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Zeyon Elijah Lyons

Mr. Grant
AP Language

New Slave
This is a country founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves. We say the system
is broken but, it is working exactly as it is intended to. In the past 100 years there is no such
thing as prejudice and racism has diminished. Yeah, racism is gone; with black teens being shot
down and killed by police officers, when I walk home and am afraid at the sight of a police
vehicle, when states allow the establishment of get cash now and spirit stores on the corner of
impoverished and ghetto neighborhoods, when i have been introduced to a society where racial
terms are used in everyday talk, almost like they had no derogatory meaning, when I see a
presidential candidate speaking of every race but his own. Now, dont get me wrong me wrong, I
dont believe all the mess people spout about how the white man ruined us, because when they
did come our kings and queens gave us away. Hell, even in the Americas blacks had black slaves.
Old Slaves. Since, slaves were emancipated or freed, whites and few blacks
believed that blacks should be sent back to where we came from, not even realizing that due to
the amount of rape was done, and about 10% of blacks in America are even close to fully
African. So yeah we should be sent back to Africa, away from the blue eyes of America into a
wilderness area that is majorly owned by the white man. I have a perfect solution, so instead of
solving our problems with some humanitarian solutions, lets separate from each other, lets
separate both physically and economically. Lets not hire any men or women of any color other

than white, and lets drag down the ghettos by establishing liquor stores and put condom
machines in nearby gas stations, lets give them books thats spines are literally separated from
the books themselves, lets make this thing called welfare that supports those without jobs or
education, without forcing employment, lets make them feel satisfied, and hopefully we can stir
up enough anger and frustration from their problems that they hurt the closest thing to them, each

New Slaves. Millions of Americans are about to be tossed into the street, and because were a
kinder and gentler America, from the street they will be tossed into shelters where they will
receive food and a bed to sleep in. In exchange for that food and shelter, the Welfare Reform
Act will put them to work at jobs where they will collect no additional salary. I guess the idea of
welfare reform is a lot more acceptable than forced labor. Under the act, many Americans are
being put to work for companies for no wages other than the cost of their food and shelter, both
of which constitute the bare minimum requirements of survival. By causing the economy to
collapse, and then saving the poor, our government can legally force millions of Americans into
slavery, affecting a much bigger population than before the civil war.
If you think slavery and racial prejudice is over, youre wrong because it never ended; because
now we are new slaves, instead of shackles and chains were working 5 to 8 just to put food on
our plates. We are new slaves to debt, but dont worry about those of us that got free because
they still dont hire you and me. When I look around my school I see teens and adults hanging,
hanging by ropes of ignorance to the system and to the people who smile in your face. Not
noticing that they are smiling at your ignorance and lack of courage to fight back, not noticing
that youre just playing a role. The funny part though, is how we continue to make our own
chains stronger by using our anger to foster even more problems. When we should be using this

unified anger to invite and unite, instead of to entice more chains within our own homes. Weve
become new slaves, but its different now, because instead of it being about money we have
created a 2nd master, ourselves, or better yet our ignorance. No wonder nigga has become a
more commonly used word than love; in this society, were all niggas, were all new slaves.