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Peers web based assessment tool

Peers are given a form to assess the instructional tool, which is the website. A rating
from a range of 1 to 5 can be choose and tick (/) to assess each of the following criteria. They
can also give their own remarks or comment in the remarks section of the form. Example of the
distributed form;

Assessment rating


Structure and order
Links to other sites

Criteria being

Assessment given by peers


out of 15 according to rating

Overall remarks given by peers







Site is not crowded by heavy content makes it faster to

All the information and presentation of topics are in

All the information co-relate to each other without

inserting any irrelevant contents

Shown tittles and sub menus are useful
The contents are easy to read and understand
Can be improved by using more variety of pictures and

related videos or content

Overall layouts of website can be improved
Good combinations of pictures to make the site



Clear view and voice of video, able to understand fully
Creative, easy and direct access to other instrumental


tools that is related to teaching and learning

Nice presentation of video that is related to the learning

Originality in the content given
Gives an overall view of the topics and the theme of the








learning video
Information and the video is presented in a directly

Easily move around the web without any complexity

Simple and direct
Clear labels and sub menu tittles



Up to date information can be added to the website

Good incorporation of useful materials to the site

format, easy access

Structure and





Explanation on the assessment instrument used to evaluate the web

The assessment instrument that is used is an evaluation form that is distributed to the
peers as a tool to indicate the effectiveness of the website as an instructional tools for teaching

and learning. In the evaluation form, there are certain criteria that are being assessed in order to
see the whole aspects of effectiveness of the instructional media, which is the website.
Among the category criteria that was being assessed is the content which tells about the
incorporation of essential, useful, trustful and up to date information. In terms of contents, it
should have be presented in a direct usable format, for example, the website and all the content
in it can be navigate with all type of browser. Next is navigation of the whole site. The navigation
inside the site upon assessing it should be easy and user friendly. The labels and buttons from
page to page is taken into account so that the navigation on the site is smooth. The navigation
can also include the connection and link to other sites that offers a helping hand to the teachers
and students in teaching and learning. The structure and order of the website reflects the
information presentation consistency, as well as the quality of the whole instructional tool. In
other words, it carries the order and togetherness of information that is included in the website.
The appearance criteria is also one of the important element in a website. The graphic
presentation and multimedia should always be neat and organized in a way that it can make the
user attracted upon browsing through it. The appearance should shows the easiness of reading
from the user in a normal angle viewing and the combination of all the multimedia contents in
the website such as image, voice and video to make it user friendly. About the presentation and
uniqueness, it closely refers to the differences that is present in the website itself. Out of all the
websites in the World Wide Web, there must be something that can captures the attention of the
viewers that visits the websites. The aspects that being taken into account is the originality of
the content and organization of the web page and also the overall appearance of the website in
The assessment tool that is used is then publish in the classs email. The form then can be
easily be accessed by the receiver regardless of the time and place. The assessment is then
evaluated and re sent via email to the sender.

Explanation on the advantages of using a web to increase the quality of the teaching and
There are many reasons why people nowadays especially teachers use the web as a
tool that they can trust in order to increase the quality of teaching and learning. The web is a

vast network collection of web pages that is documents like that can be accessed through the
internet (Wright. J, 2006). It is related to the World Wide Web files that includes a beginning file
called a home page.
As we know, the web is full of online documents that is very useful to every people who are
using it. As such, teachers and students uses it as one of their methods of learning and work.
One of the reason why teachers and students finds many advantages in the web site in order to
increase the teaching and learning is that it allows teachers to spend more time with their
students regardless in classroom or at home (Grinager. H, 2006). The reasons are that it
enables students to work according to their own pace and not confined by the time given by the
teacher in the classroom, indirectly giving them control over things that they want to learn.
Another advantages of the web is it can grant the teacher control over the students by facilitates
them in one room and monitoring the content of the learning. If the teacher uses the web as a
tool in his/her teaching, it would be a good way of presenting the learning materials to the
students (Mathew. N, 2000), for instance, upon giving assignments to the students, the teacher
can always post, sent and give instructions to the students via the web when the students are at
The web-based tool is user friendly (Tonidandel, S. & LeBreton, J.M. J Bus Phychol, 2015)
Nowadays, teachers and students keep rising the problem of having paper-based instructions
and workloads such as revising. The web offers a solution where the teacher can move on from
the paper-based teaching materials and content and use the web as a medium for the students
to learn and work with. In addition to it, any student that is unable to attend class for urgent
matters and missed the class, the teacher can always send the materials and the instruction to
the student. More advantages of the web is that it can be used as an instructional materials. The
web has a lot to offer (Grassian E. 1997) and provide materials for the teacher and students. In
such cases, there is great number of educational medium websites that can lend a helping hand
for the teacher to make the lesson interesting, fun and interactive for the students. For
examples, Kaizena, Schoology and Kahoot provides the teacher with learning source that can
be used to teach students or to help and guide them in the topics that is being taught.
Overall, the web can bring a lot of advantages towards increasing the quality of teaching
and learning of students. The web-based instruments helps in a lot of ways for the teacher to
bring forward a new type of lesson to the classroom, thus, making the students want to learn
more and increase the quality of the lesson.

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