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In order to get a very good and healthy environment, all of the

pollutants including solid waste, liquid waste and emissions must be
controlled. Each of the pollutants has different way in managing and
controlling its existence and its effect.
One of the ways in controlling the sources of pollutants is by measuring
the pollutant and air quality regularly. This measurement is especially
really useful in industrial sector which contributes much to the
emission. The measurement can be done in several ways like using
portable emission measurement systems (PEMS) which measures
pollutant from the fossil fuel from transportation. They actually can
minimize the pollutants if they know what the sources of pollutants in
their industrial processes are.
Furthermore, this measurement can be measured by government and
some non-governmental organizations based on the requirement set
by the government. This measurement has to fulfill all of requirement
in order to makesurethe safe environment for the society.
One of the factors that influence the air quality is emissions. These
emissions can be from the transportations, industrial sector, natural
disaster, etc. This pollutant can diffuse into the atmosphere and
perform some chemical reactions which can result many hazardous
compound such as NOx and SO2.
Consequently the air quality will be affected. Then all living beings and
their environment will be affected at local and global levels. Not to
mention about the global warming which has been causing the
depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere, the animals, the
vegetation and certainly the people who live on this earth.
Furthermore, the effects of this bad air quality caused by the emissions
will give the effect on the economics and materials sector. The haze
problem from the peat land and forest fire which happened in
Indonesia is the appropriate example for showing that the bad air
quality can affect all sectors in the society including education,
economics and relationship with countries in the region.
Because of the significance of good air quality, it must be monitored
continuously. One of the ways to monitor the air quality is by designing
and creating an air quality monitoring system design. These days there
are many tools which can be used to monitor the air quality like

electrochemical sensors and heated metal oxide sensors (HMOS).

These tools are used for low cost measurement of ozone.
In addition, the society as the main actor which is affected by the air
quality can have evaluation. This evaluation is indeed an important
part in air quality management. This evaluation can be done by
creating awareness. Furthermore, the society has to be aware of the
use of natural resources that they have used. Inappropriate use of
natural resources such coal burning can damage the air quality and
give bad health effect to the surrounding community.
Then, the government through the parliament or Ministry of
Environment can set the air quality goals and have some plans to
execute it by creating some laws and regulations. This is what the
government can do at its best. They made several standards (Air
Pollutant Index) by which the quality of the air can be determined
whether it is safe, unhealthy, very unhealthy or hazardous.
From the laws set by the government, other regulations like urban
planning regulation will follow to reach its goals. For the development
sector which its existence will have effect on its surrounding, the urban
planning regulation must be abided to ensure the good air quality and
safe environment.
However, they must make sure that the laws are executed well and the
law enforcement is implemented to the whole society. When the law or
regulations are implemented fairly and well, it can regulate the
industrial sector by obligating the industry to utilize low level
environmental materials used by the company to produce products.
From the product, the society can realize and think whether the
benefits that they receive are bigger compared to the risk or vice
versa. This must be considered by the society in order that the
pollution can be minimized by creating awareness in the society.