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AgroSell Venture is an indigenous registered business in Nigeria. We are into the business of
agric supply chain, agric value chain and large scale mechanized farming. AgroSell came into
fruition because of the passion for us to begin to utilize the rich soil and favorable climatic
condition in Nigeria to produce some crops that we have comparative advantage with in large
quantities, packaged them in a way that will suit our clients both locally and internationally and
also processed them into a form that will increased their value.
Our Short term goal is to reach the 10,000,000 million naira monthly mark before the end of
third quarter 2017, while our long term goal is to create multi- billion dollar brands in agro sell.
We believe with our detailed plan that has kicked off with the first phase already which is the
supply of Agricultural produce like maize, groundnut, cocoa etc to major food processing
company in Nigeria, we are well able to meet this target. We seek to produce crops like maize,
cassava, plantain, groundnut etc in large quantities. We also seek to eliminate some of the
challenges faced by Nigerian Farmers in selling their produce. AgroSell will create a platform
for farmers to earn foreign exchange by linking them to buyers all over the world. We will not
only expose the farmers to large market but also assist them all the way so that they can get
maximum returns for their effort. We will be fully involved in helping the farmers in branding
their product so as to meet international Standard.
Some of the major challenges farmers in Nigeria are facing generally includes: finding large
market for their produce, wastage as a result of poor storage facilities, unfavorable price
mechanism, transportation problem, processing problem to mention a few. AgroSell is fully
armed to work with other farmers to meet these challenges and every other challenge that might
comes their way. We will provide solution and advice to the farmer from the very day they
harvested their crops to the day their produce get to the interested buyers anywhere in the world.
Through our platform farmers will have access to ready market and the logistics needed to get
their produce to buyers anywhere in the world. These we believe will solve many of the
challenges that is creeping the agricultural industry in Nigeria.
AgroSell is developing a robust relationship with other farmers all over Nigeria that deals in Non
perishable Agricultural Product. In the same Vein, we are developing a platform that will give
majorly food processing companies, individuals and cooperation organization anywhere in the
world who uses non perishable product like beans, rice ,sesame, cassava, cocoa beans, groundnuts,
kola nut, maize, palm kernels, palm oil, rice, rubber, sorghum, soybeans and yams either directly for
consumption or as raw material for their processes will have easy access to these produce in its highest
quality and at a competitive affordable price.
AgroSell with its team of experience professionals from different walks of life are working

tirelessly to build a household name that will be a safe haven for both sellers and buyers of non
perishable agricultural produce to get the maximum returns for their effort. We believe with this

new drive by the government to pay more attention to the agricultural sector, AgroSell is
developing ways to work with other farmers to maximize the opportunity that such enabling
environment will create. We are prepared to be customer focused and are therefore ready to fully
work with farmers from the time they harvest their crops till it get to the buyers. We will provide
support and logistics in the area of packaging, processing, branding, and transportation, easy
payment plan etc. This we believe will give us that competitive advantage and makes us a
household name in the business world in the nearest future.

We are into the business of agric supply chain, agric value chain and large scale
mechanized farming. We deal in the production and supply of crops like maize, beans,
rice , sesame, cashew nuts, cassava, cocoa beans, groundnuts, gum arabic, kolanut,
melon, millet, palm kernels, palm oil, plantains, rice, rubber, sorghum, soybeans and
yams. Our target market is majorly food processing company.


Our growth strategy has been divided into four phase namely:

phase 1-supply of agricultural produce in Nigeria (has kicked off already)

phase 2- large scale mechanized farming (Slated to start in December 2016)
phase 3- supply of agricultural produce internationally (slated to start in 2018)
phase 4- food processing Company (stated to start in 2028)


AgroSell is blessed with seasoned young professionals with the passion to set a standard in the
way business is done.








He is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University. He has worked in
the Oil and gas sector.. He is a seasoned entrepreneur. Below are his personal attribute that set
him apart.

Analytic: Excellent numerical and critical reasoning skills

Communication: Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills

Job delivery: Meticulous and Conscientious

Team spirit: Team Player and proven team leadership skills

Leadership: Able to motivate and inspire people to achieve beyond their perceived abilities. Able to
always see the big picture. Visionary thinking.

Innovative: Always seeking to solve new problems or old ones in better or more efficient Ways.

Integrity: Operate under very high moral standards and code of ethics.


Olaitan Bashorun is a versatile, seasoned, creative, detailed, quick-witted, principled,
productively analytical, profitably projective, and a highly enterprising entrepreneur and a truly
empathic humanitarian specialist who is driven by the passion to add value to life and also for
productivity and profitability in any business of life. She strongly believes that anything worth
doing at all is worth doing excellently and profitably well. Laitan bags her educational honours
in Economics from the University of Ilorin in Kwara State, Nigeria. And since, she has worked
with different organizations and in different capacities. With Bolmid Communications, she
served as Head, Marketing and Business Development department; was the Finance Assistant
during her one year NYSC scheme with Save the Children UK, in Katsina State; was also the
Administrative Executive while at Tokland Ventures, a Financial Advisory Services and
Portfolio Management company; and Olaitan was also the Administrator at The Womens
Helping Hand Initiative (TWHHI), entirely responsible for all administrative and human
resource concerns of the branch of the organization. Blessed in foresight and insight, and being a
detailed and naturally talented creative solution thinker and doer, Olaitan always see beyond the
surface of things to proffer profitable pragmatic win-win solutions. Passionate after excellence
and distinctiveness, her wow works awe and inspire. She is a talented marketer and a very
seasoned and highly proficient events manager and decorations specialist. Though already
impacting the bottom line through insightful observation, productive analysis of situations, and
strategic supervisory solutions; and though quite insightful, forward planning and able to manage
complex roles and processes to a successful conclusion, yet, Olaitan is not resting her oars; she
continues to passionately aspire and work hard to be more in every area of life.


A dedicated professional with specialties in business process improvement and business process
management with a burning passion for leadership, He has been helping people and organization
to get the right solution and/or get maximum value from their deployed solution. He has a
Professional Diploma in Social Administration (DSA) Certification from the University of Ilorin
and Bsc.ed. in Human Kinetics also from the University of Ilorin.
He is a team player and can work well in multi-cultural environment, with a track record of
working well under high pressure environment. As well as result driven, he has the ability to use
relationship as a platform for the common good of his team. He consistently looks for ways of
deploying solutions by using innovative approaches through strategic implementation. A keen
learner and an avid reader by nature, He is proactive in his approach and have proven track

record in management and operations. He has a broad knowledge base and very diligent and
thorough in his work. He also have a burning desire to learn more.
He is adept in providing solutions in the following area; Business process improvement
Order Resolution
Quality Control
Inbound and Logistics process
Sustainable Development
Provision of advisory services
Development /Management of Strategy
He is a successful entrepreneur, consultant, trainer and author. He graduated from the department of
Accounting from the University of Calabar and presently pursing a master degree in Business
He has experience in agricultural value chain, supply chain and agricultural feasibility study.
Iniobong Andem authored his first book titled Making millions from agricultural value chain is
targeted at young entrepreneur jumpstart their ideas, in which they can start small, think big and grow
fast. Iniobong is deeply passionate about agriculture and he brings out of the box solution to the
challenges in Agriculture.


He is a born farmer. He came from the family of farmers and ever since he has taken keen interest in
farming. It is this interest that motivated him to study agricultural economics in the prestigious Obafemi
Awolowo University. His skills, education and experience have position him to take farming to the next
level. He is strong proponent of Mechanized farming in Nigeria.


She is a Software Quality Assurance Analyst. She graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University
from the department of Computer Engineering
She is a Co-founder of DOTheMath, a mathematical game played by both young and old.
DOTheMath won an award at ISPON, 2012 as the second best application and the best mobile
Olubukola isnt just software QA, but also an entrepreneur. She is into a small scale business
which she started during her national youth services year (2013)

She won the best quality Bng bug report at Testathon (A hackathon for Testers) organized by
global App. Testing in collaboration with facebook in 2016.
Olubukola is goal-oriented and has a good leadership skill. She has been known for her
leadership skill since her secondary school where she was the senior head girl.

Company Address: 7 Kao close Santos Layout, Dopemu; Alimosho, Lagos
Tel: +2348057324276, +2348056025598
Email: AgroSell venture2016