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Part 1: Foundation Topics Part 2: Routing, Router Services and WANs

1) CCNA Exam Overview (Week 1) 1) The Cisco Router (Week 1)
a. Basic Router Operation
2) Basic Networking Equipment (Week 1) b. Router Components
a. Routers c. Boot-up Sequence
b. Bridges d. Router Access Methods
c. Switches e. Configuration Register
d. Hubs f. Password Recovery
e. Repeaters g. Cisco Router and Security Device Manager

3) OSI Model (Week 1) 2) Cisco IOS (Week 1)

a. OSI Layers a. Installation / Backup
b. OSI Layer Functions / Roles b. IOS Versions and Feature Sets
c. IOS Modes
4) TCP/IP (Week 1) d. Basic “Show” Commands
a. TCP/IP Model e. Cisco Discovery Protocol
b. Internet Protocol (IP)
c. The IP Packet 3) IP Routing (Week 2 - 3)
d. TCP and UDP a. Basic IP Routing (Week 2)
e. IP Addressing Basics b. Static vs. Dynamic (Week 2)
f. Two-Address Concept c. Static Routing (Week 2)
d. Static Default Routing (Week 2)
5) IP Addresses (Week 2, 8) e. Routing Loop Prevention (Week 3)
a. Subnet Masking (Week 2) f. Distance Vector vs. Link State (Week 3)
b. VLSM (Week 2) g. Administrative Distances (Week 3)
c. Aggregation / Summarization (Week 8) h. RIP v1 / RIP v2 (Week 3)
d. IP Version 6 (Week 8) i. IGRP / EIGRP (Week 3)
j. OSPF (Week 3)
6) Design (Week 2)
a. Enterprise Composite Model 4) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Week 4)
b. Allocation and IP addressing Schemes a. DHCP Basic Operation
b. DHCP Configuration

5) Access Control Lists (Week 4)

a. Standard
b. Extended
c. Advanced Access Lists

6) Network Address Translation (Week 5)

a. Static NAT
b. Dynamic NAT
c. NAT Overloading

7) Wide Area Network Technologies (Week 5)

a. WAN Operation and Hardware
b. Point-to-point WANs
c. Frame Relay
CCNA COURSE SYLLABUS (version 2.2) Page 2 of 2

Part 3: Switching and Switch Technologies

1) The Cisco Catalyst Switch (Week 6) 9) Spanning Tree (Week 7)
a. Basic Hardware Discussion a. 802.1D
b. Cabling b. PVST
c. Switch Access Methods c. PVST+
d. Cisco IOS and CatOS d. 802.1w
e. Basic Configuration / Best Practices e. RPVST+ / PVRST+
f. Cisco Network Assistant
10) Port Security (Week 7)
2) Local Area Networks and Ethernet (Week 6) a. Modes
a. Local Area Networks b. Violations
b. The Ethernet Frame
c. Ethernet Speeds
d. MAC Addresses Part 4: Wireless
3) Switch Operation (Week 6) 1) Basic Wireless Technology (Week 8)
a. Layer 2 Switch Operation a. Wireless LAN Basics
b. Layer 3 Switch Operation Basics b. Service Sets
c. 802.11 Standards
4) LAN Design (Week 6) d. Wireless Association Process
a. Cisco 3 Layered Hierarchical Approach e. Cisco Unified Wireless Networks
b. Design Considerations
2) Wireless LAN Security (Week 8)
5) Virtual LANs (Week 6) a. WEP
a. Static VLANs b. EAP
b. Dynamic VLANs Basic Discussion c. WPA
c. VLAN Configuration d. WPA2
d. VLAN Database Mode Familiarization

6) Trunking (Week 6) Part 5: Extra Topics (OPTIONAL)

a. Switch Port Modes
b. Dynamic Trunking Protocol 1) Basic ISIS
c. VLAN Identification 2) Basic MPLS
d. Trunk Port Frame Forwarding 3) VPN Tunneling
e. Trunk Encapsulation Types 4) IP Telephony
5) Firewalls
7) VLAN Trunking Protocol (Week 7)
a. VTP Operation
b. VTP Modes

8) Inter-VLAN routing (Week 7)

a. Router-on-a-stick
b. Layer 3 Switching
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