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Standard 2.

The Online Learning Experience (OLE) was an experience that spanned three required
elective courses to earn my Online Teaching Endorsement in the Instructional
Technology Program. The OLE was an individual course assignment. In order to
complete the experience, I was required to design and implement a 4-6 week online or
blended learning experience to give my students a technology-enhanced learning
experience. The OLE occurred with my 10th grade World Literature students on the topic
of Shakespeare. Candidates are required to present artifacts on the OLE and the first
artifact is a video tour of the Online Course Implementation. The second artifact is the
Online Course Assessment (OCA) Template that was completed throughout three
courses. The template was created to show completed coursework required for ITEC
7481 while designing my online experience.
This artifact demonstrates my mastery of PSC Standard 2.6 because it demonstrates
my ability to model and facilitate the effective use of research-based best practices in
instructional design when designing and developing digital tools, resources, and
technology-enhanced learning experiences. The Online Course Assessment Template
that was completed throughout three courses show each step in the design and
development of the Online Learning Experience and it was a requirement in ITEC 7481
course to show the completed work of the entire design and development process.
The artifact shows that I can help students become familiar and comfortable with the
online environment by developing modules to introduce them to the online learning
setting. The modules were designed to introduce and guide learning in technology
skills, individual learning process, online collaboration with classmates, and consistent
communication with the instructor. Modules demonstrated in the OCA were LMS
orientation lessons and activities that introduced students to the online learning
environment and how to collaborate with peers in that setting. Components of the online
environment are similar to the components found in the traditional brick and mortar
classroom environment. Such components as differentiation, assessment
techniques/types, student engagement activities, and synchronous/asynchronous
learning opportunities are present in both environments and the artifact shows how I
modeled and facilitated those components in the online environment. Modules that
addressed every component of the LMS system were designed to engage and teach
students through various types of presentation tools, and collaboration activities such as
ice breaker activities that required students to use tools in the LMS were designed to
help students.

I learned through this experience the value of applying research-based practices in

instructional design as the preparation helps the learning process in the online
environment occur easier. I learned that facilitating the use of technology with my
students allowed for more opportunities for teaching and learning and that the best
learning for students happens when they are comfortable especially with the tools they
will be using during the process. I learned how to design a learning experience using
various tools and skills with technology and I gained more knowledge in the area of
research with finding tools that would fit what I was trying to do and how to use those
tools correctly. This unit occurred in the first semester of school but not at the beginning
so if I could change anything I would have liked to have the students go through the
entire unit when school started that way they wouldnt have a big change in their routine
and they would have more time to become comfortable with the tools and setting.
The work in this experience helped impact the school by allowing me to share what I
learned through the experience which included teaching strategies and technology
tools, both of which are areas of improvement for our faculty. It impacted my
professional practice by showing me the necessary steps in planning, modeling, and
facilitating an online course or unit. The experience impacted students by allowing them
a different environment in which to learn and broaden their knowledge on technology.
The impact can be assessed by teachers that observe and administrators that evaluate
my teaching and student learning in my classroom.