the Kingdoms strongest unit, it doesnt mean that
they were always gathered at a single place constantly. The high ranked ones were given
territory for themselves, and the others rented rooms at these territories. So, the actual condition
of the corps was that they were dispersed throughout many different cities in the territory.
Although, the subordinates would gather if there was a proclamation, Emergency!, just like
in Japans Kamakura period[8], it would be impossible to gather them in these currently chaotic
conditions. In this way, even if the Air Force became hostile, they couldnt mobilize like they
used to. Soumas Information Warfare had herded them into a position where they could not
The appearance of the dejected Castor was seen by his daughter Carla from the shadow of
the door. Castors wife and Carlas mother, Axela, received the advice from her own mother. She
divorced herself from the Valgas House and had taken Carlas baby brother with her when she
returned to the Walter Duchy. However, Carla remained behind. Not only did Carla inherit some
of her fathers rough personality, but her pride wouldnt let her forgive herself if she escaped and
abandoned him.

(The new King Souma Despite looking for a fight, he tried to decide the match outside the
battlefield, truly the most detestable opponent for a warrior. An opponent that Liecia trusted so
much that she can even cut her hair for him.)(Carla)

Carla also saw the scene where Liecia cut off her platinum blonde ponytail. Liecia was her
friend, so she knew about Liecias serious personality. Her actions gave off an impression that
she wouldnt hesitate even for a bit. She had already resolved herself to such an extent. Thus,
Liecia who showed such resolution wouldnt be a half-heartened opponent.

(Currently there are 500 Wyvern Knights in Red Dragon Castle. The opponent is someone
acknowledged by Liecia, so he certainly has already planned something. And the key to whether
or not we can bite and tear that plan to shreds are the 500 Wyvern Knights.) (Carla)

Actually, at this point, Carlas leadership abilities as a general had exceeded Castors, and
she was trembling with excitement at the hunch that a strong enemy will come soon.

On the other hand, when the 50,000 soldiers stationed in the southern part of the Amidonia
Dukedom heard the news that the Elfrieden Kingdom Royal Army had already marched to
subjugate Duke Carmine, they immediately commenced their invasion of the Elfrieden Kingdom.
The large highway that entered Elfrieden from Amidonia split into two routes.
One route leads to Duke Carmines Territory. Even if the road was open and easy for
marching, Carmines territory stood in the way of this road. It can be said that the Carmine
Territory served as the Guardian Shield of this route. Since they had already communicated with
its lord, Georg Carmine, they could brazenly walk down that route. However, the Amidonia Army
didnt use it.
The reason was that the Amidonia Army told both the Royal Armys side and the Three
Dukes side (although the Navy had already separated) that they were the reinforcements for
their respective sides. Because of this, they could not take the direct route to the Carmine
Territory, lest they would be thought of as supporting Duke Carmine. The other reason was
because it was to their national interest if the war between the Royal Army and the Kingdoms
Army could be prolonged as long as possible. Later, Amidonias military intervention might be
needed to achieve this condition. If, for example, they supported the numerically superior
Kingdoms Army, when they achieved victory, the Kingdom would be immediately consolidated
under Georg, and Amidonia would only receive limited rewards.

NOT PICTURED: The city of Nerva, since Spoiler!

For that reason, the Amidonia Army chose the other route that passed through the southern
mountainous region. It was a route that passed through the Goldoa Valley halfway amongst the
Ursula Mountains at the southern Amidonian-Elfriedenian border. The road in this direction is
rugged, but after the crossing the valley, they would arrive at the outskirts of Altomura City. The
melt water that flowed from the Ursula Mountains made this region the number one breadbasket
of Elfrieden. It was a region that was formerly a part of the Amidonia Dukedom in the past.
Amongst the marching Amidonia Army, the Duke of Amidonia, Gaius VIII, and the Ducal
Prince, Julius, rode horseback while showing off wicked smiles.

Kukuku, it would be better if the King and the Three Dukes clashed as hard as possible while
we recover our lost territory.(Gaius)
Fufufu, that is so true(Julius)

The sun darkened as they crossed the valley. Both of them couldnt stop believing in the
bright future awaiting them ahead.

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[1] A castle town is a settlement built adjacent to/surrounding a castle. Castle towns were
common in Medieval Europe. Some examples include Caernavon
[2] One of the Three Peach Brothers in the Three Kingdoms. Characterized as bold, fierce,
resolute, impulsive, crude, somewhat unruly; careless in small matters but became smart about
larger issues and strategies; brash and rough most times, but sometimes capable of great
[3] A Daimyo under Toyotomi Hideyoshi and famous as one of the Seven Spears of
Shizugatake. Often times said to have a simplistic personality.
[4] Good Lord Souma just indirectly caused an Arab Spring?
[5] = Toruman Behha
[6] Overtechnology = a general term to refer for a technology or device that is beyond the
natives technology or cultural level. Just play some Civ games
[7] Souma refer to many opposition medias that circulated in Western-style Democracy. (EN:
Think: John Olivers show on HBO, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report for the TV
[8] For the European and American reader, just imagine French or England feudalism in Middle
Ages, or for Paradox players, imagine Crusader Kings 2

Chapter 5 Lord of Altomura

AN: Three simultaneous chapter updates. They are on the same points timeline-wise
so you can read them in any order (probably)
TN: Renaming Van to Vannes. Same pronunciation

[The Five-Day War]

This war that in later years would come to be called thus unexpectedly birthed a large
number of classic idioms idioms like [as a fish to water] that originate in an ancient
event. They come in various kinds, like strategies or maxims, but if the person they
originate from were to hear of them, they would likely be able to do nothing but make a
sour face. For to them, these five days were a frantic battle of life and death.

~ Day 1 Noon A certain place ~

In the slightly gloomy room, I was receiving a report of the [Principality of Amidonia
Army Invasion] from Hakuya. On top of the large center table lay a still larger map of the
Kingdom of Elfrieden and its environs. It was exactly what youd call a war HQ. Hakuya
placed a chess piece representing the Amidonian Army on the southern part of that
TN: BEHOLD my shitty mapdrawing skills

The Amidonian
Army invaded after crossing the Ursula Mountains. I was informed that they had left
Gordoa Valley and are now besieging Altomura. They numbered approximately thirty
Their total military strength is about forty thousand, right? They sure brought out a lot
They seem to have thrown all the troops they can move. Theyre staking their whole bet
on this
Well, its good that they didnt pass by Carmine Duchy. It would be a lot of trouble if they
meddled in our fight with the army
That would be a needless fear. We properly arranged things so that doesnt happen

Hakuya said so in a composed manner. He was full of confidence but Thinking of the
trouble the villages on the Amidonian Armys path went through, I cant really be happy.
I thought it was an old and worn tactic, but it unexpectedly went well
Well, humans basically believe what they want to believe. Your highness must pay
attention as well
Ill take it to heart. All right then, how are the Amidonians going to move
After capitulating Altomura, they would sweep out the surrounding areas, They would
probably want to secure the breadbasket region. Once they gained control of the region
they would likely declare the land theirs
To be staking everything on looting someone in a crisis.
It might be expected of them, but . How miserly
Thats because of the difference in national power. This is the limit for the military
Amidonia possesses
I suppose so. How about the Altomura garrison?
Including the reinforcements we can send in, about five thousand

Thirty thousand vs five thousand. Thats six times the difference.

. How long will they hold out?
Its a fortress town sitting on plain ground, not suitable for defense. Added with the
difference in manpower, they probably wont stand two days of continuous siege
They will fall in one day at worst, huh?
Which means if you consider information delays, it wont be strange for them to have
fallen already. However, this is only counting from when open hostilities began. I said to
Hakuya with a smile.
We anticipated this and sent that person in, didnt we?
It is as you say. Its only a matter of whether they can hold out

Then we wont change our strategy. We wont send reinforcements to Altomura

Its a daring move, I think
Hakuya bowed to Somas decision.

~ At the same time Altomura Environs ~

At the time the decision was made by Soma and Hakuya, one man was grovelling in the
headquarters of the Amidonian Army encircling Altomura. The name of this thin and
obviously timid man was Wyst Garrotte, the Lord governing this area. As a resident of
Altomura, he should be the man leading the defense of Altomura, but because of the
circumstances, he was now kowtowing in front of Gaius VIII who was leading the
Amidonian Army. Standing next to Gaius VIII who was sitting on a stool, was the Crown
Prince Julius. Gaius, glaring at Wyst, said.
Hoo you mean Altomura will capitulate without resisting?
H, hyesh! We do not intend to oppose the Amidonian Army!
Wyst replied with a slight stutter. Gaius narrowed his eyes.
. Lets hear your reason
Nothing else but because its impossible for us to defend against you! Altomura is a
town built on a grain producing plains region which is not an easy terrain to defend. We
also only have the walls for defense, and only several thousand guards, too. Under
attack by these tens of thousands of troops, it will only be a matter of time until we fell!
Gaius looked toward Julius, to which Julius silently nodded, signalling that there wasnt
anything strange with what he was saying. Gaius nodded, humm.

Then will you fall under us?

Yes. Without a way to defend ourselves we can only beg for Your Princely Highnesss
Hearing Wyst, Gaius grinned.
Very well. Now open the gates
I, I would ask you to wait a little for that
Gaius eyebrows twitched in displeasure.
R, right now opinion is divided between the anti-war faction and the resistance faction.
There are some from the resistance faction who claims that they will [kill all Amidonians
even if we capitulated], and even some from the anti-war faction are suspected of it as
Hoo Would that be you?
T, thats unthinkable! Im begging for my life here. Please dont be suspicious of me
But it is a fact that there are people with that opinion. Which is why I went into this
camp first to listen to what your Princely Highness has to say
Gaius gave Wysts words some thought. What he said wasnt strange but then, should
he believe this mans words or not. While Gaius was deep in thought, Julius interjected.
Even if you dont persuade the people inside the fort, we can always attack Altomura,
you know?
Yes. I understand that all too well
Wyst replied to Julius while still in the prostrating position.
However, there are fools who still doesnt understand that. I would not want Your
Highness Gaius or your soldiers to be hurt on account of those fools. If you would allow
me my life I will direct the opinion of the people inside

Looking at Wyst bowing up and down like a locust, Julius wanted to spit on him in his
(Damn opportunist. Have the Royal Nobles fallen this far. hmph, well its obvious
since even the Three Dukes Georg Carmine became like that)
After Julius had calmed himself thusly, Gaius slapped his lap with a loud pop.
Very well. If you capitulate then I guarantee the safety of those inside the fort. Get back
inside the fort at once and get your act together
Hearing Gaius, Wyst became so happy he almost flew.
T, thank you very much! Then please, excuse me!
No sooner than he said that, he left the HQ in a quick trot. While looking at his receding
back, Julius inquired Gaius.
Is this all right?
Hmph, if they capitulate then weve already won
Gaius made an evil smile.
I dont need a mouse that cowers before the enemy. Once were done with him well put
his head on the gates as an example
Fufufu I see
Julius also made an evil smile.
Gaius stood up from his stool and sent orders to all his generals to [Enter Altomura as
soon as it capitulates and gain total control].
However, until the sun has set the Altomura castle gates showed no signs of opening.
Ey! What is Wyst doing!

Gaius became irritated. On the other hand, Julius calmly analysed the situation.
Did he fail to direct opinion inside the fort or he might be plotting something against
Goddammit! Lets send in all troops immediately!
Please wait. If the enemy has a plan then it would be dangerous to attack at night.
Also, if you consider the possibility of a surprise night attack, its better to harden
defenses and wait the night. Once dawn broke and we attack with full force, that town
will fall within half a day.
Being rightly pointed out by Julius, Gaius lowered his raised fist.
Uggh Cant be helped
Gaius accepted Julius plan and ordered his generals to wait until dawn to attack, but
even while being relieved with Gaius judgement, Julius felt a bad premonition coming
from the direction of Altomura.
(I have a bad feeling about this. Its like were being dragged, dragged down
somewhere deep something like that. It doesnt feel like something Wyst Garrote
would do, though )
The direction he was looking, Altomura, was eerily quiet.

~ Day 2 ~
The dawn has broken. The night raid Julius feared didnt come.
Gaius VIII went to his whole army to attack, As planned. Just then

From within the silent walls of Altomura, an eerie war cry rose. It was so spirited that
Gaius hesitated to give the attack orders. What in the world happened to Altomura that
was so quiet yesterday? Did reinforcements arrive? Gaius head was so filled with all
sorts of questions he was unable to make a decision.
Meanwhile, a horseman rushed in from the direction of Altomura towards the Amidonian
The one riding the horse was that Wyst Garrotte. Wyst dehorsed so fast he looked like
he almost rolled over, and kowtowed before Gaius with a face full of fear.
Wyst! Wheres your promise to open the gates for us!
Gaius yelled at him and Wyst made himself even smaller.
I, Im very sorry! The people inside the fort had fallen into desperation, and it took a lot
of time to persuade them
Ei, Ill have none of your excuses!
Gaius unsheathed the sword he was wearing and thrusted the tip at Wysts neck.
Ill have your head and make an example of it for the people inside!
W, with all due respect Your Highness. I know this is not for me to say but they have
lost proper judgement being surrounded by these tens of thousands of troops
While being terribly flustered, Wyst started making excuses.
T, that war cry coming from Altomura just now was because of voices saying [Amidonia
isnt going to keep their promises anyway so were going to take them down with us]
Gaius, who was actually planning to go back on his word could not say a word. The
soldiers inside the fort were death soldiers, warriors with the resolve to die, which
means forcing an attack would be risky. Death soldiers are like machines thatll keep on

fighting for as long as they draw breath, so naturally, they inflict more damage than
normal soldiers. They wont change the fact of Amidonias victory, but that is exactly why
he doesnt want to waste manpower here.
Unable to silently watch, Julius interjected.
Father, there will be large casualties fighting death soldiers, we must avoid it. Lets
show magnanimity here and let Sir Wyst go back and persuade them one more time,
how about it?
Wyst jumped at Julius proposal, almost as if to say I will stake my life on it!
T, this time, I will make sure to persuade the people inside the fort!
Gaius pondered, but in the end he decided to leave it to Wyst.
Very well. Consider this your last chance
Y, yes! Please leave it to me!
Hmph but how can we show our generosity?
In that case, how about lifting the siege once Im back inside the fort?
This proposal of Wysts raised Gaius ire.
Raise the siege you say!? Are you making fun of me!?
P, perish the thought! Of course, it would be just for a little while! At least until noon, if
you would lift the siege I can use Your Princely Highness magnanimity to persuade the
Hmph, snorted Gaius.
.. very well. I will lift the siege until noon. If you still havent opened the gates by
then we will force ourselves in. Is that clear?
Y, yes! I will surely persuade the people inside!

As Wyst returned as vigorously as the way he came, Gaius promptly moved and lifted
the siege on Altomura. Of course, in order to be able to immediately capture any forces
inside the fort that might try and use this chance to slip out, he gave Julius the reins of a
highly mobile corps and stationed them in front.
(Hmph, Altomura only has half a day left to live .)
Gaius sent Altomura a gaze filled with hatred.

~ At the same time, inside Castle Altomura ~

A woman was making herself at home in Wyst Garottes mansion within Altomura.
Despite being inside a city that was besieged by fifty thousand men, the woman was
elegantly enjoying her tea. Seeing the womans out of place boldness, Wyst who just
came back from the Amidonia camp made a wry smile while explaining the details of the
negotiation. There was not an ounce of his earlier disgraceful appearance at the
Amidonia camp in his face right now.
Is this all right, mam no, Duchess Ecksel
Yes. You did well. So Wyst can put up an act now, theres a good boy
The woman sipping tea was the Admiral of the Navy Ecksel Walter. She looked to be in
her mid-twenties but since she was actually a mizuchi who was over five hundred years
in age, even Wyst who was in his fifties was a child to her
Duchess Ecksel would you please stop treating me like a child?
Every marine are children from my point of view, though?
But Im not a marine any more
Fufu, no matter how much you go up in life, you will always be my underling and a
Ah, so am I going to be stuck with the child treatment for life?

Even when the human Wyst became a graying old man, the youthful-looking Ecksel will
probably keep treating him like a child.
But . That new King is something too, isnt he? To even make Duchess Ecksel do
errands for him
His highness handles his people roughly. Even though I did swear fealty to him from the
start, but to suddenly tell me to [take the Royal Broadcast orb and go to Altomura]
Ecksel received the Kings Final Counsel three days ago, not in the Walter Duchy, but
here in Altomura, in Wysts mansion. Because what was shown in the broadcast is
limited, as long as one is in a properly prepared indoor space, ones whereabouts would
not be known. Even if an Amidonian spy were to see the broadcast, they will surely think
that she was in Walter Duchy. Soma made use of that and secretly sent Ecksel to
Her job was to stall the Amidonian Army. He expected the Amidonians to first take
control of the city in the center of the breadbasket region, Altomura, and do sweeping
attacks from there to gain effective control over the surrounding areas. Because he cant
afford to send reinforcements and had to keep casualties in check, he had no other way
but to hold them out at Altomura, and even then he had to avoid a fight as much as
possible. Which is why the job fell on the sly old fox Lady Ecksel.
The Amidonians would never have guessed that Duchess Ecksel would be in a place
like this
It would take three days to get here from Lagoon City after all. Well, I have been here
since five days ago though goodness gracious, His Highness sure handles his old
workers roughly
Please dont use your age only when its convenient
Self-derision is a good thing you know, though I absolutely wont allow anyone else to
say so about me
Youre just as reckless as Duke Vargas! Wyst wanted to yell, but he kept it all in his
chest. Even though hes already past fifty years old he still values his life.

By the way Duchess Ecksel. I could only buy time until noon, will that be alright? Do
you still need a little more time for the plan?
Its all right. If they would lift the siege until noon, theyll need some more time to get it
going again. If they wanted to do a full-scale assault then that would happen at dusk at
the earliest
I see. So theres nothing else for me to do?
Yes. Good work Wyst. Leave the rest to me and take a break
Ecksel said so while smiling at Wyst like a gentle mother. Just by seeing that smile,
Wyst felt like he could forget all the fear from when he was standing before Gaius VIII.

Elfrieden Classical Idioms Course

[Lord of Altomura] figure of speech. Denotes a person who makes promises they
cannot keep. The origin of the term was when the Lord of Altomura, Wyst Garrotte, fell
under attack by the Principality of Amidonias Gaius VIII at the brink of the Five Day War,
he repeatedly made empty promise to Gaius that he would capitulate in order to buy
time. Usage example: Hes a L so youd be better off not believing him

Chapter 6 Battle Outside Randell

AN: Three simultaneous chapter updates. They are on the same points timeline-wise so you can
read them in any order (probably)

[Make the host and guest exchange roles] number thirty of Sun Tzus thirty-six stratagems.
The interpretation a retainer supplanting his lord is more popular but there are also cases where
it is used to denote a plan where the defending side (host) and the attacking side (guest) swap
places. Because the defending side enjoys an advantage in a battle, it denotes the preferable
situation where the attacking side would fight as if in a defensive war at the place they were

~ Day 1 Randell Environs ~

It would perhaps be apt to call the battle happening in the environs of the Carmine Duchy central
city Randell a [host becomes guest] situation. The Royal Guard who shouldve been attaching
the Carmine Duchy was fighting a defensive battle against the Army who shouldve been on the
defending side. Right now, hidden behind the walls inside the stronghold being attacked by the
forty thousand strong Army, Hulbert Magna was grumbling.
Goddammit Mister enemys way too persistent arent they?
That cant be helped you know Hal
The one answering him was Kaede Foxia who was likewise hiding herself behind the bulwarks.
She was speaking nonchalantly in spite of the friendly and enemy arrows being exchanged,
flying over her head.
From how the enemy sees it, they woke up to find a fortress in front of their eyes, and even
filled with the Royal Guard, too. So of course theyd be flustered
Well yeah that King sure thinks up incredible things, huh
It was yesterday that Soma gave Georg Carmine his Final Counsel. As soon as the Final Counsel
was rebuffed, Soma dispatched the Royal Guard to the Carmine Duchy, but the first thing they
did was to build a fortress right under the eyes of the Carmine Duchys central city Randell.
There was originally a fortress here where we would watch the Amidonians from, but the
borders were expanded west in the antepenultimate Kings time so it was torn down. The King
made us rebuild that. Also the one here before was a fortress focused on defense
Each and every one of the ten thousand Royal Guard that had been recruited by Soma for
engineering works have now become excellent combat engineers. The earth mages used earth
magic to dig the ground to create trenches, piled up earth to create walls, and used hardening
magic to harden those walls. The soldiers dug and piled up earth using manpower, hardened the
walls with primitive concrete, and used the machinery they brought from the capital for
construction. Its common sense in this world that when one wants to build a fortress out of
wasteland one would use only earth mages, but since the all common soldiers and not just the
mages could also do construction work this time, the work speed was much faster than usual.
In addition to that, thanks to the addition of Tomoe Inui, they were able to transport materials and
people in a short time thanks to the massive moving power of Rhinosaurus Land Trains. The
materials were two-by-fours gathered from what was already there at the capital that they can
install at the designated places at the destination. For this, he used the way Toyotomi Hideyoshi
built the [One Night Castle] at Sunomata as a reference. To wit, he used the Rhinosaurus Land
Trains in place of the Kiso River.

Then, despite the Royal Guard only having arrived on the evening the previous day, the fortress
had already been completed by morning. From the Randellians point of view, it was exactly that
a fortress had sprung up overnight. In later histories this would be referred to [Randell One Night
Castle]. The Army, busy dealing with the populace enraged by the Final Counsel televised like in
the Vargas Duchy, could not interfere with the forts construction.
But still, you gotta hand it to Lord Carmine. He managed to gather the whole Army in Randell
before the Final Counsel
Though were now taking the attack from the forty thousand strong Army because of that.
There was the sound of a great explosion. It was probably the enemys attack magic hitting the
walls. Even though theyre strengthened with Kaedes corps anti-magic, it wont withstand
repeated hits like that. Hulbert picked up a nearby throwing spear, clad it in fire magic, and threw
it through the bulwarks in the walls at a group that probably fired the magic earlier. The spear
flew like a missile, hit a person and exploded, burning down the group.
After making sure of that, Hal went back to hide behind the walls and sighed.
Arent they attacking way too doggedly here in the west side? The other sides look like they
only get sporadic attacks
. That would be the Zemish mercenaries. Probably the ones the corrupt nobles hired
Said Kaede while peeking over the wall.
The corrupt nobles literally have their necks on the line here. If they lose this war all theyve
got waiting for them is the gallows. Theyre desperate nandesuyo. Its the death penalty
You sure have a way with words. shudder
Said Hal while throwing a second spear. It hit the mark and roasted another group of soldiers.
Over there! Over there!
The flames, THE FLAAAAMES!
Hal looked bitterly at the scene of the soldiers rolled around as balls of fire.
(Well, rather than fighting the Army where I have lots of friends, this is easier on the conscience)
Hal had complex feelings inside, being formerly enlisted in the Army. Hulbert and Kaede who
were close to the King were two of the few who had the complete picture of the war. Which is
why they understood what the King was trying to do. They understood but still felt

Being called out by Kaede, Hulbert came to his senses.
Whats wrong Kaede!
This is bad nodesuyo. They, are bringing out that thing
The thing Kaede was pointing at was a huge cannon that was now being brought into the
battlefield. In this world where gunpowder weapons arent too well developed due to magic, only
cannons were studied as naval weaponry. Despite being problematic because of mobility, the
Army, eyeing its magic-less destructive power, possesses three of them as siege weapons, which
dont require mobility. Currently, in Elfrieden, only the Army was in possession of a groundbased cannon.
speaking of which, we havent had reports of siege weapons being used from any
Well they normally dont get used in the opening moves
So, whats that then?
I think the corrupt nobles are getting impatient and took them out on their own nodesu
Isnt this quite bad?
Its quite bad nanodesu. Antimagic only works against magic and fire. For physical attacks
theres only this walls [ancient concrete] coated earth walls. Its stronger than the normal ones
but if they took repeated hits from that
With an unnerving noise a shell flew, drawing a high arch. It hit the wall and sank. The
cannonballs in this world are lumps of iron. They seem to have thought up exploding shells but
since it doesnt give much damage to antimagic-reinforced walls despite its showy appearance, it
doesnt see much use. If it were Soma, he wouldve investigated, so the magical strengthening
cannot defend against physical energy, but it can defend against thermal energy? Thus the fired
iron ball is a mass of physical energy that is the weakness of this wall.
W, what should we do nanodesu!
W, what should we do, but even if you ask me! Cant you do something with your magic
Im all out of magic because of the construction! Cant you intercept with a lance, Hal?
The speed difference is too big! Its like downing a loosed arrow with a pebble!
Humm. Then how about a bow?
When the two turned their heads, they saw a well built young male Dark Elven warrior standing
there holding a still larger bow. The dark elf warrior nocked an arrow to his bow. He then pointed

it upwards and loosed.

Though you cant judge his races age by the looks
Once again, a shell was fired from the enemy camp. The dark elf loosed his arrow at nearly the
same time. That moment, Hal and Kaede thought they heard a high whistling sound. It was
probably because of the wind magic enchanted into the arrow loosed by the dark elf warrior. Two
seconds later, the fired iron shellshattered into pieces in the sky overhead. Hal and Kaede
dropped their jaws in awe.
Humm. Much easier than downing a messenger falcon
Ah, who are y
Ah, my. I forgot to introduce myself. I have come from the God-protected Forest, Thule is my
name. Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir Hulbert Magna
As he said that, the dark elf young man, Thule, smiled.
H, how did you know my name?
Sir Hulbert might not have remembered, but that time when the great landslide disaster
happened in the God-protected Forest, my daughter was among the victims saved by Sir Hulbert
and the King. I later learnt your name because I wanted to thank you, but the first relief corps
had already returned to the Capital that time
So, I would like to apologize for not being able to thank you for saving my daughter
No, well, I was only following the Kings orders
I still thank you nonetheless. My daughter who you saved was so taken by the sight of you
saving people that she said [I want to join the Royal Guard someday and save lives like that
person]. Even I cant find anything to say to that. Ha ha ha
While talking, Thule accurately shot down the fired cannonballs. The Elven races, to which the
Dark Elves belong, are a race that excel in bowmanship, but he was still amazingly skilled.
But then why is Thule-san here? Youre not in the Royal Guard are you?
Kaede asked, and Thule casually laughed. Ha ha ha.
I heard something big happened to the villages savior King Soma. To pay back our debt of
gratitude, the Dark Elf village sent us warriors to his side. We Dark Elves mostly dont want to
concern ourselves with the outside world, but this time there were no voices raised against it
Thats I thank you very much nanodesu
Its give and take. You are the ones who taught us that

Looking at Thules face, Kaede felt her tenseness loosen slightly.

(There were more reinforcements than I thought nodesu. Then we might somehow live this
There were more than just Dark Elves coming to reinforce the Royal Guard. There were the
former members who seceded from the Army, including Hulberts father, Glaive Magna. They
became a volunteer army, participating in this war under Glaives command. Their forces,
combined with the reinforcements from the Dark Elf village, numbered over five thousand. In
other words, there are currently fifteen thousand soldiers defending the fort.
(I heard that in battle, the attacking side needs three times the numbers of the defending side.
The Army had forty thousand. It wouldve been hard with just ten thousand, but with the
reinforcements we managed to escape being outnumbered three to one)
Kaede rubbed her chest down in relief. Incidentally, after several years of growing up, Thules
daughter joined the Armed Forces as she declared and luckily came under Hulberts command.
One scheme after another happened after that and she came to Hulberts family for marriage, this
is definitely not a situation where Kaede can be relieved for, but thats another story. Right now
Kaede was racking her grey matter just to be able to survive this fight together with Hulbert.
TN: Im imagining Sherry from GATE with silver hair and dark skin
Being called on, Kaede looked toward the gates. There was a group of heavy knights there, man
and horse alike clad in silvery armor. They were the Royal Knights who defend the capital and
the Royal Castle. At their head was the especially prominent Captain of the Royal Knights and
the leader of the Royal Guard, Ludwin Arcus. He was a golden-haired, good looking man,
wearing a silver-white armor, and even riding a white horse. His good looks that can be called
overdoing it caused envy in Hulbert. However Kaede paid no mind to those good looks and
approached Ludwin with questions.
What are you doing here! Sir Ludwin is the Supreme Commander here!
Sorry Kaede-kun. Please take command for me for a while. Were going to deal with that noisy
thing a little
Ludwin pointed at the direction of the cannon with his cavalry lance. Kaede held her head in her
You can just leave those chores to Hal or something nodesu!
Ahaha, please dont say that. Compared to the soldiers doing their best holding the fort, we
Royal Knights didnt have the chance to show our good side. We cant look cool if this keeps up

Cool!? . Are all men idiots nanodesu?

Hahahaha, so you do understand. Well leave you to it then
Before Kaede can say another word, Ludwin gave out orders to the Royal Knights.
Open Gates! Forward men, to the cannon! Return after its destroyed! Ignore the enemy
soldiers, dont give chase too far. Focus on destroying the objective!
Pierce anyone in your way with your spears! Trample any hindrance under the hooves of your
horses! We are the spears that protect the kingdom! We are the Kings Majesty! Run through
without stopping!
Then the gates were thrown open.
Lets go! We will show them that the Royal Knights is not just for show!!
The Royal Knights rushed with the vigor of a bursting dam. The mercenaries fell into panic on
the face of the sudden counteroffensive and their ranks scattered. Theres no stopping the Royal
Knights charge now. Some were impaled by Ludwins mens spears. Some were trampled under
the hooves of their horses. Most of them were the Zemish mercenaries that the corrupt nobles
spent away their assets and gathered.
Mercenaries have significant personal fighting strength but they are weak at group fights. They
fight by each individuals judgement without a proper chain of command. Because they were
merely hired with money, they had no loyalty nor patriotism when their lives are in danger they
will simply flee. That was why they were bad when put against a group that moves with one will
like Ludwin and his men. The mercenaries couldnt defend against a group individually, and they
couldnt cooperate with their allies, thus they were swept away one after the other by Ludwin
and were routed.
Then when Ludwins men arrived upon the cannon left behind, they set it aflame.
(His highness is going to complain about budget later, but it cant be helped)
He felt it was somewhat of a waste but he judged this because he couldnt leave it be and he
didnt have the leisure to drag the immobile thing and return. Behind the triumphantly returning
Royal Knights, black smoke and thunderous roars erupted from the bursting cannon.
Skipping straight to the conclusion, the Army werent able to accomplish anything today and
decided to return to Randell at sunset. The war resulted in a win for the defending side but the
Royal Guard were the ones who were originally on the attack. No matter how many defensive

battles are won, the situation would get worse and worse until they were cornered. This fact was
obvious to anyone that can see.

That night in the council room in the castle of Georg Carmine in Randell, several tens of nobles
barraged Carmine with questions.
Lord Carmine! What is it with this languid way of fighting!
Indeed. It is most unlike you, the feared Demon of the Battlefield
Werent we the only ones putting up a proper fight!?
These were all the people who, as soon as Soma launched his corruption investigation, clearly
antagonized the King and swarmed like flies on a flytrap to Georgs side. For these people, who
did not fulfill their responsibilities to repay and opposed the King, there was no future. If they
were to be defeated in this war they would fall into ruin. That was why they spent all their
private assets to hire Zemish mercenaries and challenged the Royal Guard.
The amount embezzled was too big for them to pay
However, from their point of view, the way Georg fought was unsatisfactory. The Armys
movements in todays battle lacked motivation. They understood that the soldiers morale had
dropped seeing the Kings Final Counsel, but Georg didnt even urge his soldiers to fight. The
attitude that was most unlike Georg Carmine, renown for his severe attacks, irritated the nobles.
What a cowardly Army! The war with the King has already begun!
Show us the power of Georg Carmine thats famous throughout the Kingdom!
Surely youre not afraid after having gone this far!
Oh ?
Georg glared at the nobles.
Who are you saying Im afraid of?
With just a glare and a word, Georg silenced the nobles. Georg looked around at the nobles that
had gone silent, hit by the great generals spirit, and sighed.
Arent you the ones who dont understand? The enemy only numbered in the ten or twenty
thousands. The fortress built in just one night was surprising but by the way the gradual
onslaughts are going, its them that will be cornered. There is no need to force an attack
I, in that case if there are only ten thousand of them why not take them down once and for
But that way youll be the ones going into a total rout. Also, you took out three cannons from

the Army armory and of all things got them destroyed

Uguu We deeply apologize
Glared at by Georg, the objecting nobles made themselves small. In truth, the one who brought
the cannons out into battle was one of the corrupt nobles who became impatient from not being
able to attack. They threatened the custodian of the weapons using their name and forcibly
borrowed them. As a result, they lost three cannons for nothing, and the Army no longer looks
too fondly at the nobles army.
Georg continued.
There is also one other thing bothering me. There has been no sign of Soma in that fort
Wouldnt he be hiding in the Capital and leaving the fight to his men?
Hes not that kind of King. If his whereabouts are unknown then he must be somewhere
scheming something. Which is why we must lure him out
So you mean, the soldiers at the fort are bait?
Georg made a big nod to the noble.
I dont know where Soma is or what hes doing, but once he left the soldiers he dispatched to
die he will be abandoned by the men and by the people. He will definitely show up eventually.
When he appears we can pulverize him along with all the men in the fort
Georg was a beastman with the head of a lion. When he grins he exposes his sharp fangs. Seeing
those fangs the nobles felt chills running down their spine. This is a man we must not make an
enemy of.
Georg rose to his feet.
But you gentlemen must be tired after todays battle. This is a battle that wont be finished
tomorrow or the day after. The attacks will be conducted with just the Army, so you may rest for
the whole day tomorrow
Y, Yessir!
Receiving appreciative words from Georg, the nobles bowed their heads and left the council
room. In their place, a man entered.
Excuse me Lord Carmine
.. Beowulf I see
The mans name was Beowulf Gardner. He was a wolf-headed beastman in black Army uniform,
along with Glaive Magna who has now broken off with the Army, he was one of the two people
known as Georg Carmines two wheels. He was effectively the number two man for the current
That Beowulf was laconically asked.

Is everything ready?
Yes! Nothing is amiss
Very well
To the saluting Beowulf, Georg nodded in satisfaction and grinned.
Then lets go meet the King with the plan we put all our might into

On the other side, at the Royal Guard camp Hulbert and Kaede were lining up next to each other
having dinner. The menu was the [Instant Zelring Udon] Soma invented. It was something made
by boiling Zelring udon and giving it strong flavoring, then drying it with hot air, and when its
time to eat, soaking it in hot water and waiting for one minute, becoming a complete meal. The
convenience of being able to be eaten anywhere so long as one has hot water and a cup made it
very popular among the Royal Guard to whom it was distributed.
It seems to soak more water than instant ramen
Being able to eat it while camping is . *sssslurrrrrp* great isnt it?
His Highness said *slurp slurp slurp* [I wanted to fry it but it dissolves in oil! But I like
the fragrance of fried noodles better than the non-fried raw ones!] nodesu
I dont really get it *sssssslurrrrrrp* must be some obsession
After finishing their food while having a conversation, Kaede leaned herself on Hulberts
shoulder. Feeling the scent of Kaedes hair right nearby threw Hulbert into a panic.
O, oi, Kaede. What are you doing?
Fufufu. Hal, Im really happy right now nodesuyo
Huh!? Happy why!?
Because Hals here by my side desuyo
Said Kaede. She giggled.
Im glad Hal came over to the Royal Guard nodesu. If you stayed in the Army might have been
frenemies nodesu. You might not even be here nodesu
But Im surrounded by forty thousand Army members because of that though
Itll be decided in one or two days nodesuyo. If we could stand our ground
If we could stand our ground ?
If we could stand our ground then everything will go swimmingly, that would be great, right
Dont just mix in your hopes in the end! If you said that much then you should just say
So, youll protect me, right, Hal?
Aaah, sheesh, fine! Ill just have to protect Kaede from anything and everything!
Youre so reliable Hal

Within the fort, right in the middle of the battlefield, the two cuddled together and smiled to each
~ Day 2 Randell Environs ~
Dawn broke and the Army once again began its offensive.
However, unlike yesterday, there were only sporadic attacks from all directions. Arrows and
magic did come flying, but there were no forces making excessive attacks. Hulbert tilted his head
in doubt at this half-hearted way of fighting that was unlike the day before.
The enemys attacks have gone tepid, huh
I dont see Zemish mercenaries anywhere. The enemy might be switching to attrition tactics
Kaede analyzed while watching the enemy armys movements.
Hulbert turned his shoulders around.
Then we could take it easy for a little while
Hal, you have to be on guard in a battle nodesuyo. Youll get the rug pulled from under you
. All right
Then the Armys sporadic offensive continued. When the sun was approaching its zenith, the
soldier at the watchtower shouted in a loud voice.
Large number of wyvern cavalry in the eastern sky!! Its the Air Force!!
When Hulbert and Kaede looked to the east, tense from the words of the scout, they saw
thousands of wyverns flying their way in formation. Hulbert reflexively hugged Kaede. She laid
her hand on his hands wrapped around her shoulders and gently smiled itll be fine, Hal.
Our bet has paid off
The wyverns passed by the fort where Halbert and Kaede were and flew towards Randell.

Elfrieden Classical Idioms Course

[Randell One-Night Castle] Tactics. Meaning [Use everything that can be used to achieve the
goal]. The expression came from the events at the junction of Georgs insurrection, where King
Soma used the Combat Engineers of the Royal Guard to restore a torn-down fort. A close
synonym on Earth is number fourteen of Sun Tzus thirty six stratagems, [Borrow the corpse to
resurrect the soul].

Chapter 7 Crimson Dragon Castle

Village Assault Plan
AN: Three simultaneous chapter updates. They are on the same points timeline-wise so you can
read them in any order (probably)

~ Day 1 Crimson Dragon Castle Village ~

Even after one night since the Final Counsel conducted by Soma, protesting voices kept on
increasing in front of Castor Vargas castle in the Crimson Dragon Village. They probably came
from all over the Vargas Duchy. If the protesters kept on increasing like this they would go out of
control and there would even be risk of rebellion, so despite the Royal Guard already entering
the Carmine Duchy, the Air Force were still unable to move.
Inside his residence at Crimson Dragon Castle, Castor Vargas was at wits end. Castor, who
shows unparalleled strength in the battlefield, was completely out of his depth with political
bargainings such as this.
It is rare that the word [muscle-brain] would befit a man to this extent. Therefore it wasnt like he
harbored ill will towards Soma. Even the reason he rebelled was from simplistic thoughts like If
even that sober and honest Georg Carmine revolted against him then he cant be a decent
person, if that kind of person suddenly became king and wanted us to follow him, then I will test
his mettle in the field of battle!
But how was the reality. Just with one Final Counsel he was branded a rebel by the people. The
[muscle-brain] was completely unable to deal with the sudden turn. Such a Castor was currently
being watched with compassionate eyes by his steward Tolman and his daughter Carla. Castor
gave Tolman, who was superior at political maneuvering than him, an entreating glance.
Tolman can I solve this situation by going to the Royal Castle and defeating Soma?
. Out of the question. You definitely should rather avoid doing that

Tolman quietly rejected.

Definitely, you say?
Then let me ask you this Milord. Do you wish to take the crown for yourself?
I couldnt possibly do that
Then can Milord settle the countrys politics after King Soma died?
Of course not. I even had to leave the Duchys administration all to you
Then you certainly cant attack. Lord Carmine might be able to pacify the country, but Milord
certainly cant do that. If Milord kills the King without becoming King yourself, then Milord
would only become a liege-killer and become the enemy of the whole Kingdom. If he were a
wicked King then you can claim justice but Somas reign is largely popular
His Lord Castor held antipathy towards Soma, but that sentiment probably had an element of
[prejudice] contained within. Soma had both the reformist disposition he showed through the
Royal Broadcast and the non-idealistic realistic pragmatism, a rare kind of King. That kind of
King was sure to make the old-fashioned Castor anxious. In that aspect, the flexible Tolman gave
proper judgement.
Sir Tolman, how about raiding the capital and favoring His Highness the previous King? If we
installed Alberto-dono then we could prove our lawfulness, cant we?
Castor interjected Tolman who was making a calm analysis of the situation. However Tolman
shook his head and simply said no.
Its another matter if he were forcibly removed, but Lord Albertos abdication was by his own
will. Also, his daughter Princess Liecia actively supports the new King. If we appealed him for
cooperation Im sure he would shake his head
Castor too had seen the scene where Liecia showed her resolve for Somas sake against Georg
whom she idolized like a father that she even cut beautiful hair. The resolve Liecia showed even
made Carla recognize anew that [the new King Soma was a great statesman and never an
Castor became perplexed again.

Then what should we do now

. There are only three things we can do
Three things? Lets hear it
First is a frontal attack. We join forces with Georg Carmines Army, and attack the capital
together with him. If its Sir Georg, he should be able to consolidate the Kingdom
That would be the best thing to do if we could, but its impossible with our situation now
With how the town was in disorder and the troops couldnt be properly moved, it was impossible
to join forces with the Army. Furthermore, there was no end to this chaotic situation in sight. If
this continues the Air Force might have to sit out the war and follow the conclusion of Soma and
Georgs battle. No, it was actually better if they concluded quickly. If they dragged it out the only
ones who would profit are the Amidonians encroaching from the southwest.
Understanding that, Tolman immediately scrapped the plan.
Second, this is the safest and the one with least casualties
W, what?
Milord should go apologize to His Highness. Earnestly. Kowtow
Castor was at a loss for words, but Tolman continued disinterestedly.
Since Milord already denied the Final Counsel Milord probably wont come out of it
unpunished, but Milord will at least keep Milords life. If Milord retires and hands over the
family headship to Lady Carla or her younger brother and all goes well, the family name might
even continue
I refuse!
The straight-out refusal came from Carla.
Youre saying we should beg for our lives to an opponent weve already decided to fight, to
sacrifice father so that the family name may remain? Thats just the same as destroying the proud
family name
This ones the safest, though

Tolman breathed a sigh. He wanted this plan to be accepted, but well, a person who would accept
this plan wouldnt have gone and opposed the King based on emotions alone to begin with.
Which is why he understood that they wouldnt accept it.
Then third, reconcile with the King
How is that different from the other one?
The second one is about acknowledging your loss. This one is a draw. Suspend the war to find a
point both sides can compromise on. Right now its [vassalage in return for recognition]
. But will that King accept that?
Someone who had already flown the banners of rebellion once wont be easily pardoned, or
possibly being watched for another possible treachery. Thinking so, Tolman nodded.
Yes. It would be difficult. If rebels were forgiven so easily he wont be able to discipline the
other retainers
Then, for this plan, we would need to [capture the King alive]
Tolman said with his face as the second in command of the Air Force.
If we could capture King Soma alive he would accept our demands to some extent. In that case
reconciliation might be easy, I think
Its easy to say, but we cant move right now, you know. How are you saying we should
capture Soma in this situation?
Castor tilted his head, Tolman spread out a map and explained.
According to reports by the wyvern scouts, there doesnt seem to be anyone resembling the
King among the troops heading for Carmine. I think King Soma is moving separately as a
detached force, and his target is most probably Our duchy
Hold on a minute. The Royal Guard is heading for Carmine, right? Call him a detached force,
but he doesnt have any more troops left does he?
That I do not know. He could have borrowed soldiers from the Navy or befriended some of the
nobles and borrowed their private armies, or he could possibly have had some kind of scheme

prepared. However, it is the truth that they could not allow our Air Force to move. We should
think that he has some other trick prepared other than inciting the populace
and we catch him there
Very well. If its only on the level of the Navy or private armies, the forces we have are enough
to bite into them
*slap*, Castor slapped his knees.
We can solve everything with strength, this is a plan best suited for us! Lets go with this.
Which means that we only need to wait until the fake King Soma comes to the Crimson Dragon
Castle Village!
Castor smiled happily.
No, theyre already here father
Carlas face turned serious. The next moment.
[This is a message for the residents of Crimson Dragon Castle Village]
Somas voice was heard throughout the Crimson Dragon Castle Village.

[This is the Acting King of Elfrieden Soma Kazuya speaking. Castor Vargas has, in spite of
repeated Counsels, refused to show willingness to fealty to Us. Consequently, We are therefore
branding Castor Vargas a rebel, and an assault on his abode, the Crimson Dragon Castle is in
order. We will delay it for one hour from now on account of the common citizens, so during that
time, please evacuate the Crimson Dragon Castle Village]
Somas speech, delivered through the Royal Broadcast in a loud volume, threw the citizens into
an uproar. Even the citizens raising voices protesting this verdict scattered like ants. Surely that
was due to the confusion coming from the citizens trying to escape the Crimson Dragon Castle
Village. Castor looked at the situation bitterly through his window.

Damnations! What the hell is he thinking, rousing the citizens to escape!

I guess hes saying he doesnt need the people to hold us back anymore
Castor frowned at Tolmans analysis.
Are they going to start something?
Probably. But I cant say what that may be
But I have not heard reports of any military forces heading this way
that is indeed the problem
Of course, even Tolman couldnt tell what Soma was thinking. They had sent out wyvern scouts
earlier but they didnt see any signs of an army coming. Yet Soma declared that he would assault
the [Crimson Dragon Castle] in one hour. It might have been a bluff, but in that case, he couldnt
understand the reason why he would send the citizens to escape. If he only wanted to buy time
then letting the citizens surround the castle would be more effective.
(Wait Soma did say he wanted to attack the [Crimson Dragon Castle])
Tolman felt a slight discomfort at those words. Thats right If he wanted to attack this place
then he wouldve said to attack the [Crimson Dragon Castle Village]. The towns of this country
were walled and unified with the castles after all. Yet Soma said he would attack the [Crimson
Dragon Castle]. Which means hes saying he wouldnt attack the town but precisely assaulting
this castle. If it wasnt just a mistake in wording, then the action he would take would be .
Having gone that far, Tolmans train of thought was interrupted again by Somas voice.
[Can you hear me, Castor Vargas?]
It was an unassuming voice, unlike before. The voice came from a receiver placed in one corner
of the room. Somas face was displayed there. Soma would usually pay no mind as to what he
was wearing but now he was clad in the uniform for Kings going to war. It was dim and
indiscernible, but he seems to be inside a small room. Castor prepared his orb and stood in front
of it.

I can hear you, false king Soma

Though being called a false king, Somas expression didnt change. Rather, he seemed as if he
was looking at something insignificant, with cold eyes. Those eyes sent slight chills down
Castors spine.
[This broadcast is sent to your place only. Im not broadcasting it everywhere like I did
Castor clicked his tongue. He had gone through lots of trouble because the Counsel was made
So, what does the King want? Youre going to attack, arent you?
[I thought Id at least give you one last chance to beg for your life I guess thats out of the
Of course it is! If you want to attack, then come! But then again, you dont look like you have
the troops to attack Crimson Dragon Castle Village
Castor provocated. Soma snorted.
Somas attitude enraged Castor.
Whats so funny!
[I never said I was going to attack Crimson Dragon Castle Village. To begin with, I can just
attack and capture you. All I need to attack is the Crimson Dragon Castle]
You, what are
[ Its time. Ill show you. Main battery number 1 and number 2, FIRE!]
Then two loud booms came from a distance. Then the next moment.

A large quake shook the Crimson Dragon Castle along with the sound of explosions. The attack
was like an earthquake from directly underneath. The rooms furnishings tumbled, hung
paintings fell, and Tolman and Carla fell on their backsides. Having somehow stood his ground,
Castor yelled.
W, what was that! What happened?
Then one of the Air Force officers came rushing into the room.
Lord Vargas. C, cannon!
Cannon!? The Royal Guard isnt supposed to have cannon!
Within the armies of Elfrieden, only the Army owned cannons for use in land battles, and only
three of them at that, for use in castle sieges. He never ever heard of the Royal Guard having
them. Could they have made some new ones, Vargas thought, but they cost a lot of time and
funds. It was unthinkable that they would be made in such an economically distressful time.
However, Soma calmly declared.
[No. Theyve been with the Royal Guard since even before I was made King]
Impossible! That couldnt
At that moment, yet another officer came rushing in with an unbelievable report.
We have detected the battleship [Alberto] in the forest in the southern plains!!

Battleship [Alberto]
The only seagoing vessel of the Royal Guard, crowned with the name of the previous King. She
was the flagship of the kingdoms naval forces. She was similar in form to the flagship of the
combined fleet during the Battle of Tsushima, the Mikasa. She was propelled not by internal
combustion engines, but drawn by two sea dragons lined up like a horse drawn carriage.

However, now that she was on land, there was obviously no sign of sea dragons who live in the
sea. Also, she currently had a total of four main cannons on its fore and aft. Those were the
cannons that assaulted the Crimson Dragon Castle just now. Now that the battleship had been
brought to land, she had become an artillery battery.
Another four shells were fired onto the Crimson Dragon Castle.
Guh ridiculous! Why is the Alberto here on dry land!?
[Dont underestimate the Royal Guards transport capabilities. A single Rhinousaurus could pull
a battleship with ease if you put wheels underneath]
You dispatched a battleship on land!?
What an outrageous idea. Castor felt like he was seeing the Devil. If Castor was a little more of a
modern person well acquainted with weaponry, he would have thought the battleship was simply
being used like a railway gun. However, to a person in this world where the idea of a railway
gun simply didnt exist yet, Somas action was like the work of the gods or the devil.
A normally difficult to move large cannon made capable of being hauled long distances by
mounting it on a train.
You what are you!
[An ordinary human being. A powerless man on the streets who desperately racks his brains out]
Kuh, dont make fun of me!
[Im not making fun of you, Castor. Im just angry]
As he said that, Somas eyes turned serious.
Hmph! Because I wont follow you?
[No, because you are just being manipulated]
Huh? What are you talking
[Everyone is. Including me. Were all being manipulated some way or another. But Im going to
dance by my own will. Unlike you who only dance because you were carried by the flow]

What, what are you talking about!

TN: odosareru: being manipulated / being made to dance
No need to put up with the enemys nonsense, father!
Carla interjected in between Soma and Castor.
She then turned towards Castor and said
Father! It seems that the castles attacks came only from the battleship Alberto! I will lead the
wyvern units and silence that battleship!
Wait, Carla! We still dont know if there are any more traps somewhere!
Which is why I will be going! Father should stay in the castle, just in case!
Carla flew away, not listening to Castor.
Castor clicked his tongue.
Damnations. She wouldnt listen to me when I tell her to stop. Just who does she take after?
You can say that again. Id like to see what her parents look like
Tolman said sarcastically, but Castor didnt have the spare energy to pay it any mind.
Please Tolman. Watch Carla so she doesnt do something reckless
I suppose it cant be helped. I shall take my leave then
Tolman chased after Carla. Left alone in the room, Castor glared at Somas face in the monitor.
Wyverns are coming your way as we speak. We will have you shed your skin of disguise!
[Skin of disguise is it?]
However, Soma only reacted to Castors declaration with a faint smile.
[Its not exactly skin but the golden cicada has shed its shell]
TN: Sun Tzus thirty-six stratagems number 21, Slough off the cicadas golden shell. Leave
off ones distinctive traits behind and become inconspicuous

The wyvern cavalry led by Carla took off to the sky in good order.
They would use wind magic to reach an altitude higher than the cannonballs could reach, regroup
there and swoop down to attack. Once they had regrouped, Tolmans wyvern came in close to the
wyvern Carla was riding when she was about to give the attack order.
Although Carla herself, being a dragonewt, could fly on her own, she would normally ride a
wyvern to give the battle her full concentration
Milady. Please wait
Whats wrong Tolman
Somethings amiss. Even though were this high we cant see any of the enemys follow-up
movements. It looks like the enemys forces are really just the [Alberto]
Tolman looked doubtful. Carla cocked her head.
We already received that report, right?
Yes. However, I think they might be hidden or have a flying column lying somewhere. Milady,
do you think you can take over a castle with only siege weapons?
You cant? Sorry, Im not too familiar with land battles
TN: siege weapons cant capture cities in CiV, but ships can (melee ships anyway)
It cant be done. Even if you would be able to attack the castle, you would need other units with
higher mobility to take control of it. However, I cant see any of those units among the enemy
Which means what?
I dont know. But doesnt it mean that the enemy is planning something?
Carla thought for a little while, but then shook her head.
Even so, the Crimson Dragon Castle is being bombarded even now. To secure fathers safety it
is urgent that we destroy that battleship
That is as you say, but
Seeing Tolman unable to reply, Carla raised her right hand high.

Attack target is battleship [Alberto]! Capture target is fake King Soma!

[[[ OOOOOO!! ]]]
To Carlas command, the brawny Air Force men raised their voices. Compared to the other
armies, the Air Force, being led by a muscle-brain, put focus on force supremacy. To the air
force, might makes right, power is absolute, and tactics can be left to the other forces. The Air
Force themselves simply tear down the enemy before their eyes with strength. Which is why the
Air Force officers and men highly respected the Vargas father and daughter pair with their
overwhelming strength.
Commanding all dragons! Descend! Rush! Overrun!
That highly respected Carla swung her right hand down, and the Air Force soldiers began
swooping down onto the battleship [Alberto]. On the field, the Air Forces sure-kill tactics are to
do a nose dive while at the same time release the dragons [Flame Breath] attack, then swoop
back up and withdraw. Normally one wouldnt be able to deal with this high-power highmanoeuvrability attack using ground-based equipment.
The battleship Albertos main armaments wouldnt be able to deal with the speed, and her armor
wouldnt be able to stand for long in the face of the wyverns attack. Which is why battleship
[Alberto]s destruction was just a matter of time or that was how things should have gone.
*shwump* *shwump* *shwump* *shwump* *shwump* *shwump* *shwump*
What! Arrows!?
Ughaa, my shoulder
My dragons hit! I, Im falling! Somebody, help
Take cover! Take coveeeeeerr!
A rain of arrows from the battleship [Alberto] was launched onto the swooping dragon cavalry.
Unable to bear the volley of arrows like a torrent of rain rising from the earth, the dragon cavalry
climbed back up. With just this one attack several wyverns fell, and there are those among the
ones who were able to safely withdraw that had anguished faces from having an arrow lodged

somewhere on their bodies.

Looking at the terrible scene, Carla rammed her fist on her knee.
What are those arrows! Such numbers!
They reached wyvern cavalry who were still hundreds of meters in the air. This was not a
human feat. And those numbers I think they might be anti-air machine ballistae endowed with
wind magic
Tolman analyzed as calmly as he could. Carla scrunched her eyebrows.
Machine ballistae!? Why are those things loaded on a ship!?
Anti-air ballistae weapons that can fire off several tens of wind magic enhanced exceptionally
high range arrows a second, a weapon specialized for anti-wyvern battles. Normally installed on
castle walls, having them on board ships was unheard of. The reason was because of one of the
differences between dragons and wyverns dragons do not fear the sea while wyverns do.
Wyverns have the nature of being startled and going out of control when they saw ocean without
land in sight. In other words, there would be no fighting between land-based wyverns and seabased battleships, and therefore battleships do not need to be equipped with anti-wyvern
That false king even expects to fight wyverns on the sea!?
He probably appropriated some from a fort somewhere. Which means that battleship is now
already a small fortress. What a nuisance
Carla clicked her tongue, having listened to Tolmans analysis.
Damnations what should I do
I wonder even though you can call it a small fortress its still battleship-shaped. I think it still
has the same blind spot
A battleships blind spot?
Between the deck and the waterline. Battleships do not have a means of attacking anything
lower than their decks. In case of the Alberto, the space between the ground and the deck is a

blind spot. Which means if we were to attack the ship

We only need to approach flying low!
Carla rejoiced having obtained a good plan. Flying low with wyverns is usually an act fraught
with the danger of eventually crashing onto the ground, but these were skilled Air Force units.
Listen up! All units, fly low and approach the [Alberto]! Speedily neutralize the main cannons
and the anti-air ballistae and all other weaponry!
Understood, but only the weapons? Wouldnt it be faster to just pulverize the whole battleship?
One of the wyvern soldiers asked. Carla shook her head.
I think Somas on that ship. If we kill Soma we could no longer pacify the people and father
would carry the disgrace of being a liege-killer. We need to capture Soma alive
Thats difficult isnt it
Though its a lot of trouble for you all, please
As Carla bowed her head, the men beat their chest hard.
Leave it to us, Milady
We will be sure to capture the false king Soma!
Carla nodded to the mens response. She once again called the assault, Attack! then all the
wyvern cavalry, as if they were shot down, plunged head first straight down. They restored their
postures right before hitting the ground and flew low, as if creeping along the ground. As might
be expected from soldiers who had strict training day in and day out, not a single one of them fell
away from the series of manoeuvers.
With Carla at the lead the wyvern cavalry maintained their low altitude and headed straight for
the [Alberto]. As Tolman surmised, the rain of arrows didnt come. Carla confirmed by eyesight
where the anti-air machine ballistae were deployed.
Found them! All units, attack the enemys weaponry as planned! We dont know where Soma is
hiding so dont destroy anything needlessly!

Lets go Fire!
On Carlas order the wyverns let loose breaths of fire, hitting and destroying all the [Alberto]s
weaponry. The next moment, the [Alberto]s main cannons installed at the fore and aft exploded
and the machine ballistae burned down. Having destroyed the [Alberto]s weapons in an instant,
the wyvern cavalry climbed up as if riding the smoke rising up from her. Confident in her
victory, Carla elegantly circled with her wyvern.
Explosions depend on whether there was gunpowder or not
Right! Now storm the [Alberto]! Secure Soma!

Only one among the elated wyvern cavalry expressed a dubious face.
( This is strange. Even though the [Alberto] has secondary armaments, only the main and
anti-air weapons were used during the attack. It wouldve been better for them to use greater
numbers in bombardment, or possibly they dont have the numbers on this ship!?)
When Tolman realized this Carla and the wyvern cavalry had already swarmed the [Alberto].
Tolman cursed his own carelessness and struck his knee with the pommel of his sword.

Meanwhile, what greeted Carla when she stormed the [Alberto] was the sight of an empty
Reporting! We are currently conducting a search within the battleship [Alberto], but we havent
seen a single soul, let alone the false king Soma
Impossible! Then what have we been fighting until just now!
A ship without crew. The bombardment happening just moments before and the undiscovered
bombardiers. This was almost like the ghost ships the stories speak of. Did the false king Soma

use some forbidden magic. Chills ran down the spines of the Air Force soldiers. Then, a new
report came in.
Reporting! We discovered part of a suit of armor in the wreckage of the main cannons and the
machine ballistae!
Armor? A corpse?
That is we found the hand of a mannequin doll in the armor gauntlet we found
Mannequin doll?
It was likely that kind of trick
The answer came from the anguished looking Tolman who just entered the bridge. Tolman came
upon Carla and advised.
Milady, let us hurry back to the castle
Wait, we still havent found Soma yet!
In all likelihood, Soma no, nobody was on this ship. I dont know what manner of magic it
was but he probably attacked us through the dolls we found. We have been lured to an empty
battleship [Alberto]
Lured !? No, then their target is!
Seeing Carla noticing this, Tolman nodded gravely.
Probably, Duke Vargas who we left in the Crimson Dragon Castle

~A few minutes prior, Somas POV ~

The biggest problem when hostilities with Castor Vargas was decided was the fact that I had no
soldiers to send to the Crimson Dragon Castle Village. I had to send all the Royal Knights and
Royal Guard to Carmine Duchy and had ordered the Navy on another errand. With this lack of
manpower, the course Hakuya and I chose was to pile up plan upon plan to separate Castor from
his subordinates and with just twenty select individuals, secure Castors person.

First I showed Castors attitude during the Final Counsel to the citizens and raised a protest
movement, sealing Castors movements. We then blended in with the protesters, infiltrated the
Crimson Dragon Castle Village, and hid. We then arranged it so that we could enter the Crimson
Dragon Castle anytime through the emergency escape routes like the ones we had in the capital
Parnam. At the same time, we carried the battleship [Alberto] with a rhinosaurus under the cover
of night and hid her in the forest near the Crimson Dragon Castle Village.
Other than the spontaneous protests, there was also Hakuyas man who infiltrated and fanned
the flames on the people
Then today, while the Air Force were all still stationed within the Duchy, I declared war against
Castor Vargas using the Royal Broadcast equipment we brought along from within the Crimson
Dragon Castle Village. Just like a stage magician waving his right hand to hide the trick being
done by his left. With this, Castor would likely be thinking that I was inside the [Alberto]. While
he was thinking that, we were already lurking inside the Crimson Dragon Castle Village.
Practicing the Art of Wars number 21 of the 36 stratagems [Slough off the Cicadas Golden
Shell] (draw the enemys attention while our forces do something else).
The bombardiers inside the Alberto were armored dolls I moved using my [Living Poltergeist]. I
played with the Air Force using the main cannons and the machine ballistae I appropriated from
Parnams castle walls. That way, while the wyvern cavalry were lured to the empty [Alberto], I
used the gap to infiltrate the castle, and now I am able to catch Castors person.
I cant move enough dolls to also handle the secondary armaments though
The problem now was whether or not Castor himself would lead the wyvern cavalry. Even if we
could launch a surprise attack on the Crimson Dragon Castle it would have been meaningless if
the all-important general wasnt there. He seems to prefer that kind of fighting to begin with so I
was worried, but Hakuya confidently said that it would be alright. According to him:
[Duke Vargas is lacking in forethought, but he is well aware of that fact. He had come to danger
several times during his nearly a hundred years of military campaigning. Which is why we would
use the fact that he is aware that he is not good against an opponent that always attacks from the
rear like Your Highness. In all likelihood, he should hesitate to come out thinking Your Highness
might have something else in store. Even if Duke Vargas wants to come out, the steward Tolman
or someone else with judgement would reproach]

To even consider the opponents mentality when forming a strategy, he is a fearsome man, just
like Zhuge Liang in the Annals of the Three Kingdoms. When I told Hakuya my impressions, he
[I would like to not hear it coming from Your Highness who even came up with a plan to use a
battleship on land. I only measure a persons subtleties carefully, Your Highness is the one
crushing them from the outside]
Well, that was roughly how Hakuya and I each used our respective expertises to cook up this
plan. As a result, the plan worked splendidly, and we the infiltrator team could enter the Crimson
Dragon Castle Village. There were a meager amount of defenders in the castle, but they were all
swept clean by the number 1 in strength, Aisha.
And then thats how we come to this face to face meeting.
Im relieved we could meet each other like this, Castor Vargas
You Soma Kazuya!
Currently, I was facing the Air Force Marshal Castor Vargas in the Crimson Dragon Castle
banquet hall. He looked younger than what his projection showed. Is that your impressions on
seeing a two meter tall man with dragon tail and wings? I smiled wryly to myself.
Your Highness, please stand back!
Aisha and the infiltrator team elites stepped up to defend me. The [Musashiboy-kun doll (large)]
among those elites looked surreal. it was a weird choice if I could say so myself.
Seeing me defended by the soldiers, Castor barked.
Oi Soma Kazuya! Youre a hero arent you!? Arent you ashamed of yourself, hiding behind a
woman!? Fight with me man to man!
Dont be ridiculous. All Ive been doing since being summoned was deskwork, you know
Being challenged to personal combat, I could only shrug my shoulders. Having a boss fight right
away even though I never had a chance to raise my level was out of the question, right. Even

though I was part of this infiltration team, I didnt even defeat a single guard. Well, I was useless
here, but in another way, Im right now in the middle of a fight of my own.
I have no idea whether the concept exists here, though
I was in the middle of a battle, working my split consciousness in full, manipulating the armored
dolls I left in the battleship Alberto to operate the main cannons and anti-air machine ballistae I
surreptitiously loaded, luring the wyvern cavalry away. However, it seems the wyvern cavalry
was more skilled than I imagined. They were taken by surprise but even the machine ballistae
that are know as wyvern-killers did not take out many of them. I probably wouldnt last much
well, whatever. I dont have much time so Ill arrest you right here
Hmph, just you try! Dont think you can catch me with just this few people!
Castor loudly spread the wings on his back to intimidate me. The wind pressure from that alone
threw several of the infiltrating soldiers to the back wall. are you kidding me!? Is this a
dragonewts power? Having the blood of humans and dragons isnt just for show, I see.
The next moment, Castor kicked the ground and after staying in the air a short while, he lunged.
He didnt even give anyone else a glance, his unsheathed sword was pointed straight at me.
Your Highness!
Aisha stood in front of me spreading her hands to cover me. She stopped Castors attack with her
greatsword. A loud *ching* rang out as metal collided with metal.
Damnations! Out of the way, dark elf girl!
I refuse! Im not letting you lay a finger on His Highness!
Aisha swung her greatsword with all her strength, sending Castor flying.
Castor nimbly landed and cursed.
Damnations, what ridiculous strength!
Yes. Im not good with my head. But we have Hakuya, Juna, and Duchess Walter, all people

with good heads. Yet when Im told that my strength will be needed for His Highness
supremacy, when Im told I can stay by his side, Im fine with ridiculous strength!
Aisha readied her greatsword again, gradually shortening her distance to Castor.
Why! Why are you so loyal to this man who hides behind women!
If youre asking my opinion, then its because my Kings countrys cooking is delicious, and
because he saved my village and a lot more, but after all, the most important one is because I
like him as a person! I want to always be right by King Soma and Princess Liecia!
TN: priorities
Ah this is embarrassing. I know its not that kind of scene, but I cant help being happy when
a pretty dark elf said something like that to me. In contrast to my broadly smiling face, Castor
had a loathsome look on his.
Then die in his defense
As he said that Castor slashed at Aisha once again, but that moment.
[I wont let you!]
The [Musashiboy-kun (large)] that had snuck behind Castor unawares slashed at castor with his
halberd. Castor turned back and stopped the attack with his sword, but the moment he was going
to counterattack, Musashiboy-kun rolled aside. Then as if tearing through his back, Liecia
jumped out from inside holding her rapier.
What!? Princess Liecia!?
Against Liecias counterattack, Castor reflexively withdrew his sword. To Castor, Liecia was the
daughter of the Lord he swore his allegiance to. Normally she wouldnt be someone he would
raise his sword against. If we had confronted Castor from the start with Liecia in clear view, he
would have used his strength to disarm her without wounding her. To not let that happen, and

having anticipated this sort of thing, I had Liecia hide inside [Musashiboy-kun (large)] and wait
for her chance. That hesitation proved fatal to Castor.
[Ice Sword Mountain]!
Not letting the gap go, Liecia produced spikes of ice from the floor and ceiling, restraining
Got it Princess!
Turning towards the now immobile Castor, Aisha struck him with a full swing of the flat of her
greatsword. The sound of ice breaking followed a moment later by the sound of Castor crashing
onto the wall resounded. I witnessed the scene of a person being thrown against the wall making
a circular-shaped dent like in a fighting anime. Having received an attack that would
unmistakably kill me in an instant if it were me on the receiving end, Castor still kept his
consciousness even while being wounded all over. As expected from a dragonewt, I suppose. The
wounded Castor groaned.
Kuh why, Princess I, only wanted to return the crown, to Lord Alberto
Has father ever even asked for that?
Liecia bluntly said as she looked at Castor with cold eyes.
No, what father wanted has nothing to do with it. I want Soma to be King out of my own will. If
father wanted to have his crown back I will fight him by Somas side
Why do you go so far
Because I want to see it. The new shape of this country that Soma will make
While saying that Liecia attached something black on Castors neck.

You should know this already, but this is a [Slavery Collar] for slaves. This item contains magic
that can make it constrict by the masters will, and upon harm being done to the master it will cut
the head away. If this collar were to be taken off without the masters consent, it will likewise cut
the head away. Finally, this collars master is set to Soma Kazuya
With the collar on, Castor hung his head. Castor was now unable to go against me anymore, the
moment the Air Force was defeated by the Royal Guard. At that moment, a young girl burst into
the room.
The girl with fiery red hair and glimmering golden pupils and dragon wings rushed to the
slumping Castor. Ecksel once said one of my granddaughters stayed at Castors side with a
sorrowful face. Which means that this girl must be Castors daughter Carla. Just a while ago I
felt the battleship [Alberto] being disarmed. Seeing her metallic red armor, she might have been
fighting the [Alberto] up until now.
The moment Carla saw my face, she drew her sword.
You. How dare you
Stop it Carla!
Liecia pinioned Carla from behind as she was about to attack me.
Liecia!? Let go! He !
Duke Vargas has already been attached with a [Slavery Collar]! If you kill Soma, Duke Vargas
will also die!
Strength left Carlas body and her sword dropped from her hand. She fell to the floor once Liecia
released her. Tears streamed down her face as she looked in stupor. It hurt my chest a little, but
she was one of the supporters of this rebellion. I cant give her preferential treatment. I asked
Aisha to also attach a [Slavery Collar] on her.

As she does the wyvern cavalrymen who were attacking the battleship [Alberto] gathered within
the hall. They were all seething with anger but upon seeing the [Slavery Collar] on Castor and
Carlas necks they understood there was nothing they could do and grit their teeth. The heavy air
felt unpleasant but I cant flinch here.
Is the Vargas house steward Tolman here?
over here
I called out and a man with white streaks in his hair that looked more fitting in a suit rather than
armor stepped forward. So this is Tolman.
You remember the rule we set at the Final Counsel, dont you? [If an opponent is defeated or
captured, then the army under him will immediately placed under the winner]
As you can see, the Air Force Marshall Castor Vargas has been arrested. I am authorizing you to
be the temporary Air Marshal as of now. Organize the Air Force and fall under the Royal
May I ask you something?
Tolman said as if swallowing a bitter pill.
what is it?
What will happen to Duke Vargas and Lady Carla?
The sentence for these two will be decided after the war. It does not merit mentioning now

Rather than your Lord, worry about yourselves. The entire Air Force is now a rebel army you
I said as I looked around at the lined up Air Force soldiers and officers.
If you fall under the Royal Guard now you will be considered only following Castors orders.
Those who dont will be considered a rebel and given the same judgement as Castor
You want us to sell our lord!
Thats right! We wont abandon Lord Castor!

I glared at the dissenting voices.

Think about it carefully. Guilt by association is a thing in this country. If you became traitors of
the state, not only yourselves but your kin will receive the same judgement. You should speak
only if you have the resolve!

The room became silent. Though the Air Force have no fear for their own lives, thats because
the only lives theyre wagering was their own. Theyre not so stubborn as to cause trouble for
their families.
In the heavy atmosphere, the first to kneel was Tolman.
I shall abide by your words, Your Highness
S, Sir Tolman!
We can still
Silence! Dont you know that youre only making it worse for Duke Vargas by resisting!
With a single roar the dissenters were silenced. Tolman bowed once again.
Your orders if you may, Your Highness. What shall we the Air Force do henceforth?
I gave orders to the splendidly bowing Tolman.
First, you shall declare that battle in the Vargas Duchy is over. Announce that Duke Vargas has
been arrested and the Air Force is now under the command of the Royal Guard. Afterwards, you
shall gather all the Air Force members that are not currently here. Once they are all here I will
have you head for the Carmine Duchy. Additionally, you shall also announce that anyone who
still continues to rebel after this will be judged as a traitor. Is that clear?
Yessir! It will be done
Thus the needless fighting in the Vargas Duchy, both to the losing and the winning sides, ended.
Now I can finally head for the Carmine Duchy.

Just you wait, Georg Carmine

Elfrieden Classical Idioms Course

[Attacking a castle with a battleship, (Like )] figurative expression. An act, or a person who
does something, no one else thought of. The expression came to be when during the Five-Day
War King Soma attacked the treasonous Castors castle, he gained victory through a plan
involving a battleship. Close synonyms on Earth are [Copernican Revolution (Idea)], [Columbus