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Mercado, Crissa Janella F.
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

Ericsson Telecommunications, Inc.
22/F Net Square Building, 3rd Ave. corner 28th St., Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global
City, Taguig
April 20, 2016 up to May19, 2016

Jobs Performed in the Company Technical Site Survey Report In my first day of internship. Battery Brand and Capacity. Rectifier Voltage and Distribution Current. Pooling of sites means that the transmission is not a one-way communication. we will first enroll the sites. In enrolling of sites. It is the time for us trainees and students to learn new things. For 3G. I’ve compiled all the TSSR documents and listed all the Rectifier Equipment details like the Rectifier Brand.I. the CGI of the RBS in the sites should be defined in all the MSC core. For LTE. the LAC and SAC of the RBS should be defined in all the MSC core. I was assigned in SMART NOC. II. This will also help us to determine what track we wish to specialized with. Introduction Supervised Industrial Training Program is a partial requirement of the graduating students that will help them face the real world. put theories and principles learned in school into practice in order for us to enhance our skills and abilities. Number of Rectifier Module. It should be defined in all the MSC core when the site is pooling. I was first assigned in Installation Engineering Department. Before we can start a functionality test. widen our knowledge about our course. TAC and ENODEB should be defined. They are the one who will design and inspect if the cell site is capable for an upgrade. For 2G. Number of Battery Banks. Parañaque. This is the first step in making a cell site. the site engineer will first call us in . Enrolling of Sites for MSC Core Definition. find a nominal point then inspect the place and make a proposal.

Ericsson has a project called “Project UNO” and “MEOW”. Project UNO has a Swap/Rehoming activity that is the Smart cell site will be swapped in to a Sun cell site. A cell site should be first integrated before enrolling it. Functionality Test for 2G and 3G/LTE (Voice Call. Functionality Testing have its Functionality Testing form. It also has a TRX Expansion activity that will add a Transceiver in the cell site in order to maximize the capacity of the subscriber. Video Call. Ericsson.our test phone and will give us a site ID to be tested and their activity in the site. SMS and MMS) First. We cannot test a certain site as long as it has alarms on it. BTS Internal is an alarm that will be fixed by out integrators. Refarming is also an activity in a site. BTS External is an alarm that will be fixed by the site engineers. A Band Expansion. “BTS External” and “Cell Logical”. It is mostly in SNCR. Usual alarms are “BTS Internal”. Citrix Application Citrix contains the application. we should checked if the LAC/SAC/CGI/TAC/ENODEB of the RBS is defined in all the MSC core. we should fill up all . Project MEOW is a 4G project needed to be FT. This is because the MSC is the one who will give a signal to the site engineer’s cellular telephone when it is locked in a cell’s BCCH number. The Citrix will also show us if the site has a defined neighbors or if it has only its sector as its neighbor. expands the capacity of 2G into 3G. In this form. that is usually a Dual-Band site. Our integrators are from our own company. and they are the one logically installing the cell sites using the application WinFiol. Alarm List Viewer that is used in order for us to check the alarms of the sites. We will get their necessary details in our Client Device Driver.

For LTE.the necessary information like the Cell ID of each sector and its BCCH number. the Voice Call and SMS. its equipment type. I just registered my IMSI number and my cellphone number in the date base. The SMART BIS will first track the cell phone number of the site engineer and the site engineer needs to lock to a certain sector/cell using the sector/cell BCCH number in order for him/her not to transfer to another site. it has 3 sectors with 2 cells in each. I have encountered an . and if the time does not update. I and the site engineer will exchange voice calls and it is monitored by the SMART BIS using the application TANG. Video Calls. It is like a google map or google earth that contains all the cell sites in a certain location. It is just a 1-minute test and will upload the measurement directly in the SRS data base. SRS will automatically locked yourself in a certain Cell ID and will start the FT if you are located in the same Cell ID. It will measure the ping. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Duos 2 and its accuracy is less than 100m. This is the new way of functionality testing. SMS and MMS for 3G. and Voice Calls. For example if I have received a call from the site engineer. For 2G. S6 or S7. For 3G. SMS and MMS for 2G. it has 3 sectors. BSC and its phone number. it is the same for 3G but the only difference is that the drive test is live being watched by the SMART BIS. Smart Rollout Support SRS is an Ericsson application that will let you see all the sites in your location. RBS. We need to test the Voice Calls. This application works on all android phones but it recommends high accuracy smartphones like Samsung S5. or the site engineer is not in the correct sector/cell we should repeat it. the SMART BIS will type a command for SMS/MMS or Video Call/Voice Call. The TANG shows the time and the Cell ID of the sector/cell tested.

service provisioning. Knowledge Last semester. The Network Operations Center is under the OSS. I also learned the steps in installing/upgrading cell sites. Third is the design. b. The second generation cellular telephone system (2G) has technologies like global system for mobile communications (GSM). Skills . For third generation cellular telephone system (3G). Network Support Subsystem and the Operational Support Subsystem. Final stage is optimization. I have completed the measurement and uploaded it successfully. First is to locate a nominal point where the site will be installed. high speed packet access (HSPA). for cell site implementation and licensing. network configuration and fault management. III. Second is Site Survey which is supervised by the Installation Engineers. Experienced earned in terms of: a. with approval and zero alarms on it. In the GSM architecture. But on my second try. Fifth is Functionality Test making sure that the site is ON AIR. and for the fourth generation cellular telephone system (4G) has the technology called long term evolution (LTE). general packet radio service (GPRS).unsuccessful measurement at first because of Site Mismatch. They support management functions such as network inventory. this includes the cell planning and their neighbors. I took up Digital Communications and we have studied the cellular technology and the GSM architecture. Fourth is the work of our integrators. They make sure that the site which enhances the cell site capacity and capability to be of commercial use to our contingents. the OSS are computer systems used by telecommunications service providers to manage their networks. it contains the Base Station Subsystem.

In technical skills. I believe that what you are doing now will reflect on your future. I also learned to be diligent and punctual. During my SIT program. Exposure to different persons namely my supervisors and colleagues at work. I also . I should always do what is right and cooperate with others. Values Values learned in school is different from values learned in the real world. my supervisor taught me how integration of a cell site is done. d. people of my age and even people twice my age. I also learned how to lock/unlock a site when it is needed using the OSS Common Explorer and blocking/unblocking of sites using WinFiol. if you do not respect others. I also learned how to get along with these people even if they are twice my age and they are all boys. My superiors have shared their personal and work experiences with us that serve as our inspiration to pursue our goals in life and in our profession. I am not a kid anymore and I should be prepared on what future will bring me. I have learned to respect people and follow my superior’s commands and never complain about it. Respect is more important in this world if you want to make peace with them. The functionality testing of sites have schedules to be followed and I should learn to manage my time especially when I am alone at work. I also learned how to be responsible about the tasks my supervisor is giving me. I have met different kinds of people. Even if you are the richest and the most specialized in a certain field. answering phone calls regarding queries about cell sites has been worth pondering.My month long intern improved my communication skills and time management. Human Relationship I have been exposed to people from different walks of life. they will also not respect you and will give you a bad treatment. I also learned how to appreciate and love what I am doing. c.

The day before the deadline. I was interviewed in Ericsson Telecommunications at BGC. I also learned not to complain about my workload and compare it with others. b) Company Related Before functionality testing. It should have zero alarms and if it has. But I have to find a company that suits me. it should be cleared first by the integrator . I have a scheduled interview at ROHM Ortigas but unfortunately I have classes that time so I failed to attend the interview. Problems met while on training a) School Related I have experienced a lot of stress when it comes to finding the right company for me. I submitted my resumes in JobStreet and to other wellknown companies. I was so nervous that time and hoping that everything will turn out right and yes! I was accepted and was advised that I should start my internship the following week. we should check on the alarms of the site. I also learned how to be patient especially when they are problems encountered in the site.learned that I should have a harmonious relationship with my co-workers resulting to a more productive work. I should have a company first week of April but my COE professors have not given us our final grade yet even if they knew we are going to have our SIT program. I completed all my requirements in school in just one day and I feel like I am a superhero that time. My classmates are enrolling for the SIT program and I’m here still finding a company. walk in or through e-mail. Since I am exposed in communicating people in the functionality testing. I was so nervous that time because I do not know if I can take the SIT this summer or I have to repeat a subject. IV. I was so depressed that time because I only have one week left and I still don’t know what to do.

the functionality test lasts for a maximum of 4 hours depending on the cell site. Me and the site engineer should restart our phone and resend the SMS/MMS. the functionality test should resume. Another problem is when the cell site is congested. Another problem encountered is that the time in the TANG application doesn’t update. Ericsson is one of the top vendors in telecommunication industry. I would like to suggest that we should have more hours in this program. They will let you feel that you are a functionality testing engineer.or the site engineer. They will let you learn how a cell site is installed logically. The MMS is mostly affected here. V. sometimes because of this problem. Our immediate supervisor should lend money in order for us to continue our functionality test. I have also experienced problems like our postpaid line is cut off and we have no load and there is no engineer present. I would recommend Ericsson Telecommunications for future TUP interns. 240 hours is just a short time for us to learn and be exposed in the real world. After 15 minutes then the alarm doesn’t come back. More hours of training will give us a lot of knowledge and skills about a specific field. I also would suggest that the Technological University of the Philippines should have proper coordination with partner companies where the students enrolled in Supervised Industrial Training Program can have their on the job trainings. It is highly recommended for students who wanted . Another problem is when another site catches the site engineer’s Call/SMS/MMS and is detected in TANG. This will make sure that the TUP students will be trained well and be prepared for their future. Suggestions and Recommendations For me.

One more thing. VI. Photos Making the Core Definition Form and Functionality Test Form .a career in telecommunications. Documents / Requirements VII. they give compensation per diem.

Checking if the site is integrated using WinFiol Checking the alarms using Alarm List Viewer .

Functionality Testing with a SMART BIS member Using the Smart Rollout Support Application .