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AQA Mechanics 1 Kinematics in two dimensions

Section 1: Using vectors

1. Write as a single vector
(i) AB BC
(ii) PQ RQ
(iv) AC BC BD

(iii) AB BC CD

(v) PQ SR RQ

2. ABCD is a rectangle. Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
(i) AB CD
(ii) AB BC AD DC
3. The diagonals of a parallelogram ABCD intersect at M. If AB p and AD q ,
express in terms of p and q the vectors
(i) BD
(ii) AM
(iii) AC
(iv) MD
4. a, b and c are vectors representing displacements such that a represents 2 km due
north, b represents 1 km north west and c represents 2 km due west. Find the
magnitudes and directions of
(i) 2a
(ii) 4b
(iii) -a
(iv) a + b
(v) b - c
5. If AB = 2i j, BC = 3i + 4j and AD = i + 5j, ABCD is a quadrilateral and M is
the mid point of CD, express in terms of i and j the vectors
(i) AC
(ii) CD
(iii) DB
(iv) AM
(v) DM
6. Find the components of each of the vectors below in the directions Ox and Oy.
(i) Vector a has magnitude 10 and makes an angle of 50 with the positive
direction Ox.
(ii) Vector b has magnitude 8 and makes an angle of 125 with the positive
direction Ox.
(iii)Vector c has magnitude 4 and makes an angle of -80 with the positive
direction Ox.
7. A particle accelerates at a constant rate from an initial velocity of 3i j to a
final velocity of 5i 3j over 2 seconds. Find the acceleration of the particle.
8. A particle has initial velocity 2i 3j and acceleration of i j . Find
(i) the velocity of the particle after 5 seconds
(ii) the displacement of the particle after this time.
9. A particle moves from point A, which has position vector 3i 5 j , to point B,
which has position vector 7i j . When it is at A, it is moving with velocity
i 2 j . The journey from A to B takes 4 seconds.
(i) Find the acceleration of the particle.
(ii) Find the speed of the particle when it reaches B.

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AQA M1 Kinematics in 2D Exercise

10. An aeroplane heads due south with a velocity of 300 kmh-1. It is being blown by a
wind with velocity 45 kmh-1 from a bearing of 250. Find the velocity of the
aeroplane relative to the ground.
11. A canal has straight parallel banks 100 m apart. A man rows a boat at 4 ms -1 in a
direction perpendicular to the banks. If the canal flows at 1.2 ms-1, find the
magnitude of the resultant velocity of the boat and the distance downstream that
the boat is carried as it crosses from one side to the other.
12. A boy sailing a boat wishes to land on Treasure Island which is due west of his
current position. There is a current of 3 kmh-1 flowing from S 28 E. The boy
knows that in still water his boat can reach 10 kmh-1. What course should he steer
to reach the island?

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