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BE compact

Irrigation unit

Hoogendoorn, leading worldwide supplier of horticultural automation solutions, and partner Codema,
market leader in horticultural systems, introduce BE compact. BE compact is an irrigation unit of high
quality, designed and produced in the Netherlands for the Chinese horticultural market. The smart
automation system iSii compact in combination with the high performance irrigation system form the
BE compact. This system enables you to remotely control your irrigation, climate and energy from any
location in the world and creates a competitive advantage for your business performances.

Benefits BE compact
4 Used for all kinds of irrigation methods
4 Flexible in pump and fertilizer channels choice
4 Stable structure and excellent performance
4 Easy to expand
4 Remote control everywhere in the world
4 Available in the Chinese language
4 Customized products
4 Made in Holland

How it works?
Continuously providing your plants with the exact amount of

in the unit. Moreover, there is always local service always

water and nutrients they need at the right moment, requires

available in your region.

a good irrigation system. You can achieve this with the BE

compact, which provides a constant and stable amount of

The BE compact irrigation units works in combination with

EC and pH to your plants. To get a stable water and ferti-

drip irrigation, ebb & flood systems and overhead irrigation.

lizer mixture we have developed an ingenious mixing tank

The flexible custom iSii compact system enables each BE

irrigation system. This system optimizes fertilizer injection in

compact irrigation unit to meet the demands of your plants.

combination with a stable EC and pH level.

You can manage your climate via the same system. On top of
that, you can remotely control the system (with access to the

The BE compact irrigation unit can have 2 till 9 dosing chan-

Internet) via your pc, mobile phone or tablet, from any place

nels plus Acid. The unit can handle as little as 5m3 per hour

in the world. BE compact makes managing your climate,

up to 120m3 per hour. We can install various types of pumps

water and energy an easy task.


Want to know more?

Fertilizer Dosing Channel: ABCD+Acid

Single/double EC and pH control
System pump: Lowara
2 9 fertilizer channels

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