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Home Remedies:

Calamus (Air): This herb has a bitter element called "acorin" which is a gre
at anthelmintic agent. This is one of the best intestinal worms cure.
Coconut: Among the numerous home remedies found beneficial in the treatment
of intestinal worms, the use of coconut is most effective. It is an ancient reme
dy for expelling all kinds of intestinal worms. A tablespoon of freshly ground c
oconut should be taken at breakfast, followed by 30 to 60 ml of castor oil mixed
with 250 to 375 ml of lukewarm milk after three hours. This process may be repe
ated till the cure is complete.
Garlic: Both fresh garlic and its oil are effective. An ancient method of it
s administration was to place a couple of cloves fresh garlic in each shoe. As t
he person walked, the cloves got crushed, and the worm-killing garlic oil was ab
sorbed by the skin and carried by the blood into the intestines easily, as it po
ssessed a powerful penetrative force. This ancient method is worth a trial by th
ose who do no not like the taste of garlic and cannot eat it. Those who can eat
raw garlic, however, should chew three cloves of garlic every morning.
Carrot: Carrots are valuable in the elimination of threadworms among childre
n as they are offensive to all parasites. A small cup of grated carrot taken eve
ry morning, with no other food added to the meal, can clear these worms quickly.
Papaya: The digestive enzyme "papain" in the milky juice of the unripe papay
a is a powerful agent for destroying roundworms. Papaya seeds are also useful fo
r this purpose. They are rich in a substance called caricin which is a very effe
ctive medicine for expelling roundworms. The alkaloid carpaine found in papaya l
eaves also has the power to destroy or expel intestinal worms.
Pumpkin: The seeds of ripe pumpkin are useful in intestinal worms, especiall
y tapeworms. One tablespoon of the seeds should be peeled and crushed, and then
infused in 250 ml of boiling water and drunk; also possible to take crushed seed
s, mix with honey and take one tablespoon each morning before breakfast. This w
ill kill the parasites and help in expelling the tapeworms. It will be necessary
to fast for a day and empty the intestines by taking the juice of boiled dry pr
unes. The next day, three or four tumblers of the pumpkin seed infusion should b
e taken.
Eating apples every day keep the worms away.
Tomatoes along with a pinch of black pepper and rock salt taken on an empty
stomach for 10 days prove to be a very useful for prevention of worms.
Rambutan, Pomegranate, Guava leaves..
The infestation of worms in the human body can be prevented with the help of hom
e remedies and proper ayurvedic treatment. Besides home remedies, personal hygie
ne also plays a major role in preventing worms from attacking the body. The effi
cacy of ayurvedic treatment for worms is proven for years and is considered to b
e a safer alternative in the modern times as well.
Herbal syrup obtained by boiling coriander and cumin in wateris also a wonde
rfulayurvedic remedy for the treatment of worms.
Ayurvedic experts strongly recommend the medicinal properties of Ajwain. Ajw
ain mixed with a pinch of salt, take on an empty stomach for a week to eliminat
e worms from the intestines.
The herb keetmardrastaken with the extract of nagarmotha three times a day i
s helpful in treating intestinal worms.
Faydemand Ajwain: Agar kisi ko bhi pet mai kide hai to ajwain ka prayog kare. Aj
wain ka prayog karne se iska upchar sambhav hai. Sabse pehle to aap gud ka sevan
kare. Gud khane ke bad aap 10 se 15 minute tak chahalkadmi kare. Aesa karne se
aanto se chipke kide ek sthan par ektrit ho jayege, fir ajwain ka churan lekar u
par se sada pani pee le. Aesa karne se sare kide mar jayenge aur maltyag ke sama
y bahar nikal jayenge.

Iske atritk aadha gram ajwain churn mai chutki bhar kala namak milakar ratri ke
samay rojana garam jal ke sath dene se balako ke kide nasht ho jate hai. Bade aj
wain ke churn mai kala namal milakar do gram ki matra, garam pani ke sath le.
Ajwain ka churn aadha gram, sat gram matthe ya chhanch ke sath aur bado ko do gr
am 125 gram matthe ke sath dene se pet ke kide nasht hokar mal ke sath bahar nik
al jate hai.

The Pin Worm has a life cycle that goes something like this: 3 to 4 weeks spent
in the upper intestinal tract, during which time they are not fertile and are no
t able to lay eggs; after this time they migrate to the bowel where they live an
other 3 to 4 weeks--the first 2 to 3 weeks they are not fertile and do not lay e
ggs. The only time they are able to lay eggs is during their last 1 to 2 weeks o
f life.
If you are constantly feeling them night after night, then you have several diff
erent stages of nematode living in your intestines all at the same time, so the
first thing you (and the rest of your family need to do) is kill off all of the
nematodes that are killable. Unfortunately, this will leave a few immature Pin W
orms (or Thread Worm) still living in your upper gut and a very few that are res
istant still living in your bowel.
To combat the parasite in your bowel, you can try a couple of very easy steps. C
old press 10 cloves or so of garlic and make a paste mixed with vaseline (microw
ave the mixture for a few seconds then stir it until it is thoroughly mixed, let
it cool and it will gel back to vaseline consistency). Paste your bottom around
your anus and vulva (if you can stand it) and also, if you are strong of heart
(LOL) coat your finger and paste the inside of your anus, leaving a glob inside
near the opening. This will keep the females from coming out and laying eggs.
I did this with myself and my two toddlers--one of my boys was so infected that
after a week he had a huge bowel movement that literally left him screaming in p
ain and begging for my help in the bath room. Once I saw the toilette bowl, I sa
w why: his stool was literally overloaded with thousands of sterile Pin Worm egg
s that had all released at once. From that point forward, our family has been sy
mptom free HOWEVER, I have continued to inspect the kids and my own stool and I
continued to find dead pin worms (most likely the garlic was killing them, yet a
low level remained--I will address this later)
The second and easier way to get rid of the wriggling is to put a clove of garli
c up your bum every night for 3 weeks (I score mine a little to let the juices c
ome out better--it does the same thing as the vaseline, but is less messy and sm
elly, so it will be easier for you and your partner to tolerate).
If you are in a family situation, you must assume you were all infected at diffe
rent times and so you should consider the first 3 or 4 doses of Meb will only wo
rk to synchronize the family so that your parasites are all on the same fertilit
y schedule. Secondly, you should assume your parasites have become a little resi
stant to the medication, so 2 single doses 14 days apart will not work, you shou
ld hit them as hard as you can.
I encourage everyone to read the South African treatment for this parasite (goog
le it for yourself): the South African treatment is 3 days in a row with Meb. ta
ken as 2 doses each day (morning and night), repeated 14 days apart, and then ag
ain 3 days in a row with 2 doses each day 6 weeks later. This ensures you get th
e immature nematodes that survive the first dosage and any eggs that are release
d or picked up in the air after the second dosage.
As an aromatherapist, I must also give the best natural remedies: Black Walnut H

usk, Wormwood, and Clove, either as tincture or as an essential oil mixture (alt
hough if you use an essential oil blend, you must make sure it is diluted approp
riately--because these particular EO's ARE EXTREMELY POTENT, you only need a 5%
blend or so and I wouldn't use EO's on children, rather find a tincture and dilu
te the tincture).
Also, as I said earlier, garlic is great at keeping their numbers very low and a
lso keeping the female from laying eggs, however, the odor, can be very off-putt
ing. You should also try cloves (as cloves kills off the eggs--but you can only
take these by tablet because the taste is very bitter) and ginger is always good
at killing off intestinal parasites and/or keeping their numbers low.
To reiterate however: use all the natural remedies that work for you, BUT also t
ry the South African prescription of Meb...this interrupts their life-cycle, tak
es into consideration the fact that their eggs remain potent for up to 3 weeks,
and also the fact that they have become somewhat drug resistant.
Pyaj ka Ras: Yeh baccho ke pet ke thread worms ko saaf karne mai madad karta hai
. Iske liye kuch pyaj ke tukde lekar unhe pees le aur uska ras nichod le. Ise su
bah khali pet piye.
Gunkari Papita: Papita bhi Stomach Virus ko marne ke liye accha antioxidant hai.
Iske jariye upchar ke liye kacche papite ka char chammach dudh lo. Isme ek cham
mach shahad aur char chammach ubla pani dale. Yeh mishran ka subah khali pet sev
an kare.
Kadwa Karela: Karela khane mai kadwa hota hai lekin iski yahi kadwahat pet ke ki
do ko marne mai faydemand hoti hai. Butter ke dudh ke sath ek chammach karele ka
ras pine se teen din ke andar pet ke kide khatam kiye ja sakte hai.
Aadu aur Marua Ke Patte: Pet mai kide ho jane par vyakti ko aadu ke podhe ke kuc
h patto ko lekar peeskar uska ras nikal le. Lagbhag ek chammach ki matra ka ras
lekar khali pet rojana sevan karne se pet ke sabhi rog dur ho jata hai.
Ek chammach marua ke patto ka ras nikalkar iss ras mai ek gram kabila ka churn m
ilakar khali pet khaye. Lagatar 4 se 5 din is aushdhi ka prayog kare. Pet ke sar
e kide nikal jayege. Iske alawa adrak, dhaniya, hari mirch aur namak milakar cha
tni bana le. Iss chatni ka sevan karne se apachan, mandagni ki bimari thik ho ja
ti hai.
Tamatar: Baccho ke pet mai kide hone par pratidin use ek paka hua desi tamatar,
kale namak ke sath sevan karne ke liye de. Aesa karne se pet ke sabhi kide mar j
Chhanch: Rojana chhach mai namak aur jeera milakar pine se bhi pet ke kido ka vi
kas ruk jata hai.
Muli Ka Juice: Lagatar teen dino tak muli ke juice ka sevan karne se bhi pet ke
kide mar kar mal dwara bahar aa jate hai.
Lahsun Ki Kacchi Kali: Baccho ko yadi pet mai kide ki shikayat ho to lehsun ki k
acchi kaliyo ka 20-30 bund ras ek gilas dudh mai milakar dene kide markar, sonch
ke sath bahar nikal aate hai.
Gulkand: Bina chhile gulkand ka paste bana le aur isme nimbu ka ras nichod ke mi
la de. Yeh khane se pet ke kide marte hai.
Surjana Phali Ke Beej: Do gram surjane ki phali ke beej ka powder thande pani ke

sath lene se pet ke kide saaf ho sakte hai.

Ubla Pani: Namak ke tukdo ko uble pani mai dalkar pine se bhi pet ke kide mare j
a sakte hai. Yeh aap roj subah khali pet pee sakte hai.
Tulsi ki Pattiya: Tulsi ki pattiya ya manjari pet ke kide mitane mai labhdayak h
ai. Tulsi ke patto ya iski manjari se aap dawai bhi bana sakte hai. Yeh pet ke k
ido se ladne mai madadgar hai.
Gajar: Pet ke kido se nipatne ke liye gajar ka sevan bhi faydemand hai. Iske liy
e subah ke wakt khali pet gajar ko peeskar khaye. Yeh na keval kido ko marta hai
balki unhe dubara hone se bhi rokta hai.
Ajwain. Ajwain mixed with a pinch of salt, take on an empty stomach for a week
to eliminate worms from the intestines.