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COMM 150

Cultural Artifact Speech Outline

I. Intro
A. Attention Getter: When you think of sports, I can imagine you thinking of baseball,
basketball, football, soccer, volley ball, and anything else that requires you to actively
engage in physical and mental exertion. Although, there is one more thing I would
add to
this list and it is video games.
B. Revealed Object and Speaker Credibility: This is a figurine that represents a
champion or a character if you will in a game that I play called League of
Legends or LoL for short. LoL is a popular online game developed and published by a
company called Riot that combines the element of RTS which is real time strategy and
RPG which is role playing game.
C. Thesis: By learning more about an online game like LoL, you will have a greater
understanding of why one should consider video games to be a sport.
D. Preview of Main Points: First, I will discuss the figurine through its representation of
LoL and how an online game can possibly be considered a sport. Then, I will discuss how
I identify with both this culture of gaming, and this figurine.
II. Body
A. Main Point 1: LoL is a multiplayer game created in 2009 that helped expand
the gaming culture to become what it is today.
1. Sub-Point 1: This figurine is just 1 champion out of the current 123 to select
from when you play the game of LoL. Competitively, there are a
number of teams world-wide who compete every year at the World
Championship. A team of 5 players would play together for a
countless amount of
hours like any other sport to train, practice strategies, and gain
synergy with one
another to achieve victory. On the world stage, LoL is
broadcasted in 19 different
languages via 40 broadcast partners.

expected to

2. Sub-Point 2: 27 million is a big number. What if I told you that according to an

article on Forbes that Riot has confirmed on January 27, 2014, 27 million
indicates the number of people that play LoL daily. That number is
expand while only beginning the games 5th season.

Transition: I just discussed about how an online game like LoL can possibly be considered a
sport, I will now talk about how I identify with this culture of gaming.

B. Main Point 2: I play the game of LoL therefore I consider myself as part of the culture
of gaming.
1. Sub-Point 1: As a kid, gaming was always a passion for me and growing up, I
don't see any means in changing that anytime soon. I started to play LoL
since the end of season 1 in other words, the start of my sophomore year in
school. I admit that I do play for a countless amount of hours and
sometimes even
alter my sleeping schedule. Treating the game like a sport, I did get
better and
reached my peak of being ranked as the top 1% of North America,
but that is no
where close to where I want to be.
2. Sub-Point 2: I identify with this figurine because in the game of LoL I am
a champion like this or similar and will try to strategically out play
enemies to
achieve victory any way I possibly could. I use the topic of LoL to
define my
hobby and easily spark conversations with those who do play or
want to learn
about it. It is a topic that I am very comfortable with and I am
proud to be in a
culture that represents what I love and grew up doing.
III. Conclusion
A. Restate Thesis: Listening to my speech, I hope you have a better understanding of the
culture of gaming and why someone might consider it to be a sport in the competitive
B. Review Main Points: First, I discussed about LoL and how champions like the one I
have represents me in the game, and then I talked about my experiences in the culture of
gaming and how I grew up belonging to such community.


C. Memorable Closer: The culture of gaming is spread world-wide more than you
possibly would have thought and will continue to grow. Therefore, there is a very
chance in that we have people that are associated in any type of gaming in here.

Tassi, Paul. "Riot's 'League of Legends' Reveals Astonishing 27 Million Daily Players, 67
Million Monthly."Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 27 Jan. 2014. Web. 16 Jan. 2015.