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A publication of Keppel Offshore & Marine

November/December 2005


Keppel Singmarine to build

six new AHTS vessels
Keppel AmFELS completes
Sea-Based Test X-Band
Radar (SBX) platform

LNGs call at Keppel Shipyard

The Marathon Race

MITA (P277/03/2003)


New PSVs for Maersk

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Keppel Batangas shapes up for offshore work

Contracts for Keppel Verolme

Semi-tenders beat competition for

development drilling


Jacking up for drilling success


Colours of care


Underlying strength of SPS overlay technology


Keeping shipshape


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Keeping shipshape
2 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

Page 28

Company registration no. 199900642R

Rig relief

peed and safety are of the essence

when it comes to rig relief.

GSF Arctic 1 arrived at Keppel AmFELS

on 20 September 2005 for the repair of
her mooring system and returned to the
field in the Gulf in under two months.

Working closely with their owners,

Keppel AmFELS swiftly completed the
repair works of GSF Arctic 1 and
Ocean Star, which were partially damaged
when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita swept
through the Gulf of Mexico in September

Ocean Star, which broke free from her

moorings after being hit by Rita, was
serviced on-site in the Gulf. Her steel
structures were pre-fabricated at Keppel
AmFELS and installed by Keppel
AmFELS team of experts on-location.

The two semisubmersibles belong to

GlobalSantaFe Corporation (GSF) and

GSF Arctic 1s Project Manager Richard

Greff, shared, When a new client, like
GlobalSantaFe, come into your facility,
there appears a new set of standards

and procedures that we would like you

to follow. Your management personnel
accommodated us and produced a safely
executed product, on time and on
Echoing his sentiments were Diamonds
Director Projects, Ron Cunningham,
and Project Engineer, Webster Jones,
While offshore, the Keppel AmFELS
crew worked tirelessly to complete the
work [on Ocean Star] in an expeditious
manner without compromising safety.
Commenting on the damages that Katrina
and Rita wielded on platforms operating
in the Gulf of Mexico, C Y Ho, President
of Keppel AmFELS, said, This has been
very unfortunate, especially during this
period when demand for rigs is on the
We want to do everything we can to
support operators and drilling contractors
in restoring their rigs so that they resume
operations quickly. We are making sure
that our dock, which is one of the largest
in the Gulf of Mexico, is readily available
for any drydock repairs.
The repair works were accomplished
safely and to the satisfaction of the
Located 14 miles up the Brownsville
Navigation Ship Channel from the Gulf
of Mexico, Keppel AmFELS has
comprehensive facilities, including a
drydock capable of docking most of the
semisubmersible drilling units in service,
and a modern steel processing plant.

Calling at Keppel AmFELS was

GSF Arctic 1, which underwent
repairs after suffering damages
caused by Hurricane Katrina

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 3

Keppel Singmarine to build

six new AHTS vessels
Two vessels will be built in Keppel yard in China.

eppel Singmarine has clinched a

contract worth S$230 million to
build six new Anchor Handling Tug/
Supply (AHTS) vessels for its valued customer
Gulfmark Offshore.
Two of these 10,700 bhp AHTS vessels of
2,700 dwt each will be built in Keppel
Nantong Shipyard, a newly acquired shipyard
in China by Keppel Offshore & Marine.
The first vessel is expected to be delivered in
the third quarter of 2007, with progressive
deliveries subsequently till the final delivery
in the third quarter of 2008.
Keppel Singmarines track
record as a specialised
shipbuilder has won the
confidence of its customers
such as Gulfmark Offshore.
Photo shows AHTS Coloso
delivered to Gulfmark
Offshore earlier this year

Customised to Gulfmarks requirements, the

six vessels are of Keppels Marine Technology
Developments (MTD) very own design. They
are being built to meet the growing demand
of Gulfmark Offshores customers in Southeast

4 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

This repeat order with Gulfmark Offshore

reflects the strong partnership between the two
leading marine companies. Keppel Singmarine
had successfully delivered two AHTS vessels,
Coloso and Titan, also of MTD design, to
Gulfmark Offshore in the first quarter this
Bruce Streeter, President and Chief Operating
Officer of Gulfmark Offshore, Inc,
commented: These new vessels are the
culmination of over 18 months of planning
and are designed to respond to the growing
demand created by increased oil and natural
gas development activities as well as the new
construction of drilling rigs.
We are also pleased that Keppel, who
successfully completed two of our new vessels
that went to Mexico earlier this year, will be
building these new ships and we have
confidence in their capability to deliver them
on time and budget.

Hoe Eng Hock, Executive Director of Keppel

Singmarine, remarked, We are very happy that
Keppel Singmarines expertise and capabilities
are recognised by the prominent player in the
international offshore marine services, Gulfmark
We clinched this contract in competition with
European and American yards. To build two of
these six vessels in Keppel Nantong Shipyard
also reflects the trust and confidence that our
customers have in our ability to deliver the same
high quality of shipbuilding in our new overseas
Gulfmark Offshore provides marine
transportation services to the energy industry
through a fleet of 58 offshore support vessels,
primarily in the North Sea, offshore Southeast
Asia, and the Americas.

Principal Dimensions
Length: 76.00 m
Beam: 17.00 m
Depth: 7.60 m
Designer: Marine Technology
Development Pte Ltd
Classification: American
Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Class Notation: ABS +A1(E)
AH / Offshore Support &
Towing Vessel, Fire Fighting
Vessel Class 1, +AMS, +ACCU,
Main Engines: Four (4) marine
diesel engines (two pairs) of
approx. 10,700 bhp.

The mechanical launching system in Keppel Nantong Shipyard will be upgraded

to allow vessels to be launched more efficiently

the Nantong
Works to renovate and refurbish
Keppel O&Ms newly-acquired
Keppel Nantong Shipyard are
progressing on track.
Keppel Nantong Shipyard is
located on the north bank of
Changjiang, and northwest of
Shanghai in the Peoples Republic
of China.
Upgrading of workshops with new
machines and cranes are being
carried out. Facilities such as NCcutting machines, pipe bending
machines, gantry cranes and the
mechanical launching system are
being enhanced in preparation for
the full operation of building new
vessels by the first quarter of next
Lee Tai Kwee, President of Keppel
Nantong Shipyard, said, We are
going full steam in preparation for
the yard to be operationally ready.
With the contract signed with
Gulfmark Offshore, we are gearing
up expeditiously in order to ensure
that our commitment to our
valued clients is met. Inculcating
our core values in our new
colleagues at Keppel Nantong is
our first priority.
Keppel Nantongs principal
activities will be the construction
of specialised vessels, Anchor
Handling Tug/Supply vessels and

Keppel Nantong Shipyard is located along the Yangtze River, within close
proximity to supporting industries in the Municipality of Nantong,
100 km north-west of Shanghai
OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 5

Keppel Philippines Marine

Keppel Batangas shapes up for

offshore work
Administration Manager of KPMI, said,
This overseas training programme for our
shipyard personnel underscores KPMIs
continued commitment to enhance the
technical competencies of our people.
And on-the-job training is one of the best
platforms for skill development, as the
participants would testify to.
Edward G. Odi, a panel line shop
supervisor and training participant,
shared, We are very privileged to be given
this opportunity to learn more about
offshore and shipbuilding technologies
which we will apply and share with our
fellow colleagues when we return home.
Apart from skill development, the Can Do attitude is being instilled in the
Batangas trainees

eppel Batangas is on track in

upgrading its shipyard facilities
to take on the construction of
fabricated steel components for offshore
The makeover of Keppel Batangas Shipyards
infrastructure is expected to equip the
Philippine yard to carry out offshore
fabrication work outsourced by Keppel
FELS by the second quarter of 2006.
The upgrading works in the yard will
involve the rollout of a complete panel
line system, a block assembly facility and
the installation of other heavy
construction equipment.
We aim to enhance our role in the
offshore and shipbuilding industry. To
do this, we have to introduce new
systems, machinery and equipment, such
as CNC profile cutting machine, panel
line and covered block-assembly facility
with overhead gantry cranes, explained

6 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

Toh Ko Lin, President of Keppel

Philippines Marine, Inc.s (KPMI).
Ko Lin also highlighted that it is critical
to train and develop the Filipino
workforce to undertake offshore rig
construction work.
In doing so, a contingent of 23 engineers
and skilled workers from Keppel Batangas
Shipyard was posted to Keppel FELS
Singapore in September 2005 for a
two-month training programme on rig
construction and shipbuilding.
The training programme includes various
courses on shipyard safety, shopdrawing
interpretation, Tribon M3 applications for
ship modelling, CNC profile cutting,
advanced welding skills, dimensional
control, marking, steel fabrication, quality
control, and panel line shop on-the-job
Carlos S. Patacsil, Human Resources and

The workshops are practical and

informative. You get to immediately put
new knowledge and skills to practice in
real shipyard setting during the on-thejob training, added another trainee,
Welmer C. Magboo.
With potential offshore rig structure
fabrication works in the pipeline, Keppel
Batangas Shipyard will soon see the
expansion of its services portfolio which
previously comprised mainly traditional
shipbuilding, shiprepair and conversion
To date, the yard has a track record of
more than 80 newbuildings ranging from
tankers, barges, tugboats and landing
crafts to asphalt carriers which serve the
domestic shipping industry as well as
foreign clients.
It successfully delivered a 45-tonne
bollard pull twin screw Azimuth Stern
Drive harbour tug 23 days ahead of
schedule to its Omani owner earlier this
year, and has two similar tugs under

Two harbour tugs for Maju Maritime

eppel Philippines Marine, Inc.

(KPMI) has been commissioned
to build and deliver two harbour
tugs for Maju Maritime (Maju).
These two Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD)
harbour tugs are slated to meet Majus fleet
expansion in the busy international port
of Singapore where the tugs will be
stationed to provide reliable harbour
towage and service.
Measuring 28.9 metres long and 9 metres
wide, the 45-tonne bollard pull twin
screw tugs are constructed to the
proven design of Keppel Singmarine, the
MTD 2745T.
Each of these tugs will be installed with
modern communication equipment and
navigation instruments. The vessel will be
outfitted with an off-ship fire fighting
system capable of delivering a total of
1,400 cubic metres of water with a
maximum throw length of 90 metres and
a trajectory of 45 metres above sea level
through its two fire monitors.
The tugs were built for sale in Keppel
Batangas Shipyard. The construction of
the tugboats designated as Hull 81 and
82 began when the keels were laid at

Sealing new partnerships: Toh Ko Lin, President of KPMI with Ben Chew, GM of
Maju Maritime. Together with them are (from left to right) Khew Kah Khin,
Commercial & Marketing Manager of KPMI, Lim Meng Poh, Yard Manager
(Projects), Keppel Batangas Shipyard, Tang Tong Hee, Senior Vessel Manager,
Fleet 2 of Smit Singapore and David Loh, Marketing Manager of Keppel
KPMIs Keppel Batangas Shipyard in April
The tugs are scheduled for delivery to
Maju in March 2006 and April 2006
Ben Chew, General Manager of Maju,
commented: We are pleased with the
quality of the construction work, and are
confident that the shipyard will be able

to meet the delivery schedule. We look

forward to these additions to Majus fleet
of highly versatile tugs.
Toh Ko Lin, President of KPMI, at the
signing ceremony on 8 November 2005,
said, We appreciate the continued
support and cooperation of Maju
Maritime. Our project team will continue
to work closely with our valued client to
fully satisfy their requirements.

Pioneer privileges

eppel Philippines Marine (KPMI)

has received approval from the
Philippines Board of Investment
(BOI) for pioneer status under the 2005
Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) early this
The activities of building new vessels for
export that is registered with the BOI will
be done in Keppel Batangas Shipyard.

To qualify under the IPP, the company is

to invest in a new workshop, equipment
and additional working capital.
This is part of KPMIs efforts to upgrade
and enhance the yards facilities to
continue to serve the industry effectively.
Incentives under the IPP include a 6-year
income tax holiday for the registered

activity and duty-free importation of

capital equipment.
A division of KPMI, Keppel Batangas
Shipyard is engaged in shiprepair,
servicing both domestic and foreign
vessels. KPMI also operates two other
shipyards in the Philippines, one in Cebu
and one in Subic.

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 7

Keppel Verolme is Allseass partner of choice for Solitaire

Contracts for Keppel Verolme

eppel Verolme BV has secured

contracts worth around EUR67
million (S$134 million) in total
from Swiss-based Allseas Group S.A.
(Allseas) and Sevan Production AS
Positive market opportunities have
resulted in two projects from Allseas
Group S.A. One of the contracts involves
the conversion of the 2005 Panamax bulk
carrier Geeview into a pipelay vessel
Audacia capable of operating in ultra-deep
waters, in the range of 3000 metres water
depth. New engine rooms, thrusters,
additional cranes and accommodations
are included in the workscope.
Geeview arrived at Keppel Verolme
shipyard in early December 2005. The
delivery of the completed pipelay vessel is
expected in October 2006, after which
commissioning will take place.
Another Allseas vessel Solitaire, the
worlds largest and most powerful pipelay
vessel, has left Keppel Verolme after two
successive visits to the yard this year.
During its first visit, new sponsons were
installed at the stern of the vessel. A large
600-tonne cantilever was fitted out during
the recent visit in November. In addition,
winches and tensioners were also installed
to upgrade the vessels capabilities.

8 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

We have chosen Keppel Verolme because

of their extensive experience and
conversions know-how. The recent
successful conversion for Solitaire is the
result of strong trust and partnership
between the two companies, said Edward
P Heerema, President and owner of
Allseas Group S.A.
Keppel Verolme is delighted to be
selected as Allseas partner of choice for
the conversion and repair of its vessels.
We are confident that the projects will be
well-executed on time, on budget, as we
always strive to do for all our valued
customers, said Harold Linssen,
Managing Director of Keppel Verolme.
Apart from the Allseas projects, Keppel
Verolme has also received a contract from
Sevan for the outfitting of the Sevan
Stabilized Platform SSP Piranema.
The SSP Piranema is a Floating Production
Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel with oil
storage capacity of 300,000 barrels, with
oil processing capacity of 30,000 barrels
per day and a gas injection capacity of
3.6 million m3 per day.
We have awarded the project to Keppel
Verolme because of its strong track record
with similar works, its strategic location
as the regional hub for vessels due for the
North Sea, as well as its deepwater

infrastructure, said A. Smedal, Director

of Sevan.
The contract includes temporary storing,
pre-assembling and installation on the
SSP Piranema (SSP 300) hull of process
skids, pressure vessels, piping and valves.
In addition, it also includes the fabrication
and installation of steel structures and the
hook-up of marine systems such as cranes
and offloading station.
The SSP Piranemas hull and
accommodation block are currently under
construction in a yard in China and are
expected to arrive at the Keppel Verolme
during 1st quarter of 2006. The
completed unit is scheduled to reach
offshore Brazil in mid-2006.
The Swiss-based Allseas Group S.A.
specialises in offshore pipeline installation
and trenching world-wide. The companys
vessels are developed in-house and are
optimised for operations in deep water
and harsh environments.
Sevan Production AS is a subsidiary of
Sevan Marine ASA which is an offshore
technology company specialising in
floating production and storage of oil and
gas. The company aims to be a leading
international company operating in
demanding technological market

Executing on an even keel

Striking to a quality start
Keppel FELS achieved a milestone on
1 October 2005 with the strike-steel
ceremony for project B277, a jackup
newbuilding for SeaDrill Management of

Trevor Howard (Marketing Manager

of Awilcos rig operator Premium
Drilling) gives the thumbs-up sign to
signify that work done so far exceeds
all expectations

Teamwork Tong Chong Heong (left),

COO & Managing Director, Keppel
Offshore & Marine and Do Van Khanh
(right), PV Drilling General Director

We appreciate the hard work Keppel

FELS is putting in to deliver as promised.

he construction of the two KFELS

B class jackup rigs for Norwegian
rig owner Awilco Offshore ASA
and Vietnamese PetroVietnam Drilling &
Well Services Company (PV Drilling) were
off to a smooth start with their keels being
laid on schedule.
The keel laying ceremonies for
the projects were conducted on
29 and 31 October respectively by
project teams of Awilcos WilCraft and
PV Drillings PV Drilling 1.

Roy Lim, Keppel FELS Senior Project

Manager of PV Drilling 1, said, We are
honoured to have the General Director of
PV Drilling, Do Van Khanh, to officiate
the ceremony. This important milestone
is achieved on schedule with the
teamwork of the Yard Project Team and
the co-operation of the PV Project

To be named SEADRILL 1, the jackup is

the third KFELS B Class self-elevating
drilling rig currently being built. This
event took place exactly one month after
another sister rig, SEADRILL 4, struck
steel on 1 September 2005.
SEADRILL 1 is scheduled to be
delivered in the third quarter of 2007.
Officiating the strike-steel ceremony for
SEADRILL 1 was Simon Johnson,
Marketing Manager of SeaDrill.
The commencement of SEADRILL 1 is
the latest addition to the worldwide fleet
of KFELS B Class units, which have carved
a fine reputation in the industry over the
last decade as the choice unit for both
exploration and development drilling
activities, he said.
Chairman & CEO of Keppel Offshore &
Marine, Choo Chiau Beng, graced the
occasion. Country Manager Thomas Tan
and his team from Classification Society
ABS also attended the event.

Jay Singam, Keppel FELS Project Manager

for WilCraft commented, We look
forward to the entire hull taking shape
completely in the near future. This has
been made possible through the
commitment of all personnel involved in
the project. Such commitment will be
critical in enabling us to face the bigger
challenges ahead.
Awilcos Regional Manager, Kolbjorn
Akselvoll, added, This has progressed as
expected and we are also looking forward
to see WilCraft and sister rig WilBoss being
delivered on schedule.

Striking it together, from left Simon Johnson, Marketing Manager, SeaDrill; Paul MacCallum,
Project Manager, SeaDrill; Choo Chiau Beng, Jay Singam, Project Manager of Keppel FELS;
Bryan Toh, Asst. Project Manager of Keppel FELS
OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 9

Semi-tenders beat competition

for development drilling
Using semi-tenders with dry tree units
such as the TLPs and spars can reduce
drilling and well completion time and cost
significantly. The overall capital
expenditure is also lower.
Other operators attested to Marcus
comments. A drilling executive told
Upstreams Russell Searancke in the
weeklys focus (4 November 2005) on
DEEPWATER, Its cheaper than any other
option. A platform rig has a lower dayrate
but its more expensive because it is
usually custom-made and requires much
more space on the host platform.

Semi-tenders such as the West Alliance (seen here) are fast becoming a
cost-effective solution for deepwater development drilling

perators in the Asia Pacific

region have chosen Smedvigs
semi drilling tenders as their
deepwater development drilling
The two biggest deepwater projects in the
Asia Pacific region - Unocals West Seno
field off East Kalimantan and Murphy Oils
Kikeh project off Sabah, Malaysia have
chosen the semi-tenders, West Alliance
and West Setia, for operations with their
dry tree units, a Tension Leg Platform
(TLP) and a spar respectively.
Dry tree units have their well completion
mounted on a surface wellhead platform,
as contrast to a subsea well completion,
which is mounted on the ocean floor. The
advantages of dry tree units are that it has
easy access for inspection and
maintenance, incurs minimum loss of
production due to maintenance or

10 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

workover operations and a higher level

of reliability.
For Smedvig, winning the Kikeh project
to deploy a semi-tender with a spar is
breaking new ground for the industry a
second time round.
The first breakthrough was utilising a
tender rig for drilling from a deepwater
TLP wellhead in 2003, said Aziz
Merchant, Head of Keppel Offshore &
Marines Deepwater Technology Group
(DTG), the designer of Smedvigs fleet of
Marcus Chew of Smedvig Asia said,
The concept is a very cost effective
solution for deepwater development
drilling. Even though this concept is new,
there are enough data to compare with
deploying the conventional subsea

The tender, which pulls up alongside the

TLP/spar and hosts major facilities like
living quarters and power generation,
must keep a safe working distance from
the platform. This means that the semitender is more suited to benign
However, the outlook for dry tree units
in Asia Pacific is favourable as the regions
two deepwater hotspots are fair weather
Nevertheless, Azizs DTG unit is already
cracking on an enhanced version that is
applicable to harsher conditions.
They are currently working on Smedvigs
West Berani which is designed to work
with TLPs and spars in up to 6000 feet of
water with pre-laid mooring. This unit
will be able to operate in South East Asia,
West Africa, Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico and
Western Australia.

Genesis of semi-tenders
It dates more than 12 years back when
Foster Manning, an offshore veteran, sold

Brunei Shell Petroleum a whole new design

concept of semi drilling tenders.
With a 10-year contract in hand and nine
months to delivery, Manning was desperate. He
needed a shipyard that has the gumption to
bring the rig concept to life.
He turned to Choo Chiau Beng (CB), a friend
of 20 years then. CB, then already managing
director of FELS, got a team of engineers to
study the design and decided to support
FELS did not just build the semi-tender, but
also took up 50% stake in the company that
owned the rig and supplied the engineering
work. West Pelaut was completed and delivered
on time to Brunei Shell in 1994.

Said Manning years later in an interview, Pelaut

also set new standards of excellence and safety
in the industry.
When Manning decided to retire, he sold the
company that owned West Pelaut to Smedvig
Asia. But the patent rights to the rig went to
FELS in 1998.
Since then, there is no looking back in the
partnership between Smedvig and FELS.
FELS, renamed Keppel FELS, continues to
support Smedvig Asia in building up its fleet of
winning semisubmersible drilling tender rigs
such as West Menang, West Alliance, West Setia
and the current newbuild West Berani.

The partnership between

Foster Manning and CB Choo
(left) saw fruition in the
worlds first semi-tender in

West Alliance and West Setia are being deployed

by Unocal and Murphy respectively in the West
Seno and Kikeh fields.

Safety excellence out at sea

hether onshore or offshore, under

fine or harsh weather conditions,
executing a job in a safe manner is

Despite stormy conditions, the team completed

the installation and commissioning of the
jackup rigs Enhanced Monitoring System
(EMS) ahead of time and above all, safely.

That was what the Keppel FELS team of five

Flying Squad members had at the top of their
agenda whilst onboard jackup rig, ENSCO 52,
at offshore Kuantan, Malaysia.

The EMS is developed by Keppel Offshore &

Marines R&D arm, Offshore Technology
Development. It monitors the rigs Rack Phase
Differential (RPD) and motor load. The RPD is
an automated measure of the linear
displacement of the leg chord of the rig. To date,
Keppel FELS has installed the EMS in eight rigs.


Shared Seow Tiang Keng, Senior Electrical and

Instrumentation Manager of Keppel FELS, who
supervised the project, The visibility was so
poor that during the helicopters first approach,
the rig could not even be sighted.

Doing it safe every time the Flying Squad

Notwithstanding that, upon arrival on the rig,

our team executed the task in a safe and
professional manner that won accolades from
the ENSCO rig personnel. Their exemplary
behaviour is the outcome of our yards relentless
effort in inculcating values of safe and efficient
work practices in them.

Your team fitted into

the ENSCO team and
your contribution to the
STOP program was
appreciated The safety
attitude of the whole
team was noticed and
appreciated. Once again,
thank you very much
for a job well done.
Henry Nelson
Barge Engineer, ENSCO 52,
commending the Keppel team
comprising Hing Kwang Yong
(Chargehand), Hafizur
Rahman, Myo Myint Htun,
Md. Rofiqul Islam and
Li Cheng Jun

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 11

Keppel O&M lecture attracts

overwhelming response

ome 350 participants packed

into two auditoriums of the
Engineering department of the
National University of Singapore (NUS)
to attend the Keppel Offshore & Marine
(Keppel O&M) Lecture presented by
Professor Torgeir Moan.
Prof Moan is the Director of the Centre of
Excellence for Ships and Ocean Structures
from the Norwegian University of Science
and Technology and Keppel Professor,
During this third annual Keppel O&M
Lecture held on 30 November 2005, Prof
Moan shared recent developments of
analysis and design procedures for vessels
for production, storage or transport of oil
and gas.
He highlighted analysis results for gas
containment structures and examined
wave-induced loads and fatigue and
fracture resistance.

At present, considerable efforts are spent

in exploring how technology in oil tankers
can be further improved to achieve more
effective distribution of gas in liquefied
or compressed form. However, challenges
remain as to how ship owners and
builders are able to leverage such
technology efficiently and optimally.
This issue is particularly important with
more ships being used for the production
and storage of oil in the last 10-20 years.
There are almost 99 Floating Production
Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels in
operation currently, and another 50 on
the way.
The introduction to the lecture was
delivered by Tong Chong Heong,
Managing Director & COO of Keppel
He shared on the rationale for the Keppel
O&M Lecture, Such initiatives augment
well for the industry as we work towards

Participants actively engaging in

discussions after the lecture

building up a reservoir of expertise

through research, sharing and exchange
of knowledge and experiences.

The Keppel Professorship was

launched in September 2002 for
teaching and long-term research in
offshore and marine engineering
with particular emphasis on the
technological interests of Keppel
Serving as a catalyst in the search
for more creative solutions, the
Professorship can also promote
wider participation from the oil
and gas industry. Through this
effort, we hope to bring about a
change in the business culture and
attitude towards R&D activities in

Mindshare (from left) C. H. Tong, Charles Foo, MD (Special Projects) of Keppel

O&M, Prof Torgeir Moan, Prof Choo Yoo Sang, Director of the Centre for
Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE), NUS, and Prof S. K. Chou, Chairman
of the Management Board, CORE
12 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

Professor Torgeir Moan, a worldrenowned expert in marine

structures, was appointed the first
Keppel Professor.

Investing in a good coat

eam Aniara, a 40,738 dwt vessel,
is the first chemical tanker in
Singapore to have used the
Marineline Advance Polymer Coating
(APC) (see box story) in its cargo tanks.

year, Blystads Singapore office, Songa

Ship Holding Pte Ltd signed an
exclusive fleet agreement with Keppel
Shipyard to service all its vessels in

It is owned by Songa Ship Holding Pte

Ltd of Singapore. Major works carried
out on the vessel involved cargo tanks
blasting and painting works.

It has been an exciting two years and

we have overcame many challenges
together. We have got a really good
team going on and looking forward to
many more future cooperations, said
Thomas Lee, Commercial Manager,
Keppel Shipyard.

Kenneth Macleod, Technical Director for

Blystad, said, We have been very happy
with the level of service and quality of
work done at the yard. All work has been
completed on time and the location of
the yard is close to the trade route,
minimising off hire.
This completion marks Blystads ninth
vessel that Keppel Shipyard has worked
on for the past two years. Earlier this

The project team from Keppel

Shipyard had the first-hand
opportunity to learn the application of
the coating from Richard Vassanelli,
Marinelines Manager, Marine
Inspection Services, who was in the
yard to oversee the process.

Keppel Project Team with Arne Blystad

(Owner, fourth from left) and Kenneth
Macleod (fifth from left)

Marineline APC is a superior chemical

resistant coating that offers operational
efficiency for owners of chemical-carrying
tankers, with shorter cleaning and drying
Tested and proven to resist corrosion of
about 4,000 different chemicals better than
stainless steel, phenol epoxies and zinc after
the low-heat curing, the coating is also
impermeable, ensuring product purity and
allows transportation of food grade cargoes.
People who do not know Marinelines APC
thinks that it is just another type of corrosion
resistant paint or coating, but for those who
have used Marineline, they know two
things. One, the brokers love it and two,
they have made a good investment, says

Cross-border training

ngineers from Keppel FELS

Offshore and Engineering
Services Mumbai (KFM) are
progressively undergoing training in Keppel
FELS for between six and 12 months.

With Anant Shukla (front centre) are

colleagues from the first batch of
engineers attached to Singapore for
training. From left to right in the
front row, Nandlal Aher & Ashish
Manatkar. (L to R, back row)
Sameer Chavan, Abhay Borse,
Anneshmon and Dinesh Kolambkar

Nandlal Aher, a Mechanical Engineer, hopes

to bring back to his Mumbai colleagues the
practical knowledge he has picked up.
Back in Mumbai, we look at computer
drawings on AutoCAD and 3D models on
the TRIBON programme. We are very
fortunate to be here and see for ourselves
how a rig is being built, Nandlal says.
Dinesh Kolambkar, a Piping Designer, adds,
Through this attachment, we gain insights
into the making of a rig and first-hand
knowledge of the construction process. We
will be able to use this knowledge back
home in Mumbai, and at the same time,

facilitate our colleagues who have yet to

be trained.
Anant Shukla, Assistant General Manager
of KFM, is full of praise for the engineers,
as they are hardworking and very
committed to the training programme.
Mechanical Designer Sameer Chavan
explains, We want to get the most out of
the training in Singapore.
More engineers from KFM are expected
to be trained in Singapore progressively
as the engineering office in Mumbai beefs
up its capabilities and capacity.
Since its inception in May, KFM has
recruited a workforce of more than
70 engineers. Currently, it receives some
30 to 50 job applications daily.

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 13

Jacking up for drilling success

He urged the jackup fraternity to examine if
existing methods for assessing the structural
performance of jackup rigs were sufficient, and
if these methods should be applied consistently.
Key ingredients for success in various stages of
a jackup deployment were discussed by
speakers and participants. With a good
understanding of the issues and risks associated,
necessary and appropriate steps could be taken
to mitigate risks and minimise damage to jackup
Professor Seeram Ramakrishan, Dean of Faculty
of Engineering at NUS, shared that the timing
of this jack-up workshop could not be better,
with new orders for the worlds jackups hitting
an all-time high.
From left: Rupert Hunt and Richard Snell

ackups are complex and the industry

needs to gear up for the challenges of
safely operating the large number of
new units currently being built, remarked
Richard Snell, Chairman of the ISO for Offshore
Structure Committee and Senior Advisor
(Structures and Civil Engineering), BP
Exploration & Production.
This summed up succinctly why offshore
industry players were eagerly exchanging notes
at the workshop, Jackup Drilling Option
Ingredients for Success.
The event held from 25 to 26 October 2005,
was organised by the International Association
of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) and the Centre
for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE)
at the National University of Singapore (NUS).
Citing the recent impact of Hurricanes Katrina
and Rita on jackups in the Gulf of Mexico,
Rupert Hunt, Chairman of the workshop and
Principal Engineer of Shell U.K Exploration &
Production, emphasised the need to understand
the successes and the failures of jackup
operations and the reliability of jackup units in
extreme conditions.

14 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

By the end of 2009, there would be a large fleet

of new highly sophisticated jack-up drilling rigs,
many of which would be premium rigs, highly
intelligent and capable of performing deeper
drilling operations in more treacherous waters.
He warned, These premium rigs will be better
able to meet more rigorous demands of deeper
and more complicated well completions, but
they demand more out of the men who operate
We will need skilled personnel to handle and
operate these rigs to ensure that the complexity
of information relating to the safe working
envelops of these units is understood and acted
upon accordingly.
Sponsored by Keppel Offshore & Marine, the
workshop helped promote development and
dissemination of best practices in safety, health
and environmental performance of drilling
A good number of key drilling contractors,
representatives from classification societies,
designers and turnkey contractors, geotechnical
consultants and warranty surveyors were
actively engaged in the sessions. The workshop
culminated in a half-day tour of the Keppel

Feedback from participants on benefits of the workshop

Valuable experiences were shared and
I hope and expect this is a start of a
new era of learning across the industry.
P.G.F. Sliggers
Engineering Manager Civil/Marine,
Shell EP International

Better over view of rig moves

checklists for future rig moves, analysis
of rig moves and evaluating tender
Frederick J. Glander
Manager Engineering
(Asia Pacific Business Unit)
ENSCO Oceanics International Company

Knowing the right questions to ask

when selecting and using jackups,
better appreciation of the risks and
uncertainties in moving, placing and
operating jackups and an excellent list

of contacts of experts in the industry.

Steve Ford
Senior Well Engineer
Sakhalin Energy Investment
Company Limited

A far better understanding of the

challenges we face and a confidence
that we are understanding them and
managing the risk in the right direction.
I really enjoyed it, thank you.
Trevor Howard
International Marketing Manager
Premium Dilling (Singapore)

Gathering of minds at the workshop

on jackups

It was good to know that other drilling

contractors, designers, operators and
warranty surveyors can appreciate the
difficulties encountered during rig moves
and its planning.
David Beard
Vice President Project Engineering
Noble Drilling

The journey of an apprentice

20th Chua Chor Teck Memorial Lecture

An annual event, the Chua Chor Teck Memorial Lecture is

held in remembrance of the late Mr Chua Chor Teck, one of
the pioneers of Singapores marine industry. A special photo
gallery and memorial booklet will be presented at the Lecture.

Titled An Apprenticeship Journey, Charles will share his

views on challenges of the future of the offshore and marine
industry, and the transformation of Singapore into an
International Maritime Centre.

Organised by SNAMES (Society of Naval Architects and

Marine Engineers, Singapore) appointed Committee, chaired
by Teh Kong Leong and other appointed industry
representatives, the lecture is open to public and admission
is free.

harles Foo, Managing Director (Special Projects) of

Keppel Offshore & Marine, will be delivering
the next Chua Chor Teck Memorial Lecture at
the Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium, at 5pm on
24 January 2006.

Participants at the 20th Chua Chor Teck Memorial Lecture

will also learn about the changes in maritime education,
health, safety & environment (HSE), ships and classification
societies in the past fifty years.

For more information, contact the SNAMES Secretariat at or (65) 68585 846.

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 15

Team-building at FloaTEC

The brains and brawn at FloaTEC

hen it comes to running a

company, Eric Namtvedt,
President of FloaTEC, the
joint venture formed by Keppel FELS and
J. Ray McDermott (J. Ray), believes in the
Team Effectiveness Leadership Model.
To achieve superior performance, we
need to align our organisational culture
and people practices with our business
strategy, said Eric.
He added, We are bringing together a
team of industry experts with
complementary skills and cross
functionalities. We have to respect their
skill base and give the team a couple of
months to get to know each other and
what and why they are doing.
This effort in team-building will mean

16 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

that we start slow, but only because we

are stepping back in the beginning to
make sure that we are actually on the right
Likewise with clients, Eric prefers to start
with investing time getting to know the
customer, their needs and expectations.
I believe in getting close to clients,
listening to them and developing a
relationship with them. This platform of
understanding will empower us to
optimise the interface between the client
and project team, and converting the
clients needs into something that the team
can work with so that clients feel that they
are getting good value for their money.
We are having good dialogues with all
of those developers, he said.

FloaTEC aims to provide these developers

unbiased deepwater floating solutions,
offering a complete range from spars,
Tension Leg Platforms (TLP) to
As an umbrella technology company
housing the three main hull design
concepts, FloaTEC will bid on pre-frontend engineering and design, as well as
FEED jobs with an eye to winning turnkey
The contractor will be flexible when it
comes to contracting options. Either
FloaTEC or one of the parents, Keppel
FELS and J. Ray, could be the prime
contractor, Eric said.

Whos who on the team

The new team at FloaTEC comprises
familiar faces in the industry so that
Eric can hit the ground running and
ready to deliver on FloaTECs promise
to be a one-stop for any kind of
deepwater floating production

West Africa, South East Asia, North Sea

and Australia.
Christopher M. Barton, Director
Business Development, formerly from J.
Ray, is coming to this joint venture after
highly successful stints at ABB, Pennwell
and most recently Technip, where he held
the position of Vice President of Business
Development for the companys US
Operations Division.

maintenance of tools, systems and

procedures to support our projects
and R&D work. John will manage all
the development efforts and
associated teams.
Terje W. Eilertsen, who has been
Chief Technical Advisor with Technip,
will be Director - Technology
Solutions, in particular be associated
with front-end project deliveries.

Board of Managers
Michael Chia, Executive Director
of Keppel FELS
Chow Yew Yuen, President, Keppel
Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M)
Lai Ching Chuan, GM/Corporate
Development, Keppel O&M
Aziz Merchant, GM/Group
Design & Engineering, Keppel
O&M and General Manager/
Deepwater Technology Group

In his new position, Chris will be

responsible for prospects identification
and prioritisation, client relationship
development and marketing/name
Werner A. Bornstein, Director Pursuit
and Capture, has held similar positions
at ABB and Fluor. He will be responsible
for formalizing pursuit and winning
strategies for targeted projects, driving the
capture process, developing client
relationships and ensuring early execution

J. Ray McDermott
William R. Bill Robinson, Senior
VP/ Sales, Marketing and Strategic
William L. (Bill) Soester, VP/
Worldwide Engineering
Steven W Roll, VP and GM, Asia
Hafez K. Aghili, VP and GM,
Middle East & Africa

Tapan K. Das, Director Commercial,

Contracts and Admin, joins FloaTEC from
a similar position with ABB Lummus in
Houston, and his main tasks will be to
oversee risk management processes,
ensure contract compliance and
completeness, and provide admin
management to office and staff.

Leadership team

The members of the Leadership team

representing Technology have split
responsibilities; Development/R&D,
Technology Solutions and Execution

Eric H. Namtvedt, President. He has

worked for a major oil company, the
Norwegian government, a global E&P
contractor and an oilfield service and
fabrication company, leading projects
ranging geographically from the US to

John J. Murray, Director Technology

Development, previously Product
Development manager with Technip,
being responsible for the technology
development, and development and

To complement the team, Fred B.

Plummer who recently retired from
ExxonMobil in the capacity of Marine
Manager Engineering for the
Development Company joins
FloaTEC and will be focusing on
Execution Excellence and ensure total
quality management in project
deliveries. Freds background is in
large international offshore projects.

Functional team
The functional team will comprise six
divisions: Naval Architects, Structural,
Marine Systems, Moorings, Tendon &
Piles, Riser and Others.
Members of the team include Guibog
Choi, Chris Morlan, Max Grobe,
Balakrishna Padmanabhan, Kevin
Huang, Reidar Eliassen, Wenzhi Li
and Kay Staton.
Says Eric, All the pieces that are
falling into place will enable FloaTEC
to realize its vision of providing the
entire package of a deepwater
production system from conceptual
work to managing delivery of an
engineering, procurement and
construction contract, backed by the
resources and capabilities of Keppel
O&M and J. Ray.

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 17

The Marat
Godmother Peggy
Hinchman, wife of Steve
Hinchman, Senior VP World
Wide Production of MPC
(behind her) poses with
Alvheim and senior
management of MPC and
Keppel Shipyard at the
naming ceremony

lvheim marks the first Floating

Production and Storage Offloading
(FPSO) facility hull conversion that
Keppel Shipyard has serviced for Marathon
Petroleum Company (MPC).
Some nine months after its arrival in March
2005, the hull conversion is nearing the end of
the work phase at Keppel Shipyard. The vessel
will leave Singapore end December for Norway
for topside integration works to complete the
conversion of the vessel to a FPSO.

Keppel undertook the hull upgrading and

structural modification works for the MST
ODIN, a multi-purpose shuttle tanker, acquired
by the Alvheim partners in 2004.
At the naming ceremony on 1 December 2005,
both companies celebrated a new relationship
cemented on trust and confidence.
Tong Chong Heong, Managing Director of
Keppel O&M, the parent company of Keppel
Shipyard, Both companies have demonstrated
strong commitment and partnership in carrying
out the conversion in accordance with the
stringent requirements of the Norwegian
regulatory standards.
As with all other projects undertaken by Keppel
Shipyard, safety is of paramount importance.
Stringent safety standards were maintained
throughout the conversion of Alvheim.
The vessel has achieved a safety record of over
one million manhours accident-free. A recent
audit inspection was made by the Petroleum
Safety Authority of Norway and they were
pleased with the work done to prepare Alvheim
for the North Sea.
Alvheim is a continuation of Keppel Shipyards
strong track record of successful FPSO repair
and conversion. To date, Keppel Shipyard has
completed more than 54 FPSO and FSO
projects. Currently, apart from Alvheim, Keppel
Shipyard is carrying out three other FPSO and
FSO conversions and upgrading projects at our
Kudos to the MPC team led by Keith ODonnell
and Mike Stephens, and the Keppel Shipyard
team headed by Burt Loh and Jayaraman.
Marathons partners in the Norwegian
Continental Shelf field are Conoco Phillips AS
with a 20% working interest and Lundin
Norway AS which holds the remaining 15%

18 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

thon Race
FPSO Alvheim

Welcoming the Godmother,

Peggy Hinchman

Sharing a light moment at dinner reception

Steven Hinchman
addressing the audience

The project team

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 19

Colours of care
Platinum SHARE award
Keppel Shipyard (Gul) received the Platinum Award for the 13th
consecutive year since 1993. Other members of the Keppel
Group were also commended for their active participation in
SHARE this year.
The short name for Social Help and Assistance Raised by the
Employees, SHARE is a monthly contribution programme under
the Community Chest, the fund-raising arm of the National
Council of Social Services.
The awards are recognition of Keppels consistent support
towards SHARE.
Joining hands with The Yellow Ribbon
Yellow stands for second chance

nlocking the social prison in life for ex-convicts was

what Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) did
when it participated in a special job fair organised by
the Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP).
Keppel O&Ms Group Human Resources officers, together with
16 other companies, went to Changi Prison in September to
recruit ex-convicts.

Community Chest Awards SHARE Award 2005

Platinum award
Keppel Shipyard (Gul)
Gold award
Keppel Logistics Pte Ltd
Keppel Shipyard (Benoi Yard)
Keppel Shipyard (Tuas Yard)
Keppel Singmarine
Bronze award
Keppel FELS

Keppel Shipyard offered jobs to two ex-inmates during the job

fair that morning.
We have had positive experiences with the ex-inmates whom
we have worked with in the past. The ex-inmates can look
forward to equal career opportunities and a systematic
training programme to prepare them for the new workplace,
said Chee Jin Kiong, Executive Director (Human Resources) of
Keppel O&M.
K Achuthappa, a divisional manager at the Singapore Corporation
of Rehabilitative Enterprises (Score), which is the secretariat for
YRP, said, We are very happy with the success of the Yellow
Ribbon Job Fair. I think this is a remarkable result given that
this was the first time we had organised such a fair in prison.
The YRP, brainchild of the Community Action for the
Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders (CARE) Network, embarks on
projects to engage Singaporeans to offer ex-inmates on the
mend a second chance to life.

20 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

Keppelites join forces with Chung Cheng High (Main) to

promote the Green message

Can Tree sees green

Be Clean and Green.
To drive home the green message, Keppel
Shipyard and its adopted school under
Adopt-A-School programme, Chung
Cheng High (Main), jointly presented the
Can Tree project at Suntec City
exhibition hall on 14 November 2005.
The Can Tree project was constructed
to encourage creative use of recycled
materials and promote care for the
environment through the use of the Make
a Pledge for Environment Care cards.
The project was a success as at the end of
the project, the Can Tree was filled with
pledge cards and more than 2,000
participants were involved in the Guess
the number of cans contest. Winners of
the contest walked away with book
vouchers, sponsored by Keppel Shipyard.
Min Si, a Secondary two student from
Chung Cheng High (Main), said, We feel
so happy and proud. Both the teachers
and students had spent so much time and
effort on it. We were elated when we
finally put up the last can on the tree.
This year, volunteers from Keppel
Shipyard visited the school to share their
knowledge and practices on the 3 Rs
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Blue ribbon for Keppel AmFELS

Keppel AmFELS was conferred the
Employer Award of Excellence by the
Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) at
the Ninth Annual Texas Workforce
Conference held from 2 to 4 November
2005 in Houston.
The Award, nominated by the Cameron
County Workforce Development Board,
honours companies that have made a

Winning workforce Receiving the honours from Chairman of the Board for
Cameron Works Inc, Lilian Kim, as the Employer of Excellence is Keppel
AmFELS President, C. Y. Ho (extreme right), as Ronny Congleton (extreme left)
and Gilbert Elizondo look on

positive impact on their workers and the

community through partnerships with
their local workforce boards.
An active participant within the social and
community circles at Brownsville where
the company operates, Keppel AmFELS
provides close to 1,800 jobs and is one of
the largest private employers in Cameron
Commending Keppel AmFELS for its
efforts, TWC Commissioner Representing
Labor, Ronny Congleton, said, When
workforce boards and local businesses
form strong collaborative relationships,
everyone in the community benefits and
Congratulations to Keppel AmFELS and
Cameron Works for making a difference.
Shared Gilbert Elizondo, Keppel AmFELS
Vice President (Human Resources), We
strongly believe in investing in our people
and the community. In the last 12 months,
Keppel AmFELS has committed over half

a million dollars on skills training for our

Keppel AmFELS will continue to devote
resources to equip our workforce for the
challenges ahead. We will continue to play
our part as a good corporate citizen.
In February this year, Texas Governor,
Rick Perry presented Keppel AmFELS
with a US$350,000 Skills Development
Fund grant from the TWC for the training
and development of 450 new and existing
To date, 325 employees have benefited
from this grant. For example, over 75 are
now certified welders, having completed
the welder-training programme jointly
organised by the University of Texas
Brownsville (UTB) and Texas Southmost
College (TSC) and funded by Keppel
AmFELS and the TWC. Others have also
undergone courses in areas such as
electrical, blueprint reading, supervision,
management responsibilities and
computer courses.
OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 21

Keppel Singmarine delivers

hree more vessels have been

delivered by Keppel Singmarine
to their happy owners.

These make the total number of vessels

delivered by Keppel Singmarine in the
year 2006 15.

The third of seven Anchor Handling Tug/

Supply (AHTS) vessels for Bourbon
Offshore Surf, Bourbon Alexandre, was
delivered 21 November 2005. The 120tonne vessel will join the fleet of sister
vessels Bourbon Aladin and Bourbon
Apsara, also built by Keppel Singmarine.

Meanwhile, Bourbon Offshores fourth

vessel, Bourbon Artmis and Hadi 20 for
owner Hadi, were launched by Keppel

Making their first major construction

milestones are two other vessels for Hadi,
H303 and H304, where their keels were
being laid in mid November 2005.
ASD tug, Maju Sun, has been
delivered to its owner by Keppel
Singmarine in November 2005

A 45-tonne Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD)

tug, Maju Sun was also handed over to
its owner, Keppel Smit Towage on
17 November 2005. This followed after
the delivery of its sister vessel, Maju Star,
in October 2005.
Hadi 19 has been delivered to Hadi H.
Al-Hamman Establishment (Hadi) in
December 2005.

New PSVs for Maersk

eppel FELS Brasil is proud to
deliver the first two Platform
Supply Vessels (PSV) built in
Brazil for Maersk.

For Maersk Ventura the godmother was

Vera Lcia Faissol de Matos, wife of
Euclides Duncan Janot de Matos, Admiral
in the Brazilian Navy.

Both vessels are commissioned to support

the oil and gas platforms in operation in
Campos Basin off the coast of Rio de

According to Wagner Victer, Secretary of

Energy, Marine Industry and Petroleum
of Rio de Janeiro, The delivery of the
PSVs is an important event in the
rejuvenation process of the Rio de Janeiros
marine industry. This is the first order
placed with the marine and offshore
industry in Rio de Janeiro.

At the naming ceremony for Maersk Vega

and Maersk Ventura on 26 November
2005, major government representatives
were present.
The godmother for Maersk Vega was
Angela Rollemberg Santana Landim
Machado, wife of Luiz Rodolfo Landim
Machado, Director for Petrobras.

22 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

With the capacity for deployment in the

North Sea, these PSVs have larger load
capacity than conventional PSVs. Besides
having a double hull, they have been built
to meet the service requirements for the
international market.

Speech of Viggo Andersen,

Managing Director, Maersk Brasil

LNG vessels at Keppel Shipyard

hree LNG vessels docked at Keppel Shipyard, the largest

LNG repair hub outside Japan, recently.

We are delighted to see more LNG vessels making their stopover in

Keppel. This attests to the shipping communitys faith in our expertise
and reliability in LNG projects, said Tan Thiam Hock, Assistant
Yard Manager, Keppel Shipyard.

LNG Broog
The first of the trio, Broog, is part of the ten LNG carriers dedicated
to the Qatargas Project. The 135,000 m3 Broog underwent regular
general maintenance including overhaul of the LP turbines and
cryogenic machinery equipment. After two weeks, Broog left the yard
on 16 October 2005 for Ras Laffan, Qatar.

LNG Broog

Senshu Maru
The second vessel was Senshu Maru, which is one of the three LNG
Carriers serving the Badak II LNG project. Owned by MO LNG
Transportation, her two other sister vessels Bishu Maru and Banshu
Maru had previously docked in Keppel Shipyard.
Built in 1984, Senshu Maru was docked for her life extension repair
work, which included grit blasting and painting of the water ballast
tanks, complete renewal of the air conditioning system as well as
massive pipe renewal work.
The vessel continued on her route to transport LNG cargo from
Bontang, Indonesia to several Japanese LNG terminals after she was
delivered to the owner on 25 November 2005.

Senshu Maru

Energy Frontier
Energy Frontier, 147,000 m3 underwent her first guarantee docking
as well as the general maintenance of cargo machinery and other
repairs at Keppel Shipyard (Tuas). It is owned by Tokyo Gas, Japans
largest gas company, through its subsidiary Tokyo LNG Tankers.
The major works carried out was ice-class modification, which
prepared her for her future trading route to load LNG from Sakhalin,
Russia, where the winter temperature averages about -25C on deck.
Energy Frontier departed from the yard on the 26 November 2005
for her charter commitment to load at Bintulu, Malaysia for Tokyo

Energy Frontier
OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 23

Lighting up Jamaica coasts

r Bird II is the latest of five

floating power-plant barges that
Keppel Shipyard has completed
for long-standing and valued customer,
Wrtsil Finland Oy.
Keppel Shipyards relationship with
Wrtsil has grown from strength to
strength having supported Wrtsils
expanding fleet of floating power plants
worldwide, progressing from conversion
of four ready-built power barges to this
With this project, Keppel Shipyard has
again demonstrated its capability and
commitment to the customers to deliver
the project on time despite the tight
delivery schedule.
We want to thank Wrtsil for choosing
Keppel Shipyard to be its partner of
choice. This partnership has been built

over the years with each successful

project. The mutual trust and the open
communication displayed throughout the
Dr Bird II project have enabled the project
teams to plan and execute yet another
successful job, said Nelson Yeo,
Executive Director, Keppel Shipyard Ltd.
Due for the Jamaican Coasts, Dr Bird II is
named after the national bird of Jamaica,
Doctor Bird. Immortalised for many
decades in Jamaican folklore and song,
the Doctor Bird or swallowtail humming
bird lives only in Jamaica and is one of
the most outstanding of the 320 species
of humming birds worldwide.
Graced by the lady sponsor, Lydia George,
wife of Rodney George, Vice President of
Wartsila Caribbean, the naming ceremony
for Dr Bird II was held on 8 November

First newbuild floating power plant

barge for Wartsila
Among the guests at the ceremony were
Pekka Ahlqvist, Vice President, Power
Plant, Wrtsil Group, Wayne McKenzie,
Managing Director of Jamaica Energy
Partners and Rodney George, Vice
President, Wrtsil Caribbean.

Voted among the most innovative

eppel FELS was a finalist for the

Innovative Thinkers Award at
the 2005 World Oil Awards.

Its proprietary jackup rig design, the

KFELS B Class, is today a superior drilling
tool that is highly recognised by the
offshore community as the jackup rig of
Said John Rusty Meador, President/CEO
of Gulf Publishing Company, at the World
Oil Awards ceremony on 21 October
2005 in Houston, The oil and gas
industry is at a turning point.
Against a backdrop of constrained
supplies and an aging workforce, the
24 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

oil and gas industry continues to

achieve unprecedented technological
breakthroughs and demonstrate inspired
leadership to help meet global demand
for hydrocarbons.
The World Oil Awards recognise these
feats and we congratulate all of the
individuals and organisations for their
achievements over this past year, he
From its spacious living quarter
arrangements, revolutionary jacking
systems, fixation systems and controls to
its superior utilisation of deck space and
cantilevers, the KFELS B Class rig is an
innovative machine.

It is the first rig to be designed with living

quarters wrapped around the rigs forward
leg. This maximises its useful deck space
whilst maintaining a minimum hull size.
Since its launch five years ago, the KFELS
B Class has become the market standard
for jackup rigs. To date, there are 22
KFELS B Class jackups in total in
operation and under construction.
The annual World Oil Awards comprises
ten award categories, ranging from Best
Drilling Technology to Best Outreach
Programme Award.

Underlying strength of SPS

overlay technology

andwich Plate System (SPS)

overlay technology is gaining
ground in the shiprepair market.

In less than a year, Keppel Shipyard and

its technology partner, Intelligent
Engineering (IE) have carried out a good
variety of SPS overlay works on various
primary and secondary structures.
These overlay works are approved by all
major classification societies as permanent
We are very encouraged by the warm
reception to the SPS technology. In
particular, its versatility, compelling
advantages and cost-savings reaped by the
projects speak for itself, Leonard Chia,
Business Manager, SPS Technology,
Keppel Shipyard.

Expanding Market Opportunities

Keppel Shipyard has been licensed to offer
SPS technology to its clients since

December 2004. IE owns the SPS

proprietary technology.
SPS overlay is the repair application of
the system that reinstates the strength of
corroded or worn structures without
steelwork removal. It has versatile
application to all types of vessels.
Since the first marine overlay project in
2001, over 40,000m2 of SPS overlay has
been applied in 26 yards worldwide. More
than 15 different vessel types have
embraced the SPS technology through
Keppel Shipyard.
Dennis Welch, IEs Director responsible
for SPS business, said, Keppel has hit the
ground running having identified a
number of potential applications for ships
and FPSOs/FSOs in their yards and onstation.

offshore production units and underlay

on tank top to avoid equipment
We believe this technology gives us the
edge to be the choice solution provider
for our customers. We expect SPS to
further enhance our operational
competitiveness and the range of
quality services to our customers, said
Nelson Yeo, Executive Director, Keppel
In addition, Keppel Shipyard and IE also
carried out joint analysis with clients to
further explore the more customized
applications. The joint analysis includes
feasibility study on utilising SPS panels
for double hulling conversion for single
hull tankers and fendering system to
provide oil spill protection from collision
as an alternative to internal cofferdams.

Some of the new applications rendered

by Keppel included the conversion of
single hull tankers to double hull using
SPS panels, blast wall fabrication for

Proven application of SPS technology for offshore units such as

FPSO Al Zaafarana in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt

New SPS applications

The SPS overlay technology can be
applied for offshore units, such as:
Strengthening of helideck
pancakes of offshore units
Protection of areas of pontoons
and columns that are vulnerable
to operational damage for marine
and offshore units
In-situ steel reinstatements to meet
class requirement for extended
Fabrication of fire/blast walls for
accommodations on offshore
production units

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 25

Managing knowledge for innovation

nowledge resides in
individuals and the
challenge is to translate
individual learning to organisational
learning, said Charles Foo, Managing
Director (Special Projects), Keppel
Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M).
Keppel O&Ms vision of becoming the
offshore solutions provider of choice is
the driving force for Keppels initiative on
Knowledge Management (KM).
As Keppel O&Ms KM champion, Charles
was recently invited to speak on the topic
at the Singapore Knowledge Management
Symposium organised by the Singapore
Civil Service College (CSC).

Illustrating how KM in innovation can

drive an organisation forward, Charles
shared a new initiative at Keppel O&M.
The group has launched the Enterprise
Information Portal (EIP), which
formalises lessons learnt and allows all
employees access to the shared database.
Via the EIPs Directory of Experts (DoE)
module, employees can also locate field
experts in the areas of concern and tap
on their expertise and experience to avoid
repeated mistakes that compromise on
efficiency and effectiveness. However, EIP
is not sufficient. We need more robust
mechanisms of innovation to drive us into
the future.

Research and development, industry

expertise and knowledge of market trends
are necessary for technological foresight
and this is what we are aiming to achieve.
With this level of innovation, the growth
can be quantum, Charles explained.
By establishing an engineering office in
Houston, the hub of the oil industry,
Keppel O&M is well placed among
industry players to exchange knowledge
and expertise. In doing so, it is able to
study market trends and manage
disruptive innovation which undermines
growth and effective investment of time
and resources, he added.

Jack and the miracle trolley

nfinite, the Safety Innovation Team

(SIT) from Keppel FELS won a gold
award for their project, Miracle
Trolley and Jack at the 11th National SIT
Convention held last month.
The device incorporates the concept of
an inflatable jack and a platform to
facilitate installations in places with low
headroom. The contraption also reduces
the usage of hands to lift heavy objects,
thus, minimizing the risk of crushing
Another team, S.A.F.E. from Keppel
Shipyard (Tuas), also won a gold award
for its Power Rail Detector project.
It is a time-saving tool that also improves
workers comfort while they are checking
for exposure to electricity in the power
rails that are in the drydock.
The aim of the SITs is to develop
procedures and equipment to increase

26 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

Infinite presents the Miracle Trolley & Jack to the judges at the 11th SIT Convention

workplace safety and efficiency through

project work.
An annual event jointly organised by the
Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and
National Trades Union Congress (NTUC),
this years convention brought together 12

teams from companies in industries such

as marine, construction, petrochemical and
manufacturing to present their projects.
Keppel FELS and Keppel Shipyard
garnered two gold awards out of four that
were awarded.

People moves
Lum Chee Kong

Tan Cheng Hui

David Low

Lum Chee Kong, General

Manager (Commercial),
Keppel Shipyard, has been
seconded to Keppel FELS as Shipyard
Manager (Special Projects) with effect
from 1 November 2005

Tan Cheng Hui has been

Manager (Engineering),
Keppel Singmarine from
19 September 2005.

David Low returned on

26 October 2005 as Group
Training Manager for
Keppel Offshore and Marine and Human
Resources Manager, Keppel Shipyard after
two years as Manager for Corporate
Development and Human Resource in a
public listed company.

In this capacity, he will assist General

Manager (Operations) in overseeing
Keppel FELS projects that are being
outsourced. Chee Kong brings with him
broad experiences in management,
commercial and shipyard operations.
He was based in the Philippines as Vice
President (Operations) & Yard Manager
Subic Shipyard & Engineering Inc from
1994 to 1995.

A man with a passion for ship design and

production, Cheng Hui joins Keppel
Singmarine after spending 29 years with
Llyods Register, a classification society.
Cheng Hui hopes to add value to Keppel
Singmarine. He says, I want the industry
to think of Keppel Singmarine the moment
offshore support vessels (OSVs) are
mentioned. One of our immediate aims is
to excel in the designing and engineering
of ice breaking and ice class OSVs working
in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.
Keppel Singmarine is a premier shipyard
for the design and construction of OSVs,
tugs and specialised vessels.

As the Group Training Manager, his

immediate focus is to identify critical areas
of employee motivation and training to
enhance skill competency of workers.
He will also be involved in the review of
Compensation and Benefits policies and
practices and Human Resources
Information System for Keppel Shipyard.
In addition, he will oversee the Human
Resources Department of Alpine
Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary
of Keppel Shipyard.

Strengthening bilateral ties

eppel Offshore & Marine shows

its support of Brazil through its
sponsorship of the Singapore
Pavillion at the prestigious Sao Paulo 6th
International Biennial of Architecture and
Design (BIA).
participation in the exhibition was a
strong endorsement of the growing
economic and cultural ties between
Singapore and Brazil.
First established in 1973, the BIA, which
was held from 22 October to 11
December 2005 at Ibirapuera Park, Sao
Paulo in Brazil, showcases design talents
on an international platform.

This year, the Singapore Pavilion was

named 699.1 km2, which depicts the
total land area of Singapore and celebrates
the beauty of our island nation. Through
intensive and long-term planning, the
careful balancing of open green spaces
and built forms and provision of essential
connective infrastructure, Singapore is
today one of the densest yet most liveable cities in the world.
Singapores participation in the 6th BIA
in Sao Paulo will augment the nations
position as a global contributor of creative
talent and unique propositions especially
in the areas of architecture, urban design,
landscaping, visual communications and
infrastructure development.

Networking at Sao Paulo are (second from

left) Tay Kim Hock, President and CEO,
Keppel FELS Brasil, Ter Yeow Ming, Area
Director, Latin America, IE Singapore Sao
Paulo Office and H.E. Jadiel Ferreira de
Oliverira, Brazilian Ambassador

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 27

Keeping shipshape
such as common cancers. These topics were
developed mainly from feedback employees
The WHP includes regular health and fitness
screenings, seminars, sports and recreation
activities and healthy cooking demonstrations.

Keppel Shipyard organises many activities,

such as regular health screenings, under its
WHP to promote employee health

Regular checks at the shipyards canteens also

ensure hygienic and nutritious food is provided
for the employees.

Fight against dengue

Healthy workplace

eppel Shipyard firmly believes in

providing an active and healthconscious environment for its
Judging from the nine Singapore Health Awards
received between 2002 and 2004, it is apparent
that Keppel Shipyards integrated and intensive
workplace health programme (WHP) is
working for its people.
Daniel Chang, Senior General Manager
(Operations) of Keppel Shipyard, said, Under
the programme, we have seen a sharp increase
in staff morale and reduction in medical leave
numbers, which translate to better productivity
and greater interaction between employees.
Health is wealth for us.

Seng Han Thong, Assistant Secretary-General

for the National Trades Union Congress
(NTUC), joined Keppel Shipyard (Benoi) on
30 September 2005 in its drive to spread the
dengue prevention message at the yard.
The shipyard is committed to educate workers
about the prevention of dengue, said Chee Jin
Kiong, Executive Director (Human Resources)
of Keppel Offshore & Marine. We will increase
workers awareness of its dangers and how to
prevent it. We have even included an agenda
item on dengue in our morning briefings to
The shipyard is carrying out more safety
precautions, such as increased fogging, and is
working with the unions to ensure that drains

In recognition of its exemplary WHP best

practices, Keppel Shipyard was invited to share
its experience and programme at the 5th
National Conference on Workplace Health
organised by the Health Promotion Board.
Senior management, HR personnel, relevant
health facilitators and company physicians
attended the conference which was held on
20 October 2005.
Keppel Shipyards WHP comprises four
components: diet and nutrition, ailments and
diseases, work-life balance and stress
management. In 2004, Keppel Shipyard
focused on nutrition and awareness for ailments
28 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

NTUC Assistant Secretary-General

Seng Han Thong sharing message for
dengue prevention with the workers

are cleared of debris and do not provide breeding

grounds for the deadly Aedes mosquitoes.
Mr Seng was heartened by the support shown by
the Keppel Shipyard management. He said, By
working together with the union and management,
we can bring this message to the workers more
effectively, not only at the workplace but also the
Wong Weng Ong, President of Shipbuilding &
Marine Engineering Employees Union, is
optimistic that the shipyard will be free from
breeding mosquitoes. He noted that the union has
spoken to the dormitories administrators to ensure
that the premises are kept clean.

Friend of AIDSbusters
Nelson Yeo, Executive Director of Keppel Shipyard,
has been appointed a member of the AIDS Business
Alliance. The AIDS Business Alliance is set up by
the Health Promotion Board to mobilise support
from the business community in Singapore to
promote greater HIV/AIDS awareness and reduce
discrimination at the workplace.
As in other health matters, Keppel Shipyard is an
ardent supporter of the fight against AIDS. The
AIDS awareness campaigns organised by the
company, such as a Mobile AIDS show held earlier
this year, aimed to educate employees about the
dangers and prevention of AIDS.

These campaigns and activities received positive

responses and feedback from employees.

Fitting a sound mind

Flailing hands and stamping feet, one would have
thought there was chaos if not for their perfectly
synchronized movements.
Over 2,700 Keppel FELS personnel across all levels
amassed at the carpark on the cheery morning of
26 November 2005 for their ACTIVE (All
Companies or Communities Together In Various
Exercises) Day.
Led by an instructor from Fitness-Plus Pte Ltd,
Keppelites flexed their muscles to the rhythm and
beat of popular tunes to kick start their day
Chan Kin Seng, General Manager for Quality
Assurance (QA) & Health Safety & Environment
(HSE), said, We want all our staff to achieve a
healthy and balanced worklife. The companys
Lifestyle and Health Survey 2004 reported that 40%
of our staff do not engage in vigorous physical
activity for at least 30 minutes each time.
He also added that as workload in the yard
increases, active living is the way to manage stress
and energise oneself, keeping the body fit and mind

With flailing hands

and stamping feet,
Keppelites started
their day ACTIVE-ly

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 29

Visitor from Brazil

r Joaquim Levy, the Federal

Secretary of Treasury, Brazil,
called at Keppel Offshore &
Marine and toured its yards in Singapore
on 6 November 2005.
During the visit, he spent time catching
up with his countrymen working on the
P-51, P-52 and P-53 projects.
Mr Levy was happy to find his
countrymen and their families feeling at
home in Singapore.

Mr Levy (second from right) at Keppel FELS with construction managers for P-51
and P-52, (from left) Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues da Silva, Flavio Siqueira and
Jos Antonio Gragnani, Assistant to Federal Secretary of Treasury

Forging camaraderie at
Caspian Shipyard

ill Kee, President of Caspian

Shipyard Company (CSC),
highlighted the importance of
building a core management team to help
ensure the sustainability of Keppels
offshore business in a demanding
environment such as the Caspian Sea.
He shared this with some 27 key
management personnel from CSC and
Keppel Kazakhstan at a management
team-building workshop held in Baku,

Symmetry in teamwork

30 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

Held on 22 October 2005, the workshop

was aimed at creating an innovative
environment that encourages openness,
trust and support among the team
members. In the process, employees forge
stronger team spirit, a key ingredient to
the success of any business.

The programme, conducted by Rod

Pashley, Managing Director of
people=positive, was stimulating,
innovative and fun as the participants
learnt how to contribute new ideas
towards the fostering of team spirit.
One of many whom benefitted from the
workshop is new CSC employee, Frank
Liggett, Contracts/Quantity Surveyor
Frank shared, Being new to the company,
the team-building workshop was a great
way to get to know and become closer to
my fellow colleagues.
I enjoyed the experience which has
helped me to get acquainted with the
companys culture.

AHI participates in Shiprepair &

Conversion 2005

Showcasing the yards

services at the Gulf were
(from left) AHIs Finance &
Administration Manager
Wong Wei Kei, General
Manager Chan Lim Hong,
Assistant HR officer Kevin
Dominic and Finance
Officer Sasi Menon

he capabilities of Arab Heavy Industries

(AHI) in the areas of ship repair,
conversion, shipbuilding and steel
fabrication were showcased recently at the Ship
Repair & Conversion 2005 exhibition held from
7 to 9 November 2005.
Dubai, the ship repair centre of the Middle East,
hosted the international event which was
brought away from its traditional home in
London for the first time to the Sheikh Rashid
Hall, Dubai International Convention Centre.
In conjunction with the exhibition, a Shiprepair
& Conversion conference was also held to
discuss crucial aspects of the repair, conversion
and maintenance industries, perspectives and
repair and maintenance issues faced by the
various sectors gas, tanker, bulk, container
and the offshore industry.

Apart from the spectrum of ship repair, conversion

and specialised shipbuilding services that it
offers, AHI also has a strong foothold in the
offshore rig repair and upgrade business in the
Middle East.

Dutch maritime connections

o strengthen its relationships with Dutch and European

clients, Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M)
participated in the Europort Maritime exhibition held from
1 to 5 November 2005 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The group was represented by Keppel Shipyard, Keppel Verolme
and Keppel Benelux Services.
Europort Maritime scored a new record versus all previous marine
events in the Netherlands. Occupying nine halls, the exhibition
attracted almost 36,000 visitors and 784 maritime suppliers from all
over the world.
During the five-day event, many of the key Dutch clients like P&O
Nedlloyd (now Maersk), Vroon, Wagenborg, Boskalis, Van Oord,
Fairmount, Stolt Nielsen, called on the Keppel O&M booth.
Europort Maritime or the maritime and inland shipping exhibition
was formed through the merger of two trade fairs, Europort
(Amsterdam RAI) and Rotterdam Maritime (Ahoy).

The Keppel contingent at Europort Maritime: (from left

to right) Jan Miedema, Project Manager of Keppel
Verolme; Ronnie Tan, Commercial Manager of Keppel
Shipyard, Lucienne de Jong, Marketing Assistant of
Keppel Verolme and Sjaak Sely, Senior Business
Manager of Keppel Verolme
OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 31

Around our yards

OffshoreMarine tracks works carried out in some Keppel yards.

President Truman

Keppel Shipyard (Benoi)
International Energy Transport (IET) of
Japan docked its vessel Katori, an oil
tanker for general survey and repair
works. She arrived on 19 November 2005
and left the yard on 7 December 2005.
IET has a fleet contract with Keppel and
the NKK class Katori marks the eleventh
vessel to have docked in Keppels yard
within a year.

Arabian Horse III

President Truman
President Truman of APL Maritime, USA,
is undergoing general survey and repairs
at the yard. Arrived on 24 November
2005, the container carrier is the first of
APL Maritimes C10 series vessels in
Keppels yard. Subsequently, three more
are expected. The survey is being carried
out by classification society, ABS.

Keppel Shipyard Tuas

Bandondari, a tanker owned by Singaporebased GBLT Shipmanagement, came in to
Keppel Shipyard for general survey and
repairs on 24 November 2005.

Keppel Batangas Shipyard

Arabian Horse III
The tanker, Arabian Horse III sailed into
Keppel Batangas yard for major works,
including 10 tonnes of steel works, hull

32 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

Tabernacle Star

cleaning, blasting and painting,

overhauling of cargo valves and sea valves
and ballast tank cleaning. The vessel
owned by Servicios Maritima Inc,
Philippines was docked for a period of
30 days.
BRP Artemio Ricrte (PS37)
The Philippine Navy patrol ship docked
for a period of 93 days for major
installation works. These installation
works include a 76mm Melara Gun, new
radars and a new gyro system.

Bulk Sirius

Tabernacle Star
Tokyo Cement Companys (Sri Lanka)
Tabernacle Star was in the yard for
312 tonnes of steel renewal works. Other
works include renewal of deck pipings
and washing of all decks. The 151m long
cargo carrier left on 25 November 2005.
Bulk Sirius
Japanese bulk carrier, Bulk Sirius of
Kyowa Sansho Co, Ltd docked on
27 November 2005 for 8 days to overhaul
her main engine turbocharger.

Keppel Subic Shipyard

Maersk Taiyo

Maersk Taiyo
Maersk Taiyo, a car and truck carrier of
A.P. Moller, Denmark drydocked on
5 November 2005 for a variety of works,
such as hull preservation, blasting and
painting of all ramps, main engine blower
motor overhaul and installation of new
incinerators accessories. There was also
propeller removal and polishing.

OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 33

Keppel Group Newsbytes

contract from the National Environment
Agency (NEA) for Singapores first
incineration plant to be built under the
Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
This waste-to-energy plant, Singapores
fifth, is expected to be operational by early
2009. When completed, the plant will be
able to treat 800 tonnes of solid waste a
day to generate more than 20MW of green

Kevin Wong, MD of Keppel Land (front left) seals the partnership with Zhang Zheng Guang, Chairman of BMT in
the presence of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and key ministers from Singapore and Tianjin

Keppel Land signed an agreement with

Tianjin Binhai Mass Transit Dev. Co.
(BMT) to form a strategic partnership
to explore township development
opportunities along the Tianjin-Binhai
mass rail transit line.
A new development zone, the Binhai
New Area is poised to be the next growth
centre of China after the Pearl Delta and
Yangtze Delta. The Tianjin government
also intends to invest some RMB 500
billion (S$104.8 billion) on
infrastructure within the next 10 years
to develop the Binhai New Area into
a hub for logistics, finance,
manufacturing and petrochemicals in
northern China.
Keppel Land through its joint venture,
CityOne, has acquired a 35-hectare site
in Wuxi, the tourism and industrial
centre of Jiangsu in China for RMB 725
million to develop a township. The site
will be developed over six years and will
offer up to 5,000 homes. The first phase

34 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

of this township is slated for launch in

the first half of 2007.

k1 Ventures recorded a total revenue of

S$153.9 million in the first quarter of
FY2006 (1Q FY2006), representing an
increase of 94% over 1Q FY2005. Profit
attributable to shareholders for 1Q
FY2006 was $6.6 million, an increase of
79% over the prior corresponding period.

Keppel Seghers has secured three new

major contracts for its proprietary
thermal technology.
The first contract involves the supply of
flue gas cleaning lines to a waste-toenergy plant in Spain. The second is the
commissioning and start-up of a waste
recycling plant in the United Kingdom.
The third project is for the engineering,
design, supply, erection, commissioning,
supervision and take-over of a grate/
boiler for the new waste incineration
plant in Italy.

Earnings per share increased to 0.35 cents

from 0.20 cent, marking a 75% increase
over 1Q FY2005. Group EBITDA was
$39.6 million, representing an increase of
235% over the prior corresponding

FELS Cranes, the wholly owned

subsidiary of Keppel Integrated
Engineering (KIE), has received its latest
order for four units of Rubber Typed
Gantry Cranes (RTGs) from Bangkok Port.
These will replace the ports existing
cranes to achieve greater efficiency for its
growing throughputs.

Keppel Seghers Engineering

Singapore has secured a 25-year
Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO)

This contract follows a previous order of

six units of RTGs delivered in January this
year. The delivery of the latest four cranes
will be expected in October 2006.

Keppels Global Reach

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OffshoreMarine November/December 2005 35

Vigilant afloat

ome-based in the Aleutian Island

Chain at the city of Adak, Alaska, the
240-ft wide and 390-ft long Sea-Based
Test X-Band Radar (SBX) platform is on guard;
patrolling the waters of the north of the Pacific
and Bering Seas.
Her mission to track and locate objects
possibly hostile to the United States and her
But, it has taken 30 months of precision
engineering and construction before she
became capable of what she can do today.
The platform first called at Keppel AmFELS yard
in Brownsville, Texas, in May 2003. The Boeing
Company had engaged Keppel AmFELS to
undertake the task of modifying an oil-drilling
platform into a self-propelled semisubmersible

36 OffshoreMarine November/December 2005

platform that will house the worlds largest sea

based X-band radar.
The yards work scope involved outfitting of the
platforms bare hull, construction and assembly
of living quarters, electrical, networking,
mechanical work and commissioning of the
After months of working round the clock,
Keppel AmFELS delivered the SBX platform to
a satisfied customer, The Boeing Company, in
February 2005. The radar was subsequently
installed at a yard in Corpus Christi.
Today, the SBX platform is ploughing the seas
with watchful eyes, playing a critical role in
supporting the US ground-based midcourse
missile defence system.