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ED 345 Calvin College Lesson Planning Form

Ms. Emily Jeninga
Social Studies/Southeast Region/Hurricanes


Subject/ Topic/ Theme:

I. Objectives
What is the main focus of this lesson?
The main focus of this lesson is to teach students about hurricanes; what a hurricane is, and the effect
that it has on the people in the Southeast Region.
How does this lesson tie in to a unit plan? (If applicable.)
This lesson ties into the nit plan because we have been learning more about the Southeast Region, and
learning about the climate and weather is an important component of the Southeast Region.
What are your objectives for this lesson? (As many as needed.) Indicate connections to
applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to only certain students write the
name(s) of the student(s) to whom it applies.
SWBAT define a hurricane
SWBAT describe what creates a hurricane
SWBAT articulate what effects a hurricane can have on the land it hits
National Standards

K-4 Benchmark II-D: Explain how the Earth-Sun relationships produce day and night, seasons,
major climatic variations, and cause the need for time zones

K-4 Benchmark II: 3. Know that local weather information describes patterns of change over a
period of time (e.g., temperature, precipitation symbols, cloud conditions, wind speed/direction).

II. Before you start

Prerequisite knowledge
and skills.
(formative and

Where the Southeast region is located (near the Atlantic and Gulf of
Formative: KWL

Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (see UDL Guidelines)

Multiple Means of Representation
Options for Perception
Video, discussion, article

Options for Language/Symbols

Options for Comprehension

Video, questions

Multiple Means of Expression
Options for action/interaction
Students move to place their
sticky notes on the KWL, students
interact with each other as share
the articles and as we pray.
Options for Expression

Multiple Means of
Options for recruiting interest
The current event of Hurricane
Matthew, video

Options for Executive Function

Options for Self Regulation

KWL chart

Options for Sustaining Effort &


Materials-what materials
(books, handouts, etc) do
you need for this lesson
and do you have them?
Do you need to set up
your classroom in any
special way for this
lesson? If so, describe it.
III. The Plan

National Geographic Video: Hurricanes 101
Current article on Hurricane Matthew
KWL Chart
Sticky notes
Tables seated with partners.

The description of (script for) the lesson, wherein you describe teacher
activities and student activities
Begin by completing a KWL chart with sticky notes, have students write down what
they know about a Hurricane. Then have students write down what they would like
to know about hurricanes.

Show the video of Hurricanes: Hurricanes 101 from the National Geographic
Hand out articles to students about current Hurricane Matthew. Explain that this
hurricane is presently building in the Atlantic. Comment on the date of the article.
Read this article as a class with partners sharing their article. Pause and ask
comprehension questions:
What effects do you think this has on the people who live in the Southeast?
How would you feel if you knew a hurricane was approaching?
Do you think this effects where people choose to live in the Southeast?
How do you think this verse applies?
Job 28:25-27New International Version (NIV)

When he established the force of the wind

and measured out the waters,


when he made a decree for the rain

and a path for the thunderstorm,


then he looked at wisdom and appraised it;

he confirmed it and tested it.


Hand out more sticky notes and have students write what they learned about
hurricanes. Add that to the L section of the chart.
Close with a time of Prayer for those currently being effected by Hurricane Matthew

Your reflection on the lesson including ideas for improvement for next time:
As a whole, I think this lesson went very, very well. My students were very engaged with the content and
information, and in all three classes, we spent at least 10 minutes just asking and answering questions.
My students biggest hook into was the current happening of Hurricane Matthew. The fact that a huge
category 4 hurricane was building in the Southeast immediately drew them in. I showed multiple video
clips that were posted less than an hour before class began, and the students were very interested in the
current event. They were so intrigued and concerned that every day since the lesson, I have had to look
up updates on the hurricane because they are so intrigued. The questions that we talked through were
also ones that created a good discussion basis. We were able to talk in depth about the effects of
hurricanes and the effects it can have on people. Being at a Christian school I was able to bring in various
verses from the Bible and we were able to talk about Gods control in situations like this; we were also
able to spend time in prayer for the people being effected and it is so, so powerful to hear 50 4 th and 5th
graders pray for people across the country.
The KWL was a good way for me to get a concrete check-in from each student regarding where the
started from and what they learned, but their interest and questions told me way more than the
Learned section of the KWL could .