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As Given Through






Published for the Honor and Glory of God

in obedience to

rAt CSksst! CVirgin"Mart

In obedience to the decree of Pope Urban VIII and in con­
formity with the Apostolic Constitution "Officiorum ac
munera" of Pope Leo XIII, we dedare that we daim no
more than a purely human consideration for the extraor­
dinary graces reported in this book, and that we thereby
submit at aH times and unreservedly to the judgment of
the Catholic Church.
The prayers induded are for private use only.


Copyright © 1978. Ali rights reserved.
No part ot this book may be reproduced in any
part without permission trom the publisher.

Compiled, edited and published by

Necedah, Wisconsin 54646 U.S.A.

"For My God and My Country, Inc." is a non-profit organiza­

tion requested by the ..Qelestials to build the Shrine, print books and
pamphlets, make known and fulfill the requests of the Mother of
God as given through the Victim and Seer, Mary Ann Van Hoof
.&uring these past 28 yeEs. The construction work consists of erect­
ing thirteen small Shrines now built, a Home for Unwanted Infants
(tem"'i)Ofary one now in operation), a Home for Unwanted Men
to be started in the spring of 1978 and a House of Pra~r in the
near future that will seat 1,700.. p.eople. Six of the sm!!LLSbriQe~)
reproductions of important Ql.\lÇ~S in the Holy Land as they were
when Our Lord, the Blessed Mother and the Apostles lived there.
Books published are: The Four "Volumes, by Henry Swan;
the Book, Revelations and Messages, 1950 to 1970; the Passion
of Our Lord; the Fundamentals of Our Faith; two
.!l.I2!2!is; the Nativity Story and the new edition of the Revelations
and Messages, 1971-1975. Also othee materials that verify the'\
messages and aid people in their work to help Rrotect our Cou.Q!rY,1
Church and the Youth.
The messa es are an anal sis of how the enem works to des­
troy our 9A.Lll4Y, ~ and Y Quth. They a so include a positive,
spiritual emphasis on ~r, specifically the ~, ~s and
S!Çraments, daily if possible, weanng the Scapular and Crucifix
~ and the Constant Vigil of Praxer. The latter has now reached
every State and six foreign countries.
The Nativity Pageant and a nationwide ~rogram to "KeeE, ft
Christ in Christmas" have gained widespread recognition and 11
Patriotism and Americanism have been promoted in the past
23 years with much work against laws that would destroy our
individu al rights and freed0ms uucLer-thf'-C.onsfitution and Bill of
Rights. Opposing evils of abortion and e}J!haRasia has been done
for more than ten years on State and NatlOnâI levels.
The Seven Sorrows of Our Sorro~ful M.9ther Infants' Home
has saved many lives of the unborn since 1973. A main concern
of Our Holy Mother since 1950 is best expressed in the following
excerpt of May 28, 1974 (see pages 193-194):
"My Child, the privileges My cftild!!~ive here, they are
not appreciated, thQare taking My visitations for granted, the,
il .. - --- :-1_

true reverenc.e is not shawn. Yes, 1 understand, it is blind faith

bEL.}!!:.t il they are berc thfI.Y..l1J1dl!. believe that 1 come here. D~
t.!:.!ili-.ullde.fS(GluJ WHO 1 AM? WHO 1 AM, and why 1 have come
here? 1 came here, My Chi/d, ta save thy Nation, ta save thy
Country, ta save thy Church. 1 came here most of aU because 0/
.!Ile Little children and yet My pleas for the lt.!.lle child have been
ignored and not heeded. Millions of liJ..Jk...unb...QLn have iound death
in the most hideous and mas! cruel way. Thy Nation once proudly
called itself the "Nation under Gad." Thel' cannat boast of this, ,\
My Child, for the wailing and the death oLmillÎ.Qns of unborn are j
o~ all citizens' cQnsçiences ii1bev have one or no{; thy Nation ~ 1
suUer the consequences for this terrihle destruction of 1he unborn.
It is not spoken of in the Churches from the pulpits. They fear ta
Qjjend their parishioners. 1 plead with the re/21'esentatives of My
Son to speak out against the destruction of human lives.'7hy Natton
WiTfï7in the wars and ail automobile accidents, all these deaths
cannQt compare ta the deaths of the unborn, for many unborn are !
nQt recorded. . .. Appeasement cannot be sa.nctiQned. Go!LJ!J:!. ~ J
Father in Heaven w.anlS onl)' 1I:u,t};J;_O-I1.d....:.:Lfj.QU SHALT NOT

KILL" CQvers it all. "THOl[ SHALT NOT KILL." For il IS a
lij!.)rom the mQment of conce lion. Re..member Ibjç il is a Zife
~rom 1 e morne 0 once Ii) . N..!2...!.Jl-0j~~..JJ-h.Q!!.§}t,
can tell you otherwise. No Clergyman who is truthful, can tell you
othe;'wis7:"I:/hë!Viother of Thy Lord and Gad, say the same,
"THOU SHALT NOT KILL." It is a mQrtal sin with the reward
of etemal HeUfire. My children, STOP this terrible killing, STOP
IT, QI' the Chastisement will he sa severe you will envy the dead."
Work is bcing and has been done by tradesmen, farmers
and profession al people without pay. Many now live here, others
carry out Our Holy Mother's requests in their çQmmunity or area.
AIl are a definite part of the Shrine and Mary Ann Van Hoof with
the officers of "For My God and My Country-, Inc." wish ta than'K
them personally for their help and prayers. The cooperation that
has been received from Priests, ministers, reli.êQus, civic and other
( leaders is much appreciated.
The steady increase in the number of visitors to the Shrine
is encouraging because Messages and materials continue ta go
O!!t througb tbem far and wide.
A Shrine Newsletter, published monthly is sent free on re­
quest. For information write: "For My Gad and My Country,
Inc.," Route l, Necedah, Wisconsin 54646.


Clara Hermans passed away December 26, 1976 at the v~~s

in Friendship, Wisconsin where she had been staying
for close to two years. Born in Brillion, Wisconsin on June 9, 1895,
"1 y-eO'.. .$ Clara lived in Kaukauna, Milwaukee and then Appleton, Wisconsin
before moving to Necedah. Her work at the Shrine started when she
moved here on August 5, 1950.
The title of "First Chosen One" was given her by the Blessed
Her dedication to Our Holy Mother and the Shrine was a total
one. She worked for many years seven days a week giving of herself
the full day from morning until sometimes late at night. Answering Mary
Ann's (Mrs. Fred Van Hoof) mail,JX.gin~ Mess<J.p;es that came through
on Anniversary and Feast Days and Œose (at came through during Mary
Ann's suffenng periods of Advent, Lent and other tlmes, took up muèh
of her lime. Along with thÎs she spoke daily to the many pilgrims who
visited the Shrine, sorne of whom came in the severe cold, heat or rain,
making her task anything but easy. However, she never complained
and always had a kind ward and a cheerful smile for ail.
The Messages in the Revelations and Messages Book a.nd.-the
Four Volumes indicates in part the work she so nobly helped with for
Our LadY_Md the Ca1,1se. The purpose and their importance is surely
mar as they could have saved Our Country, Church and Youth.
Living of her consecration to Our Lady was always Clara's goal
and even in the last years as her memory and life were slipping away,
she always held onto the slim thr.èad of interest and hope in the Cause.
Truly a real soldier for Our Lady and the Lord ail through the
years, she and her work will always remain a tribute to her and an
inspiration to ail who knew or will carry on after her. Il was done, as
many know, under living and working conditions that included much
1sacrifice of corn forts and convenience.
Here are a few excerpts from the Messages relative to Clara:
Message, May 29, 1950: "Have yo,!r !,ri~t o(lI1J§. J:2.!ish Bless
Ihis place and ask hint 10 6nd a devoted persan ta help with this work."
Taken from Mary A..nn's 'Nri~up on "What Henry Swan and Clara
Hermans Mean to Me and the Cause," page 178, Volume 1 of the Four
Volumes, 'quote:
"In J uly of 1950, Clara Hermans came to Necedah through the
advice of an Appleton, Wisconsin, friend. She was told that therc would
be much Catholic Action work to be done. She spoke to Father Len­
gowski and he told her there was a lot of work to be done.
"On Jl'lly 16, 1950, 1 met her on the way to fulfill a mission which
was very urgent. 1 was introduced to her. When leaving her at her
home 1 said, "GoOO night, 1 will see you in Necedah." 1 do not know
why 1 made that remark for 1 didn't know of her coming to work here
in Necedah, nor did she herself until a short time later when Fathcr
had sent word for her to come. On August 5, 1950, she came. Fallier
totQ_ ber to come out t9 the f~m !2._h~Ip.!!le where she could."
Clara stood by Mary Ann steadfastly for the next 20 years when
because of age she had to retire. Our Holy Mother was very pleased
with her loyalty, devotion and efforts as the following Messages indicate.
August 15, 1970: "My Chi/d, tell the Chosen One, 1 was pleased
with her tireless efforts and devotion. She gave much of herself. She
weathered great persecution and sacrifice standing by you and with
you. She was spared to stand by you because of her true devotion.
Today, twenty years ago, was a great day for many and the beginning
of much for t~e J"Y..0_Q,Ly'pu. My Chi/d, let her say a Rosary on the

Blue Rosary. My Blessing upon her for her laya IIY and sacrifice .l'he
accepled in her Irue devolion la Ihe Cause."
July 15, 1976: "The Flrsl Chosen is a lingering, ~fJ.f.!ing l'iClil7l
la help balance Ihe .l'cale on Ihese grounds·. She gave her enlire /ife
from 1950 unril now, la Ihis Sacred Cause. She was very loyal. SiJe
w.gLll..1!âncess when iLcame ts!.loyally and JSJVe fo~ Iby Sis.ler and The
Queen of Heaven and Earlh. Now, .l'he is Iying Ihere, her memory is
sliPping ~)'-'-É.UI yelshe hangs on lO-heriï1rîè,- goal,.!..!lf-.,2ne /iule
Ihread, Ihe Sacreq ç~çe. Yes, .l'he i~t:i..JKfss, for .l'he Irul~d
O~Hol>!-Mother. Her fingers were nol nimble bUl Ihey pecked
a~l_1:!1 much c!'f Ihe l>!pifJ..g_a~rk. She had la do il rhe-haraway,
( Ihe slow way, because .l'he was nol this way, hUI .l'he diëF il;
many hours,_!QlJg~!jjJ..JiiUs hours. She did nol complain, and-yet .l'he
slOod on ti/ese grounds under ail conditions, alone. There was no he/fi
li~oday, alone, and .l'he spoke ta many, màffY-E...~le.-Ylie nllmh!!,s
Ihen were ml/ch grealer oj.....J1a.i4'_ arrivais Ihan roday. She stood il.
heside taking care of Ihl' sisler's mail, il neve~()o lIluch. and did
il. In her weakened cOlldilion .l'he was given s!rénglh-ândgraces. Be­
cal/se of her layaity, her love lor-I~een of Heaven anaEarlh. as
\ .l'he believed She was Ihe Queen, .l'he acceoted Her as thus, -SJ.!ld Iried
r 10 fulfill Ha work ta the besl ai her ability. Oj CDurse, we gav(' Ihy
sisler the privilege of laking her over in the nighl.JiJbel1..Jhe was sa
liœtf and restless . .1'0. .l'he could not sleep. Thy sister look over, .1'0 .l'Ire
went ta sleep and in the morning .l'he was rejreshed. These Ihings have
\ been going on for many years."
50 to the many friends she leaves behind, surcly they can ail hopc
to see her again in her heavenly home, "The Glory of Glories." 5hc will
be misscd by those who knew her thosc many ycars and espccially by
Mary Ann to whom shc meant so much. Ail can only say, "Weil d(m('.
good and failhful servant."


Foreword ~........... 111

Dedication ~............ V

Views of Our Shrine IX


Chapter One
Messages during 1971 1

Chapter Two
Messages during 1972............................... 67

Chapter Three
Messages during 1973 127

Chapter Four
Messages during 1974 185

Chapter Five
Messages during 1975 251

Index to Volume II 312


Inasmuch as many are now making their fust visit and others
returning after a length of time and practically ail are pl~s~A.2::i!.!:!
the progress over the years, it is hoped that the following pictorial
review will be of interest not only to them but also many other
sincere, good Christians and Americans. It should be explained,
however,- that credit is duefortfîë(fÇsi~D, theme and location of
e.,gch Shrine only to the Celestials. T,My show them tQ..Mar.Y-A!!n
in vision and each are constrûcted as near as possible according
t~ descrlp'fion. Sillely this is the reason why the Shrinës aU
facus aD Qur r .llI.'.d on the Cross and the Sacred Spot. -
Thirteen smail Shrines now form the setting. Six are important
places reproduced as they were in the Holy Lands when Our Lord,
the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and the Apostles lived there. They
are: the Cave at B~m, Home of the Holy Family at ~­
@' L~Su[per, FJ..rst Mass, W.,2"J to Calvary, and the Crucifixion
at Jerusalem. This unique feature of the Shrine, not a part of other
major shrines in the world, makes each person's visit, spiritually
sP9king, a visit to the Holy Land, not as conditions and places
are today but as they were at the time of OUI Lord.
The other seven include St. Anne, St. Joan of Arc, St. Francis,
St. Mother Cabri ni, St. Michael, Unity Medal and Way to Peace
The statues in practically ail are originals and made accord­
ing to the way they were shown to Mary Ann in vision."The signi­
. ficance of the Shrines to-the Saints are in honor and recognition
of the important Qart they- have and are n~..E.laying in our history
and to ~Ie now save our CPUIch, Country and the World. The_
assist Our Holy- Mo~b.e~_ i!!J'.~!!.gjQg these.l!!i<~~~u.~s, so mainly
[ through the sufferiQg of Mrs. Van Hoof and their assistance, the
work at the Shrine can move forward.
The Unity Medal Shrine is an enlarged reproduction ç,f t~\
medal itself. The theme is "UniiLbetween Home, School and 1
--'mrch will bring peace and happiness to our Communities, Nation,
andthe World."
The Way to Peace Shrine illustratesfGod's Peace Plan}for us.

A dove is flying ta thtl.Trinit Sicrn with the Rosar in its beak.
ft places it over the Trinity Ign ln \V IC IS t e ni y Knot. It then
flies to the Bl~secLM2!ber Who Rlaces the word "Peace" in its
beak and flics baël< to the Trinit Sign. A large ray of light cames
from the Ilnlty Ign over the Ash Trees and onto the Sacred Sept
indicating that the graces received and the mes~ages for peace
come from Them. ~oan of AI:c)and 6rTiïeresè) Mary Ann's
two com~ Saints, are on cither side of the pièture. Mrs. Van
Hoof is pictured kneeling at the Sacrcd Spot. It is she who the
Blessed Mother chose t9 bring these ali-important messages from
Herself and the Saints t<? help prevent destruction of our Country.
Church and Youth. Had they been heeded our Country, Church
and Youth eould ....b2ve been~garc:sLsQ.. mUc:b ~rsecution that is
jYi.t abead. Mary Ann has suffered the Passion of Our Lord sinee
1950 and has had other suffering, some so severe, from 19~9
. that it made her an invalid in a wheelchair. T!)irteen ruptures',
during that period funher indicates the severity of il.
'Iwo small Shrines that have becn requested, and it is hoped
will be built in the near future, are the First Pentecost Shrine and
the one for Czar Alex of Russia. The location of the Pentecost
Shrine will bëbetween the First Mass and Mother Cabrini's. Czar
Alex~l b.e cast of the lDain entrance of the H@se of Praye;:-
Other important buildings already built are the Information
Center, M!<,diatrix of Peace Hall, St. Joseph the Worker Hall, the
Seven Sorrows of Our Sorrowful Mother Infants' Home, a~
The significancc of the Pentecost Shrine is that the Blessed
Mother's first outdoor appearance in 1950 was on Pentecost Sun­
Clay. Also to help people understand that there is no conn~n
between the movement of Pentecostalism today and the First
Pentecosl. The Czar Alex Shrine stresses the importance-2f"
unification between the Eastern Rite with Rome promising that
'an era of Peace for the World would then folloW:- - -­
As for the Unwanted Infants' Home~ithas been in operation
since 1973 and has helped save the lives of a good number of
infants as weil as giving the mothers an opportunity to save them­
selves the eternal consequences of the black sin of abortion. ­
The Staff Home provides a place to live for somë of the)
workers who give {yI! lime without L'lay ~ the Unwanted Infan!s'
Home. _
--;/rhe Information Center is open 24-houfs a ~, and seve~

days a wc(1))to hclp çlil who visit the Shrine to know of th~.Bl!J­
- ~c, ~d and tLlU,h about the Shrine. Aiso the messages and their
Importance today, future plans for dcvelopment and the need of
the help offered by the C~ls to hold back, shorten and/or
lessen the severity of the Divine Chastisement that is so close upon
our Nation and the World today. This can no longer be prevented
because~ofthe many sins ingeneral and especially the morder of
millions of the unborn. Tours are given daily as weil as sltde pre-
sentations; Books and other materials are-~ade available.
The Mediatrix of Peace Hall is used for showing slides and
filmstrips, also lectures so people can know the truth about tbe
Shc.ine and the messages. The St. Joseph the Worker Hall fills the
n@for acti2n on various prolects. Some of the main ones are: The
Constant Vigil of Prayer Program that has now reaehed many
States and six foreign countries; Americanism and Patriotism,
work agains! laws that areevil; the Proruotion of the Rosary;
Keeping Christ in Christmas; and efforts ta save our Youth from
the spiritual and physical har~ of pornography, drugs. fffiFiy
movies on theater and T. V. scre~ns. Time is also devoted to
various spiritual projects as requested in the messages such as
pJayers for the President and Governmcnt OfficiaIs, our Hoi
F~ther, Priests and Religjous, Youth, etc.
As for the main projects just ahead, work will begin on the
St. Francis of Assisi Home for lJnwanted Men in the spring of
1978. The large House of Prayer that will seat about 1,700 people
and enclose the Sacred Spot will be in the form of a heart and
different in design from any other large Shrine in the World. Plans
are now on the drawing board. The description is best given by
Che Blessed Mother Herself on pages 346-47 of Reve/alions and
Messages. Va/ume 1. (1950-1970):
"My Chi/d, the Shrine is 10 Ihe form of a heart in honor
of My Divine Son's Saered HearY!!fjJi)My lmmaeu/ate Hearl,J!!. \
elltwine wilh the hearl5 of men. The tower sho/l/d be as Ihe f/ame
Dilove aseending ta Gad the Father If! Heaven. When wa/king
beneath the lower inlo Ihe heart of Ihe Shrine, the sinner shou/d
nad refuge. Ihe aff/ieled comiort, wilh hgly" for ail ChriSlians; !!2P.!
for Ihose /OSI and eonfused and peaee for ail men of good will."
"From Ihis hearl shou/d f/ow love and e!.Qyers from many
sou/s. My Divine Son is so desirous that ail honor Me first out of
7OVë" for Me. Our Hearls entwined' frQlILlhe titSI moment Oïihë
tfit:arnalion. My Divine Son lov(,5 Me for ever\' drop of b/ood 1
- I::::' . •
...g ave Him in My Womb. T.his.Js the love that should flow from the
Sacred ""Spot to all My children. ­
"My Child, the material used should be red granite with the
,.'oof shining as a beacon to the f!l!r. This Shrine should be built
with t!:.!:!!...tove, My Child, tŒ.!!-E~on to give it a lasting founda­
tion. - - -­
"The Shrine must only be built with donated labor and mater- \
ial. Where possible, every effort must be made to do as She re­
quested. The Saints (statues), to be made must be as natural as
possible. While She spoke the Shrine was shown to me. On the
east side it showed the Ten Commandments starting from the
entrance; then the Fourteen Stations, or the Way of the Cross,
with the Twelfth Station next to Our Lady's right arm which holds
the Rosary.
"The Sacred Spot is to be just the way 1 marked it with a
glass over it, and up above this the statue Queen of the Holy
Rosary Mediatrix of Peace. The west wall is to have a large
Fifteen decade Rosary with beads 5 to 6 inches in size and the
Mysteries of the Rosary. This determines the size of the Shrine
with the Crucifix at Our Lady's left arm. Below the Crucifix is the
Apostles' Creed. The Medal is to be Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
(showing the Brown Scapular).
"At the front end of the west side is to be an altar with Our
Lady of La Salette, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lipa;
then, from the entrance and around to the east side an altar for
the Infant of Prague statue, St. Therese (Little FIower), and St.
Francis of Assisi. Our Lady of Lipa is to be replaced with Our
Lady of Lourdes statue, if by the time our Shrine is built, the
Phillipines have not c1eansed and righted the wrong they did, as
Our Lady requested.
"Oh how beautiful to enter the Shrine, walk ail around and
know more about your religion when you walk out. There will be
walking space between the Sacred Spot and the Altar. The win­
dows are to be of the Apparitions, each one being a different
"The Shrine disappeared and Our Lady spoke saying:
"The building of the Shrine will be entirely up to the people,

if My requests of Obedience, Penance, Sacraments, Sacrifices, the

Rosary and above all Charity, Faith, Love Thy Neighbor is fol­
lowed through, and then will the Shrine be buitt. It must be earned

with true devotion and effort.

"In this Shrine there will be private confessionals, a large gloe
organ and harl2. have been requested."
For arnore recent explanation of the meaning and pUiPose
of the Rouse of Prayer see the August 22, 1974 message by the
Blessed Mother given on Rer Feast of the Immaculate Reart of
Mary, page 224 of this book. It reads:
"Yes, Chi/d, one is born and another is lost, but to you
on earth not to Heaven. When building the House of Prayer, place
the ImmJlculate Heart oLMary as directed, but make it the one as
you saw Me now, and the Sgfr~d Hegr12J Jesus because the shape
of thy Shrine is the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart en­
twined into~e. For that is what the pilgrimages here must {je,
to -honor 7Fiè 1mmaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
the Mediatrix between both My Divinê Son and man. The impor­
t-;;;:;(:e is to entwine into man's heart the true love of God. Enthrone
thy heartsto the ïm;iaculate Héart and the Sacred Heart. !l.....2:.P-.u
place y@cg/.Jl&s with Them, My dear children, you cannot err;
nor can you be led astray, for with the Two Hearts, you can only
have strength. The shedding of bloodJ!.om the Two Hearts gives
you the anointed strength to do Thy Lord's, Thy God in Heaven's,
( Will. But you must entwmetn heart with the Two Hearts, bring
thêm mto One. Vur essmgs upon you, the Immaculate Heart
and the Sacred Heart through the hand of the blessing now of St.
Francis, thy Patron Saint.
"Thank Vou, St. Francis and Our Roly Mother, thank Vou.
"Again Our Roly Mother held up Rer arm as She did before
and encircled the people and St. Francis blessed them. She said the
Immaculate Reart (statue) is like Our Lady here. That is how
we are supposed to have Her on tot> of the Shrine. She said that\
very emphatically. The one from hereas 1 sawHèr, as 1 visioned) .
Rer, is the way She showed Rerself now." .
From the two testimonial books now printed as well as the
other evidence of the supernatural, it is clear that the truth of the
apparitions have during these twenty-eighLyears been consistentTy
copfirmed. The evidence of the supernatural consists of RI.OQhecy ]
fulfilled, conversions, reversions, physical cures, Rosaries chang­
~stantry, the Miraclëüft'he Sun, as well as answers to thou­
sands of personal problems thrEugh prayers.
For a complete detailed explanation of how God uses

~V to inform people of the truth, see Foreword,

- evelations and Messages BOOK, Volume One.

Place where Our Holy Mother appeared in 1950 and con­
tinues to appeàr to Mrs. Van Hoof. Promise by Our Lady on
Oct. 7, 1950, "1 will be with you on ail the Anniversary Days
of My previous apparitions and also on Trinity Sunday."

OUTLINE OF THE ORIGINAL Van Hoof Home and the marker

next to the Cross where the Blessed Mother first appeared
to Mary Ann on Nov. 12, 1949.
A replica of the rough, rocky hillside in Bethlehem where
Our Lord was born. Cave is open at Christmas time.

Inside of Cave with Jesus, Mary and Joseph as Mary Ann
visioned and described them.
Replica of main room of original home of Jesus, Mary and
Joseph in Nazareth.


Constructed as near as possible to the way it was in (the
Cenac(~for the occasion. Ali statues are originals. ,-
FIRST MASS . / ';; 't
Shows place in (the CenaflÊiJ where Christ instituted and
offered with the Aposllës-the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for
the first time. It is through the Mass that Christ lives with us.

The compassion of Our Lord is so great at this moment when
carrying the Cross for ail mankind_l:Ie willin9!y gives Hit!1­
Hi!JJSBlf in ail !J!I!ekoMS and humility i~for sins.
Christ dies on Cal vary for our sins, giving alli mankind the
opportunity agai'n to enjoy for eternit.y the "Glory of Glories."
This Crucifix was on the wall in Mrs. Van Hoors home. It
became ail aglow and twice it~ ~i~.e on April 7, 1950. Qgl~­
~ since have referred to it as the "Good Eriday Crucifix.",
The Rosary is Mary Ann's blue one that the Blessed Mother
touched to Her's. The beads of the 15-decade Rosary on the
wall in the House of Prayer will be the same co19r.
Our Blessed Mother was carrying the picture shawn on the caver
of our Fundal1lenta/s of the Faith booklet. So beautiful . . .
Blessed Holy Trinity! "This, My Chi/d, shou/d he in the hearts of
ail true Catho/ics, especia//y the Priests. . .. AIL of Heaven is
with them when the}' sa}' Mass. The true Mass shou/d be in ail
( h7àrts present at Mass wilh (rue devotiol1 with the Priest and Thv
4:E!A." (June 17, 1973, Trinit y Sunday, page J65).



On May 31, 1968, Feast of the Queensh ip of Mary, Our Holy

Mother appeared to Mary Ann as pictured above. Sh~

.ê.E2peared each year since on that day in this way. Full des~

cription is givenin Revelations and Messages, Vol. l, 500-02.



First of more than

\ one-hundred Saints J
ta appeâr to­
Mary Ann.

On June 16, 1968, St. Michael
gave us a special prayer. He
asks us to intercede to him
during this severe crisis and
say former prayers after Mass.


SHRINE (below)

St. Francis often appears to

Mary Ann with instructions

and encouragement to carry

on the work. He also g~ her

and ~II present his blessLng.

This hand-painted mural shows GQ.d's Peace Plan for
~ and the WQL1.d. St. Joan of Arc on one side and St.
Therese on the other were chosën by the Blessed Mother to
h.elp Mary Ann carry out the work and be with her during
her severe suffering periods.

Close-up of St. Therese as
she appears in the Way to
Peace Shrine.

Reverse side Front side


c:: !i
, ::tel
'" t p '
Q) ~ .t·~
r'. ' Z

0 .

- i ' ::;>r­

t (SIo .
l 'a'" ..~
~~ ~o"
l "

'~ ,.
\, .",<c,.... ..,.~;.<>...
, {-4STlMG~~~


The Unity Medal was shawn to Mary Ann for the first time
on January 28, 1957. The inscription reads: "Unity between
Home, School and Church, foundation of peace and happi­
ness in community thus bringing lasting peace to Nation."
She was instructed to have a medal made and distribute
it. The promise was that through the pious use of the Medal
many graces would come to those who wear it with confi­
dence and faith.
The theme of Our lady's messages is to bring about
Unity between HOME - SCHOOl - CHURCH from which
there will be Unity and Peace in our Communities, Nation
and the World. This Unity is to be accomplished through
Christ's Sufferings, Resurrection and Ascension - God the
Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost - The Trinity.



UNITY: ln Unit y there is strength to conquer the wiles and

temptations of Satan. In Unity with God the Father there is
Love and understanding with thy fellow man, bringing Peace
and Happiness to thy Nation.


Vision by Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah, Wis., Jan. 13, 1960.
Construction of this Shrine, it is hoped, will be in the not
too distant future.

"A nd then 1 was told to put up the Shrine, the Descent of Ihe Holy
Chast upon Our Holy Mother and the Aposlles. If we desire we
can make il a large painting" (Jun. 16, 1974, Anniv. Day, p. 207).
- - ..;:


Provided space starting in 1977 for offices and meetings for
workers ta help keep ail Shrine projècts moving ahead. It is
106 feët long. 40 feet wide and has two staries.



1 The organization in your town 15 al ways the same. 1t is called

Ihe Constant Vigil of Prayer Commillee. It is recQfDjt1endec1..1bsJ
the committee begin bLcpverjng ils loc_a~a. Remember the
.vork slarts with a commiltee of one ­ VOU!


2 Vou must pray be1ore~yiJi)Along with prayer vou rn_us!

be determined to succeed. Persevere and you will gel results.
Clergy Carling Kits have been prepared to make the program
easy to· present 10 the pastor.

When (he paslor has agreed 10 install the program sgO 10 Ihe
C ~ on a weekend and oblain the mueh neede 'f'rours of

The key to a successrui follow-up is a dedicated chaitman in the
ëhurch to carry on the program ailer the Installation has taken

It is indeed a privilege to work for a cause 50 much needed in tt'lis world today.
Action is necessarYLbut only action guided by praï!!r. Il will be rewarding ta know
that, due to your!l!!alt2e.LQ1....Q$tQ~BIêYIE!!L~J.!lg~~ng. The Constant
Vigil of Prayer is Ihe KErTO P6ACE in your HOME, COUNTRY and CHURCH.

eonstant Vigil of Prayer

Dear Friends,
Centuries ago, a solution was advanced for today's iIls, by
Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He said, "Could
you not th en ~ one hour with Me?" These words are a chal­
lenge to ail Christian men that an extra hour of prayer to God is
the most effective weapon to combat adversity and lessen the power
of Satan.
To bring today's workings of Satan into focus, we must our­
selves observe that the millions of babies being aborted, the
problems of youth relating to dru s, sex, pornogra hic movies
an lterature, and also the cult of gçvil worshlp would again
desire us to "Watch one hour with Him."
The Constant ~ of Prayer program was organized for
the purpose of providing a systematic way to promote this message
throughout America. The program is easy ta understand. Dedicated
workers visit churches and other places and obtain promises .!2.f
people to ~y one extra hour per week in addition to Sunday
For any movement to reach its ultimate goal it must be organ­
ized. Do not concern yourself that you are not qualified to organize
aconstant Vigil of Prayer group. It takes but one sincere persan
to get~arted. We hope you are willing to get an interested group J
of people together for a meeting in your area to Jeam the details of
promoting the Constant YlgJf of Prayer. Most of our Constant Vigil
of Prayer Committees have begun with a small group meeting in a
private home. To assist you, we have an impresslve slide presenta­
tion and fine lecturers, and an assortment of materials. Then, tao,
we are always at your service to offer advice and assistance when­
ever you desire.
We have noticed that whenever an area embraced and worked
diligently with the Constant Vigil of Prayer Program, that same
community became a better place in which to live, and we are
confident you would want the same for your area. Please let us
hear from you soon!
Constant Vigil of Prayer Committee
Route 1, Box 606
Necedah, Wisconsin 54646
~:.~.. :(;~"
----01.....=;.\1. ,('.1 ... ./ . . ­
f~ r.a.r· .,,~.• ,..,."" ) . }j"',~
..,'--~ .a.-r­ ~

=_ 'Dr
j . J" ", ......... ' .
v? 'r'~' ."

Il fJ~<~'\
lj,l,\" ")
.11 No../
l i--' 1" ..
l4 '
'~'\'''''.'' •
" .(0r.
. •": .. ll
1. 'ifr"'';l-;
·f -
_ .• ~
It1l12 ~- ~ ~- ".
~ ~
~ '~" ~;C:l.:'!!• Ij~~~~
l ':.;

r; _" '-.
1 ".'
J'" , ,',.,010-: ;5l '~ ", .. , ;'~
- ~ l (>...~ 1 , # ..

"'I! ' ,
\ - - , .
~. ' •• _••• _ _ .~
•• _ _ " •••••• , •• _ _ ~ __.':-:: _ "'~"~h"'" ••• ~ " _ ~ ••••• _ ~:~~~ •••• _

'._,_ ,~ l:1:li , .

~ ,\ ,!'., .... t , .... J' 1 .... ~ 'l"_ .. t 1 -.1:1,.

(. -~
, • If,,' , , ' ,.1(, ,. "1
:J t .1 - JmIl
'-i"rt, - -- ~. - - ~P'IC
a::~i~ ~...... '!9 ... .".

~UI~ i
1=11 Jl-'
~~li !
m~li '
>~I;: .
... u.lll ii 1'"
i el!
c t-1i

' i , Jf1~1J1
AVO"'ns ..

r~:IIHf~~-fl !:
' ' '1' '111 1 ,. . -.
l~iH,,!: ' \ '1 I~:\.
le; Iii! è:-,,1


above is being used in Churches of ail denominations. Names
of participants listed on tabs show the hours kepLand those
~n. Colorful, attraCtiVe, complete with ail accessorle5.
Size 34 x 44 inches. Avallable with sliding glass panels.
This picture of the Cave and Birth of Our Lord was tav"!l"l at
the Seventh Annual presentation in 1977. The script for the
narration is from Mary Ann's description as she views each
year the four day journey and birth of Our Lord on the Friday
before Christmas.

Joseph and Mary registering for the census in Bethlehem.










Picture of the Octopus. (D~h) as visioned by Mary Ann-Feb. 2, 1970

Quote November 12, 1969 message: "The enemy of God, the

enemy of the Christian world, for the battle is not between Nation
and Nation, the battle is between Religion, between the True
Church and the Anti-Christ. That is why we pleaded for you to
stand together, ALL CHRISTIANS - AlI Christians must work
t~er against the common enemy who IS VIClOUS, ruthless and
WltHféstroy your minds, your souls, yom bodies." (For complete
description of Satan's own Chain of Command see forew6rd page
Iii of Volume IV. Also page 135 of Revelations and Messages
Book, 1950-1970).


"Stop them, murder, stop them. Too !ittle, too late. . .. They
are recrucifying Our Lord. They are heaping the unborn at the
foot of His Cross. The mound is rising. Too Little, too late. The
deaths have piled up" (March 9, 1973, First Fri. in Lent, p. 131).


The Infants' Home has saved a good number of lives since it

opened in 1973. Mothers can save the Iife of their chi Id and
the severe consequences of having to face God for murder­
ing il. Ur!~D.!~-..Sh.~ are also accepted.

Residence for sorne
of the full time work­
~rs afthe Seven Sor­
rows of Our Sorrow­
fuI Mother Infants'
Home. Completed in







It will be built in the form of a Cross as pictLJred above. The
soil testing of Feb. 1978 is preliminary to construction
planned for the spring or early summer of 1978.
Shrine is open ail year, ~even davs a week. 24-hours a day.
Tours and slide presentations are given regularly without
charge by competent guides.

Ourl1eavenly 'Mother
re..,guests modestv in dr~
Sign at entrance to
the Shrine Grounds of everyone-men, women &
children. I>'~;

April 7, 1973: "Immodesty "No admittan.ce on

in speech, action or dress is
the biggest factor to sin.
Shrine Grounds to those
Modesty /s the shield for in shorts, miniskirts, tight.

purity, particular/y the fe­ s!acks. etc. .

male ... ta safeguard her

'Wrap·around. skiris
avaHable if needed.

Soil test

being made

This picture taken in February 1978 shows soil tests being made
so the type and size of underground supports can be determined.
The building will be about 195 feet long and 130 feet wide with
a general height of 35 feet. The central tower in front is about
175 feet high. Walls will be of s9lid granite and about 24" thick,
Plans are being completed and a perspective dr'awn.
On August 22, 1974, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
the Blessed Mother gave this message to Mrs. Mary Ann Van Hoof,
"When bui/ding the House of Prayer, place the Immaculate Heart of
Mary as directed, but make il the one as you saw Me now, and the
Sacred Heart of Jesus because the shape of thy Shrine is the Im- J}
maculate Heart and the. Sacred Heart entwined into One. For that
/ 1 is"WJüitthe pi/grimages here must be, to honol:::the Immaculate
Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Mediatrix between bath
My Divine Son and man~The importance is fa entwrneiiîîOfii{iiz's )1
heart the true love of Gad. Enthrone thy hearts ta the Immaculate
Heart and the Sacred Heart. If you place yourselves with Them,
My dear chi/dren, you cannat err; nor can you be Led astray, fQr
with 0 Two. Hearts, you can only have strength. The shedding

~Of ;lo!!-d rom the Two Hearts gives you the annohzted strength
ta a Th_y l.ord'ç Thy Gof1J.n...B..liJYen's Will. But you must entwine)<==

\\\\W~~i heart with the Two Hea!.!...s, bring Them into On.e. Our bless­
gs upon you, the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Hearl\.through
the hand of the blessing now of St. Francis, thy Patron Saînt."
(See page 224).
People come on Anniversary Days by cars and buses from
nearly ail states and several foreign countries. Crowds of up
ta 10,000 are present at times. On August 15 and October 7,
'950, 100,000 people were presenf


P~A r>~ JJ6W


April 7 Anniversary of Good Friday 10:00 P.M.

May 28 Anniversary (Procession) 1:00 P.M.
May 29 Anniversary (Procession) 1:00 P.M.
May 30 An niversary (Procession) 1:00 P.M.
June 4 Anniversary 1:00 P.M.
June 16 Anniversary (Procession) 1:00P.M.
Aug. 15 Anniversary (Procession) 1:00 P.M.
Oct. 7 Anniversary (Procession) 1:00P.M.
Nov. 12 An n iversary 10:00 P.M.

Promises of Our Holy Mother to Mrs. Mary

Ann Van Hoof, October 7, 1950. "1 will be
with you on ail the Anniversary Days of my
previous apparitions and also on Trinity


New Lisbon to
Neœdah 12 mi.

HWY. Q & 80:

Mauston to
Necedah 18 mi.


~Jiff&l fitwt vit / ji/

lanuary 8, 1971 - FEAST OF OUR LADY OF


St. Joan just said we seem to have misunderstood that this

day, today, was a day chosen by Our Holy Mother in 1950. On
December 8, She said, "My Chi/d, 1 will be with you on January
8 and on January 23 and that those were the two days She Herself
chose. Those days, thy Sister d(d not.Js!l~.J.f.R!'..-ese!11.ed Our
Lady of Prom[Jt Succor and Espousal. The reason the 8th was
(( chosen was because O/the great sac!.PEe and pleas oUfi_e Order
1 ~ qf Nuns at New Orleans in the year 1812. This very same sacrifice
wmbe necessary and appropriate at this lime."

lanuary 23, 1971 - FEAST OF THE ESPOUSALS

Mary Ann said Our Holy Mother and St. Joseph were present
and She motioned and it looked Iike rays went out from Her hands
as She went around over the people and then they both vanished.
(St. Joseph was standing behind Our Holy Mother. AlI people
present received Our Lady's blessing.

February 7,1971 - FEAST OF ST. ROMAULD

Sister, 1 have a message for your people, heed it.

Yes, St. Romauld.

Obedience, humility, be humble, be charitable and love thy

neighbor as thyself, fulfillment, the Rosary, .!he Sacraments; only

these things will bring peace and will brighten the horizon, it can­

not come without true love of God and Our Holy Mother. It can­
not come while Our Holy Mother's eyes are shed ding tears, it can
only come when you return a smile to Her face and you are obe­
dient to God the Father, to God the Son and to God the Ho y
( Ghost. you are obedient to the Blessed Trinity, if you place Them
ioto your heart and you go out on the wayside seeking the lost and
Ithe poor, you shelter them and feed them and cIothc them and
{bring tfièm back tCl God the Falher, then you will fjnd.•pe~e. Our
Holy Mother was shown with Her mantl~~ahQutli.he xoJillDof all
different Nati0E..s because in all the world(the YOl~th'are bcing used
and sacrificed for the wants and &reed anèlltûe and e2wsr of the
rr1enemy of Ged. The chi'Yë1Ten! You must change this plcture.
February 26,1971 - FRIDA Y IN LENT

Unite! Unite! Unity, there must be unity, you will fall without
unity. Unite, stand togetheL-stalld together. Cali to Thy Lqrd
and God many, many times a day. This is a serious period, call to
t'hy Lord and GOd, ao not forget Him, caU to Him. Pray totile
( Sorrowful Mother. This is a serious period, pray. There must be
unity, there must be unity. Remember, befof(~ ou is a reat fault
just as deep as the fault in t e ocean, and that fault is right in
the Vatican, do you understand what 1 am saying? The faurtrS
spewing and breathing and bubbling and is very close to erupting
like an earthquake. There will be an~guake in yom Chu[S.h,
a serious one. It will take much and destroy it, but remember when
the fauit reunites and becomes solid, the.!! it will bloom Forth with
the Glory of Glories and that i.LWbi!LYjlli.~.ant to stand by. Do
you undei--Stâïia my meaning? So have courage and~by as
tr~ldiers of Jesus Christ. Thy Holy Mother sheds bitter tears
for Her Sons. The Representatives of Jesus Christ and the Spouses
of Her Divine Son are breaking Her heart, for they have sought
the worldliness, they have not continued with their vows that they
professed at the time of their Ordination and their entry into the
Convent. There will be very few that will stand, up; the road is
too glamourous on the easy way to follow. Strict rules are for the
y irds, tbey say, "This is the modern times, this)s the modern way,

we must commute with the modern ways, we must be with the

modern ways, that is the only way we can reach man." Oh, 00'
)1 wrong they are. Yes, you may be modern in certain respects
but you cannot bemodern with God the Father, God the Son,

and God the Holy Ghost. Vou cannat be modern with the Way
ta Calvary because that has not changed in two thousand years,
or three thousand, that has not changed, it is still Calvary. The in­
structions Thy Lord and Gad gave ta His Apostles are still in
effect, and the Priests that were instructed ta follow the Way ta
Calvary, that has not changed. They want ta change it, ta moder­
ate it ta make it easy for themselves, but..You cannat spit in the) \
Il eye of Gad the Father and Dot haye ta face retaliation, you must
remember that. s the ta remove Gad the Father, Gad the
. d .. 'ust a myth, but p ease, nstIan
World, stand with the Holy Trinity, stan with It and you have
nothing ta fear, you have nothing ta fear.
Suppose you walked on the highway and you were praying
and an accident happened and you were demised, and if your
heart was with Gad the Father, where do you think YOlïWOUId)
go, where? Vou would go straight ta Heaven as long as you were
with God the Father. He would not let you flounder in the dark­
ness. He would bring you right up into the light, sa stay strong.
"( Be very careful of the EXTREME Traditionalist, be very
1 ~are~ul. they are falling into the traps of the wrong side. the enem~ lU
1. lS usmg them. -JIn
- Vou know, where 1 am right now is beautiful, it is sa peaceful,
sa beautiful. Isn't that where you would like ta go, on a higher
plane, wouldn't j'ou waot ta fly right up into it? Sa peacëfuI.
Unite together and stand firmly for Thy Lord and Gad, you have
nothing ta fear. Stand up for the truth, always stand up for the
truth. If you want ta make excuses, no; stand up for the truth,
do not tell lies. That is not the truth, no matter how small il may
be. Rather be prudent and say, "this 1 cannat answer you in aIl \ lit
prudence" than ta tell a fib. Do you get my meaning? It is the littleJVV~
fib that leads ta a big one, just like ~ dope they call...martîl.!!na
is the beginning. It is true, it is the mother of all addicts. It
is the beginning and it leads ta higher and larger and bigger doses I~
until their minds are completely destroyed, the cells are completely
destroyed, the cells are inhy"ed. There are .~~!lX cell.~ i~your
brain and if you take tao much of that drugSit <hies UF {ne vein~
it destrovs them and vou will 10se your proper thinking. Do you )
understand what 1 am trying ta say? And that is the same with
the Cause, a little bit of this and not right, and a little bit of that
N and. not right, leads ta more and easier. Stand firmly no mattcr

fi how hard the knocks or the Ûnkjndness thât sorne m1@îf saf"io

~ ........

you, they don't understand. Use the words in your heart, "May
Gad fàrglve them for they do not understand," or "they do not
know what they are saying."
The enemy is using the Pentecostal system. Pentecostal, yes,
it was the Holy Spirit that came down on Pentecost. The present ~I'
Pentecostal is not the Holy Spirit of Gad; this is the spirit of the1

f:;llen angels. The will bring it ta you in the most 6eautiful way. ~
Sa why are you sa concerned? It is not ng t. uppose a Priest goes
along with it, it is wrong. Just because he is a Priest, that doesn't
make him right, and j'ou as the children of Gad must not follow the
wrong road, you must not. The true Pentecost as at the time of

the Apostles was goad but the enem a ain 1S using it for a twa­
fold purpose. It is to destroy nstiaOlty, t at IS t e pu ose. It
is to bring you ay rom . 0 , u ng t now . e .ardesl fight)
goes on between Satan and the Angels of Gad. Your Guardian
~ngeIs are in the battle; every individual one of you has a Guard­
ian Angel and he is in the battie ta protect vou. but vou must d9
y'our part. You must be true Christians. You must live a true
life, you cannat live what they cali a white lie. No, you must live
the truth.
Thy Lord and Gad died for you on Calvary, yes, He died
for you. ~ you not a little bit sarry for Him that He shed His
Blood and gave HIS LIfe sa that you yourself could have a way
ta Heaven? He opens the gates for you, are you foolishly going
to close them because you are listening to Lucifer, to the faUen
Angels? They are roaming the earth. This is th.e eriad of the'"
Apocal se. ·IS lS most senou eriod. Do not play bail
Wlt Il, do not be afraid ta stand up and be counted.
Youhere were instructed over the years for the periad of
time when you will have ta stand up and be counted. IT IS HERB
_";> NOW~ Forget the materi~ things, tum ta the spiritual. and if
you dld not teach your childten to accept this, If you thmk for
one moment that you must aPPease your children, you are wrong,
for Satan is doing the WQrk you shm!lQ. have done with the Holy
Mother and Thy Lord and God. Are you afraid of your own ]
children because they threaten ta leave home? Do not be sa
ridiculous. You are the parents, stand up as parents; sure it is
going ta hurt, it is going ta hurt, but me nans when they were
driven in Thy Lord and Gad's hands and feet, c!idn't they burt?
Didn't the Crown of Thorns hurt when they entered His sku1l?
Are vou afraid of a.Jit.tk_heartache? Go kneel in front of Thy

Crucified Lord i!! thy shrine and give your heart ta Gad as He
stands before vou with His Blood running clown. insteacl of lament­
~ DQn't he cowards, quit YOUf lamenting, the time has passOO.
"Save the soul of thy child, don't vou love it? Don't let its sou! be
tarnisbOO because of ignorance, b~_ the child is ~t of
the truth and you the parents should have taught it. - -
Well, it is very late, you will weep, Our Holy Mother said,
"you will cry, you will 8cream." She said, "Is that what you are
going ta do now, scream?" Nobody is going ta hear you and if
they hear you they can do nothing for you. Y.ou haye had twenty
Q,ne years ta stand up, twenty one years and the seventies will
take their toll. Are vou going ta be prepared to stand UR? There
are times your stomach may be very empty but have courage and
love of Gad. Th L r and Gad will rovide for those that trul Y
LQve Him but it must be a true love, a righteous eart, a nghteous J

March 5,1971 -FRIDAY IN LENT

They don't want ta pray, they don't want ta pray, that is for
squares, that is for squares, they don't want ta pray. Without
praye! they will never save themselves, nevel. Sa what am 1
going ta do? Twenty-one years have gone by, 1 can't reach them.
1 know sorne of the Hierarchy are ta blame, 1 know they are, ,
but what can 1 do about it? They tbink l'm crazy and when the n
tim~ cornes they will be sarry, the.n they will know 1 was rightll,
but then it will be tao late.
Oh please heIp me, tell me what ta do. Tell me what ta do
especially for aIl those children. It makes my heart just break ta see
all those young people,go wrong. Why, why?
Even in our own group they let their own skirts keep sliding
up, why? Because they want to appease their school or their
neighbol. 1 can't umlerstand. When they stand before St. Peter
they will get kickOO out. is that what they want? What am 1 sup­
12osOO ta do?
"Go forth and follow My instructions, because the Hier­
archyare erring that is no sign that you must err. Bad they listened
70 the pleas at Fatima, there wouldn't be this darkness upon the
Nations, but they heeded not My pleas at Fatima, they turned
their backs on Me, even after the great miracle they cared not.
"Do not make the same mistake here, My children, it will

be too late. 1 warned you of the Chastisement; that doesn't even

seem to bother yOU. 1 warned you in 1950, when il will come you
will scream and cry, but, My children, il will be too late. liJs
now the Last moments that }JOU must heed My p1em tn ÇQve the
souls of the children. My own Sons, they heed not My pLeas, they
wouLdn't be breaking the laws of their VOWS if they heeded them.
My Daughters, they, too, hear Me not, they care not, they fo!low
t.he wiles of Satan. Satqn js laose on earth, Satan is here to aestroD~1
your souLs. The Hierarchy is erring, there are many good men
amongst them but they do not have the coura e 0 their convic­
tions. They must stan up and as you say, be counted. Now, God'
blessing upon you and My Spouse will give you ablessing."
1 see the Sacred Spot and upon it is a crib-like formation. \
Within it seems to be, yes, it looks like a diamond; this symbolizes
the Sacred SQot. It looks like a diamond aiif<5iig the rest; it is tne 1
most important place to place your heart upon. Blessed Mother,
thank you. Our Roly Mother said to watch the Pacifie Coast.
That prediction will soon be here and then you will aIl have your
answer as to just what is meant.
This is a hard battle, what is before you. You haven't seen
~~t; it is going to be much darker. As it was glven, the dark­
ness, and then you cannot triumph, but you cannot triumph unlessru
you stand for the truth, and oruy the truth will make you free, it will
take the shackles off the evj! forces. Do you understand what 1 am
trying to convey to you? But it takes courage from everyone of
you, no self-pity, no room for self-pity, it is too late for sucp
~ary Ann explained Our Roly Mother had on a rose-red
gown and a purple mantle. She was Our Lady of SufIering.

March 12, 1971 - FRIDAY IN LENT

Satan is using the children of this generation.· As they grow

up they are being used. They are being ~ipWê§hed and they
are the ones that will use their parents to \} their bidding. The
parëiili are afraÎd of thelr own cfiiIdren, that is sad, that· is sad.
Many years ago a parent was a parent, children were not their)
p..a~s. Today the parents are frightened of their own childen,
~:tis the way the enemy wanted it and he has succeeded with
th; fnllest of bonots in the Satanic way, and the parents are
cringing in the corner, why? Just as the Bishops are cringing in

t~ corner frgm their Priests, the liberals, and of course those that
were placed by the enemy of Christ, the 30,000. •
All that auora over the Sacred Grounds will be Hope ­
Green, even though it is intermingled with the purple for suffer­
iES' Do 1 make myself clear? Sa contmue on as you were told
of the diamond on the Sacred Spot, the diamond is one of the
most expensive jewels. The Sacred Spot in its place in sacredness
( is one of the most important jewels. It does not take the place
oTthe Holy Mass, do not misinterpret that, but the Spot itself
will bring many a soul ta God, that is whv it can be the diamond.
Right IlOW 1 see a deep purple spot; ail about il is green, )
so you see .there is hope NEYER GIVE UPI There is hope no
matter how the weight bears you down, there is always hope on 1
die horizon. Yes, Joanie, 1 hear you, yes, Joanie 1 hear you. Will
you tell them please, Joanie?
Here is a warning for many a workman jD man/:: iDd!lst[je~ "
th~ wjJI become j!l ane! they will not know why. @e S§nth~c~
that they are using today; when using saws there is a ne 41st
that flies frQm these saws, even the carpenters that use the~
synthetic materials, they are sturdy, but yet they are killing. There
( is a yery fine e!ust tbat the men inhale throngh their lungs'""'that
thJô' canpot remove. It will stay with them and someday if they
have an examination Qf their lungs they will have s12.Qts. It is up
tQ their bosses in many industrial places that they secure and
prevent this by weariPll a nose mask. It is an extra precaution
thiH js necessary wjth the new synthetics. They have themselves
not discQyered tbjs bm many men are jJ1 and they dQ nQt RnQw
~. That is why, SO dQ nQt be careles§...Qnce yom lung~e rujned
tflere is nQ chance of surviving.
"" Just as LSD, that is in YQur body will never leave the fauy
~, it will be with YQU as IQng as YQU live and so it is with
)0 DDT, a dangerous insecticide. That has entered many a human
being and it is in their bQdies. They are ill and they do nQt knQW
, why because l!L!.he (large cities, DDT was used in such great
1. quantities that many people of the middle class and older have
[ tbis dangerous msecticlde III ffieir bQdies. Why are there sorne
people tbat will use foods to make it eâSier and eat that type of
fQod? Oh you are not gQing to die immediately, you are not goillg

to faU sick . iatel . Oh no, but when you reach 50 or 60
Nrs years you are oin to wonder w Lis wrong with you. That is
w a IS wrQng. It will not kill you when you are young and rob'!§t,

oh no, but th9se thin~ s,tmr in rour body. You will upset certain
chemicals in your ho y,whÎle you are young and vigorous you
will continue on, but you wonder why YOll are sa tired, you get
sa sleepy. . -----­
-""'Think back at sorne of the strange food you have been eating,
such as TV dmners. There is nothing good in them! They are
filled with preservatives! And aIl these cmncby toQds they are
advertizing tôday, why do you let YOUf children earthem, why?
They are not good for them, ~hey are filled with prc;servat~es .•
You were warned against these things, you were wai"ned. ou
were told ~n, ta learn how ta cook the proper foods. ~,
you go about thinking a little won't hUIt. that is where you aLe
foolish, a-lit® will hurt. There are sorne of you that are very
loyal ta th1S, t6atcôOk auly good food. You never know when
you pick up the foôds that are prepared in advance and they
only add to it to make it succulent, as they calI il. l'hase foods
~re just w-,!!king with\:p'~:ser~ and there is a certain type of
(E!eservatiy~)that will never leave yom body, th3t tao will climb

in YOUf fatty tissue. You are sleepy .and you will have so many

illnesses th3t you-cannot recognize. It is simply what you eat.

Many years ago, the people in the 1800's; whywere-some

so strong and vigorous? Oh they are trying to tell you they were

1not, but just ask those who haye reacbed the age of 90 what tyee
~f food they ate. They didn't run and eat TV dinners, they aie
good food even as a child and on up, they saw ta it that they ate
gôoa--lOOClFIs-Wfia:tyour body bas been nourished with that
will give you the strength. What will they do when these things
happen, what?
Mary Ann seems ta be viewing something very distressing.
Bombings, different parts of the world! Fire! Fire!
Nuclear bombings? It is the only kind; devastation, destruc­
tion, 10ss of life, gone, gone, gone, burned. AlI red, all red, get
me out of here.
Pray, please Bishops, Cardinals, Ministers; pray, pray, pray ~
or it will be tao late. Pray, \1ray, pray America. America the Beau­
tiful will be a mockery.· W ere are you going ta go next, where?
This beautiful Country, Gad gives you the talent to use it for
good, sa use it only for the good. There is so much that could be
doue. why waste it on the mooo, why? The enemies' reasons, yes,
they have their reasons, but if you do not behave yourselves you
will not get the help of Gad. Behave yourselves if you want the

help of God to prevent this; but it must mean that the Repre­

sentatives of Christ stand up as true representatives, not of their

own will. They gave their vows that they would sacrifice and do

penance, that they would lead their f10ck in penance, yet they

speak not of sacrifice and penance, only of the alms they can

bring out of the f1ock. That cornes first, that IS thelr main concem,

not the souls of the human beings, not the soul of the penitent,

the child.

God would provide the other. They have no faith in the

Gospels of God for He tells you there, He explains it to you in the

Gospels. It is there in the Epistles and Gospels, then why do they

seek otherwise? But they do not have the faith, the y do not have

the true love of God that they represent.

Laymen must work, the laymen must work with full power 1
and love of Gad. Tum to thy SavIOl' Jesus Christ, give yourself
to ffim.
-what thy Sister just witnessed will befall the Nations that

heed not the requests of Thy Lord and God, that heed not the

ways of Thy Lord and God, and very least do they heed the pleas

of the Holy Mother of God. This is a very serious time, it is

going to the end of the fifth sic e. The red was the fUth sie e, the

l'es, t e estruction.

The Constant Vigil of Prayer is not moving because people

do not want ta pray, they do not want to pray, that is for s tiares.

a e a square picture an e ID 1 put eaven, make a round

picture, for they want it to be round, behind it is Hell. They can
have their choice, the squares, or the round one that will roll \
into anything, right into the its of Hell. It is easy to sEde, when
it IS roun , lt S IpS easy, everything comes easy, nice and smooth.
those that have Heaven on earth will not find Heaven in Eternity,
not the type they are seeking, but if you are wiIling to sufter, will­
i!!8 to sacrifice, willing to do penance, they are the ones that are
the squares and when it is hard to go through those squares, it
is a lot casier to go through the rounds and that is the little boy )~
templing you, that is the honey, that is the honey.
First 1 will say that Alexander III gave ail a blessing. Thy
Sister begged him that he stiould fieIp you here. He said that this
Nation has fallen into-lhe_trap.s-of the English way. The Catholic ~~1
Church is fa1Dnginto th~.l!:3.0~f tI:u< DisraeIisas2t the lime cl
( St. Joan of Arc. The ones of the Holy Mothër Church tha! should
stand up andProtect Her, are going along as the Britisl:L.@. If

you watch and seek documentations you will find ?- similar niOt.
Y",9u will flnd in the documentations what happened In Sn ain
is the same forerunner that 1S happening right here in your Country \1
and through this you will suffer. It is as Alex tried to explain in
his past messages, you must love the Bogororitza. The plot of
the enemy of Jesus Christ, Thy Lord and God, is succe-eding be- J
cause those of the Church, the Hierarchy, the Cardinals, they are
not fulfilling thetr dutles. Just as at the time of Joan of Arc, so
today. ft is the Golden Calf that.they seek to adore, instead of t
a<!gringJ.hY-Crucifiê.ëtlJird. Check into the documentations and
you will see the pattern, and your Fatherland will suffer, your
Churches will suffer as the messages were given many years ago "\ \'
Man's church will crumble but the Triumpba nr Cbmcb will ne~~
crumble. Which Church are you following? The Will of Gad, •
m"J!le will ûCman-who"is!ëdanëf-gïlidêCi brt~J.~~~§ the;"
enemy of God? -=:::::=> /l,

Mareh 19,1971 -FRlDAY IN LENT

Faith and patience, must have more faith and patience, not

enough, not enough. Encourage the Youth, encourage the Youth,

encourage them so they will stand up for the right and for the

truth. They do not like what is happening, they seem lost, helpless,

encourage them. Have faith in them, t~~y~~an~~mpli~h

if you have faith iii··Qiem,-Giv~J.~_~l!1_ the._J.niti'!!~~,JS'Lthe}!:!---&o,

especialTYibose children that have had the proper training in the

old school, let them. stand up. Ministers and Priests of God will

hear them quicker than many adults, they will argue with the

adults, they will argue with the adults but they will not argue with

the youth for they fear to destroy the youth. Remember God's

warning. Time, patience, faith and time will prove much.

You have seen many things fall in place, you will be sur- )
prised at the things that will still fall in place that are being 1
scoffed at now, but they don't want to believe il. They will fall
1ii place but it might be too late, but you were watned, you were
J91.~Uhe Celestials cannot help youJ.LY.ou do not __h~E.)'_ourself.
I~~Y_W1II Ii~Jp_Y_QJ.LiL~'-Ou_go_amuLo thejyst and right, they will
~~_»,jtlL)'.Q.1L_~LYQ.ll_r.~de. Those promises were given,dO not
ignore them; but unless you do things yourself, theL are _not 1
gojgg.!!lfpLY.QJJ, Jhere is wh~~_YJ~JLeIr. "Oh
this and this will come if the Blessed Mother wants it." SHE

WANTS !T, it is Up to VOU to proceed. She will spread that Mantle

right about us. She will help you but you must do it, YOD must
do it, YOD! Jhe Celestials will not.
If you think you have seen confusion, when the changing
gLthe currency cornes you will see your greatest confusion, the
fear will swell in many hearts. They lose all peace and ingenuity,
lose the faith in God that they should have. Do not do that, you
must have faith in God for that is the only security and strength
you will have. We will not lay out the pattern for you to follow,
you were give.n messages you must fOllOW.. Many of you, if ou
could ha~~-ra eyes and look intSL the e ~ s of
.on on, t e an s 10 rance, we en, Norway, Switzer an and
Germany, wh;ëïbëY. ïia~ stacked ~~a~ the curr~y, y,ou would
1 be shocked. The forget that God is Master and they are only)
~ and if G pu ste strings t ey WI fioat as a puppet.
Their wealth will not help them, it will go down the drain as well
as the rest.
Remember Our Roly Mother speaking of the Almighty Dol­
lar? Well, that is still on the top of the list. What will they do
when ~lmighty Dollar~JramRled beneath their feet, what
will they do? You see, you have been told of the plucked Bagle
and yo~ have been told of the tw.o:J!gd~d.he.ast, the Brown- Bear
and the Lion, and you know what countneSthey represent. Those
two cou~s ~~venever~n-asrel'P becau~_e..there IS i~terJ]:2arriage,
there are family ties. They. will striv~liclLto~<illler although
they make the world on the outside believe that they are not.
T~poor ~ople will be the vlctÎms of their Nations; they will
suffer but in the nation of the Brown Bear, there are still many of
(the older people and many of those have t~ht their children
') to pray to the Bogoroditza and to ra the Rosary. The Rosary,
- they say It a Itt e 1 erent than they say it in America but it is
still the Rosary and that is what will help them to see their way
but they will suffer much, the will suffer much. If those in Belfast,
--=:::, Be st an B~e, will only unite together in truce and help
each other instëad of the battles. It is 6i1e God, One God and \
!!9ly Mother, just as the Almighty DoliM-is.interfering in the lives
in your continent so is the Almi ht D aLinte.r:feringjrUlJe lives
2. in EQgland, Ireland an urope.- and all o.t!)~r:... ~ries in the )
-World, but especially il is of the Disraelis. The heaoof many
of the Grand Masters um~ there and then go on into Geneva to

Now for some of the things that will happen. The curJ.Wcy \
will change, a depression will befall yom Nation and when the
c~cy has changed, they will put vou In the palm of thèif1iâild
~ will SQUEEZE, S QUE EZE you! Because they
fiave the power if yon let them, tha1 is the Almighty D< When
you carry this (Mary Ann holds up the crucifix she wears around
her neck) and within this is the Cross of Thy Lord and Gad, you
will be given the strength, don't forget you are going ta need il.
( There will be new laws on yom family, they a,g;, already JnC!~~n­
ating your children. They are already filling some of their vems
1 ~....pOJiôii:theY are dullmg thelr mlpds a~.y'~~were tôT~_rn _!_h~
l ye~!:-J:95J_9lJl!I1L!::.~nt, "ggjL\lÇtion ot!DinQh'l..fiQ~~ey
can control, those that they can draw ta tbemselves like the Pied
PIper "PGVing his pipe. Do not appease your child, do not appease
that child, te~ them the facts, the truth can hurt no one.
Thank you, St. Joseph and Little Jesus. Saint Joseph gave
us bis blessing. His gown was a golden tan, 1 should say golden
brown, his mantle was brown with gold trim. Little Jesus had on
a white gown with gold trim, golden, curly hair, blue eyes. St. \
Joseph did not hold the lily. He has such kind eyes, beautiful
brown eyes, oh yes, he did hold a staff. Today is the feast of St.
Joseph. Say his Litany and sing some sangs in his ho~r.

March 26,1971 -FRIDAY IN LENT

The agony of Our Lord is great, they don't believe in Him

anymore. The Mass is becoming heretical but they cannat see
it. The truth is the truth if they want ta accept it or not, it is
still the truth.
Yes, Joanie, l'Il try, l'Il try.
The Church of Christ, do not destroy it, do not do il. Priests
stand up for the truth, Priests stand up for the truth; do not, do
not, do not wait until it is tao late, do not. You cannat change
the Mass, you cannat do it, they are changing it ta appease the
Protestants, they are changing it ta appease the Protestants, why,
why? Thy Lord and Gad does not believe in the middle road, it
is either right or wrong, that is what He taught you, right or wrong,
not the middle of the road, and the Hierarchy today are walking
in the middle of the road. They want ta appease the Protestants.
Please, no, Priests, Priests, Priests, please don't do it, do not do it.
Our Holy Mother weeps, Our Holy Mother weeps.

When the words of the Canon are changed, it IS appease-

ment, it is not the true facts. Pope Pius V laid out the Mass the
way it should be followed and for many years that was the true
Mass. Today they are changing i~ to appease the Protestants.
They want to be brothers to the Protestants so they appease. Let
the Protestants believe what they want to believe, they believe
in God, they believe in Jesus Christ. Leave it that way, but you
must not change. You must not, you have the truth. They are
pushing the H01y Mother out to appease the Protestants, it is
wrong, it is heresy. r!ley can Dot push Our Holy Mother out.\I\
Remember She is the Mother of Jesus Christ, She is the Mother of .
~ TJJy- ChL!!ch, SHE /S THE CHURCH!! Do not cast Her aside,
do not. Appeasement IS not the answer, appeasement is not the
answer. Blessed Mother, help us to unde'îstand, help us to do
the right. The Cburch, man's Church, is going down, down. Bring
it back, turn to Jesl!S....{:brist's Cl:wrch, turn back to Jesus CIiIlit,
turn back to the Church He instituted on Good Friday, tum back.
Unless you turn back there will be no salvation for many
Priests, many Nuns, or so-called Catholics. There cannot be
salvation unless you follow Jesus Christ, you MUST follow Him.
He is the Truth and the Light and the Salvation. If you deny the
Truth how do you expect to be saved? You cannot appease, you
cannot appease, you cannot change the Mass to remove the
B1essed Mother, you cannot do that. You cannot deny, which
they are going to do because the Protestants do not believe in
the Transubstantiation, they do not believe in It, but Our Lord
and God stood there and said that He was Consecrating the
Bread before Him to be the Body of Christ. He SAID SO, why
deny it, why appease? And when He took the wine, the true
wine, and said, "This is My Blood," HE MEANT HIS BLOOD,
not the grape juice, He meant HlM. Ta appease the Protestants
we must remove that?
IT, or are you going to fight? Remember, the enemy wants One-
World Religion, One-World Government and One-World Control
and that includes the Catholic Church. Are you going to fol1ow
their heretical way? There will be no salvation for those that do,
it might be a little bit easier while you walk the earth but it will
be HELL hereafter. When saying the Apostles' Creed, don't you
mean what you say? Rememeber Thy Lord and God taught the
Apostles' Creed to the Apostles and even Judas leamed to say

it. The Pharisees will try to tell you othel'wise, who are you going

to believe?

Pray, pray that the Victim will have the strength on Good
Friday to complete the Mass sa that she will be able ta bring
forth the Mass the way Thy Lord and Gad enacted it at the time
He was on earth, before He walked Calvary's way and died on
the Cross to redeem you. He suffered three hours on the Cross, )
nailed ta it. He suffered many hours before in humiliation, in
physical pain and torture of His heart, Qf His pure he.a.rt. When the
Masses are said today, they are supposed ta be that path. They
want ta take that away ta make it more JUBILANT; they even
go, in many places, sa far as ta dance about it. The Mass has
nat changed, it has not changed. Mass is the same as it was on
Good Friday, it has not changed and those that change it will
have no salvation.
St. Romauld, pray for us, St. Anne pray for us, St. Francis
pray for us, Anna Katarina, pray for us, St. Simon, pray for us.

Please follow the Traditional Chlliç.tt._Rkase follow the Traditional
Cl1Urch. Gad have mercy on us, Gad have mercy on us, the Chas­
tisernent is near, the Chastisement is near. Pray for us, pray for us.
The Vatican is a mess, the Vatican is a mess. The followers of

Cardinal Bea, they are ushin the ood Cardinals out, either retir­

in.[.t em or pysnmg them into the Mission fields, disposing of them

ail sa they cannat involve the decisions of others. Our Holy Father

is suffering much, he is accused of saying much which is not true.

(He must stand up, he has not the strength to stand up so now they
are labeling him the wrong Pope. Yes. he errs because he dQ~t
fig!1t hard enough; but when the body is weak, the strength is not
The Disraelis,
the anti-Christs,
the Supreme
Grand Master,
they have done thelr worJê weTI, the Christl~s are as~p. The
good Priests are meek instead of fighting, FIGHTING, for they
have the Blessed Mother on their side where the others have
JUDAS on their side. Who will win? Judas will not. lhose with
thè Roly Motller will win, those with the Holy ~other will go ta J
Heaven, those with the Holy Mother will see the Glories of
GlOi1eS but those with Judas will go into hellfire, and they will

When the Chastisement falls upon you, what will you do, what
will you do, cringe like !!.....S.QwaLd in-ili~er? Are you going to

fOIiOW Judas, or are vou going to follow Thy Holy Mother and
Her Divine Son, Christ, Who. on GOod. Friday instituted the


J . will have to accouni for i'tCa..r~a1 B"iii"HAs ORDERED THE

are you joining, TêS'dr*lfi·stfn H~~~n, or Bea and RÔÜ1Qollo in
hem The choice IS yours.
Pray for His Holiness, the djyjggn is near, the d~n is
upon you, more than that cannot be said, you had the truth; w..1l
giVè it up? The road might be rocky, you mîght stumble and you
might faU but Thy Lord and God's fingers are always there to
pick you up. He is there, just cali Him. If you in your heart
believe in Jesus Christ, Thy Lord and God, you have nothing to
fear, for He will tenderly pick you up, He will soothe your pains.
Xes, Vou will suifer; didn't He suffer? Are you not wiJ:ing ta
suffer with Him? The more you suffer here on eart~ the~r
!hLhereafter, for if y...Q]J~uff~ill1gels_wiUcOJPe
~ick y~~ '::E....~ke you to Hea~n. Isn't that what you
want, isn't that what you are here for? Sa be wiIIing to suffer.
Offer them up to Jesus Christ and go forth as true soldiers of
Jesus Christ.
-- This is what l saw last night: It showed in the place of the
trees, they disappeared, it showed Our Holy Mother ~ young
irl with beautiful, long, wavy, golden hair. On Her head was a
small veil, a very small veil-suddenly there was a flash of light.
Our Holy Mother looked frightened and then befo[e.l:!~I_jllmeared
a beautiful Angel. He spoke to Her and She fell on Her knees.
sne crossèd~ hands (Mary Ann crossed her hands over her
breast in an X shape.) She looked into the eyes of the Angel.
He spoke to Her and then She bowed down Her head as if accept­
ing what was said, the words l could not understand.
SUDDENLY aU the stars turned to angels, many angels, many
little cherubs. There was a burst of cloud with a little tiny head
and many angels in white, blue, light blue, pink, yellow and even
pale green dressed in many colors. They seemed to be singing.
Ali this happened last night. It was so beautiful, l begged them to 11
show it to ail of you peoQ.le but l don't believe flîey did. There
was a ray of light fTom Heaven down u on tms beautiful Maiâëiï,
Our Holy Mother. Sne as such beautiful hair. She was dressed
- ~

difterently than we see Her now. She was dressed as the ordinary
people were dressed at that time, although She was h~d, 1
S~~uçket beside_Her wJlich She must have just filled by
the weil when this strange thing h~ImeneQ.. to_Her. It was so
beautiful to see the humbleness, the humility, the way She accepted
whatever it was that the Angel told Her. Of course, we know it
was the Archangel and He Himself was dressed in a light blue
gown. He wore ~s. This happened just within the door of
Her home. She had just gone to the weil for water and had returned.
The rays of light were similar to the ray of light at the time of the
Birth of Jesus Christ although there was no star visible or any­
thing like that, the rays just came from the Heavens.

It was at this moment that Thy Lord and God was conceived
il) the womb of Thy Holy Mother. Tt was the beginning of the
God-Man_ here on earth. Are we worthy of this, ~ wo.r1hY?
) Di5""Wëtake this in our heart in the gratitude and the attitude that
we should? Our Holy Mother has been so good to us to let us
riN s~ Her most intimate J.!loment or Her life. Are we wortlll. of tnis,
1\\ are we willing to give of ourselves to Her? Yes, the~e was even
a Pr~~~! present at that period. Will he put into his heart the love
and the life that was bestowed on him; wiU he carry forth Our
Holy Mother's love that She showed us last night? It was beautiful
and we must try to humble ourselves to be worthy of such a great
honor. Say a prayer in thanksgiving for this.
St. Francis, pray for us; Blessed Mother help us, Blessed
Mother help us. What you ask is a tremendous job; help us. l need
help, l need help. Satan will not want me to do it; he doesn't want
me to do it. Oh, BIessed Mother, help us.
They must not, they must not, they must not, must not fear,
must not fear. They must have faith, stick with the truth, s~h
lbe tryth, no matter how it hurts, stick with the truth. We must
suffer for all the loss of he' ants we cannot esca e it; be read
to accep 1, e rea y to accept it. Someone must sufter for àlrthe
innocent souls that were lost. Those lives were· snufted out and J\
those we must sufter for, and aU the corruption. There is no ;scape;
Our Roly Mother says there is no escape. The U.S.A.-the Ameri­
cans-must pay for it. The Chastisement will come, but it is up to
you to lessen it or increase the severity; but to escape it, NO, you
cannot escape it.
Ail the States that passed the abortion laws in favor of it will
suftçr the severest ChastÎsement. They WJJnearn what the wrath of

God means when the time cornes but it will be too late. Only the
('~stant Yigi l of, and the Priests from the Altar fight the
abm:tiQns, then they will have sorne blessings: only in the parishes
whëfëthe Priest stands up, only in those. If their Bishops do riOt
go along wlffi them, thelr Bishops will suffer, so do not fear, do
what is in your heart. When you lift up the Host, do you BELIEVE
( when you lift up that Host, Oh Reverend Fathers, do YOIJ beli.e~e
l that That is Jesus Christ, do vou? If you don't you are lost. The
Church must cleanse its way, it must purify. The Priests must
be Priests, they are responsible for the confusion of the laity. Our
Roly Mother pleads, the laity must work, the laity must w2]:k.
Go to :tour Prie5"ts, go to them and tell ifiem what fSin your heart.
Do not be afraid of him; he is only a man representing Thy Lord
and God. Yes, but if he does not fulfill the teachings of Jesus
Christ, he is not representing Him, he must fulfill that teaching.
( Pray for PriestS, plead to the layman to pray for the Priests, the
Religious, save their souls, save their souls.

April 2, 1971 - GOOD FRIDA y

Anna Katarina, Anna Katarina, help me, please help me,

please help me to win them over, not to end it this year. Help
me, 1 don't want to, they need me to suffer this way; otherwise
the Cause will go backwards. 1 couldn't take that, 1 just couldn't
take that. Please, Anna Katarina, intercede for me, please. 1 don't
want to, please, Anna Katarina, help me. 1 must balance th
scale and that is the onl wa 1 know how hel me. Sorrowful
• ot er, e pme; 0 , Sorrowful Mother, help me.
-nieWorIdconditions are not improving, World conditions
not improving; do not be deceived, do not be deceived. Members
of the Church, do not scandalize your Church, do not scandalize it,
you know the right from wrong. YOU KNOW IT, you don't have
to be told, you know it, do not scandalize our Church. The enemy
of God feeds on that, they feed on it, they laugh, Satan laughs wi
glee at what sorne of the Hierarchy are doing. Thêy are scandaliz­
ing their Church, many of the Priests and Nuns. God will not hear
them, He will not hear them, He will not be scandalized, He will
not be mocked and they are mocking Him. They must stop, yill!..
cannot scandalize your Church and hope to find salvation, there
is none, not for the ones that are spreading scandaI.
-Can you explain the harm in communal confession?

It is not the way Christ instructed His Apostles: it is not,

that is Lutheranism; it is not Catholicism. You are "ettin away
trom the Traditional Church and this means Chastisement. e­
member you will have a tremendou::: part to play in History. VOu
can be the ones to save much; you can save many souls. You should
be prepared, for the day Will come, unless enough Constant VigiJl!
_of Prayer is forthcoming, which at this moment is far from enough,l
sa that your Church, the Vatican can be spared; but as it is
----?> scheduled now your next PO!;t will not be a true Pope. The o;ry
way it could b~jL..tb..e.JiolY~QtheLill..tercedes ana that must
be through the Constant Vigil of Pra ver. Without that it cannot,./
it is not possible, it cannot be done.
The sins in your country are so overwhelming, thousands,
thousands, thousands and thousands of infants destroy'èa. There
is no way to reconcHe this. The parents that have done thiSWTIi
pav the penaltyjILQne way or another. You cannot sin against
GOd and expect tQ be rewarded. Manv and many Qf these little
infants when they were bQrn, they cried; they cried bitterly, SQme
Qf the nurses CQuid hardi take it and sorne infants were strangled.
It is inhuman, inhuman, and someone must pay. YQur NatiQn as
fallen into the traps of Satan. The Beautiful America cannot be
proud, the Statue Qf Liberty stands with a shaIDeful face instead
of a proud Statue. Where is the Liberty of ail those human lives,
lives taken? Is that Liberty? No, so you know the consequences
tfiat your N:>tion must face and that is the Chastisement. Every l(
State, every Home responsible will suffer, every Doctor,"""ëVë[y 1
Priest, ~~y Nun respDnsibJe fD. r a life must pay the penalty.
d""OO wiU not be mocked, God will not be mocked, GDd does not
permit murder. Remember, it is ~r. Any hum an life, no matter
how small, is murder. The penalty is suffering and for many HeU, .
There are sorne innOÔntly ditAd into this. God Himself will\
judge this, but FOR ta SE T AT KNEW THE LAWS OF
TIaN unless they make a SERIOUS REPARATION-and how
are they going tQ do that when they are so .filled with .pride? Hcly
Mother said tl1at was the downfall of many,PRIDE, PRIDE!
SQrrowful Mother pray for us, Sorrowful Mother pray for us.
Yes, Anna Katarina, cou Id you please tell them. 1 will try
to fulfiU this.
I~~Constant Vigil of Prayer does not balance the scale


the Chastisement will be 50 severe that even you who boast that
you will be able to take it, will find it wanting. But if the scales

are balanced properly the Chastisement will be severe in certain
areas more than amongst vou and this depends on the willingness ~
to ,,§,acri?ce, to make reparations, and to give of themselves and
above al <1o:-nor forget ~sary, the little missIles ta Heaveo,
do oot forger the Rosary.
Blessed Mother, Sorrowful Mother, Oh Holy Mother.
The Holy Mother suffered tremeodously when She was told
bi: Het Divine Son of the sufferi02 that He would endure, He
'!Yould have to face, ta make reparations and suffer for the people
on this earth. For God the Father had willed it so, but to see Her
Divine Son endure this suffering pierced Her Heart so deeply,
but She knew that She must accept for God the Father thus willed
it, sa She acce{dted with sorrow and with pain for She loved Her
_Son. She grieve for Her Son but yet She Iâiew It had to be.
Oh, Sorrowful Mother, pray for us, give us c~e, give us
s~h to accept the sorrow in our hea~ts, that the pam, the hum­
ibty, love1Of<.1OdWho wills any suffering that man must endure, it
istIis will. Teach us and give us the strength to accept if jn~
wmilitv and love of God nQ.. matter how heavy theù>e,
how severe the pain, how deep the WOUn9s. Many a mother that 10st1\\)
a son on the battls;field. that wouod js deep. It pierces the human
mother's heart for she too is a mother; then can you compare that
with the Mother of God's pain? How much more excruciating Her
pain was to watch Her Son being crucifit:dJhe abuse, persecution,
( ....the falsehoods that were hurled at Him .
And then the scourging, picture in your heart or in your mind

a cat-o'-nine tails. 1iâVë vou ever pictured how severelv that

_ jerked out the fiesh, how it tore into the body? Remember Thy

Lord and God's body was as human as vours, for God willed Him

to be human. He was man on earth et He was Divine. He suffered

J) every pain like you wou or e recelve the uman ftesh from

His MQ!.her. Many believe "weil, He was God, He could endure

1 1 it." ~, He sutfere d as aoy man on eaQh. but with the true love

of Gad to do the Will of His Father, He accepted it for you, for

JThe fiesh When you look at Our crucified Lord what do you think?

that was tom, the ~s, the b!gQd. Sorne ~_ou. .Jg~e
been in accidents and you have bled a little and how terrible you
tnought it wasbut how much greater was the suffering of Thy

Lord and God, ho~ ~~reater? And yet you heed not, you
mock Him, you Spi pan Him, you throw rocks at Him. Y ~
VOU, for every thing you do against Thy Lord and Gad you are
persecuting ffim. Vou are ~uCifYing Hlm, and Holy Mother
today is sheacung tears as paif(ui ana as sorrowful as She did at
)'1the foot of the Cross of Her DlVlne Son, for She loves Her children
on earth no matter what color their skin. She loves themall and
She pleads and sheds tears for them, but yet they cafe not, the
heed not. Yes, Her heart is pierced in sorrow for the children on
earth, especially the Religious, those that are mocking Her, thQ~
that are mocking Gad the Father, those that are Spouses of Her
Divine Son. Thèy are disobedient ta the vows, they are disobedient
ta God the Father in Heaven, they pierce the Heart of Thy Holy
Mother for they are guilty of using the cat-o'-nine tails and hacking
.out chunks of fiesh of the Divine Body of Thy Lord and Gad. For
Itfiey, as Religious who vowed and promised, are the ones that are

the cat-o'-mne tails; that great IS thelr sm for mocking their Goa,
for they are mocking Hiiil;especially thosethatdress djsgracefully.
Theyare scandalizingtl1eCfiurch, they are scandalizing their Com­
munity. Where are their Bishops? Where are the Caxdinals that are
supposed ta be head of ail this? If they laid the rules down, the law,
and say they must dress in proper ways, not ta scandalize the
Church, they have ta be obedient; that is the rule above ail. Y...llz.
they are recrucifying T\:1eir Lord and Gad and they are piercing the
Sword into the Rean of Our Sorrowful Mother. When will that
change? Not until the Chastisement of Thy Lord and God, for they
eed not, tI'1ey care not, they are in defiance but do they stop and
think what they are doing? Do they not have in their hearts a little
love of Gad left, just a little ta prevent this great Chastisement?
Yes, they will bring it upon themselves.
The laity must work, the laity must work with the Constant 1
Vigil of Prayer. Use the little child, for the innocent Iittle child
can send tip his smalI prayers which in heaven is large. For the
Holy Mother will Iisten ta a litlle child for She loves the children.
P~rents teach your children ta ~ ~ar~e, teac~hem the lovç )
of Gad, do not make them the victims O'heir elaers .. Cleanse the
eyes of the Youth tod~, tbeir eyes are dull ana filled with drugs,
hate, confusIOn and defiance. Had you heard ffie pleas of Our Holy
Jother in 1950, many of these eyes could be pure and clear, but
you heeded not Her pleas, you mocked Her, you laughed at Her.
_ 1he Hierarchy in {his diocese, they mocked Her, and they must

suffer for their neglect. Oh, SOITowful Mother, pray for us, Oh,
Sorrowful Mother, pray for us.
e BOMBINGS! More tremors on the West Coast. The Scien­
tists are not always so smart, th~ think they are but they are not.
WeIl, of the many illnesses Roly Mother warned, She wamed us of
resPirato~ ailments, She warned us, She warned us. The H- and A­
bombs ID1a the Universe with poison, fallout, mercury, insecticide.
Oh TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, poison spreaa=üVèr Continènt!
TERRIBLE! Even cause the death of vegetation or they destroy
the germination of the future plant, sterilizing the organs of birds
and animaIs. Oh, yes, they are so smart, they are so smart they
( bëIieve they are little goas. Vou cannot destroy God's creatures,
as you cannot destroy God's children, without suffering or making
the whole country su~r. They are crying "overpopulation," ~
are crying "pollution." They are a little bit late with their fe~,
their only aim is how much they can ail ~tack up of the "Almigh!y Jll
Dollar," that is their gad; they mock the true God. tJ
--A-re you watching the laws in your countrY? Are you watch­
ing the treacherous laws they are putting in, in different states,
are you alert to them? One of your States, the State of Florida; \]
check on the laws they are putting in, especially Bill 2135. They J
will try to bring this about in other States, be alert, you were warned
many years ago to look al the small print but you pay no attention;
yo av n attention and when lt lS too late ou Will scream. You
are going to be pressed in a vise, S QUE E D tight, you
cannot come out, your laws will do that to vou. it is terriOle, iilS


Yes, Holy Mother.

Thank you, St. Francis. To work harder for a Constant Vigil
of Prayer, Holy Mother says there is not enough done, there are
orny a mere few people that are working with devotion and true
love, there are l'pore needed, MANY more needed. Thank you,
St. Francis, thank you.
Our Holy Mother asked, "Were are the people? Then She 1
turned around and looked at them, "It is the twenty-second yearly
visit, then there were none" (1950). Mary Ann said Our Holy
Mother spread Her hands out while streams of ]ight were gQin..e
down toward the people as She turned toward them, moving

slowly as She tumed. St. Joan said we were to keep in mind that
we w@lsi ,h.a'y~ !2...QI:ovide_'!!L~.Iea for .1-he-g.C,~~lIl be coming.
If Our Holy Mother is satisfied with the number of ·pilgriills:-S&e
will let Mary Ann know, then they will be permitted to enter the
gate near the Sacred Trees, walk in back of the Trees, around to
view the S~ed Spot, then proceed over to the Replica to view
the statue witll children in the window, and then walk out the
driveway. They must be very careful not to step on the flowers
when they are growing.

May 29, 1971 - ANNIVERSARY DAY

St. Pius X just told me that God the Father and Son are very
disappointed with those representing Our Lord and Christ. as
Priests here on earth, as well as the Cardinals and Bish0l's. They 1
1rre forgetting the reason1heyoecamti>nests, they are for~tting
the Way to Calvary_and what it repT_esents, they are forgel'ting the
true meaning of the Last Supper and First Mass. The good are in a
minority, the careless are in the majority.
--st'Joan orÀrc saidt"&e minofltY0f Priests are good, pious,
religious men. They seem ta be afraid ta stand up to the ma j9ti1y,
even though th~)' know theJn&Q!"l.t~~~~2M. They must stand
up for their God, Our Lord Jesus Christ. The1.l!!ust tu.rn the tabi~s
before they can expect the Son of God in Heaven to hoId back
the Chastisement. Unless these wrongs are changed, the Chastise­
ment will befall the Country, for the taking of the lives of the liuIe
in!l0cent infant that is destroyed TritfféWOmb of its mother. Repar­
ation will have to be paid to God the Father and Son, Our Lord
JèSüs Christ Who died on the Cross to redeem man, and now, He
is being recrucified by all these Iittle lives being taken by the adults )
and its p~ Had word been spoken from the Altars against
this c!.estruction of humanity, but the Clergy: ~Le silent, very little
was sàid. This beautJful U.S.A. cannot escape the punishrnent of
G-od; there wouId have to be an immediate reparation and willing­
n~ to sacrifice and bring forth a period of prayer.
Mary Ann looks toward the center, smiles and' then looks
toward the east and back to the center of the Trees. She said little
boys, little girls receiving their First Holy Comrnunionare- agam
present here, ~IlSiMtJ.k.fJLktLo.IDl, 1 notice that they are aIl kneeling.
St. Pius X is giving them Holy Communion and this is the first
time he has come down so Iow, he is right above the statue of Our

Holy Mother. The children are ail over the sign here above the
trellis (Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix of Peace). The little
-rriS are kneeling, you might say, right by the sign. The littlêboys \\
are on this side. (Mary Ann's right.) The little boys are wearing
white jackets; of course, the liule girls are in white. 1 .Qrlieve this
symbolizes the love that St. Pius X had for the liule child a~
Communion; that is the reason it Îsshown in this manner and the
proper devotion was shown.
Milry Ann explained that the Blessed Mother was high up in
a blue mist.


Please, please, Blessed Mother, spread Your rays over all

the people, please.
Oh, Blessèd Mother, intercede to Thy Lord and God to send
t e Holy S irit down on ail those present today to do the right on
this reat da entecost. Your first outdoor appearance was on
tliis beautiful day. Oh, Blessed Mother, !!!.ay-the Hol~ Spirit of Q!![

l Blessed Trinity enter into all the hearts and give them the gift...Q.f
----Yes, 1 know they can readpages 28 to 32 (refers to bOOk,)\\
Fundamentals of Our Faith.) 1'11 try to do my best. Yes, St. Joseph.
Again 1 have been shown the beautiful picture with God the
Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost and the Angels and
Saints. They were spread over the entire trees, much more beauti­
fui than our painting, and again it shows a Priest, and he is facing
our people and he is saying Mass in the yernacular; he is not
saying it in Latin and he is facing the people, he hasn't his back
24- (toward them. Yes, it must he understood that the Latin Mass was
not instituted by Jesus Christ; tlliU is where they err w.hen th~
• helieye that is the oruy valid Ma~s.
It was shown in the Passion, the true Mass, and it is given
in many works.
Yes, we have the Priest that is weak, but remember t~
is still representing Jesus Christ. Less criticism should be placed
onthe shoulders of these Priests and more pra)'ers of devotion
and seeking the Holy Ghost to descend with It's Spirit into these
Priests so that they will fulfill their vows of their ordination. Con­
fusion and error ha§...been spre:d b~he enemy of Jesus Christ by
the ex~ts. çrfaditLonal extremj§, s ~ausil1&.. much mOle

harm than th(libe~ ;x~; for they mix the wrong with tbdt"
truth and thus confuse the populace to a very:...Y.EY serious matteëll'iJ
They must not do this, they must fo11ow the True Church. It is
wJ:gtt i.s in tbeir own hearts during Mass, it is what theY2~~~_~e

Trinitx which is always present; remember the Trinity is present
during the Mass. In thesëlITITe booklets you havuour answ~s;
read it and stud-YJ.!, there need be no more said; the only thing
-:>. we repeat, the Latin Mass w. as not instituted bX Jesus ChriS.t. It is
/' Church law, not Christ's law. He did not say Mass in Latin at
\.~ tfie First Mass, r.e~rub.e.Lthis: y ~u~e:::wLQllg. You are ~
'-Put YOUf hearts III the Blessed TFlnlty, fo11ow It at Mass anô re­
ceive the BreHd of Life from the hands of the Consecrated Priests.


There is much lamenting because again there has been a

change, but why lament? The Queenship and the Queen, Our Hea­
venly Mother, should be every day in our hearts; it should be on a
special day, yeso One Pope commemorated this day as the Queen­
ship Day, another cornes and changes it. In the past, one Pope, Pius
XII, made August 22, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and now
this Pope made this day the Queenship Day; but in your hearts,
the Queenship ~ should be every day. Even in your civillife: you
have changes, for years and years Memorial Day was on the 30th
of May. Today you celebrate on the 31 st, again for the memorial
of those that have given their lives and sacrificed their lives ta save
their Country, for that is why they were in the battlefield ta fight
for their Country and to sacrifice for tbeir Country.
It is you people that are left behind who should make this
day honorable, not sa much because of the day but because of
' the lives of men and women who sacrificed themselves for the
1\ saving of your Country. ItTSVOUR DUTY, as a Chris~ Nation,
\ l,ta make their Supreme Sacrifice not in vain. It is up ta YOU; they
1 GAVE their lives, it is for you ta do the rest. HOW? By turning

ta Thy Lord and Gad, Jesus Christ, ta the Queen of Heaven and
is your Queen if you want ta accept Her, and She should be every
d~ not just today, or the new day, the 22nd of August. Just as
kll," S~e became the Queen of Heaven and Earth the night She gave
lYJUJ birth to the Kin of Heaven and Earth,
When He was barn He was fIS
Ti LoSd Jesus Christ.
e Kin ,so he became the

Queen; for where there i5 a Kin there 1$ alwa s a Queen, and what
rnorëbeautiCu than the day Ste gave birth to our Savior, 1Iër
Divine Son, the King of Heaven and Earth. Place Him into your
hearts, guide your life by Him, seek intercession through the Queen
and you will find your lives will be much more peaceful and ha
With Them at the helm of your shiP, you cannat lose but win; so
dear parents, brothers, sisters, sweethearts who lost their loved ones1\
on the batt1efields, be they boy or girl, they made the Supreme Sacri­
fice, will you help them sa thelr sacrifice was Dot in vain but the
"Qlory of Glories"? It is up to the remaining individu al, it must
be in your heart as an individual, not the day, not today, not yester­
day, but every day, every day. Bring this crucial periad into a
happy, peaceful era and only through Cb.rist the King,' the Queen'
of. Heaven and Earth and the martyrs that gave their lives for
your Country: Place them in your hearts daily, in sincerity with
love, reparation and then vou will find the peace you seek. ~)J
a Constant Vigil of Prayer TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY,
od will hear you, th~ of Heaven and Earth will hear you,
the QlIe,!J1 wi!!.mrely hear vou, !gr She is your Mother. Her Divine
SQn gave Rer to you as the Mother; appreciate it, intercede to Her
and you will find PEACE.
Thank you, Joanie, (Joan of Arc), thank you very mllch.


The picture again was shown of God the Father, the Crucified
Son and a Priest with the Holy Ghost fluttering above the Priest's
head. Present also were many Angels and Saints including St.
Joseph, Blessed Mother and the Apostles. The Priest at the Altar)
gave us a blessing. And l, of course, foolishly asked who he was
when he answered he was representing Jesus Christ, which 1 knew,
it is true 1 did know. The blessing was from the Blessed Trinity,
and only the Priest, at this period, could give it to us. It is from
God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. the Spirit
of God, that gave us the blessing today.
---rhe scene 1 was just shown, where is this? Oh no! ln every
city of the U.S.A.! In such places as the Dell's Resort area, I~ )J1
shown naked men and women smoking pot, weeds, LSD and the
(')rre-more powerful than LSD. Children of parents, the parents that
should know where their child is but do Dot kn~. They are attena­
ing parties, but there is no one there who cares what is happening

to th~soul of this child. This, 1 have been told, is taking place in

every city, not villages, but cities of the U.S.A. Check up w,haLf2E­
st~ and then you will have your answer. T.b..i:WJ'.I?e of \ \
doings, of course, the enemy of Gad introduces ta the YOüih ) 1
and plagues them, fills up their mind sa they do not know, for
they are always told "The Establishment," "The Establishment;"
"you must fight for it" and the foolish Youth with the confused
minds of dope, drugs, barbituates and, yes, thev even drink your
cou h medicines out of your medicine cabinets, vour vanilla, ani'­
thing, your glue, anvthmg. They wi steal your purses, they will
steal what is in your ti11s sa (hey can buy the stuff that destroys
them forever. There are son:i'e that have regretted it, after their
teriïble experiences and now their bodies scream for it. Parents, 1'"
Clergymen, OfficiaIs of the Police Department, the District AttOi-­
ne~d aIl City OfficiaIs, as weil as the President of the United
States, must take more interest in this condition because the D.S.A. /1
is going ta be noted by all other Countries as the "dope sick Con- Il
tinent," not the beautiful D.S.A. Our Holy Mother warned you
in 1950, you heed not Her plea, now Harvest Your Degradation,
Harvest It; But It Is Your Child That Is Paying The Priee! When
Will You Wake Up? Qod have mercy on yom souls, Fathers,
~ and World OfficiaIs, for vou are going ta have ta pay
for the child's lost sou!.
Mary Ann drops her head ta the kneeler and cries and says:
"Nobody cares 1 guess, nobody cares. Such beautiful children,
look at them. 1 wish They would show these people everything
that 1 just saw, 1 wish They would ta a11 of you."

June 6, 1971 - TRINITY SUNDAY

St. Joan of Arc said that we should keep ourselves with the
Trinity at a11 times because the suife and the struggle is going ta
be severe, especia11y on thase that are standing up for Gad the
Father. Do not falter because of persecution. As for the people,
there is sa much work that has ta be done, 1 don'! mean the local
Q.lles, we are doing the best wc cao; but other ~. They could,
different cities that could do sa much, but they a11 have excuses 11 \\
,-which don't mean a tinker's darn, they do not. They are going J)J
ta monkey around until it is going ta be tao late. lY,hen we say"- \
that we need workers, 1 don't mean our people here, r mean thç J
whole D.S.A. .


St. Francis said you have oot even fulfilled the group of 1950.
June 16, 1950, there were at least 300 more people than today.
This should have been doubled at least because of the weekday.
It was a weekday that year also, remember that? Thank you very
Remember the Litany of the Sacred Heart on aU Fridays of
the year.
Thank you.
Pray for His Holiness, pray for the Priests, Religious, pray,
pray, pray for the Nuns that are scandalizing the Church, p~
that they will come back and be true Spouses of Jesus Chnst.llH
Pray for all Bishops, Cardioals For S.QID..e,. fbeîr cross 15 very ,
heavy; for sorne it is even unbearable, for they do not like what III
IS grnng on among thelr brotfiers lU Christ. A true Priest does
rrotïîke what he sees and what he has to endure because of his
brother; but if the faithful, with enough prayers would not criti­
cize but pray; if you see something wrong, then speak ta this Priest
yourself, if he rebukes you, kindIy ask him why, and ask him not

to 5candalize what he represents, for Jesus Christ loves them; His
Holy Mother loves aIl Priests and weeps bitterly for theu arro­
gance, their pride, their Buffiness.
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you very much.



The Sacred Heart devotions have diminished. Instead of inter­
cediog t~rt to do reparation and for the wounds
and hurts of the Nation, they are rather forgetting the Sacred Heart
that bled ta redeem them. Instead of a stronger faith and devotion
towards It, It has faUen ta the wayside. It is the Iack comiog from
the altars, it is not mentioned from the altars, they are not asking
the Bock ta increase their devotion ta the Sacred Heart of Jesus;
especially the month of ~ which through many Popes has been
dedicated ta the Sacred Heart. And least of ail, do they remember
the month of ~ for the Precious Blood, that Thy Lord and Gad 1
shed to redee TI man. lYhiLwhy~egligent?~~a
beautiful devotion. There are many that criticize that tao much
devotion is given ta the Holy Mother. Now here they have an oppor­
tunity ta give it ta, ,sa they caU, Jesus Chrjst Whom they honor


above all. Are they? It would be beautiful, it would he beautiful,

if they did and many graces would flow over those that intercede
ta Him, the Sacred Heart and the PreclOus Blood. Say many
timesduring the day, "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy
on us." Say it. It takes no prayer book, it.j.ust takes a litde moment

orgrace ta say that. It would be beautiful ta do it in the N a~e
of the Trinity, that would Be tfuee billes. "Most Sacrea FIeart
of Jesus, have mercy on us." ­
/ Not enough effort made for the ColJ,Stant Vigil of Prayer.
Not enough effort made, for reparation, penance and sacrilice ta
( save the Country, <!llil!he Youth. Th;lt rneans in your US.A.
there is reparation needed sa much for every litde child or infant
that was not ermitted ta be barn, and life put into it, it's life
was snuffed away. a e repara Ions or a, or if you do not
try, the Chastisement will be sa severe that you will scream and
lament and you will cry and there will be sorne who will sa foolishly
take their lives. That will not be the answer, that is not the answer.
C.QDtrol the l~s. We have been telling you for years and years,
watch YOU( laws. Do not wait untillt js tao late. In your own
st-;rte you have "'~d it. Why, don't you care, don't vou care 1J
for that little infant whose life was a ? Who is not per­
mitted t e rig!lts of the Constitution, it's heritage, for Gad has
II~ea;edJ! l!pd you let Satau conrI'Oliçdestroy If throu~ Sat.ill1ic\
) laws'! They are not for the goôd of humanity only for the wil~ .\1\
and weakness of man and woman. We~ness not strengtb and....!t)~l
w~kens YoU[ NatIon. Your Nation has last it's reputation, it's
dignity, and it's Constitutional rights. Turn ta the Sacred Heart
of Jesus and say with reverent heart, "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
have mercy on us." Say that with reverence and love.
Thank you.

June 29, 1971 - FEAST OF ST. PETER

CHAsnSEMENT! War between the Christi and Satan,

right now Satan is far in the advance, the Christians arelàggmg
~ . They seek not the Kingdom of Heavgt, they seek material­
istic things, the tfiings of Gad are shoved aside for a later date,
they care not, they heed not. Times are still tao good but the ward 1\\
CHASTISEMENT was written right across these trees, for sorne jJ.l
il might even be the Armegeddon. Gad is just, He Às merciful, }J
seek repentance, h~the Rleas of the Heavenly Moth~r, fulfill

Her requests. Reread message: eleventh month, 25th day in 1955,

it was given then and not heeded, wh)' doo'! !bey heed the reguests?
Why are your backs tumed?
This is a very serious moment in your life, in your Nation
and especially among the Christians for Satan is loose, the serpent
iL,devouring your children. He vomits VCD.Qm, the'ie is not much
more that can be sald. IlYou would ~Y the work given in t~~\
east, you hav~o much that you do Il-. _ ave a_rpo1TIenUo~are,
yet you ask, "anything new, anything new?" What is the matter 1
~ith YOl:i? Fulfill what you have, take care of what you have.
Your State of Wisconsin is not cleansed, it is filthy from end to
end, from side to side. Porno,graphy reigns, and abortion bills, 1
so many bills you should have watched. We told you many years
ago to read the smail Brint, what have you done about it? When the
laws are put LOto effect you will lament, LOU are getting yourself
bound hand and foot. It is your fauIt, you did not listen, you dIa
not care, you dia not have the time. But remember if you had
taken the time man e laws would not hav ~d
you. e next one will be more severe yet. Study the things that
were given to you, study them, they are serious. They were given
for a reason, not Just to print and lay aside. T~y were given for ijJI
you to act upon.
Yes, yes, St. Peter. Please give them the strength. Yes, 1 know.
The ones willing tQ. give of themselv~ou can count on YQ!lr
t~.~JgnQLa.nd you...YilILhave.Jingers Jdt over. The ones that boast
and brag about, you would need more hands, but action isn't
therd. Or anize, organize unite and 0 forward as Christian ~
1111\] soldiers ID the ame of Jesus C rist, Thy Lor an Gad and
Mary Ann said: St. Peter 100ked more handsome than he
did during the Passion, he didn't have any wrinkles. St~
said that he is very sad for he is afraid he is going ta have to tum
away many parents b!cause Qf theu neglect of their children, for
aIl parents are guilty of the sins of their children, especiaUy the
young child. And he said he is going ta have to turn aWêY many
parents because of that. ---

July 2,1971 - VISITATION

You look so sad, Holy Mother. What can we do, how can we
awaken them? Those that need to be awakened do not read our

messages, you know that, Holy Mother. Vou know they will not
read them, t~~m. Our Holy Mothcr just rcminded
me that it is fifteen years ago that 1 saw Hel' on July 1st weeping
for Hel' Priest-sons. At that time She could see the Priest; the
young seminarians were headingjnto dis respect for the ClOtfitFiëy
were weari!!g, especially the honoring of their Saviol' Whom they
were representing here on earth. They wcre Ruffed up with pride
jjnd arrogance then... and now they are SQ much mille fill..ecLup.
Our Holy Mother bows Hel' head and tcars are rolling down Hel'
cheeks as She speaks of Hel' Priest-sons whom She loves so much
but they tum their backs on Hel' completely. They wipe Hel' out
of their eyes, they ignore their teachings, they ignore Hel' Divine
Son Whom they represent. They seek materialistic things, material
things, p[ide and arrogance; with this they are opcning the door
wide for the Chastlsement, for it is up to them to lead their flock
to save their souls, to bring them on the road to righteousness, ta JJ)
stop the confusIOn that has entered the Church. Tt is they that are
harming the flock for lhey are responsible for the souls of man in
their parishes and those that they teach, the children. Every soul
that is in their ciasSI..O.orn-iLtheir responsibility~ow they te.QEh
l them. They teach them, yes, but it is not the t.eachings of Jesus
Christ; it is breaking the heart of .Our Holy Mo!.,her. She says She
cannoCliold back the arm of Hel' Divine Son much longer. She
pleads with Him to give them a !ittle more chance to redcem them­
selves, to make reparations and to do penance and sacrifices;
but instead they tumble on in the abyss of sin, sin of Qride, sin\J"\
of arroiance, sm of creating confusion amongst the youtn:- IJ
lFiëlaity must work, the laity must seek the righteous way. Ii
There must be a greater effort for the Constant Vigil of Prayer
and the Rosary. Plead for the Rosary. If people could only see
the Sorrowful and Blessed Mother as She sa id time and again,
here as weil as many other places, they will weep and they will
scream, but IT WILL BE TOO LATE! The crime and the sin
against God, the crime and sin against Hel' Divine Son is worsening,
not lessening. They must repent, they must repent. Do not seek
material things, they do not mean anything. They will not save
your soul. they will not bring you to Heaven, but they will deter you
on the righteous way, they will rather confuse you that daim
you love Our Holy Mother. Fulfill Hel' requests, not only of what
you hear here, J2u.t that of Fatima. Vou are bringing Lasalett~l\
upon your Nation. Vou heed ~y ~~s of ~, you hee(~

n~ but YOU cOIltLn.ue your fool~ay. When it is too late you will
Thank you, St. Joan, thank you.

July 16, 1971 - OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL

Dear Brother and Sisters, 1 am asking you all to stay loyal

to Our Holy Mother, to fulfiill the requests of the Holy Mother.
Our Mother is suffering to watch Her children here on earth, they
heed not Her p'leas. The youth are scattered hither and yon, their
rlf1i,Yes are rui~d, their souls are lost. "!,here are thousands and thou­
\III sands of children that were good children. The dear brothers and
sisters that have now ruined their lives, the Ms of every kind
nameable, the confusion created because of. the4)me life that was
scaüërëd. It'will continue -to'scatter bec3"üSeihë women are seekin
llberatTÜn. AlI those that are seeking liberation from their duties to
husband, wife and ~ are liojng to cause a great catastrophe to
~tion:-We need not repeat the tb.Q)l.gQ.9s~~nds 0
infants that were ne~rn. Thousands of grown children befween
the ages of 5, 6, and beyond, teenagers who have ruined their
( health with drugs. They are trying ta {uTI sorne of the parents asleep
sa iog that marijuana is not dan erous. Take it from us, it is ver..Y
dangerous, or ID ltse fit is dangerous but il lei!?s ta hiliher illusions
and more and more drugs.
The Priests and my fellow Sisters care not for their vows,
they have broken them. They seek comforts of the world and mater­
ialistic thin~s. They deny Their Lord and Gad. Is fhere any
use, Brothers and Sisters, for me ta plead with vou? Is there any
need for this? But 1 cannot see My'Holy Mother weep. ItJ~~s me
to see that, how can you? 1 am telling you She is weeping. 1, St.
T~ am telling you this, do you not. care? Doesn't it affect
-'>. you at all ta know Thy Holy Mother of Gad is ~~g? ~~I(
Divine Son is very, very disgusted and angry. Our ~ly Mother
fears the punishment, yet they heed not, they continue to tar!}'.
l, St. Therese, am beggTng you, Qleading with ;o~ that ~Will
helf) to wipe Our HoIy-Mother's t~She is t e oilier 0 Gad,
the Queen of Heaven and Earth, do you not respect Her? GiVe
Her the due respect, 1110thersand fathers, watch thy child, the
q,ge does not matter. Oh yes, they want to be men and women

~at eighteen today, but they do not have th,e inte.11W th.e>, think
)J Ilthey do. They think you are~e, they ani in error..J~ .-!!eed


Sister Mary Magdalene just told me that it is very disappoint­

ing to St. Vincent that ail his beautiful qevotions have been cast
aside and have been ignored and even been belittled. She says
they are b~ul. His explanation of Our Holy Mother is beauti­
fu!. It is a shame that so many beautiful devotions have been <;aS!
aSid ab..ândooed cornpletely in sorne cases. In others tT1ey "ire
seo ed .al, saymg,\ <'they are outdated, they are back in ancient his­
' ( tory tlme, today we are m~n, we do not need those devo- \
. ~s. If we have the Sacraments or the Mass that is ail we need. vy~
d<UlQLll..eed these extra devotiolli., that was ail right for the time
past, .Qut toclay we are m9re educated, we do not need them,'i/so the ....
~t~inceJlt and the D~ontfert way has been cast aside. Ir is just
in mi {hat so many fêrent ones also have been d~HoyEG. even
the devotion to the Mercy of Gad. Pray to the Merc{of Gad, see~
( His intercession. Vou will notice in the future times, the devotion
to the Immaculatk1f.earLoLMfiry, 1I'1at PQp-~j.llLXn hadcoriSe-]
crated the U.S.A. to the Immaculate Hear~y, that This devo­
tion will gradualiy be di~ntinued. Continue this devotiop. Keep it \
in the f t here, Pra much to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. )
As PiüSXII to intercede for you and ail the Saints that have come
here, ask their intercession for the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Thank you, thank you. Thank you, Sister. 1 have never for­
gotten you. It is the little ones that have the big~st hearts, XQu '~II
proved that to me, thank you. J
Many Ann said the St. Vincent referred to was St. Vincent
de Paul. Sister Mary Magdatene is the nursing Nuo triat saV&! ,!li'"
~Ann's life wheD- she was in the hospital. ----- 1 W

In many homes, in many families where the father is supposed


ta be the head of the family he is not. Either the wife or the children
seem ta overrule the failier. This is very wrong. The only excep­
tion in a case like thlS, If the father is ilIliï illiless such as alco­
holism or in other injuries to his body or mentality, tlten the
second, which is the wife, takes and must care for the family. But
if the homes in this beautiful country woulCfIllâl(e the father the
h~ad, her~ is a smal.l example. ThX Lord and Gad Who ~s God
Hlmself st111 ofIers Hlmself up ta HIS Faiher ID Heaven, so It must
be in tEe family. The famil must turn to the failier in the home
and he is sub'ect to God the ven. So be it but yet
in his home, he is the head. His wife or spouse must follow him,
and his children likewise. It would be beautiful if die chiIaren in
thé home could be brought back into the focus. But the family
home is cast aside. Everyone wants ta be the head. TM wife is
subject to her husband. That she made very clear in front of the
Priest who married her. She becomes one, entwÎned with her hus­
band. Her husband is the head of the home, and likewise the child­
r~n must look up to their parents, first the father then the mother.
If this family life can be brought back and carried forth, it is TIke JI
a trinitYi the father, the spouse and the child. It can be in one un1t;] J
in ~ey- turn thê~to the Blessed Trinity as their
rl!k.-ao-d-e-XillDpkJn...!!ie; these broken family homes would not bè.
They would be bound and united together, in one sublime unit,
1with love of God, love of the Holy Mother and through the Spirit
L be guided. But that is casLawav, they do not a~P-t--aUth.Qr!!.y.
It must be that way, that is the only way, family life, family
!ove, ~amily understanding united together thus the):: can fiourish
-Œto beauty.
It takes complete harmony. The father must be the father, \
the mother must be subject ta the father and the children to them. J
Today the children tell the parents what they want, how they want
it and how it must be done, because they are the round ones, the
parents are the squares, the old-fashioned. Why has that respect
been lost, why? li is through the neglect of family l.@. Bring back
family life, family unity and through that you will have unity in
GoverI1ment. The family has been c.ast aside, why? The swreijYe I~
r willed it that way an<LY~u so foolishly""1ôtrs 11. J11
It aoes make It easler for the cfiildren to ru1e [fie homes. That is
what they s~k, and that is what the Supreme Grand M'fiLer wants.
The family home shouIa stay the wayGod the Father ID Heaven and the Holy Mother, St. Joseph and the Christ Child wills

it; Jesus Christ, Who is God. Think about it, pray about it, meditate
on it. Fathers stand up as men, with Jesus Christ in yo~t and
bring back the family unity in the family home.

July 26, 1971 - FEAST OF ST. ANNE

Yes, Good St. Anne.

Sons and daughters you have done weil in compiling the work
and preparing it in book form as 1 have asked and now the duty )1
is to reach many~oul S_Q Jhe~s ma~hanged. Do you
understand me, my sons and daughters? This work must go forth,
it mu~t reach those--!baUlre confused that need guidance. It' gave )
man)'., many, 1!....greater understanding.-Qf-.!b~ght and wrong that
is happening t~day. It must reach far and wide. Do you understand,
misons and daughters? So go forth and work diligently to get
my Daughter's pleas out to those at the wayside, Jhose that need
to understand. Ihis work was given to be spread, not to be held \ r
back. It must go forth, time is short and the more that can read 1
i0'i1e more they will be helped and spared. sOii)'e of Y-Q.~h \
leaders say~o,~weSflY--, "YES." For would the Church give what
we are giving you there would be no need for it. The need is great./
Sons and daughters, 1 am the grandmother of Tf1y Lord
and Savior. 1 know what is needed. 1 have seen and heard much'j
1 am not against the Church on eart!), butif iTIëï1at the helm err,
We cannot sanction this, so We must speak out, ancrweareasking
you here to carry forth-Our Requests. Do you understand me,
Sons and Daughters?
Fear not, we are with you. Can you hear me? So carry on,
as we are with :t0u at every tum. We know your difficulties, we
know whaLyou must face. Th~secution will be great, but you
m~ for..-the Name of Thy_L.or.d-and.J:!.Q9 stand, S~! I~
asked you to compile this work in the yearî~)5. It took much
pushing, much effort to get you started. The work should have
been out, but after the death of Henry then you jumpëainto gear.
The delay was costly, but yet you -haVe-shawn great stnOëSaiid
YQ!l made great efforts 10fülfilltnrsnegIecfed work.
1 thank you ail. Go forth and bring forth, what 1 have just
requested of you, and one of my Daughter's greatest requests, The
Constant Vigil of Prayer is ail that wiII save thy NATION, it is ail \
that wi.II save thy CHURCH, it is aU that will save thy PRIESTS,
it is ail that will save thy NUNS. Is this plainly understood, sons

and daughters? It~kes tM.-effQrts of~L of you. Tu.J.Q....g~~

.II to help-t but youJ1~~ must be the main _trunk, the branches will
1\ spread and they will fan out but the trunk here_ must be s-2.lid.


St. Francis said we should fulfill Our Holy Mother's œquests,

the only thin he can say is the fulfillment the fulfillment. He re-
peate t at three times. He told me to tell the Priests, especially
those that requested information rece!!!Jy, they should fill their
hearts with the Roi Trini!)' ~ Glories of Gad the(Fath~,
Gad th Son and God the ~Qb~ will send the Spirit tàtllem
( to guide them on their way. They must keep the Trinity enshrined. 1
in their hearts and souls ~Q...giv~.thcl!LP-Mce to fulfill their vows.

August 15, 1.971 - FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION


Our Holy Mother is weil pleased so today the people may

walk through as instructed before. They are to come in through
this small gate, walk around past the Infant of Prague behind
where 1 am kneeling now, then over to the window and out the
other way. And those on this other side must come through by
the Information and come through the small gate. They must all
come around the way the procession does. And those here will
go back out this other way. Ihere should not be any crowding or
confusion. It is the wish of OUR HOL y MOTHER that they 1
who have come here that they have and they should respect it as
a privilege from Her.
The condition in the U.S.A. is very bad, the people them- )
s~lves are not interested in the Christian way of li!e, they are }
seekmg only y..'hat they can gain for themselves, they care not
~hom they hanp., if it is their fellow brother in Christ, or if it is
the neighbor next door. They care for their own selfish ways and
---There are many, many hard working, earnest, God-Ioving
people, but they are in the minority compared to the others t~ )1
are seeking only the glories here on earth, the material things.
UnIess they turn to Their Lord and Gad, JesuS Cbd§t, they can-
not hope to find Peace. Peac De me from the wantoness
of human beings, it corn only through th~ Mercy an race of

God. Our Holy Mother's eyes are fil1ed with tears because so many

are spurning Her, turning their backs upon Her, heeding not Her

pleas. For a whole Century She has pleaded and asked that we

IHer children turn to Her Divine Son Jesus Christ, and come forth

) las Children of God. God Who created al1 children, no matter

what race, creed or color, He created them. If they would remem­

ber that Gad the Father, God the Son and God the Hol G st

brought fortilthéir Lean 0 the Father gave man a free will

, àïld"this earth where He walks today is only a testing grOund)

to rave tbemselves worth. children of the 1 v> us Christ, ~
hom God the Father sent on earth ta b bar as an Infant, to
wa on earth, to sho~ili.~ wa as an man, as any human being
\ and then pe crucified by His O'!YP ane die ta save man. Today
they are denying the Divinity of Jesus rist. They are teaching
the children in many, many catechetical classes, that Jesus Christ
is only a common man that walked the earth, born of a woman
and a man. It is heresy they are teaching and yet the Hierarchy
does nothing ta correct this. -
Dear Brothers and Sisters how can you do this? How
cao. you ruin the soul of a child by teaching them wrong, heresy?
~\iThe ~nishment of Gad wiU be severe for those that have taken
jlIIthe-responsibITliY__ ÇLr!. tI1~msëlves-to teach---stlChteacIîings, their
pufi.1Shrrïent ~ilLÈ..e unbearable, th~y will scream for ~cy .Jlli): \~\
the y win be held accountable for every sOiïT1heyriüsguided; if)
not here on earth, then God have mercy on them in the hereafter.
IlYou cannot def~ Thy Lord and God, you cannot spit Him in
the face, not GÔ tSe Father in HeavenJIYou must change your
ways, you must become Christian families with Thy Lord and God,
Thy Savior, Thy Creator, Thy Redeemer, but you yourself must,
bëWilling to sacrifice, do penance for those that sa foolishly
stumble in the darkness in defiance of Thy Lord and Gad, those
that deny the Birth of Christ as a Savior that God the Father in
Heaven so instructed. Yes, Thy Holy Mother was only a maiden
on earth but it was through the Graces of Gad that She had the
strength, the courage, the humility ta accept the beautiful and
most glorious, to bring forth a Son, Lord and God; Whom God
the Father in Heaven had asked Her to bring on this earth to be
Our SaviOL Now we turn and spit upon Him. Oh you might not
actual1y do it but your behavior, your action does. Unless these
ways are changed, unless the knees bend, unless you are willing
ta sacrifice, to do penance, tri accegt the teachings that ]ll;.,~

a.~~ Go~ituted. here on earth, that Thy Heavenly Mo~~ ~~

l glv~rou~ ~tlma, tnroué L~s and_ throu~~ the ~­

cUlous !dal. ose were aIl approved by Rome, hay,e yoù'JiiT­

ldied t7m? What about LaSryJett e , do you fu1fill them? Follow

tnem, follow them, thë)i are just as worthy now as when given

then, or L~alette wi11 faU upon vou; hunger, starvation, it will


Holy Mother said in 1950, "Y ou will scream when il is 100

laie." It is tao late unless you bend your knees at once, it is
tao late. l, myself, cannat do any more, 1 pleaded but She says,
"No." It is up ta the people, it is up ta the people ta be willing
ta give a~d to~a.çIifiç.!<~_t~do~pai'ahon, ta say the1tosary, ta
bnng forth the Constant Vigil of Prayer in-flïlnorce, ioda the
WllT orOur Father in Heaven, ta f1l1Illl the-Ways of JesusCIfrlSt,
if not it will bè tao late. VOur screams will not be answered, your
pIeas will not be heard for when the Chastisement cames, IT IS
TOO LATE, TOO LATE! They cannat help you then.
For twenty-one years Our Holy Mother has pleaded ta clean
out the schools, ta he!~.çhild beÇ,gme a_good_Christian~,
ta grow into manhood, t<L bri~KJ2!".!!! ..J):JJe-.Chr.istian ch~,
but what have you brought forth? Children whose minds are
.destroyed with ~e, with. aQ over:jllii'Ülgence- of sex, with the
bl~est 9t..~!E~f helf-aiid yoU" parents have permitted ihis-to
happen. ()~r HoIY..--Mothe! s~~d~~ars f~r _I!.e: children, what
( more can She do but plead, wnat more? ­
--l'm sarry 1 couldIlot give this over the loud speaker but
because of the disobedience here, you here, that care not ta bring
forth _th~ mes§g~ OLQIJI Holy M~ther but s~offat it, tileïllaUgh
at if, it is that reason, sa 1 must suffer the pains and the strain of
it. 1 will do anything Our Holy Mother asks. Are you willing ta
do anything She asks?
If you are willing then please fulfill Our Holy Mother's mes­
sage She has given way back, way back ta LaSalette and Lourdes, )
at Fatima. What have vou done at Fatima?'Have you 1üifi[éd
Her requests? Y Q.u boaS! but watch the world go ta ruins. Our
Holy Mother is waiting. She stretches out Her arms for you, but
you care not. WalKiiito those arms and wipe Her tears, wipe Her
tears. She l~ you but you do not love Her.
Mary Ann said Our Holy Mother appeared in a dazzling
white. She lowered Herself ta above the top of the statue at the

Sacred Spot, then came down lower and as She did, Qink r~es
showered down before Her.
August 16,1971 - FEAST OF ST. JOACHIM

Thank you, St. Joachim. St. Joachim, pray for us. Good St.
Anne, pray for us. Child Mary, pray for us. St. Anne looked so
beautiful tonight. -
Did 1 ever describe St. J~? He has kind of, oh kind of
long grayish hair, kind of a fu1I"g'fay beard to about here. (Mary
Ann touches her chest.) Together thex: make a nice couple, she,
ÎIs smaller than he is. St. Joachim is a stocky man, that is, he looks
th~~ay, .~ stocky. He is not a ~nny man. His voice is det:p }j
and firm. Good St. Anne is taller than Our Blessed Motheils, full
grown,- 1 don't mean as a child. St. Anne does not look old, she)1
bas a mature look but still has not a wrinKled face, nor does J

August 22, 1971 - FEAST OF

THE IMMt1Ç[llATÉ !!!b1!!l. QF_~·t.!f!!-,Y

Thank you St. Francis. Why did 1 see this horrible picture?
The invasion of the Yellow Giant and the Black Giant éJ.S
given~_many years aiQ=:is rigTlt uponY2u. If the Constant
Vigil of Prayer does not turn it, you will suffer much, for there
is no mercy in those that h~y'~none. They are ruthless, horror.Jlll.
Iiungry, God-Iess people, especially those at the heacr.=- - - J~
--Thanl( you. Oh Im~<!.ry,pray for us.
Yes, 1 know. Pope Pius XII made this day of the Immacu­
late Heart of Mary. 1 see. She is still the Queen of Heaven and
Earth regardless of what they have chosen. You may choose this
day as the Im~~lgeJ:!~Y~ry as Pope Pius XII sa set aside,
but make I:Ier the Queen of Heaven and Earth every day in your
J lives. Thank you.
- Our Holy Mother is up in the trees quite hig~, dressed as
always only this time She is shoyvn as the Immac1.!late Heart -2% '
Mary. She looKs very beautiful. She looks vgy sad. She is .nQ!
shawn to me as t1ïe Queen of Heaven but as the Immaculate
t1eart of Mary. Ch ImmaculafeHeart of Mary,give us-the streng1h~
and the courage ta face this terrible thing that CQuid happen ta
~he U.S.A., that we will reckon with it and through your graciou

and generous Heart, that we ma)' triumph. Oh Immaculate Heart

\\l~::ary, heffi!iS; fielp liS protectUs, q,pen QIl[ eyes to the true
)1i . Send the rays of Thy Immaculate Heart down upon us jQ
thq1...we.Iecei~e t!:~ gS'!fe~t~, QQJhY_I:!oly \ViII. Pray for us.

August 25, 1971 ­


Oh St. Therese.

Yes, Sister, 1 am with you.

Mary Ann said there was a large Rosary up in the trees, irri­

descent, it was high up in the top, the crucifix hung d.Q.wn t<L!he
rower part of the alcove, beads were six inches long and four
inchès wlde. Part of the Rosary was over in the tree nearer St.
Anne's Shrine.

September 8, 1971


"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord Gad of Hasts Heaven and Earth

({ full of Thy Giory. Glory to__Qod the ç~ Glory to God the
~ Glory to God the~hosl)May the Glories of God des-
cend upon you and fil! your heart with the Roly Ghost ~
SJ2.irit will fill into you the {ire 0& [rue love to be éiïSFiiWed to live
in thy soul, thereJpr.!!vq-!o ~ ~n4..-PIQtect-l!l-u."
Yes, Little Mary.
"My Child, your heart is h~y, your boch_!~ea'2..f!Q.mj
t)Je weight of the depressed and disobedient, y~ed help," ,
"My Child, 1 will ask you to enshrine YOUr heart this moment
ta the gijts of the Blessed Trinity."
Thank you.
"My Child, repeat after Me these words in honor and glory of
the Blessed Trinity. '1 bless and glorify Thee, Oh Blessed Trinit y 11
in complete.ynison with the ineffable glory in which God the Father
in His omnipotence honors the Son and the Holy Ghos1.Jorever.' " j
Mary Ann placéd her hand over heart and said, Thank You.
"May they ail invoke the blessing of the Blessed Trinit y for)\
g}/idance and daily protection from the evil influence,.-M-J-.Çhild. (
"Let thema1l enshrme the Glories of Gad the l,f'athel) the
Giories of God thè~~_d the Glories of God the l.!!§!f]iiWs~.

May they open their hearts to the Jj.gbt of the Holy Spirit, and
e!ElJJi!J.e into their hearts the fulftllment of Cod throu$!L1lJ.L.Holy
Chost in union with the Blessed Trinity."
- Thank you.
Yes, Joanie.
Yes, St. Therese.
Sister, Our Holy Mother invoked the Holy and Blessed Trinity
~E.0n you. What a great honor, My Sister, to be thus privileged.
She loves Y0J!" dear Sister. To gai.~ ~he Glories of Gad ~~
11)~_Jè!l2~~heartaches.Vou must do reearations,
and b~illLYouflC'ii'ëeS in love oflJë5(\. God the Father must come
first, ~e willing_to acceR,t wnatevër Th}! LPrd and Gad gives thee. )Jj
Accept it, be it your sou.l, with the lov~ad.
Repeat many times: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, 1 love Thee.
It is the fulfillment of God's graces and bles~s upon you
to give you strength and courage to go forth, wi~ou ar.e
lost. You cannotfindJ!eace with.out the fulfillm~nt, the Glorious )~~
MYsteriesorthe Trinity. Ellshrine in your hearts with these thôughts )j
a~~n, you will find peaëë""afïa comf9i't~ou tfl1;rrrrhapprness
in spite of the" persecuti0l1....the accusations, the les, t e mud-sling­
mg. Don't be S9 shocked for sorne of these artièles senL!~u,
Wê know they are happenii1g:Just say, "may God forgive them ]

seeking. the love of Thy Lord and God; do fiOt be

such trifies.
for they know not what they are doing" and let it ~~s. Go on
OVër 1

--Than'k you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said: Thank you
Saint Francis.
Mary Ann explained: 1 saw little Mary, a_Ear old, rather--Wj
logg hair, rays of light upon I-!er. )1
September 12, 1971 ­

Pray for us, Oh Holy Mother, pray for us, please Holy
Mother, please.
Our Holy Mother would be pleased if, during Her presence
here, ~ore reve:s.nce would be shown during this period. They
can 1Jleditat~_RQ!l-ÙJelLown petitions, with devotion, in~
-.-.--.... silent

Yes, St. Francis, l'il try. Could you tel! them, please?

Again we repeat, fulfil! Thy Holy Mother's requests and s.a

forth ta the best of your abili!y in kindness,_ in charitablen~s, in

1\ loving thy neighbor as thyself and above ail the Rosary, the Rosary,

t lafïsyour 6nly weapon. Our Holy Mother pleads. Keep yourself

wi!hin-the..JllessedJilility, as your shield.
Thank you, thank you.
Mary Ann explained: The Blessed Mother first showed Her­
self as S'he was at about the age of twelve. Then She moved upward.
As She did, She

September 15, 1971 - OUR LADY OF SORROWS

Thank you St. Francis. Yes, yes, Joanie. St. Joan said Our
r01Y MOlhe' WO' pleO'ed with lhe flowecs placed he,e al lhe
))) days. In the cold season there are others that can be olaced there
Shrine; She wonders why_they not there on ALL Anniversary

in'Rer bonor. -

September 29, 1971 - FEAST OF ST. MICHAEL

The enemy that is trying to disrupt the Christian way of life)}

is~ prominent today. M~Y--9f you reallZe this but are still
sa complacent, so nonchalant, as if the Worlo was in al! its glo!)'.
Tfïey see not the handwriting on the ~lTfie enemy fias comPIetejl~
control of everything. Vou were told this many years aga bût it :
IS ,. moruronounceêl today. The damage has beel1 done to your
children; their minds have be~n ruin~d and yet in your own State
one bill after another has been ~sëd t'2-destroy m~n~..:~~.!!.~ that.
God has created. Where are you Christians, wliere were you t9
'fignt those bills? Was there a special effort made during this period
to combat? No, many of them had no time to even say the Rosary,
' they found l1.2..!.!!!le. Wh~ a child is ruined, it cornes home toYOU'J'
what aruou going to do'(Vou are going to condemn that child.
Are you going to whimper and lament and whine and even con­
demn God because you were at fault? You were at fault for the
soul of that child. Our Roly Mother here has pleaded for the child,
the children, th~oung child. Nobody seems to care. l:..he CQD­
fusion in the child's mind continues.
St. Dymphna has pleaded that you should cal! to ..ber. l, St.
Therese, have asked, St. Joan, St. Michael have pleaded tonight.

Thy Holy Mother has pleaded, St. Joseph, St. Joachim, Mother
Cabrini, Good St. Anne, the):: pleaded but tm will not do the] ij
~ for you for God gave a free will to you a!1 and it is th~1
that stands in between y-ou and the in,~~rcession that they~n
give you. We can be here, but if your will rebukes us, w~ot

J h~ We will not go against yom wiïrWè ~re hopjrlg that ~ill

say, ~dear Lord God, Thy WilC oot mine,"'but that is only loose
liE talk, it does not come trom aii"teart. OillHô1~fiër has
explained TI1ël'rinity to you. She has explained it step~--.J!ep,
lliat IS so beautiful, yet has it reached yo~_hearts? The children
that are ~g their parents because in the styles today th~
can be half-naked. So the parents rather than rebuke the chi'drenil
let them go, why? The child is subi~ct to y..ou fathers and mothers.

That soul is in your hands, "Fa'thers and mothers, that soul is in

,~ our hands. If YJnUarnish it, you will go into Hell-fire along~th

.M our c lâ. Is that what you are seeking? Sure they argue with

you. You have got a good hand, father.§.,....slap them across the
mou th, and then set them on a chair and talk to them instead
OIthrowing up yollr"'""arms and sayjng, "what snaIlT do, What

can 1 do?" Show them that you ~re a j'arent, not a whimpering
man, but the father and if ~our spouse intervenes, _tell her tQ..go
iriTô her room until )'ou talk to her. But 1 don't think a mother
iNti 1 mlecreee if sfie unde<stands that.b<r child's !ife, her soul is
at stake. How many of the parents wou Id love to change the whole
pattëfn of their ways, those that have lost their children's rninds?
H~ou gone to visit the'institutigns?-Go! take a gooa look. Go!
It might make a ditterence to yoti. How maoL.Of-Y-Q.u have tak~n
time to go into an institution and see tJ1ese crippled children born
of sin. How many otyüUfiave gone into an institution and seen
w1\atLSD and ail of these barbitÜates'haveClone to a child, how
many of you have gone to takea ood look? Don't talk so loosely.
Go ces not sanction sm or abortion or contraceptives. How
many, right here under tfiése treëSToday, use contracep!i.yes, so
their families won't increase, how many? They think because
their neighbor doesn't see It, no one knows it. God knows, yQ..u
cannot deceive ljim, Thy Lord and God, and it is done right in
those that daim theY.l2Y.~_-!he Holy Mother. Yo~kUOwn,
hang.. .your head in shame and say - God have mercy on m
sSlul, 1 have sinned. \!JL..~. Q.od gi,yes_no Ln-between m~s.
You seek peace to the World, then cleanse your corruption and))1J
cleanse vour owna~p, cleanse it, your own families.

Mary Ann said that St. Michael appeared first, he had his
wings down, he was higher than the alcove, he held himself like
that and then disappeared and then after he left, someone life­
, sjze, ail in white with long golden hair apj)~ared. 1 asked St.

l Therese but she didn't answer.

October 3, 1971 - FEAST OF ST. THERESE

Yes, St. Therese.

Your suffering has been severe, the heartaches were more
severe than the physical, you are greatly concerned, we know,
St. Francis stepped forward and said: "1 shall give ail a
blessing. Those that respond with the physical Sign of the Cross
while saying the prayers will recelve It, the others will not." Mary
Ann blessed herself three times and said:
Thank you, St. Francis. Yes, St. Therese, yeso
Sister, you have been greatly concerned over the refusai of
Marylike dress. -
Yes, 1 have been.
The ex ample should be set by ail, not only~, is for 1)
themselves to accept, and praye their true love or ~
Thank you, St. Therese, thank YOU. St. Therese is up there
in full yize she has her usual habit on with a beautiful cape, a.
~ort o{~)gQldishTSï1OUl(f say, mantle. The inside hnlOg haS)
CL silver appearance. Her veil on her head of course is dark. She
is just holding up her crucifix and asked us to honor Our Crucified
Lord daily.
- Honor Thy. CrucjfieclLill:4 daily, hourly. 1 did every moment)l~
of the day or night, every wakin~..2ment 1 said,_"Dear JeSùs,
1 love You."
Tha'nks, Sister, for coming here the 30th.
1 thank all that stayed and prayed with you, Sister. 1 wilLQe
with vou whenYQll...n~~ Sister, that was ~y J!!o~glorious day.
She is thanking ail those that stayed with me for that extra \)
Rosary on her annivers~ of her.gLQ!ious e.!lt!y into Heaven.~. J
Francis will give ail ~s a blessing. She also wants them to
know that -g:pranciSWiiiv_~ ail St. There.§.es_ a bkssip.g, b~t lUl
their first, their confirmation name or t~eir second name. This IV
blessing is thraugh Our Ho!ylvf6ffier but St. Francis will now give
( it. Thank you, St. Therese and St. Francis.

Oetober 4, 1971 - FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS

Sister, Our Holy Mother asked for Marylike dress. Obedience

to this request has not been fulfilled. Obedience to c1eansing thy
state, let alone thy thirty-mile radius has not been heeded. The
theaters, reading material, the home entertainment has not been
c1eansed such as TV. This instrument couId be both educational l\!
as weil as entertaining for both young and old alike. Remembër
oufinstructiOi1Sfë'-r the yo-ut11:-SIster, they must not neglect the
1 had noticed the darkening of the Trees while St. Francis
spoke, 1 asked why this was. St. Francis continued to speak and
didn't answer me.
Sister, rcmember the message Our Holy Mother gave in 1950,
~er for th.e__çhilqI~.!L~P? ~any times since, ha~e .)
wC ~<i !Q helQ.. the chlldren, the cltlzens of tomorrow.
Yes, 1 understand.­
But Sister, what happens, you let Satan pit one against them)
other little things, gossip about your nelghbor, forget- .
ting Our Holy Mother's request to c1eanse the schools, the news­
stands, the th~ater and entertainments, what happens, Sister?
Remember Our Holy Mother's words, "poisoning 0/ minds, destrue­
\\\ tion of minds." PornO~aphY and dQI2e became commonplace
J material for the young c ild; it has increased t<Lan alarmmg ratio
an-i-Yet there are only a ·iew who care. Sister, Our Holy Mother -)']
asked for ail children, no matter what race or creed they belong
to, they are God's children. He loves them ail. He died to redeem
them, yet the parents, the Clergy do not bother to do anytnlrig
about it until il is too late. The institutions are filling ur with the
sick of mind and body. J
-Also agam, 1 noticed the Trees d~d especially when
he spoke of drugs, dORe and pornogra.nhy. Is this a warning be­
cause the Trees darkened so?
Yes, Sister, Our Holy Mother does this to show you how
serious the situation has become when mentioning drug~e, \1\1
pornography, w).Üch leads ta breaking af the sixth ccommandment. y
Yes, 1 saw the difference. ­
". Remember, on Iji!llowe'en children should not go trick or , .,
..treating for there will be man *in'uries ~sical as weil as menta), )\ ~
even death. Protee _ Sister. make gQod Christians J
out of them. T'eacii them the love of God, be trJle parents t~e~.

It is what you make of them, parents, what your country will be.
Sister, you know that. Awaken others also, dear Sister, yo~w
the danger _of not fulfilling t~ ~u~sts.

October 7, 1971 - FEAST OF THE HOLY ROSARY

Where is this? 1 can't recognize it. Starvation, starvation,

devastation will befall Nations that tum their backs on Their Lord
and God, that o!!!y. seek material thinEs, that caL~9t for the Mercy
oLQ9d, that have Igst fai1h because of the confusion the enemy
) !las strewn before their eyes. They must not lose faith_!>ut turn to
tJ:t~}1~rcy of Gad. Our Holy Mother pleads with all Her children,
ALL HER CHILDREN. This does not mean onl~~~.hQÜcs,
fQr God created ~L~ Her children no matter what cre]d they
Qilinv, or what their b~fs are, they are still~e cre~on of He~r
.\Divine Son and God the Father, and Her heart cries for ail children.
--nle Christians must work hard to bring the lost at the way­
side back into the fold, to try to help the confused child, the teen­
agers, that the parents have neglected, that have been thrown in
1\\ lthe cauldron of confusion. Confusion, oh such confusion! Yes,
thechild will say, "Yes, l'm confused, but what about our Priests,
( they too must be confused because one tells this and another tells
that, "~other, which is right?" or "Daddy, what is right?" Straig]1t- )')
en out the confusion, cast away all the diversions that Satan or the
~f God is pÎàcinibëforeyou; it doesn't matter it\Vhat form
\ lor shape or way. It can be on your TV, on your radio or what­
1 ~jaJQe_y_use to confuse you, your child, the H1ëfai=Ci1y
and t~eligiol!s. Why are you so confused? The answer is so J"~
simple, turn to Thy Lord and God, turn to Hlm; place yourself JJ
mlfis himds, place yourself with lo~ in prayer and you will 'find
iLyoJl give yom heart to Y.QUT"'tord and God that the answer is
II si~e. TO_J:lse drugs to find 2,eace, to use drugs to erase a dis­
agreeable position you are in; it will not remove it, it will only JJ
.stall it or make it worse. If you use too much drug it will ruin
t!!.e cells of your mind, which will ~ heal, i~ill never coÏÏÏè
back; your mind, your body will become destr~ed and the enemy
( of God is planting this before you. .
! ( ~lJ.~y has it dished out
to him,jhere is your control. Yes, ask those thaï work with anim~ls'JY~\
they tranquilize th~m so they are easier to control. Ts that what you JIJ
want to be, the animal for the enemy of God, so you are eas~r

1.9 control, so it is E A SIE R for them to handle you? Or will

you tum to Thy Lord and God and stand on your own two feetJ\\
and be counted? The persecution will be severe but ~will. JI
rotect YQ.u. God loves you, do you lov~?
Where are the devotions in the Churches? They will fOllOWII"J·
different, oh sorne cali it devotions, but they are not; tru:y~y r _
t<;. deceivedou. The Pentecostal Movement is wrong, it has bêèn
started many, many years ago QQçI. Yes, the
w~read this syrup and the ho~ wh!ltever you want to cali
it. To catch a fly you place a little honey on a piece of bread and
ItWill flock to it and it will taste wonderful. That is wrong, there
are many, many of these kinds of those so-called devotions. It is to .
create confusion, it is to divert your mind from the reallove of
Oh yes, they say the HolL~pirit will speak throug~he~
Holy Spirit? Is--lt really? Remember that this IS the perio9, w~
even the Elect will be deceived, even the Elecr.-n tells you that J~
i~U·:~.~.~!l Qospels, you do not have to take the word from here.
It is in Y0l!E9~pels and this period i.ŒQF, this period is~.
The division is upon you, are you gôillgto stay with ThyLûrd
and God, or are you goinK to follow the ways that th~ enemy is
p!acing before you? Oh yes, 1 know there will be sorne sputtering'
if they should_read thi~ mes~age about the PeBtecgstal Movement
because they believe in their hearts and souls they have had such
a wonderful experience.
Yes, you will! To get your body and soul you will have to

be deceived and that IS wEat li 1S for, to deceive YOU', Our Holy

[ Mother says it Îs wrong. Our Holy Mother says so and that is

why you must accept this. There are other devotions much n~,
\.1Ilmuch more true with true love and that is your ~y, there
"'lis no aeception in the ~ ReoJ:~s yes, but~ is yourj
only weapon. The Sacra~... the uc arist, but tFïat is from

esus Christ Himself, IT IS FROM HlM for He said so. If you do

not believe that, then you are lost, lost forever. Be willing to accept

persecution, be willing to sacrifice, be willin.g .to suffer; if the pain\

beêOrii'ëS too severe, offer it 1O"Thy Lord aIl.l:LGod and you will be

Slïfi)risecf how easy it is to endure, for Thy Lord ana-éfod will

not abandon you, maybe you think so, but He will not. When

He hung on the Cross for THREE full hours with the nails pierc­

ing His wrists, His feet and the C.[2~-'Lpier.cing..1he_yital points

pn. His head; if one of those thorns wouId pierce one of you, ou

\ would pass out and the second one woul ma e you le; an ~

MESSAGES DURING 1971 47 for JIjREE FULL HOURS because He loved ~u.
He did not do it because of Himself, He did it because He loves J\
Y..2!b Gad_the father in Heave.n willed it sa and He was obedient
ta~ the Father. He_Qid th.Ë.t ta save mankind, !Q....gLve ~_ a
( way ta eternal salvation. Had Thy Lord and Gad not come on this
earih and lived asOïiio tram jnfancy to rnanhood, you would bg~e
NO W_A y o( finding Heaven; ~ut Thy Lord and Gad came dov:;n"
1 was barn as an ê t , grew up as a chI Id, walked on earth as any
one of us and then gave Himself ta GOdand hung on the Cross for
thrëé hûurs. -'-
Try it, my dear friends, without the scourging, without the
crown of thorns and without the nails, just try il. He did that for
you, and when you have a little headache or a pain in your arrn
or in your joints, I...iliùnlt that arthritis a!1d those thin~ can be
painful, but tha!Ë- nothing c0l1!Pa~ed ta just the Crown of l1iôrns
of Thy Lord and Gad; not His scourged body, not the nails through
His wrists and feet, just the Crown of thorns and not th~~er
wound which cut down into His flesh and bone. Be willing to
àëëëPt ~;g and pain anô SY-dôîrigthis you must stay away
from the medicine cabinets, you must stay away from the tran­
QUII1ZerS, :tau must stay away from everything that is filled with
goee. Offer It ta Tfiy Lord and Gad, offer îfjfuLdo-uo~ke
~res out of the drug companies. The only time drugs
should be used i.s ~h_~it.~ aJ:>solllt~Y-!1eCess~~n operation,
etc., but for cornmon headaches please do not take il. Many of
these drugs harmyour heart, harm YOU, they do not help you but
harm yOU. Oh you can ask the druggist, he will cleny it but the
truth harms you. Be willing ta sacrifice and please, please \
say the Rosary, at least one decade or one full Rosary. It does
not mean you must say the flfte,en decades b~,y.'~ld be be~u­
tiful ta sa~S0.J!!Plete fifteen decades. In 1950, Our Holy
Mother asked for one Rosaryandthathas been tao much. When
She asked in 1950 ta save the youth, ta cleanse the schools, had
you heeded Her then, the job today would not be ~ times
harder; not just ten limes harder but fifty times hardeFor mis
Na'hOn is known and laughed at from the Eastern Hemisphere~
tb~ alco ho1i c and dwg-addict Nati~.
Are you proud of that? Are you proud of such a title? Who
started it? Vou did, you did. Destroy ~ugs, and everytime a
friend cornes in, don't show your child that the first thing you do is
ta pour out a drink. lt has become a habit, everything you see,

everything you look at, do you want a drink? What do you drink?
You show them to your child as soon as he can toddre,-that iswnat
he sees, sQ..he lives-.-t!.R to ~hat. You have a headache, you go to the
medicine cabinet, you swallow aspirin af any type, it daesn't matter
what brand, ail wark the same, it is ail made aut af the same ingre­
ients, yau are shawing that ta yaur child. Yau even buy \ittle med­
ical kits, sa whase fault is it? Yau, at your own homes, your own
homes, your own environment, youL.Qwn TV's drum it into you
and vou foolishly acc~t, ;iOU use it. Oh 1 can't stand that î1eadache,
yes, yOU could if vou offered it ur because everything is psvchologi­
cal. If you think of one thing too much, the first thing you know
you are going ta believe it. If vou have a headache and you bUSY[l
yQurself, that headache will ~ar, but if you start holding
your head and moaning and groaning, it is going ta get warse.
(Try it, it warks that way. The enemy knows it so they are gaing

l to appease vou, they will off!ril to vou and you ga ahead and

buy ~it. So be thl< Nation of alcohalism and drug addicts, be praud \

of h, stand up like a bunch of drunkards. And yaur children's

eyes are dilated, the pupil, how large is it? Parents, Christians,

fathers and mothers wake up before your whole Nation is destroyed.

Mary Ann later said: One-World Government and One­

\\ World Religion is u2Q!!j'Qu. It is also classified as the American
Catholic Church or the International. What they mean by that
1 do not know. That was across the Trees and 1 thought that 1
may have spoken of it, l'm sorry. Our Roly Mother was full size
and She looked very sad. She didn't cry this time and St. Francis
gave us a blessing and then She went up real small into the taps
of the Trees and then it was when 1 was shown the whale Trees
cavered with sick and starving-IoQking people but 1 didn'l knaw
where it was or what. Then She turned it inta a GLOBE and
this would be ail over the globe. The sun was bright and Our
Lady stood in front of If.

Detober Il, 1971 ­


Sister, there are many ills in this world, Gad wills this tre­
mendaus suffering because of t lis of thLworla.
Thank you, St. Francis.
Sister, there are some thar ask for suffering and when the

Was that Our Roly

, ~ .._ .. _~ ...•.. us .for l! moment, now for the


hy Neighbor as Thyself," and 1 am sure you


~ose when, how and where He will take ou. Be prepared

at any moment, twenty-four hours a day, 1 true love and ~
need not {ear for God loves LOu, yet you 0 no ove Him. Our
DIessings upon aIl oryou.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said, Thank you.
St. Joseph gave the blessing. St. Joseph was up real high and
he came down, gave the blessing and disappeared. St. Joseph, St.
E@!:!.çis, J oan ~c and St. Therese were here. TheBlessed
Mother must have been only in a miS( 1 didn't see Her but the blEe
mist. The Trees indicated that She was there, they darken when
Shë leaves.
Oerober 16, 1971 - OUR LADY OF PURITY

Thank you, St. Francis. Yes, 1 saw it, it is horrible.

Drugs and sinful behavior is terrible, where is the cleansing
of yoTIrState? TÎfere are ways and means this could be accom­
plished. The very sad trouble is they care not, they heed not. They
sing the tune "overpopulation" and they have the right of con­
science. No one can be thèir conscience' but they forget God
created them and God has the right. God has the right and Ile
will act ilc...c-illQingly, but then it will be too late, there is nothing
they can do. In the meantime death, remember a fetus is alive,
it is life, it should be considered precious. Wake up, wake up
parents, wake up, you will be held reseonsible for your child.
The one just thrown in a garbage pail IS at least four months.
Il has a c2.!!2Plete formation of a human being, even the sex is
~. This is murder, no matter how vou want to excuse your­
self. You mlgfif have fooled your neighbor but you cannot fool .
Thy Lord and Gad. He hears and sees ail, no matter how clever \ \l
you think you are, and your conscience tells you it is wrong but JJ)
tfiat you ignore. You listen to the whisperings of Satan, he is
constantly about you whispering, encouraging you.
Blood poisoning has taken many of our youth. Do not play
with what God has created and that is your life, you have no
right to abuse it, you have no right to take â life. Pray, pray much,
pray the Rosary, PRAY IHAI ROSARY! Rea d the mestages
that encourage you and tell you what to do, r~ad them.
Thank you, St. Francis.
This last blessing has been asked through the Blessed Mother.
She has asked to _hclp_tho..sethaLare working here, t~ive them

the s~ and courage to do those things that Our Roly Mother 1

has aSKëQ you ovër1hese twenty-one years, ~m and \Je

ëOUrage9us, do Qot shir!} but gQ.Jm1h and STAND UP, for nQF
is"""TIiëtlme to he counte~. WhaTlSbefore yo;; shortly will ma~e
~ome of Vou shiver, but stand up, don't be aJraid f~~poâ"'1Sille[ci­
g Gad ~I, sa go forth in ruihiiment an_~__Qgd's blesslng
uRon aU oryou:""-
Thank you, thank you. St. Francis was here, Joan of Arc of
course. St. Therese was absent, the little Nun..Jhat. took care of
me in Racine was up there praymg. Everytime my health go~s
to pieces, sne is around because this is the day l generally see
corruption, l guess you know that. l have!}) missed it once.:, l to se~ it once bright and clean. Joanie saida very bitterly,

IL that sm IS runnmg rampant.

November 12,1971 - ANNIVERSARY OF 1949


practice is the Constant Vigil of Pray~r. The evil care not to pray,
this is fÇ!r ttt.~ sguares but without prayer, without T~d and
God, you are lost. Many changes are before you, many more.
The good s ould band to ether and work very nard to save the
1 Jsouls of the con used an t e sick in mind, of the child. That child
iüiSbeen ruined beëause ofthe neglect of their eiders. You must
continue because of Our Holy Mother's pleas, the LAITY must
work, as there is such a great shortage of Religious, be they Priest
orBroihers or Sisters.'Our Holy Mother wamed that there would
6ê a period where this would happen. Vou are in that period now.
Instead of becoming better it will worsen for the Religious are leav­
ing and breaking their vows, IIow foolish, how foolish. They must
turn back if the)' have made a mlstake, Thy Lord and God IS
~ul. Thy Lord and God will give them strength. It is not
hopeless for even if you sinned and turned away, COME BACK!
Come back~riests, Priests tUg} back because you are a PRIEST
FOREVER! Nuns turn back to your former vows, you cannot
ignore thy" VOW$, or make new onestüfitiliêmodern age. That
would be just like saying that Thy Lord and God must come
back now and be re-crucified to fit the modern age. Thls js not in
the Qlans of Gad. Thou must, thou MUST honor Him, be they
Pnésts, Bishops, Cardinals, Brothers, Sisters or Nuns; Mother
Superiors stand finnly for the vows, build up character, of "pïïiifY,
ëhâstity and poverty. Give thy's_elfs..ompletely to Thy Lord Gad
wltTlout reservation for Jesus Christ will be merciful unto you
for Thy Lord and God made you and Thy Lord and God will take
you. Will it be t:ternal ha~ess or will it be the flames of eternity
or PUJ:.l1fJJiJl..·y? Or-zffif It e the pitfalls of HeU, whE~.Jhere is no
returnbiitlost forever? The battles and--.b~ that will be shed
before ail this ends, will be tremendous. ~ffëiing of SQuis will
be great. Where? 0Elx God knows where, how and wh~n.
God is merciful and He will help and strive to help vou but
you yourself must turn with loye to Thy Lord and God. It is up to
t!le laymen now to go Forth to save the souls_of the misguided, tbe
c~d and ail those besides, the sjBe, the a~d. Stand ur with
the lovè of Jesus ~ thy"~t. Yes, you will have to dW your­
selves much. Yes, you will have to suffer much. Yes, the perses:.,u­
!ion will be severe, you will be ~d, you will be sp~n,Jwt
Ihy Lord and Gad will grotect ~ou. Sister, you do understand
do you not? Vou will continue to suffer the Wounds of Our Lord
with intensity at times, Sister.

Yes, St. Francis.

Mary Ann blessed herself three times.
This blessing was given to you to strengthen you to go forth
in the new year.
Mary Ann explained that the Blessed Mother turned and
blessed an people present. If all would only remember that Our
Holy Mother d~kn<).,w what is in yom heart. She is t~Mother
of G~d, She nasthat ~riviJ.ege.2fJsp~ing. She has that hono[ of
knowing, for God chose Her to be the Mother of the Divine Son,
sôShe also h'll, the iifLa!lgJmQ..'t1e.9~e.~kno;ving ~bat _yo~re
thinking, of knowing Whâtyou are domg, never forget this. lfyou
i-'?rnèril"ber this, you could never dismpèct Her, you wo~s
be sure to honor ~er. Ygu ~~P.b!!~cts X9~rself f[on}l4r. ~ 1
knowl~e that She nas what.YQu are domg and what 15 in 12,ur
= s . She iSi'lie only one that God gave this gifrfcf "li ~

December 3,1971 - FIRST SUNDAY IN ADVENT


God, The Only Ones; the rest will pay th~rice~ their material l'
iQ!!y, for they have forgotten Jesus Christ.
Sure this is going to hurt sorne of you, for sorne of you have
so-called Nuns in your family. Those that have thrown away their
Habits will Dot find the Kingdom of Heaven. Nor will the PrieStS
that during ordmatlOn have vowed and have not fulfilled that
vow, he will not find the Kingdom of Heaven. Once a Priest, always
a Priest, once duly ordained he is a Priest forever, even if he seeks IJ
the material and sins because he knows he is sinning. Nowhere in
the Scripture does it give him the right and the privilege to choose
a mate in life. Nowhere! They are crucifying His Holiness, the
face of His Holiness is drawn and wom with sadness and sorrow,
as He watches His Priests and Religious disobey their vows; His
heart is so heavy.
Satan is usin those that claim He is a false Pope, he is usiilg
th~people, sjncere as t ey mlg t e, mlsgul mg them, they are
innocent, God alone will be the judge of those. Many changes will
happen, especially when they demise His Holiness and the new
breed springs up. His health is faltering. He knows that when he
leaves, thin s will go dangerously, dan erousl . The picture of
Our Church is so sa. e can't awaken our people, they don't
want to hear, they don't want to listen, they don't want to, they
want good times,Jhe material things are what they are seeking.
TfiëffiosLimportant thing they wanf today is to see how beautiful
they can make their nomes, how beautiful the closet is filled will
1\ clo"thes, how beautiful. Oh, but dear people, when the Chastisement
cornes, what beauty is going to help you, what? When you have
let the soul of man become tamished and ruined, the child lost
at thewayside, t6eCl1ùë1ren's mind ruined fOreYer withdope, no
matter what you name it, no matter what they label it, marijuana} J
can ruin a brain for life, so what will heroin do, LSD and al! the Are we going to stand by and watch one child after
aïl.Oil1er,tUmble down to HeU, not literally HeU, J2ut HeU on earth?
FoL.Wh.eIW!-O-U-g~gh a LSD trip, it is He1l,.JLisn't Heave..Q. ~
And when you come out of it, what has it done for you? What ~
has it done to that chiId's brain? Don't you care?
l'm so tired of listening to whimpering, whimpering when
that poor child is ruined. They are innocent victims, don'(you
old folks know that, why don't you work and o-osomething?
What about our State? For tW~Y-Qnt<..iears ur Holy Mother
pleaded, clean up the Stale. What have we got Hel Qr our kids,

J:!çll? 1 love those kids, and 1 don't want to see them ruined, doesn't
anybody care? Oh, 1 have too much to do. Save that chiid, bëëaUSë
you are sending that child into Hel!. There's still time enough.
Nineteen hundred and seventy two is coming along and you are

Oing to find a. different destiny, and wish to God that you had
one something. You don't care, you aon ( care, no, Vou 4Q!i't
irrf! Can you see that child, Iying in it's bed, C~11 you see it
suffer? Go into those inst"' se wake our hearts 1 ,
y'~e a e . h 1 have {his to do and 1 have that to do, that
is ail 1 canhear. But do vou care what that child is doing? God
have mercy on those poor children. Oh God, Oh Gad, have mercy
on them.
Twenty-two years ago, pretty soon, when Our Holy Mother
begged and asked and pleaded to save the innocent child. Her
tears were flowing down Her face, and yet you stupidly say, 1
love the Blessed Mother, oh 1 love Her so much; and yet to save

I\II~tb.~ child She pleaded for, no, that is~much workLthat is not
I§~b, that is somebody else's job, that isn't mine. It ~ every­
one's joo, e~ry blessed one's ~, for no child was born evil.
N 0 child has sinned when it is born, J~.u.Lwhen..i!.- grows ~s
SOUI becomes tarnished, why? The eiders are to blame, no matter
WEich way you want to ~t it, it is still the eiders. The Priests and
Nuns, your government, your whole State of Wisconsin is to blame
( for the child that is rujned. Parents, parents, waken flie parents,

any way possible. Clergy, officiais, ail are responsible, ail are
responsible. Use any article you can get hold of, as long as it is
authentic. "l

The country has marijuana, marijuana, stash~y: Save

the youth, please save them, save those kids while there is still
1Itiro.~, c~'t we help the kids? What can we do to help? Can we
work on the Infants' Home? Can we save the infants? Must talk
to our people in this area and tell them to watch their ëJlil~.
Save the youth, remember ifs everybody's job, everybody's.
Those that can't work, can pray. Those that can work, b;tter work.
Save the youth,.~~h~y'outh, they are Werecious.

December 17, 1971 - THIRD FRIDA Y IN ADVENT

Help our youth, please help our youth, help them in their
confusiQ.n. Adults, don't chatter loosely in front of the youtb.
lŒow what you are speaking of first, you only confuse them.

. .wake the Sign of the Cross in a restaurant when they go ta eat.
He praud, not ashamed.

December 24,1971 - FOURTH FRIDA Y IN ADVENT

Tao much commercialism, Christmas is not Christmas any­

more, it is only commercialism. They have p~d the Christ
Child ~t. Even the homes have Santa Claus. Ve~w thoughts of
the True Christmas, very few. It is not the same spiritual feeling )
a[!1ong Catholics that there was ten, twerve, fifteen years aga.
1 There was a devotion in the hearts, especially, even those that
were cool, come Christmas time they had a special feeling for Gad
JJand the Christ Child. It had a meanmg ta them, that rneamng has
been re~. But the strange attitude of many of Christ's repre­
sentati\~has taken away the beauty, the truth of Jesus Christ,
it has been complëtëIYremoved. They are trying ta say today,
and-mmany places they have said \1, that Christ was not barn
today, the 25th of December, that He was barn in October or
September. He was barn in Bethlehem at the stroke of midnight.
Of course that will change the time here and a few other
places because there is a Lime difference, but He was barn
at Bethlehem at midnight. Don't ever let anyone deter you from
thase thoughts. It was during tlï:e hour of twelveai1<foiietnafTIiy
Savior came ta this earth. That is the hour between the 24iIïa.iiîd
25th of December, He was barn in the early wee hours of th 5th.
That is what you must always remem er, eep t at m your heart,
t~ are going ta try ta change that. You will find that in many
of your Catholic papers, they want ta remove that, that is the
enemy's talk. Don't let them, stand up for the right, Christmas,
the 25th of December is the Birth of Christ. Thy HalLMother
prepared Herself in the late hours of the 24th. _He was barn on
the 25th in Bethlehem. You can take the lime dock and see whàt
timetOTIie very moment it was here ID the Onlted-staiës:1bai
~ur solemn moment.
Working ta confuse the Christians, enemy working ta con­
fuse the Christians. They are gQin~ tb use auy method they can,
don't let them, don't let them.
Many a youth will not be thinking of Thy Lord and Gad,
many are in this Jesus Christ movement, but that again is sad,
1"1 because it is being used as a -fold ur ose. Qur poor, daQlng
Nt&youth, the confused children e onfused. OUT Holy

Mother toId us in 1950, this is the ~riod of confusion, it has

grown and mounted to such proportions that it seë'iilSëven your
Clergy are confused. The later Priests are confused. If they would
foflow the vows of the older Priests, but even older Priests are]
saving, ''l'm glad this is .not so strict because it's such a tremendou.s
ersecution on us." No, no you forgot, dearFathers,-that when
you were ordained you were giving up the life of man, entering
the life of Thy Lord and God, as Re walked it, as Re preached
it, as Re died for it, that is the part the Priests are forgetting today.
This is why they become Priests; if they would only realize the

reason they became Priests~And those women who were so strong

~ir hearts, dedicating their hves to Jesus Christ, when they \
became Sisters or Nuns; and then when the gates were thrown 1
open, they went out like a bunch of sheep. They forgot their vows,
they forgot Jesus Christ, they coul~~nly.2~e the glimmer and tEe
~oL1he outside world and that is what they were &!:QQing
f.gJ; pulIiI~g it in, p,-!~hing out the meaning cir~beinga Sistëfor

a_Nun. They forget the love of God, that they were Spouses of
Jesus Christ. When they knelt before their Bishop and bowed
their heads in prayer and he laid his hands on their heads, they
were giving their lives to Jesus Christ, not to this dumb, ignorant
world, but to Jesus Christ. Oh, but they are seeking, they are
s~ng the material things. The material thjogs that ths; Supreme\\\M
Grand Master has made so glorio~ that they arè.WJIJ
15hndmg themselves. That is laymen as weil as Priests and Sisters.
AlI joining like a swarm of bees and where will th.l<Lland? J.!!§t \
as the Pied Piper drummed and blew his tife, they will folIow; l
li1ce a buncnof-durnl5SI1ee;tf1eYWIIITolIow. Oh God, oh God, J

oh od, be mercifu , awaken them Wore they step into etemal

RelUire, or the Iower rungs of Purgatory; which is a very, very
steep climb and will take years, not the years as we.È!9w them,) \
but the vears of Thv God, to cIimb up from the lower steps of ~
Purgatory. When they made those vows, be it Priests, Sisters or
Nuns, or Lay Brothers, when they made those vows they pro-
mised Jesus Christ to fuifill them. But~ce the gates have swung )
open, they forget the vows they made in their hearts and they
a~ f10ating along wjtb_@yttiIMtfiïif-gTIttersDefOreï1fêfil.That
is wrong, that is very wrong.
That Constant Vigil of Prayer. Raid back the Chastisement
that the United States of America cannot escape. It is impossible
ta escape for you have killed millions of infants !hat çQuld have

jJeen born. The unborn you have murdered, because it was easier
for the mother to dispose of it than to carry it the nine. months
and to take care of it. Had thy Holy Mother thought of those things
you would not be here today. Is it so terrible to cuddle a babe
to yom heart? To give it the .c9 mf ort, the Love,_oùs Lt onlLat the
moment of passion that you forget yourself and you conceive and
[ you wish you didn't have it, is that your thought? If it is you are
going to HeU and there is nothllg you can dOTo stop il. B~e
YQ.ur thoughts a~.of evjl, get rid of it. If 1 don't see it, it is only
a glob; if 1 don't see it 1 won't love it, but remember in that little }
glob there is a heart that is ticking; a tlcking heart that you as 1
man and woman have put together and made It a Ide, a !Ife; and
we, the United States, are going to pay the priee of that life.
Over a million of them, think of it, in the United States of
America and more to come; and they cali themselves Christians. JI
No, the only thing they are blinded with is the material thmgs of
Iife. Travel down the road, how many Christmas Cribs do you
Sëë before a home? Oh yes, there is aU kind of tinsel around, but
where is the Infant Jesus? Where is The Lord, Thy Holy Mot11ëi­
and Joseph? Where are They?
People, unless you change immediately and stop these abor­
tions, and bring to the homes and families the life of Jesus Christ;
because a couple that reaUy love, oh sorne say they do, bl!!.J!...Ygu
really love Jesus Christ, you couldn't think of using something
tOStôpamî1li, "you_~'plan, you can abstain, but to use an in­
strument to avoid responsibility of our leasures is not in the
teaching of Jesus Christ, remem er that. If you can abstain, good
for you as man and wife. But if you use these filthy contracepti; \\
that the world is glorfying in, you are goin a ainst the teachm of J
Jesus Chnst. n t ere IS many a so-caUed Catholic that goes to
daily Communion and reeeives Thy Lord and God as hypocrites, \ \
but in their own homes they are using, contraceptives. Oh, they
will go to a Priest and ask him and he will say, oh, that is aIl
right, but is it? Thy Lord and God said No!
Dear Catholic people, you are supposed to be an ex ample
to the rest of the world, be an example. Get down on your knees
and ask God for forgiveness. But if you have done it today, and
you will stop, b.ut you must ask God in tr~. true ~
for iv ou, and th~ean iL ancLgo . the CgnRt@t
'4gU of Praver Prolll].Pl; to save Thy Country, Toy Nation, from
) complete annîhuauon in many large cities, for when the H-b9!!!..b

falls there will be no one left, no one. On the outer dges of a

hundred-rnjle radius you will find the burnt bodies, you will find
s~irming animais, you will find the vegetation burnt. Your sand
wilf"be molten glass. The H-bomb, the Cobalt bomb: the A-bomb
is the weakli.n g of the three. But the H-bomb is most in the mind
\[ of the enemy, not the A-bomb, that doesn't do enougl'i damage
, fo suit them. Peopl~~~le awaken for Thy Lord and God will
permit this to happen. He might have put His arm in between it )\
if you haQïlë)tpiiSSëd the laws of abortion. You ruined your own
Œ1ited States of America with your laws of abortlOn and the
State of Wisconsin is one of thern:-wFïere were you when the laws
of abortion were passed? Oh, you didn't have enough t®e. Oh
God, oh GOa;Wfiat are you going to do, what are you going to do
when the hour cornes? Are you going to tell Your Lord and God,
Oh dear God, 1 didn't have time? There is no excuse for immoral­
l!Y, there is no èxcuse for the sins against God.
Vou go to Communion daily, you say, My dear Lord and
God, 1 love Vou. Vou hypocrite, you hypocrite. If you say y~
love Him, mean it. Wipe those tears out of Thy Holy Motfier's
eyes. Her arms are extended, She is calling Her children to Her,
but where are they? They turn their backs, they are too busy,
they are ail fioating around, every direction, but few come to Her,
few of them. Build the Unwanted Infants' Home for the little
child that will find the garbage pail, the incinerator or a lake or
stream. Spare that child, or at least the living and maybe through
prayers and' true devotion you might be able to save or pry, probe)
or dig into the conscience of sorne-man and wife, or some bOy
o~irl that think nothin~ of sexual intercourse. They think nothiQg ~
about it, they don't think any more 'or1tthan when an ammal's
time cornes to reproduce: that is nature and it seeks a mate. That
is nature, but when a woman or, man that knows seek the
same thing, they are breaking the Commandment of God, unless
they are truly made man and wife. But today your boys and girls
in school think nothing of sexual intercourse. Is it the fault of the
parents, is it the fault of the environment, is it the fault of the
Clergy?Ir is the fault of the whole combination, but most of ail U"
it is the fault of the parents. They don't take the time to explain ~
right and w.ron g, they ar.e too busy, so in the meantime the Chiid
goes on. Th~irl of cours~is always the one that will bring out
t~me+J~b.Q~~hide_lt. but he is j!l_st as guilty as the girl,
just as guilty.

Parents, wake up before you have destroyed this beautiful

America completely. There won't be many left after the Chastise­

men.1_th~~~ill be a mere few. Which oneof vou will be among

those few? God will not sparë the tarnished, He won't spare them.

He is only going to leave those who are pure of heart. Those that

say, My Lord and My God 1 love Vou and mean it, th~e

ones. The ones that t@nk tliey" can hide ln the ëIarkness have no

Chcü1ce. It must come fram the heart. You can utter many prayers

during the day. Many of you are busy people. Many of vou have

large fam.ilies. G-Od .bless. YOu ..lhaL.bave.larg,e fam. ilies, God ble~s ~
vou. l'm sure He iiLgQingJo-watch_ov-ËLYQ!1-lLYOu give yourself
to Him. Don't be ashamed because you have large families, because
the world thinks .lOU are a guinea pig; God_Ègesn't think so. You
are on this earth for a test and when the time cornes when vou ~
enter or are about to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, will vou be 1
able to go thraugh those gates or will vou be turned down to the )
bottom rung of Purgatory or will vou plunge into Eternal Hell
tire? What is your choice? If vou have sinned in the past, don't
let that bother vou, vou can go and make a good Confession and
when vou have made that good Confession, live this life of Thy
Lord and God, forget the past, that vou have swept away, that Thy
Lord and God has taken away. Live a life of love of Jesus Christ,
Thy Holy Mother, Who spreads "Her mantle out f(;f"yOO and says,
come My children, come. But vou come to the edge and then
vou tum araund and walk away-:-You are afriüatotaKe-tllirt-Sfép
because vou might oeridicu\ed, vou might have to sufferpains;
( thïï!:IiJlH part ~TYour li~ as vouentertfie1ire oCJJsus C1inst.
It can't be explained any differently. You suffe!:_J,ersecution,_v.Qu
suffer pain, oh your-neart will-beat héiV0ut if vou take Tt with
thiTove of God, it will f10at right away. And if your pain is severe,
offer it to Thy Lord and God, purify your life, purify the steps
of your children. T_hose that have children ma~~. o~~at
important progra.!TI to keep th)' .chi!cL2.I!Jb~ right ~h. There are
only two: one to Heaven, one to Hel!. Which pendulum are vou
going to follow, to Heaven or to Hell?
Things are not good. Holy Mother wants our Sacred Spot
to be a little bit of Heaven, but it can't be a little bit of Heaven
if the people do not fulfill Our Holy Mother's wishes. Waken our))
people, please, wake them up. Waken our people, it is gOlng to be .
awful if our people do not awaken.
Nixon not good, not enough prayers to start with. He is not

the right man, don't re-elect him, don't. We warned you many years
ago. Not enough prayers.
Pray for Pope Paul VI, pray for Pope Paul VI. Pray for
Priests and Religious, they are so confused, so mixed up. There is
such a battle between them, it is awful; ~~lebacy is one of the
biggest ba!!les.


Mary Ann looked up into the ash trees for some time and
The Ursuline Nun is up there. Today, to swing the battle we
would need the same diligent prayers as they did at the Ursuline
Convent. There was complete unison and pra~r. That is what
would be needed today, which is not forthcoming, that is what the
1~_~.!.LILj!!~~d. People heed not, people care not, life is too
pleasant. The handwriting is on the wall, they are able to read. Be­
cause they care not, the Chastisement is forthcoming, the hour, the
time, only God knows. There are those that are giving hours and
dates, they are wrong. They are making themselves look like GOd'll
Only God knows the hour, not even Our Roly Mottier knows. She
sheds tears for Her children that are so afs'obédient to the Word of
Thank you, Sister.
Mary Ann leaned back on the kneeler and said, "Oh Holy
Our Holy Mother held up Her hands as if in a blessing,
yet it was not. She tumed towards all present and Our Holy
Mother left with this. Thank you, Holy Mother. We will proceed,
thank You.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said, "Thank you,
St. Francis."
Sister, the youtb situation is deplorable because of the~­
lessness of the parents. Only ~ar~m _~ll com~ to the youth. For
parents are to love their children and teach them the true virtues
and laws orGod.

1 was shown sorne of the sinful behavior. Is there any hope?

Mary Ann shuddered, shook her head and said, "No. Can that
be avoided, can that be avoided?"
Cnly if parents and children unite in love of God an~
parents are concemed about the soul of the child, not the material.
But the sgiritual needs are ignored, which has led to this degrada­
tion. wtffiust"pray,Nwe must pray in unity, in unity.

January 23, 1972 - FEAST OF THE ESPOUSALS

Mary Ann knelt at the Sacred Spot, looked up into the ash
trees, she then struck her breast and said, "1 am not worthy, 1 am
not worthy. Shower Your graces down on all of them,please.
These rays 1 see, are they the graces also? Please send them clown
upon them, they need them." Mary Ann seemed to be P~Yi!!.g.
"For the YOlIth, the afflicted, government officiais, soldiers in arms,
please, please."
You are terribly concerned about the youth. My Sister, you
feel you cannot speak to the parents. They have been told in the
Messages, the loss of their child's soul will be upon them. Sister,
we have warned.
\\That am 1 to do?
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said:
Thank you, St. Francis.
Mary Ann explained.
The rays were v~h and they came into the alcove in the
four ash trees aH the way down. They were very high, St. Joseph
was behind Her and She stood within the rays. St. Francis was
hidden behind them until She moved aside, then he came in and
gave us a blessing.


Thank you, St. Francis. The rays are beautiful;thank you.

Mary Ann leaned back and smiled.
Are you who 1 think you are? You are St. Blaise?
Does tTiat signify aU the children of the world? Thank you
for coming. Should 1 repeat this to them? St. Blaise -.s.ill.sI
he came because he is so concerned about the cifffu'i'trl. The
c~ildren should~~~ to hirn. A bearn of beautiful blue light left
here at the Sacred Spot and went to the window in the replica,
where the Smine to the Infants is. It signifies he is concerned
about the children aIl over the world; the starving, the~, the
1neglected and those whose minds have bèËiëÏestroxecl6y the
eIiëiiiY. They will contmue to do so until the parents become
parents, and the. Priests, Ministers and Government OfficiaIs take)
children in their hearts. The future generation will have ruillëa
minds, unless Rarents awaken to their resQonsibl!ity and do not
accept such loose excuses, that many so-called officiaIs daim
they have as authentic reports. The reason they give is a very
loose and ftimsy one. There is much more behind the plot of
d~struc~ion of the minds Oïthe youth. Tt is the eIÏèmy's way of
weakemng this country to take over completely. It is another way
to(Jestroy the Catholic Churg,.. They have-failed in their .duty
to save tlRryOillti.
- - Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said:

Thank you, St. Blaise.

AlI the trees were engulfed in the beautiful blue, like the
mist of Our Holy Mother, and then f..!!):,s extended swer the people
a~d over!:1s. St. Blaise sent a ray of the same color over
to the window of the replica. It was a beautiful, gorgeous blue.
St. Joan and St. Tber:.ese were here when we first arrived. They left,
St. Francis stayed and then Our Holy Mo~ Herself
just for an instant. She disappeared and the ~ arrived.
Either he was a very tall man or he appeared larger than normal.
He is a handsome man, with a beautiful smile. 1 haven't seen him
Mre bëfore. Now pray to Jum. Roly Mothèr acted like S~s
i!!structing St. Blaise. She turned as if to say, "Come," and then

February 13, 1972 ­


Thank you, St. Francis. St. Therese again appeared with

the same large cross and held it towards me. Why, St. Therese,
could you explain it please?
It has been given, Sister, just think about it. The message
has been given.
Mary Ann said the Trees are aIl beautiful s~r. Large rays
with purple rays are intermingled. Sorne rays are .Pl!!PL~r
mist-like ra}"s-inj)~t~n. At the spot where the Crucifix is here,
il is lined in a beautiful deep p~le with a bemJ~er,

like a 3-D over the top. The Crucifix is Iying in a deep purple spot
with iliiVender over the top. It has been that way ever since 1
have been out here.

February 18, 1972 - LENTEN FR/DAY

Help them, no good, no good. How are we going ta help

them, we have ta? The only ones they are harming are themselves.
Oh yes, they hurt their parents, the parents love them and had
hoped that ther would respect that love, but they themselves
are only harming t~eir own souls for they must reconcile and)'
reckon with Jesus Christ tfielr Lord and God. Cannat get away ,
[rom it, there is nothing you can do ta sweep this sin under the
rug. The Sixth Commandment "is" being swept under the rug, it is
in the way for them, and the Priest that teaches the youth against
the Commandment of Gad, saying that the Commandments of
Gad are old-fashioned is himself responsible for the souls that he
estroys; and many a Priest is of that opinion: the Command­
ménts of Gad are old-fashioned. They are telling Gad the Father
in Heaven what ta do, they are telling Gad the Father that He
is wrqng and they are right, sQJhe foo]jsb are living in
black si.n. Or do you today think that a boy and girl unmarried, J
thar1iiïve interc§Ufse with each other is not a sin any more be­
cause the Iaws !L1he State s~y it is Dot that strict?
Parents, wake up, ~atch what your child is doingLyou have
. been told repeatedly ta watch. Or don't you care, or don't you care?
Sorne of you parents wouid be shocked that your childJ.s...Q.!1LQ.f
tbem. Shocked! Take the film off your eyes, be a Iiule more suspi­
cious, but watch your child. They are ail oid enough ta know better,
they know tMX-é.lIe bre1!,kiI!& of Gad. They know it,jmt
( they are doing it in defiance of their elde!s. It makes me sick ta my
stomach ta watch those children. Wk are they SQ st\!pid, why? It is
stupidity, plain stupidity. Where are the girls. what is the matter,

with them? Do they hate the Holy Mother so ha<! that they want to
their V1ijlrilly ta Her?"Here, Blessed Mother, here is mine,\
ta thecrogS,tô the scrap, ta the garbage, that's me." You dumb)
coud, you'dumb girL If the girls don't stand up for their purity then
I~ity the boys. What IS the matter with the girl that should be
prOiia of herself? Oh, she will doll .Y.p. Ta Hell with the clothe:~I\1
yo~ h~ on.1!.10ur soul is black. Doesn't al'lyone care what hap-!
pens ta the youth, nobody care?

have opened up, does that mean )lou have ta ride down into Hell?
Do you have any idea what Thy Lord and Gad ëiïdüréd?
Think about it, meditate on this, meditate upon this, the sufferin
of Thy Lord and God's flesh. Remember that Thy Lord and Gad's
body was hum3..n. Gad the Father in Heaven put Him on earth
in the womb of a human being. not a celestial. Thy Hol~MQther
was a human being as you are. She suffered pain, She s~ed
~orrow just as "you-do. The oI!.!y""difference that..Jiod the Father,.
through the Holy Spirit, placed Hirn, Thy Lord and Gad within
Her WOm6. He grew and He was nurtured from the watls of the
womb, the Temple YQ!J mig~ If. He grew as any infant here
on earth would grow. Nine months, He was within the walls of
the womb, and the bload of Thy Holy Mother filled His veins.
It didn't come from the outside, but it came from the walls and
tubes of ThX Holy Mother. Her body. Her blood filJ~ the veins
of that Child and Who was barn was Thy Lord and Gad. Thin
about those things, and when in later years when Thy Holy Mother­
left this earth, it wasn't just Her holy spirit that went up ta Heaven,
it was Her complete human 6Oqy. She was assumed into Heaven
~ti) bcx!ï. flesh and all;'and let those in history today try ta con­
tra1hcqhîs; II tfiey do they are g010g aga10st the teacfiIngs of the
Church. For ThyJIoly Motner is in l!eaven 10 "ëO!!!Plëiël5OOy
as She walked on earth, as St. Anne gave birth ta Her as just
an Infant Child. Oh yes, Gad the Father had His designs on Her
ta be the Mother of Gad, but She was-:iust-.Q!.ain flesh and blood,
a human beÏ1!g. Today's teaching does not say that, many a cate­
Chlsm does not say that, that the Mothex: of God was assumed

into Heaven with flesh and blood, Her bones, not only Her spirit

Her soul. The soul stayed within Her as She was resurrected. They

are teaching the reverse today and will continue sa, until the cleans­
in.g which will saon he upon vou. Are you prepared, are you pre­

pared? We would like you to get the Passion printed as saon as

possible sa that you can read the truth about the Mass, that it will

help them ta understand.

'--,;1{ (jurdurles::h~e::r::e:':':,::y-o-ur......bë-au-t:-:-if'u·l-po-s-:-:it-:-io-n--;-h-er-e-,-d;-o-n7.'t-d~e-s~troy
it,)s to bring the tl1!1hJ2ut ta the lai!y, that are taday faltering.
,They are floundering aroupd, they don't know what ta do, they
dislike the chanEes, !hey do not like the "Canons," they do not
Iike many parts of the Mass today. Prl!!!...Qt~n a~t
t!tey get it, sa they can use it. And if they do not have the Stations
of the Cross in their Churches, try to obtain the small ones or

have theni made and have the Stations of the Cross in tbeir bornes.
Or they can use a cornmon missal with the Stations of the Cross
in them. They can hold it in their hands and make it in front of
a Crucifix. They do not have ta go ta Church if the Stations are not(·.Uf
being said,· they cau maKeihéffi ai home, if they sa desire, sa be i1. VU
Parents be parents; ~e the parents you are supposêd ta be.
Love thy children with righteousness, not weakness, rigllteousness
[ and that means be a pure clean Christian.
What about those that go ta Holy Communion every morn­
ing and when they leave they rip apaIt their neighbors. They
spread &.Ç.andal, .Jhey have no proof that what th~ say is the
(\\1 truth. Y..Q!L~ laId n9J..1Q2Pread an thin unless a ave doc­
)HI umentauon 0 1 el e rut .

February 25, 1972 - LENTEN FR/DAY

Help us, oh Blessed Mother, help those that are sick. Much
wrong talk, lies. Gad can see, God can hear. Even if they only
think it, GOëlknows. Can we stave off Our Lord's an~r and
Chastisement with a Constant Vigil of Prayer, can we? Are our
people interested in holding it back? Are they interested inCiëan­
ing their own homes and daorsteps? Are they interested in help­
ing their children live a more God-like life, instead of a Satanic
l life, are they? The Chastisement will be severe, can we hold it off?
S'the Christian World failing by not going~!lJ.@ir knees ta ward
off Thy Lord and Gad's anger? But our children, Our Blessed
Mother's children, they do not care, they do not want religion
cl crammed down their throats. Religion crammed down your throats
just sa you have the ~edom for fornication as was given a week
[ aga, is that why you do not want it crammed down your throat,
conscience is~.ting?
Tao much lying, children lying ta their parents. Tao much
lying, "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother," that Commandment
has really been swept under the rug. It is your propaganda that
is fed ta them:tI1af braiowashed your çbildren. TheLwill sooner
believe the wrong, the brainw' listen ta their arents;

for the ones that are doing the brainwashing do JlQL1o~,

vou ignorant childreI!, they do not love you, they just want ta
use you. The will use you like dumb shee led ta the slau hter­
house. You are 11 e contented lambs when your~~ destroyed
Wii11dope and your body is wraêked with veperee~'3e. That




years by suptying the drugs that will destroy humanity, mentally

as weil as p ysically. Read the past Messages, you will filiëIïfïs
there, why do you not heed it? Why are you waiting until your

child is ruined; for those that want ta ,.conquer_ our Nation, J; ,
are eatiegJ,he right fQ.ods, their meats are nol.. snlbestrol
thelr meat IS pure and clean. The....foodL1lill.t tbe~s:.unu:.....are
l ~, tfielr poultry is not filled with overdoses of hormones that
~ turn a man into a w.9man. Gad created man ta be strong,
( the powerful conqueror, the head of the family. What has man
becQ!11e? Those that are having themselv~s operated on sa they
do not become fathers, tbey are ruined, and that is what is wrong
with sa many of your men today and then the,y eat meat that
1 geen overly dosed with hormones.
March 3, 1972 - LENTEN FRIDA Y

Tao much wrong, too much wrong, people don't seem ta

care what happens ta theil' Church or ta their Country, they don't
seem ta care. When it is tao late, they will scream, they will
scream. Do not lose faith, please, ~eople, do not lo~l. 'Ille
devils are there ta distract you ta taè your faith away. Do not ~
III ta them, pleasè. 1filS penod is sa severe, but ~ve faîth in T~
Lord and Gad, have faith. (Name not understood[fie's a devil]
in disguise, he keeps thy Synod with a majority of those Our
Roly MoTher spoke of, the 30,000 and tbose that are duly ordained
Priests, t6at have foolishly followed his teachings and his way.
ese sare causmg more co USlon t ad they
are not helping, ey are confusmg, for the right are being con­
fUsed, wron seem ta take control. Those 30,000 were taught
all the religious e aVlOr sa that th~Y-.ÇQuld~ct accordingly. Holy
Mother spoke of this a long time aga and now they are very active,
they are no longer in disguise, but themse}Y,es. Many of them still
run parishes, but can't you recognize the evi1 in them? A)j
young man that went ta the PriestliOO<I anoreaI . a Iy gave bis heart
and soul ta Gad the Father in Heaven and His Lord Jesus Christ,
WIll not be that confused because his hearns-rn-the rig6t way;
but those who have only gone in with the purpose of havjnlLlife
easier and in their old a~ensioned, be taken care of, suèh
1platitudes and attitudes are ve ridiculous. And then you have
those a ave gone sa far out because they themselves wan~ 1
( ta be important. It is not God the Father in Heaven or Jesus

r... (Christ, no, they ~t ta be imë0rtant, ~o they are going ta be

th.e Savior of the ~ld, of thehurch; but their extremist action
is wrong and is misguiding the innocent souls who go along with
--Pollow the path and teachings of Thy Lord and Gad, only
that, no other platitudes, or disruptions, tales and woes and
.staries; only follow the True Church of Christ. Remember the
~( battle right 110W is between destruction of Catholicis or having

completely a one-worid Church. There is your battle etween
the goOd and evil, against Cmist and for Satan; for Lucifer has
1 his coharts aU over. He has placed them within many a good
man and woman but If you keep yourself wlth Your Lord and
Gad and when you go ta the Eucharist ta receive It, if you receive
It, that It is Thy Lord and Gad, that vou really beLieve It is He;
it. is is in your heart that counts, the truth. It must only be the
tr " th that will et vou ta Heaven. Prudence is being
stretche ta suit their own vanity. Oh, we must be prudent, yes, but
don't stretch it ta caver your white lies as you call them. Stay with
1I1A1t!iliJJ.lUh for Ihy-r-orerand God, God the Pather in Heav~,
J'f1I' hëarS"and knows cverything tbat you are thinking about. You
cannat deceive Him, and once you learn that, you will behave
aCCOrdingl):'. He knows our innermost thou hts, remember that;
Satan does not but Thy or an 0 oes. If you find it sa]
difficult then get a picture of Thy Lord and G~ and hang it in
every room ta stare at you, ngybe He will remind you ta ..Qe
honorable be truthful, e charitable. Ta be an example, means
honesJy, c aritu and ove a_lb.)' neighQ.or as you love yourself.
Life is that simple, fa ow the path of T~ and Gad. _Walk
Ca!vary_during_the L~Il~~,!.per~od, walk il with Him. He fell, anCfSo
do you in YOtif llie. You will aU, but if you arise wltb a repentant
liêart, He is very: mercûuI. His Heart is always bleeding for you.

ïtI; h ' ou because He oves o. Thy Holy Mother
sheds tears for you because Sh oves ou, but Her children do not
love Her. They daim they 0, bu w en it cames ta sacrifice, when l
it cames ta be charitable, when it cames ta face the truth, that
proves it. Oh, they call them white lies, no matter how white you
think it is, they are still black. It is a lie and a little one will evolve
and snowball into a large one. Because once you start, it is very
easy. After the first one, the second and the third and the fourth,
first thing you know you are lying and don't even recognize it.
Pray for His Holiness. The liberaIs want ta press him out,

they are breaking his heart. He is an honorable man. Yes, as a

man he has made mistakes in his past life, but that is between himl\
!!ld GOd. fie IS trying to run a good Church, but biS own make
it just about impossible for film. They send out documentations
that are not the truth, that he did not say. They mi31u01e hls words \
to sUIf thelr own. He has not sanctlOned Communion in the hand. )
It has been given here before and is now repeated. For this past
week sorne of your own have been wQ~ng, why do they wonder?
C~'t they see it is a des~on? It is not right to desecrate Thy
Lord andGod. Any Priest, BishoI{, or Cardinal should know that,
they should know that without eing told. ~ the Church
c~ern~~ ~t~J)ro~r devotions and foUow Calvary's Way
i.n..1nU ,u ess "the PassIon is renewed as it once was on the Altars
every day, uDJess theyr-eturn to this, there is no salvation for
the Catholic Church. It will crumble and break away lOto a schism
until Thy Lord and God brings down His wrath and Chastisement
ôùJllI, pr;eS"ÇSisters and Laymen alike.
Any layman that thinks that he is so good and so Qure, that \
he can handle the EUCIiafist, he IS wrong. Only a duly ordained
Priest can handle the Eucharist. The only other way in extreme
cases, we will repeat, is when the Bishop elevates a layman to
a Deacon; for that purpose alone can they hi!idle the Eucharist.
Those t~at say otherwise are (aIse prophets, they are not speaking
( tb~...1rY!h, YOlLcaJm9t deviate from the truth.
In your Church there are different groups springing up, we
have repeated this but to get a more clear understanding, they
are not for Thy Lord and God, is that understood? They are the)
30,000 that the enemy taught, that are working with many good
men and deceiving them. They are the ones that are influencing
the good ones andmaking a ~n into an arrogant la
( person, ~back to where s~e sta~d~es:they still caU t@mselves
"Sister so and so." Remember, Thy Holy Mother said that any
Nuiilllat removes her Habit is not a Nun but is a "Miss" and the

only reason that she is a Miss is because she is not married, not
because she has taken the vow of virginity, for many have even
destrord that. Thej: are sinn~, they knQw §S~r, they are sin­
Wsg. Nun is supposedfo s un any man, in due resp'~çt to~r
"S'P6use, JéSUSCfifiSi:-' l'hose are the vows she made, yet they
wÎne and dine and dance with man, that is against their vows.
Where is the chastity that they vowed, where? God sees, God
hears_and God knows wha t )fou arp tbinking, ~s. It is the

Religious that are helping tear down the Church of Jesus Christ,
be they Priest, Brother or Non or Sister as sorne cali it.
Bring devotions backtûChurch, no matter what their title,' \ \
but bring theiiï15aCk. Bring devotion andtuiIi back into the hearts
of the people. They are wandering like a bunch of lost sheep,
waiting in the darkness, while at the sides are the wolves ready J.
to pounce upon them to pull them away inta TIie wrong. That Îs '
what the enemy wants. Blessed Mother help me, help me, Blessed
Mother. St. John, St. Peter, help me, help our Clergy, help our
Clergy, they need help, they need help, they are so confused. Why
should they be confused? They know the right, they must follow
the right. They k~Q.~ right from wrong, they have been taught'!'
it and they are adults and they can thiI)k. If they would only think,Jt,
what would tbey do to please their Lord and God, not to p~e
- There are many legions of fallen angels that are wandering 1\ t
on the earth, the Eastern Hemisphere, the Western, all the Con­
tinents to deceiye and to confuse mankind. Remember there are
many m~e of those than there are orthe good. l'hy Lord and
God from Heaven permitted this. The Eternal Pather peI.IDitted this.
It is a test that He gave HIS children on earth. How will you come
out ~on the righteous path or on the path to Eternal HeIIfire?
Remember, there is no retracting your steps once you reach the
pits of Hell. You cannot come back no matter how many prayers
are said for you, you are lost forever, lost forever and there is
no end to it. 01u'mL~QU could stand it for te~e
tweIve, but can y~u take it for Etemity? Enter HeU, t~at is what
.) \ i! IS, Ete.!!!Al_ Hellfire. They do not want to speak of it anymore
for they are afraid of frightening the subjects. Naturally the enemyJ
of God does not want you to speak of ih.JQLhe--willlts...~OU to
follow him.
- - Thy Lord and God, when He consecrated the ~ before\ ~
Him, it became His Plesh and th~ His Blood:'itetold the 1
Apostles before Him to be the only ones to handle It anÙ they were
to go out and ordain other men into the Priesthood and they alone
were to handle the particles of Bread which Thy Lord and God had
consecrated. You, My Child, witnessed that no women were in
the Sanctuary of Thy Lord and God at the Pirs! Mass; so how can
they today, speak of training women into the Priesthood? Lh)'
Lord and God gave man tbat pnvilege and opportunity. If as a
youth his heart was to follow the steps of Christ, he became

ordained through years Qf study, sacrifices and then the Bishop

made him the Priest. Today they want to change this and have
women become the Priests. Holy Mother, (Mary Ann's expression
clianges,=she seems distressed and breaks into tears and say.s with

m,!!ch sadness). Holy Mother, don't cry. Vou cannot hold baclc
the anger of Thy Divine Son much longer, for they are destroying
( the Church, Her Divine Son, through the Etemal Father, had in-
stituted on the tirst Good Friday and now today they want to
change the First Mass which was said on Holy Thursday night.
Her Divine Son died for man and He wOJlld die ev~
on the Altar for him if man would only tfOVe)llim, as He ~
mankind. Thy Holy Mother looks so slnt-She is crying for Her
"riest-sons and for those working in the missions and for the 16t-
men that are {rYin" hard. She pleads with them to continue, ut
Her heart is breaking for Her children that are followin the ath
that will on~--dJh.em..a.w.ay-_n:'Qm."'yod. Stay with Her Divin
Son, you must not falter, you must not faIter, for Communion in
the hand is wrong. The handling of the Eucharist br a laywoman
is wrong, or by a Religious. It can only be handled by the Priest,
a righteous Priest, the only exception woûlcl be in rare cases that
the Bishop would train and teach a layman as a deacon and that
should not be done unless in rare necessity.
Oh, they are crying there are no vocations, why is that? Is
that not the fault of their own? Vou see, no son out of a liberal
home would choose to become a Priest, not a righteous Priest, so
that is the reason for lack of vocations. The devout families are
çlwindling. The glimmer is placed before them, excuses are made,
the catechisms are not the truthful teachings. When they try to
separate the Holy Mother from Her DiviIÎè Son that She was just
an ordinari- woma.'l like any other woman, when they say that
y LOrd and God was just an ordmary man, not the S011 of
GOd, :ërâ is the insP'rati~ for a young boy of 15, 16, 17 and !8
~oug 2 ta receiVe rn .s heart the love to become a Pnest?
Bishops, Cardinals, wake up, stand up for the truth, bring back
the devotion inta yoUf Churches. Order your Priests to bring the
devotions back before it is too late, before the One-World Church
i~. The doors are wide open, is the Bock going to follow into
that path or are they going to stay with the True Church?~i­
naIs, Bishops, wake up! Appeasement has never won ~ soul ~e
~y are trY10g to appease the Protestants, they are 10S1O ~nd.
When they remove -the name of "Catholic' an caU them '~­
Hellfire on earth. No, it will not be an ordinary fire, for when it
cornes it will be an A-ft H- or Cobalt bomb; it is not ordinary fire,
that t e of tire bums ou on one sicle and leaves you alive on
the ot~r. No, no, awful, awful, terrible, what must we o. es­
truction of man, awful, awful. (Mary Ann screams) Oh no, please.
No, can it be averted, is there any hope? Pleadings have been
given, but they have been ignored. Cha~tisement_ wil! befall th
fution saon. OIÙy parts will be ~pared. Are you going to be among
them, are you going ta be among them or are you going ta be
swept away in flames in Hel! on Earth? Gad is merciful, He will
C hear YOUf p-Ieas if vou hear HIS requests. RëWi11 never sanctIOn
evil just as lli can neyer sanction judity.
Remember, Gad is not mocked. There are those that mock \ ,\
Gad and they think they are getting by with it, they cannat. Re­
member, Thy Lord and Gad sees everything as if a house is a
&lass house and ail corners had a hidden microphone. And if you J )
once believe that you are living in glass houses and that every
crack and corner has a microphone with a taud amplifier and
directs it ail ta Heaven, you would not pull the foolishness you
are doing today. You will firid It easler ta follow the patti of ngFît­
ëOusness than your working so hard ta bring out deception. To see
man partly burned and artly alive, it is awful. The destriiëtion,
t e astlsement will e part a t al. an t t ey wake up, can't
they wake up? Parents, parents, wake up, ~. You are caus­
ing your Holy Mother ta shed tears, S~Y.Q!l.
y ou must~forth every effort to fulfill al! past reguests. This
is the wish of Thy Holy Mother, it is Rer wish. As She had to step
in, in later years, things must go forth for they are desecrating the
Consecrated Bread and Wine and it is time ta make a change.
It is time that the layman who truly believes that the Hasts that the
Bishops and Priests and Cardinals and the Holy Father handle,
that This truly is the Body of Christ; if they believe that, then they
r\[must 1 to their officiais and 0 ose the handlin of the Eucbar­

ist by lay hands, do you understand? .Ihe~must all wnt we have

1 asked that before, but it was ignored. How much 10f!.ger are y...0u
goin!l!~ wa!t, untilyour Church is coml'Ietely destroy'ed? What thy
Sister just witnessed will be the reward, the destruction of earth will
not b~Q.Q.ds>-lw_La sllbstance of fire,Jhough not as yo~. know il.
Thereill:e~Q1Ue..str.a.n~ t6o~ghts going through sOiïië'ïTIinds, oh you
with such little faith, but Thy Lord and God can change everything
- - - ----

overnight or in an instant, but given an overnight it could be for

good or it could be complete destruction. So continue in your daily
lives, the fulfillment of Thy Holy Mo her's re u sts . struc­
tions as given. Do not get the attitude of loh what is the us.e, con­
tinue as if you had hundreds of years be ore you, which of course
lif you as a mortal have notll If you fulfill Thy Holy Mother's re­
quests, )Tour life couId be joy and happiness. Why not seek hapPiJ\I\
ness, joy and a little Heaven here on earth instead of destruction,m
wars, bloodshed, sin and devastation?

March 10, 1972 - LENTEN FRlDAY

The Red China deaI, the Red Dragon, which l gave sorne
time ago, is coming true now, read back. Th.e.-Re.d_QragQn WillJl
devour the Green Dragon and with aid of the Brown Bear who
it looks like now...a~ach other's throats, w1ïich is orny a bluff,
will trV to control the poor plucked Eagle, the U.S.A. Uncle Sam
is kneeling and begging for prayers, his hands are trembling. His
body is shaking, he is getting weaker and weaker, there is not
enough prayer. Remember all those under the regime of Franklin
( Delano Roosevelt are aIl workmg now, and LaBucca, (Mrs. Bea­

I nor Roosevelt shëlïasner aws in Africa, sbe bas her influence

over those here on earth. A t ose t at are named in the Volumes, })
their names are still as potent as they were then when given. Sorne
have passed on, their sons have taken over or {My have chosen
others who are twice as bad as they themselves were. Others are
Itaking their places now. What is worse, now there a~e many Black
Masses practiced in the United States. That used to be a rare tlûIig
and now just about every State, just about, are practicing the Black
Mass. That Îs not the Mass of the Dead, but the Mass of Satan.
This is the year 1972, little Jacinta could have told you this
also. If the Priests and Bishops and Cardinals and the "Misses"
turn back to be the Religious, the Nuns they are supposed to
represent;tlïeevil forces coulonot perform the outrageous acts
t~y do; thèIr prayers wollid help. Büt since they themselves, many
Of them, that are just "Miss," not a Nun anymore, since they have
cast aside the vows for materialism, materi~listic pride, material­
istic wantonness, they have forgotten Jesus Christ, the Spouse that
.....ey vowed to obey; that is going to cause so much, so much heart-)1
as:he ta many an innoceI!..t victim that will he the tool of Satan.
Those that will play with Satan, he will not use them, only ta throw )
around ta destroy their sQ!!!s, but he will never "use them asa )
victim, only ta lure them into Hellfire to he with him forever. One .
consolation we might have is that sorne of those victims, if thel

stay with the mercy of God will find happiness eternally, if they

do not lose the righteousness and know they are only Satan's

v~ ­
The hordes will move across, the hordes will move across the
U.S.A. (Mary Ann showed great distress). The United States haS) }
tradedits birthright ta the Red DragoJl. It will aU be weU in action .
by 1976. Lord and God bring forth the Chastisement for they
dOii't believe Vou, they don't believe You. Our own people don't
take the evilness seriously. Can't we bring unity among our own?
The Catholic Churches, the Convents, well that is a mis-spoken
ward, Convent, but the so-called institution, 1 don't know, they are
all over, but the so-called Sisters, Brothers, Bishops, Cardinals, if
they can't bring unity among themselves If dïey do believe there is a
Jesus Christ, if they do believe there was a Holy Thursday, a Good
Friday and if there was a Golgotha, if they believe that with their
hearts and souls then, whv isn't there more uniU'? But the answerJ ~
i~ they do not believe, the)' cannat believe, let alone there is a
Holy Mother. There are those Priests that say we have Christ on
the Altar, but, you see you don't have Him on the Altar anymore,
you moved Him, you pushed Him out, not in respect, sorne do, yes;
(refers ta moving the tabernacle from the main Altar) when you
bring Thy Lord's Body on the Altar, do you actuaUy believe that
This is Thy Lord and Gad that you are bringing down from Heaven
above this Altar? When you say the Mass, do you believe the words
you are saying? When you consume Thy Lord and God, do you
believe that It is His Body and not just a hast or a wafer as sorne
calI It? If you aU believe that, then there should be umty among
you. And when the Nuns and Sisters go up ta receive, be they a
"Miss" since they have discarded their Habits, or a Nun that still
is wearing the Habit, do they believe that when they knelt in front)
of their Bishop that they were being married to Their Lord Jesus
Chrlsf,aild when die rIng was placed on their finger, do tbey really
believe this? Then why should there be disunity, why? That is the
big questIOn, but you see they do not believe; many, yes, but many,
many. no. That is for the squares, sa they remove the veil they re­
riiâVe ti'iè Habit and they go as a lay persan to live as a lay persan.
They practice as ~ lay persan, the vows theLmade are cast aside.

Read in the Scripture what it tells you about the vows and that
is what will be your commitment when the day cornes, when you
must pass on like everyone else. You cannat live forever, you must
meet Thy Lord and God, for the eternal reckoning will come, no
matter how dark or how white your soul might be, how tamished
you made it, the day of reckoning will come when you will meet
Thy Lord and Gad, face ta face. You can ignore it now, you can
laugh and scoff, but you can never mock Thy Savior; and this goes
for all, from the cradle ta the ôeâIh 500, for the Iaymen, youaïI
biileve in Jesus Christ, you sa daim. Speaking of the Christian,
1 am not speaking of the heathen that does not know any better,
but 1 am speaking of thase so-caIled Christians, so-called CathO~[
lies. If you . i ~ h Lord and God then why are 'ou t­
ing among yourselves, why isn't there umty, wor mg together Îl
unison, in an understanding? It is Thy Heavenly Mother and Her
Divine Son, Thy Lord and God. There should be a great zeal ta
help ta save the soul of those fallen by the wayside, those con­
fused, those that are called pagans or heathens. Bring God ta them,
you do not have ta go into foreign countries ta find them, they are
right in your U.S.A., they are the ones, right here. We need mission­
ary work done in the U.S.A. It is a shame ta say that because we
are supposed ta be a civilized country. You are not, you are not,
for wh~Y-9,tLp_ush God away, you are becoming not a Christian
but a heathen Nation.
Bring the Constant Vigil of Prayer over the Continent; it is
not moving, it is not moving, it is not moving. Not enough workers,
such a mere few. Plo\ters ~apners ar~ D{lW ready ta act, are
you ready ta accept them. verything you own, everything will
not be yours, ou will not even. own the clothes on our back,
tlieVWll have it all. When the Dg m9~Y cornes and the control
of every indiviuah~ ou recelve a number, weIl, you have
~ it alread, OUE ocial Securit Numbe, you will be classifiêd in
the line by you S ecunt um r That is 20mg ta be your
mark, when you have fun s in the ~caIled bank, 'which it will
ïiOf'6e anymore, it will be a cleariïigse, YOll have already done
( it. Under so-called takmg of the, census-ship, you have
given, oh every ten years they want the census, it is aIl placed in
lJ!le. You liave given them everything YOll own, you have toId
them which knob you turn, you have toId them what color your
chair was, tlley_know your home inside out. W.hen the time cornes
~ will know exactly what vou own and your whole condit~n,
Oh that isn't speaking of the last five, ten, fifteen years, ~
( speaking wa back, way back before Wilson. Yes, that is when
they were uttin 1 ese ~s In 0 e ect, before Fatima, and
Our Holy Mother warned thefë, yet they did not hear. Even after
the miracle of the sun, did they believe, no. \
in 1950 and you had the miracle of the sun here too, did you care, J
dia yo~~ye?~u woula'llave if you had gotten sorne
rrië5iieY out of it, but sinœ it meant sacrifice, pena~J?rayers~ Il
weren't interested. Vou did not want any part of that. Why can't r~
sorne of the Priests helieve it? For that same reason, the answer
to it aIl is Thy Lord and God, bring Him back, and on aIl Altars,
bring baëk thê true Lamb of God; bring back Holy Thursday and
Good Friday on your Altars. Truth, only truth will set you free.
Mocking God will only bring you to Hen. Lord have mercy on us.
Is there any use to repeat sorne of these things? They are aIl
in the books, why repeat them? Vou know about the d.Qpe, you
know about the ca,Eelessness of the parents, you know about €Jill
laws, you know about the t~eo.!er of the gun \IDvs, you know
abOut the, you know about the d~~.tru~
9fyour own Church, is there any need for me to summarize into
any special categories? Vou have it aIl, you have it aIl,. aIl you
need is to act upon it. Vou have let thy carelessness anger God
-:> and fie has loosed the evil, ~ow it is up to you to save the soul of
man; that lS aIl there is left, that is aIl. Vou have your own children
that ao not 6ëlieve you, they do not believe you, they have been

brainwashed. They think you are foolish and you Tee! like ~our
hanas are tied. Yes, but why did you let tfiIs Sltuation come this
far, why?AlÏ'eady your parents, they were careless, already yo~
parents. Now the new parents that are starting out, how much
moreare their hands ~a Iittle bit more than yours. They are
going to have their feet tied, you at least can still walk. Unless you
bring Thy Lord and God ba~k, unless you people turn back to
God, and 1 am not talking about the few living in this area, 1 am
talking about the U.S.A., the State of Wisconsin. What do you
expect, expect good? Why don't you put the right man in?
Big Industry does not want to cooperate. The little ones are )
oing to s9ueeze because the "Big Industry" does not hear. So th.e
little ones will be sguashed. That applies to âll, from top to
bottom, every industry you can think of. They have you with the
food, they have you with e~thing. There are those who tried
ta speak up, but- they were voted down. There is not enough

prayer, not enough turninj ta Gad. AlI is simple. Thy Lord and
Gad has been pushea, asi e.
Where are the Lenten devotions? There are hardly any.
Christian children are living in sin, the Catholic children are
living in sin. The teachings they are supposed ta get in~r
catechism is empty. The true teachings they are not getting.
No use repeating these things, r~d ~our past messages, they are
there, study them, vou have had them. The "Revelations and
Messages" book says much, the "Four Volumes" say much, what
more are you asking for before you act? Boly Mother asked for
the Constant Vigil of Prayer back in the 50's, She was not heeded.
She asked in 1950 to~~t~outlî, ta Qray the Rosary, She
changed the liosaries sa vou had sOIllejhing_to_bclLeve_in_y~LYQ!1
Lgnored it. Oh yes, "Mary Ann had acid when she touched them,
they changed." ILY9u are jUU~le~gh ta believe tha~ahead,
but She tried ta giv~you_here, the Rosary, Th~ÇQnsJant Vjgil of'.-Is the ward "Constant" too big? "Perpetuai" frightened
Vou? ConstanUs also, one right after ano~her. That doesn't mean
that one individu al must do that, can't vou think, can't vou think?
Tell them ta work hard on the Constant Vigil, tell them ta teach
thelittIe ones the love of aoo-:--Bring ba~God to the classroQ!!ls,
ta the catechlsm cIass. Teach them of God, not of trifles. Many of
the catechism classes are not catechism classes, they are social
activity classes. They don't even say a Rosa!)', they don't have~
time for that. No, they are not taug!tt the tun~als of their
farth-:-Tnat is what a Catechism class is supposed to be, to teach )
tliem the Fundamentals of the Faith. But what are they taught,
that Christ was a man just like their father, that Re was not
Divine and the Roly Mother was not anyone special, just a woman.
Yes, they are not putting the love of Gad into the child when they
take away the Divinity of Jesus Christ. When they take that ouf of
the teaching what IS there left 6UtSafan?
Fornication in our country is as bad as ever. Where are the
parents, where are the parents?, dope, vou will have a greater
influx of dope in this country, in the U.S.A., because of Red China.
When Taiwan was traded for a pair of Panda Bears, as a gift, and

a nation of people can be traded like at a market where vou barter

and trade the common thing; Taiwan has been traded so now.

we will have an influx of narcotics, they will come from Red China:­

The opIUm trade will IDcrease.


March 17, 1972 - LENTEN FRlDAY

March 24, 1972 - LENTEN FRlDAY

(Mary Ann suffers the pains of the Crown of Thorns.) Please,

please, no, no, pray for His Holiness, pray for him, he needs
Yes, Oh Holy Mother, pray for us, Oh Sorrowful Mother,
you are s~l. Our Holy Mother appeared here, right in
front of me. She wore a rose-pink gown with a beautiful blue
mande. She held in Her hand the Sorrowful Mother brooch or \ \
pin. So sad. so sad. what can we do, what can we do? T~)L..d.Qu't 1
hear Your Jlli:as, they don't want to, t~ don't care. Oh how
Bëâütiful Vou look, even in saonëSSYOUare beautiful. Ves, do
Vou want me to do that? Oh Sorrowful Mother, l promised Vou
1'!!Y liIe, nothing else matters. Yes, it hurts me too, tnat Your
Priest-sons care not for Thy pleas. Oh Sorrowful Mother, pray \
for us, gIve us strength here so we can fulfill Your requests.
My ChÜd, Drmg forth thy crucifix.
Mary Ann raised slightly from a reclining position, sat for­
ward, held her crucifix up and forward, raised it higher with a
YJfJ.1 reverent expression on ~ce, helcÏ"thispë)SItiOIlfor a short
period of time and then reclined again.
Thank you.
Our Holy Mother blessed this crucifix with a special bless­
ing, tQ...give Vou all the graces to accept the Erivi~es, the bless­
ill.&S and the will to accept the work for Rer":- as an honor, ~~

sacrifice, but an honor and a willingness from your heart ta want

t'OdOftla 1. .
There are those who still do not understand and do not seem
to have received the spiritual depth of the grounds and the privile.@s .
so attained by thell" prayers over there, because if they would tfiey J , .
could not scandalize, or hurt Our Holy Mother.
Help the Holy F'!!her with pr~rs, sacrifices and reparation,
help him. There are many s~d minister.LID1d Priests that are
trying ta work for our Holi1i~oiher~ for Jesus Christ'~»
that do not understand the entwinem: of Our Holy Moth~r
with Rer Divine Son, they lîôiFt understa d.
One can receive so mauy graces tl they would Qray with the

true~oJ God and do the Wj!J. of. God. Graces will then be

snoweroo upon you, but it has ta pe true love of God and praye[s, )

the Will of Gad, not thine but His way.

Sorrowful Mother, pray for us, Sorrowful Mother, pray for

us, pray for us, help us, help us, Holy Mother, pray for us. ~­

J.!P...2!!.s, pray. for us, straWitên ut our Mass, please. Get rid of

the heresy, pIease, 1. ege§!pj>~please. Desecration in many

Churches, desecration.

March 31, 1972 - GOOD FRlDAY

Oh God, Oh God, help, help, help me ta accept, help our peo­

ple, especially the youth of the U.SA. What are we goirig ta do,
w.!lat are they going to do when the takeover com~s and the Chas- J"
tisement faIls? What are tl~le gofrig rôdo? Qt!J:-Pe.oPU JI
~ica are soft and are cowards, they can't take il. God be merci­
fuI. Our Priests rather defect tban ~d J!P for the vows they took,
ta hooor them. They must~k 'JiifCon the ConStimtvlgirof
P~, must awaken people with prayer. Many of""6llf]lates ~e
no such program, they have no such pragram. Many ministers are
working harder tban our Catholics. Many ministers seem to ëe ~e
fijjiAWijtmg QO the wall and tbey are working hard, but our at 0­
he Pnests are so lax, they are so iax, tl'ïey are takiog the easy way
out. There are couverts that a.reeveo t~inking of going back where
they seem to get more out of their former Church than they are
(( nowgetlingouCofthe Catho_l~_~.!l.d that is wrong. Wliat have we
America cannot escape the Chastisement, it c~t escape,
but- by the Constant Vigil of Prayer it can be lessened, ut it can­

IW·uscape il. There are too many lives lost through abortion, they
cannot replace those lives, especially since man bas destroyed the
right to life for that child. The Chastisement wIll faIl upon the
U.S.A., but can you work with the Constant Vigil of Prayer and
lessen it? Can you lessen it, the severity? Oh my aearp~J.~d'.9U
have no idea what the Chastisement can do t~u. Work ~­
~ on the ConstanCVigu of Pr'!Yer. So many States donot
li'a'Vë ~ form of prayer. Where is the Rosary, in a drawer, put
away, for that is ~ today? Sorne Priests say so, some say
we have Our Lord on the Altar, others say He is just a man, like
you and me. They are denying the Divinity of Their Lord and
) Goa, Their Savior. Where is the Ro~ry Our Holy Mother asked
for? There are still those who bëheve the Holy Mother is pushed
ahead of Her Divine ~irdlsfi ._---­
-- they can be, - how-childish.
es, the HOIY Motfier was ~Temple that nurtured and~d

a!ld fill~d His-'-yeins with blo.. 12 bnnK the Son of God, ~t

She reco~izes !:Iis_sllpremacy, shë reco~izes it, that He is far

\ \, ciliôve Her, that He is the Son of God the Father in Heaven. Those

rltliïitspèiîk so loosely should remember i~was not important,

c." God the Father would not have taken Her, Ba1Y and Soul into
Heaven. The Immortal ~ went into Heaven, not just He!_Sou!.
So She does have an important part to play. Oh Priests! Remem­
ber that when you denounce the Holy Mother, remember that.
She is the Mother of Ood,d'on't compare Her to a cornmon woman
-:;> ~h. Oh my d~have mercy on us. Pray for us. Oh. Roly
~r, pray for us, have mercy on us.
~MaryAnn opens her eyes WIDï_~ia.rt). Yes, Holy Mother,
yes, thank You, thank You; as You wish, l'l!~~die.~,
unto death, that is I1!Y-pled.K~..JQ..Y~Y. If it is Thy wish, 1

"Tell My chi/dren, the only way for them l2...-reach the Resur- II
rection and Heaven they must give their whaÜ; lite to My Divi.!ze
Son. They must Consecrate themselves, they must be willing to
give ue ail and completely give tliërnselves,. material things -can­
not count. To Consecrate whol!.y, ..!!.-means cOJIlplete, thy whole
liJy, thy whole body, 1Jf1f!P'tfli!r.g. There ar(Jii'WiY_fJJ1s.e.. conse­
~ations made. ~y 0 er t emselves, My Chi/d, to My Divine Son, themselves. Ta Consecrate
themselves .FhQJlx.. to the HolLMother, you give ail, thy soul, thy
body, thy blood, thylimbs, thv everything, for in~eaven >!pu will
- - - ---

\' have a Paradise~ You will walk with Thv Lord a'1d God. You will
wqJKyith and!J'lE!..t.EJL!~e_J..qints,St. John and St. Peter -wi'l be
thv friends. A total Consecration means thus and when God the
F~ther in Heaven callsâ7Î mortals to Him, My Child,.L)JQpJU!!2t
ail here with you will be amongst them, dressed in white linen,
and noTTn- sQaitered;spjCkled and darkened finen. For when the
Resurrection comes you will arise in white linens, or wW your's
be dark and be turneçJ aWCly.from the gaJeLQLH.~f!:Y..?.n? A totâl
Consecration, My Child, total, my ail to God the Father in Hea­
'!!!!J. " - .

Thank You, Roly Mother, thank You. (Mary Ann blessed

herself three times very reverently.) ln the Name of the Blessed
Trinity, Glory to God the Father, Glory to God the Son, tl:lLGlory
of the Roly Ghost. Amen.
Mary Ann still looking up with a very reverent attitude, says,
"Thank. you, St. Joseph, 1 will try."
Yes, St. Joseph.
DÇLQ..ot turn .away from the true Church of God. The correc­
tions willJ~.~m~d~!1YOu. ~nd. fast for yom belief. If you are ~­
(~!}Lt~Lœ.c;u!~JS, r~j]~d) ~~s, they have advised y.o.u
what to do. Yes, in some Churches..JJ~sy is taught, that is true.


Thank you, St. Francis.

Rand me the Good Friday Crucifix, please.

Mary Ann blessed ail with the Good Frid

to go to the Marker ere the ri n tood She stood

at the Marker for whi e, pace t e cruel x on top of the Marker,
the original place where Our Roly Mother appeared for the first
time on Nov. 12, 1949 and made the Sign of the Cross three times.
Thank You. Yes, Roly Mother. Please, Roly Mother, give
them the graces to accept and honor Thy pleas, Thy work given
.Q!!. tbjse Sacred Grounds. This Sa~t righl here is justas
Sacre as the Spot by the Trees, for right h_~!~ al {his very Spot
it ail sta~d. Tlle first footst~s of Our Roly Mother were placed
here. This crucifix glowed here first; so right here, this very Spot
~h.Q.uld_b.e-honore.d as rouch as the Sacred Spot, it should not have
disrespect. Thank You, thank You.


Mary Ann looked up into the alcove for a long time, as if

listening to someone.
Thank you, St. Joseph. This is the month of Mary, yeso
The peace they are searching for will not be found in the
hereafter because they have not given help to the child. the youth,
the ~d, those who are ~. It is not because of their fault, but
the s of the world. The retarded clUld, misformed child, t~e
with ~s unable to c\!!"_~ or help, s~r punishment for sins
Q.Uh~n a_l1_d wiltJ~?_to Hea,::en. Bëcause of the sins ~e
will be great suffering and manYJ many more will be aHncted in
one way or another. This Nation is darkened wit~ drugs. These
~ ~nishment and not for -lne child. T r~ugh the use
of arug~ there is no more respect for authority of the parents. Yes,
it has not brought forth fruit. Now there is still one way left. The
~y and the Constant Vi~il of Prayer. There are ~w
worKers. In the outlymg States the Constant Vigil of Prayer has
not progressed. A few, yes, but not enough to hold back the Chas­

tisement. Because of die llyes that are snuffed out I!illY-G.iliLQe
merciful to th~-.-Q?rel1ts, that permit j1o_ctors, Priests, mini~ to
1 sanction this. God have mercy on their souls, because t~ must
pay the pri.çe. You cannot b _1 for you are only man. 0::::::: =;:

Mary ~ïri exp ame t at St. Joseph came in a blue shaft of

light. The light and St. Joseph came from the west. The beam
of light disappeared when he reached the alcove. Holy Mother
was with him. St. Francis was in the background.


Mary Ann looked into the alcove, blessed herself three times
and said:
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you, Joanie. Please, Blessed
Mother, hear my pleas, my petitions, please. St. Joseph, please.
Yes, thank you for that, it was beautiful. Please bless them a11
with Your rays, Holy Mother. Thank you, St. Joseph.
Continue to say the Rosary. .
Mary Ann explained that Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St.
Francis, St. Joan of Arc and St. Therese were out there a11 at the
same time. l asked He.r (Blessed Mother) to bless them and She
sent rays over us e~-this side of t~fence. l expect She blessed

those on the other side also, but the rays came this way. St. Joan
of Arc was the one who spoke.

May 28,1972 - TRINlTY SUNDAY

Our Lady's statue was crowned with pink roses on this day.
Mary Ann knelt at the Sacred Spot of Apparitions, she blessed ail
with the Good Friday Crucifix. After a period of time, Mary Ann
leaned back, blessed herself three times very reverently, seemed
to look higher, she held her arms as if seeing something beautiful.
She said, "l'm not worthy, so beautiful, 1 am not worthy." Mary
Ann then crossed her arms over her chest and said, "The Blessed
( Trinity, Thank You." Mary Ann then struck her breast three times
and said, "Lord have mercy on us, Lord have mercy on us. Thank
you, thank you."
Our Holy Mother was accompanied today by St. Joan of Arc,
St. There~e, St. Joseph and St. FrancIs. When she came Wtffitn the
alcovesIïe smiled and looked about, then She stepped out. .Chen in
a flash, the Blessed Trinity was shown again to me as once before,
uooly with much more radia!lc~_ than the picture on our Fundamen­
J~ tais of the Faith book. The_picture._Ç{lUl(;Ln...ey.~LqQJ.Lil,l~tlse. After
that, the Trinity disappeared and Our Holy Mother came back
into the alcove and a blanket of ro.§ again unfolded in front of
Her. St. Joan and St. Therese came down to put it over our statue
as it had fallen into her arms, so they stretched it over Ber arms,
the statue of Our Lady that we have standing before us.
My Child, always rememeber the Blessed Trinity, tell them
this. The devorion ta M)1 Divine S.Qn on the Altar has been 4e­
faulted ta the material.
---T-hank--You. Yes, Holy Mother. Mary Ann looked concerned
and said, Thank You Holy Mother. Yes, 1 know it is t~enty-two
years since Your first appearance here.
- - Yes, My Child, twentv-twq years have passed and there are
not enough prayers, nor are My pleas h.,-ede.t!_.fc!L.1.~COllJ1E!Jl
Vieil of Prayer. Without that, My Child, there is no hope, {Or7liis
coiffused world is rolling in the blackest O,Lsin. ThCyouth are
ign~ My pleas for t,hem are not heeded, My Child. NJ21...E1Ql!.8.f:z 1\'1
prayers, not enougfiJ!.raytE:..s. The_~n.ly__'!...ope for the world..!!-.a J
Constant Vigil of Prayer.
The Nation here nas--!!ot shown enough or have they given
enough of themselves to bring about the CQ!lStMLY.igiLof Prayer


pected as Thy Creator, Thy Savior; until the family home returns
back and béComes anome. Where is the family ho~e, they al! Eln
hetter and skelter. The children are left behind with a doped baby­
sitiër. In many cases you leave your child, an innocent child, in­
stead of being home as a mother with your own children.
You have no use for your children, you don't want them, do you,
o!.you couldn't be running away from them al! the time in seeking \ t
p'leasures and wbat is it? Drunkenness, immorality instead of love ~.
of God and Our Holy Mother. The immoral life will not bring
you to Heaven, you cannot find the Kingdom of Heaven through
sin, you can only find it through Our Lord and God, His HQ!
Mother. Tum back, turn back hefore il is too late, become a True
ChriStian. Our Holy Mother, (Mary Ann spreads her arms wide)
puts out Her arms for you to walk into and She will guide and
protect you, but if you sin on one hand and throw out corruption,
uncharitableness and look for Rhysical attrac!!2ns; if you walk
in nak~ness you cannot expect that Our Roly Mother's arms)
will encircle you to Her bosom for She does not believe in naked­
n~. She asks for Marylike dress. Her tears weIl into Mer eyes
when She watches Her children, especially the women, walking
to receive Her Son in the Holy Eucharist, half-naked. Is there
no shame in any of the women left. on this earth? Do they believe
that natœdïiëss is going to bring them their salvation? Vou are
walking right straight into the path that will lead you. to Etemal )
Hellfire. Gad gave you our bod to keep it ure. Bring those
dresses down e ow your knees and don't be ashamed of it, rather
be ashamed of walking in nakedness. Our Holy Mother 10oIésSo
sad, there are young girls, there are young men; if your sweetheart
wears a dress six inches above her knees, shame her, don't look
at it and think it is temptation, that it is cute; there is nothing
cute about a naked leg. Dress Marylike and that does not mean
you have to wear a dress that reaches to your ankles. Just below
the knees, three inches will huit no 2!le. Do not wear the tignt
skirts so that you look like you are poured into il. Every shape of
your body shows. Di&OU think you look beautiful that w~? Vou )~
do not, you are a dis ace to Thy Lord and GO? Who created you.
Vou are a disgrace to thy whole community. Vou are a disgrace
to thy country and it is up to the women to tum back as decent,
respectable women and daughters and chllë!!:en anâ that goesTor \1
ih~~. Must he run around naked too? Sorne look lilëë J
grizzly bears, ~e they proud of showing their hairy bodies? God

created you that way, yes, but they made trousers also that you
can use to coyer yourself. Do not bring thë15ëaches into your
streets, there is a place for bathing and the bathing suit, but on 1\
your streets be dressed properly. Do not wear trousers that are
so tight that you would think they are wearing skin, not clotho
If you fulfill this request, if you work hard on the Constant V.igil
of Pra:ier, if the mother goes back mto the home and teaches the
child the right from wrong, then you still have a small chance
for peace. But if your children, your sons and your daughters \
are not taught respect for their eiders, for their priests., for their
ministers, for the authorities in school, their teachers, for the
police officials, if they are not again taught respect, respect the
eiders, not disrespect, and if you are going to work so hard for
the Women's Lib, which is scandalous and ridiculous, then there
is no chance.
God created man to be the provider, only in serious circum­

l , ,stances where the spouse is ill, or the male spouse, when death

.has taken him, orny then must the mother go out to provide. But

v if vou litn are goiog to stand still to let the women use the rolling

pin on your heads, the golf club, and let em ke over our'obs
aud u are oin to he e . lS mu to sa ,
" 'am es M'am" everything will e Just as the
JI\ want it. Theo your Nation will comp etely crum e. ou WI never
find peace-> until the Chastisement cornes upon you and the sur­
1!{ viv6rs start anewl'but will you be amongst the survivors because
right now you are insulting God the Father in Heaven. Vou are
not following the Commandments of God, you are not fulfilling
the messages of Our Holy Mother. The women that are Shunningj
and objecting to the Marylike dress are the women that will ffiîd
Eternal Hellfire, and if you t5elteve thlS IS a Joke, 1 pItY you when
the clay cornesand you must face your Maker. Thank you.



will. They must honor and obey Their hgrd and God whom they
represent here on earth. They must walk in the path of Jesus
Christ a,.nd carry the banner of Trutb, I.jght, Charity and above
aU,(!fuPè)and Faith, to the souls of men. They have deterred from
this paU(an:anave harmed maIiy a soul, for th!4' have forgotten
WhQlItthey-.tru4'-_Iepres.ent, TheirLord and Gad, Their Creator, \
Their Savior and Their Redeemer. They cannot be saved or re­
~ unless they fulfill their vows and their ooectience to Their
Lord and God Who created them. Thank you.
Mary Ann continued to look up. WJ:!y can't they turn to God, J
why? It is so simple, so easy, wst turn to your Creator. Why this,
why? l'm afraid it will be too late, they will scream bUfïtWill
be too late. Our people must s~d'y'p as...t.rn.e...CJu:istians and to b~e
a true Christian you must obe the Commandments of Gad. ~- ,
out 't~r$Land Gad, the ar nothin those who are tryin
to pass lin by will find their error 00 ate, tao late to redeem
themselves. It is horrible what will befall the Nation that forgets

r God, that see}ss the material above ail that is pure and gqgd and
replaces it with sins of the world; sin that man, the enemLQLIesus
\ Christ, ha.~_br~l!g~.!-.!~rth to help destroy man, which today is be­
coming more apparent. The people shouklfill their Churches, in- ]1
stead they are emptying them because of the confusion created

~erja1 a!'9~ them~

by those that seek n'ot (t~ of Jesus Christ, BllL.s.e.elcfir-SL1h.e
, with malma) 'biIlgs ,ather than to
Il see the Kingdom of God, which would lead them to the Kingdom
\ of Heaven, ta live fore~er in etemity. No,. the~ rather ~xchange it}.~
for the wrong, somethmg to destroy thelr mmds, thelr fiesh, to \~
blacken !..~!1ls, to pull down their nei@!:.or, to cavet their \
'!.ejghbor's goods; greêd and selfishness, the want of power. Thy

1 Nation is being turned oyec to thv enemy for wagt of power, not
for righteousness or peace, for peace will not come, cannot come
without Jesus~hrist being the head of all. Thank you.
St. Pius ?was up there, he gave us a blessing. He,had about
twelve boysand twelve girls. She later said she had counted them
by ~ and there were twelve receiving Holy CommuJ).ion, they
were kneeling. The. aîrls were in white and t~s ~k
trQ.users.illld white coats and they knelt, they didn't stand. St.:,.Eil!s
had white vestments on with~old trim. The brocaded trim on the
vestments werey!"d and he polnted to the children and said
:.:..untilJhey turn back (and it showed a confesSional jthat the ëliild
lIwill go to the Confessional, and then receive Roly c~·

they '!!.!!.st go back to that, that must be brought back. The youth
were about first or second graders, about six or seven years old.
l\\IIIThe !(bjJd must he tau~ht the true meaning of Jesus Christ, His
j~" ep.tire Life from Birth to De~th, which js now omÙfëd lor triflings
fi(in many catechetical classes, they must return to the. True Faitb
\J of Jesus Christ. The_Çh!!! back~ will stumb}e
in confusion.
Our Holy Mother showed Herself in a mist, only 1 could
see that mist hovering there and it would not come down and then
1 knew why because aH of a sudden the children marched in, knelt
down and Pope Pius X foHowed. Mary Ann said we don't know
how prjyi!eged we are here. St. Pius and the children usually come
on a cloud, this time the branches on the Trees separated and
II they came through there. So we are right in fighting for the proper
JI ~ way of receiving Communion, so keep it up, fi.aht for it especially
you with little children, may be yours are big but what about your


Mary Ann knelt at the Sacred Spot, blessed all with the
Good Friday Crucifix, knelt for a period of time, leaned back
looking up into the Trees. She seemed shocked, shuddered and
said, "Joanie, Joanie, how awful, how awful." Mary ADn sees))
Joan of Arc being burned at the st,alce and then her soul rismg
to go to Heaven. Mary Ann shook her head as if greatly distressed.
Sister, tbis scene was shown to you to .,give you strength and )~l
coura~e, you what God the Father permlts when Re ~ ~
~. You see this is my reward L Heaven!
Mary Ann smiled, "Yes, Joanie," there were tears in Mary
Ann's eyes.
Sister, that was my reward for accepting severe persecution \
and pain unbearable at times, Sister, 2ut Gad giyes you strength. )
Mary Ann lowered her eyes to about the center of the Trees
over the Sacred SEot and then even lower. Mary Ann stood up
and reachëd forward, her right hand raised slightly, knelt down
and said, "Thank you, Joanie."
Strength be in this sworsJ~Ùm~ strength to accept,
~trenfih to endure,. strength to carry forth your-mission which
( Our oly Mother chà'SëYOu for, Sister.
Mary Ann smiled with tears in her eyes. "1 will try ta do fi

best." Mary Ann then blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you, St. Francis, St. Therese, Blessed Mother.
My Chi/d, 1 asked.M.J.....JQn, to show you the actual scene andJ
then the reward. The reward, My (;hlla, lS beautllul, etemal peace
in God's kingdom. There must be willingness to accept the diDicu!t,
My Chi/do (Yes, Holy Mother.) This, My Chlld, should help you
combat the diDicult situation before you. Remember this, My
Chi/d, Our Joan suttere4 sevrely durine the period you just wij-"
nessed. (Yeu will never orget that scene.) My Chi/d, Myl)
chi/dren do not heed M.x pleas to sare th, yoU#Z as My Sons the
Priests, and My Daughters, the Spouses of My Divine Son, they
default on vows, they trans~~n their duties and vows they
p~. (Yes, 1 understand.) My Child, glve ffi[i message 10
My Sons and Daughters that are breaking their vows they promised
to obey before My Son as witness. Our Joan will help you, My
This is the battle betweçn(Ç"atholici.Siiî>and~The con­
1 fusion' is scattering and confusing many Priests and RehglOus,
wl]ich Satan had sa ~eatl~planned and it seems he is laughing in
Il glee for~~~~~~?êd.ut rrarr Clergy and aIl Religious, would
t~k ta their vows, ta Thei!J,&rd and GOO, ta the true Sac­
raments, and through that, wlth purity of thougnt and punty of
heart,they can bring back the great part they as Priests, Bishops,
Cardinals and the Nuns, Sisters and Brothers are ta play. But they
must do tbat in unison, ta turn back, remove the shambles they
\have made, bring back the goOO, the fundamentals, the true funda­
J J)mentals of the Faith and foBow it devoutly as they promised at
t1iêir ordinations; as weB as the Spouses of Jesus Christ; now,
t!!.ey are not true Spouses, they are just like the mortal JJr iay­
\ , \\ woman who treats her soouse with disrespect and seeks farther
jJJlfields, ~h[ch~~ caIl"çgeating on their husbands." For the Nun
that has broken her promise ta Jesus christ, can only be called
lira "Miss" . in the same cate ory as the dislo al
\jIs~ ta ber husband. There is 110 1 ere~r W . en a v~s
made it must never be broken, not when you made it ta Thy Lord .
aud.-.QQ.d, Jesus Chrisl;.J!. would be better they never made that
yow than to break it, for the punishment for that is mucb greater,
the suffering will be eternal Hellfire unless they change their ways
before Gad the Father caBs them before Him. Once death snatches
t.heir life from earth, for they were p'laced nere~~ and
have failed thattest, there is no turning back, it is tao late. Scream­

ing will not help, puritY in thought, purity of heart. The word
"çhhast~ty" !.hould be written across their chests, or their dress,
it s ou d be hung on aIl of 1IieIi'\viooows so they can see it to
remind them of their promise. ­
"Thank you, Joanie." Mary Ann looked high up into the trees
and then lowered her head. Mary Ann later said: l saw Joanie like
sh~ was when she was on earth; l saw this again. The ~ole trees
were on fire as they swayed in the breeze, the ftames were buming
and Joanie was right in the akove with brush and straw right in
frQnt of her as in real life at the time of her death. l am telling
J) you that is a horrible scene to s~e. Then aIl of a sudden the ftames
disappeared, trees parted and she came in, oh gloriously. She
had on a..lVhite robe and she had her cape that she has, over it.
lier hair was just gor~us. She came way down here, she held
her sworCh..she had heLr~laL~rmor and boots on, yoUlênow
liKëSl1è is in the Shrine. She bad those on and she let me touch
t~d. She had heLbanoer' wi~h her. What a dlfference her
reward was, but to see her gasp, oh! (Mary Ann shuddered).
l think she was tr,ying to tell us tbat we sbould.-l'e readr to face
.e.ersecution, that is what she was trying to tell us and to acc,g>t
it just as she did. The reward is great. She saidGodwill give us
the strength because He gave it to her but we haVè----rooe~.
We are to be pure in thou,ghts, pure in he1!rt, how many of us
r are? She warned me that what is before me again is not going ta
r be easy. l don't know what is coming yet. First when the fire was.
none of them were there. The blue mist hovered above the Trees
tirst and then l thought, weIl, here comes Our Blessed Mother.
That moved to the side, then aIl of a sudden, right in the alcove,
tire started and l thought, "what is this?" and 1 got scared and as
1 it burned brighter J~ appeared in the smoke. l will never for­
L get that picture. Her face is so different, the face at the stake, than
the Joanie that came from Heaven. 0t. what a difference! It looked
like she was YQun er and more bea.utiful afterwards. Of course with
the smoke and tire, he.r hair, an the abuse s e was getti~~ \
the pain and all, rollinlLOff her f~e. She kept
saying, "Oh My Gad, fi y God, have mercy on me!" that is ail
\ she kept saying.

May 31, 1972 - THE QUEENSHlP OF MARY

There is ~h J~t:-~~~ryone to do if ~ want to sav~r


~y, th~ir homes, their families. There are sa many who lament
that there is nothing ta do, there is nothing ta do! There is more
than they cal1J1.aJ:ldlÜt1heL~...i!!!U0' Thereis no excuse for amyone
thaL.iMy cannat. The sick and feebl.e, t~~an ~. The strong
in body, they can '!YQrk ta save thy Country. It is worth it, isn't it?
Or do they think thêÏr Country isn't worth savliïg'rfneilrrieêit~e

hO were in concentration camps, meet those that were in SiWia;
.leet those de~rîssed in RuSsit tQday, meet those in Red ëhina
and those tramp ed underfoot y the enemy of Gad in f~­
IILunistic countries. What do you have here ta lament about? You
will have much ta lament if you do not save your Country,_~i!Y~
y~jJJ: hoIlle. Turn-bàck ta GOd, you are sIipping away fast. You
are pushing TIJyI:ord and Gad out of the picture. You are tum­
in~ ~ur )ll.cks a~ Our Roly Mother. She weeps for you. She weeps
nier hiests, She weeps for the Religious. She has asked many
"\Of the Saints ta warn us of our political cond.itions J?.ecause man
J~ of them are oruy in position for wan! of powlFto dstroy. The
enemy of Gad has will it sa. She ir,>\:,!t~hl!~g_L}U5eatttiful.Coun­
try bemg~E-e<:I~n~ ~~Il_by the en~my. Oh, yes, no one wants ta
be involved. It is the concerh of aU Amer@ns,J;>e tbey North a
South Amerka.--to.. standJlpJor the "Old QLory," ta wave it P.I-0udlY'71
And....her.e.-when....theJllig goes by, nOJ)l1e salutes it, they just look)
at it, 9LSOllle-d.OlÙ...e.Y.enJQQ}(. Where is thLresRect for your Coun­
try's fla,.g? Where is the parent to teach his children ta respect the
J!!g? P~ne.!1PJ1("your home, téach your efÙldren t5? honor t'fiât
~J ta salute it, ta be _E~2.ud-2Lit. That, you are failing ta do. If
you fail your Lord and Gad, j~E-giLYQ.!lr: ç~)Unt.!Y's flag, then
that Nation cannat succee.d, nor win, it must crumble. The wanton
rr~s ~h~1iou--hàYe<~cted_mLY~ N !t!()~ throug!u'our taws
on abortiQn, is a big-2!jce th~t~u~tyep!lid; you cannat ignore
·V.Q!Lç,i,tnnot ignore itJ!.l~far too lat~. Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently and said,
"Thank you, St Francis."

June 16, 1972 - ANNIVERSARY DAY

Mary Ann knelt at the Sacred Spot, looked up into the alcove
(upper part of four ash trees) for sorne time, struck her breast
three times and said:
My Lord and My Gad, 1 am not worthy. Yes, Joanie, 1'11 try.
It's v~ sickening. 1 was just snown the same scene that 1

saw in 1950 on this day. The Iron Gates to be opened and I was
also shown, because of disobedlence to Our Holy Mother's re­
~s, the Chastisement out of that same group of people that I
saw in that picture, those that will not stay with the teaching of
God. It is sickening, it is devastating ifs terri le. This was the
picture as many of you recall;<5'Fa atlOM,__QLalLgeople, no
matter what rac~olor or creed._QLwhaLColoL of their skin. lt.
shows the Iron Gates c1ose~ and theuhev aarted with millions
of people g~ered. and suddénLy_theœ app.eaced in the far horizon,
Our Savior, Jesus Christ, w~o'ie the people. Above Him
was a white dove that fiapped and fluttered her wings above His
head and as He came forward near the center, the doves started
to fly, both sides back and forth until Our Lord was about half­
way. T_hen He stQIlIte.d,.J.uroed a.lliL.gave a blessing; first to the
right and then to the left, behind and then before Him. ~]I
the wQr:9LWere-.2.poken, lUbe_HolY-MQther's words wOl,ild have .
been heeded, thi§. would not happen, and then it showed out of 1

t~ese-'people onlY_ a.veEL~mai'--!!...~ount. thai survlved. fïïefuÏl

meaning I have not, or it has not been explainea;oüt my under­

standi.M is this would be the results~fter the Çhast~t; after

the punishment fram Jesus Christ for disobeyin~ the Command­

1ments of God the Father in Heaven-:-That is the interpretation

thatI liàdand the understandTrigthat was given to me. Later I

was shown again the s\ltI;ring of chiklren be~use of the negli­

~nce of the parents; it was shown to me the same as in 1950, the

n~d.Jnfant UR to the teenager and up. It showed the Q.rng

s~l!â!ioIl. which is' 1ïOITTI>fe.. If people would only understanèr.]'f

the _youth would only understand the. most harmful thing they

{J~.tQ-.1hemseIVeSls' to take· gQp-e. Sure marijuana isnOtVèry

strong, but it's the beginning,-thecraving that will be put into
[ your system and fram that you will goror the stronger until you
reach LSD and above, and that crippleLyo.u~s.i~L'y"~nd,J\l
in "yom Q.9.9y, which will I)ever be nor~~._1!g~in. Why do children .J
do these things, why? Because the enemy of God is fee~ing you
this on TY, YOUf radio, in. your newsEap~~, Uie generation gap!
My dear people, there is 00 geoeration g,.ap, it's ail in your head,
there is no such thing but that is whaUh~n~y wants YQu.Jo
believe, that is the brain.w.a&bin&. it has done ta the world. The
people are like a bunch of sheep, ready to walk ta the Slaûghter­
house t~ing their çhildreIl. along, why? Why don't y-ou_tunuo
Jesus Chnst, Ihy Lord and God and His Holy Mother? '!11s ff8ly

~r and Jesus. Christ you cannot separate, for in Thy Holy

KirOilier's womb, throuKh the Spirit of the Rolv Ghost, was placed
th.eJife_oLth~_Infant. This, Our Holy Mother nurtured, Our Holy
M.J>Jherlblo-!xiJ:lowed through 1h.isJnfan1~ins and thisCliTÏd,
this Infant, was born as another child would haye been b.Q!n. So
place into y-our hearts and l11inds. that t~~ of OJlLHoly
M.other is fiowing in t.he veins of Her Qivin{; ; Would this not
be true, Thy Lord and Gôd or Gôd the Father in Heaven, would \ ,
have never assumed _Q1.!!._Ho!y_MQ~h~_into H:~aven, BODY--and 1
SOUL. Think about it. Her body as as Her soul is in '"Heaven.

You cann~t ~ the two. T 'r bl is entwined into ONE,

\i'üst as the~ If vou thin a out this you will under­

'tand and accept in your heart, a deeper dey ion to tfiy Roly
Mother and Her Divine Son. Without the tru love or either One,
.Q!! are~ng. y.ou...s!9n't need ~ iLYou turn yo-!!!]~ f to~us
Christ y reator and Maker. \Vhy dQ-You turn to the destruc­
fï6~'- of your ~es, .Jour mlnqs lIDd-your wills? lt-destroys your
wilf,lt destroys your will to live, it destroyr-rhe will to plan, to
iltink, it benumbs vou. wRen are die parents going to awaken?
ftn are the ~ going to awaken, be they State or Church?
What's happening to the youth is_.J:.Y.~YQI1~":'S co~rn, not only the
father and mother, but the officiaIs of the State as weil as the offi­
ciaIs of the Church, they are your resp'onsi~!ty. Nine!ypercent
is your responsibility. It is up to you to be adults, to stand up and
he couniëdtû save the youth, to s~\le-!@ destglgtion olthejuture
:eneratïon. For you cannot have a government official in your
State -orin your U. S. Capitol, if the brain celis have ~n destroyed
with LSD, marijuana an<,LbarbllMÊo.!es. Oh, it doesn't matter what
names or tilles-ithasit ruins the body, the mind and y~l.
You are here on this earth to be te ë<f,1O give to TlifLord j
a!!Q....Q.Qd, ~.sho~nd to spread ove. Tfie Commandment,
"!:-ove thL Neighbor ~s thyself" as never been changed, it
( will never change. The Commandments of God have not been
changed. Those that want an easy way out, they are saying the
Commandnl"ents are something of the pasto The Commandments
of God are here today as weil as of the time of Moses. Remember
that and if you turn to Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother you
can't go wrong; but if you turn to the medicine cabinet that is
full of barbituates or medicine@ù dope. ~gs, then you are
lost. Oh it might benumb you for a httÎe w \e, it might take a
tW'inge of p-ain back, but it will not cure il. The cure will come
----es: ­

through the efforts, the wjllingness to ~, to. ~è)Thy Lord and

God, thy neighbor and to offer the pam tOl'llY Lord and God.
Renew your devotions to Our Holy Mother, Wy the Pas~ion
of Thy Lord and God, . y how He suffered to redeem you, to
save you and then go to fIïat medlcine cabinet and destroy yourself.
And those that willingly and knowingly do it, they will not find
EternâTHap.Qiness. Remember these words, they will not find Eter­
nal Happiness, for they are breaking the Commandments of God.
To use drugs under the direction of a Physician, when you have
a serious illness, that is c;llfk!ent. But when you ta:ke drugs just
\\ because your sweetheart or a member of your family bas hurt
) Jp;our feelings, then you run to the cabinet and you take sorne
sort of barbituates or even worse~_you ;ill_e willfully goi~~L ~galOst
t'ne Commandment of God for that wou â not 5.91Yë anytnlOg. It
will only harm you, your bloo~t cells. and the ~embrane~ of your
bralO, and that is willful destr~ction _QL.y~lf which is against
the Commandment of God. "Thou shalt not kill," you are killing
the nerves and muscles in your body. DOQe is senous. ThIS Nation
is lënown as the dope-filled Nation. T~e Red Dragon is spewing
its venom into this Country. The tWQ- eaded beast, which is nur­
tured by the same body, is in control of your beautiful U.S.A.
and what are you going to do about it? The U.S.A. is still the
plucked Eagle, the Eagle which represents the U.S.A., Uncle Sam,
America. The only way you will find the Peace you are seeking
is not through evilness, but through Thy Lord and God and Savior.
and through Our Holy Mother's requests of the Constant Vigil
of Prayer. Bring prayer back into your homes, become united as
a family, n,gLspread thither and yon. How many parents in the
evening know where their children are, how many parents care?
They are glad they are out from underfoot. Is that the way a
parent should behave? When you nestled the little child on your
lap when it was small, how many promises did you make that
little infant when you cuddled it to your heart? Isn't that child just
as dear to you when it becomes a teenager? WileïlTtS"hOws a will
and rambunctlO!!-.2L~n, growing pains as you might call
them, when you should be taking special pains to watch that child,
to help it, for it is your child just as much then and when it be­
-GGmes. a IDmL-Qr woman, it is still your child that you cuddledon
the knee and pressed to your bosom. How many kisses did you
place on its li e tin head because ou l~ed it 50? Weil, love
that child even later, w en it has grown ~p and y e 0 It

the right way; by W battlin p , J ------E" --- --------0' u_... _ n:::

abuse, but bv understandinl!. ki-A_M~ ~_A l._._~ .,,~ ..:­
ot Jesus Chnst ta remind-them that He died for them because He
(.I{)v~~. !:!~YQ.u the parent. That is why Our Holy Mothër
~ you to remember taday as the Anniversary of 1950 when the
Iron Gates were opened and out of those multitudes of Nations
that were shown, many have crumbled to the heels of communism
and worse. For the word, "commumsm"-;lÇ(ililyone-üf the ten­
tacles one of the s routs of the--mai n th~ contrais .!he
Su reme. GraQd_ ter, whlc nurtures a t ese ot er ranches.
Think a out It an It s to-destroy t~Thristian~QiliCTt's.Lo des- IfI
tray Catholicism. The battÎe hetween the Catholic Church and
the enemy of Jesus Christ is before you, with you, and will be
until Jesus Christ Himself b[ingLdown the Chastisement. y ëS,
it can be severe. For sorne in Rapid City, the Chastisement was
there, but have they turned to God? Yes, it cornes before you i.!.lJj'
many ways, but when the real time cornes, you will all§ee it; you U
will aIl recognize it and you will aIl know il. And when that day is
coming upon you only Gad the Father in Heaven knows, not even
His Holy Mother knows. qgd knows and He is in control of your/\
l~, ~our Continent and~ made the World as it is taday. He gave
it to you as a testing ground, what have you done with it? Pray,
pray, so the Sgçre~rLoU.esus-wiU-ge--mer.cifuLtQ_~uls,l
Amen. The gates c10sed and then they slowly opened and it showed
the people with their arms reaching up to Gad, then it stayed
and then showed the destruction, then it showed the youth again.
This time it was shown in reverse, before it showed me the des­
truction first, then what would be if we prayed but now because
we have failed, it showed the good we could have had and what we
will have in the future, it's just reversed. Our Lord had the gown
that grew with Him and of course the red robe over il. He didn't
have it on like a coat. The Blessed Mother was like always but
She wasn't in that picture, ooly for a moment towards the last,
to possibly help or encourage me. She held out the Rosary. She
didn't smile, She looked very sad. The worse thing is to see babies ~
born to people that are filled with dope, the suffering that-little
infant has to do, it is terrible. What are they going to do with
them, 1 don't know; there aren't too many of them, don't worry
abo. ut thut. Th, ooly thiog ,hat 1 wO"Y about is th, idao' suff,,-
ing becau.s..e the parent used dope. A~new-bom child has to suff~r
\~hdrawal pains and that _j_~ eX~Eucjating, many oLthem cilll't

~, theY~le and the Doctors today don't seem to know what

\l it is, what is killing them. That is why they had so many babies
\ dying up to the age of a week;some knew it but they didn't want to
)make ~it public. Oh, Joan!";asked where a-re the people of say, 1950?
~ \\Tchad 'how many, 1,400? We didn't even come close. Joanie

and St. Therese came in the alcove (upper center of ash trees)

tirst, then they stepped aside and the picture appeared.

Mary Ann said, "My Lord and My God, 1 am not worthy."

June 29,1972 - FEAST OF ST. PETER

Mary Ann knelt and looked up into the aIcove of the four
ash trees. '
Yes, Joanie. Yes, St. Peter. Please. Yes, 1 know that, what
am 1 to do?
My Sister, you have witnessed my work and my talk with My
Lord and Savior. You have witnessed Our Savior's suffering, you
have witnessed the pain, the sorrow that was inflicted upon Hlm.
How the eo le turned on 'm hen 'us seven da s before they
honored Him, they praised Him. He was glorious, He was won er­
fui and sorne of the very saille people turned upon Hlm, spat upon
Hlm, Ited about Hlm, degraded Him, threw rocks at Him, threw
spittaI at Him, tripped Him so He fell, bruised Him, beat Him. Yes,
my Sister, 1 was among those that walked witÎÎ HiIU-aJ1d to save m
face 1 deniêël Rim, thrice 1 deoied Him. You hav~.nQt.Q~!lied Thy
Roly Mother. Your persecution was and will be severe. Your heart
h'asbeen heavy, It pamsyou to see Our Holy Mother denied. Yes,
Sister, 1 denied My Lord and God when 1 knew 1 denied Hlm. J was
lying but yet My SaVlOr exhonorated me, He knew what was iiî""ii1Y
fiëart, not on my ~. So-If your Ïips err, what was in your heàrt
ihy Lord and Go understands~peak with your heart not y~r
lips, stick to the truth; only the truth will set you fœe. U:!.I.1ll will

congue, the evil, \!J!!!> wif[ bdng you peacc. Tmth will bnng fillth/~1
a victorious Shrine,-o~th; falsehoods, dëëeptions, lies, dis­
obealence will not briniï>ô~ trth; carry the banner of truth,
carry forth only the truth, we wil not {ail you. Be not a denier
but s eak the truth 00 ma er ow uncomfortable or how much
persecutlOo you must accept, for your reward will be g orious.
Thank you.


St. Therese, help me. Yes, 1 know it's been repeated over
and over, pride, self-glorification, self-will, amongst the Americans
trying to dô good IJ!§tead of 6emg1îiûûb1e and tum all their works
daily to the love of God, to love their n~ighbor, to pray for His
Holiness, to pray for God and Country, to pray for strength with
devotion in one's heart; instead of that it's p'ride and arrogance,
self-will, destroys so much; the injustice to their neighbor, the
con1'îIët. Work cannot succeed this way, it cannot, it will falter.
It must be done with pure thoughts, with pure love of God. The
material th!!!gs that so many thinLar.fLS(LimportanLare not. fri1-,
ortant. The time now is here for True Devotion to Thy L0!9
and God, ~!, and to aD th~aints that have
appeared here, and those that are aPE!.aIing amiJ'.QJLdO-O.9.L.Ke.
Tlïëy are still present. Unkindness, untruths will not bring t.DUb, '.
nO.1" does it bring forward the &2Qd that coyld b~JTI.J?-hshêd. J
giving so much of themselves yet the other tear them down. The
Constant Vigil of Prayer must bloom for ward in a constant stream
There are a few that are workiiïg'""'so hard, so diligently, they are

of workers, of workers willing to give and if persecuted take it

with a smile and say beneath thy breath, "May God forgive them

for they know not what they are saying;" don't rebuke them but
be humble. There are some that are speaking of humility and)
humbleness but they themseIves are far from humble. A humble
erson in one that is willin to take, to give himself, him or her
all. Oh yes, you say you have to support your Wl e, your chi ren,
yes, this ail cornes in the realm of the cycle, but love of Gqp is
fust and when that is true and given in truth then the rest will ail
fall in place. You have noticed over the years that when vou needed )
certain individllals or some1hing, it was always there, it was given.
You see we do our part but what about you, what about you,
Sisters and Brothers? Hatred does not bring love or justice, hatred,
anger, disrespect, does not conqueT. You must give with ~~'
humil.Uy and \.Qï.e. The Clergy are erring, yes, they are lVlng a
ifëOl:'"'sin becaTISe of pride and arrogance. Pride has ruined Q1any
a soul, pride, p'uffed up with pride, the know it ail, the bea.!i!!g
qf the brea~ts. How much they know, yet when they lace their
Maker, they wj!l ljnd they know sa little, that they were s~oraqt.
The matter before you is serious, it takes sincere prayer, serious
preparation and above ail it takes UNITY. Look at Thy Holy

Mother, lo(k at Her, She wears the Qnity Knot. She came here
for ~, Unity between Home, School and ChurCh, Unity be­
tween your families. What has happened, what has happened?
Oisunity sprang up, the children were ruined. The Priests that
desecrate their own vôWs, yes, the matter is serious and yet there
are those that feel that everything is going to come and fall in
place without a little effort of their own; someone else must do
it for them. Oon't you here on these grounds fall in this same
category, don't fall in this category, don't Sorne of you know so
much what's wrong wit~s, what their neighbor is not doing.
Oh yes, we hear sermons of this by sorne of your own. They can
preach pretty well what this one or that one should do, what about
themselves? Wha~ are they doing? Where is the Unity l1îëy them­
Sëlves must carry? You as an individual, don't blame your neigh­
bor, turn that finger and point it at yourself because you are bring­
ing disunity. It must be unity and love. Do you love the Holy
Mother from the heart, or is it just from the lips? 1t means obedi-l \
ence to Our Holy Mother's reguests, )'ou cannot tnumph other­
Wise. Vou must be true Christians. Just because sorne of the Clergy
err, ana ten you you -must do as they do, that does not mean that
you must follow in their traps or tracks. VO\} must not fol1ow the
arrogance and the disrespect that they give to Our LQm.and God.
The deseeration today in many Churches of Thy ,LQLd and God,
they are even chan in the words toda by sa m even if the
Host falls on the fionT, tbat Christ WI unconsecrate it, it will not
be consecrated, it will be undone, let's say it will be just a plain
wafer or Host, or a partic1e of bread, whatever ~. That has
not been taught in thy Church. This is bemg saId only to salve
or ut in their minds appeasement for the wron that the have
~ t's appeasmg t emselves. Thy Sister has seen the True
Consecration during Good Friday and Holy Thursday. Remember
that, do not falter or alter your ways from that. Read it, burn it
into your minds and hearts and keep it there.
Mary Ann collapsed on the kneeler. Afterwards Mary Ann
said, "Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, She's facing the Sacred Spot. ShI(
didn't look to us. 1 guess we are not worthy~~he said St. Therese
was also out there near the arbor.

July 22, 1972 - ST. MARY MAGDALENE

Mary Ann knelt, looked up and blessed herself three times.


Thank you, St. Francis. Thank you for coming. Sister Mary
Magdalene, thank you, Sister, thank you. Yes, Saint Mary Magda­
lene, yeso Yes, l know Our Holy Mother gave that message; it
seems that most of them don't seem ta want ta accept that as the
instructions. Yes, l understand, yes, yeso Why are they sa afraid,
why? Isn't it if you give yourself ta Thy Lord and Gad and His
Holy Mother, that we are protected, that we need not fear? Doesn't
that also apply ta the Clergy, the Religious? l thought that much,
then why are they sa afraid, why? l know Gad will protect t~.
Yes, l feared that much unless there is complete unity, complete
understanding and the hateful must stop. The prejudice must stop,
there must be humble submission; there must be true love for the

~acred Cause for that will never change. It IS up to the peopLe!o
bring it forth in bloom or wither it at the Spot. Thy Roly Mother,
Slster, will oever erase that Sacred Spot. It wiIl be Her children
that wiIl erase it, not She, or, the ones who have come here, they
will never erase it. The ones who will erase it and harm it wiIl be
their own, their very own. Your people who sa proudly seem to say
they will never, never harm the Cause, and with those very liRS l~
pany of them are harming it, b~çause it isn't humbleness, submis­ it is pride and arrogance. We have tried ta show you the
way, we have given instructions over the years; many of them
were ignored, they were not fulfiIled. That is the fault of your
own, that is the fault of your people. They will ask you, My dear
Sister, what is it we don'tdo, what is it? They should not ask you
but fulfiIl the messages given. They know what the messages were.
They know whether they failed them or not. There are those that
can see the faults of the other but cannat see their own. Like you
said the other day, my dear Sister, they shol1ld turn their finger
and point it at themselves and cleanse themselves. Sister, there
isn't much else we can tell you ta do but fulfill Our Holy Mother's
requests from A ta Z. That ta submit yourself and destroy yourh ?
property, destroy aIrthe efforts you have made here, we say, No.1I
Give them a chance, go forth and follow the instructions to the
best of your ability. Our Holy Mother will help but first you must
do the right, can't you understand this, why is it so difficult? ~
to..y.Ollr peop-k..and~ern ta becarne humble, ta unite in UNITY, ~
ta love thy neighbor as thyself; ta forget the material thirngs and
.2!easures. Tbere are sorne tbat sboJlld have been helpmg on tnis
d2Y..Jmt where are tb~? Seeking pleasures. Must we point oût
every Iittle iota ta get you ta understand where you are failing?

Where is the ~ity to give of yourself for this great Cause? Y..QlI\l
an make this the largest Shrine in the World, the Shrine that will
reach over the whole earth, but not with uncharitableness, un-
kindness, pride; humble yourselves. Man~ things ha~ lallën inïP
their place, have you not seen, my dear Sister, have you not seen?
It has been shawn to you, it has been given to you. Correct them,
make them obey, to be obedient to the Holy Cause; otherwise
tell them ta remove themselves, to 9.!lit telling fabrications, to

multiRl Y on tales and woe. There has not been promised here that
any one will be spared catastroRhe. Only God can give that ans-
wer, we cannat. Thy Sister has said many a time that if God the
Father in Heaven wills it, if you are in the middle ~of an H-bomb,
yOù WOüIël Be spared If sa wllled. We have asked you to cleanse
your 30-mile radius, we have asked you to cleanse lour State a~
then spread bevond, but none of those things have been fulfilled
and many, many of the co-workers tfiat are workin${ on the Con-
stant Vigil of Prayer, that are working on Our Holy Mother's work,
[ ~e doing it with selfishness and jealousy; as you were glven, j9~
not pullaown wltn the one hand what Yj)u have erected with .!he
otfler. How much plainer must we make it? Anoint Thy Heavenly
Father's feet, anoint them ':Yitb=tl1e-oil-of' love and true devotion.
Spread the Rosary to Heê-ven, bring vocatiQn~1 teach tby childr~n
Il t~ truth, be concerned. If you must start classes in your own
homes, your own halls, but teach your children the truth. Tt is
what you are teaEhing that child, that will be your fU!.Yr.e. We have
spoken of this so often. You have teachers here, vou have excellent

C teacbers. There cannot be pride but humility, love of God and Our
IIôiYMother. Give of thv heart, not the lips. There's nothing elsè
we cao tell you, there isn't anymore that we can say. Thy Sister
saw a J2.rilliant diamond on the Sacred Spot, do not turn that dia-
mond iota a black rock but leave it shine forth, let those branches

Il reach out; _encourage your P&Qple ta giye Qf themselves with the

love of Gad.

July 26, 1972 -FEAST OF ST. ANNE


August 6, 1972 - ANNIVERSARY OF


Mary Ann knelt, seemed to look into the elm tree, leaned
back on the kneeler, then looked toward the Sacred Spot higher
into the trees, smiled and said:
Thank you, thank you very much.
My daughter, you will see~e.all "Y.i1!:!...Y.Qu, that is why we
ail appeared here just now to show yoTlwe are with you. We are
~th you if you stay with us, we promised you this and we will
stay with you, my daughter.
Thank you, thank you very mucho The elm tree out here was
just filled with Saints, Good St. Anne, Our Blessed Mother o hold­
ing the Infant Jesus, ooly Our Holy Mother was dressed differently
than usu~l. She had on a dark roQ.e, a rose-pmk gown. She was
hOfcffiig the Infant in Her arms, sitting position, but as a very small
!~. St. Therese, Joan of Arc, Mother Ca6rini, another Saint
1 don't know who she was, St. Mary Magdalene, Sr. M. Magda­

lene, this could be St. Clare, l'm not sure, St. John, St. Peter, St.
Joachim, St. Joseph, Anna Katherina Emmerich and St. Francis.
Thank you.
My daughter, thy Holy Mother is dressed as the Sorrowful
Mother, Her Heart is heavy, heavy because of Her Priest-sons,
heavy because of the unkindness, heavy because of the negligence
of Her PrIest-sons toward the layman. Again, my daughter, thy
Holy Mother pleads, the Laity must work, the Laity must work,
they must continue.
Thank you.

August 15, 1972 - THE ASSUMPTION


modern times." What has the modern times got to do with the
Birth, Lif.JL{Jnd-D-eatJi.()j-Jesus-Cbrist? Let them think about il, il
has never changed, it has never changed, so how can they change
it to suit their own whims? No, My Child, continue gnd do not
fear and b!l0re you Titiie rockiest of all. 1 thank aU those with
you and blessings upon ail. This is the reason We kcep you here
for We knew this had to come.
Thank You, Holy Mother, thank You. Yes, 1 will. Continue
to fui fil 1, yeso
Continue and tear not, We are wilh Y.J]U WE ARE WlIJIJ
YOU. My Divine Son bas cbosen vou and these grounds, go forth.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times. Later Mary Ann said
Our Holy Mother appeared in a "blue mist" over the four ash
trees, then Our Lady moved over to the Marker at the home site
and stood above this, about four feet above, while She spoke with
Mary Ann. She was in white, Her garments floated and billowed
about Her. When St. Therese appeared She stood over the arch­
way arbor in front of the Replica.

August 25, 1972 - ANNlVERSARY OF


to be in


tears, for She is weeping for


September 8, 1972 - THE NA TlV/TY OF OUR LADY

Mary Ann knelt for a period of time, leaned back slightly,

then blessed herself three times.

Thank you, St. Francis.

St. Francis blessed us from near St. Anne's Shrine. St. Â!!!!e

. ~d St. Joachim were with Little Mary as an Infant, they moved

forward from die large ash trees. They beld Little Mary toward
~~ee, smiled and they all disappeared.
Thank you, St. Anne.

Daughter, we both wanted you to see Her when She was an

.!!!funt. Our blessings upon you.

With this they were gone.
Thank you, thank you. Yes, Blessed Mother.
My Child, at ~ti~a they never ceasedjQ....çome torth With
reat sac]jfice ta",}'§;call)' as w,1l as spM/uill/y. They
went on their knees which leit the. çgJ)12lgsLon.e..s. bEood)l, ta reach

My Cave aTFaiima-: Th"ey-we-;'e ;-illing to sacrifjgUll...e~lY.. way.

Here the.'t are afraid of this. Unit y is needed.

---she pointed to the Unity ~n on Her breast.

Yes, ! kno~ they arlwor g on that n.Q.w.

Tell them without love of God, love of the Trinity, there

cannat be Unity or Peace. There is much they can try to do mater­

ially, but unless they turn to Their Lord and Savior, anythi!18 they

will do, will not be the answer. /1J1l1Πbe to turn ta Their Creator


with true love, to love thy neighbor as thyself; to follow the mes­
sages given to Our people.
1 St. Anne, St. Joachim with Child Mary appeared in the ash
tree, St. Francis at St. Anne's Shrine.
September 19,1972 - OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE

After she blessed herself three times very reverently, Mary

Ann said:
Thank you, St. Francis.
1_ saw Our Lad}!-nf.J..aS!!..ette standing. She said She wept at
LaSalette, She weeps at Necedah. Our Lady appeared different:
like Fatima, but not Fatima, also as at other apparitions. She 't@s
ignored by the Hierarchy, then as today. The Laity are the OnlYI\
ones that promoted devotions ta Her, and a very few frightened,
humble Priests. l'm going to have to look at pictures. l saw Our
Lady as She appeared at other places, 1 couldn't tell you what they
are; 1 would have to look at pictures to see. The Httle ash tree
closest to the flowers is where Our Lady of LaSalette appeared.


St. Therese, who are they? Thanks, St.,owing

me your family. 1 could say that 1 might recognize your father as
- saw a picture of him. He was white-haired, an old man but the
rest 1 couldn't recognize. Were they dressed as Nuns? Sorne were,
the Nuns 1 saw showed their Habits; they ',veren't aIl Carmelités
either. They had old-fashioned Habits, not the new ones. ~
feels sad tbat the Carmelite Order is oot staying with its original
vows and dress; there could have been a moderate alteration but
not to the extreme it has gone, no»: thev are dressed as lay-peoole.


Thank you, St. Francis.

Sister, al! this disappoints you, causes you great pain of an­
guish and sorrow.
Yes, St. Francis.
Sister, thy people must be willing to make sacrifices, to be
an example for their children, to thelr cornmunity, their Church,
which shQtuld be ~arylike dress; which, Sister,J.s-.n.oJ...fortbcoming

by all who daim they love Our Holy Mother.

1 understand.
~ister JhiLis a great test for YO~F people, fi \s among
~. This is the Reriod as y.QlL~0J)rselU9iQ., "the eparation of
the :vheat from the c!l~ff." Our Holy Mother had warned you many
years aga about Sat~n pitting one against each. other, fel'ling
more superior than the other. Sister, God thç Father gave man
a free will. this we cannot interfere with; we can advise or speak
of the errors.
What am 1 to do, what cao 1 do?
Sister, they must truly love the Father in Heaveo, the Father
that created them, which seems rather a movement of lips than
the giving of one's heart. Our Holy Mother here, wears the ~nit~
fugn. Sister, Our Vicar of Christ in the Vatican is wei hed own
with sorrow and arkness because of the disobedience 0 his ro­
fiïefsln Christ. and he knows and fears the deeper departure o~
his Priests during the confusion, during the period of ~.
Y:es, 1 know in the Vatican. it iS,D"o.L,good, lkno~ ; t ere's
g~ing to be much confUsIon during the coming !jtacl~, 1 know
that but they will not believe me.
Oh St. Francis, -tllis will aflect many Religious Orders and
those in the Mission Fields.
Yes, 1 understand.
Many of the Orders will faU apart because they have broken
their Vows to Their Lord and God, are rather seeking the material
aSQe~~~!l!fe. They are being subverted from within. The tide of
ÎJli.9lti.tY has dosed in about the Religious, the pillar of the Church.
l1arn: Orgers have fal~n. apart, it is sad, so sad.
Our Holy Mother, Sister, sheds tears for Her Priests and Re­
ligious. She pleads for them to tum back to_their Vows.
Yes, 1 know Our Roly Mother pleads but they ignore Her
Yes, Sister, this is part of the weight you feel daily as weU
as the disunity arnong YOUf own.
St. Therese came near St. Francis, she held something in her
St. Therese, will you help me?
St. Therese and St. Francis unroUed a parchment-like material.
Is there anything that can be done to correct this situation? 1 was
shown that many years ago, there has been no change, it is still the
same; how sad, St. Francis, how sad. St. Francis gave us a blesSl­

ing, then turned toward the west up higher towards the Spot, gave
all the people a blessing, turned around, held up his crucifix and
was gone.
Thank you, St. Francis.

Ocrober 7, 1972 -


Please tell us what you want. Are we doing wrong? Oh Holy

Mother, give us sorne signs, guidance, please.
My Chi/d, My caming here should be your sign, do you need
other, more encouragement? My Child, 1 come here and 1 gave
messages, proceed wilh them, fulfilt them.

October Il,1972 - MATERNITY OF MARY

My Chi/do
Yes, Holy Mother.
My Chi/d, this darkness over the beautiful Shrifles grieves
you. This mus! he now. My Child, it is a test qj faith and loyalty.
Yes, 1 understand.


My Child, il saddens Me ta say this ta you. The majority

of women and mature maidens care not to ul il thei,. 'rale in life.

. r /s Ir 0, ey cast il aside, My Child.

1 know they do not care, the Maternity is cast aside.

Thy Nation will sufJer greatly as il is contaminated with fil·th.
Satan has implanted himself into many 01 the youth. My Child,
the parents hold the greatest measure of responsibility. Their per­
missive behavior and their laxity will give Satan a great harvest
of souls. This, My Child, saddens Me very much.
Who is that with You?

e St. Elizabeth and Her Son, John the Baptist, as you know
him, My Child.


Our Holy Mother appeared like a Little Child about three

years old with Good St. Anne and St. Joachim. This scene stayed
about a minute or so and then disappeared. St. Francis then ap­
peared and gave us a blessing.

Thank you, St. Francis.

Sister, this blessing is to give you strength and courage.

Thank you. (St. Joan then appeared.)

Sister, do oot let disappointments break your courage. Do

you Uii'<Iërstand, Sister? ­

- Yes, Joanie.
Your suffering will continue, h~e couraghSister Yeso Sister,
but obedience to Our Holy Mother's instructions must come first.
This is to be a place to bring the loye of Our Lord and Savior to \\\
!!Je-Reople, a place of love and peace, a...Elace to find comfort andNi
understanding, to bring Gad into the hearts of man.
Oh, please guide us.

December 15, 1972 ­


our Nation. Was

QIi.l!a. QS.A. is

IT ....


is satan. in di~gtlise. They can d.raw Satan into any. one of y.OU~1

r~ember that.. S an-is - owerful he is a ver owerfui con­
demn so. e IS yupnin , he is cgnnivin and he can control - 1

.iQJ1L1houghts. 1 have wltness It. he red eyes can ear own 1

onJo!!. and you }ose wF_~tever ~ou ~JL.t IP. ~IIl~ut. ~_e '
[ sav the Exorclsm ra -é~tlïls penod of time, yeu must. But
a ove all ono y Lord and Gad, honor Him rnaÏi:y times a
.... day. Say, "Jesus, Mary, save souls." Then cali to..$t. just\\
a simple man that loves both his S ouse and Her Divine Son.
), "esys.= arM J~e!!.." You can remember those words, you don't
have to say many prayers when you are busy. If you mu~n­
ce.ntrate on something and it doesn't cQ.,me, say~, Mary, ~o­
[ s~." and you will get your answer, it works, try it.
Do you understand that ~ny are trained. it was given fifteen
years ago, they were in encampment then and were being trained
for this very periad, do you remember that? For this pèriOd-lsnow.
,Save the Youth. save the Youth. Study it, read it, you can see
( tM pl~ is u~aing that was ~en to you in the. yea!.-W 1 in
Decem er.
______ 1 am going down a tunnel, that tunnel is getting longer and
longer. What have you got here, wnat are they doing here? Look,
look! They are making, 1 don't know what it is. It is completely
changed in here. They have quit making aerial things. They are
wearing masks, they have their hands protected, everybady is wear­
ing masks to protect themselves. They are putting something in
th!ggs about that lon~( aill'roximatel~ 18 f. 4 inches) and about
that thick, cylindrrs ~e, maybe you'd cali them. rhek are putting
~o~ing in, 1 wish 1 could read what it says. Anna atarina, are
you here? Can you tell me what this is? Oh God, no! Oh my God,
no!! No! No can't bel Did you hear~à--~iarin~ what she said?
This is s~ething that, like a Ci:!l~fs:;!gO~ thr~e i:inders
could deaden tllejVJiOlerpa~îCUijs..Jsçlro .ped imm:îî air­
pJane. Many will die, many wITI only go to sleep for 36 hours
~ they can take over~ouliie close to t!îe cyfu!.c!.er it will
tear ~ounungs \!P, you will have to go into a sanitarium as if
you ave tuberculosis. They are making these. now where are
they going to use them 1 do not know. It is frightening, you cannat
speak of t~is or you will frighten them. Oh yes, 1 see a map,~
place is . ' Britain; one other place, Plis' France; Geneva,
Rome, Be , russels, New York, New Orff, Was1Ïington, D.C.
Toledo, Ohio; Chicago, Ill.; Minneapolis, St. Paul, Denver, Topeka,

~ People must tum to God. The constant~ob p~~ is
so important. God will not spare them if tikY à~tum=g---i..m.

TIieY ïntiSt caB to Hilp., they must help Him to save the people

on this earth. Those that are so gullible, those that are like a bunch

{of sheep on the way to slaughter. Oh God, be merciful unto them,


~h, God, oh God. You must, you must, 5!ye our Yout,h. You

must pray to St. Michael to spare them from these pitfaBs, but

he can't do it alone, ne must have the PË~o ove their child­

ren enoug!lJo care. Yes, we have sorne parents w 0 say, "yes 1

do love my children, they mean my life." Then treat them li1s.e

_the,! mean your life. Guide them, protect them. Remem6er, there


is no child born eyjl. That propaganda that goes about is wrong,

t~ erogaganda. Still tao much wrong talk. Because the Christ­
ians havelost the true meaning of Christmas, they daim they are
Christians, how can they be Christians, if they remove the Christ
Child from ŒeCrib? How can they? They musrput the Christ
Ch1Id back in the Crib. They have removed It. The people must
replace the Christ Child. Bring It back where It belongs. The so­
caHed Christians have helped promote it. They go along with aH
the other tinsels, the champagne, the drink, the merry-making.
But Christ, the Christ Child is not there. For if they have parties
and have merrymaking time, which is beautiful, but if they place
tb.e Christ ChiJd in that Crib before they start their merry-making,
then it wOl!id show-that th_~y truly meant what tliey are sQeaking
2!: But to s~~ak th!_~~~_ with_~he l~ps that is _~()~w~hin the heart is
h~\rCritical. For the Christ Cliild;lIïëLord and Gad, God the
F her In Heaven, Who sent the Infant unto earth, He is still in 11\
c'Oiltrol of that earth and if you think you can deceive Him by your
careless attitudes and platitudes and any type of infiltrating, the
Christmas Tree, the Christmas Scene, the Birth of Christ with
iinsels of any kind, you are going.against the true Christmas. The)
next few years will s~ow you where Christmas has slid to, unless
y'0u work· with tlleConstant ViJ?;i1 of Prayer, bring back Chnst
into Christmas, replace the Chrïst cbilcl into the Crib with true
respect, true love. Sure it is true that He is not a Babe at thistiinê,
which common sense in thinking should tell you, that is the Anni­
versary of His Birth. liJs the Anni~e!2~ry,._~ha~__ th~_.ieason
we are celebrating the Birth of Christ. The First Christmas is noth­
ingWUhoûtiheBirtnof Ci1rfst and He should be @bmJl in all
your hearts, with a true spirit, with a teue love of théTrUè mean­
igg of Christmas. Chnstmas is nothing wlthout it. Unlèss you re­
Place Chnstmas as the Birth of Christ, Thy Savior, Thy Lord,
Thy Gad and the Mother of Jesus Christ and St. Joseph, place them
aU together as They shoUld be, then you have Christmas. Honor
"1 thè"Crlb, every home sfiouldl1ave a Crib scene, every homuhould
JI have some re resentation of Their Lord anô God's Birth. !lY2.11
_ 0 not, then you are not worthy to e caUed_~Chri§.!i~. You
are aJvgocrite. Merry Christmas to ail. ­
- \lry Ann smiled as her eyes looked about, still in ecstacy
and said, "Thank you." Mary Ann raised her Crucifix up to the
left, then to the center and then to the right, saying, "Thank you,"
each time.

Thank you, St. Peter, St. Joseph and St. John, thank you.
The blessing is from the three of you, 1 understand. For everyone
present, l' will.
Ml!.~nn blessed eve!}'one in the room and then she herseif
kissed the Crucifix.
Yes, St. Joseph, thank you. Yes, yes 1 remember. Thank you,
thank vou very much. 1 will. Thank you. St. Therese, St. Joan,
Anna Katarina, St. Anne, Mother Cabrini. Yes, 1 know this is
tl1Lday--you went ta Heaven. Yes 1 remembe~d. Thank you,
Mother Cabrini, thank you. No, 1 didn't think vou forgot us, 1
know vou didn't. Oh! there are same that chase you out of their
èars, 1 see. l'll tell them. SixtY miles, no more. Yes, 1 Capish. Thank ..,
you, thank you. Yes, 1 do love you. 1 know vou do. St. Elizabeth?
Yes, thank you. Mary Ann seemed ta relax for a short time· and
Said., why can't 1 stay...i.n. that. peace? This peace and joy, this love
( that has been bestowed here at the Crio of Our Savior. Oh Gad,
oh GOa~CiistniDQY. Awaken our people. Open thelc hearts

wTth true love of Their Savior. Forget tfie hatred, fOŒett.lllLwars,

love thy. neighbor as thyself. Put' the ChrisLChiid iota your he.llrt

l{ and lock up thy heart, thrQw-.a.way-_th~J~~y sa no bitterness cao

enter, but oruy love. Please, Lord Gad, bring this on our World.



Yes, Sister, could you explain that question? Yeso

During the ?~e at New Orleans there was action as weil as
prayer. ComparèTat situation with the situation today. Prayer,
yes, but there must also be action; willingness to give, to sacrifice
and to work, to spread the Word of God. The battle of New Orleans
was won because we prayed to hel~rengthen those that battled
to do the Will of God, to do the right, willIë the enemy was only
trying to destroy, to c0l!9ller.
Yes, Sister. Are you the one that prayed during that time?
Yes, 1 am.
Thank you. Yes, 1 believe that. Just give me stren.gth to en­
dure it, not to remove it. Thank you. Yes, the Constant Vigil of
Prayer must be constant. No, 1 have never seen but 1 have heard.
This Nation is just like a cancer spore. Thank you. Yes, 1 under- 0'
stand ail that. Youth are being used. Thank you, Joanie. ~ are
the fighter and@is tho~...9J!~b.Q...P-!~s, isn't that true?
Mary Ann blessed herself three times.
Thank you, St. Francis.



Yes, Joanie.
Sister, 1 will now give you a message Our Holy Mother wants
me to convey to you. Holy Mother says to ~ffiP_ourselves with
the true@of God, with purity of heart, w..@p. ourselves in the

garment of (rue love)to shield ourselves against the onslaught of

the enemy. TôërcaWunItYinto our hearts with true love of neigh­
bar and through this we will find peace. St. Francis asks that you
read his "Peace Prayer" and truly live it. Ninety-nine percent of \X~
those that sa .the "Peace Pra er" just ramble it off. We prefer ta )) l
see It nmety-mne percen Wlt e.
You here are watched withUieëyes of an eagle; e'!::e.rx move,
eve motion, e~e thou ht and every action is w~1fh~d. 1!0.w-YC;u)
show y r -2Y.e m you1'aétlon IS a sa watc ed by-.!hY. own cïllJè'treil.
St. Francis wants you ail ta know that Gad gives ~'y~yone a part
ta carry, a part of the Cross. Since most of you are parents, the
crossaf your chtldren should not be that heavy. If you bring them )
up and teach them ta love and fear Gad, ta not oHend Him; where
-,;) possible claUy Mass and Communion ta give them strength; you
will find tfiat child wIll Dot Ee difficult ta guide. Ta feel sarry for
I(,if-Iëiilind let them slumber on in oed ffiTfie morning, when they
lJ should he up, is wrong. Those going ta school can partake of
food in time ta still go ta Mass and Communion. Early ta bed
111 and early ta rise, that slogan does mak~~Ü;e, inJ.he wisdom
[ and love of Gad for He shall guide and protect you.

Thank you for the blessing. Than~ you very much!

February 7, 1973 - FEAST OF ST. ROMAULD

St-,-R.Qmauld~ared.He said Ollr Lord wants him ta con­

vey this ta us. --
Slster, the Catholic people are scandalizing their Church,
their Faith by breaking the Ten Commandm.~.I!!Le_Specia!!y~~u
Shalt Not Kil/." These Catholic people that are breaking the Com­
mandment of Gad, call themselves good Catholics, yet sorne OfJlI.o
these women practice abortion several rimes a year; just as many , 6
!TIen get themselves sterili~d as they do not believe ~g 0
their c;awaLw,.,p~s. They forget that God's eteroal laws never 0
Isn't that scandalizing !he CatholiÇ,..p.J:Qgle wtLQ..1Q.y'~d?
Yes, Sister, they scandalize the Catholic people as well a~ the
Church. The most humiliating is that many Priests give sanction
in the Confessional for sorne WQmen. This salves their conscience
that it is not a sin. Many good ~sts are shQÇked and mQI.!i!ied
bv the behavior of their brothers in Christ.
What can we do about it?

Sister, there should be more said from the pulpits about the
de!truction of the unborn, very few do. Sister, one cannot give
sanction to destro~ the unborn in the confessional and oppose it

from the Altar. Sister, our Priests need very much to denounce
the mini-skirted, mini-slacked and slack-clad women, from re­
c~ing Their Lord and Sav.~or in the .Ëucharist. Sister, the pressure
is rought down upon thy Church by thr:en~my Of God, to bring
destruction to the True Catholic Failli from within. Teaching of
Thy Lord and Savior is pushed aside to maKëflïmgs easier. Many
of the Hierarchy are ,shoving~ the True Doctrine of the Church,
the one Jesus Christ instituted, for the much easier way, the easier
maxim. There cannot be peace, and the Church cannot be blooming
fQ!1b..ygh:ss the Truepoctrinejs taught. The scandai to the Church
is 'Y2pa1lîng and mucnis causee Ey the Religious and Priests, Bro­
thers and many M'fhrchy, Sister.
But if we say something here then they condemn us, what
can we do about it?
Sister, the laity must work. More prayers are needed for the
Priests, the Hierarchy, Religious, prayers with sincerity, with true
love of Thy Lord and Savior. There must be a much deeper
devotion with unity and sbarjtab; biP2Yior towards each other.
~ ~e example with love and devotlOn.
beHeve they aIl do pray for them.
Sister, sorne of the Hierarchy are failing in their duties toward
upholding the tenents of the Church. Thev would have to live
holier lives, to walk in His footsteps, that they represent. 'l'hat IS
Why, Sister, they need many prayers for thelr temptations are very)
great because they do represent Christ. The Judases are always
iiiëfë to tempt them.
Yes, 1 know that too. 1 understand. Our Holy Mother showed
me that a long time ago.
The Representatives of Christ III
~ raments, t Divinit of • us . not to teach
tliëëIiTIdren a esus nst was just an ordinary man. They must
teach that Christ was the GOd~-~D]~a~n~,~tha~~LH~~t;S~D~i~V~in~e~'if~a~r~fr~o~m
ordinary, Sister, as you know..,suffi
There are many that are removing t e acrament of Penance~ \
individual. They give ~tal Absolution. This takes away from J
~ the TQle Fundamentals of Christ's teachings. Here again they seek
the easier maxim.
1 know that. Th~~QPle.

Sister, to do away with the Sacrament of Penance i~

harmiul to theJ.a}thful, yet, Sister, there will come a day when the '\
young of today will not find solace and comfort in this Sacramento J"
Yes, l know they want to do away with th~onfessions.
Sister, that is why Our Holy Mother we~ for Her Priests
-(and Religious as they séêk more the modern uxurY..and comfmt
of the flesh than to foUow Their Lord and Savior Who came upon
tIiiS earth to show them the Way and the Light and to brir!g; them
doser to the throne of God, which is eternal happiness; rather
they seek the earthly kingdom of materiaüsm,.-Yillich...-grofits them \ll'
not. jW
Yes, 1 know Our Holy Mother weeps for Her Priests and
Sister, ask thy people ta pray more for aU Priests and Reli­
gious, sa that they return to the true teaching of Thy L<?!.d and
Savior, Who died for aU of you.
1 will try, yes, 1 will try.
Sister, thy people here fail to fulfiU Our Holy Mother's re­
quests to save the youth from destruction of mind, bodv and SOl!,l.
You have failed here, failed to heed that request, as Our Holy
Mother pleads for the youth in the early messages. To save thy
Church, to save thy Country, much work was given to guide you,
which induded the Youth, ~..iQundation fOLtOJXlQrrQ..w~s,
instead, One million unborn lost the privilege of being barn. The
sin of thy Nation became blacker, youth became ~ in mind and
body, Sister. Sister, if only thy people had heed~ he request ta
be an example in thy corn munity, home, school and Church. Vou
are asked to be the trunk of the Sacred SRùt out there, to gÜièië
aU who come here, so t6ey can branch out to fulml Our Holy
M_other..:.S-Rq~s. The Chastisement will 6e severe, Sister.1'he
severity couId be lessened, yet, Sister, it cannot be altered in its
entirety, as you cannot erase the lives of one million unborn.
It is the loss of the unborn, the darkest sin 01 aU ta you here, thy
Church and Country, this dark sin cannot be passed by, Sister.
Sister, to watch the destruction, such cruelty is appalling of the
women's blackened hearts and lack of love. There is no love for
Gad or love of creation. It is heart-6realêing. Sister, thy Church
needs to come back to the True Doctrine that Christ instituted.
Th)' Pope fears the downfall of Christ's Doctrine in His Churches,
especjally in lhy' Country, the devotional flame has dimmëd, Slsièr.

Yes, 1 understand. The Constant Vigil can do much, 1 under­

Il can balance the scale. It can be tne nope 01 my ~uture.
Sister, give this message to thy people. Tell them to be true to each
ther for it is UNITY that is needed to be the example. Sister,
thy suffering will increase.
1 understand.
Sister, keep thyself pure of heart.
Yes, JllU"e of hear.:.t. Yes, 1 understand, thank you.
Mary Ana blessed herself three times.
Thank you, St. Romauld and St. Francis.

March 9, 1973 - FlRST FRIDA Y IN LENT

stop them.

Y.9-ucsh0J11dw,-.donoLwaitJ9l.-1h~~d~not. CalI forth those litde

infants, give them a home, giye them love and the teaching of
Their Lord and Gad. Where are fhose tliat said that they wanted
ta be the head and the Nuns? It's time ta speak Q!!t. Come, come,
what are you waiting for, until millions more die? Do you want
that on you conscience, DO YOU? DO YOU WANT T.!!OSE
UP. Do not be afraid you will not fil1 it because th~ humanity
to~ seeks only pleasure, PLEASURE. SA they get caugfît with
a child, tliey want ta destroy lt, they want ta destroy it, eSJ'eciall
the unmarried. But give them a chance ta save their soul, for
\ lIevery mother, be theY-lTIa~d_ or single, that wantonly destroys
its unborn child will find eternal Hell-fire. There is no pity for those
that seek pleasure, the animal g,teasure and then destroy thelr l!,.n­ You may call Tt' a fetus, ut we calI it a child. It is in reality
a""fëtus but that ends after the second and third month. It is not a
fetus anymore-aftJïëfifth, sixth, seventh-9nd~ghL1!tontUïiëy
want you ta believe that it is nothing, a globo It has eyes, a mouth,
a heart beating. It has little arms and legs. It squirms and it kicks.
THAT IS A GLOB? Oh you goor ig!!Q!"ant people, il iSiiOi- a
glOb it is a human being, a creation and ou want ta destro
l '
~? You are trying ta heap the unborn at His feet. Pict e ln
TO DESTROY THEM. Gad is still merciful. Our Holy Mother
says that it is very difficult ta hold His arm back. _But once He
strik~ the CHASTISEMENT in the_USA. will be severe, for
thë~e a;e ver): few in;ocent amonast the murderers. For ~ ,
tor, aux LUQe that destr~s a life that tbey vowed and "'jjie(Fged
t~p&serve will go ta Hell. They know better, they vowed ta save
aîiIe, ana they tâke a me because sorne whimperina female cornes




DID NOT DESTROY-THEiR: YOUNG. America the Beautiful,
isn't that a shame, isn't that a mockery of that song, "Land of
Liberty?" Those little infants or fetuses are wailing in the "Land
of Liberty." Where is their liberty, where is their freedom, where
iSJ.heir pea~and hope? Think about it, yes, fly ~our American
Flag at half-mast and put a sign next to it, "For e Unborn." 1
would say write to your Governor but he promotes it. But ~
[ to him, U t o him, letter upon letter and ask him if he wants
the~thë[the~lJ0!.I2...0n h~n~_e because ~~.
There isn't any way he cao escape it, andasklîli11to fly the flag at
the capitol ~~n!L!ql!Lgave their lives jQr
their wanton parents. Many fathers do not know that their wives, J~I
yes wives, married women, destro ed the infant before the father

even new a ou 11. t tS so simple today. Vou walk in at one

o'dock and two o'dock you are back home and your little fetus

\ is ri~ped into shreads. S9_Y.2.!! again a~d you carrL,2.n

and III three or J~onths: yùu- come bacis agaill. Another gets
1 ripped to pieces. There are sOrne arried n that have three'
or foUr deaths of fetuses on their sou s 0 pa e thelr way to Hell.
... Are you Americaos proud of this? America the Beautiful, are ou J
proud of this? D~truction of human lives. Vou criticize th agan
you criticize the dians you criticize the egroes but m y of
them t even t n bout it. But th w t es, the superior race
you ca yourse ves, s !9Jl ~our ees to as od for
~_?nd fOŒÏv~ss. For those that tàkëâ1TIë,' there is no for­
giveness. Gad Bless America! Are you throwing that word mto His
Facë!God did bless America but now are you mocking Him? Y.2.u )
a~-Ping the unborn at His feet. Make a DRAWING OF THE
~. PROVE IT VE IT. Vou say you . ove t y oly V
~why ma e tears stream down Her face? Tears that Her
children have caused Her to shed. Vou, Her children, wipe those
tears, save the lives, and God have mercy on your souls.
Mary Ann struggles and sufIers. She looks up and seems to be

mighty D-2!!ar. They didn't fight for their Country; for their Coun­
try, the U.S.A., is a plucked Eagle. You have not pulled that Eagle
out from under the paws of t@. IntÇ):national Banker. The Lion
is still holding him down with his paws.*'ï"iis claws are embedded
into him, he is plucked. Where is Uncle Sam as you caB him? His
uniform is tattered and tom. It is ta.ttered and tom, why? Because

C they have sweEt Gad under the rug, they quit honoring Theil Lord
and Gad, the material 15 more im--'p'o~anl. Where are the Churches,
afê they filled'! Many of the true Church are leaving it and who is to
blame? The Clergy and the laity for they do not pray for their
Priests and ministers of Gad. You cannot mock Thy Lord and God;
and the U.S.A. is mocking Him in every way possible. There is no
new land that you could run to now, as the Eastern Hemisphere
sought out the Western.
This was a beautiful Country. They have polluted the air, the
cities, the strearns. They have poUuted themsel~hey are des­
ecrating their own Statue of Liberty. Their Flag should be hang­
ing tattered and tom for they have destroyed il. Thousands and
thousands of boys have shedJhtaLQlQQd_their lives, for that ftag
and where are those that sholl1d- uphold it? You, the people that
( were at home, you even had the gaB to say, "now that they are
L coming home we will lose our jobs.'; In other words, let them rot
in prison, or dump them into a hospital where they can lock the
door, tum the key and throw it away; and you caU yourselves
Christians, and you sing, "God Bless America?" AB that has been
given today, put it together and knit it into a beautiful sign of
dripping blood, fetuses, maimed and crippled children; maimed,
their minds are maimed, their minds are not clear for they have
been drugged and doped. PQffiQgr.ap1ly. has been in front of their
eyes, th~~ their T~s.
o--can't you see this is done for a reason? Are you that ignorant
that you cannot see the haod-iii.tJng on the wall? America what has
happened? What has happened to America, the U.S.A.? You have
lost our Libert corn letely. Our Holy Mother wamed you many
years ago to read the sm :mt. You failed to do so. Today you
are like this (Mary Ann placed her arms, wrists and palms of her
haiias tlghtly pressed together) "aU tied up." 't.o~an't move bç­
ca~ou are tiçd, think about il. Think about it and then be
chOosy and di en b.e wasteful. Destroy, be picky at your table, "1 }
don't like this," then "pluff," into the garbage. EAT !T! !T IS
FOOD, BAT IT! Be less wasteful, you are crying about the price

of meat today, wait a little while and it will be tripled; and then )
throw it away because there is a little speck of fat on it, throw it
away: "Oh, 1 don't like it." Then GO HUNGRY! At least the
people that claim they love Our Holy Mother, be not wasteful,
do not be an example to your community in wastefulness, in wan­
tonness. Be not the material seeker but rather be an example to
love Thy Lord and Gad, to help the unfortunate, to help those
that have been cast ~e, the weak that need you. Be ffië example.
Write to your Bishop. Ask him how you can help to save the un­
born? Vou know how, but at least let him know that you are in­
terested. For your Bishop IS one year and three months behind
in his duty of letting his people know what they should do, but he
is not alone in that boat, there are many others. There are many
good Priests that have been very concerned but they did not re­
ceive the cooperation they would have needed. Wipe the tears of
thy Holy Mother, bring back a smile into Her eyes and then you
have done your duty.
Mary Ann suffers and says:
It's aIl so horrible. More bloodshed, more destruction, more
assassinations; floods and other elements will be severe, many
stanns. The "Fault," is moving, a new lead in the area of Mon­
tana from the Andreas Fault. You will hear of earthquakes in
places that many have not been heard of. Eruptions of molten
lava will spew. Remember God will not be mocked so He will treat
uS accordingly. Re-read the messages, warnings have been given,

do not seek new, but re-read. Read these you have had and fulfill
them, fulfill them.

March 16, 1973 - SECOND FRIDA Y IN LENT

It's terrible, God, Oh God, God, Oh God, how can You

stand this, how can You stand it? Dear Lord and Gad, how can
Vou take aIl this blasphemy and scandaI?
Mary Ann suffers and chokes. Not enough effort made, not
enough. This small circle in here can't do it aIl. Then don't be
afraid, then don't be afraid. Let the persecution go,' don't let it
bother you. Is your pride in the way? Don't let the pride get in your
way. Sure you'Il be persecuted. Confusion between our believers in
the True Church and that new breed, Iiberais. The confusion is ~
great, too much. The Priests and Hierarchy assume the blame for ))
they do not explain or speak out. They must stick to the Funda­

mentais, the True Doctrine. They are white-washing it, for the
easier maxirn, why, why? There is no difference, from the time that
Christ first instituted the Mass. There is no difference, there cannat
be any difference. If it is, then the important part of the Mass,
the Consecration is false, then the whole thing is not right, if
there can be a change made. It is ail wrong; but that part can
never change. Thy Lord and Gad stood at the first Main Altar

tl ta giVe It ta His loved ones, the peoI'le, sa they'-~an

and offered Himself, His Body, His Flesh into a 10aLoLb~

Him and bave the courage and the strength. But what are they
partake of

doing? Are they denying it? Many a Priest only goes ta the Mass
because it is a ritual as they call it, or it is a job. Oh you poor
simpletons, you poor hypocrites. Go back and study what you
pledged when you became a Priest, when you pledged ta your
Bishop, the vow that you took. Didn't you believe those vows, were
you not sincere at the tirne? Do you think that anything has changed
from that day on? It has not, only in your weakness has it changed.
Vou are weak! Vou are weak! Any Priest that says Mass without
the true love of God, without the belief that the Host in front of
( him is Consecrated, ,then why- did_he.make his vows ta the Lord
and God, Whom he represents, or didn't he be!ieve that? Then
why are they doing sorne of the things they are doing? Why do
they have the nerve ta carelessly handle the Precious Particle of
Their Lord and Gad? If a !ittle image would appear on every
Host would you carelessly drop it in a human hand and let it
crumble under way with particles sticking ta the hand? That is
desecr.ation, you are desecrating that Host. Put fT on the tongue
of the penitent. Th Lord cmd God put fT on th ton ue 0 the ,

of them at the ~st

two Apostles, Peter an 0 n. e made Bishops out of ail
Supper and FifSt Mass. He stayed and stood )
as Thy Lord and Gad ta guide, and give instructions ta them
as ta how ta offer the Mass. They were ta go out and start new
communities, ta bring the fold ta them. He chose twelve men, but
out of the twelve, one betrayed Him. And out of today the equal
number of betrayers you still have in your midst. And out of that
it has tripled iuto the common Priest, ta betray his Bishop. Do 1
ri1âke myself clear? That is why we begged for aU of you ta pray
for Priests. Pray for thern that they can face and !ive the true
vows of their Ordination. There are some ordained who have
not beeu ordained properix and yet they go forth as a Pnest ana'
do as they will, not as they should, because the True Doctrine and

the Fundamentals of your Church have never changed from the

day Thy Lord and Gad stood at the V Table and said the First
Mass. Nothing has changed, only man has changed it, Gad has
not. The Son of Gad has never changed it. And that is the mistake
that many make today, they are injecting words into the First
Mass that Thy Lord and Gad never spoke. They are putting in
their own and that is what is wrong. Do not cause the Church of
man ta crumble, for the Triumphant Church will never crumble,
but many a Priest Is fallmg by the wayside because he has not
put his heart and soul inta what he promised. They listen ta their
fellow brothers in Christ instead of sticking ta the Doctrine and
the Fundamentals, they listen ta each other's weaknesses. They
become what you might call sarry for themselves. They forget
that Christ will give them the strength, that Our Holy Mother
will give them the strength, that Gad the Father in Heaven will
give them the strength. They forget the Blessed Trinity, Gad the
Father, Gad the Son, Gad the Holy Ghost Whose sPirit ~s
inyour heart if you open it ta Hïm. -=­
Mary Ann suffers.
He is out there, he is out .there (meaning outside the room).
Three of them, Furry Mutt, Dubuque and his yes-man. 1 don't
want ta name them by their true names sa that is why 1'01 using
this description, do you understand? It is not disrespect. Oh, you are
not worthy of it. AlI three did not believe in the True Fundamentals
:of the Doctnne of the Church. They interpreted in their own ways
and Ilved theil' own sinful li~s. ~ease, St. Joseph, keep theEt
Mary Ann suffers.
They are powerful. T~ beam from their eyes is taking my
breath away, right through the window. Get out of here. They
are outside.
Why the lamenting, why, why the lamenting? The time for
lamenting will be shortly. Don't be pushing your luck. Those that
lament will have much more ta suffer than those who offer il up
\ ta the Lord and Gad. They won't let me say things right.
Mary Ann has her l1iiïiOSOVërlïêr ears and gags and suffers.
Why do they mess it up sa? Can you explain it ta me please,
why? Taking away our peoE!e from the True Chu~h. They are
joining other Churches that are not the True Cburch. Why is it?
It will not help, it will nOLhelp, they must stand to~er. Why
l dôn't people say should say it with their heârtS'l

Why do they just rattle it off? When you say the Hail Mary, say it ,\
and c~entrate on that Hail Mary and you see Our Holy M~her
standmK before vou if you say it Q!2~ly. She answers all Hail
'iifYs -if they are saia properly.
Why isn't there more effort made to stop the proposed new
law? Euthanasia has started in many States, why are vou asleep,
why areyollasleep? It is true, many an old soul does not know

hiS own name or does not know what he is doing. But yet that is so,
because he doesn't know, is helping you that does know. Regard­
less of what you think, that soul is suffering and in his childish way
helps you. They are victims that God has left here. He could have
t~ken them while all their faculties were all together but He leaves
t!!.em here as a suffering for the loved ones they left behmd for when
they leave as a child their loved ones that truly loved them are given
a cross that many are unwilling tosarry. They rather put them away
ornave them stowed away and don't even take time to go and vis.!!
them. "What is the use, they didn't know me anyhow?" It's very
niceto go and see them, for a new-born babe doesn't know you
either until it leams. But remember those were your parents thatj
cared and tender! . cared for you, that loved you, that took care
of you, that provide or you an now you want to orget them,
that they are a bother. They interfere witb yom famil>; lire. Stop
and think, is that right? Some day you will be in their shoes and
YOu will be one of those souls, unless you leave the enemy and
those that do not want to be bothered, that have no time for the
old, the pOOl'; unless you follow them, then you will give them
a pill or an injection and in a few hours they are gone. They will
be out of your way and you won't have to bother. You won't have
to sacrifice to help pay for their room and board. No, you can
just forget them. You might shed a faise tear because they are
gone. Is that what sorne of you are planning? l'm not speaking
of those in this room. None of you have those kind of thoughts.
But 1 am speaking of the populace, that has the elderly in homes,
stQwed away somewhere, for~.otteen. Sorne are anxious for laws.-!-o
pass, ~ cannot see why they Shou1d suffer. So you are God, YQu
are placing yourself in Thy Lord and GOd's place and you are
gomg to tell others what ta do and what not to do. We have ~
many faise gods in this world, that are setting themselves up as
who IS ta live and wh. 0 will not. Last ·week we spoke of the unbom, )
today we are speaking of the "tao old." The "tao old" that are
in the way. Yes, they do not know anything, many of them, but


sorne do recaIl and they look at their children with broken hearts
and they rather not speak or even say because they are treated
like outcasts. They are too old to be bothered with, yes, there
are a num.ber of these. If ou let the trend go now, in the next
three years there will not be many e t 0 t ose age Wl 1
alrbe put to rest, before Go c 0 em orne. They will
put their owngods, the false gods, in power. Is that what you
want? You have a name for it, yes, just erase them out of life.
Be the gods, the false gods. Oh you are a human being, God cre­
ated you, but you do not believe that. Vou only have animal
thoughts of how you were created, but remember God created you.
No matter how you squirm out of it or think you can, it is Almighty
God, God the Father that placed you here on earth and it is up
to Him how long you live on this earth or how short your period
will be. It is His choice, not yours.
There is no shortage or overpopulation. The shortage that
is coming, you have created. The suffering and sacrifice that sorne
of you will have to make is because you were careless. You over­

l looked the .laws that they instituted, just like the laws tïïiif'a.fe
being forced upon your own $late and your so-called U.S.A., the
laws that are in action nmv.Yes, that is aIl of your dut Y as Christ­
ian citizens of this State and the U.S.A., your duty to see that those
laws are properly executed. It must be every individual that cornes
of voting age to be interested in what your officiaIs are doing in
your country. Vou as a Christian have a full-fledged duty, because
if you have children, what are you going to leave, your country,
your government, what is going to become of your children? Right
now many are left in day-care centers where they cau be brain­
) ~ashed to suit the individual. The child will not learn the love of
father and mother. The~lLDot bave the corn fort of a borne. Be­
fore they are knowledgeable to understand, they are put into d~-
c,ar~rs and later into schools where they keep them tiusy
far ID 0 e night sometlmes:=Altthese t1ili1gs are not necessary
) but you have beeu braiowashed ID lbe poiot that vou think !hat
those things are aIl important. They are not, but it takes away
the home life, it interrupts it so that the child gets c~ and
d_oesn't !Jllii.erstaDd. But you find the family that has its family
together after the school days are over, , has them at home with
them, that family stands up more pure at heart than those that
aretoo busy, that have too many things to do, they barely see
each other, they have to go here, they have to go there. Where is

spring have put t~rmites in it. For they are seeking an easier way.
My children will not have ta endure what l did! What was sa
terrible that you bad to endure? Because maybe your" parents did
the rigbt tbing witb you tbat maaeyou stand on your own two
feet. Don't glve alllCinds or things ta your cbildren, let them earn
sorne of it. Ta provide for tbem witb love and understanding, Yl?s.
But ta tbink tbat a five or six year old cbild sbould bave a weekly
allowance, tbat is wrong. That is tb. e weakness in tbis Nation, tba.t)
every cbild bas ta bave an allowance. Now tbis is tbe most im­
potlMlt part in tbe youtb's life, or tbe allowance he can smtclCout
") of his parents pockets or finagle ~r:2!!!-1hem sorne bow or sorne
. way, Years aga, before tbat, you bad people tbat were able ta stand
upon tbeir own feet. Then cbildren were ready to face anytbing,
tbey had tbe courage and the love of tfielr parents, but today,
tbere IS no hme for the child. They pass out the aUowance sa they
can spend it wbere tbey will. Tbe borne life is gone, sbattered. Tbere
is no borne life, tbere is no fiiJ.D!!y Rosary. 'l'here is no togetber­
ffis; because time does not permit it, there is no time for such
t ings. Tbink about it, folks, tbink about it, for t reme
'~Grand Mast~r is ahead of tbis wbeel and ou are s10 'ng
drawn !Dto tbe vacuum of destruction. Tbe old people will slowly
l5e put ta sIeep. We cannat be a Nation anymore, proud of our
oldsters. Tbere are a number of tbem that have gone over a
century, three or four years above. You will not be able ta place
that in records anymore, if you permit this drug ta take the lives
of your parents that have reached the age of childishness, that
become feeble, that you do not want because they are in the ~y.
Sorne day.YQ!l are going ta waik in those same shoes. Do not be
sa mucb in a hurry ta do away with your parents. Because you will
be one of them one (fay. ­
Oh Gad, oh Gad, be merciful. Oh Gad, oh Gad, be merciful.

L'Sing the death pill on even our servicernen. In sorne cases it is
done for they feel that the "blabbering idiot" asThey caU hiiû,
\ will spill the beans. F2r none of them are sa disturbed tbat they do
not know and recogt!ize sorne of the truths. Many of them are
intnis condition because the shock was tao great for them.
-~ Thank you, St. Joseph.
The question was asked, "Were you speaking of POW's?
AU servicemen that became ill and are in the Veteran's home,
sorne from this war and sorne from previous wars. Of course sorne
of them are also POW's but the majority are not. gyen those that

have al! their facultiesJ_they a!:,e ..,&raid to tel! their families ev§P{'.t 1
theJrl.lth Qf what they ~l~arned f.9r Jbey have been tltreatened.11
If only you people. would know the truth of what is gnin~
sorne of your headguarters. There will he sorne that might tell
you horrifying stories and they might say he is out of his mind
but he isn'Çlisten to him. \Y.atcb the bills they are placing in gov- \
ernment, please watch them. In many, many, 1 should say the)
majority, you are tQQ...hte. Please be alert, fight them, fight them. -
Fight for the true Churc1l,fight for the tï:iê"Church. He will J
e your last true Holy Father. The only way there is a chariëè
for another one is through the Constant Vigil of Prayer, al! over
the U.S.A. as wel! as foreign countries. They must turn to prayer,
they must. Oh, Bishops! Oh, Bishops! Don't seek out the easier
maxim. Fight for Thy Lord and Gad, rememeber He died for
you, He shed His bload for you. Fight for Him, be a true Apostle,
be a true Apostle, not a Judas, not a Judas. For we are al! work­
ing for the same goal, to see that our House of Prayer is built
and to save those little wailin~ infants. l'm not complaining but
my nights lately are nothrng ut the wailing, wailing of babies.
That is al! 1 hear. You can sleep, thank Gad you can sleep, but
my ears are ful! of wailing babies. So if l'm crabby, forgive me,
because 1 can't stand to see those infants going to where 1 don't
know, but destroyed because someone doesn't care, and they cal!
themselves Christians. Little Anna Katarina just told me that
of the infants destroyed in the last ten years, that it would make
two strings stretched arou!ld the globe of the earth, and America is
the greatest offender. There are many, many that are not put on
record that have lost their lives, that no one knows but the guilty
one. Last year alone in only the Eastern Hemisphere, in the East-lI
ern part of the United States 1 should say, 1 might as wel! name
them, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and up to Maine,
wo million babies found death. Many mothers had two or three
abortions. Of course if they had let one grow there would not be
that many fetuses to their record. That is who is wailing and cry­
Ingo 1 can put my fingers in my ears but 1 still hear it. 1 don't
know if you understand that, but it is there, it is the additional
sufIering that l'm willing to accept if 1 can get your help to b.e Wi.!.h\
me to help fight this horrible thing. I~ is horrible to watch them
fâke a baby aitve, crying and dump it in~ and, then It gasps
and its lungs are filled with salt ~ ~~ and finally it is
dead. ~sy to witness these things, folks it 1S horrible.


You can look at the slide pictures and say, oh it is terrible, but
have you actually watched it? No, you haven't, but 1 have. l'm
willing ta accept that but l need your help ta figbt this awful thing.
1 lOve babies and 1 can't stand ta see them murdered, 1 can't
stand it. 1 can't stand the old folks treated like they were dogs.
Even dogs vou do not treat that wy, "come ta Marna, come ta
Papa," you kiss them, ~our old folks )'ou stick in a rest home
and you don't care, but xou love your-dog. That is O.K. also in
its place but treat a human being like a human being, like God's
creation, because He created you aIl. If you don't want ta believe
that, then 1 don't know, go sorne place else. There are sorne of
you who are wonderful people. Then there are others that are \ 1
Q!!!y selfish, a11 for themselves. They can destrgy, destrQY- as long j
a~ it doesn't interfere wlth their routine of life. Our Priests, our
Nuns, Oh Gad have mercy on our people. Can't we work sa that
Our Lord and God will put ail these Satanic powers back into
~ He let them loose ta torment us on eanh. l hope and pray
that you won't be tormented in the hereafter.

March 23, 1973 - THIRD FRIDA Y IN LÈNT

Why, why, why the confusion? There is a remedy for cÇ1n­

fusion. Kneel down and pray ta Thy Crucified Lord. Ask fort@
intercession ta hel you in your confusion and turn ta the Blessed
Mother and ask cr intercession. For if you truly love Thy Lord
and God and when you go ta Holy Communion, when you receive
Christ within you, don't you understaI!.d what vou are doing when
( YOll receive the Host, that you are receiving Christ within YOll?

Christ will he within ygu aU that day if you are not a h~nte.

fi you do not desecrate that Host by your h~~al thollghts

and actions. But if you truly ove Th Lord and Gad with an open

he~f ~ for it is your <!:: ner conscience, you~ that Thy

Lord and God s~. If you smm51e aM fall, ChrIst will help to

JI} pick you up. Hewill not send Satan ta plck you up. As Ion~

you are contrite of the wrong you did, Satan won't pick YOll up

1but Christ will put His arms under your elbows and He will pick

l y~e· If yon get the wrÇ!.ng thoLlghts and you have a contrit,e

n~t immediately, you do not have ta fear. There are sorne that

think ~ause they are tempted with tb~ 5f~ffc t~ughts .iha,t

they arTost. Yon are not, you are not los~ets atan tempJ

g, but it is up ta yo~rJ.teart and soul i.f you are going ~


te~ion conquer you. It is as simple as that, you cao be a pure

and joyous person. -
Explain that to your children. So many of the children stum­
ble about because they do not know those things. They a~
tempted, es eciaily your teenagers, because there is nature ow­
~g within them that gtves t. em strange ee m~~~~mptati<?ns.
-f the parent is there to help and guide that child, thrQugh these
very strenuous times, it is not so difficult; however an adolescent
has a terrible tirne w.i1lLbimself or herself duriog this oeriod. But
if you ~a parent explain those things to them, that they under­
stand that when Christ cornes in the Holy Eucharist, in their Holy
Il Communion, into their hearts and souls, that He is there to protect
~ ~ and Satan has no part of that unless they are hypocritical.
They should believe that Jesus Christ lives in them, t~s
[l Christ is_-!~ere to pick them up. l'hy Lord and God walked this
eaÏth to show you the way. When you say the Stations, do you
really know what you are saying? Do vou reaUy know that wben]11I
Christ fails, that means that you .also fall when you commit sin, 1

because we âll !aIl, we are human, weare here on this eartb to

bë1es\td. But if you have ,@e l?,"v'Pof Jesus Christ, Thy Lord and 1

Goa, hom God the Father sent on this earth as an infant and
walked this earth as a child, just like you did and ~s
f( t@RtedtoQ..SO-uknow,rememberthat.He was tempted, SQ...IDl1
li you be tewetsd as long as you are walking this earth. But if you
know thatïfïs only temptation and do not give in to it, you have
nothing to fear. Don't be scrupulous, and say, "weil my thoughts
were wrong just before 1 went to Communion, now 1 won't accept
Communion." :\Yhy? Satan wouldn't want you to, so_ ~ou are/II
going to listen to that littie devl1 sIttmg on YOUT shoulder ~~
whispering in your ear. Are you going to listen to him? Or are
you going to listen to Christ when He extends His hand and says,
"Come my children." He is waiting for you and when you receive
Him, He is giving you the strength, He is purifying you. And if
you made a mîstake just before you receive Him, then you say
a good sincere act of contrition, you can receive Your Lord and
God and you are not desecrating Him. Because if it is in your
heart, that you are co rite, that you are truly sorry, you can
later go to Confessio if it makes you {eel an better. But Yo~r
Lord and God hears you, Thy or an God has been with yow
so when you fail, He is there t~ck you up and He will give you a
blessing for as long as you c to Hlm, He is there. If you live

that type of life you have nothing at all to fear. Satan can be
swirling about you, he can bé screaming at you, but you hé
that âSsliTlince. That is the beauty of bemg a Catho1Îc. Because
we have that assurance, that "protectign, that armor and if we
'give our heart to place Our Lord and God iritii'e Tabernacle of
lour Hearts, we can live a life of peace and love.
Oh, you have temptations, you have temper, you have anger,
but there is a just anger and then there is a vicious anger. A i!!..St
1 anger is when you see someone do something wrong ~~~w
he is doing wrong and hurtmg Y.mlLne.ighbor or hurtin an animal.
Ïf they are destructive then you have a 'ust an e there,dOn't
I feel that you have been unjust, you have not. ut because of a
weaknes'> in yourself, you become emg,ry and you curse and you
swear and ou use rofane lan a e-;tl1at is a i)Ïous anger that
is not a Just anger. Just because y. eakhess within
y~lf, you feel Y-2u must spout..Q.ff. That is not always justified,
because if you use that same anger and say a Hail Mary under

II our breath, an Our Father, you will find t.h!!!~ wdI ~or~ut
uch easier and there will be less strain on you a~~Ly~u_~!L!.lOt
be losing i'0ur temper. It will be easier b~~ Holy Mother
will put Her mantle about you 19 coI!!f2!:t i'0u. Oh they will say
Iwhen they hit their thumb \Vith a hammer that a Rail Marris
\ ~~ossible to say. Try it once, it works. w i n that Qain, because
when Our Lord and God (Mary Ann measured about 2Y2 to 3
inCheS with her fingers) had a long thorn about that long, driven
into His head, He didn't curse, He didn't swear. 1 know we are
l( not ail like Jesus nst but if w
we can try. And Our Lord and God will alw s r · n
live Christ-like,
~ou. Our Holy Mother will keep Her mantle above you, ~e
quickly lifts it when we turn hypocritical, when we condemn our
~i.or unjustly. Remember there is a/jliSbanger and there is a
ron Learn the difference, and with tYïëtrue love of God and
o~other and the Saint, whomever vou aE named aiter,
1 caU on them, caU on them. And your Guardian Angel, never
forget your Guardian Angel, because every child born is given a
Quardian Angel. CaU on them, caU on them. Some will ask, why

I have the unborn no Guardian Angel? Wh)' don't they have oçe?
'!Jl.e;l haxe, but remember God gave man a fr will, so ma and
~n and doctor and ~~e the tend to r er 1 axe faUen
an~l, they c~ them, ey disregard their guardian angel, and
the unbom has none yet because the one that is murdering them

does not have the right conscience. Then that is the reason that
one must find bis way ta HeU for they are forgetting die Com­
mandment, "Thou Shah Not Kill," "Thou Shah Not Kill." Their
conscience does not vibrate that thought, "THOU SHALT NOT
KILL," but if you can make YOut doctQrs. nurses, yom peO,ple
cQnscious Qf those words, "ThQU Shah Not KiU" and that life
that they started at conc~ion is a ~. an~ lf !hey_destroy it at
six weeks if lS SUll MOROER. There is no other way, {or' HiS a
life frQm the moment of conception. If it were ~ wou1dïiOt Ir
live. lt is as simple as that, it would not live if it were not a lUe.
Sa the scientific explanation that salin is implantliii""in those
lr people 18 wrong, for Thy Lord andGod s1!Ys it is a life at the
Jl mQment of conception. That is how He wants it, l1liiti'S hm;Hè,
Thy Lord and Gad, consecrates that life. Work, work ta save a
life, the unbom, and those that are misgllided, who believe that
it is not a life, orny after the third -month. How ridiculous. how
rldiculous, the doctors know better, !b~yJq!.Q~ b~tter. Pray muëh,
ray much fat the souls of those misguided.~, tQose young)l'
gÎrls t~at belie~e that it is not a sin ta have an abortion b~e
they smill<9 w1th a young man and themselves broke the Com­
mandment of Gad; then they go into a deeper sin when they take)
the life that has been started because of their ~n and destroy it. .
Then they commi or ivable sin of Murder Murder. They,),)
don't want t e finger palOte you are a mur eress," y~- ~ J
~!! But that is what they are. "here lS no allier expIânatiOn,
t'bey have committed the sin and have broken the Commandment
"Thou Shah Not Kill."
Thy Nation, the U. S. of America has become the largest
offender of abortions in world history. Aren't you proud of this,
sa proud of it that you are starting clinics. And the mechanical
means of ~ in every doctor's office who sa wishes 11. A~an)ll
me means only a suction cup, then what do vou tIiïnk a buman
life will mean once vou arè useless, as they cali you, the infirme
Thy Gad, Thy Lord will take that life g it. lS that useless. As long ]
as there is the ticki!!&.- of that heart in that body, no mauefliOw
~eak in the_brarn,-thereISapurpose that you as a human being
cannat be the judge and jury of that human being, an innoc-.:.nt
victim because he or she became old. Think about these things,
lUI you cannat be jud,ge and jury of the ungpm or those ~. There
is much work ta be done oythe so-called Chnstians to Ollerc~e
this vicious cycle. It is growing likêa snow6âll beÛlg rolléd dôWn
_. -- --------=-----­

the hill. Euthanasia is your next big cycle. Because you are "over­
~~ulated," don't you understand? Vou are over-crowded? How
I~e are you? There are vast areas in the V.S.A. thathavenot
lliiiël'8: fiuman being on it. Where is the overpoeulatlon, where?
,OnIy in the minds of men that are sick, they are so ~ becau:e
they are G~s. They forgot thelr own Creator.!ley nave

fQrg9t~~~rd and God created them. At the timeof
their mother and father's-conception of theirIlfé," aren't they lucky
that their mothers didn't think as they do? Th~L~Ic!P't be_.hyre
to sprel!~L~.!1~h.l-~~!geas, but you see Thy Lord and God lets the
evil sprout as weIl as ~l1~.&Qod, for when He sowed the wheat m
the fields, and the thistles and the weeds grew up with it, what
did He tell you to do? To let it grow. And that is what He is doing
with you. He is letting you grow until you come to that stagy,~
where the harvest is ripe and if you are a good person the wheat
will be splendid. Vou are going to be tbat wheat. But if you ar
wrong, you are going to be that thistle, that weed, and you are
going to be burned. It is as simple as that. That parable isn't that
/ impossible to understaiiCLItiS"!]1êITing....tyou (,15 men and
l women. Vou can either be the weed or the thisde or you can he
tiië'"Wheat of pure and good. I1's your choice, your choice, make it
the right one. Open your heart to Thy Holy Mother, Thy Lord and
God, and do not desecrate, do not be a hypocrite but be honest, be
truthful, for the "Bagner of Truth" will be your victory. Deception
( will be your downfall. So carry the "Banner or Armor of Truth."
Vou will win, maybe not on this earth. Vou might say, Oh l did
this and l did that and look what has happened. Do not condemn
your chances of sitting next to Thy Lord and God in Heaven
with those kinds of thought.S' God is testing you. Have respect for

IlHis judgment and hoopr His Name, USë J-ûSName many times

a (Jay, but 1.n honorJUld-you will be reward~d.

Anna Katarina just said we could leave th~ ejSQ,!re the

way Sister made it, she could outline a few more VlctImS if she
cano She realizes one with a tender heart as Sister has, If is dI1Hëült.
Vou need not deface the picture with wordings. Y ou may.....E.§ce
them at the bottom as you decided, do you understand'r And tell
SISter1liat we appreciate and we are witlL her when sbe ëiOeSlier

)fpa~tings. We have helped her many times when things were....,yery

di cult. Tell her to have faith in us thaI we are with her when

shëCaUs us. .

- Eve time an abortion is pe.rformed a reed hits the Crown


March 30, 1973 - FOURTH FRIDA y IN LENT

Dear God, help us, help them please, people are losing faith.
They are losing faith. They are innocenh-ili~ are innocent. Oh
God, have mercy on them, 06 Goa-have mercy on them.
Our Lord, He is so good to you yet you are so careless, why?
Do not destroy our beautiful America, do not destroy it. You
are going to destroy it. Our Lord cannot hold back the enemy ))
because of the aborted babies. He cannot dô'tîat. He cannat
h!lp this Nation anymore. Tliis Nation hM. ~iJted these riihts
beCause of me unbom that the~ have mur erea. They have~~
urder man unbom. They have become • in their
a s d their thinking and they are breaking theandment !
Thel are being daily ramwash
it not bein,\?; wr~)n.&J.Q....1
n their TVs d ra .os about)\
e-hfe of the ~m. This Nation is 1

like it is sitting on a vo1cano, any moment it could erupt and our

Nation could he destroyed. They don't want to believe this.

That is what is in store for many. There are so few that are pray­

~. A few here in Wisconsin, a few here and there. A few in

Illinois, a few in California. You can count them on yom fiye

~gers. And they expect the ResurrectiQ.n? ~ expect God to

ercifûl to them wlien they do not care?~Divine Son and)])
is oly Mother pleaded, Our Holy Mother pleaded to sare
t e yoùth, to spare the child, the innocent victim of their el~s.
Twenty-three years ago, She pleaded to spare that child. Do not
make it a victim of its eIders. Did they heed that plea? No, no they
did not heed it, they merrily wynt on. The enemy had it all planned \W\
how they were goin to min their minds. bLL~!lt ln 19sr=y[lLJJ.I.
were 0 ow t ley were. g g to ~troy the mings. How did you
expect they were going to do it? rugs, drugs, alcohol is a drug.\ \ 1
Every child sees it on TV and listens to If on th'ei'aOio. Also on))
the movie theater scrèW', the first thing they see""'"When a guest
arrives is that they go to the counter and pour him ~.
Alcoholism is the main and largest offender. That is the largest
oftender of your accidents on the highways. It is not the seat
DeUs, there are tlme:> wheri not weari.!!g~at belt saves a life
rather than preventing a death. No it is not Hie seat belt, but it
is the drugs taken by the people and the ~d. If tbey would
drive 6UÏililes an hour as Motlier Cabrini suggests you wouldn't

need to worry about bei!!.& able to stop if something l'ïappenëd
belore you. But 70~ 90 miles an hour and a head-on colllsTon,
what is there left? No -matïërlCtfieyhad seat 5elts or not, they

are going to he dead, t1}~~_iL!t()_oll.!~!~ay. Orily If ù@ inter­

venes, but He doesn't jotervene in those things because humanity

does not love Him.

Humani ovësthemse~ and the material things they can

s~ueeze out of this ation. s long as the govemment pays, they
Cm grab. Blat IS wh~!y ygy are maki.IJKthe)argest mistake of
our lives. The government is no one else b1U....YQ.U, yourself.

y ourself, you are part of that government and it ïSUj:) to you who

you place into office. It is up to you what is written into your laws

aïfcfl5y-laws. Don't faU for aU of these laws they propose to you.

Fi ht them, thâtiS your Christian duty, to fi t the corrupt laws,

that have you tied ~d _and flot and ~d, because

~sm, §5u~ Qaroit~s are part Olt. How wany go to the
m Icme ca met, take sorne kind of a barbituate pli, there are

many kinds, and then go ta the counter and help themselves ta a

drink? Cao you imagine what it does ta their heads, ta their bodies,
ta their hearts, and ta their respiratory organs? Those two' in- )
gredients do not mix. But 50% of the people that have ta have
tbat certain dnDk aIso use barbituates and that is what is damagipg
them. That is what is the ~n of manv people. Oh ~
be called a heart attgck. It will be named many things but it is
J that. Many of)"Oi:irmovie stars died from that. On the death
certificate something else was written, but the truth is the pills \lb
and the alcohol do not mix. ".
No, why, why don't the people awaken? Why do they sa
blindly d!stroy thems~ves, destroy their Nation, for there is no
escape, there tS no escape. The Chastisement, the wrath of Gad,
that will befall thy Nation, th): Bishops, thy Cardinals, tb"y
Priests and Ministers of tl-Js Nation, for thev have failed ta speak
out when they should have. They have failed ta do their dutY as
the Chnshan leaders of their Nation, of their people, of the unborn,
of the future of the American citizens. Woe unto your Nation
when the yellow race and the black raçe devour you, take com-
plete control and you will becomëlliëir s~s, for 6itterness-.J.s l~
in thelr hearts, they remember their grandparents, that They were
the 'slaves ta the white I®n. They have not forgotten. "That bittèr-I
ness has been instilled into their hearts a~ou cannot bîii'he
~m. Vou cannat blame those souls ihat had to stand anaaceept
lasIïes on their backs. How many of you tumed your back and
had a cat-o'-nine tails lash your back? How many of you? ~
that is what happened to many of the Negro population, to their
8!:andparents of tôday. Yes, vou the Amencan people d1dthat.
Vou the supreme white man. You, so proud of yourselves, but
now you are classified as the most 9.qum$'d and the most alcoholic
Nation of the entire world. Yet you have the nerve to si~
Bless America," when you yourselves are throwing and mocking
those words to Thy Lord and Gad. Gad Bless America, it would
be beautiful if He could bless your Nation, it woul e beaut'ful,

but He cannot bless a nation that destroys. In ca~o over 100
unbom . , in New York. ~rly ~c1âllY; in St. Louis, 150
.;ÎÎ1~orida. 100 <W1Y; ~k, New Jersey, 100
; in Philadelphia, 100 d~ Pittsburgh, 100 dJilly. Do you \
want me ta continue, can yôüadd up those infants iliat are losing
their lives?, ThQse unbom daily? And yet t~y have the nerve to
say by the year.. 2.035 -il will bILan even scale. There will be as ,


mal1Y barn as will be dy!!!g. Oh, how 10PSi1xed their thinking is,
how 1QRsided. You cannat progress if the un am are slaught«ed.
Sorne of you, when you see an aninial destroyed in fronfOl'Your
eyes or your pet dog diès, you become ill in your stomach. ~
woman has abortioQs twice a year but when her Ret dog got
~1.1-!!!e highway, she tried to sue the party that did it and
she shed the bjtterest Yes, but in that same J
yegr she had destroyed. two unborn. She didn't shëd a tear for
them and yet they are human. It was sad that the dog was
destroYed but the comparison we are trying to make is that the

lI tears were shed for the anim_al, the dog, rather than the human lilè,
that was taken. One was three months, the other was 2lh. one)
Wént in dîe salt brine, thë--other was removed by lhè suction
method. Of course she didn't see them, they went into a bùcket,
into"the garbage disposai.
It is these things that make Thy Lord and God very sorry.
His heart is bleeding for this Nation that has been 50 blest thl!t
now are mocking Him and spitting at Him. They are re-scourging
Him, yes they are scourging His Body with t!te murder of the
unborn. They are using the reeds to drive down the thorns into
Hi"SSacred Head, and yet America, the populace. care ..!lot. But
will you be a sarry lot by the year 1976 and towards the 80's

Parents wake up, parents wake up._e

unless you changuour ways. God be merciful to them, oh Gad
be merciful to thenl.­
your chirdren.~
is laughing witb glee as he watches parents destroy their own
chndren. Why should the parents nç,stroy their own children?
If we can get other States working on the Constant Vigil ~
ours have tried sa diligently ta spread it in our SEte, If we could
&etall the States ta do that, that would be one way to help st~
\ these murders and the drugs and all the wrongs, but it would take
a Constant Vigil of PràYër bec~u_~~ur Nation~has ~~~~ad
j J) down 1~lo_ ..ili~garbage too long to be just resurrected. 1;he good
bliSiC1undamental laws have .all been destroyed and changed. Not '\
sa much as ta protect the Ameircan citizens be they born or un-I
-:» barn, but ta hel thase that are eedy and are in want of power.
---::::. ë<iïs • an e want er that is destroying theJiue V.KA.
ons 1 ·on.Ii'lias oeen estroyed and with it now is the Eagle,
the DoUar Bill and George Washington, be it the sandwkb dollar
or the <!irty paper dollar, they have lost their worth to oruy 1529
of their former value, That is the great drop in its standards, that
...... -

is wh~ priees will sky-rocket, no matter what we choose to get,

the price is still going upwards. The laboring man will not receive
much of that. They will strike, but if they do, immediately the
foQa:Q[1ces rise, .1ll~e .than what they had aslœd for in their
s~s. That has been the trend for the last twenty years. They
are t~d to see that. It is before them, America has lost 11s
true va:rues; the spiritual values that made it such a proud nation ~
before. ~ we tfuSt, no, no, we do not trust in Gôd for if you
would, yo.u....would oot be Qestro.Yi!!~is beautiful country. Your
songs, your quotes should be re-written for they are not telling the
truth. The Land of Liberty, theIIome of the Free, 00 American
citizen is free. Think about it, vou are not free. Vou are taxed to
death. Where is yom freçdorn, where? Remove the incorne tax,
remove your high tax and you might call yourself free. Remember,
you must çeture to Th;,; hfifd and God. He must be first in your
1hw!ghts, 10 your mm ; you must save thy Nation for Thy
~Who blessed this Nation with abundance, which you now r
are destroying. You have no faith in Your Lord. Vou seek only rI
~ rnaterial, ~r J!.o~r, and when the women become your)
leaderr,y5ur at10n will really tumble. My Gô8i1ave mercy, haVe
mercy on us.
Pray for His Holiness, pray for His Holiness. The weight on
his siroutdefS lS so neaVy--;- breaking hl!!} down. They wanted him
toreslgnoüt-he"'fears if hedoes, more destruction will come to
th"TChurclitllatneso--Ioves:-'Îhey mis-quotehim:-Many things
that they qûOleliïrnassaymg, he did not say. If he said anything JI'
like il, it was just the opposite of what theX .,guoted him. Pray for IJ

His Holiness, pray for those abôut him that they treat him with
res[lect, for once he leaves the office the next will take over,
oh, oh it will be terrible. He will remove the individual confessiooal,
-he will remove the respect for the Holy Eucharist, much of which
has already been lost. l'bey have put h.umaoJS...m ~ whereit should
be ~. Humanism is the main issue today, the cfuti,ne has been 'J
pUSf'ie(f"'asi~~ Our Lord and GOd is placëcï""Oack in His .
proper position as ~that suffered and <lied for-I0u.
Remember He suffere died fôr you. Ynless He is given that
rightful place which now and always He deserves, yet in many
many churches, He is given o~a hu~ct, not the Divine.
In sorne Churches, they are alrea(fyûsmg a basket or
i"bo,,!Ï but
it will be in many Churches, many more, they will make them out}
of reed and put a cloth in it and particles, not the Host, but

partides of the wafers will be laid in there for you to help yourself.
They will not be given from the front of the Church by the rep­
resentative of Christ or a Deacon chosen by the Bishop. A layman
is permitted to distribute communion if he is a Deacon, for many
Churches have many communicants, so they choose a layman, but
they do not make him a Deacon first. They just call a name froUl \
the congregation to distribute Holy CommunIon, the Holy
Eucharist, the Body of Christ. His hands are not worthy of picking
up or touching that Body and Blood of Christ, only in cas~s
Where the Bishop should give him, through s~es and rituals, the

JJj rigEt to fulfill this duty. That is the thing that 1fiëy are not fulfiHing,

that they are destroying, which makes it inv~lid. It is desecration.

April 7, 1973 - ANNIVERSARY DAY

Sister, the mental strain upon you is very heavy. It is possible

to lessen it, Sister.
Mary Ann shook her head and said, "No."
Sister, the destruction of human lives has caused you deep
inner suffering, both pi)~ical as wellas mental, because it is
scandalizing your Church. Many Catholic wOiiién are using con­
traceptive devices a ainst God's teaching to stop pregnancY 1 in­
J/\ du mg a ortions. What concerns you most is the attitude of the ­
teenage youth. They think that breaking the Sixth Commandment
is not wrong today, as long as your conscience tells you it is not
wrong. It cornes, Sister, from the permissive attitudes of your
society and parents. -
Sister, immodesty in speech, action or dress is the biggest

factor to sin:-MMM! IS the shleld to safegu!!!iLPurity, partic.ugrlY

the female where modesty should be ~er guideline in speech, action

and dress to safegt.lard her he.rit~e. SistëÏ', you seem very upset

. toillgli[ Is it because you are not certain or feel assured in your

conviction? Sister, you will receive assurance. What you witnessed

'l Friday Sister,. is very upsetting to you, have you written this down?j

1\ Sister what yo]! saw is art of the evil schen oftmn ta l1estrO,y

':J Christendom, especially Catho iClsm; wea ness 0 4riiïullIëSh

IDîd they tall nght mto ItS !raps. Yes, Sister, the greatest motive
behin~ it aU is ~e, to destroy it. -­
As this vOice spoke, over the planter appeared a haze,
seemed to stay that way for awhile. Then a cross appeared within
the haze with the Corpus ~ 3 years before. 1 noticed

St. Francis moving towards this, suddenly 1 noticed he was beckon­

ing me to. come.
Mary Ann arose and went outside to the Marker, where Our
Holy Mother stood in the Van Hoof home. First she prayed, then
blessOO herself three times, when suddenly she leanOO back as if
frightened or startlOO, lookOO up and dropped on her knees.
Our Holy Mother spoke to me. n
Yes Holy Mother.
"My Chi/d, you seemed startled."
"My Chi/d, you are trembling. The sins of My children are
becoming darker every day. The wanton destruction of human
lives ail oyer the world is appalling. It angers My Divine Son.
rfear, My Chi/d, 1 will not be able to restrain His just arm much
longer. The punishment will be severe. This grieves me greatly, My
Child, as this Nation has become the greater ofJender. The youth
lack p,prental supervision, especially during the difticult peri.f1
of adolescence when the rights and wrongs are yet difficult to
~etermine, especially so-called new morality ethics, which l'
G..Ql1ju.s.e.UbLY!2.ung mind. My Child, protect the youth:this has
been my plea. Cleanse the paths before them."
Yes, Holy Mother.
"You need your Shrines open to save thy people of thy
Nation from the pitfalls they are plunging into, My Child."
Our Holy Mother then gave us a blessing and was gone.

April 13, 1973 -FRIDAY IN LENT

The abortion ratio is still the same. There has been no drop
in it. Sorne have heard about our Home but they are afraid. They
are afraid to be apprehendOO, because they were given wrong
information. Crown hurts, crown hurts, Mary Ann points to the
middle of her forehead.
Right here is the one that they are driving in so deep into Our
Lord's head, now with the abortions.
She again points to her forehead and says, right here.
And every Priest in his ,Confessional, who gives sanction t~
using the pill, or caÜsing an abortion, is dnvmg tfilS tfiom ln

~ l.1eeper ili""Oiif Lord's head, because they are supposOO to represent

Him. They are supposed to be honorable to Him, they are sup­

posed to be just. And to destroy an infant conceived, be it a fetus,

or five or six months, IT IS MURDER, and every Priest knows



this. He should not salve his conscience because his penitent is

lamenting to him. He must stand firrnly or he himself is the
iay one as much astnemothër who seeks refuge from him, that
there is no wrong in so doing. She will be forgiven much quicker
than he will, for he is representing Christ and Christ would not
sanction such a murderous act. That is one thing that ail Priests
of the U.S.A. must understand. Until they do, there will never be
Peace, there will never he a renewal of the Church as they so wish.
It cannot be done with Satan. It can only be done with Thy Lord
and God, Jesus Christ.
The mound beneath Our Lord is still growing. We need
more effort on the Constant Vigil of Prayer. Not enough done in
the U.S.A., not enough. e.e.ntecostalism is still flourishing. The \
_Cursillo is still flourishing. Sensitivlty training is still flourishing.) \
Thy youth, thy Priests, thy ReliglOus are 6ëfng drawn ioto a web. .
That is wrong. Pentecostalism at one time was right, but they I\d
have destroyed it. 1he enemy IS usmg If for the two-fold u ose.'p'
~n at owers are wor mg WI . It. ey ave dupe many
ÎglOUS as weIl as tne laity. The Pentecostalism of today is
WRONG. His Holiness does. not approve of it. If sorne Cardinals
make the statement that he does, that is not true. Your Holy ~.
Father does not sanction it. He knows the reason they are usin it. )\
ord have mercy. 0 must, you must contmue, to nng
more students in to become loyal and honorable Priests. In sorne
of the Seminaries today, t.hey will not he honorable Priests. They \ 1
will be brainwashed and confüsed. You want the true teachings of ~
Thy Lord and Gad, the true FUndamentals and the true Doctrine.
It cannat be fi)led with humanism, which is DOW what they are 1
~chiûi in the a;O cra~es as weil as in the Seminary, that Christ
was ~nly hu~ and His Mother oufy a mere woman. They forget
that Gë5'ëIël1ose Her, that God chose Mary before She was bom. )0
He had His plans for St. Anne and St. Joachim and the Daughter
that they were to bear. And history that has heen given that Mary
had other brothers and sisters, is not true. She was an only cnild
[ WhO wa~ cODceived through the sanction of the Father in Heavëi1.
Gad the Father in Heaven so willed that this aged weman would
conceive and bear a child, a girl-child to bë the mother of the
Divine Son, the Son of God. No, Mary had no brothers and
sisters of flesh and blood. She had hmaiY brothers and sisters in
spirit, but not ofllesh and blood. Tose that are speakiDg of this
and teaching it in the CCD classes are teaching wrong history.

It is not the truth. The Catholic Church has never taught it, sa
where are. they picking up such history? It is just imagination.
They say it is in the Bible, no it is not. They even say that-hiary
ave birth ta mor~ children tb~!1-l§_~_s Christ. She did not. The

Son of Gad was the only child She bore. She also had sons in the
spirit for you are a1l brothers and sisters in the Spirit of Jesus
Christ. Can you understand? You are a1l brothers and sisterS,)
but not tbat you ar.e_fles-h~and blo~dJ)rothers and sisters, there is
a difference. You must come from the same womb ta be true flesh
atÏ<Î blood brothers and sisters.Spiritually vou are a1l brothers a!!,.d
sisters. Is this clear? Sa correct any errors that are being spoken of.
That thy Lo~nd Gad had brothers and sisters in flesh and]
blood, that is heresy. That thy Holy Mother had brothers and
sisters in flesh, that is heresy, for they were bath an only child.
One the Son of Gad and the other the Mother of the Son of Gad,
sa Gad the Father in Heaven chose. Do you understand?
Our Holy Mother's pieas were not heeded in 1950. The
results, you know, are very devastating. Sa many of the minds of
the youth, have been destroyed. Your institutions are filled with
their bodies. Many are staring at the ceiIing. They know not
where they came from and what they are here for; the.y are just
~ body without a mind ta guide them. And that very child was
not barn that way, it was destro ed by the drugs of the enemy
of Gad; by those that are ere ta t e outh,
.üïe"lüture of menCll, ta take control of this Continent and ta
destroy Catholicism. If they are tao blind ta see it, we1l, w'ë'ëa'il
say, may Gad have mercy on their souls. Can they not see the
handwriting on the wall? It is written with the blood of the unborn.
It is written with the minds of the youth destroyed, by drugs and
by brainwashing; by sensitivity training, which is wrong. Pente­
costalism is wrong, Cursillo is WRONG. IT IS ALL SATANIC
heed not the warnings but plunge blindly into an abyss of des­
truction; minds, bodies and souls. May Gad be merciful on
them, may Gad be mercifuI.

April 20, 1973 - FRIDA Y IN LENT

Must protect the youth, parents protect the youth, protect

your cbildren, please proteet the youtb. The satanic attitudes are
wrong. The satanic powers are working espeeia1ly hard in tbis

area to destroy our youth and cause confusion between cach

other. They want to destroy this Sacred Cause. Please tcll them
to be aware of that. Tell them to know that this is one place that
Satan will work harder than any other, because he wants to
destroy the youth here, especially those who have moved here
because of the Sacred Cause. They cannot love Our Holy Mother
and fight between themselves, it is wrong, so wrong, it is so wrong.
The Schism is nigh, the Schism is nigh.
Why are so many of the youth lying to their parents? The
children are lying to the parents and the parents be1ieve it. Oh why,
don't they know their child? Can't they tell by looking in its eyes
that it is lying? When a child lies its pupil gives it away. Don't be
afraid, arents, to look mto our child's e es. Not wlfh con­
emnation but with the love t at s ould be in your heart. AM
that is one of the biggest weapons that ~~ y._~, iUù
~ing to ~u, is tfië10ve that you are bestowing upon it re ardless
of the eVI that it bas dope. PraY: or _t em~~.aL tha.!-L~Y,,~en
before that child is ruined. Sorne are involved in drugs, sorne are
involVëaTiïs'atamCîïïOVêments and sorne are invoIVëa in fornica­
tion. So parents, parents,be parents. Be a father and a riiôther,
wlth kindness and love, bring forth and show them that you love
them; love nm tbe twisted love but the parental love.
Our Lord and God is ready to bring down the Chastisemnet
on the USA because of the negligence of their youth. The destruc­
tion of the youth, their destruction of the unbom. The unbom, the
mound is still rising. Our Holy Mother's tears are streaming down
Her fa,ce as She looks at the mound of unborn whose lives were 1
snatcbed away, not because the parent loved them but because the·
parent, be they married or single. had an apirna~i~ct of greed
and lust rather tban a love of God. To bring a cil on this earth,
the gift of God, is most precious and beautiful but they don't
wanf to be bothered with that infant,__ they woul.d-ratber destroy
it so they are free. They forget that God sees their freedom, God \
watches ever move the make, be it in darkness or be it in flle

t, He watches and He sees what they are trying. It is the ~l ~
t rather than the love of God. T,.9 bring forth a child in thel<5iè ,
o God is most pr~ous and God smiles pleasingly: They say Il
there are too many. Who are vou to say what is too mucb or not
enough? God is the judge. God put you here and God will care
fOr you. God will, if you are a true Christian and read and follow
the Gospels. They are true because they are spoken tbrough t~e

lip~U~~st, Thy Lord and Savior. Over-population is the

enemy's thwart.
The enemy of Gad, the atheist that believes not in Gad or
His creation, t~eIieve in Humanism. And if you the True
Christians are not a~are 'that Hilmamsffi is replacing Christ, then
wake up, wake up before it is too late. In your CCD classes they
are teaching Huma~~he Djy~has been removed. The love
and devotion for Jesus ~ ris~een lessened. The youngëïiild
thlU:IïaSbeen-gDing-1OCCD classes will not be taught that Thy \
Lord and God, that Christ Who created them, is Divine. He was
just a hUf!1an bC?ing, born of a human mother, God has nothing to
dowith it. Are you goin&..!Qlet iTïis creep into your child's mind?
You see, the child would rather listen to this than to what you
would be teaching it. Awaken, awaken, parents awaken, Christen­
dom awaken.
rbe eme Grand Master has worked diligently and he \\
is conquedflg__while )'ouI-..lLQp-s, yom ~~hy are a~ep. ~
There are sorne aware but they are handicapped by their fellow­
brothers in Christ who heed not their warning. Our Holy Mother
sheds tears for Her Priests, be they a Cardinal, an Archbishop,
Bishop or a cornmon Priest. TQere is many a common Priest that
is more kno able of the s iritual of the Divine Son of 6Ur
~ oly Mother, than there is in the high-ranking 0 ces who ëëëëlVe)
tlleir positiOIl:as they say, maneuver into position. Just as they
manuever in your governmental offices, whom they choose, who
will do their biOaTilg and not the blddtngof-Jesus Cfïrist. Not the
teachings of Jesus Christ, not the Fundamentals and the Doctrines
that Christ taught the Apostles and the Disciples. Oh the Hierarchy
will explode to hear a statement Iike this, for they are so sure they
are dolng the right, but they are listening to Teilha..rcl.d~x-Chardin, \ II
Il , tOlMnY. Qf t,hose}hat_are .t'Yi.sti~~~h. So they mock ~r ~alk ,
and lead their own way. They would have to change thelr lIves
if they followed the true teachings of Jesurtbdst. Lord Gôâ6é
merciful unto their souIs. Lord God be mercifu. 1 unto their souls.
Glve them a prope.I-Jmderstanding. Glve them the grace and
i~\ 'f wfsdom !~.-!he Will ofl'eSUs'Christ whü::SîieatJiSb1OO<CfOr
~, ALL MEN. AbL MEN, to purify them to give them a chance to
rêdeem themselves. But remember ALL MEN, God the Father in
Heaven ~ ALL menOi will)They can accept the teachings
of Jesus Christ or mer can C oose their own w[; of thinkÏIlg, b..Y1

- when it cornes to the Eternal L~~ d the error they


have made when ifs too late. You cannot mock God the Father,
nor can you mock His Divin.e Son. Remember this and don't try \"
to hide in tl!~.Q!!.r!cness.l.2.r He_sees and H hears ail. He knows J J
what you are thinking, remem er that, 0 e s T6yCreator, Thy
Redeemer, Thy Savior. ­
--Yes, Holy Mo~r. Please do not weep anymore, Holy Mother,
please. What can we do to help you? They will not listen. they
will not listen. Yes Holy Mother, it hurts to see you cry. Yes St.
Joseph, you too are in tears to see Thy Spouse weeping. l'm sorry
St. Joseph. Save the=illlË'Om, save the youth. Yes, 1 know She
pleaded in 1950 but they Rear not.
(Mary Ann is crying).
TheY...b&ar not. They don't believe me.(yniso!!)is the answer,
withoutl"llnison1:here is no hope. l'm sorry.


Thy Nation, thy Community is lacking in true love of God,

lacking in devotion. We formerly spokeoChonoring~ du"riÏig
the month of May. How much have you heard about that? Not
much have you heard. They cease to remind the people of the
devotions to inspire the Grace in honor and respect for Our Holy
Mother. Yes, thank you. Thy Holy Mother expects you here to
carry this devotion with true love and unity. Spare the youth,


pare th.e YOuth.' spare the unborp.. Bring forth a laŒer group for

the Constanf Vigil of~r to help you seek those that can s~

and b~ understandlpg to your pe~Ie. J';omeo..Qe who truly

. oves-rny Lord and God and has· his Country at heart. Thy 1

ation will crumble unless «fIort is made to sustain it. continue)

,~\,wlth Y~'!.~~2rk, do not falter. Continue to make this ~it 1
JJJlQi. He~ven, by this is meant not only the grounds, but you the
people, what is in your heart, YOUl' soul, cieanse it, purify it and
love thy neighbor as thyself, be charitable, be the example.


Yes, 1 know tonight is the Help of Christians. This Nation is

becominu~n in many areas. It needs the help of Christians,
there should be a renewai of religious activities. There is a serious
\\1 need of vocations but vocations must be to the teue funda­
}j\ mentaIs and doctrines of the Church, the One Oûr Loraand G'od

May 28, 1973 - ANNIVERSARY DAY

The thirtx-tvoasand have been weIl s~d, they have in­

creased instea ° ecreasing fQL1heL~~ the easier maxims of
their Priesthood rather than follow in the footsteps of their Lord
and God, Jesùs Christ Whom they represent. There is a dire need
Qi. vocations and they will oruy come forth if tbe True Doctrin~ is )')
t!iU~lt. Many of the boys, the reason they want to 6ecome Priests J
iS6ecause tbey believe in the True Priest. Many of the youth are\ \'J
shocked today at the attitudes of sorne of the Priests to~ay. TheylJ
are scandalizing the Church and:: woe Jo- those who scandalize the
Church, JOu cannot mock thy Savior, Thy Lord and God. As
given in the past, they must live up to the Vows they promised at
the time of making them. Our Lord and God ~xpects l'erfection
from the Priests. He knows they are human. He knows they have
a free will and yet they instituted their lives to be consecrated to
be the Priest to save souls from condemnation, to show them the
t;J!!.h, to spread the word, that is their èuty; to help ffle sick, to ,
l1ëTf> the youth. They have much to do that they must do, t~r
responsibility is great, theirs' is the greatest of aU humans, is that
of Religious....who...YO.WedJo...iuJ..fiJl...the.word...oLGod. Half-measures
are not acceptable.

May 29, 1973 - ANNIVERSARY DA Y

Mary Ann looks towards the right and back to center.

Yes, St. Joan. That was beautiful.

You have just witnessed the most precious moment in the

lives of these children and truly what the Eucharist means to them
and what it should mean to the children of today. There is no
difference between the time of Pius X's era to this, as far as re­
ce.iving the ~ and ~ of è1ïï1St.There is no mffcrence, yet,

today they have made a change. Many are still adhering ta the
Trlle Doctrine but many, as was given before, are seeking the
easier maxims instead of the Divine, the t!?'Qst ,Sacred Body and
Blood of Christ into a simple ~ and wme. Don't any one of
you that daim they love Thy 1!üfy Mother... i!l!-d believe in Her
ap~anc~desecrate Thy Lord and Gad; even if it is not
given as in thy heart you would wish. Have the true meaning in
your heart. Learn the Consecration that was given to thy Sister,
m&fi'5'fu:e it by heart and say)t.
On the very top of the maple tree, a Crucifix appeared. Then
two adoring Angels, one on each side and then they moved away.
Where they went l do not know but suddenly they came back
with Pope Pius X. Suddenly they appeared separated, boys to
the left and g~Ii.s~.the.Jight. 1 counted them, fif~ch. GirIS "
ith- th.eir lit~~.~!!~ andJ2Qy~ ~ith. thei~ whit: jack~ts. Theyihl

lr nelt. Pope PIUS X gave t1iëm -a 6lessing, first theooys and then
h girls. Then one boy and one girl went forward and knelt down
be ore him. Thereseemed tohesomething there which they knelt
on by two's, they continued until ail had received. Then Pius X
spoke to them again and gavethem a blessing. The~ aU stoOO up
and formed into two's and ~QY~~ 19 the Sacre<! ~ot on top of
the trees and disappeared. As they marched over, the first dis­
appeared and sa on until all were gone. The Augels went with
PQQ.e Pius X, then they disappeared. After St. Pius X disappeared,
Our Ho!y Mother, the "blue mist," waited for Pius X and then
She lowered Herself as She did yesterday and then She came with
St. Joan and St. Therese to these two ash trees here (near the
Repnca); She gOèSTribetween the two.

~l ---­
M_é!!Y.AIl.Il~.i~.sJ: .. Pius X ~ &Qki ~ts with a w~e
cassock. The children seemed ta be aoout 6 or 7 years old and
their dresses were 10 their knees. ~


1 wouId never have that kind of ~get!oani~, never, never;

No, Joan, 1 don't, l'm too weak.
1 dilfer with you, Sister, you have great courage, you have
sulfered much and 'y'ou will continue ta suifer much. The l'-erse­
cution will increase, it will not lessen. It is those about youthat
must give you the strength. 1 had my Saints that gave Me the
sirengt~Younâveus;--we will &ive you the strength; you also

need the mortals here with_you, their .1oyalty and willingness

to sacnfice. Our Roly Mother said many years ago, youcannot

receive the Shrine on a silver platter, it must be eamed with true

\ 1 devotion, true love and willingness to sacrifice. To seek not the

materialistic things but seek rather the Kingdom of Heaven ~ 1.
it j§jhI9ygb~illin~s.s_to suffe~ here on earth, the testi~g ground .
oL~you, that God theFather will weigh your deeds here on
earth. Remember, Sister, be tbuittl~,_m~~U.nd hu.!!!ble for ygu
are no more than a gr~ün~f §..'!!!d, to the Glories and Glories which
you will reach when God chooses to take you home. For that
Kingdom you must make preparation not with petty ideas, oh 1
will do this, tomorrow 1 will do otherwise; every hour, every
minute of the day is watched and recorded.
There are millions of Saints and many millions of Angels 1\
that help record the mortâls on earth; and many a Pope who MS 1
reached this Kingdom, that are keeping a score on the Popes
below on this ealth as weil as the Cardinals, Bishops and Hierarchy. \
They are watched when they seek rather the material things than
the soul of a human being, the soul of a victim; then they receive
one of the darkest marks for their lives and their sacrifice should
~Il be for the Moth~r Churcn~aha its"pèople, the weak, the irîfuÏÏï,
the sick, the oestitute and those have lost thèTr way and have
filled their hearts wltll6lttemess. Anëflliose-Œ-aftlie parents and
society have drugg~~ond reco.8!!!ti0!1~ of self-wI1r, many of
these souls are the innocent victims of thelr eiders and were the
victims of drugs. Many of thoSLwill..he classified as martY!s; only
those that know wlïât they are doing and willingly doing it, must
face the penalty, so God wills it. There are very few who are
innocent victims.
Thank you St. Francis, St. John and St. Joseph. St. Joseph ))
please protect all our Jose h's. St. John help the youth and yoo,
t. rancis, help our parish, our Priest and our Bishop. Yes, you
are our Patron Saint, thank you. Mary Ana explained Isaw...§!: j
Joan buming at the stake. This is her day, you know. Tiûs time 1
sawsomething different. Ali of a sudden in the air something like
herself rose and went up and then, ail of a sudden, it turned into
her and she came back down. 1 have never seen that before. You
could see through her garments, you could see through it as the
flames went up, you could see the red of her body. The body \
sta~d there, she didn't rise with body and soul but this so~
we~ and it looked like a person or a hu~an, but it was very

transearent lik~. It was way up high and it tumed into herself and
then she came down because she had that beautiful robe on that
she generaUy wears on this day. 1 have seen her coUapse, she as
a~on felt nothing because sh~1!~d already e.assed out 1thiiik,
but she still was there. And 1 never knew this before, sorne women\)1
were sobbing screaming and crying and others were tfirow1Ogj
stuff at her, ugh, humanity! ! After she had crumpled a while
there, It showed the bIg flames, they kept throwing other things
and they had them wrapped up. The flames flew up and aU of a
sudden up went the image of whatever it was. Her face didn't
seem charred, her fàëéStayed mce even after she closed her eyes.
H~-~as -Dot long, itwas Short.


1 see~ry as Q~ with Christ as Kin-- standing behind

Her Throne. Our Holy Mother showe Herse f as She did on the
Queenship as before, and then for a flash, Christ Himself appeared
~ehind Her chair as Christ the King. 1 saw the F1f.g at balf-mast
and Crucifix and the Blessed Mother in tears, and 1 will have ta
show yo n e icture the mound has risen and 1 was told that
at least 10,000 are d iIl&.J!.~ nd@Xty p~are from junior
!;llg!l, high sc 001 and coUege girls, because in the dorms there is
n~ supervision. It makes your stomach sick, tbey ruin their systems.
St. Joseph stood in the bent-over ash tree. His head came up even
with the tree at the top. He stood there aU the time while the
other was taking place. He blessed the people.

June 4,1973 - A NNIVERSA RY DAY

We mortals have caused Our Holy Mother to shed many

tears, 1 know that, thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently and
said, thank you, St. Francis, St. John and St. Joseph. Then she
explained the following.
The four ash trees spread apart and Our Holy Mother
appeared, dressed as usual. A remark was made about desecration.
Many of our Churches are going to do this? It doesn't look like
\1the Catholic Church, it looks like a freak house. l'mtëIIing-- you

folks, that is what l've been shawn 10 one of the big Churcnes, a

) Cathedral. Someone asked if there were bad statues. No "nothing,


nothing, IlQ3.t;l~~all. There is no Consecration, there will be

nothing. WilLi.L..~_Jike a Pr:Q!..~.!..ariL Churcfî'? The Protestants
behave more religious-like than these. The~ç..Llik.e..JL.hu_nch of II)
hippies. It's the new tIîlng that is coming and many ~iests will
go along with it. That is horrible, that is going on in numerous
C~s anC!.ttl~~J.l.! i~
That is not true, that is what they say, it's a joyous period. ~e
supposed to be a joyous peo.ple but since when~ we change the
c0rIlijiDr§ffi the Vatican.l

Crucifixion of Our· Lord? The Mass is the Crucifixion of Our

Lord. That is the Mass and they are making something else qut
of it. -

June 16,1973 - ANNIVERSARY DAY

Sister, the death of the unborn pains the Heart of Thy Holy
Mother and Her Divine Son im~ely. It is one of the blackest
s~ It is these things that are weighing down on the shoulders of
His Holiness and on those shoulders of the honorable God-fearing,
God-loving Bishops and Priests. The teacliTrigs of Jesus Christ on
Holy Thursday and Good Friday, do not advocate this behavior.
Thank you, thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you St. John, St. Joseph and St. Francis. Thank you
for blessing them also.

June 17,1973 - TRINITY SUNDAY

Mary Ann blessed ail with the Good Friday Crucifix, knelt
for a time, struck her breast three times and said: l'm not worthy, ,
l'm not worthy, l'm not worthy. Our Mother was carrying the)}
picture of Our Fundamentals of the Faith. So heautiful, so beau­
tiful, Blessed Holy Trinity!
This My Child, should be in the hearts of aU true Catholies,
especially the, Priests. Thev should feel that aU of Heaven is withl'
them when they say Mass. The True Mass shou1d be ln ail hearts 'j
P!es~nt at Mass with true devotion with the Priest and Thy Lord.

~her~and S;(9joined Our Holy Mother to help

carry the plcture.
With this seene of the pieture in your hearts and what you
have been taught through the Passion, should give you firm beUef

in your Mass. To stand finnly for what we have been taught

through the Passion, to stand firmly for if.
Thank you.

Vou know Sister,. .!.~_s is _~~:_Mas.s, . the~~~ .n? _~her, only

) ))J the way Our Lord instltutea:TI. Sister, It IS so beautlful!

Yes, 1 do believe that. St. Francis moved forward and blessed
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you St. Francis.
Yes Sister, ail thy people must live asftrue Chr~~that is, \l
ove)hy neighbor as thyself. They must st:i!!!dlfrm in ~ or Satan ~
~ use his cunning ways to destroy and divide. Tell t em ouly in
trùè love snalr-youîiUilëethëSe-beaut1IUfgrounds bloom forth, .
Wiffi""'lfue devotion to Our Roly Mother. We have spoken of that
for twenty-three years. There is a~. Fulfill
ail messages given. Bring for th truth, sincerity and true love of
We hope to, thank you.

Later Mary Ann explained:

The picttire we h3iVe 0!l the fronLQt ili~ FundamentaI book,

1 saw it-iills-way, widg instead of lonlier, the way\Vë113.veit:()ur

Holy Mother started out way up in the sky, .in...the~lue sky. Our
Holy Mother came walking with it. this was in front of Her way
down below because She is not that taI!. Ali of a sudden St.
~~~ and .8CJOin> were aside of Her and helped Her. She
broug t it a~at crooked ash tree and over towards the
maple. 1 was told that we are supposed to live what we learned in
the Passion. After that picture disappeared, 1 didn't see J oanie
and St. Therese. If they were there 1 didn't see them. Ali of a
sudden 1 smelled roses and 1 wondered where the roses were
coming from. St. 1nerese came and stood 1!L the sj<1~hS:!L. ~~e
smiled, that is why 1 s}.~!i!ed.


Mary Ann looked up into the trees for sorne time. Blessed
herself three times.
Thank you, St. Francis. St. Francis said thy Country will have
a little taste of what can happen if Our God wills the lack of food
for both human and animal consumption; what it will be like when
it becornes worse. You will find humanity killing one another, they

)Vill act w,Q[se than animais. Steaiing food and livestock is already
in progress. ­


Holy Communion should not be given in any way but on

tbe tongye, and only handl~d ~e Prie~t or a chosen deacon
through the Bishop.
~Yes, but how are we going to tell our Clergy that?
-'!'~__'.Yill bring the wrath of God and the chastisement upon
themselves sevërefy~11feyWilrwfili they hadoeen obedient
to tficiCVOWS-When they became Priests.
Thank you. 1 know that is making Our Holy Mother shed
tears for She loves Hel' Priest-Sons. Thank you.

luly 15,1973 - FEAST OF ST. HENRY

Mary Ann looked up into the trees, blessed herself three times
and said:
Thank you, St. Francis. St. Francis, after blessing us said:
_Sister, take courage, you are God's chosen one, so take
c~ Sister If gneves us ail to see our Holy Mother so sad
because Hel' children and many of the Religious are l\<âding the
youth into perdition. They m;e the viC!;ims of their eIders. That is
why it is important, for the fulfillment to hord back the wrath of
God. Those that are guilty, Sister, will rebel, send false accusalliWs) \' \
against you and the advocate. I1's a sad situation. - JJ
Mary Ann blessed herself three ·times and said, Thank you,
St. Joseph, St. Francis and St. John. Thank you for the blessing.

luly 26,1973 - FEAST OF ST. ANNE

Thank you, St. Joachim.

Yes daughter, 1 come here tonight to encourage )lou to \ill;?­
ceed and let the work come forth. My daughter, Thy Hory MCit1ier,
g~ you thlS wor' e ti rld. It is Dot to be
Rut in folders and hid en in the aicoves. It is to be se!!LQ!!t and
br~ht forth. That is the reason 1 myself ask~ Y?ïh
tE ~om"'p'il
th arR and put it ioto Volumes. It was nee 00. ..:,.ou WOUldjJI
truly lCDow the number, the amount of pe~~hat 1oo-rg~s~ ~ork ~
~ ï J1as _s_av~_d many souls. Daughter, we would not

~sk you to do this if it w~~ dire need. As my Daughter so

~I weeps for Her Priestly Sons but theYJiëëO not Her pleas, they do
~ not even heed the voice of my Grandson, Whom they represent.
1 They heed only their own will, their own wishes, the materialistic
things, the worldly goods when they should be~eeking SQuls; and
quit lamenting as they do today. If they were a father working
out in the laborious fields they would have something to lament.
But their work is not strenuous, it takes time and effort, a lot of
Pl!~~Y!llihty, yeS: bût tha! isgoo<rfor-ffie soUl. My
daughter, this fi1§ every subjecf. lt angers me to hear all the
lamentations from the Priests. That hurts my Daughter so and
makes Her weep for She so loves th.wt. It angers me, my Child, it
hurts so because ]he loves the children of t~ world; especially
Her Priest-~ns. If they would tum to my Grandson, Their God
~hom they represent, if they would tum to Him and follow His .
guidelines, His footsteps, this World would be living in Peace and
Joy, it would be living in Peace and Joy. It would not be ID chaos,
in destruction and the most bitter of all is the dea h of millions lOf
u!!.!2mJl('Süiai» wouldn.'t have t~er he has today. ~~ would

1 nOfnav"è-ttre freedom he has today, CiDthe representatIves of my

Grandson ~ u as true soldiers of God, their hearts

! would swell with t e oye of G.od when they sa the M~ which

today they calI the remembrance of Calvary. They are so wrong,
sa wrong. Thy. is heresy. 1'0 be a good Priest is one of the mçst
beautiful vocations any man can seek. That does not mean my JJ

~';;. that those that chose the vocation of fatherllo.2'Î o~~t-
, ln ~ is wrong. Oh no, that too; is wonderfûl and~ce
much, you give much oryour heart and -your love, those mus
:.But ta stand before a Congregation as a representative of Christ,\ \\'w
that is most dear to my Daughter, ThL!:Ioly Mother. )JJJ.Jl
---rt Îs pretty much the same with the Sisterhood. They must
tum back ta the Habit. They do not have fo retum to the very
difficult garb, no, modemization is fine but not complete removal.
Many of them wallow in sin because they ~temptation so
.l!!xurious. Pray, pray, my Grandson's arm is hard to hold back.
The Chastisement will hit thy Natio~__t1).y Country. E'irSt) for the
dreadful destruction of the unbom; ~~ for the bl~t of sins
they have wallo,wed into;Cthir~ for the lack ofCfiristian duty 6y
the Priests, the Religious àna my children, the laity. Sons and 1
daughters, thase of you who are parents, be honorable p~s,
?e truthM parents, be loyal ta your child, to eacn other, ta thy

Nation and to thy Church. If you are h<!19ri!>le and truthful to

t!!y Home, thy Church and thy Nation, you.:.--will orny ~ peàëe
and joy in everythmg. Bunf you are(tfecep~to thy Church, to J
thy Nation, to thy Home, you will n~~ce. Remember
that daughter, prQceed with th); wQl'k, fulfill it.
Yes, ~tan is àii'ifoying you terribly. That is the great suffering
you must do now, for the scale is not balancing, it is lopsided.
The severe suffering you have been doing, daughter, might help
( balance it, might, 1 say daughter, rt.!i&bt. Those that are near you
and ..dear to you must do their partThey must he GOO-loving,
God-fearing and love their neighbor as themselves. Fear northe
persecution, b~ l'roud to be persecuted for the name of my Grand­
Thank you, thank you very much.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said, "Thank you,
St. Joachim."


Mary Ann seemed to he viewing something very intently.

She slowly leaned back on the kneeler farther, farther and shaking
her head said "No, no!" She looked up with great reverence and
~. Raised bath arms upward with her hands up to the height
of her shoulders and said, "~!-ord~(L~God!" She then
xtended her arms hig~Land again. said, "M~o!:~nd My GOO!"
Mary Ann blessed herself three times, then with her first tWQ
~s extended, made a cross as if in blessing. She leaned b~
ô1r'tlïe kneeler with ~ms folded across her chest 100kiDig in- J'1
t~tly at somethi!lg with much emotism iJ.l. b~ojce and said, "~ ~
Lord and My GOO!" With an expression of great em~ion, she ,
said, "I1's God the Father." Mary Ann was taking short heavy \
breaths, ttembling with emotion, gasped, then made die Slgnof
the Cross rntheaIrWith fust tw fingers-:- 'SlïëSâ:iO, "My Lord .).
arurMy GOO." She again folded her arms across her chest and 1
said, "My Lord, My GOO, 1 am not worthy, please. 1 am not,
worthy, Oh My GOO." She then seemed to become more calm.
Shook her head and said, "N~o!" She then coUapsed on the
1 saw the nsecration. She said this with an ex ression of

great awe and reverence. ' 1 feeLlilœ.-m~ead and chest are goin

to burst. 1 saw three Apostles, then 1 saw sorne more out there.


Then 1 saw Christ's back, Uhought it was Christ, 1 couldn't see

Hi~_f~.e; the three Apostles with sOIneoiEermen~ndTdOÏi'flêiiOw
who they were. These men seemed to walk up to the tol'.-.Qi the
. m.a.Ple tre5,.and th.e oth.ers sta..y..ed.d.own. at the bottom of(ih~_maple
oif1fie Dottom limb. All of a sudden, a " d came and covered
them ail, except the AposfIes down._b~!ow. l don't know what to
c"ïî1rrf,-Tdon'tkri.ow·whaCit is~··Then this whole thing vanished.
An Altar appeared, a V-shaped Altar up there, it was not like
there (pointing to the First Mass Shrine), it was real. just like in
the Passion, see what 1 mean? 1 saw the pulsation of tne oread
and Christ ofiering It. Gad the Father appeared. Rays of light
came down from Him and then to Christ and then to the Altar.
,'-.-.-. -~
Qh everythi':!S, everything, the whole sky was full. 1 didn't see
them receiving, 1 only saw the Consecration of the Bread an.Q.J.h,e
Consecration of lIle Wine. That is aIl l saw, then they all dis­
appeared. St. John appeared fust up there in the trees, then 1
saw leave {.:!hë-._lpaple tr~~ then things started h~ng ....l \ l'
think it was morè-beautiillDonighUba.n..~iIDe 1 saw .it during
the Passion. 1 didn't see the Temple. It was ail out in the trees. )



Mary Ann looked up into the trees for sorne time. "Yes,
Holy Mother, 1 didn't know that. 1 am not worthy, 1 am not
worthy. Please, l'm not worthy. Thank You, Haly Mother,_Jgr

having that much faith and trust in mê-:-Tïünnotwo-itlly, please 1
am not v.::orthy, 1 will try not to. How beautiful, of the choirs o~ \ n,
An e U are sin in ,sounds the same as at the Birth of Our Lord. JJ ~
] There aI~.huIJ.c:freds and hundr s 0 ge s an Cherubs, ail sin n ­
ing." in N '?J
~ Mary Ann said she saw St. Joseph, St. Joachim and St.
-~Anne from the waist, and aU are looking down on this
scene bëïâw· {rom I-IeâVen.
Thank you, thank you, the Assumption.
Yes, 1 saw the Blessed Mother today. She appeared as usual
in the top of the trees, then She lowered Herself and then moved
forward. She then told me She was going to use me to correct \ l
the errors that have been believed in th~st. She says there are)}
those that daim that--our-Holy Mother died, was wrapped up
and placed in a tomb for three days and later was taken fcom
there into Heaven. She says that that is an error and is not the truth.
Then She s?owed me He~self 2'ing o~_the bed;"~he never~id die
as they daIm, ~he was oruyrn a coma, but God the Father in
He..!ven willed that She come up with Him aIldHer- Divine-Son.
The people about Her, 1 clon't lCnôw whô- they were, therewere
several of them, wrapped Her like She had wrapped Her Son
when He died, in a shroud, lengthwise and then they ~.EE.....ed
other material around Her like they did Our Lord. Then they
left the room to prepare to takeHër.lhey aIfleffthe room which
of course, was what God the Father so willed. Oh, 1 don't really
know how many Augels, dressed in pink and blue and lime green,
w~, mostly in blue and gold and siIVer were there. Seven came
iI!!o th~JQQffi,_picked l,lJ~J)ur H<?ly Mot~er, wel)U>ut of the room
through the doqr and then_went u2 into the sky. TheL~~rtLholding
Her under Her arrnpits, from_ihe back3nd carried H~L!JP-.illce
tbat. Ali of a sudden there was a1l this materfa"fShé-was wrapped
iE that started to unwind. As She went up, it ail came fiuttering,
downward. Ali the Angels and Cherubs that were singing; oh, 1 1
cOJ!ld hear a harp too 1 think. Why did. 1 see something so beau­
The.~M~U-~~~~~ bed wa~~uch older

, thAA the Jjq,ly" MOt er t at comes out bere (pointing to tfïeSicred

ll Spot) and She looked sad because he was ill.

Someone asked, "How old was She?"

1 don't know, they never give me any age, but She was\ 1)
assumed into Heaven on this day, She was not -raid in the tomb. .1
~e went right up. ~o, She did not die, She was in a deepcoma,
they just tho~ht She was d~d. She told me that Îs die error they
have made. That is what lSaw today. St. Therese moved up doser
to me, she had been over farther. Holy Mother had told me not to
shed tears _because it would blur m e es and 1 would not be able
to see it. Then St. Therese said she was watc ing my, eyes and
kept saying J.3lessed Mother said 1 was not to cry and all of a
J sudden she was crying and so was I. Oh, it was ail so beautiful 1
cou.l!l watch Them go ail the ~_up. TheGlonous Assumption. }J
Oh 1 don't know why 1 saw that toda , l'm not worthy. When
She tirst came 1 thoug t e wou d give me a message, but She
spoke and then pointed and then She appeared again. 1 couldn't
figure it out. She was dressed in a ~, oh a kind of rose red, rather

than pink, and a lighter blue cloak than when She was lying on
the bed. The Blessed Mother that came to the Spot was dressed
aU in . e with the croWl1 of . k roses. As HûlYMother léftShe
extended Her hands an move them in t~of aIl the
people as if in blessing. There were seven Angels that came into
Her room and took Her out through th'ëOOOr, then up into the
sky. Three were on each side and one at Her feet. They took Her
out through the door head fust. Since She. was wrapped for burial, )
Her lovely golden wavy hair was showing beautifully after the
wrappings came off. The seven angels bearing Her up did 110t have
win~s, their hair was of various colors. The Cherub Angels in the
sky did have wings. As the wrappings came off you could see Her
beautiful golden hair waving-m--fflëbreëze:-------

August 25, 1973 ­


Why are there so few that are working so hard and diligently,
while the others are not helping, when they aU claim they came
here because of the apparitions; because they want to honor and \
help Our Holy Mother to bring souls ~o Ghrist. They are not) 1
fulfillin~QL.sillming that that is what they truly meant, wlieiitfiey J'
made their r~ce here. There are somewho are giving so much
of themselveStëy: find it difficult, yet they are the ones you Will)
not hear lament nor will thev say a wrong word or show__~n­
kiîïdness ta sorne of them here. You are here, we hope, and Our
ROly Mother sa hopes that you are here, to he an example to thy
Community, thy whole State and an example to thy~h. That

~eans cleansing. of one's self i~ . urif , lov~, frut~f~lness, char­
Itableness an mdness fo ail, wilhng to s~ce, wilhng to make
rep~ion and willing to give of one's self. This again will faU on
deaf ears, the ones that should hear it will look at their neighbors
and ignore it. Remember cleanse thy own door step and you will
find it needs cleansing.
Ask the youth to keep their hair as men and the women to
dress as women and men as respectable men. They are QO example
if they leave their hair grow long and if they wear ~~~t
a~ skin tigi:lt. They must wear cIothes that are properly fitted and

\ that means both the young man and the young women or girls and
boys. T.!J he an example you must dress thus. Show c,haritahleness

and kïndness. Give this message to the youth. ­


September 8, 1973 -

Mary Ann knelt and looked into the trees for some time.
Good St. Anne pray for us, Good St.~ne and Littl~ary,
pray for us. Mary Ann blessed herself three times. Thank you
St. Francis. Yes, St. Therese, that was beautiful. Thank them for
it please. Yes l know, prayers do get answered. l Qidn't expect
that though, thank you. This should be a Lesson that we should
pray and not criticize, thank you. Yes l know, Gad is merciful.
Must a1ways strive ta stay obedient ta the HQ!y Mother's mess~es
ana not put a wrong Impression on any. We must accept alI mes-II
sa~es and not inteœ.ret them. Do not be fearful, rather be stoot i
an staunch in y~llr_~1iers. Have faith and live the life thy Saints
here livea;st-Francis, St. Joan of Arc, St. Therese and good
-~ --
St-:-Aïûïe. Tçuth is thy banner and at aU times be obedient to Thy
H2!Y-.Mothet: You too, will face severe persecution but as long
as you do it in honor and glory of Thy Holy Mother and Her
Divine Son you need not fear. Always remember that. Forget the)"
material things and ~ecomelirue Christianb)sacrificing, God-loving J
pwle. With this, l will bless thee. -
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently. Thank
you, thank you, thank you for bLessing them. Thank you St. Joseph,
St. Francis and Holy Mother, thank you for letting me see Your~
self as a Little child.

September 12, 1973 -


Holy Name of Mary, Holy Mary, Blessed Mary. Holy Mother,

oh Blessed Mother. CalI on Mary many limes, sa the Rail Mary,
say it precisely, not sa fast, but say 1t w1th devotion Teach t y
children to say the Hall Mary with tru love not ta see how many
Hail Marys can be saRr,Dut say them 1.stinctl meditate on it.
It is better ta say five decades of the Rosary with true love) than ta
say a hundred Hail Marys with speed. It is not the swiftness of
prayer that Our Holy Mother answers. It is the Hail Mary that is
~id that brings joy l2..J:Ie~rt, jay iota Hec bosom as the joy
and lave that was brought into Her heart when St. Gabriel said
th~e words. Bvery bme you say the HairMarYYôu are brin.gmg
that ioy to Rer heart ~~d._ She will intercede, but if you say your

September 15,1973­

Tbese grounds have been venerated and have been blessed

and the graces have been bestowed upon them by Our Holy Mother;
by Thy Lord and God, by Jesus Christ Himself; ~ they_ ~t and
treat these grounds like ffiey woald any field without the privlleges.
The beauty and bonor that have been bestowed upon these four
little ash trees and the ground surrounding them, t~per res.P.C?Et
, is not given. Thy Holy Mother's , . has fallen on those grounds.
\ ln 1950 a short li e woman had a stranOOfthat hair, oVêf three
feet ong, n~~y four feet)Qng. Had someone notStoien a-portion
Ofif,lt would hav-;been ~feet long. ~s Our Holy Mother's
~. Yes, She touch~ these .wmnQ.0b.e-Mother of God.

September 24, 1973 - OUR LADY OF RANSOM

We will now show you what they did at Fatima to get Fatima
approved. ­
- Mary Ann Iooked very intently at what was being shown to
her. Shook her head no, no, and whispered "Oh, my goodness!
Qh~_Oh, those p~s." ~
This also, Sister, was the effort made at Lourd~s.
1 was shown people walking for many; many miles with their
families, with their possessions and many of them on their knees,
walking on their knees not because their ankles were not able to
carry them but because they wanted to make a special sacrifice for
the Lady they so Ioved, Our Lady of Fatima. The blood is running,
the knees are raw, they leave blood on the stones, their hands are
scratched and bleeding but they continue, sorne witb tears commg
d~o their faces. Oh, Marna Maria, Oh, MamaM!rt~ but ffiêy
keep crawlmg. On hands and knees not just a half a block, one ~
block, two blocks, ten blockS. but from ten, eleven, twelve miles. \
They did this aiso at Lourdes; but the most was ~ at Fatima. J
That, Sister, is why Fatima fioally--was acceQ!OO. fur the
eople were ':2lliPj to sacrifi~e, to give. Oh yes, when the~ erron­

eously posted "c1oseçl:' .and _they went in and received water at

~IILourdes, that was not wrong, for Our HolY Mother liïÙrbëen
I~there and w~ still there. But here you have a greater blessing,
~wenU'-tw years have gone by and Thy Roly Mother still hum-JI'"
bles Herselt ta come ta hetp the Americans. Are they willing ta 1\
help, are they willing ta give of themselves, ta make special sacri­
fices? No, they are sa hypocritical. Th Nlltion once boasted it was
-t under God, today it can boast il Ü 'stào<rîf~heI! ~~e l'~
children are estro ed alrea in t e womb before they even had
a chance ta Set the sunh ht the wor ta reathe, t leI! 1 e was
snutfed out. Thy Nation, the Western Hemisp ere, will ave 0
pay the penalty for the lives that were taken. It is coming, dear Î
children, that t!!~hospitals and institutions that are now caring
for the cripples, many, many cripples, not only crippled by birth,
Qecause of the black sil1, drugs, bunJecause of the
~, the maimed, mentally, physically and moraIly; they are
t 7 ta feed them death! Yes, Euthanasia! Ta the crim~led child
• . that has been barn because of a sin! The soldiers who came back
mafmed and crippled mentâlly! physi'ially, they are..going ta d~y
them! Oh, the biggest excuse:will be there is a shortage of food. )
Why. feed such useless creatures. Oh Gad! Oh Gad! Who put
!lthose souts there? You American~,.Y2u tha--!..slumbered yours~f
ltQ.sleep. YesL.-thi8 is the d~y of Ou~J:~dy of ~m:-Row cag
She ransom for aIl the innocent victims that died. .QeJor~ the~d
C a chai1cë1o be barn? Thy children will not be taught nor will they
be-.S.h9\Y.Il t.h~~'y ot Gad, bUfrather in moclëery orJeSus Christ
'1 the simple man. Th film "The Su er Star" is the reatest m cken
a ainst thy Catholic Church and e i r ch of thv Church
l do not condemn. it, they do nothing. They let it come to th~
ana brainwa.1ib its a ulace. Thy Nation that once was proud ta
be unaer God is now i st Gad; and thy Nation is the biggest
\ offender in the world history a ta mg human lives. It is sa material­
i.stic-Wnded~...e....mother doe...s. not wani an infant to invlffie
~ pnvacy and!l~s sa il must die. It must die because ft
is invading the privacy 011t8 awn life. It is in the way. That is what
has happened ta thy Nation, and that 15 wlîat is continuing. There
has been nQ:§~9~!ng. ThyJ>rochures must fly aIl over thy USA, notJJI

,~just a mere tnc~e here and th~re. Where is the wff1ingnessll~

I~out and sacrifice;( where is the willingness ta give of oneseIn­

ihank you. Please heip tbem. Give tbem strength and

October 4, 1973 - FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS

Thy people should live for Thy Crucified Lord, and daily
their hearts should open to Him. They should make it their way of
life, the way Their Lord and God, His Holy Mother, ail walked
with the true love of God in sincerity, hO.!lEty; with w.iUingness to ij\
accapt, willingness to œve, and to love aU. That they find r~n1
sa lstasteful tha,t the c~~not ive him or ~ h~Ê!\n ....IQf
;;illless you are w1ÎIrn ,t face u ose that ou feel are distaste-
M oû-, Thy an o"od's footsteps

( which you here must do.

UVE the Peace Pra~r. R~t and at each line ~~-.!t

and meditate upon what you are saymg. Do you understand what
the wO'fdSOf the Peace Prayer are saying, or do you, as you say,
just raule it off so that you are through with it, you are finished;-2[
does it live ,?-,ithin you and guide you to help you understand? Do
( you say the Rosary with meditation as you pronounce each Hail
Mary? Do you say the HauMary with the actual words that were

given by the Angel, do you? Or do you say the Hail Mary in a

quick way to get the job finished? Is saying the Rosary and your

prayers a job? Do you fee), if is a must or do you say il with the

IOVe of GQd? Tfiat is what l'hy Roly Mother means "with ~"

or ':H1." If you feel it is a job, then it is only lips but if you .~~

J!it wTIlïlhe heart, it has a fuller meanin . There is nothing that

would dlstract you w en you say 1 W!tl} your ea:§)for you~ mind

and your thoughts are with Thy Holy Mother. Those are the things

we ask you here, ALL OF YOU, that daim you came here because

of Thy Holy Mother, to say that Rosary~ We have

repeated this re.qu.est for twenty-three yeats and yet they ~tand out

t~ere to say the Rosa~L~p'~~k to their neighbor or to thtj,r

fellow-man ne~t!-.~~~n, discussing or greeting. with matters

of the day instead of concentratins on the Rosary. Everyone shoiild
folWJ the leader at least Bve decades if the other two are too
muCh, then àt least they can follow one Rosary without distraction
l(or speaking to their fellow-man or woman, chik[ The parents
must guide their chiidren, that is excusable.

October 7, 1973 - FEAST OF THE HOLY ROSARY

Oh Blessed Mother, it is so beautiful. When can we build

this? Right now?

Yes, My Chikl, it would havi!. to be started immediately to be

here ~. the populace is lost and seeking for shelter and comfort.
This is where it must be given to them and your State of Wisconsin
should be kno~n~ the~'y'~_n for those ?2!t atJ~de, those, /
confused. Many, many przests th,!! are now llbera%Jcome here)f
0]ï7të! }Qle~ont~Uhis .{!}tar and Wi[P..Q}~L..!lleir hearts JJ
out to Me, not as 1 am here in front of you now but as a statue,
liiiiiïWlll be My' image. They will see the errors of their ways;
right now they are too indignant, they choose [heir own way, tMir
will is supreme, not the teachings of their Superiors, not the teach­
ing of the Seminaries but t/Jeir own will, the modern way, the Al­
mighty Dollar. The Almighty Dollar is their goal, Thy Lord and
God is secondary. They will find that they have erred, that the
Almighty Dollar will only bring them to perdftwn; My Divi-;;esQn,
Tiiï:iiJ;ord, Their Savior, Their Redeemer will bring tliem to the
righteous wa . It must b . their hearts, ft cannot succeed other­
wise. The true love 0 God must be in all. Th~ love of ~
must be in a people, so now My child, 1 wU Show you some
scenes you have witnessed over the years. First, St. Francis will
give you a blessing.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently. Thank
you St. Francis. Yes, 1 remember this, June 4, 1951.
You were toid, My Child, not to put your own Interpretations
on things, that is why you misinterpreted this. This We showed
you wh7èh you wrongly viewed. It was not that they were abused,
those Sisters, but they removed their Habits to this.
Yes, 1 know, Holy Mother, 1 know, l'm sorry.
You witnessed the burni11jf...QLre~igio~Qoks! Bibles, missals,
missalLoJ_th.e.=TrueChurch, the value of the True Church; missals
to guide the youth for the future days. The future for a young man
to become a Priest, they_bave been burned andaestroyea:-They
h~is place -t~day the mili waYs.·-iium~nis"in-hৠcrept into
the books that they are using for their ste;tâents today. There is
Mnïôré the true teachings to the {jule chi/do The innocentliitie
child if properly taught"can come forih, not with drugs and smoking
atïiîé young age, but wÜh- "a,'-aëëP undel:s1gnding_Qf the love of
God and they would try in every way to do the wilLof Gad because
it is taughTiOthemwftniiïthèIr 1iëëiits. Theycannot see t-;;-Jothe
wrong because they were taught wisely and justly by their parents,
by Iheir Priests and by their Teachers in sehooi, but 'hat is no

more. They are given a Liberal standard. The Sacred Host is not
œed anymore. .
Yes, 1 know, 1 am so sorry, 1 am sorry. Mary Ann shakes
her head, Oh no, oh no.
I Yes, they are stepped upon, rubbed into the ground with
.L their feet. The theory is that God the Father would remove the
consecration of such Hosts. They err here. Once a host is conse­
crated, THEY will not remove il, it is consecrated forever and it
is just like taking Thy Lord and Goa qnd steppmg on It ailover,
walking ail over It. Yes, walking on Him. Every 7îillePiece is
Thy Lord and God.
Yes, 1 understand that. Yes, 1 saw this man ears ago.
Yes, 1 know, My Child, God gave man a ree wi but if the
righteousness is shown to him and he can see e errors of his
ways by pray'ers, b~ the Constant Vigil, he would not do this but
( instead, My Chi/d, sins mount and have grown over these many
years. This what you just visioned, you saw on lune 16, 1950. This
devastation is forthcoming.
Mary Ann shudders and seemed to view something horrible.
This mound,
Here Mary Ann puts her hands over her ears, cries, "Oh God!
yes 1 can see it has, it has arms, it has a heart."
My ChjJd~Lça'ltlC?JJ!!1l0Vl!.._~hecrJ'Ù1KJ)Lth~se_intanM.jcan­
not take the crying of that child away from you, My Child, that
wailing must continue 'or- iheyare crylngbecause iiïëy-were denled)(
life and it is My children that 1 hold responsible; especially My
Pnest-sons and the Hierarchy; had they spoken of this destruction
of human life at least by- five years ago, this mound would not
have grown to this proportion but they would not listen. T.h!D!...JJi1,
not do their duty, they were more concerned by the material thin~s
not the deJ1IMç:1fo.n of human.J}];:You see, My Chi/d, in Euthanasia

ll il will also take the elderl)' Priests. Do they not figure that they

are also the victims ot that horrible crime as you were shown the

cripples, the maimed, the injured that fought in the battles because

lbey wereJï1usât lhey were fiih.ting ta save their flag, their country,

] their homes, their loved ones. Ail this you know, and you were

told many years ago when Henry was still with you, My chi/d;
)'ou were $hown these horrible thinjs.
Yes, 1 remember now, yes, 1 remember.
The d@lIction of human minds, the tlestruction of humanily
for they have forgotten (JOd. Do you remember when 1 told you

this on the Feast day of The Annunciation in 1952, when 1 showed

you this horrible scene of the deaths of the soldiers on the battté­
~eld.· ---­
- Yes, 1 remember.
You, My child, sobbed and cried. What could you do? The
message should have gone out. 1 understand no one listeneiïô
you except the few by your side. Do you remember the First
Chosen and the Second Chosen, how heavy it was upon their
hearts to know this but the populace should have been awakened
and turned to thy God; instead, My Przest-sons sought the materiql
things of life.
Yes, 1 remember this, it was the 18th of January, yes, the
~ destruction of American boys in w!![s. ­
~ ThJ:...elliL.J.alces tried to take the lite of Pius Xll at the time

but do you recaU, My Child, how one man kept this from happen­
ing? The one man here in the State of Wisconsin who proposed a

prayer, a novena for His Holiness.
Yes 1 do, Roly Mother.
Joseph did succeed in saving His Holiness from the threat of
life at the lime.
Yes, thank you.
Prayer My child, onl)' prayer can balance the scale, only
prayer, My Child. In your Country as weil as foreign Countries.
---Yes, 1 remember. Mary Ann shakes her head vigorously and
is distressed.
Wars in the ~le ~st. You gave this about {ive years ago
and it is now breâÎhg Srth and will continue. T~tions

will be responsible for bringing bombings to thy Nation. T..fu:.
present leader has sold his Nation into bonda e. You knew that
he was not te ng t man or a leader 0 this Nation but you had
hoped, My Child, that the people would have prayed for hi!!.! and
~e him but you see, My Child, the people do not care to prgy.
ere are a mere few that do but the majority of the populace are
10Qking for the pleasures. How many times do you see those seek­
ing pleasures going down your highway. The auto.l1Jobiks. boats,
pleasure, pleasure! How many come here to this Shrine? Why,
tllQ would sooner go off ta a boat, hunting, {ishing. Yes, My chi/d,
they core not to pray and thy Nation wm fali into much deeper,
much deeper. mire and sins. The youth of tomorrow will no7kn.Qw
or7ôve My Diyine Son for they will not be taugj}t unless the Con­

stant Vigil of Prayer would fulfill and bring about the change,
only prayer, prayer.
Mary Ann leans backwards and shakes her head, cries,
shakes her head violently.
Yes, My Child, the screaming hurts you severely but a Nation
that can bring the unborn mound to this height cannat expecf lne
love of Gad to shower (hem with blessings, it cannot. The aboTtions
must hait and the Constant Vigil must take its place. That means
workers, that means help, that means the true love of God. The
Rosary, My Child, t~#OrrY. There arëà few Priests th~t have
turned and are coming ae ?fut they are so few. Why, My Child?
Because they must cleanse their wrong doings, they must change

their way. They forget, My Ch.ild, that God the Father sees aU, hears
aU and knows aU that thev are thinking. He knows, He gave man
a free ;Vill and their will will proceed unless they are shawn the
error of their ways.
Regarding the large Shrine; Mary Ann said the reason the
Holy Mother wants it, is so that the people will have sorne place

L ta 10 ta when the Chastisement cornes. Our Holy Mother did not

smile, She looked very sad.
October 11, 1973 - MATERNITY OF MARY
--S;ter, you were shown the&lottingl~Cî?lanning:! h~nlJI
....happened~. You can malëe It Jlliilller. Henry failç,d bu~ ~
can fulfill If.
Oh, ) oanie why now?
It has happened. Assassinations, Ooseph McCartrw was one,
klndon Johnson,}DWi ht F:iseIlhower. ltê~th ot others was wri~n
up, po e PlU ' , ardina tritch. ~tions. in10 tne youth.

NI Iiïtention that the youth do their bidding; to teacb .hem 12 attack

JIl'ijîe Christian people. Teach the youth, ~e and control them,

which is now still in eflect, which is still now in use. ­

y es, 1 expect God will aIse join in the devastation which He
( so wills, 1 know that. 1 couIdn't write that up, my stomach wouIdn't
take it, 1 couIdn't. Thank you St. Francis. Mary Ann blessed
herself three times, thank you, St. Francis. 1 need you to give me
There is sorne good advice 1 would Iike to give you here.
Our HoIy Mother bas toId you this many years ago, it is now

upon you, right or wrong it is still going to be part of your lives.

The so-callesl shortage of fuel is going to take effect. This will
inëIude fuel oil, fuel gas as well as gasoline for your vehicles.~
econQmical, conserve your fuel, no matter what type it is. Do not

C bum it foolishlv. ot drive miles or even over here with one

~rson in the car. Come together if possible. Spare the ve lC es.
Even when burning ~ be conservative. Reduce the heat in
your homes to 72 degrees, there are many of you who have too
warm a home, then you get colds, your head gets congested, your
lungs. Cuoloess is moc...R.---OOtter-fur yon than oyer-heated. And 80
degrees, my dear people, is too hot. There are a number of you that
keep your homes that warm. You are chilly, weil how do you
expect to be comfortable when you do this to yourself? If you be­
come chilly get up and walk around, keep yourself active, you
won't be cold.

October 21, 1973 - FEAST OF ST. JOAN OF ARC

Parents must work wJ!)l their childre.n in work, ,play and m.

studies. J'hey must he with their. children àt all times. Thank you
St. Francis for blessing aU the people. Please gu~.e~ecially
those who are muddle<Laod confused. Help their irritablèiiëss.
Turn their useless words of irritation into love and a better under­
standing please, there is tao much of it done. Thank you. Tonight
1 saw Joanie as a young girl, then 1 saw her in her armor riding
her white horse, then at the stake and as she is now in heaven.

November 12, 1973 - ANNIVERSARY DAY

No they don't understand. The greatest effort must be made

to work on the Constant Vigil of Prayer and in this Constant Vigil
be sure you remember ail these Priests, l1:Q.!!1.!E~at status the, (t/pir behavior. treaLthem-as the representatives of Ch.ri§t.
{ Alwa)ls remember that the Pries.ts haye the highest position in the
WQrld. ther~ nO-llQ.S.ition greater than that of a Priest. The sad
part of it aU is thal many of the Priests do not recognize their
position. They are the true representatives of Christ. No layman's
position is any higher no matter what the circumstances might be,
No one can hold a higher place than they, the Elect, who do God's
will. To be thé man, the Christ, to save the souls ot the penitent,
to administer to them ilJ...,sick.uess, in liealth ana ln the Sacramen7s,


yes, they are the Elect. By the Son of God Whom they will defend,
Whose Body and Blood they handle, the Consecrated hands, the
Anointed Hands of Christ Himself, yes, they are the Elect. lt is
true, there are some Elect in the layman's life but they hold no
( part that the Priest, the Representative of Christ holds."
Yes, Holy Mother, thank you.

December 10, 1973 - HENRY SWAN'S ANNIVERSARY

Mary Ann knelt for a short time in prayer and then looked
Yes, a true Christian has a true love for Their Creator and
Their Lord and God, and would fulfill God's and Our Holy
Mother's pleas to love thy neighbor as thyself. They should live true Christians with a deep love for Our Holy Mother and ~

rf"..quests; which are the R;ary, Penance Re ar 'on . ce

and above all to s read 0 , Fal . ' 0 ens nne in

their bosoms a ove 0 e r, t elr amilies, their neigh­

bors and their ure an a It s ands for. To live devoutly and

not criticize each other. If someone makes a mistake, pray for

them. Tell God about it, but db not condemn. One condemnation

leads to another and S9 on and so forth. It is just like the saying

gQe...§., "If a murderer kills onel- he can kill ten without a feeling of

remorse." Evil is aU about you. Thy Nation has turned away from

( God and from the nlessêdi'rinity. They daim this is the Nation,
tliê"New Nation" that is founded on love for The Holy Mother.
That might have been true about 'the N~fJon betng founded on
Roly Mother, dedicated ta Her.
Yes, Anna Katarina.
You have known, dear Sister, that -!he Statue of Liberty is
a Lady and in many areas, they say it is Our Holy Mother. ~
~ejYhQ iaye. it, truly gave it as the image of Our Holy Mother, '
'!..3 adj to watch this Nation i!!!9 now, j:his Nation has forgotten
it. Th~tatl!le of Liberty that graces the shores ofilïell.S.A., they
have furgotten. They have for~otten Their Lord an~ God. ,They
s p
have forgotten what the pilgrfrî camé nere for, to ant the love
of God here; to bring up their children in their homes' w~ )
devotion, with deeper unity between all, not disunit Y which they
haa hopea to leave behind their shores of the Eastern Hemisphere.
Now today, they are forgetting the [cal reMon for the Bi@ gf. this

- Nation. It is through the representation of Unity between man,


home, Church and Thy Lord and creator. Instead, they are bring­
ing forth Q.estruction of human. lives, the unbom; which is the
heaviest Cross this Nation must carry for those innocent of the
affliction and those that caused it; the aftlicÙon of the unbom's
death is like a cancerous mound eating in every human
will fester and eat in all of you, for the little wailin sound is
piercing more than one heart. That Nation must e stit tion
for this destruction. As you know, Our Roly Mother came here
fQ!. the youth and the unbQJIl, and yet thy Nation is destroying it.
( God he mercifuI to aIl of you and may this cancerous abortion,
may this not deface thy Nation beyond repair. ­
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently. Thank:
you, St. Francis.
December 27,1973 -(fi. JOf0rHE APOSTLE
Mary Ann knelt, looked up into the trees and said: First, 1
saw the scene of the Last Supper wllere St. John laid ms head on
the right shoulder of OUE Lord. Avoice spoke explaining. At that
:s: moment Our Lord whispered into St. John's ear who of the twelve
Apostles was going to betnl-Y :Our Lord. ~ Lo(Si spoke tb~e
words to St. John as his head la)' on Our Lord's shoulder or
bosom: "The /wur has come, when 1 will no more speak fo you in
proverbs, but 1 will show you plainly 01 the Father. For Our
{ather in Heaven loves you because JOu love Me and My MOiliër.
You believe that 1 came lorth trom God and know aU things."
St. John was the only ApostIe that followed Christ to Calvary and
srnyeo with OmLord's Mother.
-The second scene 1 saw was Our Lord hanging on the Cross.
-« Our Lord was looking at the Apostle John with yery compassion­
ate eyes. St. John moved forward ab~ eight feet. as did Our

Lord's Mother. The voice spoke again: Thy Lord and Savior àt
ms moment, ~ve St. John to Ris Mother by speaking these
ords: "Woman behold Thy Son." And !bes~:
1 "§.gn...JJ.eho1d-th.}LMmber." From that hour on St. John took Our
Lord's Mother ta him as her protector and into bis home as his
Mother as long as She lived.
1..- The scene vanished, then St. John appeared; Sister, tby
people here should ~stow upon each other such great love in
Cl.Lrist and Ris Rolyfi1other; to their ciüfuren bythe exampIè.
( C.h!ld~.!l.-..§hQyld-love ~d honortlïeirfather and motllerWilli a
deep love in true obedience.


Pray for us, St. John.

The chitdren and-Y.Q!!!!l should have confidence in their
eIders so to work together in unison. There .§hQyld he a harmon­
ious attitude between aU concemed. Sister, there are many--edUCa­
tional endeavors tbat could apply to the youth and llœ" parents
alike, âIso "'E!tertainmen!Jwhich is very necessary to balance their
daily lives. Our Holy Mother asked for this, Sister. For things are
given for a reason and they shouid he foUowed through. Sister, you
~ihave ma!!y i" t ainment hich is good for
body and soul. ThiS Ister, S ou IDVO ve aU ages. During Lent,
besides the penitential season, there can be éritertainmeÏii)either
on St. Patrick's Day or St. Joseph's Feast Day. ­


1 was shown an image of a Sister of Prompt Succor, an

Ursuline Nun.

Sister, eraY.SIs will do much to help in this crisis.

Yes, SiS1ëf, 1 know prayers will help. Thank you.

Yes, Sister, 1 am the Nun who prayed from the time we heard
of the terrible predicament our soldiers were in. The odds against
them were tremendous as the British Army outnumbered our sol­
( diers by far. 1 am that Nun that prayed, pleadmg with Our Savior

ta be merëlful to the outnumbered soldiers.

y ~s, 1 remember seeing you battle before. You did a beauti­

ful jo}:>,

. Y~I', Sist~r! it tak~s layaity, true devotion with teue love of

~. By pfl~yi!1g, (JciâWllrgive JOu S~I ength physlcâlly and morally
ta endure the Vigil of Prayer, for the soldiers in dire need ta win
the baule of freeçlom. YOl~ here, can do the same in your endeavors
ta forward the Saçred C,nlse, Sister, it takes willingness ta sacrifice,
willingness to endure the discomforts that true sacrifice will bestow
upon Many of YQU during the peria<;l of the Constan~ Vigil of Prayer.
(11 Sister, it takes supreme sacriqce bere to overçome the obstac~s
liOvenng avec you and th!!i Grea:t-eause. les, li IS loyalty, true
devotion and love of Gôd, th~
You did keep a Constant Vigil and won the battle. Thank
you, Sister.
Yes, Sister, thy JXlople are not ready tO sacrifice..~ J
~r if it is in CQIDfort. and takes no real effort or sacri~e on their
part. SÎster, they must pray and sacrifice to bring God's Mercy in

this ~tion of Gadless.. sinful peo.we of ~n kill~,!!g~_of the un- \

born. Yes, the enemy works for the wanton ruination of children
irid youth with drugs, pomography and the wanton minous way
to deprive the youth to live in chas!ity. There is a great effort by
t&eSupreme GranOK1aster....the black ~~of eyil, to destroy the)
~iSil~!LPeopie, especially thé càtliolic Church (people) by
confusing them and the Clergy causing discord and errors because
they neglect true devotion to the Paraclete. Instead they seek new
devotions of easier maxims. It takes a deep inner devotion to
the Roly Ghost, to bring about God's mercy. A willingness to
endure in an endless sacrifice to fulfill Our Roly Mother's messages
and requests, as conditions are very serious with the continuous
11 slaughter of the unborn. God's just Chastisement will be severe,
what form it will take oruy God the Father in Reaven -knows. It
will be worsëthal ever in thy fiistOi'y:-TfiYNatioiïwi1l not be
spared, Sister.Sïster, wfîen we prayed in the chapel, 1 was ill and
very weak; yet 1 felt 1 must make that sac~ifice myself t~ve
our men from being destroyed as they were trying to-sav~ their
Country. 1 had fiiTih God would give me the strength to endure.
Reneard my pleas, as history recorded. Our mere few won the
battle. So can your people, Sister.
No, 1 don't think you did find it too much of a sacrifice.
No, Sister, one must give and be willing to share for God
understands and balances the scale as Re is just, Sister.
Sister,you klVed 9ad00d~Y-!h.~Y love material things, that JI
is the difIerence. J
Sister, St. Joseph will bless you.
Thank you, thank you. St. Joseph blessed us and the people.
Thank you, St. Joseph. Mary Ann explained; 1 saw the little Nun,
the one who prayed aIl night in New Orleans.


Thank you, St. Joseph. Yes, would you repeat that, please?
Thank you. To do the Will of Gad you must follow the Command­
ments of Gad. You must love thy neighbor, you must be charitable
to him. You must rather seek the Kingdom of Reaven than to seek
the material, the materialistic dollar. You must be humble. Men
must dress in respect. They must behave in respect. The youth
must grow up in a chaste home where chastity is supreme. They
must honor and obey the parents, their eIders. There must be more

complete unison between the father, mother and children. Remem­

ber you might be over 21, or your new law 18, but you are still
the child of your father and mother. You must obey them. You
must live according to their rules and laws in their homes, not
your will but their will. You must love thy neighbor as thyself.
You must live a spiritual life and seek spiritual reading; say the
Rosary, make reparation, be willing to sacrifice, be willing to give.
Stay humble and obedient to officials of School, Church and State.
Only you need not obey if they are leading you into the wrong
way. But if it is right, you must obey YOUf eIders. Adults must
respect their children as individuaIs, to guide them, to give them
an understanding to help each understand each other. There are
\ \.. many ways St. John spoke of that, you must follow and fulfill. Re- )' ,
)Q'V member God sees you no matter what you do. God knows andjJ
nears and sees â11 and you will be judged accordingly. Thank you,
thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times. Thank you for blessing
them. Instill in them the grace and understanding to fulfill what
you just spoke of, to live that in unison and true love of their
parents and their eIders. Thank you, St. Joseph. Mary Ann ex­
plained later: 1 saw St. Joseph and the Christ Child, Our Lord
was about two feet tall. It was not a scene in the temple, just up
in the trees. Blessed Mother was naturally there.

March 19, 1974 - ST. JOSEPH'S FEAST DAY



tion. God will exact a severe penalty on those who seek easier
CouId that be severe?
Yes, it will be part of the Chastisement which will last for
several years. The day and hour 1 cannot tell you. Even Thy Lord's
Mother, my Spouse, Mary, does not know.
Yes, 1 know that.
It is very sad for my Spouse, Mary, and myself to watch the
destruction of many, many thousands of unbom, daily ..9~ing des­

t car~ the--il!~nt, c-ases~

troyed by their mothers' Who 'sêekfreedom -from responsibility
\ to, for or in most to cover up thë multifuoes
of sins.
Yes, St. Joseph, 1 believe it is very difficult for you to watch. 1
They fail to remember that Their,f..!elltor hears and sees all. )\
Nothing can be hidden f!:.o_m the eyes of .9~d. Since the pro- J
tests by those who are fighting for the life of the unbom, there
has been a small decline, far, far from enough to balance the scale.
There has been sorne decline but not enough. Thy Nation shall
suffer much. The innocent as weil as those guilty of taking the life
of the unborn, which has darkened thy Nation's reputation. It has
{ blackened its horizon with the word, "murder." God is not mocked,
1 fear for them. It is weakness of flesh and selfwill that brings '~
about greed, lust of flesh, that 6nngs about the de~ctiônë)Tt6è J
youths' minds, souls and bodies.
They will not awaken, they will scream as Our Holy Moth~r
told me, when it is too late.
Yes, the awakening will be too late for Iaymen as weil ail
Hierarchy and Clergy whose voices should be heard daiIy tO ~nd
this destruction. The youth and children suffer the most, e1lpecially
th~ unborp..
Help me with more of them.
You would take on more suffering to save Il chlld, or yo!!!,h

saved and cared for?

- Yes, 1 would, 1 truly would.

You will suffer more as you will soon see. Yet Thy Holy
Mother will not permit the kind of suffering you would want to
save the innocent. .
Yes, 1 thought of that.
Your physicai body couid not endure this, you must accept
Thank you.

Continue in the work you have before you. Before Lent is

over the suffering will take its taU upon thy body as we see no
unity to help balance the scale.
1 will do my best.
You shall accept my Spouse, Mary's, requests. She will speak
with you Herself on the 25th of this month.
Yes, 1 will do that.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said, Thank you,
St. Joseph.

March 25, 1974 - THE ANNUNCIAT/ON

My Chi/d, before you is an era of vast destruction, an era

of disobedience ta authorities, an era, My Child, of such devas­
tation, such cruelty. ln a few words 1 will- give you a glimpse of
only partial devastation and cruelty of man that is endowed with
the evil spirif. Many of JOU have never witnessed such horrible
destruction of human souls, human minds. My Child, they heed not
My pleas. The Spouses of My Son, and the Priests, heed not My
Son. They heed Him not. The Church My Son has instituted sa
many years aga has lost the true traditional teachings of My Divine
Son. The divinity and the holiness is gone. ln its place, th~- ln
terium seeks power, seeks self-glorification, see_ks. Oh --yes;-t~ 'JI
4lmlëhii]1Q!1ar. 1t IS not ta seek the souLs and ta help purify the
souls, ta embrace the chi/dren with the true teachings of My Divine
Son, ta follow the laws that My Divine Son has laid before them on
that Holy Thursday. My Child, the Churches of today, they are
sa pitiful and sa saddening. Yes, you can go into ten, twelve difJer­
ent Churches, supposedly Catholic, supposedly the followers of
My Divine Son, yet, in every one you witt fmd a difJerent ritual.
It is not the way ta Calvary. It is NOT the True Sacrifice of the
Mass. It is an imitation of their own will, not that of My Divine
Son, Thy. Lord and Gad and the Heavenly Father. They fail ta
recognize that WITHOUT THEM they cannat proceed; WITli­
OUT THEM. the V. cannaL/i.lULthe..Ki.n.gdom of Heay'en. It is heresy
they are teaching in the Colleges and Universities, it is not the true
teachings. The so-called Nuns who do not represe1]i or look any­
thing like a Nun, are not teaching the Divinity of the True Funda­
mentais of the FaithJn the Seminaries all is lost. My Child, 1 can­
nat hold the arm of My Divine Son mucit longer, for Dur Reavenly
~ is asking My Divine SC!.n ta bring down, ta bring dol1l.!J, His

arm, the just arm. No, instead they will be_witnessing, Oh My

Child the devastation destruction 0 human lives and souls. The
punishment will be so great. The Chastisement wc e ~ ing.
Thy Nation, because of ~~l~t, who sought many of the un­
)ttborn in lust not in love wlt t leir spouses, but in lust, in animal
JlIlust, a!!d then to cover it Qyer they destrQY them. Yes, My Chi/d,
ffiéy are as you say, MURDERERS. The punishment is death,
dea/h to their souls. They shall never see the Kingdom of Heaven.
There are a mere few who are innocent. They do nQt quite under-)
stand, espedqily those who sQugbJ....1hejCJllQ;;JrLJ.he_{;Qlz!essional.
There the Priest-sons will face that judgment.
My Childen in this room, thy Sister will suDer tremendously
the next iew minutes when 1 will show her t1ie temble destruction
that will befaU thy Nation. The terrible destruction tkat will befail
the Western Hemisphere. l'tïe temble des(ructio nj9,r (hase thgt

}fill, and have brought, D- É ATH tQ the unbQrn and that

have dwroyed the minds Qf the youth, have Led m~y
a young SQul intQ perditiE,n. They know better, Oh My Child, they
knew better, yet they heeded not My pleas. At..f!lJillw 1 spoke tQ
them. Yes, at LaSalette.1.aSal'CJte is here JE (hy N!Ê!..on; Qnly thy
Nation is much more cofFupt.
Mary Ann gave a l~d gasp and knelt upright. She began to
sob and was much distressed. It seemed she had no corrrrotOVëi­
h~r sobbing. She said, "~o, no," gasping loudly for breath. futëiü.s
wlth heavy sobs she sald, "BLOOD RUNNING IN THE
STREETS." She repeated it louder, "BLOOD RUNNING IN THE
\ STREETS." Still crying and sobbing she asked, HIs this happening
in the U. S. A., Holy Mother? Is there any chance to Iessen it? To
fulfill Your messages2.. .XheY-wilLnotJrear,-they...wilLnpt he~r."
The largest scandai thy Nation has ever witnessed you have
li Ubeen told, the lar est scandai and shock will come !rom the .
J1f to shock the fait U1lOto losing faith. Through this, My dear Sister,
aIl that you have just witnessed will then take place, some before.
The Reople are leaving the Cburch in...Jjy.antilte:s. for_tbey s.eek other 1
Thanks, Joanie. Thank you, thank you. Thank you, St. Joseph
and St. Therese.
April 7, 1974 - ANNIVERSARY DAY OF 1950
St. Hegesippus tells me t.hat we need someone else again t.a
.take..t.he...he.œsy. out of our bQQ}cs, catechisms, ail Schools and Col­

leges and teachings of the Catholic Church. It is heretical, it teacbes

errors to the youth. It takes them away from Christ. It is faIse and
1 not truth. Pray hard to bring back the true teachings of Our Savior,
l Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you. Mary Ann explained later, the Corpus was double
in size again with a strange bluish glQw. St. Hegesippus called me
from the trees. He was where he usually appears in the ash trees,
about the center of the alcove. Holy Mother didn't show Herself
tonight, just the crucifix. Hegesippus held five books with red


Do not be careless but be alert and hesitant before accepting

something unknown. It would be better to silendy say a prayer
anâtfïen proceed if it calls for it. Do not plunge into anything at
this period with the satanic powers loosened on earth and the
cûnmngness of Luclfer, Judas and his cohorts. Many ghmmering
tTimgs can be shown to you, many obJects, material things, can
glitter and look perfect and welLbut behind it is a tw~fold pur­
~se. Be alert, be vigilant, above all keep prayer on your !ipso It
IS prayer and prayer alone that will help you and your Nation to
fi$ht th" enCD1Y for he is all about vou; in your Community, in your
State andin your Government and, yes, in your Church. It is the
weakness of the Hierarchy and the Clergy that has caused this
tremendous downfall. But remember Christ's Church will aIways
triumph. Thy Church will ~Y..e.Lf!:umble, men within it, ~~ ,
will crumbl~. They must fulfill God's laws, they must bring to the
üÏÎfc>rtunate the teachings of Jesus Christ, they must show them the
Way, the Truth.
The month of May is the month supposedly dedicated, in the
old days it was dedicated, to Thy Holy Mother. Today it is not
spoken of nor is it put into practice. Oh yes, some Churches still
have the Crowning of the Blessed Mother but you will find that
this will lessen more and more. You cannot find peace and happi­
ness in thy Church, in thy Community if you cast aside The Holy
Mother of God. The Mother of God is also the Mother of the \
Church. She nurtured and fed the Infant, the Son of God, to build 1
that Church that Her Divine Son instituted. Vou cannot pass by the
Mother of God, nor does Thy Lord and Gad sanction the men
on this earth who are trying to push aside the Mother of Gad.

They are entwined and sa They must stay. Men must carry forth

and honor Thy Holy Mother, the Mother of Thy Lord and Gad.

Yes, Thy Lord and Gad ranks higher than She, sa She wouId

want it, Xet She is part of the Son of Gad. Place yourselves at

Their feet, honor Them daily; make reparations. Teach the children

the true love of Gad, do not neglect thy children.

The satanic powers are working diligently ta destroy the

Cathohc Cfiurch. This is the period that you must be a/ert! BlëSs
thy family, bless thy children, BLESS EACH OTHER; be less
ta gossip but give of yourself with a true heart, lamentrng weakens~
gossiping weaktms. Give only good and strengthen thyself, these
Grounds, thy Community. Bring down a ray of light from Heaven
on these Grounds for aIl to see but it must be done with perfection.
Try ta bring about perfection by first always telling the Truth.
Do not beat about the bush, stay on the straight and narrow road
no matter how much it might hurt, but bring out the Truth. Hold
your head high in Truth. Be willing ta face the severe persecution
that is before you, accept it, do like Thy Lord and Gad when the
huge Cross was brought ta Him. He knelt down and adored it.
Kneel down and accept the persecution and say, "Gad give me
strength ta carry it." Honor it with love of Gad. It is through the \\
\t.D:!Y love of Gad that these grounds can become world-renowned. }J
lfhy Holy Mother wants this to be a little bit of Heaven and Sâtan
) ~ants ta destroy it. Do thy best ta chase him away.

Yes, St. Joseph, thank you, l will. Thank you, St. Joseph.


Thank you, St. Joseph, yes, St. Joseph, yes, ]'Il try my best.
These coming days be alert, be vigilant, be charitable and
Christ-like, be the helpers ta Christianity ta show them the way.
Be the example, ta live, act and behave as true children of Mary. l'
Honor the Moti}er Mary at aIl tim~s, at aIl days before y~u. CalI}
ta Her, ask Her ta help you, have faith in Her and remember it
is the faith that heals and carries forth much in your lives, but it
must be true faith oot with a twinge of doubt, but true faith. ~
h~pers to one aoother, seek rather ta help~ ta condemn;To
honor rather thao ta destroy, ta iv of true love.>for each oth~,
tfiYNation, thy Community. y tatelsnoTTl;lng the true"1aws
of. God, the seek ra eT eir own itiful and s 1 h wa s. Oh, 1
l cannat do without tbis. Oh, l cannat do Wlt out tbat. Gad would

give them and show them the way, il they had the true faith and
true love. Be true helpers of Christians, honor Thy Holy Mother,
honor Thy Lord and God, have faith.
Yes, thank you. Yes, St. Joseph, 1 have faith in you, that you
will see me through, thank you.


Yes, Holy Mother.

My Child, the privileges My children receive here, they are
not appreciated, they are taking My visitations for granted, the
true reverence is not shown. Yes, 1 understand, il is blind failh
but yet if they are here they must believe that 1 come here. Do
th.§X truly understand WHO 1 AM? WHO 1 AM, and why 1 hQ;é
come here? 1 came here, My Child, to save thy Nation, ta save thy
Country, ta save thy Church. 1 came here most 'ofaTf5ëcausë-of
the Little chi/dren and yet My pleas for the Little chi/d have been
( ignored aïUl not heeded. Millions of Little unbo;;; have fa und death
in the most hideous and most cruel way. Thy Nation once proudly
called itself the "Nation under God." They cannat boast of this,
My Chi/d, for the wailing and the death of millions of unborn are
on all citizens' consciences if they have one or not; thy Nation will
s!!:.~ fE'!:!.e~~nEe~his terrible destruction of the unborn.
It is not SpoKen ofln-the Churches from the pulpits. ey ear ta
ofJend their parishioners. 1 plead with the representatives of My
.Son ta ~eak out against the destruction of human lives. Thy Nation
( with all the wars and all automobile accidents, all these deaths
cannot co1i1j)Qre ta thedeaths of the unbarn, for many unbOI..'!Jffe)
not recorded; many thousands in the State of Illinois, there are
thousands dailY-mfheSflife of Ciil.iJ9rnia;. thous.ands daily in the
State g] New Y ork.'lhe.same ls true in .PennsJl1.JLo.rJia, Ohioand
(' yet th~J!. clqim fheJl...tqy~ My Divine SQ..n. They are hypocrites. .dfly
1 wom~.J!IgJJ,.Q! ClergY-J!l.h,Q s{l.'lçJl9!)§~l:l.çlLJ;Lma1J.euver is com-
l mitting mortal sin. They know that, especially the Clergy,and yet
theyappease. Appeasement cannat be sanctioned. God the Father
in Heaven wants only truth; and "THOU SHALT NOT KlLL"!
covers it all. "THOU SHALT NOT KlLL." For it is a life from
the moment of COiïëëfj{lon. Remember tiili, iULÇL lit! from the
'!loment of concee!.ion. No medical man who is honest, can tell
you otherwise. No Clergyman who is truthful, can tell you other-
wise. l, the Mother of Thy Lord and Gad, say the same, "THOU

SHALT NOT KILL." ft is a mortal sin with the reward of eternal

Hel/fire. My Chi/dren, STOP this terrible killing, STOP fT, or the
Chastisement will be so severe :tQu will envy the rk-ad. This f have
spoken of before and f have repeated again, YVU WILL ENVY
THE DEAD. My Chi/d, you here must awaken the ClergL-.!he
laymen a'JA teenage....youth1O....s1OPJhis te!!i!2k destruction of human
life.MYChi/d, you here must awaken them to amend the'r way
-{rom the darkest oLmi sins, destroying of human life. The destruc­
tion of the unbor~ co~stitutes7üst that, My Chi/d.-
They will not lîsten.
My Chi/d, l. am asking you to go to the Sacred Trees for a
moment and then to the Sacred Spot of November 12th. You will
be guided, My Chi/do
Thank You. Mary Ann blessed herself three times very rev­
erently. Thank you St. Joseph and St. Francis. Mary Ann arase
from the kneeler and went out to the Sacred Spot. She knelt for a
few moments in prayer, blessed herself and said, "Thank you."
She arase and walked over to the Spot where the original Van
Hoof -home stood, walked to the Marker where -Our R01Y'Màilïer
appeared ~rthë fust time and blessed the Marker with the Good
Friday Crucifix. She prayed, blessed herself and said:
The big maple, the l~~~pl~_~d th~ as~ ~ees all turned
gold. and silver. Our Holy Mother hovered over die four ash trees
fora long time, in a mist. Finally She lowered Herself. She acted
like She was waiting for me, but 1 didJlQt.Jrn..ow what to do and
then She moved, and as She moved, every tree turned color. That
tree there, the large maple, is where She went, where that limb is
braken off.

May 29, 1974 - ANNfVERSARY DAY

Yes, Holy Mother. 1 will explain what 1 was just shown. Our
Holy Mother appeared above the Ash Trees in a mist and suddenly
Her arm came out of the mist and She pointed to the maple tree
where there appeared an Altar and Pope Pius X. From OULQLthe
ash trees there was a boy and a girl with littl~illQWS;and on each
pittow were sC~E!!~rs (]rowh)~e-onëS·with whitèSfi1ïïgS1or
t~ girls and the ones with brown,!.,trings for the boy~euirls
a~boys followed. They allKiielt before Pius X, who blessed
them when they knelt, spoke a few words to them and then he
gavetf1em Holy Communion. After Hol)' Communion, st~ing

with the girls first, he placed a scapular about their necks until
aIl girls ~nd aU boys receiv~ the scapular. When finished he
blessed them aU again. The two that entered, retumed in the pro­
cession, they both carried a small crucifix; followed by the First
Communicants and then followed by Pope Pius X. They seemed
( to vanish in the four ash trees. After explainmg what happened,
Pius X appeared again alone.

"Sister, 1 must converse with you."

Yes, Pope Pius X, 1 did not expect you back.

Holy Communion should always be inspiring for the child. 1 J

They' in their innocence can now Qlace Their LOLd within theirj
hearts to start life's way with Their Lord as protection.
Yes, it was beautiful, thank you.

Now, Sister, a few words for catechists. Will you repeat it

it for me the best you can, Sister?

Yes, 1 am willing to try. Yes, 1 will do my best.
Many of your First Communicants do not receive the proper
teachings, the True Fundamentals of the Church. It is skipped
over with more humanism th~is the teaching of the Divinity.
Humanism does no~ bëIong~t!!.is---.Elc.!ure. The children should

l be taug!l.1 Who Qod the Father is, Who God the Son is alld the 1~1
H<?ly Spirit, the Holy Ghost. This should ~~ ex.pJained, t~ Blessed !l'I'
Trinity in Its fullest. The catechist should teac the True Funda-I
mentais, for the child will grow up not knoWing or even hearing '
( of"'{jQ.d the Father in Heaveq, 90d the Holy Ghost, let alone the
Son of GOd. They are taught He was a man walking the earth.
The necr~~on for the young child, is. not..~.I?.oken of.
fi Mant t~ are a ed upon, but not~~QJ:tm~als.
If you here intend to teach the children the Troe Fundamentals,
forget aU the rest. There are so many subjects a catechetical
teacher can teach, that he must teach. Thy youth here must carry
forth the truth. In many parishes over the country, the Troe FUnaa'-l b'
menWs of me Church are not taught. Sorne places, yes; and In som~
'J[P1aCeS it is not. Not eye~r~i~ware~e
so-caUed Nuns are teaching. Where the do not wear a Habit to
re rescnt their Order, the are no Ils the are sim wonnen.
They have revoked the great priVl ege of being the Spouse O· hy
Lord and God. As the sayin.g goes, they want to have their ca.!se
(( and eat it too. Those things cannot happen. MatenaI thmgs come
. before the Divine. It has been lacking over many years and now

( especially, conditions are worsening. You here must pick up those

pieces and spread the truth to thy children.
o.---Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently. Thank
you, Pope Pius X. Thank you for blessing the people. Yes, 1 will
try to explain sorne of those things, thank you. The Poye was
dressed in a cream and gold vestment. The girls' white dresses
were to their knees, the boys were dressed-.!n.-wfiite shirts and dark
t~s. Ali chITOren carried a red rose and placed it on thlE.e!f
~ in front of Pope Pius X. The crucifixes they carried were
â'6Out six inches. Organ music played but during the distribution
of Holy Communion it was softer. The children marched two by
two in procession-two girls and two boys side by side. They
knelt at a communion rail.
~ary Ann said she would recognize the hymn if she heard it.

May 30, 1974 - A NNI VERSA R Y DAY

Mary Ann knelt in prayer for a five-decade Rosary, leaned

back slightly. She held her crucifix tightly and said:
Joanie, Joanie, Joanie, give me the courage and strength to
face it.
She shook her head vigorously, "No," leaned back holding her
crucifix tightly. She looked up.
Yes, St. Therese.
The scene thy Sister just witnessed is to show you how we
are with you as we were with our dear Sister Joan when she bumed
at the stake. She tells us that the agony sile bore in her heart before
the buming at the stake, was much more painful, mucQ more
devastating to fier being, mentaIl~yslcaIly and emotionally~n
rli"e burning at the stake. For when she was burning at tlÎè stake,
she knew that ber Lord and God had not forsaken her; that in
these flames she would resurrect, and she would find the GloryOf
GlOires in Heayen forever and ever. But the strain and the pain
that you and our Sister Joan endured while on earth, is the hardest
to bear. For ou know the ri t and ou are accused that ou are'"
wrong. T e confusion hurts and harros your loved ones and thoseJtl
about you. That is the cross-lhaU.s...t.he.J1e.ayj~Lto b~ar, Sister. We
are with you as you saw the scene of all the Saints who have ever
appeared here, they are with you.
Thank you, St. Therese, thank you.
Now, dear Sister, you will have a surprise. One that has stood

by you and one that you have witnessed his great persecution on
earth, you will now see him.
Mary Ann moved suddenly as if startled, then she burst into
~. She trembled and said, Pope Pius XII, she continued to cry.
l'm sorry.
Daughter, 1 wish to speak to you. Please don't cry. Do you
fear me, Daughter? fu!ffering with true love for Thy Savior, leads
to Saint.!!2.od, My Daughter.
Pope Pius XII, you are truly a Saint.

Daughter, g@at suffering, charitableness, accepting humilia­

~n, sacrifice, penance, leads to Sainthood.
Yes, 1 know that.
Vou seem very fond of me, Daughter, why is that, Daughter?
Vou have been my favorite Pope.
Dau hter, ou have a feeling of being inca able unworthy,
do~nk..tbg.t. Yes, muc IS one 10 error.
How does one change that feeling?
~ughter, there were many days when on earth, 1 had a feel­
ing of hel Iessness, but only momentarily. You must have faith
in y or an avior, keep faith with Iqy Lord. speak ta Him
constantly. Daughter, His will, not thine.
---nlank you.
VOU know of the many bi$BXi[S 1 had in my Pontificate, so, JI
Daughter, will you, which causes the greatest of pain in your
[ heart even to the breaking RQint. Daughter, 1 will pray for you.
Thank you.
It is the lack of obedience of the Hierarchy and Clergy ~
auses the termites to crumble the Church foundation. Yes th
CQurch that Christ Our Savior instituted will never crumbIe: yet
many souls will be lost because of the weakness of the Priesthood,
their lack of J..QY-.ill!y to the Faith. My Daughter, keep the Faith.
Please help us here.

Give this message to those present.

Yes, Your Holiness, 1 know the Chastisement will be great.

Daughter, the Chastisement will be so severe, as Our Holy

Mother told you only yesterday, that the living will envy the dead.
Thy Nation could have been on top and should have been the
Nation to help others, yet thy Nation has fallen to the lowest rung
by murdering the unborn. They have done much good but yet bi
murdering the unbom, thtry_liâve thrown away the grea~ss. Our
ord and Thy Lord and Gad, had chosen this Country, this Nation,

ta be the "Nation under Gad," ta bring forth the ways of Christ,

ta bring forth the Truth ta aIl people. Our Holy Mother's pleas,

my Daughter, were not heard. They ignored them, as you have

seen over these last twenty-four years. The children instead of

being taught the way of Their Lord and Gad, were neglected.

Remember when Our Holy Mother pleaded with you that the

children are the victims of their eIders. She also foretold of the

evils that would befall thy Nation unless they heeded Her pleas.

She showed you the devastation, She showed you the ~~

the childrep., and yet She showed you the Glory of Glories. That

picture with Thy Lord and Gad walking amongst the multitude

of people, that could have happened right here on these grounds,

yet they heed not, my Daughter, the words of Our Holy Mother.

SA how do you expect them ta heed the words of the Popes?

( They do not heed our Encyclicals. They do not heed the

Orders from Rome, be it the Hierarchy or the laymen; they heed

not our calI or our pleas. It will continue thus for a few more years
u~less thy ~eop-Ie here on these grounds, bring forth the truth.
Teach the ildren the truth. Daughter, 1 know Satan is all
you. He is !n'lM in evea way ta destroy you. The one that helped
demise my life, and demised my doctor, and thus demised the
doctor that did the work ta destroy me, that one is very, very much
rigbt about you, and 1 need not nam~ him, Daughter, you know
his name. The struggle before you is not what you can do for each
other, but what you can do for thy Country, thy Nation, thy Church
and thy Children. 1 am pleading with you, Daughter, Sons and
Daughters here present, ta fulfi1l my pleas. You heeded not Our
Holy Mother's pleas. She is weeping and it hurts one ta see Her
sa, weep.Î.!!&. for the mi11ions of the unbom that were murdelied.
The greatest fault falls on thy Nation. The negIect of the youth,
tbearugs, be it in liquiOlormor 6elt in a powder. They are ruin­
i~ children mentally as weIl as physically and you yourselves.
Thy children that are close and dear to you must stand by.
Mary Ann made the Sign of the Cross three times very rev­


Your Holiness, thank you, thank you. He had on his regular

clerical robes with a rose red lining inside. He looked younger

than when alive. -

Later Mary Ann said:

1 guess l'm a sissy for crying when 1 was surprised. St. Therese
l told me someone was coming but she didn't say who. 1 saw St.

JQiUl burning at the stake again, but the four ash trees, the crooked
ash tree, the small mapIe right over there next ta the large maple,
they were filled with Saints; Mother Cabrini, Good St. Anne as
usual was in t'le crooked ash. S~im, St~, St. Peter and
of course St. Therese, St. Francis and the Little Sister who took
( c~re of me when 1 wasJ!!, Sr. Mary Magdalene, they were on This
Mary Ann pointed ta the left side of the large maple as she
faced it, and the one that stoOO under the Cross with Mary Mag­
dalene, she tao was there and sorne others that 1 do not even know
who they were. One 1 know is St. Claire and St. Hegesip~s. Let
me think of sorne of their names. Oh, they do not even come ta me.
One of them held the Chalice, whoever that is. Everyone that has
ever been with me, besides sorne that were and 1 do not know; of
course St. Pius X was out there too. He held the cape, do you caU
it, away when they gave the blessing. Then he stepped back. Pope
Did you see Pope John? No, 1 did not see Pope John. He
might have been in the group, 1 did not see him. When St. Joan
passed away, again 1 saw that white sheet leave and $0 up and all
the Saints knelt down and held their hands folded in an attitude
of prayer, l!!!. the Saints.
Mary Ann said that Pope Pius XII spent three days in Pur- , 1
gatory for the Church.


Thank You, thank You, Holy Mother for helping.

Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.

Thank you, St. Joseph and St. Francis. Thank you, St. Francis,

for blessing the people. It is beautiful. Yes, 1 wiU. Joan you look
sa beautiful.
Sister, when the glories of Gad the Father are in your heart,
only true love of Gad shines forth, Sister. That is what we hope
for you here. Remember, Sister, the wishes of St. Pope Pius XII
yesterday, ta keep this day in remembrance of him?
Yes, 1 remember him saying that yesterday.
Sister, repeat tbis message. St. Joan just reminded me that
yesterday Pius XII asked us in memory of this Crowning Our Holy
Mother Queen of Heaven and Earth on this day, that we here in
bis memory should use this day as such. If we wish to include the

Visitation, that is entirely up to us, or leave it on Joly 2nd. But this

is the day Pope Pius XII crowned Our Holy Mother Queen of
IJ Heaven and Earth.
You noticed, Daughter, many days that 1 had set, even the
Queenship, they have removed or placed inappropriately.
Thank you, St. Joan, thank you.
Sister, many years ago 1 spoke to you on the suffering and the
persecution that you will endure and explained to you how l, too,
suffered the humiliation and persecution from the men of the
Church, not from the laymen, only from the men of the Church.
You too would suifer the severe suffering through those same con­
ditions. 1 reminded you that the Triumphant Church wouId never
crumble but the church of man will crumble. That is what you are
witnessing today. In the church of man we mean, yes, men of
the cloth that have forgotten the true Divinity of Jesus Christ, who
have forgotten the Mother of God, Whom She represents; that
1she is part of the Son of God. As you, dear Sister, so beautifully
11 put, Her womb was the Temple and Her blood nurtured the Infant,
~o there cannot be any separation between the Mother of <lod
and Thy Lord and God. God the Father in Heaven so willed it

.and thus it shaH be until the end of the world. It can never be
changed. Yes, there are theologians who are saying otherwise
but they are only men envious of the part that the Mother oil
God played in the life of Jesus Christ and in the Church. For
She is the Church, without Her the Son of God would not have
been born. They cannot cornpete with the wishes of God the
Father in Heaven, nor with the Queen of Heaven and Earth 1
1 Whom Pius XII so honored and the King of Kings, Her Divine

on and the Son of God the Father. If people would onlX think
of those things rather than ick out ett . 1 . sand try
J o m~ e a Ig Issue of it. We know Satan is working powerfully.
If they would study the liturgy of the Church, the True Funda­
mentais of the Church, they woold not have these difficulties. It
is not impossible to understand, it is plain. And those are the things
that we have asked of you here, to see that thy people understand.
C The catechist te~~ ~hould tr~ to ~et t~~ :aterial together and
teach them theTRUË FUNDA,MENrALi of the CHÜRCH.
Find an honorable Priest that can help you obtain these vital mat­
erials. Not the modern way where Christ has been pushed aside
Jlbut the True Traditional Fundamentals of the Church. Hcl12.J!1.e
J oH.I!oly Mother J9 çrysh the serpent in th)' U.S.A. Let Her put Her

~ on that ser~ent that is devouring thy Church, thy youth and

~1W-Pe-o'ple for t ey seek the alm!ghtLdollar. The material tilliïgs
they seek only, things of materialism. Thsacrifice, ta give to be
willing to sacrifice, to be charitable, to help one another, they do
not want ta become involved. We have witnessed where a hun_]
dred people were standing while only one or two were abusing a
girl in theh mid,!. They touchoo nnthing, they did Dot c~e
law, nor did they make one move ta heiR tfu!.UQul. Yeso the yilOlLm
died, but they themselves were as guilty as if they had given a
~d for they said nothing. fi lsour-ëfùty tô -rotect one another.
There are times to let the Law proceed, but yet see ta it t at the
law is not violated. Hum~ni~ m~t p~t b..0j~~ld, but b~
human, God-loving, Gocr::feanng and he.!J:> one~ther. '
Thank you, St. Joan, thank you.
Keep thy Church carrying my name with proper respect, with
true devotion for thy Church's Tabernacle, the altar in thy
Churches. Sad ta saYLearishioners have lost.the true d~votion in
tQ.~ House of Gad. D-O. Dot disho~e.
To keep the Church of thy name in honor and true respect,
thank you, we will try. Thank you St. Francis and St. Joseph.
Thank you for blessing the people. A blue mist appeared above
the Trees and then it lowered itself in the regular Spot where 1
witnessed it before, which 1 cali my alcove. The blue mist diS-lI
appeared and a huge picture appeared of the Queenship picture,
similar to the one we have at home. At the bottom there waS a
roll and ail of a sudden, this roll rolled down, and on top in roses
The rest of the blanket was ail red rosés. 1 will explain it, thank
YOU. Mary Ann explained how the picture and blanket were. The
Queenship picture was centered and the blanket of roses was wider
than it was long, wlder than the plcture. In the ward "Holy," thej
"lI" was in yello~w roses, the rest of the ward was pink r~s. The
other words were in pink roses except the "M" in~a~as in
yellow roses. The "Queen," the "Q" was in yellow roses, the rest
pilllCroses, all this was centered on a blanket Ofred roses.


Mary Ann knelt and after a fiye-d~cade Rosary she was star-
tled, shook her head and said, "No."
Thank you for showing me this. Thank you.

We had hoped that a good Priest would explain the impor­

tance of the Feast of Pentecost. It seems that many of our Priests
do not reach within their heart; the importance of thls<laY. It see~s
they'arecareless about it, becausë die mafôrity ofThë'ii1 were taught
what Pentecoststood for. We would like you here, begin today
until the Feast of the Trinity Sunday, to keep this week as a special
wéèk of prayer ana devotJOn and where it is possible~ to make a
gooa confession for tlïâtbeautiful day, Trinity Sunday. For God

the Father, Gad the Son and God the Holy Ghost brings the Spirit
o~ into your heart if YOll believe in~~~ beautiful an~most
Glorious Trinity. Thy Lord and GOdnas ascenëIëëI into Heaven.
The Apostles and Our Holy Mother were in the upper chamber.
There, as they wer~ instructed to do, they waited knowing not for
sure what, but as Her Divine Son bad instructed Her to be here,
-She waited \i[Ith the ApoWes."'Gôl"ilie""'P'a·til~j'n ~t
down fiames, tongues of fiame, to place knowledge and spirit into
each Apostle to carry forth the ~o.II<.Jhp.t He so willed to beJul­
fiIIed. Make a good Confession, be prepared and as some of you
SâICf, this will be as Our Holy Mother hoped it would be. We had
asked you ta studl)t. You here must bring...this mç§sage to 9Wrs.
The importance 9 this is part of our Fundamentals of t~ Church
ne want you all here !9 !'y-~h~~t?~~~~hil ten. In most of
your catechetical classes this is neglected. Give t~dren the
true foundation, for if they have the true foùi1ëfutiOn, anô1nè'y"'6é'­
lrëVêî'ôWlUrt the are tau ht, tbey will be able to face life pro­
~, and they will be iven the 'ft to un rstand many of the
onslaughts that they will meet, with the Chastisement and the
\( batt1~ with Satan, for he will try to stop ail of you here from oro­
Thank you. Thank you. Yes, 1 know. It is fu~t that we
are asked for.
And it is h.onor through charitableoess that we expect from
aH of you; willing to give, willing to sacrifice and willing to accept
~n and suffering. Remember, you will not find the Kingdom Of)
Heaven unless you have carried your share of the Cross. ~
a road orteijlng, many obstacles will come IQ your way, but if
you have tbë1F'uth in your heart you will be able to cope with
them. Also W'ëWould like to remind you that Pentecost. Sundây
liiSnothing to do with Pentecostalism. Remember this always.
Thank you, St. John.


How beautiful! l'm not worthy, l'm not worthy, l'm not
Mary Ann then looked towards the four ash trees.
Thank you.
She blessed herself three times very reverently.
This blessing is given in the Name of the Holy Trinity. Thank
you. Thank you, St. Joseph, St. John and St. Francis. Thank you
fQr blessing aH the people. Mary Ann then blessed all present.
The blue mÎst appeared and then evaporated and a flash went
over to the maple tree and the Blessed Trinity, God the Father,
God the Son and the Holy Ghost, flashes coming from alLJhree
of Them. It just kept snapping and ffiërlfIiére was a flash in the
trees and..-!he picture appeared but then it flashed over here so that 1
could see it. You can't see it otherwise because of the limbs of the
trees. That is the same scene as the Shrine we have over there,I'1
"Way to Peace," and then it went back where it belonged abovel!1
the trees. It did that ..sQ-.1b~.Q!!!d_~e-!.h~~~f it. )

(!Çne 9, ~ TRINITY SUNDA Y ______

Blessed Mother help us. God the Father in Heave~

Mary Ann struck her breast about five times, leaned back on the
kneeler as if in awe, held her crucifix.
"Oh My Lord and My God!" Mary Ann shook her head and
said, "No, no, rH trynot to."
1 was told not to close my eyes with tears or 1 would miss
the vision. 1 did not expect this, why, oh why me?
Mfa Divine Son will speak ta you, My Child. He, tao seeks tfJJJt
His chi ren will rather seek the Kjngdom of Heaven than let them­
selves be ~ceived by the glamourous material things Satan places
1 belore them tQ ensnare thetn.
l'm not worthy, l'm not worthy. Mary Ann trembles.
My Chi/d, do not lear Thy Lord and Gad, He loves you aU
( here-;only you ail remember not ta oOefid Him, My Child. He will
now speak with you.
Oh, Blessed Mother.
My Chi/d, do not lear Me now. Take courage and strength
from Me now. Go forth with the fu/fiL/ment Our Holy Mother seeks
of vou. P~epare yoursell and those clo.'.e ta you ft} do trJe wiTrol

Our Father. The Chastisement will be severe. Kee12. thyselt under­

neath M'V Cross ta rede.e.tl1..J'f}urself. Make thyself worthy ofthy
being chosen by Our Roly Mother. Tell them this and be more
willing to change habits (hat are harmful, as weil as deterring the}r
way from Our Father in Reaven. My Child, he prudent yet brave
IJ accept the wrong hurled at y,ou.
l'm not worthy of such a privilege yet He looked sa kind
as He spoke. He told me this is for the strengthening of us her~l
for the facing up to the future persecuÙ~ri, ana mat we make
ourselves worth y children with deep love and devotion for His
Holy Mother, Whom Gad the Father had sanctioned ta co~e,
and for Him Who is being recrucified.
Yes, My Chi/d, 1 am rëërüëified.
He looked sa sad when He said these words and the wailing
JM sound appeared. A huge mound of the dead fetuses and hve
fêtuses, fe1uses tbat are b.ein~ used in som e Universities in Medical
practices. T e kee them alive in man strange ways ooly for
MêCiiCîI pUrposes not for the life of the infant, w lC lS agalOst
( the Commandment of Gad; wfiich 1S against even civil life, to use
flle huma" life and sonl that is not dead, for a guinea pig as we cali
Yes, My Child, the are recruci ing Me daily.
With this everything vanis e except t e sound.
My Chi/d, go forth, be ready to face up to the persecution;
do not weep now Tbis He said in a stern \l1)ice adng forth only
God's word.
"m sarry if 1 have offended You.
fary Ann collapsed on the kneeler. After a period she knelt
upright again.
St. Francis and St. Joseph were calling me, St. Francis, St.
John and St. Joseph.
She blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you, St. John, St. Joseph and St. Francis.
Sister, you saw Our Savior before, why did Our Savior frighten
you? Sister, is il because He spoke ta vou'? ­
1 know, St. FranCIS, but 1 did not expect it, it shocked me sa.
[m not worthy of such privileges.
Our Lord and Savior must have thought otherwise, Sister.
I~m sure you are worth}', Sister, as you still have much to do.
_Qh, no, 1 disagree with vou St. Francis.
You will describe the vision ta those in this room, Sister,

as the pain in thy head makes it difficult to remember the exact

Yes, 1 will try.
Sister, we cannot remove the pain, you will find out the rea­
son why later. Sister, we will bless you and all in this room in the

e N ame of the Blessed Trinity. Yes, in the Name of the Blessed

Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you, St. John.
C Ymuiitness.ed the great love OucSavior had JOLme and 1
fQLHim. The celebration of Corpus Christi is before you ail, pray
the Psalms in preparation.
~,I know that God loved you and YQU loved Him, 1 will re­
( mind them. Thank you.
The pressure for you is very difficult, Sister. Have courage,
the pain becomes excruciating like the Crown twisted about thy
head. It is thus now, Sister.
Yes, it is. 1 have to explain something before 1 forget. My
head aches so. Our Holy Mother appeared over the ash trees in
a blue mist and then She lowered Herself and moved over to the
crooked ash. As She came into view She carried in Her right hand
a lJnjty Sigy. and in Her left the Trinity, with the Rosary in Her
right hand. She stayed within the crooked ash while She said these
words: \
A lways say a simple Rosary in unison with the unity and lov
for what each decade of the Rosary standUor. Meditate upon JI
Mysteries white saying the ten Hail Marys. The said s~\
ilippantly, not with devotion.
She is not referring to the leaders saying the Rosary now. They
are doing good but it is the majority of the people. If they medi­
ta~ the Rosary, they will not find it difficult to keep th~
th~hts with the Rosa!)'. After She spoke these words She pointed
to the maple tree. On there appeared God the Father, Our Cruci­
fied Lord and the fluttering Dove with Angels and Saints al! about
them. Our Lord and God suddenly leaned forward and spoke to
me. 1 do not understand why.
June 16,1974 - ANNIVERSARY DAY
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently. Thank
you, St. Joseph, St. John and St. Francis. The blessing was in
hODor of the Blessed TrinitY.

Oh, Lord, My Gad! (She strikes her breast three times.) Oh,
My Lord! Oh, My Gad. Thank you. Yes, 1 see it but 1 am not
worthy. Ta make a studv of Corpus Christi? Thank you.
The two days will not be together for a number of years. Mill1Y
people do not know the true meaning of Corpus Christi, you need
more study of it.
Yes, 1 understand they will not come together again for sorne
time. Corpus Christi, Anniversary Day and Father's Day, all worthy
days by Themselves. W~lremendous day it makes combined,
yet few Priests speak of the great day.
His Holiness needs many prayers, the weight is sa heavy.
Pray for His Holiness, pray for His Holiness. Pray for my Bishop,
please. Yes, St. Joseph. Ta tell our people that they have beautifUI!
children and ta keep those children beautifül at âll times; that is a1

beautiful heart, mind, sa their soul would be their reflection in a 1

mirror of that ch1ïêÇbeauty, purity. It is a tremendous task for the
parents ta endure, bllt their children are their greate.sLresponSlbl­
IJ.!y, Ta make them Christ-lik~, a better understanding for obedience
to theîF parents, teachers and clergymen; that obedience is the first
thing in any hOEle. The parent ta rewatd the cMd W1t& kindness,
love and understanding. To always remember that any human, no 11\
matter how smâ11 or how old, they are an individual and must be
r~anÇ[j[eated as an individual of GOd's creation. Goo
p aced them here. Wlthout God there wouId not be any. That 1S
( what Our Holy Mother weeps fQh1be abandonment of children,~
confusion of children. In the year 1951 you were told, destruction of
the minds of the children. Over these many years they must ha~e
been well aware of the destruction of minds, sauls and bodies.
Qur Holy Mother pleaded those days tospare the youth. They
heeded not Her pleas and Her warnlngs. They merrily went on
their way. "Oh, we must make a living, Oh, we must have this,
we must have that," (this was said in a mocking voice by Mary
They forget Gad, they forget Gad, Gad would help provide
if the faith and trust was there. He knows what is good for you and
what is harmful for you, but thy Nation of people have gone out
groping, groping for the material things. Materialismis their god.
The Religious, Priests and ministers reach for the material things,
not for Their Lord and Gad Whom they were ordained to repre­
sent. Where were the sermons on Corpus Christi today? In a few
Churches, yes, and a few even had processions. Here, we asked

for processions on Corpus Christi. Teach our cbildren what Cor­

pus Christi stands for. Make a class of that ta get a better un er­
standing for children as weil as the adults. How many adults know
what Corpus Christi is? Yes, they go to Mass and they read a
few prayers and that is ail they know. Study it, you here, study
it. Educate your people on the very fundamentals of our Church.
l, St. J oS~IJh. implore vou ta do these things. Go forth and work on
these things. It is important that you do these things. Contact a
good Priest and have him help YOlUlAd do not be backward when
~roach this Prie~t. Explain ta him what you want. Vou have
very_gO,od men truly repEsenting Tbeir l,orel and Gad, ca!!... on
them for your need.
Yes, St. Joseph, thank you. 1 will try ta explain ta the best
of my ability. Help me if 1 miss something. Yes, 1 was shawn the
First Mass up in the trees here. Our Lord and God was our first
Priest, our new Church, and He ordained the Apostles ta be Priests;
ta follow Him and ta bring forth many other Disciples ta make them
into Priests. 1 wish 1 could transform that scene 1 saw into our First
Mass. It was sa beautiful! Also 1 was shawn processions that they
formerIy held, and do in very few places now, where in the process­
iQn thev carried the Haly Eucharist and the Crucifix, the large
Crucifix. They had sorne flags also. They marched in procession ta
each Altar where the Priest blessed it and then turned and spoke
a few words ta the participants and marched on ta the next. When
1 counted there were seven.
And then 1 was torc1to put up the Descent of the Holy Ghost
upon Our Holy Mother and the Apostles. If we desire, we can
make it a large painting, but they must be the faces of our Apostles
here. In comparison ta 1950 there are more children per parent
here now, than there were then. 1 guess there are a little more
than haU here now of 1950. He asked me where they were.


Do not interpret Our Holy Mother's messages. She frowns

upo.n this very much. Messages are given not for interpretations'll
It is sad that manV interpret the Bible 10 suit their own version,
their own wills, minds and ways, not the wa'i they were ~ven by
GOd the Famer III Heaven, or the Disciples or the Apostles. We do
oot want you here ta proceed in that same manner. Our Holy
Mother when She first spoke ta thy Sister, She said ta give mes­

sages Jn a simple and easy languaa.e. She could have spoken as

any college student, but She knows Her children here on earth,
many of them need a simQ!e language for understandin.8.
One of the largest and most terrible mistakes is made when
they are late for M~s. They have no respect for Our Lord and
Gad in the Tabernacle when they come late ta Mass. This does
not mean when they have a true excuse, sa do not come and say,
"weil, this and that happened." When something happens, your
cammon sense should tell you that you did the best of your ability,
but when you are late because you have taken your time or Mer­
slr.2:t, or some. notion as that; and do not stay away from ass
oecause you might be five minutes late. Some have done that.
"Oh 1 would rather stay home than be late!" That mark is used
against you in triplicates for Gad the Father in Heaven knows
what you are doing and what you are not doing. Remember, God 11
the Father in Heaven is always about YQU. He sees, He hears and
He knows ail that vou are doing. Vou as adults should know this.
Vou as adults should teach thaLtu-your chIldren. Ask the youth
ta honor their father and mother, ta not lie or cheat behind their )
parents' back, or their teachers or Priests. Lying gets them nowhere
for Gad knows ail. Teach them a proper catechism sa that they
know the truth.
Yes, St. Francis.
As St. Joseph said, St. Francis again !:.,emi nds me. that vou
h ve beautiful children, you have ood children if they are
taught properly ta ove ei[ rd and Gad, th<ir Savior, when
at Mass ta be attentive. Teach your children the proper pro­
cédures of Mass, which is now being neglected. If the child is
not taught ta honor Their Lord and Gad as the Lamb of Gad,
Mass is just a verbal maneuver ta them and when it is over, oh
goodie! we can go. The true devotion is not in their hearts. It must
he ut there and it can be taught by the parents. The parêrïts
are responsl e or every chll. 1 IS a ecome an nOnOrableJ
young man or woman, It ISUP ta the parent, no one else, "e'ir
folks, no one3lse. Y2-ur Pnësts can talk ta them, your teachers
can talk ta them, but if the parents do not fuJfill their du!y, may
Gad have mercy on you.
Mary Ann struck her breast three times and said:
Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you.
Mary Ann blessed ail present.

That was a beautiful picture of .tite Sacred Heart up there on

that white spot there (tree limb). St. Joan and St. Therese held
it and it was a big one. Tt sbawed Our Lord with the Sacre<! Heart
and a bunch of children around Him. He had His hand on one of
their heads. 1 never saw Him like that. He. i~ beautiful. St. Francis,
St. Joseph and St. John were up in the trees, the maple tree.


Thank you, St. Peter. The Priests of today are not like the
Priests of old?
Yes, 1 understand that.
They are well-educated men, men of knowledge yet they do
not have the wisdom ta fulfill the laws of Gad. There can be ignor­
ance in those that feel they are sa well-educated. Is it really ignor­
ance or is il.S~2'111? Bath, thank you. WhY-, do we have sa many
that deny Our Lord, St. Peter? By that 1 mean they are denying
the truth, true faith and fundamentals that they as Apostles with
Our Lord and Gad, were instructed to fulfilI. Why are they deny­
ing that truth today? Why are they substituting with easier maxims
rather than Christ's fulfillment? Yes, 1 would like ta know why.
The sins of the world. The men of the cloth have destroyed
the religious woman. The sins of the world will continue ta destroy
the right. For those of the True Faith and love of God are tao
weak in body and flesh ta combat those wrongs. As you say, Sis­
ter, they rather seek the easier maxims. The Clergy of today must
return to the teachings of the True Faith of not the last ten years,
twelve years, twenty years, twenty-five years but at least back to 100
years ta study the Troe Fundamentals. For the îndoctnnatIon MS
6een gver many years. It was very graduaI. Amschel Mayer had
seen ta it that he sent men ta Rome ta usurp theTruth, ta dlsguise it,
tOÏÏÏake it easier. Fasting is a thing of the past, sacrifices, penances,
reparation, they do not want ta speak of it. Confession, Sister, will
be removed one of these days unless the people themselves fight for
it. It has ta come as Our Holy Mother told you. The laity must
work, it is the laity that must help ta r"stablish the Church. There
are many good Priests who fear those of the liberal schOO1, ~-
dl!)' you have numbers 01 Hierarchy 01 the liberal mind. Pen!e.
costalism has destroyed the true thinking oLm~y a religi~an,
i{ ~ and~é!y~n. T~y....È..o not want ta believe that it was the
S~p~eme Grand Mes~ho startëg !!.~2'mSc~a~



wrack and their minds be so disillusioned in sorne institutions, in

somé homes;or tlley crawl in sorne corner wnereno~s.
Yes, that sere, dripping,yX!1Q1l1. Help Thy Holy Mother 50 that)
She can crush the serpent with Her heeI and save thy Nation. Tum
tlly NatÎon 6ack to G...9d. ~Y Ela~ with teue love,-ma-k~
gforious "Old Glory." Thy tâtüe Ofiberty stands with its arm

~ upraised for justice, yet, ~~r~J.~..)h~J!1.~~~ when you murder
thousands and thousands ofj.!1E~ent litt!e_~ic!inwthat have harmed
no one? Through the moment pt],leaSiïre between man and woman
th~'Yere coiïëëlvëa an tIi~'-!1us..LPjlY thu~nalty. Think abàut
it' how horrible it is. he ..;are paying the penalty for the sm of
lust. For if a married couple, in their moments of passIOn, deE-Y
I[tM birthright of a conceived child, they are murderers, they are
Thank you.
Mary Ann lowered her head to the kneeler for sorne time.
While in this position she shook her head and said, "No, no!" She
raised her head and looked up into the trees momentarily and
then said:
Thank you, St. Francis, l will try. Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently and
Thank you, St.:..l'!:..ancis, SL!<?hn and S_t-,-JQS.eph. Bless the
people, please, and P_l!!.iP-_t~_t~iLh~~rt_U~_tN~.lQY.~__Q.LQ.Qd and
aIl the Saints that have shown themselves here, and those that are
with us even though we do not know they are present. Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed those assembled at the Sacred Spot.


Thank you, St. Francis. Yes, Mother Cabrini, l understand.

J will have a difficult time saying it like you do. Thank you.
To do this work you musta be precise, you musta always
keepa Marna Maria in youe heart. You musta think of Thy Lord
and God 10 Heaven firs!, lasta and always. You musta spëaKto
Him many times a day, to help to guide you. Oh, Satan, he is
lever. he will thrQW Qbstacles in YOUf way. He will trx to destroy
~. Now l giva you advice many years ago to driva your auto­
mobile 50-60 miles an hour. Now your govemment is asking you
to 50-55, oh yes, you get fined when you go 60. l was too lenient
with you, you capish? ,It saves lives, it saves precious and hard

to get funds to supply much by being more economical. There is

truly no shortage, there is no need for this yet you have it and
it is serious. Your heat as well as fuel for vehicles he they train,
truck, ship or automobile. We have asked you here, you have
ignored it. You have a tremendous task here. S~e
unborn is a mighty. mighty beautüul task. Our 1 Nd and Gad will
exault JOu in Heaven for every life tbat fOU are saving. Do not take
thy work here as if it is meaningless. It is a tremendous task and
sorne of you do beautiful work, sorne of you give much, yet we
would like full accomplishment, no half-measures. We seek the
Rosary, reparation, charitableness, love of Marna M~ria, le~us

Christus and all of us Saints who stand with you if JOu stand wlth

1.!!!l'J..5, 1974 - FEAST OF ST. HENRY

"Distribute and print more brochures and see that they reach
your vital institutions. Yes, so that they reach aU vital points. You
mean hospltaIs, doctor's offices, Churches, even in department
stores when accepted" (cefers to Infapts' Home Brochures). When
doing this work be sure to dO. it witb true love and cliârÜableness Jl1
at aU times. Keep a smile on your face no matter how unsmiling
( the situation might be, smiIe. Thank you.


Mary Ann looked up high and all around the trees for some
time. She seemed to be viewing or listening to something very
carefully. She blessed herself three times and said:
Thank YOll, St. Francis.
She leaned back and looked into the trees to the left and to
the right, then said:
Yes, St. Therese. Thanks, Therese, thank you. Is it that long?
Yes, it is twenty years tonight that your severe sutfering began.
y ou beca~ bedridden for a while. You sutfered blindnessand

s eechlessness, those were tremendous ains for ou' es eciaIfy

wit sm children to try to gui e and protect, ye{ unable to speak

ttna~;!11 al limes even unable to see them. I~ ex!!!!lQ.le -9f what

LSU1!.er, that live always in the darkness and many tfiat are
speechless. For you it was a different type of suffering. Yo~
the sufferings were for the wrongs and the sins of the eartb, thy

people, the people Thy Holy Mother gave you to stand and suffer

for. Vou accepted this and at times it became unbearable. Yes,

Sister, we whispered in your ear to have courage and there were

ti~hen 1 wiped vour sweating brgw when the pain wracked

our body and vou twisted backwards, yes, 1TIêë you called it, in

a pretzel. You suffered for thy community, for those who have come

here and for their families. They do not even know this nor do they

1understand. You suffered for many of those that today do not

\ understand or appreciate. It is not even ~ a sm by the
ffiajo~ of them.
Parents watch thy children that they do not become so reck­
less that they forget the sin, the black sin; that they do not forget
when they are breaking the commandments, it is a sin. The Ten
Commandments are very seldom spoken of, they are not explained
to the youth, they are not brought about. They do not explain the
Divinity of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. They do not ex­
plam the Passion, and how through the Passion and Death on the
Cross, that it was the Redemption of man through death and sj!f­
fering and His Glorious Resurrection. It is not taught that the
Glanous Resurre-ctum opened the Gatesof Heaven for aU to enter
who do not sin, who strive and work nard to overcome their weak­
ness, their frailtiès and try to do right and j~t. Yes, my dear Sister,
tIlyStruggle then was very severe. Tôday you still suffer what you
injured in those days. Vou wrecked many ligaments in your abdo­
men, in your limbs and in your side. You had a weakened back
and this only helped weaken it sorne more. VOU QfIered tbis UQ
for thy Savior, for thy people that you loved very much. Sister,
thy cross has not lessened but it will become heavier, from the
weight upon it as the-sins of th~ own....people. increa~; those)1
that are. moving into this vicinity and do !!Q.L understand properly,
yet they connect themselves with the Shrine. ~.e.~ople Will
help weigh your cross uRon your shoulder. Thy arm aches some­
times. You do not know why. It is because you must hang onto
that cross to try to struggle and hnng forth the-wiuaDd wishes
of Tby Roly Mother. She gave you that load to carry. Shesëéks
only.-thL"_RQsar-y,-toJiYe a nghteous me, tQ love Her Divine Son
m...Qf.e..-and-lIlQl:e, children to do liiewjse, to l5ëSUre
}!our children are taught the ways of Jesus Christ. It sounds so
tremendous, yet it should be in daily lives. It should not be a heavy
load to carry, it should be in your hearts and in your daily lives.
DQ not listen to the whisEerings of ~. Do Dot be tempted

the foolish glitters he flashes before y.Qu. This should be a ground

of prayer, prayer and love, silence, a place where after the Rosary
they can kneel and meditate, they can unburden their souls in this
quiet and peaceful area. Do you understand me, Sister? l, St.
Therese, worked and suffered, many times bit my lips for the pain
was excruciating but 1 kept fulfilling and doing my dutY for 1 was
doing it for my Spouse, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Isn't that what
you are doing these things for? 1 ask you isn't that what you
seek to do? Do not make a heavy cross of a most glorious and most
invigorating joy that it will bring you. Do not make a cross out of it
for it is not. It will bring you the Glory of Glories for the joys and
the happiness of eternity. Be courteous, be faithful, be loving, be
charitable, be willing to sacrifice and willing to make reparations.
Fulfill these things, Sister, and those with you. May God bless you,
and keep up your courage, do not weaken, Sister.
Thank you, St. Francis.
Mary Ann explained that the Blessed Mother was dressed
like the regular statue of Our Lady here except She had Rer same
blue habit or mantle, gr whatever you caU it, with a darker one
over the top of it. She held a Brown Scapulal," and Rer Rosary
in Rer hand. She wasn't exactly like Our Lady of Mt. Carmel that
we are used to seeing. She was dressed like She usually is here,
except for the dark mantle; and of course St. Therese was dressed
up very nice also. St. Joan stood way over to the side.

fuIy 19, 1974­


Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said, Thank you,
St. Francis. Yes, Mary Magdalene, 1 understand, Mary Magda­
lene. Yes, 1 know the sins are increasing rather than diminishing.
In many homes the children are the head of the house in­
stead of the father. As long as the father is not the head of the
house, that home cannot succeed in the way Our Lord and God
wants it to. A true Christian home is one where the father is the
head of the house. There are rare exceptions made to this which
cornmon sense should explain itself.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said:
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you for blessing the people.
Mary Ann said that St. Francis, Mary Magdalene, Sr. Mary
Magdalene were here tonight.


Mary Ann knelt and looked up into the trees for sorne tirne,
blessed herself three times and said:
Thank you, St. Francis, Thank you for blessing the people.
Later Mary Ann said:
1 saw sornething unusual tonight. 1 saw Mary Magdalene go
to the welI and while she was at the well she was torrnentedand
taunted and sorne nasty things were said about h~r until Our Lord
came walking by and sat down. He spoke to the people. What
He said 1 do not know. Th~ started to walk away and she walked
up to Our Lord then, an<LthL~g-\Vorna!l-wI:!Q...Fas with her,
handed her a jar. She took off Our Lord's sandals and washed
Ris feet because He had been on a long, long journey. ~et
were alI sore and tired and whatever else tQ.ey were. Sh~!:ubbed
them good and put the sandals back on and He blessed her. Then
the picture disappeared.--.-.-· ..__ "'h _

The next one was,~eets His Holy Mother. 1 imagine it

was a market lace where they were bu in things.-Our Holy
Motber met up with her ather, because she was taking care of a
child that had injured itself. She was putting sorne ointrnent on it,
on its bruised knee and it had a sore on the ankle bone, a bleeding
sore. Our Holy Mother walked up to her and spoke to her. The \?
baLhobblçd on. His own rnother met hirn, she looked like his
own rnother, it seerned like a farnily anyway, so she bowed and
thanked Mary Magdalene. 1 didn't understand buLtllillJ~hat
tlie motIons, the actions seemed to say, and Our Holy Mother
spôke loneraIfêl they walTëèoofftogether and that scene vanislÏed.
- The next scenewas then with Our Holy Mother meeting with
M'rft Magdalene and sorne of the women and they came into
thiSlttle hüt where the Passion 6egins and then the scene in the
Upper Room. t~.?~~#~t~t flashed before me was Mary
Magdalene wipi~~_.Jd'0ee.t.3f~e~. es, with her
golden hair, she WlpOO His feet. She tried to wipe sorne of the
blood, etc., that was on His feet. Our Lord when He walked, His
feet were bruised and sore. Then she droRRed down and was sob-
bing at the foot of the Cr_Qss. Again she kissed His feet. The next
thing 1 was shown was Mary Maadalene heading for the Tomb
and found it open and empty.
1 never learned anything about Mary Magdalene, ooly what
1 saw in the Passion and that is all 1 ever knew about her. 1 never

saw what 1 saw tonight. 1 think it was where they'" were casting
st~es at_her. When 1 was praying, what that could have been
reaIly, what she could have been doing, they call it "anointing,"
weIl 1 always thought they "lUlQW.t" them when they are close
to death, so somehow-I fiave neverused that word.. . but she cle~ed
His feet and comforted Him. 1 never knew or heard of that scene
1 saw there in the market-place. There was poultry, fruit and
\ vegetables in there, so you know it was a market-place.

July 26, 1974 - FEAST OF ST. ANNE AND sr. JOACHIM

Mary Ann blessed all present with the Good Friday Crucifix.
While praying she looked up into the trees, blessed herself three
times and said, thank you, St. Joachim.
Daughter, 1 will give you a statement and prayer which in­
cludes my Spouse.
Yes, St. Anne, yes, 1 understand. 1 will try.
Daughter, this 1 would like for you to wI'ite down later. God
the Father in Heaven, so willed that St. Joachim and St. Anne be
blessed through conc~Rtion in their later years and brought forth
one beautiful daughter, who thus was chosen by Gad the Father
in Heaven to be the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. From the
tirrte of conception to the birth of Mary, a great love entwi~d
the three hearts into One. Through this great love graces ftowed
to the Child Mary who loved Her true parents. This great Love
dwelt in Her Heart for etemal life with the greatest of aIl being
for Her Divine Son and God.
Prayer: Oh, Gad the Father in Heaven, Thou hast blessed
St. Joachim and St. Anne ta be the True Parents of Our Holy
MOffler, Who thus became the Mother of Our Lord Jaus Christ.
1 seek the intercession of Thy Grandfather, St. Joachim and Grand­
mother, St. Anne, lzI. Th)' wace. dear Lord. to help guide me, al~
poor sinner, ta become worthy ta pronounce Thy Holy Name,
Jesus Christ, and ta be worthy ta obtain pardon of my sins, sa that
1 can gain eternal happiness through Christ Our Lord. Am~
There are sorne that have missed today because they thought
that they had more important things to do. This day was set aside
by My Daughter, Mary, chosen by Her, for
and Her fathee very much. She asked that this day be set aside in
prayer and it is to be kept thus by aIl here present in this commun­
ity, as weil as those that care to travel to come here. God's bless­

ings on those who made this special sacrifice. We understand at

times that it is not comfortable, but turn back the years and see how
comfortable it was for many travelers in my day, for instance. Sons
and daughters, we, too, traveled. We had to lay aside days and days
to make what you cali a short journey. If lhere is willingness to sac­
ri~, many thin· scan be accomplished with 'ust a little time and
effort.. Sons and daughters, thi shou d be the eates . .
Nation. Do not destroy it. Pray every day for family unity.
( lJ.Il the family in strength, in love under the Mantle of my Daugh­
- ter, Mary. There are times She would love to enfold you in Her
Mande, but because of the behavior of yourselves, of your selfish­
ness, She must hold back. Do not make Her do this. Be true child­
ren, God-fearing, God-loving.
My Grandson loves you. Do you love Him? Do you care for
Him at all? If you have a small pain, remember My GrandSO~Sll
ains were much heavier, much more severe. The Cross cut into His
shoulder, cut into His neck, bruised the side of His head. Your cross
is only small, accept it, carry it with love. Say: "Lord, My God, 1
love You, my cross is not heavy," and then accept it. Do not become
angry and in instances say the wrong things in anger. Keep calm,
keep coIIeeted,:pe precije ID thougfits and wQids. Anger is a big
mistake in anyone's life. There is a just anger, yes, but the majority
of the time it is an_unjust anger. Fulfill My Daughter Mary's work,
and make this "a Little Bit of Heaven." May this glorious day
end in your hearts with love for my Spouse, my Daughter, my
Grandson and, all the Celestials who love you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said, Thank you,
St. Joachim. Mary Ann looked towards the Sacred Spot and at
this point the same deep voice was heard through Mary Ann to
say, "Blessings upon ail of you."

Mary Ann said, "Thank you."

August 5, 1214 - OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS

Mary Ann blessed ail at the Sacred Spot with the Good Fri­
day Crucifix. While praying she looked up into the trees several
times for sorne time. She seemed to be hearing or viewing some­
thing that distressed her very much.
Oh pray for him, oh no, oh why, why poor Pope Paul, no
why? Poor Pope Paul, poor Pope Paul, oh how awful.
Mary Ann blessed herse1f three times and said:

Thank you, St. Francis, thank you. Yes, St. Francis, yes, 1
know. Yes, St. Joan, St. Therese, 1 know you are both here. Thanks,
St. Dominic, thank you, thank you, St. Dominic. The Rosary, the
Rosary, yes, 1 know. 1 know that, only prayers would have chan~d
that. God's punishment will befall the earth if enough prayers are
notsaid, i~eople that love Our Lord and GQd do not sW;uY )
their feelings of holiness, their love of Gad, love of Holy Motliëë,
the love of the Saints and their love of the Eucharist. Stand up,
for the time is now here to stand up, to come forth as true children
of God, not the enemy's title but God's children.


we will give you a little example of what it is ail about, but this
is only a little pittance of what thy Sister viewed last night. STAND
UP as TRUE CHRISTIANS, save the lives of the unborn, millions
destroyed, save them. May God have mercy on your souls.


Mary Ann blessed ail present with the Good Friday Crucifix,
after a short time she leaned back, smiled and said:
Blessed Mother, l'm not worthy, l'm not worthy. Thank You.
St. Peter, St. John, St. James Major, St. Jude, St. Andrew, St.
Simeon, thank you.
Mary Ann draws back as if in awe.
Yes, Holy Mother, 1 saw this before, thank You. l'm not
worthy, l'm not worthy, l'm not worthy. Thank You, Holy Mother.
The women who took care of You were St. Elizabeth, St. Mary
Magdalene, St. Mary under the Cross, St. Martha and another
Elizabeth. What is the music? It is so beautiful! Please let us ail
hear it, please.
Mary Ann leaned back and said,
Help me, please, Holy Mother, l'm not worthy.
Mary Ann started to cry and said,
l'm sorry. My God, My God!
She continues to weep, gave a short gasp, continues to cry
and in a voice filled with emotion she said,
Crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth!
She sobbed and said,
Oh, Blessed Mother, why "am 1 shown this? l'm not worthy,
l'm not worthy, Holy Mother, oh please forgive me.
Mary Ann leaned back slightly again and said:
l'm not worthy. Thank you, St. Francis. Thank You, Holy
Mother. Holy Mother shed Your graces over our people here.
Holy Mother, could 1 repeat what 1 have veiwed? l'm afraid 1
will forget it.
My Child, the view you have just witnessed is for accuracy
to help portray the truth. That story, you, My Child, must write.
The pictures will portray the rest. You need not write much, only
a small explanation will he necessary. The early music you heard
was, HGlory in Excelsis Deo," the other you should recognize.
Now, My Child, 1 ask you to pray hard for thy Vicar of
Christ, His Holiness is weakening. The strain upon ms shoulders is

bearing down tremendously. We cannot help that weight, My Chi/d,

for the sins of this earth are so dark and black. The corruption has
grown by leaps and bounds. My Child, they heed not My messages,
nor do they heed the Word of God. They put their own interpre­
talions on My Divine Son's teachings to make it easier. They seek
easier maxims in the Priesthood. My Priest-sons could help very
much to balance the scales of this tremendous burden that has
fallen upon the Pope. He is a good man. The errors he made were
not because of himself, but because of those about him, those who
have misquoted him; those who have given false statements in
place of his. He does not want the Mass altered. He wants the
( Mass said the way My Divine Son instituteqJtQn1!..Q.b!.7'h/:lrsday. L'n.
1 He does not seek for an easier way. My Divine Son gave the Mass
l on, H,qJxJhursday to be for eternity here on earth, orïinTiTGodïhe
Father in Heaven so wills to change the earth if His children do not
obey His Commandments, the teachings of His Word. He will send
down the most tremendous punishment that this earth has ever
wilnessed, or this earth will ever see; for God, My Chi/d, is not
mocked. You cannot lqugh_yp_ t!'JJ! sleeve and expect Thy Lord
and God to forgive you. You cannot go to the Confessional and
say how sorry you are, and turn right around and do the same
thing over again in mockery of the Confessional. This is being
done, My Chi/d, today, in many, many areas. To take the time of
the Priest for their foolishness and then go out and boast about
it. This action will increase, for My sons have not stood up for
the TRUTH. Seeking the easier maxims is destroying what they
should fulfill, and that is the Word of God, the True Mass.
The Eucharist is mishandled. The Holy Wines are being sub­
stituted by juices. Oh, My Chi/d, they are not always grape juice,
Oh no, in one area in St. Louis they used,tomatQ,juice, My Chi/do
No, you'a;è mistakeii if yOü think It Tn-;;st grape j~ice, My Chi/do
God is not mocked. They don't seem to believe, My Chi/d, that the
punishment from God could be the most devastating that they have
ever seen. My Chi/d, [love My chi/dren here on earth and il grieves
Me deeply to have them turn their backs on Me, to ignore the Mes­
sages given in the last hundred years. They will have much to sufJer
when there will be true shortages of food. The enemy at this moment
has stored il up for themselves but when God's punishment comes
there will be none for them either. They will not be spared, My
Child. Cleanse the things placed before thy chi/dren. Teach thy
chi/dren the truth, the True Word 01 God, to dress Marylike. Do

not become naked in front of the other side of the sexes, dress
Marylike and dress conservatively. Do not wear red, purple, foolish
plaid trousers. Do not feminize thyself but stay men. Men look
like men not like a female. Unless you turn around, 1 have told
you, My Child, many years ago, you will not be able to recognize
them. It is only the bosom of the woman, or the beard of the man,
that will separate the distinction. Theil' attire should be completely
different. The Priest should not permit women to come into Church
improperly dressed. As long as they do these things they cannot
expect peace in thy country, nor can they expect the sins tD lessen,
for it is the temptations of women and of the man that are dressed
improperly, for the temptation not only befails the man but it also
befails the woman. They should be proud species, proud of them­
selves. !nstead they want to take over and rule manh09d, which
is not thechoice of Thy.kord and God. For you
~ -, know, My Child,
the Church and the:.First Mass on Holy ThursdaYi are not of women
but men. Remembertmf, My Child, rememoerfi always. You need
not accept the Eucharist in the hand of a Nun or a laywoman;
only if thy Bishop consecrates a Deacon, then only can you re­
ceive the Eucharist properly from the hands of a layman. Remem­
ber, only then, My Child. Had the faithful heeded My words and
My messages, the shortage of vocatwns would not 6e, but they
heeded not My pleas, My instructions; rather they chose their
own. This is the era when many taIse prophets will apeear. This
is the era when many falsehoods will be toid, and there will be
cures ot Satan because Satan is powertul to cure, remember that.
tJod has given him that pQwe~God will let him deceive the
people if they forget Him. Remember Thy Lord and God always.
You have many, many instructions here, fulfiil them, foilow them
and may My Divine Son's Mercy befail ail of you. God's blessing.
Thank You, Holy Mother, thank You.

Mary Ann blessed herself three times, very reverently.

Thank you, St. Francis. As usual Our Holy Mother appeared

it seemed shortly after 1 arrived. She showed Herseif in the mist

as usual, then She lowered Herself and She came over the small
ash trees here. She pointed again to the big maple tree. This time
1 saw an advancement of what 1 saw before. 1 believe 1 named
several Apostles that had gone into Our Holy Mother's room and
had prayed at Her bedside and had spoken to Her. When She
finally, suddenly raised Her hand, and it dropped down, She must
have gone into a deep coma. That 1 couldn't expiain, but it seemed




like She was. The Apostles walked out. 1 believe there were seven
of them. Mary Magdalene and sorne other women, the two that
were undei the Cross, came in and they anointed Her and wrapped
Her body for burial. After this 1 heard the beautiful music. As 1
saw last year, again these same Angels came into the room and
they picked up Our Holy Mother. As 1 explained last year, three
on each side and one at the feet. They again maneuvered Our
Holy Mother through the narrow door and they started up, and
this time, at the side, 1 saw the Apostles. They seemed to have
watched Our Holy Mother being taken out. They bowed their
heads and folded their hands, and they seemed to be in prayer.
While She went up into the air, they were kneeling down, they
were not watching, but they knew that the Angels were taking
Her from the room, that much 1 gathered. Slowly Our Holy
Mother's body arose into the sky. While She was going up the
music became so much more beautiful, louder and louder, and then
as 1 said last year, the wrappings began to come off, floating down­
ward and then Our Holy Mother disappeared. Ali of a sudden there
was a rumbling sound and a big, white cloud appeared in the sky
and that is when Our Holy Mother told me because She was there
in the trees, She kept scolding me for becoming emotional but
1 couldn't help it, 1 just couldn't. l'm afraid l'm going to do the
same thing now.
Mary Ann's voice was choked up with emotion. AlI of a
sudden Christ the King appeared sitting on a Throne and Our
Holy Mother, the way She appeared to me, sat next to Him, Her
golden hair flowing down, and then those same Angels that took
Her up, crowned Her, and that was the Coronation. l'm nQt worthy
of seeing this. 1 don't know why 1 sob lire tfiis. l'm just a worm.
1 don't know Why the.-y showed thiuo me Sh~continued to cry.
She said il is the way 1 love Our Lord. 1 never saw Our Lord like
that before. There are supposed to be seven men and seven women.
St. Thomas was the other Apostle. The women are Elizabeth'J
St. Mary under the Cross, another Elizabeth, St. Martha, Mary
of Cleophas, St. Mary Magdalene and another one.


Mary Ann knelt and blessed aIl present with the Good Friday
Crucifix. She leaned back after a five-decade Rosary was said,
looked up into the trees. She lifted her armS up ta aoout eye 1evel


and held them thus while she said, Oh, Immaculate Heart of Mary,
cleanse. my heart and bring down purity inta my soul. Cleanse
my iniguity from my body and bring purity inta my heart~
body sa that 1 may r~ ou, My Immaculate Heart of Mary
and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Pray for us, pray for us. Thank You,
thank You.
Yes, My Chi/d, one is born and another is lost, but to~ou
on earth not tQ Hea}j.!n. When building the House of PrEYer, place
the lmmaculate Heart Qf Mary as directed, but make il the one as
you saw Me now, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus because th~e ')
of thy Shrine is the ImmaculatLlko.IL.amLJ.he-.S..Clcred Heart en­
twined into One. For that is what the pi/grimages here must be, }
to honor the Imm.Q.culate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
the Medriatrix·between both My Divine Son a~. The impor­
tance is to entwine in/o man's heart thé true love of God. Enthr.
thy hearts to tFîe Immaculate Reart and the Sacrëd Heart.=rfyou
place vOijtselves witfïthem, My dear children, you cannot err;
nor can you be led astray, fQLwith the Two Hearts, you can oÎÙy
llhg'!!.utrength. The shedding of blood trom the TWOHearrs gives
y~ the anointed stren~-1.o do '[fty_Lord's,.1hY.. God in Heaven's,
1 Wi!j. But you must entwine t~ !!!E!..t with the Two Hearts, bring -'0
em into One. Vur blessin~11jiOn you, the Immaculate Heart
and the 'Sacred Heart through the hand of the blessing now of St.
Francis, thy Patron Saint.
Thank You, Holy Mother. Mary Ann lowered her head and
Thank You, St. Francis and Our Holy Mother, thank You.
Again Our Holy Mother held up Her arm as She did before
and encircled the people and St. Francis blessed them. She ~l!id the
Immacu1ate Heart (statue) is like Our Lady here. That is how
we are supposed to have Rer on top ~f the S'fiifne. She said that
very emphatically. The one from here as 1 saw Her, as 1 visioned
ner, is the way She showed Herself now.
Mary Ann knelt and blessed ail present with the Good Friday

Crucifix. After a time she looked up, blessed herself three times

and said:

Happy Birthday, dear Mother Mary. Thank You for the

beautiful scene, thank You. Thank You, thank You, 1 will. Wh

all these priviteges, l'm Dot worthy, l'm Dot worthy.




walls of your Church. It must be (éure wheat)and (fjure gmpes;
The-y- know t~s and-.1hfL.must care. They are ClüJi:(gini1t.
Some of you were shocked when you were told or read this. My
Child, 1 have shown you this in the years 1955, 1956, 1958. Check
througIJ Y-Q!&Lw!!rk, My Child, and Y0l!:. will (md w~ere 1 havegiven
Ilthese changes that are now about you. They shocked you then
and _n~w theY_J11a~~ y@ slu-!dder toSée it come iffJUll reall15i-:My
Divine Son has sufJered müCh. He died and shed His Blood for
the saving of mankind and yet thèYTïéar Him noT Evenrhe sons,
My Priests heed not, care not, or they could not use invalid material
on the Altar Of God. 1 could name many varieti'ëS they are using, but
that woulcrnotbe here nor there. It is being done in the United
States of America. It is being permitted by many American Bishops
and Cardinals aM especially many of the Priests are doing many of
these things unbeknown to their Bishop. If the laity oppose these
actions, then they should write to their Bishop. Their Bishop, in
man)' cases, would not believe them, would ignorut,...hïitÎJL/2fl!sis­
( ~ Write to them and let them know that you love thy Chwch. Let
them know that you onlY-.l!lant the truth and no! appeasement,
or do you want to be ulled into the One-World Church or the
One-World Governmem, tes ave stale 0 all the whites? Think
about ft, My Chi/d, think a out lt. FU/Ill tms message tonight.
Now My blessing upon you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.

Thank You, Roly Mother, thank You. Thank You for blessing

the people.
Mary Ann described the scene she saw as follows:
1 saw Our Roly Mother ail wrapped up in swaddling c10thes as
an Infant. She has beautiful eyes, they are so blue. She was already
wrapped in swaddling clothes and St. Anne was sitting on the
edge of the bed and St. Joachim was kneeling on the fioor beside
her, looking on. Re was at St. Anne's right side. Re already had
gray hair, beard and ail. The swaddling c10thes were aIl white.
St. Anne was in regular c1othes. She didn't look like a young St.
Anne, she looked like an older person. Our Roly Mother blessed us.

September 12,1974 - THE HOLY NAME OF' MARY

Mary Anne knelt and blessed aIl present with the Good Fri­
day Crucifix. After a time she looked up and blessed herself three
times very reverently and- said:

Thank you, St. Francis. To remind them to kew-,+t' ",""Uf' ....

Psalmj? Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently again
and said:
Thank you, St. Francis. Thank you for blessing the people.

Please give them the iift and the graces to understand that it is not

liôw good we think we are, but to do God's work in humility, true

Our Holy Mother was like an ei~ht- or ten-year-oldJ1[essed all
in white. She had an armful of roses, w!ili.e and red. What part that
i'SI wouldn't understand. They didn't explain it. AlI white, similar
to a first communicant. The veil came down below Rer ~
embroi3ery around the edge. She was standing ona white~
She looked eight to ten years old. She was standing with sorne
~ behin3 Her, a golden sheen over it. She was .a1l..alQp.e. l
aiOÏ1ot see anyone else with Her. l should have seen Good St.
Anne and St. Joachim. This is the first lime l have seen Her like
tl}is..J have seen' Her as a child with golden hair but never with
a ~)In fact the head veil came way down on Her arm. She put
Her arms out like that, (Mary Ann stretched her arms out slightly)
She had the roses in Her.» arm. Lçlo not know what i~-

seqg. l saw it on this day.
September 15, 1974 - THE SEVEN SORROWS
This was the fourth vigil of the day. Mary Ann blessed all
with the Good Friday Crucifix, shook her head, "No, no," and it
sounded as though she was crying.
l'm so sorry, Holy Mother. l feared you would show me this.
Yes, My Child, 1 have shawn you the Wu that are saddening
My Heart. They are [eCr~cjtYing M)! Divine Son. Yes, My children,
who were created by Go ta be the image of Himself, yet they are
me ones that are r cr '. 'ns My Son daily. My Child, what you
wltnesse IS going a al y. Yes, you noticed the mound has grown
tremendously. 8y this picture, look at it, these have been infants
and fetuses that have /ived through cruel treatfrJE}t. These are
being used as mere animais. God's creation, the animal is being
used for tesling, but the-are now using the ima e of themsel-ves, flll
the creation 0 Gad the Father in Heaven' alld not or t e good JI
but Qr the wrong. This is not medicat science, My Child, this is
planned br the evil, b)! !ÉLgodleSs, by (hase that want to ruin the
Nation and the children.

Mary Ann shuddered and said,

l'm sorry, Roly Mother.

Yes, My Chi/d, it breaks your heart ta see this, but 1 must

show this ta you, My Chi/d, sa that vou knQjV }jIha.t ~ing done.
Harvard Univer~ty is one of them that has practiced this frJr
r a number of years. Long before the 1950's they have tried ta br~ng
J an in ant ta this earth wilhout a mother. Now .!l!fY~
fetus two-thirds grown for producing purposes, and man)' for un­
~ godly purposes. These ali are wrong. My Chi/d, it saddens Me
Hj that My children heed not My pleas. They hear not My voice, nor
do they hear the cali of My Divine Son to spread the Ward of Gad
in truth, in the righteous way. They are changing the name of the
lflaSS: You hfWe heard this before, My Child, many years aga,
that they will use the ward, "celebration", i'1stea~he Sacri-
(fi ce of the Mass. n They are removin the Divinit a My Divine
Son, your Gad. youe Creator. your Savior. Check back yourse ves
{;;some of the notes taken at the side of the Victim sufJering, where
il tells J'ou these things, (hat very important was given. Thy Sister
is suflering tor ail ot );'ou. This is the role she must elay. This 1
chose her for in the )lear 1949, unbeknown ta her, she was chosen
J110!lJLbetore the happenings.
- Thank You, thank You. Mary Ann leaned back slightly
and blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank You, Roly Mother, thank You.
Mary Ann held up her crucifix, then said:
Thank You.
She blessed herself three times with the crucifix, shook her
No, no, l'm not. Thank you, St. Joan and St. Therese. She
blessed all present.
September 19,1974 - OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE
Mary Ann blessed ail present with the Good Friday Crucifix.
After a pause she said:
No, have mercy on us, have mercy on us. Yes, 1 expected
that. Our Lady of LaSalette pray for us, please pray for us. Yes,
1 understand. The compgrisnn is way out of proportion. May 1
repeat this?
At the time of LaSalette, the Sabbath was not kept. T~ 1{
worked on the Sabbath as weil as the week day. ThLClergy were
breaking their YQwsL-sin ~as running rampant. The punishment

was quite severe, but the sins of today, in comparison, would take
ten LaSalettes. The sins are so h1aclc, the lives tQat h~
hl t~. The outh whose lives m~ and bodies that have been
• tro . he Church, Thy Lord and Go rnstltute, has not
been followed as He instituted..Jt. The Clergy are falling into the
hlackest of S1OS, 10stead of them showing the Way and the Light
and the Truth. On Sunda s as weil as week days, business runs
twenty-four hours a day. G IS orgo en. e t Ir y pleces of
sifver, that is important. The dollar sigg. not Thy Lord and God,
not Qur Holy Mother. She has been removed off Rer pedestal or
other places, Sicle Altars. Any Marian devotion is heing removed A
and this is not being spoken of the coming years but of the year
1974. The mound has grown so much since fust shown to thy
Sister. Thy Nation will have to retaliate. Thy Nation will face
the greatest devastation, destruction which God so wills, for the
millions of lives of the uuborn, whose lives have been takenIiïtiiY
Nation as weil as in the Eastern Hemisphere. Thy Holy Mother
spoke and gave messages in 1950 for Bishops, Priests and Cardi­
nais that they should heed the words of Their Lord and God, and
that they should not scandalize their Church uor the vows that they
had taken during their Ordination, or they would face a similar

Ilpurge as the, Eastern Hemisphere l'tad faced. l'he pumsbment in

the Eastern Hemisphere is no comparison to the destruction of
humanity. Ali your wars, âll your accidents, aIl lives cannot re­
place the unbom that have been taken abortion), for mauy un­
born there are no recor 5, ept of them. Thousands of them, as
~ young as twelve years old, SchoQI children {hat should still be by
their father and mother's side, know what it is tn have a suction
put upon them and an infant that is unwanted removed. Many of
these young girls with the ills that the h ve be takin luslJ~
the suction, wil never he able to roduce a human life no matter
how a y t ey want one especially in the future years whçn truly
tfiey would get mauied. The day is coming as it has been given
~ bêfc)re, marriage vows will mean nothing. But gradually they win
turn back ct then the will stan naked or Gad will have aban- J
doned \hem. ,..They will have no chance of hringing forth a c d,
their own. ~or will they be able to obtain a child, for the worQWl­
win be ru~~ed; Sanhood will he ruined for manj; youn\~
ve een st~dl~ s oun 60 s. Many peopfe 0 not DO
~..:td1 ~ le ve
nur ears.
o IN..;"" , '"!.... 1'1'r r 1 '1,­
""'-'::l 40'\ .$

Iii r 1" ~ 1'7 'n'r .\


Yes, God will not be mocked. The punishment will he severe,

for as they suffered during the time of LaSalette, they will suffyr
.much, much, more now. At LaSalette they tao worked on the
Sabbath. They committed the blackest of si!}s. The Clergy min.r#d \\1
with the women in those days as they are today. The dlsrespectl JU
for the Euêharist as it is today, was then. SA God sent His Holy
other to wam them of their folly and ta promise them of the
suffering and the devastation that they would meet. You, today,
will also face the greatest of devastations, destructions for the sins
and the murder of the unborn. May thy Lord and Gad have mercy
on you, have mercy on you. Sacrifices, reparations, penance are
needed to keep sanity in thy Nation, for the minds of many have
been destroyed by marijuana, 1..SD, nero!p. Many, many drugs
have rumëd me mmds, ~ot cOj?ly but enough that the) are
unableJo...f:J.m.çtion normaUy. Ye the eQSmx OLilii "ÇhUich lîîi:re
keet their minds clear and are also NOT abortjng but raising their
'amUies. For the funds of the International Ban,ker is providing
carëPius medical, physical and whafever needed. The man w@
is the head of thy Nation is apuppet on a string. For the _ ­
national_er will ml. ~n~ ~ as ir lits,-"!-iI
~d~Il way R~~lSI J;wt DOW,Jt _wiï(~~forJ~n
.1 u-

L a f un Gad, Thy mer

l eaven, says T
Cleanse thy ~, cleanse thy~, cleanse thy.. mind, keep
them pure. Do the Will of Thy Father in Heaven, fulfill the Queen
of Heaven's Messages. Follow the advice of the Saints. THE HOUR
RAs STRUCKl There is no more time. The only thing that is
left ta do is ta try ta save the souls of men for it is far tao late
to<I9.otherwse. They heeded not our Holy Mother's pleas. Nearly
itRfi2le 5;ea{Sl have passed, they heeded not Her pleas. .MYE
T 111 OF MEN. ~ what we ask tonight. for i~lilP
~ tm Nation. May Gad have mercy on you, may od
ave meï'cy on you.
Mary Ann lowered her head. After a short period Mary Ann
blessed herself three times very reverently and said,
Thank you, St. Francis.
September 29, 1974 - ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL
Mary Ann blessed all present with the Good Fridayfri.©.fix.
After a short time she looked up, seemed to be viewing or listen­
ing ta something.



1. Therese) just smiled at me."

September 30, 1974 - ST. THERESE ENTERS HF;AVEN

Mary Ann knelt and blessed all present with the Good Friday
Crucifix. After a time she looked up and said:
Sarry, yes, 1 will. Why me? It's sa beautiful, why me? Yes,
Joanie, l'm not worthy, l'm not worthy. Oh Therese, oh Therese.
Yes, 1 know, yes, 1 know, give me the strength ta, please give me
the strength. Oh no, 1 don't know how ta suffer like you do. You
always had a smile, y.ou always had a smile.
Mary Annieaned back slightly, blessed herself three times
very reverently and said:
Thank you, St. Francis. Yes, St. Therese.
Sister, the- suffering and the pain will be tremendous for all
who truly love Gad and Gad loves them. Sister, He will give you
part of His Cross ta carry and allthe wounds in His Body and
the ruptures and the thorns in His Head, and the blows of the
hammer on His wrists and His feet. All those, He permits others
ta suffer with Him, just a smite, because, Sister, He loves vou an~
He loves those that honor Him, especially, those that seek. help
\ and call upan furrLm-any times a Jiay. He gives.1!~u~n~_lLhea,,::ier
cross than it is humarily possible for the_vic!!m ta ~ear; nor will)1
He give â pam sa excruciafing tfiâCifWOuld be impossible for one
ta survive. He does not permit these things, not when H~es
them; but yet, dear Sister, there is a difference. Gad the .. atRe;'
in Heaven, Gad th~ and Gad the ~oSt: T~iY p~
Satan ta put all his cunningness and ail h~ into man. \
~It tfilS ta happe!L.-Man~ a_ man has! his fel10w l11an

tremendOUS pain and suffering. Suffering through cruelty. You
have heard of very cruel happenings. Yes, clear SIste0ey hap­
penëd and they were permltted ta happen, but the Victim who
dIea under tnese horrible situations, u~uallLiQunQ his way into
Heaven. It was the ones that applied the sufferings and the blows
thâtfOund their way into Hellfire. See, dear Sister, Our Lo~nd
Gad is very merciful. He ictSYàu suffer ta redeem thy fellow man,
ta save ~l, or ta save one frOID excruciating pa!~. He permits \
these things but only to the Qgint where it is endurable. It might II
leave vou weak, it might cause vou agonizing pain. He wi!!-PerI!!:it
this because He loves you and He wants ta share His sufferings
with you. For, Sister, we ail, if we 10véGod and we love His -aoly..
Mothe-r, are permitted ta ~re with The~ ta ~lk with Them, \~
ta walk Calvary's way; an~ dear Sister,e er: is s~ul Ul

and ~ ~:gin~is sa Jremendous. For when you say, "good­

bye" to IS . ea ,and you start your new life, you will walk
i~ Heavenly glories if you are willing while on earth, ta accëpi

~ love ln your hearts. Love thy nelghbor as thyself. Sistef:"We

have repeated these words sa many times, yet you forget, why?
the greatest test. Stand yp as tIue soldiers Of GOël.""Stand up with 1.

You daim you love Our Holy Mother. Y~lm-sou love Thy~
Lord and God. Bl!.!....!LYou ~fiH~ you are willing to walk with 1 !
l-Ïim; y~~!!_w! share t e p!!.in~heartaëhes,}ilong with
1lfë100d. But ta expect life"1015ë' aIl just g~it cannat be, or 1 1
( you would not be sharing yourself with Your Lord and Gad, for
when He walked the earth, He suffered. Oh, He suffered many
) 1 pams in Ris Heart ta wlitch His fellow man, ta watch them aH
about Him, that were offending His God and their God in ~n.
They forgot that God the Father created ail men, no matter what
color of their skin. God the Father in Heaven created them and left
His Son to walk the earth as man. And He was man, for sa GOd
the Father willed it. He suffered with them. Yes, dear Sister, it
is true la alt , true convictions, be willing ta ~e, do lP.§ge
and eparatio, for ofi4Cthen wilLthe-gate-s-.Q[lkay.en open u
III to you. s, ister, you are right, Our Holy Morhet and QlJ[-LQ!:d
es~s Christ are inse.Perable, you are ri~ht. ~
Thank you, t6àhlc you, St. Therese, you look so beautiful.
Thank you. Thank you, St. Francis.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently and
Thank you, St. Francis. Thank you for blessing our people.
~ay the Holy Watet in which the roses were dipped and sprinkled
above our people, may it penetrate our Reo'ple tonight as St.
Therese sa wished it, and thank you, St. Francis, for giving thy
blessing. You gave them not only the regular blessing but ~ ­
in~ltbe Third_Order...o.c-SLErancis. Thank you.
St. Therese moved forward after the big scene 1 saw of her.
Oh, she was beautiful tonight. She went over and she went up above
aIl the people, she had something in heLha,nd. She went like this
with (Mary Ann said, "holy water?") a.rn:Lshe sprinkled it ail
over them and she came down by the Sacred Spot and stood just
ahout on the ground and blessed the Seor;o-t spliîrikled something
on the SP.ot. She stood there for a while and then came back up.
During that time, St. Francis started to bles~Il)e sa :L~o!1ldn't
watch ber 1!!!YE'l0re. Evidently she put the~s into wat~es

e~~~es she spxjn!Qed. Oh, she was so-.b~iful tonight.

l do not know what made it so special as l see her lots of times.
She even .hl!d a 'Veil,you know_LMary Ann pointed
to the edge oLwhere-a~veiLwouldJ>e just oflthe f~t a few--!~s.
S~ reallyJoQ~au.tiful; of course this is the clay she went to
Heaven,_a~~dax fo.I..I:!.er. St. Joan was to the slde, she Just
~ to the side. St. Francis came forward and he blessed us.
St. Therese always carries a bouquet of red roses. l saw the Cross
again and the linen cloth hanging with ëhrTsfs Face, the Holy
Face, on it. Then Our Holy Mother sitting boldin~ the InfiUlt and
the roses showering clown and St. Therese catchmg them, similar
to tIlatOver there. Mary Ann pointed towards the statue of St.
Therese in the Mediatrix of Peace Hall. Mary Ann said SL~se
h9ldU cr9X _similar 1.0 I~ Good FrièY-f!uci~e as it
il is black wood. ­

October 4. 1974 - FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS

Mary Ann knelt and blessed all present with the Good Friday
Crucifix. She blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you, St. Francis. Yes, Joanie.
l will speak to you in place of St. Francis.
St. Francis is asking us to live and say his Peace Prayer, to
TRY to keep peace amongst each other, to keep unity, to be will­
ing to give, to accept sacrifices and above all willingness to make
reparations. Say Our Roly Mother's Rosary. Say his Peace Prayer
and l, St. Joan, feel that you should honor St. Francis as he is
your Patron Saint, as well as the Saint here to bless you, to give
you instructions and to guide you. To give him an extra little
acknowledgement, walk from the Sacred Spot to his Shrine. Pre­
pare a few prayers and then retum to the Shrine. I1's only a short
little jaunt but you are at least showing him that you love him.
Those that do not care to do this, do not encourage them, just let
them go on. They must do this with love in their heart not because
they feel they have to. Many of them are doing things because
they feel they have to. That is the wrong attitude. That is the wrong
reason. If they want to do things here on these grounds for the love
of Our Roly Mother, if they want to show their devotion and true
love, fine, but to feel that you must do these things, that is wrong.
No one needs to be coerced into doing certain devotions and
prayers. If it cannot come from the heart, it cannot penetrate those

that seek and those that they hope to receive an answer. It is the
prayer with true love that reaches the Celestials, and it is the will-
ingness to give, from the heart, to each other, to honor one another;
to love thy neighbor as thyself and to love Thy Lord and God. Your
Sister saw thy Patron Saint as she knelt in front of the large Crucifix
and how Our Lord reached down and touched him. He touches ail
of you that same way if you give yourself to Him; if you are wiU-
ing to walk Calvary's Way with Him; if you are willing to carry
your cross without lamenting. There are many crosses that are
placed upon your shoulders, accept them. Ask God to let you share
your cross with Him, walk with Him. You will find that your cross
will lighten. The heavy weight will then seem lighter.
Keep a watchful eye for thy children. Satan is trying to lead
them astray. For you do have drugs, be it in liquid form, or be
it in dry powders, or be it in substances that can be inhaled. It
will damage the system, the mind, the body. It all depends on
how much of it is consumed. Thy children see it in the theaters,
they see it in many homes, they see it on your screens in the homes;
they hear it advertized wherever they go. Liquor, the liquid form
of a drug, yes, it serves a two-fold purpose. If it is used in the
way it should be used, it is a help, but if used in the way the
enemy wants it to be used, iLharms and sickens the soul of man.
That is how the enemy fulfills the so-called needs of man's lust.
Man is always searching and in his search, he forgets God. He
becomes ill mentally and physically. Thy Nation here is a sick
Nation. It could be a proud Nation. Sister, you know the sad pic-
ture of the unborn. There is no need to speak of this tonight. Con-
tinue with thy helping hand to save the lives, continue with the
Constant Vigil of Prayer, but PLEASE here, fulfill it as Our Holy
Mother requested, not as YOU wish, thy own way. We here, have
given rèquests and they are not heard. You, my Sister, have given
advice that is ignored; their will, their ideas proceed. It is very
discouraging and disgusting. It must be the way WE give instruc-
tions, and if they are not accepted anymore, if you do not care to
accept them, we will cease and then you aU do the best you cano

October 7, 1974 - FEAST OF THE HOLY ROSARY

Mary Ann blessed all present with the Good Friday Crucifix.
She looked up then, blessed herself three times very reverently,
and said:

Thank you, St. Francis. He blessed us and said the Blessed

Mother will speak to you. Yes, St. Francis. Thank You, Blessed
My Child, thy people here must be willing ta give and ta sac­
rifice. They are not willing ta giveor ta sacrifice. A mere few, yes,
but the majorily are still thinking of the material things of life.
They are not aware of the crucial period before them. It is not only
crucial in thy Country, il is crucial and very destructive of bath
body, mind and soul of the youth whom 1 have come here ta plead
for, but 1 was ignored. My sons, the Priests should have spoken
from the pulpits, they should have spoken ta the youth, or talked
ta them in the classrooms; instead they indoctrinated these souls
with humanism, the lack of Divinity of My Son. They speak very
little of the Sacred Wounds that My Son endured during His walk
ta Calvary and the death on the Cross. Thev speak rather af HÏ!:[l )
being barn of a human mother. so thus He is a human man. They
l~ave out that Gad the Father sa willed it that this human man,
as they say, is also Gad as Gad the Father, Thy Gad in Heaven.
Thus Thy Father, My Chi/d, sa willed. Reparations, sacrifices and
sufjering are being frowned upon by My Clergy. My sons from the
True Church speak less of the Divinity of Christ than do their
brethren, the ministers. They ignore the truth, for if they would
live the truth many would have ta change their ways. They would
have ta make a complete turn about.
My Chi/d, 1 have pleaded over the years long before this Spot
was chosen 1 have pleaded that the laity must work. Yes, Gad
the Father in Heaven made the Sunday a day of devotion and a
day of l'est, a day ta pray and ta give at least ONE HOUR ta Thy
Lord and Gad, My Son, yet they cared not. It is My Son they are
Mary Ann looked sad and shook her head.
Why the tears, Holy Mother?
Yes, My Chi/d, 1 weep for My sons in Christ, Whom they
represent. 1 weep for them for would they fulfil! their true vows
and speak ta the young children and the parents, many of the un­
barn would be walking the streets; instead of that, they are buried
in garbage, in incinerators, yes, even in water. There was no con­
sideration that that fetus, that unborn chi/d, is the creation of Gad
the Father in Heaven. This, My Chi/d, brings tears ta My eyes and
grieves Me deeply. 1 ask you here, ta work harder ta stop this
terrible onslaught of human /ives. When 1 spoke to you about

this in 1950, 1 showed you the picture. You didn't quite grasp il,
My Child. The full meaning you did not quite gel. But remember
back, you see THIS IS ITI
The Vision Mary Ann first saw on June 16, 1950 was re­
peateet today. Mary Ann was greatly startled and fell backwards
on the kneeler. The men around her kept her from falling. Mary
Ann was greatly distressed and said, Please, Holy Mother, 1 re­
member now. Yeso
Over the years, My Child, 1 /ulve pleaded and pleaded for a
Constant Vigil of Prayer. 1 have given messages to live a true Life,
to live the Commandments, to fulfill them. My son, St. Francis,
pleaded with you to live the Peace Prayer that he gave. He truly
loved My Divine Son and My Divine Son loved him. And so He
will love all of you. He loves you all but you do not love Him.
You are not willing to walk Calvary's way. You are not willing to
carry the Cross. You are not willing to Lift a Little and carry it
with Him. You will lament, you will become quarrelsome, you
abuse one another in tongues of anger. Remember, My Chi/d and
chi/dren, t/ult God the Father in Heaven is weary of the evi/ t/ult
is flaunted at Him. When the rain of fire comes down from Heaven,
as you witnessed, My Chi/d, human bodies were burned to a crisp,
IT WILL BE TOO LATE, MY CHILD. That soul t/ult will be
burned cannot reach Heaven.
1 beg you here today, to save the soul of man, the souls of thy
chi/dren; to live God's way, to follow in the footsteps of My Divine
Son, to come underneath My Mantle. 1 am holding it OUT to them,
Our Holy Mother spread Her Mantle out 1ike this. Mary Ann
spread her arms to indicate how this was done by Our Holy Mother.
1 love you, children, especially the small, yet, you hear not
My pleas. You ignore Me completely. You go about thy selfiShl]
w-E.Ys. The worldly goods, the almighty dollar, that still is your g<jE.
My Child, cast away lhat might dollar and turn to 1 h Lord
Crucified. Knee be 0 e is Cross~ove Him, love Him. When
the Chastisement t/ult God the Father will rain down upon thy
Nation cames, it will be too late, dear chi/dren. It will be tar tao \
late. A WAKE, Oh Americas awakel ft:aken your hearts, open
~es, remove the m and oak d dee into thyself. How
muç1L1ove have you given Myon. ow much ove ave you
given the Sacred Heart 0 Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, )
lOfl.!Hit:.ep. Oh children, children, spare the sou s of t e yout . Give



{ire through eternily, through eternity. There will be no end ta it, il

will be eternal. Tell them this, My Child. before il is tao late.
Yes, Roly Motber, Oh Roly Mother, Oh Roly Mothe!, what
can 1 do? (Mary Ann sounds as though she will cry.) 1 don't know
wfiich way to tum. Tliey don't hear, they don't listen.
Mary Miïleanèd back sligfiHy ana collapsed. The men around
her caught her.
Thank you, St. Therese and St. Joan, please intercede for me,
please. Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you for blessing our people.
After a short time, she blessed the people with her crucifix.
Mary Ann explained when reference was made to "soul"
it meant the person, not the actual soul, as the soul cannot be con­
sumed by ftames.
St. Francis said there are six Priests out there today. 1 will try
to sketch what 1 saw, the Rosary at the Sacred Trees, it was the
same way 1 saw it on October 7, 1950. St. Therese and St. Joan
were right here. They called me, 1 must have passed out. They were
partially facing the crowd and ta me. St. John was in the maple
tree, also St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Joachim, St. Francis, and now
of course, 1 know who he is, St. Anthony Mary Claret. 1 also
saw someone dressed aU in white like a doctor. 1 don't know who
he is, he was dressed aU in white.

October 11, 1974 - MATERNITY OF MARY

Mary Ann looked up for sorne time, leaned back, shook her
head and said:
No, no. Thank you, l'm sarry. She blessed herself three times.
Thank you, St. Francis and St. Joseph.
Mary Ann shuddered, trembled and said:
No, no. ru try. l'm sarry, but why today?
I1's the Maternjty of Mary today.
Thank you, St. Joan.
We have shown thy Sister the deaths of the infants. The
mothers of today have become so liberal-minded that to bear a
child, and even after bearing it, want no art of it. We J.tave ShOWnj' ,
her three in "hlcago thlS last week. The mother strangled tbem
to~h: twin g!rls who were seven days old and one li~y
~ks old. Tbey are too much bo~her, they take too much


c . Sh ill hear an infant c or she will hear an unwed mother

E!Y: Confusion, confusion, it sickens her very much. ut ere again,
it is not the fauIt of thy Sister, the Victim, it is the fault of thy Na­
tion's Governmenl. Sorne of your Religious as well as your National
Government right now are pro-abortion. What chance do you have
to stop it unless the Clergy help you? It would take thy Catholic
Church from the highest to the lowest to fighfThis monstrous, mur­
~rous thing. It is scandalous. It will bring the Chastisement up~n
vou aU. Oh God, have mercy upon you people, Goa have mercy
on you. To destroy a human life and then expect the Mercy of
1 God is a very wrong attitude.

October 16, 1974 - OUR LADY OF PURITY

Mary Ann lcneIt and looked up into the trees.

Yes, 1 will try. Roly Mother looked so beautiful. 1 never
saw anything like it before.
arv Ann's voice was filled with such tenderness and 1
This would 100KoeaUilliiI, yeso Mary AnD visioned Our Roly
Mother enshrined in lillies. They are showing me very undesirable
b.:loks for even adults to read, let alone children. Especially im-l
pressionable teenagers who get wrong opinions, the wrong jdeas
about things so easily and so qujckJy because they are being told
to stand u,P. and_se~ar~: the~s~~~~Lfro.!!!. thhe .e~bl!~hmenl. _ . . .
-YOü have 6een warned about the changmg of covers such
( as a rotten cover on a good book and a gow,. cover on a rotten
' book, so you have to look for aU these things:-Talk to the manag~rs
. ~r)oITce in every city, show them the dirty stu1I. If you cannot
get the cooperation of the Priests in the area, then you must seek
other sources. It is sad and it is pitiful that the Shepherds are not
ready to scrutinize these areas and to help cleanse the souls of
the yQ.~~h......wh.2._aI~ s~u..Qj~o these vulgarities, unfit readin~ mat­
~ Twenty-five years ago thy Church woüld have 6ad veq'
strenuous and revoking stand against il. Joday, everything goes.
l The souts of youths tOQay are JUS! as p-recious as the souls of the
\ youth thirty years ago, fort y years ago. Why not now? Those
books and films that have recently been shown in thy schools as
educational, why don't you parents get together and know what
you are speaking of? Don't let one or two get over-excited and
do more harm than good. You were told in the beginning of 1950,
to clean out the schools. What does this mean? Must you be told


them under the Mantle of Thy Holy Mother and behind the Shield
of St. Michael and bring them under the Rays of the Sacred Heart;
urity of thoughts, minds, hands, feet and speech...m!.I"ity.
l'hârik you, thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said:
Thank you, St. Francis and St. Joan. Thank You, Holy
Mother. 1 will try.

October 21, 1974 - FEAST OF ST. JOAN OF ARC

Mary Ann knelt and looked up for a time, blessed herself

three times and said:
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you for the vision of St. Joan.
Thank you, Joanie.
Brothers and Sisters, 0.2T Sister, tl1.e~ Victim, it is twenty years
ago t~~o~~'pain started in the chapel and it
was a tremendous task to bring her home for the rigidity in her
bodLmade it just about impossible to remove-héY""ffOm Tfie vehicle.
this, my sisters and brothers, was oecause of the youth, io
help the vouth Our Holy the~ pleading for. She asked you
r(f t~otect the child~ 0 clean; Q~the ssQ2ols, to clean out the
\ amusement .Qarks, clean out the theaters, cleanse the reading
matérial. Instead of this, brothers anâSisters, the enemy ~se))
tnatare against Catholicism and those who wadted ta deStroy
the minds of the youth, went to work. Instead of helpingthe youth,
the--youth's mmds we~. Not with actual poison, but sorne­
thin",g Tust as potent. \fûîried theirth~Jdîts,"if ruined their ~s.
Thy Sister 6âttled in this vicinity to savé many a youth in iM"?r­
ance and in fooli~fron:_~oing29mething tfi.a!-would have
~troyed its lire. ThrougIililI this.J..~h!,~wh~el-chair vic· \)
tim. It ruined and dislocated her hips. They are still that way but J
they have menOëd and it would not take much to throw them
back out. She fought for ..!M.sOllth but Our Holy Mother put a
stop to this. She wanted toSQntinue to help the Cause. S~ed
aU her sufferings for the Sacred ~se 30-.9 for sorne of you that
were close and near and dear to her. Sorne have gone to their
rest, somé iifë' still here. s""fiè" was shown sorne of the very same \ \
things you were shown in the film tonight. What she was shown was \
ten times, ten times, oh m<Jnflimes more dis~tng, more destruc-'
tive. Check back in your messages ana' you w find some of these
things, statements she has made over the years.

(The film referred to was "Future Shock.")

1. To produce an infant without a womb. You have that in
your records. 2. She spoke of robots. Those that were shown
tonight are only an example of what can be done. 3. Transistor­
ization can do much. It can make robots out of human beings,
which you already know and it will come in the future more and
more. The child that is not brought up in the home with the love
of God and love of the Holy Mother, those children will find
themselves when it is too late and will be the robots of tomorrow.
They will transistorize them and use them for their bidding. Oh
yes, they will have human ftesh and bodies, but their minds will
not be of a normal person. Their minds will be controlled in many
ways. They can sit and control that mind by playing on the keys
of a computer. The victim will do everythiog it is told. It will say
exactly what is fed into it. This might sound strange to you. The
film you saw tonight can in many instances, be dangerous to a
child who is not fully developed, who is not properly educated,
who is not taught the love of God. That child when seeing ~t
was shown tonight would put the wrong inte retations upon what
it viewedfor that m was eft Wi e open or many interpretatlons.
( Tllaf is the purpose of it. It was made that way, there weré no
cttlsed cTrcuits, then open. For the undeveloped child, or yes, even
a child that has been let's say, pampered or protected from the
wOrld about it, that child too, will be drawn into a web. The only
child that would be ab(e to stand under such a doings would be
the child that was brought up in a true Christian home with God
at the head, the father and mother as its guide and its parents as
its leaders, not that child that the parents have 00 time for, the
child that must be left alone with a stranger as a baby sitter.
Mothers and fathers be your own baby sitters. You won't
have your children long. It won't be long before they will be out
of that cradle and gone. Enjoy them the short years you have
them, before the world engulfs them. Or do you feel they are a
burden to you? Is that why? Is there really any need for a baby
sitter who in many instances helps to brainwash thy child, and
in many, many instances has brought harm to a child, has des­
troyed it? Oh in these small villages you don't have to fear these
things? Well, that's not necessarily so, as you have LSD, barbi­
tuates about you and sorne will go ahead when a child has a cold,
and unbeknown to the parents, will feed it sorne drugs. Parents
stay with thy child especially if it has a cold or is sick. It is dan­

gerous to leave them in the hands of an uneducated person who

has not the knowledge of medicine because they hear it on the
radio, on TV, it is said, "give them an aspirin." A dosage of an
adult for an infant, is far too much. It will ruin its heart and res­
piratory system.
Parents, be parents, teach thy children to love Thy Lord and
God. Don't let them become robots. This group that is going
about thy Nation, in sorne areas they are caUed the "Children of
God," they are children of Satan. Oh yes, they are God's children,
but the enemy has taken them and caUs them "The Children of
God," in mockery of Thy L()rd and God. It instructs them against
the teachings of Christ. Awaken, parents, do not make thy Sister
the Victim suffer needlessly because you parents are careless about
your children. Be parents with true love. When they are smaU you
cuddle them to you, but when they become bigger you become
careless. Do not take Dr. Spock's theory as authentic. The old­
time woodshèd is the proper method. If they can't hear, make
them fee!. Teach them to love God. Teach them to love their
feIlow men. Teach them to be kind and to be forgiving for the
aim of the enemy is to destroy the children of tomorrow. If the
white people do not stand up and be willing to bear their own
children, they will become slaves to the Negro and the yellow
race. WAKE UP! Wake up before it is too late and save the souls
of the children. Be true fathers and mothers. The Clergy must
speak more to protect the innocent. Bring to them the true love
of Jesus Christ. Do not be embarassed to speak out, for without
Christ, without Thy Lord and Savior, you are lost, lost forever!
Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said:
Thank you, St. Joan. Yes, ru tell them. Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed aIl those at the Sacred Spot and said:
Thank you, St. Joan and St. Francis for blessing them all.
Thank you.

November 12, 1974 - ANNIVERSARY DAY

After praying for sorne time, Mary Ann arose and went to
the original home site to the Marker where Our Roly Mother
stood for the first time on November 12, 1949. Mary Ann blessed
herself and held her own crucifix up as high as she could. She
then blessed the Spot and those assembled about her. She tumed

back to the Marker, stooo quietly for a short time and said:
Yes, thank you.
Our Holy Mother wanted me to know exactly how She looked
this day for the first time She appeared here.
Thank Her for me, please.
She will keep Her mantle about them and whatever Goo
chooses for them will be their destiny as long as the parents always
teach them the true love of God, Holy Mother and the Saints. They
must live a Christian life. They must strive to do the Will of God
and foHow the Word of God. AlI families should do this. They
expect Heaven here on earth. Remember it is· not Heaven here,
rather it is the greatest testing grounds, the greatest test for loyalty
for the true love, for true devotion and faith, charity, love thy
neighbor as thyself, love Thy Lord and God. Make this come true,
"Unity between Home, School and Church. Bring unity between
thy School, bring unity between thy Church and then you will
have unity in thy Home." Those quotations were given for a reason.
The more you study them, the more you will leam they are very
meaningful. If you have no unitY in your Home, or in the School,
or in the Church, you will find no peace anywhere else. Meditate
upon that. Think about it, think. Vou must bring unitY between
these Principles. The main thing for them to understand is that
there must be unity.. Treat every human being as an individual
standing for what they believe. If they believe in the wrong, you
in kindness, not in quarreling, must try to show them the truth
and the way. That is the work you must be doing. Do not battle
with the people. Do not feel thyself superior, one above the other,
for it is the lowly that will find the Kingdom of Heaven, not the
ones with the superior attitude. Be childlike in your faith and love
of God and Our Holy Mother Who loves you all so dearly. She
loves you aH, but She is beginning to puH in Her mantle for many
of you cannot be under that mantle. You cannot be a hypocrite,
you must be honest, honorable with loyalty and charity to aH.
Remember unity between Home, School and Church will be the
foundation of peace in thy cornmunity and everlasting peace in
thy hearts. Try to live that.

November 21, 1974 - THE PRESENTATION

For sorne time Mary Ann looked up into the trees, blessed
herself three times and said:

Thank you, St. Francis. Thank you, St. Joseph.

You have a beautiful setting here if you fulfill Our Holy
Mother's requests through the guidance and the lips and throat
of thy Sister the Victim, for a victim she is. For a week now, in her
left foot, the wound has been tremendously painful. She has been
limping for Advent is approaching. There are many things that
thy Sister endures for you and for the Cause. Lift those burdens
from her shoulders so she can carry the essential crosses without
the others hanging on to it. Proceed with thy work, do not let
accusations which are hurled against you disturb you. Truly turn
to Our Holy Mother, fulfill Her requests and you cannot err. Stay
charitable, love thy neighbor as thyself, and above all help the
youth, for Our Holy Mother did not come for the adults, SHE
CAME HERB FOR THE YOUTH! Is that understood? It is for
the youth She came and it is the youth who have been neglected.
The drugs, the pOrnOgT~Ehy is disturbing ~e minds of the youth.
It is poisoning tfiem, destroying their minds, it is destroying their
mindul'i(nrnbotn-,save the unborn, heed not the remarks made,
no matter through whom, against the Unwanted Infants' Home
as Our Holy Mother has asked you here. Continue, you are saving
lives. You are making girls conscious. Not all infants have come to
your Home, but they have been saved through the brochures you
have sent out. They (girls) went to other places but still they
saved that Iife. Do you understand? Be sure you have enough
brochures always made and that Iittle booklet. (Refer to booklet,
Who killed Junior?") There seems to be a great demand for it.
Tt should have been reordered, you are running out and that should
not be. The Constant Vigil of Prayer group should always carry
the Unwanted Infants' Home brochures. They should never go
without them. If they think it is separate they are way off on the
wrong beat. They are taking the wrong path, for remember Our
Holy Mother told you, (Mary Ann pointed to the Sacred Spot) out
there is the trunk of the tree and without the trunk the Sacred Spot
will wither and die. Those that are ashamed that they came from
this place here, are the ones that are hindering the work. Oh you
will find a rebellious Priest, he probably is one of the liberal ones;
iggore i! but keep gomg. If IS by the "Fruits" that you produce, the
"Good Fruit" that wIll make this place shine. IT WILL SHINE AS
A STAR lN THE HEAVEN! This place can be known as Fatima
has been knownd'_~t this pl~S~~':>' mor~ thaIl..f~tima ever did,
~or you are working for a Constant Vigifcl'IPrayer, you are worlêing

to save the unborn, you are working to save the life of the aged.
There are sorne of you, when this started, were young people
but you are now entering the age when euthanasia is used. RE­
!T! Do not let them destroy and through destroying a human life
they commit a mortal sin and the reward is HELL FIRE! ET­
ERNAL, NO END, BUT ETERNAL! The choice is yours. Ful­
fill Our Holy Mother's requests. Bring forth the things we asked
Thank you, thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said:
Thank you, St. Joseph and St. Francis.

November 24, 1974 - CHRIST THE KING

Mary Ann looked up into the trees for sorne time, seemed
to be praying, struck her breast three times and said:
Thank Vou, Dear Lord. My Lord and My God!
After sorne time, still looking up, shook her head as if
amazed and said:
Thank You, Dear Lord, thank You.
After a long pause, still looking up she said:
King of Kings! Qu~en of Heaven and Earth! Our King and
What 1 saw up there was Our Holy Mother, Our Lord as
Christ the King and then another chair. 1 couldn't tell if God the
Father was in it, but 1 feel that was His Throne and above.
Then Mary Ann gave a description using her hands.
There were three throne-like chairs. Our Lord was seated
in the middle chair. Our Blessed Mother to the right, the chair
to the left was empty. Above and between Our Lord and the
empty chair, hovered a dove. After that Our Lord used His hand
this way; (Mary Ann extended her hands just a little with palms
up) and rays came from His hands. These rays were just beautiful!
They looked like streams of jewe1s, gold, silver and like diamonds.
She then said, Let us say our prayer.
This had reference to the "Hail Christ the King" prayer which
had been distributed to ail the people attending the vigil. This is
the prayer:
o Jesus Christ, 1 acknowledge You as My universal King.

A il that has been made, has been created for Y ou. Exercise ail
Your rights over me. 1 renew my baptismal vows. 1 renounce Satan,
his pomps, his works and 1 promise to live as a good Christian.
And in particular, do 1 pledge myself to labor, to the best of my
ability, for the triumph of the rights of God and Your Church.
Divine Beart of Jesus, to You do 1 offer my pOOl' services, labor­
ing that ail hearts may acknowledge Your Sacred Kingship and
that thus, the reign of Your peace may be established throughout
the whole universe. Amen.
While Our Lord blessed the statue of Christ the King, Our
Holy Mother stoOO with Her right hand upraised, first two fingers
and thumb up in a gesture of blessing.
Mary Ann blessetl aU at the Sacred Spot.

December 12, 1974 - OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE

Mary Ann looked up for a short time, blessed herself three

times and said:
Thank you, St. Francis. Yes, St. Joan. Yes, 1 thought that
She was. Thank you. She looked a lot more beautiful. 1 never felt
that they did Her justice.
Mary Ann said later, 1 saw Our Lady of Guadalupe tonight.
The way we see Her, that is nothing. She was beautiful! 1 wish
they could make pictures of Her the way 1 saw Her. 1 saw Her
as the Lady standing on the moon, roses under. Rer feet, a whole
bunch of them.



Peace they are seeking. The Peace they are looking for now is a

false Peace. The Peace-dove's wings are clipped. It is fluttering

around hither and yon. It cannat brin ou Peace when ou a

ainst God's laws. Gad will not be mocked. Gad cannat e

mocked. Gad must not be mocked. The penalty will be severe for

tho'se who think they can mock Thy Lord and Gad in Heaven.

They CANNOT. Try ta fulfill Our Holy Mother's messages here,


The 30,000 Communist Priests and the Communist men l so­

called Priests, are working diligently. If the true Priests and the

true Sisters wouId work as diligently as they are, they couId tum

the tables. The cauld make it ver shak for the others but they

\ are gojng along with them. They are being fed t e errors against
Thy Lord and Gad. They must live only the life that Our Lord
and Gad .ï.nstituted for them. You cannat change the wording of
the Mass. Tt must be the way Thy Lord and God gave it, and they
are changing it. They reminisce with the Mass. The Truth has
been destroyed, has been neglected and the penalty will be severe.
It will be tao late, you will scream. Before Our Lord and Gad
brings down that just afm, many youÏÏg men and women will be
the vic..tims of drugs, d~struction of body and rni!ld. It is a '!!lry,
. very sad scene ta \\dtness, 10 watch a mind destroyed. by drugs,
é!.nd that is what the enemy wants ta feed you, especially tuhe
~s, ta confuse the Chri'stian youth, especially the Catholi
ëffi1ëTren. You have more faithful children in Churches that are
Protestant. They are more faithful ta their belief in Gad than you
have in thy own Church today. It is discouraging and it is very,
very scandalous. The reason for this, Sister, is the confusion be­
tween the parents and the catechist teacher. The True Funda­
( mentais of the.-Churc~aLClu:is.UayghL t a His Apostles, have
been brushed aside. Sister. As you know, in many dioceses, the
catechists are told ta tëàch the youth more of a social attitude
and humanism, Q!:ushing aside Our Lord and His teachings and "­
the Divinity of Our Lord. ­
The scene l just witnessed, before you started ta speak, is

the Battle of New Orleans?

Yes, Sister, that is what a few united people did no matter

how large an obstacle they.-had before them. Sister, that is the

reason l asked thy people to~ead last year's Message. l shall ask

St. Francis ta give you a special blessing.

Thank you, thank you very much.


January 23, 1975 - THE ESPOUSALS OF MARY


February 13, 1975 - DEATH ANNIVERSARY OF


Thank you, St. Francis. Why 50 early?

Y~re in need of rest ta carry forth tomorrow's suffering


and message, Sister. Because of conditions, Our Roly Mother

lessens sorne things, so that you can fulfiIl others. YesJister, as
hY.-NaliJJILPJ.ùlLfartbeLa,way_fmUL..Q..od, life for many wjl! turn

to • ~g and s .. e Jl.1L1hy---.NatiQ11,_tlLy_pe.Q~e
façe real Roly Mother has let you see
this in vision, several times. 1 will spare you the scene tonight,
Sister. St. Joan will now speak with you.
Thank you.
Sister, there will be many disturbing things ~n
~y from the Cause. You know this and it upsets you. Thy peo­
pre must love their Maker and Redeemer above everything else,
Sister, there will be more on this tomorrow.
St. Francis spoke: Sister, we are with you, yet we cannot
lift the weight off your shoulders. We know you do not want this
lifted. 1 will bless you to give i'0u strength to accept unkirrd re­
marks made to YQ.u. It is thoughtlessness of them.
Thank you, thank you, St. Francis.
Sister, Joan will now complete tonight's Message.
Life has many ups and downs. The future is not bright and
prosperous. The future, as Our Roly Mother has told you many
years ago, you have entered this era. They heeded not Our Roly
Mother's requests, not at Fatima and not here at N(f.edfh. ~
iove is not in them. Selî-'ilTQ[ification self-will an arrogance,'"
that seems to be the forward-march, creating dissenSIOn an is­
unity. Yes, it is beautiful to see them out there, cold nights, rainy }
nights, snowy nights and insect nights.
To be true children that love Their Lord and Gad, there
should be a beautiful harmony' between you. There shoul~
a better understanding. There should be a willingness to give
of one's self. There should be willingness to accept hardships,
aIl the discomforts, the persecution, aIl these things should be
accepted with open arms. For if you ~y a child of Gad and
Our Roly Mother, you seek discomfort rather than to cast it asIcre,
for ail discomforts should be welcome from Thy Lord and Gad.
Life would be much easier to accept. There is much before ~u,
ersecution, dissension and the biggest of aIl which should not

e, dÎsunity.
T hank you, St. Francis, thank you for blessing our people.



Thank you, St. Francis.

TAND HEM for Our Lord and His Holy Mother and ail
the Saints Who come here. Teach thy children to be loyal and
f truthful. ~atch that thy children are oot dragged into drugs ~
L it for a dare or ne it pleasure for themselves. Satan laughs with
glëe. They are helping Satan because ail he waots is to destroy,1l1
the youth of tomorrow. ~ft
Thank you, St. Francis.

April 7, 1975 - ANNIVERSARY OF 1950

St....Hegesippus. He spread out his five books. Yes, Hegesippus.

Spare the Church. Heresy and falsehoods are taught. Teach
thy children the Truth, only Truth. The enemy oLGod is in con-
tr2!.. NQt enough loyalty amongst the Christians, especial1y the
atholics. It is easier to defauIt than to stand firm in Truth and
loyalty. TlJ,e'i teach the "Ward of God," but it is not the way they
taught you; self-interpretation is put upon it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Mary Ann arose and walked over to the Marker at the place
where Our Holy Mother stood for the first time when She appeared
here in 1950. She blessed herself, kissed her crucifix, then blessed
the Marker. Then she looked up as if listening to someone.
Yes, Holy Mother, what can 1 do? Yes, l'm trying to be obe-
dient to You, Holy Mother.
Mary Ann returned to the kneeler at the Sacred Spot for a
short time. She blessed ail present with her crucifix and toid us
that St. Hegesippus had given everyone his blessing. She said
a "light from up above" had shown down on the Good Friday
Crucifix on the Sacred Spot. A3ix-incl! golden raY---fi!me do~.
When it reached the Crucifix it seemed to mushroom out over the
whole Crucifix. This light waLb.!.1te.


Thank you Yes, St. Joseph. Mary Ann blessed herself three
times and said, Thank you, St. Joseph and St. Francis for the bless-
ing, thank you.

Ali of you have a great task before you. You were told some
time aga of the severe persecution that was going ta come. Some
of you have already faced il. Others will also face il. You are not
ta be forced ta do anything that is wrong. You are to follow th~
Irulb (bat YQJl find witbin yom heart. My sons and daughters, Ida
not wish ta impose my will upon you, for Gad the Father in Reaven
gave man a free will, but you must düWhat is in your heart, within
thy conscience, and in your belid that Our Roly Mothfr, the Moth­
er of Thy Lord and-<5-'ud0nrlra1?peared at the Sacred Spot. If you
believe that, can you do otherwise? The answer shoulcl be that
you cannat. Pray for those that are trying ta impose upon you a
very unjust action. They are going against the Civil law as wel!
as Church law. They should be aware that they are erring, but
the test is before you. Row weil are you going ta fulfil! your be­
lief in Thy Roly Mother and in Rer requests? She has asked for
many fulfillments which have been neglected. The more you fulfil!
Our Roly Mother's Requests and do as you are asked the better.
Be charitable, love thy neighbor as thyself, onlY show kindness,
stand J!ILfuJJhe-truth as you believe it, have courage and faith in
\\11 Thy Roly Mother, in Rer Divine Son, Thy Lord and Gad, Thy
Tt Creator, Thy Redeemer and the Savior of the ~ole World. What
lies before many of the Christian people, especially those that cal!
themselves Catholics, but do not behave like true Catholics; they
have much more ta undo and. fulfil!.
The latest book that was printed, tells you the True Mass.
Follow it, say the prayers. within il. Qse_it~guide for thy Mass,
study il. You cannat err by using it, for the Mass is in there as
( 1:hY Lord and GQd institute_cLo_n Holy Thursday. Our Roly Mother
here ooly asked for the Truth. But if you hope, as many of you do,
and pray for the good ta come forth, you cannat be idle.-with fool­
ishness but ta do the wil! of Thy Roly Mother. She spreads Rer
mantle out ta cal! you under. When She outstretches Her arms,
"Come, My children, come to Me," say the Rosary, do Penance,
save the child, save the innocent, help the sick, help those con­
fused, helP_each other as true Christians. Make this here "a bl!
of Heave.n." Kneel clown and pray in sincerity, in true [ove of
Gad and Thy Roly Mother.
Pray for the unbarn ta be BORN and live, as Gad sa had
ci'eated them and et man d s. The future before you is
~ .i[CtW' TIië C u c ~are. on the teeter-totter because man seeks
no 0 hel!? rIng ou the Truth, but rather he hopes to shirk .!lis

duty so that life could be just a little easier. Remember, dear

brothers and sisters, that will not find you the Kingdom of Heaven,
for no pain, no crown. Mo...sJ.!fk!:!gg,Jl.o_~l:secution, but Q~S
and Rleasuœs? There must he suffering.;Jhere mU~~-'LcLo~f\
~. There must be severe sufferin& to find Resurrection and
Eternal Hap--p~ss. There must be fulfiIirnent, fulfillment.
Thank you, St. Francis and St. Joseph. Yes, Holy Mother.
This is the month of Mary and today starts, (here the scenes
appeared) yes, today starts the month of Mary, true devotion,
true love and St. Joseph dressed aJ> _a wor:km~n _at a ca.EIJenter's
Qench. Thank you for showing me this.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times, blessed aIl and with \\ \)1
an addition al blessing to an the "J~s." Mary Ann later saidJJJ"
the BlesseCf Mother showed Herself with St. Joseph. When the
picture was shown, She appeared. She was working in the kitchen,
you ll!ight ~y-, and St._Jo~ej)h \'LaL~ the bench and the Christ
Child was there, 1:I~~Ulh.outl~r_elve years old.


Thank you, St. Francis. Mary Ann blessed herself three times
and looked toward the large maple tree. There were words across
the top of the maple tree.
Always rèmember, the Feast of PentecostJla_s no connection \
with the so-called movement of Pentecostalism. That is erroneous
Pentecostalism, and will cause much harm to souls. Tt will rather
take them away from the True Church, than to fill their hearts
with the spirit of Pentecost.
Thank you, 1'11 explain. Yes, thank you.
Mary Ann later said: For quite sorne time out there, à dove
hovered over the tips of the ash trees, with ifs wings flapping,
similar to a humming bird. Tt was a white dove. A ray of light
came from it to the Sacred Spot engulfing the four Ash Trees. The
Ash Trees represent the Trinity as there are three. That is how
it was put to me. They are NOT the Trinity, do not misunderstand
me, but aIl these trees should be spared. At least, if they have to
be removed for the big Shrine, they must be saved. They cannot
be transplanted, that is understood.
Our people must be taught what Pentecost really means. They
should aIl study it so that they really calI this Spirit of the Holy
Ghost into their hearts, that they bring the Blessed Trinity and the

Spirit of God into their hearts. To many of them it does not mean
anything. For most, it is only another day on the calendar. It is
not fully understood what the Feast of Pentecost really means. It
should penetrate into our lives. It shou!d bring God doser to us.
ThJ$ whole week we should speak to the Spirit of Pentecost, as well
as· preparing ourselves for the Feast of the Holy Trinity next
After that Mary Ann said St. Francis appeared and gave
the people a blessing, also that the following words were shown
across the trees: "Be alert, be charitable, be kind to ail people."


Thank you, St. Francis.

Mankind is seeking for something, he knows not what. Man
is open and ready to fall for anything that speaks of something
religious but not of God. For suddenly they fear for what might
happen, for some do see the trouble their Country is in, and yes,
their Church. Man looks for the easier maxim, cares not whom
he tramples or whom he injures, or whom he destroys as long as it
is gain for himself. The want of power has swelled in the bosom
of many a man. The love for Gad is pushed aside. Yet, there are
the small, the poor, who are seeking for some kind of guidance.
They are in need, they are in .want. The Constant Vigil of Prayer
should lead those people. Yet, the Constant Vigil of Prayer is not
going forward the way the enemy of God is going forward. There
is no comparison. The Constant Vigil is like someone walking in
the darkness. Vou can't see very far and the enemy of God has
the spotlight shining on ail victim souls he hopes to destroy. WAKE
Mother, the Mother of all Christians. She is opening up Her arms
to you, walk into them, seek comfort and then, of course, say the
Rosary. You will not find peace within yourself, or in your family,
unless you say the Rosary. Our Holy Mother gave the Rosary many
years ago for mankind to find Peace and comfort with the Rosary.
The enemy of thy Church, be they members of the Church, are
trying to dispose of the Rosary. Hang on, hang on to your Rosary!
Clasp it tightly in your hand. Fear not to show it no matter what
they tell you to do. In Church you can dasp the Rosary in your
hand and follow the Missal, as Our Holy Mother instructed thy
Sister. Yet keep thy Rosary in thy hand to give'you thàt strength

that will surge through your body, if you hang on to that Rosary,
for the graces will flow from the Rosary.
AlI of you, especiaHy here, try to be true children of Thy
Lord and God and Savior. Honor Thy Holy Mother and She will
always guide and protect you. Do not speak with the split tongue,
but speak only in Truth, remember only the Truth. The Truth to-
day has been so mutilated, severely, by the men of the Cloth and the
women of the Cloth, as weLl as the parents and the children. The
parents will lie to their children and the children will lie to their
parents. When a child catches a parent in a lie, the parent is show-
ing them the example of lying, and when they catch them in a
lie, they punish them severely. Don't you think you erred there
by first Iying to your child and showing it the way? Speak only
the Truth no matter how much it hurts.
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you for blessing the people.
She later explained, Our Lady Help of Christians was sitting
on a chair. She was dressed differently. She had a darker mantle
on than She usuaLly cornes here with. There were all kinds of peo-
ple in front of Her, different nationalities, children, old men and
women, and She was sitting up like She was blessing them and She
was speaking to them. 1 never saw that before. 1 do not remember
seeing it before.


Mary Ann took her crucifix and made the Sign of the Cross.
In a firm commanding voice she said "SATAN BE GONE!" Then
she smiled slightly and said, "Thank you." She leaned back slightly
and blessed herself three times very slowly, very devoutly and
How beautiful! Thank Vou. Thank Vou, Dear Lord, for
showing me this scene, thank Vou.
Mary Ann again, while she seemed to be viewing something,
Why can't that scene be shown to aH people? Oh Holy Mother,
at this time that would be so appropriate. The people would have
something to ding to. They are hungry for something, they know
not what. That would give them something.
St. Joseph then said:
AlI people who come here, especially to these Grounds,
with true devotion for Our Holy Mother and Rer Divine

Son and ail the Celestials here, and what ha~ been given
to them in the Name of the Trinity, they should place the Trinity
within their heart and keep It there. Never remove It, for you will
find if you carry the Trinity with you at ail times, in your heart,
when heavy crosses come, it will make it easier to bear. The en­
durance will not be so severe, for many persecutions and many,
many dir,ty rumors, un-Christian and un-Godly, will be hurled
against you people and the Shrine, but with true love for the Holy
Trinity you can stand in unison here and bring about a glorious
ending. Our Holy Mother appeared here in 1950 with the Unity
Sign upon Her bosom, which is Unity within the Trinity. For that
is what thy Nation needs, Unity with the Trinity. You here, must
practice it. You here must walk it. You heœ, must talk it; every
turn you make should be in unity within the Trinity. For God the
Father, God' the Son and God the Holy Ghost, the Spirit, Ail in
One, will unite you together and help and strengthen you to bring
forth the unity you are striving for. Without it, it cannot be done.
As thy Sister just witnessed a few seconds ago, Satan was
lurking up there twirling his tail, the spear of his tail, back and
forth, back and forth. When she noticed what he was doing,
she took out her relic of the True Cross and made the Sign of
the Cross and asked him to be gone. He is out there to tempt your
flock, to turn them. They in their hearts must al ways keep unity,
unity within Home, School and Church, unity in the Home, the
foundation of civilization, the School for education to bring forth
an educated civilization and the Church for the spiritual life where
the Holy Trinity should be placed in the child's heart as weil as
thy own.
When being in the Congregation, in the Church, thy eyes
should focus on the Altar, the Tabernacle, thy Crucified Lord, and
the statues of the Saints. Not at thy neighbor, not on what is going
on behind you, beside you, but only before you. When you come
to Church, do you not come because Christ is within the Church?
So many err. They do not like the Pastor who is standing there
as the representative of Christ. He is the representative of Christ.
You must honor and respect him. You must not face him with
the thought, "Oh 1 can't stand his eyes." His eyes are what God
created. What he has done with his own self-will, Gad gave him
that free will, yet, it would be much better for you to say a prayer
for him than to look with resentment towards him. You cannot
find unity within the Trinity with such action. It is deceit, it is

evil. No matter how holy thy works are on the outside, or how
holy you work any other way, when you go to Church with those
thoughts in your mind, you are destroying what you think you are
gaining. Do not run away but stand up as true Christians.
Look at Thy Holy Mother, the emblem She is wearing; re-
member it is Unity within the Trinity, for if we turn the emblem
around it is the proper Trinity Sign. Is it not the Home, School
and Church that is within the Trinity? Oh, dear children here,
you have so much to do and you care so little. Thy Holy Mother
came out there with Her arms outstretched to enfold you to Her
heart. You turn your back on Her. You care not for Her Messages,
Her instructions, Her Guidance; and yet, you are still privileged
with God the Father in Heaven, the appearance of Thy Lord and
God on the Cross, also the Holy Ghosl. That is what you had
out there today. Yet you do not respect Il. Yet you can stand
amongst yourselves and quibble over nothing when you should be
thanking God daily, especially the Trinity, that They are so much
in love with you, to show Themselves to give you strength. Thy
Holy Mother stands there with tears rolling down Her beautiful
cheeks, which you have placed there; humanity, Her children. She
loves you, children, no matter what race or creed, for you were
created by God the Father in Heaven. God the Father in Heaven
created them aH, and He gave ail men a free will. Tum that free
will in thanksgiving to thy Maker.
"Oh what have 1 got to be thankful for?" First, your life,
lfirst of a11 your life; if you have a firm body you have that to be
thankful for. How many have you seen that have not this privilege
to be thankful for; that man has crippled because of his own free
will, and of his thoughts and ideas of clinging ta Satan. Oh no, they
wouldn't think about that, but you are. Walk in the path of right-
eousness, unity within the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son
and God the Holy Ghost will shower you with Their graces and
blessings, so that you will have the strength to fulfill Our Holy
Mother's pleas. When She appeared on May 28, twenty-five years
aga on Pentecost Sunday, She outstretched Her arms calling Her
children to Her, and yet, twenty-five years iater She stands there
with tears roUing down Her face. The same Holy Mother Who
has come and pleaded and pleaded and pleaded with Her chi'idren
here. Yet they hear Her not. They do not know, they are in doubl.
"What shall we believe?" (said in a mocking tone). "What shall


as true Catholics, that love God and who want to save the lives
of the unborn; to save the lives of the warped minds because of
drugs and pornography that many are allowing in their community.
Our Holy Mother has asked for a Constant Vigil of Prayer.
How many States are working on that? There are sorne who are
working \iery hard, but there is not enough help, therc is not
enough. The dark cloud is above YOU, and when"it breaks open
it will be too late. IT IS UPON YOU! THE HOUR HAS
STRUCK! How many souls will you save? What is your effort?
What do you do, quibble over insignificant things, quibble? Like
a little child that fights over a toy? Be adults, be true Christians,
love thy neighbor as thyself. Honor thy Father and thy Mother,
obey Thy Lord and Gad. Spread the Word of God. Spread the
Word of God within the unity of the Trinity.
Thank you, St. Joseph. Mary Ann looks towards the four
ash trees and back to the arbor. "Mother Cabrini" To tell sorne
of our people that they are not driving 55, they go beyond 60.
Fifty, fifty-five and sixt Y is the limit. Fifty-five your law says, to
pass, sixty, but not beyond. Obedience to Thy Holy Mother.
Thank you, Marna Cabrini, thank you. 1 wish everybody
could see what is out there just now. The two \ittle ash trees right
here, the four ash trees, the crooked ash, the maple and the small
maple, are all filled with Saints. 1 cannot name them all, all those
who have appeared here, St. Therese, Mother Cabri ni, St. Joan are
in the tree right here (elm) and my dear \ittle Nun who took care of
me years aga when 1 was trying to pass on and she held me back.
She smiled just now. That is the first time she has done that.
Thank you, Sister Mary Magdalene, thank you.


Thank You, Holy Mother. You are back?

Help them, Pope Pius XII, help them. r should call you, Saint
Pope Pius XII, for you surely must be a Saint in Heaven. Give me
the strength and courage you had towards the last year of thy
reign, for 1 know the persecution was fiercc. The trials and tribu­
lations were unbearable, and thy own betrayed you, they poisoned
you, they destroyed your life. Yes, r imagine Gad permits those
things. 1 felt you were too ill ta answer at the time; in the guidance
and the outward persecution, you couldn'r. 1 understand, thank

you, thank you. Mary Ann blessed herself three times very rever­
ently. Thank you, Pope Pius XII. Thank you for blessing our
people. Send them the inspiration to fulfi!l Our Holy Mother's
requests, please, they need that. Help them and strengthen them
to overcome their weakness, their fear of losing their souls because
they are standing up here for the Sacred Grounds.
Sister, there is no need of fearing, for remember God the Father
in Heaven chose that you fulfill this mission. Our Holy Mother
came here on this earth with humility and humbleness to bring
forth those instructions. She has appeared to many a soul, in sorne
areas, with very worthy messages. Yet their Priests silence them
and let it not come forth. Our Holy Mother knew, Sister, that
you would not silence, that you would give what She asked. You
were obedient to Our Holy Mother, dear Sister. You are trying
to fulfill. Yes, Sister, trials and tribulations make one falter as
1 faltered on earth. When the pressures of trials and tribulations
are heaped upon you, your mental anguish, your mentality becomes
tired, overworked. It wou1d take a little time to continue. You
were not always given that chance, nor was l, with war raging
. ail about. A religious war that has been going on for many, many
years, and then, of course, the World Wars. The infidelity of Priests,
it is a heavy cross to carry. 1 had promised My Lord when 1 be­
came a Priest, that 1 would carry that cross and continue the best
1 could even when at times it became unbearable. So must you,
my dear Sister, carry it. You have done weil. Had it not been for
the unjust, your prayers might have been answered to fill in the
words you had hoped. But you did weil, do not regret it. 1 am
giving you this compliment. 1 am sure Our Holy Mother sanctions
it. Continue so long as God the Father in Heaven so wills it. For
if He wishes to take you home, no one here can stop it. If He
wishes you to continue to suffer, no one here on earth can stop
that either; so continue day by day as the crosses and the road
becomes rugged before you. Walk gently, stay kind, be charitable,
try to promote the Rosary.
The Constant Vigil of Prayer must be more of a success. You
need more workers in the outlying States, the willingness to go
out. The reason many are faltering is because of the adverse state­
ments in the news media. They don't know which to believe. If
they wou1d come here and kneel down in prayer, they would find
their answers before them because many a soul that was in doubt


came and left here with joy in their heart. They need to make the
sacrifices so that they get a deeper depth and understanding of what
Our Roly Mother wants of them. Ali Rer children have a part to
playon this troubled earth. YOD RAVE SEEN NOTRING YET,
dear children. Brothers and sisters, those young children do not
know what it is to suffer, to sacrifice. Oh children, children awaken,
honor thy father and thy mother. Do not place a chip on your
shoulder, cast it off. There are rare occasions when the children
must take the forward step, but most ail parents love their children
in their crude way sometimes, yet there is a love in their hearts.
you, brothers and sisters, help them, teach them, teach them the
Truth. Remember it must always be the Truth. A little white lie
is not the Truth. Do not make excuses that it was only a little
white lie. There is no white lie, but the Truth in honor and glory
of Thy Lord and God and Savior.
Thank you, thank you. Mary Ann blessed herself three times
very reverently. Thank you, Pope Pius XII, my favorite Pope.
It is so beautiful the way he makes the Sign of the Cross. He says:
"In the Glories of My Lord and God, Glory be to God the Father
in Heaven, Glory be to God the Son of Man, Œory be to the Roly
Ghost, the Spirit of the Roly Trinity." Then he makes the Sign
of the Cross: "In the Name of the Father" and so forth.
Mary Ann lowered her head. She looked up and said:
Yes, Holy Mother, l'm sorry, 1 thought that You had left.
Yes, 1 had hoped that You would give me permission for that.
Thank You. Was 1 wrong in refusing to bring it? Thank You. Yes,
1 know. Thank You, Roly Mother, thank You.
Mary Ann looked towards the Sacred Spot and smiled.

Our Roly Mother said She let Rer Priest-son come first. Of
course She appeared out there first. When 1 came in Pope Pius XII
appeared. 1 thought Our Roly Mother was gone and suddenly
She cailed me. She was dressed aH in Rer beautiful Queenship
attire. When She left She went up amongst those clouds there and
sat on one of the clouds. She slowly went behind that dark one.
She went in where the sky is deep blue. Its area was wider before.
She sat on the cloud and then went behind it. Our Lady spread
Her hands over the people and rays came from Rer hands. She
turned from one side to the other.

June 4, 1975 - ANNIVERSARY DAY OF 1950

Mary Ann shook her head and said:

No, no. Am 1 to understand that these are Nuns? Row terrible,
She shook her head, "No, no."
Where is the devotion and justice? Yes, 1 realize that
but 1 did not understand it that way then. It still hurts one when
you see it. Is this in Catholic schools now, what are you show­
ing me? 1 just wanted to be sure, for there is no resemblance
to a Catholic school, not even a crucifix in the room. This is
the majority of our Catholic schools? Thank you. Oh what 1 have
just seen, wouldn't it be better if our populace, if our parents
would not send their children to such schools? AlI 1 see is sensitivity
training, Pentecostalism and extra-curricular of cursillo. N othing
about the Divinity of Our Lord, nor is the Roly Mother ever men­
tioned. There is no Crucifix in any of the classrooms, nor is there
any indication that this is a Catholic School. Girls are going in
mini-skirts, way up to their buttocks. Boys are dressed in the
shaggiest way. They look more like yippies or hippies than they
do a good Catholic, America boy. When they walk down the stairs
you can't tell, if you are in back of them, if they are a boy or girl
as far as the length of their hair is concerned. Sorne of the boys
have longer hair than sorne of the girls. What is taught in their
classrooms is nothing that is Catholic and yet our people will send
their children to these places to have them brainwashed in to what?
That Jesus was a cornmon man walking the earth? That the Virgin
Mary was nothing but a simple woman? That St. Joseph was just
a common carpenter? That the Roly Father is nothing more than
an Archbishop in his diocese of the Vatican City? That a Priest
is nothing special but just a simple minister of God? Those are
sorne of the main fundamentals they teach in their way of think­
ing. The True Fundamentals have been completely forgotten. They
speak not of the Rosary nor the Sacraments of the Church, nor
the Birth of Jesus Christ, nor the Passion, Resurrection and Ascen­
sion. None of these things are spoken of, but socialism, societies.
Roly Communion is only a meal where you sit around a dining
room table, no sacramentals are shown to the classes. Is this what
you want to send your children to? There are a number of these
in the State of Wisconsin as weIl as the outlying States. There
are sorne good ones that are !laving a very !lard time to fulfill

their duties and obligations. There you will see Nuns dressed with
the new Habit, of course, but at least it represents a Nun. The
Priest at least in his black suit, his Habit. The cassock has left
the classrooms. Very few do you see, but at least he wears a
collar and looks like a Priest. You can go to a Protestant Church­
school and Church and you will see a cross displayed. On the
walls Ji these classrooms that you are seeing now, Sister, this is
a Protestant School, you at least see pictures of the Savior on the
wall, crosses on the wall and they speak of their way of thinking.
They speak more like a Catholic, today, than our own in the
schools that you have just witnessed. The last one you witnessed is
good. The philosophy they are teaching is good, yet they are so
minor, so few, that it wouldn't be possible to bring their children
to them. That is why Our Holy Mother asked here that you teach
the Fundamentals to those \ittle souls around you. Continue your
CCD classes, or whatever you cali them, and do not \isten to the
whining of sorne parents because it makes it a little difficult for
them. At least this child is taught the True Fundamentals of the
Church. Dig into books, find them for your higher grades boys and
( girls. Give them the real work. Take your time, do not cut the
classes so short, you must give them a little more time. You must
reach their hearts for the confusion is great amongst them. Those
who are teacfi'fÏ1g the children should occasionallyge-~r
é!!!9 work out a plan as to what they hope to accomplish and what
they hope to dq, with the children. Gi3..-.1he children sornething
they can cling ID a~courage them for more.
ThanK' yÔtl. Yes, sorne of these books you have just shown
me, 1 have seen before. Sorne of these boo~some of our own
have battled against, and yet they are shown to us in Catholic
( Schoofs. What !les before us is a very serious period, none of it
should be looked upon lightly. Teach thy children, be kind to thY
children and ret firm, as we have asked before. Be the example
liëre. Let thy own boys and girls be the shining star, the examE!
for the other children. Oh at first, they will be scoffed at but sud­
denl~ they will turn. Isn't it a beautiful though!.~ have "i'ii'"'YOur
mm, that you are responsible for the turning oflt? ThatLo~ helped
a certain soul to come back in the proper attire, to dress MaQ'like'!
\1 Especially in Church and at any other a~ce where boys and
I~girls should be reco...@iz~(L1!§~. Thy Sister had quite a conver­
sation with sorne of them this morning, wondering if it was right
to wear slacks in~e gard~n. Yes, go ahead and wear them but

I wear a dress on top, but don't wear just slacks. In certain places

I . it protects a woman. When the children go to school in cold

weather, slacks under a dress is proper but don't send your children
1t.9 school in slacks only. Oh there is grumbling and rumbling by
sorne of them, because their whole ward robe has to be changed.

Why did they follow Satan's way in the !irst lace? Why weren't
tbey prou to have their aug ter 00 ike a dau hier rathér
than a boy, a son? How many J2.2:ts ao yM have wl'l~ wear plaid
trousers, flowered pants, flowered shirts, how many? This is done
purposely to confus~ the issue. Parents, Christian parents, true
parents, don't follow those things. They wondered if the two or
three inches below the knee is still . . . weil once said, it means
{ for the rest of the time. It isn't necessary to repeat and repeat to
satisfy a few whimsical people, w~sk? It was giv~ follow it.
They always want sorne loophole they can creep out and then
they say it was given that way. No it wasn't, it is what you want,
not what Heaven wants nor what is proper at these Shrines or in
your Church. Men and women act r e and women! Bo s
and irls, act lke bo sand irls and look like it! Read in your
Bi e about the boy with the long hair and about the girl going
to Church without anything on her hair, uncovered. In former days,
they .would take a girl like that outside and take a s1ïaver and
shave off ail her hair'1roîTïl1er head because she went into Gôd's
house without anything on it~ things happened. Maybe it
was extreme in your way of thinking, but once those hairs grew
back, the girl never weilt with an uilcoverêd head. ln fact wnile
she was baldheaded, she had something on her head to hideIt.
This happened amongst the'·Quakers, this happened in England
and this happeiled in France and in othe!:._lil;l!:QQean countries.
:There is work on it, you can read it. It is there and it is even in
the Bible. If yon waat ta danbt the Bible, go ahead. Oh yes, you
have Priests who will tell you that the Bible is something old and
past, that today we are different, todây we are more modem. Yes,
eVefything is in the pasto
Women in the Sanctuary is wrong, just as wrong today as
it was in the tlme of Christ. He had no women in the Sanctuary,
but today, they distribute Communion with the approval of His
Excellency, the Bishop. So don't damn the Nun who is doing it,
or the laywoman, for His Excellency, the Bishop, gave permission.
So the whole error is on his shoulders, on his conscience, he must
face His Lord and God. Do not follow in the same footsteps and

traps. Do not let the woman take the place of the man, only in
cases where it has to be, but in the average homes it must not be,
and in Church, it must nat be. There are certainly enough men
to help the Priest and they can become Deacons. Just offer your­
self to the Bishop and then fill the part of a Deacon. And even
when he;CïisIrfEiïïes 'Roly ëüÏÏÏÏÏ1uilfon, ne should wear soiTIëiliTrig
to prove 'thatneisaDeacon, not in his daily attire or his Sunday
attire whÎch is the layman's attire, but the Deacon's attire should
be something a bit different.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times reverently and said,

Thank you, St. Joseph.

Who are you who gave this message? No, l cannot recognize

you. Thank you. Yes, St. Joan, St. Therese. Thank you.
She later said: l was shown c1assrooms, no crucifixes, no
sign of a Catholic school, outside, inside, nowhere. The Protestant
schools have a large picture, side-view of Christ; a lot of Protest­
ants have that. That is a picture of Our Lord. They have certain
Saints, even St. Francis. "Catcher in the Rye" was one of the
books.-Lsaw and some-oLihes.e other dirty ~books. Th~y ~Il
of sex and jun~. IbeY-'lr..ejIU.Qln.e. Calholic-"ss;·iiooJ~es. WI10
gave the message today? It was a Nun. It was a Nun way back in
history. l would have to go back and look in the Saint's book.
l have seen her before. She holds a Monstrance. This one had
a Monstrance..3he-djdn~1 me who she Wàs, just looked at
me and smiled, turned around and walked away.


Thank you, St. Francis.

l wish ail of you could have seen what l just saw.
l don't know how to even begin to describe il. Over the
maple tree was a large Cross. Our Lord appeared under
one arm, Our Holy Mother under the other. One was the Sacred
Heart and the other was the Immaculate Heart. They stayed
there a few minutes and disappeared. In its place appeared Two
Hearts, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of
Jesus. The huge Cross was behind it. There was no Corpus on it,
just a Cross. The Cross was a beautiful gold, it seemed, with silver
filigree on it. l don't know how to explain it. The Hearts stayed
there for quite a while, then St. Francis appeared and told me
that mast of our people are forgetting to honar the Sacred Heart

of Jesus by placing their hand to their heart and saying the words:
"Most Sacred Heart of Jesus ha _e--IIl~y_on-lls':' They sav the
wor s without thelr over their heart. Just as our people are
forgettingwhen they say, "Lamb_oLG 'to put their hand over
• th.e.iL.hearl..l2.ecause when they speak of the Lamb of God, who is
That? Tt is Christ, so we must awaken our people and-the children
because the chi1dJ~11.J!re not doing it at aIl. The parents are negli­
gent in it. To honor and venerate the Sacred Heart in the month
of June especia11y, and of course to say the Litany of the Sacred
Heart. A high school student, if he truly honors them, would be
able to say both Litanies by heart, if they said it the way they are
supposed to, but none of them know how, especia11y in our Cath­
olic Schools and Universities; they do not know how. The Immacu­
late Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that was beau­
tiful. l wish it had appeared there so ail could have seen it but l
expect it wasn't supposed to be.
Before......Ch.tist disappeared, He made the Sign of the Cross.
Our Holy Mother looked so sad as nearly always. l didn't see St.
Joseph today. St. Joan and St. Therese were here at the tree for
a while and disappeared. Our Lord and Holy Mother had rays
around them, not like a halo picture on holy cards. They were
ail light, weil it is light out there right now, but this is much lighter
plus the gold rays from Each. Sometimes the rays are mixed with
silver. l didn't pay too much attention because l am accustomed
to seeing them. It is something vou naturally expect. When the
Two Hearts were separate, they had a special glow to Them. Our
Lord has fla mes coming from His Heart, flames and the Crown
of Thorns around it of course, only when the Hearts were alone,
not when Our Lord and His Holy Mother stood there with Their
Hearts in front of Them. The Blessed Mother's Heart was pierced
with a sword and Our Lord has the flames above His. There was
no crown of thorns around the Blessed Mother's Heart.

June 16, 1975 -


St. Joseph, yes, l know She is weeping. Yes, l remember,

very much do l remember. Must I? Please don't show it to me. If
it is thy will l must accept it but l won't be strong enough, l'm
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.

Thank yoU. Yes, St. Joseph. Yes, yes, 1 know that, 1 will
My Daughter, in 1917 the Mother of God appeared at Fatima.
She pleaded with Her children there. There were many signs given
and many admonishments, yet they hear not nor care not. They
have turn~d their backs on Her. Sorne tried, but as always they
run into a'blank wall. God the Father in Heaven will soon strike
out. At Fatima the Mother of God asked for the cOIlYersion of
Russia. If not the conversion of Russia, the errars would spread
over the entire world. Vou have seen that spreading of evil. Three­
thirds of the world is covered with the enemy of God. 19>most "
1 e there is the lottin and planning of how to destroy \
tlle Christian world. It was given that t e ~es ruc Ion 0 ristians, 1
even at the time of Thy Lord and God's walk on earth, from then j
on until now, tue struggle stàll i~ to destrQY theShristians. Much J
hope Our Holy Mother ha p a.ced upon Her Priest-sons who
were following in the footsteps of Her Divine Son. They were to
be the true Shepherds on earth to lead the flock, to bring Peace"
Unity and Justice. But there were too many Judases in Her flock,
the leaders, the Priests. The Mother of God shed tears. She has
appeared in many places since pleading, pleading for man to save
himself, to save his' soul fram eternal Hellfire. Yes, there was a
Pope that many of you know, Pope Pius XII. He was to conse­
crate the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He did so
with rebuffs and hateful attitudes. For had ail the Sons, who were
followers of Our Holy Mother's Divine Son, the Priests, had they
fulfilled the requests to consecrate their Parfshes to the Immacul!!!,e
Heart of Mary as His Holiness had asked for at that time, but
they heeded not his request nor do they follow his encyclicals.
Check back in history how many encyclicals were sent out to the
Priests in all different dioceses, how many were fulfilled and fol­
lowed. You would be shocked to the answer to that. But since
they heeded not the pleas of the Holy Mother, the enem'Lof Thy
Lord and God has grown in great multitudes. They have taken
inthe Clergy, who should have known better. They were taught
better but they heeded not the Popes, they heeded not, thus, you
have seen wars upon wars. Here in 1950, it was given that the
Nations would be shocked at the destruction of human lives. The
humans referred to at that time, were not so much in wars, for
you have outnumbered those that were killed in the wars, three
to one for aIl wars, the__destruction of human lives, the unborn.

Thy Sister here was shown a beautiful scene if Her pleas were
heard. The Iron Gates wouId open and Russia would be converted.
AIlNations would be conv-erted to Her DiviOë-Sôïï," but instead
you are waltmg and holding out, reaëfiing out your arms for DES-
TRUCTION, not to Our Holy Mother but to destruction. Thy Sis-
ter saw the destruction of one large city. There was nothing left,
only glass and molten sand. It resembled glass, and water veins
springing up, new lakes being formed. She saw the destruction of
forests, trees, human lives half-baked; animais half-baked, quiver-
ing. DO YOU ASK FOR THIS HERE? She said that this could be
avoided if they fulfiUed Her pIeas and they would turn to the Im-
maculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They
HEED NOT Her pleas. She is shedding tears, my dear brothers and
sisters. She is shedding tears because Her children do not LOVE
Her, they do not love Her for they do nat even love their own f1esN~1
,they do not love Her for they do not even love thelr own fles:~J»
and blood, their offspring, or they would not let them be destroyed.
They only want the pleasures of f1esh, they want to wallow in it.
My dear brothers and sisters, the time is near. The devastation
and destruction of thy Nation is approaching and not only here
bUt every man,WO'iTian and chlIaOrreasoning will be able to rec-
ognize it, WHEN IT IS TOO LATE! We are asking for the Con-
stant Vigil of Prayer, they may laugh about it. Thy Holy Mother
has appeared in various places, they scoff at it.
What has been done to save the unborn? What little pittance
has been done? Oh there are many workers, yes, but in comparison
to the population of thy Nation, how many? There is so much
work for all to do yet Our Holy Mother came here today, She
looked around Her; one-thousand, four-hundred and twenty-five
(1,425) were here in 1950. What is here today? Two hundred
) and twenty including the litde ones (220). They are not even
together as they are scattered ail over, sorne are not with prayer,
they are just jabbering together. No one wants to tum a FEW
moments of the day to prayer. Prayer, it will only be prayer that
will spare thee, prayer. If you do not turn to prayer, there is NO
[ CHANCE, for God the Father in Heaven, His patience has wom
thin. When He strikes out in anger, which we will show thy Sister
in spite of her pleas, she will see the "white fire" that will come
on this earth that everyone will see, and they will pray to God
that they could die, until is snuffs out their lives. But it will hang
a certain distance trom them, so they can regret their aggressive-


ness, their sinful ways. God will still give them those few seconds,
to make an Act of Contrition, to be truly sorry. Yet they will be
so full of fear, they will even forget how. Ali they will know is,
"God, God help me," (said in a mockingly, pleading tone),
"please help me." For so many years the Mother of God has come
to this earth, pleading with Her children, pleading that they save
their souls and the souls of their children, yet, since She has
pleaded in the year 1950, what has happened to those children?
Sorne have grown into adulthood, of course, since then. And ,Jet
those same ones, are rowin u a new f10ck of tittle ones, little
boys and girls lLtt e innocent lives; their innocence looks up at)
their arents with love and devotion in th . 'r father 1
and mot er. Where is the look of love and devotion in the e~s)
~f tbe parent~ towards their Creator and th~~ior Who brought !
them that child, where? They are ail too busy. They have too mue' !

to do, they have no time to say a Rosary together because sports ,

are taking them away from home, SPORTS. One of the diversions)
the enemy of Gad has planted on earth to divert them away from
God l to seek out pleasures of sports. There is no harm in it, J!
they FIRST think of Their Lord and God. There is no harm in
many îîîtiiis
if yon do not oyer-indulgeJ!l it and forget thy Maker,
thy Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Mother, for God tfie Father in
Heaven is watching and waiting. The destruction of tlili..l.iYes of the
unborn in the Americas, North and South, is coming to the point
ofthë Chastisement. ONL y HE KNOWS WHEN! ONL y HE
willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to give, not only take? This

Nation is a gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme Nation, it doesn't want
to give. Each one for themselves. Th~al~ Chris~n is lacking
[in tbem, they have ~. They hope to believe the tale that God) \ 1
~. Children, children, brothers and sisters, ~ur has struck. JJ
Mary Ann held tightly to the kneeler. She seemed greatly dis­
tressed. She shook ber bead several times and said, "Ohhhh." Sbe \
NO!" She then collapsed with her head on the kneeler. She held
her crucifix and kissed it several times.
--sne men Sala··
!Jn sorry ~eave!p Yes, 1 know, you told me that
in 19Sô. Yes, î
do remember. Twenty-five years have gone by
since that warning. Yes, 1 know it has ~d. No, Roly Mother, JJ

not any stronger but tougber. You know that, you can
mind, You can read my thoughts. You seeri'i"t'O'"KnoW wl'laf 1 am
~ to think belore 1 thmk It. You know me
we here on earth say. 1 do not know what to do,
insFâ and QUcas
0 not know.
My only answer would be if Vou would show them the devasta­
tion that Vou just showed me. Not allOfît, just one little ~k.,
Tl1èy coilld neverfakTifall, nor do 1 care to speak of it. It is tooJ
horrible, too terrible. 1 understand now, why Vou said, several
years ago, they would envy the deg~t. Yet they do not seem to care
nor do they hear. Is that the reason for the Chastisement? There
cannot be anything to avert it? 1 see. Holy Mother, Vou know,
Vou told me in 1950, that this wil! be the last chance for our peo­
ple, for when His Holiness !eaves, the destruction will come of
the Church. When the Church goes, die people's fartfïWiUoeoeS­
tl'oyed. Does it mean then that the eriemy has won'! Savrng-of
souls is important. Thank Vou.
Mary Ann blessed al! with her crucifix and then said, If 1
had seen in 1950 what 1 saw today, 1 wouldn't be here. When
people ask why 1 scr~ed, tel! them to pray, work on the Con­
stant Vigil, say the Rosary and s,\ve the unborn. Maybe they are
curious and want to know, but they wouldn't W A N T to
know. 1 cannot cal! it "fire" as it has no resemblance. It is
nothing like fire. It is such a terrific heat. It is like the sun itSclf)J
upon you, like the whole sun was over the whoIe Globe but it is
ALL WHITE. There is no color in it, you know fire has red,
smoke. There is no comparison. The earth, when it !eaves, it will
be molten metal, like 1 saw that ~61g city gomg up, there is no
comparison. One-fourth of the population will be left. The refer-))
ence to three-thirds, means the communist and the enemy of God.
Tf we could bring the Constant Vigil al! over the United States,
it would help. It would lessen it, that much 1 was promised in 1955
already. We don't have the workers and we don't have the ~e
in~d. They don't care. 1 was reminded again, that THERE,
( Mary-Ann pointed to where the House of Prayer wil! be, this
should have been up by now. -~--- --..

(June 1~ 1975 - FEAST OF ST. ROMAULD

Thank you, St. Francis.

Sister, you must try to cast aside what Our Holy Mother
wanted you to witness on the Anniversary of the Sacred Heart.

She wanted you ta know and ta see, as you have seen it before when
thy Protector was still living. Somewhere on the recording is that
scream· He at the time said that was the worse scream that he
had ever heard from thy throat. Yes, Sister, the World is not
ready for the Chastisement. It fears not the Chastisement, it cares
not. The pleasures ks Our Holy Mother spoke of, the Almighty
I:2oJ.Wr. But the for et, dear Sister, that the serpent is coi1ëOTn \ \\
t~ation [rom border to arder, from sea CO 1 a. e v~ J~
is dripping over the youth, over the parents, over thy Church
and oyer thy GovernmenTOfficials as weIl as over thy Government
buildings. We need not put an interpretation on the quote 1 just
have, for 1 am sure you aU understand it. You gave that, Sister,
many years aga. In fact, twenty and twenty-one years a~. It is
gradually mushrooming in this huge mushroom witb the dripping
fangs sticking out. Yet, they care not. The devastation you will
feel that has just happened in the desert out west; oh it will not
react today or tomouow, but it will upset nature and dàmage
will he done. Not where it happened but hundreds of miles away.
fi they do it once too often, they will help the ~dreas Fault ta
faD in the Ocean. (Refers to underground nuc1ear bomb testing).
Scientific minds are just like tha!., many, many are overzealous
.[ men, yes, they are scientists bu~ what type of scientists are they?
Do they care what is happening to mankind? Do they care what
is happening ta the people in the area or are they only trying
ta prove their point? And vou people quietly accept all the des­
truction they can hand upon you. 1 don't mean the few of you
in this room, but thy own Nation, thy own Christian people.
Why are you aU sa gullible? Can you not see the hand-writing
on the wall? 'can you not see Satan at work? The dripping
fangs all about you? Brothers and sisters, wake up! Do not sl1!1Jl·
ber on and on. You have wasted twenty-five years since Our Holy
Mother pleaded with you here. Twenty-five years you have wasted.
The Constant Vigil of Prayer is moving ven slowly. How many
souls will you he able ta save? People, youarëlë"tting thy Nation
be destr2i',ed. Their minds wiUDej501soned day by day. The un­
barn are filling the waste basket, the garbage pail, the incinerators
and your Nation is crumbling. Gad the Father in Heaven will
pronounce the judgment. He will be your Judge, your Jury and
y'ou are ALL guilty of what is before you. May Gad be merciful
on you, may Godbe merciful on you. 1 plead with you, 1 Romauld,
plead with you tq awals;en, ta cast aside material obiects, the

mawial things that you are clinging to, instead of the things to
s"~e the sôuls of man, ta bring out {his SbClne; to 6nng fortb a \
h~ri for the people that are fearfuI of what is befme them. Many
areawakening, many are beginning to awaken but the majarity
sIumbers on, blindêd. The woal has not been removed. They are
stin til@!Lin by the men, the wolves in sheep's clothing. They
1\ have multrplied and are in control of thy Church.
Mary Ann blessed fierself three tlmes very reverently.
Thank you, St. Francis and St. Joseph.


Mary Ann looked up, shook her head, "Yes," repeated this,
blessed herself three times and said:

Thank you, St. Peter. PADRE PlO!

Mary Ann shook her head.

Thank you, yeso thank you. 1 understand, yes, 1 always did

understand. 1 was correct? Thank you. Since you are appearing

again tonight, may 1 ask what we can do? What we must do?
You see Thy Lord and God always shook when He walked
Calvary's way. He couId have had things easier for He was the
Son of God. When He walked on those rocky stones His feet were
bleeding. He had no cornplaints when they SCQ)J(ged Him, the
blood ran, He had no complaints. He did not whimper or whine
that it was too much. All He said was, "Oh God, cive me strength.
Oh Father in Heaven, give me t stren h to do Th Holy

Will." If you 0 at, ask Him to give you strength, then

in aU humility accept it, make reparations. Gather together those

that truly believe in this Holy Cause. For if you fulfill Our Holy

Mother's requests, yours will become the lar est Shrine that was

II ever built on this earth muc ar er than Fatima. Fatima now

WI n many adversities because of their commercialism. ~

thysti ~_!Q__ÉJ1J~---!ho~~o!-f.Q.ITl~m.
f Be
careful; do not be tem pted. Continue to do The work you are doing

with the ~ and the uQJNeç,l mothers. Th):: staff, it is beautjful!

l'_he guiding hand will come forth for it is done with sincerity,

in true love. It is not done in commercialism. Continue thus

and you will flourish. Il will be a hard row to hoe. If will be a

hard path to walk but always remember Thy Lord and God, He

walked CalyaIT for YOU, for YOU! that you shaH live into eter­

ffi"ty, that death will not swallow you and destroy you, but instead



bring sunshine and joy and the "Glory of Glories" into your heart
and soul and you will find the path ta thy Maker. Y.QllJ!l.U~ con­
f tinue no matter how hard the struggle. Teach thy cbildren, teach
, thy children the laws of Gad. Those that are doing wrong, you must
not accept their decisions. You must be alert and you must show
kindness and you 'must continue ta behave and act like loyal sub­
1jects ta Jesus Christ. Do not Iain S~, do not becorne angry.
Yes, there is a just anger but sorne of1lie anger that has been dis­
played by sorne of those that should not do this, will not help
thee but will help destroy. It will give that foothold ta. Satan ta
bring about destruction, sa be loyal. Carry the Rosary in thy hand
as thy Holy Mother asked you ta do. When vou are in Church,
[ hold it in thy hand, it will give you strength. The Rosary, as thY
flôly Mother sa many tlmes explained, will win trie hattle. They
will be the little missiles ta Heaven ta spare thy Nation, thy
Church. Oh it saddens me ta see my fellow Priests, my fellow
Apostles, use the easier maxims than ta fulfill the Traditional
Church, the True Fundamentals. Follow the True Fundamentals.
Yes, Sister, what you witnessed wht::n we showed you the eleven
Apostles that you witnessed on Fridays, and then the Dew~e
1to replace Judas, yon were shawn the cloaks of the Bishops. Yes,
1 was t e and aIl the other A ostles were Bishops. All
were subject ta me, just as there was ta be a continua ion until
today. To~they do not liste!! His Holiness the Pope, nor
~~ the Priests listen ta their Bishops. They' can give orders of
obedience, but the>' themselves cannat follow it. Yes, obedience
rùëim ta aIl Clergymen. Those that oppose Our Holy Mother
~ill find pain and suffering. They will learn it, sometimes when it
is tao late. Now Plâ~O wlshes ta speak with yOU.
Thank yOU. ~nn blessed herself three times and said,
Thank you, St. Peter, thank you sa much.
Dear Chosen Child, you were surprised ta see me tonight.
1 have come ta assure you that thy suffering, thy stru22les a..œ...Q.9t)"
in vain but thy hel~rs shoUIa be truthful, be loyal. It is here as '~
1 have witnessed in many places, my dear Chosen Child, there
are a few in harness but you always have the others, ~re
balking. If vou do not put your chests together and pull the load,
voucannot suc~ed. Pray for His Holiness, he IS tIl from the weight
<;)f tbjs sinful World. Pray for the Priest herëafi.ëf1or all PriestUU!fl J
r the poor damsels in distress that calI themselves Nuns. They
are not Nuns. Thy Holy Mollier aoes not accept them and Thy

Lord Jesus Christ does not. They must return to their Habit. The'y
must return to their former self. Modernization is fine for this
modem World, but there must ~, there must be ~'
there must he E nce, RTD ra~must teach the Cl ren
the rue TradltlOna hurCh anl the Fundamentals. Yes, Chosen

Child, continue to accept the sufferings in silence. We are with

~jf you are with us.

Mary Ann blessed herself three times, very reverently.

This blessing, my dear Chosen Child, brothers and sisters,
is to bring you ~rt, to give you stre,!Utth and to plead with
you to continue in truth and loyalty.
Thank you, thank you. Mary Ann looked toward the ash
trees at the Sacred Spot, put her hand up to her mouth as if sur­
Thank aU three of you, thank you.
Later she said that Padre Pio showed the wounds in his hands.
He did not have any gloves on.

July 2,1975 - THE VISITATION

1 know it is God's will and not mine.

Teach thy children to live in purity, chastity and loyaltY-!9
their father and mother, their brothers and sisters; t~ir feUow
students in schooi and to their---.Erofessors and teachers and offi­
[ ciaIs. Do not ever let yourself be tempted in trying only a little
mite of a drug. 1t will only lead to ruination, destruction of ITÙnd,
b~u...d sou!. Remember that arways. This we plead with the
y outh, do not be that foolish and ignorant. Show that yg..!J.. J gye
a lot mo~ 10rtitude, honor and obedience. Dress properly ~!I
behave as truë""Christians, men and womep., boys and girls and
chlTdren; then the graces will rain upon you. Thy path will be
lightened and you will find the goal you are seeking. Ali must be
one in honor, true love, true work and only then will you succeed
in life. Lies will never bring you any results but sorrow and~.
Nothing good can come from lies and deceit. Our Holy Mother
loves all and She hopes that aU love Her. Now Saints Francis and
Joseph will give aU the people a blessing. May the Glories of the
Trinity always reign in your heart and give you strength, love and

Thank yOU.

July 7, 1975 - MOTHER CABRINI

Mary Ann ICnelt for a short time, blessed herself three times
reverently and said :
Thank you, St. Francis, thank you, Mother Cabrini, thank you.
Dear Brothers and Sisters, hasn't the picture come into focus
yet? Haven't you seen what is lying before you? Even l, myself,
asked you ta drive your vehicles fifty and no higher than sixty,
now your law asks for the same. AU cornes into pattern, aU cornes
inta focus, do you understand? We up here know what the plans
for the World are. We know what trouble and sorrow, hardships;
sa much, much hardships for many, many adults, fathers, mathers
and those sa dear innocent children. They are innocent of the
trials, sorrows and confused World they are facing. Brothers and
sisters it is because of the lack in today's parents and parental
attitudes that makes things sa difficult for the younger generation.
Nobody, nobody, has time for anything. Nothing, no time, must
do this, must do that. A child cornes along, it can't be, sa the enemy
helps them out. Destroy, destroy, destroy. They kill, they murder
one life after another. Gad will not accept those things, nor is Gad
merciful ta those guilty. There are a few innocent victims amongst
these, but Our Heavenly Father will take care of them. You here
have much to futiU, much to do, much ta care for. Many, many
requests have been asked, nobody cares ta do them. One, two,
three, maybe tive or six people are concerned. Marna Maria, the
Mother of Thy Lord and Gad, the Savior of all mankind, She
weeps for Her children, for the lives of the destroyed. She weeps
because Her children are not taught the true teachings of the
Church. Omit, omit here, omit there, omit somewhere else, always
omit, must make everything short, short, short. The true teachings
are not given. The true teachings are not taught ta little ones that
need the true teachings. You here make sure that you teach the
true method. Teach the old time religion. Teach them what 1 was
taught, that will give you much, much foundation, give you
strength. Your good teacher can give you courage. Do not use
teachers who themselves are confused no matter how short you
are. It would be better not ta have one like that in the classroom.
Teach only what Thy Lord and Gad, Thy Savior, taught you many,
many years ago. Teach the True Fundamentals of the Church, not

of today. We gave messages, many, many years ago for you aU

to learn to sew, to preserve food, to care for yourselves in case
of extreme necessity which will come once the enemy of God
cornes is earth to destroy, cornes to this NatÎon to destroy.
M"any, many thousallils eo e In t atlOn wiU die of starva­
tion, lack of preparedness,- much death and killing. A hungry
person, man or woman or child, will fight and kill for something
to eat. Strife, troubles and tribulations will be much unless you
are;uling to give up material things and tum to Thy Heavenly
Mother, Marna Maria, to Thy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. \Yi!l1­
out Them in our daïl lives and c n u t without
T em you are lost. Nothing cornes without The Heavenly Father,
Marna Mariâ and Jesus Christus, the Son of God. Without Them
there is no hope, no salvation, no eternal happiness. Many
Priests have forgotten the true teachings, many Sisters have left.
Oh you speak to them, they are "Sisters," they are not, they are
"Miss." Just because they are unmarried, it makes them a "Miss."
Many are not virgins, they live a secretive and unchaste life. Yet
they want to be classified as a "Sister," a "Nun." Only those that
wear the Habit, modified, yes, are the True "Spouses" of Jesus
Christus, only those. AU others will find that there is a true God,
and their Spouse Whom they have betrayed, will not let them
into the Kingdom of Heaven but He will close the door and send
them away into HeU or Purgatory, whichever He chooses to place
them. How severe their mort al sins, how severe their Jack
of true love of Their Lord and God! Brothers and sisters, be on
the path leading to the Kingdom of Heaven. While walking this
earth stay only in that path. You will stumble, you will fall,
pick yourself up, make a good Act of Contrition. Tell them you
are sorry and you start all over again, but keep on the path. Keep
thy heart clean, thy soul pure and then you wm have etemal hap­
Thank you, yes, Marna Cabrini. Your blue eyes are sparkling
tonight, thank you.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times reverently.
Thank you, St. Francis. Thank you for blessing aU the
Mother Cabrini came back into the alcove where she was
praying over aU the people who are out there. St. Francis will go
next to her, she will not bless them but he will, for her.

July 15, 1975 - FEAST OF ST. HENRY

Mary Ann knelt and looked up and after a few moments,

blessed herself three times very reverently.
Thank you, St. Francis, yes, St. Francis.
Sister, the weight is heavy, you feel so alone at times.
Our prayers are with vou as we notice the h~at is breaking
your streng!h.
Thank YOU.
Sister, you have been greatly concerned over different stories
that you have been told. YOI![ brother, Henry, who is with us,
wishes me to speak for him. No, Sister, you cannot see him, but
ail the Saints that were with him during his five years with you,
are here tonight as you have noticed. Speak only of truth and
facts. Do not speak of material that has not been documented
~ truth~ docu!llented. There is much in this era tumbling
and stumbling around which is not the truth. Nor will it bring
peace and contentment to you people. YOU ARE TO BE PEO­
PLE OF TRUTH! You are to be the people to set an example
to thy Nation, thy Community, thy State. You have much on
your shoulders, work at it. Stand up for the Truth! Stand up for the
Shrine! Tt is not for themselves but for their God. To bring souls
tOHIm. For their Country, to spare the most severe Chastisement
the World has ever known, which will befall thy.Nation. Let them
Dot place their will, their ideas underneath a bushel basket and
hidc. That LIGHT cannot shine forth, it is impossible. The LIGHT
must shine forth in Truth, in honesty with God, His Holy Mother.
The Son of God wishes you to fulfill His Holy Mother's requests.
The TRUTH regardless of how some will accept il. It is the
TRUTH that you here must spread.
Anna Katarina, you came tonight because it is Henry's
day. Yes, 1 always cali him I:!.allk, that is true. 0l!!...Holy Mother
calls ~ Henry. Our Holy Mother believes in ~Ie being called
'2L their tJ"rreïiames. Each one should be proud of th~ name their
parents gave them and what th~~~re baptized with,2Q why ~hange
a name to suit a fancy? Be proud of your name. It is witflffie
love of thuarents r~~ were giv~.!Lto you, and areso recorded
in your baptismal papers. Ke<tJLthem, do not change them. If
tOU have changed them, go back to them. ~
Thank you. Thank you, St. Francis and St. ~os:i?h. Mary Ann

later said that Grandma and Grandpa were there (St. Anne and

St. J~m), St. T~ese, St.:..... Joan, St. J~h, MotherDbrini,

St. Peter, St Paul and, of course, Anna atarina. Alex stayed

way back because he was afraid he would scare me. Of course

St. Francis, St. Joseph, St. John, Mary Magdalene and Sister Mary

Magdalene. They an used to be here when Henry was here. The

Indian Maiden Kateri Tekewitha; St. Therese showed us Myrtle.

l don't know why aH this tonight, but that was up there.


Mary Ann knelt, blessed herself three times and said:

Thank you, St. Francis. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us.
, St. Therese, pray for us. Yes, Holy Mother.
Changes will come before you. You must have faith, My

Child, in prayers, layaity and charity. We ask for unit y between

Il of you, courage and kindness.

Yes, l understand the change.

St. Therese stepped forward and spoke.
Sister, vocations ars: oeeded. You know this, Sister. -S9 doeslll
the enemy as they are doing and succeedif!g in their efforts in
these avenues. You understand thlS, SIS~
Yes, St. Therese
My Child, you must try ta get a better understanding between
the children and parents. It is their obligation as parents that the y )
instruct aIl children ta come ta reÜglOus instructIOns. l'here ~is 1

a lack of attendance. This troubles you, My Child. The parents

are at fault. My Child, it is the parents' responsibilit ta bring
their chi/dren ta reli8.ion class. lS lS t e l of Gad the Father.
Ta ignore this Our Father in Heaven will bring a just punishment
on aIl concerned. Yes, My Child, 1 know that you are deeply con­
cerned, not for thyself but for thy people, the children about you.
You are correct in assuming that the children are becoming care­
le~s with their rel!fJJon and their duties. Sa are some of the parents.
Yes, My Child, but it takes charity, patience, fortitude and true
love for Me and My Divine Son. Have faith and courage, your
answers win come. Just as in the days of the catacombs, sa will the
day<t here advance. It is' t~e Truth in yo~r t~e Tr~th in ~r
t~s and the Truth ln your ~r tTiâl wlll bnng you on
tà{i:They do need an awakening. ffiéÇëis not much more time tor
them ta correct their way of life. If they heed not these words,

may Gad have mercy on them when the Chastisement befails them.

Chi/dren, il is coming! When? Only Gad the Father in Heaven

knows. l, Myself, have not been told. It is not far away, that much

1 do know, by the actions of My chi/dren for their erroneous lives,

their sinful lives, the destructive live,s that they are living. Carry ,\

on, deal' chi/dren, be truthful, be honest and be charitable. Be

willing ta give and be wll'TTiig ta sacrJi'[ëé or M DivT;;ëSôn, HiS

eart IS s a en y t e ehavior of is children, His rot ers, His

sisters and Mine. 1 have shed many a tear. Oh the words are spreadl

that the Holy Mother never needs ta shed tears for Sne has Ihe

beaUfL!!f. Seaven. That is true, My chllaren, but 1 love alfOTYOu,

es~1'J:i~sQlJS. I.t-iS-jor. t&m _mat Lam_sheaàing tears,

not for Myself or those in Heaven, for they are living in the Glory

of Glories. They need no tears, the-il' reward is eternal. The te"7irs

are needed for you here ôn eart7t-;those who throw away their

chances, darken their sou/s, destroy the lives of the chi/dren by

pornography, by drugs, be Jt liquid or dry form, it ruins Jh~n'J)

Ti ruins their thinking and il ruins their bodies and mey will b{!­
come the enemis robots. Is that what you wcmt for your chi/dren?

Ts that what you Wt,;'t, robots? Ask thy Sister. She has visioned

these. We have shawn this ta her twenty years aga. She has wit­
nessed this. She shed tears about il and her Protector, at the time,

did not even think he could accept such a thing as possible. But

~u SEE. it 15 possible. You have those that are robots in your

continent. They do not bleed, they have no brain, they work by

transistorization. There are not man)! but there are a few T!J:!y

( are being tested. The many, many people do not realize that they
are not human beings, only robots. Don't you become a human ) \
robot, which was also done with many Qf "The Chi/dren of Gad." J
T7ie Youth are taken and thy Sister can explain how il is done.

They become human, breathing robots. My chi/dren heed My

words. Heed the past messages, fulfiil them. You are sa far behind

in fulfiiling them. Fulfiil them as there is not one idle moment for

anyone of you if you want ta fulfiil the messages, you have sa much

ta do. Now, St. Joseph will give you ail a blessing.

Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently.

Thank you, St. Joseph, Holy Mother and St. Therese. Thank

you. Yes, St. Therese.

Much has happened and much more will happen. It is a

breeding place for much evil in many laboratories and othër1il­

stitutions. There are many innocent souls .th~!,e aï;ol S~er.



Our Holy Mother did not smile, Her eyes were filled with
tears. St. Therese didn't smile either, she looked sad.



After a short time, Mary Ann looked up and while silently

praying, blessed herself three times reverently and said:
Thank you, St. Francis and St. Joseph.
Child, you must always remember tbat any one who bas
left this ear1fï ta enter the eternal house.Jlf Gad and aH Saints,
are not severeërIrom you aH. You ail should have that faith. SurëiY,
Chosen Child, if you. aH believe in the Word of Gad, that should
brmg comfort ta aU. If in Purgatory, that is not the case. You
know tbis, Chosen Child.
--Ye,.;..that is tme.
Mary Ann lowered her head ta the kneeler and cried. Looked
up again and said:
Thank you. Sister Mary Magdalene was there.
Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently and

St. Joseph gave the last blessing.


Mary Ann blessed herself three times and said:

Thank you, St. Francis, thank you very much.

l, St. Mary Magdalene would like ta give you a little en­

couragement. 1 was one of those great sinners, yet My Lord and

Gad, because 1 showed Him kindness and !Qye, love from my
~I He for~e~rgy sins..Jk_gaye, me strength and courage 1

-ta face those that were casting stones at me. Why can you not here
do the same? If you have a great, deep- love in your heart for Thy
LOrd and. Gad and Thy Savior? Remember He is Thy Savior.
Ilê died for you. He died ta give YQ!:! true Resurrection, yet
they care not. Oh brothers and sisters, why does it take sa ffi2Shl
ta awaken you to the truth? Be not afraid ta M'eaR: of the truth.
rff Be not afraid ta face persecution. Be not afraid ta stand ur for
III Thy Lor~ and Gad and Savior and10r His Dear Mother, Whom
l wâ1kêd with during Her heavy cross. She carried the Cross,
not in reality, but She suffered the same pains as if She would

have. As a mother, She loved Hel' S.on 50 deeply, 50 greatly. ~

( you not here turn ta Thy Saviol' when_smalLcmsses com<:<. your
. ~? The biggcst ones you have not even faced yet. Take them
without lamenting. Carry them and offer thy pains and sorrow
to Thy Lord and Gad. Use il as an ointI],ent. He will reward you
for it, for He is almighty. He is mercjfuI:He knows, He sees, He
hears aU, yet the fOOlish populace think they can deceive Him.
As it has been repeated here over and over again, you cannat
mock Thy Lord and God. You cannat cast rocks at Him, for
cvery rock you will throw, one will bounce back at you. By that
1 mean, when you throw a rock at your neighbor, it will come
back ta you. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Giye a helping hand
tQ....those in snffering and pain, comfort them, jhQw them wve.
There is sa much that aIL of ou must do ta prove yourS'e ves
here the laya and true subjects ta Thy Savior. ey are testmg
you severely. Will you stand through the test? Will you he able
ta face and come out above with graces and true love and a better
~.~.!lding of the Mass? We have asked you here ta study the
ass. That does not mean the later Mass that is now being des­
troyed by those that wish ta shorten everything. Tao many inter­
pretations have been placed on the Mass, the true meaning of it.
lt has not changed from the time Thy Lord and Gad instituted

it.after the Last Supper and the washing of the feet and the cleans­
ing of the Apostles; to enter the Holy of Holies and that is the
Sacred Mass, which today is treated sa rudely, sa negligently. Oh
they care not for the Mass. They are present there, but their
thoughts are many miles away. The true respect is not give~
is becorning a social activity instead of the Sacred Mass. !L1ill.
could see Thy Lord and Gad as He suffered on the C l' a s s for
THREE HOURS, yet the suffering He did. previously ta this hang­
ing on the Cross, rememher l, Mary Magdalene was thqe. l
watched Him, 1 watched Hi:: muscles guiver. 1 watched His
ton ue thicken. 1 watched the as sand e ras in et He did
riot w Imper or cry or plty. He onIy said, "If it is the Will ofGod
the Fatfïer in Hcaven, sa be il done." You are not asked ta be
crucified in the same manner. But give thyself as it is Thy Will, 1111
Gad the Father in Heaven, so be it done. Remind yourselI da§"
sa he it done, not my will but Thine. "i'es, 1 know many of you
hear these words and go about on your way and forget ail about
them. The material things stand as a great giant between you and
Christ. If you coulcl riiâke that material abject turn into a little



August 5, 1975 - OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS

The persecution is only starting. Thy Nation has not seen per­
secution yet. Thy Sister saw, many years ago, the severest of ail.
It is thy Christian duty to see that thy govemment functions
properly. It is everyone's duty to see and be interested in how
their govemmentfunéHons. Do not -feell have too much to do
on thls one subject, 1 have no time for the other. So you want
someone else to do thy fighting and thy work so that you can caIn:!ly, 1
move into it. No, it îs each individual's duty to see that thy Nation 1,
is proRerlLID!i.ded, for you are standing here For My Gôd and

My Country. What is thy Country? Thy govemment, thy people,
thy neighbor.· Vou are permitting laws to take effect that will
destroy the innocent victims. Victims that fought on the battle­
fields to save thy neck at home here, just to save thy untarnished
collar, .11ut yet they came back maimed physjcaJ)y and mentally, 1
and now in thy institutions which the enemy of Thy Lord and ;'
God would like to wipe out. And wipe out retardation of small,
not those that became retarded through brain damage in the battle­
fields, but we are talking of children and infants. They are because
of the sins of the world. We ask you to look into these laws. Or \)
aré you going to wait until they are in force? Your mental insti- )JJ
tillions bave already been built-for YOU! Vou will not get the
help of thy Roly Mother, if you will neglect thy duty as an indi­
vidual to Thy Lord and God and to tl!Y.-.Country. Think about it,
.,A -- l

meditate upon it and then act. Oh we have so much to do. Yes,

that is true but we repeat, the enemy works twenty-four hours a
day. The Christian sleeps as long as he can gain sorne alms, have
recreation, say that everything is wonderful and beautiful. Why,
bother about other things. The government, why bother ab~t
the innocent victims in institutions; those whom the enernY has
destroyed, their minds. their bodies, their souls? How many groups
of "Children of God" have you that Satan is gra6bmg away from
the Christians? What are you doing about it? Oh yes, it's terrible,
terrIble. What are you doing? Are you doing something about
it? We see, we watch and it saddens us very much.
Thank you. Yes, 1 will, 1 will try. 1 think 1 can do that. Thank
you. Thank you, St. Dominic.
Bring forth the Rosary, meditations, prayers, make repara­

tions and fulfill Our Holy Mother's r~uests as asked for these
last twenty-fiYDears. Tllynearts are heavy, so are the hearts of
Our Holy Mother, St. Joseph and Thy Lord and God. As given,
check into the date it was given, when the Victim's voice said,
"Man's church will be destroyed, Qllt the Triumphant Ch!!!fh
will never die." Thy Sister explained this very beautifully and that
is exactly what is happening. Many Churches will close. Many
schools are closed and will close. Vocations will not come forth,
but we WIll ask you here to encourage vocations, for you do not
want future children to be without a Priest. Do not hold the atti­
tude, "well, what are we going to do, we don't want to have them
taught in the places of today." Have faith, have faith and promote
vocations. They are needed, good humble boys to become good
humble Priests; not the over-intelligent, who only want to becorne
a Bishop or a Cardinal. We want the small boy. By that, we do
not mean size, b . humilit and in hum_bleness; to~art
and his soul to God, and then ta e d t e aces over his con­
gregation. That is what we are asking for; to be willing to aid the
--;ick, to hear the penitent, to say the Mass the way Our Lord and
God inGtituted it, to carry forth the Traditional and True Church.
That is the vocation we are seeking and that must return bèfore
there is any hope for thy Nation, or thy Continent, be it in the
"Western or the Eastern. The world Churches are tumbling i~o
J ashes. It needs to be built on the solid foundation of truth. Dnly
truth, not devious behavlOr, self-glonfication. It must only be the
love of Gad.
Thank you.


More workers are needed. The laity must work. The laity
must help ta guide their Priests, ta guide the religious. You need
ta continue with every effort and all strength, which will be given
ta you. Oh yes, sorrow and -persecution will increase. The sad­
ness in sorne hearts will become unbearable. But remember, what­
ever is happening is happening because Gad the Father in Heaven
is permlttmg it. That is the severest test for you folks here ta en­
dure. Vou must endure it with patience, kindness and as given be­
fore, ~riJ:~. Patience, many do not have it. They be­
come sa impatient when things do not come their way. You must
wa~tlLe.y,es and ears wide open but mouth shut. Treat th
neighbor as if it was th)' own child, an inLant in thy arms. By, this,
we mean wit1lJhe~ame kindn~ss. Even if h~~L~he irks you, be
kind. Whisper a Hail Mary, an Our Father and a Giory Be, etc.
fut will give you more strength than ta hurl an unkind thought or

n unkind ward. A true Christian in onl)' kip.d. A true Christian
1 gives out a helping hand. A true Christian prays fOfhl'Sfëllow man
1 ather than ta condemn. When one is sick and in need, a helping
hand is given. You are doing beautifully in saving the lives of the
unborn. Twenty of them since the first of the year, have been
taken and they are not tao many miles away, sorne from a dis­
tance. Because they did not want ta have the embarrassment, they
rather murder. Those are the sad situations. We had hoped that
the Hierarchy would speak more loudly on the destruction of hu­
man lives. They could have awakened their parishioners on the
dangers of laws being passed of eutbanasia, of not only the elderly,
but the retarded diild, adolescent or adults. Also those who came
back after serving their Country in the Wars, who are now men­
tally deprived, who fought for home .....fuLthy Country, sa they
believed when they entered th~satanic Wars. T~War tbat was

I!raging in Vietnam, was only a War ta desfroy Catholicism, f~

allier reason. It was ta destroy them. Yo~.tice other areas
where~ars will spring up. The,Lwill destroy the whites for they
have caused this ta come upon ffiemselves b Cfestro ing the un­
bain. The black race an the ye ow race wi 1 be prominent. Y
WILL RULE THE WORLD! They will have control of the
Yes, dear sisters and brothers, be more alert to your laws,
do not be asleep. Take time out ta correct the laws that are

planted on you. TAKE TIME, for it is worth much more than

what you have lost, if you take off from your labors. Or your
children will suffer, if not you yourself. Sorne of these hidden laws
tl are going to spring out, as thy Sister told you sorne time~ago, .your
/1 Country's hands and feet ..are tied. YOYL...p~1!.~hs are ...soon ~oing
to be taped shut. Your eyes will be blindfolded, for that is how
you wnrpI"iïïider and wander about, while the enemy of God rules
thy Nation. Can you not see the handwriting on the wall? Awaken,
oh awaken, Christian people, wake up! Do not slumber on for
t.he enemy is not sle~ng. 6Îll to Thy ~07d aiiëC_God. eull to-liis
HoILMoth~r..CaU Jo the Saints,..!h~ will hear you if yo~re
h9norable. Now meditate upon this ëVëniilg'sTransfiguration.
May God's blessing be upon ail of you. Fill your heart with true
love to""strengthen thy~~ the banner of truth~ Carry it always.
Thank you, St. Francis.

August 15, 1975 - THE ASSUMPTION

Thank you, St. Francis.

As 1 gave you, My Child, many years ago, and you were
persecuted severely for il, MAN'S CHURCH WILL CRUMBLE
Father in Heaven would not let His Son walk the earth in mockery
ta establish a new Church and then find il crumbling. It is MAN,
the represenlatives of My Son, théit err much, that are causing
the Churches ta deteriorate. Look about you, it is everywhere.
f The Hierarchy cannat deny the mess they are leaving across this
~ World. Not just in the U.S.A. or the Americas, but ALL OVER
Î THE WORLD. There is a lack of vocations, but why is there a
l lçu;k of2,0sations? Because the parents fear ta send their sons and
their daughters inJ2_sL/ch a viciaus '?1§Ss. It isn't that they do not
want their son to become a Priest, or a brother, nor is it that they
do not want their daughter ta become a Sister or a Nun. What kind
of a Nun, Sister, Priest or Brother will they become, if they do not
follow the laws of My Divine Son set upon His Apostles to spread
ta the earth? Not in mockery of God the Father in Heaven, nor in
the recrucifiction of My Divine Son, for every life that is taken re­
i crucifies My Son. The slaughtering of little, .unb.o.m hl/manity has
)\ not ended. ThLHierarchy does not speak enough about it. There
are those who are a/raid ôj ofJending some of the women who

come to him, or to others, medical doctors as weil. Remember,

dear women, that it is a life from the time of conception to birth.
Many misformed and mishaped /ittle infants are the cause of the
sin that this earth is placing upon them. Thy Nation has fallen
into the blackest of sins. It is much worse than the Eastern Hem­
[ iSl2-here ever indulged in and history tells of the terrible sin~-that
they committed. You in the Western Hemisphere TOP it ail. You
have no respect for each other. You, My dear chi/dren, have no
respect for man or for woman. Women, who think that they are
better than men, whom God has created as the head of the home
and the head of the Chllrch, wW only find that they will be at
the bottom of the rung. For women's place is ta be sllbject to !!!:!ln,}
} not to be the HEAD of the household, or the HEAD of the Church.
The Hierarchy who permit women ta govern the Church, are fall­
ing into a mortal state of sin, for it is wrong. They cannat find
Peace in their Nation, Peace in their Country or Peace in their
Church until they turn to fulfill the instructions of Jesus Christ the
Son of Gad. l, Thy Mother, Who was given to you as Thy Mother
on Cal vary, am weeping for My Priest-sons, am weeping for the
Spouses of My Son. They are humiliating and scandalizing for
what they represent. Do not try ta lead Protestantism ahead ,2f \1
Catho/icism. That is what is happening. You are scandalizing them
for they do not understand that you, wlw-daittUhaLy.QU haveJ!!e
True Church, why are you undoing it now? Why are you destroy­
ing the beauty of your Church? Thy Nation will suUer because
of it. Thy Church ail over the World will sufJer because of it.
Pray for the Pope of Rome. Pope Paul VI is the true Pope. He
is the Vicar of Christ. He is trying ta fulfill his Priestly duties, y.!!.Jj
the shackles are bound about him because the Hierarchy who think
tFiey are more mlghty than he. The Priests ot today mock him and
say that he is only an "old man," that he is not infallible. No, as a
man he is not, as Priest he is and as P0p..e he certainly is, for...!J!Li!.
the HEAD of the Catholic Church. His encyclicals are not honored.
His instructions are overlooked by his Bisho s, his Cardinals and
[ hiLe.riests. Speak about a edience, t e are not even obedient III
ta the head of their Church, how can they expect obedience rom
tFïëir pëOiile and from their Priests? The ward "05edience" is used
sa loosely, sa loosely. bedient ta themselves, but not obedient
ta Gad the Father in Heaven. n s c ur il
crl&mble...-b..ut the I.!:lY.mpflant Church will never crumble, for the
Son of Gad created that. Will you, as followers, find peace and

unity in ~urch that is crumbling? Again, 1 repeat, the laity

must work, the laity must work. Bring the trutll to thy lallen
Priests. awaken them. Tell. them ta pick ua their ct'Ou qnd wail
Calvan"s wav. for the end jç certainly the Glarv of Glories. Tell
them not ta lollow the path 01 Judas. Tell them not ta adm.Jre
and honor the thirtv pieces of sill!er, but rather the Kingdom 01
Heaven, Thy Lord and God. Bui/d thy Church up the way \ \l
Christ instituted it, not the way man wills it. Build it up i~ Jli
and in honor and in the Name 01 Jesus Christ, not in the name
01 Judas, who was lookillg for the thirtv shining pieces of silver.
My Child, 1 have shawn YOIl many years ago, the conlusion 01
My Priest-sons, and Lhe mere few who are lollowing the True
Church. The l'est are finding and paving the way to Hell in Great
~rs. That, My Chi/d, grieved you at that..ÊJ]:le, but today you
have seen the errors 01 sa many. Carry thy cross, My Chi Id, carry
ii.:.J&rrv it proudly! At the end triumph will be thy Clory! You must
lollow in humijjty, in honor and in /!J.!.1.b. Do not let anyone deter
you Irom the path, My Child. There are those about you, there
is a new group coming into this area, which will make your heart
ache. II they truly believe in My appearances here, they should
-;:;;;thurt you but rather help you to brin about the wishes 01 God
the Father in Heaven co spare the Church on earth, ta ulfill the ~
requests that were given the past t.Hœnty-five years.
Thank You, thank You, 1 will try.
Bring forth, rebuild My Divine Son's Church. It is a tremen­
dous task, but i~gness co do it in an honorable, righteous
way, it can and il will be accomplished loI' there are many good
Priests, wonderlul men who are grieving now because 01 the way
things are going. Work with true strength and loyalty sa that the
shackles about PODe Paul will bwst awqy and only through truth
éind loyalty can this happen. A W AKEN My Priest-sons. -
Thank Vou.

(The above message was given by the Blessed Mother.)



to go forth. But your own anger, frustrations, you must not plant
upon the child because remember a child is so vulnerable. TJ!s'
cannot figure out your frustrations. Maoy times, if a frustrated
pareot places sorne frustration ooto a child, by this we do oot
mean when you are punishing the child for an error he has done,
we mean it has nothing to do with this child but yet this child
hcars it and becornes so cQnfuse! many hours afterward it
is still wonderjng aboutjt. Do oot do this ta them, to those inoo· l'I
cent little minds. They are not old enoJ!gh to separate the problem.n~
Remember the Immaculate Reart of M~ry. Remember the Sacred
Reart of Jesus. Have their pictures hanging in your homes:-one
on each sicle, sicle by side, and speak to YOUT children about thenl.
AlI of you shauld seek for good religious books. Save them for
( they are being destroyed and thrown into the garbage; if you c~,
save them. Eveo sorne of them you may have to put new covers
00, because they teal' off the covers, the backs of the books. Take
care of them. Save them and us~.
Mary Ann made the Sign of the Cross three times very rev­
erently and said:
Thank you, St. Francis and St. Joseph.


The image of the Infant Mary was placed at the Sacred Spot.
There is a beautiful history to it? Thank you. Now the enemy
of God is destroying much of the old saintly things. Our Holy
Mother was pleased that 1 brought it? Thank you, thank you,
Good Saint Anne. It is because of the lack of unity, 1 see. Portugal
and Spain will suffer much. What about His Holiness? Yes, 1
feared that. Not enough prayers for him. Not enough prayers for
His Holiness, for Bishops, Hierarchy and Priests and surely not
enough for the Religious. Even those who have deprived them-II
selves, should be pra.~dJor that tbey recejye the graces ta retum
to their pro~er attire. Thank you. '
Yes, the blessings will be given to many {hat come to the§e
grounds~âï1d tBe ~aces we hope will flo.w-ïnJo their hearts.
Yes, 1 know, you have told me this. Thank you for blessing
our people. 1'11 tell them. Our Holy Mother thanks, or should 1
sav the Child Mary thanks, ail the people who came here tonight
to honor Rer birthday; and the goodies they brought, She hopes
they enjoy. Herblessing upon aU of them, thank you.

Mary Ann said she saw St. Joachim, St. Anne and Little
Marj'. She has blue eyes, blond hair. The little statue is many
years old. It is a special custom they have when they carry it in
111 procession in Spain. Sg.ain will be overrun with communism. R9l-
M tugal will be a lot worse.

September 12, 1975 - HOLY NAME OF MARY

Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently and

Thank you, St. Francis.
Thy Holy Mother pleads with the people here to unite and
stand in unison, not in disunity; not in selfwill and self-glorifica-
Thank you.
These grounds here were blessed and honored by Our Holy
Mother and by sorne Saints. Many of the Saints have shown them-
selves. Our Holy Mother speaks messages in simple languages.
Not in the language of the highly educated, but the common per-
son, as thy own Sister, the Victim, is. She is not highly educated.
It isn't always the highly educated person that can do the will of
GOd. It is the lowly, the simple person that can do the will of
God, has the courage to face the pain and the agonies and
\ the persecution which is hurled on her and her family. Her family
'-as suffered much during the years. That is why we chose her,
not because of her educational values, only because of the courage
she has to face those most cruel moments. HelpIier rather tfian
to defy her. Do not whisper falsehoods for she is orny doing the

III Will of Our H-2!Y Mother and Our Holy Mother is sending that
Wough the Will of God the Father in Heaven. This is not one or
two person's ideas; this cornes from God the Father in Heaven )
through the Mother of God, to help the children on earth; to help
1he youth, to save the unborn, which you have failed to do.
The World heeds not Our Holy Mother's requests. The
World seeks only the almighty dollar. Our Holy Mother warned
you that you will be facing the enemy in sheep's clothing. There
are 30,000 wearing sheep's clothing. They pretend they are the
lamb of God, the representatives, when they are ravenous wolves.
B~prepared to stand only for truth. Show the people the example
and the way. Many of vou have learned and haye seen many things

haPDen because of an exam.E,le of sorne one individual. Dress Ma[y­

~, say the Rosary, study the Mass, remember the Psaims, re­
{ member Our Holy Mother's requests. Re-read last year's message
of today. Fulfill the requests and do not put thy Sister under undo
agony. Let her rather carry the pain and the crosses of the Cause to
bring forth the Cause, than to hinder her to go forward by causi;}g
her unnecessary agonies and pain. The more you burden her, the
I less she cao accom lish. Hasn't that entered your mind? Haven't
you t ought about it? Do Our Hory Mother's requests, fulfill them
J as there are manv undone. We have been pleased with the flowl<Is
and the efforts you have made here. Help those that are ill._Help
~onfused chl1dren, helD the confused adults to have trust ln
1( God, trust 10 the Holy Mother; to tiàve taltb and true love, not
selfishness, self will, self pity.
Good Saint Anne and Child Mary, tbank.)lGU for bouQIing
us tonight. Thank you, St. Francis for blessing the people. Thank
you, 1 will tell them, thanks.
She said she saw St. Joachim, St. Anne and Child Mary, ~
an elderly man.
l do not know, must be when Mary received Her Name.
1 don't understand it, he said something. They do not talk my
language. He had a beard, he blessed the Child Mary. 1 do not
know who he was.

September 15, 1975 - SEVEN SORROWS OF


Fathers and mothers should keep their children united with

them and the tlme to do that is when the child is small. You take
[10 vour knee and talk kindly to it. You exDlain things totfiëm.
1]ose words will stay wltb vour child when it becomes an adu)t,
for nothin is more impressive than when ou s eak to a child
in ki.!ldness. atc t e eager litt e eyes, they observe what lOU
are telling them. Maybe you think it is not· observed at the time
you are telling it, but vou will be surprised, years later they will
repeat the very words _you told them. Rernernber, every little child
is an individual and must be treated that way. It should be guid<;<d
and protec~d. Our Holy Mother came here for Her children, the
..Yôtlth who are being d ûW9YEd, the youth who have been rngcr,
who d'e for tbeir COUl1t ; yet, i~~ on~ for fue almJ.ghtt do.!!ar,
nat or thy Nation or thy Country.. t wasrtOTi'iiêThe"g""arffièmsof

the ravenous wolves. Our Holy Mother spoke of the wolves in

sheep'sclothing. You have themail about you, for they are not
the true sheep they should be, they are not the true guidance. Our
Holy Mother sheds tears for Her children, for those that are mis­
guided and misleading the youth. The youth need guiding~­
ance is of great importance to thcm. It is so important thal...YQ.!.I
help the youth to show them the way, truth and justice; not your
Q..wn arrogant -ideas but U1!,Ù1. !s it so difficult to accept the truth?
TQ bring it home to yoùf1amffiëS? L~arate the w~g
from the right. You have been warned many years ago to~
y,our laws. You failed here! Oh how you have failed! Remember
the name of thy organization which the Holy Mother a ked for?
"For iMLGQJfland Country.' 0 nds d od the
in Heaven; 0 he of God and for t e
B§arv, Mediatnx 0 cace, .y. 0 Y ot er. y oun­
trY'Eeans thy Country, th'y Fla& the Statue _of Liberty, thy""NitIOn;

e how it is governed. Do not neglect whaLi.L~gllUing and what has

become of thy Nation. Yoü -fïavecarelessly watched thy NatiOn
being d~-r-~yed. Thy gov~ent has been destroyed. The Consti­
tution 0 merica has been al ered. It means that you should
fight for t y ure an t y Country. You cannot neglect the one
and tr to do the other. It means you must work for My God and
My Country, t y ure as fIS mstltute it, t Y ountry as)
)0 George Wâshington, the Father of thy Country, fou 6t for thy
~.9..n, spared thy Nation. TEe people came here f:m ov~as
to worshjp Thy Lord and Gad. What are you letting happen 0 thy .
Nation, what IS becomin.t of it? 'XO ll caopot.,teach, you are beingll


--1 f
bound h nd and footQ>.Y the same groues)that bOJlDd the Pilgrims

t at came.
Nation are ou oin to staft anew? Yo annot,
are of t ahon here. any in the Eastern Hem-
isphere used to honor and look upon thy Nation as a Nation of
gUidance, ~ a Nation to look up to, of a Nation to be ~l
• to guide their lives by. Rut what have you done with thy Nation?
You have slau hter dthe lives of millions and millions of the un- '\

(J\~n born. Thy a IS tattered and tom with the blood of the infants

~ '~ives
il. Th, Nation " Qne Qf tbe .."" ...."'<c/Ive NotiQn, of
ând-Yêt you expect-;thy Holy Mother to place Her mantle-abOüt
you? ou let the laws co e in and destro ou. lou did notbing
a~. ou gave no one a helping hand that tried to work on
it, and now, il is ~, my dear friend. You have an awful lot

to do to undo the wrong. Oh why didn't you listen to the messages

of Thy Holy Mother? In 1955 She gave you many, many messages
(( and lessons. You heeded them not in 1956, 57, 58, 59, 60.
What have you done? Thy schools, thy Church, thy children are
being destroyed. The Constant Vigil of Prayer was asked for many
years ago. There are a few who are working ve~~rd! but tb.ey
don't have half enough help. There is need rorï1elping hands. It
will be too late if you don't hurry and try to save sorne of the
pieces. Thy Sister, the Victim, and the mother of three of the
children in this room. you heard her scream. Are you trying to
push that, that that scream becomes a reality? Or are you going
to try to alter it? The Sorrowful Mother is weeping. She is stand­
ing there amongst the maple leaves and branches. Tears are rolling
down Her cheeks. Her head is bowed in sorrow. When are you
going to wipe Her tears? When are you going to bring a smile
back to Her face? Her Priest sons are ~~ Rer Heart
out llLHer bosom. There are sorne Priests foolishly saying that
the Hol Mother has nothing to wee about as She is in Heave-.
at mot er oes not weep or her children? For they forget
the history; they forget Their Lord and God gave His Roly Mother
to you. the children on earth, to be YOUR MOTHER. She has
taken~the role of motherhood with a true heart of a real ïüOtilëè,
butYOu chtldren, have you obeyed Her? Have you honored Her
as a mother? Or are you constantly causing Her to shed tears?
Are you constantly causing Her to grieve over Her children on
earth? The years, the sadness is before you. May God the Father
in Heavenbe merciful to you. May God the Father guide you
and help you, sustain you against the enemy of God, the ser ent
of thy Nation, of the enemy thli:! i~olIed wlffim, dri in en.
oVëfiliëyauth, over the aged and over thwood C~sW!n. The
want to desy-oy thlf.-gO~rjS~2n. Don't give them the ch~.
Stand up! Be counted! Be m or the true love of God and His
Roly Mother. Bnng back a smile to Her face. She has to draw
Tn Rer mantle, for here beneath it, are not loyal subjects to Her,
s6 She must draw it back in. She wants to spread it way out (Mary
Ann gestures with her hands and arms) and engulf ail of you.
She cannot take you beneath Her mantle if you offend Her Divine
Son. Children! Children! Children! Love Thy Lord and God, love
Thy Holy Mother, pray to the Blessed Trinity, pray the Rosary.
Be willing to make reparation, be willing to suffer. to accept thy
cros·s as a true soldier of Christ. Walk in His footsteps, for

when you carry it on Ca1vary's way to the Cross of Thy

Lord and God, then you will find the G10ry of Glories at the end.

September 24, 1975 - OUR LADY OF RANSOM

Mary Ann blessed herself three times very reverently and

Thank you, St. Francis. Could 1 repeat what you just said?
Yes, 1 understand•...ll is what we bring into our hearts that counts
and how we spread the Word of Go~j, How we protect the youth

and the unbom. Through that example, greatness can come but
through the laxity of this, only defeat can come. There must be
the fulfillment of the unity. There must be the fulfillment of Our
Holy Mother's pleas for the children, for the Church, and For
My God and My Country, especially my Country at ~ent needs
strength~!!L12g of the Christian souls within. They must be true
soldiers of Christ carrying the banner of Jes.!:!.s Christ as weil as
the banner of th~ion, the Old Glory. Vou cannot carry one
without the other because without one the other is useless. With­
out God there cannot be a Nation. There must be a God-Iovmg
and a God-fearing Nation. No Nation can go forth without ~
Creator, the Son of Gad, Jesus Cbrist. Pray for His HoliIlm,
pray for your Prlésrs, pray for aIl religious. Many, many reli­
gious are good souls. They are finding it very difficult to proceed,)
for the enemy against them is treadîng upon them making it more
anâ more difficult~But have true loveQI-GôëI, true love for thy
Holy Mother, Our Lady of Ransom, pray to Her. Without Her
intercession it would become very difficul~ur Holy Mother
~.mother'sJosL.-fouùL.QLHer-chiLdren.She will spread Her
mantle to try to protect you, even from the wrath of God. She still
wants to protect Her children like any mother would. Without)
J:lim and without Her,. there would .be ve.ry little, very little to

~lve for. Those who thmk the y. caB li~ .~lthout God the Father
m Heaven,_tlte Holy Mother ~.!!L~ Dlvme So~re very fool­
~b. Your heart must be entwined with the Immaculate Heart of
~ and the Sacred Heart of J.:3Is. Then the Holy Ghost will
send the Spirit of Gad into your heart. Have courage, eatiens.e,
prudence and be alert. Be very alert for the enemy of God could 1\'\
destroy everything you have here in a short s~op. It is not good '1
what has happened at Fatli1TIï!LOi'ïiUes and many other places.
The people have lost faith, tfiey have lost faith there. They are in errar because of the way the Church is ~oing. They blame
the Holy Mother, "We have been praying, praying and praying and
look at what is happening." Oh if only you could have a little more
faith. Vou with so little faith. Ïttakes talth and cQur~ge, nothing
is done with one prayer. Many pray fifteen, twenty, thirty years
before their prayer is answered. They ask why, why sa long? God
has His reasons, but your prayers are answered. And then again,
sometimes prayers are answere .uickly..-God-has.. a reason
f~aLH~ Olng. Do not question Him. Do not do things-to
mock Him. The Religious, the Priests in the greater parts of the

September 29, 1975 - FEAST OF ST. MICHAEL

Mary Ann walked to St. Michael's Shrine, blessed herself

three times very reverently and said:
Thank you, St. Michael, the Archange!.
Sister, thy people should teach your youth a trade.
I did suggest that to them.
Spiritual training as weil as business or other talents.
Yes, it is very important to get this taught, sgiritual as weil
~uaUraining bt:t different kinds, is that what you mean?

Yes, 1 suggested that. But it is only one or two that will hear me.
The l'est do not, so what am 1 to do?
Sister, it is very important that the essentials are taught ~
child to be trained for its own God-given talellt. There must be
unity between the Priests, Re1igious and the Laymen who are true
Thank you.
Mary Ann blessed hel'self reverently three times and said,
Thank you, St. Michael and St. Francis. Thank you br bless­
ing the people. Thank you.

September 30, 1975 - ST. THERESE ENTERS HEAVEN

Mary Ann knelt and after a short time said:

Thank you, St. Francis. 1 was shown the scene which was
given. May 1 explain this fint to them, as 1 forget, please?
Tonight 1 saw the Cross where Our Lord died on. Over the
arms of the Cross was a linen cloth hanging. To the side Our Roly
Mother stood with a veil filled with something, 1 couldn't tell what.
Below Our Roly Mother, St. Therese was kneeling. Our Roly Moth­
el' opened Rer Mantle, in it were roses. Now they are floating down
to St. Therese who caught them in her cloak. In her right arm she
had a picture, the true Face of Our Lord and God as it appeared on
the veil of Veronica, and that is the same 1 a e ou saw on the
S~(~d. '"Q1at is the true mage 0 hy Lord and God, as it was~­
pressed upon the croth when Re was wrapf5ëd and lala ln the 10mb.
ÀO'ôve tlew across this Cross, hovering above the nameplate or in­
scription on the Cross; for remember, Christ's Cross did not
have a large upper part, if you know what 1 mean. And there is
where the dove was hovering while flapping its wings, looking
down on the inscription.
Thank you for permitting me to give it now. Yes, St. Therese.
Yes, 1 know you suffered much. Relp me to suffer and to accept it.
Our own Churchmen, the men, the representatives of Christ,
are failing in their duties. Our Holy Mother has pleaded and She
has wept and wept. They care not. They turn their backs on Our
Deal' Holy Mother. They hurt the Heart of My Dear, Beloved
Jesus Christ. Constantly Our Holy Mother pleads and yet they
heed not. It saddens us to see this beautiful Nation, your beautiful
Flag tattered and tom and splattered with the blood of the un­

barn, ta see the young children's minds being destroyed with des-
tructive material such as marijuana, heroin and many others: the
one you calI LSD and its sister that is more patent than LSD.~~
Sevecal do,., of LSD can destn} the mind focever. The~.Aave
rùlÜed tllunen tbat theY.QaXlt ma! tic.ed OP in tb.e army. y',es, those
. h~vî.-b.e,en IuU.ed becaustUheY.....,used them as gllin~
as you cal! it. They were the testing ground. It was êIon~ without
the knowledge of the parents or the knowledge of thy own people.
SQ..Jl1ill!Y.' h i , ' 'fi done underhandedl an wa ta win
JI tfierr wax. ta dest~oy Cathohclsm. ake up, wake up, dear brothers
and sisters:1'hy NatIOn, thy Nation will suffer much the next few
years. Fortify yourselves with the love of Gad. Do not abandon
Thy Holy Mother. Carry your cross with dignity. Carry your cross
with true love of Gad. Bow down before the Crucifix. Many of
you should daily walk over ta Thy Crucified Lord in front of you
and bow your head in prayer. Take a goad look at that tattered
Body that you have helped place there. Gad the Father in Heaven
knew that His children would place the afflictions upon the Son
of Gad. That is the reason Our Holy MotheT wanted Her chilc!!~ )
ta see Her Son, how badly He was bruised and beaten. Go there
daily and look at Him. Ask forgiveness for your sins. How many
of the people who came here go there with that in their minds?
It was placed there on purpose sa the Worid could see how ThY~~
Lord and Gad, Jesus Christ. suffered for man. lIe ffied for man
tobring them ta the Kin dom of Heaven. They heed not; they care
no . ma es me weep, dear brothers and sisters, ta see Our Holy
Mother weep sa. Oh, brothers and sisters, do you not care? Ever
little infant who is destroyed, breaks the Heart of Thy Mother in
Heaven. Do you not care? Do you not love Her ta try ta help Her
save the life of the unborn? Ôear brothers and sisters, 1 beg you to-
night, 1 St. Therese, this is the day of my glory; the day that 1
came face ta face with My Lord and Gad in Heaven. Can 1 not
meet you al! up there sorne day face ta face? It is a glorious place
ta come ta, but you will not make it if you do not help save the
sOUISof sa many, sa many who are destroying themselves because
the enemy of Gad is doing it, the Supreme Grand Master. Save,
save, save the unborn! Save thé êhil'dren. Hel.E-thém ta become
good, God-fearing citizens of thy Nation. Love them, we ask you
in theName of Jesus Christ. -
Mary Ann said, "St. Therese gave the message, she was cry-

lQber 4, 1975 - FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS

Mary Ann leaned back and after a short period of time said:
Thank you, St. Francis. Then she blessed herself three times
very reverently and again said:
Thank you, St. Francis, that is true.
You ail have very much work to do with the Constant Vigil
of Prayer, the cleansing of schools, th.<LR!0motion of the Rosary
which should Ilot be an extra job, it should only be something
that everyone should do. But yet, as you ail know, there are not
enough to say the Rosary, to teach it to their children. Many so­
ca11ed good Catholics, as sorne of your Priests and Bishops would
say, their own first and second graders and up to the fifth grade,
do not even know how to say the Rosary. They don't know the
') f\postles' Creed, and they are coming from what the Clergy say,
J "Good Catholic families." 1he error IS made here, {hey are good
Catholic families because they support with alms rather than
devotion amLli.Y-ing..jhi::Jrue ChrIStIan hfe. rfiëY are not giving
the proper report. They would ail succeed much better if they
would seek orayers, devotions, rather than alms. Alms are needed,
yes, and should be properly executed, but the greatest interest
today, in most of your dioceses, is the alms - raising - ~ush and
drive, not the Rosary, not the Constant Vigil, not the Aôy Hours
and the remembrance of Our Holy Mother's Days. The devotions
to Her, such as Perpetuai Help and other devotionals. They are
co.mpletely forgetting thase days. When they did these thing~­
fore, they didn't notice that the alms f10wed more heavily than
they do today. If the leaders do not encourage devotion how do
the):' expect the populace ta foIlow'!ihey are the Shepherds of
the f1ock, they are the ones to guide them, to lead them. And how
better could they do it than by Just saying a Rosary? Devotion to )
the3acred Heart, devotions to the Litany of the Holy Mother,
the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to make reparations. Not by how
much they can get into their kitties by having soliciting drives.
They are not protecting their f10ck the right way, as Their Holy
Mother said in 1950, "It is the almighty dollar that glitters and
shines, it isn't the Rosary." The famil)1 Rosary js Dot the m9st irp­
l2.0rt@t, nor our Christian devotions. Sports outnumber any spiri­
tual devotion, even in the Catholic schools. It is nice as a diversion,
~Qllld oot he the main issue. As long as they put the cart


Thank you. Can l explain what l saw this evening before

l forget the details? Thank you, St. Francis.
St. Francis showed me the beginning of his life as a Franciscan,
how he and several other people started their Order, how he walked
many miles to accomplish what he tried to do, how he removed bis
.~ealthy garments and put on tne..12Qor. how he fasted. He walked
with sandals that had holes in them. They didn't have the automo­ 1

bilethen, nor did they have a train, they walked. Many, many miles
had to be walked to do a single errand. Then l \Vas shown how
St. Francis was kneeling in front of a crucifix, it was just an ordin­
ary crucifix. He is talking to His Lord and God witb his e)::es )~
closed. Suddenly there was a flash like a boIt of lightning that IJ
struck between him and the crucifix on the ground. St. Francis
flew backwards with his arms extended. (Mary Ann leaned back
and cxtended her arms.) When he did this, Christ armeared large
on the crucifix. The crucifix was a large one. Ch~~ed
towardl' ..!Üm, and when He did this the Wounds broke out. ~
had received the gift of the Wounds from His Saviol'. He doubled
over with pain, because when the Wounds entered, they caused
him very excruciating pains. Christ disappeared and the same
crucifix was left there. St. Francis collapsed. He passed out and
then the picture vanished.

October 7, 1975 - FEAST OF THE HOLY ROSARY

Thank you, St. Joseph, St. Francis, St. Chaminade, St.

Anthony Claret and St. Benedict. Thank you, thank you all.
Yes, Holy Mother.
My dear chi/dren, 1 urgently ask you ta continue ta prepare
for the House of Prayer. It is needed now very badly. It could have
been erected as given before, ten years aga or more. The need
is now and it shoL/ld be here. The souls who will be wandering,
seeking, searching, would need cam fort and guidance and shelter
by coming into the HaL/se of Prayer and then leaving, leave with
a heart filled with peace and cam fort they received within those
walls. For of the Saints who have appeared here, will ever
le~ve the House of Pra er without a sentinel there at all times, \~
twent - our ours a day and three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a
year, S elestw e wa s a ive ou
iiii.'es and com/flLLif you are them. It is sad,
that many things that 1 have asked for here, dear children, you


other titles. A kindergarten age is...petw~ Gye and six. What does
[ a two-and-a-half ta three-year old chUd do in special classes? Re­
cause the mother is too lazy to attend her own chiW? They do not
want to be bothered, they want freedom. 50 many of them have

babY_Sitters and the baby-sitter, many times, does many thillflS
within thy home that is destructive to the chUd as weil as to the
home. For you are leaving your chi/d, in many cases, with oQe
who needs a baby·sitter itsel/. They will turn on the instrument
)(/t, li'b of poison, your TV. Fight the programs they areputting on. Ask
Tor educatwnal programs that educates a child, not the type that
teaches a child h@! to destroy, f!:ow to live an evil lite, how ta
( steal. how to break into homes. how to rape. Oh yes, it is ail on
the screens. Get together people. It is not wrong to have that in­
lustrument in th)' home, but it is wrong when it filts a home with
l'IItYth. It ..§hould he educational. Fight for it, it is up to you. They
will do what the public wants if they are strong enough. It will

l take a /ittle effort on your part. Fight it, parents, teachers, doctors,
lawyers, fight it. Do not give in to their !,!1.1. destruction of the
young child's mind, as a chi/d is so vulnercFe. It is not old enou"iih
to-!ift the right tram the wrong. YOD must 0 that. Cleanse the
material placed in ront 01 th ) chi/dren, cleanse thy schools. 1 have
as ed for t at in 1950. 1 have warned you that that would happen
to your children. 1 have shown you scenes of what would happen
to thy chi/dren and it has happened.
And now for those that should be teaching the good, My
Priest-sons, the Hierarchy and the Spouses of My Divine Son. Thel.
~e, gone compLete1y..JJ.S.1r.Qy as they seek the easier maxims. They
forget, that as the representatives of Jesus Christ, the most beauti[ut",
the most powerful, the most educatianal jnb as you call the.m, kJ.!!
of a Priest. He is a dactor of the soul. A medical dactor can work on
the body, but he can never cure a sou/. The Priest is here to cure
that soul, ta help the individual to nd the (( n Glories" of
Go ,ta nng t em ta the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the Sa~d
Heart of Jesus, to teach them to carry thelr cross and accept the-cûs­
C advaiilligëS of life instead of des~airing. 1 hey can learn and try to
do beTter. Many. man)? a SQI/f, if 16ft .ill"ieçperation, are doing Wr01;g/\
for their deeds are great, but if chey had a little love of God within
'hem, the woul , n erstand and che would chan e [hase ways.
ey would find the peace and corn fort where they only nd an­
guish now. Peace and comfart musi be earned through the love
of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ must he your main purpose in lite,

cfJttJj/@~l& J
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Mary Ann Van Hoaf on Oct. 7,

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284 288 298

America, Beautiful, 8, 18, 22, 26, 33, 304-05. ' ,

, , , ,


Apparition approved, still not fol­

Black Giant, legs running, 38, 251.

lowed, 37.
Black market babies, 240, 307.

Appeasement, 5, 12, 13, 48, 74. 81­

Black Mass, good Catholic used for

82, 111, 191, 193, 226.

ritua1, 59, 84.

Appleton, man proposed prayer,

Black Pill, 59, 139, 142, 248.

saved Pope Pius XII, 179.

Black Pope, 14, 33, 54, 61, 97, 108,

April 7. Anniv. Day (See Anniv.

122, 134, 141-42, 159, 186, 209-10, 303.

Black race, 131, 151, 219, 287.

Archangel Gabriel, 15-16. Black sins, 37, 49, 70-71, 96, 130, 165,

Archbishops, 159. 168, 175, 194, 213, 221, 228-30, 289.

Arm of Divine Son, Blessed Mother

Blasphemy, D6.

holds back, 30, 132, 155, 189-90.

Bless family, 192.

Armageddon, 28.
Blessed Mother appears to Mary

Arrogance, 27, 29-30, 110-11,254.

Ann, description of, l, 5-6, 15-16, 21,

Ascension, 58, 265.

23-25, 29·30, 35-41, 45-49, 52-54, 67-68.

Aspirin. 47-48, 124, 244-45.

91,93,95-96, 102, llO-lI, 114-15, 116­

Assassinations, 180.
17, 120, 155-60, 162, 164-66, 170-73,

Assumption. 35-38, 72, 93. 115-16,

177-79, 180-82, 187. 189-90, 193-94,

170-72, 220-23" 288-90.

202-05, 213-14, 220-27, 236-39, 241-43,

Assumption, Feast of (See Anniv.

245-46, 248-49, 255, 257, 259, 262-64,

268-73. 281-83. 288-90, 292-94, 297-99.

Assumption, Feast of Aug. 15, 1971, B1essed Mother asks B1essing on

Blessed Mother pleased with crowd, workers, 51.

Pilgrims venerate Sacred Spot and Blessed Mother asks for simple

view Shrine in Replica, 35. Rosary, 205, 225, 305.

Assumption. Truth of, 72, 106, 170,

Blessed Mother chose Mary Ann

220, 222-23.
before she came came here, 228.

Atlanta, 124. Blessed Mother chosen and accepts

Attitude, 121, 125, 234, 246, 253.
to he Mother of God, description of,
Automobile, 126, 150, 181, 211, 262,
B1essed Mother did not die, 170-71.
Blessed Mother, has gift and know1­
edge of knowing what you are
Baby Sitters, 98, 244-45. 308-09.
thinking and doing, 54.
Banks, Clearing house in future only,
B1essed Mother holds back Divine

Son's arm, 30, 132. 155, 189-90.

Baptism, Keep original name, 280.

Blessed Motl>er in tears, weeps, 2,

Barbiturates, 26, 42, 106-07, 151, 244.

12, 20, 27, 30-32. 35-37, 56, 63, 67,

Baton Rouge, 124.

71,81, 83,88,98, 104, 116, 118-19, 130,

BaUle, battIe today, battlefie1ds, 4,

133, 136, 158, 160, 164, 167-68, 198,

6, 11, 19, 24-25, 53. 65, 78, 102, 108,

206, 236, 242, 261, 269-71, 278, 282-83.

116, 127, 134, 178-79, 185-86, 252, 276.

289, 295-97, 302-03.

Be prepared, always, 51. Blessed Mother, Mother of the

Beast, Mark of, 88. T1 J- Church, 191.
Belgrade, 11. '.Je...... \, Blessed Mother, not simple woman,
Bering Strait, 57. .. 265.
Berlin, 123. Blessed Mother, strand of Her hair
Bethlehem, 60. falls at Sacred Spot, 174.
Bible, 157, 177, 207, 209, 267.
Blessed Mother, those with Her will
Birth control and death scale, 62,
win, 14.
151-52, 154, 218.
Blessed Mother's Heart pierced with
Bishop, Bishops, 6, 8, 17, 20, 22, 27,
sword, 269.

53, 57-58, 74-75, 79, 81-85. 102, 122,

Blessed Mother's messaees not to

134, 136-37, 143. 151, 154, 159, 163,

be interpreted, 173-74, 177, 207. _

165, 167, 206. 222. 226. 229. 267. 276.

Blessed Mother's p1eas ilmored, 5-6,

286, 289, 292, 304.

9, 20, 26, 28, 30-31, 44, 75, 90-91, 96·


97, 105, 112, 118-19, 130, 149-50, 157,

Bus in troublemakers, 251.
160, 168, 172, 189-90, 193, 198, 219,
Bush, do not beat about, but bring
221-22, 228, 230, 235-38, 242, 254,
out the truh, 192.
256, 261-62, 270-71, 282, 299, 302,

Blessed Trinity, 2, 3, 23-26, 32-33,
Cain, 308.

35-36, 39-41, 94, 96, 117, 138, 165,

California, 150, 193.

182, 195, 202-03, 205, 232, 257, 260,

Calvary, 3-4, 14, 22, 75, 78-79, 168,

262, 264, 277, 296, 301.

183, 189, 225, 232, 235-37, 275, 284,

B1essed Trinity, Blessing from, 25,

290-91, 296-97, 307.

203, 205-06.
Canada, 57 ,59.

Blessed Trinity helps Priests to fui·

Canon of the Mass, 13, 72.

fil1 vows, 35.

Blessed Trinity invoked upon Mary

Qlr~ Bea~ët~'
CiiFcJiïiirStrit~; 80.

Ann by Blessed Mother, 40.

Cardinals, 8, 10, 14, 20, 22, 27, 53,

Blessed Trinity, Mary Ann visions,

75, 79, 81-85, 102, 122, 151, 156, 159,

96, 205.
163, 180, 226, 229, 286, 289.

Blessing by Alexander III, 9.

Catacombs, 28l.

Blessing by Blessed Mother, l, 51-52,

"Catcher in the Rye," Pocket Book,

54, 95, 102, 155. 172, 226, 249. 253,


292, 31l.
Catechism, 72-73, 81, 90, lOI, 190-91,

Blessing by many Saints, 311.

201-02, 208, 266, 278, 281, 291, 297.

Blessing by St. Francis from Holy

Caechists, 195, 200, 252, 266, 297.

Mother to all Thereses, 43.

Catholic Church, 9, 48, 62, 69, 72,

Blessing by St. Francis, necessary

79, 81, 85, 88, 92, 108, 138, 145-46,

to say words whlle receiving bless­

157, 165, 175, 186-87, 192, 195, 288·

ing when making the sign of the

90, 294, 297, 300.

Cross, 43.
Catholic Papers, 60.

Blessing by Padre Pio, 277.

Catholic people to be example, 62.

Blessing with Good Friday Crucifix,

Catholicism, 45, 82, 102, 108, 154,

52, 94, 96, 99. 101, 115, 165, 216-17,

210, 252, 255, 287, 289, 303.

221, 223-24, 226-28, 230, 232, 234-35,

Caucasion, 218-19.

255. (See Good Friday Crucifix)

Cause, Sacred, 3, 17. 112-13, 158, 185.

Blood poisoning, 5l.

243, 247, 254, 294.

Bloodshed, 52-53, 84, 97, 136, 190.

CCD Classes, 36, lOI, 156-57, 159,

Blue Mantie, 2, 11, 64, 146, 217, 237,

266, 278, 281.

243. 246, 258, 295-96, 302.

Celestials, 10-11. 50, 148, 210, 220,

Blue Mist, 23, 51, lOI, 103, 116, 162,

223, 225, 235, 260, 306.

201, 203, 205, 222.

Celestials, give instructions that are

Bogoroditza, 10-11.
ignored, 235.

Bombs, bombing, 8, 21, 97, 179, 274.

Celibacy, 55, 65.

Booklet, "Who Killed Jr.," always

Census, 86-87.

carry and distribute, 247.

Chalice, 199.

Books, save good religious, 291-92.

Changes, many are before you, 53,

Boston Tea Party. 299.

74, 28l.

Brainwasbing, 6, 73-74, 89, 105, 121­ Chardin de, Teilhard, 159.

22, 140, 150. 156-57, 175, 244, 265, 285.

Charity, Charit3bJe, l, 41, 75, 78,

Brilliant Diamond, (Sacred Spot),

91, 100. 129, 160-61, 172, 182, 186,


Britain, 9-10. 123, 185.

192, 197, 201-02, 213-14, 246-47, 256,

Brochures, distribution of Infants'

263, 281-82, 284, 287.

Home, 175, 212, 247.

Chastisement, 6, 14-16, 18-20, 22, 28,

Brothers, religious, 53, 80, 85, 119,

30-31. 36-37, 54-55, 59, 61, 64, 67,

129, 238, 288.

73, 79, 83, 85, 87-88. 92-93, 95, 99. 105,

Brown Bear, li, 84.

108, 130-32, 149, 151, 155, 158, 167-68,

Brussels, 123.
180, 186, 188, 190, 194, 197, 202, 204,


221, 230, 237, 241, 258, 271-74, 280-82,

187, 189-91, 193, 197, 200-02, 206, 210,

212, 225-26, 258-59, 261, 286, 288-90,

Chastisement, can be held back,

294, 297-300, 310.

lessened or shortened through the

Church, man's, 10, 13, 54, 200, 210,

Constant Vigil of Prayer, 92-93.

286, 288.

Chastisement, results after, 104-05.

Cincinnati, 57, 124.

Chastisement, severe, Constant Vigil

City officiais, 26.

of Prayer can balance the scale,

Civil, Church laws, and the Shrine,

18, 131.

Chastisement, 3 reasons for, 168.

Clean out schools, 37, 44, 47, 90, 241­

Chastity, 53, 79, 103, 186, 277, 279.

43, 304, 309.

Chicago, 57, 59, 123, 151. 239.

Cleanse newsstands, 44, 76, 117,

Children, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 22, 25-26, 28­ 307-09.

32, 35-37, 41-42, 44-45, 47, 56, 63-64,

Cleanse State, 29, 41, 44, 51, 55, 71,

67-68. 70, 73, 76, 90, 95, 97-99, lOI,

m, 117, 242, 265.

105, 107, Ill, 113, 117, 122, 124, 129,

Clearing house only, not regular

140, 142, 145, 150, 152, 154, 162. 168­

bank, 86.

69, 174, 181, 183-84, 186-89, 192, 195­

Clement XV, 122.

96, 198, 202-03, 206-08. 211, 214, 227,

Clergy, 18, 22, 26, 44, 56, 61, 63, 80,

235-36, 242-43, 251-55, 260, 264, 276­

102, 110, 112, 131, 134-35, 163, 167,

78, 281-82, 285, 289, 291-92, 294, 296­

186, 188, 191, 193-94, 197, 206, 209,

99, 303, 307-10.

228-30, 236, 240-41, 245, 276,304.

Children do not need allowance, 142.

Clothes, not important if soul is

Children do not obey parents, 42,

black, 70.

Cobalt bombs, 63, 82-83.

Children of Ali Nations, 35.

College dorms, no supervision, 164.

"Children of God," 242, 245, 282, 286.

Commandments, 44, 49, 50, 63, 70-71,

Children, proper dress at First Holy

73, 99-100, 105-07, 117, 128, 147, 149,

Communion, 162.
154, 186, 193-94, 204, 213, 221, 237,

Children united with God, 68, 192.

262, 264.

Christ born at midnight, exact time,

Commercialism, 60, 275.

Dec. 25, 60.

Communion, daily, 62, 73, 128, 145,

Christ Child, put back into Crib, 62,

Communion. distributed by women

wrong, 265.

Christ, Divine, 19.

Communion, First, 100, 161-62, 196.

Christ fell under His Cross to en­ Communion given on tongue of

courage us when we fall, 58.

Peter and John by Our Lord, 137.

Christ the King, 25, 164, 223, 248-49.

Communion in the hand, 74-75, 79, 81,

Christ the King Prayer, 248-49.

83, 137, 167.

Christ the King Statue, Blessed by

Communion in the hand forbidden

Our Lord, 249.

by Pope, 75.

Christ with you ail day in Holy Com·

Communism, 104, 108, 114, 252, 273,

munion, 144-45

Christ's Cross, description of, 302.

Community, 172, 191-92, 242, 246.

Christians, 3-4, 14, 24, 28-29. 35, 41,

Complacency, 134.

44, 57, 60, 73, 86, 100, 108, Ill, 121­

Computer, 244.

22, 125, 140-41, 143, 148, 150-51, 159­

Concentration camps, 104

60, 166, 168, 173, 180, 186-87, 218-20,

Conception, lite begins at, 147-48,

244-45, 255-56, 260, 262, 270, 285,

193, 289, 308.

297-98, 307.
Confession. 64. 74-75, 82, 100, 115,

Christmas, 60, 62, 125-26, 141.

128-30, 145, 153, 155-56, 190, 209, 221.

Christmas Pageant, 307.

Confession, before First Communion

Christmas, True meaning, 125.

necessary, Pope Pius X, 100.

Church, 12-13, 17. 34, 55, 57, 74, 77,

Confession, Communal, 17-18.

81, 85, 87-88, 92, lOI, Ill, 113-14, 118­

Confession, discontinued, 74, 130,

19, 122, 128-31, 135, 138. 156. 164. 172,

Confession, First, Pius X, 100.
Cro~ing of Blessed Mother, or Cor­
Confession, Mockery of 22I.
onatlon, 191, 199-200, 220, 223.

Confusion, 11, 17, 23-24, 30-31, 34, 41,

Crucifix, wear, 49.

45, 53, 56, 65. 80, 82, 100, 119, 136,

Crucifixion denied, 32.

140, 144, 156, 181, 196, 231, 241, 252,

Crucifixion Shrlne, go kneel in front

256, 310-11.
of, 4-5, 303.

Conscience, 51, 73, 128, 132, 144-45,

Cursillo, 156-57, 265.

147, 154, 156, 240, 256, 267.

Consecrate Parlsh to ,Immaculate

Heart of Mary, 270.
Daily Mass, Communion, 62-63, 73,

Consecration, 82-83, 111, 115, 162,

128, 145.

165, 169-70.
Dallas, 124.

Consecration at First Mass wU­

Daycare Center, 140.

nessed by Mary Ann, 115, 162,

Deacons, 74, 79, 154, 167, 222, 268.

Death Anniversary of Fred Van

Consecration Breads and Wine, des­ Hoof, 32, 214, 283.

ecration of, 82-83, 115.

Death Anniversary of Robert Van

Consecration, false, 93, 137.

Hoof, 69, 253-54.

Consecration, ln Passion book, mem­

Death, be prepared at any moment,

orize, 162. 5I.

Consecration, Total, 93-94. Death PiII, 142.

Conserve Fuel, Gas, Gasollne, Wood, Deceit, 148, 260-61, 277.

180-81. Dechardin, (See Chardin).

Constant Vigil of Prayer, 9, 17-18,

D.D.T., (See Insecticides).

20-21, 25, 28 .30, 34, 37-38, 53, 59, 61­

Defiance, Youth eyes filled with, 20.

62, 73-74, 86, 88. 90, 92-93, 95-96, 99,

Dells, (Wise.), 25.

107, 110, 113, 121, 124-25, 127. 131,

Demise, Pope Pius XII, 198, 262.

143, 152, 156, 160, 178-81, 185, 210,

DeMontfor~ 32.

218, 225, 235. 237-38, 247, 258, 262-63,

nenver, 12 :

271, 273-74, 296, 304.

Depression will befall our Nation, 12.

Constant Vigil of Prayer, laity must

Desecration of Christian World, 48,

work, not enough workers, 17, 20"21,


30, 53, 86, 95, 110, 152, 160, 181, 210,

Desecration of Church, 81. 92, 111,

247-48, 258, 262-63, 273, 296.

164-65, 187, 310.

Constant Vigil of Prayer, necessary Desecration of Consecrated Bread

to get next true Pope, 18, 143.

and Wlne, 82-83, 137, 221, 228, 310.

Constitution, 28, 152, 295.

Desecration of Ho1y Eucharlst, 74-75,

Constitutional rlghts, 28.

79, 82, 111, 137, 153-54, 177, 221, 226,

Continent, 80, 286.

230, 265.

~ntrace,Ptiv.J:s, 42, 62, 154.

Desecration of vows, 111.

Conttmon, Act of, 145, 272, 279, 283.

Destruction, 8-9, 84, 108, 130, 142,

Convent1 2, 67, 85.

157-58, 189, 270-71, 310.

ConversIon of Russla, 270.

Destruction of Catholicism, 157, 187,

Corporation, 87, 89, 205-07.


Corpus Christi, 205-07.

[ Destruction of Chrlstianity, 78, 129,

Coughlln, Fr. Charles, 87.

154, 218-19, 270, 287, 303.

Country, 24, 310.

Destruction of Crops, 21.

Courage, 5, 49, 121, 162, 279, 281, 293,

Destruction of earth by fire, not

ftoods, 83-84.
Creator, Creation, 36, 98, 100, 140,
Destruction of religious books,
160, 182, 233, 236, 297, 300.
Bibles, Missals, 171": ------------.
Crib scene, every home should have
Destruction of lives and souls, 12, 22,

one, 125.
37, 41, 44, 97, 133, 155, 178-79, .183,

Crimes against God, 30.

188-89, 194, 225, 237-38, 270, 287, 310.

Crown of Thorns, 4, 46-47, 91, 146,

Destruction of mlnd and body, 3, 12,

148-49, 152, 205, 257, 269.

26, 37, 41, 44, 47, 68-69, 73, 76, 107,

rt ~,
J. .r. '~(


122, 130, 150, 157, 178, 187-89, 206,

Dress, proper type for men, boys,

210, 247, 252, 277. (See Dope.)

82, 98-99, 172, 186, 221-22, 265-67, 277.

Destruction of Unborn, 97, 129, 133,

Driving cars, right speed, 126, 150,

168, 183, 188, 190, 193, 219, 229, 238,

262, 278.

251, 270, 272, 287, (see Abortion).

Drunkenness, immorality, 98.

Destruction of U.S.A., cannot be

Dubuque, Furry Mutt, 138.

averted, 82-83, 150, 190, 271.

Destruction of Youth, (see Youth).


Detroit, 57, 124.

Eagle, U.S.A. (Plucked), 11, 84, 97,

Devastation, 45, 84, 178, 180, 189-90,

107, 135, 152.

198, 229-30, 273-74.

Earth, testing ground, 36, 64, 80, 102,

Devils harass Mary Ann, 138.

106, 108, ll9, 145, 148, 163, 202, 232­

-Devotion, 32, 50, 90, 115, 173-74, 229,

33, 246, 256, 284, 287.

l 234,305. dA Earthquakes, 2, 136.

Devotion in the Church, 32, ® 49,
Easier maxims. 129, 130, 137, 139,

'"8il-8ï;l60, 229, 234. 257, 304.

Devotion, Lenten, 90.

143, 161-62, 186. 188, 209, 221, 225,

258, 309.

Devotion to Holy Ghost, 186, 202.

Eastern hemisphere, 47, 80, 135, 143,

Devotion to Our Lord and Blessed

182, 229, 286, 289, 295.

Mother, 27-28, 32, 107, 224, 229, 269.

Education, 44, 308.

Devotion, True, 160, 173-74, 229, 259.

Eisenhower, General, 180.

Devotions, Pentecostal, wrong, 46.

1812, war of, 1, 127, 185, 252.

Diamond, Brilliant (see Sacred Spot)

18 year olds, 31, 187.

Disciples, 207.
Ejaculations, 28, 40, 43, 123, 148,

Discipline, Children, right way, 245.


Discrimination, segregation, 251.

Elderly, 13940, 144, 238, 248.

Disgrace to God and Country, 98.

Elect, 46, 181-82.

Disobedience, 37, 39, 67, 105, 118.

Elizabeth, 220, 223.

_llli.!~~J.Ï!t_9-11, 14. Emmerich, Anna, K., 17-18, ll5, 123,

Distribution, Holy Communion from 126, 143, 148, 182, 280-81.

women wrong, 267. Encyclica1s, 198, 210, 270, 289.

Disunity, Ill, 254. Enemy need not bomb U.S.A., 76-77.

Divine chastisement, 3 reasons for, _Enem.L!!i.G9d, 24, 6-8, 10, 17, 23, 26,

168. (see Chastisement).

4r,4546, 63, 71, 79-80, 86-87, 104-05,

-S- Divini,J.Y of Christ taken awW' 36,

108, 113, 121-24, 127, 129, 134, 140,

-=nn d "iA T'1ft "t'lU 1kd IIr, 195,

149-50, 156, 159, 191, 218-19. 221, 231,

200, v213ï'22R>~236:v252:vi97.
235, 243, 252, 255, 258, 270, 273, 279,

~s, ~tors' offices, 18, 109,

281, 285. 293, 303.

131-32, 147, 212, 240, 245, 289, 307-09.

England, 11, 210, 267.

Doctors of Church, 311

Enshrine. into our hearts, Mysteries

Documentations, fa Ise, 79.

of the Trinity, 35, 3940.

Documentation of World plot, 10. Entertainment, 184, 238.

Dollar Bill only 15% of former value, Enthronement of Sacred Heart, 2~4.

Ij2-53. Environment, 63.

Dope, Drugs, 3, 7, 20, 25·26, 31, 37,

Epistles, 9.

42, 4445, 47, 51-52, 59, 71, 73, 76-77,

E.R.A., 153.

90, 97-98, 105-09, 121-22, 124, 135,

Error in history corrected re: Death

14142, 150-52, 157-58, 163, 175, 177,

of B1essed Mother, 170-71.

186, ~98, 230, 235, 242, 244, 247, 254­

Establishment, 26, 122, 241, 285.

55, 277, 282.

Eternity, eterna1 happiness, 9, 47,

Double ring around Globe, aborted 53, 130, 160, 238-39, 248, 257, 275.

babies would form, 134, 143.


Dove of Peace, 302.

Europe. European, lI, 267.

Dress Marylike, 5, 4244, 82, 98-99,

~utGanasia. 83, 98, 139-40, 142, 147-49,

118, 129, 154, 172, 221-22, 265-67, 277,

175, 178, 238, 248, 285, 287, 298.

294. Evll, 49, 148.

INDEx 319
Exorcism prayers, 49, 123.
Our Lady of Ransom, Feast of,

174-75, 299-301.

Our Lady of the Snows, Feast of,

Faith, love, charity. 10, 100, 182, 192,

217-18, 285-86.

197, 281, 300.

Pentecost Sunday, Feast of, 201-02,

Fa1len Angels, 4, 75, BO, 146.


Fa1lout, 21.
Presentation of the Blessed Mother,

False Prophet, 79, 222.

Feast of, 120-21, 24648.

Falsehoods, deception, lies, 109, 212,

Purification, Feast of, 68-69, 127-28,

222, 255, 293.

186-87. 253.

Family, family life, 32-34, 42, 64, 98.

Queenship of Mary, Feast of, 24-25,

107, 1l0-1l, 13941, 214, 217, 230, 246,

103-04, 164, 199-201, 262-64.

Family life backbone of Nation, 141,

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Feast of,

27-28, 207-09, 268-69.

Family Rosary, 142, 304.

'Seven Sorrcws, Feast of, 41, 174,

Fasting and Penance, 209, 305.

227-28, 294-97.

Father, head of family, 32-34, 214.

Transfiguration of Our Lord, Feast

Father Martin, Anniversary of Death

of, 35, 169·70, 218-20, 287-88.

114, 255.
Trinity Sunday, Feast of, (see An·

Father's Day, 206.

niversary Days).

Fathers must be fathers, 42.

Visitation, Feast of, 29·31, 277.

Fatima, 5, 30, 37, 89, ll5, 117-18, 174,

Feasts of Saints, (see Saints, Feast

190, 247,254, 270, 275, 300.

Fatima, Priests not interested in, 89.
Fetus, 51, 117, 133, 135, 143, 155, 178,

Fault, (see Andreas).

204, 227-28, 236, 238, 24041, 307.

Fear, 3.
- Fetus a life, not glob, 62, 132-33, 143.

Fifth Commandment, 107, 128, 147,

FEAST DAYS: 149, 1934.

Annunciation, Feast of, 189-90. Fifth Siege, 9.

Assumption, Feast of, (see Anni­ Films, 175, 24142, 244.

versary Day).
Fire, White, Divine Chastisement,

Christ the King, Feast of, 24849.

83, 89, 237-38, 271-74.

Espousals, Feast of, l, 68, 253.

First appearance of Our Lady, 245­

Holy Name of Mary, Feast of, 40-41,

46, 255.

173-74, 226-27, 293-94.

First Chosen, 179.

Holy Rosary, Feast of, see Anni­

First Holy Communion, 22-23, 99·100,

versary Day
161-62, 194-96.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Feast

First Mass, 13, 22, 24, 54, 80-81, 96,

of, 38-39, 223-24, 290-92.

ll5, 137-38, 169-70, 207, 222, 310.

Mary Help of Christians, Feast of,

First Mass, no women at, 80, 222.

95-96, 160-61, 192-93, 258-59.

First Pope, St. Peter, 276.

Maternity of Mary, Feast of, 48-51,

Flag at half mast, 133, 164.

120, 180, 23941.

Flag, U.S.A., 59. 97, 104, 133, 135,

Nativity of the Blesse<! Mother,

178, 207, 211. 295, 299-300. 302, 308.

Feast of, 3940, 117-18, 173, 224-26,

Florida, Bill 2135, 21.

Flowers at Shrine, 41.

Our Lady of Guadalupe. Feast of, Food. 7-9. 21, 30, 77, 121, 124, 135-36.

166-67, 175, 221. 279.

_O\l.!:. "'ady. Qf.~"'l!._Saletle, Feast of,

For My God anl My Country, 114,

ll8, 228-30, 297-99.

285, 295. 299-300.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Feast of,

-Fornication. 73. 90, 158.

31-32, 1l0-U, 212-14, 281-83.

Fortitude. 277, 281.

Ou~ Lady of Prompt Succor, Feast

Four ash trees, 44, 48, 68-69, 101-03.

of, l, 67-68, 127, 185-86, 251-52.

109. 117-18. 164. 174. 194-95, 199, 239.

Our Lady of Purlty, Feast of, 51-52,

257, 262. 277.

18lf-81, 24143.
F_2!!.L~S, 76, 90, 167-68.


Fourth Commandment, 73, 87, 183,

94, 96, 99, 101, 115. 165, 191, 194,

186-87, 262, 264.

216-18, 220,223-24, 226-27,230,232-35,

~, Il, 123, 210.


Franciscans, 306. Gospels, 9, 46, 158-59.

Freak House, 164. Gossip, 44, 73, 192.

Free will, 49, 58, 146·47. 159, 161,

Government, government officiais,

177, 180, 256, 260-61, 310.

32-33, 56, 68-69, 71, 76, 106, 143, 150,

Freedom, lost unless people retum

159, 191, 251, 274, 285-86, 295, 297-99,

to God, 89, 153.

Friday, pray Litany of Sacred Heart,
Gown, Our Lord's grew with Him,
27. 108.

Fulfilled not, Blessed Mother's re­

Goyims, 121.

quests, 64, 161, 202-03, 254, 275, 299,

Grace, 50, 76, 91-92, 94, 235, 306.

306, (see Blessed Mother's pleas

Grace, sanctifying, 75, 91.

Grand Masters, 11, 134.

Fundamentals of Our Faith, 23, 90,

Grants, 187.

96, 99, 102, 136-37, 156, 159, 165-66,

Gratitude, 16, 261.

189, 200, 202, 209, 265-66.

Greater Commandment, 50.

Future Shock, vulgar film, 24244. Greatest Shrine in Nation, Wor1d,

113, 217, 275.

Greed, hatred, jealousy, power, 2,

Gates of Heaven open, 213', 233.

100, 104, 113, 152, 251, 307.

Generation gap, there is none, 105-06.

Green Dragon, 84.

Geneva, Il, 122.

Gregory XVII, 122.

Germ warfare, 123-24.

Guardian Angels, 4, 146-46.

Germany, Il, 210.

Guinea Pigs, 64, 204, 240, 303.

Girls flaunt virginity to Blessed

Mother, 70.
- H '­
Globe, world-wide starvation, 48.
H- and A-Bomb, 21, 63, 82-83, 113.

Glory in Excelsis Deo, Celestial Mu·

Habits, Nuns, 55, 57, 79, 84-85, 118,

sic, 220, 223.

122, 168, 177, 195, 210, 266, 276·77,

G10ry of Glories, 2, 14, 25, 163, 196,


198, 214, 276. 281-82, 290, 297, 309.

Hail Mary's, 50, 139, 146, 173-74, 176,

God Bless America, 133, 135, 151.

287, 305.

God Is Dead, 272. .

Hair, proper length, men 's, boy's,

God Man, 16.

172, 265.

God punishes earth, 218.

Halloween, 44. .'

God swept under rug, 135.

Hardship and suffering for America,

God the Father, 19-20, 22, 25-26, 33,


40, 47, 70, 72, 77. 94, 101-02, 108, 119,

Harmony in home, 33.

138, 140, 157, 160, 163, 169-71, 180,

Harrisburg, 124.

186, 195, 203-05, 207-08, 221, 230,

Hate, hatred, 2, 20, 97, 110, 126.

232-33, 248, 253, 256, 261, 263-64,

Haven, Shrine will be for people. 180,

271, 274, 278, 281-82, 284, 287, 289,

275, 306.

297, 301-03, 307.

Headache, take no pills, 4748, 124,

God's Will, 19, 42, 4748, 50, 92, 127,

140, 159, 177, 186, 203-04, 224, 230,
Head, women's should be covered
246, 263, 275, 277, 281, 284-85, 293.
in Church, 267.

God will exalt us in Heaven for

Heart of Jesus and Mary, 106, 238,

every life we save, 212.


Golden Calf, 10.

Heat hom~~,,ees,181.

Golgotha, 85.
Heathens, 86, 133, 161.

"Good Catholic Families," 304.

Heaven, 34, 9, 14·17, 58, 64, 72, 78,

Good Friday, 13·15, 17-21, 54, 70,

83-84, 91, 93-95, 98, 101, {08, 110,

81-82, 85, 89, 92, 94, 111, 165.

116, 160, 163, 165, 192, 212-13, 233,

Good Friday Crucifix, 52, 69-70, 92,

237, 246, 256, 267, 276, 279, 283,


288-89, 293, 297, 300, 303, 305, 307,

Honor Crucitied Lord,daily, hourly,
HeavenIy Father, 189, 299.

Heaviest Cross, know truth, be ac­

Honor thy father and mother, 73, 183,

cused of being wrong, 196.

186, 208, 262. 264, 277, 299.

Hegeslppus, St., fought heresy, 92,

Hope, 7, 100, 182, 256.

Hormones, 77.

HeU, HeU-tire, 9, 13-15, 18, 37, 42, 53,

Hospitals, distribute Infant Home

55-56, 58, 61-62, 64, 70, 74, 80, 83,

brochures to, 212.

85, 97-99, 102, 131-33, 144, 147, 194,

Hour has struck, 230, 262, 272.

219, 232, 238-39, 248, 270, 279, 290,

House of Prayer, 143, 176-77, 180,224,

273, 306.

Help from God necessary to live as

House of Prayer, Heart shaped,

Christians, 8.
brings comfort and peace to aU who

Heresy, 12-13, 36, 81, 94, lll, 116, 157,

entwine their hearts with the Sacred

168, 189-91, 255, 265-66, 310.

and Immaculate Heart of Jesus, 224

Heresy ruins soul of child, 36, 265-66.

Hub, Wilmette, III, 88.

Heroin, 230, 303.

Humanism, 156, 159, 161, 177, 195,

Hidden hands, 210.

236, 252, 265.

Hierarchy, 5-6, 10, 12, 17, 20, 36, 45,

Humility, Humiliation, l, 16, 110,

56, 99, 114-15, 118, 136, 157, 159, 163,

112-13, 168, 186-87, 197, 200, 227, 231,

168, 175, 178, 188, 191, 197-98, 209,

275, 287, 290.

287-89, 292, 299, 309-10.

Hypnosis, 242.

Hippies, .Yjppies, do not dress like

Hypocrites. 62-63, 75, 125, 137, 144-46,

them, 165, 265.

148, 175, 193, 246.

Holy Bread ,Holy Wines, 221-22, 225­

26, 310.
Holy Cause, 275.
Iceland, 57.

Holy Communion, Holy Eucharist,

Illinois, 150, 193.

Eucharist, 22-23, 46, 74, 78-79, 81,

Image of My Lord and God, True as

100, 115, 129, 144-45, 153-54, 162, 167,

on Veronica's Veil, Shroud, 234, 302.

178, 195-96, 207, 218, 221-22, 265, 268,

Immaculate Heart of Mary, 32, 38-39,

88-89, 224-25, 237, 268-71, 290-92, 300,

Holy Face, 234, 302.

304, 309.

Holy Family, 33, 125, 257.

Immodesty in speech, action, dress,

Holy Family Shrine, 257.

98, 154.

Holy Father, His Holiness, (see Pope

Immoral behavior, immorality, 63,

98, 132-33, 225.

Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, 4, 23', 25, 35,

Incinerator, 132, 236, 238.

40, 46, 72, 106, 186, 202, 205,207, 253,

Income tax, 153.

257, 300.
Indians, Negroes, many do not think

Holy Hours, 225, 304.

of abortion, 133.

Holy Mother, (see Anniversary

Indoctrination, 12. 209, 236.

Days, Feast Days, Blessed Mother)

Industry, big, 89.

Holy Mother and Her Divine Son, 92.

Infallible, Pope as head of the Cath­

Holy Mother ordinary woman, here­

olle Church, 289.

sy, 81, 90.

Infant Home, 56, 59, 63. 117, 131-32,

Holy of Holies, 284.

155, 175. 212, 275, 287.

Holy Rosary, Feast of, (see Anni­

Infant Jesus, description of dress,

versary Days).
12, 114.

Holy Spirit, (see Holy Ghost).

Infant Mary, Image placed at Sa­

Holy Thursday, 54, 57, 81, 82, 85, 89,

cred Spot, 226, 292, (see Little

lll, 115, 165, 189, 221, 256, 297, 310.


Holy Water, St. Therese blessed

Infants, 108-09.

people with, 233.

Holy Women, 310.

Inflation, 121, 153.

Honesty, 87.
Insecticides, D.D.T., 7, 21.

rô t- ---"'~d~1 Sr-.


Institutions, 42, 44, 134, 157, 211, 238,

Laity, 14, 61, 72, 79, 82, 135, 154,

282, 285-86.
156, 169, 194, 198, 222, 226-28, 302.

Instructions to Mary Ann, they fol­

Lait Y must not handle Holy Euchar­
10w their own will, not Blessed
ist, 81, 83, 118, 154.

Mother, 2'22.
Laity must work, 9, 17, 20, 30, J'i,

1~!lrsQurs~, breaking the Comma!1d­

53-54, 114-15, 118, 129, 134, 209, 236,

ment ol<:JOd unless man and wlfe,

287, 290.

63, 70, 132.

Lamb of God, place hand over

International Bankers, 48, 134-35,

heart, 89, 269.

210'; 230
Lamenting, 5, 24, 29, 41, 49, 104, 138,

lodine~pply it yourself rather than

156, 168, 192, 235-37.

getting it througb the schools, 124.

Land of Liberty, 133, 153.

Ireland, Il.
Large family, Blessing of God, 64.

Iron Gates, 97, 105, 108, 271.

Largest ShrIne in World, 113, 217,

Invocations, put none into Rosary,


Last message for people, 307.

Last Supper, 54, 183, 284.

Jesus Christ Movement, 60.

Last warning, 311.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, 1 Love

Latin Mass, 23-24.

Thee, repeat often, 40, 123.

Laws, 18, 20-21, 28, 41, 71, 140, 143,

Johnson, Lyndon, 180.

149-50, 201, 226, 256, 307.

Judaism, 187.
Laws, Christians must 6gbt bad ones

Judas, Judases, 13-15, 129, 137, 143,

16, 21, 29, 41, 63, 129, 210, 285, 287-88,

191, 270, 276, 290.

295, 298, 308.

Judge others, condemn yourselves,

Laws, Satanic, 28, 192.

49, 112, 231.

Laws, true ones of God, 67, 152, 192.

June 4, Anniversary of Trinit Y Sun­

Laws, true virtues of, parents to

day, (see Anniversary Days).

teach children, 68.

June 16, Anniversary of Sacred

Lawyers, 308-09.

Heart, 1950, (see Anniversary

Lent, Fridays, 2-5, 5-6, 6-10, 10-12,

Days). 12;17, 17-21, 70-73, 73-77, 77-84, 84-90,

Justice, 110. 91-92, 92-94, 131-36, 13644, 14449,

149-54, 155-57, 157-60.

Lenten Devotions, 90, 253.

Kateri Tekawitha, 281.

Lenten Season instructions, 75-76, 78,

Keep Christ in Christmas, 60, 62, 125­ 161, 184.

26, 141.
Leo XIII, 199.

Key 73, 124.

LiberaIs, liberalism extreme, 7, 24,

Khazars, (Mongolian Tribe) 218.

32, 74, 77-79, 81, 136, 177-78, 187,

Kindergarten, 124, 309.

209-10, 239.

Kindness, 231, 246, 287, 294.

Liberty, 135, 182.

Kingdom of Heaven, 55, 64, 98, 100,

Lies and deceit, 40, 73, 75, 109, 113,

163, 186, 189-90, 202-03, 246, 257, 279,

158, 208, 259, 277-78.

290, 303.
Lies, little white, 34, 78, 208, 264.

Kingship of Our Lord, 25, 24849.

Light can onJy shine forth in truth,

Kneeling for First Communion, Pope


Pius X (make it known), 22, 100,

Live St. Francis Peace Prayer, 128,

162. 176, 234, 237.

Litanies, Sacred Heart, 27, 269, 304.

-L- Litany, St. Joseph, 12.

La Bucca, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Little Bit of Heaven, 64, 160, 192,

217, 256.

La Salette, 30, 37, 115, 118, 190, 228­

Little Jesus, 12.

30, 240, 297-99.

Little Mary. 3940, 117-18, 120, 173,

Lack of food in America, 166, 167,

227, 293.

175, 180, 221.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 124.


"Living will envy the dead," 194, Mary_ Ann visions Our Lord, 169-70,
197, 273. 11l~1lf3-04, 209, 248, 268-lm.
L10yds of London, London, 11, 123'. Marylike dress and way, 5, 43-44,
Lord and Holy Mother Inseparable, 82, 98-99, 118, 154. m, 221-22, 265-67,
233. 277, 294.
Lourdes, 37, 174-75, 300. Mary, Mother of God, only Child,
Love of God, 141-42. ~ 1- 156-57.
Love thy neigbbor, l, 41, 50, 106, 112, Mary jIf Cleoph~ 223'.
126, 160, 166, 169, 182, 186-88. 233, Mass~2-15~3-2t> 32, 72, 115. 137,
235, 246, 284. 165-66, 168:70-;--189, 208, 221-22, 231,
Loyalty, 31, 113-14, 168, 185, 233, 252, 256, 284, 286, 294.
246, 255, 276-77, 281, 299. Mass, BIllck, 59, 84.
LSD, 7, 25, 42, 55, 105~6, 230, 244, Mâss Îs Calvary, Crucifixion, 165-66,
303. 168, 284.
Lutheranism, Communal Confession Mass, First, (see First Mass).
Is 17-18. Mass in vernacuJar, 23.
LYing, children to parents, 73, 158, Mass, late for offends Our Lord, 208.
208, 259. Mass, only pure grapes and pure
- M - wheat, 225-26.
Magisterium, 189. Mass, Passion Book gives truth of,
Main Altar, remOve Tabernacle, 72, 162, 256.
push out Lord, 85. Mass, pictured on Fundamentals
Main purpose in life, Jesus Christ, Book, 23, 25, 96.
309. Mass, studï the, 24, 29, 62, 207-08,
Maine, 143.
Man's Church, 10, 13, 54, 200, 210,
--ne 256-:Z8-.r,-294.
Mass, True, 13, 23, 72, 115, 162, 165-
286. 288. 66, 168, 207~8, 221, 225, 256.
Many States no prayer program, Mass, use of word "celebration"
92. instead of Sacrifice wrong, 228, 252,
Marijuana, 3, 31, 55, 105-06, 230, 303, Massachusetts, 143.
308. Masses and Sacraments needed now,
Mark of Beast, 88. 32.
Marker, original place where Materiallsm, 4, 28, 30-31, 35, 44-45,
Blessed Mother appeared, 94, 116, 49, 55, 68, 84, 100, 110, 112, 119,
155, 194, 245-46, 255. 130-31, 133, 135, 150, 163, 168, 173,
Martin, Father, 114, 255. 175, 186, 195, 201, 203, 206, 236, 274,
Martyrs, Martyrdom, 25, 163. 279, 284, 301.
Mary Ann blessed by Pope Pius XII Maxlms, easier, 130, 137, 139, 161-62,
263, 311. 187, 209, 220-21, 225, 258, 309.
"Mary Ann chosen by Blessed Mother May Days, (see Anniversary Days).

lOI, 167. 228, 276-77, 283, 307. May, Mary's Month, 95, 160, 191, 257.
Mary Ann chosen by God the Father McCarthy, Joe, 180.
263. Meaning of Shrine Ground, 253.
_Mary Ann chosen by Our Lord, 116. Mediatrix of Peace Hall, 234.
Mary Ann Crucifix special B1essings, Medical science used for wrong pur·
91-92. pose, 227-1S.
Mary Ann suffering, 17, 53, 91, Medicine cabinet, medicine, 26, 47-
121·22 124, 131-44, 154-55, 162, 169, 48, 106-07, m, 150, 245.
188. 190, 196, 205, 212-13, 228, 245, Meditate on Mysteries of Rosary, 50,
247. 173, 176, 205, 225, 305.
Mary Ann suffers for those who Memorial Day, 24.
move here, 213, 231, 243, 245, 247, Men, birth control, rulned by opera-
290. tion (vasectomy), 77, 218-19.

eMary Ann visions God the Fathej',

169;-203 >M.
Mary AnD visions Holy Ghost,
~ ,-
Men, dress properly, 82, 98-99, 172,
186, 221-22, 265-67, 277.
Men, stand up, 298.

Mercy of God, 32, 78, 83, 85, 185,

Montreal, 124.

222, 230, 232, 238, 241-42, 299, 308.

Montana, 136.

Mercy of God Devotions, destroyed,

Moon, trip to, 8.

Morality, new, 155.

Messages 1950, 44, 114, 117, 161, 260,

Mortal sin, 82, 194, 219, 240, 248, 279,

271, 273.
289, 298.

Messages, do not interpret, 173-74,

Moses, 10 Commandments, 71, 106.

177, 207.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, ejacula­

Messages, fulfill all, 29, 115, 120, 222,

tion, 28, 208, 268-69.

Mother of the Church, Our Lady,

Messages held back because of

13, 191.

scoffing, 37.
Mother Superior, 53, 57.

Messages helped many that were

Mothers, should not be providers

confused, 34.
unless husband ilI or dead, 99.

Messages, last for public, 307, 311.

Mound of Fetuses, 131-32, 156, 158,

Messages of Our Lady not heeded,

164, 178, 180, 227-28, 307.

(see Blessed Mother's pleas ignored

Mount Carmel, 31.

and Fulfillment).
Movie Stars, 151.

Messages, reread past, 29, 77, 90,

Murder. 18, 51, 62, 117, 131-32, 147,

94, 114, 123, 136, 161, 219. 252.

149-50, 152, 155, 188, 190, 194, 197,

Mexico, 57.
m, 238-39, 241, 278, 287, 298, 303,

Miami, 124, 151.


Middle East, 179.

Music, Celestial, 170, 196, 220, 223.

MidnilIDkJ~~c.Jli, actual time of

My God, My Country, meaning of,

Christ's Birth, 60.

295, 299.

Millions, Saints and Angels, 163.

Myrtle Sommers, Death AnRiver­

Millions, unborn destroyed, 61-62,

sary, 39, 116-17, 172, 281.

130-32, 168, 193, 220, 229, 242, 295.

Mini-skirts, 129. 265, (see Marylike

Nation, Head of, puppet on a string,
Mlnisters, 8, 10, 69, 92, 99, 135, 151,

Nativity Pageant, 307.

Mlnisters of God, 81-82, 95, 97, 135.

Necedah, Holy Mother's requests not

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 57, 123'.

heeded, nor at Fatima, 254.

Miracle of Sun at Fatima, at Shrine

Necedah, Our Lady weeps as at La

here, 89.
Salette, 118.

Miraculous Medal, 37.

Necedah, Satanic powers working to

Misfonned child, punishment for sin

destroy youth and those living here,

157-58, 166, 260.

Mlssal, read, 73, 231, 253, 258.

Negro, 133, 151, 245.

Missiles to Heaven, each Hall Mary

New breed, Liberais, (see Liberais).

of Rosary Is one, 19, 276.

Newfoundland, 124.

Missions, mission fields, 14, 81-82,

New Orleans, 59, 123, 127, 185-86, 252.

86, 119.
New Orleans, battle of, 127, 252.

Mockery of Our Lord and Blessed

New York, City of, 57, 59, 123, 151,

Mother, 17-18, 20-21, 83, 85-86, 89,


m, 135-36, 151-52, 159-61, 188, 219,

New York, State of, 143, 193.

221, 230, 252, 284, 288, 297-98, 300,

Newark, 151.

News Media, 240, 263.

Modemism, 2-3, 277.

Newspapers, 105.

JWodesty, (see Dress Marylike). "

Newsstands. 9, 44, 76, 117, 308.

~ . ~~, new, no~~, ~s,

1900's, MESSAGES OF:

,_ "11-12,86-88. _ _. . . - - - - - ­
1949, 94.

MongrellZation, 2111.
1950. l, 6, 21, 26, 47, 61, 90, 97, .105,

Monstrance, Nun holding glves mes­

109, m, 117. 157-58, 160, 174, 178,

sage, 268.
190-91, 207, 210, 229, 237, 241-42, 251,

INDEx 325

255, 270, 272·73, 299, 309. Our Lord speaks to St. John, 183.

1951, 12, 76, 123, 150, 177, 206. Over population, 21, 51, 140, 148,

1952, 178-79. 158-59.

1955, 226, 273, 296.

1956, 226, 296.


1957, 296.
Pacifie Coast, 6.

1958, 226, 296.

Padre Pio, 27fr 77.

1959, 296.
Pagan and Heathens, 86, 133, 160.

1960, 296.
Pageant, Chrisbnas, 307.

1970, 122.
Palm Sunday, 109.

1972, 56.
Panda Bears, 90.

1976, 152.
Paraçlete, 186.

1980, 124, 152.

-Parents, 4-6, 16-18, 20, 26, 28-29, 31,

Nixon, President, 64.

33, 42, 44-45, 48, 56, 63, 67·68, 70-71,

Noah's Ark, 82.

73, 76, 83, 89-90, 95, 97-98, 105-07,

Norway, 11.
116, 120, 122, 124, 142, 152, 155, 157,

Nudity, God does not sanction, 83,

163, 168, 181, 183, 186-87, 206, 208,

98, 225.
212-14, 236-38, 241-42, 244-46. 259,

Nun, Nuns, Sisters, 2, 6, 13-14, 17-18,

267, 272, 278, 280-81, 285, 288, 291-92,

27, 31-32, 34, 52-54, 56-57, 61, 7!f.82,


84-85, 102, 115, 118, 122, 132, 144,

Parents, no respect for by youth,

149, 168, 177, 185, 189, 195, 210, 222,

drugs are cause, 95.

252, 262, 265-68, 276-79, 288, 310.

Parents, responsible for Children's

Nuns, only Miss without Habits,

souls, 29, 42, 67-68, 106, 152. 158,

79, 84-85, 122, 195, 279.

169, 208, 308-09.

Nurse, 146-47.
Parents squares, children round ones

33, 181.

- 0 ­ _J3ris, 123

Obedience, 1-2, 20, 44, 47, 67, 75, 93,

Parks, amusement, 243.

97, 100, 111, 113, 121, 161, 167, 173,

Passion Book, 72, 162, 256.

183, 187, 206, 255, 263, 276-77, 289·90.

Passion of Our Lord, 22-23, 75, 107,

October 7, Feast of the Holy Rosary,

109, 115, 165-66, 170, 213, 265.

(see Anniversary Days).

Passion of Our Lord, study, 107.

Officiais, Village, City, 32, 71, 97,

Passion Play, 307.

106, 122.
Passion, Upper Room, 215-16.

Ohio, 59, 193'.

Patience, 10, 91, 281, 287, 300.

01d Glory, 104, 211, 300.

Patriotism, 59.

One hundred thousand people, 115.

Peace, 1-2, 25, 35, 82, 95, 97, 99, 107,

One Nation Under God, 193.

109, 117, 126, 128-29, 156, 168-69, 246,

One person can make difference in

251-52, 258, 270, 289, 297, 307, 309.

History. 59.
Peace Prayer, 128, 175, 251.

One World Church, 13, 78, 81, 226.

Peace Prayer, live it, 234, 237.

One World Government, 13, 48, 124,

Penance, Penance Sacrament, Sac­
rifice, 9, 22, 3'0, 36, 40, 75, 89, 92,

One World Religion, 13, 48, 124.

115, 129, 172, 182, 185, 187, 197, 202,

Only prayers will save you, 271, (see

209, 225, 230, 256, 277.

Constant Vigil of Prayer).

Pennsylvania, 143, 193.

Ontario, 124.
Pentecost, 4, 201-02, 257-58.

Opium, 90, 122.

pentecost Shrine, 207.

Ordination, 2, 55, 61. 102, 137, 229.

Pentecostalism, wrong, 4, 46, 124,

Organizations, 29.
156-57, 202, 209, 257, 265.

Our Lady of Suffering, 6.

People should write to Bishop, 134.

Our Lady pleads, 55, 119, 157, 161,

Perpetuai, Adoration, 90.

173, 186, 198.

Perpetuai Help and other devotions,

Our Lord appears and speaks to


Mary AnD, 203-04.

Persecution, 26, 34, 40. 46, 52, 64,


105, 109, 121, 136, 162-63, 169, 204,

Pope Pius X, Mary Ann receives

254, 257, 260, 285, 287, 293, 307.

Blessing from, 99-100, 311.

Persecution, laity must stand, 40,

Pope Pius X, right way to receive

61, 103, 109-10, 114, 173, 200, 238,

Holy Communion, 22, 101, 162, 194­

254, 260, 262, 283.

96, 199.

Persecution, severe, 34, 46, 53, 109,

173, 192, 252, 256.

Pope Pius XII, 24. 32, 38, 179-80,

Perseverence, 52, 64.

197-200, 262-64, 270, 273, 311.

Pharisees, 14.
Pope Pius XII, demised, 198, 262.

Philadelphia, 151.
Pope Pius XII, lite, spared, 179.

Philosophy, 266.
Pope Pius XII, spent 3 days in Pur­
Picture, special, to be painted of St.
gatory for Church, 199.
Theré§e and Blessed Mother, 201. Popes, grace and insight, 75.
Pictures, Sacred and Immacu1ate Popes in Heaven keep score of Pope
Heart in each home, 292. and Hierarchy on earth, 163.

Pilgrims came to America for Lib­ Pornography, 29, 44, 135, 186, 241-42,

erty, 141-42, 182, 295.

247, 262, 282, 308.

Pilgrims, go on knees to Shrine, 174.

Portugal, 292.

Pilgrims, St. Joan of Arc commends

Poverty, 54.

for prayer and sacrifices at Sacred Pray, Prayer, (see Constant Vigil

Spot, 254.
of Prayer, and Rosary).
PiII, the, 124, 155, 229, 298.
Pray for Bishops, Cardina1s, Priests,

Pittsburgh, 124, 151.

Nuns, Hierarchy, 17, 27, 129, 300.

Pleas of Our Holy Mother not heard

Pray for President and Govt. Offici­

(war upon war result), 97, 219-20,

ais, 57, 122.

235, 237, (see Blessed Mother's

Pray in Unity, 68.

pleas ignored).
Pray with True Devotion, 50, 174,

Pleasure, 112, 132, 179, 237, 271.

176, 251-52.

Plotters and planners, 10, 69, 86-87,

Prayer, ail are aJlswered, 173, 185,

m, l]D, 218.
271, 300.

Plymouth Rock, 141-42.

Prayer and Sacrifice, 22, 27, 88, 116,

Poisoning of food, 7-8, 21, 77.

127, 173, 185, 214, 231, 251-52, 256,

Poisoning of minds, 44, 52, 76, (see

Dope, Pornography). Prayer, Christ the King, 248-49.
__J9.!!~~d??1ic~ts.,26, 99.J~P 241.
Prayer from heart goOO; Iips onJy,
Poor soulSln Purgatory, 116, 305.
meaningless, 50, 76, 121, 138-39, 176,

Poor Souls, special prayers, 2 weeks

251-52, 271.

preceeding Ali Saints Day, 116.

Prayer, House of 143, 176-77, 180,

Pope, Black, (Supreme Grand Mas­

224, 273, 306.

ter, 14, 33, 54, 61, 97, 108, 122-23,

Prayer to St. Anne and St. Joachim,

134, 141-42, 159, 186, 209-10, 303.


Pope, Leo, 199.

Prayer will bring Peace, 251-52, 271,

Pope, next one, 18, 59, 153, 273.

Pope Paul VI, 14-15, 55, 59, 75, 78-79,
Prayers requested by Celestials, 28,

82, 92, 122, 130, 143, 153, 156, 165,

40, 43, 49, 122-23, 162, 202, 227, 231,

187, 273, 289-90, 292.

234, 269.

Pope Paul VI, Demise, 59.

Prayers, special, also Music, St.
Pope Paul VI, no Holy Communion
Francis, 231, 234.

in hand, 75.
Prayers, special, S. Michael, 231.

Pope Paul VI, pray for, 15, 27, 65, 75,

Prayers, three most powerful, 50.

78-79, 91-92, 110, 119, 122, 153, 206,

Precious B10OO, 27-28.

217, 220, 265, 273', 276, 289-90, 292, 300

Pre-school Kindergarten, Kinder­
Pope Peter l, 217, 276.
garten, 124, 308-09.

Pope Pius V, 13.

Preparation, lack of food, ;/79.

pope Pius IX, 187, 199.

Preservatives, 8.

Pope Pius X, 22, 99-101, 161-62, 194.

PresIdent of U.S.A., 26, 230.


Pride, Arrogance, 18, 27, 29-30, 110, Rapid City, Michigan, 108.
113, 115, 136 ,254. Rays of Light, 16, 21, 23, 68-69, 95-96,
Priests, do not criticize them, 23, 27. 170, 248, 255, 257, 264, 269.
Priests, liberal, 3, 18, 32, 247. Rays of the Sacred Heart, 243', 248.
Priest, Priests, 2-4, 6-7, 9-10, 12-14" Real Presence, 13, 17, 78, 83, 85.
17-18, 22-25, 3'0-35, 45, 54-59, 61, 65, Reason the Blessed Mother came
69-70, 75, 77-85, 89, 91-93, 95, 97, 99- here, 193.
100, Ill, 115. 118-19, 128-30, 134-38, Recreation, 184, 238, 286, 291.
144, 149, 151, 156" 159, 161, 163, 165, ReqYCifyint Our Lord, 20, 22, 131,
167-69, 177-80, 182, 189, 191, 193, 197, 452, 227, 28 , 2SS, 301.
206-10,221-22,225-26,229,236,238-39, Red China, Red Dragon, 57, 76,
241, 247, 252, 260. 263, 266-67, 270, 84-85, 90, 97, 104, 107, 121-22.
279, 282, 286-90, 292, 295-96, 300-02, Redeemer, Redemption, 213, 297.
304, 309-10. Religion class, parents responsible
Priest-Sons, 30, 115, 129, 167-68, 178, for children to attend, 281.
190, 264, 270, 282, 289-90, 309. Religious, 17, 20, 27, 45, 53-55, 65,
Priests, good are minority, careless 79-81, 85-86, 102. 112, 119, 122,
in majority, 22. 129-30, 156, 167, 169, 206, 222, 241,
Priests have highest position in the 263, 292, 300, 302.
world, 181. Religious vows, 79, 85-86, 263, 302.
Priestesses, not will of God, Nation (see Vows).
will destroy itself, 310. Reparation, 3, 18-19, 22, 25, 27-28,
Prisoner of War (POW's), 134, 142-43 30, 37, 40, 75, 92, 172, 182, 187, 209,
Processions, 206-07. 212, 214, 230, 233, 236, 277, 296, 304.
.. propagam' 73, 125. Replica of original Van Hoof home,
Proper ress requested by Celes- 22, 69, 116, 162.
tials, (see Dress Marylike). Requests, fulfiU them, l, 28, 30-31, 34­
Prophets, Prophecy fulfilled, 222. 35, 37, 41, 49, 52. 64, 77, 84, 96, 99,
Protestant, Protestant Chur ch, 12-13, 105, 112, 115, 149, 161, 166-67, 169,
81-82, 165, 191,210,252, 266, 268, 289. 173, 182, 186-87, 203, 212, 214, 222,
Prudence, stretched to suit vanity, 226, 230-31, 235, 246-48, 252, 256, 263,
3, 78, 204, 300. 275, 282, 286, 300, 306-07.
Psa1ms, 205, 227, 294, 305. C Re-read messag~ 23, 29, 51, 77. 90,
Punishment, 22, 31, 36, 155, 221, (see '-9'l;-n4, 117, 12:r,"136, 161, 219, 226,
Chastisement). 243, 246, 252, 294.
Purgatory, 53, 58, 61, 64, 116, 131, Respiratory organs, 7, 21, 151.
199, 279, 283, 305. Rest homes, 139, 144.
Purity, 103, 154, 172, 242-43, 277. Resurrection, 58, 94, 150, 212-13', 257,
265, 283.
-Q- Retarded children, 95, 285.
Queen of Heaven and Earth, 24-25, Revelations and Messages Book,
31, 38, 199-201, Four Volumes, re-read messages,
Queen of Heaven, keep in lives 90, 219, (see Re-read messages).
daily, 38. Revelations and Messages Book,
Queen of the Holy Rosary Media- Four Volumes, much of it now
trix of Peace Shrine, 23, 295. coming true, 76.
Queenship of Mary, (see Feast of). Reverence at Sacred Spot, 40, 94,
Queenship Picture, 201. 96, 176, 193, 214, 253.
Quakers, 267. Road to Hell, 98-99.
Robe of Christ, 108.
-R­ Robots, 244-45, 282.
Radio, Television, 44-45, 48 105 Rome, 37, 123, 154, 198, 209.
135, 150, 240, 245, 309. , , Roosevelt, EleanoL(La Bucca), 84.
Rampolla, 15. Roosevelt, F:D:R., 84-'---
Rape, Murder, 131, 309. Rosary, l, Il, 19, 30, 37, 39, 41, 43,

45-47, 50-51, 59, 75-76, 88-90, 93, 95,

St. Anne, St. Joachim, Feast of, this

108, 113, 116, 120-21, 138-39, 142,

day to be set aside in prayer, 34-35,

173, 176, 182, 187, 225, 234. 238-39,

113-14, 117-18, 167-69, 216-17.

256, 258-59, 263, 265, 272-73, 276, 286,

St. Anthony Mary Claret, 239, 306,

294-96, 304-07, 310.


Rosary changing, meaning of, 90,

St. Benedict, 306, 311.

St. Blaise, children should pray to.

Rosary, hold, wear, carry, special

graces, 116. 258-59, 276.
St. Blaise, first appearance, 69.
Rosary, Holy, Feast of, (see Anni­ St. Chaminade, 306- 311.

versary Days, Oct. 7).

St. Clare, 114-15, 199.

Roses, 201, 233-34, 302.

St. Dominic, 218, 286.

- Roses, fragrance of, 166.

Rothschild, 218.

.. Russia, 97, 104, 121, 210,(;.1~ 270-71.

Russians, Russian jets;Si;" 218·19.

Ruthless, horror, hungry, God-Iess

St. Dymphna, 41.

St. Elizabeth, 120, 126, 220, 223.

St,-~.!s, 14, 16, 21, 27, 35, 38,

40-41, 43-45, 48, 51-52, 54, 67-69,

94-96, 102, 104, 112, 115-16, 118-21,

people, 38. 127·28, 131, 154-55, 163'-67, 173, 180,

183, 194, 199, 201, 203-05, 208-09,

-S-:- 211-12, 214-15, 218, 220-22, 224, 227,

Sacrament of Penance, 130, 172.

230-34, 236-37, 239, 243, 245, 247-49,

Sacraments, Sacramentals, l, 32, 46,

Z51-55, 257-59, 268, 273, 275, 277-78,

102, 181, 265.

28(}..81 , 283, 288, 290, 292-94, 299,

Sacred Cause, 3, 112-13, 149, 158,

301-02, 304, 306, 311.

185, 243, 254, 263, 275, 294.

St. Francis, Blessing to Mary Ann,
Sacred Head, Our Lord's, 152.
Sacred Heart, 27-28, 108, 209, 224,
St. Francis, Blessing from, 43, 48,

237, 242-43, 271, 273, 292, 3'00, 304,

1~2r,-128, 131, 165-67, 177, 180-81,

199, 201, 203-05, 211, 214-15, 224,

Sacred Heart, Anniv. of 1950, (see

227, 233-34, 236, 239, 245, 252-55,

Anniversary Days).
257·59, 277, 279, 294, 299, 302. 311.

Sacred Heart, Feast of, 27-28, 207-09,

St. _Francis, Feast of, 44·45, 118-20,

r76;234-35, 304-05.

Sacred Host, not sacred by Iiberal

St. Francis gives b1essing to people

standard, 178.
from Mother Cabrini, 279.

Sacred Spot, 22, 38, 52, 92, 99. 104-16,

St. Fra..!!cis gives blessing to There­
193-94, 211, 234-37, 245, 249, 255-57,
ses From Blessed Mother, 43.

262, 264, 277.

St. Francis receives stigmata. 306.

Sacred Spot, a Diamond, 6-7, 35, 113,

'SC('iabriel Archange\. 173.

217, 247.
St. Hegesippus, 92, 190-91, 199, 255.

Sacred Spot, reverence at, 40, 52,

St. Henry, 167, 280; Feast of, 167,

64, 68, 94, 96, 99, lOI, 112·14, 120,

212, 280.

130, 233·34, 236, 245, 247, 255-57, 292.

St. James Major, 220.

Sacred Wounds, 236.

St. Joachim, 38, 42, 114-15, 117-18,

Sacrifice of the Mass, 80, (see Mass)

120, 156, 167, 169-70, 199, 216-17,

Sacrifice, Sacrifice and Penance, 9,

226, 239, 281, 293-94, 311.

22, 36, 40, 89, 115, 118, 127, 174-75,

St. Joachim, Blessing from, 114, 169,

182, 185. 187, 202, 209, 225, 230,

217, 311.

23'3-34, 236, 238, 307, (see Penance

St. Joachim, description of, 38, 226;

and Sacrifice).
Feast .of, 38, 216-17.

Sadness, years of before us, 296.

St. Joan oLArc, l, 7, 9·10, 12, 22,

St. Andrew, 220.

25~ô;-Jl-;- 40-41. 49, 51-52, 69, 95-96,

St. Anne, 34, 38, 42. 72, 113-14, 117-18,

101-04, 109, 114, 121, 126-27, 161-66,

120, 126, 156, 170, 173, 199, 216, 226,

173, 180-81, 190, 196, 199-201, 214.

239, 281. 293-94.

218, 228, 231·32, 234, 239, 243; 245,

SI. Anne, Blessing of, 1l4.

249, 253·54, 262, 268-69, 281.

INDEx 329

St. Joan of Arc, burned at the stake,

St. Pius X, description of, 100-01,

101, 103, 163-64, 181, 196.


St. Joan of Arc commends people

St. Pius X, gives Mary Ann B1essing,

for prayers and sacrifices at Sacred

99, 100, 196, 311.

Spot, 254.
St. Romuald, 14, 131.

St. Joan of Arc, Feast of, 181, 243-45,

St. Romuald, Feast of, 1-2, 128-31,

(see Anniversary Day of May 30).


St. John the Apostle, 80, 94, 115, 126,

St. Simeon, 220.

163-67, 170, 183, 187, 199, 202-05. 209,

St. Simon, 14.

211, 220, 239, 281. 311.

St. Stephen, jjrst martyr, 82.

St. John the Apostle, B1essing from,

St. Therese, 31, 40-41, 43, 51-52, 69,

126, 165, 167, 203-05, 211, 311.

95-96, 102, 109-11, 114, 116-19, 126,

St. John the Apostle, Feast of, 183-84.

162, 165-66. 171, 173, 190, 196, 198·99,

St. John the Baptist, 120.

209, 212-14, 218, 228, 213-34, 239, 262,

St. Joseph, l, 12, 23, 33, 42, 68, 94·96,

268-69, 281-83, 302-03.

115, 123, 126, 138, 141-42. 160, 163-65,

St. Therese, Feast of, 43, 118.

167, 170, 184, 186-94, 199, 201, 203-09,

St. Therese, Feast of Entry to Hea­
211, 239, 247-48, 253, 255, 257, 259,
ven, Sept. 30, 232·34, 302-03.

262, 268-70, 275, 277, 280-83, 292, 311.

St. Thomas, 223.

St. Joseph Day, entertainment, 185.

~. Vincent de Paul, 32.

St. Joseph, Feast of, 187-89.

Saints, listen as Rosary said on

St. Joseph the Worker, 95, 160, 191­

Shrine grounds, 50, 205.

92, 255-57.
Saints, many appear here, 32, 110,

St. Joseph the Worker, Mâ1Y-Ann

114. 163, 196, 211, 255, 280. 288, 293,

told t~less ail Jost;Phs, 257.

306, 311.

st:-roseph~ -gives"Blessing, 6, 12,

Saints, Sentine1s in House of Prayer

51, 126, 164-65, 167, 186-87, 201,

24 hours a day, 306.

203. 211, 253, 255, 257, 277, 282-83,

St. Louis. Mo. 57, 59, 151.

St. Paul, Mmn. 123.

St. Jude, 220.

Sts. Peter and Paul, Feast of, 28-29,

St. Leo XIII, 13, 311.

109, 166-67, 209-11, 275-77, 289,

St. Martha, 220, 223.

SaIt Brine, 132, 134, 143-44, 152, 238.

St. Mary Magdalene, 214-16, 220,

Salute F1ag, be proud of it, 59, 299,

223, 280, 283-85.


St. Mary Magdalene, Feast of, 32-34,

San Diego, 59.

111-13', 215-16, 283-85.

San Francisco, 59.

St. Mary under Cross, 223.

Sanctifying Grace, 75. 91.

St. Michael Archangel, 41, 43, 124,

Sands. New Mexico, 57. ~Proving

230-31, 301-02.

St. Michael, Blessing of, 302; Feast

Satan annoying Mary Ann, 169. 259­
of, 230-31, 301-02.

St. Mother Cabrini, 42, 114, 126, 150,

Satan, chlIdren of, 245.

199, 211-12, 262, 278-79, 281

Satan, cures of, 222.

St Mother Cabrini, Feast of, 167,

Satan harms children, 29, 157·58, 235,

211·12, 278-79.
255, 304-05.

St. Patrick's Day, 184.

Satan, Mass of 59, 84.

.st. PaUl, 281, 311.

Satan, mÙ!d control, 49, 123, 157, 244.

St. Peter, 28-29, 57, 80, 94, 109, 115,

(Satan temptiii'g Shrine people, 166,

126, 166, 199,209,220,275-76,281,311

v 260.

St. Peter, Blessing from, 126, 311.

Satan. Satanic, Lucifer, 4·6, 16-17,

St. Peter to turn away many parents

28-29, 44-45, 49, 51, 54-55, 71, 73-78.

5, 29.
87, 90-01, 102, 119-20. 123, 141, 145-47,

149, 152, 156-58, 166, 168-69, 191·92,

St. Pius X, 22-23, 162, 194-96.

198, 200, 202, 213, 219, 222, 232, 249,

St. Pius X, Canonizatlon, (see Anni·

251, 255, 259, 261, 267, 274, 276, 286.

versary Day, May 29).

Satanic laws, 28·29, 192, 287-88.


Satanic power, 14445, 157-58, 190, 192

Shrine, greatest and largest in Na­

Satanic wars, 287.

tion, World, 113, 216-17, 275.

Save Church, Country, 28, 34, 58,

Shrine grounds, venerated by Our

62, 104, 114, 130, 153.

Lord and Holy Mother, 174, 193.

Save Nation-Country, 62, 114, 133.

Shrine, haven, 275.

193, 310.
Shrine, more devotion to Trinity,

Save Nation, too late now, 230.


Save SouIs, 6, 55, 59, 230, 273.

Shrine, must be earned, 163, 192.

Save the Unbom, 133, 270-71. 293, 303

Shrine, people ashamed of, hinder

Saws, synthetic dust, 7.

work, 247, 280.

Scale, Priest-Sons could help balance

Shrine, people to be example, 118-19.

160, 172. 176, 261, 269, 275, 280, 287.

Scale, God will balance, 17, 18-19,

Shrine, persecution, 260-61.

152, 169, 179, 186, 188-89. 218, 221,

Shrine, place of prayer, love, peace,

121, 214.

Scandai, no salvation for those who

Shrine, will shine as star in Heaven,

spread, 17, 73, 128-29, 136, 154, 161,


190, 229.
Shrine, work must go forth, 167-68.

ScapuIar, brown, 116, 194-95, 214.

Shroud, 302.

Schlsm, 158.
Siberia, 104.

Schools, Catholic, 90, 190-91, 265-68,

Sick and feeble. can pray to save

297, 304-05.
our country, 104.

Schools, general, 37, 44, 47, 134, 187,

Sign of the Cross, make many times

238, 24143, 251, 277, 297, 308..Q9.

a day, 49, 60.

Scientists, 21.
Sign of the Cross, to receive bless­

Scientists, evil, 240, 274, 282

ing say prayers of, 43, 259-60, 264,

Scriptures, 86.

Scrupulous, 145.
Simon, 231,

Second Chosen, 179-80, 182, 2)8, 274.

Sin, 18, 29-30, 42, 52, 55, 63, 68, 79,

~Q!!..cLÇo_mi~_QLQ!!:ist, \[05.. - ~
84, 98, 100, 128, 155, 168. 178, 193,

Segre~atJon, 251.
209, 213-14, 220, 222, 227, 283, 303

Self-wIll, self-pity, self-glorification,

308. '

6, 99-100, 110. 254, 286, 294, (also

Sin, running rampant, 52, 228.

see Arrogance).
Sin. black sin, 37, 49, 71, 96, 13'0,

Seminarians, Seminaries, 30, 156,

152, 165, 168, 175, 194, 209. 213, 221

177, 189.
229-30, 289. '

Sensitivity Training, 124, 15&-57, 262,

Sin, in control today, 218-19, 228.

SIn, of the world, 100. 209, 220 285

Sentinels, Saints in House of Prayer.

289 308 ' ,

24 hours a day, 306.

Sist~r Mary Magdalene, 32, 52, 112,

Serious times for Christians, Satan

114, 199, 214, 262, 281, 283.

loose, 29.
Sisters, scandalizing Church, 27, 53,

Serpent, 29, 76, 201. 210, 211, 274. 296.

61, 79-80, 85, 102, 122, 288.

Servicemen, destroyed by drugs,

Sixth Commandment, 44, 63, 70-71,

4546, 68, 134, 178-79, 285, 298.

117, 154, 213.

Seven Sorrows of Our Sorrowful

Slacks, do not send girls to school in

Mother Infants' Home, (see In­

them without skirt, 267.

fant Home).
Slacks, allowed under skirt in Gar­

Seven Sorrows, Feast of, 41, 227, 294.

den, 266-67.

Seventies will take their toll, 5, 122,

Siaughter of the unborn, 288, 295.

cial Security Number, 86-88.

Sex, 37, 63, 268.

Socialism, 265.

Shortages of fuel and food, 48, 121.

140. 175, lSO-81, 212, 221.

Sommers, Myrtle, Anniversàry of.

Shrines, 155, 163, 180, 267.

39, 116-17, 172, 281.

Shrlnes covered, 120, 155.

Son of God, Only Child of Mary, 157.


Sorrowful Mother, 2, 17-20, 92, 115,

Suffering, pain, indicates love of

God, 232, 307.

Sorrowful Motber, broocb pin, 9I.

Suffering, pain, torture for those

Souls of Youth, spare tbem, 5, 9, 42.

performing abortions, 53, 131-32,

56, 97, 122, 157, 160, 237-38, 24I.

238-39, 241.

Spain, 292-93.
Sunday, day of devotion, day of
Special Classes, 308-09.
rest, 236, (see La Salette).
Speeding, drive cars not over 60
• reme Grand s, 14, 33, 54, Y-I)

MPH, 126, 150. 262-278.

61, 97, 108~121~, 141-42, 159, 18.6,

Spiritual guidance, 301.

209-10, 303. Ii '-1 ~ -,

Spirituality, aIl Brotbers and Sisters,

Superstar, 175.

Survival or destruction, one person

Split in Cburch, 15.

makes difference, 59.

Spock, Doctor, 245.

Swan, Henry, 178-S0, 182, 218, 274,

Sports, Enemy uses tbem to divert


people from God, 272, 304.

Sweden, Il.

Spouses of Christ, 2, 54, 61, 102, 115,

Switzerland, lI, 123.

189, 279, 289, 310.

Sword, St. Joan of Arc, Mary Ann

Squares, 9, 31, 33, 52, 75, 85.

given strength by, lOI.

Stand up for Trutb, be counted, 3-4,

Synods, cause more confusion tban

6, 14, 52-53, 57, 79, 81, 84, 100, 106,

good, 71.

187, 218, 220, 225, 233, 256, 261-62,

Synthetics, 7.

280, 283, 296, 298.

Syphillis, venereal disease, 71.

Starvation, 5, 37, 45, 48, 279.

State Laws, too late for many, 71,


Tabernacle, 85, 91, 146, 201, 207-08,

State of Wisconsin, (see Wisconsin,


State of).
Taiwan, 90.

Stations of Cross, have them in

Takeover of U.S.A., 87-88, 92, 121,

bomes, 72-73, 145.


Statue of Liberty, 18, 135, 182, 211,

Talents, 8, 291, 301-02.

Taxes, 121, 153.

Stealing food and Iivestock, 167.

Teachers, 99, 113, 177, 206, 208, 217,

Stltl"i1ization of babies at birtb, 229.

291, 308-09.

Steîi1fza60n of men and. boys, 219,

Teenagers, 45. 105, 107-08, 122, 124,

229. 145, 154, 164, 194, 241, 269.

tllbesterol, bormones, to tum a Teenages, memorize Litanies, 269.

man mio a woman, 17. Teenagers of today, enemy is using.

Strait, Bering, 57. 122, (see Youth).

Strengtb, gained from bolding Ro­ Teilbard de Chardin, 159.

sary, 259. Tekawitba, Kateri, 281.

Stritch, Cardinal, 180. Dinners, 8.

Students, bigh scbool, (see teen­ T.V Radio, 44-45. 48, 105, 135, 150,

agers), 164. 0, 245. 309.

Study Life of Christ, birth to deatb, Temptatlon, 144-46, 168. 222.

Ten Commandments. 44, 49-50, 63,

Suffering, Mary Ann for tbe Cause,

70-71, 73, 99-100, 105-07, 117, 128,

etc., 16-17, 58, 121, 188, 190, 212-13,

147, 149-50, 186, 193-94, 204, 213,

228, 231, 238, 243, 247, 284, 307.

221, 237, 262, 264.

Suffering, God's Will, 19.

Ten thousand daily, Abortions, 164.

Testing, fetuses used for, 227-28.

Suffering, leads to Sainthood, 197.

Testing ground, Earth place of for

Suffering, offered to Our Lord, eas­ people, 36, 64, 80, 102, 106. 108, 119,

ier to endure, 46, 107.

145. 148, 163, 202. 232-33, 246, 256,

Suftering, ours nothing compared to

284, 286.

Christ's, 47.
Textbooks, 297.


~a1erSJ c1eanse them, 44, 87, 117, 90, 99, 101, 103, 129-30, 136-38, 156,
~: 235, 242-43. 159-61, 165-66, 189, 195, 200, 202,
Theologians, 200. 209, 265-66. 276-79, 297.
Third Order of St. Francis, 233. True Mass, (see Mass, True).
Third Commandment. 228, 236. True Pope, 18, 122, 143, 289.
Thirty-miJe radius, 44, 59, 113. ~presence, 13, 17, 78, 83, 85.
Thirty-pieces of silver, 187, 229, 290. u 3-4, 5-6. 12-13, 72-73, 79~
30,000 Priests, 7, 77, 161, 252. 293, , 100, 109-10, 113, 143. 148, 166,
297, 299. 169, 173, 187, 191-92, 196, 198, 202,
Thorns, Crown of, 4, 46-47, 91, 149, 221. 223, 225-26. 229, 236, 246. 252,
205, 269. 254-56, 259, 264, 276-77, 280-81, 283,
Thorn that pierced Our Lord's Sa- 288, 290, 293, 295, 297-98, 308. 310.
cred Head. 146, 149. ]'ruth, will bring forth victorious
Three-thirds of World covered by Snn~-g.
enemy, 219. 270, 273, (see Enemy of Twenty years, 117. 212, 243, 274.
God). Twenty-one years, 5, 37, 55-56.
Three-to-one, murdered unborn out· Twenty-two years, 21, 52, 76. 96-97,
numbered ail war dead, 270. 114.
Togetherness, 141. Twenty-three years, 150, 166, 175-76.
Toledo, 123. Twenty-four years, 198, 245-46.
Tomb. Our Lord's 215. Twenty-five years. 230, 241-42, 261,
Topeka, Kansas, 123. 272, 274, 290.
~raditional Church. 14, 18, 189, 195. TW~}~ 60, 87. Ji+­
277, (see Church). , _ " ~ nIW d st, 11, 97, 107.
____--Ir.adltlo~alis~ Extrem, 3, "23', 'iL4. ) Two-milliQ.n hableu.Qunli.death, 143.
Tranquihzers, 47. [24."""" -< ~ Two-thousand Supreme Grand Mas-
Translstorize, 240, 242, 244. -~ ters, 122.
Transubstantiation, 13.
Trials and Tribulations. 263. -U-
Trinity, Blessed, (see Blesse<! Trin­ Upper Room, 202, 216. 310.
ity). Unborn, pray for them, 219, 230, 256,
Trinity Myth. 3. 302.
Trinity Sunday, (see Anniversary Uncle Sam, 84, 107, 135.
Days). U.N., United Nations. 88.
Trinity Sunday, Anniversary of 1950, Unite, work, organize, 2. 29, 57-58,
(see Anniversary Days). 114.
Triumpbant Church, 10, 54, 138, 200, U.S.A" 16, 22, 25-26, 32, 35, 38, 57, 61­
210, 286, 288-89, (see Church). 63, 84-86, 88-90, 92-93, 107, 121, 127,
True Apostles, 143. 130, 132. 134-35, 14(}-43, 147-49, 151-53,
True Catholics, 165. 173, 182. 244, 156-58, 160, 168, 175, 179, 181, 186,
256. 262, 277. 190, 193, 197, 200, 210-11, 226, 229-30,
True Christians, 4, 98, 100, Ill, 158­ 235, 240, 273-74, 285, 288, 294-95, 299,
1lo, 166: m~ 176, 182. 214, 245, 301.
261-62, 277, 287, 298, 302, 304. U.S.A., Bombing, destruction of, 82­
Tnœ Church, 24, 57, 78, 80-82, 94, 83, 179.
TOI, 135-3~ 13'8, 177, 187, 209, 236, U.S.A., drugged, doped and sick
257, 276-77, 286-87, 289-90, 304, (see Nation, 26, 47-48, 97.
Church). U.S.A., heathen, not Christian Na­
True Consecration, Ill, 162. tion, 86.
True Cross, 260. U.S.A., largest offender of abortion
True devotion, 114, 160, 165-66, 173-74. in world history. 147.