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Brand Driven Innovation

Case Studies

The Brand as relationship

The brand can best be defined as the relationship
an organisation has with the outside world.
It is the platform for the shared understanding
between marketing and innovation, and between
organisation and user

Case Study 1 Innocent

a rich cocktail of
health, ethic and

The idea was to make

it easy for people to
do themselves some
good. We wanted
people to think of
Innocent drinks as
their healthy habit
Richard Reed

Innocents ethics policy touches everything they do. Its

built on 5 essential things: natural ingredients, responsible
ingredients, sustainable packaging, resource efficiency
and profit sharing. The personality is humorous, lighthearted and personal. The brand connects what the
company believes in and what the user values making
healthy food accessible.

touchpoints from
delivery vans,
seasonal xmas
packaging and an
enviable workplace
for staff all make a
strong relationship
beween brand,
user and
the internal

advertising talks
to the user in a
friendly language

product extensions
all fit with the
brand ethics and
fun health and

Innovation as a source of growth

Innovation has become the most important source
of competitive advantage in advanced economies.
In the end, the purpose of innovation is to increase
long-term turnover and profit. It fulfills unmet user
needs, differentiates from competition.
Innovation starts with looking for opportunities to
create value.

Case Study 2 Icebreaker

an active clothing
brand manufacturing garments
made from 100%
quality marino
wool from NZ

The plan was simple:

lets be what others
werent. They were
synthetic, we were
natural. They were
about hard adventure,
we were about kinship
with nature.
They were about
function only, we were
about creativity and

Jeremy Moon
Founder, CEO

The Icebreaker brand is captured and communicated in

the companys philosophy: creating new relationships
between people, people and nature and between Merino
wool and the human body. The ethos is about the human
relationship to nature and to each other.

touchpoints all
stem from the
brand vision
design is central
in Icebreakers
garments are
tagged with a
baacode tracing
the wool back
through its natural
supply chain

and packaging
emphasises the
difference between
raw material
and that of their
competitors. It
seeks to highlight
the natural base
of their working

staff at icebreaker
live and breathe
the brand: they
are outdoor
enabling them
to test their own
products first

Revitalising a brand to keep it relevant

The process begins with analysing brand heritage,
and visual assets and demonstrating how
leadership brands use design and visual identity to
achieve a competitive advantage. Keeping a brand
relevant to users is key to success

Case Study 3 Coca Cola

Coke brings joy.

Its happiness in a
bottle. Its the best
known product
and brand in the
history of the world

Cokes identity had

become cluttered,
uninspiring and
static. It needed to
be more dynamic and
constantly relevant to
culture. It needed to
evoke memorable and
meaningful consumer

the new visual

identity was rolled
out across various

The design goal was to make Coke feel happy, fresh and
honest again. Campaigns to make a personal connection
with consumers of all ages were launched, making the
brand relevant to a new generation and reconnecting with
people who grew up with the brand.

the goal was to

drive compelling,
cohesive 360

made the
campaigns easy
to connect with
and encouraged
involvement with
the brand on a
massive scale

Creating a Dialogue through a

communications system
Connecting with a diverse audience requires a
cohesive and visionary design application. The
system must be organized and flexible working
across digital, print and environmental applications.

Case Study 4 MoMA

The Museum of
Modern Art seeks
to create dialogue
between the
established and
the experimental,
the past and

Central to its mission

is the encouragement
of an ever-deep
understanding and
enjoyment of modern
art. While the MoMA
logo is iconic, it is
no longer enough to
continually carry the
spirit of the institution
Pauler Scher

The new identity establishes a system for the consistent

treatment of images and type

The program has

a built-in flexibility
that will allow for
future expansion
and a variety of
The goal was to
create an attitude
that modenised
the institution
When seen in
multiples, as in a
series of posters or
banners installed
on the street, the
design creates
dynamic patterns

Installation in the Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street subway

station. The new integrated design and marketing system
underscores MoMAS leadership role in the field of design.

The bold palette

and the dramatic
cropping of images
exemplifies the
spirit of this iconic

The bold
and dramatic
system works
well on the web,
its easy to use,
meets visitors
expectations and

MoMA Audio is a sensory touchpoint that connects to the

audience through sound. Available at the museum and online
free of charrge, MoMA Audio includes special exhibitions,
Collection, Kids and Visual descriptions. It is available in 8
different languages

Modern Voices and Temporary Exhibitions are

designed for the general public; Modern Kids
is for children 5-10 and their companions; and
Visual Descriptions is designed for visitors who are
visually impaired or seeking a more in-depth looking

Using the sensory

element of sound
as a touchpoint
MoMA connects
with audiences at
every level

As a useful companion for visits to the Museum, the

MoMA App offers users a chance to snap photos
inside the Museum and send them as postcards,
and allows visitors to select tracks from their own
music libraries to listen to while touring the Museum.

Features include:
access to 32,000
works of art and
a dictionary of
art terms and a
database of artist

MoMA offers interactive options including free museum-wide wifi

access, the MoMA Channel on iTunes [including tours, podcasts,
videos, e-books and more], and the interactive kiosks positioned
throughout the Museum. There is also a blog INSIDE/OUT,
the MoMA Facebook page and MoMA on Twitter.

Local, and global, public and private, these highly successful
projects created by branding firms and design consultancies
inspire and exemplify original, flexible lasting solutions to
identified need states

Extraordinary work is done for extraordinary clients.

Milton Glaser

Thank you!
Prepared by Lisa Molloy 2013

Excerpts taken from:

Brand Driven Strategy
Erik Roscam Abbing
Emotional Branding
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