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Aspire is the Training Process Outsourcing Unit of Aegis.

It focuses on the skills development to empower its internal and external

customers to achieve their career goals. This is made possible by a team of world-class training professionals who apply cutting-edge
technologies and tools to provide its partners a competitive advantage. Aspire brings Training Solutions that covers Banking and Finance,
IT, BPO, Travel and Hospitality and the Retail Sector.

Creating business advantage through individual development, Aspire is centered on the principle that every person enabled and
empowered with the skills and knowledge needed for employment including development training for professional and personal employee
Launched in India in September 2008, and in Philippines in March 2009
Over 240 employees in 3 countries
Integration of existing Training processes into Aspire in December 2008
Career Training to over 8000 people
Employment opportunities to over
4000 people
Specialized training to over 10,000 people
within Aegis

Aspire Engagement Verticals

An opportunity provider for The Achieving Continuous Shiksha is a regional language Ensuring calibrated training
entry level placements. The Excellence (ACE) program and cultural diversity training to methodology & content to
program ensures a continuous seeks to create future leaders build customer experience. It is a optimize training efficiencies.
supply of skilled candidates through a process of unique initiative to reinforce Instituting a process of skill
while synergizing recruiting and engagement and development service based soft skill building for facilitators, while
training solutions. Tailor-made of existing talent. ACE is competencies in regional creating direction and a growth
courses via open programs conducted through a systematic languages. map for all trainers.
support the incentive of introduction and refinement of
guaranteed placement skill sets across all levels of the

* Available only in India

Lineated Profile Increased leadership Regional language and Calibrated Training methodology
Acquisition skill levels in Team Lead cultural diversity training to & content
& Asst Manager levels build customer experience
Pre-hire intervention Enhanced role fitment of Reaching over 12500 service Training Trend Analysis to
customized to process Agents (50% increase in executives: increasing optimize training efficiencies
interaction skill scores) service level performance
Revenue Generating Engagement of over Personalized customer Consistency in pre-hire training
Sourcing Option 6000 employees within support throughput
the first year
Role succession plan in Creating brand impact Digitized Learning Platforms
entry level leadership
Reduced attrition by Developed Knowledge Bank of
25% within 6 months of Training Content
* Available only in India

Individual Advantage

Counseled pre-hire Enhancing internal Saving over 1000 jobs by Developing training
programs for 100% career succession by increasing raising service performance resources through
opportunities leadership performance standards Facilitation
levels. Cross training
Express yourself
Thus, substantially Development of person- role Raising individual Heartline: Access to
increasing individual competencies to sustain performance through Knowledge Repertoire
employability individual performance scoring matrices
Real time Agent support Creating direction for growth
Helpdesk of facilitators
Cognizance of cultural
diversity & regional identities
to aid interactive ability
* Available only in India
Monthly 15 Delivery centers Covered over Central Knowledge Bank –
enrollments in India, Philippines 6300 people in “Heartline” launched in
Increased by over and US pre-hire June 2009
350% in 8 months intervention
in India
Attaining 60% of Reached over 6600 Supported over TTT program series
all sourcing people in 3 6000 executives launched in May 2009 as
requirements countries through the Retail workshops
through Aspire Shiksha helpdesk
by June 2009
One of the Reduced attrition Achieved average Trained over 160
highest career by over 30% in gains in quality Managers, Assistant
opportunity participating parameters Managers & Team Leads
providers in the groups in India between 15 %– on value
BPO segment in 18%
Exclusive tie-ups Certified over 1100 Increased Increased throughput of
and funding from Team Leads and Operations to 6 batches trained to over
the govt. of Assistant Centers across 85%
Philippines Managers in India India within a
and over 450 year of inception
Supervisors in the
Placed over 7000 Helped empower
people in India & over 6600 people in
Philippines 3 countries
* Available only in